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This whole first part is made by DreamsInTheDay. So this will be the only party by her. After'll be all me.

Disclaimer: I do not own Roswel. The characters I'm using belong to the UPN, 20'th Century Fox, and Jason Katims.
Temptation Island 3- Roswell Style


Max and Tess.

"Tess, I cannot believe you entered us into doing this. We're going to an island with a million people watching us just to get tempted in to cheating into cheating on one another." Max didn't sound entusiastic, just pissed off.
"To prove our love to the world, baby. To show everyone just how much we love one another. I mean you won't give any of those girls a second glance, and all the guys will want to jump me, we both know this, but I won't give in. Promise." Tess wasn't joking. She really thought that of herself and of her relationship with Max. How had he fallen in love with someone so self centered?
"Why do you feel the need to prove it?" Max asked catching his girlfriend off gaurd.
She paused, "I don't. . . I just thought it would be nice to take a free vacation to a tropical island is all." Tess answered fumbling over her words.
"A vacation where we go on dates with three different people and spend a week alone with someone the people watching us choose?" Max asked. He really didn't like the idea of that. The truth was, though he loved Tess, he always wanted something more. His body craved something or someone else. Something Tess had never given him, and he knew never would give him.
"Those are just details. It's not like anything will hapen while were alone with someone other then eachother for a week." Tess reasoned stroking his chest with her fingers. She smiled at him sweatly and laid her head against his shoulder.
They were in the small plane that was going to take them to the small tropial island where they would be spending the next three weeks.

Liz and Kyle.

"Kyle couldn't of we just declined? This is pointless and stupid and everyone in the whole worlds going to be watching everything we do." Liz complained for the hundreth time as they walked to outside to climb abord a plane.
"Lizzie honey, they won't be watching everything we do, just the good stuff, it's only an hour show." Kyle told her stroking her back.
"Good stuff?! Good stuff Kyle? You think there's going to be some hot juicy affair going on between you and your house mate do you?" Liz almost yelled shoving her boyfriends hand off her back.
"No. . . no of course not. They won't be watching good stuff including me, they'll be watching good stuff from every body else. Not me Liz." Liz relaxed a little. Just a little, sure he says that now, but how did she know that wasn't going to change? Why was she trying to convince herself she cared so desperately? Yes she was in love with Kyle, really she was, she just had never thought of him as "the one". She needed something he wasn't giving her.
"Good." she answered shortly. She didn't know what else to say.
"I mean I know all the girls are going to be throwing them selves at me, but that doesn't mean I'll give in. Sure they'll all beg to sleep with me when we finish our date. But I won't. I love you." he said pulling her into a sideways hug and kissing her head. God her boyfriend could be a concided prick. It was things like that that made her forget why she fell in love with him.
"I know you won't. And you know that I'll kick your ass if you do." she threatened playfully. He laughed and pulled her closer to him.

Michael and Isabel.

"Michael this is weird. Millions people watching us waiting for us to cheat on one another. Silently begging for one of us to just give in. We're going on to another warped reality show." Isabel said sighing and molding her body into Michaels as their car came upon the "departures" sign at the airport.
"Just because they beg dosen't mean we'll do it, Izzy." Michael sothed rubbing his cheak against his girlfriends soft hair.
"I know it. It's just. . . weird." she said again. She loved Michael with all her heart, but it didn't mean she didn't look at other guys. Isabel didn't know if she could handel sharing a house with a guy for a whole week with out any sex. But she guessed that was the point, "Temptation Island". It was all about giving in to temptation.
"Yeah it is weird, I mean it's a whole week away from each other with someone else in very close living quarters. The show doing everything in it's power to get us to cheat on one another. But if it happens it happens for a reason, right?" Michael asked smiling. Isabel nodded that was one of the things she loved about their relationship and Michael in general, it was honest.
And he was right, if they slept with other people they weren't ment to be together. Their relationship started with friendship and it would end with friendship. No matter what happened Michael would be in her life. Whether as her lover or her best friend? Well fate would decide that.
Michael feelings mirrored Isabels. He had always loved her, it had grown from a siterly love to a passionate love and if that passion decided to leave, then the sisterly love would come back. It was as simple as that.

Maria and Alex.

"I should write a song about this you know it?" Maria started as she and Alex walked through the airport to the gate. "I could title it, 'Americas Obsession With Cheating on People' it would be really catchy, don't cha think?"
"I don't think America would like it very much, but the six other people on the show would." Alex answered laughing at his girlfriend. They shared the same corney sense of humor that he and Maria really understood.
"Yeah well they're going to deserve it. Just look at you and me when Temptation Island 2 came out. We were both screaming at Buffy and Angel to screw Riley and Kate and give in to one another. Everyone's going to be doing that to you with whoever you pair up with and the same with me. It's a reapie for desaster." Maria said her voice raising to it's highest pitch and her hands flying everywhere.
"Just beacuse they send us mental notes doesn't mean we'll use them, 'Ria." he soothed her trying to calm down his hyper girlfriend.
"It worked for Buffy and Angel didn't it. They were going at it like rabits by the end of their week." Alex laughed. Yeah they were. The relationship he and Maria had was more like a friendship with a whole lot of sex.
They didn't really go on any dates that they wouldn't have when they were just friends. And they were just friends a lot. Their relationship was an off again on again thing. Except with most on again off again things there was a period where they hated each other, like Ross and Racheal on Friends. But with them it was more like one week they were hanging out and having sex and the next just hanging out.
They were always friends. And sometimes lovers.
If they broke up because of this show nothing would really change between them except the sex would be gone. And he would probably be getting it somewhere else as would she. That's why they could be so relaxed. They both knew this was true and didn't care.

Part One teaser~

The plane ride.

As Liz got on to the plane the first thing she noticed was the man who looked like a baywatch actor. He was perfect. His hair was dark brown and boyish with little curls playing on his forehead. His mouth was full and soft looking. His square jaw covered in just the right amount of light stuble. His neck was long and gracefull. His ears were slightly oversized which just made him look cute and innocent. And his eyes, oh those eyes were a deep amber that swam in little flecks of gold surrounded in eye lashes any girl would kill for.
The second thing she noticed was the bleach blond, with oversized fake boobs and a shirt twice as short as any mini skirt Liz had ever seem atached to him. Where she couldn't help feeling she should be.
The third thing she noticed was she hadn't thought of Kyle for a good five minutes now, and she was more jealous of the blond then she'd ever been with some of the girls that had hit on Kyle.
The fourth was that Mr. Perfect was staring right at her looking at her like she had him. . .(TBC) Please post feed back if you want me to continue.

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since I got so many reviews...I decided to give ya'll more...hope you enjoy.

Heres part two! Its gonna be all me writing from now on. Aren't you all soooooo excited?

