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Title: I Am

Author: Sugarplum17 a.k.a. Lynn

Disclaimer: Roswell characters don’t belong to me. They’re the property of that crack smoking s.o.b. Jason Katims, and Melinda Metz, and maybe a studio too. I don’t know.

Author’s Note: A sad, sad tale of an alcoholic. Shorty828 gave the challenge. This is the prologue, because I think I’m gonna switch to a first person POV after this part. I so do not need to be starting yet another fic, but I couldn't help myself. I wanted someone to take it, nobody did, I was having a bit of insomnia and bam! There it was.


She stood on the platform infront of the crowd and nervously wrung her hands. His presence should’ve had a calming effect on her, but it only served to make her even more nervous. She’d worked out this whole speech, but at the last minute she’d tore up her note cards and threw them away. She wished now that she could go back and rifle through the garbage. She needed them right about now and she didn’t care if she had to dig through banana peels and goo to get it.

“It’s time to start.” The woman infront of the microphone said to everyone, quieting the huge gymnasium. “I’d like you all to welcome our speaker.”

With that, she stepped up to the podium. “Thank you Mrs. Oates.”

Her eyes looked out at the huge crowd and she inhaled a shaky breath. She sought him out and found him somewhere near the middle, close enough to the makeshift stage that his reassuring smile could be seen, but far enough to give her space when she needed to talk about the hard things. So that she wouldn’t be staring into his face when she told a gym full of high school students about her life.

“It’s all so fuzzy that I vaguely remember it.” She started, amazed that her voice had come out steady and strong. Projecting through the microphone and booming out of the speakers so that everyone could hear it. “I honestly can’t remember when it became a problem. I can’t remember things that happened two years ago because most of those days and nights are all just one big blur.”

Her eyes found him quickly before looking away and clearing her throat. “I can’t even remember my own wedding.”

She paused briefly before looking down at the grainy wood of the podium, and tucking a strand of hair behind her ear. “When I watch the tape, I’m ashamed of myself. I’m appalled at my behavior. I stumbled down the aisle, my father struggling to keep me walking in a straight line, and then laughed during the ceremony after the man I love said ‘I do’. I hear these stories about my bad behavior and I wonder how my husband, family and friends even put up with me. Because they shouldn’t have had to.”

“I can’t remember when it became a problem, but one year ago I realized it was.” She told her captivated audience. “That night is crystal clear in my mind. I often replay it wondering what I should’ve and could’ve done differently, I think how incredibly stupid I was.”

“That night, I realized I had a problem. That night was the night that I realized I had hit rock bottom.” She said wiping a tear that fell from her eye away quickly. “That night as I laid on the pavement, my body twisted at an odd angle and unable to move with blood pooling under my head, a man in my line of vision whom I couldn’t even recognize laying broken at the base of a tree, I realized that I needed help. And as I heard the wail of a distant ambulance approaching I promised myself I would get it.”

“I thank god every day. I thank him for this second chance. A second chance to mend broken relationships, a second chance to treat my husband the way he’s always deserved to be treated, and a second chance to give life as well as live it.”

She paused again, looking at her husband and smiling a small but sad smile.

“I’m here today, holding this little gold coin in my hand, a coin that represents what I’ve worked so hard to achieve.” She said as she held up the coin for all to see. “I’m here to tell my story, in hopes that some of you will listen. I’m here to tell you that I’m Elizabeth Evans and that I was an alcoholic.”

TBC? Let me know if you want more.

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Well I hope now that I've taken it, she'll post hers too! I didn't mean to step on anyone's toes but I hadn't seen anyone mention anything on the thread you started on the FanFic Discussion board so I assumed that nobody had taken it. I think I'll bmail her.
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So real life is really jacking me up right about now. I'm stressed and having a really nasty case of writer's block. Words are really not flowing to well right now. So I'm going to be taking a little break from writing. I'll be around the boards reading, I just won't be writing.

I don't know when I'll start writing again and I don't know if I'll be able to finish this fic when I do, but I'll definitely try to. So I'm sorry Shorty. *sad* But on the plus side, Grace is still gonna do hers right?
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I am going to finish this. Don't think that it's just disappeared off the face of the earth. *happy* I'm just gonna rework part one because I wasn't completely happy with it.
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AN: The new and improved part 1! I'm so much happier with this part. *happy* We're going back in time.

Part 1

Roswell, New Mexico
June 2002

Liz Parker took one look at her best friend and knew instinctively that something was up. She just had that mischievous twinkle in her eye, and all it took was one quick glance in her direction the second she had walked through Liz’s bedroom door. “No.”

“Can’t you just hear me out before you shoot me down?” She asked as she sank down to a sitting position on Liz’s bed.

Liz sighed and slumped back over her desk, focusing her eyes on the page she’d been reading. “Fine Maria, go ahead. You’re going to anyway. Just know that my answer is still no.”

Clearing her throat Maria sat up a little straighter. “There’s a senior party tonight, and I think it would be really cool if you went with me and Alex.”


