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Category: M/L other too
Rating:not sure yet.... I'll start at R.
Summary: A disturbed outlook on Roswell..... Kind of an AU, will have some regular.... no tess

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My life.

It basically consists of these moments.

Most which have no purpose or significance.

But today I had this moment.... And I swear I felt my life change.

Now You might want to know a little about me.

But right now I'm to tired to explain my whole boring life.

My name is Liz.

Nice right.... Yeah I don't like it either. But hey what's in a name.

Anyway, my moment.

I was..... Well, sitting on a park bench, in my town, but that's not relative ... watching the people walk past and over hearing the chatter of the children around me.

I watched as they played with there friends, their laughter melting my heart. I didn't notice the figure approaching, and I didn't notice the dark clouds settling above me.

I did, though, feel the drop of ran fall on my hand. And I watched it as it rolled over my finger and smashed down to the concrete floor. When I looked up, I noticed the air had grown damp and the sun had disappeared. I felt the temperature drop and as I turned my head a shiver crawled down my back.

But not from the cold.

At that moment. My life changed.

How ... your asking.

That's when I saw him.... I had never seen such perfection. I had never seen so much anger and love in ones eyes as I did in his, I had never seen so much fear, so much hope.

I felt myself freeze as he smiled at me, his eyes locking with mine. I felt my breath let out a knowing sigh as he nodded his head at me in recognition.... He felt it too. But then he walked right past me....
Title:IN a name, a WS quote
Disclaimer: I own nothing..... Don't sue
Category: M/L other too
Rating:not sure yet.... I'll start at R.
Summary: A disturbed outlook on Roswell..... Kind of an AU, will have some regular.... no tess

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So what happens when you see the guy of your dream?

duh... you see him every where

Or you at least think you do.

And that's exactly what happened to me.

I dished my whole moment out to MAria, which normaly I don't do. But right now I don't feel like the normal Liz.

My sacrasim has been replaced by way to much ceerfulness. And some how I have ingraved a smile onto my face. And not just an ordinary smile.... one of those Doppy grin smiles that just tells the whole world that your in love.... or something.

But it gets better, everytime I think I see this mystery man


Well I..

This is embarising, you see I have the new tendacy to stalk.

Yes stalking.... to which the person finally turns around in anger and I realise..sigh... It's not him.

So here I sit, in my usual both, once again rehashing my moment to my best friend, Maria.

I no she a annoyed, probably past annoyed. I mean All I did was stare at this guy, but it's like we just clicked or somthing. Ugh, who have I become.

"Liz... Liz.. whoa slow down chica. I mean lest look at the situation rashionaly. You met, no watched this guy, who you haven't seen in a week, walk past you and smile." She sighs one of those "Simpathy- you have to get over it ones" "May you should forget it" Strait and to the point. " Well find you a nice guy, you lives her...."

I stop think about what she's saying, I mean find a new guys I haven't even found this guys yet. What is she saying.

".....I mean I have Michael, Alex and Isabel are just starting and you are just obsessed with some stranger......"

Some stranger, don't they understand, I saw into his soul, wel formed this connection.

".....Maybe you should forget about h.." but I cut her off.

"I would" I start telling her. " But I cant it's like he owns me now or somthing" Ok well that sounded better in my head.


And the next day as me and Maria repeated the same exact conversation that we had yesterday, and all week, the most meraculus thing happpened.

He walked in and smiled.....

Title:IN a name, a WS quote
Disclaimer: I own nothing..... Don't sue
Category: M/L other too
Rating:not sure yet.... I'll start at R.
Summary: A disturbed outlook on Roswell..... Kind of an AU, will have some regular.... no tess

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My heart stopped.

This was him.... I swear.

My mind was screaming to get up, to go over there. Unfortunatly my feet weren't moving.

"Chica are you ok?" I glance back at MAria.

"Maria" I say grabbing her hand and forcing her to leen across the table. "That's him, that's the guy" I start rambeling.

"Hold up" She says sitting up straight. But I don't even here her anymore, I'm to busy staring at him. Who is he? He sure doesn't live in roswell!

We never get anyone that looks that good in Roswell.

Oh my god! what am I saying. When did Liz Parker become such a girl? I take another quick peek at him..... Oh yeah when he walked into my life.

