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Title: Living the Dream
Author: MariaG
Catagory: AU, M/M, M/L and the rest of the gang.
Rating: PG-13 for now could change later

Summary: Liz and Michael are bro/sis she owns a club that Maria auditions for. Plus lots of evil fun Tess!

Disclaimer: I don't own the characters or the show if I did do you think Jason K. would still be around!



Living the Dream P1

Maria: Well this club is interesting. She thought as she walked into the highly publicided club. AlieN Blast it was in the heart of Los Angeles. She’d found the flier about 3 days ago ‘welcoming new talent to be found’. That was Marias ticket to fame. Now she just need to get one of the 10 gigs they were handing out. The deal was you audition, if you are one of the 10 acts they choose you get to perform in front of all the local talent scouts and the Friday night crowd. Not bad. It was her dream to be in a room full of people and be that ever so famous torch singer that no one really new who she was or cared but they couldn’t get enough of her and her voice. Thats all she wanted and this was her way to get it.

She opened the big double doors and stepped inside. She didn’t really see anyone around some guys setting up equipment and a guy cleaning glass’ from behind the bar. She decided she’d ask him. He seemed nice and not to hard on the eyes either. Longish dirty blonde hair gorgeous deep hazel eyes. He seemed caught in his work ‘bett I can get him away from it’ No! she cursed herself for thinking like that. Not again would she mix buiness with pleasure.

“Excuse me do you know where I can find the owner?”

Michael: He saw her walk in and look around, probably here for the contest. He hated seeing all of those hopefuls just get shut down. His older sister Liz owned the club. Alien Blast why she called it that no one knew. But this girl that came in was different, her long sandy blonde hair which hung just below her shoulders would sway from side to side with every step she took. Her emerald eyes were gorgeous and lit up the second she walked through the doors.

“Uh .. yah shes in her office. Here follow me.”

He lead her around the bar and too the small hallway with three doors, two on the left and one on the right.

“Hey my names Michael. This here is Liz’s office shes my sister and the owner. Hope to see you around.”

“Thanks I’m Maria, you too.”

And with a hand shake and a quick smile he vanished down the hall.

Michael: Ahh she had a name Maria. It was so fitting to her unique but not too ordinary. He certainly did hope he saw her again he thought as he walked back to his duties behind the bar.


Liz: Well if she isn’t something new and interesting. Liz thought as she saw Maria knock then open up her office door.

“Hi I’m Liz Parker. You must be here for the Alien Blast 1st annual talent search. Please take a seat.”

TBC ...

I know its short but the next part wil be up tomorrow and it will be longer *happy*

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Part 2 is here. Feedback please! I know its kinda slow paced right now but it will get more action to it promise! *happy*

Living the Dream Part 2:

Maria: “Yes I am. I’m Maria and here is my resume and any other info. you might like to know about me.” She said as she gave Liz her portfolio with a very unsteady hand. ‘I’m so nervous I’m shaking what a great first impression.’

Liz: Noticing the nervousness reflecting off of the new talent in front of her, “Honey, its ok no need to be nervous just little old me here, I don’t make any desissions that I hadn’t the moment you walked in here. I’d like to see you back here on Friday night for your first run through. You will be with 99 other new auditioners.” she said with her warmest smile.

Maria: ‘God it was like girlfriends at first site, if your a girl you know what I mean.’

“Thank you so much! I can’t wait. So do we perform our own music or like a selected one?”

“You will be asked to perform your own or someone else’s we don’t care what you sing, we just want to hear your voice.”

“OK sounds great.”

“Yah, heres a little tip. The judges are 3 guys that I know and have selected to volunteer. One is sweet, one is really nice but shy, and the other is a total horn dog. So their music likes vary but I’m sure you’ll do great. I just recommend no Britney, Augilera stuff.”

“Oh yah I’d never object anyone to that kind of torment!”

“Thank god you have a brain!”

With another hours worth of friendly chatter from their families to high school to their fave music the girls wrapped up Maria's ‘interview’. If you could call it that.

Maria: I can tell she will be probably my first true friend I’ll make since making the drastic move from here to my safe haven in good old Roswell, NM. With her wishful thinking she bid her adu and departed from Liz’s office.


