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Set after destiny. Liz comes back to a changed Max and can't handle it.
I do not own anything roswell-related.

Part One
She sat silent looking out the window. Trees buzzed past as the bus got closer and closer to Roswell. She was going back after 3 months of being away. She had to go back to all the pain and frustration, that never had really left her even while she was at her Aunts. Looking out the window she wondered what had happened in Roswell over the summer. She wondered if Maria and Michael were together. She wondered if Isabel and Alex were together. Most of all she wondered if Max and Tess were together. In a way she hoped they were, because if Max hadn’t gone along with his destiny Liz didn’t know if she would be able to stay away from him. But then again seeing Max and Tess together would be hell, so either way she would be in a lot of pain for a while. Liz hadn’t talked to Maria since she left. She had been so upset after leaving Max behind in the desert that she didn’t want any reminders of Roswell. So Maria hadn’t called.
Liz saw the welcome to Roswell sign pass the bus and she realised she was about five minutes from home. Getting her things together she felt ready to face whatever was in store for her.
Pulling into the bus station Liz kept her head down. She didn’t know if anyone was coming to get her and if someone had she wanted to put off seeing them for as long as possible. Getting up she walked down the aisle and off the bus. Standing on the sidewalk she looked around, no one she knew was there. Smiling to herself ‘What did you expect, Max was gonna come and get you?’ She walked around the back of the bus and got her bags. Then she went and sat on a bench deciding whether to call a taxi or her parents.
“LIZ!!!” A voice came to Liz’s ears.
Looking up Liz saw Alex running over to her. She stood up smiling brightly, Alex was one person she definitely wanted to see.
Alex ran over and hugged hard, Liz hugged him back.
“Hey,” Alex said pulling away.
“Hey Alex, it’s so good to see you,” Liz said smiling.
“You too, so I’m gonna give you a lift home Ok,” Alex said picking up her bags.
“Ok,” Liz got the rest of her things and followed him to his car.
Alex put her things in the boot and they got in the car.
“So how was your Aunt’s?” Alex asked as he pulled out of the bus station.
“It was great, relaxing,” Liz said looking out the window.
Alex looked at her and gave her a small smile.
“Good, I hope you feel better,” Alex said quietly.
“Yeah, I do,” Liz said quietly back.
“So hows everything been here?” Liz asked.
“Uh Ok,” Alex said slowly.
Liz looked at him sideways, and noticed Alex looked a little odd.
“So how is everyone?” Liz asked.
“Uh Ok,” Alex said sounding strange.
“Alex what is it?” Liz asked.
“What do you mean?” Alex asked almost defensively.
“Alex, there’s something wrong. Please tell me,” Liz said looking at him.
“It’s nothing. Well it’s just that a few things have changed since you left,” Alex said quickly.
“What’s changed?” Liz asked curious.
“Oh you and Isabel are together aren’t you?” Liz asked.
“No,” Alex said firmly.
“Oh I’m sorry Alex,” Liz said softly.
“It’s Ok,” Alex said gripping the steering wheel.
Alex pulled into the Crashdown.
Getting out they got Liz’s things and went up to her room.
Liz opened the door and something attacked her.
“LIZ I HAVE MISSED YOU SO MUCH” Maria shouted bowling Liz over hugging her.
Liz hugged her back and almost cried.
“Maria I missed you too,” Liz said.
“So how was your Aunt’s?” Maria asked excitedly.
“It was great,” Liz said smiling at her.
Alex put Liz’s bags down next to her bags.
“So Liz me, you and Maria are going on the Junior Trip,” Alex announced.
“The junior trip?” Liz asked.
“Yep,” Alex confirmed.
“Yes Liz, we are going to have fun for three days in the woods,” Maria said smiling.
“Ok,” Liz said slowly.
Liz looked at both of them and felt something was missing.
“Maria how is everything with you and Michael?” Liz asked slowly.
“Michael?” Maria said her smile drooping a little.
“Yeah you know Michael Guerin,” Liz said watching Maria.
“Oh, yeah we don’t see each other much,” Maria said looking away.
“What?” Liz asked shocked.
“Yeah we don’t see them anymore,” Alex said looking away.
