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Title: Living my Life
Author: Me
Disclaimer: own nothing.
Category: Liz centered. M/L
Rated: PG -13 maybe
Summary: Liz living her life. And finding there's more than that.
Author's Note: Feedback be really nice.


Have you ever noticed that life is complicated? You may think you have the perfect

life but it isn't. Something will happen to ruin it. Best day of you life. You realized that

you'll never have that day even if you say it? There's gonna be something wrong with

it. Being happy. You can never be 100% happy. Something will change that. Always.

Maybe it's not like this. It can be wonderful. But I'm just living my life. I am Liz Parker

who just lives her life. My problem. My life.


Author's Note: I know it's short. But next part gonna be longer.

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Part 1

You know I have the greatest best friends in the world? Maria and Alex. There always

there for me. Cheering me up when I'm down. I always wonder if they are really my

friends. Cause you never know. They might act like your friend but then they're not.

They're just using you.But how can I think that? I mean we are best friend. So I

guess we're friends.
Today we have a new student. That's what Mr. S said. I wonder if it's a girl or a guy.

Why do I care? I mean it's not like I end up being friends with the newbie. Some guy

Just entered the class.

"Hi, I'm Max Evan and I'm new."

Of coarse your new. I see girls staring at him. Is he that good looking? Brown hair.

Amber eyes. Look like a quiet guy. Shy maybe. You know I always notices things.

Yeah I do. That's what you do when you live your life.

"Hi, I'm Mr. S, please take a seat next to Liz"

Huh? What? I'm getting a lab partner. Does he remember that I told him I don't want a

partner. Guess not.

"Liz please raise your hand."

Here I go. I bet every girl in this class wish that they were sitting next to him cause

they're still staring. They gotta snap out of it. Wait why do I care? Whatever.

"Hi, Max Evan"

"Yeah hi, Liz Parker"

Nothing said to win the guy. They're all yours Ladies. I gotta stop. O.K. " O.K

everyone turn the page to 365" Here it goes. I guess I have to share. But I don't want

to. Damn. Push the book in the middle. There it goes. " Thanks" Not welcome. Not

something I enjoy.


Author's Note: Feedback please!*bounce* Hope it's long enough.

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Thanks for all the feedbacks!!!!!! *happy*

Part 2

Family just sucks. You know. One minute they be nice and caring. The Next minute

they start bitching you out. But then they are your family. Then why are they like that?

My family consists of Me, Mom and Dad. Only child. So all the attention is on me.

Do that. Do this. Lizzie.....yeah yeah yeah. But then they stop. Why? Because they

found a new interst. IN THEM. Because you never know what's gonna happen. So spent lots

and lots of time together. Yep all that lovely crap. Sickening I tell you. So what about me?


Opening my locker and about to leave this place call school. And I hear her.

"Hey Chica"


"I heard that there's a new hottie in school"

Who the hell is that? Huh? Do I know him?


"What do you mean who? He's your lab partner"

Oh yeah him. Duh! Hottie? More like jackass.

"Oh yeah him."

"So how does he looks like? Details"

"When the hell did I start describing GOOD things about guys?"

"Since now"

"Maria, he's gonna be another jackass like the rest of them"

Guys sucks. No offense Alex. Not you.

"Come on Liz"

"It's not like you're not gonna meet him."

"Oh yeah. Oh oh oh did you know he has a twin sister?"


"Her name is Isabel and a according to Pam Troy all the guy LOVES her, so it's

pissing her off"

Finally someone to shut her mouth.

"Is she that pretty?"

"Yeah and she's coming our way"

I look. A blonde? Whoa. I thought they were twin. Huh? Who cares. Probably another

prom queen. Oh my god. Is that Alex starring at her like the rest of the guys? This is not good.

"Maria look at Alex"

She looks. Yep her expression is same as me.

"This is not gonna happen"

I think a plan is forming in her head. I'm leaving. Time to work.

"Maria I need to go now. Work."

"See ya later chica"


Crashdown. A ALIEN theme resturant. A waitress. Ain't it great? That's how it is living in Roswell.

And I have to wear this gay looking uniform. Green. And I have to wear this antenna.

Stupid. I tell you. Did you know I don't get paid for this stupid job. AND my parents own this resturant.

Serving stupid costumer. No offense. And I have to listen to this stupid chime. To let

me know I have costumers. C-h-I-m-e. A costumer. And guess who it is. My lab partner.

Great I have to talk to him. Cause he sitting in my section. Why couldn't he just sit in

Courtney section. She would LOVE him. Bull. I bet that Courtney is gonna take his order.

And boy am I right. She's flirting with him. He looks uncomfortable. Love when

people suffer. She's touching him. More uncomfortable. And some how my feet is

moving towards it. What the *beep*?

"Oh Courtney, I think you have a customer in YOUR section"

"Yeah" She leaves. Wait. What did I just do? I HELPED him. Great.

