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Title: My Emancipation
Author: Melissa
Disclaimer: Not mine, and that’s probably a good thing!
Category: AU. M/L mainly but some CC
Rating: PG
Summary: Liz, Maria, Isabel and Tess are best friends who go searching for their identity in QLD (Australia) and just might find love as well *wink wink nudge nudge*. Kind of a mix between “Looking For Alibrandi” by Melinda Metz and my friends and I and how we’d like our future to be like…
(*~ means Liz thoughts)

*~It’s over. Finally. Now I can relax and enjoy myself for once. This past year has been hectic and now’s the time to forget about reality and just let loose. I suppose you’re wondering what incredible burden has been lifted off my shoulders, huh? The HSC. The exam to end all exams, the test that can make or break you, the decider of your future. The nightmare that has been plaguing my thoughts for the past two years. Everything I’ve ever done in my school life has built up to this and now it’s finished. I can breathe.

My name’s Liz Parker and this is the beginning of my real life. My emancipation.~*


“Get up! Out of bed! We have to leave now so we can beat the traffic and be at Lennox Heads before nightfall!” Liz cried excitedly as she attempted to wake her friends.

“Ughhh! Liz! Why are you so cheerful? It’s… Crap! It’s 3:30 in the morning!”

“Maria all you have to do is get up, get dressed and throw that whining ass of yours into the car!”

“Fine Liz!! “

“Will you two just shut up! I’m trying to sleep!” exclaimed Isabel.

‘This is going to take forever!’ thought Liz as she kicked her best friends awake.

An Hour Later

Liz, Maria, Isabel and Tess were finally in the car and 5 minutes later Liz was the only one awake as they started on their journey.


*~OK. Let me explain to you what’s happening. My three best friends in the world and I are celebrating the end of school by having our own little road trip. Maria and I are avid surfers and have been enjoying riding waves since we were 14. We decided a long time ago that when we both had our licences we’d travel up the east coast and just surf wherever we saw a decent wave. Little did we know that two other girls would join our inner circle.

Isabel and Tess came to our all-girls school (why did we ever think a single-sex school would be fun?) at the beginning of Year 11 and we’ve been buddies ever since. They share Maria’s and my passion for the beach with a slightly different twist. They’re there for the sun, the tanning and, of course, the boys. The two will never step foot on a surfboard again after their humiliating attempts a few years back.

Our group is a bit of a strange mix. Maria Deluca (my bestest friend) is the artistic, quirky gal. She strikes some as feisty and sometimes cruel but beneath that façade is the sweetest most gentle heart that few ever see.

Isabel Harding. Beautiful, charismatic and popular Isabel. She’s the belle of our group and our resident “volunteering vixen”. Name a charity and she’s already help fundraise thousands of dollars for that cause! She can sometimes appear icy or pretentious but in her element… well, you’ll love her.

Isabel has a twin sister and that’s Tess. They’re fraternal twins and look nothing alike but you’d swear they were Siamese, they’re always joined at the hip. They have the same habits, the same passions; I wouldn’t be surprised if they ended up with the same UAI! Tess is our resident fashion freak. She even designs and makes her own clothes, and ours too if we beg her.

Then there’s me. Little Liz Parker. The brain of the group and all around good gal. I’m not really outgoing but around my friends I can be pretty crazy! I hate talking about myself so we’ll just move on to what we’re actually doing now.

We’re becoming our own people. We’re leaving everything we’ve known as home and creating our own futures. We’re learning who we really are and trying to find our true destinies…~*


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Title: My Emancipation
Author: Melissa
Disclaimer: Not mine, and that’s probably a good thing!
Category: AU. M/L mainly but some CC
Rating: PG
Summary: Liz, Maria, Isabel and Tess are best friends who go searching for their identity in QLD (Australia) and just might find love as well *wink wink nudge nudge*. Kind of a mix between “Looking For Alibrandi” by Melinda Metz and my friends and I and how we’d like our future to be like…

Chapter One

The girls reached Lennox Heads that afternoon, found a place to stay the night and headed straight to the beach. Maria and Liz discovered some nice 4-foot waves and were in the water in seconds. Isabel and Tess were lying on the beach trying to soak up what little sun there was left in the day.

“Hey, Liz! Check out the guys to the right” whispered Maria in between sets.

“Yeah I noticed that they were pretty good surfers”

“No, I meant check them out, you know…”

“Maria you’re getting just as bad as Tess and Izzy!”

“Liz. Can’t you just let yourself have fun for once?”

“I am having fun!”

“I mean with a guy!”

Liz quickly ended that conversation by paddling and catching a wave.

*~ I do have fun! Just because I don’t flirt with every guy I see and try to impress him doesn’t mean I’m boring! Does it? Anyway, I believe there’s one guy out there that’s just for me. My soulmate as Grandma Claudia would say. And I don’t want to waste my time on some guy who’s just gonna be with me for a week and then break my heart.~*


“Yeah ‘Ria?” Liz replied as she paddled closer to her friend.

