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SUmmary..Future Fic, M/L mostly, M/M too
Title: Lustfilled Evening

It was a long day and all she wanted to do was get home and take a hot shower. When she arrived at home, noone was there. He must be running late she thought to herself. Quickly she headed upstairs and straight for the shower.

As she stripped out of her clothes, she kept glancing in the mirror at her body. He had always told her she was exactly the right size, in every capacity. She slowly touched her breasts, feeling aroused. She knew he wouldn’t be home at least for another few minutes. She knew she had time…time to pleasure herself. She walked into the bedroom, opened the drawer in the nightstand and grabbed her favorite toy. She went back into the bathroom, shut the door and turned on the hot water, letting the steam cloud up the mirror. As she sat on the soft cushioned chair in front of the vanity, she turned on the silver bullet, slowly spread her legs and began to rub it on her clit. She felt the juices almost immediately respond to the vibration. As she began to feel the climax coming closer, the door pulled open and there he stood, with a wicked smile on his face.
He had heard from outside the door. She hadn’t realized she was moaning so loudly. At first, she felt embarrassed until she noticed his arousal. She smiled at him coyly and invited him in. He closed the door behind him and pulled off his clothes, revealing his hardness to her. Not wanting to interrupt her, he motioned for her to continue. As she did, she came just as he knelt down and began sucking on the back of her hand, only arousing her more. She dropped the device and pulled him into her. He bent down and took her hard rosy peaks into his mouth and slowly nibbled and played as she moaned loudly. He came quickly, as she had expected when she saw how “aroused” he had become. They smiled and together entered the shower.

After washing each other off and teasing one another, they left the bathroom and headed straight for the bed. He told her to sit on the edge as he dropped his towel. He had already become aroused from the foreplay and teasing in the shower. He knelt down and pulled her knees apart as his hand reached between her swollen lips. She was drenched with sweet juice. His thumb found her clit and began to rub it gently. His lips had found her breasts again and began sucking on them, tasting every inch of her skin he moved slowly down her stomach as he gently pushed her back on the bed. Her mound was high in the air, his finger still circling her clit. He moved his finger and slid it inside of her as she moaned. His tongue flickering down her stomach, around her navel, slowly finding it’s way to her mound. Reveling in the scent of her arousal, he moved over to her thigh and began sucking the soft flesh as she moved her hips, wanted him to take her in his mouth. He placed another finger into her heat as he understood her motion and smiled. His tongue came out of his mouth and probed her pink lips, licking from the top of her folds to the bottom, driving her insane. She reached down and grabbed the back of his head, pulling him towards her heat, she wanted to feel his mouth on her. His tongue, finally reached her spot and began flicking it gently, as she bucked madly. The taste of her drove him crazy and he reached down to grab his sheath. It was hard and he felt the juice of his pre cum on the tip of his head. He finally took her hard nub into his mouth, gripping it gently between his teeth as his tongue flicked at it. He couldn’t’ stand it anymore and plunged his tongue deep into her core as she let out an animalistic cry as she moved her hips to give him deeper access. He continued to tongue fuck her until his need overtook him. He grabbed her by the hips, turned her over, grabbing his shaft, inserted himself into her hot waiting pussy.

His hands reached around her waist as she pushed back against his hardness. He began kissing her neck and moved slowly down her back. She couldn’t keep herself from pumping his hard cock into her wet heat.

With both hands he grabbed her shoulders and began to pound her faster and faster as she moaned for him “don’t stop fucking me” She couldn’t control her thoughts as she remembered the fantasies he bagan to tell her…

Sitting in a large room there were two chairs and a long couch. He sat naked on the couch as he watched her. He wanted her to undress very slowly while he tugged on his hardness. She began to slip off her panties when he stopped her, telling her to wait. He pressed a small button on the remote control and a picture slid off the wall, revealing a large blacked out window. He told her they were not alone and she was to continue. She again started to slip off her panties as he instructed her to touch herself. She felt shy, but knew what lay behind the blackened window and began to do so. Her fingers found her soft clit and began to rub it, at first slowly, then faster as she became more excited at the thought of the men she knew was watching her pleasure herself. She knew they were stroking their hard cocks as they watched her. Her other hand found her breast and slowly squeazed and rubbed herself, displaying exactly what he told her to do.
He stood up, fully erect and told her to come lie on the couch. She did as she was told. She lie on her back still clinging to her wetness with her fingers. He got down on his knees bringing his waist very close to her open mouth. Her tongue was poking in and out as she slowly started dipping her finger inside her core, first one then two. He grabbed his stiff cock and brought it to her lips, slowly caressing them with the tip of his head. As she was pleasuring herself and thinking of the men who were watching her, he reached under the cushion and grabbed something. She slowly heard the whir of the familiar “device” He placed the silver bullet directly on her clit as she moaned excitedly. This was her favorite part. He began to rub it around teasing her with it. She reached down with her other hand and gently pushed on his hand to put it in just the right place. He loved it when she took control of her own orgasm. She couldn’t stop thinking of the men who were watching her, her clit throbbed with every thought. Gently, he placed his purple head inside of her mouth as her tongue began circling the fenulum, teasing him. Her hands began moving faster as she was close to cumming. He grabbed his cock and began to tug as she sucked harder and harder. The thought of the men watching her got her so excited she placed her fingers inside of her hot wet core and began to pump furiously.

Her hips bucked as she imagined the fantasy. His hands were on her breasts again as he dove into her deeper and deeper until they both shuddered with orgasms. She collapsed on the bed, with him on her back. Both, breathing heavily, fell sound asleep.

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Hope you enjoy!!

Part 2

When she awoke, she realized it was after 8:00, she was gonna be late…again! She jumped out of bed and headed for the shower. As she stepped into the shower, her mind wandered back to the evening before. Their “sexcapades” were always exciting and new, but last night was over the top. She had released all of her day’s stress into her ritual and her climax was one she’ll never forget.

As usual, when she awoke, he was gone. He had to get to work early and in order to miss the morning traffic he always left before sunrise. They had been together for almost 1o yrs now, in fact, their High School reunion was coming up soon. She had originally told herself she wasn’t going to go, knowing Tess would be there. Tess, she promised herself she wouldn’t ever think of that gerbil ever again, but as soon as she had received the invitation, her mind immediately flashed back to the prom…

As Max walked in the door to pick Liz up for their date, her stomach did those little flip flops, butterflies, whatever it was people called it…Liz felt it.
He was dressed in his tux and looked so handsome, she hadn’t noticed her walk in behind him. As Max stepped towards Liz, his body had moved slightly to the side and Liz caught a glimpse of Tess Harding…the last woman on earth she expected to see tonight. Liz and Tess had had there problems and was not thrilled to see her walking in behind HER man! Tess had sidled up next to Kyle with a big grin in her face. Tess knew Liz had caught sight of her and played it to the hilt. She grabbed Kyle’s arm and gently kissed him on the cheek. Immediately followed by a flashy grin in Liz’s direction.
Max walked up the Liz “You look beautiful” he said. “So do you” was her reply.

After pictures from everyone’s parents, the gang headed to the prom…Liz feeling as though this would be the last evening all of them would be together.

At the prom, Liz and Max danced happily. Tess and Kyle had kept there distance most of the evening…until Liz had excused herself to the bathroom. As soon as Liz left, Tess found Max. “Having fun?” She asked with a sarcastic grin. Max was more than unpleased to see Tess. She had been chasing him since she arrived in town and no matter what he said or did, she just didn’t get picture. He was in no way interested in her and never would be.
“Actually, we are having a terrific time. What about you and Kyle? You two look as if you’re having a nice evening” Max stated matter-of-factly.
“ah, watching out for me were you?” she asked coyly.
Just then Liz came back from the bathroom. “Hello Tess” Liz said coldly.
“Liz, I was just telling Max how much fun this evening was” at this, she turned and left to find her date.
“what was that about?” Liz asked. Max looked at her, brought his hand to cup her soft cheek and told her “The usual Tess being annoying amongst all other things”
At this, Liz breathed a sigh of relief. Tess had always made it known she wanted Max. It’s not like Tess intimidated Liz in any way, it was just that when she was around she always had Max’s attention.
Later that evening as the prom was slowing, Liz had noticed Kyle sitting alone near the pucnh bowl. Max was chatting with a group of their friends, so Liz sauntered over to Kyle to see how things were going. Kyle and Liz had always been good friends and she wanted to make sure he was okay. When she arrived at his seat, she noticed his face was anything but happy. He had a very shocked look on his face as if he couldn’t believe something he had just seen or heard.
“Kyle? Hows it goin’?” Liz asked.
“Huh? Oh, hey Liz” Kyle looked at Liz with hurt in his eyes.
“What’s the matter? You look upset?” Liz could feel the anger building up in her. She knew Tess had to be involved. One, she wasn’t around. Two, Kyle was upset. That’s all she needed to get fired up about Tess.

What happened next, could only be explained as a freak thing that could only happen in Roswell.
Liz and Kyle were talking when suddenly they heard several jeers and cheers from the dance floor. Liz’s first impulse was to ignore it and continue with Kyle, except, Kyle slowly stood up, obviously watching the excitement. His head fell and he turned and walked out of the gym.
Liz followed him with her eyes, then turned to see what was going on.
The crowd had grown so large Liz couldn’t see what all the commotion was and at this point, wanted to find out. As she started to fight her way through the crowd, Maria found her “Liz! Did you see what that tramp is doing?” Maria screamed above the hoots and hollers!
“Who?” Liz asked.
“Tess!” Maria exclaimed, her eyes wide as could be with anger.
Liz fought her way through the crowd. When she finally made it to the dance floor she couldnt’ believe what she was seeing!

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Okay, here's the next part guys.

I won't be able to come back for a while. Not exactly sure where to take this story next and work is driving me crazy right now, busy season.

Part 3

There, right in the middle of the whole school was Tess…and she was dancing around Max…topless! The shock of seeing that nasty gerbil naked wanted to make Liz puke…but then she noticed something else. Max was actually enjoying himself. She could see from his rather large bulge in his pants that he was actually getting excited at the sight of her. Liz couldn’t take it and ran up to Tess pushing her away from Max. Tess giggled at the sight of Liz.
“What’s the matter Lizzie?” Tess asked laughing.
“You..are a SLUT!” Liz screamed
The whole crowd jeered and started chanting “Cat fight, Cat fight!”
Just as Liz was about to pounce on Tess a hand grabbed her shoulder and pulled her back.
“Don’t Liz” Max said pleadingly.
Liz heard his voice and her heart sank. As she turned around to look into Max’s face a loud voice began shouting.
“Alright show’s over, everyone get home” The principal shouted above the crowd.
By now the music had stopped and Tess was swaying herself to the bathroom.
Liz looked into Max’s eyes and saw how angry he had become. Was he angry with Liz for stopping Tess? He couldn’t be.
“Don’t waste your time on that piece of work” Max said between gritted teeth.
“You can’t tell me you were enjoying that?” Liz asked hurtly.
“Not in the least” Max said
“Then….what… is this all about?” She asked as she reached down and grabbed his manhood.
“Hey, I’m only a guy and can’t control my instincts, but let me assure you….it’s you I plan to introduce to him” He said with a wicked smile.
Liz pouted for a minute as Max gently wrapped his arms around her and led her to the doors.
As they walked out, Liz saw Kyle sitting in his car.
“I’ll be right back” Liz told Max

Knock… knock… knock…Liz tapped on the window.
Kyle rolled down the window and Liz could see the tears in his eyes. She knew he had feelings for Tess but she never realized they were this strong.
“Are you okay? Is there anything we can do?” she asked
“No, I’m going home. I’ll see you tomorrow” and with that, he started his car and drove out of the parking lot.
“Everything all right?” Max asked.
“No! Everything is Not All right!” Liz snapped.
“Thanks to that nasty bitch in there, one of my best friend’s heart is broken…okay?” Liz shouted.
“Liz, I’m sorry, I had no idea what was going on until it was too late and then you came over...” Max was trying to apologize but realized nothing he could say right now would make her feel better.
By this time Maria and Michael had found Liz and Max in the parking lot.
“Girl, what was that bitch thinking?” Maria exclaimed.
“I don’t know…but I plan on having a little discussion with her as soon as I see her” Liz stated coldly, pounding her fist.
“You can’t” Maria told her
“And just why the hell not?” Liz asked confused
“I saw her being taken away by the principal, apparently she was drinking” Maria told her.
“Drinking?” Max and Michael asked together
“That just doesn’t sound like Tess” Max stated
“Oh, but dancing around half nude in front of my boyfriend does?” Liz asked him
“Well…yea” Michael said trying to stifle his laugh
Maria slapped him on the back of the head and hushed him quickly
“Look, let’s just calm down, forget about Tess and continue our wonderful evening” Maria said
“Sounds like a great plan to me” Max said, looking at Liz with pleading eyes
“Fine…for now she gets away…but I’ll have it out with her…and soon!” Liz stated

The four piled into Max’s ’72 Camaro and headed towards the quarry.
The entire ride was less than normal. Liz was quiet. Maria was quiet. Michael finally broke the silence and asked if anyone thought to bring party goods.
Maria piped in.
“hey, I brought some chips and music”
“I brought a blanket” Michael whispered into Maria’s ear.
Liz was still lost in her world of vengeance when Max spoke up
“I’ve brought a little bubbly”
“Woo-hoo Maxwell” Both Maria and Michael cheered.
At this, Liz perked up.
She had almost forgotten her plans for this evening after that ‘Little Stunt’ tonight.
Max had reached over and grabbed her hand while pulling into the all too familiar spot at the quarry. Max & Liz had found this quiet little spot last summer.
There was a small beach area with fine ground gravel and a deep cove great for diving and swimming in private.
They got out of the car and unloaded the trunk.
Michael and Max had both brought blankets. Maria had brought several snacks and Liz grabbed the CD player.
As they set up their picnic area Liz’ mind began to wander back to the events from earlier that evening. She could feel her anger boiling up inside of her again. Just then, Max had come up from behind her and wrapped his arms around her waist. He began kissing her neck softly as his hands felt her soft body tighten against his touch. Her stomach started doing those flip flops again. No matter how angry she felt, every time Max touched her things seemed to melt away.
She turned to meet his gaze. Her lips found his. She didn’t realize how much she needed Max right now. Her tongue probed his lips, parting them gently.
He moaned softly as she searched his mouth for his own soft tongue. Her hands were around his neck as she pulled him closer to her.

With each kiss her stomach flared another pang of excitement in her. Max was aroused easily at her touch. He reached under her jacket and slipped her straps off her shoulder revealing her already hardened peaks. He couldn’t’ resist and bent down to take one in his mouth. Liz cried out in ecstasy. She could feel the wetness trickle between her legs. His tongue rolled around her hard nipple while his other hand slowly worked from her knee up her smooth thigh and finally to her heat. To his surprise she wasn’t wearing anything underneath her gown. He gasped at the thought and proceeded to move his hand up to her soft patch of curls. Liz moaned at his touch. She reached down to feel his manhood. It was strong and wanting to be set free.
She began to unzip his pants and set it free when she felt his finger gently caressing her swollen lips. She froze at the feeling. They had always played around but never had actual touching like this and it was driving her insane. Her head was swooning and her stomach was tight. She eased her legs open for him as she kissed him deeply letting him know it was alright. She raised her hips inviting him into her. He took her hint and gently slid one finger inside her hot wet passage. She threw her head back at the feeling that rushed through her lower abdomen. Max’s heart was pounding. He wanted her so badly, but they had never gone this far.
“Liz..” Max whispered
“Yes, Max...Yes” was all Liz could get out.
She had unzipped his pants and was reaching inside to find his manhood fully aroused. A small amount of glistening precum was dripping from his purple mushroom like head. She wrapped her soft fingers around it in rhythm with his fingers inside of her. They both moaned in unison at the feel of each others hands pleasuring them.


Michael and Maria had gathered their blankets and snacks as Max walked over to Liz.
As much as Maria thought she should go over and comfort her friend, she knew Max was more than capable at calming her down. Besides, she wanted to be alone with Michael.
They had found a nice private spot near the water. It was early June and the water was just right. Maria flashed a quick grin at Michael and began slowly stripping out of her dress. Michael took this hint quickly and began unbuttoning his own clothes. As Maria stepped out of her gown, she appeared in front of the water line in her most sexy lace bra & panty outfit. She had purchased it last week with this evening in mind. Michael looked at her with longing eyes. His manhood stiffened at her silouette in the bright moonlight. She stepped into the warm water beckoning him to join her. As the water rose to her waist, she unclasped the black lacy strapless bra and threw it up onto the beach, exposing her perky breasts. By now Michael was more than ready to ravish her. He followed her quickly into the water only wearing his silk boxers he too had purchased for this evening. He knew Maria liked him in satin boxers rather than colorful haines. As the two met in the water they both heard the groans of the other couple who lay on the other side of the rocks. They smiled and began their own ritual.


Max had completely shed his clothing by now and rest a top a very warm and naked Liz. Her breasts pressed against his strong chest as their mouths probed each other. His hands had left her breast and were now roaming her entire body from neck to knee. She squirmed at his touch wanting more. Again, she eased open her legs exposing her womanhood to him. He kissed her neck and moved slowly down to each breast, flicking each nipple with his tongue as he passed. He gently tickled her stomach and abdomen until her reached the top of her curly patch. Liz grabbed his head as if to prod him to continue further. He rubbed his hardness on her leg as her hands gently pushed his head further until his lips were within inches of her swollen sex. Her aroma filled his nostrils as he gently teased her lips open with his tongue. Liz couldn’t take it anymore and wanted him inside of her. She sat up and directed him to give himself to her. Confused at first he hesitated, then realized what she wanted. He turned himself around so his straining cock lie next to her soft ruby lips. Her gentle hands gabbed at him and pulled him into her mouth. At that moment he dove into her swollen flesh and tasted her love. Liz reached behind hi mand grabbed his muscular ass and pulled him closer to her and she opened her throat to taste all of him. Max’s tongue sunk deeply into her hot passage as her legs spread open even farther letting him have full access. His finger fondled her clit as she massaged his tight balls. She could feel her insides pulling together, meeting inside of her passage. She began to shudder at the feeling when realizing she was about to cum for the very first time. Max sensed this and began rubbing her clit faster and sinking his tongue deeper within her. Fucking her furiously with his tongue her felt her shudder which sent him into his own orgasm. Liz felt Max harden and jerk as her body shuddered with excitement when his seed spilled into her mouth. She greedily accepted it and wanted more. Max wanted her more than ever right now, he moved beside her and gave her a long affectionate kiss.
“Are you ready for me?” he asked her
“please, make love to me Max” Liz told him
He climbed atop of her soft body and gently pushed his hardness into her creamy heat.
He stopped when he felt her barrier, she deepened their kiss and pulled him into her until she felt the barrier rupture. At first it hurt, but as her hips broke into rhythm she had forgotten about anything else. They rocked together in unison as they explored each other’s bodies. This was one night Liz parker would never forget.

