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Liz was sitting safely in the living room between Maria and Isabel on the love seat. With Alex at her feet. Which she was very grateful for. She wasn't sure yet how she felt about Max being able to read her emotions so well and even Michael to a point. She was used to keeping all her emotions in check. To her self only. It was the only thing that Liz ever took little pride in. Being able to hide. And now........

Granted the last 24 hours. That she found out to be, proved that she wasn't doing such a great job of it anymore by herself. The reactions of the adults when she came into the room was unnerving to say the least. First they all stared at her. Not saying a word.

She got the distinct impression that they were all waiting for her to start screaming. Finally after a few minutes Mrs. Evans and Amy came into the room. Breaking the silence by asking her if she was alright. She simply smiled and nodded her head. Where as Maria took it upon her self to say she was going to be alright. She was going to be good as new. Which at the moment Liz was grateful that Maria did so. Even if she did get the impression that they didn't believe her.

She still didn't like the idea of Max, Michael or anyone else for that matter. Reading her every thought, feeling or emotion. Or reading their emotions. She was having a hard enough time dealing with herself. She didn't need their emotions of guilt and pain on top of her own. It was hard enough for her not to go over the edge without having to worry about them right now. Liz felt like she was on over load. Everything was so confusing at the moment. Everything was all jumbled up in her head.

She could barely put the facts together of who her friends and their family were. Images of them with feels left her feeling safe but still unsure of the facts. The past.......... with present........ She just wasn't sure.........

*And Michael. He was her brother...* She knew that now. Just as she was sure of her name. They were both from a different world. A Different life.. Along with Max and Isabel. She still wasn't sure how they fit into the puzzle of it all. She knew that it was her fault that none of them knew anything about their past life. *I made them all forget about their home........ I took that away from them...* Guilt was an overwhelming factor that she felt right now. *They should hate me......*

Then another thought hit her. *My god. They lived before....... She was an alien...... Alright. So that part wasn't so bad...... To be the same as Michael and Max.... Oh Max.* The feeling she felt from him. So much love.... As much as Michael's but different some how. *More intense........* It made Liz excited and scared at the same time...

*Her father..... He hurt her......* Pain rack through her body. Liz took a sharp intake of air. Isabel, Maria and Alex looked at her quickly. Trying to read what happened. The adults turned there attention to her once more.

"Liz?" Maria asked her quickly.

Quickly pushing the pain and thought aside. Liz smile encouraging to her friend. Trying to reassure her best friend that everything was fine. Maria took her hand in hers squeezing it.

Max and Michael walked into the room at that moment. Max felt the stab of pain run through him. Disappearing almost as fast as it came. Looking intensely at Liz. She looked up to met his eyes briefly smiling before returning to her hands.

*I have to get control of myself, or find a way to block Max out...* She didn't need him feeling everything that she did too. They were all treating her like glass as it was.

Since Isabel took her, he started to lose his connection slightly with her. It was almost like she was trying to block him out. He could sense Michaels lost of her also. Max wasn't sure what to think of all this. So much has happened in the last 24 hours. He knew it was a lot for Liz and everyone to take in. From the look of the adults in the room, it didn't look like things were going to get easier anytime soon. The tension in the room wasn't very comforting. Max looked once more at Liz's tiny body sitting between Maria and Isabel. After everything she has been through, he didn't think it was such a good idea that she heard everything that was going to be said. It didn't look like it was going to be all that good. Max knew she was still teetering. Their was so much that has happened that he knew that she wasn't sure of or remembered yet. From what he saw and felt. She was having a hard time with details. Her emotions were fried.

Looking back at Michael. He had filled him in on the short version of what him and Liz shared. What they saw, talked about and shared. What her mind was trying to reveal to her but almost shutting it's self down in the process.

They both knew she was holding on by a thread at the moment. She was confused. Trying to hold on to anything that was concrete that she knew to be true. Neither one was sure of what would make her sway.

In a low whisper. "What do you think Maxwell?" Trusting his judgment of Liz's well being at the moment. He seemed to be a little more connected to Liz's emotions at the moment. Glancing over at Liz, back to Max.

Looking back at Liz. Seeing how content she looked at the moment. Sitting their with her friends. Trying to read her. Not getting much from her at the moment. *Which had to be good. Right?* He seemed to only feel Liz's emotions strongly when she was losing control. But Max couldn't tell how stably she was at the moment. What was going to be said that could effect her badly. Looking back at Michael. In just as low of whisper. "I don't know. She seems to be in control at the moment but..."

"But you don't know how.."

"Oh my god..." Both looking over to love seat. Amy was sitting on the arm of the couch next to Maria. "Is that what I think it is?" Standing, pointing to her finger.

Max was bewildered for a moment until he saw the ring on Amy fingers.

Amy smiled at Maria.

"Is that an engagement ring?"-Maria

Amy nodded her head yes. "Jim asked me to marry him."

"Oh my god!" *The sheriff asked my mom to marry him?*

"He did what?" Kile standing up and going over to Amy. He knew his father loved Amy and she made him happy. They have been dating each other forever. But Kile never thought he was going to ask her to marry him. Not that Kile total rejected the idea. But with everything that was going on with Liz......

Michael walked over and put his arms around Maria protectively.

Walking into the room. "Yes I did..." *This wasn't exactly how they were planning to tell Kile and Maria.... but since everything that was happening....*

"Dad?" Kile looked at his father back to Amy. "When were you going to tell me?"

"Kile.... Maria, we were going to tell you tonight at dinner. Before all this came up." Amy looked at her daughter, Kile and gave Liz a sympathetic look. Back to her Children. She knew they would be shock, but not that much. Her and Jim have been dating for the last 10 years. Were as their relationship has grown into more than just friends years ago. They both avoided going to the next level because of Kile and Maria. Now they both decided it was time to join the two families. That Maria and Kile were both old enough to understand and deal.

"Mom........ " Maria had tears in her eyes. She knew that her mom loved Jim and that they were good together. But with everything that was happening with Liz......

As if on cue. Liz got up and hugged Amy. Smiling big.

Slightly shell shock for a moment, Amy returned the hugged. She could feel the warmth and love coming off the small girl that she always considered her daughter. Even with out Liz saying a word.

"Thank you Liz." Pulling out of Amy's arms. Liz looked at Maria and Kile smiling.
She took Kile's and Maria's hands and put them together. *This was right. They all belonged together. As a family.*

They looked at each other unsure for a moment. Not waiting to make more of the situation then there really was. He like Amy a lot. Always sort of considered her like a mother. She was always there for him when he need her. Maria wasn't so bad. A little high strung sometimes but he still liked her. "Well I guess if I had to have a sister........"

"Hey watch it buddy." Holding up her other hand and making it into a fist. "Remember this sister can take you out." Smiling back at Kile. Kile was a little strange. But Him and the Sheriff always made her mom happy. She deserved this.

Everyone in the room started laughing. Braking the tension. When everyone quieted down, "So are you too alright with this?" Jim looked at both children.

"Yah, I think we are Dad." Kile looked over at his father. Maria shook her head yes. Hugging her mother and then Jim. Kile doing the same in return. Congratulations were said around the room.

Once everyone was settled one more in there respected seats. Jim standing at the next to the love seat. Amy on the arm. With Maria, Liz and Isabel. The guys were at their feet sitting on the floor. The Whitman's and Evans were sitting on the couch.

Everyone was waiting for the Sheriff to begin.

Jim looked at Liz sitting on the love seat. His heart went out to the tiny girl. He never realized how small and fragile she was until this very moment. He could see the bruises and split lips, on her face. Her skin even looked raw in places. How could he have done this to her? He felt horrible for not stopping this from happening. From it getting this far. If he only would have done something years ago. Investigated then. Asked more questions. But he knew thinking about the past and 'could have been and should of' weren't going to help them and Liz now.

Clearing his throat. "Honey are you sure you don't want to go get something to eat?"

Liz looked up briefly and shook her head no.

Max watched Liz reaction and back to the sheriff. The looked at each other for a moment. Max getting the hidden meaning. Maybe Liz shouldn't be hearing this yet.

"Um... Liz" Turning back to her. "Maybe you should eat something."

Isabel understanding the situation. *They could just fill her in later.* "Yes, I could make you something." Reaching for Liz's hand just to have the small girl sink further in the couch.

Liz shook her head no again. Looking at Max and Michael with pleading eyes. God, she wanted to stay. Just to stay right here. Right now. *Everything was ok right now. I'm not hunger.* She just wanted to stay in the room with them. She could feel so much love in that room. Under all the fear and pain. The love was strong. She felt..... *Safe.* She didn't want to leave. Besides she was going to have to deal with everything sooner or later.

She hated to fact that they were treating her like she was about to break. That they wanted to make the decisions for her. *Why couldn't she just stay?*

It tore at Max's and Michael hearts to see that look in her eyes. Like her life dependent on her starting in room right now.

"Are you sure?" Max whispered softly.

Liz nodded her head yes.

"Yeah, Lizzie's alright." Maria squeezed her hand reassuringly.

Nodding his head, he looked at Michael. Watching his head nod yes too.

They didn't want to upset Liz more. *But the first time she showed any signs of stress they would get her out of the room.* looking back at the sheriff. Ending the situation. "What did you find out?"

Jim looked at the young King. *He was starting to fill his role quit well* Jim watch Max, Isabel and Michael over the years. Max never seemed to have too much to say. Kept to himself a lot. Always seemed to blend into the back ground. But since last night. Jim could tell the different in him. It was like he was coming out of himself. Standing up for the first time and he was taking charge. With the others following suit. He was strong and being level headed. Jim has been watching him all day. Max was listening to the other. Evaluating the situation. Taking their advise but making the finial decisions. With the others following him. He was a natural leader. *He would have made a fine king.*

Clearing his throat once more before starting. "We didn't find him........... I have every man searching the town and the outer limits of the city as we speak. With the order that's he is armed and dangers. I personally searched the apartment myself. There was nothing left of the door."

"How can that be possible? We were all there last night. We saw it!" Michael shook his head.

"I don't know."

"We saw it when we were leaving." Maria looked at him in confusion.

"I don't know how, but it's gone."

"What else?" Max looked up at Sheriff. He could tell there was something else that he found out.

"I got a hold of my friend, Pierce in the FBI. I told him what happen." Holding up his hand. "Not alien related. I had him do a little research for me. On the Parkers."

Jim watched Liz lift up her head and look at him at the sound of her last name. He was being careful about how he told the information. Telling them without giving all the details. Mainly names. *There was no need to upset the girl more then needed.*

"He has been declared dead for 9 years now. He supposedly died in a car wreck. His car apparently went over the side of a cliff. There wasn't much left of the body to identify. Some how his Id was found close to the wreck. When he never showed back up at home, his wife filed a missing persons report. The police closed the case saying it was an accident."

"But he was living here all these years..... You think his family would have said something. What about her family?"-Alex

Rubbing his head. "Now you see that's the point. She has no family or any real friends here. He met here while he was in collage. He did until a year before he came to visit. But they both died in a car accident out on 41. A truck ran into them."

"There an awful lot of car accidents going around." Maria mumbled under her breathe.

Everyone nodded there heads in agreement.

The mother died in a house fire the same year. A couple months later."

"When?"-Max already guessing the answerer.

"While Liz was staying with me."

Max nodded his head. He remembered the memory of Mr. Parker telling Liz that it was her fault that she was dead. He must have did it when he was suppose to be in rehab.

"The girl ..................." Taking a breathe. "She was in the fire too but managed to jumped out of the second story window to escape. Up until this morning she was in a coma. At a hospital in San Diego."

"Until this morning?"

"She's gone."

"What do you mean gone?"

"What I mean is that she was there this morning. I got all the information on......." Glancing at Liz. "On the parents and her this morning. I got the name and phone number of the hospital. I just called to check the information that he gave me. I was told by the nurse on staff, that apparently that she was picked up a hour ago by two orderlies." Looking around. Finally resting his eyes on Max. "She was apparently moved."

"What? Why?" Michael standing up. *This doesn't make sense. Why after all this time?*

"I don't know... yet."

"You don't think he went and got her do you?" Isabel voiced the question that was forming in everyone's mind.

Sighing. "I don't know. I'm working at the moment getting her hospital records and find out where she was sent." Looking around. "I have to wait until the morning. The head of the hospital won't be there until then. They won't release any information on her until then. In the mean time. I'm digging up school information, address and such."

Standing up. Quietly, "What has your friend, Pierce said about this?"

Not meeting Max's eyes "I can't get a hold of him at the moment."

Max nodded his head. "I thought so."

"Max?" Isabel looked intensely at her brother. *Something wasn't right.* She could tell Max was on edge. More then before if that was possible.

"What all did you tell him about Liz?"

"You told him about LIZ!" Michael get up starting to go up to the sheriff. *How could he be so stupid?*

"Michael!" Michael stopped in his tracks. Turning to look back at Max.

Looking at Michael meeting his eyes. "This isn't helping" Looking at him intensely. Shifting his eyes over to Liz.

Michael quickly looked over to Liz. She was paler then before. Pushing herself farther into the couch. Her legs were against her chest. Her eyes wide staring at Michael.

Michael immediately regretted his actions. Going over to Liz.

Maria had her arms around her protectively. Alex had her hand.

Liz was watching the whole exchange. She didn't quit understand what everyone was talking about but she got the instinct impression that it was about her. But wasn't. If that made any sense. All of it just confused her more. She could tell that Michael was very upset. Which wasn't helping. *This has to be bad.*

"Hey there. You alright?" Michael brushed her hair behind her ear.

Liz slowly nodded her head yes. Not sure yet what to make of it.

Max watch the exchange. Satisfied that Liz was still alright. Turned to the sheriff. "What does he know?"

"He doesn't know anything about you, Michael or Isabel. The only thing he knows is that Parker hurt his daughter and is now missing."

"Parker who is suppose to be dead and who's daughter is in a coma." Max stated quietly.

"Max, he didn't know that at the time." Amy got up and went over to Jim. She knew he was upset about letting vital information slip.

"He was just trying to help son."- Mr. Evans.

Up until this point the parents had been quietly listening.

"Where does he think Liz is?"

"I never told him. He didn't ask." *But it's not like Roswell is that big of town.*

Alex clearing his throat. Standing up. "Not to make matters worst but he probably already have a general idea." Looking around at everyone. "He could already have suspicions about aliens being here."

"What do you mean Alex?" Isabel could hear her voice shaking.

"The sheriff started asking his friend about the Aliens right after you showed up.
It wouldn't take genius to figure out why you wanted to information."

Everyone was silent for a minute.

"Pierce has been a good friend for a long time. He has helped me out on a lot of cases. In return I have helped him. I don't think..."

"But that's the problem. You don't know for sure. You need to get a hold of Pierce. Find out what he knows and what's he doing." Turning to everyone else in the room. "For the moment. Since we don't know anything. I think we should all stick together as much as possible. Everyone should have someone with powers at all times."

"Max that's not going to be possible. You have school and we have work."

"Are you saying we are all in danger?" Mrs. Whitman asked? Looking at her husband and Max.

Running his hands through his hair. "I'm sorry....... We didn't mean for any of this to happen." For the first time in his life he regretted his parents finding him and Isabel. "I didn't mean to put any of you in danger."