“I’m gonna catch one in, ‘k?”

“Sure. I might come in after a few too.”

Liz watched her best friend go back to the beach but then her eyes subconsciously swung to the right. The group of surfers had now dwindled down to one. She watched as he paddled in the water, his arms slicing through the clear liquid and propelling him forward. She saw how with every arc of his arms, the muscles on his back would ripple and strain with the movement. Liz was amazed at how easily he became part of the wave, how he stood on his board and sculpted a path in the breaking water.

He rode the wave all the way into shore and started to walk up the beach. Liz sighed and started to make her own way to the beach. When she drew closer to her friends she realized that they were surrounded by three of the surfers she had seen in the water.

“Liz!” cried Tess, “Come and meet the guys!”

“Liz, this is Michael, Alex and Kyle. Guys, this is Liz” introduced Isabel.

“Hi! Nice to meet you all. I noticed you all catching some good waves.” complimented Liz.

“Yeah. You weren’t too bad yourself, or Maria” replied Alex.

“You just missed Max. He was feeling a bit tired so he went up to the motel. He was out there surfing with us.” Michael said.

“Guess what Liz! These guys are driving up the coast as well” said Maria.

“We’ve already exchanged mobile numbers so we can meet up again” commented Tess

“Well we better be off. We might see you girls again?” Kyle said as the guys picked up their boards and headed back to the motel.

“I think we’re REALLY going to enjoy this holiday!” remarked Tess

All the girls nodded their heads in agreement.

THE NEXT DAY (On the road again)

“So what’d you think of the guys, Liz?” asked Maria.

“They all seemed pretty nice”

“I thought Kyle was the cutest!” giggled Tess.

“Nah, I reckon Alex was hot!” remarked Isabel.

“Are you guys kidding me? Didn’t you see Michael’s body?” swooned Maria

“I love this song” Liz said as she turned up the stereo tuning out her friends’ conversation.

Too much time in this same place got to get out
An undenying feeling- I gotta get away
Too many thoughts in one space- I've finally had it
A dream now takes me to a secret place that lies
So far away

It's what you do with it- it's what you've waited for
and when you find it- A place where no one has
been before

I know I gotta listen to my mind 'cause if it happens
To me I'm sure it happens to you sometimes
Find a place you can go- Where nobody knows
You should listen to yourself sometimes

I'm sure it happens to you- I know it happens to
Me sometimes
Find a place you can go- Where nobody knows
Nobody knows

Gone and without a trace- I'd like to have it
Taking only with me- Good dreams of yesterday
And my best friends with whom I'll share
This Journey our mental bags are packed cause
We're leaving here today

It's what you do with it
It's what you've waited for

“What was that?” exclaimed Tess as the car shook violently, “Is something wrong with the engine?”

“No. Elvis’ engine is just fine. I must have just run over something” Liz replied.

“You should probably check to see if you have a flat tyre” Maria commented.

“OK. Just let me pull over here” Liz got out of the car and walked around it checking the tyres.

“Umm, guys? We have a flat tyre!” Liz broke the news to her friends.

“Crap! I’ll call road assistance!” Isabel said as she reached for her phone.

“No it’s right. I can change it. It’s just that the spare is in the boot. Under all our luggage!” said Liz

10 minutes and countless groans and muttered curses later, the girls had piled out all their things on the shoulder of the road. Liz was loosening the bolts on the tyre when she heard excited screams coming from her friends.

“The guys we met yesterday are pulling over to help us!” squealed Maria.

Liz heard her friends greet the guys as she started putting up the jack.

“Need any help?” a male voice asked.

“Contrary to popular belief females are capable of changing a tyre!” Liz spat out

“Sorry. I didn’t mean to offend you”

Liz looked up and saw the most amazing eyes she’d ever seen. She couldn’t help but stare at this gorgeous man in front of her.

Shaking herself out of her daze she started to apologize “No I’m sorry! I shouldn’t have been so rude it’s just, well it hasn’t been a great day and I’m. I’m sorry.”

“No problem. I’m Max”

“Liz, and could you possibly pass me the spare?”


This beautiful girl in front of him bewitched Max. She was so small and fragile yet acted like one of boys. She looked so cute with grease smeared on her face as she finished replacing the damaged tyre. She was a mystery to him. She had many layers and appeared to have built up a defense mechanism around herself. Max was intrigued by her and wanted to break down her walls to find the real Liz.

“So where are you headed now?” asked Liz

“We were gonna spend tonight at Surfers’ Paradise. What about you?”

“We were planning to do that too. Near Currumbin beach.”

“A friend of ours has a house on the beach at Currumbin. We were planning on staying there, you could stay there too if you want. I mean it would save you money on accommodation” offered Max

“If it’s not too much a hassle we’d love to wouldn’t we girls?” replied Liz

Everyone agreed it was a good idea and they set off again, the guys leading the girls. It was going to be an interesting night.


