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This is inspired by the movie Final Destination. I saw the movie and wanted to try it with our fave Roswell characters.
Summary: Liz has a vision which saves the group…but maybe not? Picks up a while after The End of the World.

Part One.

Liz sat at her desk, she had packed all her stuff and was just waiting. She was due at the airport in two hours. Her class was travelling to Australia for their Geography trip. Looking down at the paper in front of her she saw John Denver staring back at her. John Denver, one of America’s greatest country singers. John Denver who was killed in an Airplane crash. Shuddering Liz shoved the paper away. She wasn’t scared, but something about this trip was…not worrying her…but something had put her on edge. The whole group was going. Liz. Maria. Kyle. Alex. Isabel. Michael. Max. Tess.
Things weren’t too good amongst the group. Max still thought Liz slept with Kyle. So he hated her. Michael and Maria were always arguing. Tess and Max were getting closer. Isabel and Alex weren’t apart, nut they weren’t together. Kyle…well…Kyle wasn’t at all popular with Max. Basically the group was in shreds, only held together by the secret they all share.
“Liz,” Her father’s voice travelled up the stairs.
“Yeah dad?” Liz yelled.
“Come on we have to get you to the airport,” Her father yelled back.
Getting up Liz sighed loudly. She picked up the paper she had shoved off her desk and put it on her desk. Looking at the paper she read the headline that was in heavy print on the back cover.
The End is Here.
Blinking Liz turned away and walked out and down the stairs. She tried to put the bad feeling she had about the trip aside.
Walking outside she looked up, the setting sun seemed to grow as she shielded her eyes from it. Shaking her head she got in the car and they left for the airport.

Arriving at the airport Liz got out and grabbed a trolley for her luggage.
Pushing it inside the international terminal she saw a group of her classmates milling around near the check in area.
“Lizzie!” Maria yelled when she Liz enter the terminal.
Maria ran over and hugged her.
“Hey,” Liz laughed, Maria was always so energetic.
“So I am so excited, I mean we’re going to Australia?!!!” Maria said smiling.
“I know,” Liz said smiling back at her.
“Oh great,” Maria said her face dropping as she looked towards the terminal entrance.
Liz followed Maria’s gaze and her heart plunged. She saw Isabel, Michael, Tess and Max enter.
Liz saw Max look around the room and then saw his eyes rest on her, they grew colder and Liz had to look away.
Maria saw the exchange between Liz and Max.
“God damn him Max Evans!” Maria said hotly “Does he even realise what you did for him? No!”
Liz turned to Maria.
“No he doesn’t and he never will,” Liz replied with a look.
“I’m sorry Liz, it’s just so unfair,” Maria replied looking frustrated.
“I know, I know…but he can never know,” Liz whispered.
Liz turned her eyes back to Max, he was walking towards the group with his eyes on the floor. Liz noticed something above his head and lifted her eyes to the airport sign.
Liz shook her head away ‘God why am I freaking out.’
Liz turned around and saw Kyle and Alex had arrived.
“Hey,” Liz said waving to them.
Both waved back and pointed to the check in. The class had started to check their baggage in. Liz and Maria pushed their trolleys over to join the queue.
The queue was moving quite quickly, as all of the counters were open and soon she found herself at a counter checking her luggage in.
“You’ll be sitting in seat 24 B on flight LP83,” The lady behind the counter told Liz.
Liz slowly moved off towards the café area where the rest of the students were.
‘24B LP83 that’s odd.’ Liz’s birthday was the 2nd of the fourth and she was born in 1983. Her initial’s were at the start of the flight number too. Liz sat at an empty table thinking about it for a while and then decided she was being an idiot.
“Hey can we join you,” Kyle and Alex had joined her table and sat down.
“Yeah sure,” Liz said distracted. She saw Max go and sit down a few tables over from her’s.
“You know I think they’re going to ignore us,” Kyle said seeing Liz looking at Max.
“Huh?” Liz said switching her attention to Kyle.
“Nevermind,” Kyle said smiling.
“I know, things are a bit strained at the moment,” Alex commented looking at Liz.
Liz avoided Alex’s gaze, she knew that he knew something was up.
“So Michael won’t even look at me,” Maria announced sitting down.
“Maria I’m just going to the bathroom,” Liz said getting up quickly.
“I’ll come with, I don’t want to go on the plane,” Maria said getting up.

They reached the bathroom and went into a stall each.
As Liz was washing her hands, she heard the radio start over the loudspeaker.
John Denver’s voice filled the bathroom.
Liz felt a chill run down her back.
“First calling for passengers boarding flight LP83” A voice interrupted the song briefly.
“That’s us,” Maria cried excitedly.
Liz heard the song start playing again.
“Come on Liz we have to go,” Maria grabbed Liz’s arm and jerked her out of the room.

