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Category: M/L (Max's POV)
Summary: AU. This is going to be like the book stargirl by Jerry Spinelli. If you have never read it, it is from max's pov and he's looking back to when he was younger.
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When I was little, I remember that my uncle Paul had this porcupine necktie. I thought it was just about the coolest thing in the world. He would wear it every time I went to see him. I would just stare at it then I would run my fingers over silky surface and every time I almost expecting to be stuck by one of the quills. He let me wear it once. I tried finding one so I could have one of my very own, but I never could.

I was only 12 when I moved from Pennsylvania to Roswell, New Mexico. Uncle Paul came to see my dad, my mom and I off that day. He was wearing the tie. I thought he did so just so I could see it one last time and I was truly grateful. But then, all the sudden he took it off and put it in my hands "It's all yours," he said. "Going away present."

I cherished that necktie and I decided to start my own collection. It was two years after we had moved to Roswell and the number of ties in my collection was only one. The one my uncle Paul gave to me. Where can you go to find a porcupine necktie in Roswell, New Mexico-- or anywhere else, for that matter?

On my fourteenth birthday I read about myself in the newspaper. You see our newspaper has this section inside the family section that let's you put that kind of thing in. Who's going to get married, who's graduating whoes birthday is it. Just things like that. So it was my birthday and my mom thought It'd be nice to put something in there about me. The last sentence read:" As a hobby, Max Evens collects porcupine neckties."

A couple of day later I found a paper bag sitting on our front step. Inside I saw nicely wrapped package tied with yellow ribbon. The tag on it said "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" I carefully opened the package and that's when I saw it. It was a porcupine necktie. Two porcupines were tossing darts with their quills, while the third was picking its teeth.

I inspected the box, tag, and the paper. Nowhere could I find the giver's name. I asked my parents. My friends. I called my uncle Paul but they all said they didn't know anything about that.

At that time a just considered the episode a mystery. It did not occur to me that we were being watched. All of us were. We were all being watched.

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Sorry it took so long for me to write this I've been stuck with a lot of homework and reports. Well here:

Part 1
"Have you seen her yet?"

That was the first thing Michael said to me on the first day of school, eleventh grade.

"Seen who?" I asked.

He laughed a bit. Okay so it was more or a chuckle but it was a laugh to me. He moved his neck around as if scanning the mob in the hallway. He's now grinning. Great. "You'll know."

I punched his arm. "Who?"
But before he could answer the bell rang. We then poured into the classroom.

I heard it again in homeroom, someone had whispered when we were saying the Pledge of Allegiance:

"You see her?"

I heard it in the hallways and in English and Geometry:

"Did you see her?"

Who is she my mind was asking. Who could it be? A new student perhaps?
Or maybe it was one of those summer makeovers. Someone leaves in June the biggest dork ever and came back being the prettiest person now. And then I heard it. During Earth Science. I heard a name: "Stargirl."

I turned to the senior behind me who said it. "Stargirl? What kind of name is that?" I asked.

"That's it. Stargirl Parker. She said it during homeroom."



And then I saw her. At lunch in the lunchroom.

She was wearing this off white colored dress so long that it had covered her shoes. It had those ruffles around the neck and cuffs. It looked like it could've been my great-grandmother’s wedding gown. Her hair was brown. A reddish dark brown. It fell to her shoulders. Something was strapped across her back. It wasn't a backpack. At first I thought it was a miniature guitar or something. I later found out that it was a ukulele.

She didn't carry a lunch try but a large canvas bag with a life-size sunflower painted onto it. The whole lunchroom went dead silent as she walked by. She stopped at an empty table, laid her bag down, slung the instrument strap over her chair, and sat down. She pulled out a sandwich from the bag and started to eat.

Half of the lunchroom kept staring while the other half started to care less and went back to talking.

Michael wouldn't stop grinning. I was scary. Seeing him smile like that. "What'd I tell you?"

I nodded

"She's in the tenth grade," he said casually. "I heard she's been home schooled 'til now."

"Maybe that explains it," I said.

Her back was facing us so I couldn't see her face. No one sat by her. I think they were to scared to. There where people on the tables next to her with kids crammed up. Two to a seat. She didn't seem to notice though.

Michael was grinning again. I think I know what he's thinking because I'm thinking the same thing. "You thinking what I'm thinking?" He said.

I grinned back. I nodded. "The hot seat"

The hot seat was our in-school TV show. We had started it last year. I was the producer/director and Kevin was the on camera host. Each moth he'll interview a student. So far, most of them have been jocks, honor students, and model citizens. Note worthy but not exactly interesting.

Michael’s eyes got big. I turned around to see what he was looking at. Stargirl. She picked up her ukulele and was strumming it. And now she started singing! Strumming the strings and bobbing her head and singing. Stoned silence came from everyone but Stargirl. She was singing and strumming her ukulele and so ito it I don't think she noticed that everything else around her went silent.

Now the girl stood up. Slung her bag over one shoulder and was marching around the tables. She was singing, strumming, twirling and strutting. Heads swung, eyes followed her, mouths hung opened. Disbelief. When she came around to our table I got to see her face. She wasn't gorgeous but it wasn't ugly either. But then I saw something in her eyes. They would twinkle. Her face basically looked the all the other girl's faces except for two things. She wore no makeup and she had these beautiful eyes. you don't see a lot of eyes like that here. She twirled as she went by. Her flaring skirt brushed my pant leg, and with that she marched out of the lunchroom.

From some tables came claps. Others came whistles and even some even came a yelp.

Michael held up his hands and framed a marquee in the air.

"The hot seat! Coming attraction---Stargirl!"

I slapped the table. "Yes"

We slammed hands.

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