Liz snapped out of it as she was driving to work. She hadn’t thought of that evening in a long time.

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I just love to Hate tess *bounce*

Hope you all have a great weekend. I'll try to put together another part this weekend. Kinda hard though GS cookies are in! Need to start deliveries!

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Will try to post more next week.

Oh and.....
katmcken I looooooooooove your picture!!!

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Part 4

One Month Later

Here it was already, one week before their reunion. Liz couldn’t believe the time had come for her to face the fact that it had been 10 yrs since she had last stepped foot through those doorways.
She had left so much behind when she went off to college. Her friends, her family. So much had changed after high school. They had all promised to stay in touch, but everyone goes their separate ways and they all knew it would happen eventually.

Maria had stayed in Roswell to help her mother with her business. Michael joined some band and they traveled most of the southwest playing in bars, at least, that was the last Liz had heard.
Alex & Isabel went off to college in California and Kyle had joined the ARMY.
Max was accepted to the University of Washington and Liz had followed.

Now they were heading back, back to Roswell. For the first time in 10 yrs.

Liz decided she wanted to buy a brand new dress for the occasion and had been dress hunting for the last two weeks. Nothing she found seemed right. Either too conservative, way too daring…or just plain. She never thought picking out a dress would be such a headache. Max had laughed and told her no matter what she wore, she would be the most beautiful woman there. He had always told her that, no matter what she looked like. He made her feel beautiful and that was one of the things that she loved about him.

She was walking through the mall looking for that new dress shop that opened last week when she found herself right in front of “Frederick’s” Her curiosity got the better of her and she wandered in.
After only a few minutes her arms were loaded with several items. She couldn’t pass up some of the deals they had, not to mention…Max would be appreciative of her new purchases.

That evening Liz was lighting candles and spraying perfumes. After her little visit to “Frederick’s” she had decided to surprise Max with a very romantic evening.
This was one of his late days. She had plenty of time prepare for her seductive evening that lie ahead.
She sat out the feather & sensual dust, Cherry flavored massage oil and spreadable, edible chocolate body buttercream, which she had purchased along with her teal stretch lace mini cami set. He loved lace and she knew it would bring him to the brink.

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Part 5

The lights were low, the candles were lit and romance was in the air.
At precisely 6:45 she heard the door open.
“Liz, I’m home” Max called out.
He looked around the kitchen and saw no sign of Liz. He walked into the living room only to find a long stemmed rose...with no petals, in a vase on the table. He glanced around and saw a few petals littered in the hallway. He began to loosen his tie and walk towards the bedroom. More petals lay outside the bedroom door.
The soft scent of vanilla filled his nostrils as he reached for the doorknob.
He opened the door and saw the beautiful setting Liz had made. He heard a gentle splashing in the bathroom. As he came to the doorway he began unbuttoning his shirt and kicking off his shoes. There, sitting on the edge of the bathtub, was Liz. He had never seen her looking more beautiful than she was at that moment. The soft candles accented her creamy skin. She was wearing a sexy lace outfit he had never seen before. The bathtub was full and she beckoned with her finger for him to come to her. As he reached her he began to speak…
“Liz, this is…” But Liz placed her finger on his lips, nodding her head. With her eyes telling him this was not an evening for words, but for their bodies.
She gently undressed him, loving every inch of his skin with her fingertips. She motioned for him to slip into the warm bath. She slowly washed over his body with her favorite Strawberries n’ Cream bath gel, pausing to kiss his soft pink lips. She couldn’t wait to taste him and the urge was driving her mad with excitement. Her hands roamed his back while he let the stress from the workday melt away. His eyes were closed and he was enjoying her soft touch when he suddenly felt her gentle fingers caressing his now hard shaft. She ran her fingertips up and down the strong vein of his member. Gripping firmly onto the head, feeling it grow in her hand. She began gently stroking him, as his breath shortened in anticipation of the evening. She leaned over and traced his neck with her tongue, nibbling and sucking her way to his earlobe. He loved it when she nibbled on his ears.
“oh, Liz” he moaned. He couldn’t’ bear it any longer, he wanted her and now. He grabbed her neck and pulled her into his mouth. Their tongues searching each other. Tasting the chocolate on her lips made his head swim.
“you taste so good” he moaned.
She quickened her pace on his hard shaft as slowly rose out of the tub.
Liz had grabbed a towel and began drying him off. Slowly running the towel from his knees, up his strong thighs and gently patting his now soft sac. Her hand was still on his shaft and wasn’t about to move. She dabbed the soap off his head and took a quick taste of him. She had to have more. She opened her mouth and took all of him at that moment, quickening the pace of her strokes. His hands reached to the back of her head and pulled her close to him as he felt the churning in his stomach move down the his loins.
He pulled her up to him and gave her a deep passionate kiss.

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Part 6

He scooped her into his arms and carried her to their bed, that now lay covered with trinkets for their playing pleasures.
Liz lay on the bed, looking lovingly at her masculine hunk of a man. In all these years, he never seemed to change. His broad shoulders, muscular chest muscles, tight stomach and strong arms. The sight of him had always made her stomach tingle.
She reached over and grabbed the massage oil and motioned for him to lie face down next to her. As much as he wanted to take her right now, he didn’t want to ruin this evening by jumping to the much anticipated ending already. He could tell she had put much thought into this evening and he was ready willing and able to please her…in every way possible.
He lay down on the bed, face down next to Liz. She started pouring the oil in little droplets onto his back and began rubbing his strong back muscles from neck to waist. With each pass he groaned softly.
“How could I have ever been so blessed with such a beautiful woman like you?” Max asked
Liz leaned over his body and nuzzled his ear as she squeezed his shoulders lovingly.
Max decided she had taken charge long enough, it was now her turn.
He saw the feather and dust on the nightstand next to the bed, reached out and grabbed it. He turned over, gave her another deep kiss and instructed her to lie on her back.
She readily agreed to his demands.
He dipped the feather into the canister and gently blew it onto her soft belly. Max had worked his way between her thighs and she was now straddling him. He caressed her abdomen with the feather as his other hand gently massaged the insides on her soft creamy thighs.
Liz’ pulse quickened at his touch.
With his gentle strokes of the feather he traced her soft hips up her curved waist and under her soft breasts. Max leaned forward to taste her hard rosy peaks. In doing so his hardness rubbed on her now exposed lips. Liz moaned in acceptance as he took her into his mouth and began to rub himself on her clit.


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Part 7

She spread her legs inviting him into her warm folds. Her fingers raked across his back as he sucked gently on her hardened nipples. His soft kisses were driving her mad. She wrapped her legs around his waist and pulled him closer to her, closer still, wanting him inside of her.
Max pulled back and grinned.
“Oh no, not yet, I’m only getting started”
And with that he kissed her breasts and made his was down her abdomen, past her patch of curls and began sucking ever so gently on her swollen folds. Liz let out a small cry of excitement. His tongue lingered around her folds until he gently parted her lips to expose her hardened nub. Gently grasping it with his teeth, his tongue began flicking it excitedly. Liz moaned with anticipation of what was to come. After only a minute she could feel the familiar tingle in her abdomen move slowly into her clit.
She couldn’t take it anymore and began to shake at his touch. Max didn’t stop there, he placed two fingers into her wetness as she shook. He wanted to make her cum long and hard. He never once let go of her nub as he slid his fingers in and out of her.
Liz wanted him more than ever now and begged for him to make love to her. He just smiled and told her she was not yet ready for him, with a wicked grin.
He plunged his tongue into her heat. Her hips bucked, trying to fuck his mouth. Moments later she came again. This time, Max turned her over and lay atop her backside.
He kissed her back as his hands spread her legs. He gently inserted himself in her welcoming heat. She pushed back on him until he was completely inside of her and they rocked in rhythm together. He brought his hands around her waist until he could feel her soft breasts. His kisses were gentle and soft.
Liz reached under herself and started massaging his sac. He groaned in ecstasy.
He began pumping her faster, as he reached his climax he grabbed her shoulders and pulled her against him as hard as he could. Liz too was feeling close and with that she bucked against him rapidly until they both came.
Liz turned and gave him a soft kiss.
“I love you”

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It was another Carebehr (oneword) She does "Return to Roswell" which was the first fic I had found....she is doing an awesome job. After reading her fic, then 3somefan's I just had to try*shy*

So far so good.

Your fic was awesome and I was so sorry to see it come to an end *sad*
Please let us know of any other fics on your thread *big*
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Faith Evans, Fallin’ Angel, AvenginAngelIQ, obsessionbyroswell, Jbehrbabe, angelbaby6977, roswellluver, DreamingOfMax84, Allie1031, AINGEAL, abbs007, izzylizard, mara is a dreamer, mermaidgirl, Lelea, ILYMEFOREVER, katmcken, tazno, Crimson, Dreamer-healer, Care_Behr

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I’ll do my best!

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Glad you liked it...

Now, onto the next part!!

Part 8

“I love you” Max told her as he lay next to her on the bed. He couldn’t’ keep his hands off her. Even though he climaxed, he wasn’t yet satisfied.
Liz looked down at him and saw he was still hard and smiled.
“What’s wrong? Not enough for you anymore?” She asked coyly
“Not in the least, in fact, I need more of you… right now” He said with a kiss.
She rolled over on top of him and kissed him deeply. His hands roaming her body, their tongues dancing. Liz straddled his body and began rubbing herself on his hardness.
He slowly lifted her up and inserted himself into her heat once again. She was so wet he relished in her warmth. She began to rock her hips with his rhythm. His hands found her breasts and gently squeezed. Liz threw her head back enjoying his touch. She reached down and started rubbing her clit in unison with their motion.
“Oh , god yes, do that” Max breathed.
With her other hand she reached behind her and felt his now tight sac. She gently squeezed and rubbed on him. He spread his legs giving her full access. He couldn’t take it any longer. He grabbed her hips and pulled her onto him hard, grinding into her.
She cried out. “oh, Max, yes…yes..”
She felt his sac almost disappear and knew he was close, she rubbed her clit faster until she could no longer stand it. Her walls clamped onto his hardness as he pounded her faster. Together they climaxed again. Liz falling on top of Max, giggling.
“that was great” she whispered in his ears.
He held her tightly and kissed her on the neck.
“I’m starving, wanna get something to eat?” Liz asked him
“mmmm, sounds good but I don’t know if I can move right now” he smiled at her.
“come on, we’ll go to that great mexican restaurant you love so much…we’ll have one of those Grande Margaritas”
“Deal” he told her

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flohmac this one's for you!
thanks for making me laugh at the end of a crazy work day!

Part 9

As they were waiting for their waitress to seat them, Liz was sitting on Max’s lap. They were laughing and enjoying each other’s presence. People had always commented on how they acted like honeymooners and were shocked to hear they had been together 10 yrs. They were such great friends.
The waitress sat them in a private booth in the back corner near the mariachi band.
The lighting was low and they had a candle lamp at their table to illuminate their private table.
It was unusually quiet this evening. Most times when they came to eat it was very crowded. They must have beat the rush tonight.
Max opened his menu and ordered two Grande Margaritas, one Texas Swirl for him and a strawberry for Liz. She loved it when he ordered for her.
“So, what would you like to try tonight madame” he asked playfully.
“I think I’ll stick with the chicken enchiladas, I know they’re good” She winked at him
The waiter came back with their drinks, took their order and left quickly.
The mariachi band was playing a slow song.
Max took Liz’ hand in his.
“You are so beautiful”
Liz blushed. Even after ten years, she could never get used to him being so affectionate with her. He leaned down and kissed the back of her hand, trailing a small heart with his tongue.
This triggered something in Liz and she felt herself getting wet. She shifted her weight and slipped off one of her shoes. At first, she rubbed his shin with her foot but slowly raised toward his groin. The tablecloths were fairly long and noone could see what she was doing. When her foot reached his crotch area, she gently rubbed his now hardening manhood. He shot her a quick look.
“oh yeah?” he asked her with a wicked smile
She just raised her eyebrow and smiled coyly at him as her foot gently massaged his manhood.
“that’s not very fair, you’re way over there” he pouted playfully.
“So why don’t you come join me over here” and she patted the soft cushion next to her.
In a blink of an eye he was sitting next to her, nuzzling her neck.
The waiter came back with some chips and salsa, seeing the couple greatly involved in each other, he left as quietly as he had come.
With the table as a shield, Liz reached down to feel his hardness. He groaned at her touch, glanced around to see if anyone was watching and slipped his hand up her dress.
He gasped at what he felt.


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mermaidgirl: I just wanted to say...ITA with your siggie! Total mindwarp, that's all I can say! ;)

So...ontot the next part.

I know it's kinda short, but I wnated to get the next part out quickly so I can begin o the part 11.


Part 10

As Max’ hand slowly worked it’s way up her thigh, he nibbled on her neck and moved up to her earlobes. He gently squeezed her thigh, moving it ever-so-teasingly up to her warm center…to find a soft patch of curls. She was NOT wearing anything under dress.
Liz giggled at his hesitation, knowing he had found her little surprise.
She gently spread her legs welcoming his hand. She turned to look at him when Max took her into a deep passionate kiss. His finger gently spread her lips, caressing her wet folds. Liz sighed deeply at his touch and spread her legs even farther.
Not able to wait, Max pushed his fingers into her tight, awaiting warmth.
Liz squeezed his hardness at his movement inside of her.
The band had started playing a much faster paced song, one in which Max matched the rhythm with his fingers. Liz rocked her hips in enjoyment of his touch. She wanted to feel him as well, but could not afford to remove him from his protective clothing. His pants were beginning to get uncomfortably tight and he wiggled his hips trying to ease his tight pants, to no avail.
His fingers kept their pace with the music as Liz’ hips met his rhythm, she began to feel herself getting close and wanted more.
Max wanted to give her what she wanted, but noticed someone coming their way.
He quickly retreated from his action, leaving Liz at the edge of explosion. Liz’ eyes flew open, wondering what made him stop. She had forgotten where she was for a moment and realized only then, that dinner must be arriving. All she wanted right now was to get him back home and feel him inside of her again.
“Hey that you?” A familiar voice called out.


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Sorry ganag, it will have to be Monday before Ii can update this. Work is hectic (like duh) and I have Friday off, so I won't be near the computer til Monday!

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Thanks again gals for the great feedback...*big**bounce*
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Mama: glad you could make it!! I'm happy you are enjoying this fic, as I said you were my inspiration to begin writing! *blush*

Soppy: how's yours going? *wicked grin*

and now.....

Part 11

“Evans is that you? How the hell are ya bud?”
Max looked up to see a face he hadn’t seen in at least 5 years.
Michael Geurin…in the flesh and what bad timing! Max discreetly grabbed the napkin off the table to cleanse his fingers. Liz couldn’t hide the embarrassment, her face was flushed as red as the tablecloth, luckily the lighting was so low, you’d think it was the reflection.
“Woah, Michael? I thought you were playing in a band doing the local circuit, what brings you here” Max asked him as standing and holding out his hand.
Michael took his hand and pulled him into a fierce hug and patted his back.
“I just finished a gig at a little dive around the corner” Mcshael stated, obviously not realizing he had interrupted them.
“Liz, you look great” Michael told her with open arms.
Liz scooted out of the booth, feeling her wetness now on her thighs, she was very uncomfortable.
“Michael, it’s… such a… surprise to see you” an exasperated Liz let out.
The band had slowed it’s tune and the restaurant was again quiet.
Liz, Max and Michael now sat at the table catching up on the last 5 years.
Michael had pretty much stayed in the same band, doing the same songs for the last 5 years, and he seemed pretty content.
Dinner had now arrived and Michael realized he had interrupted their evening.
“Hey, I’m gonna let you two eat, sorry to barge in on ya like that” as he slowly got up from his seat, Liz spoke up.
“Please stay Michael, it’s been so long since we’ve seen you?”
“Nah, it’s alright, I’ve got your number. Besides, I’ll be back here in two weeks. Oh, hey, by the way, are you two going to the reunion?” Michael asked.
“yep” They both replied.
“Well, I’ll see ya there for sure, can’t wait to see what kind of dork Maria brings” Michael laughed.
Liz sighed, “I’m sure she’ll surprise you Michael Guerin”
“well then, see ya in a week”
And with that, off he went. His food was ready at the bar. He paid and left.
“alone at last” Max whispered in her ear, gently nipping at her lobe.
“Well, let’s eat and get outta here…quickly” Liz giggled.
Her juices were flowing and she needed release.
They finished their meal, had another Margarita and scooted out of the restaurant practically undressing each other in the lobby.
By the time they had reached their Jeep, Max’s shirt was unbuttoned.
Liz groped his strong chest as she gave him a deep passionate kiss. Their tongues dancing, hands roaming each other’s bodies.
Liz was backed against the Jeep. Max reached down, grabbed her round buttocks and lifted her up to his waist. He couldn’t wait any longer he had to have her…right now!
He had unbuttoned his slacks and his throbbing erection was now poking out of his satin boxers. Liz reached behind her and opened to back door. Max accomodated her and gently slid her into the back seat, closing the door behind him never once leaving her soft lips.
“I want you so bad, give it to me Max” Liz sighed breathlessly
Immediately, Max lifted her dress exposing her heat, he plunged two fingers inside of her core and began rotating back and forth, in and out. As Liz moaned in pleasure, he leaned down to nuzzle her nub, not standing it any longer, he pulled her clit into his mouth and sucked feverishly as his fingers worked inside of her.
“Aahhh…Maaaaaaxx” Liz screamed as her excitement crested. Her hips bucked inviting him into her. Max removed his fingers and plunged his tongue inside her wetness. His hands found her breasts heaving with her excitement. Tasting the sweet juices that flowed with her orgasm, he felt his seed seeping out his tip.
Liz pulled at him, wanting him inside of her, not hesitating, he slipped down his slacks, exposed his manhood and inserted himself deep into her core. She spread her legs and pulled him deeply into her.


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Thank you so much, I'm working on the next part now and hope to post it by the end of the week.
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Ria, Bubbles, tabasco this one's for you! *wink*

Part 11b

As they both screamed into climax, Max noticed someone walking toward the Jeep. Quickly he ducked, pulling Liz down with him. Whoever they saw had strolled past them having no idiea what lie behind those drkened windows. Bursting into a fit of laughter, they composed themselves and headed home.

