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Title: Let Me Love You Sweetheart
Author: Sugarplum17/Lynn
Disclaimer: The characters don’t belong to me. I got the idea for this from watching The Hand that Rocks the Cradle
Summary: A married Max and Liz move into a new house with their newly born daughter, Anna. However Liz soon finds that she can’t take care of the baby, finish unpacking the house and keep it clean on her own while she tries to write her novel and her husband is at work dealing with patients, so they hire a live in nanny/house keeper.
Author’s Note(s): AU, no aliens. It’s gonna be suspenseful guys. Oh and this was a challenge that I had posted. I wanted to see someone write it, so I gave it a couple of days and when nobody said anything about taking it, I took it myself. I guess the challenge for me is gonna be finding time to work on this and the numerous other fics that I’ve got going right now. **exhausted sigh**


Running. She was running hard. Her heart was beating four times it’s normal pace as she pumped her legs, willing them to move faster. She could hear the dogs barking and the sound of the escape siren in the distance as her bare feet pounded the wet grass beneath them. She had to get away, that place was driving her crazy. She didn’t belong there. She had told them that over and over again. Looking behind her for the 12th time she muffled a scream as her body crashed to the ground.

“Damn log.” She hissed, her breathing coming out in heavy white clouds as she kicked it with her muddy foot.

Pushing herself up she tried in vain to wipe off the wet hospital gown that clung to her body. She had to hide. That was it, she had to hide from the dogs. Spinning around she frantically searched the darkness for some place, some secret place where no one would find her. In her excitement she let out a quiet yelp as her wide, frightened eyes found a cave. Hopefully they wouldn’t find her. Hopefully they wouldn’t drag her back to that awful place.

- - -

“Put that box over there hon.” She said with one arm extended, pointing to the spot she wanted the box. Max rolled his eyes as he picked it up again and moved it for the third time. He was getting mad. He was doing all the hard work while she...

That thought of his immediately trailed off as he turned his head and caught sight of her. She sat in the rocking chair, her breast removed from her shirt and bra, holding it in her hand. Their daughter was cradled in her left arm as she held her breast to their little girl’s mouth. Oh he wasn’t ever gonna get used to that, or the strange reaction it caused him to have. He was aroused yet strangely jealous of his small daughter at the same time.

He watched his wife awkwardly bend down to gently lay a kiss on the baby’s soft spot, and has her right hand left her breast to stroke the light dusting of dark brown hair on the baby’s head. Her own soft brown hair falling from behind her ear, creating a curtain over the baby’s head.

“Where do you want this one?” Michael asked as he noisily entered the room struggling with a large box.

“Michael!” Max yelled as he dropped his box and rushed over to stand infront of Liz. “God, ever heard of privacy? My wife is kind of exposed here!”

Michael laughed as Max tried to block Liz from view. “Maxwell, relax. It’s nothing I haven’t seen before.”


“Max, shut up. You’re upsetting Anna.” Liz scolded him as she reached up and pushed on his butt. “Go move that box.”

“I meant that mothers breast feed every day. Some even do it out in the open at the park. And I’ve seen a breast before you know.” He clarified. “Where does this go?”

Liz pointed to the corner of the room as Max grudgingly walked back over to his box. As Michael passed, he whispered, “I better not catch you ogling her goodies.”

Michael laughed as he dropped his box. “Ogling her goodies? Who are you?”

Liz giggled from her chair. “Max, please. Michael isn’t gonna ogle my goodies. Besides he’s already seen my p-”


“Well someone had to tape Anna’s birth while you were laying passed out on the floor!” She yelled, a smile tugging at the corner of her lips.

He rolled his eyes at her and moved the box, dragging Michael out of the room when he left to unload another box. He wondered what they’d been thinking. Moving was hard enough, but to do it with a newborn? He was at least glad to be out of the small apartment they’d been living in. Liz had grown up living in an apartment her whole entire life and wanted their daughter to have the freedom of playing in a back yard that she could call her own. Maybe a play structure that she didn’t have to share with other kids, except for future brothers and sisters of course.


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Thanks for the feedback! *happy*

Ok, so if I were to have Isabel dating Michael or Kyle and Alex dating Maria would you guys be offended?

What I'm basically asking is, do you the readers, want this to be an entirely CC fic or have a little UC thrown into the mix? Because I can go either way but lately it seems like everything I do is CC and I'm not by nature a candy girl or stargazer. I really prefer to ship Maria and Alex.

So the question: completely CC or M/L with UC?

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Alright since you guys are the only ones that kind of "voted" or gave me your opinion, I'm going with it. Max and Liz will be together and then the rest of the couples will be left up to me. *happy* Thanks.
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AN: Earlier I couldn’t even string two sentences together without them being all choppy. But then I listened to Mazzy Star’s Fade Into You and for some odd reason I don’t understand it unblocked me. It’s crazy. In this part italics represent someone's thoughts.