Michael: God what is taking them so long they’ve been in there for over an hour. I hope Liz takes her as one of the first 100. She better. How couldn’t she. She was absolutely breath taking, and well yah I’m sure she has a fabulous voice. God I can’t wait to hear it.

“Michael? Hello, you in there?”

“Hmmm what, oh yah sorry Kyle.”

“Someone was deep in thought, that a first for you? So whats her name?”

“Maria, I mean wait what makes you think .... wait shhh here she comes.”

“So how’d it go in there?” Michael asked as he saw her coming out from the hall where Liz’s office was.

Maria: Oh is he talking to me! Wow he’s talking to me this is a good sign but not if I don’t answer back. ‘deep breaths’ ....

“It went great, I guess I’m coming back her Friday for my audition.”

“Wow congratulations.”

“Yah, congrats” Kyle final put in.

“Oh right sorry, Maria this is my high school pal and now pain in my ass, Kyle.”

“I take that as a compliment.” Kyle said shaking Maria's hand.

“Nice to meet you. Well I better be going see you next week Michael.”

Michael: And with that his new women to be was gone. Next week I don’t think I can make it that long without seeing her.

“So Maria huh .... isn’t their a known rule, gosh what is it oh right! NO MIXING BUSINESS WITH PLEASURE!”

“Don’t push me Kyle! Besides if she gives me the pleasure of her time and heart I’d be more than happy to give up bartending. You know I might be heart broken about it bartending being my life long dream and all, but I’m sure with a little work and a new hair cut you could take over for me.” He said sarcastically as he started back at cleaning and put more glasses back where they belonged. Letting his mind wonder back to Maria.

TBC ...

I know short but I'll be back tomorrow with more.

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Living the Dream Part 3

Authors note: I really love getting feedback so if you like the story please leave it *happy* Also I used the song You get me by Michelle Branch and the song What a girl wants by Christina Agilera.

The Audition –

Maria: One week later bright and early at 9:00 on a Friday morning. It was like a cattle call out here well in here. As she wondered into the some what familiar club. Completely different from the last time she had saw it. The dance floor and bar area was now filled with about 100 other girls and they were all there wanting the exact thing she did. Their claim to fame. Some were dressed like her casual and classic. Others were dressed a little different than your every day wear, and there was just others who look like they were auditioning to be in Penthouse. Specially that one over there, she had a pretty face surrounded by blonde curls and she had the most beautiful blue eyes, but that outfit didn’t leave anything to the imagination.

Maria made her way over to the sign in table. There she saw the guy she met last week. Kyle and 2 other guys. He seemed to recognize her right away.

Kyle: “Hey Maria nice to see you again”.

Maria: “Oh hey Kyle, you too. So how does this hull audition thing work?”

“Well first you fill out this form for me. Then you attach this # to your shirt with this pin, and then when your done filling out the form you give it back to me. Easy as that.”

“Ok I’ll be back with my form. Thank you.”

Maria took her form and the # she was assigned and attached it to her shirt #21. She made her way over to the bar so she’d have a hard surface to write on. As she did she saw Michael her mystery man from last week. She sat down at the closest available stool. Michael acknowledge her presence’s with a genuine smile. But he couldn’t really make it over to her since he was being talked to death by the blonde slut she noticed earlier.

‘I guess for now I’ll just call her #20’ Maria thought.

#20: “So Michael, I heard that you’ve been single for quite some time now. I was hoping that I could change that.”

Michael: ‘If it’s not Max its me Tess just can’t seem to get the point shes not wanted by either of us. Kyle didn’t even see her as a good lay and he’d usually take on anything. Well till he met Vicki.’

“Tess, I think I should get back to my job.”

Maria: ‘Hmm Tess so she does have a name’

Tess: “Suit yourself Michael, I’ll see you later.” she announced as she walked away.

Michael: Finally! Now I can get to who I’ve been waiting to talk to all week.

“So Maria, how are you.”

Maria: She heard him ask as she was pretending to be paying attention to filing out her form.

“I’m fine thanx. You?”

“A lot better since Tess left.” He said with a laugh.

“Yah I can imagine.”

“So what have you chosen to sing today?”

“Well you’ll just have to see.” Maria said as she filled in the last question on her form and left to take it back up to Kyle. Leaving Michael there with the biggest grin on his face and one though in his head. ‘She’s the one’.


