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Title: A needed “Change”
Author: Shannon
Rating: PG-13 to NC-17
Catergory: Max and Liz, CC
Disclaimer: I do not own any of the Roswell Characters.
Summary: As much as I enjoyed the heart renching “Changes” episode, I want to change the ending. What if Liz didnt let Max take off down the balcony? What if her heart and her changes needed him?
AN: Yes I know that “Unexpected Workout” needs an update....I just needed to do this after I saw the episode. I mean it wouldve have been a great scene you know. I mean we alll know Lizs changes arent going to stop when shes at boarding school right?? hee heee. This is just my way of giving all of us die hard dreamers some love. Tell me what you guys think.. -shannon

Part 1:
Liz gripped the window sill in agony. Tears spilled through her eyes as Max leaned his head along the brick wall.
“What you said to me in the desert. We can’t pretend it didnt happen.” Max said, salty tears threatening to spill. “We need to talk about it.”
Liz started to push the window down, Max’s voice stopping her movements.
“Liz please dont shut me out.” Liz sat there in confusion. She really didnt want to leave Max but it seemed that she couldnt be near him. Everytime he would come close to her, her changes were affected. Liz made a descion.
“I have to figure it out...alone.”
Liz shut the window and by this time tears were pouring through her eyes uncontrollably. Max sat there defeated. He got up and as he stood up, he mouthed “I love you” to her. This cause Liz to choke inside. But she had to contemplate her next step.
Max walked to the ladder that lead down from Liz’s balcony and turned one last time to look at Liz. He brought his leg over and began the journey down. Once he was down completely, he gripped the ladders bars and began to cry. He cried for what he did to Liz. He would never understand why he had slept with Tess. He couldnt figure why he had the desire to.
Liz stared at the now empty balcony and then she felt it. The changes in her body felt heated. She lifted up her shirt and saw this glow. Liz started to feel the way she had when Max and her found those orbs. She needed to talk to him. Liz lifted up the window and climbed out of her window. She hoped that Max wasnt already gone. She swifty climbed down the ladder and as she turned around she saw Max. He was sitting on the ground, with his head in his lap. He was crying.
“Max?” Liz whispered. Max lifted his red rimmed eyes to meet Liz’s equally reddened eyes. Max stood up and looked directly at Liz.
“Liz, Im so sorry. Im so sorry. I dont know why I did what I did. I cant take any of it back. But I love you so much. I wish that you could be the one carrying my child. God, I wish I could change the past, but I cant and for that Im just so sorry.” Max was openly sobbing now. Liz wanted to think rationally through the whole thing, but she wanted to feel him. Liz inched closer to him and reached out. Max’s eyes widened.
“Liz, no you may get hurt. Ive realized that what you said is true. I hurt you emotionally and now it seems, physically too.” Max said hurt. Liz shooked her head. In one movement, Liz grabbed Max and kissed him passionately. Both of them glowed, like Liz’s hand did. But Liz didnt feel any pain. Max wrapped his arms around her and held her tightly. Liz was in heaven, she wanted this. She needed it. But she needed something else too.
“Liz, I love you so much. I’ll stop the search.” Max said.
Liz stared at Max in shock.
“Max what are you talking about?” Liz asked.
“As much as finding him is important to me, youre everything to me and I know how much its killed you these past months, so Im going to stop.” Liz was about to say more but Max crushed his lips to hers and opened his mouth letting his tongue slide through. Liz opened hers as well and they began to explore each others mouths. Teasing, suckling. Liz broke the kiss off and stared into Maxs eyes.
“Max I need to talk to you about the whole Kyle thing.” Max looked at Liz. Max never did ask about what had happened. He didnt think it had been something he should ask about.
“Ok.” Maxs simple answer began Liz’s tale. She told him how the granolith was modified and was able to bring his future self back. Max just looked at Liz in total admiration. He couldnt believe that this woman he had loved his entire life, loved him as much and was able to give up something so important to her. When Liz told him about the night of the Gomez concert, tears formed in his eyes. That shouldve been their night. And when she told him about the night they were to get married in Vegas. Max smiled remembering the vision he had. ‘So it was real’ Max thought. But when she told him of what she did with Kyle and why, Max was devastated. His own self ruined everything for them. And Tess turned out to be an enemy.
“God Liz, look at what youve done for us. All of us.” Max shook his head and dipped it low.
Liz grabbed Max’s head and lifted it up to meet hers. The electric glow that was traveling her hands began to become brighter.
“Max, everything I did I thought was right at the time. Now I know I should have followed my heart. But I didnt and you and I cant change the past. But theres something I wanna change right now. I wanna feel you Max. As much as it kills me to know you shared the one thing I wanted for me with her, I still wanna feel you Max. I want you to touch me the way we wanted to that night in the desert. Its this change inside me thats made me realize something. I need you. And the only way its going to go away is if you need me just the same.” Liz said. Max held her body close to his and whispered the words hes dreamed about saying for years.
“I want to make love to you Liz, only you no one else. And afterwards, I’ll never leave your side again.” Max kissed her cheek ever so softly. Liz smiled and answered his request.
“Yes Max.” She took his hand and they climbed back up the ladder to Liz’s room. This was going to be the night that changed them forever.
Should I continue???