His mother and father were on their feet and by his side. "Max this isn't your fault."

"You didn't put anyone of us in this situation. You couldn't have known. None of you could have." Mr. Evans looked at his son, to his daughter and friends.

"Max" Taking his face into her hands. "I love you. I will never regret the day that you and Isabel came into our lives."

Max blinked back the tears that were in his eyes. Pulling his mother into a hug. "I love you." whispered into her ear. Pulling back to find Isabel in her fathers embrace crying.

Clearing his throat. "That doesn't change the facts that we are all in danger now. We don't know what he will do next. Just the fact that he wants......" Faltering for a moment. Looking at Liz. Who was staring at him. Softly. "her back." Looking back at everyone. "We don't know what all he is capable of. What he will do to get what he wants." *Meaning what he will do to any of you to get Liz.* Thinking but not saying the last part.

"Max? How are we going to do that?"

Max turned to see Isabel and everyone else looking at him.

*Sometimes it wasn't good to be King. At least when you don't have all the answerers.*

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Max watched as Liz stood by the window. Staring out into the darkness. She was going on a little over 3 hours now. Max was barely listening to the conversations that was going on around him.

Today was getting to be a very long day.

Everyone finished eating the pizza that his mother ordered them for dinner, hours ago. Liz has eaten or drank nothing since he brought her here. Everyone tried at one point or another to encourage her to eat or drink. To only have her shake her head no at them. She has yet to say a word to anyone. Not even telepathically. Max tried off and on with his mind to try to read her. Too see how she was doing. Each time he could feel her presents and nothing more. He was getting the impression she was blocking him some how. He wasn't sure if it was on purpose or not. She seemed to be in very deep thought. He did get the impression that she was trying to take back what little control she had of the situation. Which Max saw as good sign. The only problem was she was slowly isolating her self. He could tell by how long it took her to respond to anyone that came up to talk to her. It was taking her longer and longer each time to shake her head no at them. Something Max didn't want to see happen but was powerless at the moment to stop. He didn't want to do anything to make her go back into a self induce coma again or start screaming.

Max could see the concern in everyone's eyes for her, only not voicing the concern. Everyone including him, were tip toeing around her. Which he didn't think was helping her either but didn't know what else to do. At the moment he felt useless to her and everyone else.

Right now everyone had a bigger problem. Trying not to leave anyone alone. Which meant that going home to separate houses was becoming an issue.

Looking over at Maria, Michael, Alex, Amy and the Sheriff group.

"So you think that the best thing we could do right now is move together?" Amy looked at Jim with concern in her eyes. *I really don't think the kids were going to go for that*

"I really do think it would be the safest thing right now under the circumstances. Don't you?" *There is no way I'm leaving you and Maria alone.* Jim standing with Amy in his arms.

"Yes... But." *Where?*

"There is no way I'm moving into their house mom. They only have two bedrooms!" *There is no way that I'm sharing a room with Kile!* Maria standing next to her mother.

"Like your house is any bigger!" *Don't you even think I'm sharing a room with Deluca!* Facing Maria.

"If I could make a suggestion." Mr. Evans walking up to the couple. "The house next door to us has been empty a little over a month now. The owners are looking for someone to buy the place. There is plenty of room. It's just like our house. Four bedrooms with 2 and a half bathrooms."

"And that way you will just be right next door." Diana coming up to stand next to her husband.

"The Jones used to own the place didn't they?" Jim knew the old couple. They where friends with his father.

"Mr. Evans shook his head yes. "Yes, they moved in with there son a few months ago, to help out with his kids after his wife died. They decided not to move back. They finally put it on the market yesterday. I could give them a call right now for you if you like."

Amy and Jim looked at each other and then at Maria and Kile. "Well?"

Kile signing "Do we really have a choice?"

"Sure, you too can always share a room." Amy hind a small giggle under her hand at Jims words.

Kile and Maria looked at each other. "We'll take it." Both stating at the same time.

Slapping Jim on the back. "Let's go make that phone call." The four adults leaving the room.

At the same moment.

"Alex, what do you expect us to do? Your father has wanted this position all his life."

"But Cleveland, Ohio Mom? You have to be kidding me. You can't seriously expect me to move." Looking at his mom and dad to Liz over at the window back to his parents. "Especially now!" *I can't believe this. They spring this on me now of all time? With everything that has happened to Liz they can't honestly expect me to leave her now. Not to mention Isabel and the others. They were his life! He knew his father always dreamed of this job. He has been working for this all his life. But he couldn't just leave. Couldn't just abandon his friends.*

"Alex, I already told them I was taking it."


"Alex, me and your father talked about this...."

"When did you find all this out? When were you going to tell me!" *I'm your son for god sakes!* "Don't I get a say in all this?"

"Alex! We just got the finally decisions last night. It's true that I knew it could possibly happen weeks ago but me and you mother thought it was better that we found out for sure before telling you."

"Thanks." Alex muttered, putting his head into his hands. A sickening feeling was knotting up his stomach.

"Alex." Rubbing her son's back. "We were going to let you stay at Aunt Linda the last few weeks of school and your senior year. Just have you visit for awhile this summer. We knew that it would be hard for you to leave Isabel and your friends." *It's true that she always liked Isabel. She was good to her son. Her, Maria and Liz has always brought out the best in him. Maria and Liz were truly like sisters to him. For her and her husband have never been really close to Alex. Always been busy with their careers. One thing that she has always regretted. She did know that his friends were good friends to him. They all got good grades and stayed out of trouble. Another thing she was grateful for. A kid like Alex being alone all the time could end up bad and in trouble a lot. She couldn't imagine Alex's life without them.*

Alex raised his heads in hope for the first time since the conversation started of his parents wanting to move. In less than a week at that. To Ohio no less. "What?" *Could they really be thinking of letting me stay?* The sickening feeling in his stomach started to loosen

"Wait a minute Alex." Alex watched as his father hold up his hand. "That was before all this happened." Alex face dropped and the sinking feeling once more filled his stomach. "You can't honestly think we were going to let you stay now all by yourself. Not when your life is in danger now." Shaking his head no. "I'm sorry. It's not an option."


"Mr. Parker." Max walked over to the family sitting on the couch. Glancing at Isabel who was sitting curled up in the chair with tears streaming down her face. Max was lost in his thoughts with Liz. Barely listening to the conversations that were taking place around him, until he felt Isabel's emotions of fear and pain roll over him. Going over to her. Catching the last part of the conversation that was taking place. Clearing his throat. "With all do respect sir. I think Alex will be safer here with us then with you."

Standing up. "I'm sorry Max. I really don't see how being with you when a psycho alien is on the loose. Out to get you. Is having my son safer then the hell away from here and you." Pointing his finger at Max. His face turning red.

Meeting his eyes with Mr. Whitman coming face to face. In a low steady voice. "I'm sorry you feel that way sir. We never met to put your son in danger. We have tried all our life's to do anything but." Max could feel his anger rising. "But I feel your not looking at the whole situation. Alex is one of Liz's best friends. Kavair wants Liz back. We think he has killed before..."

"That is exactly why I want Alex the hell away from here!"

Maria, kile and Michael turned their attention to the scene that was taking place.

Sighing. *He wasn't going to let Alex go without a fight. He is safer with us.* Max was determined to make sure nothing happened to Liz or his friends ever again. Running his hands through his hair. Trying to keep his temper in check. "The point is Mr. Whitman we don't know what he is capable of. Who he will hurt to get what he wants. Who he will go after or use to get it." Glance at Alex back to Mr. Whitman.

"Max!" Mrs. Whitman standing up next to Max and her husband. "You don't think that he would use Alex to get to Liz do you?"

"We don't know what he is capable of." Still staring at Mr. Whitman not even glancing at Mrs. Whitman.

Taking a deep breathe. "Max don't you think it would be safe to get Alex out of here?"

"What? To some place where we can't protect him? Some place far away. Do I have to remind you Mr. Whitman that we don't know where Kavair is at the moment."

"Max how do you honestly expect to protect him?"

"Michael." Still not taking his eyes off Mr. Whitman.

A second later the lamp shattered across the room.

Everyone jumped and turned to the shattered lamp. Except Max. His eye's never leaving Mr. Whitman's face.

Michael turning to face the Whitman's. "I think we have a few ideas."

Nancy, Jim, Amy and Phil came running into the room.

"What happened?" Jim holding up his gun.

A visible shaken Mr. Whitman sat down slowly on the couch. Running his hands over his face.

"Max?" Jim going over to him. "What's going on?"

"Mr. Whitman I give you my word that I will die before I let anything happen to your son."

Mr. Whitman looked up to met Max's eyes. He could tell Max was dead serious. He just slowly nodded his head yes.

"Me too." Isabel getting up, standing by Max's side.

Alex got up. Wiping away the tears and kissing Isabel on the cheek taking her hand. *God, he loved this women.*

Max watched as Michael, Maria and surprisingly Kile too coming over and standing behind him. Looking at each one of them in return. All five nodding their heads in return. Silently telling him and everyone else in the room that they were together to the end. Each knowing without a doubt that they would die for the other.

Max turned back to the adults to find Liz standing in front of him. Looking up at him with tears in her eyes. "Liz?" His voice raw with emotion.

Liz nodded her head before taking the steps to move next to him.

Each one automatically taking the person beside them hand.

The parents looked on awe. They could almost see the strength and love flowing off them.

"Could someone please tell me what happened to my lamp?" Mrs. Evan looked at her children.
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I want to thank everyone that left feedback. I really appreciate it.

Way Liz- Thank you for leaving the feedback! Don't worry too much about Liz. She will get through every thing in time. It will just seem like. One step forward. Two steps back. But her freinds and family will be there to help. She will have trouble at times with letting people in. She is a lot like Michael. Wanting to be able to stand on her own two feet. She going to have trouble with the past and future. Things are going to confuse her for awhile. Her main problem is - she is too nice for her own good. Worries to much about everyone else! Thank you for not giving up on the story!

Roswellluver- Thanks for the feed back and reading this story.

Pandas2001- Thanks for updating this story on your board. I'm glad you like this story. Thank you for leaving feedback.

Nayney- Don't worry. Just when you think I gave up the story. I'll be back. I'm just a real slow typer. And not very good at computers. You wouldn't beleive how many times I end up losing something I just spent hours writing! Thank you for the feed back!

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Strawbehrry Shortcake- don't worry. Max and Michael will help Liz deal. Hopefully it will help keep her out.

Roswelllostcause- Thank you for the feed back. It really does help me write. I'm glad you like the story!

Tomochika- I'm glad you like the story. Thank you so much for letting me know!

I'm sorry that it took me so long. But I changed this whole part. I thought this would be better. And to anserwer that ? everyone was asking before. Well sort of...........


Darkness has fallen over the house. As everyone started to prepare themselves for bed. It was decided earlier that everyone would stay at the Evan's for the night. The kids were to camp out in the living room while the adult had the bedrooms. Jim and Amy were to sleep in the guess room. While the Whitman's in Isabel's. Since her bed was bigger then Max's.

Alex could still hear his mother's muffed crying upstairs from where he sat with Isabel in his arms on the love seat. It felt so good to hold her. So right. He almost felt sorry for his mother but not enough to leave his friends or the women he held in his arms. He knew he belonged here with her. No one or no thing was going to keep them apart. Alex kissed the top of her head and snuggled closer to her. *God he loved this women.* Since his parents made the reevaluation and Max almost demanding that he stayed. Isabel has yet to leave his side. He never realized how much she really did love him until then. Alex never felt more part of their elite group, then he did at that moment.

"Michael, can we talk to you?" Michael looked up from the couch were he and Maria sat together in comfortable silence. They were just enjoying the moment of peace. When nothing bad or any new changes were taking place. Just finding solace in each others arms briefly.

For at the moment they all knew they were all in between stages. Of good things or bad? No one knew. Each just wanting to take the short brake to just find comfort that they were all together. Michael was holding Maria in his arms. Watching Liz. Who was once more was staring out the window. With Max a few feet away watching her every move. Listening to Kile quietly flipping through the channels on the TV.

Michael took comfort in the fact that she seemed to be holding up pretty good with today's facts and revelations. That she excepted him readily as her brother. Which he couldn't help but feel his heart swell with happiness and joy. He could feel her love for him still. Even though their connection has been severed for the time being. It was some how there was a bond between him and Liz now. Brother and sister. Michael didn't know how to describe it but to say that it is there. Some force that link them all. Not just between him and Liz but all of them in the room. Even Kile. Which was strange in itself. To ever think he would be apart of them. Maybe it was always there and he just didn't realize it. It didn't matter to him right now. It gave him the piece of mind knowing that they would all get through this some how. Liz was strong. That she would survive this. He would be there to help her.

He didn't even realized that Jim and Amy had walked back into the room. He thought all the parents had gone to bed. Each telling them earlier that they should all try to get some sleep. Tomorrow they knew the changes would begin once more. If only the moving to different houses would start.

"Um yeah." Michael sitting up a little more. A lump started to form in his stomach. Unconsciously pulling Maria closer to him. Like some how that would protect him and her from any more bad news. Automatically preparing for the worst.

Jim cleared his throat. "Um, we have been doing some talking." Taking Amy's hand in his own. "We got everything arranged so that we can start moving in tomorrow."

"Oh, that soon?" Maria looked at her mom and Jim. She didn't think that it would be that soon.

"You didn't waste any time." Kile clicked off the TV and went to stand next to his father. Not that he really minded much. *It's not like I want to live in Evan's living room forever. The guy wasn't all bad anymore.* He had been watching him all night. Or should he say. Watching him watch Liz. It was like he was guarding her with his life. *I have to give him credit there.*


Michael watch as Jim nodded his head. He slowly let out the breathe he didn't realize he was holding. *They just wanted to help him move.*

Jim continue "We thought sooner the better."

"I'll help anyway that I can" Michael cut in. Assuming that was what he wanted to talk to him about.

Jim holding up his hand. "No, that's not what I meant. We got movers taking care of that for us. Well......." Looking over at Amy back to Michael before starting again. "We wanted to know how you would feel about moving in with us too."

"What did you say?" Maria couldn't believe hear ears. *They wanted Michael to move in with them! This is too good to be true.*

"Well yes.." Amy took over. "I wouldn't feel right knowing that he was living on his own. With Alex staying here with the Evans."

"Alex is staying with us?" Isabel sat up. Interrupting Amy. *Did I just hear her right? This would be to good to be true. Isabel couldn't imagine her life with out Alex. She never even realized how much he meant to her into tonight when his parents said they were leaving. She thank god that Max stepped in and stopped it. She loved him so much. And now that he might be living with her!*

Amy smiled over at Alex and Isabel. "Yes, it was just decided. He will be staying in the spare room."

Isabel and Alex looked at each other. Isabel laughed and pulled Alex back into a hug. Kissing him.

Looking back at Michael. "We would like you to stay in ours. Well, it really wouldn't be our spare room." Starting to talk faster. "It would just be your room. I mean you can't stay alone now. It really is the only logical choice. You being so close to Maria and all. Practically married all ready! Your practically family already. Not that you will be sharing the same room. You will have two different rooms. Down the hall from each other. Well there is now reason why you just can't move in right now. I couldn't very well have you living alone anymore."