About two hours later.

Maria: “#20 please take your place on stage and prepare for your audition piece.” The DJ droned on as he had all day. But I was finally next. Only had to make it through Trash first excuse me Tess. Can’t wait to see what she has picked to perform for us today.

With that though the music started up and Maria heard the opening keys to none other than What a girl wants by Christina Agilera. I guess only some of us have brains.

As she started singing the first lines.

What a girl wants
What a girl needs
Whatever makes me happy and sets you free...
What a girl wants
What a girl needs
Whatever keeps me in your arms

She started to sway her hips. But by the second verse she looked like she was fucking the stage for crying out load!

A weaker man might have walked away
But you had faith
Strong enough to move over and give me space
While I got it together
While I figured it out

By this time she was singing to Michael and wouldn’t stop staring at him.

Kyle was in hysterics he was laughing to hard I think he was crying.

Max was just sitting there praying that this torture would end soon.

Liz was sitting next to Max with her head in her hands cursing herself for letting Tess in the audition to begin with. But then again her father did fund some of the club, so she really didn’t have a choice.

Then there was Maria trying to psyche herself up for going on next but couldn’t since she was laughing so hard. Not really at was Tess was doing but at everyone’s reactions to what she was doing especially Michael’s.

They say if you love something let it go
If it comes back, it's yours
That's how you know
It's for keeps yeah, it's for sure
And you're ready and willin' to give me more than

“OK OK lets give a applause for Tess Harding” Michael finally interrupted signaling to the DJ to cut the music.

“Hey Michael the song isn’t over!”

“Oh believe me it is!”

Tess left the stage with a defeated look. And plopped down into a chair close to Michael’s to watch the rest of the acts.

“#21 please take your place on stage and prepare for your audition piece.”

That was Marias cue. As she exited from the right wing on stage she immediately felt Michael’s eyes on her. Not that it bothered her. She too planned to sing to him just in a less vulgar sort of way.

The music began and Michael knew instantly what song it was and he definitely was impressed to hear her sing it.

So I'm a little left of center
I'm a little out of tune
Some say I'm paranormal
So I just bend their spoon
Who wants to be ordinary
In a crazy, mixed-up world
I don't care what they're sayin'
As long as I'm your girl

Maria sang on as she kept good eye contact with Michael. Making sure not to stay fixated on him all though she wanted too.

Hey, you are on my side
And they, they just roll their eyes

You get me
When nobody understands
You come and take the chance, baby
You get me
You look inside my wild mind
Never knowing what you'll find
And still you want me all the time
Yeah, you do
Yeah, you get me

Michael: Its like she was singing right to me. The lyrics just seemed to fit her so well. And her voice was the most incredible music to his ears. She didn’t falter once and she looked like a goddess up on that stage.

So what if I see the sunshine
In the pouring rain
Some people think I'm crazy
But you say it's okay
You've seen my secret garden
Where all of my flowers grow
In my imagination
Anything goes

The constant soul searching looks between Maria and Michael hadn’t gone unnoticed by Tess. Her blood was starting to boil and all she could is that she surely beat that girl out of the running with remidition of What a girl wants. Since Michael was all she wanted but hey Max wasn’t bad either or Kyle for that matter or well Alex.

'Cause you get me
When nobody understands
You come and take the chance, baby
You get me
When none of the pieces fit
You make sense of it
You get me
You look inside my wild mind
Never knowing what you'll find
And still I want you all the time
Yeah, I do

'Cause you get me
Yeah, oh, yeah, oh

As Maria finished up the last chorus it was like Michael was putty in her hands and she absolutely loved that feeling.

“Ms. Maria Deluca ladies and gentlemen.” The DJ interrupted as Maria's song cued out.

Now it was the judges turns to vote. If it was up to Michael she would have had perfect 10’s all the way across. But unfortunately it wasn’t the decisions were up to his friends Max, Alex and Kyle.

Kyle held up his sign first he had given her a 10.

Alex was next he had given her a 9. Alex was in the biz and a 9 was as close to perfect anyone would get from him.

Next was Max with a lot of talk between him and his ‘friend’ Liz to the right of him he finally held up the sign that read 10.

Maria was ecstatic. She said her thanx and left the stage to go find a seat so she could watch the following acts.



