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I know, I'm awful for neglecting this fic. I had some time so I thought I would update for you diehard fans that keep bumping this one for me! Enjoy!

Title: Agent Parker / Case Name:ROS #234
Author: Carebehr (Carrie)
Category: Max/Liz/ others-future fic
Rating: PG-13 for now
Disclaimer: I own no parts of Rowell
Summary: This is about 10 years after Departure. Max, Isabel, and Michael disappeared without telling Liz, Maria and Kyle where they went shortly after Tess left. Liz becomes and FBI agent and is unwillingly pulled into the special unit and directed to track them down.

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“This is nice.” Isabel said as Kyle pulled her chair out for her with some serious difficulty. “You sure are getting good on those” she said pointing to his crutches.

“Yeah, thanks.” Klyle laughed as he took his own seat, resting his crutched against the side of the table. He sat down across from her and smiled. “So tell me everything.”

“That could take awhile.” Isabel laughed.

“Well I have time.” Kyle smiled. “and lots of it.”

“Ok let’s see…Well, we went to you know where,” Isabel whispered, looking around to make sure no one was listening. “Then we came back, but by then, you and Maria were already married.”

“Right.” Kyle said. “Geez what a disaster.”

Isabel laughed. “Oh come on, I’m sure you guys had some good times.”

“Maybe.” Kyle nodded. “Anyway, go on.” He said, pouring her a glass of wine from the bottle he had ordered.

“Well Max, Michael and I all moved to Los Angeles. Max started teaching at the college, Michael started painting, and I started designing clothes.” Isabel summed up as easily as she could. “We lived like that for quite a few years.”

Kyle nodded. “So how did you all get back in touch with Maria and Liz?”

“Actually it’s pretty funny.” Isabel said. “Liz was working at the FBI, and they assigned her to the Special Unit.”

“Oh my God.” Kyle said, taking a sip from his glass.

“Exactly.” Isabel laughed. “They actually put her on our case. She came to LA in a disguise of course and showed up at one of Michael’s art shows with Maria. After the show we were having a party at our house and she came. Max and her have been back together ever since. Same with Michael and Maria.”

“Sounds like a movie or something.” Kyle said looking across the table at her. “Are you still designing clothes?”

“Yep.” Isabel smiled. “Actually I just got a really good offer from Prada in Milan. They want me to design a line for them.”

“Are you going to do it?” Kyle asked curiously.

“I don’t know yet. I was thinking about since, you know, since I was planning on getting married.” Isabel said sadly. “But now, there’s really no reason to take the job. I’ll have plenty of time to concentrate on my own line.”

Kyle nodded. “That makes sense. When are you all planning on going back to Italy?”

Isabel thought for a moment. She knew she had to be careful in telling Kyle their plans. He still didn’t know that Michelle was alive, and one slip of the tongue could ruin everything. “Actually, I’m not sure. We’re staying for your Dad’s funeral tomorrow, and then I think Max has some business here to take care of. We’ll probably head back early next week.”

“Oh that soon huh?” Kyle asked sounding disappointed.

Isabel tried not to smile. “Well, you never know. It’s just that since Maria is pregnant and Alex is so little, they all probably want to get home as soon as they can.”

“What about you though Isabel? Are you in a hurry to get back to Italy?” Kyle asked as the waiter approached their table.

“What can I get the two of you tonight?” the waiter asked as he pulled out his order pad and a pen.

“I’ll have the filet mignon, medium rare please with a baked potato loaded with sour cream, butter and chives.” Isabel said, handing him her menu. “Oh and can you add the dinner salad to that, extra blue cheese dressing.”

Kyle looked at her open mouthed. He couldn’t believe that she could eat all of that food. She was so svelte. “I’ll have the same.” He said, also handing his menu to the waiter. Once he walked away Kyle looked at Isabel. “No way can you finish all of that food.”

“You don’t have a very good memory do you?” Isabel laughed. “I always eat like that.”

Kyle thought for a moment and then bust out laughing. “That’s true, I remember once or twice you ordering second helpings of stuff at The Crashdown.”

Isabel smiled. “Yep. Not a lot has changed in that respect.”

“Well it’s nice, not many women actually eat when they go out on a date.” Kyle said, immediately biting his tongue.

“Is that what this is Kyle? Is it a date?” Isabel asked, looking across the table at him.

“No..I mean yes…I mean..” Kyle stammered. “I don’t know.”

“Well I was kind of hoping it was.” Isabel said, not embarrassed at all. “Look Kyle, too much has happened to us in the past to pretend that we’re not attracted to each other, and quiet honestly, I’m getting too old to beat around the bush.”

Kyle nodded, surprised at her forwardness. “So what exactly are you saying?”

“I’m saying that I’ve really missed you, that’s all. Hopefully you can try to forgive me ot for the past and start over.” Isabel said. “Do you think you can forgive me for leaving?”

“I already have, a long time ago.” Kyle said. “I’d like to start over too.”

“Well then, here’s to starting over.” Isabel said, raising her glass.

“To starting over.” Kyle said, clinking his to hers.

“Amy, can I get you another pillow or something?” Liz asked as she looked in on Maria’s mother from the hallway. “Maria will be back with your prescription pain stuff soon.”

“No thanks dear, I’m fine. Just still a little sore.” Amy said with a small smile. “It’s so good to see you and Maria again. It’s been so long.”

“I know.” Liz said quietly. “Sorry it took us so long to get back here. I guess there were a lot of bad memories.”

“Well that’s understandable.” Amy said. “You know, Maria ripped me a new one when she first got bac, it was a good thing I was already in the hospital.”

“She did?” Liz asked, walking into the room and sitting down on the edge of the chair next to Amy’s bed.

“Of course.” Amy said. “You know, we only did what we thought was best for you girls.”

Liz nodded. “I know, but it wasn’t what was best for us. Max and Michael are what’s best for us.”

“I know that now.” Amy said sadly. “Jim always knew it.”

“I’m going to miss him.” Liz said.

“Me too.” Amy said, wiping a tear from her cheek. “You know he always said that we should let you girls be with them. He said they were great guys that he really respected. He promised me that they would never let anything bad happen to you.”

“They wouldn’t.” Liz said, trying to smile.

“Not that it would have mattered with you going off and joining the FBI and with Maria and her music stuff. You two were probably in more danger on your own than being with them.” Amy laughed.

“You know, we really do love them.” Liz said, looking over at Amy.

“I know you do.” Amy said. “But your parents love you too Liz. They only did what we had all agreed to do. What we all thought was best for you. Maria has forgiven me, but she tells me that you haven’t forgiven your parents yet.”

“No I haven’t I guess.” Liz admitted, shaking her head.

“Maybe you should.” Amy whispered. “You are all going back to Europe soon, though Maria still won’t tell me where, and you’re going to be taking their granddaughter with you. Isn’t it time to let the past go and allow then to at least spend some time with Alex?”

“Maybe.” Liz said quietly.

“Liz just think about it for me ok?” Amy asked, reaching over and squeezing her hand. “Don’t let the next time you see them be when you come to Roswell for one of their funerals. Get it cleared up now so you won’t have any unfinished business. If there’s anything I’ve learned in the last week it’s not to take any day God gives you for granted. Make each one count, and don’t let arguments ruin relationships. They love you, and Max. Give them a chance to know you again.”

“I’ll think about it.” Liz said. “Maybe I’ll talk to them after the funeral tomorrow.”

“That would be good.” Amy said. “I can’t believe he’s gone Liz.” She said, reaching to the nightstand and touching a picture of her and Jim on their wedding day.

“Me either.” Liz said sadly as she silently cursed Todd and his people. “It was a horrible accident. I’m so glad you’re here.”

