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I came after the Crash to save the two remaining chapters of Violently Happy and thank God I did. The thread has just disappeared. *FUCK*!!! Sorry about the langusge. Just needed to get that outta my system.*angel*Of course the ch.3 won't be exactly the same as the first time, but I'll keep in line.

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Category: M/L angst I guess, with Micheal, Alex , and a little Isabel.

Heres the link to chapters 1~2:

Chapter 3~*NEW*4(2/020)


Liz heard the horrendous sound of their front window

being rammed through and was running toward it before

she could think. She stopped dead in her tracks at the

car that was sitting in the store and the two men

stepping from it. The one getting out of the passenger

seat seemed familiar.

He had a mask on but that walk, she knew it. She didn't

have time to think more on it before the other had her

by the hair, "This is a robbery and I want you to go get

the money." She saw the second familiar guy trying to

make him let her go and it hit her, Max.

It was Max, Max was robbing her job right now. He

looked at her and she realized she must of called his

name. He came toward her and pulled the mask off. She

didn't think he had ever looked more handsome then in

that moment. "What are you doing here?"

Hours earlier

Running, running, running as fast as he could from the

sirens and the chaos that they'd just left the school in.

That guard, he couldn't get his face to leave his mind.

He knew that Micheal shooting him was a accident but

that didn't make it better. Her was still dead and so were

countless others. He should do the right thing and go

back but he couldn't.

They wouldn't put him ina boy's home now, he wqas

going to prision, and seeing as though he was an

accessory to murdering a cop, accidental or mot, he was

probably going away for life. He followed Micheal down a

deserted road that he ws sure he' never seen before

and a thought popped into his head. How long had he

been planning this cause there was also an old car left

there. He didn't have to see, he already knew the keys

would be in the ignition and the tank full of gas.

"What's going on Mike," Max asked slowing down and

then stopping. "How long you been planning this?"

Micheal looked at him like what the hell was he asking

that for. "Max we gotta go man, we could talk about this

later" but Max wouldn't budge, "what's going on" Max

pratically screamed. The freindly but urgent face

dropped and was replaced by somthing else, somthing

dangerous. "Get your ass in the car in the car, becouse

if you think I wont leave standig right here your wrong.

You'll go to prision for life while I'm relaxing on a beach

in Mexico. They'll blame you for killing that cop, but

don't worry" Micheal said, a coy smile crossing his

face, "That Liz girl your always moaning and groaniong

about in your sleep, I'll take good care of her." Before

he could even finish saying that Max was flying at him.

Being in a boys home since you were 12 though readies

you for things like that though and Micheal dropped him.

He bent down real close to Max's face then,"don't be

angry," he said in a soft voice. "We can go get her for

you." Max's eyes widened with realization at that,

Micheal knew more bout him then he'd

thought. "Exactly," Micheal commented while helping

Max up and putting him in the passenger seat. "We're

going to get your girl for you."

Present time

And here he was, seeing Liz again for the first time in

what felt like years. He palmed the side of her face and

watched as she melded into it. "I told you I'd come back

for you." He watched as her eyes widened and she tried

to push him away. "I'm not going anywhere with you,

you killed that guy."

She was trying hard to get out of his hold but he

wouldn't let go. He tried to tell her that it was accident,

nobody was supposed to get hurt but she wouldn't listen.

She wiggled free of his grasp and it seemed things went I

into slow motion, SHE WAS RUNNING FOR THE DOOR!

He took off after her but she'd had a head start and was

amzeningly fast. All sound disappeared as he

concentrated on catching her before she hit the door and

screamed for help.

Then he saw Micheal running toward her from nowhere.

He stopped and watched the scene in front of him. The

slow motion element hadn't lifted yet and Micheal was

grabbing Liz before she could get out. She started to

scream for help anyways and Micheal hit her on the

base of the skull.

She felt white hot pain as Micheals partner hit her and

didn't hear Alex screams for her as she drifted into the

blackness of her mind.

Chapter 4

"What the hell are you doing" Max asked as Micheal

gave him Liz's limp body and made the girl who wouldn't

stop crying and the skinny guy who wouldn'y stop trying

to fight get him the money from the safe.