Liz had boarded the plane and she sat in her seat next to the window.
Maria was a few aisles in front of her and Alex was next to Maria.
Kyle was further in front of Maria.
Liz saw Isabel sit next to Alex by the aisle.
Michael was just behind Maria.
Liz lifted her eyes and saw Max walk down the aisle. Tess was behind him.
Max walked towards her, and as he walked nearer he lifted his eyes and saw Liz sitting alone.
Liz stared at him. Max walked nearer and took the seat directly in front of Liz.
Tess took the seat next to Liz.
Liz sucked in her breath and prepared for a terrible flight.
“Hey Liz,” Tess said.
“Tess,” Liz replied looking at the back of Max’s seat.
“So hows it going?” Tess said.
“Fine,” Liz replied shortly looking out the window.
Liz was drawn to the wing, she saw part of it lift up as it started to prepare for take off.
Turning her eyes to the back of Max’s chair, she opened her pull down table. The piece used to hold it up snapped off. Liz stared at it.
Suddenly she felt them moving. The plane was moving out onto the runway.
The plane stopped at the end of the runway. Liz held her breath as she felt and heard the plane gathering speed.
Reaching a high enough speed the plane took off down the runway. It rose off the ground and flew up into the night sky.
Liz let out her breath as she heard cheers erupt all around her.
“Woo hoo next stop Australia!!!” Someone from the front yelled out.
Liz began to relax a little until she felt a shudder in the plane.
The plane seemed to jerk and drop suddenly.
Liz gripped the arm rest.
The plane had hit some hard turbulence and the air crew were trying to calm the people. The plane was then calm and Liz eased her grip on the arm rest a little.
She looked around her and she could see people laughing and looking visibly relieved.
Then it jerked again and this time it wasn’t turbulence. Suddenly panic erupted on the plane and Liz struggled to see the air crew. When she did see an airhostess, Liz realised that this wasn’t the usual air difficulties. The plane was jerking and lunging and people were crying out. The lights tarted flickering and then the gas masks dropped from there place above the seats. People struggled to grab them and put them on. Liz couldn’t move.
A spark flashed in the corner of her eye and she suddenly saw a flame burst out and then there was a whole in the wall of the plane, three people had been sucked out of the plane into the night. A woman sitting near the whole was frantically trying to get her belt off, but she was too late and Liz caught her terrified expression as she was ripped out of the plane. Liz felt the plane start to fall and she heard Tess scream next to her. Liz struggled up out of her belt and she leaned over her seat, she just wanted to see Max before…Liz leaned over the seat and touched the top of his head quickly. Max jerked his head up and saw Liz.
“Get your seat belt on,” He screamed at her.
“I’m so sorry,” Liz whispered and she sat back down and put her belt on.
Just as she put her belt on the plane exploded and she saw the flames rush towards and consume her and the pain……..

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Part Two.

Gasping Liz opened her eyes and bolted up. Then fumbling with the tray table she opened it and the hold piece snapped off. Holding it in front of her she panicked.
“Oh God,” Liz said slowly.
Liz looked up and saw Max and Tess walking towards her.
Liz moved to the aisle and rushed down it banging into Max.
“Liz? What are you doing?” Max asked Liz looking at her panicked face.
“We have to get off,” Liz cried.
“What? What are you talking about?” Max asked.
“The plane is going to explode,” Liz hissed trying to move past him.
Max grabbed her.
“What? No Liz sit down, it’ll be fine,” Max tried to push her into a seat.
“Let me go,” Liz yelled “This plane is going to explode.”
People surrounding them suddenly stopped talking and stared at Liz.
“Liz calm down, you’re being stupid,” Max said looking at Liz’s panicked face.
“God Liz don’t be an idiot,” Tess hissed at her.
One of the air crew was making their way to them.
“What’s going on here?” The air hostess demanded.
“This plane is going to explode,” Liz screamed.
“Look if you think that’s funny,” The hostess started.
“I’m not joking please we have to get off,” Liz cried looking desperate.
Max stared at her in her eyes and saw something…
Tess lunged at Liz who ducked out of the way.
“Let me off,” Liz screamed.
“Ok I need help down here,” The air hostess yelled and dragged Tess down the aisle.
Max grabbed Liz and pulled her down the aisle too.
“What are you doing?” Maria demanded standing up when she saw Max dragging Liz down the aisle.
“She’s flipped out,” Max responded “I have to get her off the plane.”
“Ok then I’m coming,” Maria replied trying to climb over Alex and Isabel.
Alex and Isabel eventually got up and followed Max down the aisle.
“Maria whata re you doing?” Michael stood up and yelled.
“I’m not going anywhere without Liz,” Maria yelled and ran down the aisle.
Michael sighed and got up following Maria.
Kyle saw what was happening and got up too and ran off the plane.

