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Rating: PG-13, may go higher
Disclaimer: I unfortunately own nothing L, so sue me But your not gona get any-thing
Feedback: Needed for the story to go on J
Summary: Max has a crush on Liz, Liz has gone off men! Read on to find out what happens. In response to a challenge by Sugarplum: viewthread?forum=AMB_AP641015105&id=16030


~West Roswell High-School Cafeteria~
“Ugh! That’s it I’v given up on guys!” Liz Parker said to her two best-friends.
“That’s present company excluded, I hope?” Alex Whitman asked sipping his orangeade.
“Why, didn’t your date with Sean go well?” Kyle asked
“What do you think?” Liz retorted
“Tell uncle-Alex what happened”
“Well; in the movies as soon as the film started, he rammed his tounge down my throaght, so I pushed him off-of me & I then said ‘no’ to which he said ‘ok’.”
“That doesn’t sound so bad”
“Im not finished, unc’, then throughout the movie he insisted on saying ‘oh, look’, ‘this is the best part’, ‘ah, this is where he’. So after his cometry at the cinema he was driving me home, when he suddenly pulled over & tried to get me t blow him!” Liz finished with a sigh
“So, he’s why your giving up on guys?” Kyle inquired
“Well, after; Sean, Tommy, Paulie & Nick YES!”
“Liz it isn’t that bad” Alex tried to cheer his best friend up.
“Let me list four of my resent dates: perverted, snooze-fest, weird & dumb!”
“So Sean was pervy, Tommy was boring, Paulie was weird & Nick was an idiot?” Alex asked an exasperated Liz.
“Hey, hey, hey Paulie aint weird!” Kyle butt-in
“Um, Liz can I show you my pet alligator. My mum, is over in the cemetery, would you like to meet her?” Liz imitated Paulie Hislop in a deep voice
“So he has a pet, & likes his dates to meet his mum” Kyle tried not to make her love-life seem so bad
“He hangs his Y-fronts on coat-hangers!” Liz replied to her little Buddha-boy.
“So Liz Parker, not dating, your not going to last!” Kyle said in disbelief
“Yes I will, no men” Liz said confidently
The trio, so engrossed in their conversation, that they didn’t notice Max Evans listening to the end of their disscusion, nor did they see his shoulders slump as he sighed hevily


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Guys I need your help! I need a title, I've racked-my brain, But I cant come up with one, If you could post some suggestions, it would really help, thanx *happy*
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* Means thought

~Bio Class~
“So for the assignment I will pair you up as follows: Flanders & Simpson (DOH!), Walsh & Neil, Young & Campbell, Clot & Fry, Warwick & Bennett, Pearson & Hislop, Macintosh & Rabin, Deluca & Guerin” Ms Hardy read out, until Maria interrupted
“Um, Michael dropped out”
“Thank-you Miss DeLuca, you will be in a three with Harding & Higel, & Parker & Evans” Ms Hardy finished *Im with Liz, im with Liz, YAY!*

“Hey Max” Liz said sitting next to Max
“Um, hey” Max replied nervously.
“About this bio-assignment, do you want to come to my house at, say seven-thirty tonight?”
“Yeah, yeah, that would be, yeah, ok” Max shakily said, to which Liz giggled at.
“See ya Max”
“Yeah bye”

~Liz’ house 8:00pm~
/RING RING“Hey Alex”
“I already told you, no more guys! That means that you dot sent me up on dates!”
“If, he’s that good looking, then why don’t you go out with him?”
“Ok, so, your now going out with James Pearson”
“Alright, bye Alex”

“Sorry about that” Liz said apologetically
“No probs, so your off men?”
“Yup, what about you?”
“How do you mean?” Max inquired
“I don’t see you with girlfriends” explained Liz
“Oh, I’ve never had a girlfriend” Max sighed
“Do you want me to set you up?”
“No!” Max snapped
“Ok, just trying to help”
“Liz, im sorry, its just that, im gay” *SHIT!*
“Oh” Liz seamed surprised
“Yeah, so if you know any single-good-looking-gay-guys then” Max hurriedly said
“Ok, will do. Biology?”
“No, I’ve, I’ve just got to go home, see you in school”
“See ya”
Amd if anyone know's of a good title, it would be greatly appreaciated