"We've been in her to long man, Cops are coming." He

adjusted Liz on his shoulder and looked down at his

watch. 12 minutes, 12 minutes had passed since they

entered. It felt like centuries. He watched Micheal come

running from the back with the bag filled with money

and started to run with him when the guy got in his way.

"Please don't take her," he pleaded "we'll say you guys

kept your masks on and destroy the cameras. "Please

just leave her, she's all I've got." Liz had a boyfreind.

The thought hit him like a ton of bricks, he never

would've thought. "Sorry," he said in a rough v

voice. "Your just going to have to find somone else, she

belongs to me."

With that Max ran out and tried to put Liz in the back

when Micheal said to put her in the trunk and ty her up.

Max was about to protest when micheal made a valid

point. She hadn't wanted to come and she might try to

run again. Max did as Micheal said and jumped into the

front seat as drove away from the scene. She'd be

angry at him for awhile but she loved him, she'd get

over it. He hoped he wasn't just telling himself lies.

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Well I live in Louisiana and you get six days off to party at Mardi Gras, I love this city.

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Chapter 5


Thats all she saw around her as she awakened with a pounding headache and no idea where the hell she was. Liz tried to move her arms and besides the strong wave of nausea that went through her she realized she was tied with somthing and she was moving, she hadn't noticed that before. The thing she was in was very compact and smelled heavily of, what was it, gasoline.

It popped into her head, thats what that smell was, gasoline. She had been calm up until that point, but she started to freak out then. She couldn't remember anything and why was she tied in the trunk of a car.

She was in the trunk of a car, Max's car to be exact and some other guy who'd broken into the 7/11. She was remembering, Max'd kidnapped her and she was in his trunk.

Her head was thumping with pain but she couldn't lay down and go to sleep like she so desperatly wanted, she had to get the hell outta there. She screamed, as loud as her lungs would allow and ignored the sickness and pain pushing through her. She felt the car stop and started to pull her feet from the rope around them, he was gonna pay for this.

Max slowly exited the passenger side and stood at the now quiet trunk, she'd woken up, and she hadn't sounded to happy. There was no longer any noise coming from in there and he was getting worried, what if she'd passed out or even died back there. He was opening the trunk before he even realized what he was doing and was throughly surprised when Liz kicked him so hard in the chest he flew back.

She rolled from the truck and jumped to her feet. The blow she'd dealt him wouldn't hold for long and she knew she had start running now if she wanted even a chance of escaping. She began to run and flew backward from being hit square across the chest by something, the other guy.

Got damn it, she never calculated him into her plans and he'd just clothes hangered her and here she was. Back on the cool dewy grass in the middle of what looked like nowhere. She wanted to die.

"Nice try," he said softly with a weird smile on his face. "Next time try to remember though that's theres two captors here and one of them is not in love with you."With that he was about to knock her back out and Liz braced for the pain she knew was coming but never did.

She opened her eyes and looked into Max's face. "She's already beat up and bloody enough from your last fight, let her sit in the car this time Micheal." He looked to be thinking about this," but she might and run again." "I'll make sure she doesn't" Max said quickly.

"You better," Micheal finally replied. "She pulls a stunt like that again and she's dead." He put the gun he'd been holding in the waist of his jeans and Liz realized she'd never even noticed he'd taken it out.

As Max picked her up and smiled down at her Liz realized he'd protect her with everything he had but he wasn't like this Micheal. He wasn't a killer and she knew that as he gently laid her in the back seat and cradled her head in his lap, that Micheal'd meant what he'd said. He'd kill her next time she got outta line.


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Chapter 6

She staerted to relax and finally drifted off in his lap, he began to worry. Everything was spinning out of control. The cops were really after them and Micheal, God, who knew what he was thinking.

Max was really afraid, not for himself but Liz. Not that he thought he was some weak little girl that needed protection but that Micheal was just that bad and wouldn't blink about killing her. He had to protect her.

Max had no idea where they were going, Micheal wouldn't answer that question, so he quietly sat in the back, thinking up a plan. He couldn't do anything rash or dangerous. Maybe if Liz wasn't here but she was and he had to take that into thought.

She began to stir and he rubbed small circles on her stomach until she calmed down. What had he gotten her into? All he'd ever wanted was her with and in love with him, instead he'd kidnapped her and put her into a situation with cops and someone very unpredictable and without a conscience but with a gun.