The straight forward, definitive answer made Maria Deluca want to scream in frustration. She loved Liz, she really did, but sometimes she as just so...dull and boring. It was like Liz always had her eye on this prize, and she never allowed herself to cut loose and have any fun. “Liz, babe, incase you haven’t noticed we graduated yesterday. There’s no test to study for. No assignment to be done.” Maria said as she pushed herself up and stalked over to Liz’s desk, grabbing the book out of her hand.

She held the book behind her as Liz reached for it. “Come on Liz!” She said pleadingly. “Live a little! Have a little fun for once in your life. Enjoy the summer.”

“I have fun.” Liz told her angrily. “Just because I’m not like you, just because I don’t go out, get drunk and have sex with our best friend, doesn’t mean that I don’t have fun.”

Maria looked stunned for a second before dropping the book onto Liz’s desk. “Ouch.” She’d read between the lines. ‘Just because I’m not like you.’ That was a veiled insult, her best friend was calling her a slut. She turned and headed for the door, stopping only when Liz reached out and touched Maria’s arm.

“Wait. I’m sorry.” Liz told her sincerely. “I didn’t mean it that way and you know it.”

“Then how did you mean it?” Maria asked unable to hide the hurt in her voice. They had been fighting like this for quite sometime now. Ever since Maria and Alex Whitman got together. She suspected that Liz was just freaked out by it, and didn’t know how to handle it. The three of them had been best friends since the beginning of time, and it probably seemed unnatural to Liz.

“It’s just...I don’t need to do the things that you do, to have fun.” Liz said quietly. “I don’t need to go to parties and get drunk. I can have fun reading.” She held up the book to illustrate her point.

“You can have fun reading?” Maria sounded thoroughly confused as she once again took the book from Liz’s hand. “You can have fun reading this book about Darwin’s theories?”

Liz nodded her head. “I mean, I realize it’s not for everyone. It probably seems really lame to you.”

Maria tossed the book back down on the desk. “You got that right.” She sighed and brought her fingers up to rub her temples. “Please Liz? Just this one time. Just this one night, stop being a dork and hiding behind all your books and everything else it is that you hide behind and just come with me. Have fun with me. Have a life with me.”

Liz sighed heavily. She wondered why it was so impossibly hard to keep her resolve when Maria was trying to convince her into something. Turning away from Maria, she walked to her window and leaned against the frame, thinking about all that Maria had said. She weighed the pros and cons. Maria was right. There was no test she had to study for. There wasn’t an assignment she had to turn in the next day. It was summer she was eighteen and a high school graduate. “Just for the record, I’m not a dork...I just really like science.”

Maria smiled at her friend’s back, allowing the hope she felt to show through in her tone of voice. “So does this mean you’re coming with me?”

“I suppose.” Liz said on a sigh, letting her shoulders slump forward in a defeated gesture. She smiled slightly when Maria squealed and started jumping up and down, clapping and hugging Liz.

- - -

It was 9:00 p.m. when she, Alex and Maria walked into Tabby Miller’s house. She had instantly felt out of place and tried to turn around, only to run into Alex’s chest. He smiled down at her and gently turned her around, gently pushing her forward, into the party.

By 9:15 she was standing in a corner of the room, silently watching everything that was going on. She shyly smiled at the people who passed by her, pretending that she didn’t notice their looks of complete bewilderment. She knew they were wondering why she was there.

At 9:20 she left her corner and went off in search of Maria. She had been ready to go home exactly one minute after she’d got there. She felt uncomfortable, and out of place. She knew, as well as everyone else, that she did not belong there. Finding no trace of either Maria or Alex, she sighed and slumped against a wall in defeat. She was just about ready to start crying when someone sidled up next to her.

“Aren’t you Liz Parker?” He asked quietly, looking at her in confusion.

She turned her teary eyes on him and nodded her head. She recognized him from a few of her classes, she thought his name was Jarred.

He smiled reassuringly at her. “Never expected to see you here.”

She looked away, searching the room for Maria or Alex. She just wanted to get out of there and go home. She wanted to curl up on her bed and read a book.

“Hey, you want a drink?” The kid next to her asked, trying to get her to loosen up. She looked so tense. He knew that right about now she was feeling like the biggest outsider.

“No, thank you.” Her voice came out meek and small. It sounded shaky, even to her own ears. She was definitely on the verge.

“You should have a drink.” He told her, grabbing her hand and intertwining his fingers with hers. “Come with me, I’ll get you one.”

She protested, but followed him anyway. He led her into the kitchen, where he dropped her hand and opened the fridge. He eyeballed her before looking into the fridge and pulling out a Mike’s Hard Lemonade. “You look like you’re a light weight. I don’t wanna give you anything that’ll knock you on your ass. It tastes good too.”

“Thanks.” She had no way of knowing if this guy was playing her or being straight. She didn’t know if he was giving her something that would knock her on her ass, so that he could take advantage of her. But for some strange reason, she trusted him to take care of her. She twisted off the cap and brought the drink to her mouth, taking a tentative sip as Jarred watched her.