I could not believe that he was actually looking at me! That God of a man! Pretty soon I will be going on a date with him, and I can see what he is really all about. "Liz, stop staring at that girls boobs. You could have gotten some when you had the chance."
"Kyle, how many times do I have to tell you that I don’t want to have fake breast."
"It sure would have enhanced your appearance. Shall we go over there and say hello?"
"Sorry, you guys can not say hello to them." Bob came up to us, he was the new host of the show. Okay I need you to come with me. Say goodbye to your girlfriend." Kyle kissed Liz on the lips. "Okay now come this way." Bob and Kyle walked over to Max. "You are Max right?" He shook his head yes. "Well I am going to need you to come with me. And Tess you just go over there with that pretty brunette." I saw the blonde bimbo come towards me.
"Hello, my name is Tess and you are?"
"Oh hello, my name is Liz."
"Well, let me just tell you something you do not have a chance with Max."
"Hello ladies, my name is Cindy. I want you girls to come with me." Cindy Crawford was helping out with the show to get ratings. The camera man was right on us. I have never felt so nervous in my life. "Now we are going to go to the pool and we are just going to talk, and pick out our first date. It is going to be ladies choice first. You will pick the guy that you want to get to know, and no you can not choose your boyfriend." We went over to the pool. The boys were sitting on one side and we had to sit on the other.
"Okay, I am happy to see you all here. Now the ladies are going to choose which of you they want to get to know first. Gentle men please introduce yourself to the ladies."
"Hello, my name is Max and I am nineteen years old." I hoped to God that no one chose Max first. Even though sooner or later I would have them anyway.
"I am Michael, and I am twenty years old." Michael winked at us and then sat back down.
"I am Alex and I am eighteen years old." He seemed really shy. I wonder why he was even here.
"I am Kyle and I am twenty one years old." He blew me a kiss and sat back down. I hope that he does not do anything wild and crazy.
"Okay now since you know very little about the gentlemen now you get to choose. We will start out with Isabel."
"Um….I would like my first date to be with…I guess Kyle."
"Okay Kyle come over here and stand behind Isabel." Kyle walked around the pool and stood behind Isabel. I knew Kyle wouldn’t jump into the pool, because he does not like to get wet.
"Okay Maria, who do you choose?"
"I would like to get to know Max." My heart seemed to break. Now I am either left with Alex or Michael. I will probably end up being with Alex, because I don’t think Tess goes for guys like him. Max jumped into the pool and swam across. He got out and stood behind Maria.
"Tess who do you choose?"
"I choose to get to know Michael. He sure looks like fun!" Michael and Alex swam across the pool. I saw a small look of sadness in Alex’s eyes.
"Okay ladies, tomorrow morning we are just going to spend an hour with the guys you choose, and then you will switch around. For now I will take the guys to their sleeping quarters, and Cindy will take the girls to theirs." Our room were fairly nice. We had to sleep in bunk beds. I ended up with a top one, since Tess insisted to have the bottom, and Maria did not want to give up the bottom bunk either.
"So, you choose my Maxwell. He is not too interesting. So I just suggest that you forget about having him."
"Well do not get all jealous on me."
"You guys we really should at least learn to get along a little bit. We are all going to be dating each others boyfriends." Said Maria.
"I am thinking that I am making a big mistake. Maybe I shouldn’t have done this."
"Well, it is just a little bit too late to get out of this now Liz." Tess said.
"Yes, I know that it is to late. But I am just saying I am beginning to regret this."
"Trust me, I am beginning to regret it too." Said Isabel. "Michael and I had kind of a good thing going. What happens if this show ruins it?"
"Well, I really don’t think I am going to regret it. Its going to show if they really love us, and if we really love them."
"Yes, Maria I guess you are right." Said Isabel.
****** Boys Room.

"Max, your chick is really hott. Damn I have not seen boobs like that in a very long time."
"Michael, I would really appreciate it if you do not talk about my girlfriend like that. And if you try anything on the little getting to know each other thing tomorrow, I will knock your teeth out."
"Come on, this is just all about fun and games. How about we all just lighten up! We are here to have a Hell of a good time." Said Kyle.
"I am so nervous about tomorrow. It doesn’t’ look like Liz wants to get to know me."
"Well it is only because her eyes are only for me. All that girl can think about is me. Yep I am the love of her life, and she is the love of mine."
"I guess we will find that out at the end of the show."
"What is that suppose to mean Max?"
"It just means that your girlfriend can fall for someone else on the show." Kyle went to jump Max, but Michael held him back.
"Cool off Kyle, you said it yourself. This is all just fun and games. So don’t go off fighting Max. That is the last thing we need right now."
"I am sure by the end of this show all of us are going to be with our girlfriends. And we are just going to sit back and laugh at the episodes we watch on TV." Alex said reassuringly.
"Yeah your right. I guess all of our relationships are pretty solid. We just need to see if we are all meant to be together which I am sure we are." Said Max. Although he wasn’t really sure that he was meant for Tess. Both of them are completely different. The guys talked all night about the girls, and the girls talked all night about the boys. Except for Tess, who doesn’t want to talk about Max at all. They all went to bed around six in the morning. Which was a bad idea since they had to wake up at ten. They are going to have breakfast with the person they chose.


My eyes were blood shot. I have never been so tired in my entire life. I regretted going to bed so late, but it was really nice talking to the girls. I looked at the other girls who were awake and getting ready for their meetings. They all looked tired too. I went to the bathroom and splashed some water on my face. I went to my suit case and pulled out a pair of flare jeans and a white cut off shirt. I quickly put them on. I went to the mirror to examine myself. My clothes looks great, but the rest of me looked horrible. I brushed my hair and tied it up and put a white bow in it. I saw Liz giving me a dirty look. I guess she didn’t want me to wear this out fit around Kyle, so I quickly changed. Liz is the only one that I really like out of the group. I do not want her to be mad at me. I put on my white Calvin Klein shirt that did not expose my well toned stomach. I looked over to Liz, who now was smiling at me. I think she knew what I did for her. I sat down in front of the mirror and put on foundation, watermelon flavored lip gloss, brown eye liner, and a rose colored blush. Cindy knocked on the door softly. "Are you ready to go Isabel?" I shook my head yes. She took me out to the beach where they had a table and two chairs set up. Kyle was already waiting for me. He looked extremely tired. I guess the girls were not the only ones who stayed up all night. His eyes were as equally blood shot as mine. He wore a green shirt that read Puma in yellow letters, he also wore a pair of Khaki shorts and brown sandals. When I approached him he pulled out my seat for me. That was very sweet of him, maybe he is going to be a complete gentle man. I was going to be eating a fruit salad and orange juice while he was eating scrambled eggs, sausage, and a beer.
"It is nice to see you again Kyle."
"It is nice to see you too. You look very pretty today. Your name is Isabel right?"
"Yeah." I said while shoving a piece of cantaloupe in my mouth. It was the most delicious one I have ever tasted.
"So, are you a virgin?"
"Excuse me? What kind of question is that?"
"We are here to get to know each other right? Well that is what I want to know about you. Its not too much to ask for."
"I am sorry but I think that is a very inappropriate question." I said rudely.
"Then I take it that you are not a virgin." I just rolled my eyes at him. "So, what bra size do you wear?"
"Excuse me? Do you have some sort of mental problem that you need to tell me about before we continue talking?"
"No I do not have any problems, how about you?"
"No, I doubt that I will ever be the one with the problems. Do you have any questions that do not deal with sex or body parts?"
"Nope, I can not say I do." Kyle drove me crazy for the next hour. When the date was over I was debating whether to tell Liz or not. I decided that I should not be the one who tell her. I am sure that she will find out on her own sooner or later. Plus when I came back she looked a little bit down. I could not make her feel any worse, I mean I didn’t want to make her feel any worse.(TBC) Please tell me what you think.

