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Disclaimer I'm just a poor uni student with too much free time on her hands but if you want to sue me you can have my car and I'll even throw in my job for you, 'cos it's not like I actually want it.
Notes Okay I'm gonna need your help here guys. This is my first fic so if you could please let me know what you think. The title is from an Elvis song (I think that's what the song is called) but the song has no relevance to the fic. BTW I'm not doing a summary 'cos it'll ruin my first part. And yes I know that it's short but I'm not happy with the next part yet. I'll post it when I'm done. Okay I'm done rambling *big* Actually not quite the rating is R maybe NC-17 later I'm not too sure on American ratings. There will probably be lots of coarse language knowing me so if you hate it don't read it.

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Part One
Maria De Luca couldn’t believe it. Right there in front of her, practically in the middle of the street. Her boyfriend Michael Guerin had his arms around another girl. And he looked happier than she had ever seen him. There had always been a sadness about him that she could never get him to talk about. Whenever she asked him questions about his life he just put up his ‘stonewall’ and that would be the end of it. She knew that he was adopted and had moved to Roswell when he was ten, but that was common knowledge. When pressed on his life before Roswell, Michael would get extremely defensive and it would always lead to them arguing. Not that Maria usually minded their arguing, it was, in a twisted kind of way, a form of foreplay for them. But this arguing was different. Maria knew that if she pushed Michael too far on this that he would leave and probably never come back. But she wanted to know what the deal was with him. He always seemed morose, like he was missing something (or someone?), even in their happier moments. But he was actually laughing with this brown haired hussy and was swinging her around in his embrace. That was enough to make her stop thinking and spring into action.

Maria started to walk over to where they were standing, her green eyes glittering with fury. Whoever coined the phrase ‘Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned’ had obviously never met a pissed off Maria. Otherwise the expression would be ‘Hell hath no fury like Hurricane De
Luca’, an expression her best friends Ava Harding and Isabel Evans had come up with. Michael was completely oblivious to her fury when he looked up.

“Maria,” he called out smiling broadly. Maria didn’t even let him get a word in as she stormed up to him. She managed to get in between the pair and then let loose a verbal barrage.

“You fucking prick!! So you’re just fucking cheating on me in broad daylight now, you don’t give a flying fuck who sees you, the least you could do is try to look ashamed,” she ranted punctuating each syllable with a slap on the arm. She finally paused for breath and was
disgusted to see Michael all but rolling around on the floor laughing.

“You ... thought ... me ... her” he howled. The girl had burst out laughing as well but managed to compose herself long enough to say,

“You must be Maria. I’m Liz Guerin, Michael’s sister.”

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MandyRoswell - thanks for my very first bit of feedback!!
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obsessionbyroswell - it will be mostly Max/Liz but Michael/Maria will be in it a bit, along with the other couples. Thanks for the feedback!
roswellluver - oh yeah Michael's gonna get some mileage out of this! *big* Thanks for the feedback!
Rapunzel - Maria feel about 2 inches tall at the moment! *big* Thanks for the feedback!
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I'm working on part 2 at the moment but it's misbehaving and I keep getting annoyed and throwing things. Hopefully I should have it up either tonight or tomorrow (depending on how long I decide to make it). I'll try to make it a decent length to make up for part 1 being so short.
Thanks guys!! *happy*
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tyranese - thanks for the feedback!
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Meagzie - Maria didn't know that Michael had any family 'cos he wouldn't talk about it. It'll all be explained as the story goes on. Thanks for the feedback!
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Okay I've done part 2. It's not as long as I wanted it to be but towards the end it wouldn't cooperate and I was getting shitty so I decided to finish it where I did. Thankyou everyone for the great response to the fic! *big*

Little Sister
Part Two
Maria could feel the heat start to rise up her neck. She just wanted to sink into the floor with embarrassment. Michael’s sister? “His sister?” she managed to choke out, “oh my God I thought you were some cheap tramp
that wanted in his pants.” *Why did I just say that?* Maria thought *ohmigod she must think I’m some kind of wackjob* “I’ll just be shutting up now.”

“Good idea,” Michael smirked, he was going to have fun reminding her of this for aaaaages.

Liz just smiled at Maria, not really sure what to think. One minute the girl was attacking her brother and the next she was standing there as though she had just walked in on her parents going at it. In the five minutes she had been in Roswell she had found out that this girl was one of the most important people in her brother’s life and she didn’t want to say anything that would
upset either of them. So she just shifted uncomfortably from one foot to another. It had taken her ages to find her brother (trying to get people to release adoption records was a bitch) and now she felt like it was a waste of time. He had his own life, he didn’t need her trying to butt in.

“I’ve got to go find a place to stay,” Liz said, “where is the nearest motel?”

“You’re not going to a motel,” Michael retorted, “you’re staying with me.”

“But ...” Liz started

“My younger sister is not staying in some fleabag motel by herself. You are coming and staying with me even if I have to pick you up and carry you there myself. Maria will agree with me won’t you? Maria? MARIA?!!”

Maria was staring at the Guerin siblings in wonderment. She had never seen this side of Michael before, his caring and tender (in his own way) nature. It wasn’t that Michael wasn’t affectionate toward her, it was just that he was being possessive and caveman-like. *It was
kind of a turn on* she thought privately. Then she heard Michael’s voice and broke out of her reverie. “What?” she asked feeling her face burn over her private thoughts. Michael rolled his eyes.

“I said that I’m not going to let my kid sister stay in some rat-infested hovel.”

“Oh I thought you would want her to stay with you,” Maria joked.

Liz snorted, causing Michael to flash her a dirty look. Maria smiled at her and Liz winked. *I like this girl* Maria thought.

Michael scowled at the pair of them but nothing could diminish his joy at seeing Liz again. He had been looking for her but two years ago the trail stopped cold. And with his limited resources, there wasn’t much he could do. But now he had his sister back! He felt a dopey
grin spreading across his face that he tried unsuccessfully to hold back. After all he had a reputation to uphold.

“So you’re staying with me and that’s the end of it. Is this all of your stuff?” Michael asked Liz, gesturing to the two bags at her feet. She had been walking to his apartment when they had seen each other and had been dropped when he grabbed her to hug her. Then Maria had come up so they were still sitting there.

“Yeah that’s all of it, gotta travel light y’know.” Maria could have sworn that she saw a sad look on Liz’ face when she made that remark but it could have just been a trick of the light because it was gone when she looked again.

Suddenly Maria looked at her watch

“Oh crap!” she excalaimed, “I’m late for work, gotta go.” She gave Michael a kiss on the cheek and started to run off.

“We’ll come in for dinner later,” he yelled to her rapidly retreating back. She waved to indicate that she had heard him and took off.

Michael and Liz started to walk towards his apartment, each carrying a bag. They had a lot of catching up to do. Meanwhile, Maria had thrown open the doors of the Crashdown Cafe and run through to the back room to get changed. When she came out she realised that the place was deserted, except for four people. Those four people were Isabel, Ava, Alex Whitman (Isabel’s boyfriend and Maria’s lifelong friend) and Kyle Valenti, son of the town sheriff. They were some of her closest friends, and they were all looking at her very curiously.

“We could hear you shouting at someone, what was going on?” Isabel asked.

Maria groaned, she was never going to live this down.

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Meagzie - I swear I will explain Michael and Liz! *happy* Thanks for the feedback!
SpAcEgUrL370 - Thanks!
CartoonHeroes - I'm posting as fast as I can! Thank you!
aZNroSweLl anglgrl - I will! Iwill! Thanks!
anonymousarfan - thank ya kindly!
rollergal20 - it's supposed to be dreamer but somehow it's taken up a life of it's own *big* There'll probably be a fair bit of candy until Max and Liz meetand then dreamer antics shall ensue!! Please keep reading though *happy* Thanks for the feedback!
roswellluver - Maria will be reliving it for awhile! Cheers for the feedback!
mara is a dreamer - no there's no Tess. There will be an explanation as to why *big* Yeah Ava's cool she don't want Max and she's friends with Is and Ria. Max will turn up later, he's in New York for reasons that I haven't decided upon yet *happy* Thankyou for the feedback!!
Lucy - Max will turn up presently *happy* Thanks for your feedback!

Wow thankyou everyone for the great response!! It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside *big* It also makes me write faster, so I've done part three. It'll be a little while before part four is up because I'm not sure what I want to happen in it yet. Suggestions will be welcomed *happy*
- Mon

Part Three
She started to explain.
“So I was walking down the street to go see Michael and I see him with his arms around some chick so I go up to him and start yelling at him and then I find out that she’s his sister and I am so humiliated I just want to go and hide,” she wailed burying her head in her hands. Alex and Kyle looked as though they were going to commit bloody murder when Maria had said Michael had his arms around someone else, but when they heard it was his sister they had burst out laughing. Isabel hit Alex to try to make him stop but it only made him laugh harder. She shook her head and pulled Maria into the backroom with a giggling Ava following them.

“Since when did Michael have a sister?” Isabel questioned gently. She didn’t want to be the bad person, she just didn’t want Maria to get hurt. Maria’s head shot up and Ava immediately stopped sniggering.
“Since she showed up here,” Maria shot back defensively. She really didn’t like where this was going. Michael might not be the most forthcoming person in the world but he was honest.

Isabel looked Maria in the eyes and she relaxed.
“Sorry Is, I’m just feeling like a right dickhead at the moment and I don’t even want to think that he was lying to me.”
“Michael wouldn’t lie to you,” Ava interjected, “he thinks that you’re a goddess and he would never do anything to screw up his chances with you.” Isabel and Maria just looked at Ava with raised eyebrows.
“What?!” she asked.
“You’re a hopeless romantic,” Maria said, “Is, do you really think that she wasn’t his sister? Do you think that he was lying to me?” Maria looked so upset that Isabel felt wretched for putting the idea in her mind.
“No I don’t think that he would, but he’s never said anything to you about family and suddenly he’s got a sister. It just seems strange that’s all.”
“Well he wasn’t adopted ‘til he was ten, he had to have family somewhere.”
“Yeah Is, what do you think happened, someone found him wandering naked on a highway when he was six or something, with no idea of who he was or where he came from?”
“Well it could happen.” Ava said defensively. Maria started to laugh.
“We sound so ridiculous. I’ll just ask Liz where she’s been when they come in for dinner.”
“Liz? Is that short for Elizabeth?” Isabel asked.
“I dunno, I didn’t really get much of a chance to talk to her. By the time I finished yelling and trying to hide my humiliation I had to come here. I really don’t know how I’m going to face her she probably thinks that I’m some freak that she doesn’t want her big brother to go out with and now he’s going to dump me and oh God where’s my cedar oil ...”
“Maria? Breathe ... in and out and in and out slowly.” Ava and Isabel said together. They were used to Maria’s freakouts, and ceased to be bothered by them anymore. But there was a time that Maria acting that way would have had them running for the hills.

“Have you guys fallen in the toilet or something?” Kyle demanded as he swung open the door, “there are hungry customers out there and they need to be served. Plus Amy’s going to be back in a minute and she’ll have your heads if you’re not working.”
The three girls looked at each other. If Maria having a freakout was bad, Amy having a freakout was on par with a nuclear holocaust. Maria loved her mother dearly but ever since she had bought the Crashdown she had turned into a Nazi, somewhat like Isabel at Christmastime. She had made Maria waitress, and said that if Isabel and Ava were going to be around so much they might as well work there. Most of the time they didn’t mind, but at the moment the last thing Maria wanted to do was face people. Ava and Isabel walked out the door and Ava turned around and whispered,
“you can’t hide out here forever, just talk to them. You can’t just jump to conclusions or you’ll end up losing him.” She then waltzed out to the customers, slapping Kyle’s butt as she went past.
“Later, Buddha Boy.”

Maria smiled, Ava always knew how to make her feel better. She went over to the mirror to check her appearance, grimacing at the uniform. *Why couldn’t her mother have changed the uniforms when she bought this place?* she thought to herself. They were blue-green with silver trim, and a silver alien head apron. She smirked as she remembered what Michael had said about them (“they’re so convenient, with the way the snaps are”) then scowled as she remembered earlier. Maria gave herself the once over, cursing her mother for all the
misfortunes of the world.

Actually, it was Tess Parker’s fault. If she hadn’t gone and gotten herself dead, her parents would never have wanted to sell up and leave Roswell. And Tess had died in such a bizarre way. Oh well it wasn’t as though anyone really liked Tess, she was an evil bitch that lied and manipulated people to get what she wanted. Plus she was a slut. She would have fucked anything that moved and if it didn’t move she’d kick it so it did.
“Breathe, just breathe,” she said, repeating a line from ‘Ever After’, one of her favourite movies, as she walked out to the dining area. As luck would have it, the only occupied booth in her area was the one where Michael and Liz were sitting.
“Here goes nothing,” she said under her breath as she walked over.

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Kazza - thanks for the feedback!
roswellluver - thanks fof the feedback!
Rapunzel - thanks for the feedback!
aZNroSweLl anglgrl - thanks for the feedback!
pandas2001 - no there's no aliens. Sorry I didn't realise that I hadn't put that. Max and Liz will meet in the next part and yeah Michael will pull a "big brother" routine *big* Liz hasn't had a great life, which I'll explain more in part four. Thanks for the feedback!
SpAcEgUrL370 - *big* Tess dead! She gone! She ain't coming back! Thanks for the feedback!
mpls muse - I was trying to think of a bizarre way for Tess to die but my mind went blank. If you have any ideas of strange (and preferably horrible and painful *tongue*) ways that she could have died I would love to hear them. It will be raised again in the future, to what extent I'm not sure yet. Maybe just to posthumously pay out on her! *happy* Thanks for the feedback!
rollergal20 - I was wondering if anyone was going to pick up on that comment! *happy* Yeah Liz and Maria will be friends. Thanks for the feedback!
Strawbehrry Shortcake - everyone's backgrounds will start to be expalained in part four. Thanks for the feedback!
Transparent Clear - No there are no aliens sorry. As for Liz' past I swear I'll start to explain more in the next part. Thanks for the feedback!

I am so grateful for the response to this fic! You guys kick ass! *big* I'm doing my best to battle with part four. There's a lot of character stuff to get through and I'm trying to make sure that it's going to fit with the way it began. I'm trying to finish part four and post it by Friday, all things going well.
Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou! I love youse all!! *big*
- Mon

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Okay part four is taking me longer than I thought. I have some of it written and it's going to be kinda long. So do you want me to post it in two parts (a & b) and you can have some of it in the next half hour or do you want me to just post it all at once on Friday (hopefully, provided I don't have to do any more overtime)?

Feedback please!
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Fallin' Angel - yay someone replied! thankyou!

Part Four (a)
As Maria started to walk over Liz got up and started to walk towards her. *Oh crap* Maria thought to herself, *she’s going to yell at me.* Not that it would be unreasonable considering her earlier behaviour.
“Can we talk?” Liz asked.
“Yes talk. Talk is good, talk is not yelling.” Maria mumbled under her breath.
“Excuse me?”
“Oh nothing, I was just talking to myself.” Maria felt her face flame for the umpteenth time that day, and wished for nothing more than the ability to keep her trap shut. Liz smiled to herself as she followed Maria to the backroom. She really liked Maria, apart from the thinking the that she was doing her brother (EEEEEEEEEWWWWWWW how sick!) part. Liz could see why her brother liked Maria, they really suited each other. In a bizarre kind of way.

“Do you trust my brother?” Liz asked when they got out the back.
“Huh?!” Where had this come from? “Of course I do. Why?”
“Well when you saw him hugging me the first thing you thought was that he was cheating on you. I know he loves you and I just want to make sure he doesn’t get hurt.”
Maria was stunned. She hadn’t thought about her actions. “Did Michael say something to you?”
Liz gave a very unladylike snort. “Since when did Michael start telling people his feelings? I know I haven’t seen him in almost seven years but I don’t think he’s turned into the caring sharing type. It’s more what he didn’t say.”
Maria grinned, she knew that feeling. “Chica, when I saw the pair of you I didn’t think, I just did. If you saw your boy with his arms around a chick would you stop and think ‘oh gee that’s probably his sister I shouldn’t worry’ or would you think the worst?”
“I wouldn’t know,” Liz said softly while looking at the floor, “I’ve never had a boyfriend.”
Maria felt the all too familiar heat rise in her face. “Oh God I’m so sorry I just keep putting my foot into it. But you know what I mean. I wasn’t thinking clearly. Besides, Michael never told me that he had a sister.”
“He never told you about me?”
“Um no. Like you said he’s not the caring sharing type. So what’s it like to see your big brother again?”
“Big brother?” If Liz had raised her eyebrows any further they would have practically touched the ceiling.
“Well Michael called you his kid sister before.” Maria was starting to get confused.
“Damn I mustn’t have been listening earlier or I would have hit him for that.” Liz rolled her eyes, “he’s my twin. He’s like, five minutes older than me but he acts like it’s five years. When we were little he would always boss me around.”
Maria smiled at the image. But the seed of doubt that Isabel had planted in her mind had just begun to sprout. “You guys don’t look anything alike, especially for twins.”
Liz looked at Maria curiously. “You don’t think that this is some elaborate scam for Michael to cheat on you do you? ‘Cos that’s just so gross. We are not from Kentucky.”
If Maria thought her face couldn’t get any redder, she was wrong. “I’m really sorry chica it’s just something someone said to me and then I didn’t want to think that about my boyfriend and then you said you were twins except your hair is heaps darker than his and you don’t look alike and you’re not even the same height but I really love Michael and I trust him it’s just that I don’t
know ...”

Liz was starting to get worried. The last time she’d seen Maria like that was when she was hitting Michael. She started to back away. Fortunately Isabel came out the back at that moment and saw Maria about to have another freakout.
“Maria breathe,” she said calmly, waving a vial under Maria’s nose. Maria immediately stopped rambling.
“You’ve got customers to serve, and your boyfriend wants a word.”
Apologising to Liz, Maria made her way out to the customers, in particular, one spiky haired boyfriend for a conversation that she was not looking forward to.

Isabel turned around to Liz. “I’m Isabel Evans.” she said somewhat coolly.
Liz figured that this had to be the girl that put doubts in Maria’s mind. Drawing herself up to her full height she looked straight at Isabel. Equally coolly Liz said, “I’m Elizabeth Guerin, Michael’s twin sister, but apparently I’m actually some scam running bimbette here to steal your friend’s man.”
Isabel couldn’t help herself. Despite trying to maintain her icy facade, she couldn’t stop the bubble of laughter from escaping. When she stopped laughing she saw Liz looking at her with one eyebrow raised. “Oh my God you are his sister.”
“And it’s taken you this long to figure it out? Why does everyone have such a low opinion of my brother?!”
Isabel backed off. If Liz was anything like Michael when she was pissed she did not want to be on her bad side. Michael had once beaten Doug Highsinger to a bloody pulp for touching Maria’s ass. Isabel didn’t want to find out if Liz was likely to do the same thing.
“I’m really sorry, it’s just that Michael never said anything about having a sister and Maria is my best friend so I’m just looking out for her.”

Liz immediately looked contrite. “I’m really sorry it’s just been a long day and I’m tired. Plus everyone seems to think I’m evil.”
Trust me we don’t think you’re evil. Tess was evil, she really did a number on my brother. We just weren’t expecting you that’s all. Maria is so embarrassed, you should have seen her when she came in. The last time I saw her that embarrassed was when she caught her mom kissing the Sheriff. Did I already say that I’m sorry? Because I really am. Can we start over? I’m
Isabel Evans but you can call me Is.”
“I’m Elizabeth Guerin but everyone calls me Liz.”
The girls smiled at each other.
“So is Maria always like that?”
“Well she’s always kind of hyper but she doesn’t normally freak out that much. When she starts to get like that, just tell her to breathe and she’ll usually calm down. The cedar oil helps.”
Isabel held up the small vial that she had been waving under Maria’s nose. “So how come you weren’t adopted out with Michael? I would have thought that they would try to keep you together, especially being twins.”
Liz looked really sad for a moment and Isabel regretted her question. “Sorry you don’t have to answer that. It was kind of rude of me to ask that, especially as we’ve only just met.”
Liz gave a kind of half smile, “I wasn’t adopted out, only Michael was. It’s kind of a long story and not one that I really want to talk about. So, do you have any siblings besides your brother?”

Isabel was more curious than ever. They had all assumed that Michael’s parents had died and that he had no other family. But there was Liz and she hadn’t been adopted out so she had to have been staying with family. But why? But she respected Liz’ privacy and changed the subject. “Only Max. I’m a twin as well. Max is in New York at the moment but he should be back tonight. He’ll probably come in for dinner tonight. He loves to harass us when we’re working. Plus he helps Ava make Kyle jealous.”
“Who to make who jealous?”
“Sorry I forget that you don’t know these people. Come out and I’ll introduce you.”
Liz followed Isabel out to the dining area. The customers were staring at something. Isabel and Liz looked over and started laughing.

* * * * *
Maria headed over to the booth with as much enthusiasm as a prisoner going to his execution. Michael looked up and smirked at her.
“Are you ready to grovel? I’m really hurt that you think so poorly of me,” he said pulling a sad face. Maria glared at him, leaning over the table.
“Listen Mikey G, I wouldn’t have jumped to the conclusions I did if you had actually opened up and told me that you had a sister!! I made a complete ass of myself and you think it’s funny.”
Michael was inwardly smirking. He loved to wind Maria up. She looked so passionate when she got riled that he just wanted to lay her on the table and have his wicked way with her. But he didn’t think that the customers would really appreciate it. Nor would Amy. Man, that woman scared him. Maria had fallen asleep on his couch one night and he hadn’t had the heart to wake her. The next morning there had been hell to pay. At seven am. Amy was banging on the door yelling things that would have made sailors blush. He had been in her bad books ever since, even though they hadn’t really done anything. Michael figured that he had better explain to Amy about Liz before she had a go at him.

Maria snapped her fingers in front of Michael’s face.
“Are you even listening to me?” she demanded.
“Oh that’s real nice Spaceboy. Next time I won’t apologise to you for thinking bad things about you ...” Maria was about to go off on a rant. While Isabel and Ava used cedar oil to calm down Maria, Michael had his own method. He kissed her. And then she kissed him back. They were so caught up in each other that they forgot where they were. Until they heard a cough. They immediately broke apart and turned around where they were met by three pairs of eyes, two amused and one that would have caused Michael to run for the hills had his feet not been rooted to the floor.
“Hi Amy” he stammered. Liz and Isabel were standing behind her, giving the pair big, fake smiles.

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Hi there! I'm not posting a new part *ducks to avoid flying objects* 'cos I'm not done yet and I'm too tired to do anymore tonight (it's 9:30pm) 'cos I didn't get home from work 'til almost 7 and I have to be up at 6 tomorrow to go back there. I so hate my job! But it's not exactly taxing on my mental capacities so I can plan out the rest of the part in my head and it should be up this time tomorrow. That is provided that the story behaves itself and does what I want it to do *big* Max will definitely appear!! I promise!!

Amber Evans - thankyou!
Transparent Clear - yeah I'll start to give out more about Liz' past. Thanks!
Alien614 - glad you found it!
mpls muse - thanks for the ideas *big* I've started writing the part where it's revealed how she died. It won't be for awhile though, I just like writing about Tess being dead! Maria and Isabel (and Ava though it hasn't really shown yet) are like Liz - they are loyal to those they care about, so they respect it in each other. Thanks for the feedback!
Nana - thanks!
roswellluver - they're going to get frustrated at how alike they are! There's nothing worse than the fault you hate most in someone else being your worst fault! Thanks!
pandas2001 - soon soon *happy* Thanks!
ZansLove - thanks!
Rapunzel - thankyou so so much!
haunted - Max is on his way! Thanks!
rollergal20 - I'll be back with more presently! Thanks!
aZNroSweLl anglgrl - it's almost the weekend so hopefully I'll be able to do a long update on Sunday. Thankyou ever so much!

I am so totally grateful for all the feedback that I've gotten. I feel so appreciated! I'm trying as hard as I can to get 4b out but the real world keeps interfering. As the Matchbox Twenty song goes, "I wish the real world would just stop hassling me." *big*


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hi guys I am so sorry for not putting up a new part when I said I was going to but I have good reasons.
1. - I've been working overtime HEAPS lately and have had less time. Plus I'm really tired when I get home and I can't be bothered to do anything (except read other people's stories)
2. - I have writer's block. It really sucks 'cos I have most of the part written but I'm missing a chunk in the middle (the connecting bit) and it's being really painful to write
3. - I'm really slack
4. - there are so many good stories on this board to read that I've just been reading lately and then I'm tired and need to sleep
5. - Um I'm really slack
6. - my mum's kicking me off her computer so she can do some work. Doesn't she understand that this is more important?
7. - I'm completely and utterly slack

I promise I'll get off my arse and do my best to get the part out soon. And there will be dreamer moments, but not until towards the end. And hopefully the writer's block will pass, but never fear I'm starting uni again shortly and all those classes to ignore the lecturers and write in!! Nothing cures writer's block like a long, boring class lol.
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I did it! After I took about 60 panadol to relieve the headache caused by banging my head against a brick wall, I finally managed to finish the part.

Lucy - thanks for the feedback! I hope you had fun on your vacation *happy*

Part Four (b)
Amy was not looking too happy with her at the moment so Maria quickly diverted attention from them. “Have you met Michael’s twin sister Liz?”
Amy looked stunned. Like everyone else, she had assumed that Michael had no family. Why else would he be all alone? Was this just Maria trying to change the subject so that she wouldn’t yell at her? Contrary to what her daughter thought, Amy actually liked Michael. She hadn’t appreciated finding her on Michael’s couch one morning but at least it hadn’t been his bed. Michael was a good kid, even after all he’d been through. Being orphaned when he was ten, then being adopted by a family that dragged him halfway across the country. And then have them want to leave that place when you were 16. Michael hadn’t wanted to leave Roswell when the Hartman’s did, so he got emancipated.

