Title : I'm so excited
Disclaimer: I have nothing to do with Roswell, it belongs to Melinda Metz, Jason Katims, UPN..
Rating: NC-17
Category: Max/Liz (of course!)
The song is I'm so excited by the Pointer Sisters

This is my first NC-17, and I want to say a huge thank you to Jayne without whom this story brobabley wouldn't excist, or at least wouldn't be like that



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Tonight's the night we're gonna make it happen,
Tonight we'll put all other things aside

'My, my, my, not bad for a bitch' thought Max as Liz slid into the Jacuzzi. He
felt himself immediately hardening from halt to tit at the sight of his stepsister. She did it to him every single time since they were children but there was something different this time. The point of no return had finally come. She wore a very, very small bikini that didn't leave much to the imagination and absolutely nothing for his. Both top and bottom were held by teasingly tiny strings and could be undone in less time that you need to say it. His hands were on her, already searching for the way before her tight ass hit the water. He tried to do but suddenly as his dream sat before him ready to be unwrapped he faulted with now clumsy hands. He looked as if he wasn't in a very uncomfortable position but Liz wasn't fool

"You gotta problem Maxwell?"

He tensed. He hated her calling him that and she knew it as he looked in direction of their neighbours garden were three blond bimbos were lazily sun bathing.

"No, just enjoying the sight over there better as everything over here so far is way too boring. Too flat."

Any other day Liz would have felt instantly insulted and would have gotten angry with him as usual. But she was in a playful mood and this was no ordinary day.

Looking mischievously at him in the way that she knew he liked. That he couldn’t resist as she then asked in the sweetest voice "You don't mind me being topless do you Max? My breasts are needing some serious colour right about now."

He wasn't in any fit condition to respond, having to shift his position to ease the ache that was now held between his legs as his cock jumped into life. Feeling it beginning to fill as she took her top off grinning. She threw it to the side of the Jacuzzi as she then poured some sunscreen into her hand

"I hear that the breast was one of the most sensitive areas of the body did you know that Max?" and with that she began to cream them up. Gently massaging them in slow, small circles at first only to have them increase in size with every stroke. Max was trying to look preoccupied continuing to look at the bimbos as she began to roll her stiffening nipples between her fingers, pinching them hard. She let her smile grow as she swore she heard Max growl while feeling his eyes burn into her. She couldn’t help but moan in response from hearing a groan from Max whose erection was now way too painful for him to bare alone.

Innocently she approached him.

He held his breath.


She suddenly grabbed him there squeezing it hard, gently stroking him full and long. God the boy was so big. She wanted so much to take it into her mouth, have it inside her. What she was about to do wouldn't be easy but it was so about time. Enough was enough as she just hoped she would get a little help here.

He let out an uncontrollable moan of pleasure, thrusting his cock harder into the palm of her hand. Moving towards her as she then just let go of him. Turning her back quickly to him to show him she was about to leave.

He grabbed at her breasts from behind, fiercely cupping one in each hand. He yanked her closer and in a husky tone murmured into her ear. "Touch me like that again and I'll have to teach you a lesson sister dearest beginning with just how to put on sunscreen."

She could feel his throbbing erection pushing hard on her ass as it now rested between the deep valley of her cheeks. Unable to resist him any longer, not wanting to as he’d seared her deep she slid her hand inside of his shorts. Hard and fast without even turning round as she grabbed his hot shaft with one hand with feverish fingertips. He shuddered as she held it. Fondled it as it grew even further in size if that where possible. She stroked all of it’s length a few times, pulling the skin up gently and working to down very, very slowly before beginning to play with the head. To pinch it and roll it as she had done with her tits not so long ago.

As he continued to grow in her hand, his body stiffened. Instinctively he pushed out his pelvis to met her as she continued working him there then to suddenly cup at his sacs. He sucked in hard as he now took care of her breasts gently melding them, as if he was melding bread. One then the other, pulling up her nipple and pinching it between his thumb and fingers. She felt he was already on the edge, so close, ready to come for her. Just her from feeling the stiffening of his shaft. She responded with a fired heat as she began to then squeeze at his hot flesh, hold and release, hold and release. Pumping it harder, encircling it tighter in a tiny, needy hand as she felt one of his hands gently slide down the length of her trembling body and sink between her legs. She moaned, her insides pulsating having to take a long and satisfied breath in order to not pass out as he bent down to bite at her neck.

Then came the kisses, forming a succession of delicious shivers, upwards until he reached her ear. Her heart was racing as the inner surfaces of her thighs burned. She could feel the extra sensitivity of her folds, engorged by the stimulation of him as she felt she was coming. Her abdomen rippled with it. She heard in a murmur held behind her ear "god babe I’m going to come. Your making me wanna come."