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Part 2:
Liz lead Max through the window to her room and along toward the bed. She turned around to face him.
“I love you Max” she whispered. Max answered her words with a soft kiss, his lips grazing across her own in tender caresses. Liz began to moan into the kiss and opened her mouth so that Max could deepen the kiss. Max nudged her lips open by sliding his tongue along her lower lip. Liz spent no time and opened her mouth alowing Max’s tongue in. They dueled together in perfect harmony, upper and lower lips nibbling and sucking one another.
Liz’s hands began to mingle her way down his arms and slowly she took off Max’s leather jacket. It slipped off easily, becoming a pile on the carpet. In the meantime Max started the same thing by slipping his large hands underneath her black shirt and slipping it off her slender body.
Left in only a black lace bra, Liz began to feel slighty nervous. She couldnt help but feel like she may be inadaquate. Max sensed this right away and whispered softly in Liz’s ear.
“I want you to feel how much I want you.” Max pulled her body flushed against his and Liz felt his arousal along her tummy. She sighed. Max came back towards her ear. “ Never feel like I dont like the way you look, you are beautiful and Im so in love with you Liz Parker.”
“I love you too Max, I just sometimes feel like I may not measure up.” Liz said shyly. Max cradled her face in between his hands and kissed her passionately. Liz understood that they didnt need any words between them. Max started guiding Liz towards her bed and as they hit the side, he lifted her up in his arms and layed her gently down.
Liz’s body was glowing bright green. An electric flow traveled up and down her arms and all around her body. Liz felt no pain, just warmth. She smiled. Max leaned down and began to kiss her forehead, cheeks and her chin. He savored her like fine wine and with every kiss, there was nothing but love. Max leaned back up and stared into Liz’s eyes.
“Are you sure?”
“More than anything.”
With that Max began to fully kiss Liz. The kisses started out slow and sweet, yet they built with a fiery passion and turned into erotic ones. Liz trailed her hands to the waistband and button on Maxs jeans and amazingly with one swipe of her hand, his pants were open. Max noticed this new development and both he and Liz smiled. Max did the same to Liz’s pants and both of them were left only in their undergarnments.
Before they continued, Max stared into her eyes one more time. Liz smiled and he saw that she was ready. Max took off her bra and panties as well as his own boxers. Once they were both naked, Max gasped at Liz.
“Oh Liz, you are a vision. You are so beautiful.” Liz giggled.
“Shut up and make love to me Max!”
“As you wish.”
Max layed in between Liz’s legs and began to kiss her again. Their kisses this time were feverish and lustful. But in everyone all filled in with love. Max got up suddenly.
“I almost forgot!” Liz looked at him questionally yet stopped when he reached into his pants and pulled out a condom. Liz smiled and secretly laughed to herself. ‘Future Max was still right.’ With everything that had happened, as crazy as it sounds Max still was prepared when it came to her. Max settled back into his place and kissed Liz’s lips ever so softly and started to push himself inside her.
As he felt her barrier he slowed and softly pushed through. He felt Liz sigh and he wondered if she was alright.
“Are you okay?” he asked.
Max smiled and started a slow and passionate movement. Their movements became faster and harder. Liz grabbed his ass and pulled him deeper inside her.
She felt on fire and it was the best feeling in the entire world. Her walls were sleeking his dick and sliding in with no difficulty. Both of them were panting and drenching in sweat. In and out. She was so wet that Max was coming closer by the minute.
“God Liiiiizzz!”
“Yes Maaxx!”
Within minutes Liz’s pussy wrapped around Max’s cock like sulifane and this triggered both their orgasms. It seemed to go on and on. Even after they rolled over and cuddled together, it felt as if they were still coming. Liz snuggled closer to Max and looked down at her body. It no longer looked like the electrifying green like before. It just looked like a soft glow. It was peaceful.
Max kissed Lizs head and as they both drifted to sleep, he murmured to her.
“I love you.”
“I love you too Max.”
At that moment as they clasped their hands together they felt at home.

Across town, in a worn down warehouse, two shadows met.
“Has it happened?” the one of more authority asked.
“Yes sir.”
The shadow’s hand rose up to stroke his chin.
“Better late than never. I wonder what King Zan will think when he finds out who Liz Parker is or shall I say was?”
“Who was she sir?”
“The real Queen of Antar.”