Part One

Max wrapped his arms around his wife’s slender waist. He was amazed that she’d gotten her figure back so quickly. Well, it wasn’t exactly hers. He was still getting used to the new fullness of her breasts. Pulling her down to sit on his lap he rested his chin on her shoulder and looked around the large living room. The white walls were still bare, the pictures that were supposed to be hanging, leaning against them. The only picture that she’d put up was their wedding picture. Their entertainment center was all set up, as well as the couches, chairs and tables. Their computer sat on the desk, the cords wrapped up and tied with one of those twisty ties that you find on bread. All of their books sat on the floor next to the built in book shelf that some of the few trinkets the couple owned were perched on. Packing peanuts were laying on the floor next to open boxes.

“Looks like you didn’t get much work done today.” He commented, bending his head to kiss her shoulder. “I’m sorry I haven’t been here to help you out.”

“I know.” She said on an exhausted sigh as she rubbed his forearm. “Duty called.”

She leaned back into his embrace and closing her eyes dropped her head onto his shoulder. They sat quietly, Liz’s hand absently stroking his forearm as Max’s lips rested on her shoulder, just listening to the soft even breathing that floated from the baby monitor. “You know it’s impossible to unpack and organize when you’ve got a crying two month old baby demanding your immediate attention. If she’s not hungry, she’s in need of a diaper change. If it’s not that she’s hungry. If it’s not either of those then she just wants to be held. She woke up twice during her nap today.”

“I’m sure it is.” He replied softly. He was feeling really guilty. He and Michael had arranged the furniture the way that she wanted it, moved all the big stuff, and then he’d left the rest of it to her. He wanted to be there, helping her fix the place up and make it homey but instead he’d been at Roswell Memorial fixing up other people. “You know, I’m sure Isabel wouldn’t mind if I dropped Anna off on my way to work tomorrow.”

Leaning forward she grabbed the baby monitor off of the coffee table and held it to her chest. “No. I’m not ready for that. I mean, I just had her! Besides those little kids at the center are infested with germs.”

He chuckled as she settled back into place on his chest. “Well then what do you suggest? We need to get those packing peanuts off of the floor before Anna learns how to crawl.”

Biting her lip she angled her head on his shoulder to look into his face. “I was kind of thinking about getting like a nanny or a housekeeper or something.”

“A nanny?” He repeated, looking confused.

“Uh, yeah...I was sort of thinking we could get like a live-in nanny or something. Just until we get everything settled, you know? And if we like her and she’s like this really big help to us we could keep her.” Liz told him. She was really trying to sell this idea to him, but he seemed hesitant. “I just need help Max, and you’re not here. And what about when I go back to the Rocket next month? I mean for now it’s ok to write at home, to be getting the crap stories that I can research on the internet or over the phone, but what are we gonna do when I go back?”

“But a nanny?” He asked again. “A stranger, living in our house and taking care of our daughter?”

“She won’t be a stranger after we get to know her. And she’d be helping out two new parents who have jobs and a new house to take care of.” She added before standing up and straddling his lap so she could see into his face. “We could always ask Michael but somehow I don’t think he’s the nanny type. Maria is busy running her mom’s store. Isabel’s schedule is really jam-packed what with the daycare and her night shift at the hospital. Kyle works the night shift, and Alex doesn’t even live in the same state.”

“Well what about our parents? My dad is retiring soon.” He told her, resting his hands on her thighs.

“Yeah next year. And do you really want your parents to move in with us?” She asked before she moved in and touched her lips to his ear whispering in a husky tone, “I mean, they’d take an upstairs bedroom Max. They would be able to hear all the things that go bump in the night.”

He smiled to himself, recalling the previous night. They’d gotten a little rough and their headboard started to bump against the wall. He was a grown man, but they were still his parents. If they ever heard anything, he didn’t know if he’d be able to look his mother in the eye ever again. “Okay, point taken.”

She straightened her back and smiled at him.“So we’re kind of out of options here my love.”

“You’ve thought about this all week haven’t you?” He asked after sighing heavily. She nodded her head and watched as he dropped his back onto the couch cushion. “Can I think about it?”

She gently nipped at his exposed neck. “You have three days.”

- - -

Where am I? She silently asked herself. The sun was blinding and hot. Her dirty sun dress that she’d found in a dumpster along the way was damp and sticking to her body. What’s that smell?

Looking around she noticed that she was crouching behind a dumpster. That could have very well been the stench she smelled, but as she ran a hand through her dirty oily hair she realized that it was probably her. She hadn’t showered in what seemed like weeks. Infact, the last time she’d showered was the morning she’d escaped.

“You ok honey?” A woman with shiny red hair and a thick southern accent asked from the end of the alley.

“Who are you?” She asked, shrinking back against the dumpster and studying the woman.

“My name is Samantha sugar. But you can call me Sam, everybody does.” The woman with shiny red hair, Sam, was tentatively approaching her. “Who are you?”

“T-Tammy.” She stuttered. “My name is Tammy.”

