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Title: I Never Saw You Coming

Author: AngelDreamer86

Rating: PG13-R, I’m not really sure which way it will go

Category: M/L all the way, baby!

Summary: aliens, Max and Liz are best friends and neighbors. Liz comes back from summer vacation in Florida and she has met a guy. He comes to visit her and things take a suspenseful turn.....

Disclaimer: I own nothing, I swear...I’ve got $80 in my bank account...please don’t sue.

Author’s Note: This is only my second fic, so bear with me...I’d appreciate feedback, the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Liz Parker stepped out into the bright fluorescent lighting of the Albuquerque airport and began searching for the dark head of her best friend. Once spotted, she dropped her bag in the middle of the gate and ran to give Max Evans a very large hug.
“Max!” Liz screamed into his ear, hugging him tightly.
“Lizzie!” Max screamed back with equal excitement, lifting her off of her feet. “I missed you so much!” He added.
“Me too! I wish that I could have called you more, but we both know that that would have cost a fortune in phone bills!” Liz added, pulling away but remaining in his arms. “So what happened around here for the past three months? I need all the info!” Liz said excitedly.
“Not a whole bunch, but we’ve got about an hour and a half’s car ride to talk about the lack of detail, so where are your bags?” Max said, looking toward baggage claim.
“Over here, lets get going, there’s tons, I think we may need one of those, if you return them, you get fifty cents back!” Liz said, sounding like a small child.
“Oh, and that's so great seeing as it costs a dollar to rent one in the first place!” Max said, mocking her.
“Shut up! I’m cheap, okay?” Liz said, playfully pushing away and then pulling him back by the sleeve of his jacket.
By that time, they had reached the baggage claim turntable and had three of Liz’s four suitcases off of the conveyor belt. Once all bags were accounted for, Liz began to look for a luggage cart when Max slung all four duffel bags over his shoulders with ease.
“Max! Put those down! You’re going to give yourself a hernia!” Liz said worriedly, trying to pry the bags loose of his grip.
“Don’t worry Mom, I had a lot of time on my hands this summer seeing as my best friend wasn’t around, so I decided to work out so I’d look good for her when she came back!” Max said, never skipping a step, even with Liz’s added weight to the bags.
“Well she’s very impressed, but can I at least carry one?” Liz asked, still tugging at the bags.
“Yeah, you’ve already got one, see that thing on your back? Its called a backpack, you put things in it, it becomes heavy, and becomes classified as luggage!” Max said, walking into the parking garage.
“That doesn’t count! Gimmie my bags!” Liz pouted.
“Once a brat...always a brat...” Max sighed with exaggeration. “Too late anyway...but I’ll let you unlock the car if you quit pouting!” Max teased. Since they were already to his jeep, he flung all of the bags into the back and swung the keys in the air.
“Guess not then.” Max said, walking to the passenger side door and opening it for Liz.
“Why do you always do that?” Liz asked, indicating the chauvinistic act.
“I dunno, force of habit, I always open the door for the lovely ladies.” Max said with a grin while closing the door.
“Yeah right, Max, you don’t even open the door for your mother.” Liz retorted.
“Well I guess you’re just special then.” Max said cockily while starting up the car and pulling out of the garage and onto the highway.

So whaddya think? I'm only going to post this teaser, and then part 2 pending feedback....Thanks!


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Wow...thanks to all who replied! It makes me feel so great! To answer eccentric's question:They're seniors in high school, but thats kinda answered in part 2,which is right here:

