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Title: I Know You By Heart

Author: Jess aka stargazing dreamer

Category: AU M/L, some M/M

Rating: PG-13 to R. NC-17 if someone could help me write the scene!

Summary: Max and Liz have been married for years, but now they are expecting their first child. But like any marriage, there are problems. Problems they aren’t so sure they’ll ever work through.

Feedback: Please? This is the first fic of mine I’ve actually posted here, so it would be appreciated. Gosh, I hope this is good…

Author’s Notes: it might take me awhile to get each part out. I have some problems with writer’s block and making parts long….



Elizabeth Evans crossed the street quickly. She was late for her appointment…as usual. She rushed into the clinic, nearly knocking over a pregnant woman. “Oh, I’m sorry!” Liz said frantically. “Are you ok?” She asked concerned.

“I’m fine, really.” The woman said protectively rubbing her swelled belly.

“I’m just so frantic cause I had to take time off work and I’m late for my appointment so I was wasn’t looking where I was going and-”

The woman started laughing. “It’s ok! Seriously, it’s fine. I’m Maria De Luca-Guerin.” She said sticking out her hand.

Liz accepted it. “Liz Evans. Nice to meet you.”

“Nice to meet you too. So, you said you were late for your appointment…”

Liz opened her mouth in horror. “Oh my god! I’m sooo late! I’d love to talk more but…”

“No prob, babe. I’ll just stick around out here. Feel like going for some lunch?” Maria asked her new friend.

“Sure, that’d be great. I’m starving!”

Liz smiled and rushed into the clinic. She approached the bust secretary. “Hi, I’m Elizabeth Evans. I have an appointment with Dr. Marin.”

“She’s expecting you in room 5. Down the hall to the left.” The secretary said not bothering to look up from her computer screen.

“Thank you.” Liz said politely

She headed down the hall and knocked on the room’s door. She saw Dr. Marin look up.

“Liz! Hello, please come in.” The doctor said opening the door.

“Thank you, Doctor. I’m sorry I’m late.”

“Not a problem. So, Mrs. Evans, I’m assuming your anxious to know the results?”

“Yes.” Liz said nervously. This is the day she would know the results. Finally.

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Yay! I got feedback!! *bounce* Thank you PixieChic!! Here's Chapter 1!! Oh, btw, I've also decided to add more M/M. *happy*

Chapter 1

“Alright, here are the results. Liz, I am happy to tell you your pregnant!” Dr. Marin said with a smile. She had been Liz’s doctor since she was a little girl. Now to see her pregnant with her own child, was amazing.

“Oh my god!” Liz exclaimed happily. She jumped out of her chair and hugged Dr. Marin. “Max will be so happy!”

“Congratulations! Have you told him yet that you were suspecting you were pregnant?”

Liz shook her head. “No, I began to wonder when he was on a business trip to London. He gets home tonight. I can’t wait to tell him!”

“It certainly is quite a ‘Welcome Home’ present…” The doctor mused.

Liz laughed too. “Yes, it is.”

“I’ll make an appointment for you to come see me again soon, ok? We’ll need to do an ultrasound and make sure everything is ok.”

“Sounds great. When should I come in?”

“Are you free next Thursday at 10 AM?”

“Sure. I’ll be here. Thank again, Dr. Marin.” Liz smiled softly before leaving the doctor’s office.

Outside she found the woman she just met, Maria, waiting for her like she said. “Hey,” Liz said sitting down beside her.

“Hey there. How’d it go?”

“Great. I’m pregnant!” Liz said with a grin.

“Wow, well congrats. But now be prepared for the midnight cravings, mood swings and wussy husbands. You are married aren’t you? Michael says I always do that. Be presumptuous, you know? Of course, he-”

“Is rambling part of it too?” Liz teased.

Maria pretended to sneer. “No, that’s just me.”

Liz smiled. “First, thank you. Second, I’m getting prepared. Third, yes, I do have a husband. His name is Max.”

“Ooh, details!” Maria demanded.

“Why don’t I explain over lunch. We can get to know each other better.” Liz suggested.

“That’s another thing Michael says. I start talking and I get totally off track!”

“Maria, lunch.” Liz said teasingly.


The two woman got into their separate cars and met at the Clover Café. They soon got a table outside on the patio. They ordered their drinks and began to talk.

“So, tell me about yourself Liz before I start to ramble.” Maria joked.

“Ok, well, I’m 25 years old, I’ve been married for 3 years to Max Evans, I just discovered today I’m pregnant, I work as a Biologist, and I don’t have many friends because of my work. You?”

