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Title: Friendships, love and enemies

Author: Melissa ( Melissa_)

Disclaimer: I am not related to Roswell in any way, I don't own anything but this fic.

Note: Okay well I posted a challenge and no one had responded. I decided that I would write it even though I have 2 other fics on the go, * A different life* and * Where you belong*.

Summary: Well here's the challenge
1- M/L I/K M/M

2- takes place after departure, the gang must go into hiding in an underground cave, to be safe from their enemies.

3- During that time they must all bond, Liz must get pregnant with Max's baby but there are complications.( she gets terrible nightmares and Max must never leave Liz and the baby for too long because of consequences.)

4- All couples will become closer M/M ,M/L and so on

5-Isabel bonds with Liz and helps her with her nightmares

6- Michael must become very over protective of Liz

7- Tess re-appears in Isabel's dreams and twists the truth around telling her about the whole Kyle/ Liz thing and making her believe it was meant to hurt them.

8- Isabel violently confronts Liz about it and Liz breaks down crying, but doesn't tell the truth , instead shuts everyone out.

9- Everyone turns against Liz .

10- Before Liz has a chance to leave, Alex appears in Isabel's dream and tells her the whole truth about future Max and Liz's importance. Isabel then feels like a total ass and reconciles with Liz. The whole misunderstanding is cleared up.

11- Tess arrives in town and wants to destroy everyone, Liz's baby or babies are born and Tess wants to kill the heir/s and the battle begins.

* There will probably be a sequel to this.*

Rating: PG-13 for now but there will be NC-17, I will mark the chapters accordingly.

Feedback: Please I would really appreciate it. You know what I say One word is Okay. And It took a lot of courage and faith to take my own BIG challenge and write it. I hope you guys like it. Thanks to Jen C for the inspiration to write it *happy*

( Okay so instead of studying for my french exam, I'm writing this. Why? Well because I can't study, my mind is somewhere else. I figured I'd take my mind off of it for a while!)

The message had arrived only one hour ago. They were given half an hour to pack what they could. Time was precious and life for them, would never be the same. Just one hour ago, their lives had all drastiscally changed. Their parents had been murdered, and their homes destroyed. There was no time for grief, no time to say goodbye, no time to process. As the teens quietly made their way, in the direction of the waiting van, no one dare say a word. They had all experienced losing their parents hours before , and now as they carried their bags that contained all they would ever see for a long time, all that was heard was silence. There was no emotion displayed on any of their faces. Their eyes were cold and carries no emotion. If you wouldn't know any better you would think they were robots.

TBC!!! I know it was short but I promise it you guys like it I will post one or maybe two more parts today. Let me know what you think.

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Just got back from my exam now and I 'm glad it's all done. I don't have anything untill friday. I think I'll post the part 1 soon . It will be a lot longer. It will give me a chance to see if you guys like it. If not it's okay, every fic can't be that good right?
Anyways look back for the first part soon
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First of all I'd like to thank all of you for taking the time to write feedback. I really really appreciate it and it really gives me the motivation to continue writing. So to
AvengingAngelIQ, Anya, Tabasco sauce (andy), frenchkiss70 and Jen C thank you all for the feedback and I hope you like this next part.*happy*

~*Part 1*~

The teens had all piled up into the van one by one. Their trip would be long, but not as long as their time spent in their destination. They would be riding for 40 hours straight, until they arrived to the place they would start the rest of their new lives.

As they sat in silence, the same silence that had been going on since the news of their parent's death had been revealed to them, they couldn't help the rising feelings about to spill out.

*1 hour before the teens were told they would have to go in hiding*

Liz came home from school at 1:30 in the afternoon because she had been feeling sick. Before she went to bed she decided to check the answering machine. As she listened to the words from the sheriff, she knew right away that something was up. He asked for Liz to come down to the station when she got the message. Something about the tone of his voice revealed to Liz that there was something wrong. Without giving it a second thought, Liz ran out the door and headed to the Sheriff's office.

When she got there she saw Max, Isabel and Michael go in through the doors. * That's weird! Why are they here I saw them in school before I came home.* She needed to figure out what the hell was going on. She quickly parked the car and went inside. She was greeted by the Sheriff.

"Liz, I'm glad you could come, I- Why don't you come with me in my office." He said as he directed her in the direction of his office. * There it is again* thought Liz. * He's using that creepy tone*. She let herself be guided by him to his office. He opened the door to reveal Max, Isabel, Maria, Kyle, and Michael all sitting around one of those business meating tables. They looked just as confused and anxious as she did. " What is going on here?" she asked in an uncertain tone.The gang just shrugged and the sheriff took that as his cue to start. He could see that they were getting impatient.

"The reason I called all of you here is because, I have something to tell you. What I have to say affects all of you in some way." There was a long pause and everyone was getting antsy from anticipation so he continued.

"I'm really sorry to be telling you this, but I'm afraid I have some bad news.Liz, Max, Isabel and Maria, your parents well- your parents were killed" he finished very low. His voice was full of emotion as he spoke.

The silence that followed was brutal. They were shocked, no one said a word.Michael wasn't as bad as the others, but he was still to shocked to move. He was close to Mr. and Mrs. Evans. He couldn't believe that what he was hearing was true. Everyone was in denial. They didn't have the time to say anything because they were quickly interrupted.

