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Something to Believe in – BY KAZZA
Part 30

Disclaimer: In the alternate universe that all Roswell Fanfic writers visit, I own Roswell. Sadly, in the real world, I own nothing, so please don’t sue me! I promise to return the characters good as new. I do, however, own the idea to this story.

Summary: Alternate Universe. Not set in Roswell and there are no aliens in sight! Just your regular love story!

Category: A bit of everyone, but swaying towards Max and Liz.

Rating: NC-17 – ”At last”, I hear you cry!!!! *big*

Dedication: This story is dedicated to Jo, my amazing Roswell e-buddy, whom I’ve had the privileged pleasure to meet. A wonderful person who truly has a pure heart of gold.

Authors Notes: This is my own story, generated from my own imagination. I apologise if any of my ‘American’ terms are incorrect, please forgive me since I don’t live there!

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Two weeks after he finally came round from the coma, Max was able to go home. At first his mother had tried to persuade him to come back to the family home, at least until he was back on his feet properly. But Max would have none of it, insisting he could manage. It wasn’t that he didn’t appreciate his family’s efforts to rally round, more that he wanted time alone to spend with the new woman in his life.

The cast on his ankle came off six weeks later and his wrist unstrapped a week after that. After physiotherapy he was eventually allowed to resume full work activities. Throughout all the time at home he continued worked, but in his heart Max itched to be back at his desk controlling the company properly. Being on the front line and being able to visit his clients was of paramount importance to Max. To him, it was the only way he could give the level of service he believed his clients deserved.

The only good part about being sidelined at home, however, was the quality time spent with his new girlfriend. Liz was fast becoming a permanent fixture at his Beverley Hills apartment, and he liked it. They were still taking things slowly, one day at a time, but it was more than enough for Max. To kiss her whenever he liked and to hold her close in the evenings was more than he’d dared dream could happen before the accident.

“So what is it tonight, a dose of humour with Reese Witherspoon in Legally Blond, or some romantic Titanic loving with Kate Winslett and Leonard DiCaprio?” Liz asked, sieving through Max’s extensive DVD collection before turning to face him as he sat on the sofa.

It had become a regular habit, watching a movie together on a Thursday night. LA was normally quieter on Thursdays as it geared up for hectic weekends and busy premiers. Watching movies gave Max and Liz quiet time together, but also an insight into the other. He’d surprised her with his vast knowledge of fun, girl flicks, along with the action movies he still loved to watch. But to Max, watching Bridget Jones make a fool of herself in a bunny suit was acceptable if Liz Parker was giggling infectiously right beside him.

”Tonight? Tonight I think it’s you.” He breathed, stretching out a hand to invite her to sit next to him on the sofa.
“Me huh? And just what did you have in mind Mr Evans?” She queried sexily, perching up on her knees and leaning over his body so she could capture his lips.

Despite the closeness that ran between them since finally getting together, they hadn’t ventured further than passionate kissing. It wasn’t that Max didn’t desire Liz; he did with all his heart. It was more that he was happy to take things at his girlfriend’s pace, the last thing he wanted was to scare her off by moving too fast in their still new relationship. No, this time he was going to do things right, slow the pace and enjoy the small things in a relationship. Holding hands, the shiver as fingers brushed together, the cute somewhat shy smiles and the wonderfully passionate kisses.

Pulling her into his arms, he swung her round so that she laid out across his lap staring up into his deeply dark brown eyes. A sexy, somewhat shy smile crept across her face as he looked at her intently. Her chestnut brown hair fanned out behind her head, falling lightly over his jeans. Running his fingers through the strands, he marvelled at their velvet silkiness. Sweeping the pads of his fingers across her forehead, they then lightly caressed her soft cheek before bushing over her delicate lips. It was a surreal, peaceful moment in which Max took in every wonder of the beauty lying in his arms.

Her eyes shone back at him full of inquisitiveness, her brow creased slightly as she wondered what had inspired his quiet moment. It was something she’d learnt soon after Max had been discharged; he clearly loved his tranquil moments. He enjoyed just sitting and watching her, stroking her hair and allowing his eyes to take in her features. At first it had been uncomfortable for Liz, being in the spotlight wasn’t normally her favourite pastime. Being at the head of a power meeting was attention Liz could handle, but someone mulling over whom she was inside was different. But over the previous weeks she’d come accustomed to his intent staring. To Liz it was as if he was desperately trying to commit to memory her every feature and curve just in case she disappeared again under the cover of darkness.

“You ok?” She asked softly lifting a hand to cup his cheek, not wanting to break the spell he was clearly under.
“Yeah.” He replied, a warm smile decorating his face. “Tell me again what I did to deserve you.” He queried, sweeping her hair away from her face so as to fully appreciate her beautiful face.
“Can’t. Guess you didn’t do anything.” She responded playfully.
“Well then, better get as much of you as I can before someone realises they’re missing you.” He said, his eyes dancing with fun.