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Title: My Emancipation
Author: Melissa
Disclaimer: Not mine, and that’s probably a good thing!
Category: AU. M/L mainly but some CC
Rating: PG
Summary: Liz, Maria, Isabel and Tess are best friends who go searching for their identity in QLD (Australia) and just might find love as well *wink wink nudge nudge*. Kind of a mix between “Looking For Alibrandi” by Melinda Metz and my friends and I and how we’d like our future to be like…

Chapter Two

*~Dear Journal,

Today has been one of the most enjoyable of my life. We spent the rest of the drive to Currumbin talking to the guys on our phones and getting to know eachother. It was strange for me though; I’ve never been this forward with a guy before let alone a whole group of them! Sure I’ve dated, maybe once or twice, but it was always awkward. It was like I had to try and impress my date because that’s what all the other girls did. That’s probably the reason I avoid dates, I hate the pretence, and trying to be someone I’m not. But with these guys I feel comfortable, I can be myself and they don’t mind.

Anyway, back to what happened today. We arrived at the beach house in the middle of the afternoon and all went for a surf, except for Isabel and Tess though! The guys were really nice, giving us tips on surfing and just mucking around with us. We plotted an attack on Isabel and Tess to get them in the water. Maria and I were the decoys; we distracted the twins while the boys crept up behind them. Everything happened so fast and before they knew it, Isabel and Tess were picked up and thrown into the water! It was hilarious, the look on their faces! We then erupted into a huge sandfight, messing around and wrestling each other like old friends.

The best part of the day came later in the night. We had a huge bonfire on the beach and toasted marshmallows, it sounds corny but it was a lot of fun. I discovered that all the guys were in a band. Michael on drums, Alex on bass, Kyle and Max on guitar and Max on vocals. The girls and I managed to convince Max to get his guitar for us so we could have a performance. So we spent the next few hours singing along to old songs before everyone started to drift off. So we went back to the house and that’s where I am now, writing in here as everyone else sleeps. ~*

Liz put down her pen and packed her journal back into her bag. She lay down on her sleeping bag in the ‘girls’ room’ but couldn’t get to sleep. She decided she needed fresh air and so went out onto the balcony. Liz spied Max’s guitar resting next to the door. She picked it up and sat on the front steps. Her fingers picked at the strings for a few minutes before starting the familiar strumming pattern. Remembering the chords, Liz started to play her song

The sky is tainted by darkness
Will I see the light again?
I’m huddled up in this ball
And I’m wondering when
The world will go back
To the way it’s meant to be
Cause I’m starting to have doubts
Starting to think its just me

And I try, I try
But I can’t seem to win
And I fight, I fight
But I can’t seem to live

The shadow falls all over me
I’m suffocating here
Can anyone hear my cries for help?
Can anyone see my fear?
The world is raining down on me
And it’s drenching me to the bone
Yet I must face these months of cold
As my tears fall as hailstones

I don’t know where I’ve been
And I’m drowning in my sorrow
And I don’t know where I am
Or if I’ll be here tomorrow
My judgement is clouded
And I cannot see straight
I’m being overwhelmed
Will I survive the wait?

And I try, I try
But I can’t seem to win
And I fight, I fight
But I can’t seem to live

Max woke up to the sound of the most beautiful voice he had ever heard. It was like the voice of a siren, calling out to the sailors on a ship. A voice so mesmerizing you would do anything to hear it forever. He got up from his bed to investigate. He crept out onto the balcony and when he realized it was Liz singing he stopped in his tracks and just watched and listened. ‘Why is this amazing girl singing such a melancholy song?’ he thought. He’d never heard the song before and deduced that she must have written it herself. ‘She’s full of surprises this girl. She surfs, knows more about a car than I do, she can play guitar and her voice is so sweet. How come she doesn’t have a boyfriend? And what’s with the sad song?’

“Max? What are you doing up?” asked Liz when she finished the song. She was worried if he’d heard her singing.

“Sorry Liz. I didn’t mean to disturb you. I just, ah, couldn’t sleep.” Max replied.

“Yeah, me neither. I hope you don’t mind me borrowing your guitar.”

“No, it’s OK. Where’s you learn to play like that?” Max queried.

“My dad taught me. A long time ago.” Liz spoke softly

“Did he teach you that song you were just playing?”

“No.” Liz answered bowing her head in embarrassment, “I can’t believe you heard me singing!”

Max chuckled softly, she looked so adorable with her cheeks a pinkish colour. “It sounds like a pretty sad song”

“Yeah, I, um, wrote it a few years ago. So, now you’ve heard me sing I reckon I should get to hear another of your songs ‘Mr. lead vocals and guitarist of a struggling unknown band’!” Liz replied, trying to change the subject.

“Ugh! Aren’t you sick of me singing yet?”