The Sheriff was starting to feel uncomfortable because none of them were even showing the slightest bit of reaction. He hated to be the bringer of bad news but he had to do what RiverDog had told him to. He owed them that much after what they had just learned.

"I'm very sorry. I'm afraid I have something else to tell you." He looked at each and every one of them to try to see a reaction but he got nothing, they were still and without emotion. " You all have half an hour to pack all that you can, you can't stay here, Riverdog is taking all of you into hiding. The people that killed your parents will kill you also if you stay. RiverDog won't let that happen, he says that you are all needed." After a couple of minutes of silence he continued. "Come with me I'll drop you off to get your stuff and RiverDog will be by to pick you up in 30 minutes." He lead the teens to his car and dropped them off each at home." Before Max left the Sheriff took him aside and said " Don't worry we've taken care of everything, the FBI won't be after you" and with that he let him go, got back in his car and drove off.

He was amazed. They hadn't spoken a word, it's like they were trapped inside of themselves. No one even cried. He was really worried for them, this couldn't be good. They were keeping their emotions inside of themselves and not dealing with their feelings. He himself was sad, because he liked Amy Deluca. He was also sad because he had to send his son in hiding with them, because he was a possible target and he couldn't let anything happen to him. Kyle was much like the others. He too, didn't speek. He carried on to doing what he was told like the others, without showing any hint of what he felt and simply acting robotic.

* Present time, after 1 hour of driving to their underground destination*

RiverDog knew that after they got over the shock and stopped denying their situation, they would be able to start to deal with their losses. They would be grieving days on end and he knew it was the only way they would be able to heal. He continued driving to his destination, a little town called Panora near Colorado Springs. Only 39 hours were left until they arrived. He glanced at the teen' s sleeping forms and smiled, knowing they were going to be okay, it wasn't going to be a smooth road, but in the end they would come out okay and things would be good for them, some day.

TBC! Okay it will start to pick up more in the upcoming chapters. If you want me to continue this story let me know. I write for you! *happy*

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I will be posting a new part today, right after I update my other fics *happy* Thanks Jen C and LegalAlien (Joe) for the Feedback I really really apreciate it*big* The next part is dedicated for you guys*happy* And I just thought I'd let you know that your questions will be answered in the upcoming chapters, possibly in the next one.

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I promise to update as soon as I can, thanx for your patience...luv you all......
PS.thanx for the feedback keep it comin*big*
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~*** AUTHOR"S NOTE***~

Okay, well hi everyone, I'd like to say that my computer is FINALLY fixed . With much aggrevation, words that weren't too nice, and endless frustration it's all good now. I never realized how much I depended on the internet untill I lost it. It's basically my life. Anyway, okay so I've been very sick for the last two days, high fevers, and massive headaches, today included but I'm getting better so I'll probably go to school tomorrow. But as for today, I'll take advandage of it and update my fics. By tonight I should have all my fics updated. Thanks all of you for the feedback and for being patient and understanding. *happy* thumbs up to you guys.

Kari, behrstars,pixie chic, strawbehrry shortcake, amber evans,Jules, Roswelllostcause,frenchkiss70
Lisa and Joe thank you all for the feedback and for the asnwers to your questions you'll just have to read on. *happy*

P.S. Look for a new part for my fics tonight the latest!
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Okay everyone I had a very bad day today and I fear tomorrow to be worst. Here's the bright side though. 1 bad day for me equals to a new part of fanfic for you and a good day equals the same*happy*. Don't ask! *happy*

*Part 2 *

After 40 hours of continuous driving, they made it to the cave.The ride had been completely silent. No words were exchanged and no emotions shown.

As they pulled to a stop in the middle of the woods in front of a large rock, no one said a word. RiverDog spoke low but firlmly.

"We're here" Gather your belongnings and follow me."
He got out and started to walk up to the rock. The others silently got out, stretching their legs a little. They quickly grabbed their bags and followed RiverDog to the rock.

"I need you three", he said pointing to Max, Isabel and Michael " to put your hands on the rock, and let your hearts guide you."

They did as told and placed their hands on the rock together forming a triangle. It glowed and the middle of the boulder became like jelly. RiverDog gave them a content look and signed for them to go through. Max walked in first followed by Isabel, Michael, Liz, Maria, and Kyle. RiverDog followed.
Once inside they needed a flashlight to light the way .It was pitch black. RiverDog gave Max, Michael and Isabel a flashlight.

"Sorry I only have these, you'll have to share with the others", he said.

Max made his way over to Liz and lit the way for her too, Michael did the same for Maria and Isabel for Kyle. Although no words were exchanged, RiverDog was pleased with his plan. This was the first step into helping them deal with their emotions.

They walked for about an hour untill they reached their destination. They had to pass through another secret door before accessing their new living quarters. It was small to say the least. It was basically a big cave in a circled shape and in each corner of the cave there was a whole with a tiny half closed cubicle that contained a half amount of privacy. In the middle there was a small rock formation where it appeared food could be cooked. It was apparent that their life of ease was over. In one corner there was a tiny tunnel leading to a big stack of wood. There were smaller rocks around the circle, they were big enough to be chairs. Without even thinking where to sleep, one by one they just settled their stuff down in the middle of the cave. RiverDog took this as his cue to tell them about their living arrangements.

