TITLE: Cling and Clatter
AUTHOR: GerbilKiller
DISCLAIMER: Yeah…I wish Max Evans belonged to me, but it’s just not so.
SUMMARY: This is before the shooting, before things get confusing, before that Tess-Gerbil-Beast-Monster-thing came to town, before Max and Liz are even friends. Liz is still dating Kyle though. So…since this is a Max/Liz FanFic why don’t you just read and see how they get together and if they are soulmates.
AUTHORS NOTE: I got the title from a Lifehouse song cause I love Lifehouse!! This may take a while to finish because I have so many stories floating in my head that it's hard to figure out which one I’m trying to write. Give me some feedback if you like it; that might motivate me more to finish it. I'll probably finish it anyway, but it's always appreciated.

Part 1

Max Evans was in the middle of a crisis! He couldn’t figure out which CD to listen to during Ms. Landers’ boring lecture on how to use the ‘escape’ button on the computer. It seemed that lately his computer teacher was a complete psycho, so he decided to block his ears from her mindless ramblings with his music. He finally picked out Lifehouse and quietly slipped it into the CD player. Slowly, so the teacher wouldn’t notice, he pulled the ear pieces up to his ears. After a few seconds, his head started to nod along with the loud music filling his head.

During about song number six, Max’s eyes fell closed, and he found himself in a very familiar dream where he was in the dark and alone in the Crashdown. He was sitting in his usual booth nodding his head with the soft music he heard from above. Then all of a sudden he saw her….Liz walking out from the back of the restaurant in her waitress uniform, antennas and all. Their eyes locked on each other while she slowly made her way to him. She slid into the booth with him and scooted her body as close to him as she could. Max moved his hand up to caress her face. With the other hand, he slowly pulled her antennas away from her hair to let it fall around her face. Their lips very slowly inched towards the others. They were so close to making contact….. when Max felt someone vigorously tapping on his shoulder.

He immediately woke up, leaving the dream that he sooo badly wanted to finish, to find himself face to face with Maria DeLuca, Liz Parker’s best friend. Max quickly straightened himself in his chair and threw the ear pieces out of his ears so he could hear what she was about to say. He was waiting for Maria to start talking, but then he realized she was starring at something behind him. He glanced in the direction of her stare only to find himself become quickly humiliated. Max had fallen asleep while still on the Internet; he was on the Crashdown Café’s website, and a picture of Liz had been on the screen.

Maria started to giggle a little bit, but then she saw the mortified look on Max’s face and decided that it wouldn’t be the best thing to make fun of this guy. Max quickly tried to recovered from the embarrassment by clicking on the ‘X’ at the top of the screen. Then changing the look on his face into a polite smile, he turned to face Maria and asked, "Was there something that you wanted?"

Maria also put on a fake smile and said, "No its okay, I just had to ask you a question about the ‘escape’ key…," then starting her little giggle again. She added, "But you look like your busy anyway." Then, with a big smile on her face, she turned her chair back to face her own computer.

After what seemed like and eternity of sitting next to Maria while her nosy self kept looking over at him, the bell finally rang to end the period. Max practically bolted for the door. He immediately froze in the hallway when he saw Liz emerge from her geometry class down the hall. All of his feelings for her began to show on his face as he watched her laughing with some of her friends from a distance. His face then fell the exact moment he saw Kyle Valenti put his arm around her and escort her to her next class.

Maria saw the devastating look on Max’s face as he saw Liz walk off with Kyle. She walked up putting her hand on Max’s shoulder and said, "You know Max…its not very serious between them."

Max responded in almost a whisper, "It doesn’t matter anyway." Then he added mockingly, "And besides…. I’m not gonna admit anything to you about my feelings ‘miss gossip queen’."

Maria, acting like she was offended at his last comment, flipped her hair in his face and pretended to storm off down the hall in a rage. Max just rolled his eyes at the crazy blonde and moved on to his next class.