"Mom.... MOM!"

Amy stopped talking.

"I think he get's the idea." Maria smiled up at her mother. She knew how she got when she got nerves.

Amy smiled and nodded her head. Looking back at Michael waiting for an answer.

Michael looked at them to Maria. Seeing the huge smile on her face. To their hands that she was squeezing. Trying to comprehend just what had been said. *They wanted me to move in with them? Did he really hear them right? Live with Maria. That would be wonderful to have a true family. Someone to really care about him. Sure he had Max and Isabel. There was a time that the Evans wanted him to live with them. But He always took pride in the fact that he could take care of himself. He needed to be able to stand on his own two feet. Not to have to depend on anyone else. He had to prove that to everyone and he guess to really prove to himself. It was good that he knew he could take care of himself. Which he has doing now for a little over a year now. But now things changed. Sure it would be nice to live in the same house as Maria. Sure he has slept nights there a few times. Some that Amy did know about and a few that she didn't. Nights that he sneaked through her window. Not that anything happened between him and Maria. But that's not what is important right now. Sure he liked Amy. She was a little strange. But then so is Maria. It was a good kind of strange. And the Sheriff, I mean Jim. Should I be calling him that now? Anyway, he was cool. He always has tried to look out for him. He did help him with Hank. The asshole. But living with Kile? All right. He wasn't one of his favorite people. But the guy didn't seem to be that bad. He took the news about us really well under the circumstance. How would have he of acted to to find out they were all aliens? On the other hand, he did seem to truly care about Liz. And Liz likes him. So he had to give the guy credit there. Look at me! I'm babbling to myself like Amy and Maria. Maria is definitely wearing off on me!*

Looking up to see Liz still staring out the window. Unaffected by what was going on around her. Looking up at everyone else. Who on the other hand were staring at him waiting for answer. "Um."

"Michael please say yes." Maria squeezed his hand harder. She knew this was hard for him. Letting people in and letting them help him has never been Michael's strong point.

"Liz." Michael looked up to meet Maria's eyes. "I'm not leaving my sister." *Liz was his first priority. He wasn't going to live with out her. He just truly found her. No one has yet to really say anything about her. In his own mind, he just kind of assumed that she would live with him. He knew that Max wasn't going to be easy to convince. He was having the same probable he was. Not letting her out of their sight ever again. He couldn't blame the guy. But she was his sister! Damn it and he wasn't about to let her go!*

Amy understanding immediately looked over at Jim who simply smiled and nodded his head yes. Amy knelt down in front of Michael. Taking his and Maria's lock hands into her own. "Michael, of course Liz will be coming with you. I have always consider her a daughter to me." *How could she not consider that sweet child like one of her own? She captured my heart the first day I laid eyes on her.* "Her and Maria can share a room." Smiling at her daughter. "I didn't think you would mind."

Maria hugged her mother. With tears in her eyes. "Of course not. Thank you mom." Maria felt pride go through her. How her mother opened her heart and home to her best friend and boyfriend. She couldn't have asked for a more wonderful mother. "Thank you."

Laughing. "For what? For doing the obvious?"

Pulling back and wiping away the tears. Whispering. "For being such a wonderful mother." Glancing over at Liz who was still staring out the window. Looking back to her mother. *She so good to me.* "I don't tell you enough."

"Oh, Maria. I love you."

"I love you too."

Pulling each other back into a hug.

"Well Michael? What do you say?" Jim looked at the young man sitting before him. He knew moving in with them wasn't a easy choice for him to make. Especially, since how he was raised.

"Yes.. Thank you." Michael stood to shake Jim's hand.

Jim smiled and shook Michael hand. Laughing. Pulling a stun Michael into a hug. Who slowly raised his arms to hug him back. *He has watch out for Michael all these years. Felt bad that he couldn't have done more for him. He has grown up to be a very responsible man. With everything he grew up with he could have turned out bad. But he watch how Michael pulled himself up beyond all that and became a better man for it. Others would not have accomplished everything Michael has, or even tried. If they were in the same situation. He was proud of him. In some ways he always felt like Michael was his son.*

Kile looked on in wonder of everything that had taken place. *Michael was moving in with them! How did that happened? And Liz. Alright. So he was happy about that one. But Michael. Did he really want that guy living under his roof? He can make things blow up! Ok, so that was pretty cool. Watching that lamp explode! That was the best! Ok, so maybe it wouldn't be so bad to have some alien powers around. Especially if some psycho alien running around. Not that Kile didn't want to take him out himself. It might not be so bad. But don't even think I don't get to pick out my room first!*

Jim and Michael parted just to have Amy crush Michael in a hug.

Jim looking at Kile. "Um.. Son. I know I should have ask you how you felt about all this first. But it..."

"Dad. It's alright." Holding up his hand. "Really its all right."

Jim felt pride go through him. Pulling Kile into a hug. "I love you son."

Hugging back just as hard. "I love you too dad."

"I have a problem with this." Max stood up. *He was glad that Alex was staying and that Michael was moving in with Maria. That it was just next door. But he couldn't image Liz being that far away from him. Not ever again. He got the whole thing that she was Michael's sister. That they just found each other in a sense. But in the same sense, him and Liz did too. She was his queen. The love of his life. He couldn't live with out her again. Even just next door. That wasn't good enough.*

"Max, please don't fight me on this one." Michael coming face to face with Max. *He could understand the guys feeling but there is no way that he was living with out his sister. They pretty much agreed on everything with her up to this point. He knew Max wasn't going to just let Liz leave.*

"I'm not leaving her Michael."

"And you think I would!"

"This is getting us no where." Maria went to stand between the two. *The last thing they need right now was the two of them to go at it!*

"Haven't we been through enough tonight?" Isabel could see Max's and Michael's points of view. She really didn't want them to fight. She didn't want to take sides.





Everyone who was watching Max and Michael face off with each other. Turned to Alex including them.

"WHAT!" Both yelled the same time.

"I think you both have bigger problems at the moment." Alex points to Liz.

Everyone eyes falls on Liz.

Who at the moment was pulling desperately on the door trying to get it open.

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Just wanted to ansewer a few questions and thank everyone that let feed back! CandyGirl, Roswelllover, Crazy for Max, and behrstars.

WayLiz- I'm happy too that Michael feels like he finially belongs. It helps too that he has Liz. I'm really happy with Isabel and Alex. I wanted them together and stable. Having a firm relationship. It will help them later.

Liz is going to be on a weak ground for awhile. I'm going to let more in sight into what she has been thinking in the next chapter. No she not upset with Max and Michael at the moment. But they will cause her trouble later. They are not going to look for anyone at the moment. For now they are just all trying to get settled. Blend in at much as possiable. But they are going to have to deal with them. They don't realize what all they can do yet. They are going to have to work on their powers. But they do realize that they are stronger right now. That they can do more then they thought of before. They are going at it. Thank you for the feedback!

Pandas 2001- Thank you! You really are the best! I'll tell you this. Liz isn't running away because of the guys. Yes it was the front door. Thats all I can tell you right now. But you won't have to wait long. By the end of the week at the most. Knock on wood!

Strawbehrry Shortcake- Liz is scared. You have to remember that she doesn't remember everything. There are still alot of gaps and alot of things that don't make sense to her right now. She still trying to figure out the present from the past. I'm going to let you in on what she is thinking in the next chapter. Thank you so much for posting!
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This part my be a little confusing. Tell me if you have any ?. Just remember, Liz still can't talk. But they can hear her in their heads. Well at least the elite group can. Just to help you tell the differents. When Liz Remembers something or has a Flash. I put it between // //. Just to help you tell the differents from what is actually taking place and what she is remembering. Hope I made it clear. Please tell me what you think.

Thanks again for all the feed back!


Liz watched out the window as twilight descended the sky. She had listened to the conversations that have been taking place during the day and evening. Hearing the voices float in and out of her subconscious. Slowly trying to comprehend everything that has taken place.

All the while she could feel everyone's eyes on her at one point or another. All excepts Max's. Who's never seem to waver. Max who really never left her alone. Always just a few feet away. It was comforting. Knowing that he was there if she needed him, but also giving her a little space too. Space and time to let her mind wonder. Trying to understand everything. Trying to fill in the spaces and gaps that lined her memory now. She was just trying to understand everything. Trying to gain control of her life and emotions once more.

She felt like she was gain ground all the while slipping at the same time. She understood this, but didn't know how to stop it. She just wanted some control. On anything at the moment....

At this point she was trying to take herself out of the situation. Looking everything at a logical and scientific point of view. As if she were the doctor trying to shift though the information. Like some one else was giving to her. That it was someone else's memories and facts. Trying to block out the emotions she felt herself. Not to mention her friends and Michael's emotions.

At times their emotions will break through her walls that she manage to some how put up against them. Not even sure herself how she did it. The only thing that she can think of is that it was by pure will on her part. But they still broke through at times when there emotions got too strong for her. She notice it was more when they were scared.

Like before, when Alex was going to leave. She felt fear coming off them. Flooding her head. She got a strong desire to be with them. That some how that all of them being together was important. That Alex couldn't leave them. Just the thought of it made her stomach knot up still.

It was odd to feel them. Almost like a quiet comforting hum right now in the back of her head. She was assume it was because she was alien that she could feel them. It only made sense that she would have some sort of ability. Since Max, Isabel and Michael did. What else could she do? She was going to have to find out so she would be able to control it later. Why didn't she have it before?

Especially since Kaviar was out there some where. Why did he just let me go? She knew for a fact that he was with her at the cave that night. She remembered everything that he did to her. Taking away what was hers to give. How she blocked Zans, Rath and Vilondra's memories. Taking them and locking them deep with her own. Hiding them in her mind so deep that Kaviar or even herself couldn't find them. Why? What was in them that he wanted? Did he some how already had it? No. She knew in her heart that he hadn't. She felt if he did. Max, Michael, Isabel and even maybe herself would be dead already.

She remembered that Kaviar blocked her own memories of her being Kara and what he did to her that night. Why? So she wouldn't know who Max, Michael and Isabel really were if she saw them? Did he know who they really were? Which in return of him blocking my memories making me forget that I blocked theirs. So that's why I didn't know who they really were when we met and they told us that they were aliens. You would think that it would have ticked some where in my head. That some how I would have known. I know that I took everyone's memories because I though I was protecting them. Look where that got us. How did we end up here? Why do I feel like my whole has just came apart? What happened that changed everything? What made me remember? Why was Max in my bath room? Bathroom. Bathroom.

That word stuck in her head. Something happened there. To let me end up here.

Liz focused once more to the darkness out the window. *It's getting late. Late! Oh my god!* Panic seized her. *She was late. Her father was going to kill her. What in the word was she going to tell him? How was she going to explain were she been? That she left without saying good bye! With Max! He told her to stay away from him! Oh god! Oh god!* She knew she was dead.

Liz looked around. Seeing the front door, going to it. Pulling on the door knob trying to get it open. *It won't open.* Pulling on it more. *Why won't it open. Did he know that I wasn't humane?* Pushing the thought away. As her fear increased more. Liz didn't even feel the tears running down her cheeks. Panic filled every core of her body now. Knowing her father wasn't going to be happy. Not happy one bit.


Everyone turned and looked in shock for a moment at Liz.

Getting control of his own anger of Michael wanting to take Liz. Not even a second later Max felt the fear coming off Liz. As he watched her try desperately to get the door open. A door that Michael had sealed a few hours ago. "Add protection" he said. Both knowing that it wouldn't stop Kaviar if he really wanted in, but at least slow him down so they would know. Hopefully. Some warning is better then none at all. Needless to say. Michael sealed all the windows and doors.

Now Liz was trying to get out the door. Max first thoughts fell to the jump rope scene of Maria, Kile and Alex jumping rope. When him and Liz were in her subconscious.

Max's eyes followed hers.

"Liz.... What scared you?" Watching Liz hold onto Alex.

"I could feel him watching me........." Barely above a whisper. Max had to concentrate to hear her. "Telling me that I was still his......"

Anger shot though Max before he got a check on it. *The last thing Liz needed right now was him to lose his temper. But if Kaviar.* Max didn't finish his thoughts as they made their way quickly to Liz.

Maria being the first to reach her. Slowing touching Liz's arm. Trying not to startle the girl. It was killing her to see Liz scared with tears running down her cheeks once more.

"Hey chicka" Talking in a low voice.

Liz stopped pulling on the door for a moment to look at her best friend. Trying to compose herself. Taking a deep breathe. Wiping the tears off her cheeks. *She didn't even realize that she had been crying. Way to go Parker. Just upset your friends more!* Not wanting to upset Maria. Trying to get control and hide her own fear. 'Oh hi Maria. I'm sorry I didn't say good bye.' Trying to force a small smile. Falling miserable.

Still mouthing the words with no sound. Her friends clearly hearing her in there heads.

Smiling at Liz. "Where are you going?"

Tucking a lose hair behind her ear. 'Home.'

"Going home?" Maria looked at her with confusion on her face. Looking up to meet the guys faces. All looking just a confused.

They watched as Liz shock her head yes. Pulling on the door knob again. 'Yes, I have to get home....... I'm late... '

"Chicka" Maria tried to pull Liz away from the door.

'Maria no. I'm sorry but I have to go.' Pushing Maria away.

Michael pulled Liz in his arms. "Liz. You don't have to go home."

Trying to pull out of his arms. 'No Michael. You don't understand. I have to get home. please!' Desperation sinking once more into her words.

"Liz, you never have to go home again." Michael trying to hold on to her.

Pulling out of his arms. Backing up to have her back come in contact with the door. Looking up with them with tears once more in her eyes. 'Please open the door. I have to go home. Please.' Looking at Kile and Alex standing to her right. 'Please Alex...... Kile..... Please tell them that I have to go.' *They will understand. They will help her.*

Alex and Kile looked at each other. Not really knowing what to say or do.

Alex could feel Isabel gripping his hand. He didn't have to look at her to know that she was crying. He could once more feel everyone's emotions and hear their thoughts. All except Liz's. The only thing that he was picking up on her was fear. A lot of it. Everyone else really didn't know what to think. Didn't know what was going. He was at a lost too.

Max looked over at Alex. So far he has been right on the money when it came to guessing what Liz was going through. What they should do. He has been right so far with the connect that they all shared. It seemed they got it back every time Liz was really scared. He should have taking some kind of psyche class or maybe he could recommend a book later. *Alex?*

*I think that somehow she regressed. Thinking that her father was still waiting home for her. That she was going to have to endure some kind of punishment for being late.*

Max nodded his head. Walking over to Liz who was slowly sinking to the floor crying.

"Liz, baby."

Looking up to see Max kneeling down next to her. 'I have to go home Max. Please. I have to go home.'

"Liz." Max reached up to wipe the tears off her cheek.

Flash- //Mr. Parker standing over a huddled 8 year old Liz. "You stay away from that Evans boy. I don't ever want to find him touching you in any way. I don't want to see him hugging you! I don't even want to see you holding his hand!"//

//Liz jerked away from Max.// Ending the flash. *Now I know why Liz always kept herself distance with me.* Shaking him head and the thought aside for now.

"Liz" Taking her face into his hands so that she was looking at him.