The air hostess threw Tess on the ground, who was still trying to claw at Liz.
Max sat Liz down on a chair.
Maria rushed over to Liz. Michael, Alex, Isabel and Kyle stood around looking confused.
“Are you Ok?” Maria cried.
Liz started breathing heavily as she saw the plane take off.
The others all watched as the plane took off and left the runway.
Tess stood up and advanced towards Liz.
Max saw Tess and grabbed her before she reached Liz.
“Oh God Maria I saw it,” Liz said shaking.
“Saw what Liz,” Maria said concerned.
“I saw the plane take off, and I saw it go through turbulence and I felt it shake and then smooth out and then I felt it again and I saw it explode…” Liz stammered.
Maria stared at her in shock.
“Wait,” Tess yelled “We were all kicked off the plane because you had a vision.”
Liz was silent staring at Max.
“We’re sitting here, because you had a nightmare and will miss a whole day in Australia because of you, you…” Tess went for Liz again.
Liz jerked back but Tess grabbed her and threw her on the ground.
“Tess,” Max yelled lunging forward to stop her.
“Get off her you bitch,” Maria screamed trying to help Liz.
Tess was on top of her slapping her hard.
Max pulled her off and there was a loud smash. The glass windows had just exploded.
Liz looked out the window and saw the plane. It was on fire and was falling to the ground.
“Oh God,” Liz whispered.
Maria screamed.
Max looked on in shock at the plane which had just exploded.
Tess stopped still and looked out at the sky and the plane.
Michael, Isabel, Alex and Kyle were all in shock seeing the plane crash to the ground.
Liz was frozen, her eyes had blurred up and she was gasping in air.
Max slowly turned to look at Liz, he was in shock. Looking down at Liz, he saw her crouched on the ground. Tears filled her eyes and she looked as though she couldn’t believe what had happened. The others all turned to stare at Liz, not believing what had just happened.

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Part Three

Liz was still frozen. She was having trouble believing what had just happened. She had seen that plane explode, but how was that possible?
Maria was staring at Liz and noticed she had started to cry. Rushing over to her she hugged her.
“Maria, I…” Liz cried quietly.
“Shhh Liz, it’s Ok,” Maria reassured her.
Liz cried into Maria’s shoulder.
“Holy shit, what just happened?” Michael finally exclaimed loudly.
“Um the plane exploded,” Alex said dazed.
“Real?” Michael scoffed “I didn’t know that.”
“Michael, shut up,” Isabel said sternly.
“We’re alive,” Kyle said slowly “We should be dead.”
All of them turned to stare at Kyle.
“We should be dead,” Kyle repeated trying to grasp what had just happened.
“You’re right,” Max said staring at the ground “We should be dead.”
“Liz saved us,” Maria said firmly “Liz saved us.”
Liz pulled away and looked at them all.
“I’m so sorry,” Liz cried softly.
“Liz honey what for?” Maria said upset.
“I’m so sorry,” Liz repeated looking at Max with tears running over her face.
“This is my fault.”
“Liz no, no,” Maria said quickly hugging Liz again “This isn’t your fault.”
“Maria’s right Liz, this isn’t your fault,” Isabel added.
Maria smiled gratefully at Isabel.
Suddenly the doors to the terminal opened and three security guards walked in and over to the group.
“Ok could you all come with us please, we would like to ask you all a few questions and then you can ring your parents,” One of the guards said quickly motioning them all to follow him.
Slowly they followed the security guards.
Maria held Liz’s hand as they walked behind the other’s.
Max stole a glance behind him at Liz. She looked vacant, her eyes seemed to be unseeing and his heart
went out to her. He almost forgot she had slept with Kyle.

They were led all led into a small room which had couches and tables for them to sit at.
“If any of you need anything to drink, you can help yourselves to the fridge,” The guard said.
“Ok we would like to speak with Miss Parker first,” The guard then said looking at Liz.
Liz looked up at the guard and slowly got out of the chair she had sat at.
“Liz….,” Maria said looking at her.
“I’ll be Ok,” Liz replied trying to be strong.
Slowly she followed the guard out of the room, but not before Max caught her eye and gave her a half-smile.
The guard led her into a small room. She was directed to sit down next to the table.
Another guard sat across the table from her.
Liz sat silent as the guard looked at her.
“So I’ll cut straight to it,” The guard started and Liz looked up “What happened on the plane?”
Liz stared at the guard.
“Miss parker?” The guard said watching her.
“I’m sorry I…were there any survivors?” Liz choked out.
The guard looked uncomfortable and looked away.
“The cause of the plane crash hasn’t been discovered at present,” The guard fobbed off her question.
Liz looked down. There weren’t any survivors.
“Could you answer the question now Miss Parker,” The guard pressed.
“I saw it,” Liz whispered.
“You saw what?” The guard asked leaning forward.
“I saw the plane explode,” Liz whispered closing her eyes.
“You saw the plane explode,” The guard repeated looking confused.
“Yes, I saw it,” Liz said slowly.
“Miss Parker did you take any medication or drugs before entering the plane,” The guard asked her quickly.
“No,” Liz stated quietly.
“Drink any alcohol,” The guard pressed.
“No,” Liz replied.
“Have you had any history of mental problems,” The guard asked.
“No,” Liz said getting frustrated.
“Have you been having problems at home,” The guard asked looking at her.
“No, look I saw it,” Liz said loudly.
The guard looked at her.
“I saw it but I didn’t really think it would happen,” Liz said desperately.
“Then why did you get off Miss Parker?” The guard said with a pointed look.
Liz stared back at the guard unable to answer.

“Why did you attack Miss Parker on the plane?” The guard asked staring at the girl.
“Because she’s a nutcase,” Tess replied slouching in the chair.
“A nutcase?” The guard asked raising his eyebrows.
“Yes, I mean…” Tess trailed off.
“Yes,” The guard prompted her.
“But it did crash,” Tess said slowly.
“Yes it did,” The guard said watching the girl.
“Maybe she had something to do with it,” Tess said slowly looking at the guard.
“With the plane crashing?” The guard asked quickly.
“Yes, I mean she’s always been jealous of me,” Tess said slowly.
“You think she somehow made the plane crash to kill you,” The guard said.
“Maybe,” Tess said coyly.