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misconseption, it is. & to everyone that asked max was nervous

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Part3 Phone Conversations
~Max’ House~

“Michael im telling you I messes things up big time” Max told his best-friend over the phone
“Whatdidyoudo?” Michael asked
“I, kinda told her I was gay”
“Haharhaharhahar! Dude, you are without a doubt, the dumbest guy I know!” Michael replied doubling over in laughter
“Look, you, gota tell her that you were lying” Michael advised
“I kinda told her if she knew any good-looking-guys, to send them my way”
“DUDE! You are soooooo stupid! How, or, why is Liz gona date someone she thinks is gay?” Michael said cracking-up again
“SHUT-UP!!!!!!!! I know I did wrong, & so now im gona ring her, so get off the phone!”
“Bubi Maxie-boy”
“Yeah, yeah!”
“Hello” Liz chirpily said as she picked her phone up
“Um, hi, um, is, er, Liz there?” Max asked timidly
“Hey Liz, its, its, Max” Max said nervously
“Oh, hey Max, how are you?” inquired Liz
“Im, good, & you?”
“Im, ok” *Ohh, he sounds so cute*
“Look, about me being gay……….” Max trailed off
“Don’t worry, I wont tell any-one. Look my mum’s calling me for dinner, I’ve got to go, see ya Max” Liz said quickly
“Yeah, bye” *DAMB!*
“Shit, shit, shit!!” Max said aloud as he put the phone down


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well, this is a general summary, of what is gona happen, Liz & Max will become great friends(think of the film '3 to tango') & Max might see Liz naked, or topless or something, & they are deffinatly going to go out on the pull together. Then Liz will find out, she will be soooooooo pissed, then they will get together, & they might do it, im not sure, But there is a posibility.
I will probably have the next part out soon, next week latest
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ok, I have been sooooooooo busy, so then next part should be out over the weekend, insedentily, if anyone cares im probably gona write a valenties dreamer fic *happy* & thank-you soooooooooooooooooo mutch for all the feed-back, yeah Max really is a dumbass!
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ok, im sorry for the delay, I've bin really, really ill(ok, bad cold) but still the potential is there.
p.s. Gracie check-out the signature
any-who, on with the fanfic.............


One month later, Max & Liz are best friends. Michael, Maria & Liz are the only people that know about Max being gay. One day Max stops by Liz’ house………….
/KNOCK, KNOCK“Come in” Liz Parker shouted from he bathroom, upon hearing a knock at her door.
“Liz, wana see a movie?” Max asked walking into Liz’ room
“What movie?”
“Oh, how about ‘Get Over It’? Colin Hanks is soooooo gorge!”
“Yeah, he does have a nice……………ass” *What the hell was that?*
“!Giggle! At least we agree on that. Ok, I need your opinion on something”
“Ok, coming out now” Liz shouted exiting her bathroom
“Y-You, bik-bikini” Max stuttered as he saw Liz in a very, very revealing green bikini
“What do you think?” Liz asked, doing a twirl
“Um, revealing-thong-bikini” Max stuttered *Ok, be gay, be gay, you dumbass be gay! Gay guys don’t get aroused by half-naked goddesses*
“Good, or bad?” Liz asked
“G-g-go-goo” Max continued to stutter
“Goo?” Liz mocked
“Good, um, but thing?” *SHUT-UP SHUT-UP NOW!*
“Thing?” Liz asked threw a giggle
“Thong, um, thong, why thong?” *Don’t let anyone see her warring that, please god*
“Why not?” Liz countered
“Ass, in view, um thong?”
“To thong, or not to thong, that is the question” *Time to play*
“Ok, point taken. Um, oh yeah, good bikini, nice colour, nice ass, um any-way. A bit sluttish, if it, um, covered your ass more then, yeah, but….” Max tried to dig himself out of the hole he was in
“You think I have a nice ass?” Liz interrupted
“Almost as nice as Colin Hanks”
“Or Warren Stacey”
“Or Warren Stacey, can we see a film now?” Max pleaded
“Ok, I’ll just get dressed” Liz replied smiling