“No, so you better start playing buddy!” Liz ordered

“Fine!” Max said as he took the guitar out of her arms, their fingertips touching and lingering for a few moments before separating again.

Max started playing the guitar with his experienced hands, making sweet music as his voice lifted the melody

Hush my love now don’t you cry
Everything will be all right
Close your eyes and drift in dream
Rest in peaceful sleep

If there’s one thing I hope
I showed you
Hope I showed you

Just give love to all

Oh my love…in my arms tight
Every day you give me life
As I drift off to your world
Will rest in peaceful sleep

I know there’s one thing that
you showed me
That you showed me

Just give love to all
Let’s give love to all

When the last few notes had died away, Max looked up to see Liz asleep on the balcony beside him. Stifling a yawn, Max decided against carrying her inside in case she woke up. He thought he’d just watch her sleep for a while but in a few moments Max had drifted off next to Liz, their hands slightly touching in their sleep.


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Title: My Emancipation
Author: Melissa
Disclaimer: Not mine, and that’s probably a good thing!
Category: AU. M/L mainly but some CC
Rating: PG
Summary: Liz, Maria, Isabel and Tess are best friends who go searching for their identity in QLD (Australia) and just might find love as well *wink wink nudge nudge*. Kind of a mix between “Looking For Alibrandi” by Melinda Metz and my friends and I and how we’d like our future to be like…

Chapter Three

The first rays of sunlight started to shine through the window, right onto Michael’s face. He slowly began to wake up, tossing and turning in his bed. Fumbling around for the clock, 5:30 am, Michael looked at his surroundings. Kyle and Alex were still sound asleep in their sleeping bags, Michael had won the game for the honours of having the bed. He chuckled softly as he remembered their groans of protest last night. Michael looked over to Max’s sleeping bag only to find it empty. “What’s with that guy and waking up early?” he mumbled to himself. Michael dragged himself out of bed and headed towards the balcony to see if the surf was worth checking out. He opened the front door and was surprised at the picture in front of him.

At some time of the night, Max and Liz had moved towards each other in their sleep. Their faces were mere centimetres apart and their legs entwined. Liz’s hand was held gently in Max’s hand that he held to his chest. Michael was too busy staring at the couple in front of him that he didn’t notice Maria come up behind him. “Surf any good?” she asked. “What?” Michael said, jumping from the surprise of hearing Maria’s voice.

“I just, Oh My Gosh! How adorable! I’m gonna go get my camera!” Maria squeaked when she saw Max and Liz asleep together.

Michael was still in a daze when Maria came back and started to take photos. Snapping himself back to reality, he grabbed Maria and pushed her inside. “Can’t you be quiet? You’ll wake them up!” Michael rebuked.

“Too late” Maria replied pointing to the scene unfolding behind Michael.

Max’s eyes were open and he was staring at the creature asleep beside him. His arm was still asleep and as he went to move it, realised it was gripping Liz’s hand. Liz was starting to wake up and Max was in awe of her beauty as her eyes started to flutter open. Her eyelashes gently caressing her face then moving away again like waves crashing onto the sand and rolling back to the ocean.

When Liz woke up, the first thing she saw was a pair of the most soulful and reflective brown eyes she’d ever seen. She was lost for the briefest of moments until she realised the compromising situation she was in. Liz muttered a soft “sorry” as she disentangled herself from Max and started to get up. She turned around and spied Maria and Michael in the doorway. “Um, Maria, Michael. Uh, Max and I must have fallen asleep talking. We were up pretty late and the lack of sleep must have just caught up with us and we just nodded off. So I’m gonna go have a shower now. OK, bye” Liz rambled as she brushed past the two in the doorway.

“Wow. I’ve never seen Liz babble on before!” Maria commented as she looked towards Liz’s retreating figure.


Later that day

“So, anyway, I was making myself a sandwich and I turned around and saw Kyle staring at me. Of course, when I met his eyes he looked somewhere else.” Tess told the girls who were all piled up on picnic rug they had set up on the beach.

“So what happened next?” Maria asked.

“Well that kept happening for a few minutes until one time I looked his way and he looked straight back at me. Then he got up from his chair and started to walk towards me and then he says that he really likes me and asked if I wanted to go out with him sometime!!” Tess squealed in excitement.

“Is that why you two looked so close last night at the bonfire?” Isabel asked her sister.


“And what’s this I hear about you and Max asleep on the front porch together?” Isabel directed at Liz.

“Who told you about that? Maria you promised you wouldn’t say anything!” Liz complained.

“I didn’t say a word!” Maria bit back.

“I, um, heard it from Alex who heard it from Michael.” Isabel replied quietly.

“Yeah, well nothing happened okay! We just fell asleep!” Liz said as she got up and walked away.


Liz was too busy concentrating on the thoughts going through her head that she didn’t notice where she was going and collided with a tall, hard body.