"Hi lab partner, can I take your order?"

"Cherry Coke only"

"Be right back"

Dude. He didn't even said thanks. I save his ass. Or was he was enjoying it.

Oh well. That's what you get when you live your life. People don't give shit.

"Here's your cherry coke"

"Hey Liz, can you help me on my homework"

NO.NO.NO.NO.NO.NO. Don't want to. But did my mouth listen? Nope.

"Yeah. I have a break in half an hour. If you wait I'll help you"

Didn't I say I don't HELP. Except Maria and Alex. Bestfriends. Please say no. Please say no.


"O.K." Crap. I bet Maria is gonna say something IF she comes and see me.

She's gonna tell Alex and then she's gonna tease me and say I like him. Because I

don't help guys. And mostly anybody else. Wonderful. Hope she doesn't come.

Wonder how it goes.


Feedback please!!!!!! This part is way longer right?

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Part 3

Boys. Guys. Men. Assholes. Jackass. Jerk. Dumbass. Fuckers. Dick Face. Ah,

don't they just all relate? My view of them. All lovely. O.k. so not all of them are like

that. Alex of coarse isn't. Best Friends. Dad? Uncle? Yada yada. Whatever.

Just wonderful. 30 second left till my break. And all the horror is coming to me. I, Liz

Parker agree to help a guy on homework. Ain't it surprising? I Bet Maria is. Too bad

she's not here. Oh but thank god for me. Wait don't believe in God. I think. Not sure.

Faith. Yeah. O.k. Times up. Time to face the horror. Hm. I wonder if I'm gonna freak?

Nah. Stupid.

"Courtney breaks up"

Oh yeah Courtney took the whole break flirting with That Lab Guy. It was fun

watching him suffer. HaHa. I'm cracking. Love when people suffer. Can't wait till all

the girls do that. Gotta stop.


"Yeah yeah I know...bitch"

I heard that.

"Slut. Whore."

Just to let you know I AM NOT A BITCH. I don't qualify for it. The clothes. Part of the

attitude. And all does stuff. O.K. so I'm not close. Ah screw it.

"So Max what do you need help on?"

Getting to the big question.

"Can you ... ah. ... check my homework. I think I did them wrong"

Scratching his head. HMO interesting. Time to check out 'thee' work. Right. Right.

Right. Right. Right. What the hell?! He got 5 questions right in a row. Damn I got

competition. Everyone sucks in my class. Just kidding. Only wish. I'm not bright. At

all. He doesn't need help. Just want to waste my damn break. Dumbass. See what I


"You got them all right"

"Oh. Really?"


Oh no this is not happening. No.No.No.No. I will not believe it. It's a lie. Truth. Hurts.

Maria is here. Making her entrance. Just wonderful.

"Hey Lizzie."

"Oh hi Maria"

I need to get out of here. Out. Of. Here. Too good to be true. I can't.

"Oh my god. Can't believe this is happening. We need to talk later"


She saw me with That Lab Guy. New nickname. Perfect.

"Believe what?" He ask that question. Not me. She won't tell him of coarse. Right?

"Oh nothing" Oh no.

"So you must be Max Evan."

"Yeah" Is he that good looking?

Great she sliding in the seat next to me. That means one thing. No way out of here.

Where is faith when you need it? It sucks really. Wonder what's happening in her

head. But then Maria doesn't think. Unless it a situation like this. Just happen to be

me. Told you I was unlucky. Did I tell you that? I don't remember. Anyway I am.

Just take the guy. Come on Maria I know you want him. Just take him and leave me

alone. Perfect idea. My break.

"Hey my breaks up...gotta go...Maria move"

"What? What?"


"Oh Yeah"

She's in LaLa land. She's planning something. It's either taking him for her or

something for me which I don't want to know. Did we have a discussion on it? I mean

me, Maria and Alex. About how I hate guys? Guess not. We need to have one.

Gotta stop doing this. Always prepare for the worst. Back to work. O.k. so there's

like barely anyone here. Oh bummer. Beats the crowd. This is boring. I'm leaving.

Calling Alex. Watch Movie. Oh fun. Skip Maria. I need to watch a comedy. So I can

laugh my ass off. And forget that I live my life. Wait I can't. Bummer.


Author's Note: This part sucks. I hate it. Couldn't think of anything else. Maybe I'll get a part out on Valentine's Day or before it for making you read this part. So watcha think? Feedback is needed. *happy*

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I know I said that I'm might get a part out before V-Day. Well I can't. Gonna be busy with my project. So sorry. But I'll try to get one a.s.a.p. And it will be hell lot of better than the last part! Oh and thanks for the feedback.*big*

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Author's Note: Screw Project.*big* Here's part 4.

Part 4

School. Just the sound of it makes you hate it? Don't it?

Teachers: unpaid…and LOVE to watch us suffer?

Students: Lying, cheating, in other words we rock. Don't we?