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I really wasn’t interested in the Maria person. She was fairly attractive. But I must admit that they only person I wanted to date on this island besides Tess was that beautiful brunette, Liz. Although that Isabel character was really pretty too. But I loved the way that Liz stared at me. I looked in the mirror I decided to wear my hair a little bit spiky. I put on a white tank top and black pants. Bob came over and brought me to a bar. Maria looked a little bit over dressed for breakfast. She wore a short red dress with red high heel shoes. She wore dark red lipstick and way too much black eyeliner. Her cheeks were also covered in glitter. I went to go shake her hand, but she gave me a hug. She had already dug in to her salad. I took a seat and took a bite out of my chocolate chip pancake. "I am so happy that we are going to get to know each other. I was wondering what kind of guy are you?"
"I can be a bit shy sometimes, I have a dry sense of humor, I am honest and trustworthy, and I can also be very romantic."
"Are you a party animal?"
"No, I would not say that I am."
"Oh, I don’t know why but you kind of struck me as the type who likes to party a lot. Some one as hot as you should be out partying a lot."
"No I do not like to party. I do not even drink."
"Are you serious?"
"Yes I am serious. What kind of girl are you?" I was almost afraid to ask.
"I am a one hundred percent party animal! I guess that is it. No wait, I am also really hyper, and a really open person."
"I could have never guessed that." She began to laugh.
"You are funny. So did you buy those for your girlfriend?"
"Buy what for my girlfriend?"
"Her breast, it is so obvious that they are fake."
"No, she paid for those."
"I have always wanted implants. But I know Alex would kill me if I have them, and trust me I want to live. So what do you think of my real breast?" She pulled down the top of her dress so she could show me her breast, she quickly pulled her dress back up.
"They are….they are nice. You should not get implants."
"Well, I think that they are not big enough. You know this salad is really good. Would you like to try some?" She shoved the salad in my mouth.
"Yeah, it is really good." I actually hated eating rabbit food. Boy was I happy when our little get together was over. I think that I learned too much about her. That Maria only chose me because of my looks.


I was so very nervous. I had not idea what I was going to say to Alex. I am not one that likes to talk a whole lot, and Alex seems to be so very shy. He will probably say nothing at all. We are probably just going to stare at each other and eat. Well at least we will be eating. I put on a pair of khaki shorts and my green spaghetti strap tank top. I was really light on my make up. I just put on some foundation and glitter lip gloss. I saw that Maria went crazy with her make up, but then again she did have a date with the hottest guy on the island. Isabel was about to wear a too sexy outfit, but I think she saw the dirty look I gave her, because she changed to a decent one. We were all tired, I was the only one who didn’t look tired because I took a long cold shower this morning. Everyone else showered last night. I just brushed my hair and left it down. Maria told me to have a good time, and I told her to do the same. Although I really did not mean it. I went outside with Cindy and followed her to a big tree. I sat down on the huge blue blanket. There was tons of food. There were fruit, pancakes, bacon, two small banana nut muffins, and a pitcher of apple juice. Alex came over to me minutes later and sat down in front of me. He looked very scared. He wore a blue plaid button up shirt with baggy blue jeans. "Hello Alex, you are looking very nice today." I said, trying to be polite. I put a piece of bacon in my mouth.
"Yes, thank you. I just thew something on. You look really nice too. Kyle never told me how pretty you are. I know I saw you, but only from a distance. I have never seen you up close."
"Oh, thank you."
"You are really pretty, but Maria is beautiful." We both began to eat. Then he stopped eating to talk. "Maria and I both met at a rave. I really did not want to go, but my friend told me there was going to be a lot of hot chicks there. I was looking for a girl since I was single so I decided to go. When I first got there I was getting a major head ache. The music was too loud, and the only light was the strobe lights. I stood up, and I was really dizzy, I almost passed out. Maria came out of no where and helped me out. Even though she had a pacifier in her mouth, I thought she was the most beautiful girl I have ever met."
"I met Kyle at…"
"I don’t even know why Maria is interested in me. I have been asking myself that question every single day. I do not even like to party, and she loves to party all the time. So one day I asked her why she likes me, and she told me that I was so cute that she couldn’t help but to like me. I remember our first date, I was so nervous. I came to her door with roses, and when she opened the door I dropped them all because I was stunned by her beauty. On our first date she took me to a party, and of course I got sick again and she had to come to the rescue for the second time."
"When Kyle and I had our first…."
"You know what? I really miss Maria right now. I am wondering if she is having a good time with Max. max seems like a very nice guy, so I do not think that he will do or say anything bad to her."
"Yes, Max seems like a very nice guy."
"He is really nice. Out of everyone in the guy group, I would say that me and him get along the best. I guess because we both are perverts like Kyle and Michael. But since me and Max are alike I am hoping that Maria doesn’t fall for him. It will just break my heart."
"What did you just say about Kyle?"
"Time is up. You can go back to your cabins now." I was never happier, It figures that Kyle is being perverted. I just hoped he wasn’t saying anything bad about me. but I had to get away from Alex, if he said one more word about Maria, I would have killed him! I thought that Alex would be a shy guy, and not say a word. But boy was I completely wrong about him. To be perfectly honest, I hope that everyone else had a bad time too. I know it is a little mean to say, but I hope they did.


I am going to be with big bust girl today! I put on a pair of my green swim shorts and that was it. Bob told me that me and Tess are going to have breakfast in a hot tub. I guess he had to do it for ratings. But that is perfectly all right with me. I wouldn’t mind seeing Tess in a swim suit. Bob took me to the hot tub, Tess was just getting in. I thought that she looked great! She wore a little red triangle bikini. I sat down by her in the hot tub. We both just ate a huge blueberry muffin. I guess we weren’t huge on eating much. "Tess you are looking really good."
"I am always looking good. There is nothing else I could be."
"Yeah, but I think that you could be ugly." I said while I took another bite out of my muffin.
"I could be ugly? I highly doubt that I could ever pull that off. A perfect ten always stays a ten."
"Umm……who says that you are the perfect ten? I would say that you are a nine. You could be a ten, but that is only if you make your boobs more real looking. They look like they are hard as rocks."
"Just for you to know a lot of guys love my boobs!"
"Yeah, I love your boobs too. But only in clothes. But that is probably about it."
"I know what you are trying to do. You are trying to have me show you my boobs! But guess what, it is not going to work."
"No, I really do not want to see them."
"Yeah sure, every straight guy on the planet will want to see my boobs. Because there is nothing like big boobs on a beautiful girl such as myself." She is so very vain, I thought. She had to be joking about her being a ten. I was just being nice by telling her that she is a nice. If anything I give her a seven and a half. "You know how bad you want me. It is okay, I know you have a girlfriend. But you guys can not help but want me. So please to do not feel guilty, its just natural." The rest of the hour consisted her talking only about herself. She told me that she was going to get a nose job, and hopefully be in play boy after this whole thing is over. The only words I got in were yes and no. I do not want to date her again. I would pay a million not to, but I have to date her again. I pray that the audience do not set me up with her, or I will die.(TBC) Boy Talk....please leave feedback.

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I made it back to the cabin. The rest of the guys looked really down. I guess I was not the only one who had a horrible first meeting. Kyle and Alex were talking, so I decided to sit down by Max, who was rubbing his temples. "Was it really that bad?" I whispered to him.
"It was worse. That Maria girl is out of control. I do not have the heart to tell Alex. I know that he will be so upset."
"What was she doing that was so bad?"
"That girl was all over me. And on top of everything she told me that she wanted implants and then she showed me her boobs."
"And that is a bad thing?"
"Well I just do not think that it was right for her to do that. You know she is dating Alex. So how did your meeting go with Tess?"
"Are you sure you want to know about it?"
"Sure I want to know, it can not be that bad."
"The whole date consisted of her talking about herself and how perfect she is."
"Yes, Tess is like that now. She wasn’t like that before her boobs though." Alex came up to us.
"Hey Max, how was your meeting with Maria?"
"She couldn’t stop talking about you." Max lied.
"I couldn’t stop talking about her either. I really miss her. Maybe I shouldn’t have done this stupid thing. I have never been apart from her for more then twelve hours."
"Then I am guessing that Liz did not have fun." Said Kyle like he was pleased.
"Kyle, how was your meeting with Isabel?"
"I really do not want to tell you Michael."
"Come on Kyle, do not hold back on me! I want to know how my girl is doing."
"I am really sorry to say this to you. But Isabel could not keep her hands off of me. She kept telling me how hot she thought I was. I was actually having to push her off of me."
"You are so full of ⊕#%$ Kyle."
"Okay Michael, you can believe whatever you want. I am just trying to warn you that your girl friend is a wild one."
"So it is going to be our turn to pick our next date?" Asked Alex, trying to change the subject. He was tired of listening to Michael and Kyle.
"Yes, we sure are. Bob is coming here in the hour and taking us to the pool so we can choose our girls." Said Max.