Slipping an arm under her neck, he lifted her upper body so he could connect with her warm lips. Caressing them gently, the tender kiss stretched for an eternity as they both relaxed into the embrace. His free hand instinctively found her silky brown hair, taking a handful and knotting it in his fingers before releasing and recapturing once more. Her hands laid tense across his chest, as if she was so concentrated on the kiss she’d forgot to move, much less breathe.

Despite the laziness of the kiss, having Liz lying across his lap was playing havoc with Max’s self control. She was so close to him, her tiny frame stretched across his, his head felt light just at the thought. Slipping his hand from her hair, he moved it down her neck towards her hip.

Feeling his hands roaming over her clothes clad body made Liz feel dizzy, her skin heating up under his miniscule touch. She could feel her red cotton top slowly rising before swallowing his fingers underneath. Sighing further into the embrace, Liz allowed her tongue to dance tantalisingly over his bottom lip, eager to gain entry to the vast cavern of his mouth.

Running his fingers up her sides underneath the top, he marvelled at the silkiness of her skin. Moving his fingers across he found her lace clad breast and couldn’t resist allowing his fingers to dance across it. He could hear her gasp of breath under his touch even though her lips were fused to his in a passionate kiss.

As their tongues duelled for supremacy, Liz didn’t even notice her top riding up further to expose her creamy flesh to Max. His simple touch was driving her insane, one step closer to the heaven she hadn’t experienced in such a long time. Sighing once more, she leaned closer into his touch loving the feel of his hands on her body.

Finally relinquishing his hold on her sweet lips, Max pulled back slightly to look into her eyes. They had taken things slowly since Liz had finally let him in, always giving her time to air any worries or concerns troubling her. They had not ventured this far before. Never had he seen her exposed flesh and he was slightly concerned he’d overstepped the mark and moved too quickly for her. Resting his head gently against her forehead, he dragged in a shaky breath trying desperately to regain control of his body and mind.

“Is this ok?” He queried softly, needing to know she was still happy.
“Yeah.” She breathed, her face flushed pink with emotion. At that moment she wasn’t sure what she was thinking or doing, all she could feel was the emotions Max conjured up deep inside her.

Raising her arms slightly, she gave a clear indication on what she wanted him to do. Grasping hold of the cotton material, Max gently swept it up and over her head, allowing it to fall onto the floor with a satisfying thud.

Her dark eyes shone bright under the delicate orange glow of the table lamp. Eagerly, she mirrored his actions, removing his black t-shirt with the simplest of ease. His ripping chest was quickly exposed in all its glory to her eagerly pleasing eyes. Without hesitation, she reached out to allow her fingers to explore the hills and crevices of his toned upper body.

His head felt fuzzy as she explored his body, her light touch driving him to the brink of insanity. Trying to remain in control was testing his strength, his breathing visibly labouring as her fingers danced and caressed his bare skin. Throughout her exploration of his upper body, he battled to keep himself under control. His body was quickly developing a will of it’s own, eager to show Liz how her drugging touches affected him. Having her still lying across his lap was making it increasingly more difficult though, as her touch continued to arouse his body further.

In an attempt to regain supremacy, he deftly unfastened her bra and discarded the lace material in the direction of the floor. With one arm underneath her neck to support her head, his free hand was allowed to roam over her exposed body. Eagerly, his fingers caressed her thin neck and scrupled shoulders as they continued their quest to their destination.

As his hand finally cupped one of her breasts, Liz couldn’t stop a soft moan pass her lips. Feeling him gently squeezing and moulding her delicate mound in his fingers sent more pangs of passion straight to her stomach. And as his fingers rubbed over her nipple she moaned once more and involuntarily pushed her upper body further into his touch.

“God your beautiful Liz.” He murmured as he dipped his head to capture her mound with his lips. Kissing and nipping at both breasts, he continued upwards, along her shoulders and up her neck before nibbling gently at her jaw line and ear. Delicate kisses around her cheek and chin ensued before she brought her arms around his neck and moved so their lips collided once more rich with passion and emotion.

His hand stretched down her legs, resting on the nearest thigh. Gently he massaged her thigh, every so often allowing his fingers to brush the inside of her legs, teasing her by almost touching where she ached the most. Her fingers dancing around his side and teasing the waistband of his jeans brought Max back down to earth.

Breaking contact with her lips, he gently kissed her nose before resting his forehead on hers. They were both breathing heavily, both trying to work out what had come over them. They’d been so restrained, so happy to take things slowly, yet so quickly things were spiralling quickly out of control.

With his hand still resting on the inside of her thighs, Liz couldn’t help but pull her legs together slightly, clearly indicating what she wanted and needed the most. She craved his touch so badly; hell she needed it to keep herself alive she was sure of that.

