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The rain drops are collapsing on my shoulders. It is frezing cold outside and my hands feel like ice. My nose is probably red, and my ears are frozen. I usually loved cold showers on dark days, but on this day I really despise the weather. I am waiting out here in the cold for him, but he is no where to be found. Michael was supposed to pick me up after choir at church. Why isn't he here yet? I am alone, I live a mile away, and I am way to embarassed to call someone to pick me up. I finally hear a car roaring around the cornor. My heart sped up, Michael is finally here. But Michael does notown a black FireBird, but Zan does. My heart stopped when the car slowed down. "Please drive by, God please let him drive by." But the car stopped and the window rolled down. Zan's beautiful amber eyes looked me up and down. His recently died black is spiked up, he wore a Marylin Manson shir, and a pair of baggy black jeans. he smiled at me and revealed his pearly white, perfect teeth. He scratched around his newly piereced eyebrow ring.
"Hey Cherry, do you need a ride?"
"My name is Shiri, not Cherry." I said bitterly. Why does he even bother talking to me.
"Cherry, Shiri, almost the exact same thing. do you need a ride or not?" he asked cooly.
"Actually Michael is supposed to pick me up any minute now." Zan began to laugh loudly. I gave him a dirty look. "And what do you find so amusing?"
"If you are waiting for Michael then you are giong to be waiting a very long time for him."
"Zan, did you do something to Michael? Did you two get into antoher fight?" Michael and Zan were at it alot. Michael doesn't want to fight, but Zan always keeps going and giong. Michael has to defend himself.
"No, I am tired of fighting with you Christians, it really is useless. Plus you guys are worst then us."
"Oh please Zan. How can worshiping the Devil be better than worshiping Christ!?" My body is no longer cold, but hot with anger. I strongly disliked Zan and his cult. Zan is almost the leader, he is planning to be leader one day. the whole school either hates them or is scared of them. I even know most of the teachers are, except the principal, who they say is the cult.
"because you guys say you love him, and yet you 'sin'. Like right now your boyfriend, Michael is getting very friendly wiht my sister....Tess." Zan said with a smirk. (TBC?????)

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I could feel myself getting angry at the words Zan just told me. “Oh please Zan, Michael would never want to be with one of your kind. Michael is a role model to all.”
“Okay Shiri, you do not have to believe me. You know that our kind can never tell the truth.” He said coldly as though my words stung him. I guess I am being pretty harsh with Zan. Here I am saying that I am Christian, and all I am doing is insulting Zan. I ran my fingers through my wet brown hair, the rain has died down a bit, but I didn’t notice too much.
“I am sorry Zan, I didn’t mean it like that. I guess I am just a little upset because he forgot to pick me up. I would love a ride home with you.” He unlocked the doors, and I went inside the car. I see an upside down cross on the seat. He quickly moved it, and threw it in the back. He then turned off the music he was listening too. He was actually being considerate. I never thought that I would see the day. Well, come to think about it, I never really even have attempted to try to get to know Zan. I judged him right away. I put my seat belt on and Zan began to drive. “I live on 324 Oak Wood Drive.” I told him while trying to warm up to the heater.
“You live in the nice part of town. You Christian’s sure live the life of luxury.” I wasn’t sure if he meant that in a nice way or not. Yes, most of the people in this community who are Christian live in the rich part of town, had nice jobs, and pretty much nice everything else. But Kyle, who is part of the cult, also lives on the nice part of town. But is parents are on the verge of kicking him out. Trying to convert him is not working out at all. Also the principal lives on the nice side of town. He never goes to church, and never talks about church, maybe he is the leader of the cult, because they certainly keep the leader a secret.
“It has nothing to do with religion, Zan. It has to do with education. Only because you are Christian, does not mean that you are going to live the perfect life.”
“I wouldn’t want to live your life anyway.”
“I guess I can say that the feeling is mutual.”
“Well, here we are.” He said while pulling in my driveway.
“Thank you for the ride.” I said while stepping out of the car.
“No problem.” He pulled out of the driveway, and quickly drove off. I shoved my hands in my pockets and ran inside the house.
“Shiri, you are thirty minutes late, where have you been?”
“Michael was just running a little bit late, that is all.” I said in almost a frightened voice. My dad towered over me. He is 6’2” and I am only 5’6”. I was also only 135 pounds while he weighed close to two hundred, and it wasn’t fat either…pure muscle. He had the same brown eyes as me, but his hair was black, and mine is brown.