“I’m 25 as well, I’ve been married for one year to Michael Guerin, I’ve been pregnant for 6 months, and I don’t work. Not because I can’t, but because I simply choose not to. That, and I can’t multi-task.”

“I see. So, tell me about this husband of yours.”

“There’s not much to say, hun. I met Michael in high school. He was an asshole. I got on his nerves. The sparring turned into a defensive mechanism for our true feelings for each other, until one day I grabbed him, threw him against the wall and kissed him. We’ve been together ever since.”

Liz chuckled. “That’s quite a story. Though I must say me and Max are slightly less interesting… His sister, who’s my boss, set us up.”

“Ahh, the classic ‘sister-sets-up-her-brother’ thing… I’ve pulled that one before. But with my best friend, Alex. You HAVE to meet him, Liz! He’s a riot!” Maria started to laugh just at the thought of her friend.

“I’d love to. But not tonight. Max is coming home. He’s a lawyer, so he has to travel sometimes. He’s been in London for the past two weeks. I’m DYING to see him!”

“Ugh! Doesn’t that get lonely? I mean being without him for so long? I couldn’t manage going that long without my doofus- err, I mean, husband.”

“It does sometimes. But Max is committed to his work and I understand that. So am I. I’m almost always working late at the lab.”

“Hmmm… Must screw up your sex life.” Maria mused.

“Maria! It doesn’t, trust me.” Liz said with a smirk.

Maria nearly chocked on her Diet Coke. “You are bad girl! So tell me more!”

Liz immediately blushed. “It’s good. Really good. That’s all I’m saying.”

Maria was about to appose when Liz shot her a look. “Ok, ok. Could you at least show me a picture of him?”

Liz nodded and got out her wallet. “There he is,” She said pointing to the picture she carried of him in her wallet.

“Hot diggity damn! That man is fine! Excuse my slang, but he is! If I wasn’t married…”

Liz raised her eyebrows. “And if you weren’t already with him then you know…” She finished.

They laughed as their food was set down in front of them.

“What about Michael? Tell me more about him?” Liz asked.

“Well,” Maria started sucking up a strand of spaghetti. “He’s tall, has dark brown hair, brown eyes, has that whole bad boy image going on. You know the kind.”

Liz nodded. “What work is he in?”

“He a paediatrician. I tell you, if I met him now, I would fall in love with him just for that. He loves kids so much, which is a MUST for me.”

“Totally. Max volunteers at the orphanage at Christmas. He donates money to them too.”

Maria smiled and raised her glass. “To our husbands.”

“To our husbands. AND our new found friendship.”

“Here, here!” Maria said as the two girls clinked their glasses together.


Liz entered her house happily. She had a great day with Maria. After they ate lunch, they went shopping followed by ice cream. They had promised to call each other over the weekend and set up a time to go out again. Liz saw the blinking red light on her answering machine and pressed ‘play.’

“Liz, it’s Max. I’m at the airport now, so I should be home at around 8 o’clock tonight. I really miss you, Liz. I can’t wait to see you. I love you so much. God, you have no idea how much I hate being without you. Oh, uh, I better go. I think I’m making some guy sick with all my warm fuzzy talk. Love you.” Beep. Liz smiled. Only Max could leave a message like that for her.

“Hello, Mrs. Evans. It’s Mr. Davis from work. Were sorry to call you in on short notice, but we need you to come in to work tonight.” Beep. She sighed sadly. No! She couldn’t go in tonight! Max was coming home. But she couldn’t not go in…

“Of all the days!” Liz said aloud. She picked up the phone and dialed her work’s phone number.

“Bio Tech. Reception speaking.”

“Mr. Davis please.”

“One moment.” The receptionist transferred Liz’s call.

“Brian Davis.” He said.

“Hello, Mr. Davis. It’s Elizabeth Evans. Look, I just wanted to call and tell you I’m sorry but I can’t make it in tonight.” Liz bit her bottom lip nervously.

“That’s too bad, Mrs. Evans. I thought you’d like to keep your job.” Mr. Davis had always been a prick to Liz. He was completely sexist, and resented a female Biologist being top at the company.

“I do, Mr. Davis. But my husband has been gone for two weeks and he finally gets home tonight and-”

“That’s your personal business, Mrs. Evans. Be here tonight, or never come back.” Click. He hung up.

“Jerk…” Liz muttered. She felt the tension increasing in her shoulders, and decided to take a long bath.