Arrggg! I can't believe I'm doing this to myself, I mean I don't even know this guy. Maria would shoot me if she heard me.

"Maria" I whisper" What do I do"

She looks at me and laughs.

"What your going to do is go over there, Liz, this is your chance" She says pushing me out of the both. I stand up and start walking towards the counter, and just when I'm about to say hi, I freak and run into the back room.

Oh what have I done, I just made an idiot out of myself!!

"WHat was that?" Maria says half yelling, half laughing.

"I don't know...I " ARRGHHH!!

"Ok why don't we try this one more time" She says pushing me through the doors and right into him. Literally. My head smacked right into his arm.

"Oww" I mummble as I rub my head.

I look up and I swear to you, the site was breath taking.

"Sorry" I start to say, but he's just looking at me. Staring into my eyes. And its driving me crazy. Do you think I would seem a bit foward if I just jumped him right here?

Yeah I guess just a little.

He had these eyes that were darking by the second. And soon became this dark, almost, black color.

And then it happen... he grabbed my hand and we were off. Through the doors, down the street, and then we were standing in the park. And just before I started to get freaked, he turned around.

And when he did he grabbed me and forced me into a kiss.

Not that I minded.

It was amazing.

The way his tongue ran along my bottum lip.

And the way it felt along my own.

I couldn't breath.

I slowly pulled back, gazing into his eyes.

"It's you" he told me. Running his hands down my arms and around my waist, then back to my face, cupping my cheek and taking my mouth into another mind blowing kiss.

And when he pulled away this time he rested his forehead on mind.

"Wow" I whispered, but then bite my lip hoping he didn't hear it.

"I was looking for you" he told me. I just giggeled.

Oh boy I've fallen over the edge. Some one just throw me some bom boms, I should become a cheerleader, I should dye my hair blond, I should.....

"You.... your amazing" He told me taking my lips in mine, this time massaging mine with his own.

"Who are you?" I asked. He smiled. I love when he does that.
Title:IN a name, a WS quote
Disclaimer: I own nothing..... Don't sue
Category: M/L other too
Rating:not sure yet.... I'll start at R.
Summary: A disturbed outlook on Roswell..... Kind of an AU, will have some regular.... no tess

cFanfics are cool..... feedback is cooler

It was weird.

I didn't even know him, but I felt safer then I did with anyone else I ever met.

Does that make sense?

Is safer even a word?

Probably not.

For some reason the only logical thought in my head is that I have to stay here.

I have to stay in his arms, and I need answer.

"Who" I ask again, but he just continues to stare.

"I'm Max" He says softly. His voice sounding a little raspy. And sounding very sexy as well.

Just hit me when you feel the need. I'm normally not this..... Ummm.... way I guess.

Anyway. Questions.

"I'm Liz" He smiles. Oh boy.

"Liz" He says kissing me. My name never sounded so erotic. Someone buy me a gun.

He's just so cute.

God, I'm so cheesy.

Mmmmhhh. The kissing.

Yeah this is nice.

I pull back and giggle.

"Wait" I say. Placing a finger on his lips before he tries to kiss me. But it doesn't stop him. He takes my hand and kisses that.

Where did this boy come from?

"Max..... Um maybe we should go some where" He smiles.

"Go some where?" He asks in a soft voice. Wow....Slow down there slugger.

Wait a minuet what am I saying. I would so go anywhere with him.

"I mean to talk"

He nods and kiss my hand, when slowly I feel his arm go around my waist and the floor leave my feet.

He's carrying me.

"I can walk" I tell him.

"I know" And that's all he says.

We walk ... well he walks.... a little and we soon exit the park.

"Stop" I tell him and he drops my feet.

"What?" He asks, his hands instinctively raping around my waist.

"Where are we going"

More smiles. I love that.

"I was taking you to my apartment" He lives here!

"You live here" He nods. "In Roswell?" He nods.

"Since when?" I ask. " Why would you move here?"

"Because of you" My mouth falls open, I'm just a little surprised.

"Me?" I ask, my voice sounds a little shaky to me.

"Well, since that day in the park, do you remember" I nod "I couldn't get you off my mind, you were everywhere. And I had to find you."

"You stayed because of me." I said, I was in awe.

"Yeah, I just.... I just knew that I had too." His face bent down a little and I could tell he was a little embarrassed.

Suddenly it makes no sense.

And I poke him.

