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Title: Crawling away from my pain. AU
Author: Ashleigh (sweetivy420) Want to send me soem email Sweetivy420⊕
Catogory: M/L M/M I/A and T/K I really likes the royal four idea and I used to be a fan of tess don't worry she is like Maxs other sister in this story hey its my universe this is the way its going to be.
Disclaimer: I own nothing
Authors notes: I got this idea from Save the last dance but I have changed a few things this is just where I got the idea from. Liz's Mom and Sister (rosa from the book) died in a car acident. Leaving Liz to move in with her bum father in Roswell. She is not a dancer (I thought that would be too tacky). Aleins still Apply. Feedback would be appreciated.

Part 1-

Tap tap tap that was the sound her father Jeff Parker madde on the sterring wheel of his rusted oldsmobil that blended in with the puke brown clor that hadn't been painted in years.

Liz parker stared out the window her facce had the reminance of stale tears that had been let out only moments before Liz doesn't even Know when she is crying anymore the tears come so much The one feeling that pushes her to the edge over and over agian is the overwelming guilt.

The car is jolted to a arrupt stopand lizs head almost swings up to hit the wind sheild. Her father (if you even want to call him that) mumbles a small apology and walks up into the apartment duplex he took two of her suitcase leaving Liz with the other three. She picked up the one and followed slowly behind him he opens the door leading the entrance to her new home.

Liz cautiously walks through not knowing what to say He leads her to a small room at the end of the apartmenthe layed her two suitcases on the bed and walked past her to retreve her other bags leaving liz in the small room alone with her thoughts.

The paint was peeling in most places and there wasn't much light except for the small lamp next to her bed that seemed to mimick the color of her pain a dull ugly yellow. At least the bed was nice she thought running her hand across the new white comforter. She tried to picture what Rosa would say to all this.'A bad ass attempt to make up for the shity room and life without a father' Liz cringed at the thought of Rosa she was two years older than Liz and always took care of her shelded her from all the pain she could she took her job as big sister very seriously. Where was she now?

Liz tried to wipe at the stream of tears she hadn't even noticed had begun to fall from herr eyes. The thought of her sister. she tried everything to push every thought of her away. when they were growing up on the streets of New York There Mother at home with her dealers sitting with her as they all shot up. It was always them aginst the world. 'because no one else gives a damn' is what Rosa told Liz whenever she wondered why it was always just them.

She never was really sad over her Mothers death she never even acted as a mother. Her Mother ki8lled her sister. If she wouldn't of been driving that night Rosa would still be alive telling her it was all going to be ok and they were going to get through it because it was them aginst the woorld.

I know this part is really short But I will make up faor it later with part 2 this is just a way to introduce the story see what you guys think and if I should continue or let it die.

O I really like the new board the wait was totally worth it!! *big*

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The reason the last part wasn't really complete was because I had to do chores and I was being nagged now nag free chores done Part 2 will be longer.

Part 2

Liz awoke to the bright sunlight shining across her face causeing her to open her eyes and close them just as quickly she didn't want to open her eyes and rember if she kept them closed everything was just like it used to be she didn't have to facce the ugly truth.

After a few minutes of laying on her small twin size bed she sat up and pulled herself to her feet stumbling in a daze into the kichen that sat shortly across the small living room if you would even call it that her Dads room was across from the kitchen the door was closed she assumed he would be passed out for a while grabing a bottle of water out of the frig=dge she quietly tippied back into her bedroom and opened her first suitcase she thought of unpaking but felt too many memorys buired there so she decided aginst it and pulled out her favorite jeans and green tanktop.

She left the house she assumed it was about noon but she wasn't that sure scince she hadn't found the location of the clock she would have to get one before monday she didn't really trust herself to wake up early in the morning.

As she walked down the stairs she rounded the corner and bummped into a spikey haired guy who looked like he had partied a little to hard his head was hung low and he looked tottlaly wiped out.

"Sorry" Liz let out his face not really meeting hers.

"Its fine" he mumbled and walked past her to what she assumed to be his apartment.

Shrugging her shoulders she walked out into the sunny street. She took a deep breathe and decided to expore this tourist trap she saw a small restraunt rounding the corner the crashdown cafe. The sign in the window caught her attnetinon Help Wanted.

Thats what she needed a distraction. She walked inside to see the crammed restraunt with fat tourists in every booth.

