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This story is a Crossover with Alias.Don't Worry, if you don't watch the show, it's not going to go deep into thing about SD6. When this story takes place in Alias' time, it's after is SD6 is destroyed and Roswells setting will be revealed in time. Please, if you read and enjoy, reply. This is new and I've never seen another Roswell fic crossed with this show so I NEED FEEDBACK!!!


Sydney Bristow stepped onto Harvards wide sweeping lawns and searched for her face in the crowd. She'd been sent by the CIA to recruit this girl and she was never one to put down a misson, especially not one like this. They'd been watching Elizabeth Parker for a long time now waiting to approach her with this offer. It was not somthing to take lightly.

Once you were in, you were in for life and they wanted to make sure she'd take the plunge. But many others were noticing her and they had to act now or loose her. Then she spotted her sitting in the Quad by herself.

It was hard for her to beleive that the slip of a girl in front of her was genuine genius who'd graduated high School at 16 and majored in the feilds of technology, bombs, and penetration. Great skills, especially for a spy.

She'd dated a boy named Maxwell in New Mexico that she seemed utterly in love with but when she went to collage 2 years ago they'd drifted apart. She had a few freinds but no one she knew well enough to tell somthing like this to so now was the time. Sydney began to push her way through the crowd toward Liz.

Elizabeth closed her eyes and blanked out the sounds of the kids around her. She breathed deep and swore she could smell him, not his cologne but the smell that was uniquely him, uniquely Max.

She'd thought they were so in love in High School, she'd thought they could hack a long distance relationship with him still at Roswell High and her here but she'd wrong. When he went to Cal Tech a year ago, his calls came fewer and farther inbetween until one day they just stopped.

That was a year ago and she didn't need to pick at old scabs so she let her breath out slowly feeling all thoughts of him going out with them. They obviously just weren't meant to be. She felt hot pricks behind her eyes and willed them away. She was sure her roommate Tess was sick of her hearing about it and with her boyfreind living far away too and she was sick of talking about it. They were over.

She opened her eyes and got a start as she noticed the woman standing above her with a coy smile on her face. It was as if she knew what she was thinking and Liz felt her cheeks flame for some reason. The pretty woman put her hand out toward her and grasped Liz's up in a strong shake.

"I know you don't know me now, but hopfully, you will soon." She watched the confused look pass over Liz's face and felt rememberance from when she'd been told this exact thing years ago.

"I work for a private sect of the CIA and we'd like to ask you a few things."


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I know it's been like 5 months since I updated this and I ahd quit it but I saw someone bumped it the other day and got to thinking about it again.

Liz drifted abck to her room in a haze and sat on the bed. She litterally felt ill. It wasn't everyday you were approached with the question of whether or not you would like to be a spy.

She pulled her hair back and tried to tune out the loud blasting radio in the room next door. Sydny said they would give her 24, then they had to have an answer.

Just then Tess came bouncing in with 3 of her freinds. "We came to get a change of clothes. We're going to the beach and I'm probably going to stay there tonight."

"Would you like to come," one of her freinds asked. A smile came to her face until the poorly concealed shove Tess gave her and the signal to be quiet.

"That's O.K," I replied,"I'm just going to stay in and study." "allright," Tess replied quickly as she herded her freinds out the door but not before she loudly said. "We don't want her with us, she'd probably talk about her ex all night."

She was crushed as she picked up the phone and dialed the 3 diget long distance number that she'd memerized earlier.

It rang and rang until she was about to hang then her voice came on the line, "hello....hello, anyone there?" "YES!!!!" she screamed. "Is this Sydney, Sydney Bristow?"

There was a halt before she answered with a question of her own, "who is this?" "I'm sorry," I breathed out,"it's Liz Parker, the girl you spoke to earlier about.........the thing."

Liz heard her laugh and felt a deep blush rise to her cheeks again. "Don't worry, this line clean we can soeak freely."

There was a silence until I got up the courage to ask the question that would change the rest of my life. "I want to join the C.I.A."