Part 2
“So what did you do all summer?” He asked.
“Oh you know, hung out at the beach a lot, caught some rays....” Liz said, feeling slightly uncomfortable all of a sudden.
“And.....” Max said with continuation in his voice.
“And that’s it! Just beach and my Aunt, oh, and some shopping, but I don’t think you would care very much about that. OOO!! I went parasailing! It was so great, you just whoosh--” Max cut off Liz’s babbling.
“Liz, you’re a terrible liar, you’re leaving something out.” Max said sternly.
Liz winced. “I met a guy.” She said in a meek voice. The car swerved.
“You did?” Max said, swallowing the rising lump in his throat. “I’m so proud of you!” He exclaimed, secretly squeezing the steering wheel tightly.
“You are? Then how come the car almost flipped just now?” Liz said teasingly.
“I just didn’t expect news like that, I mean so soon after you and Kyle broke up and all...but I am glad you’re moving on.” ‘Just not to me.’ Max added sadly in his head.
“Wow, you have no idea how great it is to hear you say that, Max. I didn’t know how you would take the news....It was eating me up on the plane, and I had no idea how to tell you or how you would react, but I’m glad you’re happy for me, because I can’t be happy with myself if you aren’t.” Liz said in one breath.
“Well I am happy, so you can live it up.” Max said half truthfully. He shook himself out of his own personal mental pity party and put his best friend act back on. “So tell me about him! What’s he like?” Max said, pulling a “girlfriend” conversation.
“He’s so sweet and nice, he’s two years older than us, so he’ll be starting his sophomore year in college soon, although he was saying he was thinking of dropping out since he wasn’t the best student to begin with...but anyway---” Liz began to gush about her new guy.
“TWO YEARS?!” Max exclaimed. “Liz, thats like statuatory rape! I hope you guys didn’t....” Max said, implying sex.
“What?! Oh my gosh no, Max! I’ve only known this guy a few months! I’m a little disappointed you think me that easy!” Liz said, pretending to be offended.
“Liz, I’m just looking out for you, we both know you’re not eighteen until December.” Max said, obviously in protective mode.
“Oh, is Maxie-boy in protective mode? Rest easy, Maximillian, you know you’re still my favorite boy-toy.” Liz said.
And it was true. Liz and Max had grown up together. They had been neighbors all of their lives, and their mothers claimed that they had crawled across the lawn to each other. They shared everything, seeing as Max was only three months older than Liz, they were perfect for each other. They were each the other’s first boy/girlfriend and first kiss, although they both claim neither events counted, seeing as they were five and the “relationship” lasted one day, up until the point where Max decapitated Liz’s cabbage patch doll. Since Max’s apology five minutes after, they had been best friends since, always sharing secrets and lending an ear to the other. One always helping the other delve into the mind of the opposite sex.
An interesting turn in their relationship came when Liz left to spend the summer in Florida. As soon as her plane had gone out of sight, Max felt strangely torn apart, as if he was missing something. it took him a long while to realize that this feeling was lonliness and longing. He realized that he was in love with his best friend, Elizabeth Parker, and he had never seen it coming.

Thanks again for the feedback! It makes me feel great! More please!

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oh my gosh! thanks for all the feedback! just becuz you guys are so nice I'll have part 3 out by the end of the day, but I'm going shopping till, then...I'll think about ideas in the car!

Thanks so much!

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Wow you guys, you have no idea how great it was to come home and see all of the replies. I was actually thinking of not doing part 3 tonight because my stomach was bothering me, but now that I see how much you guys "really like me!" I just have to return the favor! So, here comes part 3!

Part 3

“Home, sweet home.” Max said as he pulled into Liz’s driveway in front of the Crashdown. He was secretly overjoyed that the ride was over. Five more minutes of her gushing over “him” and Max would have driven into the path of a twenty-ton semi.

“Are you okay, Max? You look kind of distant.” Liz said with concern in her voice.

“Oh, yea, I’m more than fine, now that you’re back, life can go back to normal. I really missed you a lot.” Max said in a whimpering voice.

“Geez, stop it Max, or you’re going to make me feel guilty for having one of the best summers of my life!” Liz said with exasperation.

The knife in Max’s already torn heart twisted even more hearing those words come out of Liz’s mouth. ‘The best summer of her life?’ Max thought. That means that she had no problem being away from him for three months. Instead, she had become so swallowed up in “him” that she had forgotten Max and all of their good times together. Instead “he” was able to make her smile and laugh, and “he” was the one making her feel like she was on cloud nine right now. Max was so full of envy and hate for this man he had never met that he knew he had to get out of there before he exploded. Max jumped out of the driver’s seat, lugged all four of Liz’s duffels out of the trunk with a grunt, dropped them at the door, then sped out of the driveway before Liz could see how angry and hurt he was.

~~~~Hours later, at Liz’s welcome home party at the Crashdown~~~~~

Max had let his drive after dropping Liz off cool him down and he was now able to be in public without turning five shades of red at hearing Liz talk about her new boyfriend. He was now sitting across from Liz and Maria in the usual booth. The two girls were catching up with each other.

“It was so amazing Maria, he was just so great to me and he made me feel like the only girl on Earth, he paid so much attention to me and just made me feel like a queen. He made me laugh so many times, I don’t ever recall having such a good time with anyone other than Max.” Liz said, once again retelling her summer tales, completely oblivious to Max’s presence.

Maria cast a knowing glance at Max, who looked like he was ready to go stick his head in the punch bowl and drown himself at the moment. Once Liz had flown off at the beginning of the summer, Maria was the first person Max told about his newly developed feelings toward Liz. They had bonded, both sharing stories about Liz and making scenarios up about when Max would “profess his love” to Liz once she got back. Maria’s favorite was a midnight serenade, but Max thought that was way too cheesy. Sensing that Max would rather have his eyes clawed out then listen to Liz’s summer, Maria decided to help him out.

“Enough about Mr. Wonderful, Liz, what else did you do all summer?” Maria asked.

“Oh, was I gushing again?” Liz asked, turning pink. Usually Max thought it was the cutest thing, but she would usually only blush like that when Max gave her a compliment, not when she would talk about a guy. That was Max’s special blush! His eyes narrowed.

“Yes you were, how was Florida? DIsh, girl!” Maria exclaimed, truly interested.

“Well, I went walking on the beach a lot, and then we would sit down and stargaze after sunset until dawn, and right after the sun came up, he would lean over and--” Liz’s storytelling was cut off by Max’s quick exit from the booth. This was more than Max could bear. He didn’t want a visual.

Max ran to the back employee lounge and flopped on the couch. He ran his hands through his hair and rested his head on his knees. Michael had seen Max’s runaway from the kitchen and came to scope out the damage.

“What’s up man?” Michael asked.

“Liz, she keeps talking about this guy like he’s Jason Behr or something, I feel like I’m being replaced.” Max admitted.

“Hey, its only natural. I think you should go out there and tell Liz everything, before she starts to really like this new guy.” Michael offered.

“You think? What if she likes him better?” Max asked worriedly.

“What's seventeen years compared to three measly months? Besides, he’s in Florida, and you’re here. Go for it man, he’s history, I don’t think we’ll ever see him again.” Michael said, slapping Max on the back.

