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Title:Dark Corners of My Mind
Summary: Liz Parker thought her life couldn't get any worse when she's shipped to a smalltown for a "change of scenery". Boy, was she so wrong.
Rating: PG-13 to R
Disclaimer: Me no own- You no sue!
Author's Notes: I dunno if I'll continue this. It was just one of those ideas that don't wanna go away and came from nowhere...

I stared out at the sun while loud music filled with hatred rang in my ears. My mind had completely left me while I was still on land, and whatever was put in its place felt dead, but that shouldn't have been much of a surprise to me. My minds never in tune with everything else anyway.

There were babies screaming in the background. Crying for god knows what while their parents looked apologetically at all the passengers. Their eyes seemed to stay on me longer than the rest of the passengers as I sat in the last row, corner seat by my lonesome self. The little kids seem to be staring at me too with some wild fascination in their eyes. Their fingers on their lip at the exact spot I sport my own lip ring or maybe it's just my imagination brewing it all up.

I wouldn't be surprised if that's what was happening. All of this just part of my imagination, but then you need your mind for that, which I'm lacking at the moment.

The turbulance rocked the plane for a good 20 minutes while the pilot clicked the seatbelt sign off. The babies cried louder. Some old man got up to the bathroom and the flight attendant walked up and down the aisle looking warily over the passengers.

My mind remained blank though. As if it were asleep while it left my whole body wide awake, well at least my eyes since I haven't moved any part of my body other than that. It was almost like I was walking through thick fog- mentally- nothing seemed familiar and you couldn't go too fast or you'd end up deeper into the unknown.

The fog just seems to get thicker as I keep walking, but I know stopping won't be good. Stopping meant letting myself be caught by whatever it was in there. A time bomb that's what they had called it. A time bomb waiting to just blow up on me.

The sounds of the loud banging of the drums and guitar chords fade away while I swimmed through my thoughts. Deeper and deeper until everything seems to fade, the passengers, the music, the sounds, the colors, and I'm surrounded by a sheet of white fog.

Thicker than anything you can imagine. Even a knife couldn't cut through.

Out of the corner of my eye, I can see a flash of black darting through the fog. It looked like a blur and as it came closer, I could almost make out what it was saying through the static.

Static... Buckle u-... Static... ow landing... Static... os... Static...ell

I bolted up from my seat. The sun had dipped into the horizon. The light brown desert ground replaced by black asphalt. Staring out the window it was a building that served as the airport instead of endless blue sky and cotton-like clouds I saw. Out of the speakers on the plane the words I dreaded since I was told of this trip came out.

Welcome to Roswell.

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Part 1
Left. Right. Left. Right

Even my feet are trying to be uncooperative. It's taking everything inside of me, which is not exactly a lot, to move them down the aisle of the plane.

It's empty now, the plane that is. The crying babies have all been carried out hastily by their parents. The adults here for a vacation hurried out quickly too. To take pictures of whatever small green men are running around. Maybe to get away from me too. Who knows?

The only thing you can hear now are the flight attendandts taking to each other in soft whispers and the engine which is still on.

I think they're staring at me through the corners of their eyes.

Left. Right. Left. Right.


The cockpit door is wide open. A thousand buttons inside that somehow reminds me of life. You push the wrong button while you're in the air and boom the plane comes plummeting down and you're history. Just like in life, you make the wrong choices, and boom you're life goes down the drain.

For a moment or two I have the sudden urge to run into it and fly it anywhere. Keep on flying so I can get away from reality. Maybe fly it into my parents house for ruining my life. But I have to push the thought away cuz thoughts like that aren't going to help... not unless I'm looking for a spot in a room filled with padded walls.

Left. Right. Left. Right. Left.

The airport isn't as big as the one I had left behind. Not something to be surprised about though. It is a pretty small town.

The passsengers that had been on th eplane have cleared away so I spotted them with ease. Them being my uncle and cousin who have graciously taken me into their home. They were the only two guys sitting in the terminal watching the gate closely.

They spotted me seconds later. Smiles began appearing on their faces and the older man walked over to hug me. The hug went unreturned. I wonder if my parents forgot to mention that I didn't return such gestures of affection. He pulled back to look at me up and down, the way people do when they haven't seen you in a long time and trying to figure out how tall you've grown.

"Wow it's been long. Last time you were just this high when I saw you." He places his hand to his waist and smiles, but the smile is beginning to waver now.

I do that you know. I make people uncomfortable a lot. It's an unwanted gift. The only people that have put up with me are my parents, but that's just gone to hell now seeing I've been shipped off like a piece of baggage to this place.

He stares at me again. Right in my eyes and it makes me divert my gaze to the ground and push back the thoughts of running back into that plane to hide.

I forgot he had her eyes. The same brown color... It brings too much hated memories.

"Hey." The boy grunts at me. He's stopped smiling and is eyeing the lip ring like it's something repulsive. He tries to come up with something to say, but just shrugs and begins walking. I think he hates that fact that I'm ruining his perfect life.

After that is this stony silence as we walk towards the baggage claim. The tension so thick around us you couldn't even cut it with a chain saw.

How are we going to last in a house with just the three of us?
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