She slipped into the warm water coated with bubbles and tried to relax. Just as she felt her muscles relax, a knock sounded at the front door. She groaned and got up. She hastily threw her robe on and trotted downstairs. Liz opened the door and was greeted by quite a sight.

“Liz Evans?” The delievery man said.

“Yes, I’m Liz Evans.” She said.

“In here!” The man called over his shoulder. In came dozens of men carrying white roses.

“Sign here, please.” He said handing her a sheet of paper. Liz signed still dazed.

“Here’s the card that came with.” He said handing to her.

Liz thanked them all, let them out, and proceeded to read the card.


I can’t wait to see you tonight. I’m sorry I had to be gone for so long. I miss you. You are in my thoughts at every waking and sleeping moment.

All my love,


Liz smiled at the words. She gazed at her living room now covered in white roses. Her anticipation to see her husband grew. But so did her anxiety. WORK.

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Thanks so much for the FB everyone!!! *bounce* It's really motivating. I'm writing part 2 as we speak, so it will be up today. *big* Just a warning as for the direction of this fic... This relationship will not be smooth AT ALL. There will be lot's of bumps, but I promise everything will be happy in the end. *happy*



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Thank you soooo much again everyone for the FB!!!

Chapter 2

Liz paced back in forth in her kitchen. She had called back her boss several times, but the reception said he wasn’t excepting any calls at that time. What she meant is he wasn’t accepting any of HER calls at this time. What could she do? A- stay home with her husband whom she hadn’t seen in 2 weeks and loves more then life and risk getting fired, or B- Go to work because she loves it and is dedicated to it but upset her husband. Oh jeez. The phone rang.

“Hello?” Liz asked exasperated.

“Hey babe, it’s Maria. Everything ok?”

“Oh, yeah. It’s just work, my stupid boss, the usual…” Liz said reaching to the cupboard to make herself some tea.

“Just another reason I don’t work, hun. You know, with the baby, maybe you shouldn’t work. I read this book that said the baby feels everything your feeling. So if your feeling stressed, so will the baby. And that’s big, big, no-no!”

Liz laughed. “I know but, I love my job. I’ve worked so hard to make it where I am today.”

“It’s true, I know. But you also love your baby and your husband. You can always find new jobs, but you’ll never be able to find true love like you have with Max, or unconditional love you have with your child again.” Maria stressed.

Liz pondered what she said. She hadn’t expected Maria to be so…so…deep. “Your so right. Really, you are. But I love working. As stupid as it sounds, I do. Just tonight. Then I won’t take anymore of my boss’s bull.”

“It’s up to you, Chica. I mean, we did just meet today and all so…” Maria said dejected.

“No, Maria, I didn’t mean it like it. It’s just… I don’t know, I can’t explain this pull I have to my work. Look, I gotta go, ok?”

“Alright, babe. I’m here if you need me.”

“Thanks, I’ll call you later.” They hung up and Liz continued to weigh her options.

She sat down at the table and silently sipped her tea. She glanced at her watch and grinned and grimaced at the same time. 1 hour and half till Max would be home. 1 hour and a half till she was due at work. “Damn you, Brian Davis.” She muttered.

Ok, that’s it. Screw my job! I LOVE Max more then anything, I’m staying home tonight. I haven’t seen him for weeks, and I’m certainly not gonna ask if he wants to spend his first night home with me at the lab. She thought.

Liz smiled to herself at her decision. She ran upstairs into her bedroom. She opened her closet door and grabbed a bunch of candles. She went back downstairs and continued to place them around the room. Liz tidied up the room a bit went back upstairs to get changed. She wore the red dress Max loved on her so much. By that time it was a hour before Max would be home. Liz raced to the kitchen to make his favourite meal; steamed baby carrots and beans in a butter and almond sauce, steak, and mashed potatoes. Typical guys meal. Liz set everything up and patted herself on the back for a job well done.


Max handed the cabby $20 and lugged his luggage up the steps to his front door. He tried to get his keys from his pocket, but it was impossible with all he was carrying. He knocked at the door, hoping his wife would get there quickly. She did. Liz threw open the door and immediately jumped on Max.

“Oh god, Max, I’ve missed you so much.” Liz whispered.

“I missed you too, Liz. But uh, can I come in?”

Liz laughed at herself. “Sorry, I got a little distracted.” She took one of Max’s bags and helped him into their home.

“I see you got my gift.” Max said with a smile while motioning to the flowers.

“I did, thank you. Now, come on. You must be starving.” Liz took his hand and led him to the kitchen.

“Oh you have no idea how much I missed your cooking…” He said before hungrily digging into his food.