TBC........... yeah so I wanted to go somewhere....I dont know tell me what you think.....*happy* -shannon
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hey guys, yes I told you id post soon and yay for me my muse gave me some thoughts to jot down. This is for Jenn, my twin..who just wouldnt give up!
tell me what you all think!!!!!!! -shannon *happy*

Part 3:
Liz looked around her surroundings. She knew she was dreaming yet she wondered where she was. There was a bright green field with flowing daisies. Liz smiled at the scenery. It was beautiful. A pair of two arms snaked from behind and grasp her waist. She was brought flushed against a familiar body. Liz needed no introduction. It was Max.
“Welcome to Antar, my Liz.” he whispered into her ear. Liz’s eyes widened. There was no way she could be on his planet.
“Max, this isnt funny. This isnt Antar.”
“No, youre right. This was Antar. Before. When we lived here together.”
Liz twisted around and looked into Max’s eyes. ‘Before?’ she wondered.
“What are you talking about Max?” she gazed into his amber eyes searching for reason. Max smiled.
“You and everyone else think Tess is the bride. Well it is half true. Zan was suppose to marry Ava. It was written because she was the perfect candidate for the kingdom. I never loved her, only you. You were never suppose to meet me. I dreamt of you night after night, and you never came.” Max looked down sadly.
“Who was I Max?” Liz wanted to know. Max looked up.
“ You were once called Alanna. You were a scientist and I as Zan worked with you on a project. We started as partners and it was a friendship. Nothing more. Until I came upon you dressing. I believe I scared you half to death. But you werent afraid, and I came close to you and I kissed you. I couldnt help it. I realized that I only came to work with you to be near you. We met in secret because at the time I had met up with Larek and first saw Ava. Then I was told of my inpending marriage to her. I knew I had to follow my royalty. But before the wedding, I came to you and made love to you for hours. I still remember your body underneath me and how you screamed my name as I brought you over the edge. I secretly married you with one of our bonding men. He swore that hed never tell. So I got to marry you. But then I had to go for my duty. The next night which was the wedding between myself and Ava, Kivar envaded and we were all killed. I never saw you again. But I knew Id find you.” Max kissed Liz’s lips softly.
Liz was shocked. She couldnt be an alien. She was as human as you can get.
“But Max Im human.”
“Yes your body is, but your soul is Alanna. How do you think we have the connection that we do? Why did I have to pry my eyes away from you that first day in third grade. It was you.”
Liz jerked up awake in her bed gasping for air. She searched around her room and her eyes came to a sleeping Max. Liz sighed and twisted her legs over the side to stand. She got up and walked to her bathroom.
Closing the door, Liz walked to the mirror. She looked inside.
“Alanna? Is this me?” Liz was confused. She looked back to the mirror and gasped.
Her entire body was glowing bright white and something struck odd to Liz. A formation taking place straight on the mirror.
The five planets of Antar. Antar glowing the brightest.

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Part 4:
Liz was in utter shock. She was this supposed past lover to Zan. It seemed unreal, but as Liz stared at the royal symbol, she felt a peace forming in her head.

Max’s eyes fluttered open. He rolled his body only to come face to face with nothing. Liz was gone. Max shot up in bed, his heart pounding he jumped off the bed.
“Liz!” Max was scared. ‘What if something happened to her’ he thought. At that exact moment, Liz appeared.
“Hello my sweet Zan” Liz smiled at Max. Max breathed in a sigh of relief and walked towards her.
“”You remember me?”
“Kinda, refresh my memory.” With that Max brought his lips down upon Liz’s and they met in a sweet kiss. Memories danced through both of their minds. Liz could remember her life as Alanna. How Zan loved her and how much she loved him in return. The kiss grew passionate and Max’s hands ran down her hips and back up again grabbing her legs up. They wrapped around his waist. Pulling their bodies flushed against each other, both sighed.
Tongues dueled and hands roamed. Max carried Liz back to the bed and gently layed her down. He brought his hands up to her face and pulled his hands away for a brief second.
“I cant believe youre here. You were here since I came out of the pods. God I knew I loved you from that very first moment. I should have never left you.” Max’s voice cracked at that last line. Liz shook her head and held his hands.
“Max, its no ones fault. Our lives on Antar are different then our lives here. We were never meant to be apart. Thats our destiny Max, to find each other here, on Earth.” She paused briefly to kiss his lips gently. “I love you Max Evans. Only Zan is a part you carry inside, that I remember. “
Max answered her words with a fierce kiss as they began to make love. Max nudged Liz’s legs open and slowly pushed himself deep inside her depths.
“Mmmmm Max.”
In and out. Their movements were completely in sync. As Maxs body pushed in and out of Lizs, soft groans escaped their lips and silent whispers of love worshiped each other.
Upon their climax, Max and Liz stared into each others eyes.
“I love you” They said in unison. And with that they both exploded and Maxs seed embedded itself.
They layed together caressing each other, both unaware
of the real heir forming.