Maria and Michael had just started seeing each other when Michael had gone through all of this, and Amy had at first been concerned that Maria would get in over her head. But everything had worked out and almost two years later they were still together. The pair fought like crazy, but so had Amy and John (Maria’s father). Amy secretly loved the thought of having Michael as a son-in-law but she didn’t share that with them. She didn’t want them to start sleeping together and then have Michael run off if Maria got pregnant. When Amy had found out that she was pregnant with Maria, John couldn’t get away fast enough. She had never heard from him again and while she thought that she had done a good job by Maria in raising her, she didn’t want history to repeat itself. It was a hard job to raise a child on her own, she had had to give up a lot. Like going to college and getting out of Roswell, for one. She
wouldn’t give Maria up for anything, but she would not let Maria end up that way. So she made sure that Michael had a healthy respect (added with fear) for her so he wouldn’t screw up her daughter’s life.

But Michael had a sister? Did that mean that he had other family? Was he going to leave Roswell and leave her daughter heartbroken? Amy turned around to where Maria had gestured and saw a petite brunette standing next to Isabel.
“Hello it’s nice to meet you,” Amy said, standing there appraising her.
“Hi, I don’t mean to be rude seeing as I’ve only just met you but do you have any jobs going here at the moment?” Liz replied. So she wasn’t planning on leaving anytime soon and dragging Michael off with her? Amy gave Liz and full blown smile.
“Sure, can you start at noon tomorrow? I’ll get you to come and grab a uniform from out the back after I’m done talking to these two. Maria and Michael come with me.” The pair grimaced at a smirking Isabel, and followed Amy to the back room.

Liz sat down at the now empty booth and Isabel sat down with her.
“Are Michael and Maria gonna get in trouble?”
“Nah Amy will just vent for a few minutes, kind of like Maria. If she was really pissed she would have let loose at them in the middle of the restaurant. She did that one time to Tess.”
“Who’s Tess? That’s the second time you’ve mentioned her. The first time you said something about your brother.”
Isabel was trying to think of a way to divert Liz’ attention when Ava walked up. “Saved by the waitress,” she muttered under her breath and louder she said “Ava you haven’t met Liz yet have you? Liz Guerin, Ava Harding.”

Liz and Ava smiled at each other and Ava pushed Isabel over so that she could sit down. The dinner rush had finished and there were only two customers left in the restaurant.
“Should I be getting my hair bleached and coloured contacts, plus buy some platform shoes before I start work?” Liz asked, “because I don’t seem to fit in.” Maria, Isabel and Ava were all tall, gorgeous blondes. Maria had green eyes, while Isabel and Ava had blue. She so did not fit in. For the second time that day, Liz was rethinking her decision to come to Roswell. She
simply did not fit in. Not that she had ever fit in, wherever she went. Michael had been overjoyed to see her and had immediately given her a place to stay. But she was still an outsider, an interloper in their neat little ordered world.

Isabel and Ava cracked up at Liz’ question, not realising the seriousness behind it. “Liz sweetie, I just don’t think blonde is your colour.” Ava said. She knew Maria and Isabel shouldn’t have jumped to the conclusions that they did, but they didn’t know what she knew. Michael had told her in confidence one night about his sister, and how he had been trying to find her but there were no longer any leads. It was like she had just vanished. Ava had felt bad about hiding the information from Maria but she had sworn to Michael that she wouldn’t tell a soul. And now his sister had turned up. Michael would be bouncing off the walls!!

* * * * *

“What did the two of you think you were doing?!” Amy yelled. “Making out in front of the customers, it’s a wonder no one complained. And Michael your sister is here and I don’t think she wants to see you pawing my daughter any more than I do.” Michael and Maria looked
suitably guilty and ashamed so Amy decided to let them off the hook. “Okay get out of here. Michael could you send Liz in?”

Michael and Maria walked out relieved to have only received a small blast from Amy. They walked up to the booth where Liz was sitting with Ava and Isabel, talking and laughing. Michael smiled inwardly at the sight of her being happy. They hadn’t talked much since she had arrived, and he could tell that there were things weighing on her mind. Things about their mother and what she had done. Things about what had happened in the years since they had seen each other. Things that were probably best left unsaid for the time being. It had been too long and too much had happened to just be able to spill their guts.

“Liz, my mom wants you to go and grab a uniform.” Maria said. Liz stood up and walked out the back.
“What were you guys talking about?” Michael asked curiously, as he and Maria sat down.
“Liz was asking whether she needed a bleach job before she started working here, because she feels left out being the only brunette.” Isabel answered with a giggle. Alex and Kyle moved over from where they had been sitting talking about Kyle’s chances with Vicky Delaney and sat in the booth with everyone else.

Ava gave Kyle a dirty look. He was just so dense sometimes. She had been in love with him for years and all he could think about was some bimbo that stuffed her bra. She had all but run out of ideas to get him to notice her. The last one she had come up with had been a doozy. Max had agreed to help her try to make Kyle jealous. It had actually worked. When she and Max were flirting with each other, Kyle had looked like he wanted to commit bloody murder. But with Max out of town, Kyle had moved back to his fixation on Vicky and hadn’t looked her way once. If Ava had had alien powers she would have fried Kyle a long time ago, for being such a dumbass. What was wrong with the boy? Vicky didn’t want him, as had been proven many times before. It was surprising that she hadn’t put an restraining order on him yet. But like an idiot, he just kept going after her. And Ava was there to pick up the pieces for him when she really felt like telling him to pull his head out of his ass and take a look around. There was nothing wrong with her. She had dated some of the most popular guys at West Roswell High in her time there, and was considered one of the most popular people there. It wasn’t like she was unattractive either, but no Kyle Valenti was too stupid to see that.

Liz walked back out and wandered over to the booth. It was now full, with Michael, Maria and Ava on one side, and Isabel and two guys she didn’t know on the other. Ava smiled at her and squished over so that she could sit down. “These two guys are Alex Whitman and Kyle Valenti, Isabel’s boyfriend and the local stalker.”
Kyle glared at Ava. “It’s not stalking if you really love the person.” To Liz he said, “Hi I’ve heard all about you, you’re Michael’s new tart aren’t you, no right that’s just what Maria thought, you’re his sister.”
Alex sniggered and gave Kyle a high five, earning him a slap upside the head from an unamused Isabel. Ava looked half amused/ half disgusted at what Kyle had said. Maria’s face went bright red and she buried her head in Michael’s shoulder. Michael was unsuccessfully
trying to hide his smirk and Liz just looked at Kyle incredulously. “Um hi, it’s nice to meet you. And you too Alex. By the way, Maria, your mom told me that she’s got a date tonight and not to expect her home so could you open up tomorrow?”
Maria scowled and nodded her assent. Kyle had stopped his grinning when he heard that because he knew exactly who Amy was going to be seeing - his father. The pair met each others eyes and nodded their mutual disgust.

The last two customers got up to leave so Ava, Maria and Isabel closed up and then the group sat around discussing a variety of topics.

* * * * *

Max grabbed his keys off the table where he had left them after he had arrived home. New York had been nice, it was good to get away from Roswell for awhile. Roswell, where he could still feel Tess everywhere he went. His heart ached when he had found out the full extent of her betrayal. After she had died, his parents thought that he should get out of Roswell for awhile. So they sent him to stay with his cousin Zan. Max smiled wryly, Zan might have looked like him but they were polar opposites in personality. Zan had decided that the best way for Max to cope was to drag him out to a new club every night and meet as many different girls as he could. Max had not enjoyed it in the slightest. He just wasn’t ready to jump into a new relationship, he just couldn’t trust people anymore.
“Mom, Dad, I’m going out,” he yelled, “I’ll bring Is home with me.”

Max heard a distant “Bye” as he went out the front door. He got into his Jeep and headed toward the Crashdown. It was after closing but he knew the gang would still be there. They always hung out after closing on a Friday night. He had missed all his friends in Roswell. Zan was cool but he wasn’t the type of guy that was into discussing his feelings. The closest Zan
had gotten to discussing his feelings was “I feel horny”.

Max arrived at the Crashdown in no time and was just about to open the door when he saw a person he didn’t recognise. A petite brunette was gesturing wildly while obviously telling a story. Max could see everyone else laughing except for Michael who looked somewhat
embarrassed. Max felt his mouth go dry when he looked at her. She was gorgeous! She had long brown hair that looked like silk. He wanted to know whether it felt like silk as well. Max couldn’t tell what colour her eyes were and suddenly had the burning desire to find out. He
opened the door and everyone turned around.

* * * * *

Maria was telling Liz about how Alex used to play My Little Ponies when they were little, much to his mortification. “Whitman, you pansy” Kyle said. Michael was just about to open his mouth and say something when he saw Liz smirking at him.
“Michael, you used to play My Little Ponies with me so don’t even think about ragging on Alex about doing the same thing.” Everyone looked at Michael in surprise. It was easy to imagine Alex playing My Little Ponies but not Michael. He had been West Roswell’s resident
rebel-without-a-cause (or, as Maria called him, rebel-without-a-clue). He was not the type of person that played My Little Ponies. Once again Maria was struck at how little she knew her boyfriend. *But, that was about to change*, she thought with an evil smirk. *Now I have a source for dirt. Hey, it could be considered payback for all the embarrassing stories Michael has heard about me over the years*.

“Yeah, I used to have to beg him for like an hour to play with me,” Liz was saying, “and then he would always try to make them the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse with his G.I. Joes. He would have them trying to end the world of Barbies. I don’t know why I always wanted him to play. But it was fun, in a warped, twisted kinda way.” While Liz was talking, she was making the gestures of what Michael used to do. Everyone but Michael was in hysterics while Michael himself was trying to crawl under the table.

Suddenly the door opened. Liz looked up and locked eyes with the most attractive guy she had ever seen. And she had seen plenty.of them. This guy was tall, with jet black hair, and the most amazing eyes she had ever seen. They were almost golden in colour and showed the same sort of deep pain that hers did. Liz wished that she could wipe away that pain. *Whoa
where did that come from?* she thought to herself. Liz Guerin was not the type of girl to try to cure the world’s ills. As far as she was concerned, most of the people on the planet could go to Hell for all she cared. But this guy, there was just something special about him.

“Max!” Isabel yelled, climbing over Alex and Kyle and running towards the guy, “you’re back!”
She threw her arms around him and gave him a huge hug. She dragged him towards the booth. There Max saw her up close. Brown, her eyes were brown. They were warm, unlike Tess’ eyes that were as blue and as cold as ice.
“Max this is Liz Guerin, she’s Michael’s twin sister. Liz this is my brother Max.”
Liz looked at Isabel quizzically. “You were saying earlier about the lack of similarity between me and Michael, but I don’t really see much similarity here. It’s nice to meet you by the way Max.” Liz gave Max a shy smile.
Max had the same reaction as everyone else. Michael had a sister?
“Um I think I missed something along the way here.” Max said as he stared at Liz.
“It’s a long story,” Michael said in a hard voice, “and I’m tired. Are you ready to go Liz? Liz?!”
Maria looked at Michael in concern. Why had he suddenly cracked the shits? Then she saw what he was looking at. Max and Liz were staring at each other. Maria ducked her head to conceal her smile. Poor Liz, the girl was never going to get a date with Michael acting like that. And it was only one of his friends. At the sound of Michael’s voice Liz stopped staring at Max.
“What? Um yeah I think we should go. It was nice to meet you all. Maria, I’ll see you tomorrow.”
“See ya chica,” Maria said. She gave Liz a hug and kissed Michael goodnight. “Behave Spaceboy, or you’ll get a blasting from me,” she whispered in his ear.

Michael and Liz walked out of the Crashdown and towards his apartment just down the street.
“Okay people time to leave, I need my beauty sleep.” Maria said.
“Anyone need a ride home?” Max asked. He was in a hurry to get home so he could go to sleep and dream about Liz, the brown haired angel. Ava, Alex and Kyle accepted. While the three and Isabel were getting their things from out the back, Max had a quick hushed
conversation with Maria.
“So you’re seeing Liz tomorrow?”
“Yeah she’s going to be working here. You had better watch it with the looks at Liz or Michael will have your head.”
“What? Can’t you keep him on a leash? What time will Liz be here?”
“No I can’t keep him on a leash and Liz will be here at noon. See you tomorrow girlfriend, I’m glad you’re back.”
“Bye Maria.” Max smiled. He knew where he was going to be eating lunch tomorrow.

The five left and Maria headed up to go to bed. She hoped that Max wasn’t getting in too deep too fast. He was still hurt from Tess. And Liz, well the girl had issues, anyone with half a brain could see that. Plus there was Michael who did not look too impressed at Liz getting attention from any guy. She smiled wryly to herself, the course of true love never did run smooth.

* * * * *

“MICHAEL!” Liz woke up screaming. Michael ran into the spare room that now belonged to his sister.
“What? Are you alright?” he asked. He had been wide awake, thinking about the last time he had seen Liz. Then he had heard her screaming and ran in, half expecting to see an intruder. Liz was sobbing.
“Hey it’s okay Liz, you were just having a bad dream.” Michael said soothingly, while Liz cried into his shoulder.
“She was taking me away, and I couldn’t get to you ...” she sobbed.

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I have a quick question. Who do you guys want to see Liz open up to? Obviously she'll be telling most of it to Max (don't get your hopes up - it ain't happening anytime soon) but before that. Most of the stuff she'll be telling to Michael you won't see because there's just no fun in that! lol. But do you want her and Maria to have a bonding session or do you want it to be someone else? Feedback would be appreciated *happy*

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Well the general consensus is that I'm a complete and utter shit *big* for leaving it where it is and you're going to hate me even more when I tell you that part 5 is not going to pick it up right where 4b left off *ducks behind desk to avoid things being thrown at her*. But never fear questions shall be answered shortly. Part 5 is giving me the shits at the moment, I know what I want to happen but it seems to be stuck in my head at the moment. I'm going to try bashing my head against a brickwall for awhile to see if that will dislodge it!!

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This is what happened:
Wednesday - I had to work all day. Then when I got home the internet was playing silly buggers and was taking forever to load. Then my mum kicked me off the computer so she could do work. How rude is that? I mean who cares about people's tax being done when there's Roswell?! *big*

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So now it's Saturday and I'm posting the new part (FINALLY!!) I'm a little unsure about it because it's been rewritten so many times and I'm still not completely happy with it. So if you could let me know what you think that would be grand thanks *happy*

Little Sister
Part Five
Liz returned back to Michael’s apartment (it was too soon for her to think of it as home) and flopped on the couch. She was exhausted. Working at the Crashdown
looked like it was going to be hard work, but it had been fun. Maria, Ava and Isabel had been working as well so after the lunch rush they had had plenty of time to gossip.

Liz got up and went to the fridge. Attached by one of the colourful alien magnets was a note. It was from Michael saying that he was working until six. Liz had a quick shower and after she got dressed she went into her room and pulled out her journal.

It’s only my second day in Roswell but in a way I feel like I’ve lived here forever. Everyone has been so nice to me, I’ve got a good job (even though today was only my
first day and it was hard), and best of all - I’m with my brother again!! It feels like we’ve never been apart but in some small way I still feel slightly out of it. He’s got
this great life, a good job working at this place called Meta-Chem as a security guard, a really nice girlfriend and these amazing friends. I know it’s stupid but I just feel like he doesn’t need me. Like I’m superfluous or something.

I really like my job. It’s just waitressing and it’s hard work but it’s honest money. I hated being part of her scams, but woe betide me if I didn’t go along. I learned that the hard way. Now Liz, repeat to self, MUST NOT DWELL MUST NOT DWELL. If I start thinking about all that crap, I’m going to end up suicidal. Oh God I’m talking to myself, no even worse I’m writing to myself. Get a grip Guerin, oh-kay I’ll move along now.

Michael’s girlfriend Maria is so nice. I’m really happy for Mikey that he found someone like her, she’s really good for him. She’s slightly hyper and acts before she thinks sometimes (like thinking I was stealing her man - YUK!!) but she’s got the kindest heart. She’s already taken me under her wing and promised to show me around town, in return I have to dish a bit of dirt on my brother. I don’t know whether I should though, after all it’s his business. Besides, I think he’s still shitty at me for
telling everyone about the My Little Ponies!!

Ava is one of the nicest people that I have ever met. She’s so sweet and she doesn’t have a bad word to say about anyone, not even nasty customers that treat her like dirt. Maria told me that she was the one who talked reason into her about Michael so I’m thankful to her. I don’t understand why she doesn’t have a boyfriend, though I get the feeling it’s because she likes Kyle and no one else will do. Maria was telling me about some of the schemes that Ava has come up with to get him to notice her, what a crackup.

Isabel is also really nice. She talked to me today about the way she acted when we first met, and said she was sorry. I think she felt bad, but truthfully, the only thing I
felt was a tiny bit of jealousy. I wish that I had friends like that, ones who would stand up for me. Isabel was making all these hilarious comments about the customers today, I haven’t laughed so much in a long time.

I think that Kyle and Alex are slightly insane. They’re totally off the wall but they’re so much fun. They were hanging around the Crashdown and harrassing us four
waitresses but they’re so nice that I’d feel bad if I got annoyed with them. Alex and Isabel are the strangest couple, they don’t look like they belong together at all but they work so well. I guess it’s true - opposites do attract. Kyle is fixated on some girl named Vicky, much to Ava’s disgust.

And then there’s Max. I know I’ve only met him twice (last night and he came into the Crash today for lunch) but I just feel this connection. I don’t want a connection, that’s what she always used to say, just before she’d uproot me again. I don’t want some huge connection, tragic love story Romeo and Juliet kind of deal.

See, I came up with this theory a couple of years ago about relationships. It’s like gasoline and fire, the gasoline being the passion. Her problem was that she threw all the gasoline onto the fire at once. The fire would burn brightly but it would only last a little while. If you use the gasoline more conservatively the fire lasts longer. I want to be one of those people that has a fire burning for years, not one of those ones that lasts for two weeks. I’m so scared of getting involved with anyone, including Max, because I might find out I’m just like her. But Max was so sweet, he was patient with me
because it was my first day, unlike all the other rude assholes that made me want to spit in their drinks.

Isabel invited me to stay over at her house tonight to have a girl’s night with her, Maria and Ava. I don’t know why I agreed to go, I’m going to feel really out of place,
I don’t even know what goes on at a girl’s night. And what if I have the nightmare again? I don’t know why it came back - I thought I finally got rid of it after all these
years. But I guess seeing Michael just brings everything I’ve been suppressing to the surface. I’d better get ready Maria will be here soon.

Liz closed her journal and hid it under the bed. She picked up her bag of clothes (the other one had the precious family items she had managed to keep) and dumped them out onto the bed. There wasn’t much there and she felt vaguely embarrassed. She was sure that the other girls had extensive wardrobes and she only had a few well worn items. Liz gave herself a metal shake as she packed a bag. There was nothing she
could do it about it. At least she was in Roswell with her brother, and away from her mother and all her shit.

Liz walked out of her room to see Michael and Maria sprawled on the couch making out. She turned and fled back to her room, embarrassed to have intruded. She
retrieved her journal and started to write again.

I’ve just realised that I’m a total imposition in my brother’s life. This is his apartment and his girlfriend is here and I’m just this interloper that is making his life difficult.

“Liz,” Michael knocked on the door, “can I come in?”

“Yeah, it’s unlocked,” Liz said as she hurriedly shoved her journal under her pillow. Michael walked in and flopped on the bed.

“You can come out you know, you don’t have to hide in here whenever someone is over.”

Liz mumbled, “I just feel rude,” looking at the bedspread. She looked up and started cracking up laughing. “Nice shade of lipstick you’re wearing there Mikey,” she choked out.

Michael fled out of the room to check his face and Maria ducked her head in, looking concerned.

“Is everything okay?” she asked.

Liz tried to compose herself but one look at Maria’s smeared lipstick and she was in hysterics again. Michael reappeared with a clean face and whispered in Maria’s ear,

“Go fix your lipstick.”

Liz finally managed to compose herself.

“Sorry about that.”

Michael smiled. He was glad that Liz was laughing again. She hadn’t told him what had been happening with everything yet and doubted she would. But he could tell by the shadows in her eyes that it couldn’t be good. They hadn’t spoken since her nightmare and while he knew what it was about (he had had the same nightmare for six months after their mother had dragged Liz off) he thought that she should at least tell him about it.

“Liz are you ready to go?” Maria asked.

“Maria can you just give us a minute?” Michael interjected.

He wanted to make sure that Liz didn’t feel like she was imposing, when she was just the opposite. He finally felt like his life was falling back into place.

“Sure,” Maria said, “I’ll wait in the car. Liz come down when you’re ready. Seeya Spaceboy.”

After Maria had closed the door Michael firmly grasped Liz by the shoulders and looked her straight in the eyes. This was important and he wanted to make sure that
she got the message.

“Liz this is your home now. You do not have to hide away or walk on eggshells when someone comes over. You should be comfortable here okay? Now go and have fun.”

“But this is your place and you should be able to have your girlfriend over without having to worry about whether your sister is going to walk in on you. Maybe I should see if I can find a place of my own.”

“NO!” Michael yelled vehemently, “you’re staying here and that is final. I’m pulling rank as the elder twin and you will do as you are told. Besides I want you here, and
it’s no trouble. Got that Elizabeth Claudia Guerin?”

Liz nodded and started to walk out the door. Then she turned around, still looking unsure.

“Are you sure it’s alright?”

“YES! Now go. The guys are coming over to watch the hockey game so unless you want to hang around and watch testosterone-driven bloodshed and violence, I suggest you leave now. I’ll pick you up tomorrow.”

“Maria said she’ll drop me off. Bye.”

Liz started to walk out the door and then she turned around and grabbed Michael in a fierce hug.

“I’m so glad I’m here with you,” she whispered.

Then she turned and ran out the door before he could reply.

“Me too,” Michael said quietly, “me too.”

Please be kind
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aaawww you guys, you know how to make a gal feel special, in that Bruce McAvaney/Wayne Carey kinda way (if you're not an Aussie you won't get that but oh well!) Thankyou all so much for this fb it's so amazing!! I'm totally delirious with joy at the moment!

dancepixie - Liz is starting to feel more at home, but she's still kind of uncomfortable. No one wants to walk in on one of their siblings getting with someone, it's just so ick! Thanks for the fb!!

mara is a dreamer - Liz's life wasn't exactly the stuff dreams are made of. Keep in mind that she hasn't seen Michael in 7 years so she didn't really know what to expect. And considering what an evil troll her mother was (more about that later in the story) she's not exactly abounding in the self-esteem department. Tess is a bitch and that's all I'm saying for now! Thanks for the fb!!

pandas2001 - Liz's mum didn't deserve to have children and you'll find out why later on. I actually haven't seen any of s3 so I only know stuff about the Meta-Chem buddies from other fics and they sound really cool! If you want to bmail or email me some info on them I'd be more than happy to include them! Thanks for the fb!!

Lucy - yeah Maria has taken Liz under her wing. This does not bode well for Michael! *big* Thanks for the fb!!

roswellluver - yeah Michael's a cool big bro! Thanks for the fb!!

Rapunzel - some people are more friendly than others *wink**happy* Thanks for the fb!!

CandyGirl - glad you found it! Thanks for the fb!!

mermaidgirl - I'm also glad you decided to read it! Liz definitely went through a hard time. As horrible as it sounds, Michael got the better end of the deal being left behind. Their mum is a real piece of work. But the siblings are reunited now, and that's what is important.

Max needs Liz but Tess the evil troll screwed him over big time and now he has issues. LOL at your suggestion of how Tess died, I just can't like that girl when I write her. So Ava is a great substitute. Kyle will eventually pull his finger out, just don't expect it to happen for awhile.

Yeah, gotta have Alex, my fics just don't seem complete without him. Thanks for the wonderful fb!!

anonymousarfan - things will start to come out soon. Liz is scared and so is Max but dreamer chemistry is unstoppable once set in motion! *happy* Thanks for giving Ava a chance, and for the fb!!

Ally - glad you weren't disappointed! Thanks for the fb!!

abs007 - hmm sleepovers, the endless possibilities for mischief! *happy* Thanks for the fb!!

Alien614 - well Max may not have left when Maria and Liz get there (hint hint) Michael is not going to be a happy camper! *big* Thanks for the fb!!

ps_dreamer - Liz will open up eventually but she's been pretty badly hurt in the past. Plus she's a 'stonewall' Guerin! Thanks for the fb!!

Lizzie_Parker17 - there will be dreamer action in the next part but don't get too excited 'cos li'l miss interruptus is there (hint) Thanks for the fb!!

Pegleg - yeah it'll get pretty heavy later on. Thanks for the fb!!

alienchica - glad you like it. Michael is a bit like my big bro in the protectiveness. Questions will be answered as the story goes on. Max will definitely be helping Liz *wink* but it's not exactly going to be smooth sailing. Thanks for the fb!!

NaughtyMe - if you keep reading you'll find out more!! *happy* Thanks for the fb!!

aZNroSweLl anglgrl - thanks for the fb!!

care bears - thanks so much for the fb!!

Transparent Clear - yeah I finally caught my muse (she decided to take holidays) and beat seven shades of s**t out of her to make her co-operate!! *big* I think that you can only feel comfortable in a place once you have been there for awhile. You can't just wave a magic wand and make things perfect. Hope you're happier in your new place.

Liz needs a girl's night, it's long overdue for her to have some fun. And everyone else in the Roswell gang will definitely be helping Liz, but Max (being the gorgeous little sweetie that he is) will help the most!*wink* Thanks for the awesome fb!!

You guys are so wonderful that I'm feeling guilty for skipping off to the movies and watching 'The Shipping News' again instead of writing. Never fear I have a whole boring day of uni tomorrow so I'll probably be able to post a new part either tomorrow or Wed. The more boring the class is, the longer the part will be, so hope for a really dull class!! *big**big**big*

Once again thankyou all so so much!!
Love yas all,
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Strawbehrry Shortcake - thanks for the fb!