“Me too.” Any smiled. “Maybe when I get better I can come visit you guys in Europe.”

“Maybe.” Liz laughed. “But I’m still not telling you where we live.”

“Paris? Rome? London?” May asked, trying to see if any of the suggestions made Liz’s expression change. To her dismay Liz was completely unreadable.

“Not telling.” Liz laughed.

“Telling what?” Maria asked as she walked into the room holding a small white paper bag.

“She’s trying to get me to tell her where we live.” Liz laughed as she stood up and walked over to the door.

“I told you not to ask anymore!” Maria chastised Amy as she took out the bottle of pills and gave Amy one. “Here take this and go to sleep already. You’re making me crazy.”

“Fine.” Amy said and she picked up the glass of water that was sitting next to the bed.

“Now go to sleep. You’ll need it if you plan on going tomorrow.” Maria said as she turned and walked towards the door. “Michael and I will sleep in the downstairs bedroom tonight so if you need anything just yell into the monitor.”

Amy looked towards the baby monitor base that Maria had put next to the bed. “Where did you get that thing anyway?”

“Oh we brought it with us.” Liz said. “You know for Alex, but she’s been sleeping either with Isabel in her hotel room or in ours so we haven’t needed it. Speaking of Alex I better head back out, Max has a meeting in thirty minutes and he still has Alex with him.”

“Ok, thanks sweetie.” Amy said with a small wave.

“See you tomorrow.” Liz smiled. “Maria would you like to walk me down?”

“Yep.” Maria said as she followed her out of the room. “Sleep Mom.” She called out on her way out the door.

“What’s up?” Maria asked as she followed Liz down the stairs, taking each one carefully.

“Max is meeting with Michelle tonight. She was supposed to talk to Todd this afternoon.”

“I know.” Maria said, trying to see the steps over her growing belly. “Damn I can hardly see my feet anymore.”

“Not much longer sweetie, only a couple more weeks.” Liz smiled as she reached the bottom of the stairs.

“I know.” Maria said as she too came to the bottom. “Anyway, Michael called after he met with her this afternoon and said she wasn’t thrilled about the plan.”

“Who the hell cares if she like it or not?” Liz asked, picking up her purse. “She’s gonna do it or she’s not getting a dime of that money and we’ll just let Todd do whatever he wants with her. She doesn’t have a choice.”

“I know.” Maria said. “Call me after Max gets back tonight.”

“I will.” Liz said as she kissed Maria on the cheek and headed out the front door and towards her rental car. She never noticed the man in the bushes watching her through night vision goggles.

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I know, I have been horrible with updating! So many of you have asked me for more of this fic though that I am going to start writing it more. I've missed it! Anyway, I got caught up in writing "Return To Roswell" and started to seriously neglect this one-BUT NO LONGER! I will have a new part out for everyone tomorrow hopefully (maybe tonight!) So if you've forgotten what happened so far in this story it's time to get caught up!

All other parts can be found over on the repost board here:

Thanks for all the inquiries about this fic!*bounce*

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Agent Parker

Part 53

Liz drove down the road heading for their hotel slowly. She looked in the rear view mirror again and shook her head.
“Damn.” She whispered to herself as she saw the now familiar headlights behind her. She picked up the cell phone Maria’s mom had given her to use while in Roswell and dialed the number of the hotel, quickly asking for her and Max’s room number. A second later Max answered the phone.

“Hello?” Max answered.

“Hey it’s me.” Liz said quickly. “I’m on my way back, but I have a little problem.”

“What?” Max asked, suddenly worried.

“Well, I’ve picked up a tail.” Liz said as she turned right, watching the car follow her slowly.

“What?” Max asked. “Since where?”

“Since I left Maria’s.” Liz said.

“Come back here and I’ll meet you downstairs.” Max commanded, feeling sick to his stomach.

“No.” Liz said quickly. “I can handle this. Is Isabel around?”

“No she went to dinner with Kyle.” Max said. “Why?”

“Well I was just wondering.” Liz said. “I know you have that meeting with Michelle, but I might be awhile. I’m not going to lead this creep back to the hotel. I want Alex to be safe, you stay with her Max.”

“Liz, come back here right now.” Max said again. “I will not allow you to put yourself in danger like this.”

“Max, I can take care of myself.” Liz said quickly. “I was FBI you know.”

“I know that, but you are too important to me for me to just let you handle this yourself. I’ll call Michael and send him to meet you. Where are you headed?” Max asked as he looked across the room at Alex. He felt totally helpless.

“I’m going to head to the alley behind the Crashdown. It’s the only place I can think of that I know every inch of.” Liz said. “Max I mean it, don’t leave Alex. Remember what that jerk on the train tried to do before she was born.”

“I won’t leave her Liz I promise.” Max said as tears filled his eyes. “Be careful and don’t do anything until Michael gets to you. Understand?”

“Yeah, Ok.” Liz said as she turned again and pulled into the alley behind The Crashdown. “I gotta go.”

“Liz.” Max said stopping her from hanging up.

“Yeah?” Liz said, her stomach starting to tighten up nervously.

“I love you.” Max whispered as he sat down on the edge of the bed.

“I love you too.” Liz said. “See you soon.”

Max looked at the phone as he heard her hang up and seconds later the dial tone was coming through. He hung up the phone quickly and dialed Michael’s beeper number. Michael had to hurry. He could feel it in the pit of his stomach.

Liz pulled into the dark alley and turned off her headlights. She quickly got her seatbelt off and exited the vehicle, making her way over to the dumpster against the side alley wall. The got behind it and listened. Seconds later she heard a car door shut and footsteps heading in her direction.

Liz listened closely as the footsteps approached. She heard the trash dumpster start to slide away. In seconds she would be revealed to her stalker. She had to do something. Fast. She made her way to the opposite side of the dumpster and walked out from behind it, quickly and quietly making her way behind her assailant. She took a deep breath and looked at the man. He had broad shoulders and was about six feet tall. He towered over her petite frame, but Liz wasn’t worried about that. She had been trained by the best. She knew she could take him, as long as he didn’t have a gun. A fleeting image of her being shot years before went through her mind, but she pushed it aside and concentrated on the task at hand. She walked up behind him as he continued to push the dumpster aside. She swiftly kicked him as hard as she could, hitting the back of one of his knees and then the other, effectively knocking him off his feet. He recovered quickly and jumped up as she turned to run, grabbing her from behind

This was exactly the position Liz wanted to be in, knowing that having him behind her would allow her to invoke the most damage as quickly as she could. With all of her might she stomped on his foot. He raised her off of the ground, his arm around her neck as he yelped in pain and she took the opportunity to elbow him in the stomach., He quickly let go of her, giving her the chance to spin around and knee him in the groin, and when he leaned over to clutch the area, she nailed him in the nose, flat fisted, effectively pushing up towards his brain. He screamed as blood started to pour out of his nostrils. Liz spun around, ready to run towards the end of the alley, wanting to get into The Crashdown as quickly as she could, knowing he wouldn’t follow her into such a public place. She was a few feet or so away from him when she heard him calling her name. Something about his voice made her stop and turn around to look at him.

The man had his face covered in blood and he was still holding his nose but his voice was calm. “Liz, please. I didn’t come to hurt you.” He said quietly.

“Who are you?” Liz asked as she took another step back.

“It’s me. It’s Alex.” The man said.

“Alex who?” Liz asked, looking closely at him.

“Alex Whitman silly.” He said.

“Alex Whitman is dead.” Liz said as she shook her head back and forth. It couldn’t be possible. No way.

“Not anymore.” Alex said as he took a step forward. “Shit Liz, where did you learn to fight like that? Wait, I know, the FBI right?”

“Alex?” Liz asked as his familiar voice kept talking. “Is it really you?”

