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Something to Believe in – BY KAZZA
Part 29

Disclaimer: In the alternate universe that all Roswell Fanfic writers visit, I own Roswell. Sadly, in the real world, I own nothing, so please don’t sue me! I promise to return the characters good as new. I do, however, own the idea to this story.

Summary: Alternate Universe. Not set in Roswell and there are no aliens in sight! Just your regular love story!

Category: A bit of everyone, but swaying towards Max and Liz.

Rating: PG-13 (For now!!)

Dedication: This story is dedicated to Jo, my amazing Roswell e-buddy, whom I’ve had the privileged pleasure to meet. A wonderful person who truly has a pure heart of gold.

Authors Notes: This is my own story, generated from my own imagination. I apologise if any of my ‘American’ terms are incorrect, please forgive me since I don’t live there!

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They’d been through pain and heartbreak together, but as Liz climbed onto the edge of his bed and laid her head down on his shoulder, it all felt worthwhile. The pain he’d previously felt ebbed away into an unrecognisable dull ache, replaced by the wonder that they were finally together. The journey along the long rocky road had finally led to paradise. His arm encased her, holding her close as her body hummed from the feelings he sparked deep inside her.

To hold her close to his body, albeit in a hospital, was so much more than Max had dared dream about since she’d broken his heart in Jim’s vast house. But now he finally held her in his embrace, and it felt so right, as if it was always meant to be.

A little while later, as a nurse peered into the room, she couldn’t help but smile. They looked so sweet together, so clearly in love as they lay sleeping peacefully in the small hospital bed. She’d seen the young brunette sitting by his bedside, as he’d been deep in a coma; she’d seen Liz’s tears of emotion and tiredness. Yet the young girl hadn’t faltered, she’d kept going, and the nurse had no doubt it was that girl’s love that had helped him while he was lost to find his way back to those who loved him so dearly.

It was a success story from a precarious situation, so many people in his situation didn’t wake up, and it made her feel warm inside. She was sure they’d have a long, happy life together, their evident love would see to that.

Quietly closing the door, she walked away, unwilling to wake the young lovers as they slept so soundly. It was clear, even to her, that they had finally overcome whatever huge obstacle had halted their progress previously.


As she pulled into the driveway of his house, Isabelle took in a deep breath. During the journey from the hospital to where she was now, she’d deliberated constantly whether this was a good idea or not. When Liz had suggested it, Isabelle had thought it was a logical step to take. But now, as she arrived outside his house with her courage beginning to falter, she wasn’t so sure.

Trepidation filled her body as she walked up the three steps to his front door, before gently rapping the large brass doorknocker. Part of her was excited, that perhaps what Liz had said was true, but the other part afraid that she would leave with no hope at all. Rejection was one thing to accept and take, but to have no possible glimmer of future hope was even too much for Isabelle to cope with.

“Isabelle, hi!” Alex greeted, surprised to see her standing on his doorstep.
“Hi Alex.” She replied.
“Is there a problem? Is Max and Liz ok?” He queried, wondering why she was there, and indeed how she had found out where he lived.
“No, there’s no problem. They’re both fine, I just needed to talk to you about something. Can I come in?” She asked, hoping he would say yes. Having an intimate conversation while standing in the doorway wasn’t her idea of fun.
“Sure, of course.” He encouraged, guilty he’d forgotten his manners and not invited her in already.

Ushering her inside, Alex pointed towards the living room and then followed her inside. His mind was racing, confused as to why she had just turned up at his house. He was sure he hadn’t told her the address, and the only phone number she had was his office number.

“So ………. Can I get you a drink or anything?” He queried, breaking the silence of the room as they both sat down on a plush cream coloured couch.
“No, I’m fine thank you.” She replied politely, glancing around his scantily decorated room.

A silent thought that a man had clearly decided on the décor jumped into her mind. Pictures and personal artefacts were non-existent, the only personal item was a picture of a beautiful young girl with eyes just like Alex’s placed in the middle of the mantelpiece just above the open fire. She must be his sister, or niece or similar, Isabelle denoted, wondering why Alex had no pictures of his other family like parents or such.