One Week Later

Well, here it was, the day of the reunion had come. Liz had her dress all picked out.
It was a lovely Rayon fabric that flowed to the floor, just above her shoes. It was mainly black with large red and maroon flowers spread throughout the fabric. It clung tightly to her waist. The buttons in the back formed an open diamond, showing off her back. She had also purchased new shoes and then had a manicure and pedicure just yesterday to ensure no nicks before the big evening.

It was 6am and no matter how much she wanted to roll over and go back to sleep her mind wouldn’t let her. Thoughts of seeing her old friends again raced through her head.
She felt a ping of sadness as she rolled out of bed quietly. She headed to the kitchen to get some coffee started and her mind was thinking of all her friends. She wished she had stayed in better contact with them, especially Maria. Her and Maria had been inseparable since grade school and yet after high school, everyone seemed to go their own ways. After Liz and Max finished college, they had gotten married and moved away. Since then the only contact was usually during the holidays with quick phone calls or sometimes only a card. She was saddened by the gap in her friendship.
“Couldn’t sleep huh?” Max asked from behind her. Liz almost dropped the coffee mug she was holding.
“Jeepers, could ya make a little noise when you come into a room next time, you scared me half to death” Liz asked him.
“well, I could wear a bell around my neck if that’ll help?” Max asked her teasingly
“Very funny” Liz planted a kiss on his soft lips.
“Can I make you a cup of coffee?” she asked
“Sure, I can’t go back to sleep without your warm body next to mine anyways” he told her, grabbing her around the waist and pulling her into a deep longing kiss.
“mmmmm, I love you too, now…have you decided what you will be wearing tonight?”
“that again?” Max rolled his eyes.
“You have to dress up, it’s our 10year reunion and we haven’t seen these people in forever, I just want to look our best, now scoot upstairs and start digging through that black hole you call a closet “ Liz laughed
“yes ma’am” Max shouted, pecked her quickly on the check and headed upstairs shaking his head.
“We have to leave in three hours” Liz shouted behind him.


Feel free to critique, as I have momentary lapse of memory....takes me too long to write, then I forget what I said! LOL

Hope to have the next part before Friday!!!
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another little part,
love the feedback gals!!!

part 12

Their plane landed in Albuquerque at 4:30pm, they found the rental car place, paid for the convertible and headed towards Roswell.

It was 8:30pm. As Liz stared out the window taking in the all too familiar scene she had caught site of a wind devil making it’s way across the plains.
They had driven for four and a half hours and finally they saw the outskirts of the city.
Roswell, NM. It had been a long time. Both had wanted to come home several times but with Max deep in his studies at UofW and Liz trying to start her career, it seemed impossible to find the time.
The last thing they could afford was to fly back to Roswell. Between tuition and bills, they pretty much scraped along for the first 4 years. The last 6 years had gotten better. They purchased a home, with Liz being in real estate that wasn’t too hard. They had bought new cars. Max bought a Jeep Cherokee Laredo in 2000 and Liz bought a 2000 Cougar.

They pulled into the parking lot at the Ramada at 9pm.
They had reserved their room through the reunion committee, so being late was not an issue. After checking in with the front desk they headed to their room, when they heard a familiar voice in the lobby.

“and suddenly the jerk on the plane thought he was Fabio or something with the lines he was giving me, like I would even give him the time of day, hell, he’s a simple mechanic, like… ew!” Pam Troy was blabbering on as usual.
Liz rolled her eyes, turned on her heals to head back to their room when Pam caught sight of them.
“Liz? Liz Parker is that you?” Pam called out.
‘Great Liz, just had to see who was there didn’t ya’ she thought to herself.
“Pam? Well hey, how are you?” Liz asked politely.
“Oh, you know, trying to stay out of trouble and get into some rich man’s life” she giggled.
“And what have you been up to since….” Pam trailed off as she saw Max walk up behind Liz.
“Max Evans, how nice to see you could make it” Pam exclaimed breathlessly, flashing her biggest, flirtatious grin.
“Pam, nice to see you’re looking so well” Max smiled
“Oh, you sweet thing you” Pam immediately attached herself to his arm, laughing and batting her eyes.

“Excuse me, Mrs. Evans, telephone call for you” The concierge called out.
“Mrs. Evans?” Pam asked with a shock that looked like she stuck her toe in a light socket.
“Yes, didn’t you hear, Max and I got married after High School” Liz replied cattily
“oh, no I hadn’t heard that...” Pam trailed off
Just then, someone else walked into the lobby and Pam ran over to them and started blabbering…as usual.

Max just grinned at Liz, knowing full well what it must have felt like to upset poor little Pam Troy.
“so, about that phone call” Liz walked over to the desk and picked up the courtesy phone.
“Hello?” Liz answered
“Hey Chica, why haven’t you called me yet?” A giggling voice asked her.
“Maria! How did you know I was here?”
“What are you kidding, my best friend comes to town and you think I wouldn’t know about it? Okay, well, when you told me you were coming, I figured you’d stay at the hotel they reserved and then called about 50 times today checking to see if you had arrived yet” Maria laughed
“You’re crazy, you know that” Liz laughed into the phone. She had missed her friend so much.
“So, when are you coming over?” Maria asked her anxiously.
“well, we still haven’t made it to our room yet…I guess we could stop by this evening, it’s not like we have to be up early” Liz smiled at the thought of seeing her friend so soon.
Max looked at her with a raised eybrow as she hung up the phone.
“Now where are we headed off to?” He asked, knowing the answer already.
“Where do you think?” She laughed

They put their luggage in their room and headed to the parking lot.
As they reached their rental car they both turned to see a large white limousine pull in front of the hotel.
The driver walked around the front and opened the door for the passenger.
Neither Max nor Liz could see who had gotten out of the limo since they were on the wrong side and it was too dark.
The driver immediately rushed to the doors of the hotel and opened them for the stranger.
As the light hit the strangers hair, both Max and Liz gasped….


Maria was rushing around her moms house trying to straighten up. Her latest venture was alien napkin holders and Maria had been helping her all week. The house was strewn with little green alien heads.
“mom?” Maria shouted. “Liz and Max are on their way over, could you please help me pick up this mess?”
“Oh Maria, it’s not like they don’t know we work out of our home, what are you worried about?” Amy asked with a smile.
“Gee, I don’t know, maybe the fact that I hadn’t seen them in 10 yrs and I don’t want the house to look like…this!” Maria was exasperated. How could her mother not understand!
As Maria finished stuffing boxes into the closets, the phone rang.
“Hello?” she answered
“Hey babe, what’s going on?” a sultry voice asked her.
“Michael!, where are you? When are you coming into town? Will I get to see you this time?” Maria was spinning questions excitedly.
“hey, slow down, you’ll break my ear drums here” Michael laughed.
“I’ll be there in about… 15 minutes, is your mom there?” He asked her
“15 minutes?” she shrieked!
“is this a problem?” Michael asked concerned. He wanted to see her, hold her, feel her lips on his. He would be so disappointed if she didn’t want him to come over.
“That’s perfect, Max and Liz are on their way over right now!”
“Oh yeah? I saw them last week on my northwest circuit. They looked great. I’ll be over in a few”
Maria hung up the phone.
She was absolutely glowing. She would get to see her bestfriend and Michael in the same night, what could be better.
“Maria!!!! The sink is stopped up again, can you come help me?” Amy shouted from the kitchen.
“Sure mom” Maria called back smiling. Nothing would ruin this evening, nbot even the stupid ol’ sink!


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Mermaid girl: LOL LOL Hope you slept well.

Here's another juicy part for ya's!

Part 13

Liz felt her stomache tighten as the passenger from the limo strolled into the lobby. Immediately she opened the car door, got in quickly and sat quietly with her hands in her lap.
Max joined her in the car. Knowing she felt uneasy, uncomfortable, angry, sad all at once, he decided not to bring it up.
“So…how was Maria?” he asked innocently
Liz looked at him, cocked her head to one side and then leaned in to kiss him gently.
Her soft lips touched his, his tongue flirted out to lick her bottom lip. Liz let out a sigh.
“I love you” she told him
“I love you, now let’s get outta here” max told her as he put the car in drive and headed out of the parking lot.


The doorbell rang and Maria nearly jumped out of her skin in excitement.
“They’re here, they’re here” she yelled through the house running for the door
“Lizzie!” Maria screamed, wrapping her arms around her best friend.
“Oh Maria, it’s so good to see you again” Liz told her, tears threatening to fall any second.
Liz wrapped her arms around her friend and didn’t want to let go. It had been too long.
“hey good lookin’ where’s my hug?” came a voice from behind.
“Max! Come here and give me some sugar you hunk!” Maria laughed, wrappeing her arms around his neck and squeezing him tightly.
“Anything left for me?” came a sultry voice behind Max.
“Michael!” they all screamed in unison.
The group stood in the doorway hugging each other before heading into the living room.
Max and Liz sat near on the couch, Micahel grabbed Maria and pulled her into his lap and the recliner in the corner. He quickly planted a soft kiss on Maria’s lips before anyone could notice.
“None of that in my house Mister” Amy said from the hallway.
“Mrs. DeLuca” Michael nearly dropped Maria on the floor to stand up. He hadn’t realized anyone had seen him kissing Maria.
Amy started laughing at his uneasiness.
“Michael, I was only joking, how are you?” Amy walked up to Michael and hugged him tightly.
“Mom!” Liz jumped up to greet her second mother. “I’ve missed you so much”
Amy gave Liz a wamr hug, she had also missed Liz, for one thing, she tended to keep Maria out of trouble. The two of them had always been inseparable, until Liz left.
“You look great sweetheart and Max, looks as though she’s been taking care of you pretty well” Amy winked at Liz
“Now, you guys enjoy catching up, I’ll be home late Maria” Amy headed out the front door.


“Yes ma’am” we have your suite ready for you” the concierge told the young woman.
“This way please” the bellhop had her luggage and led her to her room.
“If you need anything, please don’t hesitate to call the front desk and we’ll be happy to get anything you need”
The woman handed the man a tip as he left the room.
She looked around the room, sighed and complained.
“I can’t believe I actually came back to this…this…whole in the universe”
She undressed and headed for the shower.


It was going on midnight and the gang was slowly winding down. Max and Liz had been up since 6am and were feeling the effects.
“Well, it’s time for us to head back to the hotel” Liz pulled herself off the comfortable couch.
Maria and Liz exchanged hugs and said their goodbyes.
Max got into the driver seat, looked over to Liz and asked…”Are you ready to head back?”
Liz looked at him questioningly “yeah, why wouldn’t I be?” Just as her mouth had said the words, her heart sank. She knew why she wouldn’t want to head back.
“I guess, it was inevitable anyway. I had just hoped, somewhere deep in my heart, that she’d never return, never want to come back here. No such luck”
Liz was quiet the rest of the drive. Max’s heart sank at the pain he knew his wife was going through.

“Alone at last” Maria said turning around to see an empty chair.
“Michael?” Maria called out.
She walked into the kitchen, no sign of him.
“What the..” Maria was cut off as she smelled smoke.
She walked back towards her bedroom as the aroma got stronger. She turned the corner and gasped at what she saw.
Michael was in her bedroom, standing at the end of her bed with only his jeans on and about a dozen candles were lit throughout her room.
“How in the world…” Maria started
“let’s just say, I have friends who want us to have a very nice evening together” as Michael walked toward her as she stepped into the bedroom and closed the door.
“I’ve been dying to see you” He murmured against her lips as he leaned in.
Maria reached up and pulled him closer to her, deepening the kiss.
Their tongues explored each others, working between their lips. As their tongues mated, Maria’s hands fumbled with Michael’s jeans, pulling at his buttons and sliding them over his hips. Michael reached behind Maria with his strong hands finding their way up her back and unclasped the intrusion of her bra strap. Maria moaned as his hands moved to the front and found her newly released breasts. He massaged them slowly as his kiss broke from her mouth and trailed across her cheek, taking a moment to gently nibble on her ear before continuing to her neck. As his tongue trailed down her neck, her hands had found his throbbing manhood and gently squeezed. Michael moaned and pulled her closer to him as he bit down gently on her neck. Maria could feel her knees weakening. He always seemed to know exactly where her sensitive spots were. She pushed with one hand on his chest so that he found himself being pulled away from her. He began to detest when he felt her body following him onto the bed. Maria was now straddling him, still clothed too much for his liking. He tugged at the hem of her shirt and she complied by lifting her arms above her head. He had her shirt over her head when he grabbed both her arms behind her head, the shirt covering her face as he took her breast into his mouth.
He feasted hungrily on her hardened peaks, swirling his tongue around her nipple, sucking and biting. He finally released Maria from her hold and she began working her way out of her own jeans. Standing in front of the bed, completely naked, she lowered her body onto his. Immediately her hips started grinding on his hardened erection. She could feel her juices flowing in anticipation of what was to come next. His hand stroked down her side and worked down her hip, over her tight buttocks and down to her heat. She spread her legs further giving him full access. He took her mouth in a searing kiss as his fingers plunged into her core making her buck against him. Maria began moving in time with his fingers, gently stroking herself to the edge. It had been so long, she couldn’t wait, she wanted that feeling and wanted it now. Wildly her hips bucked as her body felt the climax reaching deep within her loins. Her juices flowed over Michael’s fingers as his tongue danced with Maria’s, holding her tightly not letting her get up until her climax was complete. As her body slowed it’s shaking Michael flipped her body over so he was now on top of her. He parted her legs with his knees and directed his member to her sopping passage. In one swift stroke he enter her fully, groaning upon insertion. He leaned down and took a breast under his tongue as Maria’s hands pulled his head closer to her. She raised her hips to meet his strokes as they increased.

Together their bodies molded into one as the sweat glistened on their skin. With each stroke Michael felt her walls clamp on his aching member until he could take it no longer and began pounding into her fiercely until he felt his seed spill into her passage. He fell atop Maria with a wicked grin on his face.
“I’ve missed you” she whispered into his ear.
“I miss you too” and he kissed her gently before rolling off of her, pulling her into his arms and falling into a sweet slumber.


Max pulled into the hotel parking lot around 12:20 and both he and Liz were completely exhausted.
As they walked through the lobby, Max reached out pulled Liz into his arms and have her a deep passionate kiss.
“What was that for, not that I’m complaining mind you” Liz asked him.
“Just so you know that I love you!”
“you’re crazy you know that?” Liz told him with a big grin.
They headed toward the elevator when the concierge stopped them.
“Sir! Sir, we have a message for you” he called from the front desk.
Max stopped, looked at Liz quizzically and headed towards the front desk.
The concierge handed Max an envelope. His name was written in gold calligraphy on the front. He turned the envelope over to open it when he saw a red wax seal with the letter “H” stamped into it.
“Max” Liz choked out. Her heart was racing. Her hands began to sweat. She found herself fidgeting from one foot to the other.
Max looked at Liz and then again at the envelope. He pulled her into his arms and gently stroked her hair.
“it’ll be alright, we can do this” Max whispered.
“not here, okay?” Liz asked him.
“Okay, come on” and he led her to their room.

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Part 14
Liz and Max entered their room quietly. Immediately, Liz went to the bathroom and closed the door. She was not feeling well at all. After having such a wonderful evening visiting with her best friend this was the last thing she needed.

Max sat on the bed and waited patiently for Liz to join him. He turned the envelope over in his hands, looking at the writing. It was all too familiar, something he thought he’d never have to deal with again.

Liz ran cold water over her face. Her hands trembled as she dried them. There was no way she could handle this right now. She opened the door and saw Max waiting for her on the bed.
“Are you ready?” he asked quietly
“No, not really, I thought this was over and done with” her voice cracked
“I know” he stood and went to her, wrapping his arms around her and whispering soothing words in her ear.
“It’s going to be okay, I promise, this won’t continue any longer”
With that, he walked back to the bed, grabbed the envelope and began to open it.


The moon was full, the crickets were just outside the window chirping their love songs to each other and Michael sat in a chair across from Maria’s bed, watching her sleep.
He hated having to leave her again in only a few short days. Their time together was always so limited due to his scheduling. He had asked her several times to come with him. But each time she told him that her mother needed her help and they both knew being together everyday on the road would only cause them grief. Michael had strict schedules to keep and Maria would want his time just for her. They had agreed that after his touring this year they would discuss their options then, and no sooner. For now, they enjoyed each other’s company when he could come back and visit, and Michael made sure that was as often as possible.
He loved her more than anything, but right now, he couldn’t support her the way he wanted to. She needed more than he could ever give her. Tomorrow was going to be a long day and even though Michael was not yet tired, he crawled into bed next to Maria. Her body snuggled close to his and he saw a smile spread across her face. He leaned over and kissed her on the cheek.
“I love you Maria” he whispered before falling asleep.


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Part 15


Max stumbled into the kitchen looking for something to wash the alcohol out of his mouth. He looked through the fridge and found a bottle of tomato juice. Poured himself a glass and added a dash or two of Tabasco. He chugged the glass as his mind wandered.

Graduation Day was here and he still hadn’t told Liz he was accepted to the University of Washington. They had always said they’d be together forever no matter what, but when he saw the envelope that afternoon two months ago, his mind began doubting the happy thoughts. Liz had wanted to go to UCLA. He had applied but was not accepted. He never told Liz he hadn’t been accepted and now as he held the envelope in his hands, he had no earthly idea how he was going to explain that he applied to UofW as a safety. He didn’t think he would get rejected from UCLA, but you always need a safety school.
Weeks had passed and everything between him and liz was going so perfect, he could never find the right moment to tell her. He had no idea of what kind of response Liz would have. Awful images raced through his head of her crying, screaming, yelling…but not one of her telling him no matter what school they went to that it would be alright. That they would stay together, even if it meant weekend visits. Maybe it was his own doubts, but he was afraid to lose her.
Now the day of graduation, he couldn’t wait any longer. If he was going to go, he needed to leave in the next few weeks to establish residency and secure a part time job before school started. There were no rooms left on campus as he didn’t apply since he never thought he’d get in.
Just before they began to line up to walk through the halls one last time, Max grabbed Liz and pulled her into the Eraser Room.
“you’re crazy, we have to go” Liz giggled as he pulled her into his strong arms and began kissing her.
“I know, I just wanted to make one more memory” He said quietly as he planted a soft kiss on her luscious lips.
Liz couldn’t fight it. Anytime she was alone with Max her heart quickened and she wanted to give herself to him. It had only been one week before that she had given herself to him fully and she wanted more. The time and place never seemed to be quite right and after graduation Liz knew they had all the time in the world, so she never rushed it.