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Authors note: Thank you everyone for the wonderful feed back! This part is kinda short but I was realy bored last night when I was supposed to of been doing home work *happy*

Enjoy -

Part 4 Living The Dream:

Maria: Wow! I can’t believe I got a near perfect score! The closest all morning had been some girl who sang Sheryl Crow and gotten a 25. I don’t think Max like’d it that much.

Michael walked pass Tess and over to where Maria had seated herself. He intended on congratulating her. But was rudely interrupted by someone.

“Michael, would you mind coming over here for a sec I need your help with the lighting.” His sister Liz asked.

Michael: Sure why not its not like I don’t get to see this goddess every day, oh wait that’s right I don’t because I don’t have the balls to just ask her out!

“Yah sure I’m on my way.”

Michael and Liz headed over to the technician booth that was located behind the bar.

“So Maria huh?” Liz asked in disbelief.

“Is there like some sort of announcement put out about it?!”

“No, I’m your sister and we always no best!”

“right”. Michael said with complete sarcasm.

“Fine, Fine I saw they way you were looking at her Michael it doesn’t take a brainiac to see that, but the best part was that she was looking back.”

“You think so?” Michael asked his turn to disbelieve.

“Yah, Michael I’m sure.”

“So if your so sure, then why has it taken you so long to do something with Max? Get that train started all ready because it is long over due.”

“The last thing I need from you is love advice Michael.”

“So you can dish it out but you can’t take it huh Parker?” Michael taunted.

“Well its just that my last relationship was with Sean and that didn’t end on to happy of a note, you know.”

“Yah, but I’m quite sure that Max is better than Sean. Actually I’m positive.”

“Well thats good to hear that you know about something because you just made my lighting situation worse.”

“Well if you’d quit yacking!”

“Yah that’s the problem, sure.”

After Liz fixed the lights and made the stage more blue than reds and orange her and Michael went back to their seats. Well Michael went back to his previous task before Liz ‘needed help’.

“Hey Maria, you were fantastic up there.”

“Thank you Michael.” Maria said as Michael sat next to her on a stool. While her in a big over stuffed chair.

“Maria, I was wondering if maybe .....” ‘come on just get it out Parker its now or never’ “maybe you’d want to get a cup of coffee after the auditions or before you know whatever.”

“Yes, please anything to get me out of this pop parade, I mean seriously how many Britney songs can Liz allow! I feel like I’m on TRL!”

“Huh yah I see your point.”

“So where to? I just have to be back before the next round.”

“And you will be my dear.” Michael said with a sarcastic tone as he helped Maria up ad offered his arm to her. They walked out of the club doors arm in arm.

Tess: If that little bitch thinks she’s going to get her claws into my man she is sadly mistaken!

Tess thought as she followed the two love birds out of the club and around the corner to the local coffee shop and bakery.

Tess: I’ll just take a seat here away from them and hold up this menu to my face so they don’t know its me.

She thought with one of her last remaining brain cells. Sean always told her not to inhale if she was just doing it to look cool.

Michael: Wow I actually did it, I’m sitting here with Maria. I actually asked her out.

Waitress: “May I take your order?”

Michael gestured to Mara so that her order could be taken first. ‘Ladies first’.

“Yes, I’ like a mocha mix.”

“would you like whipped cream with that?” The waitress asked.


“And for you sir.”

“Coffee, black please.”

“Ok I’ll have that right out for you.”

“Thank you.” They both gushed at the same time as the waitress moved on to the next table.

Waitress: “What can I get for you today?”

“Oh, nothing I’m just here watching some people, I uh mean meeting some people they’ll be coming later.” Tess lied to the waitress.

“Wait a second!” Maria proclaimed as she stood up and walked over to the table that trash was sitting at. And pulled down he menu. With Michael close on her heels the minute she left their table.

“What the hell are you doing here!” Michael said in a harsh tone.

“I was just getting something to drink, you know all of that singing can make ones throat dry.” Tess lied as she rubed her throat to emphicise her statement.

“First of all TESS there are drinks back at the club. Second of all you sang over an hour ago!” Maria screeched at her. Trying not to involve everyone in the small coffee shop but ultimately failing.

“Tess could you please just go back to the club and wait to hear the end scores.” Michael tried to reason.