“Yup.” Alex said nodding. “I know I look different huh?”

“Yeah.” Liz said as she looked him up and down. He had black jeans on and a black sweatshirt, but the difference was his body and his face. His shoulders were broader and he was bigger all over. He was definitely strong, she could feel that much when he was holding on to her, but he was just so filled out. The scrawny Alex Whitman was gone. He had his hair a bit longer, but not much, and he had a mustache. His voice was slightly deeper as well, but it was still Alex’s voice.

“Well I’ve been working out.” Alex laughed. “Do you have any idea how hard you are to find?”

“We like it that way.” Liz said, still unsure if it really was Alex. She was having a hard time beliving it was true. “Where have you been for the last eleven years?”

“It’s a ;long story.” Alex said. “You’ll know everything soon. I have to go, but you and the other’s have to leave Roswell as soon as you can. I know all about the villa in Italy and I’m not here to hurt you. Just the opposite. You are all in danger though Liz and you need to leave.”

“Why?” Liz asked. “Who are you working for?”

“I can’t tell you that right now. I’ll be at your villa in one month to have a meeting with Max under a false name. The name will be Ladsky. I need you to encourage him to take the meeting with me. His people will advise him not to, but it’s very important that I see him.” Alex said quietly.

“But why were you following me?” Liz asked as she heard a car approaching the alley. "And who else knows about the villa?"

“I was making sure you got back to the hotel safely, and for now, no one else knows about the villa.” Alex said. “I should have known you would notice me following you.”

“Alex, is this about The Skins?” Liz asked, suddenly feeling very frightened.

“No, for once it isn’t.” Alex said. “I can’t tell you much more right now without blowing my cover. Please Liz, you have to trust me.”

“Why?” Liz asked suspisciouly.

“Because my life is in just as much danger as your is.” Alex said, holding his hand up to block the bright headlights of the car pulling into the ally.

“That’s Michael.” Liz said.

“Shit, I gotta go.” Alex said. “Thanks for the severe beating. You look great by the way.”

“Thanks.” Liz said as he started to back away from her.

“Hey, one more thing.” He said as he walked backwards and further away. “How’s Isabel?”

“Fine.” Liz called out with a small smile. Now she knew for sure that it was Alex.

Alex smiled one last time and then disappeared quickly into the darkness as Michael approached, jumping out of his car and holding his hand up ready to blast him off the face of the Earth.

Liz ran up to him quickly. “Michael it’s ok. He’s gone.”

“Who was he Liz?” Michael asked as he checked her up and down to make sure she wasn’ hurt. “Are you ok?”

“Fine.” Liz said. “He said his name was Ladsky and he was following me to the hotel to make sure I got there ok.”

“Shit, Max called me in a panic and said someone was following you. What else happened?” Michael asked as he looked at her.

“Well first I sort of beat him up, and then he told me we were all in danger, and we had to get out of Roswell as soon as possible.” Liz explained. She didn’t feel it was her place to tell Michael that it was Alex.

“Skins?” Michael asked.

“No he said it wasn’t the Skins, but he said it was worse.” Liz said. “Michael, we have to get everyone together and get out of here. He sounded like we were in real danger.”

“Ok.” Michael nodded. “Let’s get you back to the hotel and Max can decide what to do.”

“Ok.” Liz nodded. “I’ll go get my car and follow you there.”

“Right.” Michael nodded and got back into his car. He watched Liz walk down the alley and get into her rental car and slowly back up and past him. As he watched her pull out of the alley and head for their hotel he wondered what in hell was going on. What could be worse than the Skins?

Liz walked through the hotel room door to find Michelle and Max having their meeting. Liz had called Max from her car on the way back to the hotel to assure him that she was fine. When she walked int the room he jumped up and ran over to her, swiping his hand over her from head to toe to check her for any injuries.

“Thank God you’re ok.” Max whipered as he kissed her cheeks and then her forehead.

“I told you, I’m fine.” Liz smiled as she kissed him on the cheek and then looked over at Alex’s crib. “Is Alex ok?”

“Fine, she’s sleeping.” Max said as they walked over to the crib hand in hand.

“I need to use the phone.” Michael asked as he walked past Michelle to the nightstand. He picked up the receiver and dialed Maria.

“Have you started packing yet?” Liz asked as she looked over at an uncomfortable Michelle.

“No.” Max said, I wanted to wait until you got back.

“We are leaving right?” Liz asked. “I mean tonight Max.”

“Yes we are, I was just going over the plan with Michelle. She’ll stay here and work on Todd and I’ll stay in touch with her from home.”

Liz nodded. “Have you told Isabel?”

“Not yet.” Max said, shaking his head. “She’s not back yet.”

“Max, we might have to take a few people back with us.” Liz said. She had thought about it while she was on her way back to the hotel.

“What do you mean?” Max asked. “Who?”

“Well Amy for one.” Liz said. “She’s all alone here Max. All she has now is Maria, and now that she’s going to be a Grandmother, Maria can’t just leave her here. I mean she doesn’t even live here remember? Her and Jim were just here visiting. I mean she’s got her house, but only because they never sold it.”

Max thought for a minute and knew Liz was right. He would talk to Michael and Maria about it. “Anyone else?” he asked, knowing Liz wasn’t done.

“Yes.” Liz nodded. “I think we should take Kyle as well.”

“Kyle?” Max asked quietly. “Why?”

“Well for one thing, did you even know that him and Isabel had something going on when you all left?” Liz asked. Max shook his head. “Well they did. He has been covering for you guys as long as Maria and I have and I don’t think we should leave him behind. He’s all alone now too. I think we should at least ask him.”

“Don’t you think it might be weird for Michael and Maria?” Max asked. “I mean Maria and him were married you know.”

“I know, but that was a long time ago.” Liz whispered so Michael wouldn’t over hear them. “The villa is large enough that there won’t be any weirdness or problems. I think we should at least offer him the opportunity.”

“Well we need to talk to the others before we make any decisions.” Max said, thinking about what she had said. Kyle was a good friend.

“Oh, of course.” Liz nodded emphatically. “I know that. We want everyone to be comfortable.”

“Right.” Max nodded. “Well I know that Michael is filling in Maria on everything right now, so when he gets off the phone and Isabel and Maria get here we’ll all talk about it together.”

“Ok.” Liz whispered. “Max there’s something else I have to tell you, but I don’t think the others should know about it right now.”

“What?” Max asked, leaning in closer to her.

“The guy in the alley.” Liz started and then she took a deep breath.

“Yeah?” Max asked, waiting for her to continue.

“It was Alex.” Liz said as she took Max's hand. “I know it was, and he said he was in danger too.”

Max’s eyes grew huge with this news and he stared at Liz with an open mouth. “Are you positive it was him and not someone pretending to be him?”

“Positve.” Liz whispered. “The last thing he asked me was how Isabel was.”

“You’re right. It was Alex.” Max sighed and ran a hand through his hair.

“Why don’t you seem shocked Max?” Liz asked as she narrowed his eyes at him. “Because I nearly fell over.”

“If it really was Alex and he said he was in danger then that could only mean one thing.” Max said as he looked over at Michael and gave him a stare that told him to get the hell off the phone.

“What?” Liz asked, getting scared. “What Max?”

“That Tess is alive. And she’s looking for us.” Max said quietly, almost so quiet that Liz wasn’t sure she heard him right.

“What?” Liz asked, tears filling her eyes in panic. “Did you say Tess?” she hissed. “I thought you said she was dead?”

“I thought she was, but I saw Alex’s dead body myself and I couldn’t bring him back. If he’s really alive, the only one that could have was Tess since she was the one that killed him. If she’s here, then Khivar is too.”

Liz took a deep breath and tried not to freak out. “So what now?”