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Ok, here's the thing.....No feedback, No more fic. If you want me to continue then pleeeeeeeeeeese just write some feedback *sad*

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Yeah, me again, just to let ya'll know I should hopefully have the next part out tonight, if not then deal! *happy*

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Ok Part 5A, Ill try & get 5B & 5C out before tomorrows over *happy*

Part 5A

~Max’ House~
“So Max, have you ever kissed someone?” Liz inquired as she stepped into Max’ bedroom closing the door behind her.
“N-No” Max stuttered
“Well I know that your gay, But I still think that you should know what its like to kiss, well a girl at least”
“You?” Max couldn’t believe his ears *had Liz just said no, it couldn’t be could it?*
“Well I think you should learn how” Liz said a little shakily
“We should kiss?” Max asked still in disbelief
“Yea. Come here” Liz said patting a spot next to her on the bed
“!GULP! OK” Max said a little too loudly as he walked over to where Liz was sitting, carefully placing himself next-to her
“Ok just relax, & be ready for what’s about to happen, unless you don’t want me to do this….” Liz said then was interrupted……
“…………No! I mean your right I need to learn” Max interrupted
“Um ok. Do you want to um?” Liz asked unusually nervous
“Ok” Max said leaning over to Liz, pushing her back, his hands holding her sides………..

*big* hehehe im not leaving it there…
Max ducked his head his lips brushing over Liz’. She gently started tugging at his bottom lip, his tongue sliding out licking her lips pushing past them gently making love to her tongue as she lightly moaned into his mouth. Max pulled away suddenly.
“Was that ok?” He asked cautiously
“Y-Yea, that was a, a good kiss. Max I forgot im going out with Alex today” Liz said a little breathlessly
“Oh ok, see ya then” Max replied a little disappointed
“See ya” Liz called out slipping thru Max’ window

Next part’s will be Max & Liz’ POV’s talking to their friends *happy*


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~Max’ Room~
Max sat on his bed staring into space, he heard his window open
“Hey Michael” Max said
“Hey, how did you know it was me, you didn’t even, anyway Maria’s coming” Michael said sitting on a chair backward
“Why not thru the window?” Max asked
“Duno, she has this whole bitchin’ thing ‘because you should use a door, the window is just so, people will think your gay’ ugh!” Michael said imitating Maria
“Hey guys, ‘sup?” Maria asked walking into Max’ room
“I kissed Liz” Max said falling backwards on his bed
“What!?!?!” Both Michael & Maria asked
“She just said that I should know how ‘n stuff & wow. Her skin is soooooo soft & her lips are, their………” Max trailed off, sitting up
“Man, you got it bad” Michael said
“Hey shut-up, let the guy continue” Maria said whacking Michael with a cushion
“Hey!” Michael protested
“Guys! So as I was sayin’ & her lips are just, &, & she tastes of, ummmmmmmmm, strawberries hmmmmmmmmmmm”


look out for the next part *happy*

*tongue**big**tongue*soppysophs*tongue**big* *tongue*
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~Alex’ House~
“Alex I need to talk” Liz said bursting into Alex room
“Ok” Alex said looking up from his computer
“Ok, I really need a girl talk” Liz said sitting on his bed
“HEY! See me Alex, guy! What about Kyle, ‘Oh Buddha I love you, oh Buddha’” Alex imitated
“Alex!” Liz sighed
“Fine, do you wana like do each other’s hair?” Alex said in a high pitched voice
“Ok, now I really think I need to buy a new bra, what do you think?” Liz retorted
“So, is there a specific reason you’re here, other then ruining my life?” Alex mourned
“I kissed Max, I mean he kissed me, or rather we kissed, & it was soooooo” Liz said in one breath
“Ok, what happened, start from the beginning”
“So, I thought he should, know how to kiss, so I went over there, &told him just that. So we kissed, & it was soo amazing, &…..” Liz said dreamily before Alex interrupted
“Oh, God, your falling for him, arnt you?” Alex questioned
“No, well maybe” Liz said truthfully
“I know, I know, but nothing is gona happen so, it ok, right?”
“So, about this kiss?” Alex asked not wanting to burst his best-friends-bubble
“He was so gentle, but the kiss was filled with passion, & it’s like I completely remember it, but it’s all a blur” Liz replied with a dopey-grin on her face