"Max is such a hottie! Tess how could you even bring him here?" Maria asked.
"So I take it that you and my boyfriend had a good time?"
"Yes, we had a great time! He is so much fun, and a great listener!"
"Do not get to cozy with my boyfriend."
"You are not supposed to be jealous Tess." I walked over to Isabel. Listening to Tess and Maria was getting very boring.
"How did your meeting go with Kyle?"
"It was all right. He was really quite a gentle man. He talked about you a lot." I could tell that she was holding back on me, but I wasn’t going to say anything.
"That is good."
"How did things go with you and Alex?"
"I am going to warn you ahead of time that he isn’t shy at all. He actually talks to much. He would not stop talking about Maria."
"That had to suck."
"Yes it did. And then on top of that I couldn’t’ not get a word in. Every time I would try to talk he would cut me off."
"Now I am going to be scared when I have my meeting with him." Talking about the next meeting it was time to see who we are going to be with next. Cindy brought us back to the pool.
"Okay ladies, now it is gentlemen’s choice. We are going to start out with Michael."
"Um….I will choose Liz." I was disappointed. I really wanted to meet Max. I swam across the pool and stood behind Michael. I saw Max look over at me, and I winked at him. I saw his whole face turn red.
"Okay Max, it is your turn to choose."
"I will go with Isabel." Kyle then choose Maria, and poor Alex was left with Tess. I would love to see how there date goes. They are both big talkers.(tbc) please leave feedback
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ummm....right now all the new parts are in a notbook I wrote...and at this moment...the notebook is located somewhere in my room...still in the process of finding and for the other person who as. Temptation Island is a show in the US *happy*


I was so very nervous about meeting Tess. He has never met a girl like her, and he was afraid of being alone with a girl like her. We were at a little table on the beach. Tess wore a little blue bikini top and blue swim shorts. I was wearing a green No Limit shirt and Tommy Hilfigure pants. "You look…"
"Fabulous, I know. So Alex what do you think of my new swim suit?"
"It looks really great on you. Maria has one just…"
"You know before my implants I just looked horrible in it. I actually locked this bathing suit up because it gave me such low self esteem. But now since I have them this is my favorite bathing suit. Did you know that Maria was thinking of having implants?"
"You know that Maria has this natural…."
"Alex before you say another word I need to tell you that Maria needs them. See when I bought my implants it made me go beyond a ten. But in Maria’s case she needs them to pull her about a five. You see she does not have the prettiest face in the world."
"Excuse me! Maria happens to be the prettiest girl I have ever seen or met!"
"Okay Alex, you do not need to lie to yourself. You know along with implants she might want to have her chin re done, a little work on the nose, and some lyposuction."
"Okay, now I do not know what the rules for leaving our meeting, but I am out of here! You are the biggest bitch I have ever met Tess! How about you cut yourself open and throw yourself in shark infested water! It might do you some good!" I was so happy that I was away from her. I really felt like I was going to kill Tess at that very moment. Bob thought it was great that I left early, saying that the viewers are going to eat it up, and just love it.


I put on a one piece bathing suit. Even thought I was in a one piece Tess was still giving me dirty looks. It is not like I am going to steal her boyfriend away….at least I am not planning to. Plus I saw that skimpy bikini she wore when she went to meet Michael, and now she is wearing a different skimpy outfit. I can see that Maria isn’t to happy about her out fit at all. I put some powder on my face, I am not going to wear to much make up since I am going to be in a hot tub. "Have a great time Isabel!"
"do not have too much fun with Michael Liz."
"We are just going to talk, Isabel, and maybe do a little kissing." Liz joked.
"Oh okay, that is fine with me. I will see you later Liz." I waved goodbye to all of the girls. Everyone waved back to me except for Tess. I really did not care, I do not think anyone really likes her. I do not see how Max can stand her! Cindy took me to the hot tub and left. I found Max already waiting for me. He looked very good. "It is nice to meet you Max."
"It is really nice to meet you Isabel. How are you liking this place?"
"It is really beautiful, but I wished that I was here with just my boyfriend. I mean it is kind of weird to be spending this kind of time with strange men."
"Are we really that strange?"
"Well, Kyle is very strange."
‘No, Kyle is just perverted." We both began to laugh together. He was really sweet and funny. I wouldn’t mind at all meeting him for a second time. I scooted closer to him, he shifted up.
"What do you have to eat?"
"Just a few finger sandwiches." He put one in his mouth.
"I have a cheese burger, but maybe I should have gone with the finger sandwiches."
"Do you want to try one?"
"Sure!" I said while opening my mouth. I made him hand feed it to me. I could tell that he was very uncomfortable. But after that we had some really nice conversation. Tess nor Alex came up even once. But Liz did come up a few times.
"Time is up!" Cindy yelped. Those were the worst words that I have heard in a long time. My next meeting is with Alex, I know that will not turn out so good.

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I found my notebook!!!!! Go was in my closet under a pile of clothes...hahahah! But now I will post more than I usually would, so I can get to the new parts quicker...hehe....

Having luch with Michael made me just a little bit scared. Isabel told me that sometimes Michael can be a bit weird and wild sometimes but he really doesn't mean any harm. She just told me to stay calm and collective and we will just be fine, and he will back off. I wor a black skirt that wasn't too eye catching and a black shirt that was a bit too low cut. Before Isabel left she looked at me, but she really didn't mind my shirt. I put on red lip gloss, and very little black eye liner. I felt the butterflies going wild in my stomach. Isabel was so lucky to go in a hot tub with Max! I guess out date places are switching. I either had the beach or the bar with Michael. Cindy came over and brought me to the bar. Michael was looking pretty good. His hair was kind of spiky, and he wore a nice pair of black pants, and a kind of dressy black shirt. "Hey Liz, it is nice seeing you again." I shook his hand.
"It is nice seeing you again too." I found his voice to be kinda sexy.
"Are you always looking this pretty?" I looked down at my spicy chicken burger and began to blush.
"I do not know, I guess so."
"you are a lot prettier then that Tess girl."
"You really think so?"
"Yes, you are like ten times prettier then that bimbo. So what is your sign?"
"Umm.....I am an Aries, how about you?"
"I am a Virgo. You and Max would really go good together. He is a taurus. Who did you want to meet most in this trip?"
"Actually when I first saw Max, I was really wanting to meet him. Still haven't met him yet. How about you?"
"I really did not care. I just wanted to meet all you girls."
"You are going to meet Maria next, right?"
"Yes, I was going to choose her yesterday. But I thought that you were a lot cuter. Well tomorrow you are going to have your meeting with Max. He seemes to be a nice guy. He may be too devoted to his girlfriend though." Michael took a bite out of his cheese burger.
"Are you in college?"
"No, actually I am living off of a very big inheritance. I have a house and everything, and Isabel has a job and goes to college." Michael and I had some great conversation. I told him how I was planning to be a lawyer. He thought that was really cool. When Cindy came to take me back to my cabin, Michael gave me a hug and a kiss on the cheek. He is a really great guy.


