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Title: Things Unsaid
Author: Black Night
Summary: Basically Max's people sent a group to Earth 20 years after the sent the pods, and Max found them and started building his forces at the end of Senior year. Liz was leaving to go to collage and let Max focus on his people and she went to tell him, things got out of hand, Liz left the next day, with Maria and found out about her daughter a month later. She doesn't really talk to anyone from Roswell unless she has to and hasn't seen anyone in over a year. She is doing really well in school and will probably finish early. Her baby-sitters name is Ariya or Riya. Isabel and Alex came up for a surprise visit and found out about Tara (M\L's daughter) Liz made them promise not to say anything.
Author’s note: I started another story that would have taken place years in the future but I didn’t like how it was turning out so I stopped and decided to write this one because it’s more about Max and Liz. Oh in my reality, no destiny, no mom-o-gram, no shape shifters.
Feedback: Would be nice, but not required. I just like to know if you like the story or if you have any suggestions cause I don’t really know exactly where it’s going.

Part 1

“Liz this is ridiculous. I can’t believe I work here. It’s worse then the Crash cause at least there we could all have a good laugh about it, here they’re dead serious. I mean what kind of nut job would think making coffee at 4 in the morning ON A SATUARDAY, no less, was a good idea?!?”

Liz buried her head under her pillow and hoped that Maria would just leave already instead of insisting upon waking her up every morning she had to open the shop. “Liz? Liz are you even listening to me?”

Sighing and giving up the hope of pretending to sleep so Maria would leave earlier, Liz sat up and yawned. “Yes Maria I’m listening to you. Sniff some cedar oil, it’s 3 in the morning and for people that don’t work at Star Bucks that means sleep, especially if you didn’t get to bed until midnight.” Maria glared over at her and walked over to Liz’s bed from where she was putting on her boots and flopped down next to Liz. “Tell me again why I work there?”

“Because you only have to work 4 days a week to meet you’re half of the rent and that leaves the rest of the week open for you to sing and they let your band play every other week. Besides, where are you going to find a boss that let’s you’re best friend come and keep you company while watching her baby girl? Now let me get some sleep and I’ll see you in a few hours.” Liz reached out and grabbed the blankets out from underneath Maria, which resulted in her falling to the floor with a thud. “Oh my gosh Maria, I’m so sorry!” she leaned over the side of the bed looking down at Maria, trying to stifle her laughter.

“This is just great! I come in for some moral support for waking up at an hour any normal 19-year-old isn’t even supposed to know exists, to work at a place that defies all the herbal laws to serve black water with nasty flavoring and what do I get? I get my best friend grumbling about me waking her up and is actually coherent enough to give me valid reasons for not collapsing into a heap back into my bed and sleeping till noon. And to top it all off she dumps me on the floor!” By now Liz had lost her battle in hiding her laughter and Maria, still trying to look indignant, was suppressing a grin.

“Maria? Do you think you can make it to the door on your own or are you going to make an old mother creak her aching bones to help you out?” Liz was grinning and Maria sighed, got up, gave her a face and walked out of the room and left to head to work.

Liz awoke to the sound of her alarm clock, four hours later. She sighed, stretched and yawned. She felt like she’d just gone to bed five minutes ago but knew she needed to get up now if she wanted to shower and get ready for the day before Tara woke up.


Two hours later Liz was headed for Starbucks. She found a parking place near the front of the store and went around to the back of the car to take Tara out of her car seat and settled her into her carrier. Liz walked into the coffee shop and headed straight for the back. The owner, Joe Stamos, was also their landlord so he let Liz study in the back with Tara while Maria worked. He claimed that Tara was good for business because everyone loved her, but Liz knew that he was just a softy.
“Liz, glad to see you finally got here. You almost made us start to worry, what with being a whole 30 seconds off schedule.” Liz laughed and just shook her head. “Got to spice up the routine sometime, Joe.” Just as Liz said this Maria walked into the back. “Liz please. Your version of spicing things up is to add more chilies to the salsa then what the recipe calls for.” Joe smiled at Liz and winked. “Maria shouldn’t you be working, that is what I pay you to do, right?” Maria laughed, said something Liz didn’t catch and walked back into the front.