Max was walking through the lunch line in the cafeteria searching for food that actually looked edible unlike the school’s famous meatloaf. He was still thinking and obsessing about how he embarrassed himself earlier in front of Maria. He hoped that she wouldn’t go squealing to Liz, but then again he wondered ‘what if she did know the truth about my feelings…about everything’. Max quickly pushed that thought out of his head as he saw Michael sit down with Isabel at one of the lunch tables. Max knew that Michael wouldn’t approve of him and Liz because of their ‘not of this earth’ status. Max decided not to think about any of this for the rest of the day. It always made his life so stressful to think about what he was and what he couldn’t have.

He quickly pulled his CD player out of his cargo pocket and slipped the earphones over his head as if to escape his life through the music. He resolved to eat outside under the big oak tree in the courtyard. At the moment, he was too upset to go sit with Michael and Isabel. He blamed them for everything, for being an alien, for not having a normal life, and most of all…for not having Liz.

Max grabbed an apple from the lunch line and leisurely walked through the crowd of people in the lunch room toward his destination. As he was walking, his eyes found Liz sitting at her table with Maria, Alex, and Kyle. At that moment, the words to the song he was listening to began to make since in his head.

STAIND- "Outside"

-all this time that I felt like this won't end…… its for you
and I taste what I could never have…… it was from you
all the times that I’ve cried, my intentions were full of pride
but I waste more time than anyone would-

Max kept walking toward the door. As he was still watching Liz, he saw her turn in her seat to look directly towards him and gave him a half smile. They made full eye contact for about four seconds before Max broke it so he could open the door to leave.

-I'm on the outside I'm lookin’ in
I can see through you, see your true colors
cause inside you're ugly, you’re ugly like me
I can see through you, see to the real you-

Max became completely confused when Liz looked at him like that. It was as if she was looking for someone in the crowd of people, and when she found him with her eyes, she stopped looking. It made him feel great that she would smile at him, let alone notice him. He continued over and plopped down under the tree taking a bite of his apple. He couldn’t stop thinking about how beautiful Liz’s smile was, and she gave it specifically to him and no one else in the crowd.

Part 2


Liz was working really hard in her geometry class this morning because she was obsessed with her grade point average. She was upset about getting a 4.1 for her GPA because with her harder classes she could have possibly gotten a 4.25. She was so good in math last year, but there was just something about geometry that she didn’t understand. The worry about her grades was showing on her face when one of her best friends, Alex Whitman, leaned over and said, "You know Liz, a 4.0 is supposed to be the highest you can get on your GPA. Stop worrying so much."

"Be quiet Alex I’m trying to figure this problem out, and you’re just distracting me," she said in a very annoyed voice.

He could tell that something else might have been bothering her because Liz Parker was never this mean, especially not to him. "Wow. I forgot how edgy you get when you’re studying. Are you sure its just your grades that your upset about?"

"I’m sorry Alex. I didn’t mean to snap at you like that," she said. She was sorry for how she was acting, and she knew that it wasn’t just her grades that were bothering her. Although, that was a major factor in her being so stressed lately.

She turned her head back to her desk and threw herself back into her work until the bell rang to let class out. Liz looked up shocked; she didn’t even finish her classwork. Usually she gets to finish her classwork and homework in one class period. She let out a big sigh and gathered her things to leave. As she looked around the hall, she noticed that Alex had already left for his next class. She looked down the hall looking for Maria when she spotted her walking out of class with….Oh My God….Max Evans!?! Liz thought she was about to faint because for the longest time Maria always said that Max was in love with her. Liz had recently begun to feel certain things for Max as well especially since he ‘grew up’ over the summer, and he was just always so sweet to her. ‘Stop it! You have a boyfriend,’ Liz scolded herself. She could tell they were talking about her because of the way Max was looking at her.

All of a sudden, someone threw his arm around her and pulled her against his body. Liz was scared out of her mind; it felt as if she was being attacked. Then she realized it was her boyfriend Kyle. He said, "Hey babe! What’s shakin’?"