I was very excited about my meeting with Kyle. I thought that Kyle was hott. But not as hott as Max is. I wore a pair of red daisy dukes and a red tank top, I knew that it would catch Kyle's attention. It caught Liz's attention too. She gave me the worst look in the world before she left, she didn't even say bye to me. But I did not really care, it is not like we are best friends. I just met the girl. And it is not my fault she put her boyfriend out as bait. Why shouldn't I try to reel him in? I know that I am dating Alex, but I am sure that he is having as much fun as me! I bet Liz was lying when she said all Alex did was talk about me. I bet she was all over Alex, because he is such a hottie. Who wouldn't be all over him? I left the cabin. I met Kyle, we were having a picnic with chicken bread soda and cake. "Wow, you look very sexy Maria."
"You look pretty sexy yourself." He was very sexy too, I would not lie about that. He just wore long blue shorts and a blue button up shirt that he decided to leave open. It was a good thing to because it revealed his six pack. I must admit that he had a better body then Alex.
"Are you really hungry?"
"No, I am just a little bit hungry. I had a pretty good sized breakfast this morning. But I still should eat since they set it up.' I began to eat a chicken leg, Kyle began to do the same. We both ate enough to fill us up.
"Have you been having good meetings?
"Yes, they have been all right. We really did not do anything fun." Kyle inched closer to me.
"I know how to show a girl a good time." He then began to kiss me. I really could not help but to kiss him back. He then began to grab my boob and he pulled away. "You know you really should think about getting implants. They look really great on Tess." I slapped him across the face. I knew I wanted implants, but the way he said it just insulted me! I ran back to the cabin almost in tears.

I came into the cabin in tears. Everyone ran up to me. "Are you okay Maria?" Liz asked.
"What happened to you?" Asked Isabel. I couldn’t tell Liz what happened between me and Kyle. She would be heart broken and hate me forever. Even though I tell myself I do not care about her and I hardly know her, I still care about her and I realize that I really want to get to know her better. And now I feel so guilty that I want to scream to her what I did.
"I miss Alex so much! I would do anything to see him again!"
"Maria, you wanted to do this thing and now you have to deal with it."
"Tess, just shut up!" Liz exclaimed.
"Why do you care about Alex anyway? He is a complete pig! He was totally obsessing over my breasts. He even asked me if he could touch them. Of course I told him that he couldn’t. I thought it was wrong of him to ask."
"Shut up Tess! You are a liar! Alex would never do anything with you!"
"Then you do not know your boy friend too well. Alex is a complete horn dog!" I attacked Tess and began slapping her face. Isabel and Liz had to hold me back. Tess was shocked beyond words. She looked in the mirror and saw that her whole face was red.
"This better be gone before my meeting with Kyle tomorrow night or you are dead meat!"
"What are you going to do Tess? Throw your implant at me?" This time Tess attacked me. She began to scream. Liz and Isabel tried to hold me back, but it was not use. I was too strong for either one of them. I began punching Tess, and she began to try to pull my hair out. "I am going to kill you Tess! You are going to regret messing with me!" Minutes later Bob came in with two huge men. They held me and Tess back. I tried to escape his grip, but the man was way too strong. I felt like I was on the Jerry Spinger show, I have never felt so good.
"Okay girls, I think we are going to have to separate you two. We can not be having fights like this. Liz and Maria pack your things, I am going to take you to another cabin." I have never seen Bob so mad before. His face was kind of red. Liz and I quickly gathered our things and went to the new cabin. I felt sorry for Isabel, she is stuck with Tess.
"I am happy you kicked Tess’s ass. She had it coming."
"I wish that Bob did not come in. I was about to rip her implants out." We both began to laugh.
"Well, your meeting is with Michael next. He is a really sweet guy. He told me that his meeting with Tess sucked. Tell him about the fight, he’ll love it."
"Your meeting Max next, and he is a very sexy guy. I am sure you will have tons of fun with him. I sure did have fun."
"I hope that I do have fun with Max."
"Trust me, you will. Who couldn’t have fun with that hottie."
"Well, lets unpack our stuff."


Tess was a little bruised up. She was crying all of yesterday and part of today. I was so happy when she finally shut up. I thought that she would never shut up. Right now Tess was covering herself with make up trying to cover the bruises Maria left her. I felt like laughing at her, because she really deserves to be made fun of. She is the rudest person I have ever met. I put on a short black dress, light red lipstick and black eye liner. I hope dinner goes well with Alex. I hope he wasn’t as bad as Liz said. And I hope Tess was lying about him. I met Alex, we were having a picnic. We were eating pizza. When I came up to him he stood up and shook my hand. "Good evening Isabel, I am happy that we are having this meeting. Do you know that Maria has a dress just like that, its really pretty. She wore it on our third date. I almost fainted by her beauty."
"Are we at this meeting to talk about Maria?"
"No, I guess not. I am really sorry about that. I just do not know what else to say."
"you really are nervous aren’t you?"
"Extremely." I found Alex’s shyness to make him really sexy. I found Alex to be sexy all together. I found it odd because he was totally different from Michael.
"Why are you so nervous? I promise that I am not going to bite."
"I know that you aren’t going to bite. But I just think that you are very beautiful, and that is why I am so very nervous."
"You are not going to ask to touch my boob are you?" I was shocked that I asked him that, it just sort of slipped.
"No, why would I ask that?"
"Well Tess said that when you met her you were obsessing over her boobs, and that you actually asked her if you could touch them."
"Tess could only wish that I could ask her that. I think she is the biggest….well I really shouldn’t be talking bad about people."
"Well Tess isn’t a person. She is more like a monster." We both began to laugh together. We ate dinner and made jokes about Tess the entire hour. Maria never came up again.
"Time is up. Say goodnight." Cindy said.
"I really had a great time Alex."
"Yeah, I had a really great time too." Alex gave me a peck on the lips. I began to blush.
"See you later Alex." I ran back to the cabin. I have never felt so happy in my life, and I felt guilty about it.
(TBC?) please leave feed time Max/Liz and Kyle/Tess