“Why not?” Liz asked looking at them both.
“Liz things changed when you left,” Maria said sitting at Liz’s desk.
“Things changed?” Liz asked looking at Maria.
“Yeah, everything changed,” Alex said looking at the ground.
“What changed?” Liz asked.
“Liz, when you left…” Maria trailed off.
“Look everything’s everything different,” Maria finished.
“I want to know what happened,” Liz almost yelled.
Why wouldn’t they tell her what had changed.
“Liz we have to start our shift,” Maria said quickly standing up.
“Our shift?” Liz said confused.
“Yeah Kirsten and Taylor are sick so your dad needed us to do the afternoon shift,” Maria said.
“Oh Ok, I’ll just get ready but we haven’t finished talking,” Liz said to both of them.
Maria looked at Alex and walked out the door.
“I’ll see you later Liz,” Alex said walking out.
“Yeah, thanks Alex,” Liz yelled after him.
Liz quickly got changed and ran down the stairs.

Later in their shift.

“Maria I want to know what’s changed,” Liz demanded of Maria when they were out the back.
Maria turned and looked at her.
“They have changed,” Maria said flatly.
“They?” Liz asked.
“Michael, Isabel, Tess and Max,” Maria said.
“Well not so much Isabel and Tess, but Michael and Max have.”
“How?” Liz asked almost afraid.
“Liz, Max is…he’s…” Maria trailed off.
Liz stood waiting for an answer.
“He’s what?” Liz said worried.
Maria turned her head and looked into the café.
“Well maybe you will notice the change,” Maria said flatly.
Liz turned her head and saw the four of them walk into the café.
Liz stood and stared at Max. He was so beautiful, she almost fell over. She watched him go and find a seat, and noticed that Tess slid in next to him. But he looked different. His eyes were different. She didn’t know how but they were.
“Are you gonna get their order?” Maria asked Liz.
“Uh I don’t know,” Liz said unsure.
“Well I don’t want to…but if you can’t then I will,” Maria said looking at Liz.
“Uh no I’ll do it. I have to see them eventually so it may as well be now,” Liz said bravely.
“I’d put it off if I were you,” Maria said almost sneering.
“Liz, look Max is different Ok. But don’t let it hurt you, don’t let him hurt you,” Maria said and left the kitchen.
Liz looked after her confused. Max couldn’t be that different.
Slowly she walked out of the kitchen and over to where they were sitting. Max hadn’t seen her. Liz looked at the ground as she walked over to their group. Reaching their booth she looked down at the table.
“Hi,” Liz said quietly.
Liz saw Isabel look at her and smile slightly. Michael just stared at her. Liz looked at Tess, who had a smirk on her face. Max was staring at the table. Liz didn’t think Max had heard her.
“Um, what can I get you guys?” Liz said a little louder. Max snapped his head up and stared at her. Liz turned her head to look at him. Max’s eyes were so cold, his eyes brushed over her like she was a disease and returned to looking at the table. Liz felt her stomach tighten.
“I’ll have a moon burger and fries,” Michael said.
“Can I get a will smith burger and a coke?” Isabel asked.
“Sure, uh Tess?” Liz said not looking at her.
“I’ll have a plate of fries and a coke,” Tess said watching Liz closely.
Liz stood there waiting for Max to give his order.
She waited and waited. Looking at Isabel she smiled slightly. Isabel looked at Liz and smiled back throwing a dirty glance at Max.
“Alien blast and moon burger, please?” Max said.
Liz couldn’t believe his voice. He was normally so soft and kind but when he spoke he sounded harsh and angry.
How can I blame him?
“Ok I’ll have your order in a few minutes,” Liz said and left walking back in to the kitchen.
Liz sat down on a seat and stared at the wall. Max had changed, she could see that already. She had done this to him. Standing up she walked over to the bench and looked out into the café. Maria came and stood by her.
Liz watched Isabel and Michael get up and go outside to the jeep. Then watching Max she saw him slide an arm around Tess and pull her towards him. Liz watched on shocked as Max kissed her. They began making out, not caring who saw them. Liz saw Max pull away and look at her. Watching his face she saw him stare at her, his face cold. Then she saw him smirk at her and go back to kissing Tess.