The cool liquid hit her tongue and she winced slightly. It tasted kind of weird at first, but as she took another sip, she decided that it wasn’t all that bad once you got used to it. And by 12 a.m., Liz was very used to it.

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AN: I'm working on part three right now, but I probably won't post it until tomorrow or something. It's the Max and Liz meeting...sort of. I'm also wondering what happened to all the people that were reading this before. I hope they haven't stopped or given up on me. *sad*

Part 2

Mid/Late August 2002
Roswell, New Mexico

It was time, and the three friends all knew it. Liz’s impending flight was like a flashing neon sign. It was a painful reminder that distance was about to test the strength of their bond. They didn’t know how they were even going to do it. Maria, Alex and Liz had never been away from each other for more than three weeks. They didn’t know how they were going to get through months without seeing one another.

Alex Whitman was positive that he would remain friends with both Maria and Liz. He would fall all over himself, and go to the ends of the earth if he had to, just to ensure that he would. His girls were all he’d ever had besides his parents. They had been friends for so long that he couldn’t even imagine what his life would be like without them, and he really didn’t want to. He couldn’t even contemplate the notion of not having the two most important ladies in his life as his two best friends. He was however, a little scared about his relationship with Maria. They had been together for 4 months, and it was still so fresh and new to the both of them. He was worried that the distance he was about to put between them in a few very short weeks would change things around again.

He stood to the side, his hands shoved deep into the pockets of his cargo shorts, and watched silently as his girls clung to each other in a desperate hug. It broke his heart to see them that way. The hug was so fierce that it looked as if they were trying to melt into each other, just so they wouldn’t have to be separated. They seemed oblivious to everything and everyone around them as they held onto each other and talked.

“I’ll call you every single weekend.” Maria said into Liz’s hair, her voice tight with emotion.

Liz nodded her head and swallowed. “Okay, I’ll call you every Wednesday.” Her own voice sounded shaky.

She felt like crying as Maria told her that she would be waiting beside the phone. In an attempt to stop the tears she buried her face into Maria’s shoulder and held on a little tighter.

It was then that Alex had finally had enough of it. He stepped closer to them and wrapped his arms around both girls, sighing sadly as they wrapped their arms around him. “I’ll call you too, Alex, the both of you. We’ll do a three-way.”

“Yes!” Alex exclaimed happily. “There is a god and he loves me.” He quipped, earning him a bite on the neck from Maria and a pinch on the back from Liz. They chuckled at his attempt to lighten the mood.

“You know what I meant.” She said, smiling into his shoulder. She was going to miss him too, so much. She was going to miss everything about Alex and Maria. Everything from Alex’s sometimes corny jokes to Maria’s damn cedar oil and hysterics.

The three of them stood there holding each other for a few minutes before reluctantly pulling back from one another. They stood looking from face to face as the held hands in a triangle.

“Flight #675 to Massachusetts is now boarding.” The announcement over the loud speaker caused everyone in the small triangle to flinch and tighten their grip on the hands they were holding.

“I guess that’s me.” Liz said sadly. She let a nervous giggle escape. “I don’t know how we’re going to do this.”

Alex brought the hand that still held Maria’s up to brush the tear off of Liz’s cheek. “We’ll do it Lizzie. The holidays aren’t that far away.”

“Yeah.” Maria tried to make her voice sound as encouraging and reassuring as she possibly could. “We’ll all be back here together for the holidays.”

Liz nodded sadly before hugging them both one more time. She had said her goodbyes to her parents at home already. She had told them it would be hard enough to get on the plane and fly thousands of miles away from her home and her family and friends with Alex and Maria there. If her parents were there, she wouldn’t be able to make herself get on the plane. She could see herself running back to her daddy and throwing herself in his arms.

“I hate goodbyes.” She told them, her voice trembling.

“It isn’t goodbye. It’s see ya later.” Maria hugged her once again, allowing a tear to drop from her eye. She pulled back quickly and dropped Liz’s hand, prompting Alex to follow her lead. “You better go. Call us when you get there.”

Maria quickly wiped the tear from her eye and tried to put on a strong front. She forced herself to smile. “See ya later Lizzie.”

“I’ll see you guys later.” Liz told them, forcing herself to smile too. Turning around she clutched her carry on bag to her chest and handed her ticket to the flight attendant. She forced herself to keep looking straight ahead, because if she looked back, she wouldn’t be able to get on the plane.

- - -

8 Hours Later
Cambridge, Massachusetts

Liz let out an exhausted breath as she closed the door behind her. Her dorm room looked nice, she could see that her roommate was already there. She’d picked a bed and made it already, sticking Liz with the bed beside the window. She wasn’t even upset about it. She preferred the window, it kind of reminded her of her balcony back home.

After she found her sheets she made her bed and put her suitcase beside it before climbing onto it and curling up into a little ball. It had only been 30 minutes and she was already lonely and home sick. Before she knew it, tears were slowly rolling down her cheeks and her body was shaking with the force of her sobs.