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I was so nervous that I began to pace in the room. I do not know what is wrong with me. I tried to stop pacing, but I couldn’t help it. But has to hurry up and come to pick me up. Why isn’t Bob here yet, he is supposed to be here. "Max what is wrong?"
"I am just a little nervous Michael. After all this is going to be our last meetings alone. Pretty soon we will be on our dates, and then spending a week alone with a girl we barely know. I am very scared about it. I do not know how to handle it."
"Max, please just calm down. My girl friend is a really cool chick. She is really easy to talk to. I am sure that you two will become fast friends. You do not need to be a nervous wreck."
"Thank you for the encouraging words. I am sure that I will do fine."
"Max, I am sure you two will be friends, but that is all. If you do anything with Liz, or try to do anything with her then I will kick your ass. Do you got that?"
"Yeah, I got it." Why is he even telling me to not try anything with Liz? I do not think that he even really cares about her. I also wouldn’t doubt if he tried things with the other girls, and wouldn’t doubt if he tries something with Tess tonight. He told me that one time he cheated on Liz with a stripper, she still does not know about it. Should I tell her about it? Kyle told me he could not tell Liz about it because he felt so guilty. Bob knocked on the door. "Well I will see you later guys. I hope you have fun on your meetings, and Kyle if you try anything with Tess then I will kick your ass." I walked over to the beach with Bob. I found Liz waiting for me. She stood up when I came to her. She looked absolutely breath taking. She wore these tight leather pants, black tube top, dark red lipstick, and black eye liner. I was so shocked by her beauty that I didn’t hear her say hello.
"Do you speak English?"
"Yeah, I am sorry. I was just looking at you. You look incredible."
"Thank you Max. Lets have a seat." We drank wine, but Bob told everyone that it was juice since we were underage. We ate shrimp and lobster pasta, it looked delicious. But not as delicious as Liz. The food was on one plate, so we will be sharing it. "I have been waiting a long time to meet you. I am so happy that we are finally here."
"You have been? Why?" I saw her begin to blush. It just made her look more beautiful.
"You didn’t notice that I was checking you out when I first saw you?"
"No, I think I was too busy looking at you." This time we both blushed together. I moved my chair and put it by hers. I needed to be close to her. She smelt like wild roses, and she shined like a Goddess. I felt something for her, was it love? "Michael told me that you are a real sweetheart."
"Yeah, he pretty much said the same about you. He told me that our signs go together. I guess he is really into them."
"Really? He hasn’t told me that. I am really into astrology."
"I believe in it. And I know our signs go well together." We began to eat the pasta. She began to hand feed me, and I did the same. It was really romantic. I then began to have this feeling inside of me. A feeling that I could not control for long. I dipped my finger into the wine and put it on her lips. I began to kiss her, I have never taste such sweet wine before. I was surprised that she kissed me back. I opened my mouth a little, and then she did the same. She began to rub my back while kissing me. I never wanted to stop kissing her, but she pushed me away.
"This can not be right Max, but it feels so right. I have never felt this way before."
"I have never felt this way before either. And I am loving this feeling." Liz grabbed my head and pulled it to hers. She began to kiss me again. We kissed for the rest of the hour. Cindy was shocked when she saw us together.
"Sorry to interrupt. But it is time to say good night and go back to your cabins."
"Well Max, I had a really great time."
"Yeah, I did too." I gave her a kiss again and then went back to my cabin. I could not wait to tell Michael what happened at our meeting."


My bruises were horrible. I thought that Maria and I were going to be friends, after that implant talk that we had. But she had to be a bitch about the whole Alex thing. Now her and Liz are out of the cabin. Now how am I going to see if Max is being a good boy or not? I need to have tabs on that boy because if he cheats on me I will...oh Max would never cheat on me. I am a Goddess compared to the other girls. Max probably only wishes to see my pretty face. Although it is not too pretty right now. I went to the dresser and put on a white mini skirt and a white tub top. Cindy then took me to the bar where I found Kyle. He looked really hott! He wore black pants with a white unbuttoned shirt. I knew we were going to need a mop out here tonight. We will be drooling all over the floor. "Wow Tess, you look really sexy."
"Why thank you Kyle. I do try my best."
"And your boobs are just.......bam! All girls boobs need to be like yours."
"Oh tell me about it. Liz, Isabel, and Maria needs a job done."
"Liz would never go for that. But I am happy that some girls do.
"What are we eating?" I stared at the covered plates.
"I am really not that hungry."
"you know what? I must say that I am not that hungry either."
"We already have meetings with everyone. Wonder what we will be doing next."
"Well, I a do something fun. So are you loyal to Liz?"
"I cheated on her once. But would always do it again with you."
"That is really sweet of you to say, but we really just met."
"Does that really matter?"
"It matters a little." Kyle began to kiss me, I kissed him back. He was a really great kisser.
"Maybe we shouldn’t' do this right now."
"Do you mean that Tess?"
"No, not really." Kyle and I stopped kissing in about twenty minutes. The rest of the time we ate and talked about my boob job. Kyle was the only meeting that went well. The best part of all is that he did not ask about my bruises. He was probably too busy staring at my breast that’s all guys notice.
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sorry that this part is so short!


Liz went out with Max. She looked great! I picked out the outfit for her, and lent her my tube top. She freaked out when she put it on. She said that it was way to sexy for her, but I told her nothing is too sexy. Max will be all over her when he see her in that outfit. I wore a black leather bikini. I was so ready for Michael, the big question I ask myself is if he is ready for me. I could not wait to go to the hot tub with him. I already know that it is going to be the best time of my life. Michael looked really great. When I came over he looked at me up and down. He practically was drooling over me. "Hello Maria, I heard you were wild."
"I heard you were wild, but sweet. Do you like to party?"
"It is only the best thing in the world. You know we live near each other, I think Bob did that on purpose so we can be more tempted. But any way I know some really great parties. When this whole thing is over we can go to some together."
"That would be really great. Sometimes I miss the good parties since Alex really does not like them."
"Why do you want to date him? Your life seems to be parties, partying is mine."
"Yes, my life is partying. But Alex makes me feel very special. He is sweet and can be so romantic." I have never met someone like him."
"I can be sweet and romantic." Michael inched closer to me. "I can be very sweet." He whispered in my ear."
"I am sure you can." I scooted a little bit away from him. "Lets eat." I grabbed a steak sandwich. Michael pulled it out of my hand and put it down. I have never been shy before. What is wrong with me?
"Do you really feel like eating?"
" I feel like eating."
"Am I scaring you Maria?"
"No, of course you are not scaring me. Why would I be scared of you?"
"I think that you are attracted to me. I do not mean to be vain, but I am attracted to you too." He carressed my cheek. I felt my whole body shiver. "Are you attracted to me Maria? Am I your type of guy?" I went to his face and gave him a small kiss.
"You are my type of guy. That is why I am really nervous around you." He kissed me, this time it was longer.
"you are my type too. But I am not nervous at all. I like being around you." When Cindy came I was happy and sad. I wanted to be with Michael, but with Alex too. Is that wrong of me? (TBC????) Trouble and Boy Trouble

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after this'll be all new never before seen parts. I will try to post them ASAP, but I gotta type them up and I am working on 2 other stories. *happy* please bear with you want to bug me and remind me and motivte can im me at Zania1 or on msn Roswellfreak⊕ hehe.


"Do you mean the girls our going to be seeing our meetings too?"
"Yes Kyle. But they can choose not to see them."
"Bob, you did not say anything about showing them the meetings! This can ruin Liz and me, can you just tell me if she saw the tape."
"I do not know if she saw it. And if I did know, I could not tell you." I shifted away from Kyle, when he sees the video of me and Liz he will go crazy. "Kyle we did not tell you guys that we were showing tapes because you would have acted completely different. We wanted you to act natural."
"This is bull ⊕#%$!"
"Kyle, just calm down. Now Alex, would you like to see Maria’s meetings?"
"Sure why not?" Alex grabbed the TV in his had. He saw Maria showing me her boobs and rubbing me with her hands. He saw her kissing Kyle and letting him grab her boob. He then saw her and Michael kissing, and telling Michael that she found him very attractive. Alex just sat back down not saying a word. His jaw was clenched. I could tell that he was furious. But I guess he did not want to start a fight, at least not now.
"Michael, do you want to see the video?"
"No, not really. I do not feel like being pissed off today."
"Max, how about you?" I stood up and grabbed the TV. I began to laugh when I saw parts of Michael and Tess’s date. It was about time someone brought her ego down a bit. I laughed harder when I saw Alex walk out on Tess. but my smile and laughter soon faded away when I saw Kyle and Tess kissing. I looked over at Kyle, and he slowly put down his head. I wasn’t really that mad, after all I did kiss Liz. I handed Bob the TV and sat down by Michael.
"Okay Kyle, would you like to see the video?" Kyle took the TV. He looked quite pleased that nothing bad happened at all with Michael and Alex. But his face started to turn a bit red when he saw me and Liz’s meeting. He put down the TV.
"I am going to kill you Max!" He went to attack me, but the two men held me back.
"Kyle, why are you so mad? You kissed my girl friend. Or did you forget about that?" That made Kyle calm down quite a bit.
"You are right, I did kiss your girl."
"I think we are all going to have to talk this out." Alex said softly.
"Okay, you guys can talk it out. But at seven I will come over to pick you up. You all need to be ready by then."