“Why did you drag Miss Parker off the plane?” The guard asked the boy sitting across from him.
“Liz was panicking about something, so I thought I’d better get her off the plane,” Max replied.
“You were worried about her?” The guard asked.
“Yes she seemed really scared,” Max replied.
“Did you believe her Mr Evans?” The guard asked directly.
Max looked down at his hands. An image of Liz flashed into his mind…something in her eyes.
“Yes,” Max said quietly looking at the guard.

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Part Four.
“Miss Parker is a good friend?” The guard asked Maria quickly.
“Yes she’s my best friend since….” Maria tried to say.
“Ok basically what I want to know if she’s been having problems lately?” The guard said interrupting Maria.
Problems, mmmm let’s see, she saved the world from alien takeover and sacrificed any happiness with her soul mate by pretending to sleep with her ex ummm…..
“No problems,” Maria said quickly.

Maria walked out of the room. The others had all been spoken to.
Walking over to Liz she hugged her.
“Liz, you saved my life,” Maria said slowly pulling away and looking at Liz.
Liz looked back at her.
“Thank you,” Maria said simply.
Liz nodded her eyes full of unshed tears.
Maria smiled and put her arm around Liz’s waist.
“Let’s get a coffee or something,” Maria said walking with Liz to the coffee machine.

The others had all heard Maria’s thank you and felt guilty.
None of them had really thanked Liz.
Max watched Liz getting a coffee with Maria.
He wanted to go to her and thank her…but he couldn’t right now.
He wanted to hold her and tell her it was allright.
But he didn’t think he could do that.
She had hurt him so much, but that didn’t seem to matter now because he could see how much pain she was in.
He wanted to see her and thank her when they were alone.

The doors to the room swung open and their parents walked in.
Liz’s parents saw her and Liz walked over and they hugged her as they cried.
The sheriff went and hugged Kyle and Tess. Kyle started rambling buddha sayings, but the sheriff didn’t mind.
Mrs DeLuca almost screamed when she saw Maria and ran over and nearly killed Maria when she grabbed her.
Alex’s parents hugged him tight and Alex almost fainted, finally realising what had just happened.
Mr and Mrs Evans came in and Isabel bowled her mother over hugging her. Max’s father stood staring at him and finally hugged him with tears in his eyes.
Michael stood alone. Then Maria’s mother, noticing him alone, went and gave him a huge hug. Michael was embarrassed but when Maria met his eyes she noticed his eyes were slightly glassy.
Then they all left the airport silently, none of the teenagers feeling able to speak of what had happened.

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Part Five.

Liz sat up on her balcony looking at the star-filled sky. It was 3.00am. The airport security had kept them there for about five hours. Ever since she got home Liz had been sitting in the cold staring at the sky.
She didn’t understand what had happened. She couldn’t understand how she could of seen the plane crash before it did. It scared her.
All those people….all dead. All those people from her geography class. She felt it was her fault somehow. Like she had jinxed the plane by having that vision.
Staring up at the sky she shuddered and felt the sky had suddenly grown darker. Liz thought the stars looked less bright and she was chilled to the bone. Getting up she walked over to her window and went to climb down into her room.
“Liz,” Liz heard a voice behind her.
Turning around she saw Max coming over the top of the ladder.
Liz stared at him as he walked towards her.
“Max. Uh what are you doing here?” Liz asked her voice shaking.
“I knew you’d be up,” Max said quietly.
“I wanted to talk to you,” He said looking her directly in the eyes.
Liz felt the chill grow larger.
“If this is about….”Liz started.
“No,” Max said firmly and Liz caught the flash of pain that came over his face.
“Liz…Liz …I just I had to see you so I could say thank you,” Max said softly.
“Thank you?” Liz asked confused.
“Liz you saved my life…again,” Max said smiling slightly.
Liz stared at him.
“I’m standing here right now because of you,” Max said holding his arms out.
“And I just wanted you to know….” Max trailed off.
Liz waited.
“Know what?” She asked slowly.
“I wanted you to know that I believed you,” Max said softly, looking at her.
“You believed me?” Liz said shocked.
“Yes, when I saw you and you were panicking…I could see in your eyes that you were speaking the truth and I took you off the plane,” Max said quietly looking down at the ground.
Liz stood watching him and she felt her insides warm.
“I knew just like you did…because I felt it,” Max said looking back at her.
“You felt it?” Liz asked.
“I felt what you felt, the fear, the terror…the panic,” Max looked at her.
Liz stared back at him.
“You did?” Liz asked her voice shaking.
Max nodded.
“And I feel what you feel now, the guilt,” Max said “But Liz it’s not your fault, you can not be held responsible for those peoples lives.”
Liz felt her eyes fill.
“But I knew,” Liz whispered “I knew what was going to happen and still all those people died.”
Max looked at her feeling the pain.
“Liz you saved seven lives…seven lives,” Max whispered hoarsely.
Liz looked at him her eyes filled with tears, which started to spill over.
“I would trade my life for those people right now if I could,” Liz cried.
Max looked at her and then walked closer and put his arms around her holding her to him.
Liz put her arms around him and hugged him, letting the tears fall.
“I know you would Liz,” Max whispered stroking her hair. “But thank God you can’t.”
He was then silent, holding her and stroking her hair.
“Because I need you here,” Max whispered finally letting go of what his heart was holding.