'Max I really have to go home.' Fresh tears were making their way down her cheeks.

*Watch what you tell her Max. She might not be able to handle it yet. Something there that she doesn't want to remember.*

*Would you want to remember Alex!*-Maria

*Maria! You know what I mean!*-Alex

*Not now! You too.* Turning his attention back to Max and Liz huddled at the door. Michael knew Max would be the best person for Liz now. He just has never been one good for just watching. Putting his ego on hold for a moment for Liz. *Easy Maxwell*-Michael warned.

Max slightly moved his head yes. "Liz, do you remember last night?"

Liz looked into Max's loving brown eyes. She could see all the love he had for her. Behind him she could see Michael, Maria, Alex, Isabel and Kile standing off to the side. She closed her eyes and concentrated for a moment. Concentrating. Random images of her friends filled her head. Before she shook her head no. Slowing opening her eyes. 'No' *This was bad. Something really bad happened. Something bad always happened when she couldn't remember.* 'Max?' *Did he know? Did he see anything?*

Max could see the panic and fear fill her eyes. "Easy, it's alright Liz."

Liz started to shake her head no. *Alright! How can this be alright?*

Max slowly pulled Liz into his lap. Cradling her now shaking body against him. Turning around so that his back was against the door. Max relaxed some when she didn't fight.

'What happened?' Liz's voice came out small in their heads.

Max pulling her closer to him. Kissed her head lightly. "It doesn't matter now. Your here with us now."

Michael kneeled down next to Max and Liz. Rubbing her arm. "We will never let anything happen to you again."

Liz looked up to meet Michael's eye before looking down. 'Tell me what happened' Closing her eyes. *I just need to know what happened. What do they know?*

Max looked up at others.

*I don't think that is such a good idea Max.* Isabel looked at him intensely.

*Alex said there was a reason that she doesn't remember.* Maria didn't want to see anything happen to her best friend. *Better for her to just forget about it.*

*Repressing it isn't going to help her.*-Kile

*Who the hell asked you Kile.*-Michael

"Stop it!" Max looked at Michael to Kile. *This isn't helping.* Max felt Liz stiffen in his arms. "SHhhh. I'm sorry. It's alright."

'Please max.' Holding tightly to Max's shirt. 'Please just tell me. I need to know.'

"Liz" She could hear the emotion in his voice.

'Please Max.' Looking up at him. 'I need to know why I can't go home. I need to know what you know..... I need too.'

Max looked from Liz to Alex and Michael. Everyone seeing the desperation in her face. Not knowing what to do or say. What would hurt her more. The knowing or not knowing?

'Please............ I can't live like this......... I can't live...' Liz looked down to her hands. Seeing the cut on her wrist for the first time.

Everyone watched as she ran her fingers over the cut.

Liz could feel the tender skin under it. Letting her fingers slid over it. 'Can't live.......'

"Liz?" Michael looked at his baby sister. How she was focusing on the her wrist. On the cut she made to end her own life. Almost 24 hours ago. He could feel the hair stand on the back of his neck.

"Liz?" Max felt her emotions shift. From a fear to a cold calming. Max could feel his own fear rising. *Something wasn't right.*

Liz slowly started to stand. Not taking her eyes off her wrist. 'Can't live'

Everyone heard her voice softly in their head.


"Liz honey" Maria went to touch her but pulled back at the last moment when she saw the look on Liz's face. So blank and pale . It scared her.

"What's going on?" Isabel asked no one in particular.

"Is she alright?" Kile didn't like that look on her face at all. It was like she had no emotions.

"Liz." Max stood up.

Liz slowly walked further into the living room. Past her friends and a stun Amy and Jim. Who have watch quietly all this time. Not noticing them all stand there in shock. Not noticing the worry in their eyes. Things were starting to click together for her slowly. She could almost feel it in her grasp.

"Maxwell" -Michael

Liz slowly turned to see Max standing a few feet from her. 'Bathroom' Images starting to come together.

Max just slowly shook his head yes. Slowly taking her hand into his.

Flash-// Liz standing in the bathroom. looking in the mirror. How could she have forgot about him? The kiss and the flashes. What did he see? What did he know? Did he hate me now? Feeling the fear race through her body. She fought off a sob. Feeling her chest tighten and hurt even more.//

//Did Max know? Did he see the things I have done? NOOO!! Her mind screamed. If Max knew she lost everything! He would never love her now. How could he? She loved him so much. He was everything to her. He was the only reason she hung on. The only reason to try. If she lost Max, she lost everything!//

//Tears were flowing full force now. She didn't even try to stop them. It didn't matter anymore. Nothing did. Not even the pain. That's all she felt. All there was. Liz knew without Max, that's all there ever would be. There would never be anymore bits of happiness here and there. The only true happiness she ever felt was with Max. If that was gone, it was all gone! It was her fault. All of this was her fault. She lost Max forever!//

//She hated her life! She hated herself even more! She wished she was dead!//

//In one quick motion, Liz took her hands and threw everything on the counter onto the floor.//

//Why didn't he just kill her a long time ago? It would have been easier than this. Better than the thought of losing Max. //

//Liz dropped to her knees. Not even noticing the glass dig into her raw legs. All her physical pain was over come by her emotional pain of losing Max.//

//The mirror over her sink shattered into a million pieces.//

//Liz didn't even flinch.//

//It was gone... It was all gone. Nothing mattered anymore. Nothing. Pain. That's all there was. Liz knew there was only one way to ever escape it.//

//Picking up a piece of broken glass...... //

Flash ending...

Liz looked at Max once more. Both had tears running down their faces.


'What did you see Max? What do you know?' Knowing in her heart that he knew. Knew what her father had done to her. What she made him do.

"It's alright Liz. It's going to be alright."

'No, what do you know?' *God, please don't let him. Don't let any of this to be true. PLEASE!* 'NO' Liz slowly started to back away from Max and the others who were coming up behind him. 'no' Wrapping her arms tightly around herself. Trying to some how protect herself from the truth.

"Liz." Taking a step towards her.

'No' Shaking her head. 'That didn't happen. You don't know...... He didn't..... He.. didn't..... I ... didn't.... No.......'

Max covered the short distance between them. Taking her now trembling body into his arms.

'He didn't....... It never happened..... I never did it....... No.' Trying to deny what she knew in her heart to be true. What she denied happening even to herself. What she hide so she could survive. What she pushed and tried to seal in the back of her mind. Only remembering each time before it was too late. *Now Max knew what she did. What she made him do to her.*

"Liz, it's alright." Holding her close to him. Trying to smooth down her hair. "Your going to be alright now."

'I didn't......... Please....... ' Pulling away from Max to end up in Michael's arms.

"Liz. It's alright.. He won't hurt you ever again."

Liz looked up at Michael. 'You... you... know too.....?' This was too much to deal with right now. *Everyone knows. They know how horrible I am*

Flash- // Looking at him. "Max...." It came out so small and shaky. *He knows. If He knows and he will hate you. Hate me. I hurt him. He's going to kill him. Kill them. Kill me. My fault.. This is my fault. Why didn't I die.* Shaking her head no. *Why couldn't I have just died. Why? Can't you do things right? Anything right? He should hate you. He deserves to hate you. You are disgusting. Why? You hurt him. Hurt them. Your fault. My fault.* "Max." Barely above a whisper.//

//Everything was getting jumbled up in her head. She couldn't make sense of it. She hurt so much. Her father's voice and her own keep over lapping each other. *My fault. They are going to hate you. Look what you did. Your fault. My fault. Your hurting them. You hurt everyone. Everything you touch you destroy. They need to leave. You will never be good enough. Your fault!*//

//"Liz." Taking another step towards her.// (End of Flash)

"Liz" Max taking a step towards her.

Flash-//"No!" Liz took another step back. *If he touches you he will know. He will see. You will hurt them more. It's your fault.* Holding up her hands. "Please......." Looking at the door then back to her box. //

//*We are losing her Maxwell*//- End of flash.

"It's alright Liz." Max watched as Liz shook her head no.


*I'm on it Michael. She remembers. She scared of what we know.*

Flash-//*She scared.*-Max and Alex at the same time.//

//*Of us? We would never hurt her.*-Michael//

//*No, of what we know. She afraid we hate her.*-Max//


//*She doesn't know that Michael. She's too hurt to see. She only knows what she was taught.*-Alex. //

//"Liz baby... It's all right. It's going to be all right." Max whispered. - End of flash.//

*She's scared that we know.*-Alex

*I thought we were past all that.*-Maria

*I don't understand.*-Isabel

*She has blocked that. She is just now remembering herself.*-Alex

*My god!*-Isabel

"Would some one please tell me what is going on." Kile looked around at everyone. He could hear everyone talking in his head. He knew Liz was going through hell. But he didn't quite understand everything that was going on.

Ignoring Kile. "Liz. We love you no matter what." Max taking hold of her gently.

'Max?' Everything starting to sink in.

Flash- //Max watched as she shook her head no.//

//"Liz we know. We all know what happened." softly//

//"No." The sound of pain in her voice felt like someone stabbed him.//

//"It's all right Liz. It's all right. We love you."- Max//

//Liz shaking her head no. *No one can love me.*// -End of Flash.

"I'm here Liz. I know and I'm still here. I'm always going to be here." Max held Liz's eyes. Almost trying to will her to believe him.

"We all are." Michael standing beside her.

Flash- //"We all love you." Michael taking a small step towards her. "We don't care what happened it wasn't your fault. We couldn't hate you Liz. No one could ever hate you." Tears were running down his cheeks. He had to wipe his face so he could see.//

//"No, my fault." Came out as a whisper. Taking another small step back. Tears running down her face. *Everything is her fault.*// - End of Flash.

'My fault.'

"No Liz." Max cupped here face in her hands. "Not your fault."

Flash- //*Guys. were not going to convince her that it wasn't her fault.*//

//*Alex! It wasn't.*-Maria//

//*Maria, I know that. We all know that. Liz doesn't. It's going to take awhile to make her see other wise. The best thing we can do right now is convince her that we still love her. Just get her the hell out of here.*//

//Liz watched them stare at her. Watched how the tears ran down their faces. The pain in there eyes. How Michael, Alex and Max sort of looked at each other and nodded. Without taking there eyes off of her. *They hate her.*//

//She looked at the door once more. Fear of what was really out there. Not knowing. Back to the safety of her box. The box that stood behind her friends. Friends that she hurt and somehow brought into this hell.//

//"Liz baby, We love you. No matter what happened, we love you."- Max//

//"Liz, I'm not leaving you."-Michael//

//"We are never going to leave you again."-Max// End of Flash.


Flash- //"I love you Lizzy."-Maria//

//"We all do."-Alex.//

//"It's going to be all right."- Isabel//

//"Liz, I love you so much. I will do anything to make this better. Come with me." Taking a step towards her. "We love you Liz. Don't give up on us yet. Don't give up on me. I need you."//

//Michael coming up beside Max. "We all need you."//

//"We are not going to leave you here Liz. I would die if I lose you again."
Liz felt her energy slipping. What little was left of her will power. All that was left of her fight. She felt herself clasping in a ball to the floor. Watched how Max and Michael slowly came towards her. The love and concern in there eyes. Feeling Max carefully touch her before pulling her into his arms. "Please............ No more....... it .. hurts........ to ..much.." She could barely get the words off her lips. // - End of Flash.

'Guys..........' Liz looked up at them all with tears streaming down her face. *God..... She has hurt her friends so much. So much pain that she caused.*

"Liz don't do this.... Please don't do this..." Max could feel the pain and guilt rolling off of her.

"We love you."-Maria

"It's going to be all right."-Alex

"We are here now." -Michael

'I'm sorry............' Not knowing what else to say. 'I'm sorry'

"Liz, this isn't your fault.'' Isabel watched Liz shake her head yes.


"Isabel." Alex locked his hands with hers. Looking at her closely.

Isabel closed her eyes and nodded her head. She knew it wasn't going to be that easy to convince Liz that none of this was her fault.

"Ok?" Liz looked up to meet Michaels eyes.

Slowly shaking her head yes. Wiping the tears that seemed to still be coming out of her eyes.

"Why don't we all try to get some sleep."- Jim. Relieved that the kids got Liz though once more.

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I"M BACK!!!!!!!!

Sorry for the delay. I know. I know I apologize each time. But I get so caught up on all the other incrediable stories. That are on the board. I can't help myself. I think to myself. How are you writing a story knowning it does compare to everyone else....

Thank you for the feed back! Panda 2001- god, I hope you feel better! It's been over a week since I post, so I really hope so. The last part was 23. I messed up. Sorry.

Way Liz- I'm really glad you liked it. I wanted to add the memories or flashs so you got an idea of how Liz was seeing things. How everything was coming together in her head. I'm glad you liked it and that it worked out. I was a little worried about it. Thank you. You helped me write the next part! To let you know- No Liz won't be talking for a while. And I'll just tell you and STRAWBEHRRY SHORTCAKE- that Max and Michael are not going to agree so easy on where she will stay.

Strawbehrry Shortcake- I couldn't leave Kile out. He had to be able to hear liz too. I owed it to the poor guy. he had been through so much. I open the connection with him when Liz woke up in the room. He was touching her. Plus he was one of the few people that she always trusted. The connect opened easy for them. That's for writing. I hope I cleared that up for you.

I dedicate the next part to: Pandas 2001, Roswell_chick101, Katalina, Katmcken,WayLiz, Roswelllostcause, and last but definitly not least Strawbehrry Shortcake. Thank you so much for the feed back!!!!


"Michael would you quit pacing. Come over here and lie down." Maria patted the floor next to her.

"Why? So his back can be sore too." Kile muttered as he turned once again. Trying to find some way that wouldn't be so uncomfortable. *What he would give to be in his own bed right now. Instead of on the floor next to Alex.*

Isabel reached across Alex to the floor between them. Concentrating a moment, she easily moved the molecules apart. Making the floor softer. Causing all of them to sink slightly into the floor.

"Hey!" Pushing his self up slightly, looking over at Isabel hand glowing. Laying back down. "Cool. Thanks." *These alien powers come in handy* Kile got himself comfortable and fell almost immediately fell asleep.

"You are so sweet." Alex pulled Isabel closer to him. Kissing the top of her head as he pulled her down once more. So that she was laying in his arms.

Snuggling closer to him to wrap her arms around him. "I had to agree. Anyone who ever wanted to go camping is completely crazy!" *Who in there right mind would want to sleep on the ground? Then again I would sleep anywhere with Alex. With of course the help of a little alien magic.* Smiling to her self. She loved the feel of being in Alex's arms.

Maria watch the exchange between the others and how quickly they fell asleep. Looking back to Michael. Who was now staring up the steps. In a low whisper. "Michael...... She alright. Max is with her." Sighing. Trying one last time to get though to him. "Michael, we would all know if she wasn't."

