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Author: Angelic
Tittle: Once Upon a Time...
Rating: pg 13
Catorgory: M/L
Disclaimer: Love em, don't own em.
Summary: What if back in the seventh century Max Evans was the creator of the world famous Cinderella and Sleeping beauty but couldn't find his inspiration for writing them...
Authors Notes: Ok so if you don't know Charles Perrault wrote these fanatastic stories (I have loved them since I was 3) and thought that it would make a great story of behind the story!
Feedback: I have just been snowed under with coursework and will only bother with this story if feed back is involved so lots of it is welcome.


Once upon a time in a not quite so far away land lived alittle boy named Maxwell Evans. Now Max lived with his head in the clouds and believed in soul mates for every body. All that knew him loved him, and all that loved him wanted to be able to believe in love just like him.

As the years went by Max grew up to be a wonderful young man, still with his head in the clouds, but writting down all of his idea's down on paper. He with his friend Alex Whittman and brother Michael went on great adventours of mystery, but Max was always searching for the one. Michael and Alex oftern laughed at him, but Max never cared.

However one day a terriable accident happened instantly killing his parents which broke his heart. Michael managed to move on in life, Max's free will disapeared and his story's stopped coming. Infact he gave up on love all together and turned into himself.

Which is where we will start our story, on the eve of Alex's engagement party to Max's cousin Isabel, and where hopefuly Max's Cinderella will come...

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Ohmygod! Feedback is so great! Thanks to roswell_chick101, WiLdFyRe, PSW2001, roswellluver, dancepixie, CartoonHeroes, Amber Evans, tyranese, DreamingOfMax84, woodwinds and frenchkiss70 for giving me the inspiration to go on. Sorry I took my time on the repost but biology coursework called...


"Once upon a... once upon a what!!! This is making no sense to me whats so ever. I need to find my inspiration and soon because I'm going to go crazy!" One frustrated Max Evans shouted at himself. His inspiration had left for ever it seemed after his parents died. He know truly believed that his days of story telling were over. "I just need to relax. Alex's party will help me with that. I just hope he realises that love isn't real in time other wise he's in for hell"

"Not really Maxwell, you just think that." Max's brother Michael stated as he came into the room. He had a look of pure bliss on his face, along with a small hand print to match. "Love is in the air. Infact I bet you find love tonight at this ball Alex is having."

"What ever you say, but uh what is that thing on your face Michael?" Max asked him, though he already knew the answer.

"Maria hit me. Its great! Were finially moving from passive arguing to full on body contact. At this rate I'll have her as my own within the year!"

"More like within the next thousand years." Max muttered under his breath.

"What was that Max?


Meanwhile at Alex's house...

"Lizzie it's been so long since I've seen you!" Alex whittman called out to his cousin Elizabeth Parker. They were best friends from the age of four until Alex had to move after his father died and his mother re-married. "I can't wait until you meet my beloved Isabell. Your going to love her, but of course not more then me!"

"Slow down Alex. I'm sure I will love her, but please let me come inside first. We have so much to discuss." She stated. She wished she didn't have to leave her home back in Leminar, but she supposed after her father died, she could no longer stay with her hateful step mother, and her step sister Tess had long since been married to one sir Kyle Valenti. She just hoped Roswell would be the place she would find true love...

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Ok so here is my new part 2 (I wrote it yesterday but I forgot to post! Sorry!)


Later that evening at the ball...

"Max I'm so exicted!" Screamed Isabel Evans to her cousin. "I can't believe I'm getting married! And to Alex who all those years ago thought my feelings were that of sisterlyness. Its just all happened so fast. Oh by the way have you met his cousin Elizabeth yet? She is an angel, so sweet. I hear her step mother was quite evil. She and her step sister were lucky to get away!"

"No I haven't met Elizabeth yet, infact your the first I've heard of her" Max told her but thought it was the most beautiful sounding name in the world. "Who is her step mother and sister?"

"You must of heard of Elizabeth! If not I must kill Alex. He found out about a month ago. Her step mother is the Countess de Parker. Her step sister married James Valenti's boy Kyle."

"I see. By the way, where is Alex? This is your ball but not once have I seen him yet. I would ask Michael only he seemed more interested in watching the lady Maria, and you know what happens when you interupt him..." He didn't continue, but let out alittle chuckle. "He truly believes in this love, but its not real! I hope he gets that soon."

"Max its real if you believe. The only reason I believe is because of the love stories you told me as a child. Believe again max."

"I..." But Isabel interupted.

"Look there's Alex and Elizabeth." Max felt something pulled at Max's heart. He slowly turned around when his eyes fell on the most beautiful site he could possible see...

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Thanks for all the wonderful feedback. I know my last posts are short but it will get better. By the way '...' is thoughts. And here is...


"Max buddy wake up!" Screamed Michael in Max's ear. "Its time to get ready to go to the ball. If were late Alex will kill us."

"What are you talking about? I was just there talking to Isabel, and I just saw the most beautiful women in the world. It was fanatastic. I think it was love at first site, even though I don't believe in love anymore Michael!" Max called out frustraitedly. He just thought he'd found love again when it was torn away again.

"Max bro, it must have been a dream. The ball doesn't start for another 3 or 4 hours. Oh and speaking of Isabel she came to inform us of Elizabeth Parker. Seemingly she's Alex's cousin and seening as he forgot to tell us Izzy came to instead."

"Really..." Max became confussed 'I didn't know she was real, yet Isabel told me in a dream! This is too weird for me. But the girl with Alex was Elizabeth or am I just hoping for love to much and my sub consious is screwing with my head!' "What else did Izzy say?"

"Not alot. Just that you better get ready. She can't wait to see you in a tux. She also says that the dercorations at the hall are perfect, they match her gown beautifuly, which is always an up for Izzy. Oh and Alex may not turn up?"

"Why? Thats not the Alex."

"By the time shes done with him all thats left will be feed to her cat Paulo. He'll eat anything you give it though eating that might lower even Paulos levels!"