“So Liz, what are you working on today?” Liz looked down at her books then over to Joe. “I believe today it is Political Science, mixed with some Chemistry.” He cringed and reached down and lifted Tara from her carrier. “Yes well we’ll leave you to your work. Ms. Tara and I have some public relations work to attend to.” He place the tiny Starbucks hat that he had specially made for Tara onto her head, bent down and gave Liz a kiss on the top of the head and headed for the door. He turned back and waved Tara’s hand towards Liz. “Don’t study to hard, Liz. I may be an old guy but don’t do too much today. It’s your day off, enjoy it.” With that he walked through the door and out into the busy café. Liz sighed and smiled. Joe was great to have around, he reminded her of her grandfather and was really a sweet guy, although he had the look of a tough retired army officer on the outside. How exactly he became the owner of a Starbucks Coffee House was a mystery Liz didn’t even want to try to figure out. She smiled and went back to studying.


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Part 2

Liz stretched and yawned 3 hours later. She’d been working trying to finish off another chapter in Chemistry and had just finished and decided to take a break. She got up and grabbed her mug off the employee rack in the back and went into the front in search of some coffee.

“Liz, nice of you to join the land of the living.” Liz smirked over at Ryan, the cashier. “Yeah I thought I’d grace you with my presence.” She grinned and walked over to the coffeepot and poured herself some coffee. “Yes all should bow to the queen.”

“Hey do you know where Joe went with Tara?”

“I think he’s sitting over in the booth next to the door.” He winked and went back to helping one of the customers. Liz gathered her coffee, walked over to the booth where Joe was sitting with Tara in her carrier, while he was working on some bills and slid in across from him. She reached over and picked Tara up out of the carrier and hugged her. Giving her a kiss on the head, Liz looked across the booth to Joe. “Thanks for watching her this morning. I really needed to finish that stuff up for Dr. Sandler.”

“It’s no problem Liz. Like I said before I love spending time with her and it’s not like she ever cries.” He smiled down at Tara’s sleeping face. Her ears poked out a little from her head and if her eyes were open he would have been looking into calm amber pools with flecks of chocolate in them. He always found it odd that a baby so young already had such deep brown eyes but he didn’t think it would be appropriate to bring them up with Liz. They probably were a result of her father and since Liz never mentioned him, Joe guessed he had left her or something along those lines and didn’t want to cause Liz any painful memories by prying. His thoughts were interrupted when Liz asked about how business was going.
“It’s going pretty well. How’d of thought I’d enjoy owning a coffee shop but the people are nice enough and Maria always makes it interesting.” Liz smiled.

“Interesting is a nice way of putting it, understated, but nice.” Joe started laughing and looked toward Maria. She shot a questioning glance at him but continued to take another customer’s order. Tara started to get fussy at all the noise and Liz started to rub her back and she immediately calmed down in her mother’s arms.

Liz was about to say something to Joe when her jaw dropped and she started to shake. “Liz? Liz what’s wrong? Are you alright? Liz?” Liz’s head snapped over to Maria who was already staring out the front window, her face sheet white and her eyes almost popping out of their sockets.

There standing outside of the Starbucks was none other then Michael Guerin.

Liz jumped up from the booth still holding Tara in her arms and dashed into the back. Maria ran in two seconds later, babbling incoherently.

“What’s he doing here… How’d he get here… what does he want… what are we going to do? Were going to die, oh my gosh he came here to tell me the world is going to end! That bastard!”