“Liz! Are you okay? I wasn’t watching where I was going!” Max quickly apologised as he helped Liz regain her balance.

Liz was numb at the feel of Max’s hands on her that she forgot all the reasons she’d thought up as to why this was a bad idea. It wasn’t until Max asked again if she was okay that all her insecurities crept back into her mind. Pulling herself away from him she mumbled that she was fine and walked off again in the same direction.

“Liz!” Max cried out “Wait!”

He ran to catch up with Liz, she turned around “Max, I’m fine, really”

“I know, it’s just… why are you avoiding me?” he asked nervously

“I’m not avoiding you” Liz lied

“Yes, you are. Everytime I walk into a room you walk out. And I know how much you enjoy surfing and you didn’t want to go with us this morning. Is this about last night?”

“Nothing happened last night, it was just an accident.” Liz replied quickly

“No, something did happen and that’s what you’re afraid of. You let someone in just that little bit and now you’re afraid!” Max argued.

“You don’t know anything about me so just stay out of my life okay?!” Liz shouted at him and ran off again.

"You can't keep it all bottled up inside Liz!" Max swore softly under his breath. Sorry that he had made her upset and wanting no more than to go comfort her. He knew Liz wouldn’t appreciate that and so he was glad when he saw Maria race after Liz.


Maria found Liz on the bathroom floor in tears. Usually the one so in control, it was a shock to see her so openly displaying her emotions.

“Liz, chica. C’mon tell me what’s wrong?”

“Max’s right. I’m so scared”

“Of what honey?”

“Of all these things I’m feeling. After my parents split up I just blocked out my emotions. I thought that if I couldn’t feel anything I couldn’t have my heart messed with. I don’t want to end up like my parents, so I thought that if I never fell in love I could never get hurt. So I built up this exterior, this façade of a tough girl who didn’t care any more. But being around Max, I’ve started to feel these things and no matter how hard I try I can’t fight them and that scares me. I’m afraid of my heart being broken but at the same time I want to open up. I’m so sick of pretending Maria. I’m so sick of pretending!”

Liz burst into a new stream of tears and clung to Maria tightly as her best friend started to cry as well.

“You can’t live like that Liz. Remember what Grandma Claudia always said? ‘Follow Your Heart’ Liz, life’s never some Brady Bunch episode. We have our hard times but we also have our great, incredible times. You’ll never enjoy life if you don’t let yourself feel. You’ve had more than your fair share of bad luck so now’s the time to have fun, have some good times. You deserve it Liz, so just let it all go. Start to live!”

“Thank you Maria! I love you!” Liz sobbed

“What are best friends for, babe?” Maria said as she hugged Liz tighter, “I’ll always be here for you, I love you too!”

I know it was short but I'm not really sur about continuing. SO could I plz have some feedback and thanx to all those who have left some, its really encouraging.

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Title: My Emancipation
Author: Melissa
Disclaimer: Not mine, and that’s probably a good thing!
Category: AU. M/L mainly but some CC
Rating: PG
Summary: Liz, Maria, Isabel and Tess are best friends who go searching for their identity in QLD (Australia) and just might find love as well *wink wink nudge nudge*. Kind of a mix between “Looking For Alibrandi” by Melinda Metz and my friends and I and how we’d like our future to be like…

Chapter Four

Maria left a now calm and collected Liz in her room to pack her bags. She’d never known Liz had all those feelings and thoughts locked up inside her and Maria beat herself up for it. ‘I mean, I’m her best friend! I’m supposed to know every intricate detail of her life, I’m supposed to know what she wants even if she doesn’t!’ Thinking back, Maria noticed that there were signs that Liz wasn’t happy. She never dated, she was always focused on everyone else and always changed the subject when it was about her.

But just five minutes ago, Liz changed. No that’s the wrong way to put it, she didn’t change, she showed her true colours and that was a revelation that Maria clung to. Liz opened up to her, that had to mean something! Liz had showed her deepest, darkest secrets and Maria was the observer, more than that, she was the one who could rescue Liz, or just lead her to the one who could.

Maria knew that the Max/Liz thing wasn’t just a summer fling. They’d known each other for just under three days but it appeared as though they’d grown up together, they were just perfect. She’d seen Max openly stare at Liz and Liz trying not to notice but when she thought no one was watching, stared right back. That in itself was a huge step for Liz ‘I don’t date’ Parker. They were so in tune to each other, and constantly aware of the other’s movements.



“Yeah ‘Ria?”

Maria started paddling towards Liz as she made her way back from the last wave she caught. “I was just thinking about tomorrow night and how we could…Go for this wave Liz, it’s perfect!”

“No” Liz said gently, “Max’s gonna catch it.”

Just as the words came out of Liz’s mouth, Maria saw one Max Evans start to drive his arms deep into the water before standing up and riding the perfect wave. “How the…? Nevermind” Maria mumbled.


“Maria! Earth to Maria! Maria DeLuca!”