"Now I know it's not very big, it probably doesn't look comfortable to you, and there will not be 3 large meals a day like you were used too, but it's not as bad as it looks. I know it's cold in here now but with the fire started, and once you are all settled in it will be better. I have animal skins for you to use as beds and I have plenty of covers made out of animal skin that will be sure to keep you warm. I receive a shipment of food every month and it isn't very big but there will be enough for two meals a day . Don't worry though the meals are filled with essentiel vitamins and minerals and I have a small variety.
There is fish, pasta, vegetables , fruits, and baked goods such as bread. I also have a couple bottles of tobasco. Only each month we will receive more food because we must keep the cave doors shut for at least a month, it isn't safe to open them too often. As for medical needs, we have supplies and I am quite advanced in medicine and I 'm sure we will be okay if any of us breaks a bone or gets an injury." he finished glancing at Isabel, Michael and Max.
It didn't look very comfortable. When no one said anything he continued.

"Now you are free to sleep where you like, but if you want you can sleep in a 'room', it might be more private.
He had a goofy grin on his face and they could tell he was trying to make them smile. Their expressions told him he hadn't succeeded. He sat down on a rock and sighned.

"Look I know that what you are going through must be hard and deeply painful, and I know that this living arrangement is poor, and not as luxurious as your homes, but we can make the best out of it. Once we get through these difficult times, everything will be better. It will only make you stronger. " He glanced at them. After a long pause Isabel spoke.

"We know and thank you for everything" said Isabel sincerely. She was truly greatful to RiverDog for all he was doing, he could have decided not to help them and let them get caught and die. But he didn't, he cared enough. It could have been much worst.
RiverDog nodded appreciatevely. He saw that the others were starting to unfreeze from their emotional tranzes and he knew they should be with one another.

"Excuse me I have some things to do, I'll be back later, feel free to settle in"

He said then he left through a tunnel.

Everyone just looked at one another, for the first time, and what they saw reflected their own emotions. Fear, pain, guilt, and many more pilled on top of that.

Liz was the first to crack. She let out a scream of pain, anger , sadness, guilt, and fear all at once causing her body to shake as sobs escaped . She then fell to the floor in a heep and started to let her emotions guide her. She was crying so hard she could barely breath. As she rocked herself back and forth all that could be heard from Liz was her pleas. WHY!?? WHY?!

Liz's outbreak stunned everyone else. Max was the first to come out of it.He went to Liz as fast as he could. As he attempted to pick her up, she began fighting him, punching and kicking with all of her might. Max just held on tighter and whispered soothing things to her.

"SHHH Liz I'm here you don't have to do this alone"

After fighting for 5 minutes, she stopped moving from exhaustion. She let Max hold her as she cried.
Max was in pain too, but it was obvious Liz was the one that needed him now. As he continued to stroke her forehead he was glad to have Liz, he would always protect her and love her.

TBC Okay well any suggestions or comments? Feedback? Sorry again it took so long for me to post this, you would never beleive it, my pc broke again but I was able to fix it over the phone thank God!!! Anyways if I know people like it I shall post more and I am planning on posting one part (long one) friday, saturday and sunday. But only if you guys want me too. ;)

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The next part will be out tonight promise *happy*
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OKay well here's today's part like I promised. Enjoy !

* Part 3*

Michael saw that Max and Liz needed their privacy so he silently told Maria to come with him. To his surprise she agreed. She followed him into one of the tiny holes in the cave that were like rooms.
Isabel and Kyle got the hint and did the same. They went into another one of the 'rooms'.
Max spent the next hour holding Liz and comforting her as she let her emotions pour out. She just cried. She cried with all her might. She let it all out. All the pain she felt and all the pain she had felt and kept inside, just came pouring out. Her life was a mess. She felt loss, scared, confused, angry, and curious all at once. A million questions were bouncing around in her head. So many thoughts and concerns clouded her mind. The truth is, she was starting to feel better. Crying was helping. She felt safe in Max's strong masculine arms. She knew that he loved her, she could feel it. As she let the tears fall, she couldn't help to think about what her life would now be like. For one thing, she discovered that she had a brother. Michael. She couldn't wait to have that brotherly-sister relationship with him. If he wanted to that is. She was afraid he wouldn't want her. What if no one really wanted her here. * stop that Liz* She mentally kicked herself. She had to stop thinking this way. Her thoughts were drawn back to her parents. She was never really close to her mother but she loved her. She felt guilty for not telling her that she loved her more often. More tears sprang to her eyes as her thoughts shifted to Tess. TESS! God how she hated that name. Tess had taken everything away from her. She had destroyed her life and she wasn't even sure if she was gone for good or not. Liz shivered at the thought of Tess coming back and doing more damage. God for bid she hurt any of the poeple left that she cared about.
Max just sat there rocking Liz back and forth. He was starting to get a litle worried. Liz had been crying for a long time. He knew she would get sick if she didn't stop soon. He felt all of her pain. It was unbearable. She was so hurt. She hadn't done anything to anyone, all she ever did was for the good of others and this is how she got repaid. Max was angry. She deserved better. She deserved freedom for one, a big house , a happy family and the whole deal. Not this. She didn't deserve to be locked underground in some hell hole cave with barely enough food and water and no beds. He was determined to give her that kind of life. He vowed to himself that as soon as they were free of any trouble, he would give Liz the life she was meant to live.
Liz's sobs finally subdued . She was wet from crying but she was to week to change.