It seemed like every time Liz freaked out, a connection opened up between all of them. They would be able to feel each other and even hear each others thoughts. But in Liz's case, it was what she wanted to say. With overwhelming feeling and emotions. *Or was it really just her thoughts and they just thought it was what she wanted to say? Who could really tell the different. She sure in hell couldn't. Then again her lips did move as she tried to talk.*

*We still wasn't sure what happened to her voice. Alex had two different theories. One that she damaged them the last time she screamed. Straining them. It's not like she didn't scream loud enough too. She could still hear Liz's scream. It was enough to pierce her heart and make her blood to run cold. She prayed that she never hear anyone scream like that again. Especially Liz. There was so much pain in it. She knew she would never forget it. Max wanted to wait a while before he tried to heal the rest of her again. Since he seems to feel that Liz wasn't really ready for that kind of force connection again. She had to admit that she saw the panic in Liz's eyes early when the suggested that he finished healing her. She would bet anything it had to do with the flashes they both saw. She knew Liz didn't want anyone to see any more of her life. Not that she could really blame her.*

*Alex's second idea was that it was all psychological. Because of everything she had to deal with and hide from us and herself. That it all surfaced too fast. That she couldn't handle it all. Something had to give. Being her voice. Alex thought it was logical that it was her voice because she didn't want anyone to know. Didn't want to tell anyone. So she can't talk now. I don't think I could have survived as long as she did.*

*She didn't know what was wrong with Liz. She just wanted her to be alright. Can anyone ever be right after something like that?* Maria felt the tears start to sting the back of her eyes. Closing her eyes a moment, she took a deep breathe. *It's been a long day. She needed some much needed sleep. She needed some much needed Michael. Now!* "Michael please!" Giving him her best puppy dog face.

Michael looked at the up the steps one last time before heading back over to Maria. He could see the tiredness and wariness on her face. He knew that she need him right now. He felt like his heart was being tugged in two different directions. One to Liz who was upstairs at the moment taking what looked like a hour shower. And Maria who looked exhausted and about to cry. Laying on the floor a few feet away from Isabel. He knew Maria was right. Max was with her right now. Which he wasn't to sure how he felt about Liz taking a shower and Max sitting out side the door. At least he better be.* Looking once more upstairs. Maybe he better go check.


Michael looked back to Maria. To see a lone tear slide down her cheek. Slowing laying down next to her. He knew Maria needed him more right now. She was right. He would know if she wasn't alright. At least he hoped so. The connection that opened up when she was in trouble was very helpful. Especially now that she didn't or couldn't talk. Michael really didn't understand all that Alex was saying. Not that he was paying that close of attention to him either. He couldn't help it. He was still doing what Maria would call a happy dance inside. Despite everything that has happened. He couldn't help it. He had a sister! Liz Parker was his sister. All his, none else's. He really wasn't alone. He had her. He wasn't about to let go any time soon. Not even for Max.

Michael pulled Maria into his arms and kissed her. He really didn't think he was going to be able to sleep tonight. He loved the feel of her. The feeling of them so close together. The love and bond they share. "Are you alright?" He could felt her nod her head and snuggle closer to him. As her breathe even out. He knew she was sleep. Kissing her head once more as he felt sleep start to take a hold of him. *He was more tired then he thought.*


Liz felt the water slid over her body. As the memories of took over....

'Max?' Everything starting to sink in.

"Liz we know. We all know what happened." Max said softly.


"It's all right Liz. It's all right. We love you."- Max

Liz shaking her head no. *No one can love me.*

"I'm here Liz. I know and I'm still here. I'm always going to be here."- Max

"We all are." -Michael

-End of Memory-

Tuning the cooled water off. *They all knew. They all knew and they still want me? They still want to look at me? How? She couldn't remember the last time she stopped and really really looked at her self in a mirror. She always did it long enough to see that she look presentable. Never long enough to see her actually self. How could she? Not when she knew deep down what was really there.......*


"Liz baby, We love you. No matter what happened, we love you."- Max

"Liz, I'm not leaving you."-Michael

"We are never going to leave you again."-Max

"I love you Lizzy."-Maria

"We all do."-Alex.

"It's going to be all right."- Isabel

"Liz, I love you so much. I will do anything to make this better. Come with me."-Max

"We love you Liz. Don't give up on us yet. Don't give up on me. I need you."-Max

"We all need you."-Michael

'Guys..........' Liz looked up at them all with tears streaming down her face. *God..... She has hurt her friends so much. So much pain that she caused.*

"Liz don't do this.... Please don't do this..." Max

"We love you."-Maria

"It's going to be all right."-Alex

"We are here now." -Michael

'I'm sorry............' Not knowing what else to say. 'I'm sorry'

- End of memory.

*She's sorry? That's what she told them. That she was sorry. How was that suppose to make it up to them. I'm sorry doesn't even come close. But it was true. She was sorry. She was more sorry they would ever realize. What has she done? How could she have done this to them?* Turning around so the burning water was hitting her back.


"Liz, this isn't your fault.'' Isabel


"Isabel." Alex

"Ok?" Liz looked up to meet Michaels eyes.

-End of memory.-

*Ok? Was she Ok? She told them yes. But was she really? How could she ever be Ok? When she never was. She wasn't Ok from the moment that Kaviar found her...* Clutching her hands into fist at her side. Fighting the erg not to start scrubbing herself. *What her father did to her... What she let him do..... * Picking up the bar of soap. She started to wash herself. *Alright..... She was alright. She had to be....*


"Are you sure we should let her?"

"What are you going to do Michael? Not even let her go to the bathroom alone."

"She just wants to take a shower. What could be so bad about that? What could happen."- Maria

Liz sat on the steps watching the exchange between her friend. She just asked them if she could take a shower. She just felt an overwhelming need too.

She watched as everyone turned there eyes to Maria.

"What? Oh......" Registration come over her face.

Everyone turning there eyes back to her. She felt like she was under a freaking microscope! All of them waiting for her to freak out again... *Well, I guess I can't blame them. Not that it makes me feel any better.*

-End of memory-

It was then that Liz understood that she was going to have to be alright. Not so much for herself, but her friend. The sooner she got herself back together the better off all of them will be. She couldn't let them down again.

Liz looked down to see her soapy red skin that she was scrubbing. Slowly she willed herself to stop. Placing the soap down she quickly forced herself to rinse off and get out of the shower. It took a lot to make herself get out.

*She was going to have to be careful about that. She couldn't go scrubbing herself anymore. Her skin was still raw in places as it was. She didn't need to have them worry about her anymore. She was fine now. It was over........ She was fine.* Trying to convince herself that it was true.

"Liz? Are you alright."

Max's voice startled her out of her thoughts. She quickly grabbed a towel and dried off. Wrapping the towel around her. She sat on the closed toilet seat.

*Max* His words rang once more in her head.

"Liz I love you so much. I will do anything to make this all better."

"I need you."

She wished with all her heart that it was true. That he really did love her and need her.

*I need him so much......* She needed to know if he really felt that way about her. Sure he said it, but did he mean it? Could he really love her? Want to be with her? To really touch her? Touch her how she was meant to be touch by him. Could he still want her?

She ran her fingers over her lips. She could still feel his lips on hers. His tongue pushing past her lips into her mouth. The warm safe sensation she felt from it. From him. Lingering still. She could still feel the desirer he had for her. She had seen it in his eyes. The feelings that left her weak in the knees.

Shaking her head to lose the thought. *That was before. Before he knew. Before he saw........ Could he ever want me again? Would anyone?*

Part of her answering. *He said that he loved you. That he still wanted you.*

Battling with her self. *No, he never said that.*

*Didn't he?*


*But that was what he meant.*

At least she hoped. Copulating a moment. Shaking her head no. *No, how could he?*

*But he said.......*

*No, Max is just being his normal caring self. He is too soft hearted for his own good.*

*She knew Max. Max was just being kind. He could never want her again. How could anyone?*

"Liz?" She could hear the concern in his voice.

*Just go ask him.*

*Yeah right. That would go well.*

Liz got up started dressing. She had a tank, panties and flannel pajama bottoms.

*Oh Max, I was just wondering if you really meant what you said. Do you really need me? Want me? Would you ever make love to me?*

"Liz, I'm coming in." Liz watch the door knob start to turn.

*Ask him...*

I hope you understood the last part. That I explained it well enough to you. Liz is basically talking to herself. Sort of like good, side bad side. More like brave side and scared side. I hope you liked it. If you have any ? Let me know. Thank you again for the ones that leave feed back. You keep me writing.
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Sorry it took so long. But this part is really long. I'm sorry. It just sort of took on a life of it own. I wanted to get it just right. How it should happen and what Liz and Max would really go through and feel. I just hope I did it justice.

Thank you everyone that left feed back. I'm glad everyone likes the story. Just help clear up a few things. Liz is dealing with each thing seperately. She doesn't realize that Kaviar and her father are one in the same. WayLiz, I must say I love when you ramble! Care bear, I'm sorry that it took so long! I hope it was worth the wait.

I dedicate the next part to Vamo57, Roswelluver, Strawberry Shortcake- of couse I had too. With out your feed back from the beginning I wouldn't still be writing. + (Roswelluver and Roswelllostcause.)-Been there since I first started. Always leaving feedback to get me typing! WayLiz! Obsessionbyroswell! Carebears! And the newbee ILYMEFOREVER! Thank you for the dear words. Hope this anserwers all your question.


Max was sitting on the floor out side his bathroom. Liz has been in there over a hour now. *If it was really up to him. She wouldn't be taking a shower at all.*

He couldn't stop imagining her scrubbing off her delicate skin. Making it more raw then it was. At the same time he knew that she needed this. A little independence. They all had to start trying to treat her normal again. It's true that they weren't giving her the credit that she deserved. *She was stronger then they all thought. She had to be to have survived this long.* They weren't helping her get her life back together if they continued to treat her like glass. Besides, he got the instanced impression from her that they were all making her feel worst. *Liz was always so strong and independent before. She never did like being treated like she was going to break. Which was what they were doing now.*

Thinking back.

The look on everyone's face when he walked back into the room. Only leaving moments ago to get Liz a glass of apple juice. He was going to try to get her to drink it. She has still to have yet eat or drank anything. He was starting to get a little worried.

The look of fear and sincerity on everyone as they were huddled in a circle. While Liz was sitting on the steps with fear and anger on her own. Patiently waiting for their answer to her request. Max knew right away that they had to let her. It wasn't as if she was a child. She just wanted to take a simple shower. *If only it was that simple still.*

He still couldn't get the thought of her skin being raw. *Her scrubbing to get clean. He knew it was psychological. That she felt ashamed and dirty. How was he suppose to help her feel better about herself? How was he suppose to give her back everything that Kaviar took from her? Surely words alone wouldn't be enough.* He knew that Liz didn't believe them so far. Sure she agreed with them but he knew that she really didn't believe them.

He got the impression that she was afraid to tell them no too much. She would disagreed at first but was always too quick to agree with them. She didn't put up much of a fight. He didn't like that at all. He wanted her to fight for herself. To be strong. Not to feel bad about herself. Blaming herself. To put the blame on who it really belonged. *But how do you convince someone of something that they always believed to be true? How was he really going to help her?*

So here he was sitting patiently out side the door. Alright, maybe not so patiently. He sat there trying to read her emotions, unsuccessfully. She was starting to get good at blocking him. He knew it was a good sign. He just wished it was one thing that she wouldn't do so well. She was taking control over was their connection. He loved the connection. He couldn't be more happy about that. He loved knowing how she felt. It was like he was getting front row seats into her heart and soul.

He was secretly happy that his connection with her was stronger then the others. He knew it was wrong to feel that way but he couldn't help it. He loved her so much. He couldn't help wanting to be the closes to her. He just needed that.

He knew Michael did too. He knew they all carried the burden of guilt for not knowing and being there for Liz. He understood fully the need Michael felt to have Liz live with him. He understood it all to well. It was like they were all just meeting Liz for the first time. No one could get enough of her. The need to protect her was overwhelming.

Shaking his head sadly. What were they going to do? He understood that Michael was her brother. It was right that she stayed with him. He was her true family, but Damn it he was her husband. Alright, so he wasn't hers right now. But that didn't change the fact that he didn't love her any less. He loved her all his life. He always has and always would. He could feel his love growing for her each day. Which amazed him because he never though he could anyone more. Then he did her right then and there.

He was going to marry her some day. She was going to be his wife in name too. Because he knew in his heart, she already was. It made him sick thinking that she would move in with Michael. Even if it was just next door. He couldn't be that far away from her again. Hell, he didn't like her taking a shower with out him!

A wave of anxiety washed over him. Not entirely sure if it was from him or Liz. A strong need to see Liz came over him.

Standing up and softly knocking on the door. "Liz?"

Waiting a few seconds. "Liz?" Panic seizing him once more. "Liz, I'm coming in."

Using his powers he quickly opened the door and went in. To find Liz standing in the middle of the bathroom. Relief washed over him. Seeing that she was alright. Quickly checking her from head to toe. God, she looked good. Evan with her bruises and raw skin. Taking note that she wasn't anymore raw. She had only a tank top and flannel pajama bottoms on. Her hair still damp from the shower.

Realizing that he just barged in on her. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to barge in on you." Starting to back out and close the door. *Great, now she going to think I don't trust her.*

'Max' Almost coming out a cry. *It's now or never.* She dreaded the answer. But knowing she still needed to know where she stood with him.

Max stopped and looked up to see her eyes start to fill up with tears. "Liz, what's wrong?" Going over and taking her into his arms. He could feel her body start to shaking. "Shhhhhh. I'm here...... Tell me what's wrong." *Did she have another memory?*

He felt Liz shake her head no. "Liz please." Taking her face into his hand. Gently turning it up so she was facing him. "Please."

'Max........ I was just wondering......' *How can I ask him? What if ..............* She didn't even dare to finish the thought. Trying to get control of her emotions. Blinking back the tears.

Max watched as she adverted her eyes away. Biting her lower lip. Something that he learned through the years that she did when she was nerves.

"Wondering what?" Smiling at her. Squeezing her hand a little. To give her courage.

'Nothing...... humph. Never mind.' *Chicken.* She just couldn't take the thought of him rejecting her.

Max watched as she put her hair behind her ear. Still not looking at him. He watched her eyes filled once more with tears. A wave of need and fear coming off her.

"Liz" Pulling her a little closer to him. "I can't help unless you tell me."

Feeling Liz nod her head into his chest. Feeling her small fist starting to grip his shirt. Like she was holding on for dear life.

*This could be the last time she would feel his arms around her. She just wanted to hold on to the moment. A moment of being in ignorance. Where she didn't have to face the truth that he couldn't possible love her now. Just one moment.*

Kissing her head. "Please." Feeling her hang on to him like her life depend on it. He didn't like that feeling at all. *Like she needed him to be able go on. He wanted her to need him but not to the point that she couldn't function without him. The thought of anyone having that much power over her. Scared him. Even if it was him.*

'I just.............. uhm...... I wanted to know if what you said was true...........' The need to know the answerer was starting to over whelming her. *She knew she couldn't keep living her life in lies. She needed Max.... More then he realized........ She just need to know...*

Pulling her back a little so he could see her face. Trying to tell what she was thinking. "If what was true?"

Watched as she looked up at him briefly, still not meeting his eyes. "If you......... if you ............... " *God, this is so hard.*

Waiting a moment for her to continue.

*This is like pulling teeth.* He knew that she wanted to ask him. *No needed to ask him.* He could feel the need and fear coming off her in waves. He could feel his body start to tense. Mentally preparing him for the question. Knowing that his answerer would mean a lot to her......... Not wanting to get the answerer wrong.