Actually the whole system sucks. But we have to live with it. I wonder how long it's

gonna last. Hope it's soon.

The greatest poster just went up today. Yep. It's the Valentine's Dance. It's crap.

What I heard. O.k. so it isn't what I heard. It's what I said. I bet the decoration can

blind someone. It's all gonna be pink and red. Really bad color to mix. It's gonna be

dramatic. Maybe. Just felt like saying that. I just hop I don't have to get mix in it. But

then again Maria is gonna drag me there. How can she not know? I swear she does

too much gossip. But then I like hearing it. I get to make fun of people. Fun. 5

second till the bell rings. 5-4-3-2-1. It rings.

Hey. He's not here…….yet. Maybe he got blasted from the Roswell aliens. Maybe.

They show up at his house. Takes out their laser gun and boom boom boom. And

then he melts. Isn't that cool? Ah man. He's here. So he didn't get blasted. Ah that

sucks. I needed some entertainment.



Do we have to do this every time? I mean the next time it might be

honey….sweetheart…cupcake…..oh my god. I will freak if that happen. But wait.

Doesn't that happen to couples? All those cheesy stuff. Wait. I just had a visual of

me and HIM. We live in a perfect house with picket fence. And all those crap. Oh my

god. Liz snap out of it. Man that was the worst nightmare. Not nightmare. Nightmare

daydream. That will not happen ever again. I, Liz Parker will not have that thought

ever again. Much better. O.k. back to the Teach.

"……as I was saying….."

He was saying something? I don't remember. I think I was too into that daydream. I'll

just ask my not-so-talkative partner about it. He knows. He betters.

"…….this project is due the next 4 weeks….."

Project? Great.

"……I suggest you and your partner get together and work on it…."

Partners? Just wonderful. More him.

"You and your partner will be doing a presentation…."

Did he just say presentation????? I hate presentation. You go up and everybody

stares at you. It's freaky. They look at you like you're an alien. Poor me. Oh yeah.

Look at the time 5 seconds left. 5-4-3-2-1 blast off. I'm outta here. Later Lab partner.


Better? No? Yes?

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Disclaimer: I don't own SpongeBob, Patrick, Squidward, Sandy, Krabby Patty or that boating school.

Watch SpongeBob It's on Nick. Cool cartoon.

On to

Part 5

SpongeBob SquardPants SpongeBob Squadpants SpongeBob Squadpants is the

best show ever. Don't ya love it?


"So you and Max are partner for that project right?"

How does she know these things? Oh yeah. Gossip. I bet I'm all over it right now.

Thank god I don't know any of it.


"You are sooooo lucky"


I'm lucky? Why? Won the lotto? Wait I'm too young. Ah. Lost my chance.

"What do you why? Hellllooooooo."



"Max Evan you know?"

"I don't know?"

How come she knows and I don't? I thought I was smarter than her. Wait. She's

smart at those things.

"Don't you know what that means?"

"Nope, would ya like to tell me?"

"That means you can go to his house you know check it out?"

Great. One of those things I don't do. If you want a list. Ask Alex. He made one

for me. So kind of him.

"I don't want to check it out. Only you do."

"No I don't"

I just realize I never got a chance to ask her about that talk she had with him? I

wonder if she got a date?

"So how was the talk with him? Got a date?"


What? I thought she likes him? Why?


"He's not my type. But I know who he's perfect for."

No. No. No. No. The last time she said that. I had a date with Kyle Valenti. First

one and you know what's the first thing he did. He tried to kiss me. Sickening.

Thank god he didn't. Don't know what he did with his mouth before. Gross. Ain't


"Hell ain't me right?"

"Uh…well he is your type."

Yeah right.

"Remember the last time?"

"Oh yeah..sorry"

Please don't remind me. Wait I just did before. Too late. I have to stop doing this

thing. Actually I don't know what thing. I guess I'll figure it out later. Don't know.

"He is your type."

"How do you know?"

Hm. How does she know? Unless she just wants me to get out of the house. Not

house. Apartment house on top of the restaurant. Yep. That's it.

"Because I am your best friend. And best friends knows."

What happen the last time?

"Yeah Maria. I sure believe you."

"Whatever anyway, We're going to the Valentine's Dance."

Huh? What?!


"You heard me"

Oh barnacle.

Tarter sauce.


"Oh Tarter sauce!"

"Liz you been watching SpongeBob again?"

She hates that cartoon. But I love it. It's funny. SpongeBob. Patrick. Squidward.

Sandy. Krabby Patty. All the good stuff.


"What did I tell you?"


"Not to watch SpongeBob because it's a stupid cartoon for little kids and not for us TEENAGER."

Hey! It's not stupid. Way better than those soap she watches. Damn show.

"Yes, so why did you watch it?"

"Cause is my all-time fav show"

"Gosh Liz. Next time you'll be going jelly-fishing. And living in Bikini Bottom."