“Well Tammy, you look like you could use a nice hot bath and a good meal.” Sam said, walking up to Tammy.

“T-Thank you.” Tammy told her. “That’s very kind of you.”

“Oh it ain’t kind at all.” Sam said with a smile. “It’s just that good ole southern hospitality. If I were in your position, I’d sure want someone to do the same for me.”

“What state is this?” Tammy asked as they started to walk toward the exit of the alley.

“Don’t you know?” Sam asked, turning her head to give Tammy a surprised look. “You’re in Georgia sugar.”


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Part 2

Three days later Liz found herself seated across from Max at the kitchen table, Anna in his arms as he gently rocked her back and forth. It was past Anna’s bedtime but Max insisted that this was a family discussion and Anna was a part of their family now, so her presence was mandatory.

“Now I’m not saying yes to this. I just want to make that clear right now.” He told Liz sternly. “But if we were to get a nanny, how would we even go about doing that?”

He watched as she sat up a little straighter and leaned in. As she began talking her hands started moving, gesturing. “Well, we could put an add in the Rocket.”

He seemed to think it over and opened his mouth to say something but closed it again when she started talking. “Or we could call an agency. I think that would be our best bet, you know so we don’t end up with some psycho.”

Cocking his head to the side, he looked up at the ceiling, contemplating his options. He could say no and start world war III or he could say yes and make her happy. Looking down at his small daughter he sighed. He really didn’t like the idea of some strange woman changing Anna’s diapers. He really didn’t like this idea at all. Raising his head he looked at Liz, the hopeful expression she wore broke down his resolve to say no to her. After all, hadn’t he promised to make her the happiest woman on earth when she agreed to marry him? “Fine. But I just want to say for the record right now that I don’t like this idea. I’m not happy with it, but if you think that it’s for the best...I guess I’ll agree to it.”

“Oh Max!” She squealed as she excitedly clapped her hands together and pushed herself out of her chair. “Honey, you won’t regret it I promise. It’ll be great, she’ll help us out a lot, you’ll see.”

He mutely nodded his head as she peppered his face with light kisses. “I hope so.”

- - -

Tammy sat huddled in a corner of the room, staring at Sam’s limp form. According to Tammy it hadn’t been her fault. The blame was to be placed on Samantha. She was calling them and Tammy couldn’t let that happen. She couldn’t go back.

- - -

“You’re calling them aren’t you?” She asked as Sam picked up the phone. “You’re calling them, you’re gonna turn me in!”

“Calling who Sugar?” Sam asked, utterly confused. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Don’t lie to me!” She screamed. “You’re calling them!”

Sam eyed the phone in her hand and slowly began to place the receiver back on it’s cradle as she watched Tammy pace around and mumble things. Obviously this girl wasn’t put together right, she was missing a few screws and Sam silently cursed herself for being so nice. Her friends and everyone else she knew had told her that now days southern hospitality was dead. You could get killed trying to be a good southerner.

“Look, I’m not calling anyone...I think you should leave.” Sam said as she slowly backed away from Tammy.

“No! You’ll call them after I leave!” Tammy yelled pacing the large living room. “You’ll turn me in! They’ll take me back! I can’t go back!”

- - -

Shaking off the memory, Tammy put her palms flat against the wall behind her and pushed herself up. She couldn’t remember how many days she’d been staring at Sam. The ringing phone startled her and made her jump. She looked around frantically. She had to do something with Sam’s body, before someone found out about what she’d done. They’d take her back to Cambridge for sure. Hooking her arms under Sam’s armpits, she drug the heavy southern bell over to the basement door. She dropped her by the door and stood upright, wiping her sweaty forehead with the back of her hand. Figures that Samantha wouldn’t have air-conditioning. For someone so slender she sure is heavy. Tammy thought to herself as she looked down at the lump of stiff flesh.

She opened the door and pushed the body down the stairs, following behind when she heard the dull thud at the bottom. Looking around she spotted a huge cooler. Perfect.

- - -

Shutting the basement door behind her, she wiped her hands on her dirty dress. A blinking light caught her attention, and she walked over to the answering machine.

“You have one new message.” The mechanical voice said. “Hi Sam, it’s Joe. We have a job for you in Roswell, New Mexico. Two new parents are looking for a nanny/house keeper. Max and Liz Evans I believe, two month old daughter. They won’t be needin’ you long, just until everything gets settled the husband said. They’re expecting you sometime next week.”

“Max and Liz Evans.” Tammy repeated as she walked away from the machine. “Roswell, New Mexico.”

She walked into Sam’s bedroom and opened her closet, fingering all the nice clothes that hung on hangers. She realized that she couldn’t very well stay in Sam’s huge Victorian home. Yes, she thought to herself. Roswell sounds like a good place to hide out.


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It's creepy? Maybe that's why nobody but you has left me feedback? Is it too creepy?

Thanks roswellluver! I appreciate it. *big*