"Max promise you won't leave me?" she asked as she was starting to doze off. Max looked down into her eyes and stroked her forehead and said soflty
"Never Liz, I'll never leave you I promise". With those last words she fell asleep in Max's arms. Max looked over and noticed that the fire had been started and there was a big blob of animal skins and blankets set up around the fire. He secretly thanked whoever it was that had set up his 'bed'.
He slowly got up and carried Liz over to the 'bed'. He gently laid her down and before covering her up he used his powers to dry her hair, her face and her shirt. She had cried so much that she had gotten all wet. After he was satisfied that she was dry he crawled into bed beside her and held her in his arms. Moments later he too fell asleep with the knowledge that his love was safe and right beside him.
Meanwhile Maria and Michael had settled everything in their room . They still hadn't spoken a word. The only thing that was obvious was that they had a silent agreement that they would be in the same room. Maria decided to break the ice.
"Michael?" she asked her voice breaking. Michael acted as if he didn't hear her. She tried again this time louder. " Michael?" Still nothing. She tried again louder and with all the emotion she was feeling.

"WHAT?" came Michael's harsh response. It hadn't meant to come out that way. Maria's eyes teared up. She got up and whispered " nothing" barely above a whisper. Michael turned to face her and when he looked into her eyes what he saw made his heart break. There was so much pain.
"Maria I'm sorry I just, I'm sorry" he said near tears himself. He put his arms around her and brought her into a big hug. He felt stupid. She had been through so much and the first words out of his mouth had been mean. Maria started to cry and Michael just kept holding her as she cried. Her crying didn't last long. She looked up at Michael and said " I'm sorry look at me, I'm crying like a baby but I 'm not the only one that was affected, how are you holding up Michael?"
Michael was amazed. He loved Maria even more if that was possible. Here she was asking him if he was okay, and meanwhile she's the one that had gone through so much more than himself, according to him. She was absolutely wonderful. " I'm okay Maria, I'll live I 'm more worried about you right now, are you sure you're okay? Do you want to talk about it at all? he asked concerned.

"Okay but let's get into something more comfortable first"
"OKay" he replied.
They got into their pijamas and settled down on their 'bed'. For hours they talked about everything and anything, just comforting eachother and enjoying eachother's presence. They fell asleep hours later, with a big weight lifted off their shoulders. Their spirits were lighter and happier.
Isabel had decided to take the room with Kyle. RiverDog was in the other one, she knew Max and Liz would want one and Maria and Michael also had one. The real reason was that she didn't want to be alone. And she kinda liked Kyle. Although she wouldn't admit it. Kyle hadn't said anything about Isabel sharing a room with him, he liked Isabel and he didn't mind the company.
They got settled in the room all the while not really talking. They were just too busy thinking. There wasn't much space in the room and the heat was only spread to one corner of the room. They were forced to make their beds in that coner. Their beds were side by side almost touching. Isabel settled into bed and Kyle did the same. Neither of them could sleep, they were tossing and turning. Finally Kyle spoke.
"Look we can't keep kidding ourselves."

"What do you mean?" asked Isabel.

"I mean this, pretending that everything is fine when it's not, ..something really terrible just happened and I think the only way to help with the pain is to talk about it." he said.
There was a long pause then Isabel spoke.

"I feel alone, I don't have anybody, I mean Liz and Max have eachother, Maria and Michael have eachother but who do I have?"

Kyle thought about it for a moment then said
"Me, you have me and I want you to know that I'm here for you whenever you need me just ask and I'll be at your side , okay? he finished soflty.
"Okay" Isabel replied. She was happy to have someone to talk to and to listen to and also to and comfort her. Maybe she wasn't so alone. She spent the night talking with kyle. He was a great comfort . She felt better and happier after she had talked with Kyle. He had somehow managed to help her deal with everything she was feeling.
Meanwhile somewhere on earth

"I made it Kivar" said Tess.
"Good now you know what to do we need to destroy them all one by one"
"I know and I think I have just the way"
"Don't deceive me Tess or I will get you"
"Don't worry, I won't"
She hung up the phone and picked up the crying baby.
"Hey Owen me and you are going to see daddy soon, yes we are"
She grinned evily as she picked up a picture of Max, Michael, Liz and Maria.

TBC! If you like it tell me, suggestions or comments ?

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Hey guys thanks a lot for the feedback.

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(P.S) I'm updating my other fics today * Where you belong, and A different Life. I will be updating them more often if people like them *happy*

Here's part 4 like I promised

~**** Part 4*****~

RiverDog returned and was quite pleased with what he found. As he peeked in on everyone, what he saw suggested that they had talked about their feelings and that they now felt a little better. As he headed to his 'room' a small smile crossed his face. He knew they'd be able to help eachother through all the hard times.

All of them had spent a peaceful and relaxing night and when they awoke, they felt ten times better than the night before.
Liz awoke to see Max watching her. He was stroking her forehead and smiling at her. " Hey sunshine" he said.

"Max how long have you been watching me?"

"Not long, only for about 15 minutes, I was just thinking how beautiful you looked."

"Oh" she said looking down shyly.

"Come on I think I smell breakfast" said Max as he grabbed Liz and started carrying her out
Liz let a small scream escape. " Ahh" Max put me down, I can walk." she said struggling to get out of Max's arms.