“Liz…I have to tell you something” Max said as he pulled her loser to him.
“Yes?” Liz asked, looking into his amber eyes.
“What would you say…if I said…I couldn’t go…to UCLA with you?” Max questioned
“Well, first of all I’d say..”Liz started, then saw the look in his eyes.
“Max, what is it? What’s going on?” Liz probed
“I…I didn’t know how to tell you, you were so excited when you were accepted, I didn’t want to ruin that for you” Max told her as he pulled back.
“Tell me what? Ruin it for me, what are you talking about, please, tell me what’s going on?” Liz pleaded with him. She felt it in her gut, but her heart betrayed her and told her it wasn’t true.
“I..I didn’t get accepted to UCLA, I was accepted at the University of Washington” Max said barely above a whisper.
“University of Washington?” Liz was confused, he hadn’teven told her he was applying there.
“When?… Why?… How?” Liz heard the anger coming through her voice, no not anger, hurt. Max had never kept anything from her, why now?
“well, I was just trying to play it safe, just in case, ya know” He looked up at her and saw the tears welling up in her eyes.

Just then, they both heard the music that cued their entrance for the opening ceremonies.
“We have to go…Liz?” Max started out the door.
She just stood there, her eyes moving across the floor as her mind raced circles of questions over and over.
“Liz! We have to go” He pulled gently at her arm but she wouldn’t move.
“I’ll be there in a minute, I need…a moment” Liz answered coldly.
“Sweetheart, we can talk about this after…”
“After? After what Max? After I head off to college in two weeks? After classes start in two months? After the first year?” Liz’s anger had built up and wanted to burst out.

Liz rushed out the door past Max and down the hallway.
Max started to follow but knew better. She needed to be left alone right now. Chasing her down and trying to make her talk to him wasn’t going to help this situation.
He quickly followed in line as the class took their seats. He glanced around looking for Liz. The ceremony began and the principal made his speech, then introduced the class valedictorian.
“please welcome, Miss Elizabeth Parker”
As the whole auditorium clapped for her appearance, Max caught sight of Liz. She was standing in the side door, her eyes glistening with tears.
She slowly walked toward the stage and took her place behind the podium. The crowd quieted down and she began her speech.

After the ceremony everyone had been invited over to Nikolas Antar’s home. Besides being President of the class, he was also the richest kid in school and always had the best parties. His parents had opened their home to the graduating class to enjoy one last party.
The parents had left for the evening, trusting their son with their home. Everyone knew, if there was to be drinking at the party, your keys stayed in the fishbowl on the piano. Noone ever complained, there was more than enough room to crash for the evening.

Liz had accompanied Maria and Michael, making it pretty obvious she didn’t want to ride with Max. As soon as they arrived, Liz went straight to the bar and made herself a stiff Jack and Coke. Maria and Michael headed their own way, learning long ago not to get involved in a Max/Liz situation. It was better to let the love birds figure things out themselves, and not lose their heads in the process.

After Max promised his parents he’d take it easy and not get into trouble, he headed for the party in search of Liz. She had purposely avoided him after the ceremony.

He had seen her take off with Michael and Maria and knew he could catch up with her later.

As he entered the house, several people were already milling around the bar making themselves at home. He spotted Liz in a corner with one of the football jocks. He approached her with caution.
“Liz, can we talk?” Max asked her
Liz looked up from her conversation with the boy and squinted her eyes at Max
“I have nothing to say to the likes of you!” And she turned back to the boy, smiling.
“Now, where were we?”
The jock took his cue, put his hands on her hips and pulled her into his lap.
“Hey, get your hands off her!” Max yelled reaching for Liz.
“Leave..Me..Alone!” Liz spat at him and ran off into another room.
Max started to run after her when Pam Troy stopped his chase.
“hey handsome, where’ve you been all night?” Pam asked, pushing her chest against his.
“Hey Pam, look, I gotta go” And Max pushed past her.
“well, you’ll be back…he’ll be back. Liz Parker ain’t good ‘nuf for him. He’ll see that” she told her girlfriends

Liz had run into a bathroom upstairs. She closed the door and fell against it. The tears burst through her like a dam had just exploded. How could this have happened? This was supposed to be one of the happiest days of her life and she was miserable.
How could he have lied to her? No, he hadn’t lied. He kept secrets from her. They’d never kept anything from each other, why now?

Someone knocked on the door.
“Go away” Liz cried out
“Liz, please open the door. We need to talk” Max whispered.
He placed his hand on the door, willing it to open. But nothing happened. No sounds emitted from the room.
“Please Liz. I don’t want it to be like this. I just didn’t know how to tell you I wan’t accepted. I felt like I failed you. We had all these plans to be together and when I found out I wasn’t accepted, well…I just…I got scared”
“Liz?” No answer
Max slid down the door and put his head in his hands. He sat there for what seemed like eternity.
Some idiot jock came stumbling down the hallway.
“Hey dude, congratulations!” and handed him a beer.
His buddy followed behind and side tracked him from starting a conversation, which Max was very thankful for.
He opened the beer and chugged it down to the last drop, crushed the can and threw it against the wall.

He finally stood up and decided to try to get into the bathroom himself. But he needed something to pop the lock and this hallway didn’t prove to have anything he could use so he headed back downstairs toward the kitchen.

Another guys passed him on the stairs and handed him a beer.
“Chug! Chug! Chug! Chug!” A whole crowd of guys had gathered at the stairs and were cheering on a few guys. Deciding not to delay by telling them no thanks and receiving nothing but protest, Max chugged his beer. Making his group happy, he proceeded down the stairs and into the kitchen.

Max stumbled into the kitchen looking for something to wash the alcohol out of his mouth. He looked through the fridge and found a bottle of tomato juice. Poured himself a glass and added a dash or two of Tabasco.

How had he gotten into this? Why didn’t he just tell her the truth to begin with? She would have understood.
His head had began pounding. Max wasn’t much of a drinker and the two beers he had chugged were reminding him of that.

His head began to spin and he reached out to grab the counter and instead grabbed a person. Shaking his head, he turned to see who he had grabbed.


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Part 16

Max quickly pulled his hand back and stood up straight.
“Uh, sorry, I was feeling a little dizzy, I guess alcohol and I don’t mix too well”
“No problem sweetie, you can hang on me anytime” Tess reached over and caressed his arm as she spoke.
“So, uh…where’s Liz? Tess asked looking around
“She’s, uh...around” Max felt really uncomfortable and wanted to leave without being rude.
“Well, I guess I better go find her” He began to walk away when he felt her hand on his shoulder.
“Don’t leave on my behalf, the party’s just started…and I’m here to have some fun” She flashed him a wicked grin.
“Why don’t you join me for a drink?” She asked, handing him a glass.
“No thanks, it doesn’t sit well with me” He answered rubbing his head
“Oh, it’s just juice, I’m not into drinking and driving and mommy and daddy just bought me a new car, you wanna see it?”
“Uh, I think I had better find Liz” Max began, but Tess cut him off
“Come on, she won’t miss you for five little minutes” And she began pulling him out the back door. Max looked around to see if anyone else was in the kitchen that might be able to distract her, no such luck. He let out a sigh and followed her outside. Several people were mingling on the patio, couples were joined at the lips on lawn chairs and some guy was in the bushes and it sounded like alcohol didn’t sit with him very well either.

Tess rounded the corner with Max in tow when she tripped over a rock. Instinctively Max caught her fall.
“Thanks, nice to have such a strong man around” Tess looked up at him as her hand trailed his biceps.
Max felt the tension between them and his head began to spin again. Before he knew it her lips were on his. Her hands were all over him. Roaming down his back and down to his tight butt squeezing as she pulled him closer. She pulled his hand into her breast and moaned into his mouth.
“yes, Max”
At first, Max didn’t register what was going on. His head felt so light and everything started to get dark. He fell back away from Tess and she gladly came with him, landing smack dab on top of him. Her hand reached around and started massaging his crotch, trying to entice his drunken senses.
Max pushed her off of him as soon as he realized what was happening.
“Tess, you know I’m with Liz, why can’t you understand that?” Max stood up and started to walk away from her when she pulled him back and started screaming in his face.
“Don’t you ever touch me again…you sick son of a bitch!” Tess screamed and ran back around to the back of the house, through the party goers and into the house.
Max just stood there with a puzzled look on his face. He turned around to go back in the house to look for Liz, when he bumped right into her.
She was standing there with a horrified look on her face.
“Liz, I was just coming to find you”
“I bet, guess you had a ‘safety’ plan for me too huh?”
Before Max could say a word, Liz stormed through the house and out the front door.
How could he do this to her? She found flagged down a car leaving the party and asked for a ride into town. They agreed and she got in without ever looking back.
As Max ran out the front door he caught sight of Liz getting into a car at the end of the driveway. He kicked the plant next to the porch and started cursing aloud when he heard a voice behind him
“what’s the matter loverboy, trouble in paradise” Tess walked back into the party very pleased with herself.


Max slowly opened the envelope. He turned it over in his hand and out came a hotel key card with a note attached. “Soon” was all it read.
Liz let out an exasperated sigh and then flung herself onto their bed.
“I knew it, she just couldn’t leave you alone, she knew you would come back here and she just has to fuck things up” Liz placed her hand over her eyes, willing the tears not to fall, she’d never shed another tear over that bitch!
“Shh, Liz, it’s alright, she’s not gonna win this time. We aren’t the same people we were ten years ago” Max layed down next to Liz and took her in his arms.

He leaned over and kissed her gently on her forehead, cheeks and finally taking her soft lips with his. Liz responded eagerly as she wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him on top of her. No matter what was going on at the time, Liz could never get enough of him. Her mouth opening, seeking entrance with her tongue. Meeting the tip of his tongue, they danced lazily in circles as his hand worked to unbutton her blouse. Revealing her soft flesh he moved away from her mouth and worked down her neck with kisses and nips, stopping on her collarbone, gently sucking it into his mouth. Liz felt shivers run through her spine and growled.
“oooh, don’t stop that” She whispered in his ear.
Her hands reached down and unbuttoned his shirt. Pulling it off his shoulders the urge to bite his flesh growing. He released his grip on her collar bond and worked his way moving slowly down to her swollen breast. Circling her hardened nipple with his tongue before taking it into his mouth. Liz arched her back in response to his tantalizing touch. As she arched her back Max took advantage and stripped her skirt down leaving her in her black lace thong. His hands caressed her soft skin as his tongue pleasured her hardened pink nipple. Breaking away from her left nipple he gently licked the valley between her breasts and made his way to her other neglected nub. Liz wrapped her legs around his waist and began to grind on his hardness. He pulled back from her, kneeling on his knees and began to unbutton his pants. Liz moaned at the lost of contact but quickly sat up to return the pleasure by taking his nipple in her teeth and gently biting as her hands worked to remove his pants. She gently pushed him on his back and straddled him while taking his mouth with hers. Her tongue licking his lips seeking entrance. She felt his wetness meet hers and closed her lips over his tongue and began to suck. Not being able to stand it any longer his hand slipped her thong to the side, his thumb finding her bundle of nerves and began gently rotating, increasing to meet her sucking motion. She groaned at his touch as she released his tongue. Her hips were grinding into his hand, but she needed more. She needed him inside of her. Pulling her hips off of him careful not to disturb his ministration, she slid his silk boxers down over his prominent member.
Wrapping her gentle fingers around his shaft she pulled gently at first, then faster until she met his pace. Max increased his speed at her touch. He gently slid two fingers over her sopping folds, seeking entrance. Liz shifted her hips to give him full access. As she rocked her hips inviting him into her he changed direction, removing his fingers from her sensitive area. She pouted at the loss of his touch until she felt his hand over hers. Moving his purple member toward her warmth, she greedily accepted him into herself.
Plunging herself down on his shaft she raked her fingers across his chest as he pulled her hips onto him harder. Together they grind into each other in unison. Max let her take control of their rhythm as he took her breasts in his hands and massaged them gently at first until he felt her walls begin to tighten around him, he squeezed harder leaning up to take one in his mouth and wrapping his arms around her waist to pull her onto him harder as she came bringing his release as well. Max lay back pulling Liz on top of him, holding her as her trembling came to a stop.
“mmm, you make me feel…splendiferous” she grinned into his chest.
“yea? Well, you made my toes curl” He laughed
Together they lie entwined, caressing each other into a peaceful slumber.



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Part 17

Liz awoke to the bright sunshine burning through the drapes like a wildfire. That was one thing she missed about Roswell. Seattle was definitely not known for it’s sunshine. It was one of the most beautiful places she had ever seen with the sheltered Puget Sound islands to sun-baked lakes and lava flows east of the Cascade Mountains, few states can match the powerful natural beauty of Washington, however, it lacked in the ‘sunshine’ department for sure.

Liz trudged to the bathroom quietly as to not wake Max. He slept peacefully with his arm wrapped around her pillow tightly inhaling her scent.

Last night was more than she could handle and her headache seemed to prove that. Between the excitement of seeing Maria and Michael, then the note and onto the invigorating lovemaking session, Liz’ head was pounding.

She turned on the shower, testing the water. She liked hot showers, always steaming up the room before entering her shower.

As she stepped into the hot steamy water she felt a hand gently squeeze her ass. She nearly jumped out of her skin as she whirled around to find a very naked Max standing behind her and he was obviously ready for another session, looking at his arousal she grinned and pulled him into the shower with her. The water beat down on her back as she wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him into a soft heated kiss. His hands roamed her body, feeling the slickness the water left on her back, hips and butt. He pushed himself against her as his tongue parted her lips. Opening her mouth to receive his longing kiss, she gently lifted one leg onto the seat in the hotel shower stall. She reached between his legs and stroked his manhood, guiding it towards her awaiting center of pleasure.


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Part 18

Maria woke up to the smell of fresh brewed coffee and… “Pancakes!” Maria whispered.
Michael was in the kitchen fixing breakfast when he felt arms wrapping around his waist.
“Morning sleepy head” He turned to kiss her.
“Why didn’t you wake me?” she asked
“I figured I wore you out last night, so I though I’d let you sleep and bring you some breakfast in bed, but, since your ruined that I guess you can just have a seat at the table” Michael teased her.
“So what time will you be picking me up tonight” Maria asked Michael while fixing herself a cup of coffee.
“Tonight? I’ll be halfway to Dallas tonight” Michael stated.
“WHAT?” Maria asked excitedly.
“Aren’t you coming to the reunion? I thought you were coming here for the reunion. Why do you have to leave so quickly?” Maria couldn’t believe her ears. She was getting all upset when she saw a slight smile on his face.
“You RAT!!” and with that Maria hit him on the arm.
Michael couldn’t help but laugh, he loved to tease her.
“Just for that, you’d better make this evening unforgettable” Maria pouted
‘oh, I intend to’ he thought to himself.


Liz moaned as Max thrust into her warm center. The water cascading off their bodies as their bodies slapped against one another. Max was sucking on her neck as she kneaded his back. Suddenly without notice Max pulled himself out of her. Startled, Liz asked “what? What’s wrong?”
“Oh nothing” Max whispered in her ear as his hands found her hips and turned her around. His hand gently pushed her shoulders forward as his other hand kept firm hold of her hips. He pulled her backside against his erection and gently slipped back into the warmth that welcomed his arousal. He started slowly, working his hips in good rhythm. Liz quickly met his rhythm and sped it up, now pounding against him. He reached around and gently flicked her clit. “oohh” she sighed heavily as she reached to massage his sac. They both started to feel each other’s climax and increased their rhythm. As if on cue they both let out a howl as their bodies tightened at the release.
Max kissed her back and slowly turned her around.
“Morning” she giggled


I was going on 10:00 and Liz had promised Maria that they would go shopping early to get a few items for tonight.
“So, what time shall I pick you up, M’ Lady?” Asked Max form the other side of the room.
“Oh, I suppose around 6:30” She smiled at him.
“I’ll get it” Max told her “you get ready”

Max opened the door, but noone was there. As he started to close the door he saw a note taped to the door.
It had no writing on the outside. His stomach tightened att he thought of what might be inside.
“Who was it” Liz asked coming out of the bathroom
Quickly, Max tucked the piece of paper in his pocket, not wanting to worry Liz.
“oh, wrong room” he lied, he hated lying to her, but hated to see her in pain even more.
“Now, you’d better scoot and go get Maria or you’ll never hear the end of it” Max teased.
“All right, but what are you going to do?” She asked before planting a soft kiss on his lips.
Max felt a stirring in his groin at her touch.
“Uh, if you keep doing that I’ll have to lock myself in this room all day” He laughed.
“well, I won’t be gone long…” she started to say as the phone interrupted her.
ring, ring, ring
“hello? Yes, she’s leaving right now Maria” Max rolled his eyes at Liz.
She quickly blew him a kiss, mouthed ‘I Love You’ and headed out the door.


Max pulled the paper out of his pocket, slowly unfolded it and read the note:

Meet me in the café across the street

No signature, no name….nothing to tell him who this was. Why would he even think about going.

As Max crossed the street to the café’ he cursed himself.
“What the hell are you doing Evans?”
When he walked in he wasn’t exactly sure who he was looking for…then he spotted her.
Sitting in the back of the café’ she sipping on a Latte’.
She waved him over to her.
He rolled his eyes “Good going Evans” he muttered to himself.


“So…how did last night go with you and Michael” Liz questioned her best friend.
“Wonderful” Maria glowed. “Liz, I love him so much, it just sucks that he’s not here all the time, ya know?”
“How long does he plan on keeping this relationship going with him being gone all the time? Does he expect you to put your life on hold ‘til he decides to came back for you?”
It came out harsher than she meant it.
“No..No, we…have an agreement. We aren’t exactly exclusive” Maria said, more like trying to assure herself.
“what do you mean ‘exactly’?” Liz asked her friend.
“Well, we can see other people, IF there WERE other people…but, well, I don’t know. When he comes to town he makes me feel like I’m the only person in his life, but when he’s on the road…I just don’t know” Maria suddenly got quiet.
“Maria, you don’t think he’s cheating on you? Do you?” Liz couldn’t ever think the Michael Guerin would cheat on Maria. Maria was right, whenever they were together they looked so..’Perfect’ Noone would ever think anything else.
“Have you talked to him about it?” Liz asked curiously.
“yeah, we used to discuss it, but we’ve decided we have better things to do when he’s in town” Maria smirked.
Well, at least she’s not wallowing in self pity. Still, she wanted to see her fiend truly happy and she didn’t think Michael was prepared to give everything up to come back to Roswell.
“Anyway, he’s here tonight and that’s all that matters” Maria smiled, thinking of last night.
“I’m glad to see you happy Maria, I’ve missed you so much”
”Hey, no making me cry, it’s not fair” Maria laughed fighting back the tears.
“Le’s just have a great time this afternoon, like old times”
“Deal” stated Liz.


Michael walked out of the jewelry shop with a very satisfied look on his face. He passed a café’ and noticed Max sitting in the back…with another woman.
“What the..” Michael stopped. He stood there for a minute before entering the café’
He slowly made his way towards the back of the café’ only a few tables away from Max and….