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Part Six.

A couple of days had passed and Liz had spent them basically alone.
Maria had visited a few times.
Liz hadn’t seen Alex.
Isabel, Michael and Kyle had all come by and thanked her.
Liz hadn’t seen Max since that night.
Liz didn’t want to see Tess.
Today was the memorial service for the students of West Roswell that had died in the plane crash. Liz didn’t want to go, but she knew she had to.
She put on a black skirt and a white shirt. She wore her hair in a simple ponytail. She put a little make-up on, just to cover the dark circles from her lack of sleep. She looked very serene.
Her parents took her to the memorial.
The other students looked at her like she was odd, which she guessed she was. I mean everyone knew about the ‘vision’ and how could anyone understand that if Liz didn’t.
Liz walked along the middle aisle with her head down. She took a seat one in from the end of one of the middle rows, next to the middle aisle.
Liz looked around, she could see Maria who smiled at her sadly. She saw Michael sitting with Isabel and Isabel’s parents. Max wasn’t sitting with them. Kyle was sitting with his father near Liz. Tess was sitting with them and Liz noticed an empty seat next to her. Alex was sitting up the front with his parents.

Liz felt a presence next to her and she turned and looked up. Max looked down at her and smiled sadly.
Liz smiled slightly back and Max nodded towards the empty seat next to her. Liz nodded back and he sat down next to her. Liz stared at him for a few moments and he stared at her. Then slowly he took her hand in his and held it. Liz smiled sadly and turned her head back to the front, where the memorial service was beginning. Max watched her profile.
She was still in an amazing amount of pain, Max thought sadly.
But it was a little strange, because Max felt something else too. He couldn’t figure out what it was but something wasn’t right.
Liz stared at the speaker. One of their classmates was speaking about what had happened and what a tragedy it was. Liz shut her ears. She just wanted to be away from the memorial, it made her feel so much guilt. Looking down she felt pressure on her hand increase and ease. Max had squeezed her hand. Looking at him she felt a little better.
He was alive. He was alive.
Liz had to hold on to that thought.
That would get her through.
People were getting up and putting flowers on the memorial statue.
Max looked at her questioningly and looked at the flower in her other hand. She nodded and they got up slowly and walked to the statue.
Liz put her flower down in front of the statue and said a quiet prayer for them to rest in peace.
Max never let go of her hand.

Part Seven.
Liz and Max went and grabbed a coffee after the memorial. They sat together in silence for a while.
Max wanted to say something but he was scared.
Liz looked around at the people walking down the street, laughing and talking. She felt empty, she felt strange.
“You still feel it, don’t you Liz?” Max asked quietly looking down at the table.
Liz looked at him.
“Feel what?” Liz said quickly.
Max looked up at her.
“Death,” He stated quietly.
Liz looked away.
“You still feel something isn’t right, something’s missing,” Max pressed.
Liz couldn’t speak.
“Liz?” Max asked watching her.
“Yes,” Liz whispered.
Max looked at her.
“Something isn’t right,” Liz whispered.
“I still feel…I don’t know,” Liz said.
“Like it hasn’t finished,” Max said.
Liz turned and looked at him “Yeah.”
“I feel like there’s a shadow over me,” Liz said quietly looking into her coffee mug.
“I know…I feel it too,” Max said.
“It’s like…it’s like the plane crash is still going on,” Liz said.
“Liz I have a theory to this feeling,” Max said looking away.
“What is it?” Liz asked looking at him.
“What if, what if…we weren’t meant to get off the plane,” Max said eventually.
“What?” Liz asked opening her eyes wide.
“Liz this feeling…what if we were meant to die in the plane crash,” Max stated looking in her eyes.
Liz stared back.

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Part Eight.