She was open to him, to his hand as it kneaded at her bottom only to then slip into her engorged love lips. His fingers fondled her there, pulling her open to allow him wider, deeper access. Her fingertips ran down his length, pulling his foreskin up and then pushing it down again with slow and gentle strokes as his fingers then push into her. Matching her stroke for delicious stroke her tummy knotting as they speed up. Pulling together hard, already lost they somehow leave the inevitable, the longing to hear the back door opening in the distance as both go to cry out in ecstasy.

So very close. Too close. Reluctantly jumping apart as Phillip suddenly appeared on the pouch. "Hey kids, I hope you not getting too bored out here."

Without a warning, even a word Max suddenly got up, sending waves of water crashing over the side of it, his arms immediately grabbing for the big fluffy beach towel and stormed out the Jaccuzi.

"Max!" he heard them both call out to him but he had to get away and headed in the opposite direction where his father was standing, towards the beach. He really needed to find a place where no one's was going to disturb him. NOW! And he knew just the place. There were an old cabin on the beach, it was locked up, not in use but from behind it you'd be completely out of sight of prying eyes. What he had to do was for him, and him alone, anyway people usually don't get this far up the beach.

So he ran, really needing to take care of himself right away as it felt like is cock was about to explode at any moment. It was unbearable but ultimately delicious all at once and all because of her. He always got the biggest boners when thinking about Liz but when they touched.god he couldn't breathe. As he arrived on shaky legs to the cabin he ducked round the back and immediately grabbed a hold of his huge erection and yanked at it hard. He'd usually stroke it, squeeze it, play with it first but there was no time for that. He would be coming soon, spurting out his hot seed while thinking of pumping deep into Elizabeth. But for once his release wouldn't come as he commanded it to, he needed Liz. For the first time it felt like he couldn't come without her as he now played furiously with his balls with one hand while continuing to feverishly stroke his veined shaft with the other harder.faster, anything to release the ache deep inside, but still it wouldn 't come. "Fuck!" He needed Liz, as he felt he would die if he didn't come soon.


When Max stormed away Phillip frowned hard, it soon disappearing when seeing Liz who had her arms folded so he couldn't see that she was topless. His 'children' were like chalk and cheese as she shrugged her shoulders at him. He smiled then went back inside. Exhaling hard she slowly made her way to the side of the container.

She couldn't breathe her chest tight. She was all shaky, hot, as she needed Max. With any other guy she wouldn't have thought twice about it and used her hand on him, after all she was very, very good at it. But with Max it was different and it was wrong. But why did the wrong feel so good? She hurriedly put her bikini top back and went to look for Max. With all her years of secretly spying her step brother she had a very good idea of where he might be.


God it seemed like hours and he still couldn't make himself come. He wasn't even close as frustration consumed him. He'd tried every last trick in his book to make it happen and in every position as he now lay back down on the ground again. It hurt so bad and he wanted her so much, for so long. He so craved to feel her wet, heat clamp around his cock and watch her coming apart as he bore deep into her. But he knew that couldn't be and that Liz didn't want him anyway. He didn't know what he could do to either come or ease the throbbing pain that tore through him that finally caused him to cry out.

He first thought he was dreaming when he heard that sweet voice.

"Need a little help there Maxwell?"

But she was real, and standing in front of him She slowly made her way to him till she stood directly above him. Not a word was spoken as suddenly she lowered herself down onto him so she straddled his chest. With eyes languid he felt her heat wet on his stomach as his cock pushed itself upright and between the crease of her ass cheeks.

One look and he suddenly took her head between his big hands and kiss her hard. A lip crushing kiss that stole breath and bruised flesh as he fisted tight at the back of her wet hair. She moaned deep into the rampant recesses of his feverishly hot mouth had never felt so sexy, so wanted for this was their first kiss. Not sweet and tender but wet and wild.

Without loosing a second he untied the string of her bottom bikini in one smooth stroke, the hungry kiss never breaking once as they continued to feed off of each other, hard and fast.

Give in this time and show me some affection,
We're going for those pleasures in the night

Without warning she dragged herself down his slick body to position herself over his, heavily mushroom tipped, purple throbbing cock . She grabbed hold him tight as she moistened it's tip with the beginnings of her warm juices. A round and a round as he thrust up to met her uncontrollably.

She was beginning to allow him to enter her there when she suddenly backed off and turned herself round on him so she now straddling him the other way, with her back to him causing him to groan. He wanting to say something but his groan soon became a muffled moan, having to bite down hard on his bottom lip as she took him hungrily into her mouth.