“Liz, I am really sorry about the whole Kyle thing.” I said while I walked into the cabin. I have been looking for Liz for the past three hours, only to find her in the room. The very last place I decided to look. “Before I did not think of you as a friend, but now I do consider you as a friend, and I feel guilty now.” I sat by her and I put my arm around her shoulders. “I am so very sorry Liz.”
“I guess that I can find it in my heart to forgive you.” I mean this was the whole point of being on Temptation Island, right? Now I know that Kyle is a cheater. Just don’t try anything with Max!” We both laughed together.
“I am so after Michael. We are having a meeting tonight at seven. I do not know what we are going to be doing.”
“Where is the meeting at?”
“I think it is at the bar or something, but I am sure Cindy will come and show us where we are going.”


“I can not believe that she kissed my boyfriend! I just feel like killing her!”
“Tess, don’t you remember kissing her boyfriend? You really have no reason to be mad.”
“I have every right to be mad! I am beautiful, it is only natural for guys to fall all over me. But what does Max see in her! She is nothing!”
“Tess, please just calm down. I am sure everything will work out.”
“Isabel, are you always so positive?”
“I try to always stay positive. Now we have that meeting tonight, so lets get dressed. And remember no fighting, or you will be removed from the meeting.”
“Do not worry about me. I am not going to be in another fight. I already have enough bruises.”


It was finally seven. I had Liz wear my red mini skirt with my red tube top. She let me wear her black leather pants and I wore a white tube top. “Wow, we look great!”
“You are so vain Maria! but you are right, we look great!”
“You are going to knock Max right off his feet when he looks at you.” There was a small knock on the door. “There is Cindy. Lets get going!” Cindy took us to the bar where we found Michael and Max waiting. Max came up to Liz and he gave her a big hug.
“It is so great to see you again Liz.” While Max was embracing Liz Tess and Kyle came in.
“What the Hell is going on here? Get your hands off my boyfriend!” Max let go of Liz and faced Tess.
“Tess how about you shut up! I want Liz’s hands on me!”
“Max, why are you choosing trash over class?”
“Tess, I am not. The only trash I see here is you!”
“Liz are you really into…monkey boy here?”
“Kyle you are such an ass! And Max is a real man, not a monkey like you Kyle! And I want him, and I want to be with him!” Isabel and Alex then walked in.
“What is going on here? Why all this tension?” Isabel asked.
“Well the slut Liz, is all over my man.”
“Don’t you dare call Liz a slut. You fake breast, trampy, bitch!”
“Maria, you are the one to talk! You are my girl friend and you showed Max your tits!”
“Alex, I was just a little high! Do not jump my ass for it!”
“⊕#%$ you Maria! It is over between us!” Suddenly all the cameras went off and Bob came running to us.
“It is nice for you guys to have a fight, but please do not break up already. We need to keep the ratings, so you guys need to stay together.”
“All you care about are the ⊕#%$ ratings! Don’t you see that you are ⊕#%$ up our lives?!”
“No Michael, you are ⊕#%$ up your own lives. Now if you want the twenty thousand dollars then you will listen to what I am saying. We like girl fights, so Tess and Liz go at it. Alex, you need to make up with Maria. Alex is one of my most popular guys. No one wants to see him be an ass!” Bob walked away and all the cameras were back on and focusing on us.
“Do you really mean that Alex? Is it really over between us?”
“No Maria, I do not know what I was thinking.” Alex said sadly. He just needed the money. So he would pretty much do anything at this point.
“This is bull ⊕#%$!” Michael screamed. “Why the Hell are you listening to them?” The cameras turned of again. This time Bob and Cindy came storming in. They both looked extremely angry.(TBC)

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heres a new part. I will try to post the next part soon, but I am currently working on 2 other fics...and I have I'll be trying my very darn best. *happy*


“Michael you came on this show so you could be tempted! You came on this show so your face will be on ever television around the Untied States. If you want to continue with the show, and get paid then you will listen to every thing we tell you.” Said Bob.
“I am tired of listening to you! You are always bossing us around! I want to save my relationship while I still can! I do not want it to be destroyed for some TV show!”
“Michael, honey we really do need this money. It is only a TV show, as you say. Lets just go along with Bob. Please Michael, do it for me.”
“Isabel, don’t you see what they are doing to us? It is going to ruin our relationship! By the end of this show we might not even go home together!”
“Michael just listen to Isabel. This show is just supposed to be fun and games.” Cindy said.
“Fine, I will go along with this.”
“Okay, great.” Bob and Cindy walked away and the cameras went back on. The man focus was on Tess and Liz.
“Max is my boyfriend! So you keep your distance from him. And as for you Max, don’t you dare ever insult me again, because you are coming home with me at the end of the show.”
“Are you sure about that Tess?” Tess then slapped Max across the face.
“Bitch, don’t you hurt him!” Liz then slapped Tess across the face. Tess then grabbed Liz’s hair and pulled on it extremely hard. Liz screamed in pain. But the pain did not stop Liz from scratching Tess’s face. Finally Max and Kyle pulled them apart.
“Let go of me!” Tess screamed as she tried to escape Kyle’s grip.
“Tess, just calm down. It is not even worth fighting over.”
“Of course it is worth fighting over! I want to mess up her pretty little face! You are going to die Liz!” Bob came out and escorted Tess out of the party. I sighed with relief and then rubbed my sore head. Max held me in his arms. I held him back. He had such strong arms, stronger than Kyle’s.
“I think I can take over from here.” Max had no choice but to let go of Liz. He really did not want to get into a fight with Kyle. I do not think that Max was really into fighting, and I doubt that he wanted to fight in front of Liz. He did not want to look like the bad guy. Kyle went to hold Liz, but she pushed him away.
“Kyle, I just want you to leave me alone.”
“You are mad at me? Do not forget what you did with Max, Liz. We both messed up.”
“Leave me alone Kyle, I do not want to be with you right now. Looking at you makes me want to vomit. You are the scum of the Earth.”
“Liz, you really do not mean that. I know I love you and I know that you love me.”
“You do not know anything anymore Kyle.” Liz began to cry. Kyle just stared at her not knowing what to say or do. He has never hurt Liz like this before, and now his heart broke into a million pieces. Everyone was heart broken except for Alex and Isabel who were sitting on the stools whispering to each other. Talking about what was going on in front of them.


I has never felt such a connection before. I really and truly likes Isabel. She has a unique beauty and a wonderful, friendly personality. “I can not believe all the fights that are going on here.” I said.
“I know, I am really getting tired of all the fights going on around here. We should all at least be civil to each other. There is really no point in fighting.”
“Well, I was pretty angry when I saw Maria with the other guys.”
“I really like you Alex. You are sweet, kind, and sensitive. I f you were my boy friend, I wouldn’t go on Temptation Island for a million dollars.” I smiled at her. I loved it when she complimented me. Isabel was exactly my type of girl. I leaned in and gave her a quick kiss on the cheek. I do not think anyone saw. It was only me and Isabel moment. Not even the cameras were on us. And it was the best moment of my life.(TBC? 3 days of dates)

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The week went by fast. I only ran into Tess a few more times, and of course we screamed and almost came close to hitting each other. Tess is a huge slut, and I did not care what she had to say to me. She can have Kyle, and I can have Max. “Hey girl, we are going to be leaving soon to go on our three days of dates.”
“I am so worried Maria. Bob told me that I could end up with Michael or Max. The polls are that close together, this date is going to mean everything.”
“Well the only person that I am interested in is Michael. Kyle bores me and Max is only into you. On our days of dates I really hope that I don’t end up with Max, because the only words in his vocabulary is Liz.”
“I am sure that he will not do that. Max is too sweet to make you have a bad time.”
“Well, I hope that you are right. If he talks about you all day, I am going to have to kill him.” Maria joked.
“Well, we should go now and see who our date is going to be and our destination.”