“You have no idea how much I missed your cooking! No pancakes, eggs and sausages in the morning for two weeks!” Liz joked.

“Sorry, sweetheart…” Max mumbled stuffing another piece of steak into his mouth. Talk about a hungry man.
Max and Liz finished their dinner, then they went into the living room where Liz had arranged the candles and flowers.

“This is beautiful, Liz.”

“Well, I have to tell you something. So I’d thought I’d pretty it up a bit.”

Max smiled. “It looks great. So what did you have to tell me?”

Liz took a breath. “I’m pregnant, Max.”

“Pregnant? As in carrying a child? My child?” Max asked in awe.

Liz felt tears in her eyes. “Of course it’s your child, Max! How could you think I would-”

Max silenced her with a kiss. “I didn’t mean that, Liz. I was just in awe. My child is in you. That’s all.”

Liz laughed at herself. “Sorry…”

“It’s ok. When did you find out?”

“Today. I went to see Dr. Marin. I also met this woman who’s 6 months pregnant. We immediately became friends. Maria De Luca-Guerin.”

“That’s great, Liz! I’m glad you’ve made a good friend. That work of yours…”

“I know. Mr. Davis called me today. He wanted me to work tonight. I called him and told him I couldn’t because you were coming home, but, it was either I come in tonight, or get fired. So, it looks like I lost my job.”

“I’m sorry, honey. But it’s ok, with my job, we’ll be fine.”

“But-” Liz started.

“I know, I know. You love your work. I’m sure you’ll have no problem getting another job after the baby is born, though.”

“Yeah…” Liz mumbled absentmindedly.

They snuggled up together, Max rubbing her abdomen. She smiled at the gesture, and enjoyed being with her husband again. The phone rang interrupting the comfortable silence.

“I’ll just be one second.” Liz promised. She kissed Max quickly before getting up. She answered the phone. “Hello?”

“Liz? It’s Marc from work. Mr. Davis said your not coming into work tonight. How come?”

“My husband just got home. He was gone for two weeks. I can’t deal with Mr. Davis’s shit anymore.”

“I understand. He is a prick. But I thought you’d want to know its here.”

Liz gasped. The cells they had been waiting for. “Its here?”

“Yes. Liz, I understand what your saying, but we need you here. You’re the best we’ve got. I mean we might be able to find out that adult neural stem cells can reinvent themselves as haemopoietic precursors! Do you know what that could mean?”

“Yes, I do. I know all about, Marc. It’s been my project for years. Look, I’ll be there ok. Give me 15 minutes.”

“Your making the right choice, Liz.” Marc said.

“I hope so…” Liz mumbled hanging up the phone. She re-entered the living room.

“Everything alright?” Max asked sensing her anxiety.

“No, it isn’t. Max, I’m sorry, but I have to go in to work. The cell research is back and…”

“But Liz, I just got home. Please.” Max pleaded.

“I know, and I love you so much, and I wish I could stay here with you but with these cells I can discover if the adult human stem cells can be coached into growing into organs, repair damaged tissue even reconstitute an immune system! Max, this is so important.”

Max turned. “Ok, go. I’ll see you tomorrow.” He said getting up and heading towards the stairs.

“Max!” She heard their bedroom door slam. “I’m sorry.”

She gathered her things, threw her jacket on and left into the dark, rainy, night.


Max sat on the bed, his head in his hands. He had left lot’s of times before due to business, but why did this time with Liz leaving feel so wrong? So different? Maybe he was just being selfish. They hadn’t been as close as they normally were because of all the business trips Max had to take, and now maybe they were finally feeling it. But how could she leave just after she told him she was pregnant?!? But Max had always known how dedicated Liz was. His sister, Isabel, had warned him of that when she had set them up. She immediately pointed out that Liz took her work very seriously. It was a very important part of her life. Max suddenly felt guilty. He was too hard on her. How couldn’t he sacrifice one night with his wife in hopes of her being able to find a cure for several diseases using these cells?


Liz drove to the lab tears streaming down her face. She couldn’t do this. She made a U-Turn and started back home. She drove while past the speed limit and pulled back into her driveway. Liz ran up the steps and fumbled with her keys to get in. The door opened. Max stood there with red eyes.

“I’m sorry.” She said softly.

“I’m sorry too.” He said equally as soft.

Max helped Liz inside and took off her wet coat. They embraced and Liz began to sob.

“You should go, Liz. Your work is important. I just overreacted. I think I was jealous of the cells.” He joked.