I wanna live in Bikini Bottom. With SpongeBob. Patrick. Sandy. And pissing

Squidward off. And working at Krabby Patty. And go to boating school and never

pass the test. Think of all the fun you get. Wow. My all-time dream.

"Hey! That can happen"

"Whatever. Anyway we are going shopping tomorrow and that's final."

Great. I get a new dress. And prep myself up. O.k. so it's not too bad. But still.

"Is Alex coming?"

He has to come and suffer with me. That's one thing Alex Whitman best friend can

NOT do. Go shopping with Crazy Deluca. Too bad. He gots to go. Haha.

"Yep he will"

Hehe watch him suffer. All the fun.


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Come on people. Can I just get a little bit more feedback? please? It would be really nice.

Next part hopefully be out in a couple of days.


Oh and thanks for the feedback.*happy*


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Thanks for the feedbacks.*happy*

Maria POV

Shopping. Guys. Gossip. Shopping. Guys guys guys.

O.k. so I'm really into guys. Can't blame me.

I'm one teenage girl who loves guys.

Totally opposite of Liz.

I can't wait till I find my Guy.

But for now I go with the flow.

Need a date soon.

Remember that little talk I had with Max Evan? Well, anyway I'm gonna tell you about it.

Not everything but most of it.

You know Max Evan is sooooo Liz type.

Even if she won't believe.

I swear I NEVER EVER get a date for Liz a guy like Kyle Valenti. Can't believe I made her do it.

Uh. O.k.

We're going off topic. Actually I am. On with 'bout the talk. O.k.

So I was talking to him.

And boy, he ask too much question. He asks about school yada yada...boring.

And then he started asking about girls and it include my gal Liz. Interesting.

He started asking about Pam Troy...Liz....Tess Harding.....Liz.....Coutney....Liz .....and whole lot of Liz and more bimbos.

So your thinking.

Max likes Liz. It's amazing someone really like her.

But he don't even know her. He will though. The project.

I bet he's gonna like those bimbos he ask about. Asshole.

I mean Kyle only wanted to go out with her sure but it hell ain't for her. I'm some best friend to let Liz go out with him.

But I wanted her to go out with someone really badly.

I mean she's home to much, hangs out with us too much (not a bad thing) and watches SpongeBob which is wrong.

Right anybody can figure it out if he's asking 2 billion questions.

He got it bad. So far.

So Me being Maria best friend gonna do something about it. I don't know what yet but I well.

I'm evil? Nah. Just doing a favor.

So confuse yet? I jump into too much stuff at once.

I'm Happy! We're going shopping. I get a new dress. I get to make LIZ wear a dress.

I can make Alex wish he was never our friend.

That would be fun. Right.

I didn't tell Alex we're gonna go shopping yet.

But I will. At the last minute. He be pissed.

Can't wait.

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Thanks for the feedbacks!*happy* Next part will be Alex POV. Might be up tonight or tomrrow. Not sure.

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Alex POV

Don't you like the word computer?

It gives you a tingle feeling.

Doesn't it?

I know I know it's pathetic.

Hey can't help myself.

I'm a computer whiz.

I'm da man.......O.k. so I'm not.

But just give me a few second and hell I'll fell good.

Like now.............. I guess times up.

I have a feeling today.

A bad feeling.

But can't figure out why.

The dance is coming up.

I - Don't - Have - A - Date.

Big problem.

I mean I can get a date.

But..but...I want it to be someone special. Yeah. But then I can't.

Cause she probably has a date already.

And she probably has me label GEEK or she doesn't even know me.

And I have 3 class with her.

Sniff. Sniff.

Men don't weep. But I'm weeping.

Cut it out Whitman.

Who am I kidding?

So I'm not crying. Hey if I cry would she go out with me?



I am a wuss. I mean I have two girls as my best friends.

But they are good friends.

Who wouldn't want two gals as their best friends.

I'm just kidding.

That's sick.

Maria said we're going out today.


She won't tell me.

Said something about the time of your life. Or something.

So it should be good right?

You know the time fo your life.

I got that bad feeling again.

Maybe it has to do with Maria. Or Liz.

Don't know.

Just have to wait.

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Thanks for all the feedbacks!!!!!*big*

Especially Lucky Star. *happy*
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Just to let you know. I won't have the next part soon. Cause I'm stuck. Sorry. But check out my new fic The Poser Game viewthread?forum=dreamer-fanfiction&id=81188 Tell me what you think.


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Note: Just to let you know the first part is what they're thinking. You know crazy stuff. Then after it it continues the fic.

Part 6

It is official. Isabel Evan is part of the Cult.

Yep. You heard me.

The members are Pam Troy, Courtney (people seem to not know her last name), and the oh-so-famous-Queen Tess Harding.

I sear they do this Cult-Ritual thing before they slaughter for their meal.

I saw it done once.


O.k. so it didn't happen but hey it can happen.

I think they really fit in this Cult thing-e of mine.

Don't they?