Liz almost vomited. Slowly she sank down on the floor.
“Liz?” Maria asked from above her.
Liz was staring at the floor. Everything had changed. Everything. It was the end. Liz could see that now. Her life was over. Slowly her eyes filled with tears and they fell over her cheeks as her body shook. Maria knelt next to her and hugged her tight.
“He’s with her now, isn’t he?” Liz cried quietly.
“Yes Liz. I’m sorry,” Maria whispered.
“So that’s it,” Liz said quietly tears stopping. Pulling away from Maria she looked at her.
“It’s all over,” Liz said calmly.
“What do you mean?” Maria said slowly.
“Nothing,” Liz said getting up.
“Liz you can’t let them see you like this,” Maria said looking at Liz’s puffy eyes.
“Could you give them their order?” Liz said.
“Sure, you go upstairs and get some sleep,” Maria said.
“Thanks,” Liz said leaving the kitchen, heading for her room.
Maria got their order and slowly walked into the café and to their table. Isabel and Michael were back at the table.
“Where’s Liz?” Isabel asked looking at Maria.
Maria noticed the others were all looking at her.
“She wasn’t feeling well, after the trip so she’s gone to bed,” Maria said quietly.
Maria noticed Max’s face after she said that, he looked satisfied like he was happy she wasn’t feeling well. Maria almost screamed.
“You stay away from her,” Maria said looking at Max.
Max looked at her surprised, but cold.
“Why would I want to go near her?” Max asked coldly.
“You’re here aren’t you?” Maria said just as cold.
“I don’t want you near her,” Maria said calmly.
Max looked at her and saw she meant it.
“Maria…” Michael began.
“No,” Maria said looking at Michael.
“You’ve ruined her Max, and if you come near her again I will go to the FBI,” Maria said nailing the conversation shut.
Max looked at her shocked, but he didn’t show it.
Maria left calmly with the others staring after her.

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At the bus.

Liz and Maria walked over to the bus and put their things down so they could be put in the bus. Looking around Liz didn’t see anyone she knew.
“Hey,” Alex yelled over the crowd of students.
“Hey Alex,” Maria yelled back waving.
Alex walked over and stood with them.
“Hey Liz,” Alex said watching her.
“Hey Alex,” Liz said smiling slightly at him.
“So are we ready to have fun?” Alex announced.
“Definitely right Liz?” Maria said back excited.
“Oh yeah,” Liz said faking a bright smile.
Liz then saw Isabel walking over towards them.
“Hey guys,” Isabel said quietly.
“Hey Isabel,” Liz said looking at her.
“You’re coming?” Alex said looking shocked.
Isabel looked at the ground embarrassed.
“Yeah we thought it would be good to do a normal thing,” Isabel said.
“We?” Maria echoed.
“Yeah um, Michael and Tess and Max are here too,” Isabel said slowly.
Liz almost fell on the ground.
Maria turned to Liz, and saw her face.
“Liz…” But Liz couldn’t hear her. She was staring at the ground and was wishing she was in her bed.
“Liz, you know we could stay here,” Maria said.
“No,” Liz said firmly looking at them.
“I have to get used to it,” Liz said calmly.
Isabel was confused and then understanding showed on her face.
“Liz if this means anything, I’m sorry how things have turned out,” Isabel said watching Liz.
“It’s not your fault,” Liz said quietly looking at Isabel.
Isabel smiled sadly and looked at the ground. She hated how Max was acting at the moment. He was distant and mean when he spoke to Isabel. He had completely changed. Being with Tess wasn’t good either. Isabel hadn’t been happy about Liz and her brother at first but she had realised that Liz was good for Max. Isabel had actually been happy after a while that Max had someone who loved him. But Max with Tess was wrong. Isabel had a terrible feeling about it, she didn’t know why but she felt something bad was going to happen because Max was with Tess.
Alex was watching Isabel and she had a strange expression on her face, worry, fear and some sort of anger were apparent on her face. Alex also noticed she was watching Liz closely. He didn’t know what going on but he was definitely worried about Liz so he decided he would ask Isabel about it later.
A teacher had got up on a stool and started rattling off seating arrangements.