I was still really pissed off. I hated that Liz, she is going to end up being on a date with my Maxwell. I hope to God that they do not end up together. “Tess please stop pacing around, you are making me sick. I hate being dizzy, so stand still.”
“I am sorry Isabel, I am just so worried about this whole, being alone for a day thing. My heart is pounding, my hands are sweating, and my head hurts. I am so worried that Liz will end up with Max. That just can’t happen. I will not let it happen.”
“Tess, you think a day alone is bad, wait for being a whole week alone. So do not be scared of this one day, you have a lot more too worry about.”
“You are completely right Isabel. I think Max is only pretending to like Liz to make me jealous.”
“Yeah, you know how guys are. That is most likely what he is doing. Now lets go to the pool.”

“We are all friends now, right?”
“Yeah, sure we are Max. I am just really tired of the fighting and bickering between all of us.” Said Alex as he sat down on a chair.
“I am still a little bit upset, but I am slowly learning to get over it.” Kyle states.
“No matter what happens, us four should always stay friends.” Michael adds in. “I think you are all really cool guys and I would like us to be friends.”
“That sounds fine to me.” I said. It would be really great if all us guys remain friends. That would mean no more fighting, no one will end up dead by the end of the show. But right now this is all just talk. For all we know we could all be enemies by the end of this show. I think that it is a really sad thought, but it is very true. I do not think that Kyle and I could ever be friends. He really cares about Liz, but she does not give a shit about him anymore and that makes him mad. I really do not care if he is mad though. He will just have to learn to get over it. Bob knocks on the door. We let him in, the cameras turn off.
“Michael, I want you to watch what you say today. I do not want my ratings to go down.”
“Do not worry about it Bob. I will not go crazy again, so don’t jump my ass.”
“Okay, lets go to the pool.” We followed Bob to the pool. Liz looks beautiful like always. I gave her a little wave and a wink. Tess thought I was doing it to her, because she waved to me. Liz gave me her sexiest smile. God I love her. Love? What am I thinking? I barely know Liz. But then again I feel like I have known her forever.
“Welcome couples. Today Cindy and I have selected the couples that will go together. You will be spending the entire day together. Your date will end exactly at ten. Now the first couple is…Tess and Kyle. The second couple is Alex and Isabel. The third couple is Maria and Max, and that leaves Liz and Michael as our fourth couple. Tess and Kyle will be spending a day in a tropical forest, take a swim with the dolphins, and have a romantic dinner on the beach. Alex and Isabel will spend a day going on a boat ride, swimming, and have dinner at a fancy restaurant inland. Maria and Max will spend the day exploring the Aztec ruins and having dinner on the island. Michael and Liz will spend their whole night inland, going to all the clubs. Now you guys are leaving and I hope you all have tons of fun today. Good luck on your dates!”

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We headed on the boat. “Kyle this is going to be wonderful. I have never swam with the dolphins before. I can not wait till we do.”
“yes, but that is after we explore the forest. I am just happy that you and I are going to be spending more time together. No body is going to get in our way.”
“Yeah, and no mentioning boyfriend or girlfriend. Let’s just have the time of our life.”
“That sounds like a deal, Tess. I do not want to hear anything about Max or Liz from this moment on.” Kyle grabbed my hand and held it tightly. I like Kyle a lot and he adored me. I must admit that I adore him too. I have never adored anyone before. But he was just so cute, no he is more like gorgeous. I rubbed his leg and smiled at him.
“Here we are, here is a map. Come back over here at six. By the waterfall is a picnic. You two have a great time. At six I will take you to go swim with the dolphins for thirty minutes.” Said the boat driver. Kyle helped me off the boat and we were off.
“Wow, this is so beautiful. I have never seen a place like this before.”
“Yeah, it is the most beautiful place I have ever seen. But I have seen one thing more beautiful.” He said while smiling at me.
“And what one thing is that?” I had to hear him say it. I loved it when people called me beautiful.
“Why you of course.” He gave me a kiss on the cheek and I begin to blush. Me blushing! I have only done that when I was a child. This is how I know that Kyle is special.
The lunch was delicious. It was foreign food that I could not even name or really describe. But it sure was mouth watering. Kyle and I kissed a little and swam In the waterfall. Kyle could not stop staring at me. I wore my tiny red triangle bikini. Kyle swam up to me and wrapped his arms around my waist…he is so warm. I began to giggle. “You are just too cute Kyle.” I turned around and began to kiss him, he kisses me back. He began to lick my lips and I slowly opened my mouth to let his tongue in. It was the best make out session of my life. Kyle began to rub my back while kissing me, and I ran my fingers through his hair. We both kissed until it was six. We walked to the dock where the boat was waiting.
“Did you two have a good time?”
“how can you not have a good time with Tess?” We all laughed. We quietly sat in each other’s arms until we reached our next destination. Kyle helped me put on my swimming gear and handed me my goggles and snorkel. I then helped him with his gear, which took me a while because I was enjoying touching his rock hard chest and stomach. Kyle is so fine. He gave me a sexy smile every time I gave him an unnecessary touch. When we were all suited up we jumped into the warm water hand in hand. It was absolutely amazing underwater. There were thousand of colorful fish that were pink, orange, yellow, and blue. Then we saw the dolphins. They are the most majestic creatures in the world. I reached out and touched its dorsal fin. It felt kind of slimy and soft at the same time. I look over at Kyle and he smiled at me…which caused him to lose his snorkel. He grabbed it and then went up for air. I would have gone after him, but a dolphin went under me wanting to play. I grabbed its dorsal fin and it gave me a ride through the water. Minutes later I saw Kyle a few feet away from me with another dolphin. Kyle waved at me and I waved back. We were playing the riding with the dolphins for an hour. We then swam back to the boat. I took off my gear, and put on a pair of my jean shorts. I sat down and Kyle sat down by me and slid his arm around my waist. I looked up at the cameraman. I almost forget that they were taping us. I hated the fact that they were watching our every move. How are we supposed to really have a romantic moment? It would be perfect to be alone right now. The sky is pink and orange and the clouds look like they are a dark purple. The air smells like rain and salt, and a few dolphins are jumping out of the water doing flips. It almost seemed like the dolphins are trying to impress us. The boatman dripped us off at the main island. On the beach there was a candle light dinner. There was a red love seat with a table in front of it. The table had beautiful silk red cloth cover and red candles that are vibrant and the fire almost seemed alive. I sat down and Kyle poured me a glass of red wine. I only took one sip and I already felt all bubbly. I looked down at our meal. We are having lobster tail that had a little cup of scampi sauce on the side. And we also had a Caesar salad.
“Kyle, this has been the most perfect date.” Kyle kissed my lips softly.
“Yes, it is perfect. It almost seems like a dream to me.” Kyle and I ate in silence. The food is delicious, each bite makes my mouth water.
“I am stuffed.” I said while touching my flat stomach.
“Do you have enough room for dessert?” Kyle asked me while pulled me closer to him. I could not help but love the way he was smiling at me. I gave him a sexy smile and he begins to kiss my neck. I let out a small soft moan. What seemed like minutes were really hours of kissing and playing.
“Sorry to interrupt, but your time is up.” I look up to see Bob. Kyle and I were both panting. I was a little bit more than embarrassed that Bob had found us at such a state. I wonder how long he had been standing there. I kiss Kyle one last time before we went our separate ways.