She was still watching Max and Maria, then realized that Kyle was still there. She said, "Uh…..Oh…nothing." Kyle said, "Umm…whatever. Let’s go." Even though Liz wanted to stay and wait for Maria to tell her about Max, Kyle pulled Liz down the hall. Almost having to drag her, Kyle stopped and asked, "What’s wrong?" Liz looked back at him and said, "Oh..um I was supposed to wait for Maria."

Then Kyle heard someone screaming and running down the halls and knew who it was. He pointed in the direction of the crazy person and said, "Well you didn’t have to wait too long. Look here she comes. You know I think she’s gone crazy."

"Kyle, I know you and Maria hate each other, but she’s my best friend; so just try to be nice. Okay?"


"Hi Liz!" screamed Maria. Then she turned toward Kyle and very bluntly said in a disgusted tone, "Kyle go away. I have to talk to Liz."

Kyle gave Maria a look of hatred and contempt which he managed to get past without letting Liz see. Then he looked at Liz to see if she wanted him to go too, but she had already started walking off with Maria not even saying goodbye to him. He threw his hands in the air like he had just given up, then turned, and walked away. Kyle just didn’t understand women, especially Maria and Liz.

On their way to lunch, Maria started babbling about all kinds of little things with no mention of Max. Liz found this shocking since Maria usually talked for days about how Max loved her and stared at her. Finally Liz couldn’t take it anymore; she blurted out, "Maria, why were you talking to Max Evans earlier?"

Maria half smiled at Liz for she had secretly won a battle. She screamed, "HA! I knew you liked him!"

"I do not like him; I was just you know….uh….wondering what you were talking about with him," Liz said kind of quietly.

"Well, we were talking about the weather and politics and um…and then in computer class we were having a serious conversation about…. computers and stuff," she said mockingly towards Liz. She knew that Liz liked him so she was holding out to get on her nerves or at least till she admitted it.

"Yeah! Sure! You were talking about me. Weren’t you?" Liz said quite annoyed, "Why do you always have to talk about me to other people!?!"

"No, not other people, I just talk about you to Max Evans! But everything is not always about you Liz. I was just trying to make him feel better because he embarrassed himself. He fell asleep in class. Then I slapped him to wake up because I had to ask him a question."

"And…What’s so embarrassing about falling asleep?"

"Um. He told me not to tell you, and he’s a sweet guy so I’m not gonna tell you."

"Fine, I know you’re just trying to make me mad or something so I’ll just let the subject drop."

"Urgh…..Liz, what’s wrong with you? Why can’t you just admit to liking him? It’s not like the world would end if you did. You know I was kidding before; you know me better than that. Besides, even if he is really sweet and really really good looking, you know I can’t keep a secret, especially from you. So listen Chica here’s what really happened in computer class….." Maria continued explaining to Liz what happened earlier.

As Liz found a seat in the lunch room, she couldn’t help feeling a little excited that Max had been looking at a picture of her. All of the excitement left the second she saw Kyle walking towards her table with his lunch tray. He had a smile on his face and gave her a little wave. She put on a little fake smile for him and waved back at him. She felt Kyle was a nice guy and everything, but then again he didn’t excite her like someone else did. She thought she might as well be with Kyle since he genuinely seemed to care for her.

When Kyle reached her table, he sat right next to her. There was an awkward silence between them for a short while. Liz felt a bit guilty of thinking about another guy when her boyfriend was sitting right next to her. Maria and Alex soon came to the table to sit down and broke the silence when Alex started getting upset about his meatloaf. Liz just chuckled to herself and said, "That’s what you get Alex. How many times have I told you not to get the meatloaf? Its poisonous." Alex shrugged his shoulders and started scarfing down his lunch.