“You think we should be dead?” Liz asked not wanting to think about it.
Max looked down.
“Well it just explains the way I’m feeling at the moment,” Max said uncomfortable.
Liz continued to look at him.
“I think you could be right,” Liz said slowly.
“I feel like something’s after me,” Liz said quickly.
“After you?” Max jerked his head up.
“Not a person…something else,” Liz said feeling foolish.
“I know what you mean,” Max said looking at her “I’ve been getting this weird feeling that a…a shadows after me.”
Liz looked at him.
“Me too,” Liz said slowly.
“But if it’s after me and you, then it’s probably after the others,” Max said.
Liz looked at him overcome by a strange feeling. Turning her head she felt her vision blur and a bus flashed in her head. Shaking her head she looked at him.
“I think we’re all in danger,” Liz said firmly.
Max nodded.
“But if we were supposed to die then why did you see that vision,” Max asked.
“I don’t know,” Liz said.
Liz looked at him.
“What if you were only supposed to save yourself,” Max said quietly.
Liz looked at him “What?”
“Liz only you saw it,” Max said.
“But you believed me,” Liz said sitting up in her seat.
“Yes…maybe we were…” Max trailed off.
“No, I won’t believe that I wasn’t supposed to save the others,” Liz said shaking her head.
“I know,” Max agreed quickly.
“So this is cosy,” A voice came slowly to Liz’s ears.
Liz turned her head and saw Tess standing next to their table.
“Hows it going Liz?” Tess smirked.
“Slept with anyone else lately?” Tess asked innocently.
Liz heard Max breath in sharply.
“Or just Kyle again?” Tess pressed.
Liz was silent.
“Tess please…”Max trailed off.
“Oh sorry Max, I know it’s a painful reminder,” Tess smiled at Liz.
“Hey guys,” Kyle said quietly coming up behind Tess.
“Hi,” Liz said shortly, inside her stomach was knotting itself.
“Speak of the devil,” Tess exclaimed loudly.
“Oh wow, this is just a reunion isn’t it?” Tess said looking at Maria, Michael, Isabel and Alex who had just approached the table.
Liz looked up at Alex quickly and smiled tentatively.
Alex looked at her and smiled slowly.
Liz got up and walked over to him.
“Hey Alex,” Liz said quietly.
“Liz,” Alex almost whispered.
Liz looked at him.
“Liz I’m sorry,” Alex said looking away.
“It’s Ok,” Liz said smiling and Alex hugged her.
“Thank you Liz,” Alex whispered.
“Anytime Alex,” Liz whispered back smiling.
“Well this is so sweet, but I’m not thanking you,” Tess said loudly.
“Shut your mouth gerbil,” Maria said furious.
Tess looked taken back.
“Did you call me gerbil tramp?” Tess yelled.
“Yes and I’ve got a few other names…” Maria yelled back.
“Maria,” Michael said sternly interrupting her.
Maria looked at him furiously.
“Why are you interrupting me just as I get some back on her,” Maria said.
“Because this isn’t appropriate Maria,” Isabel said folding her arms.
“Isabel’s right, Maria the last thing we should be doing is fighting,” Alex said quietly.
Maria looked down.
“You’re right I’m sorry,” She said looking at everyone but Tess.
“Apology accepted,” Tess smirked.
“Tess,” Michael said sharply.
Tess shut up, she knew not to make Michael too mad.
“So um are you all ok?” Liz asked softly.
They all nodded their heads looking uncomfortable all of a sudden,
“Yeah, we’re fine thanks to you Liz,” Isabel said smiling slightly.
Liz looked down remembering, Tess had actually distracted her from it for a moment.
“So I heard on the news that something blew out from underneath seat 23B, and that’s what caused the plane crash,” Kyle said quietly.
Liz stared at him 23B that was….
“My seat,” Max said looking at Liz.
Liz stared at him feeling faint.
Max got up, and started walking around.
“Max,” Liz choked.
“That was my seat… seat,” Max said softly.
Isabel walked over to Max “This doesn’t mean anything, Max.”
Max looked at her and nodded, not wanting to speak about their theory.
“Yeah,” He managed “It’s just kind of odd.”
“Hell yes,” Kyle exclaimed and then looked embarrassed “Sorry, I just um….always been interested in plane crashes is all.”
“You have,” Liz said looking at Kyle.
“Yeah plane crashes are really fascinating, some of them….” Kyle trailed off seeing the looks Michael and Tess were giving him “Uh never mind.”
Liz sat thinking for a while. ‘Under Max’s seat? Could that mean….”
“You know this has kind of taken over any checkoslovakian business,” Maria said.
“Maria!” Michael hissed, they were in broad daylight with people milling around.
“What, I didn’t use the A word,” Maria hissed back.
“It doesn’t matter,” Michael stated.
“She’s right though, for the last few days I’ve felt 100% human,” Isabel said in a low voice “I haven’t had time to think about anything else.”
Max looked at Isabel.
“That doesn’t mean we can be complacent,” Max said.
“I know that Max,” Isabel said huffily “But it’s nice because we haven’t had any problems lately to do with our origins.”
Max didn’t answer. Turning his head he met his eyes with Liz’s, and instantly she knew what he was thinking and she had to look away.
“Ok well this has been a nice meeting,” Tess said sarcastically walking towards the road “Tell me when there’s been any more cheaters problems…oh sorry I should say checkoslovakian problems.”
Liz sucked in her breath as she watched Tess head towards the road.
“What was she on about?” Maria muttered.
Liz felt strange suddenly as she watched Tess walk off the footpath.
“Oh and Liz, I hope you’re using….you know….monkey covers,” Tess yelled to a confused group, as she stood laughing in the middle of the street.
Liz spun her head and felt it again. Getting up she walked towards the road.
“Liz where are you going?” Maria’s shrill voice played in the back of her mind.
Liz reached the curb and stepped down onto the road watching Tess. Tess stared back at her.
Liz felt an arm grab her.
“Liz what are you doing?” Max’s face appeared in front of her.
Liz pointed “Tess.”
Liz felt very strange and light headed, but she remembered Max’s face as he turned and a look of shock dawned on him. Then sprinting to the middle of the road he lunged at Tess just as the bus sped past.
Liz remembered Tess screaming and the others behind her yelling to Max.
Then Liz sat heavily on the curb.