“Ok ….. so erm, what can I do for you?” Alex asked, pulling Isabelle from her thoughts.
“I came to talk to you if that’s ok.”
”Sure. Forgive my bluntness, but I didn’t give you my address did I?” He queried, the niggling thought gnawing away until he had to ask it.
“Oh no, you didn’t. Erm ….. Liz gave it to me actually.” Isabelle responded somewhat reluctantly. The last thing she wanted to do was get Liz in to trouble with Alex for her actions.

“Liz? She gave you my address? But why?” He asked.
“Because, like I said, I wanted to talk to you.”
”Well, it’s about us actually.” She said, waiting for his reaction.
“Us? No offence Isabelle, but there isn’t actually an ‘us’. We never have been and never will be an ‘us’.” He said somewhat brutally.

“That’s exactly why I’m here Alex.” She said simply, glossing over his harsh words. “I don’t understand why there will never be an ‘us’. I really like you, you’re funny, you make me laugh, and you’re a perfect gentleman. You’re everything I’m looking for in a guy and so much more. Why won’t you give me a chance?”
”Because there is no point Isabelle, it wouldn’t work.” He said simply.
“Why not Alex? How can you say that without even trying? Don’t I deserve a chance?” She said angrily.

“I just know ok. I am not the carefree, happy person you think I am. I have a lot of baggage Isabelle, what you see is not all you get. My family is a mess, my head is screwed up, I can’t ask you to step into my world.”
“That isn’t your decision to make Alex.” She said adamantly. “I deserve the right to choose.”
“It is my decision Isabelle, because it’s my life you would be entering. You’re young, free and want to have fun in life. I can practically guarantee what I am looking for out of life right now, and it’s not what you want.”
”How dare you presume to know what I want out of life. You don’t even know me Alex.” Isabelle roared.

Ok then, how about you tell me Isabelle? Then I’ll know for sure.” He countered.
“I don’t really know right now. I want someone who makes me happy and will love me for me. I don’t want someone who likes me because I will make a great asset for their arm at parties, or someone who talks business constantly. I want ……….. you Alex.” She said.
“Great, so now I know what you want, and you’ve confirmed my suspicions. We want differently things Isabelle, our relationship would never work.”

“Humour me then, tell me what you’re looking for.” She pressed.
“Ok, yes I’m looking for someone who will make me as happy as I do them. But my life is complicated. My parents are divorced and constantly arguing over my sister who’s been gone for years. I want a family of my own, whom I can take care of in place of my own screwed up parents. I want a wife and children to fill my house with noise.” He told her. “But most of all I need someone who will look after me and give me back some of the love my life has been missing for so long.” He added, saying the last part softly as if he was ashamed of it.

He wasn’t used to being so brutally honest about his feelings, unused to admitting his dreams and hopes for the future. But that was what Isabelle did to him, she made him feel relaxed, happy and most of all made him want to tell her what she could do to make things right. Yet despite that he didn’t want to drag her down, bring her into his life and then slowly but surely extinguish the sparkle in her beautiful dancing eyes.

“Then why can’t I be the person to give you back love in your life?” She asked gently.
“Because you’re so young. You deserve fun, not someone that needs you more than you need me. You don’t want to settle down and commit to all the things I’m after. I can’t do that to you Isabelle, and I won’t. You’re an amazing person full of so much vibrancy and happiness, I can’t go out with you and watch you diminish as a person because of what I need and want from a lover. It would break my heart to see you do go through that and change as a person.” He said sincerely.

“You’re not even giving me a chance though Alex, you’re dooming us before you’ve even given it a go. I won’t profess to know that things would be rosy and work out perfectly, but you can’t just brush me aside because you don’t think I can live up to what you want. Yes I’m young, but I do want to get married one day and have a family. Maybe I don’t what those things as quickly as you, but compromise is a wonderful tool in a relationship. If you hate me then fine, but if you’re just scared then don’t throw me away on a whim.” She told him, sounding much more wiser that her 22 years.