“Heather Mills and Jane Piper.”
“Kyle Valenti and Isabel Evans.”
“Jim Young and Fred Barnes.”
“Alex Whitman and Tess Harding.”
“Max Evans and Maria De Luca.”
“WHAT?” Maria said loudly.
“Michael Guerin and Liz Parker.”
Liz stared at the ground, only vaguely hearing her seating partner. Michael. Well at least it wasn’t Max. Although Michael and Liz were to sit behind Max and Maria.
I have to get out of here, I have to go now. Liz’s feet wouldn’t move, she was rooted to the spot. Liz felt a tap on her shoulder, spinning around she saw Michael standing behind her.
“Hey,” Michael said quietly.
“Hi Michael,” Liz said slightly shocked.
“So…um you want the window seat,” Michael said grinning at her.
Liz had never known Michael to be so…so…friendly.
“No, you can have it,” Liz smiled at him.
Maria was watching them and she was proud of Michael being nice to Liz. Maria felt something twist in her stomach as she watched Michael. She wanted him. But he didn’t want her.
Liz looked around briefly, trying to see Max but she couldn’t see him. Then turning her head towards the bus she saw him. He had his arm around Tess’s waist. His face was stony. Suddenly he turned his head in her direction. His eyes brushed over her like they had in the café, and Liz felt cold inside. Liz watched him staring at her with dark eyes. He seemed to go colder by the second. Liz broke her connection with Max and looked at Tess. Tess was watching Liz with a grin on her face. Turning away Liz felt her eyes fill with tears. Michael had been watching the Liz/Max/Tess scene and felt sorry for Liz.
“Liz, I’m sorry,” Michael said not looking at her.
Liz looked at him.
“You don’t have to be sorry for anything,” Liz said firmly.
“This is my fault.”
“No,” Michael said.
“Yes, it is. I walked away,” Liz said “Max is getting on with his life, the life he was supposed to have.”
“Yeah, but…” Michael started.
“But nothing, I’m not going to have to handle it for much longer anyway,” Liz said looking at him with an odd expression.
Michael looked at her startled. There was something wrong with what she had just said, but he couldn’t figure it out.
“We should get on the bus,” Liz said walking towards the bus door.
Michael followed her, with worry on his face.

Liz found her and Michael’s seats, they were near the back. Liz let Michael go in next to the window. Sitting down she saw Maria coming up the aisle, she looked upset. Max followed her with his eyes looking at the floor. Maria jumped in next to the window, and Max was left sitting in the seat in front of Liz. As Max sat down he looked at her, not angry this time. His face had no expression. It was like he had no emotion. Maybe it’s cos he’s away from Tess, Liz thought. Alex and Tess had sat down on the other side of the bus across from Maria and Max. Great Tess was sitting next to the aisle. Liz was going to have to watch them talk and God knows what else. Liz closed her eyes, trying to get away from where she really was. But she couldn’t. She could still feel Max, he was all around her. She could still feel their connection, she doubted that Max did though.
“Max you could always swap with Alex,” Tess’s slimy voice reached Liz’s ears.
“No I’m fine Tess,” Max said firmly.
Liz opened her eyes quickly.
“But Max…” Tess whined.
“We’re already sitting next to each other,” Max said to her and Liz saw Tess smile back.
“Ok honey,” Tess said brightly.
Liz knew she was going to throw up.
Standing up she quickly walked down the aisle and got off the bus.
“Liz…” Liz heard Maria call.
Walking around the side of the bus she couldn’t hold it in any more and she threw up, falling on her knees her face facing away from the bus. She felt a hand on her shoulder.
“Liz, are you Ok?” Michael voice’s came to her.
Liz nodded her head.
“Yeah, I just…felt sick,” Liz said quietly.
“Here,” Michael handed her his handkerchief.
“I don’t want to ruin it,” Liz said standing up slowly.
“No it’s Ok,” Michael said.
Liz took it slowly and wiped her mouth.
“Thank you,” Liz said quietly looking up at Michael.
“It’s Ok,” Michael said looking embarrassed.
“We’d better get back on the bus,” Michael said quickly.
“Yeah,” Liz followed Michael onto the bus.