"Not a chance, I have my mind set, and my mind is set to carrying you to breakfast!" he ended with a tone of amusement . At that Liz smiled. It had been the first time she had smiled since she got there and it hadn't gone unnoticed by Max. His plan was working. He had wanted to make Liz forget about all her problems and sadness even if for just one second.
He carried her to the end of the cave where his nose lead him. Sure enough RiverDog was cooking eggs and ham in a pan over a little fire. He looked up and smiled when he saw them coming.

"You must be hungry," said Riverdog. He knew they hadn't eaten yesterday. Max and Liz both nodded . Max then gently sat Liz down on a rock and he sat beside her.

"I hope scrambled eggs are okay, that's all I could ever do with eggs." he said.

"Sure that's okay," replied Liz for her and Max. She knew they were Max's favorite.
Isabel had awoken to the sound of Kyle talking to someone. She opened her eyes to see who he was talking to. He was on his knees in the corner talking to his little buddha statue.

"I pray for all of us to be safe and all that, but mostly I pray to ask you to let Isabel like me."
Isabel quickly closed her eyes to pretnd she was still sleeping. Kyle looked over at Isabel and then continued.
"She's really beautiful, and kind and caring and I know I'd be good for her and she'd be good for me and is she ever HOT!" He paused for a second and continued. "Look I'm in a shit situation right now and I'll I'm asking for is a little love, and happiness because I could die as soon as tomorrow. PLEASE! " He ended as he saluted his statue and got up. That's when Isabel took the oppertunity to pretend waking up for the first time. She had been flattered to hear that Kyle liked her and thought she was pretty. She felt the exact same way towards him, but right now she just needed time to sort through her other emotions and then she would tell him how she felt. It had helped her to talk with Kyle last night, but it didn't take the pain away and she still missed her parents and hated being in this situation. With time though, she would have had time to properly mourn her parent's deaths and mentally prepare herself to deal with her current situation.

"Hey sleepy head" came Kyle's quick response.

"Morning Kyle" replied Isabel wiping her eyes.

"So Isabel what do you say we go and eat, it smells pretty good", announced Kyle.

"Ya it does, I'm starving, let's go"
She took her covers off , got up and followed Kyle outside her 'room' to where the smell was coming from. She didn't care that she had her pj's on and she hadn't changed. She was hungry and she was determined to forget about all her problems for the morning and just eat and enjoy herself.
They quickly found RiverDog along with Max and Liz sitting and waiting for the food. Eggs and ham? she thought. I love that. She sat down on a rock beside Max and Kyle sat beside her.
"Hey guys good Morning" said Isabel trying to act happy.
Liz replied " Hi" shyly and Max said " Morning Isabel, kyle".
He was about to ask Isabel if she was okay but she gave him a look saying not now . Max got the message and decided he would enjoy a peaceful breakfast now and talk later.
"So eggs and ham hun?" said Isabel.

"Yes I hope you like this" replied RiverDog.

"Yes I sure do, in fact any food would sound good at this point, but don't get me wrong I love eggs and ham."

"Good, I'm glad to hear that" came RiverDog's response.
Maria woke up in a better mood. She moaned as she enjoy Michael's massage. He was rubbing her back in a very effective way.
"Good Morning Beautiful" said Michael.

"Morning Michael" replied Maria with a small smile.

"You hungry?"

"Starved!" was Maria's response.

"Well then I suggest you come with me, I think I know where food is" said Michael.
Maria was out of bed in a blink of an eye. Michael got up and held out his hand for her to take it. She put her hand in his and let him lead the way. They were both in their pj's also , but neither seemed to care, food had been the first thing on their mind.
Michael led Maria to where the smell was coming from. He wasn't surprised when he saw the others there.
"Morning" he said as he and Maria sat beside Liz.

"Morning" came evryone's response.

"So what's for breakfast?" asked Maria.

"Eggs and ham" replied RiverDog.

"Yummy" finished Maria.

"My favorite" said Michael.

"Well I'm glad everyone likes it, I'm almost done it should be ready in five minutes" said RiverDog.

"Great" replied Michael. They were all trying to act normal as if nothing had happened. They knew they wouldn't be able to keep going like this but for now it was okay, they were intitled to forget their troubles and enjoy breakfast together as a group. Soon enough they would need to finish dealing with everything.
An hour later they had all finished eating. The meal had been delicious. They had made small talk about things like the fact that there were no showers , how confortable the beds were and the lack of light. RiverDog had informed them that there was one bath tub, and every month he received a box of toiletries including femenine protection. Everone had laughed when RiverDog was trying to explain it,he had turned red like a beat. The bath tub was in another small hole partly secluded. They had to wash their hair in the bath also. Thankfully there was hot water, from a supply of water coming from the natural hot springs and if they ran out they could always boil some. As for the bathroom, they weren't as lucky. It was a ten minute walk in a special tunnel and it wasn't a normal toilet it was like an out house. The tunnel leading there was pitch black, cold and smelly. Fortunately there was a small sink where they could wash their hands and brush their teeth. A little down from the bathroom there was another little secret tunnel that let to a warm room with a bunch of rock like chairs close together and a wide space for leisure activities. There was a spot to put the lanterns on the walls to light the room and the room smelled much better according to RiverDog.
After they had finished eating Maria, Liz and Isabel had all agreed that they would go see the secret place. The guys had been hard to convince, but after RiverDog told them it was safe they had agreed to let them go. The boys knew the girls needed that time to have a girls talk and they could use this time to talk amongs themselves also.