Liz laughed a little. “No, Max, my work is no where near as important as you. I’m staying.” She said determined.

Max sighed and kissed her forehead softly. They went upstairs together quietly, still holding onto each other tightly.

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Hey guys! I have a favor to ask... Would someone be willing to help me write the *cough* nookie *cough* parts? I've never written them before and I know if I did in this fic, I'd TOTALLY screw it all up. So, can someone help pleeeeeeeeeeeeease? *happy* I need this help before I can get part 3 up... Ahh, blackmail. *wink*



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Hey everyone! Thanks again for the FB, it really helps. Just wanted to let you know that I can't wait to get help with nookie, I'm writing the next part!!! *big* So, you'll just have to do without nookie for awhile, ok? *wink*



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NOTE: Now, as this fic progresses, some of you might not like it cause it's well... sad. So I'll let you know that even thought there WILL BE a happy ending, it will be a long, hard, road to get there. I hope you'll still stick with me though!!! *happy*

Chapter 3

Liz woke the next morning in Max’s arms. She was happy her and Max resolved whatever little ‘fight’ they had, but that dreadful feeling about losing her job still laid in the pit of her stomach. She quietly slipped out of bed, and into the bathroom. Liz studied herself in the mirror. She didn’t look any different to herself. She didn’t look pregnant, or worried, or frustrated. Just…nothing. Liz sighed and turned on the shower. She adjusted the temperature, and got in. She stood under the stream of warm water and tried to relax. Liz suddenly felt a wave of nausea overwhelm her. She quickly got out of the shower, wrapped her robe around her, then seconds later threw up in the toilet. Her heaving woke Max, and he immediately went to make sure his wife was ok.

“Morning sickness?” He asked softly. He held her hair back with one hand, and stroked her back with the other.

Liz let out a groan and fell back into Max’s arms. “Yeah…”

“Are you gonna be ok while I’m at work today?”

“I’ll be fine, Max. With me out of a job now, you better keep yours.” She said bitterly. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean it like that…”

“I know,” He started. “It’ll be hard for awhile without your job, but you’ll be ok. You can get another job, Liz.”

“I know that but I want my job. God, I worked so hard to get there…”

“Well, maybe if I talked to your boss… Or we could talk to Isabel! I mean, Mr. Davis works for her. I’m sure she’ll do something about it.”

Liz visibly brightened. “Of course! Max, you’re a genius!” Liz gave him a kiss on the cheek then winced. “Sorry, puke kiss.”

Max laughed and shook his head. “It’s ok. It’s your puke so…”

“Your such a doofus.” Liz joked getting up.

“I’m a lovable doofus though, right?” Max asked following her into their bedroom.

“Yes, you’re a lovable, adorable doofus. Now get ready for work. Were getting too…” She paused to think of the right word.

“Mushy?” Max suggested.

“Yeah, weird mushy.”

“That is the worst kind of mush.” Max said pretending to be serious.

Liz cracked a smile. “Go. Work. Now.” She directed.

“Yes, Mme.” He said going back into the bathroom.

Liz shook her head in amusement at her husband’s antics, and got changed.


“Isabel? Hi, it’s Liz.”

“Liz! Hi, how’s it going? How’s that dumb brother of mine?” Isabel joked.

“Max is fine, I’m pregnant, and there’s a problem with work you might be able to help me with.”

Isabel nearly fell off her office chair. “Your pregnant? Oh my god, wow, that’s great! How far along are you?”

“About a month. Look, Isabel I have a problem.”

“Oh, right, ok. What sort of problem?” Isabel asked.

“Mr. Davis fired me because I didn’t come into work last night. You see, Max just got home from London, so I wanted to be with him but-”

“Davis handed you an ultimatum?”

“Yeah. Can you do anything about this?” Liz asked, crossing her fingers.

“Of course I can. I was gonna fire that asshole anyway. Do you know he made exactly 17 passes at me in the last year? And the guy is such a sexist bastard! So anyway, I’m gonna fire him. You can have his job.” Isabel said casually.

“WHAT?!?” Liz screamed.

“Jeez, what’s the problem Liz? I thought you’d want the job as Director of Stem Cell Biology…”

“I do! Thank you so much, Isabel. It’s just… You didn’t give me this job because I’m your sister-in-law did you?”

“Oh, god no. You’re the best biologist we have. Maybe even the best in the state. I gave you the job because you deserve it. End of story.”

Liz smiled. “Thank you.”

“Your welcome. So, when do you want to come in?”

“Today.” Liz said immediately.

Isabel laughed at her eagerness. “Ok, come on down! See ya, Liz.”