“No, this is a free world and I can sit here and drink my coffee if I like!”

“What coffee, you didn’t order anything.” Maria retorted.

“Fine, have it your way. Maria and I are going to head back there now anyways. You stay and finish your ‘coffee’.” Michael said as he walked back to his and Maria's table slapped down a $10. Took Maria's hand and left Tess sitting there dumb founded.

Tess: Well you think you might have won him over this time but you just wait!

Tess thought as the coffee shop's doors shut behind them.



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Authors Note: I know this is a short part but I'll post the next tomorrow or tonight.

Thank you so much for all of te feedback it makes me very VERY happy *happy*

Living the Dream P5

Round 2

Maria: “So Michael why is it that Tess is after you?” Maria asked as her and Michael headed back to the club, so that she could partake in the second round of the talent search.

As Michael draped his arm around Maria’s shoulder to pull her closer to him he coolly answered her the question he knew he’d be asked after her little performance in the coffee shop.

Michael: “Well you see way ‘back in the day’, when we were about 16 or so she moved to LA were me and Lizzy lived. She came to our school and her and our friend Isabel seemed to hit it off real well.

Maria: She looked up at him funny when he mentioned the name Isabel.
“Who’s Isabel?”

Michael: “You haven’t met her yet, but her and Alex, you remember him he’s the tall, lanky judge?”

“Yah the one that gave me a 9.” Maria recalled

“Yah, him.” Michael said bitterly at the thought. “Well he and Isabel are engaged and have been for a while now. She is also Max’s little sister. She’ll probably be around the club later, she usually is. Well back to the story .... her and Iz kicked it off real good. They were hanging out all the time. But then Iz heard a rumor at school that Tess was just being nice to her to get to Max. While at the time Max was crushin on Liz, which by the way he still is. So Max ultimately told her that he didn’t want to date her. Well Tess found out that it was because he liked Liz. So Tess tried to get back at Liz by trying to date me, I too told her no. But for some reason she never really got the point. For a while she left me alone and went for this really stupid guy named Sean, but that didn’t last long he moved out of the state. And there you have it the story of my life with Tess.” He said in one big breath has he finished his story.

“Wow its been what 7 years now and she still torments you?”

“Yah I guess there's a lot of air in that little head.” Michael said with a laugh as he opened the door to the club to let Maria walk in first.

“Thank you.” she said with a nod as she walked through one of the double doors to the club.

“MARIA, MICHAEL!!” Liz said in a hurried voice as she ran up to them. “Where have you been, the second round starts in 10 minutes! Where is Tess?!”

“Calm down Liz, I don’t know where Tess is. But I will be ready to go in less than 10 minutes.” Maria told Liz as she tried to calm the ball of nerves down in front of her.

“OK, uh Maria go back stage they are waiting for you there, Michael find trash I .. I mean Tess NOW!”. Liz said as she was called over to the DJ to deal with the music arrangements.

“Well I’ll see you out there.” Maria said as she kissed Michael on the cheek and left him there so she could go get ready for the second round.

TBC ....


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Disclaimer: I use Jessica Simpsons - Simply Irresistable, she and her people own it not I.

Authors note: Thank you for the wonderful feedback yet agiain *happy*

Rollergal this part will probably answer your question.

Living The Dream P6

Michael was left there dumb-founded ‘did she really just kiss me on the cheek?’ He thought out load to himself.

“Yah, buddy you weren’t dreamin this time.” Tess said as she had been watching from a far ever since she hurried to follow them out of the coffee shop.

“Huh, oh Tess. ...” It took Michael a while to come back down to planet earth and when he did he wasn’t to thrilled with what he found.

“Liz is looking for you, round 2 is about to begin.”

“Wow all ready its time for me to beat out another 20 girls waiting to make singing their reality.”

“Tess, the only here that’s going to win is Maria, and the only reason that you even made it into round two was because your daddy funds most of the club. And Liz doesn’t want to lose that. Since we all know if you didn’t make it at least into the top 5 you going running to him and he wouldn’t pick up the clubs tab.” Michael said all of the things that he wanted to say to her since she started singing to him that morning.

“Michael how could you say that.” Tess tried to get out through choked sobs.

‘Oh god now she’s crying typical if its not her way its no ones.’ “Tess stop crying.”

“But, but you said that, that. ...”