“We take Alex’s advice and get the hell out of here.” Max said rushing to the closet and getting out Liz’s suitcases, throwing clothes into them as quickly as he could. They had to get the girls out of Roswell as fast as possible so he and Michael could deal with this new development. He looked over at Liz who was staring at Alexandra and shaking. He wondered how they were going to tell her and Maria that they had to stay behind.

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Here you all go-two new parts to get you through the weekend! See you Monday!

Part 54

“Michelle I think you better go before Isabel gets back.” Max said as he looked across the room at the woman. “She went out with Kyle and I’m not sure if he will be coming back with her. I’ll contact you later and we’ll discuss Todd more.”

“Ok.” Michelle said quietly as she stood up and gathered her belongings. “Bye.” She said as she opened the door to the hotel room and walked out right as Michael was hanging up the phone.

Michael looked over at Liz and Max. “Maria is freaking out. She’s packing her stuff up right now so we can get out of here. I’m going to go and get her.”

“Good bring her right back here.” Max said. “We have some things to discuss as a group.”

Michael looked at Max and could tell something was definitely up, and it wasn’t good. “Ok.” He said as he picked up the keys to the rental car and shoved them into his pocket. “I’ll be right back.”

Max nodded. “Be careful.”

“Always.” Michael called out behind him as he walked out the door.

“Hey.” Isabel said as she and Kyle walked past him. One look at his expression and she knew something was going on. Michael rushed them on his way down the hall without stopping to even look at them.

“Max needs to see you right now.” Michael called out behind him as he opened the door to the stairwell and disappeared.

Isabel poked her head through the still partly opened hotel room door. “Max? Liz?” she said quietly into the room while Kyle stayed behind her silently.

“Is, come in.” Max said as he looked towards the doorway. “Hurry up.”

“Kyle’s with me.” Isabel said. “Is it ok for him to come in too?”

Max looked over at Liz and she nodded, silently begging him to allow it. “Ok.” He said and he noticed Isabel’s smile.

The two of them came into the room and Kyle sat down on the edge of the bed. Isabel sat down next to him and shrugged herself out of her coat. “What’s up? Is something wrong? We just saw Michael in the hallway and he looked a little…” Isabel said and Max cut her off.
“Liz had someone follow her tonight when she left Maria and Amy.” Max said.

“What?” Isabel asked as she stood up and went over to Liz. “Oh My God. Are you ok?”

“I’m fine.” Liz said as she took Isabel’s hand. “Don’t worry.”

“Well who was it?” Kyle asked. “What happened?”

“It was Alex.” Max said quickly.

“Alex who?” Isabel asked, even though deep down in the pit of her stomach she already knew the answer.

Liz squeezed Isabel’s hand in support. “Isabel it was Alex Whitman.”

“But Alex is dead!” Kyle said as he ran a hand through his hair. “I can’t believe this. This is crazy!”

“Liz, are you sure it was him?” Isabel asked. “I mean it could have been a shape shifter or something right?” Isabel asked looking over at Max. “Right?”

“It was him.” Max said. “He asked Liz about you.”

Isabel slowly sat down in the chair that was behind her nodding. She knew how much she meant to Alex and only the real him would ask about her in the middle of his first confrontation with Liz in eleven years. “How could he be alive?”

“Well according to Max, the only possible way is if Tess brought him back.” Liz said quietly.

“Tess?” Kyle asked. “God I haven’t heard that name in a long time. What ever happened to her anyway?”

“Well we thought she was dead.” Max said. “We were told that the Granolith never made it back to Antar. That a group of Antarians blew it up as it entered Antar’s atmosphere.”

“But?” Kyle asked.

“But I saw Alex’s body with my own eyes remember?” Max asked. “I tried to heal him, to bring him back and I couldn’t.”

“So? What does that mean?” Kyle asked, completely confused. He had always hated all of this alien crap.

“It means that either Alex’s death was a mind warp, or Tess brought him back.” Isabel said nodding in understanding.

“Right.” Max said. “In either case, Liz is pretty positive it was him.”

“So what do we do now?” Isabel asked, trying not to panic. “Is Tess alive or dead? Is she here on Earth? Here in Roswell? What?”

Max shrugged. “We don’t know for sure. All we do know is that Alex is alive, and he told Liz that we’re all in danger, including him.”

“What kind of danger?” Kyle asked. “Am I included?”

“We don’t know Kyle.” Max said as he paced back and forth. “Michael’s on his way to get Maria and when they get back we will all sit down and discuss it. In the mean time, Isabel I think you should go to your room and pack your things. At the very least you, Maria and Liz are taking Alexandra and getting out of here.”

“Wait just a minute.” Liz said as she walked over to him. “You’re coming too right?”

“I don’t know yet.” Max said quietly as he put his hands on her shoulders. “Michael and I might need to stay behind and figure out what’s going on.”

“No!” Liz said in and angry tone. “No way! There is no way in hell I’m leaving and you’re staying here and I can pretty much guarantee you that Maria’s not going to go for that either.”

“Liz we don’t know what’s going on.” Max said calmly. “What if the warning was real? What if Alex is in danger, or Maria and the baby? You guys have to get out of here.”

“Then you’re coming too.” Liz said as tears filled her eyes and she shook her head adamantly. “I’m not leaving without you Max. I won’t do it.”

“Liz, you will.” Max said sternly. “No arguments. If Michael and I decide that you’re going then you’re going. I’m not going to let you put yourself or Alex in danger.”

Liz looked up at him and could see how much it hurt him to have to order her to do something for her own good. She slowly nodded and started crying, burying her head in Max’s chest as he calmly stroked the back of her head as tears filled his own eyes.

“I want to go too.” Kyle said, breaking the silence. “I want to go wherever the girls go. To look after them for you guys if you end up staying behind.”

“Kyle it’s too dangerous.” Isabel said shaking her head. “I’ll be with Maria and Liz. Between Liz and I, we can handle it.”

“No.” Kyle said shaking his head. “You all left me behind ten years ago, I’m not going to let you all leave me behind again. Something has brought us all back together so there must be a reason. I’m a part of this group and I’ve always kept the secrets and lied for you when it was necessary. You know you can trust me. I don’t have anything here anymore. I want to go. I am going.”

Isabel looked at him and reached over to take his hand nodding slowly. “Max? Is it ok?”

Max nodded. “Actually Liz and I already talked about asking Kyle and Amy to go along. We haven’t discussed it with Michael and Maria yet and I think we should if you don’t mind Kyle?”

“I understand.” Kyle said nodding. “I mean Maria and I were married. I don’t want to make things uncomfortable with anyone, namely Michael.”

“I don’t think it will be a problem Kyle.” Liz said. “Michael and Maria are pretty secure in their relationship.”

Kyle nodded but didn’t say anything.

“Well they should be back pretty soon and we’ll start making the necessary arrangements to get everyone out of here.” Max said as he still hugged Liz tightly against him. “I have an idea of where to send you guys.”

“You mean we’re not going home?” Isabel asked.

“No.” Liz said in barely above a whisper. “Alex knew about the villa. He said that he was the only one that did, but it won’t be long before whomever he’s warning us about knows as well.”

“I have a perimeter set up around the villa as I always do when we’re away, but since I don’t know what we’re dealing with here, I would feel more comfortable if we stayed away from it for awhile.” Max said seriously.

Isabel nodded. “Ok then.”

The door opened slowly as Michael came in with a very panicked looking Maria behind him. Liz let go of Max and immediately braced herself for the tight hug that she knew Maria was making her way across the room to give her.

“Oh my God Lizzie are you ok?” Maria asked as she squeezed Liz tightly. “What happened?”

“Maria, I’m fine, sit down.” Liz said as she helped Maria over to the bed and sat her down. “I have to tell you something and I don’t want you to freak out okay?”