“What?” said Maria, slightly confused as to why Michael was standing in front of her with a worried expression on his face.

“I’ve been calling your name for like, 2 minutes, and you were just standing there with a weird look on your face!” Michael exclaimed.

“You weren’t worried about me were you honey?” Maria asked mockingly, “Aww, how sweet of you!”

“Yeah, as a matter of fact I was, okay!” said Michael, still making sure that she was okay.

Maria cleared her throat nervously, ‘He likes me!’ she thought excitedly. Her happiness soon faded when she remembered what she had to tell Michael.

“Umm, Michael?”

“Yes” Michael replied cautiously.

“The girls and I were gonna head off to Noosa tomorrow morning. And we just wanted to say thank you for letting us stay with you guys and you’re welcome to stay with us if you’re ever in the area. So, I’m just gonna go pack now, okay?” Maria ended quickly as she retraced her steps to the house.

Michael just stood there, in shock of the news he had just heard. He thought that Maria would be staying for at least a week and now, here she was saying she was going to leave tomorrow?! He didn’t want her to go he wanted to get to know her. But obviously she didn’t feel the same way.

“Is this the last time I’ll ever see you?” Michael called out to Maria.

Maria stopped in her tracks. She heard the emotion behind Michael’s simple statement. She was torn up inside. She wanted to stay to be with Michael, start a relationship with him. But on the other hand, she knew Liz needed to get away and clear her head and Maria wanted what was best for Liz.

“God, I hope not!” Maria exclaimed as she ran back to Michael and sprang into his arms.

Michael was a bit surprised at Maria’s forwardness, but wasn’t one to complain and just tightened his arms around her. He breathed in her scent and leaned in towards her ears softly asking, “Why do you have to go?”

“Liz needs some time to herself, away from everything especially Max.”

“Why Max?” Michael asked curiously. He thought Liz and Max were getting along great, if Max had done anything to hurt Liz… Let’s just say Max wouldn’t be surfing for a few days at least. Michael was scared by this unconscious need to protect Liz, or maybe it was because he knew that when Liz was upset, so too was Maria and that just wasn’t right in his book.

“It’s just” Maria sighed, “Liz has had a rough life and she’s been living this lie and now she’s feeling these things”

“Towards Max?”

“Yeah, and she’s scared. And all her insecurities and anguish from her past are rising up again and she just, she needs to face her demons and I want to be there to help her.” Maria replied, snuggling closer to Michael.

“I understand, just make sure that when Liz is better, you call me. I don’t want to be strangers.” Michael spoke softly in Maria’s ear once more, his voice tickling her ear and tingling down her spine.

“Me neither” Maria said as she tilted her head upwards and looked into Michael’s eyes. Her gaze soon drifted to his lips that, as she watched, drifted closer to her own and stopped millimetres away. Maria lifted her lips to close the distance and kissed him.

I know that was very short but I just wanted to round off the stuff at Currumbin and head straight to Noosa. I'm sorry there hasn't been much M/L but I *promise* the next part will be longer and have some M/L in it!!

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Title: My Emancipation
Author: Melissa
Disclaimer: Not mine, and that’s probably a good thing!
Category: AU. M/L mainly but some CC
Rating: PG
Summary: Liz, Maria, Isabel and Tess are best friends who go searching for their identity in QLD (Australia) and just might find love as well *wink wink nudge nudge*. Kind of a mix between “Looking For Alibrandi” by Melinda Metz and my friends and I and how we’d like our future to be like…

Chapter Five

Five Days Later

Liz Parker lay on a sun lounge in the backyard of her mother’s holiday house in Sunrise Beach. She was wearing the new bikini costume she had bought the day before. The skimpy swimmers revealed more of her body than Liz had ever shown; it was a far cry from the rashie and boardies she would normally wear even in the heat of summer. Maria was down at the beach surfing because she had slept through Liz’s surfing session that morning. Isabel and Tess had gone to Noosa for the day, shopping on Hastings Street and the more commercial area of Noosa Junction Centre. So Liz was home alone, and completely at peace. As she reached for her bottle of water Liz started to reminisce on the events that had led her to this day and this state of mind.

The morning she had left Currumbin with her best friends, Liz began to look within herself, examining her innermost feelings and discovering the person she really was but had learned to hide so well. They had reached Sunrise Beach at lunch that day and settled into the holiday house. Their home for the holidays was a 2 minute walk from the beach and a 10 minute drive from the heart of Noosa. It was a spacious 3 bedroom house with a large backyard for games of football and waterfights as the girls discovered a few days after arriving.

The next day was designated “Girlie Day”. Liz and Maria had joined the twins for a shopping spree on the famous Hastings Street. They spent hours trying on clothes, perusing the cosmetic stores and stopping for an ice cold drink every now and then as a relief from the sweltering heat. They scouted places of interest, such as danceclubs and band nights and made a note of what to do during their stay. The next treat was dinner opposite the Noosa River in a classy restaurant. They were all dolled up in their best clothes and tried not to notice the stares from intrigued locals.