"Ow" Opps "What was that for?" He asks rubbing the spot I hit.

"Sorry, I just want to see if you were real" I'm such a dork. But I get a smile out of him.

"Yeah I'm real" He tells me. Then clarifies it by giving me a soft kiss. " See" I nod.

"I'm just glad I found you" He tells me. And I smile.

"Me too." He takes my hand and we start to walk.

"So was it weird growing up here?" I look at me.

"Umm.… I guess a little" He nods.

"I guess we were lucky" I'm confused again.

"I don't even know how it would feel to come out of, well you know, all alone." I stop walking.

"Come out?" I asked. OK now he's scaring me. He nods.

"Yeah I had Avery with me. But you" he sighs." You were all alone, I'm sorry I wasn't there for you." And then he laughs. " You know its funny.... When I first met you I could have sworn you were human, boy was I wrong."

Oh God what is he talking about. "Human?" I ask. Is he telling me he's not human?

"So what powers do you have. I couldn't really tell to much from the flashes" Flashes!!!

"Max?" I question. He just smiles and stares.

"Yes Liz" He says running his hand slowly down my cheek.

"I am human" He stops and stares at me for a second. Then laughs, placing a light kiss on my forehead.

"Yeah OK Liz" He says.

What the heck is going on?
Title:IN a name, a WS quote
Disclaimer: I own nothing..... Don't sue
Category: M/L other too
Rating:not sure yet.... I'll start at R.
Summary: A disturbed outlook on Roswell..... Kind of an AU, will have some regular.... no tess

cFanfics are cool..... feedback is cooler

I stare at him for a minuet.

Is this a joke?

Is Maria gonna pop out of the bushes?

I stare at Max.

He looks back, and are eyes meet. Those beautiful eyes.

"What's wrong?" He asks his eyes sweeping my whole body.

"Nothing" Play stupid.

"No, something wrong there are black streaks covering your aura." My what.

Great. I knew he was to perfect.

"My aura?" I ask. He nods, running his hands up my arms.

"What is it Liz, your scaring me." I'm scaring him. Mr. I'm-not-human!

I look at him, running my eyes over him, the same way he did.

He was so cute. He stood before me in a green T-shirt, with blue jeans, and dark converse sneakers on his feet. He stood loosely, his hands in my hair. His eyes searching my soul.

It was almost as though he was looking for something. An answer maybe.

Like he was trying to read my mind.

So I stare back. I begin to notice the little things. The way the neckline of his shirt was a little frayed. Or the fact the his ears just stuck out a little. And the way his hair fell. It was short. But a few pieces rested on his forehead, giving him a comfortable look. He was very handsome.

His skin tan, and you could see certain places on his chest where the shirt pulled. He was built, the boy had that.

I sighed, running my hands up his chest and around his neck. And I settle there, in his arms. My fingers lightly playing with the hair on the back of his neck.

While he gently brushes his thumb along my cheek.

What did that song say, the one that grandma Claudia sings?

I start to hum.

'If you want to know if he loves you so, it's in his kiss. That's where it is. It's in his kiss.'

So I do the most logical thing at that moment.

I kiss him.

But it just made more confusion.

Because I, Liz Parker got the flashy things.
Title:IN a name, a WS quote
Disclaimer: I own nothing..... Don't sue
Category: M/L other too
Rating:not sure yet.... I'll start at R.
Summary: A disturbed outlook on Roswell..... Kind of an AU, will have some regular.... no tess

cFanfics are cool..... feedback is cooler

I felt light headed, and my whole body tingled.

It was like a movie inside my head.

And it was all about Max.

I didn't know where it was coming from. Me or Him?

Our emotions fussed together, and every thought we had became intertwined.

It was most amazing feeling in my life.

I saw Max as a child sitting with a young boy melting their GI Joe's with their hands.

I saw him with the same boy, a little older, healing a little bird who hurt itself.

I saw him being chased and I felt the fear over come him.

I saw him and the boy leaving there home, placing a note on the kitchen table.

I saw him sleeping in a car.

I saw him working at different places.

And I saw him see me. On the bench, biting my lip. And I felt what he felt.

I could feel everything he felt about anything.

Until he broke the kiss.

He looked at me, a surprised look on his face.

"You don't know" He says, caressing my face.

I'm confused.

"Know what?" I ask. He smiles.