Yeah it was offical, things were fucked up and he really couldn't do anything about it right now. "You hungry back there Maxwell? Theres a Burger King up, ahead we could stop for somthing."

The segway! Max tried to keep his voice flat and emotionless. This was just the thing that could save he and Liz. Micheal would be outta the car for at 10 minutes ordering. He could get the car started and go.

He felt sorta guilty though. Even though he was beginning to go over the deep edge, Micheal had saved him from 5 years in that, that hole. He'd always be grateful for that but he couldn't risk Liz, the love of his life.

"I'll just throw the money out and go, Liz and I will be in Haiti before tomorrow and Micheals smart, with that money he'll get away just fine. Everything, would be just fine after this.

"Um..... yeah I want something," He was pretty sure he hadn't revealed anything in his voice, and after a fearful silence Micheal confirmed. "Sure, we'll go right now." Max could hardly stay still, this whole fiasco was finally about to end. He lookked down into Liz's pinched face, It'll all be over soon.

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Thank you guys that read and reply to this story and Thanx Kristian80. I read the reply on Identical Opposites and that was sooo nice, Thank you.

Chapter 7

He pulled into the parking lot of the BurgerKing and jumped from the car leaving the keys. This was it, the moment he'd been waiting for. He was about to reach for the keys when Micheal came bounding back and grabbed them from the ignition.

"Just in case she wakes up and lays the smack down on you again," he said with laughter in his voice. "Yeah, wouldn't want her to escape." He trotted back into the resturant and he began to panic.

"Wake up Liz," he said while pulling on her jacket, "we have to get outta here. "Max," she asked groggily as he opened the door and pulled her out behind him, what was happening?

"We gotta go, Micheals totally out of control, I can't let him hurt you again," Max said with sadness in his voice. "I'm so sorry I got you into this, I didn't know this was going to happen."

"Now is not the time for apologies," Liz said trying to wake herself up. "We've got to go he's ordering."

He grabbed her hand and pulled her close for a kiss, "I love you,'' he said against her lips. "I know," with that we ran.


Micheal casually looked out the window to see his co conspiritor and his captive running hand in hand away from the car,"Shit." He dropped the bags and ran toward the car. They were maybe a block ahead of him and he took off down the road in their direction to block them off.

They came to a halt as the car squeled to a stop and Micheal jumped out, gun in hand. "Where the fuck do you think you two are going?"


They were caught, "Run Liz," he said dropping her hand. "Not without you," she said trying to grab Max's hand back. "I'm serious Liz run, I pushed her in the right direction when Micheal screamed for her stay right there. She hesitated and Max watched as Micheal turned his attetion toward Liz.

This was another chance, he gave a silent prayer and lunged toward Micheal. There was aloud blasting sound and he wa pretty sure he'd heard Liz screaming but the pain was so horrific he couldn't be sure.

Max fell to the ground at Micheals feet and gingerly put his hand to his abdomen, when he pulled it away there was blood. Micheal'd shot him. Max looked up into Micheals face only to see horror. "You shouldn't have run," he said, his breath hitching with every other word.

He rolled onto his back and stared at the sky, it was so vibrant, he'd never remembered seeing it that way before and for some reason the sky was very important to him now.

He heard Micheal yelling at Liz to help put him in the car, and he felt his body being picked up and moved but only at a distance. He was very tired all of the sudden.


Micheal and Liz put him on the backseat and Liz sat up front where Micheal pointed. "This is all your fault," he finally said after driving for 10 minutes in silence. "You shouldn't have run.

She didn't say anything but looked back on Max. There was alot of blood but he was alive, just barely. They needed to get him to a hospital and she said this to Micheal.

"No hospitals he screamed, besides, your pre Med, you can save him." How the hell had he known that she was Pre Med, did Max tell him? He must've seen the look on her face because a smile crossed his face.

"I know more about you and Max then you could ever imagine. I know you lived in Roswell for a time with your mom Nancy and your dad Jeff.

I know you owned a resturant called the Crashdown. I know that's where you met and fell in love with Max then followed him to Vermont for college. I know how pissed off you were when he went to jail that you broke up with him." He looked int her stunned scared face.