Her hopeful eyes and determinedness in her voice shone back at Alex as he stared at her. A small, tentative smile crossed her lips, trying to plead with him to give her a chance. It was all she desired, just an opportunity to give it a go and see where love could take them.

His heart screamed loudly as he tried to keep his composure. He’d convinced himself that he would never experience the exquisite touch of Isabelle. He’d thought he had managed to get his heart to accept that it was just the way things went, just one little fish in a very big sea. But, as she sat beside him, her big brown eyes projecting optimism his way, his resolution finally broke.

Acting on pure instinct, rather than rationale, he fixed his eyes on her lips before slipping his hand around her neck. Capturing a handful of hair, he allowed it to slip through his fingers as he covered the distance between them. All rime and reason flew out the window, instead he just allowed his emotions to rule his head.

Knowing what was about to happen, Isabelle responded, wrapping her own hand around his neck, to make the journey towards her easier. In a split second her dreams would finally come true.

As his lips finally touched hers, she was catapulted straight into heaven. It was a soft, sensual kiss sealing all of the emotions of the room. Melting into his embrace, she allowed him to deepen the kiss and heighten the emotional feeling flooding her body. The tenderness of his embrace crashed through her body at an alarming rate. His lips caressed hers, stoking the fire in her stomach to raging levels. His tongue darted across her bottom lip, stroking and probing for entry into the depths of her sensual mouth. Obliging with eagerness, she parted her lips and accepted the onslaught that came her way.

Never before had she been kissed so openly passionately and recklessly, it was as if all his restraint had culminated in this one moment of weakness. All his feelings were displayed in the embrace, signalling it had taken great superhuman strength to keep Isabelle Evans at arms length.

As they finally drifted apart, she subconsciously bit on her bottom lip; afraid he might slip back into darkness and denial. She’d finally had what she wanted, a small taste of him, and she knew in her heart that wasn’t enough to quell the flames deep inside her. She’d tasted sweet heaven; anything else would always be second best from that moment onwards.

For a moment he sat in silence, just stroking the back of her hand with his fingertips. He stared down at the carpet, trying to make sense of what had just happened. His head was awash with images of their kiss, his skin prickling due to her close proximity. He couldn’t think clearly, all he could sense was the feelings and emotions of Isabelle. He’d dreamed of kissing her for so long, and now that dream had come true, but where to go from here he wasn’t sure. For so long he’d lectured himself to keep Isabelle away for his own health, and now he’d tasted her he was genuinely afraid on how to regain his control again.

“Alex.” She said softly, using her other hand to still his movement and attempt to gauge his reaction to the kiss.
“Yeah.” He breathed, finally turning his head towards her so she could see the mist forming rapidly in his eyes.

His open show of emotions tore at her heartstrings. It was clear their embrace had blown him away just as much as it had her. Reaching her hand to his face, Isabelle gently caressed his cheek, the warmth in her smile showing him she was overwhelmed with happiness.

“I know how you feel.” She said simply, moving in to place a gentle kiss on his lips once more.
“Who are you Isabelle Evans? What spell have you spun over me?” He whispered, taking a strand of her hair and pushing it neatly behind her ear.
“I think it’s called love.” She responded, her own eyes welling up due to the immense feelings swirling around the room.

“I hardly know you ……. But for some reason I think you might just be right there.” He replied, slipping an arm around her shoulders and pulling her close to his body for another embrace.

They didn’t know what the future would hold, whether things would be perfect or not. But between them, that day, they had silently agreed to give it a go.

Lying in bed, his hands instinctively moved to rest on top of her stomach. She smiled against his chest as she felt his fingers caress her soft skin. Things were far from a hundred percent perfect between them, but the first big steps towards their future had been trodden.

Michael had finally accepted the baby, and his responsibility to Maria. But, inside, it was more than that. As she lay in his arms, he finally realised he had everything he’d ever craved. He’d never admitted it to himself, but he was more content than ever before at that moment.