She walked along the aisle to her seat with her head down. People were watching her. A she passed between Max and Tess, she kept her head lower. The hour long bus trip had started once she sat down.
“Ok Liz? Are you sure you should be coming? You wouldn’t want to make anyone else sick,” Liz heard Tess say to her.
Liz almost screamed YOU MAKE ME SICK!
Sitting down Liz looked at Tess.
“That’s so sweet you’re worried Tess, but don’t worry I know I can’t make you sick,” Liz smiled at her.
Tess looked back at her angry.
Liz saw Maria smile at her through the gap in the seats in front of her.
“I’m sorry Michael I shouldn’t of said that,” Liz said quietly to Michael.
Michael looked at her.
“Tess just…she kills me,” Liz said turning her head and staring at the back of Max’s seat.
“I know, but be careful Ok,” Michael said.
“Yeah, it’s just hard though now,” Liz said.
“Why?” Michael said looking at Liz.
“Because I know I should care, but I just don’t,” Liz said slowly. Liz closed her eyes and went to sleep.
Michael stared at her. She looked and sounded like she was depressed. He had noticed the rings under her eyes, and the weight she had lost. Michael knew this was because of Max and he almost wanted to punch him. But then Michael had held him back, so he was partly to blame for what was happening to Liz.
Maria had heard them and was worried sick. She knew she had to read the journal. She had to find out what was going on with Liz.
Maria looked sidelong at Max. He hadn’t spoken to her. He as staring at the seat in front of him, like a statue.
“So how’s everything with Tess?” Maria said.
“Like you would care,” Max said sharply.
“Yeah you’re right, I don’t,” Maria said sighing.
“I don’t care because as far as I’m concerned she’s a tramp, I just hope that you’re getting what she’s good for,” Maria said looking out the window.
Maria was surprised Max didn’t answer. Maria looked at him.
“Don’t tell me you haven’t slept with her?” Maria said quietly mocking him.
Max ignored her looking out the windows on the other side of the bus.
“So you haven’t. Well maybe a tiny bit of you is still decent then,” Maria said harshly.
“What’s that supposed to mean?” Max snapped at her.
“It means that you used to be a great guy. One of those loyal, trustworthy guys that my best-friend of forever used to love,” Maria saw a flash of sorrow in Max’s eyes when she said that but she continued “But now you’re a bastard. Rubbing it in Liz’s face, trying to make her feel awful. Well don’t worry you have.”
Maria paused looking straight in Max’s eyes.
“She’s dying. Every day she gets a little worse, a little harder to reach…and I can’t do anything to stop it.”
Maria turned towards the window tears in her eyes.
Max watched Maria and felt these stabbing sensations in his body. But he didn’t believe her. Liz had walked away from him in the desert, after he had told her he loved her. She didn’t want him, not enough to risk everything. But then again, did he want her to risk everything. No, that wasn’t what love was about. But this was the only way he could forget her, to pretend she wasn’t there. If he didn’t continue this he would never forget her.
Isabel was quiet throughout the whole trip. She was thinking about Liz and Max. She was so angry with Max, but she could understand too. She knew he was hurting even if he wouldn’t admit it. But she also knew that he was being incredibly mean lately. She hated what had happened to him, but she could never hate Liz for it. Liz had done what she, Isabel and Michael thought was best. Isabel however now thought they had been wrong. Isabel knew Max and Liz belonged together. But they were so far apart it doesn’t look like anything bar a miracle could bring them back together.

Liz slowly opened her eyes and looked out the window. They were at the woods. Finally I can get away from Max. Getting up she hurried off the bus. Breathing in the fresh air, she almost felt better. Almost. But then she looked and saw Max get off the bus. He was holding Tess’s hand, but he didn’t look happy. Maria flew off and ran over to Liz.
“Wow, so good trip,” Maria said smiling.
“Yeah, uh I slept through most of it,” Liz said looking at the ground.
“Yeah I know I heard you snore” Maria said smiling.
“Huh?” Liz said looking embarrassed.
“Kidding,” Maria said quickly.
“Oh right,” Liz barely smiled.
Maria watched her sad.

“Ok I’ve got your tent allocations here,” The teacher yelled to the group.