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Quick part again, enjoy!!!


Part 19

“Do you think he’d like this?” Maria asked holding up a lace purple crotchless teddy.
“I don’t think he’d even notice it” Liz replied laughing. “he’ll be too busy ravaging you”
“Perfect, I’m buying it” Maria giggled.
“It’ll conceal nicely under my dress for tonight, I want this evening to be something special” Maria gazed into space as she thought about her plans for Michael tonight.
“Do you think this will do?” Liz asked Maria “Mariaaa?”
“Huh?” Maria blinked at her friend, “Sorry, I was daydreaming”
“Be sure to put an NC-17 label on that thought” Liz smirked at her friend.

Two hours later they pulled into the hotel parking lot.
As they gathered Liz’ items out of the trunk, Maria noticed Michael and Max coming out of the café across the street.

“Well, looks like the boys weren’t too bored” Maria pointed in their direction.
“Hmm, I didn’t know they were hanging today?” Liz was curious how they found each other.
“Michael probably called him at the hotel”
“Hey guys, over here” Maria hollered.

Max and Michael both stopped dead in their tracks as they looked in the girls direction.
They glanced at each other, took a big breath and headed towards them.

“Hey you, glad to see you didn’t have to spend the day in our room” Liz smiled as she wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him to her for a long passionate kiss.

“Allright, break it up, break it up..get a room at least” Maria teased.
“Not a bad idea” Max whispered into Liz’s ear.
“mmm, really now?” Liz asked with a hungry expression in her eyes.

“So, did you guys already eat lunch, cause I thought we could all grab a bite to eat and then…I know, Liz could come over to my place and we’ll get ready and you two can come pick us up, like a double date” Maria stated, very pleased with herself.
“I kinda had plans for us” Michael whispered in Maria’s ear quietly so noone would hear him.
“Or NOT!” Maria spoke up.

Max and Liz were so ‘into’ each other at that moment that they hadn’t even completely heard Maria’s idea.
“Sorry, what’s going on?” Liz asked, blushing.
“Oh, I was just saying we’ll see you two tonight at the reunion, I have to get home and..”
“get ready” Michael finished for her.

Liz looked at the exchange between the two and decided to leave it at that. Obviously they had other plans and it didn’t seem to include her and Max. Which was fine with her, because the whole time Max hadn’t taken his hand off her ass. She was ready for some alone time…and now!
Liz gathered the rest of her items from the trunk and said her goodbyes to Maria and Michael before her and Max headed towards the lobby.

“see ya tonight” Liz heard someone yell.
She turned her head to see who had spoken, knowing Maria had already pulled away.

There, across the street in front of the café’ was Pam Troy MAX!!
She sashayed down the sidewalk to the parking lot where she got into her car and drove off. Liz hadn’t noticed her mouth was still open when Max grabbed her and passionately explored her mouth with his tongue and pulling her closer to his body.

Pulling away from Max, although hesitantly she asked, “What the hell?”
“Was that.. Pam Troy?” Liz asked, her anger rising in the back of her throat.

“Did she just ‘wave’ at you, from the same café’ you and Michael just CAME OUT OF?”
Liz was getting angry and she had no idea why. Maybe, because Max had failed to mention he was with her.

Maybe because the thought of Pam Troy waving at her husband and telling him ‘see ya tonight’ was just too disturbing.

“Yes, that was Pam, but listen. We just talked. She’s very aware of how much ‘I Love You’ Liz Evans” He emphasized the last part before taking her arm and leading her into the lobby.

“But nothing. Liz, we’re in town for our reunion, did you not think that we would run into people we knew” Max asked, slightly teasing her.
“but she”

“Shhh, come with me and you’ll forget all about her” He leaned forward and gave her another deep kiss, one that made her toes tingle and her insides melt.
“Who?” Liz asked dreamily


“Mom, I’m home” Maria called out. “Mom?”
“okay, noone’s home, come in herer you” as she pulled Michael through the front door and guided him into her bedroom.

The minute the door was closed she was all over him. Planting kisses on his neck, her hands found the buttons to his shirt and taking it off is well chiseled body.

He suckled his neck, nipping and biting working her way down his chest as her hands began working on his jeans.

“Maria..” Michael breathed out
“Yeah?” She whispered, still licking her way across his chest, over his now hardened nipples.

“oh, god..” he groaned.
A small giggle erupted from Maria.

“what’s so funny?” He asked her.
“You’re… so… easy… to distract” she told him between kisses down his abdomen.

She had pulled his jeans down over his hips and found Michael giving her his full attention…in all the right places. She pulled his boxers gently over his protruding cock and quickly engulfed it in her mouth.

“oh, Maria, yes” Michael let out as his hands caressed through her hair. He lay himself on the bed, kicking off his jeans and boxers around his ankles.

She gripped his manhood hard as she stroked and sucked him into a frenzy. She could feel it getting harder with every stroke. She though he was going to burst if he got any harder. His head was dark purple, as she traced the head with her tongue she looked up at him through her eyelashes “want more” she asked coyly.

“oh yes, hell yes” Michael told her, pushing her head back down over his stiff prick.
She gently pushed one leg further out, exposing him fully to her. Her finger lightly traced his most sensitive spot beneath his sac. As he moaned out, reveling in the pleasure she was giving him, he felt her slip a finger inside him.

“Oh, oh..Oh My God..Mariiiiiaaaa” he shouted as he released into her mouth, which she greedily accepted. She milked his cock until he could no longer take it and pulled her off of him.

“What made you do that?” he asked, not minding really, it’s just that she had never done that before.
“oh I don’t know, I heard it can really stimulate a guy’s orgasm…so..?” Maria questioned

“Oh, yeah, it ‘stimulated’ me allright…now it’s your turn” and with that Michael pulled Maria up onto the bed with him as his hands quickly unzipped her jean shorts.

He leaned over her small form placing small kisses on her tight belly as he worked her shorts off her. Her aroma filled his nostrils and he knew she was ready.
His hand reached under the waistline of her panties and found her wet spot. He flicked her clit carefully, testing her wanteness.
“please, Michael..??” Maria begged as her breathing became erratic.

“Maria, are you home?” Amy called out. I have something for you.
Just as Amy reached the bedroom door, Michael had slipped two fingers into her awaiting passage and had one breast in his mouth.
He didn’t have enough time to react before the door flew open.

“Oh God, I’m sorry..sorry” Amy quickly shut the door and fell back against it.
Had she just caught her daughter…having sex?

Amy tried to get rid of the mental picture in her head, but was having hard time as something in her stirred her groin. The pleasure she saw in that room reminded her of how long it had been since she’d been with a man.

Amy headed towards her bedroom and locked the door. Immediately she ran into the bathroom. She grabbed a washcloth, getting it nice and cold to wash her now flushed face.

As she looked into the mirror she saw the desire in her eyes. She glanced over to her nightstand. She heard the moans coming from the other room and couldn’t help herself.
Why should they be the only ones getting pleasure.

She walked over to the nightstand, her hand had found her breast and she was fondling it under her shirt. Her breathing was coming faster. God, what was she thinking? She’d just seen a very naked, very well built, and very well hung Michael pleasing her daughter. And by the sound of it, he was doing it well.

Amy couldn’t take it any longer, she quickly stripped out of her clothes and reached into her nightstand to grab her favorite toy. She lay back on her bed as her eyes closed the hum of her vibrator came to life.

Her hand was still on her breast, now slightly pinching her nipple. He passage was sopping wet by now and she was ready. As she inserted the large vibrator she heard Maria scream out Michael’s name. “Oh” and she began fucking herself slowly at first and then picking up the pace.

Her hand left her breast and soon began circling her clit. She teased herself to the edge of her orgasm until she couldn’t take it anymore.

Just before she was about to cum, the door flew open and Maria was about to holler at her for walking in on her and Michael when she saw her mother masturbating.

Amy stopped, her orgasm stolen from her as her daughter stood wideeyed in her doorway.

“Oh, hey, sorry” Maria smirked sarcastically and turned on her heels and left.
She had left the door standing wide open.


Just as Maria was about to come, the door flung open.
“Oh God, I’m sorry..sorry” and the door flew shut.

Maria was too close to the edge not to finish, Michael pumped her faster, sucking in her breast hard, leaving love bites.

“yes, yes yes..Michael..faster” Maria moaned out.
“Nu-uh” Michael answered her under heavy breathing.

Maria’s eyes flew open at the loss of contact. He had stopped fucking her, what was he doing.

Suddenly, her question was answered as she felt his tongue on her clit. “ooohh” she moaned. He flicked her clit, bit at it and began to fuck her with his tongue before she finally screamed “Miichael” as her body shuddered it’s release.

After giving herself time to relax her body, anger rose in her throat.
“How dare she walk in here without knocking” Maria got up grabbed her robe and headed towards her mother’s room.

Maria opened the door, her eyes widened in shock. Her mother was on the bed…masterbating!
“Oh, hey, sorry” And Maria turned and left the room. Well, see how she like’s it.


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Part 20

‘Geez, I thought I locked that damn door’ Amy grumbled as she cleaned herself up.

She heard Michael and Maria in the next room and decided she would stay put for awhile. There was no way she was about to face the two of them...and Maria, Oh God, how embarrassing.

Her and Maria had always been open wih each other, but this was definitely an ‘overshare’

“So, did you yell at her or what?” Michael asked after putting on his jeans.

“Uh..well…I kinda…" Maria couldn’t quite get it out.
“what? What happened?” Michael came to her side as she sat on the bed. She looked as though she’d seen a ghost.

“Well, I went in there to yell at her, but…she…she was busy…” Maria trailed off at the thought and tried desperately to push it out of her mind. ‘Gross’ she thought.

Michael decided not to push the issue, besides, he had to get ready for this evening.

“So, babe, when do you want me to pick you up for dinner?”

“Oh, uhm…the reunion is serving a buffet like dinner at 7:00, so pick me up about 6:ish and we can arrive after they’ve eaten, ugh, I hate those dinners, they’re always dried out and cold anyway. Where are you taking me?”

Maria had relaxed into his arms as they discussed their plans.


Pam walked into the lobby carrying several shopping bags when the desk clerk called to her.

“Ma’am, you have a message”

Pam opened the note,

Come to my room…alone

A room key card was with the note, but no signature. Who could it be.

Pam glanced around the lobby to see if anyone was there watching her.
She got in the elevator and headed to the room, curiously.

As she approached the room she heard the elevator open again and glanced to see who it was. Max and Liz were coming out and headed in the opposite direction.

They hadn’t seen Pam at all. Pam’s heart sank, she thought MAYBE the note as from Max. They had had a wonderful chat earlier and she thought she had finally broken through to him. Obviously not.

She slid the card through the lock and entered the room. It was beautiful.
Pink and yellow roses were everywhere. She saw a bottle of champagne chilling next to the table that held two glasses and a tray of exotic fruits. Candles were lit and the room had a slight scent of…Peaches.

“hello?” Pam walked in, putting her bags next to the closet door.

She noticed a note on the bed and reached for it. It had no name on it, but she was sure it was for her. She opened it and read:

Make yourself comfortable. I’ll be with you shortly

Okay, this was weird, but nice. She opened the bottle of champagne and tasted a few of the fruit pieces.

After about five minutes of sitting there alone, she was getting rather frustrated. Waiting for…who exactly?

As she stood up her head felt dizzy and she reached for the bed to steady herself, only to collapse on it.

“What the hell?” she whispered.

The room got very fuzzy and her headache soon subsided, replaced with desire. She had the strangest feeling inside of her. For some reason, she felt very…turned on. And she didn’t know why.

Just then, she heard the door softly click shut. She looked toward the door but could only see an image, her eyesight wasn’t clearing up and she squinted to see the person before her.

The lights had gone out and the room was aglow from the candles.

“who’s there?” She began before feeling the persons hands on her legs, slowly moving upwards towards her thighs.

“sshhh” the person whispered.

Pam relaxed, not fully knowing what was happening to her.

Her panties were being pulled down and she felt herself accommodating this person…eagerly.

The buttons on her dress were being undone and it was pushed off her shoulders.

Before she could speak again she felt a mouth engulf her breast hungrily.

“oohh, yes” she closed her eyes and felt the pleasure wash through her. This persons touch was so soft.

She felt her legs being parted and a hand was caressing the soft flesh of her inner thigh as it worked towards her center.

Then she felt two fingers plunge into her. “unh”

Pam couldn’t believe what was happening, her mind was telling her to stop but her body was inviting everything that it was receiving.

The fingers stroked her until she could clearly hear how wet she was. The stranger pulled their mouth off of her breast and moved between her legs to suckle on her clit.

They sucked hard and fast as Pam bucked her hips in response. She could feel her insides melt and her body was tingling all over.

She wanted more, but couldn’t move. She felt almost paralyzed by the pleasure. As her orgasm struck through her she shuddered it’s release, screaming.

She then felt very cold and realized the stranger had moved away from her. She tried to look around the room, but it was too dark to see anything, the candles weren’t offering anymore light than they were giving.

She lay on her back reveling in the feeling she had just been given when she felt the bed shift under someone’s weight.

Just then, as she opened her mouth to speak, the stranger straddled her face, pushing themselves onto her face.


Max and Liz had entered their room, fully wrapped in each other’s arms. They fell onto the bed as they passionately kissed and groped each other’s bodies, wanting and needing more.

They stripped out of their clothes and lay naked, exploring each other’s sensitive places.

Max circled her clit as he suckled her neck. Liz gripped his hardness and stroked him until she couldn’t take it anymore.

She pushed him on his back and straddled his manhood, plunging herself with his cock.

She rode him softly as his hands massaged her already hardened breasts. She reached behind and grazed his sac, feeling how tought they had become.

She rocked back and forth as he pumped up and down. Their rhythm fixed. Max pulled her down and kissed her deeply, his tongue plunging in and out of her mouth mocking their bodies. She pulled his tongue into her mouth and sucked on it seductively as he kneaded her breasts.

She pulled away from him and arched her back. Her hands wrapped around his knees as she pulled back and furiously began fucking him. Their bodies slapped against one another as she rode out her orgasm with Max soon following.

She lay on top of him for a moment and then spoke.
“So, what did Pam have to say”
“This is definately not the time to be talking about Pam” Max scolded her with a kiss.


Pam felt the stranger straddling her face and then everything went black. Their was a wetness against her mouth. She opened her mouth and explored this darkness.

She realized what it was and greedily accepted the strangers ministries as she plunged her tongue into her awaiting core.

Her hands had found the strangers hips and pulled her down onto her mouth even harder and she fucked her with her tongue.

She reached up and found two soft breasts and began squeezing and massaging them as her tongue worked magic on this person.

She sucked on her clit until it was so hard that the stranger was screaming. Pam felt the rush of fluids as she opened her mouth to drink them until the stranger finally pulled herself off of her.

“I’d heard you were gay, but damn, that was good. Now, get yourself dressed and GET OUT!”

The bathroom door slammed shut and Pam heard it lock.
What had just happened? Not knowing fully what to do, she gathered her clothes, her bags and went back to her room.


It was nearing 6:00 and Max and Liz were heading out for dinner.

Michael had just pulled up outside Maria’s and calmed his nerves.

“Be cool Geurin, she loves you and you can’t go on like this for much longer”

Michael walked up to the door and knocked.
Maria opened the door and Michael heard his breath escape.
“You, look amazingly beautiful” Michael kissed her and pulled her out the door.

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Part 21

Michael and Maria arrived at the restaurant around 6:20. Michael had called ahead and reserved a quiet little table in the back.

“Michael, this is wonderful, it’s been so long since we’ve had a night out.” Maria smiled.

They had ordered their drinks and were looking over the menu.

“So, what looks good tonight” Maria asked, looking over the specials.
“You” Michael whispered.

Maria blushed. “aren’t you the sweet talker tonight”
“I mean it, you look…amazing tonight” Michael told her.
Just then, the waiter arrived and told Michael he had a telephone call.

“weird, who would know we’re here?’ Maria asked.
“Oh, I told Max to let us know if they would be joining us for dinner”
Michael quickly left the booth


Max pulled the car into the restaurant parking lot.
Liz had been fiddling with her new shoes. The straps seemed too tight and yet when she stood up they were too loose.
“Oh, I hate wearing new shoes” Liz grumbled.

As Max and Liz entered the restaurant, the stranger watched them from across the street.
The stranger then started the car and slowly pulled into the parking lot, adjacent to the rental car.


“So, who was it? Max?” Maria asked.
Their drinks had arrived and Michael sat down.

“Uh, yeah, they won’t be making it, they decided to go to an Italian restaurant instead”
Michael couldn’t keep the grin off his fac eand Maria noticed.

“I guess that makes you happy huh” Maria asked with one eyebrow cocked.
‘What was he up to?’ she thought to herself.

The waiter then arrived with a covered dish and set it in front of Maria.
“What’s this? We haven’t even ordered yet?” Maria had no idea what was going on, but knew there was something fishy happening.

“Just an appetizer ma’am” the waiter responded, then winked at Michael and began pouring two glasses of champagne.

As promptly as he arrived, he disappeared, giving the couple their privacy.
“Maria, there’s something I want to talk to you about” Michael started.

“what?” Maria looked at Michael, he was nervous, she could see it in his eyes.
“You know I love you more than anything right?”

“yes, of course, and I love you!” Maria reached across the table and took his hand in hers, giving a squeeze at her last statement.
Michael reached across the table with his other hand, lifted the covered dish and revealed a burgundy velvet box sitting in the middle of a tray of beautiful red and white roses.

“Oh Micheal!” Maria gasped. Tears immediately filled her eyes.
‘Could this really be what I think it is?’

He gently pried the box open in front of her, revealing a beautiful Princess cut three diamond ring.
“Maria, will you do me the honor of becoming my wife?” Michael almost choked out the last words.

Just looking into her tear filled eyes, he already had her answer. Before he knew it Maria was in his arms showering him with kisses.

“yes, yes, yes” She couldn’t stop the tears as the flowed down her face. Michael gently slipped the ring on her finger.

“Oh Michael, it’s beautiful. But, how did you know my size?” Maria asked through her sobs of happiness.
“Oh, the same friends who helped me the other night” He said winking at her.

He kissed her passionately as she wrapped her arms tightly around his neck, never wanting to let go.


Max and Liz had finished dinner and headed out to the car. Soon they would meet Michael and Maria outside the convention hall.

As Max unlocked Liz’s door, he noticed something sitting on the windshield. He hoped Liz hadn’t noticed them. He quickly made his way to the driver’s side and slipped the envelope off the windshield and into his pocket.