I know I said I was going to post on Tuesday or Wednesday but I got laid up in bed with a nasty bout of something (either gastro or food poisoning) so I didn't do anything but sleep and lie half-conscious in front of the TV for those 2 days.

I blame the evil McDonald's monster for this. People some free advice from aAunty Mon - don't eat Macca's at 3 in the morning when you've been at the casino all night or you'll end up wishing that it had been a little bit dodgier and could have just finished you off! We must all band together to fight Gastronomo, the evil Macca's monster!! Run kiddies before the Macca's monster attacks your arse and you can no longer run or you'll have a heart attack. This is what happens when I get sick, I have way too much thinking time on my hands and I end up getting delusional.

And Thursday I was still pretty crook. Friday I just couldn't be bothered and I still felt seedy. I'm mostly better now except I still can't eat much (yay a new diet, make yourself ill to lose weight!) and I'm working on the new part. Hopefully I'll have a big burst of inspiration and get it finished today!

- Mon *bounce*

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Well whaddya know, I have a new part!

Little Sister
Part 6
“Where’s Ava? I didn’t see her car.” Maria remarked as she walked into Isabel’s room, Liz following a few steps behind her. She still felt uncomfortable, but she was
trying not to show it.

“No I’m right here. Mom took the keys away from me,” Ava said, appearing from underneath Isabel’s bed looking flushed. She flopped on the floor with her legs still
under the bed. Isabel was sitting on the bed flipping through a magazine looking unconcerned at Ava’s reappearance.

“What were you doing under there? Looking for your long lost love?” Maria asked sarcastically. She joined Isabel on the bed and Liz sat down on the floor near Ava. Maria continued, “but we all know where he is, don’t we?”

“Yeah he deflated when I used him too much,” Ava sniggered. Maria and Isabel cracked up laughing and Liz just looked at them shocked.

“Ava hangs out with the guys too much, she’s started to talk like them,” Maria explained.

“At least I haven’t grown a dick,” Ava mused.

“Kyle thinks you have.”

“Ooh low blow DeLuca,” Isabel butted in, still reading.

Liz just looked at the three girls. Having had very little female interaction in her life, she wondered if all girl’s nights involved being rude to each other.

“We’re always like this,” Isabel said, in way of explanation. She had finished reading whatever article she was engrossed in and threw the magazine on the floor. “You get used to it after awhile. Hey you’ll probably join in on the weirdness. Now what are we doing tonight?”

“Truth or Dare?” Maria suggested. They hadn’t played it for ages and Ava always took Dare. Last time Ava had ended up having to start singing ‘I’m a Little Teapot’
whenever someone said ‘alien’ all day at work. And being Roswell, it happened a lot.

“Nah, let’s do something else,” Ava said. She had seen Liz flinch when Maria had mentioned it. The last thing Ava wanted to see was Liz have a freakout. Michael had
told her a bit about his mom and she didn’t even want to know what Liz had gone through. Liz gave her a half smile and Ava smiled back.

“So what then?” Isabel said impatiently, “Liz what do you want to do?”

“I ... um ... never ... um ... had a girl’s night before so I don’t know what goes on,” Liz stammered out. Her face was bright red.

“Hey it’s okay,” Ava said kindly. She shot Isabel and Maria dirty looks to make them wipe the surprised expressions off their faces. “Why don’t we get movies and lots of unhealthy snacks and veg?”

“We did that last week.” Maria and Isabel were a perfect whiny chorus. “Let’s go out.”



“Um, guys? I don’t have any clothes to go anywhere in. I thought we were just hanging out here and ...” Liz trailed off. She ducked her head in embarrassment. They probably thought that she was a special kind of stupid. Not knowing about girl’s nights and not bringing clothes to go places in. “Where’s your bathroom?” she

“Through that door,” all three of them chorused pointing. They laughed and shook their heads.

“Thanks,” Liz said. She walked into the bathroom and closed the door behind her, then locked it. She sat down on the floor, her head in her hands. In her misery she didn’t notice the other door.

* * * * *
Max was getting very irritated. He was running late and he couldn’t find his car keys. “Shit,” he muttered. His day had been lousy. His boss Brody had decided that the
whole Elvis/aliens display needed to be moved. What a mission. Working at the UFO Museum blew. But the pay was good. It ought to be, Brody was a millionaire. But
that was because his company had paid him off to keep quiet about the little green men. Max shook his head as he thought about it. Brody thought that he had been
abducted by aliens, what a nutter. Who believed in aliens?

Well maybe the day hadn’t been totally lousy. Lunch had been pretty good. Max smiled to himself. Liz had been so nervous, but she looked really cute in her uniform. He smiled to himself as he opened the door to the bathroom connecting his room to Isabels. The subject of his musings was sitting on the floor crying. Max was over at Liz’s side in an instant.

“Liz what’s wrong?” he asked.

“Nothing, I’m just being stupid,” she sniffled.

“Do you want to talk about it?”

“It’s just that I’m totally inept and I stick out like a sore thumb, and I don’t know what to do and I don’t belong here.”

“Hey, you wouldn’t be here if you didn’t belong. You even out our group perfectly and you’re Michael’s sister. His twin sister. You’re like me and Is.” Max said
soothingly as he sat beside Liz on the floor. He put his arm around her and hugged her toward him.

“Thanks,” Liz said looking up at him.

“For what?”

“For being reasonable, and making me feel better.”

Max gave Liz a little squeeze in return and kissed the top of her head. She looked up at him, her lashes still coated with tears. Her eyes flicked down to his lips then back to his eyes. Even though he knew he shouldn’t, Max lowered his lips to hers. Just as they were about to touch there was a knock on the door.

“Liz? Are you okay?” It was Maria.

Max and Liz jerked apart as though they had been stung.

“Y-yeah I’m fine, I’ll be out in a sec.”

Max scrambled up.

“I’d better go. Are you okay?”

Liz gave a small smile.

“I will be. Thanks.”

Max bolted out of the bathroom like a bat out of Hell. Liz picked herself up off the floor and looked at herself in the mirror. She looked like shit. Running some cold
water over her face, she tried to repair the damage that her crying had caused.

* * * * *

Liz walked into the bathroom and shut the door.

“Is she okay?” Maria asked.

“I dunno.”

“She’s probably worn out. Remember she only got here yesterday, and she looked pretty tired this morning. We should get videos and just chill.” Isabel ventured.

“I think it was more than that,” Ava said, “she looked really embarrassed when she said she didn’t have any going out clothes. I think what she meant was that she didn’t have any of those clothes at all.”

“She did only have two bags, and one of them was pretty small. When Michael asked if that was all she had she said she had to travel light. I thought that she looked sad but it passed before I could tell,” Maria mused.

“So should we check on her? If she’s upset she shouldn’t be alone,” Isabel said.

“Leave her for a couple more minutes,” Ava suggested. “If she doesn’t come out then we’ll knock the door down. I don’t think that she’s had much female company so she’s probably freaked out at the moment. When she gets out we’ll go get vids. And no bugging her on her past, y’hear?”

“Hang on,” Isabel interrupted, “how come you seem to know more than we do?”

Ava flushed guiltily. Damn, she should have known Isabel would pick up on that.

“Um one of the advantages of being one of the guys?” she said weakly.

Maria and Isabel snorted in an extremely unladylike fashion.

“I don’t know anything, but she’s Michael’s sister. If he’s so hesitant to speak about his past don’t you think she would be as well?”

“I didn’t think of that. Okay got it.”

Ava gave a sigh of relief. Nice wriggling out of that one, Harding.

Maria got up and walked over to the bathroom door. She knocked, “Liz? Are you okay?”

“Y-yeah I’m fine. I’ll be out in a sec.” Liz’s voice filtered out.

The three looked at each other. Liz sounded like she had been crying.

“Hope she’s okay,” Isabel whispered.

Maria and Ava nodded their heads in agreement.

I'm feeling very insecure at the moment and nice big helpins of feedback would be mucho appreciated.

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You guys are so good to me *blushes* thankyou all so much!

ps_dreamer - Liz will open up eventually. Thanks for the fb!!

alienchica - Um I didn't realise that I'd forgotten to put in about their ages, thanks I'll put a note at the bottom. Liz are Michael are definitely long overdue for a serious talk!! Thanks for the fb!!

pandas2001 - I got your bmail - thanks! You'll have to wait awhile for the info on their pasts, unless I'm feeling kind and I might let something slip at the end of the next part. Thanks for the info on the Meta-Chem guys, and the fb!!

roswellluver - the girl's night shall prove fun for all! Thanks for the fb!!

Rapunzel - aah Max, the knight in not-so-shining Armour! Thanks for the fb!!

Nana - thanks for the fb!!

CandyGirl - thanks for the fb!!

Transparent Clear - I just had to have Maria interrupt! It wouldn't seem right if someone else did it! *happy* You didn't think I'd give up the dreamer action that early into the story did you?? *happy* But it will be along presently, as soon as a few things get sorted out!

The girls are definitely going to try to make Liz feel as comfortable as they can.

Thanks for the amazing fb!!

btw glad you're happier in your house!

Starlight - thanks for the fb!!

Lucy - thanks for the fb!!

rollergal20 - I'm glad to know you love my story, it makes me feel warm and fuzzy! Thanks for the fb!!

abs007 - the almost kiss wasn't supposed to happen in the bathroom, it was supposed to happen in the kitchen but it kind of wrote itself that way! Of course Maria interrupted, it's a little bit too soon for Max & Liz at the moment. But never fear, when I do write their first kiss, I'll make sure Maria is locked in a broom closet! *big* Thanks for the fb!!

Audio Poet - thanks for the fb!!

Pegleg - Liz has a lot more people that care about her than she realises. Thanks for the fb!!

Spicy trini1 - glad you found it. Strangely enough just about everyone seems to like the fact that Tess is dead, can't imagine why *big* Thanks for the fb!!

Strawbehrry Shortcake - can't you just see Max charging up on a white horse?? Or in his Jeep at any rate. Thanks for the fb!!

anonymousarfan - I won't drag out the first kiss drama too much (well it depends on whether I'm in a good mood) Thanks for the fb!!

this is for alienchica because she brought it to my attention. Sorry I forgot to mention their ages.

Michael & Liz - 17
Max & Is - just turned 18
Maria - 17
Alex - 18
Ava - 17
Kyle - 18

they've just finished (as in graduated) high school, so it's like June. Michael and Liz are about 2 months away from turning 18. Maria and Ava are a little younger than Michael and Liz, a month and 2 months, just for argument's sake. The only really important part about the ages is the fact that Liz isn't yet 18, which will come into play a little later on (MAJOR hint, and get your minds out of the gutter people, I don't mean in that way!! *big**big**big*)

I'm working on a new part at the moment, and all things going well it should be out tomorrow. That is provided that my computer doesn't decide to crap itself like it did earlier today, and that my lecture is really boring so I have writing time. Oh well I can always write in my tut, my tutor is a senile old ex-alcoholic (I personally am very cynical about the 'ex' part) who talks about his bitchy ex-wife. Makes for an interesting class!!

So hopefully a new part for you guys tomorrow and once again I thankyou all for all the wonderful feedback you've given me! My muse is currently basking in the glow but promises me that she'll behave tomorrow!

Love yas all,
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applebybehr - yes! shameless plugging pays off! This is a bit different from 'Going Places' but I'm glad you like it! Thanks for the fb!
posted on 12-Mar-2002 9:14:53 AM by Lucky Star
applebybehr - thanks again!

I promised that I would give you a new part so here it is. It's shorter than what I was intending but I'm sick of typing and I'm tired and I have a headache. So what was going to be the rest of this part will be the beginning of the next part which will hopefully be up later in the week.

But I still have to update 'Going Places' plus I just realised that I have this huge assignment that I haven't started yet so don't get too optimistic about it being up before the weekend. Anyways on with the show ...

Little Sister
Part Seven
Liz walked out of the bathroom to three concerned faces.

“Liz sweetie are you alright?” Maria asked, “if you want to talk about it we’re here for you.”

“I’m fine. I’m just a little emotional, that’s all. I think everything just caught up with me at once. It’s nothing, really.”

Maria inwardly sighed. She had seen Michael do this many times. The patented Guerin ‘stonewall’. It figured that Liz would be identical to Michael in that aspect.
There was no point pushing because she would just get defensive. But Maria planned on working on her.

“Well then let’s get going to the video store. Guerin, you need to learn what a girl’s night is all about and we are just the girls to show you,” Maria said draping her arm over Liz’s shoulder and shepherding her out of the room.

“But didn’t you guys want to go dancing?”

“We changed our minds,” Isabel said as she picked up Maria’s purse and keys as well as her own.

“Translation: Isabel tried on her new leather pants and she thinks her ass looks fat,” Ava butted in.

“Hey!” Isabel acted offended.

The girls were gratified to see Liz give a small smile. Maria knew that Liz wouldn’t have much money so before Liz could feel uncomfortable she butted in with, “It’s my shout for you Liz because you have made my boyfriend very happy. And a happy Michael is a Michael that pays attention to me.”

“Yeah he might even buy you some more 2in1 shampoo and conditioner,” Ava and Isabel chorused from behind them.

Maria flipped them the bird as she walked Liz out of Isabel’s room. Ava and Isabel cracked up laughing as they followed them out. As they walked down the stairs Max pushed past them and ran out the front door. Seconds later they heard the Max start the Jeep and peel out of the driveway like the hounds of Hell were on his heels.

“Wonder what that was all about?” Maria mused thoughtfully.

Liz flushed guiltily. She knew exactly what it was about. She wondered what would have happened if Maria hadn’t interrupted. Would he have kissed her? At the time she had wanted him to but now she wasn’t so sure. She knew she wanted an abrupt change of subject, and fast.

“2in1 shampoo & conditioner?” she asked.

The other started laughing.

“Michael was trying to be romantic so he bought me a gift. It wasn’t exactly what I had in mind.”

“God my brother is such a bonehead,” Liz groaned.

“Well yeah, but at least his heart is in the right place,” Maria conceded.

* * * * *
Max drove to Michael’s with thoughts flying through his mind. Liz had looked so sad and vulnerable it had reminded him of Tess.

Tess lay sobbing on her bathroom floor.
“Max, I’m pregnant.”

(end flashback)

Max scowled, he didn’t even want to think about Tess. She had already done enough damage to his life. But Liz, she was something special he could tell. That was why he had raced out of the bathroom. Everything he touched turned to shit, and he didn’t want that to happen with Liz. Even though they had met only three times he knew Liz was the type of girl (if not THE girl) he could spend the rest of his life with. Not that he was the best judge of character (he had thought that Tess was faithful after all) but it was a gut feeling.

Max parked the Jeep outside Michael’s apartment building. Kyle’s Mustang was already there so Max figured that Alex had gotten a ride with him. As he paused outside the door he could hear music playing. Of course it had to be Metallica, everyone knew about Michael’s obsession with the band. A smile touched Max’s lips as he wondered how Liz managed to put up with it. Suddenly the door swung open revealing Kyle.

“Evans, about fucking time!”

He dragged Max into the apartment. Alex and Michael were resembling vegetables on the couch, their eyes glued to the game. They gave a grunt to acknowledge Max’s presence. When the period ended the blankness left their eyes.

“I still don’t know how you manage to concentrate on the game with the music on,” Max said.

“It’s the perfect background,” Michael retorted, “and what the fuck took you so long to get here?”

“The girls have taken over my house and I had to sneak out before they could try and put makeup on me,” Max joked. And seeing the opportunity to help Ava’s cause he added, “besides I had things I needed to discuss with Ava.”

Alex and Michael hooted while Kyle scowled. He really hated the idea of Ava being with Max, even though he really didn’t know why.

“Evans, you dog you,” Alex smirked. Isabel had told him about the latest scheme of Ava’s so he figured he’d help it along.

Max just gave a secret smile. He just wished Kyle would get a clue already. He liked Ava and was happy to help her win Kyle but he didn’t want Liz to get the wrong idea.

“Just stay away from my sister,” Michael warned as if he was reading Max’s thoughts, “and that goes for you too Valenti.”

Max and Kyle just looked at each other. It was so bizarre to see Michael all protective. The game came back on and Max and Kyle joined Michael and Alex in the
land of the hockey zombies.

* * * * *
“Ava what WERE you looking for under Isabel’s bed?” Liz asked.

Ava just blushed slightly.

“Oh just this old photo of me and Kyle,” she said checking that Maria and Isabel couldn’t hear. If they knew about this she would never hear the end of it.

“They’re down checking out the new releases.”

Ava and Liz smiled at each other.

“So any videos you want to see?” Ava asked, treading carefully. She didn’t want to upset Liz, it was obvious that she was pretty fragile behind the ‘stonewall’.

“I don’t have any idea what’s out.”

Isabel and Maria came running up.

“We’ve got to get Ocean’s 11!” Maria shrieked.

Ava rolled her eyes.

“You need to let go of this Brad Pitt obsession Maria. Move on, get a hobby.”

“You can talk little miss George-Clooney-for-President.”

Maria and Ava continued to argue.

“I’m more a Matt Damon girl myself,” Isabel whispered to Liz.

“As sick as it sounds, I love Richard Gere. I remember watching Pretty Woman when I was little and I wanted to marry him. Michael laughed himself sick for a week when I told him,” Liz whispered back.

Isabel smiled, she could see Michael doing that. Maria and Ava finally finished their argument, well at least for the time being.

“So we’re agreed on Ocean’s 11?” Maria asked.



“Hell yeah.”

“Now we need snacks so onwards to the gods of the planet, otherwise known as Ben and Jerry,” Maria said theatrically, throwing her arm out and nearly smacking Isabel in the head.

* * *
The girls were sprawled out in the Evans’ lounge room, having just finished watching Ocean’s 11. Isabel was lying on the couch, Ava and Liz had taken over the
armchairs and Maria lay on her stomach on the floor.

“I feel sick,” Liz announced.

“It’s no wonder. How can you eat Tabasco sauce with vanilla icecream and chocolate fudge?”

“My dad used to do it so one day Michael and I tried it. I just about threw up the first time but you get used to it. The trick is to only put on a little bit of Tabasco on. You should try it.”

“No thanks,” all three said emphatically.

Liz pretended to look hurt but she couldn’t hide her smile. She was having a great time, who knew that hanging out watching videos and eating icecream could be so much fun?

“I wonder what the guys are doing now?” Isabel said.

“We should go see them,” Maria chimed in.

“Oh please, you guys just want to go make out with your boyfriends,” Ava said, rolling her eyes.

“What’s your point?” they retorted.

“I would have thought that you’d want to see Kyle,” Liz said softly.

Maria sniggered.

“True,” Ava conceded, “but this is a girl’s night. Which means I need to paint my nails now.”

please be kind.
It wasn't where I was intending to end the part there but it's after 10pm and I have to go to work tomorrow so sorry if it seems a little bit abrupt.

- Mon *bounce*
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Wow so many replies! You like me, you really like me! *happy* (No I don't own that either!)

Transparent Clear - wow thanks for the prompt reply! Yeah the girls are trying to make sure that Liz doesn't feel on the outer, but it's really difficult to be the new person in a tight-knit group, no matter how hard they try.

Of course Tess is at the root (I know it's immature of me but that word makes me giggle, it's Aussie slang for sex!) of the problem.

Naturally Michael will be very overprotective! But fear not Maria will be on Max and Liz's side!

I would love to hear your theories about Liz's age causing problems, I might even tell you how close you are (or maybe not! *happy*)

Hell yeah for writing in lectures, I always get my best writing done then! I've written more in lectures in the four weeks since I've been back at uni than I did in 3 months of holidays!

Thankyou for all your fb!!

Alien614 - If I tell you about Tess' pregnancy now, what fun is there for me later?? Thanks for the fb!!

pandas2001 - maybe, maybe not *happy* Thanks for the fb!!

Lucy - Max's past will definitely be haunting them! (Liz's will too - hint!) Thanks for the fb!!

ps_dreamer - A chunk will fall out of Liz's stonewall very soon! Thanks for the fb!!

mpls muse - Yeah gotta love Ava, but she does have an advantage over Isabel and Maria because Michael told her some stuff. Thanks for the fb!!

rollergal20 - thanks for the fb!!

applebybehr - all about Tess' pregnancy will be revealed in due course. More gal bonding in the next part. Thanks for the fb!!

Nana - thanks for the fb!!

Rapunzel - thanks for the fb!!

roswellluver - I promise more fun for Liz in the future *wink* Thanks for the fb!!

RosBaby - thanks for the fb!!

Spicy trini1 - thanks for the fb!!

abbs007 - I'm glad someone mentioned Ava's remark!

Kyle is in denial (wow I rhymed!) but eventually he might save up enough money to buy himself a clue!

I haven't decided if the girls are going to go to Michael's yet but if they do ...

Thanks for the fb!!

Audio Poet - I'm flattered. Thanks for the fb!!

aZNroSweLl anglgrl - thanks for the fb!!

CandyGirl - thanks for the fb!!

Cinder - welcome to my little world! I'm still deciding on the girls crashing in on the guys.

Yeah what a shame Tess is gone *big*

Thanks for the fb!!


You guys crack me up. The minute there's a pregnant Tess you all assume it's not Max's 'cos she cheated on him *big* Mind you if this was by someone else and I was reading it I would assume that instantly as well! Well you'll find out shortly the circumstances surrounding that and her death (a big thanks to Transparent Clear and mpls muse for that!)

I'm currently writing part 8 and my muse is being co-operative (threats and violence work so much better than pleading!) so I should have it out to you tomorrow. It would probably be tonight except I'm going to get booted off the computer by my mummy soon 'cos she seems to think that her work is more important than mine nyah!

Thanks for all the lovely fb!
Love yas all,
- Mon *bounce*

if sex is a pain in the arse, you're doing it wrong!

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applebybehr - thanks for the fb!!

abbs007 - thanks for the fb!!

Strawbehrry Shortcake - thanks for the fb!!

I'm sorry it's only a little short part but part 9 will be longer, and all things going to plan, it should be up tomorrow.

This part is dedicated to Transparent Clear and mpls muse for their wonderful ideas on Tess' demise.

Now without further ado

Little Sister
Part Eight
“Are you kidding?!” Liz exclaimed.

“I swear it’s the truth. I caught Max in a towel singing into the hairdryer. I literally fell over laughing,” Isabel explained.

The girls had retired to Isabel’s room and were painting their nails.

“But it gets better,” Ava butted in, “he was singing the Village People.”

Liz cracked up laughing at the image. Max singing into the hairdryer, to the Village People no less.

“I swear if he hadn’t been going out with Tess I would have been so worried,” Isabel added.

“Who’s Tess? Is she still his girlfriend?” Liz asked silently hoping that it wasn’t the case.

Isabel looked aghast.

“God no. She’s the ex from Hell, which is kind of apt considering that’s where she probably is now. She died a couple of months ago.”

Maria and Ava had collapsed laughing, followed by Isabel a few seconds later. Liz looked at them horrified.

“I don’t think that someone dying is anything to laugh about, it’s awful,” she said.

It took awhile for the three girls to stop laughing. Isabel had managed to stop, but then she caught Ava’s eye and had promptly started again. Maria was crying from
laughing so hard. She kept trying to say something but was laughing so much that it just came out as a gurgle.

“I’m really sorry. We shouldn’t be laughing at someone who died but it’s just so funny,” Maria choked out starting to laugh again.

Isabel finally managed to compose herself properly and explained, “We’re not laughing because Tess is dead, we’re laughing about how she died. Only someone as stupid as Tess would be able to manage to kill themselves while curling their hair.”

Liz laughed in spite of her earlier comment.

“How did she manage that?”

“She was curling her hair and she tripped over. Somehow she landed in the bathtub which was full of water and electrocuted herself. Not only that but she managed to get the cord wrapped around her neck and got strangled,” Isabel sniggered.

“I heard that she was wearing stilettos and that’s how she tripped,” Ava added.

Liz grinned, she couldn’t help it. It was pretty funny.

“Why would you wear stilettos to curl your hair?” she asked.

“She probably couldn’t see the mirror. She was a nasty little dwarf with a bad bleach job. She may have been beautiful on the outside but inside she was the ugliest person I ever had the misfortune to meet,” Ava said snidely.

“I think that’s the first bad thing I’ve ever heard you say about anyone,” Liz said, slightly shocked.

“I just really hate Tess,” Ava said.

“Okay change of subject,” Maria said very unsubtly, “Liz can I do your hair?”

“Don’t let her, for the love of God,” Isabel said making a horrified face.

Maria’s response was to hit Isabel in the face with a pillow. Isabel quickly retaliated, while Ava dragged Liz under the bed to hide.

“Oh no you don’t,” Maria and Isabel said, dragging them out and whacking them with pillows.

“Hey watch the nails,” Ava shrieked in mock outrage.

She smiled at Liz and they grabbed pillows and and retaliated.

* * * * *
The game had long been finished and yet the guys had barely moved. Max got up complaining of a sore back and went into Liz’s room to grab a pillow. As he turned on the light he noticed how spartan the room was. He would have to talk to Isabel about helping Liz decorate. As he grabbed the pillow something fell off the bed. Max leaned down to pick it up and noticed it was a book. Curiousity compelled him to open the book and start reading.

I’m Elizabeth Guerin and today is the first day of the rest of my life. I’ve finally escaped and I’m going to find my brother. I’ve made sure that they won’t be able to
find me and take me back. I’ll never go back there ...

“Max what’s taking you so long?” Michael yelled, “if you’re going through Liz’s stuff I’ll beat seven shades of shit out of you.”

Max dropped the journal hurriedly, guilt colouring his features. He placed it under the other pillow and walked out of the room. His head was spinning with questions. Who was Liz running from? And why?

feedback is always appreciated.

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I love you guys! You are so amazingly nice with the amount of response that you have given me!

applebybehr - Liz is running from her past. It will start to come out in the next few parts. Thanks for the fb!!