“We’ve got Howes, Hardy, Timmons and French.”
“Valenti, Evans, Whitman and Guerin.”
“Parker, Evans, De Luca and Harding.”
Liz looked up at the teacher her face blank.
She was in the same tent as Tess. I suppose it doesn’t matter though, not now.
“Liz, this will be Ok,” Maria said standing next to her.
“Yeah, whatever,” Liz said distantly.
“Liz?” Maria said touching Liz’s shoulder.
“Maria, I don’t care anymore,” Liz said moving away.
“I don’t care if I have to room with Tess, because it doesn’t matter anymore,” Liz said looking into the forest “Nothing matters.”
With that Liz found their tent and set up her stuff next to the tent entrance. Maria followed her and put her things the other side of the tent entrance across from Liz.
Walking back outside she realised that the boys where in the tent next to them.
Maria saw Tess with Max, they were kissing again.
Liz came out of the tent and sat on a log in front of their tent next to the fire pit. Max and Tess where only a few feet away, but she didn’t notice. Liz was staring into the fire pit, and then she lifted her eyes and saw Max and Tess. Maria watched as her eyes flicked over Max and Tess. Maria didn’t see any pain in her eyes. Maria didn’t see anything in Liz’s eyes, and that worried her.
Max broke his embrace with Tess and watched Liz. He had seen her look at him and Tess, and he had noticed that she hadn’t run away. He watched her staring into the fire pit. There was nothing in her eyes, her face was vacant. He almost felt guilty. Maybe he shouldn’t be doing this to her.
Liz sat watching the fire pit. She had seen Max and Tess, but she wouldn’t let anyone know how much it hurt her. She was wearing a mask, void of any emotion. After all, it wouldn’t be long now. It wouldn’t be long before she was free.

Hope you enjoy.
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“Ok my question,” Michael said grinning.
“Do any of you believe in destiny?” Michael said.
The others were all quiet, this was a difficult question for all of them.
“I don’t. I believe we choose what we want. A while ago I would have said definitely, but now,” He paused looking at Maria “Now everything is different.”
Maria looked at him, smiling.
“Definitely,” Tess said “Destiny is everything, and it’s something we can’t hide from or ignore. Destiny always shows truth.”
Liz sat watching the fire, listening to Tess.
Tess put her arm around Max’s waist, and smirked at Liz.
Liz met Tess’s eyes and looked back at the fire.
Max was uncomfortable, with Tess’s arm around him.
“Max your turn,” Isabel said watching Max.
“No, I don’t believe in destiny,” Max said firmly.
Tess looked at him shocked. Maria smiled broadly. Liz looked up at him, quiet.
“I believe we have to follow our heart, wherever it takes us. Even if it takes us somewhere that could be dangerous. I believe whatever we chose is our destiny. Nothing is mapped out or planned for us,” Max paused.
“We chose our own destiny.”
Liz looked at him.
Max slowly lifted his head and looked at Liz, she was staring at him. Her eyes were full of emotion, every emotion. Max had to look away.
Liz saw him look away, and then look at Tess.
He’s chosen her as his destiny.
“Destiny is bullshit. I agree with Max, we make our own,” Alex said loudly.
“Me too. I believe we make our own,” Maria said and Michael smiled at her.
Everybody’s eyes turned to Liz. She sat quiet watching the fire.
“Destiny might be easier to believe in,” Liz said quietly.
“Because then it may make up for all the mistakes we make in our lives.”
“It might make up for all the pain. You know if a person dies in a car accident, the other person who caused it may find it easier to say to themselves that it was their destiny to die in the car accident. Destiny is something you can hide behind if you’re scared.”
“Like love. If you walk away from someone, to give them a chance at their destiny you can say it was your destiny. It was your destiny to hurt so much, and hurt that other person. And later when you realise that you were right, that they have moved on you can say that was your destiny. But if you realise you were wrong, you can still say it was your destiny.”
“I mean who knows anything about life or destiny, or if destiny exists. We don’t. We have to make these decisions, which always have consequences and you have to hope that you made the right one. Destiny is where you end up. And there are a million possibilities of where you could end up. But really there is only one. You just have to hope that your destiny is something that you can be proud of and that you can live with.”