But the night had not ended there; back home was where the important stuff happened. Maria, Liz, Isabel and Tess had opted to all sleep in the lounge room for a ‘sleepover’. They had laid out their sleeping bags so that their heads were in a circle in the centre of the room so they could talk all night. It was one of the most important nights of Liz Parker’s life.


“So Tess. What happened to you and Kyle after, you know what?” Liz asked her friend.

“Well, that night, when I told Kyle we were coming up here, he kissed me” Tess told everyone.

“Aww! How sweet! You are so lucky!” gushed Isabel.

“Well not as lucky as you were apparently! What time was it that you came back that morning?” Tess questioned her twin.

“About 3, but” Isabel quickly said to silence the surprised gasps of her friends, “it’s not what you think! Alex and I sat on the beach that night and just looked at the stars and talked. He was really nice and we just lost track of time.”

“So there wasn’t any?” Maria hinted.

“Well, he did kiss me!” she squealed, sounding the same as her sister had moments before.

“Do you really like him, Isabel?” Liz asked

“Yeah, I do. It’s like he’s my best friend, I’m so comfortable with him and he doesn’t just look at me like a piece of meat. I’m someone, someone special I his eyes.” Isabel stated, revealing her true feelings.

“What about you and Max, Liz?” Tess asked, but instantly regretting her words when she remembered the reason they had actually left Currumbin. “I’m sorry Liz. I didn’t meant to”

She was cut off by Liz “Don’t worry about it. I’m ready to talk about it now.” Liz took in a deep breath and pulled up all her courage to say how she really felt.

“I feel like I’ve known him my entire life. I feel like I’ve found the other half of my soul. It’s like when I’m around him I feel complete. This must sound strange since I met him only a few days ago and that’s what scares me. That I can fall in love with someone so hard and so fast reminds me of the fact that the opposite can happen so quickly as well. I mean, look at my parents. They were in love, they were happy and then suddenly they’re living in two different houses and every word between them is bitter and hurtful. And that frightens me, I think that if I let Max in, I’ll end up getting hurt because one day he might leave me.

“But there’s this part of me that says I should tell Max how I feel. That I should let him break down the barriers I have erected around my heart because the way I feel when I’m near him is so overwhelming, so comforting. But then this other side says not feeling anything is better than feeling pain. But you know what? Stuff my parents!! Who cares what mistakes my parents made, how they completely ruined my childhood? This is My life and I’m going to do what my heart tells me. I’m not going to grow up to be like them, I’m changing what I thought was my destiny to be an old maid and just control my own fate!

“Listening to you guys has just made me realise that I want what you guys have and I know that Max does too. So I’m not afraid to say it any more! I’m in love with Max Evans!!!” Liz shouted the last sentence at the top of her lungs then burst into a fit of laughter.

Her best friends were shocked into silence. Liz had conveyed so openly her heart and they were surprised at all the feelings that she had buried inside. It wasn’t long, however, before Maria started to giggle then burst into full fledged laughter alongside her best friend. Tess and Isabel joined in soon after and all four girls were rolling around on the floor clutching their stomachs from lasting so hard.

“I never thought I’d see the day when Liz Parker proclaimed her love for a man so loudly!” Maria managed to say in between laughs.

“It’s the real me, babe! Aren’t you glad it didn’t rear its ugly head at school!” Liz joked lightheartedly.

“Better late then never, hey Liz?” Isabel remarked, glad that her friend was finally happy.

“Anyway, Maria! What happened between you and Michael?”

//End Flashback//

The next few days were spent at the beach, shopping, visiting tourist places and just having plain old fun. The four girls had gotten much closer and Liz wasn’t the only one who’d changed. They’d all matured and discovered where their real talents lay and what they really wanted to do with their lives. The fact that they had experienced it together made Liz feel fortunate to have her friends who cared so much for her.


Earlier That Same Day

“Michael! I don’t care what you think, okay? This is my life and my heart is telling me to go see Liz so you guys can either come with me or just stay here. Either way I’m going and I’m taking the jeep with me!” Max shouted at his best friend as he started loading up the jeep.

“Fine! We’ll come with you, just so we can see the girls again. But don’t blame me for what Maria does to you!” Michael replied and Kyle and Alex nodding in agreement.

“Maria’s gonna be so pissed!” Michael muttered under his breath as they drove off towards Sunrise Beach and the girls they had missed so dearly.


I know I promised some M/L action this post and I am soo sorry but I promise in the next post *cross my heart*. I'm not sure if I'll continue this fic much further so plz could I get some more feedback and thanx for everyone who has left some!!*big*
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Title: My Emancipation
Author: Melissa
Disclaimer: Not mine, and that’s probably a good thing!
Category: AU. M/L mainly but some CC
Rating: PG
Summary: Liz, Maria, Isabel and Tess are best friends who go searching for their identity in QLD (Australia) and just might find love as well *wink wink nudge nudge*. Kind of a mix between “Looking For Alibrandi” by Melinda Metz and my friends and I and how we’d like our future to be like…

Chapter Six

“Max! Can we please stop! Look at those waves!” Kyle whined as the Jeep sped past the perfect crests of the Pacific Ocean.