She didn’t even hear the door opening and closing. She wasn’t aware that someone else was in the room until a hand tentatively touched her shaking shoulder. She stopped sobbing and sat up quickly, wiping her eyes, trying to smile at the red head infront of her.

“Are you okay?” The girl asked, the concern she was feeling showing through in the expression on her clear perfect skin.

Not trusting her own voice, Liz simply nodded.

“You must be Liz.” The girl said, holding her hand out. “I’m Christine, your roommate. But you can call me Chris, all my friends do.”

Liz smiled and took Christine’s hand. “Hi Chris.”

TBC! I have no idea how long it takes to fly from NM to Mass.

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AN: I know I said this would be the Max and Liz meeting part, but it'll have to wait until the next part, which won't take that long to write seeing as I have most of it in my head already. I have some things to do tonight so this is all I have time for.

Part 3

Cambridge Massachusetts
Mid September 2002

Max let out a sigh of relief as he collapsed on his bed. Looking around his new room, he allowed a faint smile to grace his lips. This was his room. Well, technically it wasn’t his. But it was his for the duration of his stay. And technically he was sharing the room with Michael Guerin, but none of that mattered to Max, because as far as he was concerned, he had finally arrived.

He had not only gotten into his father’s old alma mater, but also the fraternity that he had once belonged to. It made his father proud. And it made Max happy to know that his father was proud of him and of his accomplishments. His father had come to Harvard and studied to be a lawyer, but Max wasn’t going to follow in his father’s footsteps completely. He was going to study to become a doctor.

Pledge week had just gotten over, and surprisingly enough, he was the only one they had picked. They had wanted him and only him. It inflated Max’s ego like nothing else had before. He was trying his hardest not to let it go to his head. He knew they would throw a party at the drop of a hat, but it made him feel good to know that the impending party the house was hosting later on would be in his honor.

- - -

Liz stirred from her light sleep quickly, confused at the loud sound she was hearing. The door to her dorm room had been flung open and banged loudly into the wall. Her eyes were unfocused and blurry from sleep but she could make out the red hair and waving arms.


Leaning up on her elbows, she rubbed her eyes and tried to focus on the person coming toward her. She recognized the voice. It sounded like her roommate Christine. “Chris?”

“Liz, guess what just happened to me!” Christine squealed as she bounced on Liz’s bed, and consequently on top of Liz’s back. She bounced on Liz a few times, ignoring the small noises that Liz was making, before jumping off of her bed and doing a happy dance in the middle of their room. “You’ll never guess so I’ll just tell you!”

Liz rolled over onto her side, propped herself up on her elbow and closed the chemistry book she’d been reading before dozing off. She looked at her roommate expectantly as Christine sat down on the bed across from Liz’s and tried to smooth down her wild curly red hair.

“Oh my gosh!” Christine exclaimed, wiggling her fingers together infront of her face. “Okay, okay.” She took a deep breath and tried to compose herself. “I was personally invited by this really cute guy in my art class to attend the party that the Trojan’s are throwing tonight!”

She squealed again, bouncing up and down on her own bed before throwing herself back on it.

Liz laughed softly at her roommates excited antics. “Congratulations Chris.”

“No, no, no.” Christine shot up, her emerald green eyes wide. “You haven’t heard the best part!” She put her hands up infront of her, “Okay, I asked him if I could bring a friend with me.”

Liz rolled her eyes. Christine and Maria were alike in so many ways. They both had a boundless amount of energy, a fiery dramatic personality and the constant need to drag Liz to parties. Maria had taken her to a few parties after that first one, and Liz had even accompanied Jarred to a few parties here and there.

But that was in the summer. She was in college now. There were once again tests to study for, assignments to be done, classes to attend. She needed to focus. It had been fun, but it was just a summer thing. “No.”

“Come on Liz!” Christine said, launching herself from her bed to kneel at the side of Liz’s. “It’s been three weeks and you haven’t been to one single party. It’s a Friday night for Christ’s sake!”

Christine clasped her hands together and pushed out her bottom lip, her green eyes pleading with Liz, who promptly shut her eyes against the sad face. She rolled onto her back and shoved her fingers into her ears when Christine started to make a whimpering noise.

After five minutes, Liz cautiously opened an eye only to find Christine in the same exact position. The girl was relentless. Throwing her hands into the air, she let out a sigh of annoyance. “Fine.”


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AN: I know, I know. Just wait for it. They'll meet in the next part, I promise! Stick a needle in my eye and all that part. And please excuse the Trojan Fraternity name. I couldn't think of anything better. I can probably use it for some good jokes though. *big*

Part 4

Trojan Frat House

Michael bounded down the stairs, taking two at a time, clutching his beer tightly in his hand. The party had started more than two hours ago and he was in search of the tasty treat he had invited from one of his classes. He knew that she would come. He had been laying down the game all week, flirting with her, complimenting her work in class, ignoring every other girl that was in the room while he talked to her.