"I'm sorry" He told me, bowing his head for a moment then looking back into my eyes. "But I'll show you everything now."

I nod. But I'm still confused.

That's happening a lot lately.

"I don't understand, how could I see that, did you see that, what was that?" The questions are pouring from my lips.

"We call them flashes, it happens when we connect." Flashes.....

"Liz, do you know when you were born?" I shake my head.

"On August 8." He smiles.

"Do you remember all your birthdays?" I shake my head again.

"Yeah my mom keeps picture of them"

"Show me"

"See here my 10th, and here my 9th, and here my 8th, and here's my 7th, and here's my 6th, and here's my.... Oh wait. I can't find my 5th" I look strangely at the organized sections in my mom's photo book.

"What about your 4?" I look through, it's missing.

"And your first?" This is really strange.

"I.... They should be here" He shakes his head.

"No, they shouldn't." I look at him and he puts his arm around me. "Liz, they never happened."

I stand up.

Is he crazy? What is he talking about?

Oh God, I let this psycho into my house.

What's the number for 911, dear lord, think!!

"Liz" He moves and starts coming towards me. "Just let me explain." He reaches his hand towards me but I jump away.


The look on his face....

I didn't mean to hurt him, I'm just scared.

"I...."But I stop talking.

I'll just listen.

I let him lead me to the couch and I face towards him.

"Liz, I'm not from around here."

"I know " I say, he stops me.

"No, I mean, I'm not from here." He waves his hands around.

I sigh. "So, where are you from?"

He points up.

This can't be real. I point up.

"Your not an ... an alien...... Are you?" OK he's scaring me.

"Yeah.... and you ... you are too"

And that's when the world goes black.

"Liz" I can feel him brushing his thumb over my cheek, like before when we kissed.

I open my eyes and see his. The dark amber making me melt.

I sit up and stare at him some more. But he's looking at my arm.

I look down.

I watch his hand gild up and down my arm, and I watch this silvery glow follow it where ever it moves.

I gasp and he looks up. The smile fading from his face.

"Sorry" He says removing his hand.

And the warmth that was once there leaves my body.

"No, it's OK" I tell him. And gently run my hand down his arm. And the strangest thing happens. I can do it to him too.
Title:IN a name, a WS quote
Disclaimer: I own nothing..... Don't sue
Category: M/L other too
Rating:not sure yet.... I'll start at R.
Summary: A disturbed outlook on Roswell..... Kind of an AU, will have some regular.... no tess

Fanfics are cool..... feedback is cooler
The next morning I woke up to a knocking on my door.

"Hi honey" My mom said cheerfully, a smile on her face.

" mom..... if that's your really name" I whispered. She looked at me while throwing the dirty clothes that were on my floor on the bed.

"Liz, what has gotten into you?" She asked. Nothing I said sitting up. Quickly sweeping my eyes across my room for some sign of Max.

"OK, well get up, I made breakfast." I nod, and she leaves.

I jump from my room running to my window to see if Max is on my balcony, but all I find is a note.

'Dear Liz. Sorry for falling asleep, I'll meet you at the Crashdown later, and we can go somewhere to practice.-Max'

I sigh.

"So did you say anything, ask anything about it" I shook my head no.

"What was I gonna say, mom I'm an alien, and I know your not my real mother and...."

"Liz" I look at him, I'm just so mad.

"I can't even look at her, I mean she just..... God, everything has been a lie, I just... I can't believe that"

"I know it's hard, I mean when I found out I was so scared, but I had Avery."

Who the heck is Avery?

"Who is Avery?" He smiles.

"Avery" He said. And I watch a smile explode onto his face. He must really like him. "Avery is the coolest brother in the entire world"

I smile.

"So your close" He laughs

"Just picture you and Maria as guys, that's me and Avery" I nod and stare straight, but the giggles over come me.

He throws his arms around me. And laughs too.
"Just focus"

"I am" That came out harsher then I intended.

"Now focus all your energy, and picture it turning blue." I try.... And try..... And try.

After about an hour I give up.

"Max I'm sorry but I need to rest, my head hurts, and I can't focus." He nods and sits down next to me. The warm desert air wiping at our faces.

"Hey Liz I want to tell you something" Max says leaning forward.

Oh, what now.