“Maria! Maria! Get a hold of yourself! The world is not going to end. Maybe he just came to say hi or something. Don’t go jumping to conclusions, for all we know he doesn’t even know you work here. He could just be looking for a cup of coffee or something.” The excuses sounded lame to Liz but they seemed to have been calming Maria down which made the situation ten times less stressful automatically. Just as Liz was about to say something Joe walked into the back.
“Okay why is it that the guy that just walked into the shop spooked you two into running like the wind into the back? Scratch that, who is he and what the heck is going on cause the first thing he did was ask for Maria.” Joe crossed his arms over he chest and leaned into the wall next to the door, effetely blocking any ideas of escape or entrance.

“He’s an old friend from high school that Maria hadn’t seen in awhile. She was a little shocked to just see him show up so she came back here to collect herself. I came back here to calm her down.” Joe didn’t look like he was buying Liz’s story.
“That’d make since Liz except for the fact that you came back here first and looked ten times as worried as Maria did. How about you tell me the truth about who this guy is?”

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Part 3

Liz was at a loss for words on how to explain to Joe what seeing Michael after a year meant, let alone having Michael see Tara because if Michael saw Tara he’d know and then he’d tell Max. Just when Joe was about to start questioning her again Tara started to cry, sensing her mother’s distress over the situation. Liz quickly used that as an excuse and turned away to try and calm herself and Tara down.

Maria looked like a deer caught in headlights with a bottle of cedar oil firmly planted under her nose and was taking deep breaths. “Heh, hey Joe I think I’m going to go out there and take Michael’s order, k?” She put on a sweet smile and started towards the door. Joe looked as if he was about to protest but decided to let Maria go out there instead. He followed her back out into the front, shooting a quick glance over his shoulder.


Michael’s head shot up when he heard the door to the back open and he watched Maria come striding out, flipping her long hair behind her shoulder. He wasn’t surprised to realize she hadn’t changed much in a year. She was still the same Maria, wacky outfits and all. He noticed a rather intimidating guy follow her out to the front. He was probably in his late mid 50’s, well built, gruff looking and was wearing a look that said ‘mess with her and you’ll wish you were dead.’ Michael gulped realizing that he was extremely lucky he hadn’t had to deal with Maria’s father in high school, cause if this was what her boss was like, he wondered how her father would have reacted to him, not that Amy Deluca was any piece of cake to deal with.

Maria tapped her foot and kept looking around nervously. “What can I get you?” Michael looked up at her and lost his train of thought. She looked better then he remembered. “Hello? Michael? What do you want?” Michael snapped back to reality from his trip into the past, and he gave Max a hard time for going off into Liz-land. He shook his head and half smiled. Than he got down to what he came here to do.
“Maria I…I need to talk to you after your shift is over. It’s really important.”

Maria shot a look towards the back door and then turned back to Michael. “Um… I don’t think that’d be such a great idea. How about I just give you my number and you can call me and we can organize a time to get together?”

“No, I need to talk to you as soon as possible. Listen you know I wouldn’t be here unless it was extremely important. Heck I wouldn’t even be here if Isabel hadn’t insisted on me coming to get you guys. By the way where’s Liz?”

“Liz? She’s uh… uh she’s at school.” Maria couldn’t stop herself from looking once again at the door leading to the back. Michael saw this and decided to check it out. Something was spooking Maria bad enough that she couldn’t even focus on lying to him.

“So where’s the bathroom in this place?” Michael strode towards the door leading to the back not listening to what Maria was saying.

“Michael! You can’t go bac-” Michael pushed open the door. He looked over his shoulder at Maria to tell her to chill out and saw he horrified look, he snapped his head around and his jaw dropped to the floor.

“What the hell is going on?!?”

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Part 4

Two very shocked employees turned to find a customer yelling at them in the middle of making out.

Maria slapped Michael upside the head and grabbed his collar dragging him back into the main room. “What the heck is wrong with you? I told you not to go back there!” As Maria was yelling she saw Liz quietly creeping to her car from around the back of the building. “I mean how rude was that? If it hadn’t of been Ryan and Emily back there, what if someone had been changing? Hm… there’s a reason it’s called Employees Only.” She continued to babble until Liz had put Tara in the car and drove off.

