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Title: Baby Got Going
Author: NMBunny
Summary: AU M/L Public Transportation can be so much fun!
Disclaimer: I only own the story. The characters belong to UPN, J.K, and M.M. The song is by Liz Phair from her album Whitechocolatespaceegg
Rating: NC17 (Short fic)

Authors Note: Okay here is the deal. I have never written a story like this before. That is why I am posting it under this name and not my other board name. I have written and posted other stories on this board, under that different name. Guess who I am, and you just might get a prize. Be kind, please!!!!

Part I:

Baby got going on a southern train,
You know fired up pistons driving below,
Whole vibrations, seat upholstery, silky underwear,
Oh conductor lets roll.

Baby got going but I can’t complain,
You know it knocks me out when she acts so strange,
Like a big Mack truck cutting across three lanes of my soul.
Conductor lets throw the pedal down and roll.

"It has to be a sin to feel like this," Liz Parker thought to herself as she gazed at the man who had held her attention for a month. One day, he had stepped onto the same train that she took to and from the city every day. Since then, Liz couldn’t stop thinking about him. He and his broad shoulders, chocolate colored hair, amber eyes, and a body to kill for. She didn’t even know name, but she spent a majority of her train rides thinking about ways to make him scream hers.
Occasionally she would catch him looking at her. A smile would creep across his face, and Liz would feel a deep satisfaction in the knowledge that she caused his perfect lips to curl in such a way. Often, she would sit in her seat, longing to feel those lips crushing down on hers, taking her breath away.
A couple of weeks ago, Liz decided she would do her best to entice this dark haired mystery man. Her outfits became more daring, showing off as much of her slender, creamy white legs as possible. Her last boyfriend, Kyle, told her that her legs were the best part of her body. Of course, he did also run off with a curly haired blond secretary from his office. But if there were one thing he would be honest about, it would be what had turned him on.
That was what Liz wanted to do. She wanted to turn this man on. She wanted to drive him crazy with lust for her. She wanted to feel his body shifting underneath her instead of vibrations from the train car.

Squeezing her knees underneath her book ,
You know a real good shaking s’all it took,
Cause my baby’s hooked on me,
and as you can see I’m wild about her.

She got gone but I can’t complain,
Knocks me out when she acts so strange,
Like a big Mack truck cutting across three lanes in my soul
Conductor throw that pedal down and roll.

Today, Liz was going to get her wish. After watching him for the normal amount of time, Liz shift her attention back to the book she was reading. The hot Chicago sun streamed into the window, beating down on her skin. Without thinking of the short black mini skirt she was wearing, she shifted her legs, unknowing flashing the seductive stranger a peek at her silky white thong.
A deep growl emerged from his throat as he looked up from his paper, just in time to see the silky whiteness of her underwear. He had seen this woman the first time he had taken the train to work and had been watching her ever since. She was slender, with long brown hair and doe eyes that made his blood boil every time she looked at him. Oh the things he wanted to do to her, but he didn’t even know her name. However, that last maneuver sent a deep desire pulsating through him, shaking him straight to the core.
He closed his eyes, trying to regain some control on his body. That is until he heard her laugh. It started out as a little giggle, but escalated to a full-blown laugh. The tones of her voice assaulted his ears, sending him over the edge
Liz couldn’t help herself. By the time she realized what she had done, it was to late. She glanced over at him to see if he had seen anything, and saw him close his eyes, taking deep breaths. The tips of his slightly big ears grew flushed, and he looked even cuter than he had before. The pricelessness of the situation was not lost on her, and it struck her as very funny. "It’s about time I got to you the way you have gotten to me," she thought to herself.
Suddenly, he rose from his seat and walked towards her. Liz’s laughter stopped immediately. She just watched him approach her, moving in long, sleek strides across the few feet that separated them. "May I take this seat," he asked.
Liz took a deep breath and nodded. It was like she couldn’t form words. She could feel him lower himself beside her, heat rolling off his body in waves. The thought of him being so close caused Liz to shiver. Nothing had excited her like this man had, and he had yet to touch her.
He leaned in towards her, and Liz could feel his breath on her ear. "Are you cold," he asked in a husky tone.
"No," Liz whispered, her throat dry. "Why?"
"You were shivering," he told Liz, still leaning in her direction. "I had thought it was rather hot myself."
Hearing the word "hot" roll off his tongue caused Liz to turn to face him. He was even more enticing up close. Those perfect lips were drawn up into a cocky smile and Liz knew that he had a very good idea of what he was doing to her. So did she. Being this close to him was causing blood to pump faster. Heat was rising in-between her legs. She felt herself grow moist with it, dampening the silken panties that brought him over. Or was that what made him approach her.
Liz suddenly felt a surge of power within her. "So what brings you over here," she asked him.
He smiled wider. "You," he told her, unwavering intent in his voice.
"Really," Liz started to tease him by raise her hand to finger a button on his shirt. "Now, why would you come all the way over here to sit by me?"
He eyed her for a second. "Does she want me to lose control right now," he wondered to himself as her forefinger dipped under the between the fabric and began drawn circles on his skin. "I wanted to see what you were reading?"
Liz lifted the book up with her other hand and showed him the front cover. "The Scarlet Letter," he said in amusement. "Are you enjoying it?"
"Yes," she informed him. "It’s about undeniable passion," Liz said. Then, she realized what she had said. Her teeth began to chew and abuse her lower lip as her surge of power left, leaving a knot of nervousness in her stomach.
"Don’t," he pleaded, reaching up with his right hand. He brushed his thumb over her lower lip, hoping that she would stop biting it. "Delicate lips like these shouldn’t be treated so roughly."
Liz’s eyes grew wide with his words, then closed as he took her lips with a gentle kiss. His tongue grazed and smoothed the bottom lip he had been so concerned about, all in an attempted to coax her to open up to him. Slowly, Liz parted her lips and his tongue slipped in, memorizing the crevasses that he now had access to.
Seconds, then minutes passed as the kiss continued. Finally, Liz broke apart from him as the conductor announced her stop over the speaker. She unwillingly began to gather her belongs. "Where are you going," he asked her, still trying to catch his breath.
Liz looked into his amber pools that had darken a bit with desire. "This is my stop," she told him, moving towards the sliding doors. "Are you coming?"

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