Alien614 - love is blind. The girls see Tess as she really was, not with the rose-coloured glasses Max had on at the beginning of the relationship. Thanks for the fb!!

Lucy - no Tess wasn't pregnant when she died. As much as I dislike her, I couldn't condone killing a baby. Thanks for the fb!!

alienchica - Tess seemed alright at the beginning of the relationship, it was just later that everything went to shit. I like your theory, you'll just have to wait and see if you're right! Thanks for the fb!!

pandas2001 - thanks for the fb!!

mpls muse - thanks for the idea! And for the fb!!

Nana - thanks for the fb!!

rollergal20 - of course you can say how much you love to hate Tess, I do it all the time! *big* No there are no aliens in this fic. I was going to but things are already complicated enough without it. Thanks for the fb!!

Rapunzel - you'll have to thank mpls muse and Transparent Clear for the idea! I just put it into practice *happy* Thanks for the fb!!

Transparent Clear - I would love to know what you call Tess whenever they mention her or Alex! I have a few favourites among the many I call her!

Aah the death of Tess! I can't thank you and Robyn enough for putting the idea in my head! It just sprouted from there! I have heaps of other ways to kill her (me and my bestest bud wrote a picture book of ways to kill people in year 10 *happy*) but none fit the story.

Oh yeah, I had the mental picture of Tess dying while I was typing - it made me giggle!

The nasty little dwarf comment came to me one night when I was almost asleep so I just had to get up and write it down!

As I said I would have assumed that Tess cheated on Max too! It is after all, the logical conclusion! *tongue* I just found it funny that everyone thought that! *big*

This is just about guaranteed an update every Tuesday night (well morning board time) because I have uni all day!

btw are you going to post more of your story 'Dial-Up Connection' soon? 'Cos I really love that story!

Thanks for the always wonderful fb!!

RosBaby - thanks for the fb!!

tyranese - Max and Liz will be having a chat soon. Thanks for the fb!!

abs007 - everyone loves a dead Tess *big* I'll be back soon, thanks for the fb!!

Audio Poet - thanks for the fb!!

roswellluver - thanks for the fb!!

aZNroSweLl anglgrl - thanks for the fb!!

Part 9 will be up very shortly.

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Little Sister
Part Nine
The girls lay exhausted after their pillow fight. Ava was the first to speak.

“So how am I going to get Kyle to notice me?” she asked.

Maria and Isabel groaned.

“Why don’t you just ask him out?” Liz suggested.

“But what if laughs in my face and says that he wouldn’t go out with me even if I was the last person on Earth or even another planet,” Ava wailed.

“Kyle wouldn’t say that,” Isabel objected.

“He might as well say that if he says no,” Ava said dejectedly, “what does stupid Vicky Delaney have that I don’t, apart from a stuffed bra?”

“No IQ?” Maria suggested wickedly.

All four girls laughed.

“Harsh but true,” Isabel surmised.

“So what are we doing now?” Liz asked.

“We’re going to get Ava and Kyle together,” Maria announced, “we’re going to get prettied up and go and work our feminine wiles.”

“In other words, you want to go and make out with my brother,” Liz smirked.

“Well, yeah,” Maria admitted sheepishly, “but I really do want to help Ava. Maybe if Kyle sees her all dressed up...”

“We already tried that one remember?” Ava interrupted, “Senior Prom. We thought that if I went with another guy, looking like the gorgeous thing that I am, he’d want to be with me. But no, he followed Vicky around for the whole night and didn’t even dance with me.”

“He did check you out though, when you weren’t looking,” Isabel reminded her.

“So you say,” Ava retorted.

“I still think you should just ask him out. Just to the movies or something. You can make it to be like a just friends thing then there’s no pressure. But once you get in the theatre see what happens,” Liz suggested.

“That’s a really good idea,” Ava said, “I think I’ll try it. I’ll emphasise the ‘just friends’ thing.”

“And the pounce when you’re alone in the dark?” Isabel grinned.

“Something like that.”

“So do we get to go see the guys now?” Maria whined.

“I swear they never used to be this bad,” Ava whispered to Liz, “just lately they’ve turned into hornbags.”

Liz started laughing, causing Ava to start laughing as well. Maria and Isabel looked at them strangely which just made them laugh harder. They were glad to see Liz was enjoying herself though, so they endured the laughter which they figured was aimed at them.

“Can we go now?” Isabel said sounding like a five year old.

“Don’t we have to get all prettied up first?” Maria said, “Liz can I please do your hair? I promise nothing bad will happen to it.”

“Says she that caused me to lose a large chunk of my hair,” Isabel butted in.

Maria grabbed the pillow again and began to advance on the retreating Isabel.

“Do you mind if we go?” Ava whispered to Liz, “because if you do, just say the word and we can stay.”

“No it’s alright, I kind of want to see Max anyway,” Liz said blushing.

Ava masked her smile quickly. Privately she thought that Liz and Max would make a really cute couple but she didn’t want to interfere. She had already had an argument with Is before Maria and Liz arrived over it. Isabel wanted to set them up but Ava said to just let things happen. From the looks they had been shooting each other, it wouldn’t be that long before something happened anyway. Ava knew that Is just wanted Max to be happy, like she was with Alex, but he had a lot of issues.

Maria finished belting Isabel with the pillow and dropped to the floor next to Liz.

“Are you okay with us going over there?” she asked.

“Ava just asked me the same thing,” Liz smiled, “I don’t mind, just don’t stick your tongue down my brother’s throat when I’m near. It’s just too icky for words.”

Maria and Ava laughed. Isabel joined them on the floor. Just as she was about to open her mouth Liz beat her to it.

“I honestly do not mind if we go.”

“How did you know what I was going to say?” she demanded.

“We already asked her,” Maria laughed.

“So what are we waiting for?” Isabel demanded, “let’s get with the prettying up already!”

The girls quickly got ready. Liz consented to Maria doing her hair, and had to admit it looked pretty good when she was finished. Neither Isabel nor Ava would let Maria
near their hair though.

“Liz do you want to borrow a top?” Maria asked, “we’re kind of the same size.”

“I don’t think my brother would really want to see his sister wearing his girlfriend’s top.” Liz replied.

“True,” Maria conceded.

Liz ended up borrowing one of Ava’s tops. It went well with her worn jeans. She felt slightly embarrassed about her clothes (especially when the other girls looked so damn gorgeous!) but reminded herself that things had been a lot worse. If clothes were the only thing she had to worry about, she shouldn’t complain.Once they were all ready they hopped in the Jetta and headed to Michael’s apartment.

I know I promised a longer part but my muse is being unco-operative and is going to get bitchslapped in a minute. And I know that not much happens but it's a transition part so please be kind.

The next part is going to be a doozy so I want to make sure I get it done right. I promise a big Max/Liz scene!! If I don't get it done before, it will probably be up Tuesday morning board time, due to a day of uni giving me lovely nice writing time!

- Mon *bounce*

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just bumping before I go!
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Transparent Clear - thanks for the fb!!

ps_dreamer - thanks for the fb!!

Lucy - thanks for saying that my story is amazing, I lurve feedback like that! It does wonders for my ego *happy* and it makes my muse more co-operative! Thanks for the fb!!

Nana - thanks for the fb!!

roswellluver - they will indeed! Thanks for the fb!!

alienchica - Kyle will eventually fall to the girls plotting *happy* Thanks for the fb!!

Rapunzel - thanks for the fb!!

Alien614 - thanks for the fb!!

calphysics - thanks for the fb!!

anonymousarfan - thanks for the fb!!

abs007 - thanks for the fb!!

applebybehr - I'm the same with Ava and Tess! Thanks for the fb!!

SpAcEgUrL370 - thanks for the fb!!

Strawbehrry Shortcake - thanks for the fb!!

You guys are so nice. I was really insecure about this part but you liked it so it's all good. My muse has been bitchslapped and is promising to behave at uni tomorrow so I should get part 10 written and typed and posted tomorrow. Unless it's really long and then it might be longer 'cos I type slow. And because there's profanities I can't con my mum into typing it for me!

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Little Sister
Part Ten
The girls were clustered outside Michael’s door trying to listen to what the guys were saying. From what they could tell though, they were only talking about sport.

“Damn, I was hoping they were going to be talking about us,” Maria said, about to knock on the door.

Liz held up a key.

“We can just walk in,” she smiled.

Liz unlocked the door and they all walked in. The guys looked up in surprise.

“What are you doing here? Not that I’m complaining,” Michael said, raking his eyes over Maria.

Kyle was shellshocked when he looked at Ava. What had he been thinking? Vicky Delaney had nothing on her. Max grinned at Ava who had noticed the way Kyle was looking at her as well. He winked at Liz who grinned back.

“Ava how you doin’?” Max said, giving her a lingeing hug.

Kyle scowled at them. He had been thinking ever since Max had arrived why it bothered him so much about Max and Ava. He had never cared about any of Ava’s other boyfriends so why Max? At first he thought it might be because it would leave him the only one in the group not hooked up with anyone, but with Liz there it wasn’t so. He then entertained the possibility that he was jealous, but why would he be? Ava was just one of his friends, almost one of the guys. But now looking at her he wasn’t so sure.

“Kyle is totally looking at Ava,” Alex whispered to Liz.

He had come over to where Isabel and Liz were standing. Trying not to make Liz feel uncomfortable he had resisted the urge to jump all over Is, much as he wanted to. They had been together for almost five years, and everytime he looked at her he couldn’t believe how lucky he was.

“Looks like her plan is finally working,” Liz grinned.

Ava had laughingly told Liz about her plan to make Kyle jealous by flirting with Max. Liz agreed that it was a good plan though privately she wished that Kyle would get a clue already.

“Ava, we need to talk,” Kyle said suddenly, grabbimg Ava’s hand and dragging her outside.

When the door closed behind them the other six burst into laughter.

“Looks like Ava finally hit paydirt with her plan,” Maria amusedly said.

“What plan?” Michael asked, confused.

“Her plan to make Kyle interested in her. Duh Spaceboy,” Maria said affectionately, giving him a kiss.

“We need to have a talk,” Max whispered to Liz, “do you want to go for a walk?”

Liz nodded.

“Mikey, we’re going for a walk,” Liz said.

Max and Liz walked out of the apartment. Then Michael’s voice filtered through.

“Max, you touch my sister and I’ll make sure that you will end up a memeber of the castrati.”

“I am so sorry about him,” Liz said embarrassed.

“Don’t worry about it, it’s a big brother’s natural instinct. I was the same when Is and Alex started going out and that was when we were thirteen,” Max said easily.

Max looked at Liz while they were walking. Her head was bowed and she seemed to be watching the ground. He wondered what was going on in her head. Was she
thinking about the people she had run away from? Who were they? Max was dying to ask her about it, but if she was anything like Michael he doubted that any information would be forthcoming.

Liz snuck a look at Max from under her lashes. What was he thinking? Was he thinking about Tess? Was that why he had been going to kiss her? Because she
reminded him of Tess?

Both were so lost in their thoughts that they didn’t realise where they were walking. They had ended up at the high school. They walked out onto the football field and sat down on the bleachers. Liz was the first to break the silence.

“Isabel told me your girlfriend died, I am really sorry,” she said.

Max looked at her sharply.

“Is told you about Tess?”

“Only that she died, and how. I got the impression that none of the girls liked her very much.”

Max suddenly felt the burning need to tell Liz everything. He didn’t want her to get the wrong idea about Tess, and maybe if she saw that he trusted her, she would trust him.

“Tess was one of the most popular girls at school. Not as popular as Is, Ava and Maria, but almost. When she wanted to go out with me I was elated. I wasn’t really
popular so I couldn’t believe that someone like her would want to go out with somenone like me. At the beginning everything was fine. I truly loved her and I thought that she loved me too. But after awhile everything went bad.”

While Max was talking Liz moved closer to him.

“You don’t have to tell me if you don’t want to.”

“I haven’t said anything to anyone about this and I need to get it out. Tess got pregnant. I was shocked at first, we had been pretty careful most of the time. She said that she was about nine weeks along, and so we had to make a decision. I said that I would stand by her, I love kids and the thought of having one of my own thrilled me. Of course we were young, only seventeen, but I thought that we would spend the rest of our lives together. I proposed and said that I would stand by her.

But she said that she didn’t want a brat hanging around her ankles. We had a huge fight and we didn’t speak for a week. Then she came and told me that she had had a
miscarriage. She didn’t seem very upset but I was. We argued and she said that it was my fault. That if I hadn’t put pressure on her, it wouldn’t have happened. I loved the idea of a child, one with my eyes. I could take them to the park, and play with them. But now I couldn’t have that. If only I hadn’t pushed her, if only we hadn’t had that fight.”

“Max, I am so sorry. I can’t even begin to imagine what you are going through,” Liz said, her heart breaking for him.

Poor Max, to lose a child that he wanted so desperately. And for him to think that it was all his fault.

“But then the rumours started. That she had had an abortion. I can’t remember who told me, not very many people knew that she was pregnant. We wanted to keep it quiet, in case our parents flipped out. I went over to her house to confront her about the rumours and I caught her. She was in bed with Nicholas Branson.”

Max put his head in his hands.

“I don’t even know what else to say, except that I’m sorry,” Liz said.

We had a huge fight. Nicholas ran out while we were fighting. I confronted her with the rumours. She just yelled at me that it probably wasn’t mine so she could do what the fuck she liked. It was her body and her choice and she wasn’t going to let me fuck up her life just because I had misguided paternal instincts. I told her that it was over and that I never wanted to see her again.

She died a couple of weeks later. I never told anyone, not even the group, that she had had an abortion. I just let them think that it was a miscarriage. I told them that we had broken up because she was cheating on me. Maria punched her out when she found out about the cheating part, she probably would have killed Tess if she had known about the abortion.

I didn’t cry when Tess died but I cried for my baby that I never knew, and that might not have even been mine.

My parents didn’t know what was wrong with me. I wouldn’t talk to them about it, what could I say? They thought that I was just upset that Tess died. Even though we had broken up, everyone thought that I was upset about it. My parents sent me to New York to stay with my cousin Zan to ‘recuperate’. But I still thought about it. Distance doesn’t diminish that sort of pain. It’s only now that I can start to move on.”

As Max talked tears had started to run down his cheeks. Liz awkwardly put her arm around him, she wasn’t used to comforting people.

“God I don’t know what to say Max. How could one person be so cruel? Now I understand what Ava meant about her being ugly on the inside. Are you really okay?”

“I just really needed to get it out,” Max said.

He wiped away his tears, embarrassed to have Liz see him crying. But surprisingly, he felt a lot better for talking about it. And to someone that wasn’t biased against Tess from the outset.

“It was not your fault Max. From what you’ve told me she was a selfish, mainpulative bitch. You shouldn’t feel guilty for anything that happened,” Liz said vehemently.

She had never met Tess but she hated her. No wonder the girls had taken such pleasure in Tess’ passing, and they didn’t even know the half of it.

“I felt betrayed more than anything,” Max said.

“Like how could someone you love do such horrible things to you?” Liz finished, “I know all about that.”

“Who was that that betrayed you?” Max asked, “I accidentally read some of your journal. Was the person that betrayed you the person you’re running from?”

Liz removed her arm from Max and stood up.

“You read my journal?” she asked icily.

“Only about two lines,” Max said placatingly.

What was in Liz’s journal that she didn’t want him to see? And who betrayed her? More and more questions about Liz’s past piled up in Max’s head.

Liz gave him a dirty look and sat down again, but this time about six feet away.

“Do you want to talk about it?” Max asked.

“Not really,” she said shortly.

Max moved so he was right next to Liz.

“If you ever want to talk about it, I’m here for you okay? No pressure, but I’m willing to listen,” he said.

“Thanks, but I’m just not ready to talk about it.”

Liz decided that Max needed some cheering up, and to quickly get off the subject of her past. She stood up.

“I’ll give you a race,” she said, “first one up to the top of the bleachers and back down again wins.”

“You’re on,” Max said.

He could tell that she was going to avoid the subject so he just went along with her. Max stood up, feeling lighter than he had in awhile. Talking about his problems had helped a lot, if only he could get Liz to do the same.

“Okay, 3 2 1,” Liz took off shouting “GO!”

Max chased after her.

“Cheat much?” he asked as he overtook her.

“Just trying to even it up,” Liz grinned.

Max won easily and stood gloating. Liz just laughed. They went to sit down again and Liz tripped over, sending them both flying. She landed on her back with Max on top of her. Liz cracked up laughing but the laughter died on her lips as she looked into Max’s eyes. He tenderly smoothed her hair off her forehead. Just as he was about to lower his lips to hers he heard a shout.


“Oh shit,” Max cursed.

He moved so that Liz could get up and they turned to face a very irate Michael.

“”Evans I need to talk to you NOW,” Michael said.

Maria helped Liz up off the ground. They sat down on the bottom bleacher.

“Chica I am so sorry. You guys were gone for awhile so Michael got upset and came looking for you. I thought I had better come with him in case he threw a shit fit. So,
what did we interrupt?”

“Nothing,” Liz said grumpliy, “a big, fat nothing. We were just talking and then we had a race. We were going to sit down and I tripped over and that’s when you guys came up.”

Truth be told, she was kind of glad they were interrupted. She still wasn’t sure how she felt about Max, and every time that she looked into his eyes she lost herself. And that was something that she wasn’t sure that she wanted that. Plus he still had all the shit with Tess hanging over him, and she had all her issues that she wasn’t ready to trust anyone with. And what was a relationship without trust?

“Maxwell what the fuck did I tell you about staying the hell away from my sister??” Michael raged.

He was not impressed. When an hour had passed and Liz and Max had not reappeared from their walk Michael had begun to envision all kinds of scenarios. Them making out in the bleachers of West Roswell was NOT one of them.

“Calm down Michael, we weren’t doing anything,” Max said.

Max wasn’t feeling especially happy with Michael at this point. Where did Michael get off telling him and Liz what to do? They hadn’t even been doing anything anyway.
Not that he hadn’t wanted something to happen. Why did they keep getting interrupted?!

“What did I tell you about putting your mitts on Liz?” Michael continued, not even listening to Max.

“Michael SHUT UP! We weren’t doing anything, we just fell over,” Max snapped.

“That’s not what it looked like,” Michael said darkly.

“Even if there was something going on, what business is it of yours?”

“She’s my little sister!”

Michael’s voice reached Liz and Maria’s ears. Liz groaned.

“My brother is such a caveman,” she said.

“You know chica, it’s kind of sexy.”

“Eew Maria, that’s a word that I don’t even want to think about in connection with my brother. Bleurgh!”

Maria just laughed.

“So what would have happened?” she asked curiously.

“I don’t know Maria, it’s complicated.”

“What’s complicated about it? You like him, any idiot can tell he likes you so just get together.”

“And what about the caveman formerly known as Michael?”

“I’ll keep him occupied.”


“You don’t want to know.”


“Well you asked.”

Liz and Maria tried to listen in on what Michael and Max were saying, without looking like they were listening.

“Michael be reasonable. I like Liz and the last thing that I want to do is hurt her.”

“I’m not happy about it. If you do anything to hurt her I will kill you, and trust me, they will never find the body.”

“Thanks for your faith in me,” Max said sarcastically, “you are only my best friend after all.”

“Yeah and Liz is my sister. She’s pretty fragile at the moment so if you ...”

“I’ve got the picture.”

“Good. We will be having another talk about this Maxwell. But for now we will be going back to my apartment where I can keep an eye on you.”

Michael and Max walked back to where the girls were sitting. They were seemingly engrossed in a conversation about movies.

“We’re going. In the Jetta you two,” Michael ordered Max and Liz.

Liz saluted Michael.

“Sieg Heil,” she said rudely and ran off.

“You die Lizziepoo,” Michael laughed chasing after her.

Maria and Max watched as Michael chased after Liz. He tackled her to the ground and the pair burst out laughing.

“So girlfriend, what’s the deal with you and Liz?” Maria asked.

“I don’t know. It’s kind of complicated.”

“That’s what Liz said, I swear you two are a perfect match.”

“Maria, butt out. I love you and I know you mean the best but please do not interfere in this. It’s one of those things that needs time.”

“Got it,” Maria smiled to herself.

Michael and Liz were still sprawled out on the grass laughing like hyenas when Max and Maria walked up to them.

“Are you two right there?” Max asked.

Both he and Maria were glad to see the pair looking so happy.

“We used to do this all the time when we were little,” Liz said.

“Dad used to take us down to the park and we would run around like idiots until we were too tired to run anymore. He just used to laugh and run around with us,”
Michael explained.

“I miss him,” Liz said sadly.

“Me too Lizziepoo,” Michael said, using one of his favourite childhood phrases.

“What happened to him?” Maria asked as she and Max sat down on the grass.

“He died when we were ten,” Liz said, looking at Michael.

Michael sat impassively.

“I’m really sorry,” Max said.

He thought about his dad and how great he was. And what it would have been like to grow up without him. He felt more sorrow for Liz because at least Michael had had a pretty great foster dad. From what he could tell, Liz hadn’t had any fatherly influence.

“How did he die?” Maria asked curiously.

“Suicide,” Michael said without emotion, “he hung himself.”

Liz and Michael looked like identical stone statues. It was obviously something they didn’t really want to talk about.

“We should probably head back,” Liz said tonelessly.

Liz and Michael got up off the grass and started walking back to the car. Maria and Max followed behind.

“God how awful for them,” Maria whispered.

“What happened to their mom?” Max whispered back.

“Don’t know, I assume she’s dead too,” Maria said.

“I guess, but why wasn’t Liz adopted with Michael then?”

“I don’t know. Something doesn’t add up. Should we do some digging girlfriend?”

“NO!” Max hissed, “if they want to tell us they will. Just leave it at that for now.”

The four quietly walked back to the car.

I'm feeling a little fragile at the moment. This is probably the longest and the angstiest part I've ever written. I'm not too sure of it and I would really appreciate you letting me know what you think.

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You guys are so good to me!

I'll do individual replies tomorrow, I don't have time tonight. My mum is just about to boot me off the computer *sad*

Not sure when part 11 will be up, my muse says she's taking a holiday after getting me to write, type and post part 10 in one day. So we're going to be having words very shortly. Sorry I ramble lots.

I would just like to say that I am so glad that my lecturer is so boring and has so little to say that I don't even have to attempt to listen and I get uninterrupted writing time. If all else fails, part 11 will be up next Tues but I am going to try to have it up by the weekend. Unfortunately I owe my other fic an update as well so I guess I should do that.

Bye For Now
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Lucy - it's not everly (my dreamer muse) that I'm worried about, she generally behaves if I smack her around, it's north and jeb (my polar and groupie muses) - they're the ones that cause problems *big* Thanks for the fb!!

CandyGirl - thanks for the fb (twice)!!

applebybehr - thanks for the glue but I accidentally sniffed it *happy* But it did make me feel better! I understand what you mean about Michael and Liz's dad. Of course Max and Liz will get together, just don't expect it to be smooth sailing. Tess is a troll, what else can I say? Thanks for the fb!!

Alien614 - thanks for the fb!!

rollergal20 - Maria will take Max's advice and butt out! Thanks for the fb!!

Nana - thanks for the fb!!

Transparent Clear - I'm not normally so fragile, it's just venturing into uncharted waters for me with the angsty stuff.

Yeah Tess was a bitch, and it was justice that she died.

Liz will trust Max ... eventually. The trouble is, she's been having to deal with problems by keeping them bottled up for so long, she doesn't even really know how to talk to people about them. Her journal is the only place she feels comfortable even thinking about them.

Michael and Liz's mum was a nasty, evil piece of work. Their dad was the antithesis of her, which made it harder on them when she died. There will be more about their father later on in the story.

I'm sorry to depress you so early in the morning!
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pandas2001 - Maria will listen to Max. Michael will definitely have a reaction when he finds out about what Liz is hiding. Thanks for the fb!!

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TrueLoveConquersAll - Tess managed to do it to herself, though there were people lining up around the block to do the honours! *happy*

Michael and Liz opening up to each other would be nice, I just don't think it's gonna happen anytime soon. They're both too closed off about their dad (for different reasons) but eventually they will have the relationship that they once had. Liz will open up to Max eventually.

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abbs007 - You'll find out what went down with Kyle and Ava in the next part. Tess was definitely ugly on the inside, as everyone found out.

A happy Michael is a good Michael that doesn't cause problems for dreamers!

There will definitely be a lot more Max/Liz scenes in the future!

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ps_dreamer - Maria and Max will eventually mend Michael and Liz's heartaches, only at the moment they don't know what's causing them. Thanks for the fb!!

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Bad news guys, the real world just jumped up and bit me on the arse big time. I suddenly realised that I have 2 assignments due next Tuesday and they're worth about 30% of my final grade each. And I have barely even looked at the questions! That means no internet for Monica! So I am not going to be getting any time to post until I have done them.

And to top it off, my sister is coming home from Sydney for the Easter weekend so I don't know how much time I am going to have then. All things going well (and I'm still writing in class) I should have a new part, maybe even 2 new parts if everly behaves herself next week. And to make up for the fact that I'm not posting, I'm going to try and make them nice long parts.

Sorry guys, but thanks for all the feedback, I really appreciate it. Oh and if it's not too much trouble could someone please bump this so it doesn't fall off the board? Thanks.

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#65 - I thought you had the keys to the handcuffs

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Good news and bad news people. The good news is that I'm totally procrastinating on my assignments, hence the reason I'm here. The really good news is that I've written 12 of my notebook pages of part 11 and if you take into account part 10 was about 14 n/book pages and I'm nowhere near done it's gonna be a long part. Maybe I'll split it in two.

The bad news is that I haven't typed it and I probably won't have a chance to for a little while.

The good news is that I've got another week for one of my assignments and the one still due on Tues is only about a third of the length I thought it was. So the Easter bunny might be visiting this weekend after all.

Until then I'm internet free, my mum has threatened with nasty punishments if I get back on this site. It's her fault that I'm on here tonight though, she was the one that connected it up.