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*Blushes* thanx Chris! thanx eveyone else that posted feedback, you guys are da bomb! *happy*

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HELLO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! soory just had to get that outa my system! any-who there are like three more parts, wana know what happenes, well im gona tell you so if ya dont wana know look scroll down

*************GONA HAPPEN*****************
ok, part6 Max & Liz go on the pull & end up dirty dancing, the fun!
part7, Liz finds out Max isn't gay & they have this HUGE fight & she hates him.
part8, Max convinces Liz he's a good guy blah-blah-blah & they become a couple, they might do it, they might not, this is where I need you guys to tell me if you want NC-17, ok?
*************GONA HAPPEN*****************

so I still need feedback or I wont continue posting the fanfic here *happy*


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~Liz’ House~
“So, we’re going to a club, are you gona tell me anything more?” Max asked as Liz put the finishing touches to her make-up
“Nope, how do I look?” Liz asked flashing Max a smile
“Like a million bucks. Wait Liz this aint a gay-club is it?” Asked a nervous Max
“!Giggle! No, I don’t think there are any in Roswell” Liz said standing up

As Max & Liz got their drinks, they sat down & heard Britney Spears-Slave 4 U playing
I know I may be young, but I’ve got feelings too.
And I need to do what I feel like doing.
So let me go and just listen.

All you people look at me like I’m a little girl.
Well did you ever think it be okay for me to step into this world.

“Come on Max” Liz said pulling Max onto the dance floor

Always saying little girl don’t step into the club.
Well I’m just tryin’ to find out why cause dancing’s what I love.

As the song went on Liz started grinding against Max

Get it get it, get it get it (WHOOOA)
Get it get it, get it get it (WHOOOOOA)(Do you like it)
Get it get it, get it get it (OOOHHHH)(This feels good)

I know I may come off quiet, I may come off shy.
But I feel like talking, feel like dancing when I see this guy.

Max soon caught on, & pushed Liz toward him, groping her ass, with his free hand running threw her hair

What’s practical is logical. What the hell, who cares?
All I know is I’m so happy when you’re dancing there.

I’m a slave for you. I cannot hold it; I cannot control it.
I’m a slave for you. I won’t deny it; I’m not trying to hide it.

As they continued to dance they got a few stairs. But continued their movements

Baby, don’t you wanna, dance upon me,
(I just wanna dance next to you)
To another time and place.
Baby, don’t you wanna, dance upon me,
(Are you ready)
Leaving behind my name, my age.
(Lets go)

(Like that)
(You like it)
(Now watch me)

At some point Liz had found Max’ head & was messing up his hair as her body ground against his, to the music

Get it get it, get it get it (WHOOOA)
Get it get it, get it get it (WHOOOOOA)
Get it get it, get it get it (OOOHHHH)

I really wanna dance, tonight with you.
(I just can’t help myself)
I really wanna do what you want me to.
(I just feel I let myself go)

I really wanna dance, tonight with you.
(Wanna see you move)
I really wanna do what you want me to.
(Uh Uh Uh)

Max’ hands had found a new found love for Liz’ ass, as he continued to rub, his palms over the soft material of her dress(& ass)

Baby, don’t you wanna, dance upon me,
(I just wanna dance next to you)
To another time and place.
Baby, don’t you wanna, dance upon me,
(Are you ready)
Leaving behind my name, my age.

I’m a slave for you. (Take that) I cannot hold it; I cannot control it.
I’m a slave (It just feels right) for you. (It just feels good)
I won’t deny it; I’m not trying to hide it. (Baby)

Get it get it, get it get it (WHOOOA)
Get it get it, get it get it (WHOOOOOA)
Get it get it, get it get it (OOOHHHH)

Get it get it, get it get it (WHOOOA)
Get it get it, get it get it (WHOOOOOA)
Get it get it, get it get it (OOOHHHH)

By this time Liz had wrapped her legs around his waist

I’m a slave for you. (Here we go now)
I cannot hold it; I cannot control it.
I’m a slave for you. (Here we go) I won’t deny it, (Yeah)
I’m not trying to hide it.