“Are you getting an attitude with me Shiri?”
“No sir, of course I am not getting an attitude with you. I was just telling you why I was late. I am not trying to argue with you.” I cried. He grabbed me by the shoulders and threw me against the wall.
“Don’t lie to me girl! You and Michael were making out, and that is why you are lat.”
“No sir, I promise that is not what happened.” I said while standing up. He backslapped me across the face. The taste of metallic copper filled my mouth and my tears are now streaming down my cheeks.
“Go to your room Shiri, before I get really mad!” He growled. I quickly gathered all my strength and ran to my bedroom. I locked the door and went to the mirror. My mouth is very bloody. I grabbed a tissue and wiped the blood of my lips and teeth. That is when I realized I had a fat lip. How am I going to explain this to my mom and friends? I doubt that my mom will even notice. She is barely home, and when she is home it is only to sleep and eat. My father, unfortunately, is always home. His job is making computer graphics and computer games, which he does downstairs in the basement. I would tell someone about the secret beatings, but he said that he would kill me if I told anyone. I really think that he would kill me too, he isn’t one to back down on his promises. I am also afraid that he might hurt my mom. Sure my mom isn’t around a lot, but I still love her a lot. But I really hate him he is pure evil. And the worst part about all of this is that everyone thinks that he is the perfect Christian. Nice, caring, and sweet Jeff Cummings. He is far from all of that though. The reality is that he is cold, ruthless, and heartless. And I am too frightened to tell even my closest friends. But they would not believe me even if I told them. Not Jeff Cummings, he would never ever lay a foul hand on you. Then how else can someone explain the frequent bloody noses, black eyes, bruises, fat lips…they can’t. I went in my bed, curled up in a ball, and fell asleep.(TBC??)
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My alarm clock is now blaring, making it feel like my eardrums will explode any second. I quickly slammed my hand down on the snooze button to shut it up. I did not want to wake up my dad, or get a headache from the hideous elephant noises my clock makes. My mom thought it would be nice to wake up hearing.....elephants....ya right! I rolled out of bed and went into the bathroom to brush my teeth. My mouth is still very sore. My fat lip is huge, and it looks pretty bad. I felt tears roll down my cheek. I touch my lips, they are very tender. I decided to go downstairs to get something to eat. I was shocked to see my mom eating breakfast. When she saw me she came up to me and embraced me. "Your Father told me what happened." She said while examining my lip. "I never knew softball was so dangerous. But I know that sometimes kids get a little out of hand. It doesn't look too bad though."
"yeah, it really is okay though. They really didn't mean to do it. How long are you staying here mom?" Please tell me a very long time.
"Just for a few hours. I was thinking that maybe you and I can go shopping together. You and I really do not spend too much time together." I can feel myself smiling, and it is pretty painful. "How about we put some ice on that lip of yours." Mom went to the freezer and handed me an ice pack. I put it over my lip. My father just smiled at me as though he was not the one who gave me the fat lip.
"Yes, you two girls do need to spend more time together. I am going downstairs to finish my latest game." My father kissed me and my mother on the cheek. When me and my mom were done eating we left, but not before I scrubbed down the cheek my father kissed me on.
"Your lip is looking alot better." My mom said while examining my lip again. I just gave her a weak smile. It might look better, but it doesn't feel better.
"yeah, so where are we going first?" I just want to get my mind off of everything and shop.
"We are going to Armani, and I think it is about time you have your own car." I could not help but let out a small squeal of excitment. "I know your father said you shouldn't get a car until you start college, but we have the money and you are a straight A student. Plus you are starting your senior year when summer is over, so I think you should have a car." This is why I love my mom so much. "Are you and Michael still togehter?" She asked as she stopped at a stop sign.
"Yeah, I guess that we are still together.,"
"You just guess that you are still together? What happened between you two? Michael seems like such a nice boy. He is very liked among the Christian community."
"Last night he was supposed to pick me up after choir, and he never showed up."
"Did you call him to ask him why he never showed?" I looked at the floor remembering what Zan told me. He told me that Michael was making out with Tess She is a huge bimbo, and has really been around.
"No, I was too mad. But I think that I will call him today when we are done." My mom pulled in the Armani parking lot. I stepped out of her silver BMW. Me and my mother walked into Armani, she loves this store.