"What?" Whispering "If I what?"

*Come on Parker, just spit it out already and tell him.* 'Still................ really do uhm... love ..... me.' Holding her breathe. Waiting for the answerer.

Max felt his heart drop in his chest. *What loved her? That's what she was worried about? If I loved her or not? How could she ever doubt that? Didn't she know that she was his everything? That he would do anything for her? That he would be nothing with out her?*

*How could he really love her.* Pain and despair pass through her body. *What was she thinking?*

He felt Liz start to pull away. Pulling him out of his train of thought. "Liz........."

'It's alright Max............. ' Starting to back out of the room. 'I understand..........' *How could she have been so stupid? How could Max ever want her? How could anyone?* Not even feeling the tears slip down her checks.

Max caught up to her in the bed room. Pulling Liz back into his arms. Slightly cursing himself for being so stupid. For not answering her right away. "No Liz..........." Turning her around. Holding her face so that she could see his. He wanted her to know that he really meant it. "Liz, I do love you...... "

Swallowing hard. Tears still flowing. 'It's alright Max... I really do understand.......' *I'm used goods. If it wasn't bad enough what she did with her Kaviar but her father too....... No one will ever want me again.........*

Not letting her finish. "No Liz. I always have and always will. Don't you know you are my everything? That I would be nothing with out you? I love you. You hear me. I love you."

*Love me? Is he just saying that?*

Max could see the doubt in her eyes. "Liz, I love you..... I don't know how to convince you that I do....... I love you." Pleading with his eyes for her to understand. Trying to push his love through to her in their connection of emotions.

Staring at each other in silent for a moment.

'Love me?' Coming out more like a statement then a question. Still not entirely sure still. *But the look on his face was telling her that he did. She could feel the love coming off him.* It started to wrap itself around her like a warm blanket. Starting to push out the doubt and fear of rejection. 'Do you ....... want.. me?' Coming out as a whisper in his head.

"Want you?"

Looking down. 'Want me....... Not as a sister..... but ...' Glancing up at him. 'really want me.....' *She would hate it if he only loved her like a sister now...... She needed him to want to touch her. Be with her........ *

*Want her? How can she ask?* Doing the only thing he knew to do. The thing that he has been wanting to do since he first laid eyes on her. He gently brought his lips to her. Softly kissing her.

Liz closed her eyes and savored the moment as the warmth and love shot through her body.

Pulling back a moment to look at her face. Seeing her eyes close and her mouth partly open from their kiss. "Liz....."

Opening her eyes. Max still inches from her.

"I have always wanted you. More then you will ever know. Nothing matters but you. Only you."

At that He brought his lips back to hers once more. Gently pushing her mouth open more so that his touch could taste her. Max could feel Liz pulling him closer. Opening her mouth more to let him have more access to her. Running his hands through her hair pulling her all the way against his body. *God, he love the feel of her.* Silently thanking God or who ever gave this beautiful creature to him. Feeling Liz's hands on his back pulling him against her.

Letting go of her lips to taste the flesh of her neck. Shivers going through his body when he heard her moan in pleasure. Knowing that he was causing it. Amazed how she tasted so sweet. Just like he always imagined she would taste. How she smelled like strawberries and Vanilla. God, he loved this women. Taking the strap of her tank top down her shoulder. Slowly kissing the delicate flesh there. As his other hand glided up and down her back. Feeling himself growing harder by the minute. He was barely aware of the fact they were some how now lying on their sides on his bed.


Max watching Liz from afar with Love and devotion in his eyes.

Liz secretly watching Max. Wishing that they could be together.

Liz felt the waves of warmth sweep through her body. Warm and tingly. She felt like it was touching ever part of her body. Taking away the sting in her flesh. Feeling things that she never imagine that she could feel. She was so aroused. Feeling her nipples grow taught under her tank top. From being against Max's hard chest. Feeling Max's hard body against her. Letting her hands roam up and down his back. Getting to know his body. Desire to know ever aspect of it. God, what he was doing to her with his mouth was causing waves of pleasure to run through her. She wanted this so bad. She wanted Max. All of him.


Zan and Kara in what looks like a barn making out passionately.

Zan chasing Kara through a field before tackling her. Both laughing for a moment before looking at each other tenderly. Ends right before they start to kiss.

Max couldn't get enough of her. His dream was finally coming true. He had Liz Parker in his arms. He was never going to let her go. He wanted to know ever aspect of her. He wanted to truly make her his. His forever. Feeling his self grow hard. He pulled his hips back a little. Not wanting Liz to feel him. Not wanting to scare her. He knew Liz wasn't ready for this yet. He didn't want to hurt her anymore then she already was. He didn't want to push a physically relationship on her. As good as this felt he knew he needed to stop. Slowly pulling his lips away from her he could hear a small whimper in protest.

Smiling a little. It made him feel good that he could make her feel this way. That he wasn't hurting her. "Liz..." Looking down into her passion filled eyes. Kissing the tip of her nose. "We have to stop."

Liz eyes coming open all the way. 'Max... please.' Pulling her lips back to his.

Kissing her softly again. Pulling away when she started to deepen the kiss. "Liz, we should stop." Hating the fact that they needed too. His body protesting against his head.

Liz felt like someone throw cold water on her. *He doesn't want me....... He doesn't want me. He realized that I'm nothing but a whore and doesn't want me. Why would he really want her. He could have anyone.*

Max watch in horror as tears once more graced her eyes and start to feel her shake once more. "No...... Liz..... No..." Trying to take her more into his arms as she tried to escape them. Realizing what his sudden stop meant to her. *She think I don't want her!*

'No, Max. I told you that I would understand.' Trying to pull more out of his arms.

Holding on tighter to her, he pulled her closer. "No, Liz. I do want you." Pulling her fully against him so that she could feel how much he truly wanted her.

Liz felt the hardness against her core. Feeling the warmth and wetness flow between her legs. Looking back up at Max. 'But........'

"Liz I want you...... I just want you when your really ready......"

'Max.....' Biting her lower lip. 'I need you now....... I'm ready now......' Pulling his lips to hers, Twisting her tongue around his. Rubbing her body up against his. Causing a groan to escape his lips.

"God Liz." Grabbing her hair in his hands, pulling her closer to him. Tasting her mouth once more before pulling away. Hearing Liz whimper in protest.

Taking a couple deeps breathe trying to get a hold of himself. Before he opened his eyes. Max wanted nothing more then to take her right then but he knew that he could hurt Liz more. That fear alone was what was stopping him.

'Max........ Please...........' Liz tried to snuggle closer to him just to have Max hold her a little more away from him. She could feel the tears burning her eye lids. 'Please Max............ Please....'

Hearing the desperation in her voice in his head was too much for him. He crushed Liz to his body. Silently willing his body to remain as it was. Putting himself in pure torture. If only to hold her close to him so that she wouldn't feel rejected. Giving her as much comfort as possible.

'Max... Please....... I... need... you.... I need this...... Please.. Please... Max' A sob rack through her body. 'Please. I need you........ I need to make this right......... I need you to make this right........ I need you to make love to me please.............' Looking up at Max.

Feeling of need rack through his body painfully. Shaking him to the core. *If it hurt him, he could just imagine what Liz was feeling.* With the blinding pain came Max's fear. Fear for Liz.......

Pleading with her eyes. 'Please Max......... Please...... I need to know that you..... want me.......... That... you really want me to be ...... yours..... Max..... Please......'


'I need you Max.......... I need to know that you.... really want me..... That you want me...... I can do this Max........ I need to do this....... I need you..... Please .... I need you to....... help me forget...... I need you to show me........... what it should..... feel like..... I need you to... make this right....... I need you Max.........' Sobs racking her body more violently. 'Please........... I need you to take....... away the ....... feelings of him........ touching me...... Please ..........Max... Please........'

"Liz......" Not knowing what to say. Doing the only thing he knew to do. Anything to stop her pain. To erase all the doubt in her mind about his feelings for her. Pulling Liz as close as possible to him. She was crying so hard that she was shaking him too. "Shhhhhhhhhhhhhh. It's alright Liz... It's going to be alright.... It's going to be alright.........." Kissing the top of her head.

*He would make sure she knew how much he loved her.* "It's going to be alright" Kissing her forehead.

*He would help her erase the memories.* "Alright." Kissing her nose.

*He would help her forget what was done to her. Replace the her memories of the violent assault with his own loving gently ones. Showing her how she was meant to be loved.* "Ok" Kissing her mouth. Gently at first, then slowly deepen it as Liz's sobs started to subside. Running his tongue over hers to gently bite on her lower Lip before making his way down her neck. Taking his time. Going slowly. Feeling her once more start to relax in his arms. Taking his time. Not only to savor every moment but also giving Liz time to adjust to feel of what he was doing to her. So she could stop him if she needed to.... So he wouldn't miss any signs she could give of distress.

"Are you sure?" Asking her again. As his hand met with the hem of her shirt.

Liz nodded her head.

"Liz?" Looking her in the eyes. He wanted to make sure this was what she really wanted. He could feel his body starting to take over his mind. It would be really hard to stop. If she need too. He didn't want to torture his self or Liz.

'Please' Looking up at him with once more passion eyes. 'I need you Max.'

Max carefully pulled her shirt up over her head. Looking down to see her perfect body before him. Noticing for the first time since they started that Liz's skin was once more perfect. The raw skin and bruises where gone. *She was just perfect.* He didn't even remember healing her. Just a having strong desirer to fix all her pain.

Gently bring his lips back to hers. Kissing her tenderly as his hands made their way up her stomach to her breast. Gently cupping and squeezing it. He felt Liz's sharp intake of breathe. Stopping, to look at her face. "Liz?"

Liz slowly opened her eyes to smile up at Max's concern ones. Taking her hand over Max's. Urging him to continue. 'Please.... Max.'

Realizing that it was from the pleasure that he ignited with in her. Smiling before he started to once more seek out her perfect body. Kissing along her neck to the valley between her perfect breast. That's the only words that could describe Liz. *Was perfect.* Kneading one breast in one hand and slowly taking one small round taunt nipple in his mouth. Running his tongue around the tip. Before gently starting to suck on it. Hearing her mourns of pleasure in his head.

The havoc Max was causing her body was sending her to a high she never felt before. It was like her dream was coming true. Max Evans wanted her. Feeling him go from one breast back to the other. Lightly sucking and biting the nipples. The warmth and love he was sending her was pure bliss. As his hands slow sot her out. The sensation that he was causing her body to go through. Warm shivers were racing through her body. She felt warm and tingly. She could feel the wetness between her legs grow more and more. Causing her to want more. She wanted Max to touch every part of her. Feel every part of him.

She pulled at his shirt. Cursing her self the moment that Max let her body to remove his shirt. Just to sigh in satisfaction when his lips once more were placed on her body. Loving the feel of his skin on her. Finally feel like she was home for the first time. Running her hands alone his body. Trying to memories every aspect of him. Her only thought left, was for him to make her his forever.

Liz felt incredible. The feel of her hands running along his body was amazing. Max couldn't get enough of her. The feel of her silky skin and her taste. Max knew he was in heaven. He was taking his time. Trying to go as slow as possible. Savoring each moment he had. Wanting to remember everything. But his body was starting to demand more now. He didn't know how much more he could take.

Working his way back up her body. Taking her lips once more. As his hand made it's way down to her pajamas bottoms. Slowly sliding his hand under the material. To her waiting heat. Cupping her heat gentle. Feeling her tense a moment. Before relaxing once more against his chest. Deepen their kiss.

Holding his hand still a moment before starting to rub against her. Feeling his finger becoming wet. Before he even thought of preparing her for him. He couldn't help but smile to himself. At the thought that he was making her this wet.

Oh god what Max was doing to her was incredible. She felt so hot. So wet. Wanting so much more from him. She wanted him. Starting to pull on his bottoms to take them off.

Stopping. Surprised at her bold move at first. Quickly recovering. Helping her move his own pajamas before helping her with her own. All the while their lips not leaving one another's.

Liz could feel his hardness and was amazed at how big was. *Would he fit?* The thought quickly forgotten as his hand once more made it's way back to her heat. Putting one finger slowly into her waiting hole. Slowly pushing it in and out. As Max's tongue played havoc on her neck. Causing a moan to escape her lips.

Max smiled at pleasure he was causing her. Knowing he wasn't going to last much longer he gentle positioned his self between her legs. Kissing her neck and breast one more time before working his way back to her lips. Feeling the tip of his hardness become wet as it rubbed against her.

"Are you sure Liz?" Asking her one last time. After this. Max knew there was no coming back.

Liz nodded her head before kissing him again.

Breaking the kiss. Taking her face in his hand. Making her look at him. "Say it Liz. I need to hear you say it. Are you sure?" Searching her eyes for the truth. Seeing only love, desire and need there.

'Please Max........ Make me yours...... Please.'

Crushing his lips to hers. Slowly allowing himself to enter her at the same time. Feeling her slick wetness coat him as her tight walls stretched to except him. Pulling up her leg so that he could enter her more easy. Holding himself in her so she could get used to him being inside of her. Willing his body to remain still.

Liz felt Max's lip and tongue reek havoc in her mouth. As she felt him fill her. Feeling her body start to stretch to accommodate him. Feeling a sharp pain. With the pain came the memories.

Him on top of her. Entering her for the first time. Braking her barer. They could feel her already bruised legs become slick with blood. Feel her tired and bruise body try to fight him as he enter her mind. Raping her of her memories of her past life. Her past Love. Of her brother, friends and King. Leaving only the fear and knowledge that she would lead them all to their deaths again. The thoughts of this all being her fault. Guilt. Shame. They could feel her reaching out. Trying too Burying the smallest details that she could in the deepest darkest places in her mind. Burying their secrets, their powers from him. Hoping that he wouldn't find them. Hoping that he wouldn't know. Burying them so deep that she wouldn't even know... Leaving behind nothing but pain, loneliness, and the facts that he only wanted her to know. Making her his. Making her into Liz Parker...........

Her father pushing her down from behind. Entering her quickly and painfully Not even trying to be careful with her........

Seeing the memory and pain fill his head as Liz tried to fight them off. Looking down At her. Liz had her eyes squeezed shut. Trying to force the memory away. Forcing the thought that it was happing right now. Max was barely aware of her nails digging into his back. As her body started to tremble. He felt the numbing starting to over come the fear. Which scared him more. "Liz?"

Max started to pull out. Stopping just as fast when she started shaking more and whimper. Realizing that he was making it worst for her. Holding as still as possible. "Liz. Liz baby look at me." Talking to her softly. "Liz." Taking her face into his hands.

Liz felt the memories over take her. Making it seem like it was happening right then. Fear over came her as she fought off the memories. Trying to keep them at bay. Starting to feel her self start to slip back into her box. Letting the numbness take over the fear. Letting herself get lost in it. Letting the walls be put up around her. Protecting her from what was happening.

Fearing that she was going to retreat once more to her self. Her box if he didn't get through to her. Silently cursing himself for letting it get this far. He should have known that she wasn't ready yet. Why did he let her convince him that she was. "Liz look at me please. It's me Liz. It's me. I'm not going to hurt you. I'm not going to let anyone hurt you again. It's going to be alright Liz. It's going to be alright." With each word that he spoke he could feel Liz stop shaking. The numbness and fear resending.