Liz finished and heard the silence around her.
Looking up she looked around the group. They were all staring at her. She was embarrassed and looked at the ground quickly.
“So I believe we make our own destiny,” Liz said quietly, stating her point.
“Good answer Liz,” Kyle said.
“Yeah,” Alex agreed with him.
“I don’t believe in it,” Kyle said looking at Tess.
“I think if we listen to our hearts, we’ll be pointed in the right direction,” Kyle finished.
“I agree with what Kyle and Liz said. We don’t know, we don’t know anything and I think that if there is a plan that it’ll be what we’ve chosen,” Isabel said looking at Liz.
They were all quiet thinking about what everyone had said.
“Oh I think it’s lights out in ten minutes so maybe we should have just one more,” Maria said.
“Yeah and it’ll be mine, since we’ve had two alien questions already,” Alex said grinning.
“Have you ever been in love and was it true love,” Alex said “By true love I mean soul mates.”
The whole group looked uncomfortable.
“Does anyone want to start?” Alex said almost regretting the question he had asked.
“I have…been in love. But I don’t really believe in soul mates,” Maria said, not meeting Michael’s gaze.
“Because you know what if that person dies or leaves you. Then there’s nothing left. You’re alone.”
“If they were really your soul mate, then they wouldn’t leave you,” Michael stated.
Max looked up at Michael, incredibly sad.
“But what if they had to leave, what if there was no choice,” Maria said watching Michael.
“They wouldn’t if they truly loved the other person,” Michael said.
“I don’t know,” Liz said quietly.
“Sometimes what you want isn’t important.”
“Soul mates mean you always think about the other person before yourself. Sometimes you have to leave, walk away because you want what’s best for the other person.”
Liz felt the tears rising inside her.
“That’s bullshit,” Max said angrily.
Liz looked at him.
“If someone walks away from their supposed soul mate that means they don’t love them. At least not enough to want to risk everything to be with them.”
“It goes both ways though,” Liz said looking directly at Max.
“What if someone walks away for the other, and the other person let’s them.”
Max felt cold, watching Liz who was staring at him.
“Does that mean the other person doesn’t love them enough to fight to keep them with them?” Liz questioned.
Max watched Liz’s eyes, they had grown sad.
She was right. Liz had walked away from Max, but Max had let her.
“I would think that meant that the person who walked away had the greater love for the other, than the person they left felt for them. Especially if the person that walked away was right in the end.”
Liz turned her eyes to Tess.
Tess watched Liz angrily. Tess knew she was getting to Max, because Max had pushed Tess’s arm away from around his waist.
Max looked at Liz and realised she was right. He felt awful.
“Or, the person thought he had been in love with the one that walked away. But then the person realised he never had, because he found someone else who he loved more,” Max said.
Liz looked at him and felt like Max had just punched her.
Max had no idea why he had said that.
Liz stood up shaking.
“You’re probably right,” Liz said her voice shaking.
“I mean what is love?”
“Love is bullshit. It only causes pain,” Liz said looking at Max and then she turned away and walked off into the woods.
Max watched her leave and he wanted to run and grab her.
“Liz?” Maria yelled after her.
“Ok, I’m going to do something now that you guys may think is horrible,” Maria raced into her tent and returned quickly.
Max noticed Maria was holding a leather bound book.
“Maria?” Alex said loudly.
“Alex shush,” Maria said.
“Look, Liz is a mess. Ok,” Maria said looking around the group.
“I took her journal,” Maria said and the others gasped.
“How could you do that?” Michael said actually angry.
“Don’t you get it? I had to. There’s no other way to find out what Liz is thinking,” Maria said shaking.
“She’s depressed. She says things that worry me and I have to find out what’s going on,” Maria stated almost crying.
“I think you’re right,” Isabel said looking at Maria.
“There’s something seriously wrong with Liz and I’m worried about her.”
“Ok, so I’m going to read it,” Maria said taking a deep breath.
Sitting down she opened the journal a few entries from her last one.

Um I have a question - how do you change the title on the fanfic board so that it says that you have a new part? I see some say like title and then has new part 3 or something. I don't know how to use this very well.

Feedback appreciated.