Liz looked at Maria while she was still laughing at Alex’s disregard for his health. She could tell that Maria was interested in something else though because Maria was usually the one who nagged Alex about his dietary habits. She was focusing on something else in the lunch room with a look of sympathy on her face. Liz turned around trying to find what Maria was looking at when she spotted Max Evans easily finding his way through the crowded lunch room to the door. Then suddenly he looked at her. She felt like she couldn’t breathe; she thought ‘Oh my God, his eyes are so beautiful.’ She gave him a little smile, and then he was gone through the door. She was sort of upset that he left so soon, but then again she was relieved because she knew she could lose herself in those eyes so easily.

Liz quickly looked back at her table of friends hoping that they didn’t notice her looking at another guy. She was glad that Alex and especially Kyle hadn’t noticed anything. Then Liz noticed that Maria was staring at her with a huge smile on her face. She looked like she was about burst out laughing. Liz put on a serious face and kicked her under the table to shut her up.

Part 3


Max was sitting under the big oak tree during lunch. It was always the best place to sit because it was a quiet place away from most of the other people; he was glad that no one else had discovered it before he did. Max had already finished and thrown away his apple when he started to get out his books to study for that biology test he had later that day. Just when he had gotten all of his books out and was deep in thought about the subject, someone’s shadow stood over him and blocked his reading light from the sun. Max looked up to see his friend Michael standing over him with a confused look on his face.
"Hey Max."

"Michael," was all he said.

"So Max, why didn’t you sit with me and Isabel during lunch? And don’t tell me that you had to study again because that’s all you seem to have been doing lately."

"Michael. I really do need to study. I actually care about my grades you know." Max responded.

"Yeah I know you do, but I don’t know why you do. I mean what’s the point in building a future ‘here’ when you know that we might eventually have to leave… to…where ever. I’m not going to bust my butt for something then just have to leave it."

Max, being extremely irritated by Michael, said meanly, "Michael, I understand what you’re talking about, but there’s a huge possibility that we are never going back to where we came from. I mean…our ship crashed. It crashed Michael. There may be no other way to get home. The others, if there are others, probably don’t even know where we are. And if they did, why would they waste their time trying to save three insignificant beings who are light years away?"

"Fine, Max, I see your point, but there is also that possibility that they are looking for us, and we may have a family back there who loves and misses us."

"Michael, we have family here too and other people we care about. I know you haven’t really had a good life here, but you should really try to make it better because we might end up being here for a long long time. You could have a good life if you tried hard enough."

"Just shut up Max. You have no idea about what my home life is really like. You have no freaking clue. You got the easy life though Max being adopted by nice people and having a semi-normal life." Calming down a bit he continued, "I’ll never have that so what’s the point in trying so hard?"

Max also calmed down and answered, "I don’t know. Maybe we should just stop talking about this. This is why I didn’t sit with you and Isabel because I didn’t want to start fighting again. Let’s make a deal. I’ll do what I want to in life, and I’ll let you do whatever you want to with your life. Okay? I’m just sick of fighting all the time."

"Fine." And with that Michael sat down under the tree with Max and gave Max a small smile which indicated that he was happy with their deal. Then he took Max’s CD player from him and slipped the headphones over his own ears. When he heard the music start, he said, "Hmm…Staind. Good choice Maxwell."

"Yeah, I knew you’d think so."

For the rest of the lunch period Max and Michael sat in peace with each other. Max continued studying for his biology test, and Michael continued to bob his head along with the music.

Occasionally Michael would make a funny face at Max to get him to lighten up from all the studying, and occasionally Max would send a look of seriousness back to Michael which every time ended up being a laugh.

Max was glad that he and Michael could at least get along for one period during the day, but he knew that it probably wouldn’t last much longer. Even though they made the deal with each other, they still didn’t like what the other one was doing with themselves.

Once the lunch period was over, Michael tossed Max’s CD player back toward him, stood up, then walked away without even a goodbye. Max was confused by this action because they had been all chummy during the rest of the period. So he shrugged at it and picked up his stuff to walk off to his biology class completely confused.


Max walked through the door to his favorite class to find his lab partner, Liz Parker, already there and waiting for him. She looked up at him and said, "Hey Max."