Until next time,

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Transparent Clear - I'm still procrastinating. Just crown me Queen Procrastinator *happy* Thanks!

applebybehr - what can I say?? You are the biggest sweetie to keep me up near the front of the board! Thanks! And yes everything is going well (in the world of fanfic, I decided the real world was too hard and retreated *big*)

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Firstly I would like to thank everyone, especially Gracie, who kept this up near the front of the board. You guys rock!

Due to my inability to stay away from this site and stop writing fanfic I will be posting a new part in just a minute. I am so going to flunk out of uni at the rate I'm going. Oh well, there's always Roswell *big*

Who knew that 800 words could cause me such shit?? I can bang out a 2000 word essay in a couple of hours including research time, but an 800 word essay is giving me the complete and utter shits!! Oh well, it's not due 'til Tuesday! *happy*

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This part is dedicated to my mum, who was an absolute sweetie and typed it for me!

Little Sister
Part 11
The Crashdown was deserted on Sunday so Maria and Liz were sitting in one of the booths gossiping. Liz wasn’t supposed to be working but Ava had begged her to swap shifts. Kyle had finally come to his senses and asked her out. Liz was more than happy to oblige. She felt really close to Ava and wanted to help her out. And
considering how happy Ava had been last night, she didn’t want to rain on her parade. Ava had been walking on air since, while Kyle still looked kind of shellshocked.

Kyle and Ava were standing outside.

“So what did you want to talk about?” Ava asked.

She hoped that he was going to ask her out but she didn’t want to get too optimistic about it. Knowing her luck, he would want her to talk to Vicky Delaney for him.

“Um, well, ah I was wondering ifyouwouldgotothemovieswithme?” Kyle muttered

He shuffled his feet a bit, wondering why he was so nervous. It was just Ava, his friend who teased him about being a Buddhist and drove him to Alburqueque to see his mom. Ava was the one who watched movies with him and who gave all the guys advice. But suddenly she seemed so much more.

“I’d love to but I’ll have to ask someone to swap shifts with me,” Ava said.

Kyle looked visibly relieved.

“Great, I’ll pick you up about 12.”

Ava just smiled but inside she was ecstatic. Kyle had finally asked her out!

(end flashback)

“”I’m so glad Ava finally got Kyle to notice her,” Maria said, “It only took two years.”

“I can’t believe that Kyle didn’t notice her before, she’s really pretty,” Liz said.

“Yeah, but to him she was just one of the group. She always used to hang out with them when we were younger. She used to be this major tomboy and Kyle just never saw past that. Not even when she became a cheerleader to impress him.”

Liz laughed, the first time she had since the night before. Both she and Michael had been very subdued since they had talked about their father. Maria decided to take Max’s advice and not pry about it but she really wanted to know.

“Maria?” Liz asked.

“Yeah, chica,” Maria answered.

“What was my brother like when he was growing up here?”

Maria was a bit startled by Liz’s question but she picked up on the wistfulness of her tone.

“When he first moved here he had major attitude problems. He got into at least a fight a week. He wouldn’t let anyone be nice to him. But one day he got into a major fight. He was getting the crap kicked out of him. Max jumped in the fray and helped him out
and they’ve been friends ever since. Max introduced Michael to our little group that has been friends since kindy and the rest is history.

He was so cute when he asked me out just after the end of sophomore year. He stammered a bit and looked like he really didn’t know what he was doing but I’d liked
him for ages so I didn’t even let him finish before I said yes. He looked shocked like he couldn’t believe that I would want to go out with him. We’ve been together ever since. I was the envy of all the girls at school. They all wanted him, he had that bad boy image. He was considered one of the sexiest guys at West Roswell.”

“Don’t need to know about my brother’s personal life in that way.”


“So what about Alex and Isabel? How long have they been together?”

“Since the beginning of freshman year. They’ve been sweet on each other since about sixth grade but Alex was too shy to ever make a move. Is had to ask him out. All the guys wouldn’t believe that Isabel Evans would prefer him over all their steroid induced jockness. But Is didn’t care about that, she liked Alex and that was all that was important.”

“That’s so sweet,” Liz sighed.

The doorbell chimed and Liz and Maria looked up. Alex and Isabel walked in.

“Hey Ria, Liz,” Alex said.

They both sat down in the next booth and picked up menus.

Maria got up to serve them. She gave a curtsey.

“And what would you like Your Highness,” Maria said, trying not to laugh.

Alex wasn’t even trying not to laugh. He buried his head in his hands and just howled.

“Okay, I definitely missed something,” Liz said confusedly.

Alex stopped laughing.

“It’s not really that funny,” he said.

“Just small things amuse small minds,” Maria smirked.

Alex stuck his tongue out at Maria. Isabel leaned over the booth.

“Don’t mind the children, they have no manners. It all started when I was Homecoming Queen in sophomore year. Max started it, always bowing and calling me
Your Majesty and Your Highness. And then the rest of the peanut gallery started up with it. Your brother was the worst of them. One day he found this scrap of red
carpet and he kept putting it down in front of me.”

“I can see him doing something like that. Once when we were little, I think we were about eight, I broke my wrist. So I couldn’t use a knife and fort to cut up my food. Michael gets me a bib and puts it on me and then starts spoon-feeding me, making all the aeroplane noises and everything. I just about backhanded him for it.”

Isabel laughed. Just as she was about to say something more people walked in.

“Better start earning my money,” Liz sighed getting up.

Suddenly the Crashdown seemed to be overflowing. Liz and Maria rushed around trying to get everyone’s orders. Agnes, the other waitress working, was out taking her umpteenth smoke break.

Max walked into the Crashdown looking for Liz. He caught he eye and smiled. There was one empty booth in Liz’s section and he quickly grabbed it. Liz quickly finished taking the customer’s order and walked over.

“Hi,” Liz said shyly.

They hadn’t talked since they had left the school. Liz wasn’t sure what to say to Max. Did he like her? Or was it just that he wanted comfort? And could she trust him?”

“Hi, how are you?” Max asked.

He hoped Liz would open up to him. She had seemed very morose leaving the school. It was so awful for her and Michael to have their father commit suicide. But they didn’t even want to talk about it. Max hoped that he had gotten through to Maria about not snooping. He admitted that he was really curious about Liz’s past but he wanted her to tell him.

“I’m fine. Can I take your order?”

“Can I get a Will Smith and a cherry coke? Oh, and a date for tonight?”

Liz started to write down but then did a double take.


“Would you like to go out tonight? For dinner?” Max asked.

“I’d like that,” Liz said softly, “I finish at 6, so anytime after that is good.”

She rushed off to put Max’s order in. Max was watching Liz rush around the cafe when someone sat down in his booth. A very unwelcome person.

“Hi Max” the sugary sweet voice said.

Liz was cleaning the counter off when she saw a beautiful, if slutty blonde, slither into the booth opposite Max.

“Who’s that?” she asked Maria, who had just walked up beside her.

Maria picked up the note of jealousy in Liz’s voice and smiled.

“That’s Pam Troy, best friend of now deceased skanky ho Tess. She’s always slutting over Max even though he really hates her. Trust me you have nothing to worry

“I’m not worried,” Liz said, lying through her teeth.

Maria just looked at her, eyebrows raised.

“Liz, order up.” Jose, the Crashdown’s cook, called.

Liz grabbed Max’s order and made her way over to his booth. She lost her footing and tripped over, sending food flying. It went everywhere. The burger landed in
Pam’s lap. She jumped up screaming.

“You stupid bitch! Look what you did to my jeans!”

Liz flushed bright red. Everyone in the restaurant was looking at her.

“I am so sorry, I tripped over,” Liz said apologetically, trying to pick up the food from the floor.

Pam shot her a venomous look.

“You’re going to pay for this,” she threatened as she stormed out.

Liz scrambled to pick up the food.

“I’m really sorry Max, I’ll get you another burger.”

“It’s okay Liz, I can wait,” Max said trying not to smile.

Pam had looked so funny when the burger landed on her that Max wished he could keep that memory forever. He hoped Liz didn’t get too embarrassed about it because
she really did him a favour.

“C’mon chica, we’ll go out the back and clean you up,” Maria said pulling Liz away.

Once they got out the back Maria and Isabel burst out laughing.

“That was classic!” Isabel exclaimed, “Pam’s face when that burger landed on her was priceless. I wish I had a camera.”

“I didn’t mean to,” Liz protested.

Maria and Isabel looked at her.

“Okay, maybe I did,” Liz grinned, “my bad?”

Maria looped her arm around Liz’s shoulder.

“You’re a perfect fit in the group. Ava did that once to Tess but it was a milkshake. It made the most enormous mess. Just watch out. Pam is an evil bitch and she’ll try to get you back for that. But don’t worry, we’ll stand up for you. Now I have to get back to the starving masses but you need to get cleaned up.”

“Thanks Maria.”

“No worries.”

Maria sauntered back out in a very good mood. She walked past Max’s booth and he called her over.

“Maria is Liz all right, she looked absolutely mortified,” he asked.

“She’s fine. She’ll be back in a couple of minutes. She just has to get cleaned up.”

Max smiled. Liz had done him a huge favour, getting rid of Pam. He hated how she crawled all over him. It made him feel dirty, like he needed a shower. With Liz he also needed a shower, but for an entirely different reason!

Liz walked back out, eyes fixed on the floor. She couldn’t believe that she had done that. She had just seen red when Pam was sliming onto Max. The feeling of
possessiveness unnerved her.

“Liz,” Max called.

She walked over to his booth, trying not to blush.

“So I’ll pick you up about 7?” Max asked.

“Do you still want to go?” Liz asked hesitantly.

She didn’t know whether he would still want to go out with a klutz like her. What if Maria had been wrong? What if Max actually liked Pam Troy and he was angry at her for wrecking his chances?

“Unless you don’t want to, which is fine,” Max said hurriedly.

Had Liz changed her mind? Did she not want to go out with him?

“Yes I mean no I mean I’ll see you at 7,” Liz said and rushed off.

Max smiled. He was going to make sure Liz had a night to remember.

It's shorter than what I was planning but I swear the next part will be some nice dreamer fluff, with a little bit of angst.

Feedback is always appreciated!

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applebybehr - I'm glad you liked it! Yes Max and Liz are going on a date as well and there will be no interruptions! Thanks for the fb!! And the bump!! *happy*

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Hilda - Liz's past will be causing some problems. Thanks for the fb!!

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alienchica - Michael will definitely NOT be happy! Thanks for the fb!!

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abs007 - Kyle finally got a clue! *happy* Thanks for the fb!!

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Transparent Clear - you can be the Supreme Leader of All-Nighters or the Empress of Procrastination but I'm keeping my crown! I procrastinated so much on my essay that I had to wag my lecture to get it done! Oops. I still won't learn though *tongue*

Possessiveness is always good! *big*

I promise dreamer fluff in the next part.

There wasn't anything you could help me with in my essay, it was crap critical analysis *gag*

Thanks for thre fb!!

Thanks guys for all your lovely fb! Part 12 will be up in an hour or two, I'm typing it at the moment. I promise that there will be no interruptions on their date, I have taken out special dreamer anti-interrupt insurance!!

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applebybehr - here it is!

Disclaimer: 'I Shall Believe' belongs to Sheryl Crow, not to me.

Little Sister
Part Twelve
“You’re not going,” Michael yelled through the closed door.

“Fuck off Michael, I am going and there’s nothing you can say or do to stop me,” Liz retorted.

The argument had been going on since Liz had told Michael about her date.


“Spiky Mikey!!”

Liz came out of her room dressed for her date. She was wearing a pair of jeans and a black top. Unlike her sulky brother, Maria had been ecstatic when she had found out
about Max asking Liz out. She had immediately offered to lend her some clothes. As soon as they had finished work they had gone up to Maria’s room and gone through
her clothes. Most of them either didn’t fit or just looked wrong. But at the back of the wardrobe they hit paydirt. A pair of indigo bootleg jeans and a black singlet with a small red heart on it. Maria gave them to Liz saying that she hadn’t worn them in ages and they looked better on her.

“You’re not wearing that are you?” Michael asked.

“What’s wrong with it?” Liz said worriedly, looking over her outfit.

“You’re dressed to go out and you’re not going anywhere,” Michael stated bluntly.

The Guerin siblings glared at each other from across the room.

“What is up with you? You’ve got a girlfriend, why can’t I go out on a date?”

“Because I said so!”

“You can’t tell me what to do! Why are you being such an overprotective jerk?”

“Because I couldn’t protect you before!”

Understanding crossed Liz’s features. She hadn’t realised that Michael felt guilty. It had been more than seven years, and it hadn’t even been his fault. She crossed the room and looked Michael square in the eyes.

“Michael it wasn’t your fault. It wasn’t like there was anything you could have done. We were ten years old, and you were powerless to do anything.”

“I should have done something.”

“Michael you can’t change the past. There was nothing you could have done that would have stopped her.”

“Fine,” Michael snapped, “but you’re still not going.”

Maria chose that moment to turn up. As soon as she had walked in the door she was besieged.

“Maria you have to help me out here,” Liz begged her, “he’s being a jerk.”

Michael looked at Maria. He gave her that look that he knew she couldn’t resist. Unfortunately for him, Maria’s matchmaker tendencies overruled the puppydog eyes.

“Michael she’s your sister not your daughter. If she wants to go out with Max she has every right to. And you should be glad for her.”


“Because she’s going out on a date. And at least it’s with Max, not someone like Pauly who would just try it on her all night.”

“She’s my little sister,”

Liz snorted rudely. Michael glared at her.

“and I don’t have to like it, whether it’s Max or the goddamn reincarnated king of another planet.”

There was a knock on the door. Michael flung it open.

“Max,” he said coolly.

Liz gave Michael a dirty look. She grabed her purse off the table and dragged Max out the door.

“Bye,” she yelled.

“Have fun,” Maria yelled back.

Michael scowled. Maria smacked him upside the head.


Maria rolled her eyes.

Max and Liz walked out to the Jeep.

“You look really nice,” Max said.

“Thanks,” Liz replied distractedly.

“Are you okay?”

“Yeah, Michael’s just being a jackass. I understand why but it doesn’t make me any happier when he pulls rank on me. So where are we going?”

“It’s a surprise,” Max smiled.

He opened the door for her and she hopped in the Jeep. Max got in his side and started it up. They headed towards the edge of town. Liz figured that they would stop there but Max kept going out towards the desert. A feeling of panic descended over Liz. Why were they going out into the desert? Was Max going to try something? She forced herself to relax. Nothing bad was going to happen. Max was her brother’s best
friend, he was nothing like Jerome.

“Are you sure that you’re alright? You’re really quiet,” Max said, jarring Liz out of her reverie.

“I was just wondering where we’re going.”

“We’re almost there.”

Max pulled the Jeep off the road and drove for about five minutes along the sand. He pulled up near a large rock formation. Liz scrambled out of the Jeep.

“You have to close your eyes,” Max said.

Liz obediently did so. She could hear Max moving around but she couldn’t tell what he was doing.

“Okay, you can open them.”

Liz opened her eyes.

“Max it’s beautiful,” she gasped.

Placed on the rocks were a variety of candles, their flames flickering. There was a small table and two chairs and a cd player sat on one of the rocks. Max picked up the white rose that was lying on the table and presented it to Liz with a flourish.

“For you, milady.”

“Why thankyou kind sir,” Liz blushed.

Max led Liz over to the table and pulled out her chair for her. After he had seated her he ran over to the Jeep and pulled out a wicker basket. He put the basket on the table and started pulling food, cutlery and crockery out of it. Once he had everything set out, he sat down opposite Liz.

“Max, you must have gone to a lot of trouble for all of this,” Liz said, gesturing around.

“I wanted to,” Max said with a smile, “Is and Alex helped. My mom wanted to give me one of her Martha Stewart dishes to bring, but I didn’t want you to get food
poisoning. I “accidentally” left it behind.”

“That wasn’t very nice. You should have brought it, I’m sure it would have been nice.”

“You’ve never tasted my mom’s cooking. Even Alex won’t eat it and we call him the human garbage disposal.”

They ate in silence, content with each other’s company. After they had eaten, Max packed everything away in the Jeep. He turned the CD player on and ‘I Shall Believe’ started playing.

Come to me now
Lay your hands over me
Even if it’s a lie
Say it will be alright
And I will believe

Broken in two
I know you’re on to me
That I only come home
When I’m so all alone
But I do believe

That not everything is gonna be the way
You think it ought to be
It seems like every time I try to make it right
It all comes down on me
Please say honestly you won’t give up on me
And I shall believe
I shall believe

Open the door
And show me your face tonight
I know it’s true
No one heals me like you
And you hold the key

Never again
Would I turn away from you
I’m so heavy tonight
But your love is alright
And I do believe

Liz looked up at Max while they were dancing. He slid his hand up her back and wound his fingers through her hair. It was as soft as he had imagined it to be. Max
tilted Liz’s head back and slowly lowered his lips to hers. Liz responded, hesitantly at first, but then with more passion. Max deepened the kiss, pulling Liz closer to him.

I'm not leaving it here to be a shit I promise. It's just that I had a sudden bout of insecurity about my writing. I personally think that I suck at writing romance, so I'm gonna need a little time to work on it. So I'll just leave it there for now. I promise it will pick up right where they are now.

On a side note, do you guys want me to write Kyle and Ava's date as well, or just have it as a little flashback like I did for him asking her out?? Because I'm more than happy to write it, but if no one cares then I'll just keep going with the Max and Liz stuff.

Feedback is always appreciated.

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I had to wag class again yesterday to get another assignment done! I agree there is nothing wrong with it lol

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rollergal20 - I'm glad one person thought Michael was sweet when he was being overprotective 'cos Liz sure as hell thought he was being a dick *happy* Thanks for the fb!!

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I am not having a good week. Monday night my computer decided to play silly buggers with me and freeze up. This is while I'm trying to print my essay which I haven't saved. It's typical really - the one time I don't save my essay is the time that the computer decides to eat it. And this is at like 10 o'clock at night. Plus it munched all my notes that I had downloaded from the internet. I was not a happy little vegemite!

Then yesterday my lecturer basically told me that all my writing has the emotional depth of a little kiddie's paddling pool. Which made me really upset. And then I didn't feel like writing anymore. Then I got pissed off and started writing again, only it was rude and nasty poems about him, the stupid, inbred, redneck, hillbillly fuck. (Not that I’m bitter or anything, lol) Anyways I’m still licking my wounds and will be back as soon as I get over this little crisis.

It really didn’t help getting told this at the point in my story where I’m a little fragile.

But today I went and reread all the lovely feedback that you guys have given me and now I feel a lot better. Plus one of my mates who works in a pharmacy has promised to snitch me some Prozac so it’s all good *big*

Due to a great response (especially from abbs007 *big* ) I will be writing Kyle and Ava’s date. It will be in the next part which will be up as soon as possible. I have started to write it, so it should be up by Friday if everything goes well.

So thankyou all and I'll be back soon.

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I'm going to do my thankyous tomorrow.

Just a quick note to say that I have uni tomorrow and I'm going to take malicious pleasure in writing a nice long part in the class with the wanky lecturer. I have writtne about a page and a half in works of part 13 and it should be up tomorrow, about this time.

I love you all, you're the best!

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I love all you guys! Your encouragement means a lot to me. Good news! I had a very productive day at uni today. I not only wrote part 13, I wrote most of part 10 of Going Places, my other fic (if you hate Tess you should check it out!), some of part 14 of this and 2 original poems.

Of course that means I got very little ACTUAL work done but who cares, the lecturer is a wanker anyway! I got this thrill of malicious pleasure as I sat in class writing this today. Okay I'm petty, but he's an arsehole! *big*

The new part should be up in about an hour, maybe sooner. I just need to finish typing ti and read back through to make sure everything makes sense. So I'm just bumping it until then.

Thanks again!

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I know I said I was going to post the whole part tonight but I'm not. I'm going to post half of it tonight and half tomorrow. The reason is that I just realised I want to add in all this other stuff but I'm too tired to do a proper job now. So here is part a.

Little Sister
Part Thirteen (a)
“Ava, Kyle’s here,” Nicole Harding yelled out.

“I’ll be down in a sec,” Ava yelled back.

She looked herself over in the mirror, gave her curls a quick run through and ran down the stairs. She was so happy that Kyle had finally asked her out. It had taken her two years of scheming but her hard work had finally paid off. As she reached the bottom of the stairs she tripped over and landed face first right in front of Kyle. Ava fought back the tears of humiliation. It was not a promising start to the night. She couldn’t believe that she just fell over in front of Kyle. She was head over heels for him, but that didn’t mean that she wanted to show it.

“Are you alright?” Kyle asked as he helped her up.

“Just fucking dandy,” Ava muttered as she brushed herself off.

“Ava Nicole Harding, watch your mouth,” Ed Harding warned as he walked past.

Ava blushed. “Can we leave now, before I dig myself in any further,” she whispered to Kyle.

Kyle grinned as he led Ava out the door. He loved spending time with her, she was easy to talk to and had a great sense of humour. He hoped that their night went well. They talked easily in the car. They had been friends for ages so they were never at a loss for words around each other. Ava was nervous but also elated that Kyle had finally asked her out. As they were walking into the lobby they heard a voice behind them.


It was Vicky Delaney. Ava turned around and scowled at her while Kyle got a dopey grin on his face.

“Hi Vicky,” he practically drooled.

“I haven’t seen you around lately,” she all but purred as she reached them. Vicky draped herself over Kyle, who looked thrilled. Ava stormed out and started walking
down the street, cursing under her breath. She kicked an empty soda can into the gutter.

“Ava wait up,” she heard Kyle yell from behind her. She ignored him and kept stomping down the street. “AVA!” he yelled again, chasing after her. He finally caught up to her and grabbed her arm. She turned around to face him.

“Kyle it’s okay you don’t have to worry about me,” Ava said, struggling to hide her disappointment. She should have taken the falling down the stairs as a sign that things were not going to go well. “Just go and find Vicky, I can walk home.”

“I don’t want to go find Vicky, I want you.”

“Huh?” If Ava head had shot up any faster she would have given herself whiplash.

“I realised yesterday that I never really liked Vicky, it was just a stupid habit that I picked up and never let go of. Sort of how you used to bite your nails. I don’t want
Vicky, I want you. I don’t even know her.” Kyle stumbled over the words, trying to get his feelings out. “It was just a thing based on her looks.”

“And her slutty outfits,” Ava smirked. “Anyone could have told you that, you just didn’t want to listen. What brought about this change of heart?”

“I saw you with Max and it really bothered me. It took me ages to figure out why it bothered me so much and yesterday it finally clicked that I was jealous.”

“It took you long enough to realise. I’ve been waiting for you to notice me for years but you only ever saw me as a friend.”

“I didn’t realise,” Kyle said. He was shocked at Ava’s frank confession. Not at the frankness, she was a lot like Maria in that respect, but at her liking him. He had briefly entertained the notion of asking Ava out a few years ago, but thought she was too good of a friend to try and ruin it. And then she admitted that she had liked him all this time.

“Kyle, I became a cheerleader to get you to like me. Me, a cheerleader. You know how I feel about parading around in short skirts in public. And yet I did it for two

“You know that outfit was kinda sexy,” Kyle murmered as he moved closer to Ava, “do you still have it?”

“You are such a pervert.”

“You know you love it.”

“You wish Buddha Boy. Now how about trimming that lamp of wisdom you’re always talking about?”

Kyle needed no further encouragement. They were so caught up in each other that they didn’t realise that they had attracted a crowd. When they broke apart the crowd applauded them. Kyle grinned at Ava, not embarrassed in the slightest.

“Should we go to the movie?” Ava asked.

“Do you want to go back to my house, my dad’s out?”

“Kyle, you’re such the romantic,” Ava sarcastically replied.

“What? Hey! I wasn’t even thinking about that!” Kyle protested.

“Save it for someone who doesn’t know you as well as I do.”

“I’m hurt.”

“Not shocked though.”

“I didn’t say that I was shocked.”

the next bit picks up right from there so stay tuned. Sorry it's so short, I'll try for a longer bit next time.

I love feedback!

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I'm ba-ack! I love karma, it's a beautiful thing! The lecturer that insulted my writing and made me cry fell over and broke his leg! So I laughed and did a one person conga line down my hallway, 'twas fun! Anyways I've finally gotten off my arse, so here's part 13b. Next part is back to M/L!

Little Sister
Part Thirteen (b)
Ava and Kyle walked back to the car laughing and singing altered versions of the Barney song. They both had an unsurpassable hatred of the purple dinosaur and
constantly plotted his demise.

“Okay I’ve got a new one,” Kyle said, “I love you, you love me, let’s get together and kill Barney. With a baseball bat and a gun to his head, now we’ll say that Barney’s dead.”

“I like it,” Ava grinned as she hopped in the car.

Kyle sped a bit to get back to his house. He knew that if he got caught by one of the deputies it would get back to his dad so he didn’t go too far over the speed limit. They were barely inside before they were kissing again. Kyle manouvered Ava backwards until they landed on the couch, lips still fused together. Having quickly divested himself of his shirt, Kyle slid his hand under Ava’s top. Hearing no protest he moved his hand up further.

“You know, if the two of you are going to do that you should probably find somewhere more private.”

Kyle and Ava sprang apart at the voice. They looked up to see a very amused sheriff.

“Um, hi dad,” Kyle mumbled, not sure of how he was going to react. Jim looked calm enough but that didn’t mean he wasn’t pissed underneath his amusement.

“Hi sheriff Valenti,” Ava chimed in.

Jim smirked inwardly. Amy had told him about Ava liking Kyle and he agreed that they would make a cute couple. But seeing them making out on the couch was not something he wanted to see when he got home.

“I thought you were going to the movies,” Jim said.

“Well we were and then things changed.”

“In other words you got horny and decided not to get done for indecent exposure in the theatre.”

“DAD!” Kyle yelled, horrified that his dad could say something so crude.