That was how he played. He tried to make the girl feel special. He tried to make her believe that she was the only one for him, the only one he could see. Of course, they always ended up crying and/or calling him an ass in the end after they realized his methods. But he didn’t really care, by then he had already gotten into her panties a few times and had already grown bored with her. His latest conquest would be no different.

Looking around the crowded living room, he spotted Max, the guest of honor and his new roommate. Essentially, Michael had thought his now graduated roommate Steven, to be irreplaceable. But Max was turning out to be a really cool guy so far.

“Hey Maxwell.” Michael said as he moved to stand beside Max, slapping his back in the process. “How goes it?”

Max smiled over at Michael and shrugged. “It’s great!” He was so giddy that he wanted to climb up to the roof top and let his joy be known.

“How does it feel to be a Trojan man now?” Michael asked, smiling in amusement.

“Feels great!” Max told him honestly. “I still can’t believe I’m here though.”

They chatted for a few more minutes before Michael seemed to lose all interest in whatever Max was saying. He kept staring across the room, before finally breaking free from his trance.

“Look over there.” He said as he turned Max to face the direction his finger pointed in. “Do you see that tasty morsel?”

Max looked around for the girl that Michael was talking about, but saw no one.

“That girl right there.” Michael told him, extending his arm and jabbing his finger into the air. “The dancing red head, with curly hair.”

Max nodded, seeing her clearly. She wore faded blue jeans that hugged her hips and were tight in all the right places. And a tight, white polo shirt left unbuttoned to show cleavage. It rode up slightly as she moved, to reveal the pale flesh of the girl’s flat stomach. He saw hands on her hips and a knee that belonged to someone he couldn’t see. “She’s cute.”

“Man, she’s more than cute.” Michael told him as he removed his arm from Max’s shoulder and pushed him lightly. “She’s hot, and I’m gonna be all up in her shit tonight.”

Max laughed. “Yeah right!”

“Oh you don’t believe me?” Michael asked, daring Max to say no. “You’ll see when you walk in on us and cover your virgin eyes. I’ve been runnin' game on her all week.”

Max laughed again. He couldn’t tell if Michael was just talking out of his ass or not, but it was funny stuff. “Whatever.”

“Bet me.” Michael challenged, sounding very serious.

Smiling at Michael, Max shook his head. He didn’t feel right betting on something like that. He never had, not even in high school. “I believe you man.”

Michael stood tall, puffing out his chest and sticking out his chin. “That’s more like it.” He ran his free hand through his already disheveled hair, spiking it up even more, before sauntering off in the red head’s direction.

He watched from his spot as Michael walked up to her. He had to admit that she was pretty. Not at all his type, but still very pretty. She moved well too. He smiled when Michael shot him a wink as he led the red head away from her dance partner. He hadn’t gotten a chance to look at who the girl was dancing with, but from the looks of it, it was another girl. Probably a friend or something. Max couldn’t see because a tall, built guy was standing infront of her. But the second Michael and the girl were out of sight, she emerged from behind the hugely built guy. And in that moment, Max was completely and totally captivated.

He didn’t even know her name, yet she had his undivided attention, and he was already hers for the taking. All she had to do was snap her fingers and Max was sure he would fall at her feet. He was hypnotized by the way she moved. She was dancing by herself now that Michael’s next conquest left her all alone. He couldn’t take his eyes off of her shoulder length brown hair. It looked so silky and smooth, or her swaying hips, or her hands.

Somewhere in the back of his head, he heard a little voice telling him to go to her. But his feet and legs wouldn’t move. He briefly wondered if someone had put super glue on the soles of his shoes.

Finally after what seemed like hours, but in reality was only minutes, Max moved toward her. He took one step forward but stopped cold in his tracks as some guy, who wasn’t him, approached her. And before he knew it, they were dancing together. Grinding really. It was almost dirty the way they were dancing. Turning around he went off in search of another beer.

- - -

The party went on and on and on. Throughout the night, Max drank beer, danced with girls, talked with his frat brothers and people from his classes and waited for the perfect opportunity to meet the girl that had paralyzed him earlier. But that opportunity never came. She was never alone. That guy she’d been dancing with earlier kept hanging around her, leading Max to believe that he was her boyfriend.

At 2:00 a.m. the party was still in full swing, and Max was smashed and ready for bed. He slurred his goodbyes and stumbled up the stairs and down the hall to his bedroom. Walking in, he ignored the female moaning sounds coming from Michael’s side of the room and collapsed onto his bed, falling asleep the second his head hit the pillow.

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AN: Wanted to get this part out.

Part 5

Liz finally managed to tear herself away from Kevin or Kirk or whatever the hell his name was. She had been trying to lose him all night, seeing as how she found his presence incredibly irritating. She had been quite drunk earlier when she accepted his invitation to dance, and now that the alcohol was wearing off, she was wondering what the hell she’d been thinking when she said yes to the dance.