Maria sat down and nodded at Liz.

“The guy that was following me wasn’t just some stranger.” Liz said as she knelt down in front of her best friend and held her hands. “It was Alex. Our Alex. He’s alive.”

Maria’s eyes grew wide and filled up with tears. “What?” she asked, in a barely audible whisper.

Michael was not as calm. “What?” he practically yelled.

“Michael, come with me into Isabel’s suite and I’ll tell you everything.” Max said as he opened the connecting door and a speechless Michael followed him. “We have some things to discuss.”

Maria looked up at Michael who gave her a reassuring wink before disappearing into the other room with Max. She looked over at Kyle and Isabel and knew that Liz was telling the truth. “But how? How could he be alive?” she asked. “Max tried to heal him. He saw Alex’s body after the accident.”

“We’re not exactly sure yet.” Isabel said standing up and walking over to Maria. “We think Tess might still be alive. Either Alex’s death was a total mind warp, or she brought him back.”

“Oh my God.” Maria said as she covered her mouth with her hand and stood up quickly. “I think I’m gonna be sick.”

Liz stepped aside as Maria rushed past her and ran for the bathroom. Liz followed her and stood outside the door. “Maria it’s going to be ok. Max already has some sort of plan.” Liz could hear Maria’s retching on the other side of the door and a few minutes later the toilet flushed. The door slowly opened and Maria stood there, very pale and holding a tube of toothpaste.

“What kind of plan?” Maria asked as she squeezed some of the thick white paste onto her finger and stuck it in her mouth.

“Well we’re not sure yet.” Liz said as she looked over at Kyle and Isabel. “But we might have to go without Max and Michael.

The door quickly slammed shut again and Maria could be heard getting sick for a second time.

“What the hell is going on Maxwell?” Michael asked. “Liz didn’t tell me it was Alex.”

“She wanted me to be the first to know. She didn’t want to get everyone into a panic.” Max said. “Look we don’t really know what’s going on, but we know that the girls are in danger.”

Michael nodded. “Ok do we think it’s the skins?”

“No.” Max shook his head. “Liz said that Alex told her it was worse.”

“So what? Khivar?” Michael asked. “Could he be here on Earth?”

“Well, we know that Alex is alive which means Tess either mind warped all of us that he was dead in the first place, or he was dead and Tess brought him back to life.” Max said scratching his head while he thought about it.

“So if Tess did mind warp us where the hell has Alex been this whole time?” Michael asked. “And if he was dead, how would she bring him back, I mean he wouldn’t have a body right?”

“True.” Max said. “I guess we won’t know until we find Alex and talk to him. Get a group together and have them search Roswell. I want him picked up tonight and brought to the safe house. Let me know when they have him and we’ll go over there.”

“And?” Michael asked. “What about the girls?”

“Call our operative in Montana and see if the safe house there is still running with no problems. If it is, I think that might be the perfect place to send everyone.” Max said as Michael looked at him strangely.

“Everyone?” Michael asked. “Who’s everyone?”

“Well, Liz, Alex and Maria of course.” Max said. “And Isabel will go with them.”

“Who else?” Michael asked with is arms crossed over his chest.

Max cleared his throat and looked over at Michael. “Liz and I were talking and we thought maybe Amy should go too. Maria might need her and there really isn’t anything left for her here. You can talk to Maria about it and see how she feels. I mean you two would have to fill her in on everything and I don’t know what Maria’s thoughts are on that.”

Michael nodded. “Ok. Anyone else?” he asked, having the feeling that Max wasn’t quite done yet.

“Kyle.” Max said as he looked at Michael. “Kyle wants to come.”

Michael nodded slowly and calmly. “Why?”

“Because he’s been part of this for almost as long as Liz and Maria have.” Max said. “He’s lied for us and he’s kept our secret. We can trust him and he wants to go and help protect the girls.”

Michael laughed. “I think Isabel can handle that.”

“Come on Michael, he doesn’t want to get left behind again.” Max said. “Can you blame him?”

“No.” Michael said thoughtfully. “I guess not. It would be reassuring to know there was a man with them too.”

“I feel the same way.” Max nodded. “I mean I know Iz has her powers, and Liz is trained in martial arts, but having a man with them would just make me feel better. Plus he’s been a cop for the last seven years, and I think he’s in love with Isabel.”

Michael wasn’t surprised by Max’s last reason. He could tell Kyle had strong feelings for Isabel. He looked at Max. “After what happened to Jim, I do feel like it’s sort of our responsibility to look out for him you know?” Michael asked and Max nodded.

“Believe me I know.” Max said. “So is it ok with you then? I mean I know it will be weird since Maria and him have a past and all but..”

Michael held up his hand. “That’s not even an issue Maxwell. He was there for Maria when I wasn’t, hell if anything I owe him a debt of gratitude for taking care of her for me.”

Max smiled. Michael had come a long way in the last year. “Ok then. I’ll have Liz talk to Maria about it and make sure she’s ok with it. You make the calls.”

“Will do.” Michael said walking over to the nightstand and clipping a black box to the phone line before picking it up and dialing the first number. “I’ll meet you back in the other room.”

Max nodded and exited the room to allow Michael to do his work. A job he was very good at.

Part 55

Liz knocked on the bathroom door again. “Maria are you ok?” she called through the wood. “Everything will be fine.”

The door suddenly flung open. “Fine? Liz, how can you say that?” Maria asked. “Not only is Alex alive, but Tess might be too. Don’t you realize the danger that puts us all in?” she asked, rubbing her slightly swollen belly. “Of all people I thought you would be the most upset, and us having to leave without Max and Michael? Jesus Liz, I don’t think I can do it.”

“Maria believe me, before you got here I said the same thing to Max. I flat out refused to leave without him.” Liz said calmly. “But he practically ordered me to go. He won’t let us risk the lives of Alexandra and your baby just to be with them.”

“I don’t care, Max might be their king, but he isn’t mine.” Maria said defiantly. “I won’t do it. I won’t leave without Michael.”

“Maria when you married Michael you made Max your king. You’re part Antarian now that you are carrying that child. Like it or not.” Isabel said as she pointed to Maria’s stomach. “You will do what he tells us to do. Max has never steered us wrong in the past and you can be damned sure that if he’s willing to live without Liz again for awhile, it’s important and it’s in our best interest.”

Maria looked at Liz who nodded in agreement. She walked over to the bed and sat down as tears rolled down her cheeks. “Fine. I guess I don’t have a choice.”

“Maria it’s time to put our children before ourselves.” Liz whispered. “We’ll be fine and so will Max and Michael.

“Did I hear my name?” Max asked as he walked back into the room.

“Yeah.” Kyle said. “Liz was just explaining to Maria that you and Michael might stay behind.”

“Oh.” Max said as he walked over to Maria and put his arm around her. “It’s for the best sweetie.”

“So I hear.” Maria said. “I hope you know how hard it’s going to be for us to be apart while I’m pregnant.”

“Hello?” Liz said. “I think out of everyone we know exactly how hard it’s going to be, remember?”

Maria smiled through her tears. “Oh yeah, sorry I forgot.”

“At least Liz and Isabel will be with you.” Max tried to smile and lowered his voice. “And Kyle too if you don’t have objections.”

“Kyle?” Maria asked. “Why?”

“He wants to come.” Liz whispered.

“Michael said it would be fine. We would both feel better knowing you guys had a man around. I know it sounds sexist since Isabel has her powers and you were FBI,” Max said as looked at Liz, “but it would just make us feel better.”

“To be honest it would make me feel better too.” Liz admitted. “We know we can trust him and he’ll do whatever he can to help.”