Completely mesmerized by the way she was tucking her hair behind her ear, Max slowly sat down beside her and replied, "Hi Liz."

They were still lost in a trance with the other when the teacher came up and asked cheerfully, "So.. how have my two favorite scientists been doing today?"

Liz was the one who broke the starring and looked up to the teacher’s face and answered, "Fine." Then she added with a laugh, "I think my math teacher hates me though. She gave me a ‘B’."

Then Max jumped into the conversation as well and said, "Yeah she gave me an ‘A’ minus. I mean I don’t know what I’m gonna do if I can’t pull it up."

The teacher started laughing and said mockingly, "Oh my gosh, the perfect Liz Parker got a ‘B’. Well at least you two care about your grades, unlike some," she added pointing to the back of the classroom to Kyle Valenti’s football buddies acting like idiots.

She left them at their table and went to calm down the psychotic football players. Max and Liz went back to silently glancing at each other till their teacher passed out the tests.

When Liz finished the test, she took it up to the teacher and then returned back to her seat. After Max did the same, they began their little starring contest again. Max gave Liz a shy smile which Liz agreeably returned to him. Then she turned in her seat to face the other direction.

She knew she had to stop starring at him so much or he might begin to catch on to her little secret. After everyone had finally finished their tests, the bell rang to let them out of the class. Liz quickly made her way out of the classroom and away from Max.

Max watched Liz practically run out of the classroom and mockingly thought to himself ‘she probably misses Kyle already’. Then he continued on with the rest of the his day thinking about how two people, Michael and Liz, ran away from him.

Part 4


Later that day, Max was in his room lying on his bed alone in the dark thinking about all that he’s been missing out on just because of his alien side. He was becoming so depressed when he thought about how he couldn’t be just a regular teen who goes to parties, out on dates, and who can fall in love… Soon he turned on his stereo with Staind playing in it. The music suited his mood. He felt that he had no real friends who actually really knew him and cared about what he wanted and who he wanted to be.

Just when he reached the point of complete misery in his solitude, Isabel burst through his door and announced, "Maxwell!! Get dressed; we’re going to a party!" As she said it, she had already started rummaging through his closet for something for him to wear. When she picked out the perfect outfit, she threw it at him and told him to have his sorry ass ready in exactly one hour or else. Max, finding opportunity in this party idea, agreed and started getting ready for the party.

Well, Max looked really hot for this party. His black T-shirt defined his chest so well, and the stone wash jeans just made his butt look great. He was combing his hair in front of the mirror as Isabel walked back in his room, leaned up against the wall, and just smiled at him.

He looked back at her through the mirror and asked, "What?" She shrugged her shoulders and said, "Oh nothing…come on. Let’s go." Max grabbed the keys off his dresser and followed Isabel out of the house. He decided he was going to have fun for once and act like a normal teenager…

Part 5


"Liz get upstairs, and get your ass in that sexy little dress I laid out for you because you’re going to that party damn it!"

"Okay…sorry...didn’t know I was going to upset the ‘Almighty Queen Maria’ so much by finishing my shift. I’ll be done in a minute," Liz answered her nagging friend.

"Oh…Chica ….I’m sorry for being so mean. But I specifically told you how much I needed to get out of the house and away from my mother and the Sheriff making those googley-eyed faces at each other. Liz, I need to have some fun in my life, and I don’t want to do it alone. So come on and get dressed."

Liz, obliging to her friend’s ‘needs’, trudged up the stairs to get dressed. She dreaded the night to come because she knew Kyle Valenti and his drunken football buddies would be there.


Liz and Maria arrived just as the party was starting. Everybody that went to West Roswell High was there…plus the kids from the next town over. Maria’s eyes brightened when she spotted the kegs being rolled in; she needed to be relieved of her stress. Liz catching her eye said, "Maria, don’t even think about it…just sniff your cedar oil or something. I can’t have two drunken people to look after tonight" referring to Kyle as the second.