Still slightly buzzed and ready to pass out at any second, Liz stumbled up the stairs and walked down the hall a little ways. She looked from left to right, trying to decide which door she should enter, finally just throwing caution to the wind and entering one. Through her blurry vision, she saw some covers moving up and down and heard some moaning and grunting. She would have turned back, but it looked like there was an empty bed across the room, that was calling her name.

Stumbling over to it, she carefully lowered herself to sit on the edge, kicking off her shoes before laying back and snuggling under the covers.

- - -

The chirping of the birds and the sunlight smacking him against the face was what woke him up. He had slept through everything last night. He had slept through the rest of the party, and he had slept through people getting it on across the room. But what surprised him the most was that he had somehow managed to sleep through someone climbing into bed with him.

He realized before he even opened his eyes that he wasn’t alone in the bed. He could feel the weight of an arm resting against his chest. His left arm was totally dead, and upon further inspection, he discovered that she was laying on it. Her leg was casually thrown over his and she, whoever she was, was molded to his side.

He couldn’t see her face, but he could see the shiny brown hair, and for a moment, just one moment, he allowed himself to think that it might be her. The girl that had paralyzed him the night before. He thought for that brief second that fate had been working in his favor all along.

- - -

Liz sighed in contentment as she slept. She was so warm. In her sleepy daze, she wasn’t quite sure if it had something to do with the sun that was shining on her face or if it was the blanket she was wrapped up in. She laid there with her eyes still closed, her brows knitting together in concentration. She really didn’t remember going home.

And that’s when she remembered. She wasn’t home. She was still at the Trojan House. Curled up in some frat guy’s bed. And that’s when it hit her. She wasn’t alone in some frat guy’s bed. Her front was molded to someone’s side. She was laying on an arm, and her own arm was thrown over his moving chest. Her leg, god her leg, it was thrown over one of his.

She knew that she should be jumping out of the bed, and accusing this guy of what he most likely had done to her while she had been passed out, but for some reason the only thing she could do was open her eyes and look up into his face.

‘Of all the beds in the house, she chooses mine!’ Max thought to himself. ‘God, I’m lucky!’

They laid there staring at each other for a little while before he finally opened his mouth to speak. “I didn’t touch you.”

She said nothing, just looked up into his very attractive face.

“I’m Max.” He told her, amazed that he wasn’t screwing up due to his extreme nervousness. He was pretty amazed that he wasn’t as stiff as a board. “This is my bed.”

“So you’re a Trojan?” Her voice was as sweet as honey, just as he imagined it would be.

He nodded his head, watching in fascination as her face got closer and closer to his. His eyes riveted to her lips as her tongue darted out to moisten them. “Are you ribbed for my pleasure?”

She couldn’t believe that she said that, and she really couldn’t believe that she was moving in closer to his face as he lifted his head off of the pillow. Their lips were just mere millimeters apart before a groan from across the room had them flying apart, sending Max to the floor and leaving Liz all alone in his bed.

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Author's Note!

I just wanted to let you guys know that this fic is scheduled for an update. It should be happening anytime from now to monday, so be on the look out. I've written this part that doesn't quite fit into what I've got now, so I really want to get the story there. *happy*

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Part 6

Three weeks after waking up in the arms of her handsome stranger, Liz Parker found herself sitting infront of the small vanity that she shared with her roommate Chris, staring at her reflection and nervously bouncing her knee. Max would be knocking on her door soon, and the fact that since the day they met they hadn’t been apart for more than one day, didn’t really help calm her nervousness.

After their near kiss, there was an awkwardness to their interactions. They pretended that nothing happened, she had thanked him for not taking advantage of her the previous night and she had grabbed Christine’s arm and left the frat house. He had gone about his business, and Liz had gone about hers, but neither could get the other off of their mind. Two days later, he turned up in Michael’s art class looking for Christine. They had been dating ever since.

Christine sat on her bed, peering over the top of her trashy romance novel at Liz. The bouncing made her want to scream. Christine found their relationship to be absurd. Liz’s feelings of excitement and nervousness before seeing Max irked her like nothing else. But that was probably just because practically overnight she had become bitter about romance. She had converted to romantic atheism. She was convinced that romance, love and soul mates didn’t exist, which was why she was so angry at herself for giving into her weakness and reading the trashy romance novel, of course it was disguised with a cover from a mystery book. She didn’t want people knowing.

Damn that Michael Guerin. He was the cause of her sudden hatred of the male species. They had dated for about a week, and Christine had never been happier. She had been convinced that she was falling in love, and that it was finally happening for her. Back in high school, all she had ever done was date one loser after the next and so it seemed that when Michael came along, things were finally looking up. But then, Michael had shown his spots. He started slacking off, forgetting to call, standing her up, avoiding her in art class. He hadn’t even told her that they were over, not personally or anything. She had kind of figured it out for herself when saw him talking to another girl. She wasn’t a jealous girl, not by nature, but he had been talking to her in such a way that Christine just knew right then what he was doing, and what he had done to her.