Me and Maria are on out way to The Shopping hater house.

Who can hate shopping? O.k. Me.

But this is different.

I get a new dress. I don't dress.

Hey I know.

I'll wear some type of pants.

And I hell be the coolest.

I can see me right now.

My moment. Shhh.

O.k. it's over.

Back to reality.


Back to Alex's Surprise.

We're gonna give him a big surprise.

One hella surprise.

Evil Best friends.

Nah you know what?

I don't think Alex will be surprise.

He know the dance is coming up.

He shouldn't be surprise.

He's gonna be the next Bill Gate.

In your face Billy G.


O.k. back.

We're almost there.

Alex doesn't look too bad.

He's O.k.

Need to get the cam.

Can't wait.

I show Maria the cam.


We're there.


"So guys, where are we?"

"It's a surprise"

"Just wait"

Couple more step.

"Do I look stupid?"

Nice question.


People seem to be starring.

"You're fine"


"It's time."


She gets to do the honor.

I get to take the pics.


There goes the blind fold.


Got it.

Wanna know how he look?

Agony. Pissed. Maybe. Surprise.

I think he's gonna freak.


Whoa. Screaming.

Calling attention.

"The dance coming up and we need a dress and your Alex and we need your opinion."

Nice. Maria.

Steam blowing off his head.

I'm laughing.

It's funny.


Hell it is.

Maria is cracking up.

Loose up man.

People are starring.

"You know this really suck. All right let's get on with it."

"All right Alex."

"Your the best."

"You guys owe me big time"

"Yeah yeah whatever."

Can't wait till I develop the picture.


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Double post. oops.

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Part 7

Doesn't low and decent soung good together?

Low and decent.

You want to buy something low and decent right? Nothing crazy.

Low and decent.

Low and decent.

I'm getting weird.

Low and decent.

I found the definition for it.

Really boring stuff. Ya don't wanna know.

Go check the dictionary.

I think it means normal?

Does it?

I'm getting pathetic.

Really low and decent.

Isn't that funny?

O.k. I'm gonna stop before I don't qualify for low and decent.

Man I am weird.

We finally found a decent store with decent dresses.

Took use long time to find this decent store.

I picked out my dress. It's blue goes down to my knees and has tiny straps.

Don't call it sexy.

Just a blue dress.

A decent dress.

Got it?

Cause I don't look sexy.

I'm gonna go try it on.

I'm walking to the dressing room and what do I see?

And you wouldn't want to see it.

Queen Tess Harding a.k.a. Fashion Club Miss.

I change the cult thing to The Fashion Club.

You know like in Daria. How her sister Quinn is in that Fashion Club.

Think of it that way. And plus it's real.

That just really sucks.

And Queen Tess is looking at her fake body on all three mirrors.


She got that decent dress I got.

What the hell?

Isn't that dress not slutty enough for her?

This just sucks.

Where's Maria?

"Maria, come over here"

"What is it?"


I pointed at that thing in front of the mirror.

"Whoa. Shit."


"Liz you are going to try on that dress right now before she changes. I got plans"



I am not going to do it.


She push me in there.

What did I have to tell her?

This just sucks even more.

O.k. done putting it on.

I step out.

Go to the three mirror.

And who do I see?

All of them.

The Fashion Club.

Maria and Alex.



When the hell did he come?


I don't want my lab partner to look at me.


"Excuse me what is that your wearing?"

Squeaky voice.

What am I wearing?

"A dress"

"Yeah. And you happen to wear the same one as me"

No shit.

"Free country."

"I sooooo look why better than you in that"


"Who said? Isn't that dress not slutty enough for you?"



"Shut it or you will go down."

"How low?"

She's quiet.

I'm good.

She points to them.

All of them.

"Uh we don't agree with you"

What best friends for.

Thank you.

"You guys don't count anyway."

Not good.

"They said nothing yet"

Yeah The Fashion Club said nothing. Plus Max.

"Don't I look good girls?"

Ah Hell no.

They nod.

Of coarse they agree with her.

Or their social life will go down.

I think Tess got competition.


"Hey they agree cause their you friends or their social life will go down....low"

In your face.

"Whatever we'll just ask Maxie"


Is that gay or what?

Maybe he is.


That is not a decent name.


I bet he's gonna say Tess looks better.

They all fall under her spell.

Hey that's it she's a witch.


He looks uncomfortable.

Is it that hard to choose?

Come on.

I'm waiting.

"Well? don't I look good Maxie?"

I can't stand that that...that name.


Sounds like some cheap shit.

No offense.

His social life will go low.

He's quiet.

We're all looking at him like he's an alien or something.

Wonder what's he thinking.

Next part will be Max POV. Tell me what you think....
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Is this a hard question?

Who looks better?

Liz or Tess?

This is easy.

But if I say something it's gonna be bad.

If Tess looks better, she be happy.

And Liz will never speak to me ever again.

I think.