“Huh Sir..?”
“What is it? I dont have all day.” The man turned and met the eyes of his assistant. The eyes were dark and menacing.
“I believe the real heir has been conceived.”
“Oh really? Well than I believe this one over here is lying to me then.” The man turned to meet scared blue eyes. The blue eyes revealed a girl. She blinked a few tears.
“what do you say about that Tess?”
“Im sorry.”
“Is that all youre going to say? Was it one of your pathetic mindwarps?” A slight nod was all Tess could muster. The man shook his head. He walked back over to his assistant.
“Get her back to earth. And I want to keep a close eye on Zan and Alanna. Understand?” The assistant nodded vigorosly.
“Your orders will be taken care of, Kivar.”
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Part 5:
Kivar paced back in forth in his quarters. His assistant eyes widened as he saw how angry Kivar seemed. He could tell that the news he had recieved about Zan was upsetting him greatly.
Kivar had a million thoughts running through his head and for the life of him he couldnt understand how Alanna was alive. He had known of the Royal Four making it to Earth, but he was uninformed about Alanna.
‘How can she be her if she is human?’
The assistant cleared his throat.
Kivar shot his head up and whipped it around.
“What is it Chandler?” Chandler swallowed. Kivars eyes followed his movements and stared questionally at him.
“We have a transport ready to take you to earth. The scientists are almost finished with it. Then you can take care of Zan and Alanna yourself.” Chandler held his head high knowing this pleased Kivar greatly.
A devilish smile spread across Kivars features. Indeed he was pleased.
‘Alas Zan, we shall meet again.’


Max had said his goodbyes early to Liz up on her balcony. The two parted with the newfound knowledge that Liz was infact part of the alien chaos. Not that she didnt want to be, but Liz couldnt believe that she had once lived a life on Antar. Let alone a life with Max.

Max stared at his mirror in the bathroom . Alanna was alive. And she was Liz. The thought made him smile inside and out and as he closed his eyes he could still remember how Liz felt and how she smelled as he made love to her the night before.
‘Sweet Liz, how I love you.’ Max whispered softly in his mind.
Just then a loud knock interrupted his thoughts.
It was Michael. “Maxwell, what the hell is taking you so long I have to take a leak and be at the crashdown in 20.!”
Max smiled. The perfect opportunity to see Liz.
“Alright Michael. Im out.” Max opened the door to an amused Michael.
“mmm You had sex last night.” Max stopped. He looked over at Micheal.
“How the hell do you know that?” Michael smirked.
“Because you dont look like you have that stick in your ass anymore.” Max punched him in the arm and the two of them laughed.

Thirty minutes later, Max and Michael showed up at the Crashdown. Liz was sitting at the table when she saw Max come through the doors. She jumped up and walked briskly over to Max. Micheal smirked a bit and left towards the backroom.
Liz greeted Max with a sweet kiss. Their lips softly caressing each other.
“mmm hi” Liz said with a sweet smile.
Max smiled and held Liz close to him.
“Hey yourself. Ive missed you.” Liz giggled. “Its barely been twelve hours.” Max kissed her jawline and along her neck, earning a soft groan from Lizs mouth.
“Much too long.” After a few more kisses, Liz disentangled herself from Maxs embrace and went on her shift. Max ordered a cherrycoke to go and left Liz to finish her shift.

“Liz how are you?” Maria asked Liz. Liz had been filling sugar holders with a dazed look on her face. Liz turned to Maria and smiled.
“Im not dying anymore. Max and I found something out.” Lizs eyes grew wide and she grabbed Maria and together they went to the backroom. “Maria, I had the best night of my life yesterday and I also found out that im like the soul of the love of Zans life back on Antar.”
Maria stared at Liz like she had lost it.
“O-Kay.” Liz noted that her friend was confused and began to relay everything that had happened. Two hours later the two best friends were huddled together on the couch with a carton of empty ice cream.
“So the powers are like gone?” Maria asked.
Liz took another spoonful of ice cream.
“Well its like the powers have mingled since Max and I made love. I dont know if theyre gone completely.” Liz smiled at her spoon as she remembered Maxs kisses and hands.
“wow. chica. I dont even know what to even say to something like this.” Maria was so dumbfounded. She felt happy for Liz, and even jealous. But then she remembered what she had done to Michael.
‘I need to talk to spaceboy.’
When Maria turned her attention back over to Liz she saw that Liz was glowing.
“Oh my god Maria! whats going on?” Maria stared in shock as Liz lifted up her tank top. There she revealed a green glow on her stomach, complete with a small hand and the royal symbol of Antar.