A week of moping around and eating ice cream was spent, before she finally grew angry and bitter about the whole situation. Overnight she had become a feminist, spouting off things like, “Men are the enemy!” Rolling her eyes at Liz whenever she wanted to talk about Max, or was talking to Max on the phone, or waiting for Max to come and pick her up. She constantly told Liz that men were all the same, and they couldn’t be trusted. Christine scoffed when Liz brushed off her comments and told her not to come crying when she learned the truth.

Suddenly, Liz stopped her nervous bouncing. “Christine?”

“Yeah?” She asked distractedly, her eyes flying to the words on the page, pretending to be immersed in the story.

“I think...I think tonight’s the night.” Liz told her, turning her head away from the mirror to look over her shoulder at her roommate.

“I don’t think that’s wise Liz.” Christine advised from her spot, still staring at the words in the book as if she were reading them. “I mean, they feed you this line of romantic bullshit, but it isn’t real. The only thing they want from you is what you’ve got between your legs, Liz. Max is the same. They’re all the same.”

“He isn’t Michael...” Liz said as she looked down at tan carpet. “I mean, he’s really not like that.”

“I think you should make him wait.” Christine told her earnestly. “Make him beg for it, like the horny little dog that he is.”

“He’s not a dog. And I don’t want to wait.” Liz said with conviction, as if she truly believed what she was saying. “Look. Max isn’t feeding me romantic bullshit, okay? There aren’t any lines, there never were in fact, he doesn’t try to run game on me. He’s real.”

Pushing herself up, Liz ambled over toward Christine’s bed and sat down beside her, stretching her legs out on the bed and leaning back against the pillows. “It’s like, with Max I’m not shy or reserved. We talk, Chris. About everything, anything and nothing. We have this like...I don’t know...connection I guess.”

Sighing, Christine rested the open book against her stomach and put her arm around Liz’s shoulders, resting the side of her head against the side of Liz’s. “Okay, if you’re going to sleep with the enemy, promise me you’ll be careful.”

“I will.” Liz told her gratefully. “I’ know...I’ve never...”

“It hurts. Get drunk, you won’t feel it so much, and you won’t have your inhibitions.” Christine advised, still sitting in the same position. “Sober girls are always self-conscious about their bodies. You know, wondering if they’re good enough and if the guy likes their body.”

“Get drunk?” Liz repeated, somewhat uneasily. She didn’t want to be wasted for her first time with Max, or with anyone for that matter. She wanted to remember it, clearly. The smell of it, the feel of it, the sounds. If she were drunk, how could she recall those things later on?

“Well, not completely trashed or anything.” Christine clarified for her. “Just, you know, buzzed. Drink enough so that you have no inhibitions and what not.”

Knock. Knock. Knock.

Liz’s back went rigid as she jerked herself up until she was sitting up straight. He was at her door already! Her eyes flew to the clock before flying back to the door. “Coming!” She called out in a startled voice.

She hadn’t been expecting him to show up three minutes early for their date, while she discussed the possibilities of tonight being *the* night for them. Jumping off the bed, she bent over at the waist to look at her face in the mirror, fluffing up her hair she grabbed her black leather jacket that sat on the end of her bed and quickly walked to the door, almost in a trot, before turning around and smiling at Christine. “Thanks Chris.”

“No problem babe.” Christine told her with a wink of her eye and a click of her tongue. She watched from her spot on the bed as Liz turned around again, opened the door and intertwined her fingers with Max’s.

“You ready to go?” He asked from the doorway, a little confused on why he hadn’t been invited in like usual. Looking past Liz before receiving his answer he smiled at Christine and raised his hand in the form of a greeting. “Hey Chris.”

“Max.” She responded coolly. It wasn’t that she didn’t like him, he seemed to be a good guy, but he was one of them. He was Michael’s friend, his roommate! And that was all she needed to know. “Have fun you two crazy kids.”

Liz smiled back at Chris, and with that the door was closed, leaving Christine all alone in her room with her trashy romance novel in disguise. Maybe she would order pizza and a rent a Freddie Krueger movie?

*tongue* I'm still not to where I want to be. But I hope you liked this part. I don't want to just rush ahead or anything.

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I don't know, this part seems a little...blah to me. Oh well. It isn't finished. There's still more of "the date" to come.

Part 7

After leaving Liz’s room, and the dorm, they leisurely made their way out to Max’s car. Max’s pace was slow and his grip on Liz’s hand was loose, his smile was one of contentment, as if he were happy just to be strolling toward his car with her by his side. As far as he was concerned they had all the time in the world. The only thing that mattered to Max was that his beautiful mystery girl, who was not so much of a mystery to him anymore, was beside him.

Liz on the other hand was slightly annoyed by his slow pace. Her smile was that of a nervous one, and her hand gripped his firmly. As if he would disappear if she loosened it anymore. She walked ahead of him slightly, pulling him along beside her, anxious to get the date started and over with. It wasn’t that she didn’t want to spend time with Max. Her nerves were just going crazy. If she could will time to move faster, she would have. She looked forward to the end of the date, because by then she would be naked with Max, and at the same time she feared it.