“Bye.” Liz let out a joyous ‘eek’ and decided to call Maria. She had to share her news ASAP.


“Michael Guerin! Now you listen to me! I told you to buy the biggest plate of pasta they had! This is puny!” Maria complained holding up the tin.

“The biggest one they had was fifteen dollars, Maria!” Michael argued back.

“So? I’m I, your wife, the woman carrying your baby, not worth FIFTEEN FREAKIN DOLLOARS?!?”

Michael let out a agitated yell, and Maria began to cry.

“You don’t love me anymore, do you?!?” She said in between sniffs.

“I do love you, Maria. It’s just your mood swings, remember?”

“I do not have mood swings!” She snapped. Michael arched his eyebrows and she gave in. “Ok, I do. I’m sorry… So you do love me?”

“Of course.” Michael answered giving her a kiss on the forehead.

“Good!” She said brightly, a large smile on her face. The phone ringed. “I’ll get it!” She said happily bouncing over to the phone.

“Woman…” Michael muttered to himself.

“I heard that!” Maria yelled before reaching for the phone. “Hello?”

“Hey Maria, it’s Liz.”

“Liz, what’s up, bella?”

“Well, remember how if I didn’t go to work last night I would get fired?” Liz started.

“Hmm mmm…” Maria said urging her on.

“I didn’t go to work. I stayed with Max. But I did get fired. But since Max’s sister, Isabel, is my boss’s boss, she fired him and gave me his job! I’m Director of Stem Cell Biology!!!”

“If I knew what stem cell biology was, I’m sure I’d be more happy! But, Yay!!!”

Liz laughed. “I’m so excited. Do you feel like going to lunch before I head in to work?”

“Hmm, do I feel like eating? Um… hell yes! I’m meet you at the Clover in fifteen. Oh, and do you mind if I invite Alex that guy I was telling you about?”

“No problem. I’ll see if Isabel can get off for lunch too.”

“I sense a love connection! Is Isabel single?” Maria asked.

“Yes, she is. But no love connections!” Liz warned before hanging up.


Fifteen minutes later Maria, Liz, Alex and Isabel all met at the Clover Café which was quickly becoming their favourite place to meet and hang out.

“So, Alex what work are you in?” Isabel asked still donned in her business attire.

“Unemployed at the moment. I’m a musician/songwriter. Work doesn’t come easy.” Alex said throwing the blonde woman a smile.

“I can imagine. What’s your band’s name?”

“Well, it formerly was ‘The Whits.’ But the rest of my band left because of uh… creative differences.”

Isabel laughed. “So basically your saying they sucked?”

“Yeah, basically.” Alex said laughing along with her.

“Love connection…” Maria whispered into Liz’s ear.

“Ok, so you were right.” Liz whispered back.

“Ha! I was right! I love that.” Maria said with a satisfied grin.

Liz rolled her eyes playfully. “Alright, I better get to work. Isabel, you coming?”

Isabel looked up. “Huh? Oh work, right. Ok. Alex, it was nice to meet you.”

“Really nice to meet you too, Isabel.” Alex said softly.

“Ugh! Do I have to do all the work? Isabel, give Alex your phone number. He’ll call you tonight.” Maria said.

“Maria!” Liz said half, laughing half scolding.

“Ok.” Isabel said with a smile. She wrote her phone number down a napkin and handed it to Alex. “Talk to you later, Alex.”

“Yeah, see ya, Isabel.” Alex said in a dreamy voice.

Liz and Isabel walked back to Isabel’s car, and got in.

“So that lunch went well for you then.” Liz teased.

“Yeah, it did. Now, let’s get back to work!” Isabel said noticing how late they were.

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Lisa & SpAcEgUrL370- Just wanted to reply to your concerns about the sad parts. Not to worry, there's no cheating or beating. *happy* Max and Liz do have problems, it mostly has to do with their jobs and adjusting to having a baby in their lives. This is actually based on what happened to a very good friend of mine who had no problem with me turning her life into a fan fic! *big* She's a very good friend indeed. *wink* I was just kinda getting tired of all the fan fics that portray marriage as a bed of roses, you know? I mean I'm not trying to put those fics or their author's done, because I love them, but marriage sadly isn't always like that. More then one half of all marriages end in divorce. *sad* Hope that puts you at ease!!! Feel free to ask me anymore questions about the fic or the direction of it, and thank you for sticking with me!!! *happy*


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Hey everyone!! Ok, so I'm partly through writing part 4. (yay!) but now it's time for nookie. WHICH I CANNOT WRITE! Please for the love of Jason Behr help me!!! *wink* Please? *angel*


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Hey everyone! Still haven't been able to find help with the nookie, but I thought I'd post what I have of part 4.