Maria nodded. “Michael didn’t have a problem with it huh?” She asked, looking over at Kyle and Isabel who were engrossed in their own conversation.

“Nope.” Max said. “He said that as long as you were ok with it he was too. We sort of feel responsible for what happened to Jim, and Michael says he owes Kyle for taking care of you so well while we were gone. ”

Maria nodded . Michael was so sweet.

“He doesn’t want to get left behind again Maria.” Liz said. “You understand that don’t you?”

“Yes.” Maria admitted.

“If you think it will be too weird then we won’t let him come.” Liz said. “We want you to be totally fine with it.”

“It’s ok.” Maria nodded. “Kyle and I are friends now and that’s really all we ever were. He should come. You’re both right. It’s fine.”

“Ok.” Max said. “I’ll go tell him to go home and pack some stuff.

Liz and Maria nodded and watched Max walk over to Kyle and talk to him quietly. Kyle nodded happily, gave Isabel a hug and looked at Maria.

“Thanks Maria.” Kyle mouthed to her from across the room as he hobbled towards the door.

“Isabel go with him.” Max said. “Just in case.”

Isabel nodded and picked up her jacket, quickly putting it on as she followed Kyle out the door.

“Well he seemed pretty happy.” Liz smiled as she sat down next to Maria. “There’s one more thing though Maria.”

“Oh no.” Maria sighed. “What?”

“Max and I were also talking about bringing your mom with us.” Liz said as she looked at Max.

“Really?” Maria said, her face lighting up. “Really Max?”

Max nodded. “If you want. It’s up to you. I know that she doesn’t have anyone here in Roswell. I don’t know if she does in New York, but if you want to take her then its ok. You just have to be prepared to explain everything to her.” Max said. “Do you think she can handle it?”

Maria thought for a moment. She would love to have her mother with her if she wasn’t able to have Michael with her. She honestly didn’t know what her mom’s reaction to the alien news would be, especially since he was having Michael’s baby now. “Umm. I don’t know.”

“Well you think about.” Max said. “She’ll also have to be ready to travel as early as tonight. What do you think about that?”

Maria shrugged. “I don’t know. She was pretty doped up when I left so she seemed to be comfortable. I think if we kept her medicated then she could travel. How far are we talking about here?”

“I’m not sure yet.” Max said. “Michael’s in the other room making the arrangements. If it’s the place I’m thinking about it’s up north a few states.”

“You mean we’re staying here in the US? Liz asked, surprised. She thought for sure Max would be getting them out of the country.

“Yes.” Max said. “If we have to be apart I at least want both of you here in the same country as us.”

Michael walked into the room moments later carrying a manila folder. He sat down at the small table and looked at the three of them. “Well we’re all set.”


One hour later Max and Liz sat on the bed, Liz holding Alexandra in her arms as Maria sat at the table next to Michael. Isabel and Kyle had returned with Kyle’s stuff which consisted of two large duffle bags. They had brought the two chairs in from Isabel’s room and were sitting in front the bathroom door holding hands, much to the surprise of the two other couples.

“Ok we’re all here now so let’s go over the arrangements.” Michael said as Max nodded. Michael continued. “We have a group out right now looking for Alex, and another group gathering information on what he’s been up to, any aliases he’s been using and so on. When he’s found they will take him to our safe house here in Roswell, which is out close to the pod chamber. It’s actually more of a “safe shack” than a house but whatever.” Michael said when he saw their surprised looks. The girls had no idea how many safe houses they had across the United States. “Anyway, when he gets there, I will be notified and as soon as you are all on your way to your safe house in Montana, Max and I will go have a little talk with him.”

“Montana?” Liz said. “Why Montana?”

“The house is a ranch house in the middle of nowhere. It has a protective four mile guarded perimeter around it and it’s a nice large house. I think it will be the safest place for you all to be for the moment. There’s no way someone can get in there un-noticed.” Max explained. “Michael have we found out which operative is running it and what they’re up to?”

Michael shook his head. “No, I’m still waiting for the call back. All I know for sure right now is that the place is being guarded as usual. They recently made a switch in the whole crew so I’m not sure who’s in charge.”

Max nodded. “Well as long as it is still clean, it will probably be fine. Have a sweeper team go in and double check.”

“Ok.” Michael nodded as he stood up to go make the call. “They should have some info for me by now, even some preliminary stuff. I’ll see what I can find out. Are all of you packed?” Maria nodded and so did Liz and Isabel as Kyle pointed to his duffel bags. “Ok then. Maria have you decided what to do about your mom?”

“Yes. I don’t want her to come. The less she knows the safer she’ll be. She’s really in no shape to have all of this dropped on her. I’m going to arrange for a nurse to come in and take care of her until she is ready to go back to New York.” Maria explained sadly. “Believe me, I would like nothing more then to bring her with us, but she’s not up for it right now, maybe some day.”

Michael nodded sadly as he exited the room. He knew how bad Maria must have felt about her decision, but he had to agree with her. It would all be too much for Amy right now. He vowed to himself to make sure that she joined them whenever it was safe again.

Max watched Michael leave and he took Liz’s hand and looked down at little Alex.. “Liz, don’t you want to say good-bye to your parents?” He asked. “This might be your last chance to make things right. I know you are angry with them, but I really think..”

Liz cut him off. “Yes, you’re right. I have to let them see Alex and I have to forgive them so I can get past this. They did what they did because they loved me. I know it was wrong, but having to make these decisions for Alex’s best interest has made me see why they did what they did.” She said. “I do want to see them before we leave.”

“Good.” Max smiled. “Do any of the rest of you have anyone you want to see one last time?” he asked looking at Maria, Isabel and Kyle.

Isabel cleared her throat and looked at Kyle. “Well besides Mom and Dad, I would like to stay until after Jim’s funeral in the morning if we can.”

Kyle looked at her appreciatively for the thought. “No Isabel. It’s not safe. My dad wouldn’t want us to endanger our lives to attend his funeral, you all knew him and you know he wouldn’t want that.”

“But we could disguise ourselves or something.” Isabel tried but Kyle shook his head.

“Thanks Isabel, but no. It’s safer to travel at night. We can’t stay right Max?” Kyle said looking to Max to back him up.

“Right.” Max said quietly. “We’ll have our own memorial for Jim when were all together again. We’ll say good bye in our own way.”

Isabel nodded as she quickly wiped her tears away.

Michael came back into the room, oblivious to the silence and sad faces. “Ok here’s what we know. The Montana ranch is run by Ava Myers and her husband. She has been on Earth for eleven years and working for us for nine of them. She is a strong supporter of the rebellion force on Antar but since she has been on Earth she has been able to keep her nose clean.” Michael explained as the others listened closely. “Her front is that she runs a horse ranch that deals in boarding, breeding and raising steeds and that she moved to Montana from Texas. She's been in charge of the Montana house for four months now.”

Max nodded. “Any information on her husband?”

“The only thing they could find was that she has been married to him for seven years, but they have been together for about ten. He is also an Antarian supporter but he’s human. They have no idea how they hooked up or how he found out she was alien.” Michael explained.

“What does he do?” Max asked.

Michael looked at his notes. “Well that’s the tricky part. He works for the government.”

“As in the United States government?” Liz asked. “What? FBI? CIA? Secret Service?”

“Special Unit?” Maria added in a panic.

“None of those actually.” Michael said. “He’s strictly a decoder.”

“A what?” Kyle asked. “What the hell does that mean?”

Liz looked over at Kyle. “It means he does a lot of work on the computers, decoding scrambled messages for the different agencies under the President. It could be traitor messages, secret scrambled documents, or just translating. They do all of that stuff.” Liz explained. “We used to use them to decode scrambled phone calls and emails when I was in the Bureau.”