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Note: Monkey covers referred to condoms (altho I'm sure you got my drift) you know like how they say "spank the monkey" anyways at the time I couldn't think of anything betta - I know it's stupid.

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Part Nine

Liz looked out to the road, but she couldn’t see.
Someone’s screams echoed in her head. Isabel’s screams for Max.
Then she felt Maria next to her hugging her and talking quickly.
“Liz? Liz?” Maria yelled in Liz’s ear.
But Liz was stony, staring at the road.
Maria looked out at the road.
Michael and Isabel were huddled over Max and Tess.
Then as Maria watched they got up and moved back from Max and Tess. Max got up, he was still covering Tess. He was shaky, his legs wobbled under him threatening to collapse. Maria saw him look down at Tess, who looked panicked. Then Max walked away towards Liz and the safety of the sidewalk.
Liz sat staring into nothing, her eyes weren’t focusing on anything right now.
Max approached Liz and knelt in front of her.
“Liz?” Max said bringing his hand up to her face.
Liz stared into nothing.
“Liz?” Max said a little louder touching her face.
“Haaaah,” Liz said softly, snapped awake feeling a hand on her face.
Liz looked and Max was in front of her, he was all she could see.
“Max?” Liz croaked.
“Yeah,” Max smiled slightly.
“You’re Ok?” Liz said in disbelief.
“Yeah,” Max smiled.
“Tess? The bus?” Liz managed.
“I pushed her out of the way just before it sped past us,” Max explained.
“Oh, good,” Liz said getting up.
“Yeah good,” Maria said sarcastically.
“Maria,” Liz sighed.
“What? What? That gerbil has so much to be grateful for, with all the shit she’s put you through….” Maria started ranting as Max went to take Liz home.
Liz smiled hearing Maria, and she saw Max smile too as he looked at Liz.
“You’re smiling?” Liz said.
“Yeah, Maria you know….she’s loopy but we all love her,” Max said embarrassed.
“What would any of us do without her,” Liz mused.
“Probably get some peace,” Max blurted as Maria continued to rant in the background.

Part Ten.

Max and Liz sat in a booth in the Crashdown.
“So it’s happening,” Liz stated.
“Yeah, otherwise that was some coincidence,” Max said stiring his drink with a straw.
“Yeah but there are no coincidences in Roswell, we all know that,” Liz said grimly.
“Yeah,” Max replied “I know that only too well.”
Liz smiled slightly.
“So it was after Tess,” Max said “I wonder why.”
‘Because she’s a gerbil?’ Liz thought.
“I don’t know,” Liz said slowly.
“If it’s after all of us then there’s not going to necessarily be a pattern,” Max said looking at her.
“Yeah you’re right, maybe it had something to do with who’s in the most likely place where danger could occur,” Liz suggested.
“You mean since Tess was on the road,” Max said.
“Yeah,” Liz said.
“So it’s fate,” Max said slowly.
“Fate?” Liz asked looking at him.
“Yeah, fate,” Max said avoiding her glance “We should have died, it was our fate to die in the plane crash.”
“Maybe,” Liz said softly “Unfortunately until something happens again, we don’t know anything.”
Max sat silent.
“Do we tell the others,” Max asked hesitantly.
“No,” Liz stated quickly “They’d all freak out or think we’d gone loopy.”
Max smiled briefly.
“I think that right now, we are the only ones who could handle this,” Liz said confidently.
“I mean could you imagine Maria?” Liz said smiling “She’d lock herself in a box.”
“Yeah you could add Isabel to that box,” Max laughed.
“And Alex,” Liz said laughing at the picture in her mind.
“Yeah,” Max agreed smiling.
“And Kyle would make us all go mad with his buddha sayings,” Liz laughed and then remembered.
“Yeah,” Max said shortly losing the smile on his face.
Liz also stopped seeing the humour in the situation.
“Max….” Liz said looking at him.
“No Liz, just don’t say anything Ok?” Max interrupted her.
“Ok,” Liz looked down at her hands.
Both were silent for a few minutes.
“I don’t want to die,” Liz said in a small voice.
“There are things I haven’t done yet,” Liz continues quietly.
Max watched her.
“Like becoming a Harvard molecular biologist?” Max asked.
“No, more important things than that,” Liz said looking at her hands.
“Like what?” Max asked still looking at her.
“I’ve made a few mistakes, and I need time to figure out who to fix them,” Liz said.
“Some mistakes can’t be fixed,” Max said.
“I know, but the mistake I made - it had to be made. So then it isn’t really a mistake is it?” Liz asked looking up at Max.
“It’s something that had to happen for amazingly complicated reasons, but it was right,” Liz sat looking at Max.
Max was lost.
“But it’s had these horrible effects on everything and I need to make things right,” Liz said looking back at her hands.
“Do you want to tell me what the mistake was?” Max asked slowly.
“You know what the mistake is,” Liz said looking at the table top.
“Yes,” Max muttered.
“Will you ever forgive me?” Liz said in a small voice.
Max sat still.
“Liz, my life is incredible since you came into it. And I know that if I don’t forgive you, it’ll go back to being this black hole,” Max paused “I forgave you the minute I saw you. The first time I saw you getting off the bus in 3rd grade for anything, because I loved you. You can’t love someone without forgiveness.”
Liz sat still in amazement at Max’s words.
“Max,” Liz said softly.
“You don’t have to say anything Liz,” Max said getting up.
Liz sat looking at him as he got up.
Max looked down at her and met her eyes.
“I know somewhere inside me that things will be Ok one day,” Max said and then stopped.
“As long as we get through this death-being-after-us thing,” Max smiled.
Liz smiled back.
“So lets beat death, Ok?” Max said.
“It’s not gonna take me down,” Liz said quietly.
“Nothing could take you down Liz, you’ll be taken down when you want to be taken down,” Max said.
Liz looked at him as he turned and left the café.
“Night Max,” Liz whispered as he left.
“Night Liz,” Max whispered as he left the café.
Neither of them heard the other.