He didn’t even want to open it, he really wanted to throw it on the ground and never think of it again. Instead, he held onto it, curiosity getting the best of him.

He slipped into the driver seat and started the car. They drove in silence at least two blocks before Liz finally said something.

“So, are you going to open it, or hide it from me all evening?” She stated.


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Part 22

Pam got dressed for the evening. She still felt very awkward about what had happened earlier. She felt ashamed and dirty. The first guy she was ever with left her with such a horrible feeling about sex that she had sworn off sex forever. Until she went to college. That’s where she learned the truth about pleasure. How good it could make you feel, when it was with the right person, emotionally and physically.

As she exited the hotel she stopped in front of the mirrored wall in the entry, fixed he hair and made sure she looked presentable. She put on her best face and headed to the reunion.


Maria and Michael arrived at the convention center at 8:00 sharp. Maria had a grin on her face that was a mile wide. Nothing could spoil this evening…or so she thought.

A limousine pulled in front of the convention hall blocking Michael and Maria’s path.
Maria was in her own world and hardly noticed. As Michael walked her around the front the driver stepped out and walked to the other side and opened the door.

Maria’s jaw hit the floor when she saw who stepped out.


Max and Liz drove along the highway in silence.

“Well? Are you going to open it?” Liz was frustrated by this point. Max hadn’t answered her the first time and she had to ask again, she hated asking twice for anything.

“I didn’t want anything spoiling our evening” Max finally spoke.

“Max, I understand you want to protect me, but….”

“No, Liz, it’s not just that. I want this to stop. It’s been over a year since we’ve had any contact. Why did it have to start now?” Max was angry and Liz could hear it in his voice.

“I don’t know, maybe it’s her sick way of saying ‘hello’ or something” Liz said quietly.

They drove in silence the rest of the way.


Pam stepped out of the taxi and entered the building.

At the front desk there were name tags and sign-up sheets for the reunion booklets.

Pam signed up and donned her name tag as she strode proudly into the reunion.

The music was already blaring. People were mingling around, catching up on what had happened to them in the past 10 years.

The dessert table held every dessert imaginable. Cheesecake, Chocolate Cream Pie, Strawberry Shortcake, and so many others.

As Pam found a table the DJ announced the winners of the contest were to be announced shortly as people were still arriving.

When the reunion committee had sent out the notices, they also enclosed a questionnaire for the people to fill out as there would be prizes.

Some of the questions were who had been married the longest, who had traveled the farthest and who had the most successful career.

Pam was hoping to win something, anything. Although she wasn’t married and she only lived an hour outside of Rowell, she hated losing.


Michael hushed Maria into the front lobby and tried to keep her from going crazy at seeing the one person in the world she hated the most…


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Part 23

Max reached into his pocket and retrieved the envelope. He fingered it slowly, wanting to just throw it out the damn window.

“It’s okay Max..” Liz reached out to him, putting her hand on the back oh his neck giving it a small squeeze as her other hand reached for the envelope.

Max stared forward into the night as he drove along the road. They were almost there.

Liz opened the envelope…and began laughing.

Startled, Max looked over at her. What in the hell is so funny? Liz had doubled over and dropped the note on the floor as she was laughing, so Max couldn’t; see what it had said.

“Liz? What is it? What did it say? Why are you laughing” Max was concerned as he tried to stay on the road and yet reach for the note at the same time.

Liz reached down and picked up the note and flashed it at Max.


Max burst out laughing as he dropped the note back into Liz’s lap.

“See, we’re being paranoid!” Liz spat out between giggles.

“Now, let’s get our butt’s to that reunion and have some fun” Liz leaned over and gave Max a sweet kiss on the cheek.
“I love you” she whispered into his ear.


“What the hell is that, that…nasty, skank bitch doing here?!?” Maria was flustered beyond repair. She couldn’t believe that woman would even think of showing her face back here.

“Well, it is her reunion too” Michael stated calmly. He didn’t want to upset Maria more than she already was, but the fact was simple. The whole class of 2002 was bound to show up, heck there were only 150 students.

Max and Liz had arrived shortly after Michael & Maria. They walked in the front doors holding hands and laughing.

Maria caught sight of them and rushed over to Liz quickly.
“girlfriend, we need to talk” as Maria drug Liz towards the bathrooms.

“what’s with her” Max asked.
Michael gave him half a grin and pointed towards the bar.

“Oh, gotcha” Max new immediately when he saw the woman.
Maria was not going to be happy.

“SO, did dinner go well?” Max asked Michael.

“You know it, Maxwell” Michael beamed, he was so happy that he and Maria were finally going to be together forever.

“Maria, you’re ripping my arm off…what’s goin…OH MY..” Liz gasped at the beautiful ring Maria waved in front of her face.
“Maria, I’m so happy for you two, had you any idea?” Liz hugged her friend tightly.

“No, he surprised me at dinner, Oh, Liz could this really be happening, are we finally gonna be together.” Maria couldn’t stop grinning.

“Well, I guess that depends on your answer to him” Liz laughed at her friend. She looked like a circus clown with that grin plastered on her face. Suddenly her eyes bugged out and her jaw dropped open.

“Oh MY gosh, I almost forgot to tell you, guess who’s here?” Maria spat with squinted eyes.

“I know, I know I saw her.” Liz turned her head towards the mirror, avoiding looking Maria in the eyes.

“I can’t believe that bitch had the nerve to show up here, She’d better not make one move towards Michael or I’ll”
“Michael? Why would Tess want Michael?” Liz was thoroughly confused now.

“Tess? No…COURTNEY’s here! Why would you….TESS is here too!???” Maria practically screamed.

The other women in the bathroom had excused themselves at Maria’s tone.
“Maria, calm down, it was inevitable, for both of them to be here” Liz sighed.

“Look, we can’t let this get to us, let’s go out there and have a great time, if anything happens, we have each other, okay?” Liz held out her hand to Maria as they walked out of the bathroom.

The girls joined Max and Michael. They had already gotten drinks for the girls and headed towards a table.

As the two couples took their seats, the DJ cued up the music for the contests to begin.

“First of all, I would like to thank everyone who made tonight possible, please, give our Reunion committee a big hand”
Everyone applauded, a few hoots and whistles from spouses of the committee.

“Okay everyone, on to the contests….please welcome your class president of 2002, Evan Wellrose”

“Thank you everyone, I am glad all of you could make it”

“Now, the first contest is….the couple for being married the longest…and the winner’s are…..Max Evans and Liz Parker…going on ten years, congratulations guys. You have a complimentary 3-Day, 2-Night stay at and Hyatt Regency Hotel!”

“Oh my gosh” Liz exclaimed as her and Max headed towards the stage. “Thank you so much”

Liz and Max took their seats as Evan began announcing the second contest.

“The person to travel the longest distance is….Tess Harding…she came her tonight all the way from…Germany”

The room fell rudely quiet as everyone looked around trying to find the woman.

“Tess Harding? Are you here tonight?” Evan spoke into the mic.

From the left side of the stage, out walked Tess. Everyone gasped as she strode directly up to Evan and took the envelope from his hand.
“thank you everyone, I never though I’d be back here, but it proved to be somewhat entertaining and I’m very glad I was able to make it tonight.” She winked in Pam’s direction as she spoke.
She stepped down from the stage and brushed past Max as she took her place at the table next to his.

Pam turned away quickly, disgusted at Tess’ attempt at humour.

Liz’ grip tightened on Max’ hand when Tess ‘strode’ past Max so closely.

“Skank” Maria whispered under her breathe as she watched Tess brush by Max.

When Tess took her seat she looked directly into Maria’s eye’s and licked her lips seductively.

“Grooosss” Maria said rather loudly.

“I’m sorry, Miss, do you have a comment?” the DJ asked her surprisingly.

“Uh, no sorry” Maria turned red instantly. The DJ had been announcing the “Best Dressed” couple for the evening when he heard Maria’s comment, directed at Tess.

“Good going Maria,” Liz teased her friend. They all started giggling uncontrollably when they saw the couple emerge from the tables dressed in dark silver matching suits.

The rest of the contests were finished within the next few moments and poor Pam had won…nothing. Garnted, she was married, live too close and had no husband to speak of, but she had hoped to grab the prize for “Least changed Look since HS”

The DJ opened the dance floor soon after.

“Ooh, time to go dance, come on babe” Maria jumped out of her chair, grabbed Michaels arm and began pulling him towards the dance floor

“Babe, the music just started, the dance floor’s still cold” Michael jested as he remained perched in his spot.

“No way, we’re dancing” Maria yanked on his arm and headed towards the floor now filling with people.

“Max, help me out here…” Michael feigned.

“Sorry, no can do, he’ll be out there himself, won’tcha Max” Liz eyed him seductively.

Max smiled at Liz, turned to Michael and shrugged his shoulders as Liz pulled him gently from his chair.

They danced for the next thirty minutes to good old songs like...Dido, Vertical Horizon and Incubus.

The tired couples finally emerged from the crowded dance floor and made their way over to the bar.

“two Jack & Cokes, an Amaretto Sour and one Long Island Ice Tea please” Michael shouted over the music.

Maria and Liz were catching their breath when someone shoved into the back of Maria.

“Hey, excuse me..” As she whirled around she faced Courtney, nose to nose.

“Problem watching where you’re walking?” Maria said through clenched teeth.

“Oh, I was watching where I was walking, there’s just some things you can’t quite get around when they’re taking up the whole damn bar!” Courtney spat in Maria’s face.

“maybe of you’d move that wide ass of yours people could actually reach their destination…unharmed!” Courtney giggled under her breath.

“Hey Mikey” Courtney strode by Michael, stroking his arm on her way.

“That’s it” Maria started after her but Liz and Max both grabbed her arms.

“Maria, Maria! Let it go, she’s a lonely bitch and we all know it…even her!” Liz was struggling trying to keep Maria back.

Michael turned around towards Courtney.
“hey Courtney…Michael called.

“Yea Mikey?” She batted her eyes at him and smiled sweetly.

“Pull the vibe outta your ass and get a clue! Anorexic sluts aren’t exactly my game, so why don’tcha crawl back under that disease infested mattress you came from!” Michael said rather loudly.

Almost on cue Maria burst out laughing at the look on Courtney’s face.

“Pig!” Courtney shouted and headed towards the ladies room.

Liz was right beside Maria laughing it up, but both men just stared at the girls with raised eyebrows.

“girls, girls….what shall we do to liven up the party?” Max teased

“How about that drink sailor” Liz winked at him.

They grabbed their drinks from the bar and headed back to their table.

Just as they sat down, Tess walked up to the table grinning ear to ear.


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and yes, reunions have those silly contests. Mine did anyway, I was hoping to win either married longest (9yrs) but lost and then hoping "longest distance travelled" since noone ever seemed to leave that place,(Seattle-area) Atlanta is on the other corner, but was beat out by someone who had moved to Germany! *shy*
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And, the moment you've all been waiting for!

Part 24


Michael turned around towards Courtney.
“hey Courtney…Michael called.
“Yea Mikey?” She batted her eyes at him and smiled sweetly.
“Pull the vibe outta your ass and get a clue! Anorexic sluts aren’t exactly my game, so why don’tcha crawl back under that disease infested mattress you came from!” Michael said rather loudly.
Almost on cue Maria burst out laughing at the look on Courtney’s face.
“Pig!” Courtney shouted and headed towards the ladies room.
Liz was right beside Maria laughing it up, but both men just stared at the girls with raised eyebrows.
“girls, girls….what shall we do to liven up the party?” Max teased
“How about that drink sailor” Liz winked at him.
They grabbed their drinks from the bar and headed back to their table.
Just as they sat down, Tess walked up to the table grinning ear to ear.

“well, well, well don’t we look all happy tonight” Tess slurred out.

They all looked at her in disgust…all but one that is. Max stared at the napkin under his glass, not wanting t make eye contact with that woman. The woman that almost ruined his entire life. His life that was so perfect right now, it made him angry just to be in her presence.
Maria was the first to speak up…of course.

“Why yes Tess, we are very happy and unless you want to spend the rest of the evening sipping your drinks through a tube, I suggest you go back to doing WHOEVER you were doing”

“Hey, I just wanted to congratulate you all, let’sh not be mean, it’sh been so long sincth we’ve sheen each other.” Tess could barely speak as she chugged the rest of her mixed drink, spilling some down her chin.

“Tess, I think it’s be better if you just went back to your seat and left us alone.” Michael said calmly.

“No! I came her to congratulate you guysh and I’m gonna do it!” Tess spit out.
“Max and Liz, the happy long married couple, how sweet. And Maria, you finally got what you’ve wanted, Michael wrapped around your little finger…or is the other way around” Tess winked at Michael.

Maria stood up as Max grabbed her arm. “No, don’t!”
Liz looked up at him, eyes wide.
“Tess, we thank you and now kindly, would you please leave us…all of us...alone!” max stated firmly but quietly.

“Oh, what’s the matter Maxie? Don’t you like me anymore? I thought we got along quite well in high school. Well, atleast for one night anyway” Tess giggled out.

“You fucking whore! Get outta here or I’ll…” Liz screamed at Tess.
“You’ll what…huh? Whatcha gonna do little Lizzie Parker? Maybe sleep with my boyfriend and get pregnant?” Tess laughed to herself, she had waited a long time for this.
“oh, that’s right, that’s my job, aint it sweety?” Tess looked at Max.

Max wanted to wrap his fingers around her throat and squeeze the life out of her.
Liz stood up and ran to the bathroom.

Maria jumped across the chair and grabbed Tess by her arm and pulled her across the table.

“Listen you sick, slimy, sleazebucket. I’m about the knock your ass out and I just want you to know one thing…” Maria whispered into her ear.
“It’s gonna hurt like hell”

And with that, Maria punched Tess smack dab in the face!

Instantly her nose began pouring with blood.
“You bitch, you broke my nose. I’ll sue you for this you fucking bitch!” Tess screeched out as she ran for the bathroom.

Heads turned as they heard Tess screaming.
Everyone saw Maria standing there with a satisfied smile on her face and Max was following Tess.
They had all heard the rumours ten years ago, so they knew exactly what this was about.

Noone liked Tess, so they all went back to their dancing and drinking, not caring if Tess had been seriously hurt. They all knew she was the only person who could inflict pain, pain that would last an eternity.

“Damn Maria, you broker her nose” Michael was shocked, he had seen Maria get angry and fight before, but not like this. She’d never actually inflicted such damage.

“Yeah, well, she had it coming, don’t you agree?” Maria smiled, very pleased with herself. He had waited ten long years to do this. Her best friend had been hurt so badly by this woman and at the time, Liz wanted to do nothing about it. Nothing but leave, get away from Roswell and never come back. Maria did the only thing a best friend could do.

Liz was sitting in the last stall in the bathroom crying her eyes out. Why did I come back here? I knew this was going to be horrible. Just as she was about to step out she heard the door slam into the wall.

“Stupid bitch! Stupid bitch broke my G**damned nose” Tess cried.

Liz peeked through the crack in the stall and gasped at what she saw. Tess was leaning over the sink, blood pouring from her nose.

She turned on the faucet and began washing away the blood, but it didn’t seem to help as it continued it’s journey down her face.

She grabbed a handful of paper towels and pressed them to her face.

Liz took the opportunity and came out of the stall. Tess heard something behind her and looked into the mirror to see Liz standing directly behind her.

“You bitch!” Tess screamed at her.
“Looks to me as though you have a little problem, here let me help you”

Liz grabbed the paper towels from Tess’ hands and threw them in the trash. She reached for the hem of Tess’ dress and pulled the entire lower half of her skirt off and handed it to Tess.

“Here ya go, this might help soak up the blood a little better.” Liz walked towards the door as Tess launched herself at Liz.

Liz stepped out of the way just in time. The bathroom door came swinging open and nailed Tess right in the face.

“Liz? Are you in here?” Max yelled.
He heard a loud thud as he opened the door and peered behind it. There lay Tess, knocked out cold half naked on the hard tile floor, her nose still bleeding.

“yes, dear, I’m right here” Liz smiled as she looped her arm through Max’

“can we get a drink now”
Max didn’t know what to say or do, so he escorted Liz out of the bathroom and to the bar.


As Tess strolled back into the party, Max planted himself on the front porch. What the hell happened? Tonight was NOT supposed to be like this! One of the guys had stumbled onto the porch and offered Max a beer. Max hesitated at first and then thought, what the hell and chugged it down in one gulp.

He made his way back into the party looking for his car keys in the fishbowl. He didn’t want to spend another minute here.

He passed through the living room and into the kitchen. There, stood Tess with two drinks in hand.

“I was just coming to find you, I thought you cold use a drink” She handed a drink to Max. He was so miserable, all he wanted to do was go home and crash.

“Come on, truce?” Tess held up two fingers.
“look Tess, you’ve cause me nothing but trouble this evening, although I have to admit, most of it was my fault, You now I’m with Liz so why to chase after me all the time?”

“Oh Max,I know you deserve better that’s all, I can give you what Liz can’t” Tess smiled a coy smile at him and wrapped her arm into his.

“Now, drink up and then you can give me a ride…home”
Max drank his drink as he looked around for the fishbowl with the keys. He had found it across the kitchen on the counter and began digging throught it when he heard a jingling behind him.

“I already found them for you” Tess smiled.
“Now, let’s get you home and into bed” Tess walked seductively out of the room.

Max began feeling dizzy again. He knew he shouldn’t be driving like this, but he needed to get home. Just as he passed the staircase his legs gave out and he collapsed on the entry floor. Immediately two guys rushed over to him and picked him up.

“He's wasted dude, where’s your parents room?”
“This way boys” Tess called from around the corner.

The guys carried him into the bedroom and layed him down on the bed.

“I’ll take it from here boys” Tess said as she closed the door behind them
“I’ll bet she will” and they burst out laughing.

"Max, Max, poor thing, can’t quite control your alcohol huh?”

Tess slowly climbed onto the bed and straddled his limp form.

“I think these clothes are restricting you, we should probably take them off, don’t you think so?” Tess began undoing Max’ jeans when his hand stopped hers.

“what are you doing” he whispered out, he could barely move.
“Well, you can’t very well sleep in your clothes now can you, it’s not good for boys to be sleeping in restricted clothing, you know that” Tess giggled.

“Tess, stop..ple…” And with that he passed out.
“No worries, I’ll take good are of you.

Tess had slipped off his jeans and stood beside the bed stripping out of her own clothing.

“I’ve waited all year for this honey” Tess slipped herself onto the bed next to Max and started caressing his manhood. Instantly it came to life. She took him fully in her mouth and aroused his member to full alert status.

“that’s my boy, I knew you’d cooperate”
She slipped herself onto his member and began riding him slowly, pumping herself with his throbbing cock.