“I can’t understand a single thing you say when your like this.”

Tess tried to clear up her throat then she rubbed her eyes away of the warm salty tears.

“Fine Michael if thats what you think of me then I’ll just have to prove you wrong.” With one final look up to him she walked away. Back to the stage to get ready for round 2.

“Quite a performance you two put on.” Liz said as she walked past her brother to the back stage area to make her 2 minute announcement.


“GIRLS, GIRLS QUIT PLEASE!” Liz said trying to raise her voice over all of the bickering that was going on behind the curtains of the stage.

“You all have 2 minutes before the first contestant will be called up to perform their second routine. This is the order that you will be going in.”

“ #5 – Kim Delany

#16 – Heather Horrowitz

#18 – Chrissy Orbock

#20 - Tess Harding

#21 – Maria Deluca

#27 – Tammy Schicker

...... Liz continued on as another scene was being played out over by the mirror. Maria was putting on some lip gloss and smoothing out any stray hairs she might of had. As Tess try to seductively walk over to her, tripping over her to high high heels but finally getting there.

“So, Maria you think by just one kiss on the cheek you’ve made your mark on my man?”

“No, I think that I made it the moment I saw him, besides he’s not ‘your man’ and according to him he never was.” Maria spat out with one look towards Tess and one final mirror check as she walked over to Liz who had just finished the call list.

‘Yah, we’ll see whos man he is after tonight.’ Tess though as she put some of her famous blood red lip stick on and some green eye shadow that she’d been waiting to use ever since she found it at the bus station last week. ‘That looks good, just like Britney.’. With one last check in the mirror she was ready to try to beat out all of her competition.


“#18 please take your place on stage and prepare for your second act.” The DJ announced only for the 3rd time in the last 45 minutes but all ready Maria was sick of his voice once again. But at least her view would keep her satisfied. Michael was on the bar now. ‘He had to get at least three hours in today’ according to Liz. But now Maria was watching him handle every customer with a half hearted smile. Some women tried to make a pass at him but he kindly brushed it away, he didn’t even seem to notice that anyone was on stage he was so involved in making the drinks that people had requested.

“Thank you #18.” The DJ said after her scores had been announced. ‘Wow that was some long thought train Maria, you missed an entire act!’ She thought as she finally took her eyes off of Michael.

Michael could instantly feel that she had taken her eyes off of him. He knew that she’d been watching him for the last 10 minutes but he certainly didn’t mind.

The DJ: “#20 please take your place on stage and prepare for your second act.” The DJ announced. He took his hand and covered the mike and to the audience member on his right asked “ Is this the cute one that sang what a girl wants.” But his question was instantly answered as Tess stepped on stage and he started applauding. And started her music, Simply Irresistible by Jessica Simpson. And he knew that that song was written for her.

She started her first lines trying to find were Michael had gone.

"You know, I don't know what it is
But everything about you is so irresistible"

After Michael heard her screeching voice start to sing. He immediately put a hand up to his ear to check to see that there wasn'y blood pouring out of them. He looked over towards the stage just to see if he was correct in his notion that she was dressed skany once again.

"Don't you try to tell me that he's not my type
To hide what I feel inside
When he makes me weak with desire
I know that I'm supposed to make him wait
Let him think I like the chase
But I can't stop fanning the fire
I know I meant to say no"

‘Yup I was yet again correct, god I’m good.’ he thought as he saw Tess in some leather bondage number, with bright red lips and neon green eye lids.

"But he's irresistible
Up close and personal
Now inescapable
I can hardly breathe
More than just physical
Deeper than spiritual
His ways are powerful
Irresistible to me (Oh, I can hardly breathe, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah)"

‘God, there she goes again with the stage act. I think Liz is gonna have to replace that thing before anyone else dances on it again.’

"Don't you think I'm trying to tell my heart what's right
That I should really say goodnight
But I just cant stop myself falling (falling)
Maybe I'll tell him that I feel the same
That I dont want to play no game (no)
Cause when I feel his arms wrapped around me
I know meant to say no (I meant to say no)"

‘Oh no, she can’t be! But of fucking course she is. I guess since I’m not right up there this time shes gotta make a pass at poor Max. That guy doesn’t even no how to handle it .....’

