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Title:Second Thoughts
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Okay,... So I am writing this because it makes me feel better. Who the hell does Max think he is? hmm? He is a selfish, conceited, lying, two timing man. I dont know what to do. He slept with Tess and got her pregnant. Thats right folks...PREGNANT!. No, he cant just sleep with her and use protection, like he would have with me, nooooo that would have been too easy for him. I love him..hes the love of my life, my soulmate. I gace him everything I had.....including my virginity last night. GOD....WHAT WAS I THINKING? AM I REALLY THAT DUMB? GOD HELP ME!PLEASE! We didnt even use think I would have known we should have hmmm? NO. And I am glad he was my first, but I alsp wanted to be his first...and I slept with him AFTER he slept with the blond bimbo. STOP LIZ!.BE NICE! NOO...I cant. I hate her too god damn much....Liz writes slowly in her journal sitting at the counter of the Crashdown.
Maria walks slowly up....."Chica....I know you are busy babe...but Romeo is outside....He said he needs to talk to you."

"Ok, thanks Ria." Liz says smiling at her friend, closing her journal and walks out of the crashdown.

"Hey Liz..." Max says shoving his hands into his pockets "....about what happened last night...."

"No...dont Max.....we shouldnt have done that.....we weren't...I wasnt ready for that." LIz explains cutting Max off.

"Liz....I love you....and what happened last night made me realize something..I have been blind Liz. So blind. I am an idiot. I am so sorry for all the pain and suffering I have caused you. You knowing me has screwed up your life. I have hurt you by either pushing you away, having a destiny, kissing and sleeping with someone else and getting her pregnant and not being responisible and then on top of all that I dont even apologize for it! God Liz...I love you so much it hurts." Max says looking deeply into her eyes. His hands reaching up and brushing away her tears.

"Max, I love you too. And all I have to say is welcome back. This is the Max I fell in love with. You are the one who saved my life that day and I havent really seen him til' last night and today. I love you." Liz says wrapping her arms around him and kissing him.

What neither of them didnt notice was the glowing around them...until a few minutes later....

"OHHHHH MYYY GODDD!!!!" she screamed

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Part 1

Both Max and Liz abruptly pulled back hearing someone scream and noticed a glowing around them...

"What the hell is going on? Max?" Liz asked hysterically.

"I dont know what is going..." Max stops in mid sentence looking over at the woman who caught them.

"Well...well...well...what do we have here.. she says snidely...Here I come to find you and bring you your son and your with the slut...tsk tsk Max...did you screw her too? get her pregnant?" Tess asks keeping the shield around them both so they cant escape.

"You come here and accuse me of being a slut? Look at cant keep your legs shut for 5 seconds can slept with Kyle, Tommy and Paulie...and then how are you sure that Max is even the father huh Tess?" Lis yells moving as close as the shield will let her go.

"How the hell did you know about Kyle, Tommy and Paulie? I never told anyone about that...I am positive its Max's baby..." Tess rambles angrily.

"Oh please probably mind warped Max into sleeping with you so you could play the pregnancy card on him...did you and Max really sleep together? or did you mind warp him cause you knew that was the only way he would ever lay a hand on a skank like you?" Liz asks

Max stands there in silence not wanting to interupt..wanting to know what really happened between him and Tess...

"Max and I never slept together Lizzie dear..but its very easy to make someone see something that isnt there...and that got me home...but it also got me sent back to this hell hole and I will not be stuck without putting you all through will see me again..." Tess says menacingly and walks backwards and breaks into a run.

The shield demolishes a few minutes later and Max runs after Tess hoping maybe he could catch up with her.

"shit!" Max says his hands leaning on his knees trying to catch his breath "I lost her."

Liz walks up to Max..."Its ok..we'll find her..and when we do the bitch is dead." She runs her fingers through his hair. "you ok?"

"Definetly...Liz do you realize I never slept with her..and that last night...we lost our virginity to each other?" He says standing up straigh and looking into her eyes smiling at the thought.

Liz smiles.."Yeah. Its nice to know I was your first...not her...but I dont know if I am ready for that type of relationship Max..and we didnt use anything..Let's just take things a little day at a time ok?" she says kissing his nose.

"I think that would be great..I dont want us jumping into anything we arent ready for..I love you..and I think thats what would be best right now...especially with Tess being back" He says hugging her to him

Liz nuzzles her face into his neck breathing in his scent..."I love you too....thank you..."she gently kisses his neck." I think maybe we should go in and get everyone together and tell them she's back dont you?" Liz asks pulling back and looking at him and taking his hand in hers and intertwining their hands.

Max leans in and kisses her slowly...slowly, passionately and deeply. Then pulls back when they both need a breath and leans his forhead against hers.."Yeah I think that might be best..."He smiles at her.

Liz smiles.."ok.." she kisses him gently." you call Michael and Isabel...Kyle and Maria are already in the crash..I'll meet you in there k?" Liz says kissing him again

"mmhmm ok" he says kissing her back."Dont go anywhere ok?" he says smiling

"Wasnt planning on it" she says smiling and walks back into the Crashdown thinking to herself..maybe things can be better now...well..after Tess goes away and dies a horrible death.


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