"Shiri, this shirt would be perfect for you." My mother said while she pulled out a red cashmire shirt, that will show too much of my stomach.
"No, dad will kill me if I wore that." My mom just gave me a small laugh, thinking that I am joking.
"Try it on for me. If you like it, then I will buy it foryou." I looked at the price tag. Eighty-nine dollars. One thing for sure is that my mom has expensive taste. "Try on these jeans too." She handed me a pair of low ride jeans. "I will be in the woman's section if you need me." My mom kissed my cheek and went off. I went to the dressing room and tried on the clothes. The shirt looks awesome on me, but the jeans were hugging right, because they are a size too big. I went out to get a smaller pair, and I felt someone staring at me. I turn around to see zan, and my heart stopped. (TBC?????)
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His eyes looked at my face and lingered to my exposed stomach. Zan then licked his lips and my stomach felt…fluttery. “What are you doing here Zan?” I asked as I pulled out another pair of jeans, but in a smaller size. Zan walked up behind me. I could feel the heat of his body on my exposed flesh, and I had a sudden urge to breathe harder and faster, because the air suddenly became hot.
“I came here to swipe a necklace for my sister. Her birthday is coming up soon.”
“You are going to steal a necklace? Zan, you really should not do that, it is wrong.” I turned around to face him and I discover that his lips are now only a few inches away from mine. He licks his lips again, and I can not help but stare at how seductively he licks them. His lips curve into a smile as he looks down on me. Zan actually looks decent today. A pair of black slacks, black button up shirt, black shoes, and he took out his eyebrow ring.
“What are you planning on giving me if I don’t steal something?”
“I’ll pray for you.” I said smugly as I escaped the closeness that we were sharing.
“I do not need to be prayed for. But I am sure you heard about the rumor going around about us. I would really like to make it true. Because you are sexy, and that shirt…” He licked his lips again and stared at how the shirt perfectly fits me.
“I have not heard any rumors about you or me…together.” He rested his hand on my shoulder, ad I shrugged it off. This caused him to laugh softly.
“The rumor is that when I gave you a ride home, it was more than just a ride home. Pretty much what I am saying is, your nick name to a few people isn’t Cherry anymore.” I was disgusted. Who could say that I lost in the back of a car with, Zan? When I found who did this I’ll…
“Shiri, it looks wonderful on you!” My mom exclaimed. She turned towards Zan. “Who is your cute little friend?” Zan took my mother’s hand and kissed it.
“I am Zan. Shiri never mentioned that she had a sister.” I can see my mom begin to blush. Please do not tell me that she is actually falling for it.
“No, I happen to be Shiri’s mother. You can call me Nancy though.” Oh no, my mom fell for Zan’s little act. She doesn’t let anyone call her Nancy unless she really likes him or her. “Shiri, go change back to your regular clothes, and I’ll buy that shirt and pants for you.” I went to the dressing room and changed back in my regular clothes. When I came out I was kind of sad to see that Zan was no longer standing by my mom. My mother grabbed the clothes and paid for them. We then walked back to the car. “Why haven’t I met that boy before? He really is a sweet heart.”
“Zan and I aren’t really that great of friends. We kind of hang out in totally different groups. But the way where did Zan go?” Why did I even have to ask?
“He had to go grab a present for his sister. I think that Zan likes you.” You mean steal a present for his sister, and Zan can’t possibly like me. Zan would only want to use me. Good thing that I won’t ever see him again.
“I was not aware of the fact that Zan might like me. But Zan and I do not see each other too often. So I doubt that anything will ever develop between me and him.” I saw a smile spread across my mother’s face. Oh no, this can not be good.
“Good thing I invited Zan to dinner tomorrow.”


I watched Shiri walk back inside the dressing room. I know that I should not be attracted to Shiri, but I can not help the fact that I am. I wonder how she got that fat lip. I know for a fact that she did not have the fat lip last night when I drop her off at home. “How long have you been friends with my daughter?” I looked at Shiri’s mother. She was very pretty, and I could see where Shiri gets all her good looks.
“Shiri and I are not really good friends. I really barely know her. But I would really like to get to know her.” Whoa did I just say that I want to get to know Shiri? If any of my friends heard me say that, they would be pissed off at me or they would just laugh at me. Either way, it would not be a reaction I would want to see.
“How about you come to dinner at our house tomorrow night? It would be really lovely if you would be there. And I think it would help you become better friends with my daughter.”