"But he's irresistible (irresistible)
Up close and personal
Now inesacpable
I can hardly breathe (I can hardly breathe)
More than just physical"

“OK thats it stop it now you two bit whore!” Isabel hollered at Tess for coming onto her brother yet again.

The DJ finally cut the music after Liz told him several times.

DJ: “OK a round of applause for Tess Harding”. He said as he was the only one clapping in the room.

“#21 please take your place on stage and prepare for your second act.”



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::shamelful bump hehe::

Plus an author note. *happy*

I want to thank everyone that has been reading my fic you have no clue just how much it means to me when you leave feedback. So keep doing it and story shall go on. I'll be back after I eat dinner with part 7!

special thanks to:

Strawbehrry Shortcake
Lucky Star

Come on lets make that list longer! *bounce*

-- Heather
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Disclaimer - I use the song This Way - by Jewel *happy*

Living the Dream part 7

Maria heard the DJ say his famous lines as she exited the curtain on the right of the stage. She crossed the stage to go over and stand in front of the microphone. With one though running through her mind .... ‘Where was Michael?’

Michael: Oh crap they announced her! Shit lady hurry up and order so I can get out there. “I highly recommend anything with the orange juice.”

“Yah you know I’m just not sure what I want to get tonight ...” She said with a bewildered look on her face and in her voice.

Michael: She must of just turned 21 to be this alcoholicly retarded. “OK well you think about it and I’ll be right back to take that order.” He said as he threw off his apron ran around and out of the bar to find a seat up in the front row to watch his angel sing. he finally found his seat right in the front row dead center of the stage. She started to sing her first lyrics as he finally calmed and turned his head up to meet her eyes instantly.

“Love be still
Love be sweet
Don't you dare
Change a thing
I want to photograph you with my mind
To feel how I feel now all the time”

God he loved that song, not that he’d ever admit it on his life but he did like that song.

“Say that you'll stay
Forever this way
Forever and forever
That we'll never have to change
Don't move
Don't breathe
Don't change
Don't leave
And promise me
Say you'll stay
We'll stay
This way”

Maria was absolutely eating up every single look she was getting in that room. As she swayed her hips to the beats and swept her hair off of her shoulders. He loved the glares she was getting from the girls that were out in the audience that she was competing with. She liked the look that she was receiving from Liz that was letting her know how proud she was of her. All the looks of awe from all of the audience members that she didn’t know. The look of complete hatred and jealousy she was getting from Tess and the DJ?? But most of all the look of .... was that love she was receiving from Michael? Yah thats surely what it looked like, love, support, desire. Three things that she could definitely live with.

“I get afraid
Don't think ahead
Let's just stay
This way in bed
Feels so good inside your arms
Home is everywhere that you are”

Tess: ‘Who the hell in their right mind would sing a JEWEL SONG!’ She has been in the public eye and out of it so many times it was hard to keep her straight.’ That Maria girl is certainly proving to me that she is whacked. First she tries to take my man, then she sings a Jewel song. ...

“.....Promise me
We'll always be
This kind, this sweet
This good to me
Promise me
You'll always be”

As she finished out he rest of her song. The DJ cued her out, and now it was time to be judged yet again. She hated this part. And this time they couldn’t just hold up the number they actually had to give a reason for the score.

Kyle was up first.

“She had a strong voice and chose her music well, I give her another 10.” Kyle finished with holding up his sin that said 10.

Yay a ten! Again! Now it was Alex.

“I too thought she chose her music well and she was on key with the song which is quite hard to do with a Jewel song. I am finally gonna break and give it out. Congratulations Maria you receive my first 10.” He said as he too held up the card marked with a 10.

Wow his first ten and it goes to me. ...

“Well I guess its a perfect score for you then, Maria.” Max stated as he also held up his card marked with a ten.

When he said she had a perfect score Maria couldn’t help her self but to start jumping and screaming “hurray” but she wasn’t the only one. Michael was joining her. She leaped off the stage into his arms has they continued to praise her score. They finally calmed down and sat in his chair. Together they sat in the over stuffed chair and thats when he decided it was the right moment.

“Maria, would you like to go out with me tomorrow night?”

TBC ....


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Living The Dream Part 8

Living The Dream part 8

Did she hear him right, it was so loud in the club she wasn’t sure if it was what she had really heard or if it was just wishful thinking. But the look in his eyes of uncertainty, or rejection was her clue that she had in fact heard him right.