Michael was slowly backing up from Maria’s rant until he hit a table and promptly sat down in the chair. “Okay, alright, enough Maria! Jeeze, can you draw anymore attention to us? Can I get a coffee already?” He slouched in his chair and was making eye contact with the speckled top of the table.

“Yeah I could start screaming at you. My mother taught me that one back in high school.” She smirked and walked over to get him his coffee. A very pink eared Ryan was standing next to the coffee maker. “Maria about the thin-” “Don’t worry about it Ryan. I won’t tell Joe.” She winked. “But I could use a favor from you if you wouldn’t mind?” “Sure, anything” Ryan said quickly, shooting a glance at Joe, who had his broad back to them. Maria leaned in and started whispering to them.

15 minutes later Michael was looking around the shop wondering where Maria had gone off to. A different waitress, the one that he had caught in the back, walked over to him and placed a coffee on the table. She turned to walk away but Michael caught her arm. “Where’s Maria?” The girl looked over to the counter and shrugged. “Her shift ended 10 minutes ago. I assume she went home.” Michael stood up and threw some money on the table, mumbled a quick thanks and dashed from the shop.


“Maria! Where’s my black duffel?” Liz asked while she walked into Maria’s room. She was hastily throwing random objects into a flowered suitcase with bright green wheels. “I dunno Liz, last I saw it was in the closet in Tara’s room.” She was searching the flower for something and suddenly ducked out of view behind her bed. Her words were muffled as she suggested Liz try there.

Liz sighed and turned and went back down the hall to Tara’s room. It was painted pale blue on the walls with clouds and flowers and little bunnies and then one ceiling were stars and planets and the moon. Liz smiled at the memory of painting it with Maria. They had gotten paint everywhere and it had ended when Liz had dumped a bucket of dark blue paint into Maria’s hair after Maria had attacked Liz with a paint brush. She shook her head to clear her thoughts and quickly started searching for the duffel. If Michael had found out where Maria worked then he would probably know where she lived and it would only be a matter of time before he came by. Liz and Maria hoped to be long gone by then.

They had been planning a vacation to her Grandmother Claudia’s old cabin anyway, so they would just be leaving a little early, she half smiled. That’s it, this is going to be a real vacation. Liz rolled her eyes. “Ah ha, there you are!” She bent down and picked it up and as she turned to go to her room she heard a knock at the door. Maria poked her head out of her room and turned towards Liz, shooting a questioning look at her. Liz shook her head, and whispered, “I don’t know who it is, we weren’t expecting anyone were we?” Maria mouthed ‘No’ to her and shrugged thinking they’d go away if no one answered. Instead they heard the familiar click of the lock coming undone.

“I know you’re in here, Maria. Liz. I really need to talk to you guys.” Michael said as he walked into the apartment. He started walking towards the living room only to get hit by a very heavy bag on the side of his face. “Hey! Ow, that hurt!” He put his hand up to his cheek, knowing her was going to have a bruise before the day was over. He turned to see a very pissed off Maria. “This is breaking and entering! I thought you stopped being a criminal in junior year!” She glared at him and was nervously wringing her hands. Since when was she ever nervous around him? “Get out right now Michael. There’s a reason I left without saying goodbye. I don’t want to talk to you!”

“You may not want to talk to me but tough you’re going to have to.” She started at him with an outraged look about the fact he was telling her what to do. Liz came up behind Maria and put a hand on her shoulder. “Come on Maria. Let’s just hear what he has to say then he can leave and we can finish getting ready for our vacation.” Maria nodded slightly and sent daggers at him with her eyes as they walked into the living room. Michael took the chair opposite the couch where the girls were sitting.

“You aren’t going to like what I have to tell you but I wouldn’t be here unless it was important. I mean I had no idea where to look for you guys until Isabel caved and gave me your address.” Maria and Liz shot each other a look. Why would Isabel tell them where they lived. She had sworn she wouldn’t. “Anyway Max sent me here because he knew you wouldn’t even listen to him. Basically you guys have to come back with me.”