Jim sniggered. “I’m going to bed, I’ll see you later Ava. Oh and Kyle?”


“We’re going to have a talk tomorrow.”

Jim ambled off to bed, amused at the expression on Kyle’s face.

“Goodnight Sheriff,” Ava called after him.

Kyle just stared after him. Ava poked him in the side.


“You know, that’s what I like about you Buddha Boy, you’re always so smooth,” Ava teased.

Kyle grabbed her and went straight for her ticklish spot. Ava shrieked with laughter as he found the place he was looking for, on her lower back. He kept tickling her until
she begged for mercy. He had just released her when she grabbed him and kissed him. Kyle was surprised and fell over dragging Ava on top of him. They continued to kiss lying on the floor.

I'm not completely happy with it, and it's a lot shorter than what I was intending but if I don't post it now, I'll never get any more of this fic written! So be nice, and I'll work my butt off on getting 14 out asap.

Disclaimer I don't own Barney the big purple fuck, nor do I want to. I heard that version when I was in high school so I have no idea who made it up, otherwise I would give them credit.

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abbs007 - the next part is some M/L and other stuff. Thanks for the fb!!

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No I haven't finished the new part. Yes I'm a lazy shit. But I have had uni work to do and my brain is running on empty. I need a holiday, but that's not gonna happen for at least another month, oh boy! *snorts rudely* So I thought I would give you a little snippet of the next part to keep you interested.

Max and Liz kept dancing long after the song had finished. Liz had no desire to leave Max’s arms, and Max didn’t want to let her. Liz felt safe in Max’s embrace, like she was finally home.

“Did Michael impose a curfew on you?” Max asked with a smile.

Liz snorted. “Not yet, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he tried. I know he’s just being protective but AAAAAARRRRRGGGGGGHHHH! He’s driving me nuts. He went through a list of things today that I should and shouldn’t do, like stay away from Doug Highsinger and don’t make friends with people that have tatooes blah blah blah. I love him to bits but I could cheerfully strangle him.”

I will post more soon hopefully. Please be nice.

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Yes that's right, I'm back! And a happy Friday to all.

I'm stoked because it's Friday night and I don't have to go back to work until Monday, work didn't suck as much as it usually does today, my horse decided to not try to kick me today when I was putting his rug on (which is like a first, he's a foul-tempered creature a lot of the time) and I got a letter from my sister who I haven't heard from in about 4 weeks! And she sent me this so-cool keyring, it's a frog and when you open up it's mouth, a light comes on! Just thought I'd share!

So greetings and hugs to all, and the new part is in the next post!

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I'm not entirely happy with this part, but twiddling with it anymore ain't gonna help. So here 'tis.

Disclaimer: 'If I Could' bleongs to 1927.

Little Sister
Part Fourteen
Max and Liz kept dancing long after the song had finished. Liz had no desire to leave Max’s arms, and Max didn’t want to let her. Liz felt safe in Max’s embrace, like she was finally home. She also felt happy, something that she hadn’t felt in a long time. She tried to shake the vague feeling of unease that kept plaguing her about being out in the middle of nowhere with someone she didn’t really know, but it lingered in the back her mind, with unpleasant memories of another time.

“Did Michael impose a curfew on you?” Max asked with a smile.

Liz snorted. “Not yet, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he tried. I know he’s just being protective but AAAAAARRRRRGGGGGGHHHH! He’s driving me nuts. He went through a list of things today that I should and shouldn’t do, like stay away from Doug Highsinger and don’t make friends with people that have tatoos blah blah blah. I love him to bits but I could cheerfully strangle him.”

Liz could feel Max’s laughter before she heard it. She smiled up at him. He returned her smile.

“He’s threatened me with extinction if I do anything to ...”

“My honour?”

Max grinned. “Something like that.” He moved his hand to her hip and drew her even closer to him. “So do you think he’ll do anything to me if I keep you out all night?” he said huskily as he sought her lips again.

‘Probably,” Liz said against his mouth, “I wouldn’t like to see you afterwards.”

Max smiled inwardly as their lips touched. Liz was so cute, she bitched about Michael but it was so easy to see that she really adored him. Liz gave a muffled moan as Max added a little pressure to her mouth. She opened her lips to allow his tongue access to her mouth. As Max moved his hand under the back of Liz’s top to caress her bare back Liz gave an involuntary shiver as a rush of feelings went through her.

“Are you okay? You’re not cold or anything?” Max asked when he felt her shiver.

“I’m fine. This is ... it’s just all kind of new to me, that’s all. I’ve never been kissed before,” Liz admitted, her face flaming. In her mind she added, *well, it’s the first time I’ve been kissed when I wanted it to happen.*

Max tried to hide his shock. He would have thought a girl as gorgeous as Liz would have had a heap of boyfriends. He reminded himself that he knew very little about Liz, but he got a little thrill of masculine pride that he was her first kiss. Unlike Tess, who had been all over town.

“What?” Liz asked when Max went silent. *He wasn’t going to freak out about me being all inexperienced was he?* she thought worriedly to herself. *What if he’s
suddenly decided that he wants someone who will sleep with him?* She dismissed the thought as stupidity, after all Max seemed like a decent guy, not like some of the jerks that her mother had been around.

“Nothing, I’m just a little surprised that a girl as cute as you isn’t beating the guys off with a stick.”

“Oh yeah, fending them off,” Liz joked, “why? Does it bother you?”

“I like it,” Max murmured, kissing her lightly. He cued the CD player up again and another song started playing.

If I could paint I'd paint a portait of you
The sunlight in your eyes a masterpiece of truth
And a single tear like a silent prayer
That's shining so much brighter than a diamond ever dared
If I could do anything at all I'd do it for you

If I could write I'd write a book for you
A tale of hidden treasures with an IOU
But a million words wouldn't say a thing
That won't be said in three words
Where love's the central theme
If I could do anything at all I'd do it for you

Hey darling can't you see
What you mean to me
Anything I could do I'd do it for you
Hey darling don't you know
Just how far I'd go
Anything I could do I'd do it for you

Sometimes I feel so second rate
Seems loving you is my greatest mistake
I know I'm insecure and I know love don't keep score
But I wish I could give you more

If I could play I'd play up a storm for you
A raging sea of passion like you never knew
Every whispered sound would touch your heart
And maybe for a moment I could be your favourite star

If I could do anything at all
If I could I'd give you more
If I could do anything at all
I'd do it for you

Liz smiled as they started dancing again, “Michael’s going to kill me when I get home, but what a way to go,” she said under her breath.

Please be kind.

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Okay, about Liz, applebybehr, Lizzie_Parker17, Transparent Clear, Spicy trini1, LixMix5, abbs007 it will all be explained in due time, I promise.

Thankyou guys for all your wonderful fb!! I'm working on 15 at the moment and it's going decently. But there's heaps more I want to add, I scrapped 14b, so parts of that are going to be in 15 now, and I have this article to do and the dealine is Thursday and surprisingly enough! I haven't started yet *big* But I will work on it, but to keep you interested (and to piss you off! *big*) here's a teaser

“Liz? Elizabeth Guerin is that you?” she said.

Liz looked like she wanted to run away. Unfortunately for her, Ava was blocking her in. “Hello Sharon,” she mumbled.

“How are you? Is Michael with you? Wow, I haven’t seen you in years, not since ...” she trailed off.

Liz looked extremely uncomfortable. Pam smiled maliciously at her discomfort.

Aren't I such a shit? *big* I will have the new part up asap, sooner if someone wants to make me a deal *coughBrittcough* *big*

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I'm great thanks! I know I know, I suck! *big*

Sharon knows Liz and Michael from where they used to live, therefore she knows what happened with their mum and dad (hint hint)

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Well, hopefully, I'll be finished the part tomorrow and you'll find out what happened! I love this whole power trip thing! *big**big**big*
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Thankyou to katmcken, Rapunzel, jeremiah, Transparent Clear, Lizzie_Parker17, Juliette, roxygurl182, RosBaby, BuffySummers17, applebybehr (twice!) carebears, Kira lianna, abbs007

Hey guys I'm back! I am so sorry about the delay. Some friends of mine went away for the weekend and they asked me to housesit because they needed someone to look after their dog Tess (yeah I laugh my fucking head off about it all the time!) and so I haven't been near a computer since Thursady, and even then that was only for about 20 minutes or so (I think).

Anyways I have finished part 15, but I'm not really happy with it. But it doesn't seem to be getting any better so I figure I might as well get off my arse and post it. It will be in the next post.

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Little Sister
Part Fifteen
It was Friday night and once again the gang was hanging out at the Crashdown. Michael was the only absentee, but he was joining them after he finished his shift at Meta-Chem. Liz and Max were sitting in a booth staring into each other’s eyes. Also in the booth were Kyle and Ava, playing slaps. Alex was sitting at the counter talking to Isabel who was cleaning the milkshake machine. Maria waved goodbye to the remaining two customers and flopped down in the booth.

“Can we close now?” she whined. There was only half an hour until the official closing time and the restaurant was deserted apart from the gang.

“That’s what we’re doing,” Isabel called over, “a little help wouldn’t go astray.”

“We’re supervising,” Ava responded, sending Liz into a fit of giggles. Max and Kyle both sniggered.

“Cute, real cute,” Isabel said snootily.

Maria got up to help her. The doorbell chimed and she groaned as two people walked in. When she saw who one of those people was she groaned again, but a lot louder. “Pam,” she scowled.

Liz shrank down in the booth while Max put his hand over his mouth to hide his smirk. Ava had her back to Pam so she stuck her tongue out and pulled an etremely
unattractive face.

“You know if the wind changes, you’ll stay that way,” Kyle whispered to her.

“That must have been what happened to Pam,” she whispered back.

Kyle couldn’t help it, he laughed out loud causing Pam and her friend to to turn around and see Liz. Her companion looked startled.

“Liz? Elizabeth Guerin is that you?” she said.

Liz looked like she wanted to run away. Unfortunately for her, Ava was blocking her in. “Hello Sharon,” she mumbled.

“How are you? Is Michael with you? Wow, I haven’t seen you in years, not since ...” she trailed off.

Liz looked extremely uncomfortable. Pam smiled maliciously at her discomfort as she put the pieces of the puzzle together. “Oh my God are you that girl that Sharon’s mom was telling me about? The one whose mother was the town bike?”

Liz’s flaming face was the only answer that Pam needed. Sharon tried to drag Pam out of the Crashdown but Pam refused to budge. Max tried to lean over to give Liz moral support but she shrank away from his touch. He tried not to show how hurt he was at her rejection. Ava looked like she was going to get up out of the booth and smack Pam in the teeth, while Kyle, Maria, Alex and Isabel were contemplating various means of Pam’s demise.

“Yeah from what I heard her mom was quite the little slut,” Pam was saying, “ran around with nearly every guy in town didn’t she? Even the married ones, the young, the not so young. It’s a wonder that her kids even knew who their father was, there were so many candidates for it. And when she ran off with the town mayor and dragged her daughter with her, leaving her son behind. I can’t believe that the dad was so oblivious. He had no clue what was going on until she left. No wonder he hung himself.”

While Pam had been speaking Liz jumped over Ava and ran out the back. Max ran out after her, Ava close on his heels. Maria and Isabel forcibly pushed a smirking Pam out the door. Sharon looked really apologetic as she followed them out.

“I’m really sorry about Pam. I didn’t realise she knew Liz. I’d better go but can you please tell Liz I’m really sorry, and can she tell Michael “hi” for me?”

“Sure,” Isabel said softly, shutting the door behind her and turning the sign to closed.

She walked out the back where Liz was pacing around.

“Michael’s claustrophobic, did you know that?” she said to no one in particular, her voice rising, “he’s claustrophobic and she still locked him in there. She wanted to punish him so she split us up. Michael and I wouldn’t let her split us apart so she locked him in the cupboard. He was screaming for someone to let him out and I was trying to get to him and I was crying but she didn’t care she just dragged me out to the car and this guy was there who I didn’t know and she drove off and I never saw my home again.

Do you know what it’s like to find out your father killed himself by your mother telling you it in passing? Like it was something small and meaningless, as trivial as remembering to pick up the milk on your way home. And when I ran away to try and find Mikey do you know what she did to me? She locked me in the car and drove as fast as she could as far way as possible so there was no way I could find my way home. We were 10 years old, and she did this to us,” Liz choked out, collapsing on the floor sobbing. Ava sat down on the floor next to Liz hugging her as she continued to cry.
Everyone else crowded around the two figures.

“God I had no idea,” Maria said, understanding now why Michael had refused to talk about his life before Roswell.

* * * * *
Michael knocked on the front door of the Crashdown, not in the best of moods. He’d had to work back because Fly had called in sick and now the door was locked. He knocked a little bit louder but there was still no response. It was about friggin’ typical of his week. Max had not brought Liz home from their date until after midnight and he had just about gone nuts worrying about her. The only reason he hadn’t said anything was because Maria had threatened him if he did. And Michael did not want to get on Maria’s bad side or he would not be getting any for a long time. Muttering obscenities under his breath, Michael walked down the alley to the back of the Crashdown. The door was slightly ajar so he wrenched it open. Maria, Ava, Alex, Kyle and Isabel were sitting around the table. Max and Liz were nowhere in sight.

“Michael!” Maria flung herself into his arms. Everyone looked very sombre.

“What’s going on?” Michael asked, “where’s Liz?”

“She’s asleep in Maria’s room,” Ava answered, “she’s just a little emotional and worn out.”

“What happened?” Michael said frantically, dropping his bag on the floor and running up the stairs. Max was sitting in the armchair beside Maria’s bed, keeping watch over Liz’s sleeping form. Michael pushed past him and ran over to the bed. He knelt down at one side.

“Liz, wake up,” Michael whispered.

Liz muttered something and rolled over. Michael poked her and her foot came out and connected with his head. Max unsuccessfully tried to hide his snicker and Michael gave him a dirty look.

“Wake up Lizziepoo,” Michael said, more insistently.

“Go away,” Liz said. She rolled over and Michael saw the traces of tears on her cheeks.

“Are you okay? What happened?”

“I saw Sharon.”

“Sharon Dixon? What’s she doing in Roswell?”

“She knows Pam Troy,” Isabel said. Everyone else was clustered in the doorway watching the pair.

“And Pam knows everything I take it, and wasn’t shy about telling you all, was she?” Michael said heatedly.

Maria shook her head sadly. She couldn’t believe what Michael and Liz had been through. Her heart broke for them. She wanted to hug Michael and tell him how
sorry she was for him for it all but she knew that he hated to show weakness and probably wouldn’t appreciate her sympathy.

“It wasn’t Sharon’s fault, her mom was the one who told Pam. Sharon tried to stop her but Pam has it in for Liz,” Ava defended.

“Wonder why?” Alex smirked. Isabel slapped him on the back.

“Not helpful,” she hissed.

“Pam is a spiteful bitch who gets her kicks by other people being miserable, it wouldn’t matter if you had crossed her or not, she still would have said what she did,” Max tried to reassure Liz.

“Can you give us a minute?” Michael asked.

The others all nodded and made their way down the stairs to wait.

“Liz what did she say?’

“She started to go on about how our mother was the town slut and she said stuff about her causing a scandal when she took me away and how dad killed himself. It was so horrible,” Liz said, starting to cry again.

Michael took her in his arms and held her while she cried. Tears streamed down his cheeks as he comforted his sister.

Please be kind. I'm not sure where I'm going next so it may be a little while before the next part sorry.

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Thanks Britt!
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Thanks Juliette, Nana, dreamforever88, anonymousarfan, roswellluver, jeremiah & Strawbehrry Shortcake

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Little Sister
Part Sixteen
Ava listlessly cleaned the tables at the Crashdown on Saturday morning. Michael had rung her, saying Liz was sick and could she please cover her shift. Ava had readily agreed. But she couldn’t stop thinking about what had happened the night before. Her heart went out to Michael and Liz, if she ever met their mother she would smack her in the teeth. The doorbell chimed and she called out.

“Sorry, we’re clos...” The words died on her lips as she saw Isabel.


“I thought you weren’t working today,” Isabel said.

“Liz isn’t feeling well, so I’m covering for her,” Ava said.

“I’m not surprised, after last night. God I hate Pam.”

“I am going to make her pay for this somehow. I know Liz has only been here a little over a week, but it feels like she has been part of our group forever. And no one
messes with my friends. Especially not Pam ‘skanky ho’ Troy.”

Isabel and Ava grinned at each other, already forming a plot to get Pam back. They turned around when they heard a knock at the door.

“Hey, it’s that chick that knows Liz and Michael, but who’s the other one?” Isabel mused.

“Dunno, but I want to hear what they have to say. Sharon didn’t look too happy with Pam last night, maybe she can help us.”

Ava opened the door to let them in. Sharon shifted uncomfortably.

“Um, hi. I don’t really know you guys, but I just wanted to make sure Liz was okay. And to apologise for Pam, well, not for her, but...” she trailed off seeing no response from Isabel or Ava.

“Well,” Ava began, seeing that Isabel was going to ‘Ice Princess’ them, “if you want to make amends, you can help us get revenge on Pam.”

“Sure,” Sharon grinned, “oh, sorry, this is my best friend Gracie, she’d love to help with that.”



The four sat down at a table.

“So how do you know Pam?” Isabel asked.

“She’s my cousin,” Gracie said.

“My condolences,” Ava remarked solemnly.

Isabel looked shocked at Ava saying that but Gracie just smiled.

“That’s okay, I know she’s a bitch. Sharon told me what happened. If I was there last night I would have dragged her out by her hair, preferably face first.”

“Like that time at your house,” Sharon butted in.

“Oh my gosh, I had forgotten that I did that,” Gracie giggled.

Isabel let her icy facade drop and sniggered.

“Is there any coffee made?” Maria mumbled, making her way into the cafe, still in her pyjamas. “Hi people I don’t know,” she continued, still searching for the coffeepot.

That’s Maria,” Ava said to Gracie and Sharon, “she doesn’t function well in the morning without caffeine.”

Maria finally located the coffee and poured herself a cup. After draining most of it she suddenly realised about the others and went and sat down with them.

“What are you doing here?” she demanded, placing Sharon as the one who was there last night with Pam.

“They’re helping us get even with Pam,” Isabel said.

“I don’t know why you don’t just run her over with a truck and be done with it,” Maria muttered.

“As much as I would love to, then I’d go to prison and probably end up as some butcho’s sex bitch, and I would only get to see Kyle when he comes to make conjugal
visits, and I don’t even know whether you get them if you’re not married. So no, I think not, thanks all the same,” Ava laughed.

“Have you met Gracie? She’s Pam’s cousin,” Isabel said through gritted teeth.

“Oh you poor thing,” Maria said pulling a face of false sympathy.

Isabel rolled her eyes. You weren’t supposed to insult people’s family in front of them, it was like a law of the universe or something. Even if they said they didn’t mind
it didn’t mean that they didn’t.

“I really don’t mind if they insult Pam, she’s only a cousin by marriage,” Gracie whispered to Isabel.

“So what are we going to do to Pam?” Sharon asked, “I only know her through Gracie, so I can’t really help much.”

They all sat there for awhile thinking about it. Suddenly Gracie smiled.

“I’ve got it!” she exclaimed.

Yes I know it's only short and it kind of sucks, but my head hurts and I don't know what I'm going to do to Pam yet. By Sunday I should (hopefully). Feedback is always appreciated!

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Little Sister
Part Seventeen
Interlude ~ Michael & Liz
Michael hung up the phone and flopped back on the couch next to Liz.

“Ava said it’s no problem.”

“Thanks for ringing her, I just can’t face anyone at the moment.”

“I feel the same way.”

The Guerin twins looked at each other sadly.

“I feel so dirty, like I need to take a shower,” Liz said.

Michael nodded his head in agreement.

“Do you think they’ll act differently? Now that they know what mom was like? Do you think that they might see us as trash?” Liz asked worriedly.

She was mainly thinking about Max. Would he still want to associate with her, the daughter of a tramp? Would the others still want to be friends with he and Michael?
What about Maria? Would she break her brother’s heart?

“They’re not like that, they won’t think any less of us,” Michael said, adding under his breath, “I hope.”

They sat there for awhile before Michael brought up what had been plaguing him since his mother and Liz left.

“Liz what happened with mom? I mean for all those years?”

Liz got up off the couch and started walking towards her room. Michael called after her.

“Liz you have to tell me what happened.”

“Michael, I just can’t. Not right now. Can you please just drop it?”

“For now. But next time I ask...”

“Maybe. For now I just want to go hide from the world.”

Liz walked into her room and closed the door quietly behind her. A lone tear trickled down her face and she wiped it away furiously. She had sworn she was never going to cry over what happened again, and now was not a good time to break that promise.

I'm sorry it's only a littly, but it's better than nothing right? Feedback is always appreciated!

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Unfortunately Max was with Tess, but fear not, he's definitely not harboring any feelings of love toward the gerbil.
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Liz is hiding from her mum, among other people.
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Little Sister
Part Eighteen
Liz snuck in the back door of the Crashdown on Saturday night. She wasn’t really ready to face anyone, but Amy had called and said she really needed her to come in. She quickly changed into her uniform but before she could get out to the front she was enfolded in a pair of arms.

“Chica, I’m so glad you’re here. Are you okay?” Maria said hugging her tightly.

“If I could breathe,” Liz choked out.

Maria immediately released her.


“No problem,” Liz smiled, her stonewall firmly in place.

Isabel and Ava had come out the back to see where Maria was and saw Liz. They traded a grin when they thought about what was going to happen later in the night. Gracie and Sharon had promised to get Pam down to the Crashdown, and Gracie had dropped the tape by earlier. Alex had been working overtime, rigging up the video player. Kyle had been more of a hindrance than a help to Alex, and had been told to go play in traffic. Max was off somewhere, but he wouldn’t tell any of them what he was doing.

“Hey Lizzie,” Isabel said.

She hoped that Liz and Michael wouldn’t close themselves off from them now. She remembered what Michael was like when he had first come to Roswell, and hoped that it wouldn’t be like that now.

“Hi Isabel, hi Ava,” Liz gave a small smile which she hoped looked convincing.

Isabel and Maria walked out the door and as Liz went to follow them Ava pulled her back.

“Liz are you really okay? If you want to talk about it I’m here for you, we all are. Especially Max,” Ava grinned inwardly at Liz’s blush.

“I’m fine,” Liz tried to shrug Ava off but she wouldn’t be deterred.

“No you’re not. I’m not going to push you for an explanation, but if you ever feel the need to unburden yourself, call me.”

Liz tried to ignore the stinging feeling in her eyes. People always said that they would be there for her, but then they always let her down. Hadn’t she learned this a million times over? So why did she feel the sudden need to sit down and tell Ava her long tale of woe? Liz shook her head trying to escape those thoughts and went to walk out. Then she turned around to Ava.

“Thanks, but really I’m fine.”

With that she was gone.

“You really handled that well Harding,” Ava muttered to herself.

She wrenched her normal clothes out of her locker and got changed. As she was pulling her top over her head she heard someone behind her.

“Looking good there toots, hows about you give a little something, huh?”

Ava whirled around ready to hit whoever it was, but when she say it was Kyle she put her hand down.

“You are so lucky I didn’t punch you,” she mock-glared at him.

“You know I like it rough,” Kyle joked, pulling her up against him.

“Mmm, hello to you too,” Ava murmured.

“The traffic didn’t want to play with me,” Kyle pouted, “so I came to see if you did.”

“I’ll play with you any time you like Buddha Boy.”

Ava grabbed Kyle’s shirt collar and pulled him into a deep kiss. They were rudely interrupted by Max, who had snuck in the back.

“Ooh my eyes, I’m scarred for life,” he said, turning his back on them.

“If you don’t get out of here you’ll be more than scarred for life,” Ava retorted, starting to lift her top up.

Max fled, leaving behind a long white box on the couch.

“Now where were we?”

* * * * *
“Hi welcome to the Crashdown. I’m Liz and I’ll be your server today. Are you ready to order or would you like more time?”

Liz tried to stop the thoughts that were running endless circles in her head by concentrating solely on the task at hand, even if it was a table full of jocks.

“Are you on the menu?” one of them leered at her.

He made an attempt to grab her leg and Liz shrank back from him. Maria saw Liz’s distress and made a beeline to help her. She poured a pitcher of water over his head
and told him to get out.

As the musclehead left he made the mistake of trying to grab Liz again. Before he could say ‘steroid’ Max had thrown him forcibly out the door, telling him to piss off or
he’d never be a father.

“Are you okay?” he whispered to Liz

“Why does everyone keep fucking asking me that?! I’m just fucking fine,” she burst out.

All the customers turned around and looked at her. She flushed and went to run out the back, Max hot on her heels. Just as she reached the door, Max grabbed her arm.

“I wouldn’t go back there, Kyle and Ava are getting friendly. Come with me,” he said, leading her out the front door. When they had rounded the corner, Max turned to Liz.

“Do you want to talk about it?”

“Why is everyone so interested in me?” Liz demanded.

“I’m your boyfriend, I’m supposed to be! “Max shot back, then wished he’d kept his damn mouth shut at Liz’s expression.


Liz couldn’t believe that Max had just said that. Did that mean he didn’t care about her mother and still liked her? She tried to hide her joy, he could have just said it on
the spur of the moment.

“That is, if you want me to be,” Max said.

He hoped he hadn’t overstepped the mark, but there was just something about Liz that drew him to her. He wanted to protect her from the world, and heal all of her hurts. It went way beyond anything he had ever felt for Tess. That had been an infatuation, and all he felt now for her was disgust. But Liz, she was definitely something special.

“But, why me? There are probably a million girls who would want to date you. I’m nothing special, just mousy little Liz Guerin, the daughter of a tramp.”

“Liz, you may not believe it, but you are definitely special. I knew it from the moment I laid eyes on you. And that was your mother, not you. Your future is what you make it, and you will never be like that.”

“Do you really believe that?” Liz asked, her eyes shining with hope.