They had never talked about wether or not they were both virgins, he had no idea that she was, and she had no idea if he was. It was something that had just never come up between them. When they talked, they discussed things like their childhoods, Max’s sibling, their parents and the towns in which they used to live, their old friends that they left behind. They never talked of past relationships, or past experiences.

Truth be told Liz had no real past experiences. Sure, she had messed around with Jarred during the summer, but she didn’t really count that. And sure, he had wanted to have sex but she had decided that she wasn’t going to lose her virginity to someone like him. He wasn’t really her type anyway, he was one of those guys that looked good when you’re drunk, but when you’re sober, he’s not really appealing anymore.

No, she wanted to lose it to someone special. And everything inside of her was screaming that Max was special. He was that special someone. They had only known each other for three weeks, and they really didn’t *know* each other yet, but the second she’d woken up in his arms and looked up into his handsome face, something inside of her just knew.


“Liz?” Max asked as he waved a hand in her face. “Are you okay?”

Shaking her head, she turned her upper body toward Max and smiled at him. “Yeah, I’m fine.”

He looked her over worriedly before turning back toward the monitor that was suspended over their heads, pretending to study their scores. “Okay, because you’ve been spacing out a lot. And it’s been your turn for four minutes.”

“Oh, I’m sorry Max.” She groaned, covering her eyes with her hands before moving them toward her temples and finally dropping them. “I guess I just have a lot on my mind.”

Standing up, she walked behind him and knelt down so that her mouth was level with his ear. “You forgive me right?” She asked softly, her tone of voice surprising even her. It had come off sounding seductive, and she hadn’t really been going for that.

“Uh, yeah.” He told her as he turned his head and placed a soft open mouth kiss on her lips. “You’re forgiven.”

She smiled at him and went to the ball return. Sauntering over toward their lane, she looked over her shoulder and smiled at Max before bending at the waist and releasing the ball from her hand. They had been arguing for a week about who was the best bowler, Max said he was, but Liz begged to differ. She had gone bowling quite a bit back home, with her friend’s cousin Sean, she believed that she could give Max a run for his money.

Jumping into the air, she let out a big “Yes!” When her pink ball knocked down all of the pins, ending the game and beating Max by 12 points. “Ha ha. I told you Max Evans!”


After bowling, they had gone to a Taco Bell with Pizza Hut inside. Max felt like pizza, but Liz had a craving for tacos. The meal had been on Liz of course, she didn’t want Max going broke or anything. He had been the loser so he had paid for the game and her shoes, she had insisted on paying for his shoes. A two-dollar rental charge was no big deal, so he let her pay it.

“So what do you want to do now?” Max asked wiping his hands on the napkin and tossing it onto the green tray. “Movies? Putt-putt? A walk in the park?”

Liz shook her head as she chewed on her taco. Swallowing her food, she lifted her cup to her mouth and took a quick sip of her pop. “How about we go back to your place and watch a movie?”

“We can’t alone there.” Max told her as he leaned his weight on his forearms. “I mean, Michael could show up with another one of his women, and it’s gonna be noisy downstairs.”

“Well, we can’t go back to my dorm room. Christine will be there and I don’t want to flaunt it in her face.” Liz told him as she opened her hot sauce and poured it on another taco.

“Flaunt what in her face?” Max asked, throughly confused. Did Christine have a thing for him or something?

“Our...relationship, or whatever it is that we have.” Liz hesitantly explained. “She’s been really bitter since the whole Michael thing. And if we’re cuddling together on my bed while we watch the movie, she’s gonna feel bad about it again.”

Internally, Max sighed with relief. A love triangle involving him, Liz and Christine was the last thing he needed. “Wait, we’re in a relationship?”

Liz stumbled over her words, trying to push back the hurt that question had caused in her. “Uh...I...well, I mean, I thought that we-” She had completely missed the teasing tone that he had taken on, when asking the question.

Her eyes were drawn to his hand that was closing over hers, and then to his mouth as he cut her off, his smile seemed oddly reassuring. “I was just teasing, Liz. I’m sorry.”

Reaching out to swat his arm, she breathed a sigh of relief. She had almost been embarrassed. “That wasn’t nice. You had me all worried.”

“Why would you be worried?” He asked earnestly. “I’ve spent every waking hour with you, unless I’m in class that is, since the day we’ve met. This is definitely a relationship.”

Moving over to her side of their booth, he wrapped an arm around her shoulder and brought her closer to him. “And I’m definitely happy with it.”

“Me too.” She whispered as she tilted her head back on his shoulder and looked up into his face. Why did he have to have such beautiful eyes? They sucked her in every single time she looked at them. She watched as they closed and came closer, and before she knew it, her eyes were closed too. Max’s hand was on her cheek, sliding down to rest at the junction of her face and neck. Liz had noticed that he sometimes liked to touch her there as they kissed.

It was a brief kiss, but it reminded Liz of what was to come, and all of a sudden she wasn’t hungry anymore. “Let’s go.” She said as she gently pushed Max out of the booth.