Max moaned at the warmth, he couldn’t open his eyes, but what he felt was amazing. He didn’t want to stop.

He didn’t know where he was but he was enjoying the feeling.

Tess lowered her breasts to his face as she continued riding his length. She reached behind Max’ head and pulled him into her bossom. He opened his mouth and hungrily tasted the feast before him.

“Oh, yesss” Tess rode him faster and faster, bringing her closer to completion when she felt him spazm beneath her bringing her own orgasm to a head. She rode him fast and hard as she came down. A satisfied grin on her fae.
“I always knew you’d be great in bed.”

The next morning Max woke up in his own bed with a headache so huge, even Tylenol couldn’t brag about relieving the pain.

He made his way to the bathroom ever so slowly. He tried to piss but something was wrong.

“OMG! What the fuck” His eyes shot open as he realized something happened last night and for the life of him, he couldn’t remember.

He spent the rest of the day laying in his bed trying to rid himself of the pain in his head and trying desperately to remember last night’s events.

Bits and pieces kept popping up but he couldn’t put it all together. He remember sitting outside the bathroom door trying to get Liz to talk with him. He remembered being outside in the yard with Tess and from the pain in his toe, he remembered getting angry and kicking something. But…from that point on, he honestly couldn’t recall anything else.

He had tried to call Liz that day, but her mom said she was very busy and would call him later. He never heard from her.

Two days had passed and still he hadn’t spoken with Liz.

Feedback or no more! *wink*

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Please forgive me. *happy*

Okay, my muse is back, but unfortunately, so is the bosslady. I'll be pretty busy this next week. AS soon asI find time I will write. In the meantime, here is the next part.

Part 25

As Liz and Max sauntered their way towards the bar someone had walked in on Tess in the bathroom and called for help.

They rushed Tess out the front doors and straight to the Roswell Hospital.

Maria and Michael had met Liz and Max at the bar and decided that it was time to go. The evening definitely turned for the worse and their fun mood had dissipated.

Although, Maria and Liz had felt very satisfied, they agreed to leave.

Instead of going home they stopped at a lounge and had a few drinks.

As they walked into the bar a car pulled in the parking lot and watched them.

“Those bitches, I’ll get them if it’s the last thing I do”

“So, what shall we drink to?” Max asked as he held up is glass.

“Friends” Liz beamed at Maria, she had wanted to do that to Tess all her life but never could find it within herself.

“Friends” They all chimed and clinked their glasses together.

Just as Maria sat her glass down a hand pulled her from her chair.

“What the…” Maria gasped.

“You bitch!”

Maria felt a hot sting on her face. When she turned to see who had hit her Michael had suddenly jumped out of his chair and was in her way.

“Let go of me, I’m gonna kick her ass…” Courtney screamed.

Michael had grabbed Courtney’s arms and pushed her towards the door of the bar.

“Oh no you don’t, you’re not getting away that easily” Maria shouted, following Michael towards the door.

“Maria! Let it go, we don’t need this” Michael told her calmly as he held firmly onto Courtney’s thrashing arms.

“That Bitch hit me and I’m not letting ANYTHING go!” Maria shouted at Courtney as she lunged for her.

Maria stopped mid flight, Michael’s strong arms were around her waist holding her back.

“Michael Guerin, let me go…right NOW!” she screamed while desperately trying to claw at Courtney, who stood there with an evil smile on her face.

“You asked for it Maria DeLuca! You should have never laid a hand on Tess, you asked for it!” and with that she scooted out the door.

“Michael, let me go!” Michael soon released his hold on her waist, but placed his strong hands on her cheeks and gave her a soft, deep, passionate kiss.

Maria finally gave in to his kiss and wrapped her arms around his neck, pulling him closer to her.

When they broke apart, she eyed him carefully.

“what was that all about?” She asked him.

“I really don’t know, but I don’t feel like watching Smackdown tonight, if you don’t mind?” He asked her calmly.

“Oh, come on baby, you know I’d waste her, it’d be one, two…me hitting her and her hitting the floor” Maria said with a devilish grin.

“Maria, are you alright?” Liz asked from behind her.

“What the hell got into her?” Max asked Michael.

“I don’t know, she said something about Maria shouldn’t have hit Tess, I didn’t even know they were friends” Michael said, scratching his head.


It had been a full week since Max saw Liz and he was going absolutely crazy.

He had tried to call her several times, but either her parents said she was too busy or wasn’t at home.

He had gone over to Maria’s when they told him she was out, but noone was over there either.

He had to find her. He had to talk to her and explain everything, he couldn’t lose her, not now.

Three Days Later…

As he walked the streets, pondering what to do next, thunder broke out and it started to rain. He quickened his pace as he was still 10 minutes from home.

His thoughts raced through his head, what would he say when he found her, how would he explain everything, when he himself hadn’t known.

Just then a car pulled up next to him.

“Want a ride?”

Max looked over and saw Tess. ‘no, not really you skank, I’d don’t WANT anything from you’

“No thanks, I’m fine” and he continued his pace down the street.

“Come on Max, you’re getting all wet and it doesn’t look like it’s going to let up anytime soon, hop in and I’ll take you home.” Tess flashed her best smile at him.

Even though he didn’t want to be near her, he did want to get out of the rain and back home as quickly as possible. He wanted to call Liz again. He couldn’t let her leave without talking to her, telling her how he feels. If he waited any longer she would be gone and then he’d really be screwed.

“So, how have you been? I haven’t seen you around lately?” Tess tried to make small chat but Max really didn’t want to talk…at least not to her.

“Uh Tess, you just missed my turn” Max turned his head to look at her and noticed she was holding something in her hand very tightly, so tight that her knuckles had gone white.

“Oh, I just thought we could chat for a little bit ya know, catch up”

Tess drove on and took the turn to head out of town.

“Tess, really I need to get home, my parents are expecting me and I have a lot of things to get done.” Max stammered, he hated being trapped in the car with her.

“Cool your jets loverboy, Liz hasn’t spoken to you in over a week, one more hour won’t kill you” she said with a hint of sarcasm.

“Besides, I have something much more interesting to talk about” and with that, she began to laugh hysterically.

TBC??? *wink*

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Sorry this is short gals, just wanted to give ya a new part when I had some time.

Hope you all have a great weekend.

Hubby's company picnic is tomorrow and then we're going to go see Austin Powers: Goldmember at the drive-in *bounce*

“Tess, really I need to get home, my parents are expecting me and I have a lot of things to get done.” Max stammered, he hated being trapped in the car with her.
“Cool your jets loverboy, Liz hasn’t spoken to you in over a week, one more hour won’t kill you” she said with a hint of sarcasm.
“Besides, I have something much more interesting to talk about” and with that, she began to laugh hysterically

[center]Part 26[/center]

Two hours earlier

Liz sat in her room staring at her suitcase. She had finished packing an hour ago and hadn’t moved since. She sat quietly in her room, her thoughts racing through her head.

It had been 10 days since she left a very drunk Max at that party and had not accepted any of his attempts to contact her. Her mother was being very supportive and screened all of her calls for her.

She had told her mother that her and Max had broken up and it was too hard trying to leave for school and deal with the emotions of her ex-boyfriend.

Her parents had taken her off the schedule, since she was leaving for school soon anyways, that way Max couldn’t come bothering her in the café.

The phone rang, pulling her out of her thoughts. She looked at the caller ID and noticed it was a cell number, but not Max’s so she picked up.


“Liz? I’m so glad I got you”

“Tess? What do you want?” Liz asked confused.

“Oh, hey I know, we haven’t exactly been the best of friends…”

“or friends at all” Liz stated quickly.

“Well, anyway, I just wanted to wish you luck. I heard you were heading to school in a few days. I hope everything works out for the best.
“Uh, thanks...” Liz was curious as hell at this point. The only time her and Tess ever talked was about Max and talking isn’t usually how you describe getting in one’s face.

“Sure, oh and…thanks for everything” With that, Tess quickly hung up.
“Thanks? For what?” Liz had no idea what had gotten into Tess, but she was pretty sure it was no good.

Liz headed down to the kitchen to grab a quick bite to eat before heading to Maria’s when her mother called from the living room.

“Liz honey, can you come in here”
‘What’s up mom?” Liz asked as she plopped down on the couch next to her mother.

“Honey, Max just called again, are you sure you don’t want to talk to him, before you head to school. It’ll be along time before you see each other and I’d hate for you to leave on bad terms”

Liz rolled her eyes. She thought her mom understood her, apparently not.

“Mom, I’d rather not do this, we’ve said all there is to say to each other and I think it’s best that I just go to school and forget all about Max Evans”

And with that, she stood up and went to kitchen.


“Tess, really, I have to get home” Max stammered as she headed further out of town.
“Oh, come on Max, we have no place to be, it’s not like we’re heading off to college tomorrow” Tess smirked

“What the hell does that mean?” By this time Max was tired of Tess and just wanted to get out of the car.

“Oh, I know you’re still upset about Liz leaving, but really, it’s the best…for everyone involved”

“Involved…who the hell is involved here?” Max was getting angrier by the minute.

“Tess, look, I’d rather not discuss this with you and if you don’t turn this damn car around…I’m jumping the hell out!” By now Max was speaking at the top of his vocal cords!

“Max, Max settle down, we’re here” Just then Tess pulled the car into a dirt driveway and headed towards a small lake with a small cabin sitting on the far side.

“Where? Where are we Tess?” Max asked her.

“It’s my uncle’s, I used to come up here when I was a kid, but since my Aunt passed away, noone has really wanted to come up here” Tess spoke softly.

“Oh, I’m sorry to hear that, it’s beautiful, but, why are we here?”

Tess pulled to a stop at the far end of the lake and jumped out of the car. She headed towards a covered picnic area and sat down on the bench, waiting for Max to follow her.

Max sat silently in the car, waiting to see what she was doing, after a few minutes he got out of the car and walked down to the bench.

“Tess, what’s going on?” Max asked her quietly.

Just then, Tess broke out in a huge grin.

“I brought you here because this place used to bring me such happiness as a child. I loved it here, we would come out every weekend and go swimming, fishing…there’s even blackberry bushes behind the cabin. My mother used to pick them with me and then we’d make blackberry jam and pies..”

Max cut her off

“Tess! Would you please tell me what the hell is going on?”
“Look, I know you didn’t get accepted into UCLA with Liz, I just thought I could cheer you up, that’s all” Tess smiled as she stood up and wrapped her arms around his neck.

Quickly Max pulled away from her and put her hands against her sides.

“Tess, look, no matter what you heard about me and Liz, we’re still together and nothing, nothing will ever change that.”
“Oh, don’t be so sure of that” Tess glared at Max.

She reached into her pocket and pulled out...


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Part 27

Tess reached into her pocket and pulled out a small square plastic piece.

“Here, it’s for you” Tess giggled.

Max reached out and took the piece, as soon as his hands touched it, he recognized what it was and dropped it onto the ground.

Tess broke out in hysterics.
“what’s the matter Max, afraid to touch it?”

“what the hell is with you, you crazy…psychotic,… delusional…sl”

“hey, hey now, watch what you say, I’m gonna be a mommy, you really should be more careful about stressing me out, it’s not good for our baby ya know.”

“Please, are you kidding me? We’ve never even been together and you think that I’m about to believe that I got your ass pregnant?” Max was screaming at the top of his lungs, he had never thought anyone could stoop so low as to make up a pregnancy.

“Whoah loverboy, us having never been together is not entirely correct…don’t you remember what happened at the party that night?”
Tess strolled around the picnic table, lazily dragging her finger along the boards. Her smile was plastered on her face, she was so pleased with herself.

Max stopped, his chest constricted, he never could remember entirely what had happened that night, he had the sinking feeling something rotten had gone down…but he never thought it was Tess.

Why? Why wouldn’t he think it was Tess, ever since she’d laid eyes on him she’d been nothing but trouble.

Max had to think quick, he needed to know right away whether or not she was telling the truth. His mind began plotting, plotting against this evil she-devil.

“Okay, you’re right, I knew something had happened…but, I guess I was just scared and didn’t want to think it was true” Max lied through his teeth, he needed her to believe him.

“Oh, Max, I knew you’d come to your senses” Tess sidled up next to him grabbing his arm.

“Let’s go…we need to” Max said a little to quickly.

“Why? Where do you want to go?” Tess asked, a little concerned.

“I just want to get back, we have lots to think about, a new baby is lots of responsibility ya know, we can’t do this on our own.” Max grabbed Tess’ hand and led her to the car.

He opened the passenger side door and helped her in.
“Max, really, I can drive”

“No, no…no woman carrying my child will be driving”
Max stated firmly.

‘It’s finally happened, I finally have Max Evans!’ Tess thought to herself.

Max walked around to the driver’s side and got in, quickly turning the car around and heading back to town.


Liz was a block away from Maria’s when she saw Tess’ car driving down the road…and Max was driving it!

“Son of a Bitch!” Liz was pissed, she hightailed it to Maria’s and began pounding on the door.
“Maria! Maria, open the door”

No such luck, Liz peered in the window and it looked completely empty. No lights, no television. Maria must have gone out.

Liz sat on the front step and buried her head in her hands. Before she knew it she was sobbing relentlessly.

“What have I done? I sent him straight to her” Liz cried out.


“Max, where exactly are we headed?” Tess asked, looking around, they were heading to the other side of town. The business section, not the residential end.

“I just have to stop and do something, it’ll be fun, you’ll see”
Max wasn’t letting this bitch ruin his life, his life with Liz.

Max pulled the car into the medical district. He immediately hopped out and opened Tess’ car door.

“Come on” Max extended his hand to help her out.

By now Tess was thoroughly confused.

Tess took Max’s hand in hers and he quickly began pulling her towards the big glass doors.

“Max, you’re hurting me, Max, let go!” Tess cried out.

“Oh, I’m sorry..” Max looked at her coldly and continued on, not loosening his grip on her hand.

As they passed through the double glass doors, Tess caught sight of the sign.

Dr. Barostoh OB/GYN

Immediately she got worried, what was Max planning on doing?

Max entered a small office with four chairs and a coffee table in the middle of the room, Magazines were spread out everywhere. All of them were Parenting magazines.

“Excuse me Ms., we need to see a Dr. do you have any open appts. This is somewhat important” Max told the receptionist.

The receptionist looked up to see a cold stare upon this young man’s face. Whatever he wanted, he wanted now.

“Actually, we have an opening in the next few moments, I’ve just had a cancellation. What shall I put you down for?” As she reached for the sign-in sheet to write down the information she heard the girl behind this young man.

“Max, what are we doing here? I already showed you the test. I’m pregnant, we don’t need to see a Dr.” Tess began to back out of the office.

Max whirled around at her words and saw her slowly walking towards the door.

“Oh, no dear, we need to make sure everying is okay, we don’t want any complications with our baby, now do we?”
He asked her snidely before grabbing her arm.

He turned back to the nurse and told her “We need blood tests ma’am, both of us. And she needs a pregnancy test. I want to be tested for VD and AIDS while I’m here”

Tess flinched at his words. Did he honestly believe that she would have given him some sort of disease? Who the hell did he think she was?

“Please have a seat sir and the Dr. will be with you momentarily”
The nurse quickly closed the glass window and made her way to the Dr.’s office.
She told him of the conversation she had overheard and the Dr. asked her to please bring them into his office for consultation.

“The Dr. will see you now, through the door, down the hall and to your right.”

“Let’s go, hun!” Max grabbed Tess’ arm and pulled her down the hallway.


Liz sat on Maria’s doorstep for another 20 minutes before her friend finally showed up.

“Liz, girlfriend, how long have you been h...” Her words were cut off when Liz looked up and Maria saw the hurt and pain in her friends eyes.

“Hey, what’s wrong sweetie?” Maria sat down next to her friend and wrapped her arm around her, allowing her to sob uncontrollably.

“Come on inside, we can talk about it, tell me everything” Maria ushered Liz through the door and sat her on the couch.

“noone will be home tonight, mom’s out of town for a couple of days, we have the place all to ourselves.”
Maria comforted her friend until she had completely shed every last tear that would come from her red, swollen eyes.


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Part 28

Tess sat nervously on the exam table, her hands fidgeting with the strap on her purse. She reached inside and pulled out her cell phone and dialed the number.

“hello” the voice on the other end answered.

“Hey, it’s me, I need you to meet me at my place in twenty minutes” Tess nearly screamed into the phone.

“where are you?”

Tess gave the location and hung up just as the Dr. walked into the room.

After the exam, he asked her to please get dressed and meet him in his office.

Tess took her time gathering her clothes and then slowly opened the door, peeking her head into the hallway to make sure noone was around. Instead of heading towards the Dr.’s office, she snuck out the back door and ran for the parking lot.

She jumped into her car and drove home, never looking back.


Liz had calmed her nerves, relentless against giving in to what she had seen earlier.

Maria had tried to tell her there had to be some sort of explanation, but Liz was having hard time with it. After seeing him with Tess at the party and now today, she was glad she was leaving tomorrow. She didn’t want to see him now or ever again. She was going to start a new life, without Max Evans.

The thought pained her, but she pushed it deep within herself. No more will Max Evans make her feel pain.

She hugged Maria and told her she had to get back home. She needed to get her rest before heading out the next day.

Maria gave Liz a ride home and hugged her friend tightly.

“Please call me as soon as you get up, I want to go to the airport with you” Maria asked.

“Sure thing, see ya then” and with that, Liz headed upstairs to her room.


Max and the Dr. sat quietly waiting for Tess to arrive when the nurse knocked on the door.

“Dr. the young lady seems to have left already”

“What?!!” Max raced down the hall to check the exam room, surely enough, there was no sign of Tess anywhere.

“Mr. Evans, is everything all right?” The Dr. asked.

“No, not really, can you tell me what the results of the tests were” Max asked him.

“Well, the blood tests won’t be back for a few days as well as the AIDS tests. However, we have confirmed the young ladies pregnancy. She is due in about 7 and a half months.”

Max’s heart wrenched at hearing the confirmation, then he looked up at the Dr.

“Excuse me? 7 and a half months? Are you sure that’s correct?” Max was already feeling the weight off his shoulders at the Dr.’s words.

“why yes, she’s approximately 6 weeks pregnant” the Dr. looked at Max’s happy expression.

“We’ll contact you in a few days with the rest of the results” The Dr. told Max as he saw him to the door.

“Thank you, thank you so much” Max grasped the Dr.’s hand and shook it furiously.


“Yeah, congratulations all right!” Max giggled.


The taxi pulled up in front of the Crashdown and had barely stopped when Max was halfway out of the door.

He rushed through the back room and up the stairs in a flash.

Max burst through Liz’s door, crushed to see the room empty.