Maria will nail me and ask me why I said Tess looks better in front of them.

And then my secret will be out.

If Liz looks better then there goes my secret.

Tess get pissed. Who cares.

Liz won't talk to me ever again.

I don't think she likes me.

Really she don't.

At least I get to talk to her sometimes in class.

Since we're partners.

What else is there to talk about?

I'm a shy guy.

I'm a shy nice guy.

I'm a shy nice guy who says hi to a girl.

"So who looks better Maxie?"

Why those she have to call me that?

It's gay.

Plus I'm not a dog.

I should just tell her off.

But I'm a shy nice guy so I'll stick to it.

They're all looking at me.....waiting.

So what should I say?

Why did Isabel have to drag me here?

She's so demanding.

She nudge me in the arm.

See what did I tell you.

Demanding that's what.

So should I go with Liz or Tess.

Pretty brown hair girl or evil blonde wannabe whore who wants to get in my pants?

"Liz" I whispered.

I'm blushing.

This is bad.

Red. All red.

"What did you say?" Tess asked.

I guess she didn't hear me.

Wait I whispered it.

"Liz" I said normally.

Still blushing.

I think everybody is shock.

Cept Maria. She's proud I tell you.

She has this big grin on her face.

I can't even look at Liz.

Oh god.

What did I get myself into?

No. No.

What did Iz get me into?

Sisters are just the greatest.

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Feedbacks? please.
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Note: Here's a note for all my fics of why I didn't update them yet. You don't have to go to all my fics for the note it's all the same.

Living My Life - I'm halfway with Part 8 should be out soon. Michael is gonna be in it for some reason.

The Poser Game - For some damn reason this is just hard to write. Tried.But fail. Maybe I'll think of something.

Slumber Party with 'The Weirds' - Next part gonna be Michael POV. The problem is I'm not sure what he thinks. So working on it. But I might add Alex POV in it too.

Fear - I know what's gonna happen next. But it's gonna be something unexpected. Depends on what you think. Just need to start typing it.

Sorry for not posting.


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Part 8

Did you ever have a 'Maria Moment'? Well, it happens sometimes.

'Maria Moments' are time when you start talking or acting like her.

It gets funny sometimes. Really.

Then there's this 'Alex Moment' where you start drinking a lot of orange sodas.

He loves that thing.

Orange sodas can be really addicting. I'm serious. Ever tried it?

Did you hear what he said?

He said I looked better.

Better than Tessie.

I'm shocked. So is the rest of them.

He's blushing. Really he is. It's either he's embarrassed or he said the wrong thing and embarrassed about that.

I think Tess is fuming. Smoke is coming out of her hair. Hair on fire, turn black, crisp, dust. Too bad that can't happen.

She's turning red.

"You take that back" She said angrily. Real angry.

"No" he said. What?

He really really think I look better.

God someone need to smack his hear upside down. Maria should do that. She's good.

Everyone's quiet now. I think they're still registering the fact that Max said no to Tess. Plus he said I looked better.

A plan must be forming in her hair. I mean head. Revenge.

"Fine you'll regret it. Nobody ever say I look worst than anybody that is not up to my social status." Tess said. He must be scared.

"And you'll pay for it" Oh-Mighty-Tess said to me.

Like how the hell is she gonna do that? She must be thinking about making me low. L-O-W.

"Let's go" Tess said to her Fashion Club.

After she changed and got pissed they left.

So now it's just us and him.

For some reason when I looked at Maria she's grinning like a fool. Something is up.

But now it's not the time to ask. It's the time to convince him that 'She'' looks better than me.

"O.k. You. Me. Talk. Now. After I change"

And I made sure I pointed at him so he knows it's him.

I hand the dress to Maria. She knows what to do. She still have that grin.

I told Alex that I'll him later. What is up with these grin?

So we're walking to this table by this coffee shop.


"Um...O.k." He said shyly. He's nervous.

There is nothing to be nervous about right? I mean he did say I look better. That was well sweet of him. No not sweet. Nice. Yeah.

"Why did you do it? Huh? Your social life will go down? That's the only thing she can do and you just ruin yourself and all for me and why?Huh?"

I think that was one of the 'Maria moments'. She talks to fast sometimes.

"Because it was you" He said. Because it was you? What kind of answer is that?

"What?" I really don't understand.

"There's just something about you" He said. Something about me? Like what?

"O.k." I don't know what to say.

I looked at him. I mean I really looked at him. His eyes. There's just something about his eyes.

"Nice eyes" Did I just say that out loud? Shit. Snap out of it Liz.

He smiled. I guess I did say that out loud. This is bad. I need to talk to Maria.

Back to the subject.

"You know you still got time to change it" I said. I still trying to convince him.

"I don't want to" He replied.

Why? Because it was me? There's something special about me? What?

This guy seriously got problem. And I thought I was messed up.

"Fine, but by monday you'll regret it" I said.

"No not by monday but in less than 20 minutes" I continued.