Despite his clear desire for Liz, sensibility still reigned supreme in Max. He was still scared to move too fast, afraid she would bolt if he pushed to far. Taking in gulps of breath he tried to relax his body in case she needed to slow down.

“Do you want to slow down?” He queried softly, looking into her burning eyes for any flicker of fear.
“Do you?” She countered.
“ …….. no ………” He replied honestly. “But I will stop if you need me to.” He added.
“I ……. don’t think I want you to stop.” She said, reaching up and touching his cheek with her fingers.

It had been a long time since she’d made love to anyone and despite the overwhelming feelings engulfing her body, Liz didn’t feel fearful. Kyle had been her only partner, the only person to share her body, so by rights she should be running scared about now, she countered. She was not only inexperienced, but this was Max, someone who she cared so dearly for, someone who she loved with all her heart. But she didn’t feel afraid by the feelings he was conjuring up inside her, or the clear magnitude of his emotions for her. She trusted him, her heart clarified, she knew he wouldn’t do anything to hurt her, but instead allow her to experience the wonder of love with him.

“Are you sure?” He murmured against her forehead, holding his breath as he waiting for her answer.
“Yeah.” She replied, reaching up to kiss his lips once more as if to cement her words.

Placing one arm under the crook of her knees, the other already planted firmly under her neck; he quickly stood up, sweeping Liz into his arms in the process. Manoeuvring them out of the living room, he headed straight towards the bedroom before gently placing Liz down on his king sized bed.

Her dark brown hair fanned out across the cream coloured pillows, her eyes dancing with excitement and anticipation. For a moment a smile danced across his lips, she was finally back; he had her in his bed once more. Only this time she wasn’t going to leave the following morning, at least not after what he had planned for them!

Looming over her tiny frame, Max peered into her soulful pools before capturing her sweet lips in yet another searing kiss. Allowing his lower body to gently cover hers, he continued to explore her lips as her fingers danced across his bare back. Desire was pumping around her body at an alarming rate, having Max laid out along the length of her body heightening it to dangerous levels. Unable to resist, she rocked her hips gently, grinding into his body as she moved. His desire was clearly evident by the large bulge in his jeans and as she rocked she lifted her hips slightly to push into his body and further connect them.

He was quickly loosing sight of the goal and control rapidly spinning out of the bedroom; Max knew he had to slow them down in an attempt to regain enough composure to carry on. Gently rolling across, he settled on his side into the crook of her arm, and allowed his fingers to lazily trace circles across her bare stomach.

Yet Liz was in no mood to slow the pace, she needed him, and needed him badly. Allowing her own fingers to move down past his ribs, she paused at his bellybutton for a moment before continuing. She reached a barrier when she hit the waistband of his jeans, but that had been her quest. Quickly she pulled the buckle on his belt, releasing it and removing the leather from the bands of the trousers. Allowing the belt to fall with a noisy clatter on wooden floor, she turned back to his jeans and moved her fingers eagerly towards the row of buttons that held the trousers up.

As each button was slowly released Max felt the growing sweet torture. Throwing his head back he pushed it deep into the plump pillows as deep breaths were dragged into his lungs. His eyes fell to half-mast, rolling to the back of his head before returning to glance at Liz’s exquisite touch at undoing the shiny silver buttons.

Once the last button was finally released, she pushed back the sides of the jeans to expose his jet black Calvin Klein boxer shorts. Glancing up she looked towards his face to see his reaction to her touch. His thrown back head and closed eyes clearly indicated he was enjoying her actions. Taking a moment, she admired what lay beneath the jeans before slowly moving her fingers so the pads gently brushed over the surface of his desire through the cotton material.

She was taking him to heaven with her simple touches, that he knew for sure. Yet despite the wonderful feelings she was conjuring up inside him, he could tell she was tentative. Her touches were hesitant and somewhat cautious, as if she were making love for the very first time.

Finally pushing her wonderful touch away, Max propped himself up on one arm allowing the other to gently caress her cheek. A shy smile crept across her face and her wide eyes showed signs of nervousness.

“I won’t hurt you Liz.” He whispered softly, brushing away stray hairs from around her face.
“I know, I love you so much Max.” She responded quietly, smiling softly as if to indicate he should continue.
“I love you too.”

His fingers made light work of the button and zip of her black trousers, peeling them away and down her body with immense ease. Her long shapely legs were just as perfect as he had imagined them to be, her curvy hips framing her body with ease. His fingers danced tantalisingly across her creamy flesh, up along her legs to her thighs before halting their quick progress.

Once more, as always, Max aired on the side of caution and glanced up to Liz. He needed confirmation, an indication that she was still happy with the pace they were moving at. If she said stop he would, he knew it, no matter how much self control it used up.