Chapter 4

Work went wonderfully for Liz, and they were advancing in her work. She couldn’t wait to get home to talk to Max, so she left 45 minutes early. When she got home, she found Max waiting. Apparently he left work early too.

As soon as he saw her, he got up and embraced her tightly. “Liz, where were you? You didn’t call me to tell me you would be out, you didn’t leave a note… God, I was so worried! I thought something happened to you.”

“I’m sorry, Max… I called Isabel and got my job back. Actually, she promoted me. I guess I just got so excited before I went out to lunch with Maria, I forgot to write a note. I didn’t know you’d be home before me. I’m sorry.”

“I guess with the baby I’m overreacting to everything now. You didn’t know I was coming home early, so why would you have to write a note?”

“Who’s the pregnant one here, Max? You or me? Isn’t the woman supposed to be overreacting?” Liz teased.

“Very funny.” Max said with a smirk.

“I try. So, will you be able to get tomorrow off? We go to see Dr. Marin.” Liz explained.

“I don’t know… I’ll try, ok?”

“Please, Max? I get an ultrasound tomorrow, so we get to see our child. Please?”

“Ok. I’ll be there no matter what.” Max promised.

“Thank you.” Liz said happily. She went on her tippy-toes to give him a kiss on the cheek.

“Nuh uh. Where exactly do you think your going?” Max said with a mischievous smile. He pulled Liz close to him.

“Me? I wasn’t going anywhere. Well, except my date with that hot Latino guy I met at a club with Maria…” Liz joked along.

“Oh, I see. Well, since your going out I’ll just have stay here all by myself…”

“Uh huh…” Liz mumbled leaning up to kiss him.


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Thanks for the suggestion, Lisa!!!!
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Expect the next part in less then an hour!!! *big* Thanks again Jenn for the nookie help!!!


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Mega thanks goes to Jenn for writing nookie! All bow before her! *wink*

Chapter 4

Work went wonderfully for Liz, and they were advancing in her work. She couldn’t wait to get home to talk to Max, so she left 45 minutes early. When she got home, she found Max waiting. Apparently he left work early too.

As soon as he saw her, he got up and embraced her tightly. “Liz, where were you? You didn’t call me to tell me you would be out, you didn’t leave a note… God, I was so worried! I thought something happened to you.”

“I’m sorry, Max… I called Isabel and got my job back. Actually, she promoted me. I guess I just got so excited before I went out to lunch with Maria, I forgot to write a note. I didn’t know you’d be home before me. I’m sorry.”

“I guess with the baby I’m overreacting to everything now. You didn’t know I was coming home early, so why would you have to write a note?”

“Who’s the pregnant one here, Max? You or me? Isn’t the woman supposed to be overreacting?” Liz teased.

“Very funny.” Max said with a smirk.

“I try. So, will you be able to get tomorrow off? We go to see Dr. Marin.” Liz explained.

“I don’t know… I’ll try, ok?”

“Please, Max? I get an ultrasound tomorrow, so we get to see our child. Please?”

“Ok. I’ll be there no matter what.” Max promised.

“Thank you.” Liz said happily. She went on her tippy-toes to give him a kiss on the cheek.

“Nuh uh. Where exactly do you think your going?” Max said with a mischievous smile. He pulled Liz close to him.

“Me? I wasn’t going anywhere. Well, except my date with that hot Latino guy I met at a club with Maria…” Liz joked along.

“Oh, I see. Well, since your going out I’ll just have stay here all by myself…”

“Uh huh…” Liz mumbled leaning up to kiss him.

Liz kissed Max's cheek ever so softly teasing him with the light touch. She knew that he was expecting a "proper" kiss but she couldn't help teasing him just a little bit. She was in such a good mood, getting her job back and what not that this playfulness wouldn't go away.
Max mumbled something incoherent and inaudible but Liz was pretty sure it had something to do with her teasing. She leaned up again and made for Max's other cheek but at the last second she changed direction and placed her lips on his.

The kiss was soft and full of love. Max ran his tongue across Liz's bottom lip asking for permission to enter the confines of her mouth. She parted her lips granting Max the entrance he asked for. The exploration, and loving he gave her mouth was slow and thorough. He made sure that every corner of her mouth was explored. He couldn't get enough of her taste, she tasted like strawberries, and Max deduced that she had them for desert. It was his favourite flavour in the whole world, that and Vanilla.