~~~Out front~~~~~

“What’s the deal with Max? He’s been acting weird ever since I told him know.” Liz said, looking toward the back.

“I think he just feels like he’s being replaced, chica, you should tell him you still totally are his best bud, before you lose him.” Maria offered.

“Are you saying I should choose?” Liz asked questioningly.

“If it comes down to that, you might. The question is, what do you feel for these two guys?” Maria asked, praying that Liz would make the right choice.

“I don’t know, Maria, I’ve only known this guy three months, so I don’t know much about him--” Liz began.

“Exactly.” Maria stated.

“But with Max, I don’t know...” Liz started again.

It was at that moment Max began into the main dining room and was within earshot of Liz and Maria’s conversation.

“---I don’t know, when I’m with him, its like the lights dim everywhere else, he’s so great, and he makes me feel like I’m the only girl he’s ever seen and that he doesn’t care about anyone else. He’s better than any guy I’ve ever met, and he’s become my best friend, I love him.” Liz ended with a sigh.

Max, hearing all of this, and assuming Liz was still on her gush-fest, stormed out of the Crashdown, knowing that he no longer had a place in Liz’s life. She loved this new guy. He had just heard it.

Max arrived home and went straight to his basement to workout his emotion. He decided on the punching bag, since it most resembled a person, so he could beat the snot out of it and hopefully be too tired to think about the day’s events.

Max wrapped his knuckles with tape and stretched out his arms a little before starting to it. He began punching like any other day, until bits and pieces came flooding back to him.

“I met a guy.”


“He makes me feel so special, he’d lean over and kiss me, he makes me happy.”


Max continued beating on the bag, imagining it was Liz’s new man. He kept replaying the day’s events in his head, getting extremely sweaty. He soon began grunting in time with his punches.

“He’s better than any guy I’ve ever met.”

Max beat harder and harder on the bag.

“He’s become my best friend.”

The tape gave way and Max’s knuckles began to bleed.

“I love him.”

Max gave one final strike to the bag, collapsing against it and letting his tears fall.

~~~Back at the Crashdown~~~~~

“I wonder why Max left without saying goodbye.” Liz thought out loud, looking toward the entrance.

Maria had seen Max’s quick exit and had almost sworn she had seen hurt etched all over his face. Not wanting to mess things up, she shook it off and assumed Max would straighten things out with Liz by tomorrow.

“Who knows? He looked kinda tired so he probably went home. Maybe you should visit him later tonight and talk to him.” Maria said.

“Good idea, I was planning on it after the party. I think he’s a little upset about this whole guy-in-Florida thing anyway, so I’m going to go check and make sure he’s okay.

“Great plan, chica. By the way, we never did catch wonder boy’s name.” Maria said, suddenly realizing that Liz’s hunk still had no name.

“Sean.” Liz said dreamily.

“Did someone say my name?” A voice asked from the entrance.
And there, at the door of the Crashdown, suitcase in hand, in all of his glory, stood Sean, Liz’s boyfriend from Florida.

Thanks so much for reading and sending really helps me write knowing you guys are enjoying it so much!


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Hey readers! Since you guys would probably kill me if I waited for my school week to end in order to write part 4, I figured I'd send it out sometime today. Who needs an english essay, right? Anyway, I figured I oughta write as much as I can while the writing juices are still flowing, so part 4 will be out before 7:00 (Central) tonight!

Thanks for reading, keep it up!