"Hi welcome to the Crashdown Cafe" A girl with short brown hair who struck Liz as one of those people that should be on the cover of Maxime Magazine. She didn't look too happy and appered to be holding a fake smile on her face that would fall just as quickly as the tourists ate their meals.

"Actually I saw your sign outside and was wondering......" Liz didn't get to finish her sentence before the girl interrupted her.

"Thank god, That sign has been up there for like a month it seems like no one wants to get their hands in greesy tourist food....whats wrong with the world." The girl was rambling on as she led her to a sttol where she had placed a aplication on the counter of. Liz took her seat. "after your finished I'll have Amy Valenti Come up to nterveiw you" The girl smiled polietly "By the way my name is Isabel Evans"

"Liz Parker" She said extending her hand. Isabel accepted and they both shared a smile which made Liz supreresingly happy for the first time in almost a week.

Liz went over the questions answering them as fast as possible. She noticed Isabel busy with some customers so she just waited.

"Hi" A voice pipped from behind her she turned around to see another waitress with bouncey blonde curls. Liz smileed as the girl removed the anntenas from her curls that stuck to the edges of it. "I'm Tess Guiern" She said extending her hand.

"Liz Parker" She said accepting the girls hand.

"Are you new?"

"Not a very big town is it, Yeah I just got here yesterday." Liz said

"Where do you live?" Tess asked as she proceeded to make herself a Cherry Coke "Do you want one?" She asked holding up a cup "On the house"

"Sure" Liz said. "I live over in the Roswell Studio Apartments across from the bowling ally"

"Your kidding I live in those apartments with my brother" Tess said handing Liz her drink. "Is that your application?"Tess asked pointing to the peice of paper in front of Her.

"Yeah Isabel said she would get me a interveiw when I am done so I am jsut waiting for her to get..."

"Done feeding the fat faced tourists....yeah" Tess said wrinkilng her nose and joining in a small laugh with Liz. "That will probley be a while I can get her real quick just a sec." Tess said and disapeared behind the door.

She reappered a couple of minutes later with a tall woman behind her with Short Dark brown hair. And looked to be very busy by all the papers she was holding andd the couple of pencils Liz noted one behind the ear the other in her hand ready to take down any notes.

"Amy this is Liz Parker. Liz this Is Amy Valenti" Tess introuduced and then grabbed her anntenas returning to tthe new mob of toruists that had invaded the Crashdown.

"So Liz you are new in Roswell" Amy asked warmly give Liz the once over to be sure she wasn't another waitress that would stay for a week then quit.

"Yeah I just got here last night" Liz said smiling her most sweetest kiss ass smiles she could choke up lucky for Liz she was pretty damn good at this now so she had no problem sugar coating herself.

"And why did you move if you don't mind me asking" Amy noted the girls face Fall quickly as with her eyes to the ground but she quickly retaliated and pulled her face back up.

"I Moved in with my dad" Liz said Trying her best to try and stay away from, that subject.

"What hours can you work?" Amy decided to leave that alone by the look in the girls eyes earlier she noted it was not a subject the girl cared to venture on right now.

"Whatever hours I can get I start school Monday so any hours I can work around school would be fine." Liz said being as cooperative as possible she nopticed Amys pleasure in this.

"Ok you can start tomorrow I will get your outfit together scince it will be sunday we don't open until 10 am so be here at 9 if you can so we can go over everything" Amy shook lIzs hand and then proceeded back to the back of the restraunt to work on inventory.

"Did you get it?" Isabel said breaking away from the customers for a moment.

"I satrt tomorrow" Isabels smile widened and then she pulled Liz over to the booth she was serving.

"This is Liz, Liz this is Alex my boyfriend and My berother Max." Isabel said Liz smiled at Isabels boyfriend and turned to greet her brother when she was hit with a overwelming amount of emotion when her eyes hit his he was gorgous.

He couldn't stop looking at her him Max Evans brother of Isabel king Of Antar she wass beautiful he had never seen someone as beautiful as her her huge Doe eyes pulled him into her he felt himself warmed by just her look and he didn't want it to stop.

"Hi" Liuz said breaking her gaze finally she didn't know how long she had been standing there."Well I got to go, It was realkly nice to meet you.......both" She stammered out and walked out of the restraunt waving goodbye to Isabel she was then outside where she could feel the coldness that had now overwelmed her body. She wanted so much to wrap her self back into his warmth agian.