Max started walking backward startling Liz and causing her to wrap her arms around his neck to keep from falling over. After a few steps he realized that this just wouldn't do, they'd never make it to their destination, it was just too slow going. He pulled away from the kiss causing Liz to groan in disappointment only to pick her up cradling her to his chest. Liz nuzzled her face into his neck placing small kisses here and there.

Liz sighed with contentment and rested her head on Max's shoulder as he carried her to the bedroom. The minute he stepped through the door he let go of her legs and she slid down his body until her feet touched the floor. As she brushed down his front she could feel his erection straining to break free of it's confines and this pleased her to no end. She loved the effect she had on Max, and the effect he had on her.

Liz's arms were still around Max's neck and she pulled him towards her closing the small amount of distance they had between them. He leaned his face towards her and captured her lips with his own, this time in a more passionate kiss.

Max's hands started caressing Liz's body. He lightly caressed her arms feeling the goose pimples form on her skin as he lightly ticked her. She moaned lightly into his mouth and pulled his shirt out from his pants running her hands across his chest. Very slowly she undid each button on his shirt revealing pieces of his skin.

Max had to break away from the kiss in order to catch his breath and Liz took this opportunity to kiss the exposed skin on his chest. As soon as she had all the buttons unbuttoned she pushed the shirt off his shoulders watching as it slid off his arms landing in a crumpled heap on the floor.

Liz inched towards the bed grabbing Max's hand bringing him with her. She stopped when the backs of her legs touched the mattress and smiled up at Max. He returned her smile and reached for the hem of her blouse. Pulling it over her head he tossed it behind him not caring where it landed. Liz watched as it fell on top of Max's already discarded shirt on the floor smiling at his aim.

He began to kiss and caress her bare skin pushing her bra straps off her shoulders and kissing the spots where the offending things had just laid. Liz reached behind her and undid the clasp of her bra letting the garment fall to the floor at their feet.

The next pieces of clothing to join those already on the floor were Liz's pants with Max's not too far behind. All they had left on now was underwear, and Liz knew that these garments would soon be gone and on the floor.

Max picked Liz up again and placed her on the centre of the bed gently before joining her. He placed his weight on this elbows leaning over her body with his face inches from hers. She took a deep breath breathing in Max's unique scent.

Max bent his face close to Liz's and kissed her again letting his body fall slowly onto hers making sure not to crush her with his weight. In a matter of seconds both their underwear was gone and Liz could feel Max's manhood pressing into her thigh. Each throb felt as if it was magnified on her skin.

She parted her legs slightly making room for Max to fit against her better and she sighed as his body slid between her legs. His hardness was now resting against her feminine heat and the anticipation of what was to come next was almost too much for Liz.

Max could feel the heat coming off of Liz and he had to stifle a groan. His control was beginning to slip and he could not allow that to happen. He could not afford to ravage Liz because if he did that he could hurt her or the baby, and besides that he wanted to "love" her.
Taking a calming breath Max got his raging hormones under control. It still amazed him how Liz could make him lose control. Realizing he was as under control as he was ever going to be Max raised himself up on his elbows, kissed Liz quick and hard, and entered her slowly.

They both sighed as Max slid further and further into Liz warm depths, feeling more and more complete with each inch. Max stayed completely still when he was completely sheathed inside of Liz basking in the feeling, and allowing her body to adjust to him.

Liz shifted her hips impatiently letting Max know she was ready and more then willing to get the show on the road. Max kissed her lips softly and slowly pulled out of her warmth until only the tip of his manhood was inside her core before slowly teasingly inching his way back in. The slow in and out strokes were going to kill Liz, she wanted more but Max wouldn't speed up his strokes.

He continued on this slow steady pace for a good fifteen minutes and then he started to speed up hitting deeper with each stroke. Just as Liz was nearing the edge of an orgasm Max would slow down again calming Liz down in the process. He wanted to work her up to a fevered pitch and it was working.

Max kept up this pace of alternating slow and fast strokes for a good long while before he started to feel the stirrings of his orgasm and started using fast and shallow strokes hitting Liz's magic spot. She was panting and letting out little moans signalling to Max her orgasm was very close. He reached between the two of them flicking her clitoris. Liz's inner walls clamped down on Max's erection and her body began to shake as she rode out her orgasm. The tightening of Liz's vaginal walls triggered Max's orgasm and with one final thrust he spilled his seed within Liz's depths collapsing against her breathing heavily.

“Wow,” Liz said with a sigh.