“I really do. Now Elizabeth Guerin, would you do me the honour of being my girlfriend?”

“I would,” Liz shrieked as she threw herself into his arms.

Max couldn’t wipe the smile off his face as he whirled her around.

“I had better go in, Maria’s probably wondering what happened to me,” Liz said reluctantly, withdrawing from the embrace.

As much as Max wanted to stay outside with Liz, he knew that she had to work. Plus, they still had their surprise for her and Michael later in the night.

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I am so amazed at all the wonderful fb and bumps that you guys have given me since this story has started and I love you all! Welcome to the new readers, it's nice to have you here, and to all my regulars, thanks for sticking with me!! Did you see, I have over 500 responses, wow! When I first started I had no idea that people would like it as much as they do, and I'm glad you guys love this story as much as I do. It was the first fic I ever posted and it's my baby, so I'm really stoked about it all. Sorry, enough gushing from me. The new part should be up in about half an hour to an hour, I'm just finishing it off. Once again, thanks all for the great response.

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Okay, it took me a little longer than an hour, but enjoy!

Little Sister
Part Nineteen
Liz walked back into the Crashdown with Max at her side and a bright smile on her face. She felt like she could handle anything right now, even Pam Troy. She snuck a
look at Max, wondering if it was possible for anyone to be as happy as her right now. Maria came running up to them.

“I’m really sorry for running out,” Liz apologised.

“Oh don’t worry about it, we’ve all done it at one time or another, but now I really need your help,” Maria replied dragging Liz off.

Liz turned around and flashed a smile at Max before heading off with Maria.

“Is she okay?” Ava asked Max, coming up beside him.

“I think she’ll be fine,” Max smiled.

Max snagged a booth and proceeded to bide his time until everything was ready. The time went fairly quickly, and before he knew it everyone was there waiting for the
show to start. Kyle, Alex and Michael were in the booth with him, trading idle chitchat. Pam had come in and tried to chat up Max, oblivious to Sharon and Gracie
pulling rude faces behind her back. Max had tried his hardest not to laugh at her while Michael had no such qualms about impoliteness. Presently Pam sat in the booth behind them, making excuses to talk to Max every two seconds. Liz had studiously avoided Pam at every turn, giving her no chance to make vile remarks.

After the crowd thinned out a little, Alex stood up on the table. He had argued long and hard with Isabel about making the speech. She had refused to get up there in her uniform, saying that you could see clear up her dress. Alex had remarked that he didn’t mind, earning him a smack upside the head. He rubbed his sore head and rued the day that Isabel had learnt that trick from Maria.

“Okay people, I have an announcement to make,” Alex said, “so if you could all be quiet. That means now!”

The noise got louder until Kyle climbed up on the table as well and let out an ear-splitting whistle. Everyone quietened down fast.

“So we all know Pam Troy is going off to New York to model and let’s face it, we know she’s going to be a success. So as a tribute to her we thought we’d show you her humble beginnings.”

Pam preened, not noticing the evil smirk that had crossed Alex’s features as he sat down. Gracie and Sharon dared not look at each other for fear of bursting out laughing and ruining it all.

“What’s going on?” Liz asked Ava.

They were standing behind the counter watching what was going on. Liz had seen Alex’s smirk and she couldn’t figure out what he was up to.

“Just think of it as a belated welcome to Roswell present,” Ava grinned at her.

Isabel and Maria wheeled the TV out and positioned it so that everyone in the Crashdown could see it. They turned it on and waited.

Seven year old Pam ran in front of the camera intent on being the centre of attention. She waited until it was focussed on her and then she began singing. Unbeknownst to her, there was someone behind her. As she was singing “I’m a little teapot” the person behind her pulled her pants down, revealing Sesame Street undies. Pam started to cry and tried to run away but tripped over her pants and landed flat on her face.

Max watched Pam’s face as the tape played. She went from smug to humiliated in 0.5 seconds once she realised what was being shown. When the tape cut to more recent events her face just drained of colour.

It looked like it was Christmas. Fifteen year old Pam wandered around drunkenly, planting kisses on whoever was nearest. She reached an attractive looking guy and
tried to kiss him. He looked her up and down before sneering and walking off. The camera did a close up to Pam’s crushed face. She was obviously unaware of being
filmed because she turned around and proceeded to throw up everything that she had been drinking. There was a slight blur and it cut to another lot of footage. It was obviously store security footage. Sixteen year old Pam looked furtively around before stuffing clothes in her bag. As she walked out the door she was grabbed by a security guard.

Pam sat there horrified as the tape played. She tried to hide but Gracie and Sharon held her fast. She tried to block out what people were saying to her but the insults
were flying too thick and fast for her to ignore. As the footage of her being nabbed by the security guard was being shown she burst into tears and ran out of the Crashdown, the catcalls and jeers ringing in her ears.

* * * * *
“God I have never laughed so hard in my entire life,” Ava said, “who knew that Pam had a criminal past?”

The Crashdown was closed and the gang were sitting around replaying the events over and over. Ava, Maria, Liz and Isabel were sitting at the counter sharing tubs of
icecream watching the guys attempt to play poker. Michael was wiping the floor with them, but none of them could figure out how. Liz hid her smirk. Their father taught them how to play poker when they were seven, saying it was never too early to learn.

She couldn’t believe what they had done for her and Michael, Pam’s humiliation topped off one of the best nights of her life. She finally felt like she was really part of the group. As they had been cleaning up, she talked to Maria and thanked her for it. Maria had replied that it was no trouble, Liz was one of her friends now and whoever messed with her friends was going to go down.

Liz looked over at Max and gave him a shy smile, then tuned back into the conversation swirling around her.

“Me neither,” Isabel replied, “did you see how she ran out crying like a five year old? I think I could die happy right now.”

“Does that mean I won’t have to buy you an anniversary present?” Alex interjected.

Isabel flicked a glob of icecream at him but accidentally hit Kyle with it.

“Good shot,” Max smirked.

Isabel stuck out her tongue at him.

“You know those Sesame Street undies reminded me of something,” Michael started to say, but was cut off by Liz giving him a death glare.

“What?” Kyle asked interestedly.

“Nothing,” Liz said, “right Michael?”

“That’s right, nothing. I won’t mention your Rainbow Bright underwear that you used to run around the block wearing.”

“Michael!!!” Liz screamed, flushing bright red.

He just grinned at her and kept going. Liz narrowed her eyes, promising retribution.

“Liz was obsessed with Rainbow Bright when we were about five years old and she convinced dad to buy her this underwear. She was so proud of it that she wouldn’t put shorts on when she went out, and the whole neighbourhood saw her.”

Everyone cracked up laughing except for Liz.

“Right that’s it,” she said, “I wasn’t going to say anything, but if you’re going to be like that, this one time...”

“At band camp,” Kyle and Alex piped up.

“When we were about nine. Do you remember? You thought that no one was home,” Liz continued as though Alex and Kyle hadn’t spoken.

Michael jumped up and put his hand over her mouth before she could say anymore.

“Mphft,” Liz spluttered out.

She tried to make Michael move his hand but he wouldn’t let go. Isabel jumped up to help her, pulling Michael’s hand off.

“Lizziepoo, you can’t tell that story,” Michael pleaded with her, to no avail.

“Why not? You told the Rainbow Bright story.”

“But you made the bestest twin promise never to tell that, ever.”

“That I did,” Liz sighed, “sorry guys, no story time for you.”

“Oh, but you have to tell us,” Ava begged.

Liz mouthed ‘later’ to her and they both smirked. Michael, pleased that his precious story wasn’t going to be told, sat back down at the booth. There was a knock at the door and Maria jumped up to open it. Gracie and Sharon were standing outside and she ushered them in. They sat down at the counter with the girls and were offered icecream tubs and spoons which they politely declined.

“Sorry we can’t stay long, we’re just about to leave for the airport. We just wanted to say goodbye.” Sharon said.

“That was great, where did you ever get all that stuff from?” Isabel laughed.

“Oh it’s my life mission to make Pam’s life a living hell,” Gracie grinned, “I made the tape to show everyone at her 18th, but I thought this was a much better occasion. I’m pleased to say that she’s locked herself in her room and won’t be coming out anytime soon.”

“If Pam’s your cousin, why are so horrible to her? Not that I’m complaining or anything, I was just curious,” Ava asked.

“Did you see that guy on the tape?” Gracie asked.


“That was my boyfriend. Pam just kept slutting onto him and wouldn’t leave him alone. That’s one of the million reasons, the other biggest being that she always did
everything in her power to make me feel about as big as a garden gnome, and I’m just sick of it. So I got back at her the best way that I could.”

“Where did you get the security footage?” Max asked, showing that he was paying attention to the conversation after all.

He kept looking at the door to the back room, but trying not to be too obvious about it. Not that he was very successful. Kyle and Ava both tried not to smile. They had peeked in the box that Max had left there and couldn’t wait for Liz’s face when she saw it.

“Bribery’s a wonderful thing isn’t it?” Gracie said, “that was from when Pam was staying with us last summer. She’s a bit of a klepto, that wasn’t the first time it’s
happened. She could probably do with some counselling but her parents just give the places enough hush money and they don’t press charges. Only the family ever hears
about it.”

Sharon looked at her watch.

“We’d better go or we’ll miss our flight,” she said.

They got up and said their goodbyes to everyone. Sharon, Gracie, Liz and Michael stood in a little cluster talking quietly.

“Did you guys ever meet before?” Sharon asked.

“I think once, before everything happened,” Michael said, “but I try not to remember a lot of that. Thanks for that, it really gave me a good laugh.”

He gave Sharon and Gracie quick hugs and wandered off back to the poker game.

“That will probably be the most emotion you’ll get out of him,” Liz smiled.

“I wish there was something I could say to make everything better for you, but there’s not. If you’re ever in town come and visit,” Gracie said to Liz, hugging her. “I’ll wait for you outside,” she called to Sharon, walking out.

“Keep in touch y’hear,” Sharon said, “I’m really sorry that me being here brought all this stuff up for you, but it was really nice to see you again. I really missed you all
these years. I still have that silver chain you gave me for my eighth birthday, the one that has the best friend charm on it. Well I had better go, but hopefully I’ll see you again, and not so long in between.”

“Yeah, that would be great,” Liz said.

Sharon gave Liz a hug and and whispered in her ear, “I’m really sorry about your dad, he was one of the best people I ever met.”

“Thanks,” Liz whispered back.

With that, Sharon left. Liz sat back down on the stool.

“How are you doing?” Max asked as he came and sat down beside her.

He had been watching her all night, unable to take his eyes off her.

“I’m pretty good, all things considered,” Liz answered with a small smile.

“I have something that will make you feel better, just wait here.”

Max ran off to the back room and came back holding a box. He presented it to Liz, who gasped when she opened it. Inside were a dozen white roses.

“No one’s ever given me flowers before, they’re beautiful. Thankyou,” she said, giving him a small kiss on the lips.

“Aaw that is so sweet,” Maria whispered to Michael.

He just looked at her, raising his eyebrow ever so slightly. She just smiled winningly at him until he gave in and gave a crooked grin. The others were watching Max and Liz as well, with identical “aaw” expressions.

“Don’t you guys have something better to do?” Max asked, feeling their eyes on him and Liz.


That was from Ava and Kyle. Maria got the hint and turned the radio on.

“It’s my song,” she squealed, as ‘Divine’ by Antenna started playing. She sang along, making Michael dance with her.

I’m too perfect
That’s my only flaw
Judge and jury
I lay down the law

I don’t know what I want
I just do what I please

“Come on, sing it with me,” she called to the other girls.

They all joined in.

I can do no do no wrong
I can do no wrong

Soon all eight were dancing, the Crashdown filled with music and their laughter.

Ava and Kyle were trying to swing dance, but they weren’t very good at it. Kyle dropped her as he attempted to swing her around his body, but Ava just laughed and picked herself up off the floor. Michael was trying to keep up with Maria and her crazy happy dance, while Alex and Isabel moved gracefully together.

“It’s not a slow song you two,” Alex called to Max and Liz.

They were swaying to the music, wrapped tightly in each other’s arms, seemingly oblivious to the others.

“This reminds me of our date,” Liz said softly in Max’s ear.

He just pulled her closer and smiled.

‘Divine’ finished and ‘Bad Moon Rising’ by Creedence Clearwater Revival started. Liz and Michael looked at each other. It had been their father’s favourite song, and they both knew the words off by heart.

I see the bad moon arising.
I see trouble on the way.
I see earthquakes and lightnin'.
I see bad times today.

Don't go around tonight,
Well, it's bound to take your life,
There's a bad moon on the rise.

I hear hurricanes ablowing.
I know the end is coming soon.
I fear rivers over flowing.
I hear the voice of rage and ruin.

All right!

Hope you got your things together.
Hope you are quite prepared to die.
Looks like we're in for nasty weather.
One eye is taken for an eye.


Michael dragged Maria around the floor for a change singing it, while Liz whispered the lyrics into Max’s ear, her breath tickling him. She felt like it was a sign that maybe things were finally going to go her way.


Just a qucik note from me. There won't be an update until at least Tuesday because I'm going to Melbourne on Friday morning and won't be back until Tuesday morning. Hopefully I'll get a lot of writing done on the plane and will have an update when I get back. See you all then!

~ Mon

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Hugs and big thanks to applebybehr (5 times), calphysics, roswelladdict (3 times), Lindsey, Rapunzel, roswellluver, BubbleBlueSmurf, Transparent Clear (2 times) & Kim_56Emotion for the feedback and bumps.

New part here!!

{Author’s note: Michael has a car, not a motorbike in this. Why? You ask. Because
it’s my story and I said so!}

Little Sister
Part Twenty
After Creedence finished everyone sat down in one of the booths and gossipped. To accommodate them all they were severely squished up. Ava was all but sitting in Kyle’s lap (not that either of them were complaining) with Alex and Isabel sitting next to them. On the other side of the booth were Max and Liz, and Maria. Michael sat on a chair that he dragged over to the booth, saying that it would be far too cramped. Really he was doing it to keep an eye on Max and Liz. It wasn’t that he didn’t trust Max, he really did, he just couldn’t shake this feeling that something bad was going to happen to Liz. He wanted to make sure that he did everything in his power to prevent it.

“So do you want to come over for dinner on Monday night? My parents want to get to know you,” Max asked Liz.

“She can’t,” Michael butted in.

Everyone gave him very dirty looks.

“And why not?” Maria asked softly, dangerously.

“Because all the guys from work want to meet her, so I promised that she’d come to bowling night with me.”

“You said I’d be there, you didn’t ask me?” Liz feigned annoyance.

“Please Liz?” Michael begged.

Liz pretended to be considering it, “Hmm, what’s in it for me?” she smiled.

“You can tell embarrassing stories about me,” Michael offered.

“I was going to anyway,” Liz laughed and ducked her head as Michael threw a straw wrapper at her.

“How about he lets you drive his car?” Ava suggested wickedly.

Everyone except Michael laughed. It was a well known fact in the group that Michael’s car was his pride and joy and no one drove it and lived. Even Maria wasn’t allowed behind the wheel. Ava wondered whether Michael would let his own flesh and blood touch it. It wasn’t the most flash car, just a serviceable Toyota Camry, but Michael had saved long and hard for it. To him, it was as good as any top of the range car out there.

“I think that’s fair,” Liz smiled.

Michael nodded his agreement. He would have let Liz borrow his car anyway, but no one had to know that.

“What about dinner tomorrow night?” Max asked Liz.

“That would be nice,” Liz smiled, “Michael...?”

“Yes you can borrow my car, just don’t hurt it or do anything in it.”

“Like what?” Liz asked innocently.

She knew exactly what he meant, she just wanted to make him squirm and say it.

“You know exactly what I mean.” Michael refused to be drawn into the discussion about his sister’s personal life.

Kyle nudged Isabel. Her head was resting on Alex’s shoulder and her eyes were closed.

“You awake?” he laughed.

“Huh?” Isabel opened her eyes.

“I guess that’s our cue to leave,” Alex said.

Everyone stood up and said their goodbyes. Maria pinched Michael when she saw him roll his eyes at Max and Liz kissing. Alex was getting a lift with Max and Isabel, and Kyle and Ava were driving home together. Liz skipped around to the passenger side of Michael’s car with a huge smile on her face.

“You know, I haven’t seen you do that in a long time,” Michael said.

“What? Skip?”


He unlocked her door and she slid in.

“I just feel really happy. I can’t believe that they did that for us. I mean, I know why they would for you, but I’m not really part of the group, and...”

“But you are part of the group, and if there’s one thing you should know, it’s that we always defend each other. And we always tell each other stuff as well.”

“Like you told them all about me?”

Michael flinched. He pulled the car over to the side of the road and faced Liz.

“That was a low blow. What was I supposed to say? My mom’s a whacko and she ran off with my twin sister and I haven’t seen them since. Oh yeah and my dad topped himself after they left and I had to go to an orphanage until someone wanted to adopt me. Yeah that wouldn’t bring on the pity party!”

“So you never considered the possibility that I would turn up one day? Did you even care about me while I was gone? Were you even bothered that I was off somewhere while you had a perfectly nice time here with your perfect little job and your perfect little life? God, I should never have bothered to come here.”

Liz wrenched open the car door and got out. She stormed off down the road. Michael cursed and got out after her.

“Elizabeth Claudia Guerin get back here!” he demanded.

“Fuck off Michael. I don’t really feel like it right now,” Liz yelled, walking off.

Michael ran after her. He caught up to her easily and grabbed her arm.

“Liz get back in the car. We’ll talk about it when we get home.”

“Since when did you get to decide everything? Why is it always what you say?”

“Liz please, just get in the car.”



“I think I’ll walk.”

“What if something happens to you?”

“Oh, so you care now, do you?”

“I always cared. Did you think I never tried to look for you? Where was I supposed to start? Would you like to tell me that huh? When I got shifted across the country?”

“I managed to find you!”

The Guerin twins were yelling at each other at the top of their lungs by this stage and people were coming out of their houses to see what was going on. When they stopped shouting, they realised they had an audience. Liz flushed bright red, as did Michael. They bolted to the car and took off. When they got inside the apartment Liz took off to her room and no amount of cajoling on Michael’s part could get her to leave. Michael went to his room and closed the door. He grabbed his Walkman and turned the volume up, as he tried to drown out the accusing voices in his head.

I know it's not very long, but it's longer than I originally intended. Things just sort of wrote themselves in there. I'm already working on part 21, but I have other fics that I owe updates to, so it will hopefully be sometime this week.

~ Mon

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Yes I know I'm a slackarse for taking so long to update and I'm really sorry about it, but it just wouldn't seem to gel. I have most of the part written, I just have to type it up. So it should be up in a couple of hours, provided that nothing goes wrong. Thanks guys!

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Thanks Jenn, Gracie and Joanna!

This part is only half of what I originally intended, but the second half needs more work, so it's become part22, which will be up sometime (I'm not making promises when because I invariably break them and then I feel really bad). Hope this part is worth the wait though!

Little Sister
Part Twenty One

Liz reluctantly padded out of her bedroom the next morning. She wanted to curl up and hide until it was time for her to go to Max’s that night, but she knew that she needed to sort out things with Michael. Confrontation wasn’t really her style though, so she decided to wait until he brought it he up. As she walked out she the sweet smell of fresh donuts hit her.

“Morning,” Liz said sleepily as she grabbed a donut and sat on the couch to eat it.

Michael picked up his cup of coffee and sat down next to her. They both sat in silence for a few minutes, both knowing the subject needed to be raised, but neither one
willing to do it. Finally Michael broke the silence.

“Liz, I didn’t tell anyone about you, not because I never thought about you, but because I didn’t know how to answer the questions that would invariably follow. How
do you explain such a fucked up past? And this is a small town, people gossip. Being the subject of everyone’s small mindedness is not my idea of fun.”

“Are you sure that you didn’t just get caught up in your life here and wanted to forget about everything else?” Liz asked softly.

Michael looked her square in the eye.

“Do you really believe that? That, I would just forget my twin sister?”


“She really did a number on you didn’t she? What happened? I managed to keep track of you until two years ago and then just nothing.”


“Do you remember Adam? Lived down the road? Always used to get in trouble? Dropped a frog down your top when we were seven? His father used to work for the
FBI and he still had a few contacts. Just before I moved here with the Hartmans he came to see me. He couldn’t do anything about you and mom legally, but he promised
that he would keep an eye on you, and if anything happened, he’d let me know. But I got this phone call about two years ago, saying that you guys had just vanished without a trace. One minute you were in Nebraska, the next you were gone.”

“Please don’t make me talk about it,” Liz begged, her eyes tearing up.

Michael sighed. He really wanted to find out what had happened but if Liz wouldn’t tell him he was going to have to find out another way.

Liz looked sadly at Michael.

“I wanted to believe that you still cared, but then after I got here and no one knew who I was I fugured that you had your new life and you didn’t need me anymore. After everything I went through to find you it really hurt.”

“How did you find me? I thought adoption records got suppressed.”

“They do.”

“So how?”

“I learned a few things over the years. Breaking and entering, and computer hacking just happened to be two of them. Who says you can’t learn valuable life skills from your mother?” Liz gave an evil grin and hid the pain in her eyes.

Michael just looked at her in shock.

“You broke the law?” he muttered, “What happened to my sweet innocent sister?”

“She disappeared a long time ago,” Liz whispered, so quietly that Michael didn’t hear her. “What’s on TV?” Liz said, flipping it on, “Oh cool, it’s the Smurfs!”

Liz gave Michael a genuine smile and started singing along to the theme music. He grinned, the Smurfs had always been Liz’s favourite show.

“Do you hate him?” Liz asked suddenly.

“Who? Gargamil?” Michael replied, completely baffled.

“No. Dad.”

“For what?”

“For killing himself, for leaving you at the mercy of the adoption system, for everything.”

“Sometimes. When the grief wore off I was furious. I couldn’t believe that he deserted me when I needed him the most. I was all alone and then suddenly I was at
an orphange with twenty other kids. Next thing I knew I was adopted and part of this family with pewople I had never met before. I didn’t want them, I wanted my sister
and my dad, hell I even wanted mom at that stage.

When the Hartman’s decided to move to Roswell I got even angrier. They were dragging me away from everything I had ever known. I just had this huge amount of anger that I refused to let go. I refused to make friends with anybody, until Max helped me out once. But I let it go over the years, it’s not worth holding on to. You can’t change the past, but you can change the future.

I still never let anyone get really close to me though. Even Maria, much as I love her, I keep at a distance. I’m still afraid of her one day leaving me. What about you? Are you still angry at dad?”

“Yeah I do. I try not to be, but I can’t help it. I know deep down, that there must have been something deeply wrong with him to resort to that, especially when he cared about us so deeply. But I can’t or won’t let it go. It’s the coward’s way out. There is no satisfaction in death, only in life.”

“When did you get so wise?”

“Didn’t really get much of a choice, I ended up being the adult most of the time. What about you? You never used to be so, well, understanding.”

“Eight years is a long time,” Michael reminded her.

“That it is. I’m really sorry Michael,” Liz said.

“What for?”

“For giving you grief about not telling everyone about me. I never really considered everything you went through and your reasons for not telling them. I was just thinking about myself.”

“Lizziepoo, I don’t blame you for being angry about it.”

Michael gave Liz a reassuring hug and they turned their attention back to the Smurfs. Until Liz had to get ready they just sat on the couch, arguing over what to watch and eating junk. They reminisced about times with their father, laughing over the good times that they had had. Michael grudgingly handed over his car keys to Liz, but then stopped her as she was about to walk out the door.

“Liz do you have a licnce?”

“No, but I know how to drive, see ya,” Lz answered and ran out the door before he could stop her.

Michael waited until he heard the car go before he went into Liz’s bedroom and started rummaging around. When Liz foud out she would probably kill him but he had to know. He found what he was looking for under Liz’s mattress. Michael grinned, Liz still hid her journal in the same place. There were four journals stashed there, Michael recognising one as her ninth birthday present from their grandmother before her death. He sat down on the couch and began reading.

* * * * *
Liz nervously knocked on the Evanses front door. What if they didn’t like her? What if she made an idiot of herself? The front door opened showing Isabel.

“Hey Liz, come in,” she said, giving Liz a hug when she got inside, “I like your outfit.”

Liz was wearing a knee length white skirt with pale blue flowers around the hem and a blue singlet with matching cardigan in the same shasde as the flowers. Maria had
dragged her off shopping on payday and urged her to buy the outfit when they saw it.


“Max is in his room if you want to go up there. It’s the door next to mine.”

“Max is right here,” Max said coming down the stairs.

He had been listening out for Liz for the past ten minutes and as soon as he heard the knock on the front door he had all but bolted out of his room.

“Hi,” Liz said shyly.

She wasn’t sure how to act around him. She had never had a boyfriend before, so she wasn’t sure if she was supposed to jump into his arms or just stand there. Max took the decision out of her hands by putting his arms around her and giving her a chaste kiss. Isabel rolled her eyes, but she was secretly thrilled for the both of them. Max seemed to have come out of the dark cloud he had been under ever since Tess, and Liz seemed to have lost a couple of the shadows under her eyes since she had arrived in Roswell. Alex walked in without knocking and swept Isabel into a deep kiss.

“Get a room guys,” Max said disgustedly as they continued to suck face.

“Sure, can we use yours?” Alex joked, “Hey Liz, you have to suffer through an Evans dinner too huh?” he lowered his voice so no one else could hear him.

“Alex dear if you want dessert, you should be nice about dinner,” Isabel nudged him.

“Where’s dinner? I’m famished,” he said cheerfully.

All four of them laughed.

“Max, Isabel, are Alex and Elizabeth here?” Diane Evans’ voice filtered through from the kitchen.

Liz stiffened a little and Max stroked her back reassuringly.

“It’ll be fine, she’s really looking forward to meeting you.”

Diane came out of the kitchen and gave Alex a hug. She turned to Liz.

“So you must be Liz, I’ve heard nothing but great things about you.”