"I know your Pre-Med and at the top of your class, so don't say you can't do this." He grabbed her by the neck after they pulled up in front of a ssmall but beautiful house and stepped out of the car.

"He went around and grabbed Max then pulled her behind him to the door where he then politetly knocked. A beautiful but sad woman about there age answered the door and Micheal spoke to her in a soft voice Liz had never heard.

"Hey 'Ria, I need some help."

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Eraser Room and all the other fans of this story you need not worry. Violently Happy is my baby and even if God came down from Heaven tonight to take us all to heaven, I'd be posting new chapters from up there*angel*.

Chapter 9.....I think

Maria was totally unprepared for the sight in front of her. Micheal had a bloody and sobbing girl by the hair and a guy that looked dead or very close to it in the other arm. She could already see she wanted nothing to do with this but that one second of hesitation was all Micheal needed to justify pushing past her into the house.

"Micheal get out," she said as forcefully as possible. He kept moving about the room as if she'd nothing, this is why they'd broken up. That and he couldn't stay outta jail. "What are you doing here," she cried frantically as he tied the last rope around the girl securing her to the exposed pipe in the ceiling of her kitchen.

He dragged the other guy's body to the sofa and gently let him down then began pacing. "Micheal," she screamed angrilly, if he was gonna be here he was going to tell her why.

He spun toward her and looked as if he hadn't realized her prescense before. "Why are you here," she asked softly. "I kidnapped her along with him," he said pointing to the guy on the couch. "He tried to leave with her and I shot him, but not before we broke out of the home together. Is this mnaking sense to you," he asked quickly?"

No, none of this was making any sense. "You broke out of the home, kidnapped the girl, then he shot his partner, yeah that happens everyday here," she said sarcastically to keep from screaming. A girl was bawling her head off in her kitchen, a guy was bleeding to death on her couch, and her jailbird ex-boyfreind had brought them here.

Liz tried to shimmy off of the pipe but it was sturdy. "He's dieing Micheal, do somthing!" She screamed, she was willing to operate on him herself if he still refused going to the hospital. She had to give him at least a chance at survival.

"I'll work on him," she blurted out. "I'll do anyhting, just don't let him die." He seemed to be pondering his options when he made a decision and came to untie her. "You stay right in this spot till I call you or I swear you'll be on that couch next to him with a hole in your chest."

"I swear I won't move she said as he moved to the kitchen drwer and grabbed a knife. He put it under the fire and moved to her liquor cabinet. Liz knew this was so stupid and she shouldn't be thinking it but wasbn't thiis girl to young to legally drink?

The thought vanished as he uncapped the Vodka he'd pulled ut and went to check if the knife was hot enough. Liz ignored her earlier prmise not to move and began to bark out orders.

"We need lots of towls and put them on the bathroom floor. Its a hard surface so it's going to easier to claen then the carpet. Sweep up before you lay down his pallet. The other girl seemed afraid and hesitant but Liz had no time for courtesy.

"Look, whatever your name is," "It's Maria," she interrupted. "Well look Maria, I know this is unexpected and hard but that guy on your couch is dying, help us." They looked at eachother for no more than a second befpore she ran toward the bathroom.

Liz went and rolled up her sleeves at the kitchen sink to wash them thouroughly. "Come on Micheal screamed as he grabbed her arm and pulled her into the bathroom and went back for Max to lie him on the warm towels of Maria's dingy bathroom.

Micheal shoved the white hot blade into her head and looked at her expectantly. She took a deep cleansing breath and tore offf hid T Shirt. "Time to work," she mumbled before lowering the knife to his wound.

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This chapter is dedicated to Kristen80, WayLiz, and Roswelluver and EraserRoom. You guys have been good to me

Heres chapter 10

She made the first cut and tried not to flinch as his blood began to cover her hands. The room became deathly quiet when she went into her doctors role and detatched herself from the situation. She was in love with this man, she knew that now and if she thought about how she was slicing him with a kitchen knife she wouldn't beable to try and save him.

Micheal paced around the room trying not to watch but not being able to turn away. The minutes turned to hours as she made the final stitch in his abdomen to close up the wound she'd made.

He was deathly pale and taking quick shallow breathes as Liz finally let the thought enter her mind that he may be dieing. She couldn't hear it before but she had to know.