What did you think should I keep going?

LIZ: Don't you realize what you are to me...and you're always gonna be? You're the love of my life. Everyone else is gonna be second best. There'll never be another you.

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Authors notes:Thank you everyone for the excellent feedback this wont really be following the Save the last dance story line pretty much the only things I took from that movie were The car crash and the girl having to go live with her bum father so I should probley take back that I was crossing this over with save the last dance even though I do love that movie if anyone has any ideas that I can do to save that please tell me, but I think I have already killed off the possiblitty of it following that story line.


Liz was indecisevly trying to pick out something to wear she never really cared much before but now it seemed different. Finally pulling on a pair of dark denim jeans that fit nicley to her along with a thick strappeed tanktop that seemed to fit teh weather nicley she started out of the room

She stopped arubtly to see her father passed out on the couch. She didn't really know why it bothered her its not like she had never seen something like that before. She always saw her mother passed out with a needle not to far away from her. But Liz suddenly felt the difference. Her sister was always there to Knock awya her shock and disbelief of the situation rushing her out of the small newyork apartment to go down town to their coffee shop. Where Beth waited for them every moringing.

Liz shook her head and walked past the stench of alchohol that invaded her nostrils. Shutting the door behind her she spun around to see a familiar face.

"Tess" Liz said getting the girls attention she spun around with a smile on her face.

"Liz. I guess were nehibors."

"Yeah I guess so" Liz said starting down the stairs with Tess.

"Are you heading to the crashdown." Liz nodded her head in response and Tess quickly ciontinued. "Me too Amy is so freaky when it comes to inventory none of us got out until 1 last night."

Liz smiled at her friend as they continued down the Alein theme street the sun shinning off their faces.

"So I never asked you where did you move from?" Tess began egar to start a conversation.

"New York" Liz said rounding the corner.

"You are kidding I would die to Live there away from this itty bitty tourist trap. Do you miss it?" Tess said leading Liz to the back of the crashdown down the ally.

"Yeah" Liz said simply slipping inside the back door hopeing silently to herself Tess wouldn't vventure to the question of why diodn she leave.

She walked inside to see a tired blonde walking down the stairs of what Liz assumed to be The Valenties apartment.

"hey Tess" the girl greeted appering to still not be fully awakened. "Watch it my moms in one of her crazy prefeconist moods" The girl then looked over at Liz who sttod akwardly next to Tess.

"Hi I'm Maria Valenti" She said extending her hand in a warm friendly manner.

"Liz Parker" She said accepting Marias hand.

"Yeah I am the lucky duck whos parents wake her up on a sunday Moring" Mariass voice begins to get louder. "NINE O CLOCK IN THE MORING" Amys head shoots out of the back sudddenly getting her daughters clue. "On my day off" Maria said getting a smile from both Tess and Liz.

"Liz starts today she just moved her from New York" Tess said eager to introuduce someone that comes farther than a few miles outside of Roswell.

"Seriously" Maria looked amazed Liz shrugged.

"Liz" Amys voice echos from the back kitchen. Liz trails after it leaving Tess and Maria there.

"Hey Tess buddy how about a m,indwarp cover up for me today just a couple of hours while I sleep" Maria said once Liz was out of an ear shot. Tess let out a small laugh.

"Sorry Your on your own buddy" Tess said giving Maria a small pat on the back and trailing to her locker to change.

"Yep I sure as hell am a lucky duck" Maria said gruffly walking up her stairs to change.

Sorry it was kind of short but I will try to make the next one longer so what did you guys think.


We have released this song to hopefully provide some comfort during the aftermath of the terrorist attack. Please feel free to share it with anyone you think might be comforted by the ancient words of wisdom. God bless you all, and may peace prevail...
-Late Tuesday


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Part 4

Micheal was walking at a fast pace down the street outside the crashdown it was about to hit 10 oclock so he had very little time he took the next corner sharp speed walking to the back of the crashodwn he didn't want Amy to see him because he knew her face would fill up with a plead for him to work today.

So he climbed up the back of Marias balcony he saw both Maria and Tess sitting on her bed hidding out their last few safe minutes before fat faced slobs invade the restraunt. Marias Face lit up and she threw herself into his arms almost throwing him off the balcony.