Letting her self slip away until she heard Max talking to her. Feeling his love for her. Giving her the strength she need to make it back to him. Reassuring her that it was him. Not her father...... Not Kaviar, but him. The man that loved her. Listening to his words. His love for her. Feeling the walls start to crumble.

Brushing the hair away from her face. "Liz look at me. Open your eyes and look at me. It's me. It's alright. I'm not going to hurt you. I'm never going to hurt you. I'm never going to let anyone hurt you again. It's me baby. It's just me." Kissing her lips softly. "I love you Liz. Come on baby. Stay with me. Stay with me."

Kissing her again. Willing her to feel all his love.

'Max?' Liz asked uncertain. Afraid that her mind was still playing tricks on her.

"Yah baby, it's me. Open your eyes. Liz open your eyes and look at me." Wanting her to see that it was really him. Wanting to make sure that she really was still with him.

Liz slowly open her eyes and looked at Max. 'Max' Coming out as a small cry in his head. As fresh tears filled her eyes.

"It's alright Liz. It's going to be alright. It's just me baby. It's just me. I won't hurt you...... I'm sorry. I never should have let things get this far." Kissing the tip of her nose as he started to pull out of her.

'NO!' Fear started to fill her once more of the thought of Max separating from her.

Max could feel her nails dig into him more as her legs came around him to pull him back deep inside of her.

"Liz?" Shocked by her reaction.

'No Max don't. Please don't. I'm sorry. I'm so sorry." Tears started to slid down her cheeks. Putting her head against his chest. "I'm sorry. I promise I'll be better....."

"Liz........ Liz.. Look at me." Turning her face up to look at him. "You have nothing to be sorry for. Nothing. Baby, nothing. You have done NOTHING wrong." Kissing her lips softly. "It's going to be alright. I promise." Kissing her lips softly again. "It's alright. We don't have to finish tonight....."

'No Max, I want to.... Please.....' Pleading with her eyes. 'Please....'


'Please Max. I'll be better. I promise. Please ....... Please.....'

"Liz" Putting his finger over her lips. It killed him to think that she thought that she did something wrong. God, he was going to make Kavair pay. The pain and doubt that was in her eyes was killing him. He wanted so much to take it all away. To be able to erase all of it. Making it right for her. Trying to make her understand that they didn't need to do this right now. They had the rest of their lives now. "Liz, we don't have to rush this. It's alright. You didn't do anything wrong......"

Liz opened her mouth. "Shhhhhh... Let me finish.... You are perfect. I would love nothing more then to make love to you all night. But you aren't ready yet. I love you Liz so much. I don't want to do anything to hurt you. I almost lost you tonight by being so careless. I'm not going to again...... I can't lose you again. I love you to much....." Trying to make her understand.

Max replaced his finger with his lips. Kissing her softly before starting to attempted once more to pull out.

Liz locked her legs tighter around him. Trying to hold Max in place. A small whimper escaped her lips before Max stopped trying.

"Liz.. Please......" *Your killing me here!* It was starting to torture him being inside of her and not moving. He started to lose his erection before, but once he got Liz back, he was quickly once more good to go.

'No Max......... You don't understand.' Begging him with her eyes. 'If you really love and want me you have to do this now............ Please......'

"Liz....... We have the rest of our live......."

'No Max...' Saying with most determination as possible. 'If I don't do this now I'll never be able it.' Knowing if she didn't finish tonight. She never would. She knew she would be afraid the rest of her life. Afraid of what she knew. What she might feel when someone touched her. Afraid she would never be able to love Max the way that she should. Afraid she wouldn't know what real love would feel like. Afraid that she would never have the courage to find out.....


'Max please......' Coming out as a whisper. 'You don't understand....... Please..... If you really love me please....... I need you... I need this...... Max... Please. I promise I won't freak out again.......... Please..'

Max wiped the tears away. Feeling the need and fear of rejection wash over him. It was tearing him up in side to see her this way. Not knowing what else to do. Hating to hear her beg him to do something that he wanted to do so badly himself. Not entirely convince that this was the best thing for her, though. "Ok Liz. Ok. But you tell me if......"

Liz nodded her head. 'Just keep talking to me Max......'

Nodding his head understand her.

Giving him a small smile before they started to kiss.

Using his tongue to push her lips apart as he once more started to dance with her tongue. Slowly feeling her body relax into his embraces as the tension start to easy out of their body. Feeling her hands starting once more to caresses his back and arms. Max started to surrender into the feelings of desire. Beginning to move slowly in and out of her. Watching her face for any sign of pain.... "Oh god Liz........ I love you so much......"

Whispering his love for her in between their kisses and moans of pleasure.......

Getting lost in Max's words. His love for her. The feelings that he was sending through her body. The heat and wetness that was spreading through her body. She never thought it could ever be like this. So perfect. So much pleasure. So much love.

Slowly Liz started to move alone with him. Meeting him stroke for stroke.



Both of them breaking through their pods at different times.

The rock formation in the dessert. Where it was at.

A silver hand print.

Symbolizes on the cave wall.

A book hidden there.

Both pushing back the flashes to figure out later. Wanting to concentrate on each other.

Quicken there pace as they both where reaching there peaks. Not wanting to go over until Liz did. He manage to get his hand between them to rub her sensitive nub. Cause her to moan louder as she through back her head and closed her eyes.

"Look at me Liz. Look at me." Pull her head up so that they were staring into each others eyes. "I love you Liz....... You are truly mine......" Thrusting into one more time before they both went over the edge together. "I love you.."

Liz felt her body explode into a million peice. All setting back into herself. Safetly in Max's arms. A feel that she couldn't begin to describe. She was in heaven. Heaven with Max Evans. She was safe and loved. She was Max's.....

Max wrapped Liz into his arms. As she finally let him pull out. Hearing her still whimper a little in protest as he left her. "Shhhhh... Kissing her neck as he pulled her more against him. Knowing what she was ejecting too. Whispering softly. "I'm still apart of you Liz. I'm never going to let you go. Your mine now. Always..." Kissing her shoulder.

Snuggling close against him. 'Thank you Max...' As she started to slip off to peaceful sleep.... The last words that she heard.

"No.... Thank you Liz."

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Sorry I'm rambling. (Way Liz!)

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Liz won't have her voice back for a while. And lets just say.... Michael is going to be a little more then piss when he finds out.... They will be seeing the pod chamber soon...

Thank you Mary N 008, Roswelllover, Roswelllostcause, Way Liz, and Strawbehrry Shortcake. Your the best! Your the ones that keep me writing. Thank you.......
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Max woke up to find the bed next to him empty. Scanning the sun filled room. He laid there a moment. His first thoughts being that it had all been a wonderful slashed nightmare dream. Until he realized that he was wearing nothing. The fact that he didn't sleep nude alone sent fear into his heart. Jumping up and dressing quickly racing down stairs to find his mother, Michael, Maria, Amy and Kile in the kitchen.


Max scanned the kitchen, not seeing Liz among his friends and family. Sent panic through his heart once more.

"Max, honey what's wrong......." Max could feel everyone's eyes on him and the concern in their eyes. He could actually feel Michaels energy starting to charge. Max knew he was taking on a defensive stance without even looking at him.

His eyes finally settling on Michael. "Liz....." Max finally choked out. Watching Michael look quickly out the window.

Michael's powers starting to subsiding. Realizing that Liz was in no danger.

In two steps Max was following his lead. Looking out the window too. Feeling his own panic subside. At seeing Liz, fully dressed sitting under the tree with her eyes close. Hair blowing in the wind.

Feeling Michaels hand on his shoulder. "She alright Max. She been out there awhile. Alex and Isabel are with her." Max notice for the first time Alex and Is sitting a few yards from her.

As if she sense Max watching her she slowly opened her eyes. Smiling shyly at him. Max could feel the grin on his face form. She took his breathe away. *How did I ever manage to live with out her this long.* He would never know.

"She was up before we all got up. She made us all breakfast. She amazing Max. After everything that she has been through........... She's just amazing...." Max glanced at his mother before turning back to Liz. *She is amazing Mom.* She had her eyes once more closed. Tilted up towards the sky.

"Max, honey."

Turning to face his mother.

"Do you want me to make you a plate?" Max looked at the counter covered with food. Liz had made everything from eggs, to pancakes to bacon, toast and sausage. She must have spent most of the morning cooking. *What time did she get up?* Max glanced at the clock on the wall. 10:47.

"God, I can't believe I slept that long." *Can't believe he didn't realize that Liz still wasn't with him.*

"What do expect Max? You haven't really slept in 2 days." - Diana

Glancing out the window at Liz again. "What time did you get up mom?"

"Me and Amy got up, what a little after 8?" looking at Amy.

Nodding her head. "Yes, Jim headed to the office to see how things where going. Then he was going to meet up with your father to settle the details with the house and movers."

Turning her attention back to her son. Knowing something was bothering him. "Why honey"

"Was Liz up?"

"Yes, she was just getting finished. Why?"

Max could feel Michael's eyes on him once more. "What time did you go to bed last night?" Starting to develop the same concern as Max.

Not looking Michael in the eyes. "I say it was a little after 2 maybe 3."

"What the hell were you doing until 3?"

"Michael....." Max looked up to see Maria running her hands up his arms. Giving Michael a look. That could only mean 'Now wasn't the time.' Slightly shaking her head no. Max could see the calming effect that she had on him. *He always thought she was good for Michael.* Only to look back at him with a look that Said 'We aren't done talking about it.' *Maybe not so good for me.*

Swallowing hard. *I don't think that they would take too kindly that he filled one of his life long dreams last night. Michael was fitting into the big brother role to well.* Max knew that Michael wouldn't be to happy about what he and Liz shared.

"She seems to be doing better today. Liz seems to be more calmer......" -Amy

"She looks better. At least her face is healed."-Kile

"How did you get her to let you heal her last night?"-Maria

*I don't think neither one of us realized it was happening at the time. Nope, can't tell them that.* Going with the best answerer possible. "She finally relax enough for me to do it."

"How relaxed was she?" Kile didn't like the sound of that. Coming up to stand next two the others. *He knew that Evan's saved her life. But he still didn't like the thought of him touching her. At least sexually. No, didn't like that thought at all.*

"KILE!" Maria threw him a dirty look. *Great that's all she need was for Michael to get NC-17 thoughts of Liz and Max together. No, that wouldn't be good at all.*

"Maxwell." Not letting the subject dropped.

Opting to go the safe route. Besides, he didn't feel everyone should know about their sexual experience. Knowing Liz probable didn't want them all to know. "I just put some of her fears to rest." *Not a lie*

"Fears to rest? What fears were those?" Max could feel Michaels eyes on him. *If Maxwell thought he was just going to let this go. He better think again.. As of last night, Liz didn't want anyone to connect to her. More less even touch her really.* He knew she was afraid that they would all see more then what they already had. He wanted to know what had changed.

"Michael, what does it matter now. Look at her?" Maria pointed out the window. Trying once more to advert his attention away from Max and Liz together. *She had a pretty good idea what Liz's fears where. And how Max put to rest.*

"She is more calm and stable then she has been in days." -Diana looking out the window too.

Everyone looked out the window. Liz still have her head tilted to the sky. Eyes closed and a small smile on her face. "She's even smiling a real smile now." Turning back to Max and Michael. "What more do you both need."- Amy

Interrupting them before they started again. Diana had a feeling that when Liz was concerned. None of the boys was going to back down. "Max.. Why don't you see if you can get Liz to eat something."

Turning once more to his mom. "She hasn't ate?"

Diana shook her head no. Seeing the concern once more lace her son's eyes.

"We all tried to get her too....."-Maria

"But no one wanted to push the issue."-Diana

"Last time we had to practically force feed her."-Kile

"It was hard last time." Amy looking over at Kile. Agreeing with him.

"She hasn't ate in 2 days. She has to be hungry."-Diana

"3." Max stated quickly.


"She never ate Thursday."-Max

Max could feel everyone staring at him.

Sighing. "She didn't eat that day. She was running late for school. She skips lunch to study. She started her shift right after school. We were all there...... And then....." Closing his eyes. Not even daring to finish the sentence. "She never ate." *Which, he knew that there where days that she wouldn't eat. Seemed to forget. Days where Alex, Maria and even Kile sometimes would see that she took the time to eat. Days were he would bring her something special for lunch just so that she would.*

Still feeling everyone eyes on him. "What?"

Maria started laughing and the others smiled.

Max looked at them with confusion written all over his face. "What?"

"Man, you do have it bad don't you."-Kile

"What?" Still not getting it.

"What did she wear Monday?"-Michael

Without even thinking. "Her red turtle neck and black jeans. Why?"

Michael looked over to Maria. Seeing her think a moment before she nodded her head yes. Smiling.

"Is there anything that you don't know about her?" It amazed her that her son knew so much about the petite brunette. That has stolen his heart.

Max looked away quickly. Tears stinging his eyes.

"Oh, Max." Regretting her words immediately. "You couldn't have known. That was what happened behind closed door.... She didn't let anyone see that........ It wasn't your fault."

Blinking back the tears. Holding up his hand to stop her. *There was no use auguring. They all knew the truth. Knew the score. Knowing the guilt would stay with him forever.* Changing the subject. "Do you have any fruit?" Max knew that she loved fruit. Especially strawberries. It would be the easies thing to entice her with.

"Yes, there is a small mixed fruit bowl that I bought at the store Wednesday." Diana went to the frig to get it ready for Liz.

Looking at Michael. Switching gears. "I know where the pod chamber is."

"Pod chamber?" -Kile.

His eyes not leaving Max's. "Liz told you?"

"Saw it when we connected.... It's out in the desert. Very secluded place."

"Pod chamber?"-Kile

"What are we waiting for."-Michael.

"I want you all to stick together today." Diana knew their wasn't much she could do to stop them from going. Not that she could blame them. They have all been searching for answerers for years.

"Maybe you should what until Jim gets back." Amy didn't like the idea of them going off alone. The plan was for them all to stick together. She even augured with Jim this morning about going off on his own. Only to have him state that the adults really weren't who Parker or who ever he was, was after. It was the kids who were in the most danger. That the adults sticking together was for precaution purposes. That as long as they all knew where the other would be at all times. Kept in contact. They should be fine. *God she hoped so.*

"We will just call them."-Max.

"They might want to go too."-Maria

Max- "I think it would be a good idea if we practice our powers too...." He wanted to get in as much practice possible before a confrontation with Kaviar would happen.

"Pod chamber?"-Kile

Michael nodded his head. "What else did you see."

Max looked away. Trying to erase the images of Liz being hurt. Not succeeding, pushing the thought aside. "Just a hand print, Writing on the walls....... also a book...."


Glancing at her "I think it might explain a few things. I'm not sure. Just a feeling."

"Pod chamber?"-Kile

"Maxwell.." Knowing he was hiding something else.

Meeting his eyes. "Nothing that you don't already know."

All understanding his meaning at once.

Staring at each other for a moment. Both can feel the pain and guilt go though the other.

"HELLO!" Kile waving his hands in between the two. "Would someone tell me what a pod chamber is!"