“Hmmm.” Isabel said. “So what is this guy doing with an Antarian? Seems kind of weird.”

“Well not really.” Michael said as he continued to read over his notes. “He also has another job, though it’s mostly volunteer.”

“What is it?” Liz asked as she stood up to go and put Alex back in her crib.

“He spends weeks at a time doing research for S.E.T.I.” Michael said looking at Max whose eyebrows shot up instantly.

“What?” Max asked. “Are you serious?”

“And that is?” Kyle asked, totally confused.

“That is an organization that searches for aliens.” Max said quietly. “To be exact, S.E.T.I. is an acronym for the Search of Extraterrestrial Intelligence.” Max said. “They spend hours and hours sitting in remote areas listening for aliens with high tech equipment.”

“Holy crap!” Kyle said. “So is this lady’s husband someone we need to be concerned with?”

“Wait a minute.” Liz said as she lay Alex down carefully in her crib. “Why would someone that decodes for the government, and works for S.E.T.I. be out to harm Antarians if he's married to one? That doesn’t make any sense. Michael said they’ve been together almost ten years.”

“Liz is right.” Maria added. “If anything, maybe he's trying to protect his wife from the inside. Does he know she works for Max?”

“Of course.” Michael said. “Actually ever since they've been together they've both worked for Max.”

“So this guy, this husband of hers, is actually probably looking out for all of us.” Liz said. “He’s probably decoding Special Unit memos and listening for Skin communication and stuff.”

“Well as nice as all of that sounds I’d still like to meet him and try to get some more information on him before just sending all of you there.” Max said. “Any chance of that happeneing Michael?”

“The guys are still trying to get some more background on him, like what he's been working on, who he's been contacting and all of that.” Michael said. “We need to be sure he's not a double.”

“A double?” Maria asked.

“A double agent. Someone we think is working for us but is really working for the Skins, or worse, Khivar or the Querian army.” Michael said.

“Querian?” Kyle asked.

“That’s what the Skins are called on Antar.” Maria said.

“Oh.” Kyle nodded. “I guess I have a lot of catching up to do.”

“I’ll fill you in later.” Isabel smiled and squeezed his hand.

Liz stopped in her tracks on the way back to the bed and looked at Michael. “Wait a minute, what did you say this lady’s name was, the horse lady?” she asked.

Michael looked at his notes again and said, “Ava Myers. Why?”

Liz looked at Max. “You don’t think it could actually be…..?”

Max looked at her trying to figure out what she was talking about and then it hit him. “Ava? Tess’ dupe?”

“Is that possible?” Liz asked in shock.

“It is possible, I have a lot of people under me, most of which I don’t even know about.” Max nodded. “Michael, is she a pure blooded Antarian?”

“They didn’t tell me.” Michael said. “I could have them fax a picture of her though.”

“Do it.” Max said. “If this Ava is in fact Tess’ dupe, she might have some valuable information for us.”

“What did you say her husband’s name was?” Liz asked as she looked at Michael curiously, trying to put together the puzzle in her head.

“Actually little miss investigator I didn’t say yet.” Michael smiled at her as she sat down next to Max again. He looked through his notes and then back up at Liz and Max. “Let’s see, here it is. That’s weird. He actually has a different last name than hers. Ladsky. Kevin Ladsky.”

Liz grabbed Max’s hand and suddenly squeezed it hard involuntarily. “Oh my God.”

“What, what’s wrong?” Isabel asked, seeing the strange look on Liz’s face.

“It’s Alex.” Liz said. “Ava is married to Alex.”

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Part 56

“Liz, what the hell are you talking about?” Isabel asked, completely confused.

“Alex is Kevin Ladsky.” Liz said, slowly sitting down on the bed next to Max again. “He told me when we were in the alley that he was going to try to get a meeting with Max in about a month at the villa. He said he would be using the name Ladsky, and he wanted me to encourage Max to take the meeting.”

“Are you serious?” Maria asked. “But why would Alex be married to Ava?”

“Let’s not jump to conclusions.” Michael said. “We don’t even know if Ava is who we think she is. She could be an entirely different Ava.”

“Forget about the fax of her pic Michael, have them send you a digital image right to the laptop. I want to be sure.” Max said and Michael nodded. “Michael;s right everyone. We don’t want to jump to conclusions.”

“I really don’t think Alex is dangerous do you guys?” Kyle asked. “I mean why would he risk us knowing he;s alive after all this time to wanr Liz you’re all in danger if he wasn;t being honest?”

“Who knows?” Liz asked. “All I know is that I leanred a ong time ago not to trust anyone, and if what you all say is true, then Tess might be behind this and I swear if she is, it will be the last time she ever interferes in our lives because I’ll kill her myself.”

Everyone stared at Liz and was truly shocked by how angry she had just become over Tess. Everyone but Maria that is. Maria knew deep down that Liz still blamed Tess for her losing Max all those years ago, and that Liz was not the same naïve girl that stood by and had let her do it. Maria knew that Liz was speaking the truth, and if Tess was still alive, and Liz had her way, she wouldn’t be alive for long. Maria stood up and walked over to the bed, silently putting her arm around her best friend. “It’s ok. Liz.” She whispered as Liz rested her head on her shoulder. “It will be ok. If she’s alive then we’ll get her. Together.”

Liz nodded. “Sorry everyone, I guess I’m still a little bitter about all of this.”

Max sat on the other side of her and picked up her hand gently, giving it a squeeze. “Why don’t we go for a little walk?”

Liz didn’t say anything, she just looked up at him and nodded.

He rose off the bed and gently pulled her up behind them. “We’ll be right back. Michael see if they’ve found anything else out, and get moving on that picture please. The sooner we know what we’re dealing with the better.”

“Right on it.” Michael said as he exited the room and headed for Isabel’s suite where the line was secure.

Max then looked at Isabel. “Iz, why don’t you head over to Mom and Dad’s and tell them good bye. I’ll be over with Liz in a bit ok?”

“Ok.” Isabel nodded. “It’s going to be hard to say goodbye to them again.” She paused. “Max, can I tell them?”

“No.” Max shook his head adamantly. “No way. Telling them might put them in danger, just let them know that we’ll keep in touch this time ok?”

Isabel nodded as a stary tears escaped down her cheek.

Kyle squeezed her hand in support. “I’ll come with you.”

“what do you want me to do?” Maria asked. She had become accustomed to taking orders from Max. She sometimes hated it but Isabel was right. She had accepted that Max was in charge the day she ran away with them. Max was he King too now.

Max smiled at her warmly. “You little lady have a choice. You can either go back to your mom’ and say good bye, or stay here and get some much needed rest. You look tired, and it’s a long trip.

Maria nodded. “Ok. I think I’ll go and see my mom first, really quickly. She;s asleep, but I would at least like to leave her a note or something. What about you Liz, are you going to see your parents?”

Liz nodded. “Yes. I’m thought I would head over there with Alex in a bit. Why don’t you meet me there and then we’ll head to Max’s parents together and meet up with Max, Kyle and Isabel?”

“What about Michael?” Maria asked, looking into the other room.

“He’s got work to do.” Max said. “Of course, you can stay here with him if you want to Maria.”

“No she can’t.” Michael said as he walked into the room. “You and I have to get to the safe house Max. They just picked up Alex.”

Max nodded and looked at Liz. “I guess there’s a change of plans.”

“I guess so.” Liz said. “Do we still have time to take our walk?”

Max looked at Michael and he nodded. It was clear he wanted a minute with Maria as well.
“Sure. Let’s go.” Max smiled as he lead Liz out of the hotel room, followed by Isabel and a hobbling Kyle on his crutches. “Iz, tell Mom and Dad that I love them and we’ll be in touch. I might not make it over there.”