After saying goodbye, Isabel , Liz and Maria headed for the secret room. With each a lantern I and their bathroom supplies in hand they slowly made their way down the cold and smelly halls.


Ten minutes later they made it to the bathroom. They put their toothbrushes on the counter, and put the rest of their stuff in a drawer. Then, they headed for the room. After crossing into the secret tunnel, they finally arrived to the room.
"RiverDog was right, it's warm and it smells better" announced Maria.
"Ya it does" said Liz.

"Okay it's only tradition, when we find a new place, we name it" declared Maria.

"Okay what about " secret room?" asked Isabel.

"No.. it has to be something original and jazz," said Maria.

"OKay I have an idea how about " The spot"? suggested Liz.
Both Maria and Isabel shook their heads.
"Nah, that's too charmed like." said Isabel. They explored a little and they came upon a word carved on the wall. Haysara.
"Hay-sara?" read Liz.

"Hmm I wonder what that means" said Maria.

"We'll have to ask RiverDog about it when we get back" announced Isabel.

"Ya" Liz replied. They put the covers down over the rocks forming a big chair, big enough for all three of them to sit on. They sat down and just sat in silence for a while, observing the place.

"I can't beleive it" said Maria.

"What?" asked Liz and Isabel.

"This, I mean look at us, if someone would have told me that in two weeks I'd have lost my mom, and be forced to go into hinding underground I'd have thought they were crazy. And now look at me. I didn't even get to stay to bury my mom . I'm here in some underground cave with nothing modern except maybe the shampoo, and the food. It's just, hard you know. I mean I thought that I had everything figured out. ...Me and Michael talked last night and he really helped me deal with the latest situations, we helped eachother and that was it. I thought it was over, that the pain would stop and I would be able to move on but it's not that easy. " Her voice broke as she finished. She was trying so hard not to loose her self control.

Isabel and Liz put their arms around Maria forming a big hug.

"It's okay to cry Maria, talking about it helps too but it won't take away the pain. I'm no expert but my mom once told me that with time the pain gets better." said Liz.
Maria couldn't hold it in anymore. She decided to just let it out. One tear strolled down her cheek followed by another and then a lake of them. Liz and Isabel were there to comfort her.

TBC! OKay well if you like tell me, and the next part shall be posted tomorrow*happy*
Now I'm off to update my other fics *happy*

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**Part 5**

Maria and the girls had spent a lot of time talking and sorting out their feelings and emotions. Isabel had broken down too, and she had told Liz and Maria all that she was feeling. Next had been Liz. She hadn't cried but she had expressed her fears and thoughts regarding her brother, Michael. She didn't know how to go about becoming his sister and Isabel had told her that she was already his sister and that the best thing to do would be to be herself and get to know Michael more and spend time with him. She was going to try to be a good sister starting when they got back. It had been almost three hours since they had left and it was going on four.

"I think we should head back before the guys start to get too worried" said Maria.

"Ya I agree, I'm surprised they havn't come looking for us yet" replied Isabel.

Liz was quiet , although talking had helped ease her fears, she was still a little uncomfortable about facing Max and Michael.
"Okay it's almost been 4 hours I say we got and see if they're okay" suggested Michael while pacing back and forth. He was getting impatient and he wanted to go get the girls now.

"Let's give them 15 more minutes, if they're not back by then we go and find them" said Max trying to convince himself that they were okay and that they were on their way.

"I agree 15 minutes and then we go"said Kyle.

"Why even wait, they could be in trouble and you want to wait more?" Michael was getting angry and he couldn't understand Max's reasoning, he had always been the responsible one.

"Michael calm down, I would know if Liz was in trouble and I don't feel anything. They're probably on their way as we speek" said Max trying to remain calm.

"Ya and if they caught us coming to look for them they might acuse us of eves's dropping, and following them or maybe of not trusting them. Is that really what you want?" asked Kyle.

Michael thought about the wrath of hurricane DeLuca . " You're right man, let's wait fifteen minutes" said Michael.

The guys had spent about two hours talking. Although it wasn't as emotional and touchy-feely as the girls' reunion, they were able to speek their thoughts and get man to man advice. They were now feeling a lot better.

About 10 minutes later, the girls arrived.

The guys' reactions had been odd. They just stood there acting casual and as if they had lost all confidence.

"Did you miss us?" asked Maria as she glanced at Michael.

"Well we really didn't think about you untill just a few minutes ago, with all the talking and all" said Michael casually.

Max and Kyle couldn't beleive him. He had been worried since the moment they left. Maria knew that Michael was lying but she decided to go along.

"Ya I know what you mean, we were very busy talking too" she said.

Before any of them had a chance to say anything, RiverDog appeared.

"Girls I hope you found everything okay?" asked Riverdog.

"Yes we did thank you" said Liz.

"How did you like the room?" he continued.

"Oh it was cool, it smelled good and it was warm. There's lots of space to play and everything," sais Maria.

"What did you guys name it?" asked kyle. He always knew of Liz and Maria's stupid tradition to name newfound places.

"Well were thinking of all these names and we never got to think of one now that I think about it, we were distracted by the carving of a word on the wall. It was something like Haysala or Haysara ya that's it. Do you know what that means? asked Maria.

"Yes in old indian language Haysara means magic circle. They were special undergound caves where Indians use to go with their lovers . " said Riverdog.

"Cool, I guess we found our name" said Isabel.