“Why thank you for the invitation Nancy. I really hate to have to do this to you. But my sister’s birthday is soon, and I have to buy her a present.” I was going to buy her one too. For some reason what Shiri told me about stealing effected me. This is very unlike me, I usually live for stealing and doing evil.
“Well, good luck to you Zan, and see you tomorrow night for dinner.” I waved good-be to Nancy and begin to walk out of the store. I can’t afford anything in Armani anyway.(TBC?? its up to you) hehe
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I go to a jewelry store and spent fifty dollars on belly rings, eyebrow rings, and earrings for my sister. They look expensive and I hope that Tess thinks I stole them from a really fancy store, or she will know that something is up with me. I walked inside the house and I see Tess making out with Michael on the living room sofa. “I talked to Shiri, Michael.” He quickly stands up and pushes me. I just felt like laughing, because I barely budged. I look over at Tess who looks like she is jealous. But then again who wouldn’t be jealous of Shiri?
“I told you that you need to stay away from my girl friend.”
“Why should I stay away from her? It is not like you treat her any good. If you love her so much, then why are you always with my sister?”
“Because…everyone knows that Shiri doesn’t put out!” Star stood up and slapped Michael across the face.
“It is over between you and me. You told me that you cared about me. That you are only with Shiri, because your parents are forcing you to be with her.”
“Well, that made you put out, didn’t it? I have to go now…I will go and apologize to Shiri, she always forgives me, because God says always forgive.”
“Get the fuck out of my house before I get Lucifer to rip off your dick!” This scared Michael and he quickly left the house. Tess began to laugh wildly. “I thought you were sad because he was using you?” this only made Tess laugh harder.
“No one, and I do mean no one uses me Zan. I was the one that was using him. Third Christian I got this week. Jim would be so proud of me.”
“Yeah, be sure to tell him at our meeting tonight. Maybe he will advance you.”
“What is the matter Zan? You are acting a little bit weird.”
“No, I am fine, I am good. I am just thinking.” I need to stop thinking of Shiri too.
“Tomorrow night are we going to that underground club? I hear the drugs there are going to be really good. The best dealers will be there.”
“No, I actually have plans for tomorrow night. You can go to the club with Kyle, I am sure that he will love to go with you.” Tess walked up to me and placed her hand on my forehead.
“You are not running a fever, so please tell me why in Hell are you not going to the club tomorrow?” I pushed Tess off of me. I am getting really pissed off.
“I just told you that I am going to be busy! Can you not fucking hear?” I screamed. She just shook her head in disbelief, and then she began to laugh wildly.
“The rumors about you are true, aren’t they?”
“I do not know what fucking rumors you are talking about.” I said coldly.
“I am talking about the rumors about you and Shiri. Some people say that you two are secretly fucking each other’s brains out!” Tess began to laugh louder. “I got a Christian guy, and you got a Christian girl. Way to go Zan.”
“I am not screwing anyone, Tess, you just said yourself that they are just rumors.”
“Zan, I just want to tell you that you really need to be careful. If you aren’t with her just for the fuck, then that means you are falling for the bitch. And if you are falling for her, then there is going to be some really big problems.”
“Tess, you do not have to be so damn worried about me. I know how to take care of myself.” I said while heading out the door. I do not think I can be here for another second. Tess is driving me insane.
“She is really pretty Zan, I will give her that. But you have to remember that she is a good little Christian girl. She is not one of us, and she will never be one of us.”
“Get it though your fucking thick skull Tess, I am not and will never be seeing her!” I walked out the door and slammed it behind me. She is right though, Tess is right about everything. I can never be with Shiri, even if I wanted too. She is a Christian, and even if I was to admit that I am falling for her, she will never fall for me. We are total opposites; I will have to learn to forget about her. I hopped into my car. The meeting starts in an hour, but I am going for leadership position so it would be good if I go to Jim’s. Maybe Jim will have some advice for me. No, I do not think that it would be a wise idea to tell Jim the way I feel about Shiri. But then again maybe I should tell him, because he can have some good advice for me. Jim is really like a Father figure to me. He is really the only family I have, since both my Mother and Father are dead. Jim and my sister have been the only one looking after me. They have become my family, they are the only family that I will ever have. For that reason I am going to talk to Jim. I pressed hard on the gas pedal, I need to make it there as fast as possible before I change my mind.(TBC?????????????)