“Yah, I’d love to go out with you, where are we gonna go?”

‘She said yes!? She did she said yes!’

“Well lets see, how does dinner and a movie sound?”

“Sounds fantastic.”

“Great I’ll pick you up at 6:00 o’ clock”

“OK. oh wait you might need this.” Maria said as she reached over to the judges table took a pen, and started writing her address on Michael’s hand. “I’ll see you then.”

“Yah, see you then.” Michael said as she walked away to the back stage. ‘Wow I did it I actually asked her out!’


6:00PM The following night AKA The First Date!
Michael stood outside Maria’s door. A cute house in the out skirts of LA. Typical Maria he thought has he noticed the beaded curtains on her windows.

He finally made his way to her front door. About 3 minutes later when he was done with his pep talk decided that it would be a good idea to ring the door bell.


She opened the door and Michael’s mouth about hit the ground. She was wearing a pair of black leather pants and a interesting top with swirls of blue and purple going through it. That showed some cleavage but not too much. Michael was in some serious need of a drool pan.

“Hey Michael.”

“Maria.” He said with a polite nod. “You ready to go, the movies in about 15 minutes.” He managed to get out.

“Yah. Just let me grab my bag and I’m good to go.” Maria turned to get her bag giving Michael a tantalizing view of her leather clad behind. Once again leaving him with his mouth wide-open.

They gradually made it to Michael’s car. And he opened the door for her and then shut it and ran around to his side, wow opening doors for a women. Definitely falls into the firsts pile for Michael.

They drove to the theater making some small talk here and there but both were just too excited for the nights events.

As they walked to the ticket stand Maria finally decided to ask what movie they were seeing.

“So Michael what flick have you chosen for us to see tonight?”

“40 days and 40 nights. I’m not quite sure what it’s about but Liz said it’d make a good laugh.”

“oh um. Yah I’m sure it will. That’s a daring choice for a first date movie.” Maria said with a laugh.

“Oh why’s that?”

“Well its about this guy who gives up sex for lent and the struggles he goes through during the 4o days and nights.”

“Oh. Well what can I say I’m a daring kind of guy.” Michael said as he swore that he’d kill Liz later.

“Two for 40 days and 40 nights please.”

“That will be $15.00 please.”

Michael handed the worn women a $20.

“$5 is your change. Enjoy the show.”

“Thank you.” They both sad in unison.


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Living the Dream

Part 9

“Oh my god and when he was flying over the valley of breasts.” Maria said through fits of laughter. As Michael laughed along with her.

The couple sat in the old pizza parlor, that Maria had chosen for dinner. Reminicing the movies events over a pitcher of root beer and a large pepperoni pizza.

“But I couldn’t believe that his stupid X did that to him I felt so sorry for the poor guy.” Maria said her face turning more serious as she felt for the character in the movie.

“Yeah, but it all worked out in the end right.” Michael offered trying to cheer her up.

“Right.” Maria stated as she took another bite from her second slice of pizza.

“So you come here a lot?” Michael asked looking around at the old pinball machines to the worn booths that lined the walls of the parlor she had insisted on going to it had ‘the best slice in the town’. She had told him.

“Yeah. Actually when I first moved here it was like my second home. I used to live in those cruddy old apartments across the street.” Maria said pointing out the window the inhabitable apartment building. “The pizza is amazing and cheap so it was an automatic plus.” She said finishing her slice.

“Where did you live before you moved here?” Michael asked completely entranced with the women in front of him.

“Roswell, New Mexico. And don’t even ask if I’ve seen an alien abduction.” Maria taunted as she saw the ever so famous recognition of her little town on his face.

“Wasn’t Planning to.” Michael quickly recovered.

2 hours later – Maria's front porch.

“Well I had a really good time tonight Michael.” Maria said with her back to her front door facing Michael.

“So did I. We’ll have to do it again sometime.” Michael said hope now flooding through his veins.

“Most definitely.” Maria stated simply.

As Michael came closer to her. Now only inches away from her mouth was his. “I’ll see you Monday.” Michael offered before he kissed her softly on the lips and pulled away to flash his ever so famous smile and turn to go down her flowered front walk to his truck.