"Ya let's give it it's original title, the magic circle" said Maria.

"Us guys are going to have to go see this famous magic circle some time" said Kyle.

"Ya you'll like it" said Isabel.

There was an uncomfortable silence in the room.

Max glanced at Liz and noticed that she was sweating. She was also starting to shake. Before he had a chance to ask if she was okay, she fell to the floor and her body went limp. Max rushed to her side and gathered her in his arms. The others gathered around her.

"RiverDog what's wrong with her?" shouted Max.
Michael was frozen in place, he never felt this way before. He was so worried for Liz.

I know it was short but I'll make up for it in the next chapter
TBC! Please let me know what you think

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Hey everyone, thanks all so much for the feedback and I have finishing the next part now, I will post it later tonight. Enjoy *happy*
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Hi everyone, first I'd like to thank all of you for the wonderful feedback. And even though I have a billion things to do tonight, I decided to post another small part to keep you going.The next big juicy part will come friday for sure. Again thanks all of you for the feedback, you all inspire me and keep me writing when I sometimes think I should quit *happy*

part 6

*** Flashback***

Liz? Liz looked around and saw Riverdog. " Riverdog?"

"Liz, come with me".

The scenary changed into the pod chamber. There were pods that appeared to still have the children in them. She walked closely and recognized the first one as Max, and the one next to him Isabel, then she saw Michael and then..? " Wait a minute? There are only three pods here. She looked at RiverDog. " There are only 3 royals. Tess and Nacedo made up everything about the fourth. Their destiny, too was all made up by Tess. She was evil. She wanted to kill you and she knew the only way to destroy the royals would be to find the key and destroyl it. she knew it was in form of a person and that's all. She was close to it but she never discovered her." said Riverdog. If she were to find the key, the special crystal inside of her would activate the nuclear weapons killing all humans and revealing the granilith hidden under the earth. " Her, the key is a her?" Liz asked . " Yes, you are the key Liz, and you are Michael's brother" . said Riverdog.

Liz took a step back and pinched herself to wake up.

"Come the others now need to know. Something will happen soon and you will all be forced together for a period of time, I cannot tell you what, for it is not my place. " said Riverdog.
Liz didn't have a chance to respond because Michael, Max, Isabel, Maria and Kyle were pulled into the dream. They seemed disoriented but after Riverdog explained to them the importance of this visit, they seemed too intrigued to find out what was so important to question the events that would lead them together. Riverdog only had enough time to explain how Tess was never really the fourth and how Liz was the key and must be protected. He also told them that Liz was Michael's sister. She had been on Antar too and they didn't send her as a hybrid because it would be to easy for her to be found. So her DNA and her essence was mixed with one of a human and she was born to normal parents that never knew anything about it. They thought it was their real daughter. Because she was human, Tess never suspected anything. He also told them that they would not remember any of the dream until they had made it to the caves . Then the dream would slowly start to come back and they would know it was real. He was right. They had all forgotten about the dream until the first night in the cave. The next day it was just understood that Liz was the key and she was to be protected. They tried to avoid the subject the most they could at first because they were all adapting and soaking all this new information up. It was also understood that Liz and Michael were simblings but Liz and Michael also tried to avoid the subject at first because they needed time to deal with everything.

** Flashback** Youre parents were killed.

Liz was seeing all the events from the past couple of days pass in front of her eyes. Then as the flashes dissapered everything went black and she heard the voice that would haunt her forever.

"Hey Lizzie, I'm back!"

Okay I know short and I'll keep posting short parts daily until friday. Then comes a super long part. I hope that answered your questions about Liz and Michae's siblinger-y. ;)

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** part 7**

"Tess!" was the only thing Liz could manage to say.

"Is that all you have to say to me bitch?" replied Tess giving Liz a cool glare.

Liz's anger and fear was fastly growing inside of her. " I-I what do you want me to say?" she responded trying her best to hide her fear .

"Never mind, I don't want you to say anything. You're not going to be here much longer anyway. My plan has already been put into action and before long, you'll be right where I want you" replied Tess with a smirk.

Liz tried to ignore what she said but it only added to her fear and anger. She knew that she was important to the aliens and she knew that she was a crucial item that could easily save or destroy the people she loved and cared about. One thing was for sure, she knew that Tess didn't know that she was the key because she would have killed her by now. She decided to try and mess with Tess' mind.

"It doesn't matter if you kill me, I'm not important, but know this, Max, Isabel and Michael are going to beat you and then you'll end up dead too. Once Max finds out you killed me there's no telling what he'll do . His anger will only add to his power. " ended Liz trying to prevent her tears from falling.

"Ahh but you're wrong Liz. You see I 'm not going to kill you. Well not technically anyway. The ones you love and care about will be the ones to kill you. I'm going to be a hero in their eyes. The good guy. I'll come back and be all nice and innocent and they'll take me back and think that I've changed. I'm going to get them to trust me and then BAM! They'll never know what hit them! " said Tess happily.

"YOU'RE WRONG! The ones I love would NEVER hurt me and I know for a fact that they would never take you back even less trust you ever again, not by free will anyway." said Liz as tears ran down her cheek.

"Just wait and see Liz, just wait and see. The first step of my plan is almost complete and it won't be long now. A couple of hours. By morning you should see the effects." she said while sweeping her hands in the air .