“No we’re like ten minutes away. We can surf later!” Max replied, annoyed that Kyle thought surfing was more important than finding Liz.

“Hey! Look over there! That’s Isabel!” Alex cried out, pointing in the direction of his interest.

“Pull over Max” quietly ordered Michael when he realised it was indeed Isabel and Tess, and Maria.

Max drove the Jeep onto the shoulder of the road and the guys quickly jumped out. They headed towards the girls in a fast sprint.

“Kyle? Guys? What are you doing here?” Tess asked when she realised whom it was running after her and her friends.

“Maxwell here needed to see his princess charming.” Michael told the girls, all the while sneaking glances at Maria who had failed to say anything yet. That in itself was incredibly unusual.

“By the way. Where is Liz?” said a very anxious Max

“Oh, she’s, um, she’s back at the house” Maria spoke, shaking herself out of the stupor seeing Michael again had induced.

“Why don’t you go see her. I mean the guys could just stay with us for a bit and catch up. We can walk back home when we need to.” Isabel suggested, seeing the disappointed look on Max’s face.

“You guys wouldn’t mind?” asked Max, even though he had no intention of staying.

“Nah, go ahead Max! We’ll just get reacquainted with the girls,” Alex said as he wrapped an arm around Isabel’s shoulders.

“OK then. I’ll see you later!” Max shouted as he ran back to the Jeep. He stopped suddenly and turned around, “How do I get to the house?”


Two minutes later, Max was parked outside Liz’s holiday house. Tess had been kind enough to give him directions and he had wasted no time in following them. Max got out of the Jeep and walked determinedly to the front door. He was rehearsing everything he’d planned on saying to her after she’d left. Max paused at the door, took a deep breath and psyched himself up.

‘What if she doesn’t feel the same way? What if she doesn’t want to see me?’ Max thought worriedly, ‘Well at least I’ll get it out of my system. The way she looked at me, well, she has to feel something!’

He knocked loudly on the front door and waited for a few seconds. He knocked again and waited for a minute or so.

“Liz?” he called out; trying to open the door only to find it locked. ‘Maria said she was here. Where could she be?’

Max looked at his surroundings. He spied the side gate that was slightly ajar. He strode over to it quickly and opened it. Max walked up the side of the house and stopped after a few steps.

“Liz” he whispered, barely audible.

There she was, reclining on a plastic sun lounge. Her trademark ROXY boardies and rashie replaced by a bright red bikini that left little to the imagination. Her exposed legs were amazingly tanned but still had the remnants of tan lines from her shorts. Her luxurious chestnut hair, always so methodically pulled back into a ponytail, cascaded down the end of the lounge. It had kinks and curls in it from the salt water and Max longed to touch it. Liz’s eyes were gently closed and the soft sounds of a melody could be heard from the stereo at her feet. Every so often Liz would sing or hum a line of a song and Max was paralyzed by the sweet sound.

Liz was burning up. ‘Of course you’re hot!’ she chastised herself, ‘You’re sunbaking in the middle of the day!’ But Liz still felt awkward, almost as though someone was watching her. ‘Stop that train of thought! The only person you want watching you is far away and probably never wants to see you again’ Liz reached down beside the sun lounge for her water bottle. But when her hand failed to find its target she opened her eyes. The sight in front of her made her throat even drier than before.

Max didn’t know how long he’d been standing there just watching Liz but he decided there would never be enough time to gaze upon her beauty. When she had opened her eyes and looked straight at him he knew it was now or never.

“Liz” Max started, remembering everything he’d practiced for days. “I know you probably don’t want to see me, that you’ve got a lot on your plate right now, but I need to see you. From the first moment I saw you I couldn’t get you out of my head. You’re all I think about and I want you to know that I’m here for you. Michael said you were going through a rough patch at the moment and I, I respect that. I’ll wait for you but I just want to know now if there’s something worth waiting for. Because if you don’t have feelings for me I need to know, I need to know so I can try and get over these feelings.”


“No. You don’t have to tell me now. I’ll give you time its just that I think I’m in love with you and if”

Liz cut Max off by firmly planting her lips on his in a heated kiss. Max was so shocked he barely had time to respond. A few seconds after he began to kiss her back Liz pulled away.

“You think? Hell, I know I’m in love with you!” Liz spoke huskily.

Max responded the only way he could, he kissed her breath away.


I know it was short but I've been really busy. Thanx everyone for the feedback. I'm still uncertain as to whether or not to continue so if you guys could help me out with my decision I'd be really happy!!


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