"Liz I was just joking; I would never do something like that. And I just so happened to have my oil right here just in case one of us may need it later."

"Good," was Liz’s only reply. Maria was already getting out of the car; so Liz took a deep breath and stepped out ready to face the party.

When they got inside, Liz spotted Kyle and intentionally dragged Maria away from his field of view. Liz began to relax once they reached the center of the hot, dancing mob in the middle of the dance floor. She and Maria began to move along with the crowd to the music blaring out of the nearby speaker.

Max and Isabel pulled up in the Jeep a few minutes later. Isabel immediately hopped out of the car and began walking directly into the party when she noticed that Max still had his hands clutched tightly to the steering wheel. Isabel, looking annoyed but actually understanding him, walked around to his side of the car and said, "Max come on, it’s not gonna be that bad." Max gave her a look of pure panic; he had never gone to a function of this sort with so many of his peers. He usually got paranoid when he was around this many people.

"You know Isabel, this was probably a bad idea. Besides, I thought we made a pact or something to stay low and out of site."

"No Max, we made a pact to make people think we were normal, and everyone is at this party; so it would be considered not normal if you weren’t here. Come on…you need to have some fun for once in your life."

"I’m an alien. I’m not supposed to have fun," he answered in that monotone voice of his.

"Get your ASS out of the car before I really get pissed MAXWELL," Isabel screamed and caught everyone in the parking lot including a couple who had been making out since they got there’s attention. Max, feeling a little embarrassed, got out of the Jeep and started to walk with Isabel.

"Anyway Max…it’s not such a bad thing either that you’re arriving to the party of the year with the most popular girl in school."


Once they were in, Isabel went over to hang out with the popular cheerleader type girls who were hanging all over some of the drunk football players. Max decided to lose himself to the music when they started playing a really loud rock song that he loved. He pushed his way into the large crowd of dancing people and began to dance himself.

Max was just getting into the rhythm of the new song that was playing when some guys in the middle of the mob started yelling at each other. Soon fists were flying, and people were getting shoved around. Max just stood there starring at the commotion, when all of a sudden it got completely out of control. Girls started screaming in their high pitched tones; while some of the other guys were rushing in to join the fight. Unexpectedly, Max was practically being trampled by the people trying to get away from the violent brawl. People were shoving and elbowing him to get out of the way. Finally, a big guy almost twice his size knocked him to the ground in one blow. Max was on the ground trying to cover his face from all of the rushing feet trying to get away as fast as they could when he felt the weight of another person fall on him…

Isabel from the other side of the room heard the commotion and immediately started to worry because she knew that was the direction Max had gone. She left her friends going in the opposite direction of all of the rushing people and started to push them out of her way. She began to panic only hoping that he wasn’t hurt. She knew she would feel guilty for making him come if he did get hurt.

Max, feeling pain from the unexpected weight, looked up immediately to the person who had fallen on him. Realizing the person had been knocked unconscious, he quickly adjusted the both of them into a position where he could get up and lift the person into his arms. The fear of being attacked by the rushing mob was soon overcome by his strong need to get this person to safety as he realized who the girl in his arms was.

Part 6


While Isabel was still pushing her way through the crowd to find her brother, Max had found a back exit to the building. Off in the distance, he could hear the police on their way to the party. Still holding the girl in his arms, he looked around trying to get an idea of where his Jeep was. Once he spotted it, he quickened his pace. He laid the girl in the front seat then turned back around to the party to see if Isabel was anywhere in sight.

When he couldn’t see her, he looked back to the unconscious figure slumped over in his car and just figured ‘well, priorities are priorities, and I’m sure Iz can find another ride home’.

With that last thought, he ran around to the driver’s side and hopped in. Turning the ignition on and slowly pulling out as not to kill any of the drunken teens stumbling around, he finally sped away in the direction of the nearest hospital.

