title:Is Love Enough?
Author:Anglica (Angel eyes)
Disclaimer:Don't own them etc.
Aurhtor note: This is a week after departure Max & Liz are back together, their's no baby.Feed Back please

Part 1||||||||||||||||||||||

Max and Liz were standing in the rain just staring at each other.

I love you Liz

I love you too Max, but if we stand here any longer we'll get sick.

You'll get sick not me so I can stand here as long as I want, Max said in a joking way.

Well you can stand here as long as you want I'm going inside.

Fine I guess I'll go inside too.

They went back inside holding hands

gosh can't you guys keep your hands to yourself?

Maria at least their not kissing.

I guess your right Kyle.So Max got any messages from Tess?

No Maria none I'm glad to I don't want to hear or see her again. What time did Micheal say he was going to be here?

Micheal walks in the room eating candy bar with tabasco sauce. I'm right here Maxwell

Good anyways I was wondering since we haven't had the FBI or the Skins around if we can go camping?

I think thats great Max we all need sometime together Liz said

I don't know Max I mean do we have to go camping can't we just have a sleep over?

A sleep over Maria, isn't that for girls? If were having a sleep over then I'm not coming, the next thing you know it their want to do your hair.

Shut up Kyle! It's just me and mother nautre don't get along

I can see why Micheal said taking a bite from his candy bar.

Maria you have to go I going to go too and since Isabel left to San Francsico for a moth I going to be the only girl.

Well I was thinking we rent a cabin

Oh well if Max if we rent a cabin then I love to go.

So that's it we'll all going, since next week is no school I rent the cabin this sunday and we'll left Monday.That gaves you guys time to ask your parents.

I'm sure they'll let as go.



Tess walks in a white room wearing a white robe. In the middle of the room is what looks loke a well but isn't you can use it to see whats happing on earth.

So Max you and your stupid friends are going camping to bond isn't that cute. When you guys return their someone waiting for you and Liz. If David does what I told him then maybe Liz will fall for him and break Maxiepoo heart like he did to me. If that doesn't work then he'll have to steal Liz, Max will come looking for her he'll get me instead. Then I'll kill his belove right in front of him. Let's see if their love is enough.
Tess starts to laugh


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