"Rumors fly fast I tell ya"

He shrugged.

What is wrong with this guy? He's supposed to be one of those jackass. You know the one who only love their own reflection.

Oh well.

This is getting awkward.

"Um, O.k. I'm gonna go. Bye" I said.

We are really gonna have problem when school starts.

"Bye" He said.

Now I need to find Maria and Alex.

I called Alex and guess where he is?

You won't believe it.

I'm telling you.

He went to Victoria Secret.

With Maria.

Told you he hated the mall.

He said something about Maria telling him that she needs underwears or panties that will go with her dress.

He's said he's dying in there.

Anyway, that's where I'm going right now.

I'm here.

Oh my god.

Maria is asking him which one looks sexier.

You should see the look on his face. Horror.

"Hey guys"

"Liz, Liz, Liz which one looks sexier?" Maria asked.

The horror on his face.

"Um that one" I said.

"Thank you, Thank you" She said happily.

"So how the talk go?" Alex asked with 'That grin'.

'That grin' is getting to be an issue.


"You weird or he weird?" Maria asked.

"He weird"

"Are you sure?" Alex asked.

There are times when I'm really weird.


"I asked him why and he said it was you"

What kind of answer is that?

"What the hell is that supposed to mean?"

"Romantic. I tell ya" Maria said.

Romantic? Nah.

"He digs you" Alex said.

What? No. There're just playing trick on me because they just are.


"You know what let's just not talk about it"

We have to quit this or me and lab partner will get even weirder.

"But Liz-"Maria and Alex whined.


Did you know that I have a cousin name Michael and he lives in LA. Not Roswell small town but LA big city.

"My cousin Michael is coming" I said trying to change the subject.

"Who's Michael?" Alex asked.

I guess I never talked about him. We aren't tight. Distant cousin.

"A rebel that's why he's coming and staying"

"A rebel?" Maria asked. She wants him.


"So when is he gonna come?" Maria said. Told you she wants him.


"I'm there" Maria said.

"Show the newbie around" Alex said. Uh I don't think he's gonna like Alex.


"Shit Maria. We're late"

We have to work.

"O.k. just let me get this" She said.

He should be here in 10 minutes. My parents went to pick him up.

Maria seems to can't wait.

Chime. Someone just came in.

And looky-look it's Max. What the hell is he doing here?

Oh yeah I work at the diner and it's dinner time. Right.

I turn around to look at Maria and she has 'That grin'.

Does everyone know something that I don't?

Really it's becoming an issue.

I walk to Max. My lab partner.

"Hi, I'm Liz, can I take your order?"

"Cherry coke" he said.

"Anything else?" I asked.

"No" he replied.

I guess everything goes back to normal. That's good.

"Be right back"

"So Liz what is up with the Max thing?" Maria asked with 'That grin'.

"Nothing. We are just lab partner"

"He thinks you're pretty" Maria said.

No way.

"I think he needs help" I said turning away from her.

"Here's here cherry coke, anything else?"


What's up with him?

Chime. Stupid chime.

"Honey, we're home" My mom said walking to the kitchen with my dad.

"Hi" So where is he? My long distant cousin.

I see him. Yep you can tell he's a rebel. Got the look. With the attitude.

I turn around and looked at Maria. Oh yeah she digs him.

"Hi Michael, long time no see"

"Liz" he said looking around.

Then he stops and called, "Max"

He knows him? Maybe that's where Max is from.

"Hey Michael" he said.

I see Maria coming over. She wants to introduce herself.

"You know him?" I asked. Not sure to who though.

"Yeah, we're best friend" Max answered. So Michael got a best friend that is not a rebel and all that stuff he is. Weird.

Maria is walking to Max. Tugging him on the arm.

"Oh and this is Maria" He said.

Oh my god. She really really likes him.

"Hi" Michael replied. Not much I tell you. He doesn't like to talk to people. That's what my parents said.

"O.k. people I need to get back to work so if you're not buying get out" I said.

"Liz, tell them I went out and I'll be back later." Michael said.


"Bye Maria, uh Liz" Max said walking out.

Gee Michael didn't even give a proper good bye. Just out the door.

Anyway now I have to deal with Maria happiness. Where is Alex when I need him?

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Michael POV

Just because I set the fire alarm once doesn't mean moving to Roswell-Alien Town of crap.

So I didn't set it just once maybe a couple times and some other stuff.

But the good part about moving is Max.

We been friends since 3rd grade.

Ever imagine him like me?

Bet you never did.

He is. He's a trouble maker. Just like me.

Well, not exactly he has trouble with girls. Big time.

But I think it's only with girls he likes. But that hardly happens.

But I still know he has girl trouble even if he won't admit it or tell me.

Max was my partner in crime. My best friend.

But he seem to be lucky every time we get in trouble. Lucky bastard.

There's just something about him that everyone likes. Damn him.

