Hey, another short fic from me - this one is M/L - its basically a scene that should have happened after departure...

Hold me

Liz looked around the room and sighed contentedly. She’d managed to prise herself away from Max and the others; after two days of talking things over in the CrashDown, she was ready for a bit of space. It’d taken a lot of reasoning to explain to the Pod Squad exactly what had happened with Tess, and her killing Alex. Liz sighed again as she fluffed up her blue pillow. Tess killed Alex; even saying it out loud, it still wouldn’t sink in. She changed into her favourite silk blue nightie, took down her hair and ran a brush through it. Exhausted, she pulled back the covers to her double bed. As she reached back to switch off her bedside lamp and finally drift off to sleep, she heard a familiar tap on her window.

She sighed. It wasn’t that she didn’t want to see Max; it was just that he always chose the middle of the night to do so. She switched her light back on and walked over to the window, slowly sliding it open. Max jumped through effortlessly, as they both stood opposite each other. There was an awkward silence between them; and all that could be heard was the sounds of twilight outside her window.

“ So, was there something you wanted to say?” Liz asked, a slight smile forming on her face. She motioned for him to follow her onto the bed. They sat side by side,
“ Yes, No…Uh well…” Liz laughed, after everything that happened, Max still remained the shy, quiet boy that had attempted to ‘come out from behind the tree’. Max turned to her, a smile on his face too. His brown hair fell over his eyes, and Liz brushed it back. Max took a deep breath.

“ After everything that’s happened, I never got the chance to tell you I’m sorry.” He said, Liz stiffened a little.

“ Max, I don’t think we should talk about this now.” Liz said sensibly, as she got up to open the window for him. He grabbed her arm, and told her to sit next to him, that he had something to say to her,

“ Liz, whatever it was that me made you do what you did, I know that you sacrificed everything for me. And I want you to know that I’ll do the same for you. From now on, till forever.” He said as he took her hand, but she tore it away.

“ You’ve said that before Max. And what did you do? You slept with Tess!” Liz said, trying to keep her voice low as to not wake her parents. Max winced, as if someone had just physically hurt him. Liz got up and locked her door, just in case anyone got up it’d give Max time to escape.

“ I know, and you have no idea how much I feel like an idiot for that,”

“ That’s because you are.” Liz stated, the stubborn part in her coming out. Max was taken back, but he continued,

“ Yeah I am. I’m an idiot for not realising that you and me are meant for each other, no matter what.” He slowly raised his head, and looked deep into Liz’s brown eyes. He touched the side of her face as his heart picked up speed. Liz looked at him, as tears began to form in her eyes,

“ Max how can you still believe that? I saved the world for you, sacrificed my life for you. I can’t just get over the fact that all that meant nothing to you.” Liz held his gaze, as tears began to form in his eyes too,

“ Liz, I’m asking you to trust me. Trust me that I won’t ever hurt you like that again.” Liz shook her head, tears spilling over her warm brown eyes and trickling down her cheeks.

“ It’s not that simple Max. Not anymore.” Liz said, still holding his glare. Max bit his bottom lip, trying to stop himself from crying. He knew Liz would find it hard to forgive him, but he never imagined it would be this bad. Unable to look at Liz any longer, he tore his glance away and got up to leave. Liz watched him, her heart being torn into shreds again, as she watched the man she loved with all her heart, with all her soul walk away from her.

“ Max!”

She called to him. As he turned around, his dark and muscular physique meant nothing to her. But in his eyes, she found what she was looking for. Tears once again greeted her face, as she whispered softly,

“ Stay with me.”

Max’s loving gaze looked intensely at Liz, as he drifted towards her. She stood up, and pushed off his leather jacket and placed it on her chair. He sat on the edge of the bed, looking at her questioningly. Liz sat down beside him again, but this time she took her hands, and placed his hands around his chiselled chin,
“ I don’t know if I’ll ever get over this,” She murmured, placing her forehead next to his,
“ But stay tonight Max.” Max nodded, as he took off his shoes and slipped under the covers with the most beautiful girl he’d ever seen. Liz turned to Max, and looked into his eyes for the longest time, before whispering,

“ Hold me.”

He didn’t need asking twice. He smiled as he pulled Liz close to him so that her head lay on his chest, and he wrapped his arms around her, never wanting this moment to end. As Max closed his eyes, Liz whispered,
“ I love you Max Evans. No matter what we go through, that will never, ever change.” She said. Max squeezed her closer, letting her recognise he had heard her. He kissed her forehead, and snuggled further into their warm embrace, and whispered,
“ I love you too Liz Parker. Forever.”

Outside, the night went on in Roswell, New Mexico, as two people, perfect for each other lay in each others arms. Embracing each other, holding each other tight. Sharing a special bond of indescribable love for one another; and no matter what went on, as the two slept together, the heavens looked upon them and smiled. Their love was written in the stars. He fell to Earth to be with her. It wasn’t fate. It was destiny.

lol, very very short *big*