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Part Eleven

Isabel sat in her room.
The last few days had stressed her out. Although they were the normal problems she had to deal with.
Liz saved her life.
Isabel had thanked her, but she didn’t feel it was adequate.
She now understood how Liz must have felt after Max saved her life.
How can you put into words what saving your life means?
Isabel lay thinking about it at night.
How could she have ever felt that Liz was something to be scared of?
Isabel got up and lay on her bed.
She knew Max was in his room, but she knew he wasn’t asleep. Isabel didn’t think he had slept since it happened. He was worried about Liz, she could see it in his eyes.
Something about the Max/Liz situation worried Isabel, she thought they had worked things out but apparently not. A few weeks ago Max had been terrible. He had been moody, angry and unbearable to live with. He had kept away from Liz and if Isabel even mentioned her name, he left the room. She had no idea what had happened, but she thought Tess did from the way she had been acting lately.
Tess had said some strange things to Liz when they all met and she had been acting even more smirky lately.
Isabel wanted to know what the situation was with Max and Liz so getting up she grabbed her phone and dialled.
The phone rang and Isabel waited patiently on the phone.

Liz sat in her room, unable to sleep again.
She was panicking about who it was going to go after next.
Was it her?
Or Maria, or Michael, or Kyle, or Alex, or Isabel, or Max?
The only person she wasn’t as worried about was Max, because she knew how strong he was. But on the other hand she was terrified that something would happen to him.
Lying on her bed, she closed her eyed and tried to sleep.
She felt herself drift off into sleep slowly.
A phone rang in the background and Liz stirred, trying to ignore it. It continued and Liz realised it was in her head. Sitting up she tried to calm herself.
Nothing bad can come from a telephone, she told herself.

“Hello?” The voice said on the line.
“Tess, hi it’s Isabel,” Isabel said quickly.
“Oh hey Isabel,” Tess replied.
“So um hows it going?” Isabel asked uncomfortable.
“Good, good,” Tess replied.
Isabel was silent.
“So um was there something you wanted?” Tess asked slowly.
Isabel sat there, she knew she couldn’t ask - it was private between Max and Liz.
“Uh no, just checking up,” Isabel stammered.
“Ok um I’ll say night then cos I’m really tired,” Tess said.
“Yeah bye Tess,” Isabel said and heard Tess hang up.
Isabel sat holding the phone for a moment.
As she placed the phone on the cradle she heard a strange noise, and a flicker came to the corner of her eye. Jerking her head round she saw a flame racing along the phone cord. Pulling her hand off the phone she watched as the telephone burst into flames in front of her.
“Oh my God, Max!!!!” Isabel screamed.
Isabel got up quickly off the bed and held her hand over the flames.
She heard Max enter the room as she formed a connection with the flames.
Slowly they died down and smouldered away.
“Isabel?” Max said worriedly.
Isabel stood staring at the telephone.
“Max, it burst into flames just after I used it,” Isabel stammered.
Max moved around to look at the phone, it was melted and mangled.
Max put his arm around Isabel’s shoulders.
“It’s Ok,” Max said calmly “You handled it.”
“Yeah, but Max,” Isabel said panicked “Phones don’t just burst into flames.”
Max looked at the phone.
“I know,” Max whispered knowing what had happened.
Isabel held her hand over the phone and fixed the phone back to how it was.
Suddenly it rang and Isabel picked it up.
“Hello?” Isabel said.
“Isabel, my phone just burst into flames!” Tess cried into the phone.
Isabel brought her eyes up to look at Max.
“So did mine,” Isabel stated.
“What’s going on, phones can’t just burst into flames?” Tess yelled.
“Tess calm down, look go and get some sleep and we’ll all talk in the morning Ok?” Isabel reassured her.
“Ok, I’ll see you in the morning,” Tess replied and hung up.
Isabel hung up the phone quickly, she didn’t want to touch it for too long.
“Was that Tess?” Max asked quickly.
“Yeah, it happened to her phone too,” Isabel said.
Max looked at her upset.
“Maybe it’s our powers, they’re getting stronger or something?” Isabel asked, needing an explanation.
“No I don’t think so,” Max said looking away.
“You know what it is?” Isabel demanded.
Max was silent.
“Look get some sleep and we’ll talk in the morning Ok?” Max said walking towards the door.
“Ok, just give me the truth in the morning please?” Isabel asked in a small voice.
Max nodded his head and walked out of the room “Night Iz.”
“Night Max,” Isabel whispered, scared.

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