We drove out to the desert. Back in LA we would hang out at his crib.

His basement. But we're new and he hadn't found anything yet.

Where is there to hang out anyway?

"So, wanna tell me what I missed?"

"No" he said.

No? The hell?

"The hell?"

"No trouble" he answered.

No trouble? You got to be kidding me.

"No fire alarm, stealing, hiring a stripper at an assembly?"

He shake his head.

"It's different without you, you know? No one to blame for" Max said smiling.


"Dick head"

He just smiled.

"Any girls?" he asked.

"Nah, too clingy, demanding, yapping"

It's true they are like that.

How can a guy like me gonna live with a girl like that?

"About you?"

Bet he's gonna say no. Girl trouble.

"Kinda" he admitted.

What? Max likes a girl. She must be really hot.


Come on who is it.

"Um...Liz" he said quietly.

Did I just hear that? Correctly?


"Yeah" he said.

Fuck. Hot? Hell no.

"My cousin, Liz?"

"Yeah, the one any only" He said.

He must really likes her.


"Got a date with her?"

"I don't think she likes me" he said.

He didn't ask. Wimp.

"You didn't ask her"

He nod.



"She's different."


See a guy like me wouldn't understand that.

"From most girl" he said.

That doesn't help.

"Need help?"

Yes. I, Michael Guerin is going to help my love-sick wimp friend.

Maybe not love-sick yet. But you never know.

I got it. Blind date.

Get Max a blind date and get over her.

That's it.

Where the hell is he anyway?

He's supposed to be here 5 minutes ago.

I need a hot chick.

"Let's go" Max said.


I got in the jeep.

"I was thinking..."

"You think?" Max said.

"Shut up. Blind date"

"Blind date? for you?" he asked.

"No shit head for you"

"I'll get you a hot chick"

"Double it" he said.

Double what?


"I get you a date and you get me one" he said.

Double blind date.

"Fine. But it better be good"

"Oh I know someone" he said with a smile.

I have a bad feeling about this.

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Maria POV

Date. Date. Date. Date.

I don't have a date.

The dance is tomorrow. I'm doom.

I'll be like Liz standing there. But she enjoys it.

Oh crap.

That Michael guy is hot. Really hot. I wonder if Liz can get me a date?

Nah. Liz getting me a date. She'll start laughing her ass off.

I need to get to math. Stupid math. I hate it.

Grab my book. Take this corner. And wham!

What the hell? I just fell on my ass. Because someone wasn't watching where they're going.

"What the hell?"

"What the hell?" the guy said.

"Watch where you're going pixie." he said.

Pixie. Hell no.

"Watch where you're going you big lard. You can at least apologize buddy"

"You're the one who hit me" he yelled.

Asshole. Who the hell is he? I took a look at him.

Shit. Michael. Liz's cousin. Hot bastard.

"At least help me pick up my books"

I still on the ground. On my ass.

"Hell no" he said walking away.

I hate him. I hate him. I hate him.

I got up and wipe my ass. So the crap wouldn't be on my ass.

"Maria?" Max said.


"I was wondering would you like to go on a blind date? It's a double blind date" he asked.

Blind date? Date? I need one.

"Ok. But that person better be good" I said.

"I think you'll like him" he said, " Oh and we'll meet at the dance"

"Sure" I said.
Part 9a

I'm going to be a wallflower. Just stand by the wall and watch.

Maybe play a joke or something but me not witty enough to come up with something.

This just sucks.

"Maria you can not go on a blind date if that someone who organized it is Max"

"Why not?" She asked curling my hair.

I don't get the meaning of this. The let's play dress up thing.

"Because he is a guy and a guy cannot tell from a good guy between a jackass."

Unless he's gay.

"I thought all guys are jackass" she said to me.

"They are. But in your case there good and jackass and I still think this is crap"

"Hey at least I have a date" she said.

I glared at her. " For your information I'm going because I'm being supportive."

"Right. Now it's time for make up" She said picking out a right lipstick for me.

No. This is crap. I hate make up and crap.

"Here this one definitely is your color." She said handing it to me.

I grab it and put it on.

"Are we done yet?"

"No" she replied.

"What about you? Don't you have to get ready for your date?"

"I'm done. I been up since this morning." She said cheerfully.

"Hope your date is worth it."
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*Author's Note*

Ok. Get straight to the point. I'm not gonna continue this fic. Why? There's no point in it, I'm not sure where it's going and I'm dragging it. Plus I got some other fics going on. And I have this new one which I will post after I'm done with Fear. This fic just not doing to good. So I'm quitting. I wanna say thanks for all the feedbacks. That really made me have this feeling that somebody actually reads it.

I especially want to thank Lucky Star. You rock. Gave me all those feedbacks and bumps. Thanks. *big*

Ok. That's it. Bye.


P.S. I got 3 other fanfics check it out.
Slumber Party with 'The Weirds' , Fear and my new one 'Unhealthy Obsession'

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