Turning the corner into the parking lot, he could see the red ‘emergency’ sign lighted up at the entrance of the hospital. Once he parked the car, he ran back around to the passenger side and unbuckled the girl from her seat belt. Lifting her gently, Max made his way toward the lighted entrance.

One of the paramedics standing by noticed the unconscious girl in this boys arms and immediately called for assistance with a stretcher. They quickly grabbed her away from Max, laid her down on the stretcher, and started wheeling her into the hospital.

Max followed the paramedics as far as he could until one of the many nurses stopped him and started asking questions, "Excuse me," "Son," "Hello?"

Max was still in a daze as he watched the paramedics take her even farther from him, when he noticed an old woman planted in front of him with a clipboard and a pen. He was finally able to zone in on what she was saying after awhile.

"Ok…are you with me now?….Good….Now son I’m gonna need to ask you a few questions. Is that alright with you?"

Silent nod from Max.

"Are you friend or family of the girl?"

"Umm…friend I guess."
"Ok good, now can you tell me the girl’s name and exactly what happened to her?"

"Uhh….Parker…Liz Parker, and there was this huge party and things got kind of out of hand with a fight…and someone knocked me to the ground, and then I guess somehow she was hit in the head by someone because I saw her head bleeding. But I’m not really sure because it all happened very quickly."

"Ok. Thank you. Now do you know if she has any allergies to any medication or any thing, and do you know her phone number or any other way to contact her parents?"

"No… I don’t." With that, the nurse said her thank you again and left Max to wait.

Once the nurse was gone, Max slumped down into one of the waiting room chairs and played with the magazines trying to get his mind off of things. Soon he couldn’t take it anymore and got up to go get something to eat from the vending machines in the cafeteria. He also spotted a pay phone and tried to call Isabel’s cell phone to tell her where he was, but of course, he got a busy signal.

Soon he found himself sitting in the same chair from earlier and flipping through the same magazine. Once he realized he had already read that one, he threw it down and raked a hand through his hair. He looked around real quick and thought to himself ‘I hate hospitals.’

Part 7


Isabel went out into the parking lot because she thought Max would eventually have to go back to the Jeep. Once she realized she was too late and he had already gone, she swore "SHIT!!" She thought to herself ‘That’s what I get for being worried about that loser!’ The more she thought about it, the more angry she got. "I can’t believe that jerk left me here," she said loudly to herself.

Then someone from behind her said, "Hey you got left here too?"

Isabel, agitated at the thought of someone listening to her private conversation with herself, turned around to find a very upset blonde looking around panickly.

"Yeah, hi Isabel."

"Hi Maria. So who were you with tonight?"

"Liz. And that little ‘miss’ is nowhere to be found!! OH…She’ll be sorry when I get my hands on her."

Isabel chuckled to herself about the frustrated girl in front of her. She added, "Yeah, well I finally get my brother Max to come to one of these parties, and then he takes off in the Jeep without even trying to find me. The jerk didn’t even try to call my cell!!"

"Oh, I know what you mean. I mean like one second she was there, and then she was like…gone. Well, Isabel, I could give you a ride home. Liz can just find her own way home if she likes playing this little disappearing game!"


As the girls continued through the parking lot towards the Jetta, Maria joked, "Wouldn’t it be funny if Max and Liz were creating a conspiracy against us and ran off together?"

Isabel laughed and said, "I seriously doubt it!! Max is the shyest person I have ever known. And he knows better than to run off with some girl that he barely knows."

"Okay. Listen Liz is not just some girl," still chuckling at the thought, "besides, I’ve seen the way your brother looks at her….."

The girls continued joking about the two ‘runaways’ all the way to Isabel’s house. Once they got there, Isabel noticed the Jeep wasn’t in the driveway and got a worried look on her face. "Hey he’s still not home," she frowned.

"Don’t worry, I’ll bet he’s at the Crashdown right now stalking her or something. I’m gonna stop by there on my way home to see Liz. I’ll send him home if he’s there."

"Okay Maria, but if he’s not there call my cell. Bye Maria."

"Bye Isabel."

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