Her heavy lidded eyes and slight nod of the head was all the confirmation he needed to continue. Brushing his fingers across the lacy material he finally touched Liz where she desired it the most. Instinctively she arched her lower body up into his touch, driving him to continue. Stroking her continually through the lace material, he listened intently to the sudden change in her breathing, which quicken rapidly under his touch.

Pausing to finally remove her lace underwear and push his own jeans away, Max glanced at Liz. She was lying on his bed in all her glory, and she looked simply breathtaking.

The large window that framed one wall allowed the soft white moonlight to shine in giving Liz’s skin a silver glow. The white chiffon curtains billowed in the room as the gentle wind from an open window caught and wiped them around slightly. The room was almost enchanting as he returned to Liz’s side; the passion of the moment caught and hung high in the midnight blackness.

Feeling her hands slip under the band of his boxer shorts caused Max to suck in a breath. She was rapidly shattering his normally steely control, and at that moment he really didn’t care. Feeling her fingers encircle around him made his eyes roll backwards once more as her spellbound touch engulfed his senses.

Seeking her out also, Max touched Liz intimately, stroking and caressing her to the same speed in which she touched him also. For a few moments they were both content, feeling, touching and experiencing what the other was feeling in their own emotions.

Finally the last of his resolve broke free, the hum in his body needing release quickly. Pushing away his boxer shorts, Max swiftly moved across so that his body rose above Liz’s once more. Keeping their lower bodies purposely apart, he looked back into her eyes for acceptance before he went further. His wildest dreams were about to become reality, and the mere thought nearly made Max loose control.

She nodded her head softly as her hands snaked around to cup his bare buttocks. Kneading them gently, she pushed his body down towards hers, needing to feel him finally. All fears and nerves flew out the open window at that moment, instead she felt totally at ease as Max kissed her lips in a soft embrace.

Gently allowing her to pull his body down, Max rested between her legs before rising up on his forearms and slowly, ever so gently, entered her. A slight suck in of breath was heard from Liz as she felt him finally join them as one. Despite the fact it wasn’t her first time, there was still an amount of initial discomfort, it being so long since she’d been with a guy.

He used immeasurable control to stay still then, instead dipping his head to gently kiss her lips. He was determined to take it slowly, despite his own body’s incessant need. No matter what he wasn’t going to hurt Liz in favour of his own pleasure. Prising his lips slowly away from hers, he proceeded to kiss her jaw line, neck and shoulders, enjoying each time she quivered underneath his gentle touch. His kisses were sending her insane, her pulse was racing, her whole body ached for his touch and she needed him more than she ever thought possible.

Her slight rocking movement of her hips indicated to him she wanted more, kissing no longer quelled the raging fire deep inside her stomach. Seeing that she was ok, Max took the lead, and slowly rocked back and fourth.

The feelings engulfing her body were running riot. All sane thoughts and rationale had long since flown out the window, all they could concentrate on was the feeling of Max moving gently inside her. His tenderness brought tears to her eyes, he cared so deeply for her, of that she knew, and being gentle with her despite what pain it inflicted on his own body was all he cared about.

As they became accustomed to their rhythm, the passion in the room rose higher and higher, both Liz and Max savouring every moment of that night. It didn’t take long before they both hit their height of passion, both drowning in a sea of amazing feelings and vividly coloured images. Wave after wave of incomprehensible emotions hit them and mixed eagerly with the awe-inspiring feelings flooding their bodies.

Quickened shallow breaths were eagerly dragged in as Max rolled on to his side. Her shy smile returned and stared up at him as he looked down at Liz. Slipping an arm under her neck, he pulled her into his body so that her head rested just under his chin.

“I love you Liz Parker.” He whispered breathlessly.
“And I love you too Max.” She replied, tracing delicate circles across his bare chest.
“Then let’s go away.” He suddenly said, as if having just thought of the idea.
“Away?” She queried
”Yeah, let’s get away from work and everyone, just the two of us. Somewhere hot and romantic where we can get to know each other without interruptions.”
“And just when are you thinking of arranging this little excursion?”
“The sooner the better.”
“But work ……….” She started, only slightly protesting. In truth, going away with Max sounded like heaven,
“Forget work, it’s time we put energy into our personal relationship rather than our jobs.” He said brushing away her protests. “Leave it to me, I’ll organise it. Just make sure you can get Jim to sanction next week off for you.” He added lightly kissing the top of her forehead.

The billowing chiffon curtains and sparkling white moonlight continued to shine brightly into the room as the young lovers finally gave into the urge to sleep. And as midnight darkness filled the room, they both slipped into a deep sleep, both completely content in what they had just experienced together, knowing in their heart it was the cementing of their already strong relationship.

TBC ………………..?


Author: Kazza – 3rd February 2002
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