“Kay.” Isabel nodded giving Max a kiss on the cheek. “Be careful ok.”

“Of course.” Max smiled. “Kyle take care of her for me. Come back here to the room when your done over there.”

Kyle didn’t say anything, he just nodded as he took Isabel’s hand and they made their way down the hall together.

“Max, you’re not going to…hurt Alex are you?” Liz asked once Kyle and Isabel were out of earshot.

“That’s not my plan Liz.” Max said. “But you know I’ll do what I have to do to keep us all safe.

“I really think he’s trying to keep us safe too.” Liz said. “I mean why would he warn me if he was trying to get us killed? Plus, he’s been working for you.”

Max nodded and rubbed his hand over his stubbly face. He had just realized that he hadn’t had time to shave since that morning. “I am interested to talk to him, but that wasn’t the reason I wanted to talk to you alone Liz.”

“What is it?” LKiz asked, suddenly noticing the stress on his handsome face.

“I wanted to talk to you about your reaction to Tess.” Max started as they walked outside into the cool evening air. Max waved to one of the men he had watching the hotel for them. The man waved back and nodded towards Max’s rental car, giving him the thumbs up. Everything was safe for the moment. He led Liz to the car as he continued. “I couldn’t help but notice you still have a lot of bad feelings when it comes to her.”

“Of course I do.” Liz said. “She was the reason we fell apart Max. The reason you stopped loving me.”

Max looked at her for a moment as she turned around and leaned against the car’s door. “What? I never stopped loving you Liz.”

Liz didn’t say anything. She just looked at the ground. “Max you know all about the future youy coming back and all of that. He told me that I had to get you to go to Tess, to get you to stop loving me. You ran to Tess. That means you stopped loving me.”

“Is that what you think?” Max asked, truly shocked by her accusations. “Liz, I never, ever, ever stopped loving you. I went to Tess because you told me too. You told me you didn’t want to die for me.”

“I know I did. But you must of known I didn’t mean it.” Liz said as tears rolled down her cheeks. Her and Max had never really discussed all of this before. They had always side stepped around it.

“How woud I have known that?” Max asked. “Don’t you think that every day I was with you I was scared of putting you in danger? Of killing you, of making you die for me? Hearing you actually say it just affirmed it in my head. God, I loved you. I didn’t want you to die for me, and when you told me it was like having my own thoughts justified. Then you made me think you slept with Kyle. Tess didn’t mean anything to me, she was just there.”

“But you slept with her.” Liz said, crying freely now. The hole in her heart from years ago opening like a fresh wound.

Max nodded but didn’t say anything. “I thought you gave yourself to Kyle. I was mortified Liz. I wanted you to be mine.”

Liz didn’t say anything. She knew Max was telling the truth. She had fooled him so well. Too well.

“Liz all of this is behind us now. Let’s not dwell on it ok baby?” Max begged. “We can’t change the past, we’re together and being together was and sti;ll is our destiny.”

“I know.” Liz whispered. “It just still hurts.”

“I know. I’m so sorry. But there’s something I need to say Liz.” Max said as he kissed her forehead and then each one of her cheeks. “I’m worried that if Tess is involved in all of this, if she still is alive, that you won’t be able to see past your hatred for her. That you will put yourself in danger because of it.”

Lzi didn’t say anything. Max knew her too well. “No I won’t.”

Max looked at her keptically. “Liz I want you to remember something. You might have been FBI and when you’re angry you can be one tough bitch, but Tess was powerful, and if she’s still alive, then you don’t have a chance against her, and I won’t lose you.” Max said. “I can’t lose you and neither can Alex. We need you Liz. We cant live without you and we don’t want too.”

Liz nodded soberly. She knew he was right. She would die if it meant protecting Max or Alexandra, but she couldn’t let her hatred for Tess sway her from that thought. “Ok.” She whispered. “I won’t put myself in danger.”

“Promise?” Max asked as he looked into her eyes.

“Promise.” Liz said quietly. “You better get back upstairs. Michael probably has some information for you. Why don’t you send Maria down with Alex and her and I will go to Amy’s together, and then to my parent’s house while you and Michael deal with Alex.. I could use a minute alone.”

Max nodded and kissed her on the lips, gently at first and then more passionately, finally releasing her from his embrace. “See you later, and be careful. Come right back here and wait for us when you two are done, and stay together.” Max said as he started to walk away, still holding her hand.

Liz agreed. “Ok we will.”

“I’m going to have one of my men follow you two just to be sure you’re safe.” Finally letting go of her hand he started to walk away, back towards the hotel, taking one of his men back inside with him.

Liz watched him walk away and shivered as a cold chill crept up her back. God how she loved him. She knew what he told her was right, and that she shouldn’t put her life in danger because of her hatred, but she wasn’t sure if she could just put her feelings aside. She had met and dealt with a lot of bad people in her life, a lot of scum. When she was on the police force, and in the Bureau, she dealt with all types of criminals. Rapists, murderers, and child molesters, and she had a seething hatred for all of them, but none of them held a candle to the hatred she felt for Tess. Tess was the one reason Max had left Earth and taken Michael and Isabel with him. Tess had seduced Max, and taken advantage of the love Max and Liz shred and because of that, she could never let go of the boiling hate she had for her and it had only grew over the years of becoming bitter and lonely without Max. She had convinced herself for a long time that Tess and Max were living on Antar together, in love, and with their child, and that had made her hate Tess even more.

Liz had always promised herself she would get back at Tess, make her pay for what she had done, and she had finally thought she could let it go when she found out that Tess and the child had exploded in the trip to Antar. Now she was positive the hate was still burning bright beneath the surface. When her and Max had gotten back together it was there, only as a simmer since she thought Tess was dead and she found out that Max was never involved with her after leaving Earth. Now it was back to a full boil. Liz walked over to the edge of the parking lot behind the car and sat down on the curb as she waited for Maria. Her head was killing her. She peeked out from behind the car and looked around. There was no one there. Maria was probably upstairs getting Alex’s things together. Still hiding behind the car Liz stood up and turned around to face the empty lot behind her. It was all dirt, apparently getting ready for a developer to build something on it. There were a few tractors left there for the next mornings work, and a couple of tall trash dumpsters, a port-a-potty and various other tools. Squinting to see better in the dark, she saw a pile of wood and drywall, torn into shreds. Thoughts of Tess returned to her mind as she thought of the image that she couldn’t shake for the last ten years. The thoughts of her and Max together, making love, making a child. Her head pounded until she knew she had to release the anger that was inside of her. Looking around, there was still no one there so she did what she had to do. She raised her hand, aimed it at the pile of wood and dry wall and let all of the hatred escape her, in one blinding light, instantly incinerating the pile of construction material.

“So what do you have for me?” Max asked as Maria closed the door behind her and headed downstairs to meet up with Liz.

“Log on to my email and see for yourself.” Michael said as he looked at Max. “the picture is pretty clear.”

Max walked over to Michael’s laptop and quickly logged on to his email. There it was, the picture of Ava. She looked a little different. Her hair was longer, and dark brownish red. It was straight. Her eyes were the same. Piercingly blue, the same as Tess. There was definitely a difference in them though. They didn’t have the same evilness hiding behind them. Of course, Max reminded himself, it was only a picture. “Ok then.” Max said quietly as he looked up at Michael. “Ready to go and talk to our old friend?”

“You bet.” Michael said. “I’m dying to find out what the hell is going on.”

“You and me both.” Max said as he looked out the window to see if Maria and Liz had left yet. He was not prepared for what greeted him as he looked outside. He could see his rental car, still parked where he had left Liz ten minutes before and behind it he could see a blinding white light and then seconds later an explosion and a fire. He screamed as he name caught in his throat and fear paralyzed him. “Liz!”


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