The wonder of Maria carrying his child was awe inspiring to him. The thought that a little person that he had helped make was growing inside her was incomprehensible. He wasn’t sure what it would be like to become a father, to hold a tiny being in his arms and protect them from the horrors of the world, but he was certainly going to try. He not only owed that to Maria and the child, but he owed it to himself, for he knew he’d regret it for the rest of his life if he ran.

“Feels strange doesn’t it.” She said softly, feeling his fingers run across her stomach.
“Yeah, I guess it does.” He admitted.
“It’s taken me a while to accept there’s something in there too. Guess once I start showing it’ll be easier to think about it.”
“Yeah, probably. Talking about that, when do you want to tell your mother?” He asked. He knew it wasn’t going to be an easy talk, but it was an essential one.
“Soon I guess, better to get it out of the way than dwell on what she’ll say. I’m sure she will be angry, but it’ll be easier now you’re with me.” Maria told him.

Stepping out of the shower the following morning, Maria shook back her hair and fumbled around for her pink towelling robe. Slipping it over her damp skin, she grabbed her hairbrush before pulling her wet strands into a hair clasp. Hearing the front door open, Maria assumed it was Michael, guessing he was putting out some trash or something. He was downstairs preparing her some breakfast, the only stipulation being nothing fried. Her morning sickness wasn’t quite so ruthless now, but the smell of fried cooking in the morning always made her loose her stomach in the most spectacular fashion.

Closing the door behind her, Amy nearly fell over a large pair of Doc Martin boots. Wondering to herself whose shoes they were, she slipped off her coat before heading towards the kitchen. She’d been travelling most of the night and a cup of coffee would be a godsend at that moment.

The sight in her kitchen, however, startled her beyond belief. Instead of finding her daughter, who Amy had expected, she had found a man. And not just any man, no this was a young, viral specimen. He had bare feet, faded blue jeans that rode low on his slender hips and absolutely nothing on his upper body. His hair was an unruly mess and she guessed from the beads of moisture that he hadn’t long since stepped out of the shower. Busily preparing what looked like waffles and maple syrup, he was clearly engrossed and hadn’t noticed her at all.

“Maria, the pancakes are rea …………. “ He yelled turning to find a woman in the doorway. “Oh, erm, hi.” He added, doing his best to keep hold of the plates and not drop them over the floor through shock. He didn’t know who this woman was, but Michael didn’t really need a million guesses.

Her short brown hair was different, but she had the same interesting eyes, high cheekbones and full lips. There was no doubt in Michael’s mind that this older woman had to be Maria’s mother. He had never met her, only heard Maria’s descriptions, but being stood in her kitchen with very little on, Michael was sure they were in for trouble.

“Hello right back at yah.” She drawled, luring him into a false sense of security. “Wanna tell me what you’re doing standing in my kitchen at 8.30am in the morning with next to nothing on?” Amy added, the tone of her voice turning serious.

Of course, Amy didn’t really need to know what he was doing, that was plainly obvious. Oh yes he was making breakfast, but her real question was where had he spent the previous night. As long as it was far away as possible from her daughter and more importantly Maria’s bed, Amy would be happy. Her heart, however said that wasn’t the case.

“Oh, I er …… am …..” He stumbled, clearly lost for words which was something of a rarity for the normally calm, cool and collected Michael Guerin.
“Thanks Mickey …….. oh I mum!” Maria suddenly said, seeing her mother staring intently at her boyfriend.
“Micky? I guess that must be you.” Amy said, narrowing her eyes towards him.
“Actually it’s Michael.” He responded weakly, feeling very lost at that moment.
“Maria, how are you sweetie? Fine? Good. A word, in private, now!” Amy said sternly, the look given to her daughter just as firm.
“No Mum ……”
“Now Maria!”

Realising it was a loosing battle, Maria reluctantly followed her mother into the lounge, leaving a bewildered Michael still standing in the middle of the kitchen with two plates in his hand.