"So romantic don't you think so" Maria said turning her head towards Tess to get a nod of agreement. "I mean wow Romeo and juliet if only your sister weren't in the room and you climbed up bmy balcony...hey wait you never climb up my balcony" Maria stopped her gleeful rambling only to wack him on the side of his head. "You are using my balcony for Alein out of this world related buisness" Maria stopped took her seat at the edge of the bed muttered something about him being an ass and alowed him to explain himself

"Wow maria little high strung aren't we" Tess said letting out a small giggle but quickly stopped upon recieving the death ray from maria.

"Anyways.... Micheal said continueing we only have about five minutes before the brunch crowd strolls in so I wanted you two to be aware of whats going on" Maria and Tess both shot him a continue look and he quickly resumed. "You know that new girl"

"What you think shes an alein" Maria let out in a laugh. "Wait you think shes an Alein" Maria said in a more serious shocked expression.

"Ok ok micheal before you jump to conclusions like you always do why do you think she is an alein." Tess said calming down the situation.

"Well first off she moves in right after the dupes steal the granolith. She moves in right next to me and tess.We have never even see our neighbor Mr Parker and she convenintly gets a job at the Crashdown where we all center most of our days and a lot of us work at." Micheal finished not knowing what to expect from the girls.

"She could just be an FBI agent" Maria said

"Thats still a threat" Micheal quickly pointed out

"Or she could just be an avreage normal hi I'm new in town girl" Tess said pointing out the logic of the situation. "I mean I will admit whenever I talk to her she seems a little distant but who doesn't have skeletons in the closet."

"Yeah well we should try to find out what these skeletons are" Micheal said hearing Amys fast paced footsteps up the stairs he quickly planted a kiss on Marias Lips and hid on the other side of the window outside the balcony.

"Chicken" Maria yelled as her and Tess started downstairs.


Liz smiled at herself in her bright blue alein theme outfit serving food to two screaming kids and a single mother this was defennitally not how she saaw herself going about being a jouinior.

Glancing up at the clock she almost broke into a happy dance. She was off it was deffinattly a hard first day but she survived. Liz smiled agian happy and satisfied with herself as she proceeded to the back to change. Thats when she saw him those brown eyes cutting through all the bullshit that ever clouded her eyes for a few brief moments she could see clearly and then she noticed all of them sitting there staring at her like a frog on a dissection table. Maybe she wasn't really off of work.

"I thought I got off at seven" She said in a small mouse voice. "Was I wrong" It took them a while to answer but then Maria spoke up.

"Yeah thats right don't worry Karen can handle it out there for a little bit." Maira said looking at Liz inspectiing her every move

"Yeah ok well I guess I will see you guys at school" Liz said turing to head towards the bathroom to change but not before stealing one last look at Max.

Once out of an Ear shot Micheal started to continue.

"Don't worry me and the girls will check it out so far you are the only one that suspects her, Not even Max suspects her and he is more mega parinoid than any of us put together. So just give it a rest for now" Isabel said starting towards the back.

Its true Max thought he didn't suspect her just some how the vibe he recieved from her didn't possibly strike him as anyone that could put them in danger instead he had this over powering urge to keep her from danger.

"Hey Liz thre is this party at this jocks house tonight were all going care to come along." Isabel said through the crack in the door where Liz was changing Liz opened the door once finished.

"That sounds great I just have to run by my house to change" Liz said walking back into the break room with Isabel she honestly had no idea why she wanted to go to this party she shouldn't be in a parting mood she should still be mournign she scoled herself but for some reason she wanted to be around Max a little more just his presence made her feel a little lighter like a huge weight she had been caring around forever is removed.

"sure hey I'll go with you, Maria I need the keys to your Jetta" Isabel said to Maria Liz wanted desperatly to object what would Isabel think when she saw her small tiny apartment with her father passed out on the sofa. She didn't follow as Isabel and Maria procceddded towards the back she assumed Maria was going also.

"Liz are you coming?" Maria questioned Liz stole one last glance at Max who hadn't moved his eyes off of her once scince she came back into the room, and then reluctantly followed the two out to the red Jetta parked next to a coceyed red mustang liz gave it a questioning look. And Maria quickly filled her in. "My brother Kyles you can tell he just came back from the party." maria said climbing in the drivers seat next to Isabel who was shotgun and Liz who took her seat in the back.

They were all three entering hell Liz knew it but she did not stop it.


Tell me what you guys think

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