"Come here" HE says leaning in some more so I do. And then he whisper into my ear. "Well, this" and he pulls back and kisses me. One of those mind altering kisses.

You know the ones.

Where your knees go weak.

Your body temp. raises.

And you forget everything, but the kiss.

The feeling of his cool lips against mine, while his warm hands caress there way up my back.

The things he does.
"So darling how was your day?" Maria says in her best English accent.

"Well, I did have a fine time with Max." MmmmHmmmm I did.

"Tell me, what did you do with Mr. Tall Dark and Handsome."

"Umm not to much, just talking and..." And practicing our alien powers.

God, I hate lying to her.

Why can't I just tell her. I really don't understand.

"And..." Maria asked me.

I said and???

"Oh umm and..." Uh.... Think parker.

"Some kissing" She asked.

"Ahh, yeah, we did a little" Yes, a topic we can talk about.


"And ... it was pretty great!" I jump onto her bed and start eating some of her cookies.

"Oh details girl"

"Well we went out to the desert to talk"

"Talk" She laughs. "Yeah I bet you talked"

"Maria" God, she's horrible.

"What, I mean it's not like me and Michael never umm talk"

"Maria, I'm serious." She just giggles, and I throw a cookie at her.

"He's perfect, and each kiss is so...."

"Yeah, I know" I smile. I wonder what it's like to kiss a human to human.

I mean Max was my first kiss, well on the lips. Once in fourth grade, Maria dared Kyle to kiss me.

I cried.

I didn't know what he was doing.

Maria just laughed at me.
I threw my apron off and sat down on a stoll.

Then I heard the jingle of the door.

"Liz" I lift my heads to see max. "Liz this is avery."

Wow, nice to meet you Avery.

In A Name- Part 8
Title:IN a name, a WS quote
Disclaimer: I own nothing..... Don't sue
Category: M/L other too
Rating:not sure yet.... I'll start at R.
Summary: A disturbed outlook on Roswell..... Kind of an AU, will have some regular.... no tess

Fanfics are cool..... Feedback is cooler
I can feel the sunlight on my face and I slowly tell me eyes to open.

When I do I am more then disappointed to see max missing.

I remember only part of last night.

Meeting Avery, sitting and talk with him and Max.

Inviting the two to my apartment.

Avery was very handsome, although he was two years younger then us. He had warm brown eyes, though they seemed a bite shadowed, but when he smiled. It was like looking into his mind. It told you all of his emotions, just like Max. His hair was a light shade of chestnut brown. He stood about an inch or two taller then Max.

Little brother my ass.

I bet they used to do a lot of wrestling when they were kids.

Anyway. I remember Avery leaving, saying he was tired and me and Max going into me room.

We lay on the my bed, we were just looking at each other, occasionally talking, it was a very comfortable silence.

The word cheesy seems so innocent to the situation at hand.

I know I love him.

I realized that last night.

And I know when it happened.

But what I don't understand is why he isn't here, my parents didn't come home last night and he was here when I went to bed, at least I think.
"Max, what's gonna happen now?" I ask as I feel his fingers gently draw circles on my stomach.

"Now" He asks, positioning himself so his head rests on his hand, and he can look at me. "Well, first you have to practice your powers, then tell your parents, then I was hoping...."

"Max" I say, the name sounding more as a question between us. " I mean between us"

I watch as a blush creeps onto his cheeks.

"Oh" He smiles at me then bites his lip. "well what do you want?"

I smile at him and then place my hand over his, stopping the movements on my stomach. " I want you"

I watch as his mouth slightly opens, and the sound of his breath catches in his throat.

"What about you max?" He bows his head again, hiding the blush that now rests upon his cheeks.

"I want you.…" He breaths out. "Oh Liz, I need you" He slides himself on top of me. " I.... I'm gonna have to kiss you know" He tells me. As if needs permission.

I nod. And close my eyes, waiting for the feel of his lips.

And when it hits so does the heat. In an instant my body burns, my head feels dizzy, and I can't catch my breath. It's funny all we were doing was kissing. But somehow Max made it feel like I was about to fall over the edge of this giant cliff.

I placed his hands where I wanted. He didn't seem to mind. But I did hear him gasp as my hand snuck under his shirt, and when I gently scraped my nails down his back.

It was this wonderful feeling until..... well, I don't know how to describe it. This silver light clouded my vision, and my head started pounding, I felt the need to realize.