Max sat down next to Liz. Watching her slowly open her eyes to look at him. The small smile still playing on her lips. "Penny for you thoughts."

Liz looked behind Max to the place where Alex and Isabel sat watching her all morning. She knew they were babysitting her. She really didn't mind. They left her alone in her quiet. Giving her much needed space.

"They went inside to get ready." Watched as she gave him a questioning look. "Alex parents are making the finial detail about their move.... He wanted to help them. I thought we should all go to the pod chamber later." Waiting for Liz's reaction.

When she didn't show any reaction. "Is that alright. If your not ready......."

Liz took his hand into his and squeezed it. Silencing him. Giving him a small smile.

"Are you sure?" Max could feel a his own smile forming as she nodded her head yes.

In a low whisper. "Uhm Liz, are you alright? I mean about last night." his eyes not leaving her face. Wanting to know the truth. Wanting to know if he hurt her or made things worst in any way. Knowing it would kill him to know that he hurt her. "When I woke up and you where gone this morning..."

Liz placed her small soft hand on the side of his face, smiling. 'I'm fine Max.' Max heard her beautiful voice in his head. 'I just didn't think Michael would appreciate finding us that way.'

Max had to laugh at the thought. "I know I wouldn't." Just thought of Michael walking in on them sleeping nude together. No that wouldn't have went well for Max at all. Nodding his head in understanding. "I just wished that you had woke me up. When you woke. You did get some sleep didn't you?" Not so sure anymore if she did actually fall asleep or not.

Shaking her head yes. 'I slept for a while.'

Max seeing her eyes take on a far away look. "Liz?"

'I'm alright Max.' Putting back on a smile.

"What time did you get up?"

'I don't know....' Looking away from Max.

Pulling her face to look at him again. "Liz?"

'I just don't sleep very well sometimes.'

"Bad dreams?" Wanting to know but not wanting to push.

'No. Not last night.' Coming out as a whisper in his head.

"Did... you remember something else.." *God, he wished he could talk all the bad memories away. For her to never hurt again.*


"Ok.." Not knowing what else to ask. Knowing it was bothering her but powerless to help. Not really knowing how to approach the subject.

Liz felt Max shift uncomfortable next to her. Knowing that he meant well. Just trying to understand what was going on with her. It was just *Hard.*

*I spent my whole life trying to run away and hide from herself and everything that was going on. Hide it from them. Just to wake up and find out that they all knew. In some parts more then I do about myself and what was going on. The pieces that I do remember didn't all fit together. For some reason I am afraid that they would. That when they did, I won't be able to stand it. If you think about it, I couldn't take it the first time. Who is to say that I would be able to make it the second time?*

Feeling Max hand on hers. "Liz, I'm here for you. I'm not going to leave you... I love you." Taking her hand and pressing it against his chest. "I love you. What ever is wrong.... I want to help. Your not alone anymore. You will never be alone again..."

Smiling at his words. *It's like he know exactly what I'm feeling. Am I that easy to read.*

Smiling back at her. Placing their hands on his leg. "So do you want to tell me? Or should I just tickle it out of you."

Shaking her head no and smiling. 'No..... It's just.... Well.....'

"Take your time." Max wiggled his fingers at her. Trying to lighten the mood.

'Max!' Laughing a little.

"Sorry" Getting the response he wanted.

'It's just last night after we.....'

"Shared the most incredible experience of my life."

'Max!' Blushing.

"Alright, I'll be good." Throwing up his hands.

'Its just that I fell into a deep sleep. I guess I was so tired. I didn't dream at all. I felt safe and warm. Loved.' Looking up at him shyly. Looking back at her hands. 'Then I woke up a few hours later, in your arms. But I didn't feel that exhausted any more. I was afraid...... I was afraid that ..I would dream..... You see, sometimes I used to have some really bad dreams or it could have been memories. I guess. I just hope they were a figment of my imagination....' Starting to talk faster. 'But I used to stay up as long as I could. I used to be able to go 3 almost 4 days before I would go to sleep. So exhausted that I would just sleep. That I wouldn't dream..... At all..'

"Liz..." Turning her towards him so that she was facing him. "I am so sorry..... I didn't know.." Pulling her against him. Tears in his eyes. "I'm sorry....."

'No, Max don't please.' Regretting that that she told him. 'Please, I'm sorry. I'll sleep tonight, I promise. I'm sorry!' Close to tears herself.

Max could feel the panic and regret start to over take her. Blinking back his own tears. Wanting to crush the fear in her that she did something wrong. Wanting to make it alright. "No Liz, don't." Pulling her a way a little so that they were face to face. "No Liz... Don't. You didn't do anything wrong. It's alright. I'm alright. I'm glad you told me. I don't want you to ever regret telling me anything. I want to know. Liz, I want to know everything....... None of this is your fault." Holding on to her face as she tried to turn away. "Liz, look at me. I love you. I don't blame you for anything... Nothing.... It's going to be alright. You don't have to be afraid to tell me anything. I'm not going to get mad or hate you. Liz, please.... Do you understand? I'm not mad at you. You didn't hurt me. We will work on sleeping together alright? Just one step at a time...... OK?"

Liz slowly nodded her head. Feeling the love coming of Max. Her fear slowly subsiding. *I'm was safe. It would be alright. I hope.*

Kissing the tip of her nose. Smiling. *What he really wanted to do was yell at the top of his lungs that it wasn't her fault. That she had nothing to be a shamed of. That he was going to kill the bastard when he got his hand on him. But he knew in his heart that it wasn't going to be that easy to convince Liz that it wasn't. That she blamed herself, just like he blamed his self. It was going to take a long time to heal Liz. And he promised himself that he would be there every step of the way.*

"Now, how about something to eat." Producing a bowl of fruit in-between the two of them.

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Chapter 27a

Max's POV

They were on the way to the pod chamber. All 7 of them in his Mother's SUV, that she insisted that they took. Not wanting any of them to be driving alone. To be separated in any way. That was the number one rule now. No one ever was to be alone again. Especially Liz.....

The fathers wanted them to wait until they could go too, but with the moving and legal matters, kept them from doing it today. It took little convincing by him, for them to realize that they were going to go now without them. Everyone knew that they needed to see it.

Him and Michael thought it would be better that they went as soon as possible. Not knowing what secrets that they would discover about themselves and each other. Another thing that Liz managed to keep hidden from themselves and Kaviar. All wondering why it was so important to keep the location of the chamber from him.

With him at the wheel and Liz sitting next to him. *Not as close as he wished but it would have to do.* She has yet to say anything to them since they got in the car. Not even telepathically since she found out that they were really coming here today. Only giving him a few small smiles every time Michael and Kile would repeatedly question him about where they were headed.

"Did he know for sure where he was going? How much longer?" *You would think they were both 2 years old!*

She was starting to fidget more and more the closer they got. She seemed distracted. He could tell she was struggling with something. He knew she was trying to figure it out for herself. From the looks he was getting from his friends in mirror, He could tell that they were all starting to get a little concerned about Liz too.

He still hasn't felt any strong emotions from her since their talk this morning. *Which was good right? He just couldn't help but wonder if it was because she was alright or just getting better at hiding her emotions from them again.* A thought that keep running through his head more and more. He didn't like the idea of her slipping back into the old patterns of hiding and trying to dealing with everything herself. It was better in the long run if she could dealt with everything as it happens. Small steps at a time. He was determined to help her every step of the way. As much as she would aloud. He didn't want to push anything on her. He knew how much her independence meant to her. He just knew that she couldn't do it all her self. He would have to learn where to drawl the line. The different from helping and hurting her. He was afraid if she did return to her once safe haven in her mind that Liz or any of them for that matter. Wouldn't be strong enough to get her back.

All of them were a little worried about how she would deal with being there, but also agreeing that leaving her was not an option. It never would be again.... Not that she seemed to mind the idea this morning when he brought it up. Which he had to wonder about too. *What would Liz tell him no to? He could tell she was so scare to disappoint and hurt him. At least, any more then she thought she already had. Would he ever be able to convince her other wise? Would he ever be able to make her believe that none of this was her fault? Could he ever erase all the pain that he saw in her eyes?*

He had only manage to get Liz to take a couple bites of the fruit this morning. Shaking her head no at his attempts to get her to eat more. At least he would have lunch to try again. The mothers had packed them all lunch. 3 bags total and a large cooler. It could last them days. By the looks of it, you would never have thought that they made them all swear repeatedly, that they would be home by dinner. Good forbid if they weren't home by night fall! Asking them a dozen times if they all had there cell phones on.

Maria's mom already called them twice in the last 10 minute. Having the last call end with Maria threatening to turn her cell phone off if she called again.

They drove for 45 minutes before the flat desert stated to take more shape. Cliffs of rocks and stone started to make it's way up around them. Finally driving into what Max could only describe as a canyon. Driving as far into it as possible before coming to a stop. *He knew him and Isabel were found about 6 miles from here. They would have to hike the rest of the way.*

Making his way out and to Liz's side. He quickly finished helping her the rest of the way out. Feeling her clutch his hand in her small ones. Max pulled her close. Wrapping his arms around her. Giving her the support she needed. Liz burying her head into his chest. Feeling her take a few shaky breathes. Knowing she was trying to control herself. Trying to be strong on her own. Something that Max knew she so desperately needed.

Kissing the top of her head. Looking over to make eye contact with Michael.

Both having the same debate they had that morning before leaving. *Was this such a good idea? Maybe it was too soon for her...... Even though she said it was alright. They needed the answerers that the chamber could hold. Answers that she still couldn't reveal to them. Answers to tell them why Kaviar was after them? Or why didn't he just kill them when they were younger? When they didn't know the truth yet? Why did he just let Liz go? Maybe information that could help keep them all safe. Answers that could keep them alive..... Or Maybe there was nothing valuable to them at all. But what was in the book? Why did Liz erase their memory of where it was at. If it was nothing? But was it worth going now? Should they wait until Liz was stronger?


Liz could feel the others gathering around her and Max.

She knew that she shouldn't be holding on to Max so tight. *Like her life depended on it..... I need to be brave. Face the facts that they were about to learn. The fact about where they came from. How I'm really am an alien. How could I have made myself forget about something like that? I'm an alien and I lived before...... I just need a moment to collect myself.*

Just a small moment. She had a bad feeling about this. Knowing that they needed to see the chamber for themselves. Know all the answerers that it could hold. Answerers that she knew she held some where in her mind. *Answerers that I haven't found or just except yet? Was it all really that bad? No...* She knew that the answerers that they sought in her heart were good. She just couldn't help the feeling that she was putting them all in more danger.... *Danger that they were already in.* She had to remind herself of that fact.

She just couldn't help but fear that after this....... *After what they would learn. There was no going back. They would never be safe again. At least without them knowing, they where still safe to a point.... Weren't they? No... It wasn't right if I tried to take their choice away from them again. It was their decision to know. Their choice.* A choice she knew that she wasn't strong enough to make on her own any more. She still didn't know all the facts. *I couldn't try to stop them or should she say delay? She knew she couldn't stop Max and Michael from going. Maybe delay, but never stop. They were going to go see it with or without her. If not today, tomorrow. They wouldn't let this rest. Can I blame them? ....... No.*

*It's just so confusing. Things were still not adding all the way up in her head. Places and events. People....* She could feel it all starting to overwhelm her again. Taking a deep breathe. Trying to take control of her emotions. The fear that started to rise.

Feeling Max's arms tighten around her. Feeling herself start to calm again. *It wasn't good that I'm depending on him so much..... I need to do this myself. I used too. What changed?*

She had trying to put the facts and events together in her head on the way here. Fighting down the fear and frustration every time it arise. It was starting to take it toll on her. Trying to keep herself in check. Fighting against the erg to give into the darkness and the safety of her box. The box that stayed at the edge of her conscious. Promising safety and solitude. Safety that she didn't quit trust anymore.

*Maybe some of the answerers would be there at the chamber?*

*Was it safe? She couldn't help but be afraid for the others. She couldn't keep herself safe. How could she keep them? Besides, wasn't it already too late? Didn't they already know too much? She just needed to shake this awful feeling. Get a grip Parker.......*

"Maybe me and Liz should stay here."-Alex.

"No" Michael and Max stated together.

"I could stay too."- She heard Kile add.

"No." Max and Michael the same time again.

"I'll stay here with Liz. Michael, I'll tell you where it is."-Max

"No, I'll stay. You need to go and show them where it is."-Michael.

"I could."-Isabel

She knew they were going to say it before they did.

"No."-Max and Michael.

*Would they all just stop!*

'Enough!' Taking in a deep breathe and pulling away from Max. 'I'm fine.'


Turning to Michael. 'I'm fine. I just needed a moment to group.'

"Maybe you should just rest in the car...."

Shaking her head no.

"You do look a little pale chicka, maybe..."-Maria

'I'm fine. I'm going too....'

Seeing the doubt in all their eyes. 'It's alright. This will be a walk in the park.' *After everything else that is...* Starting to make her way away from them.


Turning to face them. 'I need to face my past too. I need.....' Looking at Max and Michael. Seeing the concern and fear in their eyes.

'I need. Please.... You have to stop acting like I'm going to fall apart every moment..... It's alright...... I'm not glass.....' Taking a deep breathe. looking away from them. 'If you don't stop.... Then I might start to believing that I really can't....... Please..'

"Liz" Michael taking a step towards her.

'No Michael.' Taking a step back. 'I know I fell apart...... I know that....' Blinking back the tears in her eyes. 'I know I don't know and understand everything that is going on.... I'm not dumb.. I'm just really confuse.....'

Sob taking over the voice in there heads. Liz looking down.

'I don't remember...... I don't know why.. Except that I didn't want Kavair to hurt any of you..... That I couldn't let him know..... I didn't even remember who I am..... I just found out that I'm an alien and I have a brother and King.....' Looking back at them. Tears running down her face.

'Everything is jumbled up inside...... I really don't know what to think..... I don't know what I can handle..... But I think I need to do this too....... I'm stronger then you think. Then I think....' Looking at Max. 'I made it through last night..... I did it.... With your help and love....'

'We did it.' "We did it" Both Max and Liz stating at the same time.

Smiling at each other.

Smiling at them. Wiping the tears off her face. 'Look, I can't even hear my own voice, but some how you understand me. Hear me.... Some kind of alien mumble jumble I'm sure.....' Giving them a weak smile. 'You can't keep babying me. Please...... I'm fine.... I can do this.' Not entirely sure who she was trying to convince more. Them or herself.

Max making his way to her. "We can do it together." Kissing her forehead before turning back to the others. "We are stronger together..."

"Seems to be the saying the last couple of days." Michael mumbled under his breathe.

Turning, she slowly started to make her way to the small passage in the rocks. Small enough that if you didn't know it was there, you could miss it. After a moment she could feel the others start to follow. Max quickly reaching her, taking her hand. Squeezing it. Making his way ahead of her. Looking back to give her a smile.

*I can do this. Maybe not so much on my own but with their help... Maybe we can all do this.*

"Maxwell. Mind telling me, what exactly you and my sister did last night?"


Thank you so much to everyone that didn't give up on the story. I'm sorry it's not the whole part but as I said it's long and I still have a few things to work out..... But I wanted to give you something..... Thank you so much!

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