“Mum, it’s not what you think …….. ok well maybe it is.” Maria started.
“Save it Maria. Answer me this, did he stay here last night?” Amy asked pointedly, not really wanting to know the answer.
“Yes he stayed the night.”
“In your bed?”
“Yes in my bed.”
“And you stayed where?”
“…….. with him ……” Maria finally answered, knowing it would open the floodgates to a barrage from her mother.

For a moment Maria actually thought her mother might burst. Amy’s face was bright red, her eyes bulging outwards. Thrusting a hand through her short unruly hair, Amy blew out a deep breath. Well at least her daughter had been honest, she couldn’t fault Maria there. But to hear it in cold hard words that Maria had obviously been sleeping with Michael, well that was too much. Her daughter may be 23 years old, but that didn’t stop Amy wanting to wrap her up and never let her out of her sight, or anywhere near Michael in particular.

“And just what happened to our agreement that while I was out of town you wouldn’t be entertaining young men in our house?” Amy finally asked.
“Mum I’m 23 ……”
“Yes Maria, I am well aware of that.”
“So then if I want Michael to stay over that’s my choice.”
“Not while I’m your mother it’s not!”
“Fine, no problem, then I’ll go back to Michael’s if it makes you feel better.” Maria countered.
“That’s enough young lady. You know the whole reason I don’t want you sleeping with someone is so that you don’t turn out like I did. I missed out on so much Maria to have you. You know I love you to death and wouldn’t change a thing now, but there is no way I want you to make the same mistakes I did.” Amy said sincerely.

For a moment Maria felt consumed with guilt. She knew how much her mother wanted a different life for her, yet Maria had still managed to fall into the same trap. The only difference being that her father’s baby was sticking around and they were planning to move in together to create a proper home for their child. Maria’s father, on the other hand, had hotfooted it in the opposite direction the moment Maria had been born. It wasn’t the best time to tell Amy with her mother’s anger already riled up at the thought Michael had stayed the night, but in her heart Maria knew there would never be a good time to announce her news. Her mother would freak no matter when or where the news was broken, so why not now.

“Look mum, can you excuse me for just a minute.” Maria said, holding up her finger before heading out of the room.
“Michael, it’s time.”
“Time? But haven’t you got months to go?” Michael queried, getting the wrong idea of Maria’s words.
“No silly, I mean time, you know, to tell my mother.”
“Are you sure? I mean I’ve only just met her?”
“Yes, I’m sure.”
“But she doesn’t seem to like me.” He countered.
“Michael ….. we have to tell her, and now.”
“Ok.” He finally replied.

As they walked back into the lounge, both Maria and Michael had a sense of dread. He knew he was walking into a lion’s den, he had no doubt Amy would tear strips off him once she found out Maria’s pregnancy was his doing. He had to keep telling himself though, that he was a grown man, not some seventeen-year-old high school student who had just got his prom queen pregnant.

“Mum, look there’s something we need to tell you.”
“Really?” Amy queried, not liking this at all.
“Yes.” Maria started, pausing to look at Michael for some moral support.
“Look Ms DeLuca, I know you don’t know me really, but I love your daughter very much. We’ve been seeing each other for a while now, and we’re really happy.”
“Is that so?” Amy responded, an inkling that an engagement was coming hit Amy hard and made her suck in a deep breath.
“Yes, and …….”
“And I’m pregnant mum.” Maria finally finished, slipping her hand in Michael’s and reminding herself she wasn’t in this alone.

If Maria had thought her mother would burst before, she was now sure Amy was going to faint or have a heart attack, whichever came first. Her normally rosy cheeks now held a deathly pale complexion, her eyes glazed over as if unable to completely believe what she had just been told.