And it scared me.

I had no control over myself.

So I tried to bury myself in Max, and somehow by getting closer to him the pain weakened.

And then I felt the need for skin to skin contact.

So I pulled his shirt over my head, and he pulled mine. And then the heat grew.

I felt this tingle shoot across my skin in every place he touched, our bodies touched.

But Max tour away.

"Do you.... Do you feel that?" How could he talk?

I couldn't breath.

I just nodded.

"We should stop" I nod again.

I watch as Max slowly moves off of me. He sits on the end of the bed, I can tell he's fighting his emotions. His jaw set, his eyes dark.

He stands up and tells me he gonna go inside.

He leaves the room and I just sit there.

My skin is almost itching and it yearns for Max.

The dizziness comes back in full swing, as does the bounding head ache, and I try to get up out of bed.

Max comes back and stands in the door way staring at me. I need him.

I try to stand up, but in my haste I become light headed and feel myself begin to collapse.


I had completely forgotten that I had fainted.

It made some sort of sense now.

When I woken up in last night, Max was lying next to me, rubbing my head, telling me it was all his fault, that he should have been more careful.

I need Max.

"I should have told you"

"Told me what" I ask Max, sitting down next to him a the park bench.

"About us, our kind, and our emotions" I look at him, and must understood that I was confused because he continued.

"You see when me and Avery used to fight, and we let our emotions get out of control, we would go mental. Headaches, feeling light headed, everything. All until we reconciled.... With you I just lost control, I need you, and when I realized that it started happening, I had to stop it. So I walked out of the room. I learned to control my emotion over the years, but I completely forgot about you" He takes my hand. "I forgot you wouldn't know how, I was just trying to keep you safe, to walk away, but you still..." He trailed off and looked down. "It won't go away, until we..." But he stopped talking. He looked so guilty, I wanted to throw my arms around him, but I knew at the time it does seem like a good idea.

"But I'm fine now" I said squeezing his hand.

"But you could have...... I mean when I saw you fall, if I hadn't been there to catch you.... Liz your to important to me to let anything happen to you." He said placing a kiss on my hand.

"Max what are you say" I felt the tear in my eyes.

"I'm saying..."
In A Name- NEW PART!!!! 9
Title:IN a name, a WS quote
Disclaimer: I own nothing..... Don't sue
Category: M/L other too
Rating:not sure yet.... I'll start at R.
Summary: A disturbed outlook on Roswell..... Kind of an AU, will have some regular.... no tess

cFanfics are cool..... feedback is cooler

"I'm saying.... that you mean everything to me, And I'll do everything to keep you safe." He gently reaches for my hand and starts rubbing it.

"And I mean everything Liz" I smile at my and his kindness.

"I know Max" And I give his hand a squeeze but when he looks up there tears in his eyes.

"And that's wh I think we should.... we should spend so much time together outside of practices" And slowly he lets go of my hand.

"What.... Max, are you serious" He's almost crying now, and I'm almost at the same place he is.

"Liz, if anything ever happened to you I would kill myself, if I do this to you.... it's gonna hurt you. And..... I don't want to know that I'm the one that's causing you pain"

He stands up and gently bends over, giving me a final kiss on the lips.

"I'll see you later Liz"

"So You haven't seen him since"

"I haven't seen him since before he came to you" Avery says.

I feel horrible, Max has been gone for 9 hours, no one has seen him.

I called Avery a half hour ago and we have been sitting in the same booth since them. It's almost 10 o'clock.

I can't believe this.

"well lets think of somthing postive.....umm whens your birthday" I look up at him.

"Nov. 16"

"Cool... mines Sep. 25"



"That's like in 6 days." He smiles.

"I know, I'll be 16"

"ooohhhooo" He laughs and so do I. I look back down at the pictures in front of me, there all of Avery and Max, and a few have his parents in them. "ahhh how old are you here?"

Avery switches sides and sit next to me.

"Ummmm, I think we're10 and 11 there."

"Wait I though you and Max were 2 years apart."

"Nooo" He says shaking his head. "It just seem that way because his birthday is before mine, so for about 3 months were two years apart. We'll at least that's what the states say. I don't know when our real birthdays are."