"Max," she murmered bending over him, "I love you." He looked into her face and smiled. Thats what all of this had been about, her still loving him.

He brought his hand up and cupped her face, "I love you too, now and forever and no matter what happens, I'll always be here, always."

"Don't say that," she said covering his body with her own, "your going to be O.K." She knew he wasn't but she couldn't stand it knowing that he knew it too.

He pulled on the edge of her hair and smiled into her face. "Lets go," Micheal said suddenly pulling Liz up to her feet by her hair. "We need more money."

"Where are we going," she screamed as she was being dragged behind him. "Theres a conveinent store a little while from here," he turned toward her and for the first time since they took her from the 7/11 she heard tenderness and was that regret in his voice?

"Everything will be O.K. I promise." With that they left the house.

The Anchor Man turned to the scren with professional detatchment and said,

All Points bulletin......There has been a shoot out at the Circle K in walesman Vermont leaving one of the robbers dead.


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WOW you guy's. Thanx so for the feed back ILYMEFOREVER, Roswelluver, and BelevnDreamsToo, This new chapter is dedicated to you guys and whoever else reads and replies.

To answer your question, he took Liz with him.

Liz shook as she ran toward Micheals trembling body. This was not apart of the plan. She quickly glanced up at the shaken clerk who still held the shoot gun in his hands.

"Liz," he asked with unfocusing eyes, "yeah." She and Micheal were not freinds, he'd kidnapped her and shot the love of her life in the stomach, then proceeded to make her operate on him but he was dieing, and for now anyways. She could overlook his past sins.

"Could you do me a favor," his voice was gurgly from the blood filling his lungs. The huge gapping wound in his throat spurted blood all over her clothes and hands, she didn't notice.

"Anything," He looked away up at the ceiing and Liz could see tears gathering in his eyes, "tell 'Ria that I never meant to bring her, or you for that matter, into this. I was selfish, just like I always am." He coughed and blood poured down the side of his mouth, "just tell her that I love her will ya?"

Liz nodded and tried hard to keep it together. She knew the clerk must've thrown an silent alarm by now but she didn't want to leave him to die alone on the floor of a Circle K. It was if he'd read her thoughts on her face, "go, it's O.K., even if you're here, I'm still going alone."

Liz looked down into his deathly white face and saw the tell tale signs of death crowding in on his features. As she gently laid him down and was about to run Micheal screamed one more thing to her. "Tell Max I'm sorry."

Liz ran as fast as she could toward Marias house, it hadn't been a week and she'd seen things that she wouldn't be able to forget even if she wanted to. Micheal was dead, Max was sick, and the cops were getting closer and closer to catching them.

Thing's couldn't get worse.

She burst throught the door of the little house and took in the shocked look on Maria's face. "Wheres Micheal," she shreiked loudly. Liz looked at her and knew that she could see the truth. She shook her head and backed away until she was sittting on the couch.

"He wanted me to tell you he was sorry and that he loved you." Maria showed no signs that she'd heard what Liz was telling her. There was an awful quiet that settled over the room until Maria broke it, "why would he tell me something when he was dieing that he couldn't say when he was alive," she looked to Liz for the answers that she knew she didn't have.

"He was always such a selfish bastard," she said with conviction, "But I loved him." She began to cry and Liz went over to the couch to hold her while they both cried over the hand destiny had dealy them.


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Thank you guys so much guys so much for the feedback. I'm glad that I stunned you, that's half of what this whole story is about. Keeping you on your toes. I'll try to update soon since this is quickly coming to it's end and I'll have to write the last chapter. I hope I can keep you guy's on your toes till the end

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Hey guys, I'm back with this new part and thank all of you guys who have been replying to me from the beginning and those who have just found this.

Chapter 12

Maria raised her head from Liz's shoulder after she'd cried herself dry and wiped her eyes. "He used to call ne and babble on and on about how he'd found this file on Maxwell, how he thought he'd finally found the person who had the balls to escape that hell."

"He'd talk to me for hours, like how he got his parents to put a PI an Max and then you," she turned toward Liz with guilt in her eyes. "I asked him to stop being crazy, he was about to get outta there.

He had a paroll hearing coming up soon. Instaed he shot Max, kidnapped you, and got himself killed."