“It’s nice to meet you Mrs Evans,” Liz said politely.

“Diane please. Dinner’s ready if your four want to go to the dining room it will be out in a second.”

“Do you need any help?” Liz asked.

“No you just go and sit down.”

Diane whistled softly under her breath as she walked back to the kitchen. She liked Liz already, she was the complete antithesis of Tess. Diane scowled, she had never liked Tess, but had tried to get along with her for Max’s sake. She still wondered what Tess had done to Max, she wasn’t buying Max being upset over her death. Mother’s intuition told her that there was a lot more to the story.

“What are you thinking?” Phillip asked as he came into the kitchen.

He saw the look on his wife’s face that usually meant disaster for one or both of their children.

“Oh nothing, just thinking,” Diane said innocently.

In her head she was already planning Max and Liz’s wedding. She already knew that Liz was the one who would end up as her daughter-in-law. She dodged any questions from Phillip by heading out to the dining room.

Dinner was a fairly low-key affair. Diane and Phillip had been warned by Max and Isabel not to ask Liz about her past, having filled them in on what they knew. Everyone made general chitchat about work and the like. After dinner Liz helped Diane and Isabel with the dishes and went up to Max’s room with him.

“Nice room,” Liz said looking around.

Max came up behind her and started nuzzling her neck. He flipped her around and captured her lips with hers.

* * * * *
Michael flipped impatiently through the first journal. There was nothing important in there, just the usual crap about childhood crushes. He picked up the second journal. He skipped the beginning part until he an entry caught his eye. It was obviously old, in large, childish handwriting.

Today is Tuesday and two days ago my father killed himself. My mother told me like it was no big deal. I ran away to try and get home and she locked me up for three days. Whe I cried she just ignored me. I’m never going to cry in front of her again, she just laughs at me. I can’t believe that my father is dead. Maybe she’s lying, she’s always lying. Every new guy she meets is the one, my new daddy. I don’t want any of them, I want my dad. And I want my brother as well. I miss Mikey. If he was here he’d laugh at me and tell me to stop being a fraidy cat of all these men. I don’t like the way some of them look at me, it’s really creepy. Graeme isn’t so bad, but he’ll be gone next week so there’s no point liking him.

Michael kept reading, his fury rising by the minute. How could this have happened to his baby sister?

* * * * *
Max manourvered Liz toward the bed, lips still fused together. They fell onto the bed still kissing passionately, Liz lying beneath Max. Max kissed a trail down Liz’s neck and she gave a small shiver. She had never felt like this before, this warm feeling that started in her head and slowly went downwards. As he reached the strap of her singlet, Max wordlessly asked permission. Liz bit her lip.

“I’ll never hurt you,” Max whispered hoarsely.

I’ll never hurt you, I’ll never hurt you, the words reverberated through Liz’s brain. A cold fear overtook her and she pushed Max off her.

“Liz, what’s wrong?” Max asked worriedly.

She had a look in her eyes like she didn’t know where she was.

“Get away from me,” Liz screamed.

She pushed past Max and ran out the door. Max tried to follow her but she was gone before he even got out the door.

“What’s wrong?” Isabel asked.

She had been watching a movie in the lounge room with Alex when she had heard Liz scream. She hadn’t been able to catch Liz before she had left but the look on her face scared her.

“I don’t know. We were in my room and we were kissing. I said I wouldn’t ever hurt her and she freaked out. I’ve got to go and find her.”

Max grabbed his keys and headed over to Michael and Liz’s apartment. He hoped she was there. What had caused her to freak out so badly?

Please be kind.

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This part is rated R

Little Sister
Part Twenty Two

Michael was so engrossed in Liz’s journal that he didn’t hear the knocking on the door. When the door was flung open he jumped nearly a foot in the air and flung the journal behind the couch.

“I wasn’t reading-” he started before he realised it wasn’t Liz.

“Have you seen her?” Max asked.

Michael took in Max’s distraught appearance and his concern increased tenfold. What he had read in Liz’s journal had shocked him. He had no idea that his own mother could be such an evil bitch. If only he could have traded places with her he gladly would have.

He had read all but one of the journals and the key to Liz finally leaving must be in there. From what he read, everything else she had endured, but something must have pushed her over the edge.

He tried to focus on the matter at hand. Liz had been with Max and now she wasn’t.

“What happened?” Michael asked tersely.

“We were in my room and we were kissing and then she just freaked out,” Max tried to explain, “she just ran out on me.”

Michael launched himself up out of the chair and grabbed Max by the collar.

“What do you mean you were making out and then she ran out? What did you do to her?”

Michael ground out every syllable, shaking Max to enunciate it. Max finally managed to stop him and tried to calm him down.

“I didn’t do anything. We were just kissing. That’s it. I promise.”

Michael looked Max in the eye.

“Sorry man, it’s just that she’s all I have and I’m worried to death about her. I’ve been reading her journal and everything she’s been going through, I’m just scared that she’s gonna go off and do something stupid.”

“Was there anything in there that could have explained why she reacted to me the way she did?”

“No, nothing specific. I think one of her “daddies” might have tried to do something for her. But that’s not important right now. We have to find her. Did you see which way she went?’

“No she was gone by the time I got down the stairs. I didn’t see which direction the car went.”

Michael sat down on the couch heavily.

“Fuck. Fuck. FUCK!” he yelled in frustration.

Max picked up the phone and quickly dialled Maria who promised she’d be right over. Then he dialled Isabel.

“Is, it’s me. Liz didn’t come back did she?”

“We’ve been watching out the window but no sign of her. Do you want us to come over?”

“Yeah, you’d better.”

Isabel said she’d get Ava and Kyle as well and then they would split up and try to find Liz. Max sat impatiently on the couch waiting for everyone to arrive while Michael
paced agitatedly around the apartment. Finally the door was flung open.

“Michael,” Maria said running into his arms.

Isabel, Alex, Kyle and Ava appeared at the door soon after. Michael tersely explained the situation and everyone immediately offered to help. They divided up the town and tried to figure out where Liz would go. Ava and Kyle took the cinemas, Maria went to the Crashdown, Max offered to check the UFO Museum, Isabel and Alex said they’d try the Evans’ again and Michael said he’d stay and hope that Liz came home.

After everyone left to try and find Liz, Michael made an attempt to sit and hope that Liz would turn up. He sat down on the couch and turned the TV on. After about 30 seconds he gave up any attempt of watching. He stormed around the apartment throwing things, kicking the furniture and cursing the world.

Suddenly there was a knock at the door.

* * * * *
Max almost screamed in frustration. He had checked through the UFO Museum and there was no sign of Liz. The weight of guilt descended upon him. It was all his fault, if only he could have stopped her from running out.

* * * * *
“No she hasn’t come back here,” Diane said to Isabel and Alex.

She was just as worried as her children about Liz. The petite brunette had already found her way into Diane’s heart and she hoped that nothing had happened to her.

“Thanks mom, we’ll take a drive around and see if we can spot her.”

* * * * *
Maria ran through the Crashdown checking for Liz. When there was no sign of her she decided to head back over to Michael’s.

* * * * *
Kyle and Ava were driving along when they saw the flash of lights behind them.

“Shit, we don’t have time for this,” Kyle cursed as he pulled over.

He looked out the window and saw his father approaching.

“Dad, this is really not a good time,” Kyle started as Jim ambled up, “We’re in the middle of something.”

“Where was Michael going in such a hurry?” Jim asked, “I saw his car going towards the desert. He must have been going at least seventy miles an hour. I would have
pulled him over but I was stuck in a traffic jam.”

“Liz!” Ava exclaimed, “The place where she and Max had their date. That’s where she went.”

“Who’s Liz?” Jim asked.

“Michael’s sister. We don’t have time to talk, we’ve got to go find her. Thanks dad. And don’t pull any of us over”

Kyle put in the car back into gear and started driving towards the desert leaving behind a speechless Jim. As they were going Ava rang Max to tell him to pick up Michael.

* * * * *
Michael leapt up at the knock at the door. When he saw who it was his face fell.

“Under normal circumstances I would be upset, but I know you were hoping it was Liz,” Maria said, flopping down on the couch. “No sign of her, have you heard from anyone else?”

Michael gave a listless shrug.

Maria surveyed the apartment. There were broken pieces of china lying on the floor, the couch had been kicked over and the cushions looked like they had taken a severe beating. She figured that it wasn’t entirely surprising given the circumstances.

She got up off the couch and started to tidy some of the broken pieces of the plates, picking them up and putting them in the bin.

The door flew open again revealing Max.

“Kyle and Ava rang me, Jim saw your car heading out of town. They’re going to try and find her. I think she’s gone where we had our first date. Come on!”

Michael ran out the door and headed down the stairs the minute the words were out of Max’s mouth. Maria quickly grabbed keys and followed Max down the stairs.

“Do you think she’s alright?” Maria whispered to Max.

“God I hope so. Michael nearly killed me when I told him what happened. If something does happen to Liz, he doesn’t have to worry, I’ll kill myself.”

“Max, you didn’t do anything wrong. This is Liz’s deal. Someone’s obviously fucked her up pretty bad.”

“Let’s go!” Michael yelled from the car.

Max quickly got in the car and headed out towards the outskirts of town.

* * * * *
Liz sat on the rocks with tears streaming down her face. Only just over a week ago she had been dancing there with Max. He had seemed so nice, but he was just like all the others. She shouldn’t have been surprised, didn’t they always do this?

The tears flowed faster. She just wanted all of it to stop.

* * * * *
“How much further is it?” Michael asked impatiently.

“Not much, Ava and Kyle should be there by now.”

Max pressed his foot down on the accelerator a bit more even though the Jeep was almost at it’s top speed. He swerved off the road when he saw his car and Kyle’s car
and went and parked next to them.

“Shit you must have been speeding,” Ava said getting out of the car, “we haven’t been here very long.”

“Have you seen her?” Michael asked, all the time looking around for Liz.

“Kyle’s off looking for her, I’m here in case she comes back to the car.”

Michael ran off in the opposite direction to Kyle. It should have been easy to spot Liz but he couldn’t see her anywhere.

He rounded a group of rocks and saw a lone figure sitting there.

“Liz!” he yelled running over to her.

Michael could see his sister’s frail shoulders shaking and as he drew closer he saw how puffy and bloodshot her eyes were as tears continued to pour down her cheeks. He ran up to her and hugged her to him.

“We were so worried about you,” Michael whispered in her ear, “don’t you ever go running off like this again.”

The others heard Michael’s shout and came running over to where they were. When Liz saw Max she slightly cowered behind Michael.

“It’s okay Lizziepoo, he wouldn’t hurt you.”

Isabel saw Max’s hurt look when Liz looked so frightened of him and lightly touched his arm to reassure him that it wasn’t his fault.

“Are you okay Liz?” Ava asked.

She could tell that Liz wasn’t, but she needed to break the tension that hung around the group.

“Just fucking dandy,” Liz mumbled.

“Let’s go,” Michael urged her.

“I’m not going anywhere,” Liz insisted, trying to get away from Michael.

“You’re coming home right now.”

“Just leave me alone.”

Liz wrenched herself out of Michael’s arms and started walking off. Max ran after and tried to catch her but she slipped past him.

“Don’t touch me!” she screamed, “God, you’re just like the rest of them. Pretending to be nice and then you’ll just use it against me. And no one will believe me because you’re so nice!” As she continued, her voice became louder and more shrill, echoing through the stillness of the desert.

The other seven people stopped dead in their tracks. Michael felt the fury rise up in him until he thought he was going to explode. He had been right, someone had been at his little sister. Someone that had obviously done such a number on her that she flinched away from the one guy that Michael trusted not to hurt her.

“Liz,” he pleaded with her, “just come home.”

“Home? That’s not my home. That’s your home. My home is in another state. I’m a minor and she can drag me back there any time she wants. Back to him,” Liz spat out the last word.



“Was he the one who...” Ava trailed off, not being able to voice what she was thinking.

“Tried to rape me? No, he wasn’t one of them. He was just the devil incarnate.”

“Was he the man your mother left your father for?” Kyle asked as tactfully as he could.

“No, the man my mother ran off with was named Clive. There were a lot of men after him, I lose track of them all. One of the worst was Samuel, but he wasn’t the first one who tried it. I learned from an early age that men thought like mother, like daughter,” Liz said, all emotion gone from her tone.

Maria looked at Michael. His face had done exactly what Liz’s had, become a stone mask. Looking at their faces, Maria found it unbelievable that she hadn’t recognised
them as siblings the first time she had seen them together. She knew that he was tearing up with guilt inside over what had happened to Liz and she was going to make him talk to her. He wasn’t going to shut her or any of the others out, not when he and Liz were going to need them the most.

Kyle saw Ava flinch when what she had been thinking was confirmed. He wrapped his arms around her and she leaned into his embrace, grateful that she hadn’t to go
through what Liz had.

Max felt his knees go weak. She thought he was going to try and rape her? He thought he was going to be sick. He just wanted to reassure her that he would never ever hurt her in that way, but she wouldn’t even meet his eyes.

Alex and Isabel traded looks behind Max’s back. Years of being together had made them in tune with what the other was thinking and both could see the large amounts of guilt that were coursing through the group. Michael and Max were the worst of them, Michael for not being able to protect his sister when she needed him the most, and Max, because he thought that he caused Liz to completely freak out. Both of them knew that it wasn’t anyone’s fault except for the sick people who did whatever they did to her.

Liz kept on talking in a dispassionate voice, almost like she was describing someone else’s life. “I got used to my mother’s boyfriends ogling me from an early age. Not all of them were like that. Some were actually quite nice. I didn’t bother making friends with them though, they were usually gone in the blink of an eye. Most of the lecherous type never tried anything, they just leered. I would just hide most of the time and hope
they wouldn’t notice me. Being invisible became a talent of mine.

Sometimes they would try something and I would tell her. She never believed me. She’d slap me and call me a lying whore. My own mother called me a whore. So I
learned to fight back. They never expected it and it seemed to scare them off.

I tried to stay away from her and them. If I tried to leave she’d find me. The first time I really tried to run away I got a mile down the road. I was twelve. I packed up everything I own, not much more that what I have now and just ran off. The other times I had tried to run away I hadn’t really tried, like when I found out about dad. I would just open the door and skip off down the street. Needless to say, I would only get a few yards before she would find me. But this time, I thought I was prepared. I had ten dollars, I thought that would get me home. I didn’t even know Mikey had moved then. I don’t know why I thought I’d get anywhere, I guess I figured anything was better staying with her. Of course she managed to find me. She locked me up like
she always would, and then she would take me to a new place, further away than before.

Two years ago we were in Nebraska and she met this guy. His name was Harry Wells, but everyone called him Hank. Like she always would, she fell for him. He had this farm out in the country so we ended up there. He did the nice act for her. I saw straight through it. He was like all the rest. But even worse. He had this type of menace. It’s true that you have to watch out for the quiet ones. I learned how to read people, to sit and study them.

She used to make me exploit that talent. It was the only time that she ever cared about me. I would be able to pick the suckers and she would rip them off. Pretend that she needed money for the bus or to feed me, then find out how much money they had. If they had a lot of money she would work her magic. Sleep with them while I was in the same room then leave. Take all their money and move on. I can’t remember how many times she did it, more than I want to know. That was the only reason she never left me behind.

But Hank, he sucked her in. She didn’t just fuck him and leave him. She moved in with him and then the trouble really started. Hank was the perfect gentlemen to her
and to me at all times in public. In private, he was a monster. He never tried anything sexual on me, he just hit me. He had this real talent of not leaving marks on me so I couldn’t prove anything. It’s not like she would have believed me even if I’d had two black eyes and a broken rib. She would have just said that I was doing it to ruin her life.

There were other people that lived on his farm as well. Most of them seemed to be like my mother, devoted to Hank. It wasn’t a cult, there wasn’t any religion there. It was sort of like a commune, everyone working together. Well, Hank and my mother didn’t work. They just made sure everyone else did, and if anyone was found slacking off they were punished. Never in front of anyone, but we would hear about it. I always tried to keep my head down and work as hard as I could, but Hank had it in for me. He might have killed me if it wasn’t for these two guys that looked out for me. They sort of became my surrogate family.

Rath was about the same age as me. He was Hank’s son by some woman who had dumped him there. He and Hank never got along, I think that he got worse beatings
than I did. He saved me from getting really badly hurt, but he used to get hurt himself. He kind of became like my surrogate older brother. He reminded me a lot of Mikey, even sort of looked like him. I told him all about my family. He was going to run away with me once we turned eighteen. Then they couldn’t drag us back there.

Moonshine Johnny was this older guy who used to hang around the farm. He was just this drifter, but he was a lot smarter than he let people believe. He used to lend me books to read, stuff like Dickens. I would hide at night and read these books by the light of this tiny little torch. I was lucky that I was never caught or my mother or Hank would have probably given me hell for it. John always seemed like he was hiding something, but I never asked. Rath and I would sneak out and go and visit him after we were supposed to be in bed.”

Maria grabbed Michael before he could get to Liz and shake her. She sounded like she was reciting the alphabet, not talking about her life. She was completely detached.

“Don’t do anything, if you stop her, she might not be able to get this out again. Just let her finish, it might help her,” she whispered.

Michael stopped and turned his attention back to Liz.

“Whenever Rath or John saw Hank around me they would intervene. It would work sometimes, but Hank was good at watching and picking his opportunity. One night,
about three months after my seventeenth birthday, Hank caught me alone. He must have planned it that way. Rath and John had gone into town for something. I was never allowed to go there, my mother knew that if I did, I’d slip them and get away. The farm was a long way from anywhere so even if I managed to get away from it, there wasn’t anywhere to go.

It was about six o’clock. Hank had been at me all day, just in my face. I was trying to avoid him, but every time that I turned around, there he was. I was in my room. It wasn’t exactly my room, I was sharing with a couple of other girls, but they were off somewhere.”

Continued in the next post...

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Liz shot up at the sound of the door being flung open.

“What are you doing here?” she choked out when she saw Hank.

“I came to see you. Hiding out here, shirking your work are you?”

Hank advanced on her as she backed into the corner.

“You little slut! Don’t think I don’t know about you sneaking off with those two men in the middle of the night. You’re just like your mother. I know everything that goes on around here. Those books that you’re always reading, no wonder you never do any work.”

Liz started to protest but was silenced when Hank gave her a smack across the mouth that sent her reeling. She hit the wall and slumped down.

“Get up you little bitch,” Hank snarled, grabbing her arm and hauling her to her feet.

Liz spat on him, only to receive another stinging slap.

“You are going to pay for that.”

Hank dragged her out of the room and down the stairs. Liz hit her head on the bannister but he took no notice. As Hank was hauling her outside Rath and John arrived back from town. John separated them.

“Don’t you touch her!” Rath yelled protectively moving in front of Liz and John.

“Get out of my way boy,” Hank demanded pushing Rath out of the way.

Rath turned around and punched Hank in the stomach.

“You just leave her alone or I’ll kill you.”

Hank grabbed Rath by his hair and threw him against the wall. Rath slumped to the ground and didn’t get up again.

“Rath!” Liz screamed.

She knelt down next to him and turned him over. A thin trickle of blood ran down his temple, but other than that he was still.

“You killed him,” Liz said disbelievingly.

(end flashback)

“He just killed Rath like it was no big deal. It was though he had swatted a fly. I wanted to kill him, but I was too little to do anything. John wouldn’t let me see the body, he just told me to stay in my room until he had buried him. We had a little service for him, it was nice.”

Liz gave a sad little smile before she continued speaking.

“After Hank killed Rath, I knew I couldn’t stay there any longer. That night, after John buried him, I packed up all that I had into two bags and left. The only things I had were my journals which I had kept hidden, some photos and mementos and my clothes. John gave me some money and he drove me as far away as he could without anyone noticing I was gone. I started hitching lifts back to Denver. I just thought that Mikey would be there.”

“But when you got there you found out that he’d moved,” Ava guessed.

Liz didn’t even appear to hear her.

“I went to our old house and started banging on the door. This old lady came out and told me that if I didn’t leave, she’d call the police. The people next door also came outside. I was lucky, the Porters were still living there. Mrs Porter told me that you’d moved, but she didn’t know where.

I went down to Social Services and asked them if they knew. I got laughed right out of there. I went back there after hours and broke in. I went through their files until I found what I was looking for. Then I started hitching again. That’s when I ran into Jerome.”

Liz stopped suddenly and blinked. It was as though she had come out of a trance.

“I don’t really want to talk about Jerome. I have to go.”

“Go where?” Isabel asked.

“Anywhere, I just have to leave. I don’t want to think about this anymore. I want it to all stop. I want it to go away.”

“Liz, you don’t have to tell us about Jerome if you don’t want. It’s okay,” Max gently reassured her.

He didn’t know whether Liz would even listen to him. She looked over at him. Brown eyes met amber and locked for a moment. Liz gave a sad smile and looked

“I think you should talk about it, you might feel better if you do,” Maria voiced her opinion.

“Liz, please, tell me what happened,” Michael begged her.

Liz looked at her brother. He had had such a great life before she came along and here she was, messing everything up. She should have just taken the car and kept going. She had never had a problem leaving places before. No place had ever felt like home before. But something about Roswell made her want to stay. That was why she had only made it as far as the place where she and Max had had their first date. She tried to not think about what had happened as she spoke about it. That had become her way of dealing with all that had occurred in her life, just try and distance herself from it.
Things were easier to cope with if you didn’t invest your emotions.

“After I left Denver I started hitching again. Not that far out I caught a lift with this guy Jerome. He looked familiar, but by this time I’d met so many men that they’d all started to look a lot alike. I didn’t feel very comfortable around him. I sort of stayed huddled on the passenger side of the car. I just needed to get a few miles and then I had enough money to get a bus from Alberqueque to Roswell. We were just outside of town...” Liz’s voice trailed off as she recalled what had happened next.

She sat down heavily on the ground. Michael went and sat down next to her and put his arm around her shoulder. She leaned into him for comfort.

“I’m so, so sorry that I wasn’t there for you when this happened. You don’t have to tell me any more, I can guess what happened,” he reassured her.

The tears that had been welling up in Maria’s eyes while Liz had been talking finally spilt over. She thought of all the times that she had complained that her life sucked,
yet she had no idea what real hardship was. When she got home she was going to give her mom a huge hug and just be glad that she had a parent who loved her and was always there for her.

The others stood around uncomfortably. They wanted to express their sympathy to Liz, but didn’t have any idea of what to say.

“You guys go home,” Michael instructed them, “we’ll just be a little longer. We’ve got my car.”

None of them wanted to leave, but they thought that they should leave the two alone to talk about things. Max went over and knelt in front of Liz and tried to catch her eye. But her head remained buried in her brother’s shoulder.

“Liz, if you ever want to talk to me I will be there for you. I would never try to hurt you, I’m not like those other guys that you’ve met.”

When he saw he was not going to get a response out of her, he stood up and started to walk away.

“Thanks man,” he heard Michael say.

He lifted his hand in acknowledgement as he walked back to the Jeep. The others were waiting for him.

“I had no idea that their life was so screwed up. I’m just so glad that she’s here with us now and that bitch mother of hers can’t find her.” Ava said vehemently.

Kyle hugged her tightly to show that he completely agreed.

“I just wish that I could make it all better,” Max said morosely, “but she won’t even look at me. She’s been through a lot, I just want her, and Michael, to know that we’ll be there for them.”

“Michael has never been one to talk much, I can testify to that. And Liz is a lot like him. I think they’ll retreat into themselves,” Maria ventured.

“They are going to need some time to sort this out. Michael has got to be feeling all kinds of guilt over this. I would, if it had happened to one of my sisters. Older
brothers have a duty to protect their sisters, and Michael failed,” Alex said.

“It wasn’t his fault!” Isabel yelled.

“I know, but he’ll feel like it was,” Alex replied.

“Guys, maybe we should continue this somewhere else. I don’t think either of them would appreciate us talking about them where they can hear,” Kyle suggested.

The others nodded and got in their cars, agreeing to meet back at the Crash.

“What do you think they’ll do?” Maria asked Max as they drove back towards town.

“I don’t know, I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.”

* * *
Michael and Liz sat on the ground for hours not saying a single word. Thoughts of vengeance kept running through his mind. Lists of tortures he could put on all the men bar two that had encountered his sister kept piling up. Liz just stared at the stars. They were so beautiful, clean and sparkling. They were the exact opposite of how she felt at the moment. Talking about her past had made her feel dirty. She wanted to go
home and take a long, hot shower and try and scrub that feeling away.

“What are you thinking about?” Michael finally asked.

“I just want all this to go away. I don’t want to think about our mother, I don’t want to think about what happened, I just want to be a normal girl who can kiss her boyfriend without being scared that he’s going to try to rape her.”

Michael shifted so he could look Liz square in the eye.

“Max would never try to hurt you. He’s my best friend. I trust him, and you should too.”

“He said that he wouldn’t hurt me. That’s what Jerome said, just before he...”

“Did he rape you? If he did, I’m going to hunt him down and kill him. They’ll be finding pieces of him all over the state.”

“Michael it doesn’t matter now.”

“If it doesn’t matter why are you out here?”

Liz winced.

“That’s not fair.”

“I know it’s not. You don’t have to tell me now, but one day I will ask and I want you to tell me.”

“I can’t promise you that.”

“Can you promise me that you won’t leave? I can’t lose my little sis twice.”

“I promise.”

Michael stood up and helped Liz to her feet.

“Let’s go home. And it is your home, as much as it is mine. She won’t find you here. You only need another six weeks and then she can’t touch you.”

Liz nodded, though Michael doubted that she really believed him. The trip back was quiet, both lost in a swirl of thoughts. Liz walked inside and went to walk into her room. As she rounded the back of the couch she tripped over something. She leant down to pick it up.

“Michael?” she asked sweetly.

“Yeah Liz,” Michael answer was muffled because his head was buried in the fridge.

“Why the fuck is my journal on the floor?"

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