He sat down on the bed and put his head in his hands.

“great Max, just great!” he cursed at himself.

Liz stood frozen in the bathroom, listening to him berate himself.

“You can’t just let her go without telling her...I have to find her, I have to tell her that no matter what, we’ll be together. God, I love her so much it hurts to think that after tomorrow I may never see her again, never touch her soft skin, hear her gentle voice…all because of me, I screwed things up royally, damn it why didn’t I just tell her as soon as I found out!”
Max punched the stuffed animal on her bed and it went flying towards the bathroom door.

Just then, Liz stepped out. Her face full of tears, her face in pain.


Tess pulled up to her front door, jumper out of her car and raced inside just as a car was pulling into her driveway.

“Tess? Where’d ya go? What’s going on?” a woman called out.

“I’m up here, help me, I’ve got to get out of town, and NOW!” Tess yelled from her bedroom as she packed her clothes into an already over-full suitcase.


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Part 29

Liz walked towards Max as he stood up, tear filled eyes looking at her. She could see the hurt in his eyes. Instinctively she wrapper her arms around his neck and pulled him to her lips. He wrapped his arms tightly around her waist, never wanting to let her go.

Liz pulled back just enough to make eye contact with Max. The look she gave him said everything. Tears brimmed their eyes as lips brushed against one another just as the bedroom door opened.

“Liz, honey I... Oh, sorry. I’ll talk to you later honey” Nancy quietly shut the door after winking at her daughter.




Tess checked her plane ticket for the third time. She had been offered a position as a teacher’s aide at Oxford University.

Originally she wanted to let it go, her dreams of staying with Max had been so close. After what happened this afternoon, she knew she could never see Max again. Not after what she had done.

She had ruined any chance of ever becoming a part of his life.

Her tummy grumbled as she waited to board the plane. Instinctively, her hand rested on her belly as thoughts of the child inside of her raced through her head.

This child would never know his father. Tess had screwed up again. She silently cursed herself for the way she handled things with Max. Everything would have been perfect.

The airline announced it was now boarding and Tess walked onto the plane, vowing to never again come back to Roswell, NM.


Present Day

Michael, Maria, Max and Liz had said their goodbyes in the parking lot of the bar. They would meet up tomorrow for breakfast before Max and Liz had to head back to Albquerque to catch their evening flight back to Seattle.

Max wrapped his arm around Liz and they walked silently towards their car.

“what the..” Liz gasped when she saw their rental car. The windshield had been smashed and all four tires were flat.

“great, just great” Max muttered under his breath.

“Shall I call the towing company, the rental agency, or the hotel?” Liz asked

Heck, call the hotel, we’ll call the rental company from there.

Max grabbed their belongings from the vehicle while Liz called the hotel for a ride.

When Max closed the driver’s side door, something fell onto the ground.

He picked it up and gasped at what he saw.

It was a picture of a two year old boy with black hair, almond eyes and that all too familiar smile.

The picture was worn and very old, approximately 7yrs old.

“Max, the hotel said they could be here in...What? What’s wrong” Liz saw the look on his face. He had gotten so angry, his face was beet red and his knuckles were white from squeezing so hard on the object in his hand.

Liz reached down to his hand and gently pried his fingers open,, revealing the picture of the little boy.

“Oh my God, she just won’t quit will she? She just won’t give up, no matter how clear it is, this will never end, will it?” Liz cried into Max’s shoulder.

“No, it stops NOW!” and with that he hailed a taxi driving in the opposite direction.

“Take us to the Ramada, quickly”

“Max? What about the hotel car?” Liz questioned, getting a little nervous at the look in his eyes, she had never seen him this angry before.

“Too late, we need to get to that hotel now” Max quickly ushered Liz into the Taxi and they sped off to the hotel.



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Part 30


Tess exited the terminal in search of a taxi to drive her to the hotel.

The flight had been very long and she was extremely tired. Her emotions had wiped her out.

She would deal with this tomorrow!


“Liz..I…” Max started but Liz quickly hushed him with her lips.
“not right now, now, it’s time for us”

As Liz pushed his shirt off his shoulders she lay gentle kisses along his chin moving down his jaw and to his neck, slightly biting the skin as her nails raked his back in passion.

Max’s hands roamed her soft back, reveling in her touch, the feel of her soft skin, her beautiful scent.

Liz pulled Max on the bed with her, softly crushing her body. Not wanting to release her grip on his neck, her hands worked their way down to his jeans and began unbuttoning them as he rubbed his hardness on her thigh.

He lifted his hips just enough to let Liz slide down his jeans. He was now completely naked lying on top of his angel.

He pulled from Liz’s grasp and lifted her shirt over her head, taking a moment to kiss her soft pert breasts as he released them from their clothing.

“Oohhh” Liz moaned out as she ran her fingers through his soft hair.

His kisses continued down her stomach as his hands unbuttoned her jeans. He pulled her jeans and panties off in one motion as he nestled her mound, breathing in her excitement. He gently pried her legs open as he continued his journey of kisses down her thighs and to the back of her knees.

Liz couldn’t take it, she thought she was going to explode from the fire burning in her groin. She arched her hips up to him, inviting him inside of her.

Max took the hint and plunged his tongue inside of her wet passage.

“UUUnnhhh!!!!” Liz cried out, almost forgetting they were far from alone in the house. She bit down on her knuckle to suppress her cries of ecstasy as Max fucked her with his tongue. She pulled her knees further and further apart, trying to gain him more access.

Unable to suppress the fire within her, her eyes turned dark as the hunger took over.

“Give me!” she growled.
Max looked at her and saw her motioning towards his hardness that she was now rubbing with her foot.

He stopped long enough to turn around to give her exactly what she wanted from him, to give him pleasure in the way he was giving her.

She engulfed his hardened member immediately, sucking and gripping desperately.

Max couldn’t control himself, his eyes fluttered and his legs tightened as she sucked hard on his dick.

He dove into her wet pussy once again and sucked hard on her clit, making her squeeze even harder on his dick.

Just as Liz began feeling her orgasm build up inside of her, the fire burning hotter than anything she’d felt before….Max spilled his seed into her mouth. She hungrily accepted every drop as she bucked and squirmed under his ministrations on her swollen clit.


Outside the window, neither occupant in the room noticing a shadowed figure watching their every movement.

She stay hidden just behind the wall of the window.

As she watched the two hungry beasts pleasure themselves she felt her panties pooling with excitement. Her clit throbbed at the show before her very eyes.

Gently sliding her hand into her pants, she tried to ease the ache, first circling slowly, concentrating on just the right spot working herself into a frenzy as she sped up, faster and faster until she saw Liz bucking with pleasure.

She watched the two caress each other and suddenly felt very alone.

She retreated quietly down the fire escape and headed home, alone.


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Part 31

Tess arrived at her hotel, checked into her room and proceeded to unpack her bags when the phone rang.

“Hello” she answered.
“Yes, come on up” She told the person on the other end of the line.

She unpacked her bags while she waited for her visitor to arrive.

Just as she slipped the last of her clothing into the drawers, there was a soft knock at her door.

Tess opened the door and stepped back, allowing the man to enter her room. She softly closed the door and stepped forward.
“So, when do I start?”

The man spoke firmly. “You will come to my office at precisely 7am, I will show you around the campus after we have discussed your duties. You are not to be late, I don’t wait for anyone. If you are going to be late, save my time as well as yours and don’t bother showing up. Is this clear?” He asked her sternly.
“Yes, that will not be a problem” Tess stood up straight as she replied to the man.

“Now, we will go over the rest of my expectations over dinner, are you ready?”
“Dinner? It’s almost midnight.” Tess looked at him and immediately wished she had not spoke up. The look in his eyes told her he was not happy with her questioning him.
“Yes, dinner. I’m sure after your long trip you must be hungry. I have made reservations for us and two of my colleagues. Do you need to prepare yourself or are your ready to leave?”

Geez, this guy was definitely not the ‘warm and fuzzy’ guy she had spoke with on the telephone.
“Just give me a minute to freshen up, please” Tess went to the bathroom, splashed warm water on her face and quickly brushed her teeth, gave her hair a once over and decided she didn’t have time to look ‘perfect’.
When she came out of the bathroom, the man was gone. The door was slightly ajar.

Tess came into the lobby of the hotel and found the man standing at the door waiting for her.
“Let’s go” he stated and walked briskly out the double doors and stepped into a long silver Rolls Royce.
As she stepped into the car she noticed the driver was putting something into the trunk. Seemed very odd, the man had not arrived with any luggage to her knowledge.
Quickly she brushed it aside as the man poured a large glass of champagne and handed it to her.
“To our new venture” They clinked glasses and the car pulled away from the curb.


Max and Liz lied the bed in complete silence, neither one knowing exactly what to say.

At the same time, they both spoke up “Liz” “Max”
Max spoke first, “Go ahead”
“Max, I know I must have acted irrationally at the party, it’s just…well, I was so hurt that you couldn’t talk to me, you couldn’t tell me…and…I just figured we could tell each other everything. Max, I’ve never kept anything from you, and I hoped you’d never keep anything from me.

As Liz spoke, Max’s mind was racing with today’s events. His heart raced wildly thinking about what Tess had told him and how he realized…realized he had slept with her. He couldn’t tell Liz, but how could he sit here and listen to her tell him she was upset with him for not being open and honest with her. There was no way this was going to end on a good note.

“Max? Max, are you even listening to me?” Max looked up into her eyes and saw tears forming.
“I’m sorry, I must have been lost in thought” Max reached up to touch her face. But instead, Liz pulled away from him. She grabbed the sheet and pulled it around herself as she got out of the bed.

“What’s going on between us?” Liz asked coldly. “This whole thing is going to hell in a hand basket! You lie to me, you don’t listen to me, you come over here and we…we…well you know. And yet, I get the feeling you’re still holding something back. Max Evans, if you’re not honest with me, then…then I guess you’ll just have to leave” And with that she pointed towards the window and stormed off to her bathroom, slamming the door behind her.
“What the…?” Max felt like shit, he was screwing up big time and he had to do something to fix this, and quickly!


The Rolls Royce pulled into a dark alley and the door opened.
Tess stepped out in the cold bight wind and looked around.

“Excuse me, but where are we?” she asked the man that stepped out of the car behind her.
‘The best club in town, now, if you’ll follow me” He walked towards a large metal door that seemed like something out of a monster movie.

He knocked three short times, waited and knocked twice more.
A small window in the door slid to the side and the man whispered something to the man inside. The window promptly slid shut and the door began creaking as it opened slowly.

“After you” the man motioned to Tess.
She stepped inside, into a dark long hallway with very little light. She felt the man place his hands on her shoulders and gently push her forward, towards the end of the hallway to another large metal door. He turned the handle and opened the door to reveal a small dark and smoky room filled with pleasant music, groups of people mingling together in every corner. Tess stepped into the room as the man closed the door behind them.
He led them to a small table near the back corner. He ordered drinks for them both and began to look at the menu, as if he had no idea what they served in ‘the best club in town’.

The waiter came back with the drinks and the man ordered dinner for both of them.
“My colleagues will be here shortly, as I said before, I don’t wait for anyone.”
“Now, why don’t we get to know each other a little better. Tell me about your family.”
“well, my parents passed away when I was younger, my Aunt and Uncle raised me until a few years ago when my Aunt passed away and, well, my uncle couldn’t take it, so he packed up one day and I haven’t seen him since.”
“Do you have any brothers or sisters?”
“No, I was an only child. Never had any cousins either.”
“I see, so you have no one back home that might be looking to hear from you and your new ‘venture’?”
“No, not likely, I pretty much came here to start a new life. The past is the past and that’s where I plan on leaving it. Today is the first day of the rest of my life.”
“well said” another man said.

Tess looked up and saw two very handsome men standing at the table.
“Ah, I see you two have finally arrived, didn’t think you’d be joining us” He smirked.
The two gentlemen sat down next to Tess, one of them scootching a little too close for her comfort.

“Hello” the other man said as he took her hand and placed a soft kiss on the back of hand.
“Hello” She greeted back.
“I am Paul and this is Michael, we ‘work’ with the professor here.” He nodded to the man sitting on the other side of Tess.

“I understand you’ll be working with him as well” Michael asked.
“yes, yes I am” Tess couldn’t look away from Paul’s eyes, they were absolutely beautiful, she had never seen such amazing eyes, except on the one person she vowed she would never think of again.

Tess drank her drink as she swayed gently in her seat to the music. It seemed to be reaching under her skin and making her blood beat to the sound.

Before she knew what was happening, Paul was pulling her out of her seat and dragging her to the small dance floor near the side of the club. His large hands wrapped securely around her waist as he pulled her body close to his.

She looked back at the other table and noticed Michael and the Professor talking animatedly across the table. It looked as though they were arguing.

Paul twirled her around to block her view and spoke softly into her ear.
“You look very lovely, do you have a boyfriend?” he asked as his tongue slipped out and gently licked her lobe.
At first Tess was startled by his action, until she looked into his eyes. Her legs felt numb and she realized she hadn’t been dancing, Paul was holding her up and moving both of them to the music.
“Uh, no…no one” Tess looked down as she had told him. She felt so alone.

“uhm, can we go sit down, I feel…weird. It must be the jet lag, I can’t seem to stand on my own.”
“Sure thing sweets,” he grabbed her hand and began pulling her back t the table.
The two men seemed to have settled their differences. They sat quietly, sipping their drinks and watching the crowd.

The professor stood up as Tess sat in her seat.
“Well my dear, this is where we depart, have anything you want, it’s on me”
The other two gentlemen snickered at his comment.
“Sorry? You’re leaving?” Tess asked, very confused.
“I thought we were going to discuss the terms of my employment?”
“Oh, they have been discussed, agreed upon and settled. Have a lovely evening”
And with that, the man walked out a side door.
Tess sat their completely shocked. Her head began to spin and the room suddenly got very dark. The music seemed to drown out the noise of the club and just before she passed out she felt a pair of hands reach around her waist and pull her out of her seat.


Max sat in silence, waiting for Liz to come out of the bathroom. He had heard her shower, taking the opportunity to get himself dressed, he waited patiently on her bed.

Liz stepped into the shower, her mind racing. What the hell was wrong with her, why had she acted like that? Her and Max always seemed to be able to talk things out and yet, she had an uncontrollable urge to yell at him. Something wasn’t right.

Tears formed in her eyes as she slid down the wall of the shower and gently sobbed.
She knew that when she got dressed, she would have to leave for the airport. But how could she leave without fixing things with Max. How was she supposed to fix things if he wasn’t coming with her.

She didn’t want to be away from Max, but the plans were set. The plane ticket was on her dresser and her bags were packed. Her dorm room awaited her arrival and classes started in one month.
She sat on the floor of the tub and sobbed until she couldn’t cry anymore.
Finally, she stood up, washed her hair and turned off the water.

She heard music on her room and quickly wrapped her towel around herself and stepped into her room.
She was amazed at what she saw. Her room was filled with white roses, candles placed everywhere and her CD was playing I Shall Believe. Max was nowhere in sight. She saw a piece of paper on her bed and picked it up.


I can’t tell you how sorry I am. I can tell you how much I love you and no matter what we go through, we do it together. I will do everything within my soul to make it all right.

Love Forever and Eternity,

Liz fell onto her bed and sobbed. She did it. She ruined the best thing she ever had and now she was leaving. Way to go Parker.


Tess awoke with a pounding headache. She tried to reach for her head but her hands were restrained. She tried to open her eyes but the darkness made it hard for her to focus, she couldn’t tell if her eyes were really open or if she was just dreaming. She tried to sit up and realized her legs were bound as well, fear set in quickly. Where the hell was she and what happened. She tried hard to remember what she could but the headache only made it harder.

She heard voices and turned her head in every direction trying to discertain where they were coming from.
“Help!” she screamed out, hoping they would hear her. “Someone? HELP!!”
Just then, a large door opened and a bright light shone through, blinding her momentarily.
“hush now pet, noone can hear you down here.” A deep voice spoke.

“Where am I? What do you want from me?” Tess pleaded as her eyes tried to adjust to the light. All she could make out were two shadows standing in front of the door.

“Well, I don’t think you really want to know right now, pet. All in good time. Now, it’s time for your medication.” One of the men stepped forward and stuck her arm with a needle. She whimpered slightly and suddenly felt woozy, she closed her eyes and drifted into the darkness.


Liz quickly got dressed and headed downstairs. She walked into the Crashdown in search of Max, hoping against hope that he would be there, waiting for her. There were only a few customers in the restaurant and none of them were Max.

She dropped her head and headed back upstairs when her father walked out of the kitchen.
“Lizzie? You okay?” He knew Max was with her upstairs, and he had seen Max leaving.
“Yea, I’m fine dad, I think I’m gonna go finish packing.”
“You mother said you were done, your bags are in the living room, honey, do you need to talk?” Liz gave a half smile. She loved her father, he was always there for her. She could tell him anything and know that he wouldn’t look at her any differently, but tonight, there was no way she could explain what she didn’t quite understand herself.
“No, thanks dad”
Jeff stood back and watched his daughter sadly ascend the staircase.

Max had finished packing his bags and was heading out the door when his cell phone rang.
It was Liz.
“Max, we need to talk, can you meet me at the park?”
“Yes, I’ll be right there”
Max hung up the phone and jumped into the jeep, heading straight for the park.
He pulled up next to the picnic tables where he saw Liz sitting.

“Liz, I’m sorry! I don’t know what’s going on but right now my life feels totally out of control.” Max started but Liz quickly cut him off.
“Max, we need to talk. I’m leaving for California tomorrow morning. I haven’t changed my mind but, I wanted you to know how I felt before I left. Max, you mean everything to me, but …right now, I have to focus on me. I need to think about my future. Going to college is only a small step in the walk of life and if I miss this, if I decide not to take this step, I’m afraid the rest will fall down around me. I’ve always dreamed of becoming a Scientist and nothing can change that…not even you” With those last words Liz turned her head away from Max so he couldn’t see the tears forming in her eyes.
“I know you want this to work, but, I think it’s important for us to move forward…separately”
Max stood there in shock. What was she saying? She wanted to leave, without him?
“Liz, ..”
“Max, don’t. This is hard enough without you trying to make things better. They’re not going to get any better. We’re going our separate ways. We can stay in conact with each other. You know I love you Max, I always will. There will never be anyone but you”
“Liz, I need to tell you something, you’re not going to want to hear it, but we agreed to be honest with each other.” Max waited for her response.
“What?” She was curious. What did he have to say?
“Liz, that night at the party, after you left…well, I kinda passed out…and well…Tess was there…and, I think she…and I…”
Liz’s mouth dropped open and her eyes filled with tears immediately. Was he saying what she thought he was saying.


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