"I'm so sorry Liz."

She turned away from her at that and Liz didn't try to comfort her this time, that's how he'd known all that stuff about her and Max. He'd known they were coming and he knew Max's weak spot,


Liz closed her eyes at the onslought of hate she felt. For Maria for not trying hard enough to stop him. For Max for not being strong enough to resist him.

For Micheal himself for being such a coldhearted bastard who only wanted to have his freedom. But mostly for herself, for not being able to stop this somehow. For not being able to save them all.

She pulled herself up from the couch she was sitting on and slowly made her way toward the room Max was in. She closed the door from Maria's low sobs and quietly crept to the side of his bed.

Liz looked down into his pale face and felt her heart clench at the sight.

His eyes fluttered open under her glance and a small smile graced his features. "Liz," he asked, "Yeah, it's me." They didn't say anything else for a long moment.

"Wheres Micheal," Liz let out a turrent of tears at his soft question and didn't object when he gingerly sat up to comfort her.

She knew every tiny move he made gave him tremendous pain and she knew it was selfish but she wanted him to hold her right now. She needed him to hold her right now.

He was wheezing with the effort it took to keep the sitting position he was in and Liz finally allowed him to lay back.

She curled up next to him and fisted away the tears gathering in the corners of her eyes.

She had to say something, she had to tell him and she couldn't sugarcoat it. There was no way to make this easier.

"Max, Micheals dead."


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Thanx for the feedback guys. Sorry I haven't updated in so long. Yeah you read right, this is one of the epillouges for the story, it's over. I couldn't decide whether to have a sad or a happy ending for this story so I just wrote two diffrent endings. This is the original sad ending. I'll post the happy one tomorrow if you guys want.


Liz smoothed down her black dress as she slowly approached the alter of the church.

Only she, Maria, Alex, and Isabel were there, besides the preist who kept glancing impatiently at his Timex watch.

Their coffins were made of smooth beautiful varnished pine, they couldn't afford to buy them better ones but they beautiful none the less.

She first looked into Micheals coffin and sighed. They had dressed hi in his best suit but the life that had been in him was gone.

He was now somwhere else and even though he'd done so many things to her that he could neer take back, she hoped he was in a happy place. She hoped he was happy, ffor Maria's sake.

She stood at his coffin a moment nore. Unwilling to look into the next one that held.........him. She took a deep breath and moved over.

He was so pale, so not the Max Evans she knew and still loved. The Max Evans she'd always love.

"Please be seated," the preist asked, he had a look on his face that Liz didn't understand. "You've been standing there for thirty minutes, it's time to go to the graveyard."

Liz looked over at the wall. She had been standing there for that long, it seemed only seconds.

She glanced back down at him before she slowly made her way back over to bench where Maria was stareing at her and wailing louder then she had been before.

Liz wondered how that must have looked to her, standing there for such a longtime. just staring with no tears.

When Liz had woken up the next day and realized that he was gone she hadn't been sad. She'd been quite the oppsite, content.

He'd been in so much pain and she just knew in her heart that he was in a bettter place and that they'd meet again one day.

The ushers picked up the two coffins and brought them outside to the two hearses waiting for them.

Liz didn't think as she drove slowly to the gravyard and exited the car, leaving a bawling Maria in the care of two people she didn't know.

The truth was she didn't care, she didn't if Maria was practically falling apart. She didn't care if Alex and Isabel didn't understand why she'd paid for a funeral with all her savings for her two kidnappers.

The truth was, she didn't care anymore.

They lowered their bodies into the ground and Liz stayed awhile after the others had gone back to the car. Max had a small marker on his grave and she stared at it.

Trying to will the tears for the lose of her one and only love. 30 minutes later, nothing came. Then a realization came over Liz, there were no more tears.

She was all cried out. She'd done enough that over the last week. She kissed the marker on his grave, stood, turned her back and walked back to the car without turning around.

It was time to start over. To make a life for herself, outside of Vermont and ,even though she didn't want to, live her life without Max in it.

She slipped into the driver seat and put the keys in the ignition.

She drove away from the gravyard and looked into the sky as a small smile curved her lips.

Things were going to be O.K. She'd always love Max, never forget Micheal and go on with her life.

Because that's all you can do when things in your life go wrong, go on.


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