A thick fog then appeared and Liz started to get light headed. A couple of seconds later she slipped into darkness.

"She has no idea what she's in for" said Tess as she glanced over at Owen sleeping in his crib.
"Hows it going?" asked Tess.

"It is harder than I expected. They all seem to care very deeply for this girl , and the amazing thing is that they all have complete trust and faith in her. I will need a lot more time to get through to them. So far I havn't found anything I could work with. None of the subjects has any bad thought or feeling towards her and that makes it much harder. " said Carter.

Tess signed in discust. " Damn them! Try harder. There's got to be something somewhere, maybe a loop hole."

"I'm sorry I am doing the best I can. Now you must leave, if you want me to keep trying" said Carter.

Tess took that as her cue and left. She picked Owen up and rocked him back and fourth.

"It's going to be alright baby, once daddy sees you he's not going to turn us away. Don't you worry,
with Liz and the humans dead, there will be nothing to keep him from me and he'll take me back and we'll be a happy family forever and ever". She watched as her son slept and she couldn't help feeling happy.
"Soon baby, soon".


Liz awoke to find herself cuddled in Max's arms and everyone huddled around her.

"What happened?" asked Liz. She had no memory of her recent encounter with Tess.

"You fainted, are you okay?" asked Max concern evident in his voice.

Liz took a moment to collect herself .

"Ya I think I'm okay I just have a little headache,but other than that I feel okay" she said while snuggling closer to Max for comfort. Max looked at Riverdog and as if reading his thoughts Riverdog knelt down beside Liz to make sure she was okay. He felt her forehead and her pulse, and after a couple of minutes he was content she was going to be alright.

"She'll be fine, her pulse is a little weak and her color isn't completely back but she'll be fine. She just needs to rest. " said Riverdog .

Max smiled in appreciation.
"Thank you" said Liz.

"You are welcome" said Riverdog smiling.

Max then picked Liz up and carried her to their room. He didn't need to give an explanation to the others because they knew that Max was bringning Liz to bed to rest . As Max carried Liz, Michael followed.

After gently laying Liz on the bed Max covered her and sat down beside her. He noticed Michael enter the room . Before Max could say anything Michael pulled him away from Liz to have privacy to talk.

"Listen man, I know that you want to be with Liz and take care of her right now but can I just have a couple of minutes with her. We havn't really talked about the whole brother sister thing yet and I just need to talk to her and we need to just deal with the issue. I don't think it's fair for her to be left wondering and worrying about that when she has so many other things to worry about. You know what I mean? asked Michael a little embarassed showing his emotions.

Max knew how hard it must have been for him to express his feelings and he knew he was right, Liz needed to deal with the issue that they were brother and sister , she deserved that much.

"Okay, I'll be right outside, take care of her Michael" said Max with a menacing glare. He gently kissed Liz on the forehead and whispered " Don't worry it's going to be okay, I'll be back later, you need to talk with Michael". She nodded her understanding and he left the room.

Michael saw Max leave the room and he took it as his cue to talk to Liz. He walked up beside the bed and sat down next to her. They both just sat in silence for a minute untill Michael finally spoke.

"Hey" he said uncomfortably.

"Hey" she replied.

"Look I just wanted to tell you that I 'm sorry" he said looking down.

"Sorry for what?" she asked.

"Sorry for, not saying anything and not acting like a brother or not acting like I cared when I found out you were my sister. I was just scared, confused and I was still dealing with the other stuff you know?"

"Michael I know that you had other things to deal with and you don't have to be sorry ,you didn't do anything wrong. I was at fault too because I didn't attempt to deal with it either and I'm sorry for that." she said.

"Hey, no need for appologies, let's just forget it, put it passed us and start over"

"Okay, let's start over"

Michael pulled Liz into a hug .

"Liz, I just wanted to tell you that I'm ready to act like a brother. The truth is I really like knowing your my sister and I know I'll like being your brother. I might not be the best but I will try . I can tell you this Liz, I promise to protect you and always be there for you. Whenever you need me just call and I'll be there. I might annoy you at times but you'll learn to love me. " he said grinning.

"Thanks Michael and I want you to know that I'll always be there for you and I 'm also honoured to be your sister. I know at times you will be annoyed by me but you'll learn to love me to". said Liz.

"Alright now that that's out of the way, I believe someone has to get some rest" said Michael as he kissed the top of Liz's forehead.

"Rest, we'll talk more later" said Michael as he headed for the exit.

"Thanks Michael it means a lot to me." she said.
He just smiled.

OKay TBC!! want more let me know what you think*happy* I'm sorry if it's a little confusing let me explain. Okay When Liz fainted she was brought into a dream where she met Tess and yada yada but the part before that was like a flashback of events that had happened. When they were all pulled into the dream and found out about Liz and Michael was days earlier. hope that helps*happy*

Melissa Feedback is always appreciated;)

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Hi everyone I will try to post another part in the next few days. My friend died and I 'm kinda still getting over it and dealing with it. We weren't close but he was so young and he died so tragically. Thanks for your patience and your feedback!
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OKay well this has been a long and sad week for me, and I would jus like to thank all of you for your patience and feedback! And I will hopefully have a new part out by tomorrow. I find I grieved enough and I think writing will help me feel better. So again Roswellluver, Roswellostcause, Frenchkiss70 (thanks for being patient*happy* ) , Mermaidgirl and Rapunzal thank you all SO much for the feedback .