I want to love you, feel you, wrap myself around you

His back ached up as he could smell her spicy scent, driving him insane as she began to suck on him so hard that his cock almost all the way down her throat. He grabbed her hips tight and yanked her down so her wet heat was only inches away from his mouth and began to kiss her sex lips. [

I] I want to squeeze you, please you, I just can't get enough,

In response she began to kiss his sacs taking each one gently into her hands and rolling them round. His grip of her ass tightened as he sucked harder at her opening, digging his nails in as she then ran her tongue down the length of his thick, veined cock. Finding the will to he let out a throaty moan as she pushed her sex lips harder onto his mouth. She sucked again, playing with it's head. A round and a round; up and a down till his skin felt like it was on fire. She was driving him crazy.

And if you move real slow, I'll let it go

He sucked on her clit, making her moan as she let her teeth sink into his shaft- to bite him their while she continued to stroke the length of him. He bit and pulled her back as he sensed she that was nearing the edge as he hardened his tongue then entered her.

I'm so excited, And I just can't hide it,

Her body shook from head to toe as her first orgasm hit, he could feel it vibrating in his probing member. Dipping in and out of her, lapping her right up as if he hadn't drunk anything in years. Tasting just how sweet she was. It felt so good, he was so good. She felt him hardening even more in her mouth and beginning to quiver, a sign that he was about to come too. And she couldn't have that so she just let go of him.

I] I'm about to lose control And I think I like it

Max answered that with an animal growl, but was silenced by her mouth kissing his hard as she'd quickly turned herself round again and had positioned her heat on the tip of his loving flesh in one push downwards she took him into her. Both couldn't stop themselves from crying out as she then moved up then down, then up, then down, then up in long, deep strokes. Her head automatically dropped back as he gripped at her lower back, already fit to explode within her tight, slick walls.

I'm so excited, And I just can't hide it,

He yanked at her top, pulling the string and the tiny piece of cloth away in one fierce motion as he took hold of her perfectly pert breasts, one on each hand. Cupping at them hard as he began to squeeze and kneed them. To then pull and pinch at her swollen bud like nipples.

And I know, I know, I know, I know I know I want you, want you

God he felt so good. His hands, his sex, the way he looked at her as he thrust up deep into her heat once more. She was once again coming undone as he was breaking her in two with every stroke he took of her. So close, both so very close that they could almost taste it as their sex begged for release. Only then did she know that if she did come, he would follow, and she didn't want it to end just yet!

We shouldn't even think about tomorrow, Sweet memories will last a long, long time

Once again she tore herself away from his throbbing shaft, with a breathless moan. Confused, with his cock ready to explode Max sat up quickly to see that she got up from her knees and was walking away.

"NO! God.Liz.." He cried out as his voice was then suddenly lost him as he couldn't help but grin. She had now laid down on the ground a few feet away, with her legs open wide, her knees up, her heat visible and inviting.

We'll have a good time baby don't you worry, And if we're still playing around boy that's just fine

Neither of them knew just how he crossed the floor to get to her so quickly but he was on her, his weigh pinning her down hard. He grabbed himself from between his legs hard, his eyes never leaving hers as to her delight he positioned himself at her entrance. She spread her legs shamelessly, letting her knees fall to the ground as he then entered her.

Let's get excited, And we just can't hide it,

He moved in her, pushing in through her folds pulling them apart. Up and down, and with each thrust it was deeper, harder, faster taking her fully over his cock as he went in again. Pumping into her as far as he could go as she clawed at his strong slick shoulders blades, biting at his nipples. But didn't seem enough, for her. For either of them and it was only when he heard her whispered "please. Max" he knew what to do.

I'm about to lose control and I think I like it

He withdrew out of her quickly and scooped her in up into his arms, her body banging into his aroused cock hard as a little way to the side of them was a trampoline Putting her down on wobbly legs, he quickly lifted her up hard by the waist as she instinctively wrapped her legs around his so he position himself over her slick opening. With one thrust he was deep within her tight walls again as he sat them on the edge of it and slowly began to move.

I'm so excited, And I just can't hide it,

This was so good, each trust vibrated over her all her body as her ass bounced on the tightly pulled material. She felt as if she was about to faint, but it felt so good.

And I know, I know, I know, I know I know I want you, want you

He felt she was coming, her walls clamping around him tight. Open closed, open closed. He wanted to fill her up so badly, so he reach between them and pushed his thumb onto her clit. As she came her walls squeezed his engorged flesh making him shot then spread his hot cum into her. They screamed together, a kiss hiding their ecstasy from the any beachcombers that just happened to walk by as they came again and again together. He seemed ready to go for it again. Still buried deep within her, after every delicious release as they did it again. and again.and again until they were spent. Collapsing together in a tight embrace, exhausted with nothing left to do but to fall asleep together. Smiling.


That was ten years ago and since the day that they first had sex they now made love everyday. Anytime, any place any where, with everything naughty but their first time would always be, forever impregnated on their memory as if it had happened yesterday.