"That's funny"

"Yeah well I look older anyways....look" HE grabs my hand and sudden'y I see Alex and MAx about 14 years old..... there playing around and Avery has max pinned.....'OLDER MY ASS' Avery yells" I laugh ans so does Avery.

And when I look up there is Max, looking very made.

HEy guys that was parts 1 -9 10 will be next and then a new 11 by friday!! All depends on feedback though!!!

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In A Name-PArt 10
Title:IN a name, a WS quote
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Summary: A disturbed outlook on Roswell..... Kind of an AU, will have some regular.... no tess

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"Hey Max" I hear Avery say from the side of me, but my eyes are glued to Max, and I can't stop staring.

"Hey" He pauses and eyes the booth then casually sits across from us. "What are you two up too"

"Oh... I was showing Liz some pictures of us when we were little" Max's face softens and I watch him smile as he looks through a stack of pictures. Then he looks at the table and his face hardens again.

"So you guys have been together all day?" His eyes are glued to the table. I look away from his eyes searching for what he is looking at. And then I notice that Averys hand is still holding mine, from when we connected. I shyly pull me hand away and meet Max's eyes.

"I was worry because I couldn't find you, so I called Avery to help me. After a while we got tired and came here to eat. Avery brought pictures to cheer me up." Max nodded but said nothing.

"Umm well I'm gonna go now, you found Max" He stands up and takes the pictures in his hands. "Bye Liz" He says with a smile.

We sit there in silence for a while I'm looking at Max, trying to get him to meet my gaze. He won't. So I move and slide in next to him.

He looks up and my breath catches when our eyes meet.

"You scared me" I told him, and he nodded his head, and I took his hand gently rubbing it."Max, look at me" He does and then gently cupped my cheek with his hand.

"This is gonna be harder then I thought" He told me. Pulling me close so I was laying my head on his shoulder.

"Yeah well ... we could forget about it" He looked at me shaking his head.

"No, I need to keep you safe, Liz I lo... Liz you me so much to me" I look at him and blink. He was gonna say I love you.

He love me, Max's loves me.

But he's afraid I know he is, I can see it.

"Max... there has to be another solution" Our eyes meet.

Oh ... that. Well, I don't mind.

I mean if I havvvveee to sleep with Max Evans, you know for health reasons, it OK.

"Liz... Let's not talk about that, listen I have to go I'll see you later"

"Maria you don't understand me said we can be together"

"Chica, what is wrong with this guy?" I shrug.

"It's complicated."

"Oh my god, Liz, I know what it is." She knows? How does she know, tell me she didn't see me practicing my powers?

"Maria what?" She bounces onto the bed and get in next to me.

"Liz, Max Evans is gay" I hold back my laughter for about a second but then I just erupt in giggles.

"Maria, he's not gay"

"No, I mean it, It makes perfect sense" She says clapping her head together and raising her head proudly. She's acting like she just solved some sort of mystery, Oh my god...she's serious.

"Maria, Believe me, there is no way MAXI EVENS is gay." She eyes me for a second.

"OK" she says sighing, "But how would you know?"

What am I going to do with this girl!
"Elizabeth come in here."

I walk into the kitchen to see my mom looking over the books from the Crashdown.

"Yeah mom" I say sitting down next to her.

"Jose said you missed you shift today, she said you we out looking for some boy... Liz what is this about"

"Mom, nothing, I was just looking for someone, and I could work, I was worried."

"It's that Max boy right, the one that's been hanging out at the Crashdown for the past month." I sigh, are we really getting into this. "Liz, you have a commitment, don't forget about that, not for some stupid boy"

I look up shocked.

"Mom, Max is not stupid, don't ever say that"

"Don't use that tone of voice with me Liz, I am your mother, you have no right speaking to me that way" My mother! Boy she's a good liar.

"Sure, what ever you say"

"What's that supposed to mean?" I cant get into this now.

"Nothing mom, just forget it, I'm going out" I stand up and start to leave

"With that Max boy" I turn around and look at her.

"Maybe, do you have a problem with that"

"Yes, I do, Liz, I don't think you should see him anymore." Is she for real?

"Are you serious, you can't tell me who to be friends with"

"I most certainly can young lady" She crosses the room, and grabs my arm dragging me to my room. "You are not allowed to go out, or leave your room. You may come out when you realize what a wise ass you've been" And with that she shuts my door.

So what does a girl do when she's grounded.

She leaves though the window.

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