“You’re pregnant?” She reiterated, shock covering her face.
“Yes.” Maria said gently, sitting down on the sofa.
“I don’t believe this!” Amy roared. “Tell me it isn’t true, tell me this is just some sick joke. Please, tell me that my only daughter hasn’t just fallen into the same trap I did?”
“I can’t mother. I know this is not what you planned for my life, I know you wanted more for me, but I’m happy. Michael and I love each other and we want to bring up this baby as best we can. We’re looking for a house together, and we’re going to do this right.”
“You think love is going to be enough? Geez Maria haven’t I taught you anything? Don’t you realise that love isn’t enough, love won’t buy things for the baby, love won’t put food on the table and love won’t hold you together when he realises just how hard raising a child will be.” Amy said, tears filling in her eyes as her heart broke for her daughter.

“I’m not expecting this to be easy Ms DeLuca, I know raising a child will be tough. But as for the money side, I can assure you your daughter will want for nothing. I won’t say when I found out Maria was pregnant that I was ecstatic, I wasn’t, but I’ve come to realise that I need her in my life. She’s a special person, and although we didn’t plan this child, I can say that I am the happiest I have been in a very long time.”

“You! You come here and tell me you’ve got my daughter pregnant, tell me it’s the happiest you’ve been and then expect me to be happy? For god sake haven’t you kids heard about contraception!”
“Yes of course we have, and we were careful …..” Michael started.
“Well not careful enough clearly!”
“Mum please ……..”

“I don’t believe this! Maria what about everything I’ve taught you, about being responsible, about not jumping into bed with men. God if you’d just have listened to me you wouldn’t be having to deal with this now.”
“I know you’re upset Mum, I know you feel disappointed in me and I’ve let you down. But please, let me be happy, accept that this is my life and I want to live it my way. I want this baby, I am happy about this baby, all I need is your blessing to make it perfect.” Maria pleaded, praying her mother would accept her words.
“How can I give my blessing to you when I know you’re making the biggest mistake of your life?” Amy countered.
“By trusting me.” Maria replied simply.

Mother and daughter sat staring at each other, as if time had stood still. Silent tears escaped down Amy’s cheeks, tears of part sadness that her daughter hadn’t learnt, but also tinged slightly with happiness. For Maria looked to have found the one person in her life that Amy had been searching for, the one person she’d tried to find for many years. Michael’s arm was protectively placed around Maria’s shoulders, his spare hand covering hers, love flowed between them, Amy was sure of that. But there was a pang of jealously, for Amy’s true love still eluded her. She’d loved Maria’s father, but it hadn’t meant to be, and now, once Maria moved out, she’d be even more alone in the world.

Amy’s desire to find a special person to live out the rest of her years with suddenly doubled in size. No matter what she said to Maria now Amy knew she’d lost her, no longer would Maria see her mother as the only special person in her life. Options spun around her head, one, she could shun Maria tell her she was making a huge mistake and then watch her daughter walk away without looking back. But option two meant she had to bury her own deep seeded feelings and back Maria with her whole heart. She may not agree with her daughter’s choices, but thoughts of loosing her only family helped make the decision infinitely easier.

“Ok, I’m not saying I like it or I approve, but I do trust you Maria, I always have. I love you.” Amy conceded. “And if you hurt my daughter I’ll personally hunt you down and make you sorry!” She warned flashing narrow eyes in Michael’s direction.”
“Yes mam.” He responded, knowing very well they’d got off lightly.

Now that her mother knew, Maria could put their plan in action. Michael’s bachelor pad certainly wasn’t big enough for the three of them once the baby was born, so a new house was needed. They’d both looked through the local papers, trying to find a nice four-bedroom house in a smart neighbourhood of Beverley Hills. Although giving up his apartment tugged at his heart slightly, Michael conceded it was for the best.

He was finally growing up, accepting responsibility of Maria and the child and with that meant giving up his apartment and with it his playboy image. Soon too would come all the baby paraphernalia, buggies, cots, bottles and mountains of clothes. But, to his amazement, Michael was actually looking forward to that time. Then there would be a little person, part of him to look after and care for, and it made him feel warm inside just thinking about it.

It had taken a while, but a woman had finally tamed him, and Michael couldn’t think of a better person than Maria to have done the job,

TBC ………………..?


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