(Like that)

By the end of the song Max & Liz were both panting & in need of some water.
“Um, that was, um” Max gasped
“Yeah, fun” Liz said just as breathlessly

~Max Room~
Liz has just fallen asleep on Max’ bed.
“Sweet-dreams” Max said kissing the top on Liz’ head. Max rolled out a sleeping bag, stripped down to his boxers & crawled into the bag

~Next Morning~
Max awoke to find Liz staring at him.
“Hey, sleepy-head” Liz said
“Hey, you, bed stealer” Max said in mock anger
“Sorry, can you forgive me?” Liz asked giving Max a puppy-dog-eye look
“No, I think I slept on your shoe” Max replied pulling what appeared to be a stiletto-sandal out, from under him
“Awwwwww, im sorry Max, I’ll tell you what, come & lie face down on here” Liz said pointing to Max’ bed
“Ok, & this will help how?” Max asked lying facedown on his bed
“Like, this” Liz said straddling Max’ waist
“What, your gona tickle me now?” Max asked
“No, im gona give you a back rub, so you can tell me what’s on your mind” Liz said
“Nothing’s on my mind” Max replied quickly
“Yes, there is, now come’ on tell me” Liz persuaded
“Ok, there’s, this gi-guy” Max stuttered, as Liz started to work his muscles
“& he’s, smart & b-handsome, funny, & perfect!” Max sighed
“So what’s the problem” Liz asked
“She, er, he thinks im, straight, & um, I even went as far as to tell him I was straight !Moan!” Max ended with a sigh(& a moan)
“So, you think he’ll hate you, if you tell him the truth?” Liz questioned
“!LOUD MOAN! Yes” Max got out biting his pillow


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I'll post more when, you post more of 'Disgusting'

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Guten Abend Lucy! Wie Ghets? Danke fur Deine Antwortung. is that right?

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there are two more parts of this fic. One will be posted late today,so look out for it, the other; not a clue when, behr in mind when I do post it, it will be NC-17, so its gona be long & I've never written NC-17 before so it is gona take a looooooong time to write. *happy*

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Phone conversation between Max & Liz
“So can you go to the club again to night?” Liz asked painting her toenails
“Nope, I got waaaaaay too mutch homework to do tonight” Max said sitting at his desk
“Ok, then. If you change your mind you know where I’ll be,” Liz sighed, staring at the clothes in her wardrobe
“Oki-doki, well I gota go, advanced-Chem calls”
“Bubi Maxie”
“Bye Lizziepoo” Max said hanging up

“Hey, Ant, Ant” Liz shouted over the music
“Oh, hey Liz, you want an OJ?” Ant asked
“No, im good. Your gay right?” Liz asked, her cheeks flushing
“Yea, & proud. Why?” Ant asked chugging his drink down
“What do you think of Max Evans?” Liz asked on behalf of Max
“Evans, cute, nice bod, great ass, it’s a shame he aint gay, otherwise, you can imagine” Ant said wiggling he brow.
“Yeah he is” Liz argued
“No he aint, Liz, Max Evans is as straight as a you” Anthony said getting another drink
“Are you sure?” Liz continued her interrogation
“I’ll put it this way, if he was then he would register on my ‘gay-dar’” Ant said gulping down his drink
“Oh, right, thanx Ant, um, I gota go” Liz said running out of the building

~Max’ House~
“Hey Liz” Max said as Liz slid thru his window
“I hate you, you lying bastard!” Liz shouted running toward Max hitting him
“Liz, Liz, stop, what are you talking about?” Max asked grabbing Liz wrists, forcing her to sit in his lap & look directly into his eyes
“You bastard!” Liz shouted at him, squirming in his lap
“Ok, im a bastard. Ok. Now why an I a bastard?” Max asked holding Liz still
“Hey Liz, yeah im gay, can you teach me how to have sex, it wont matter im gay, so don’t worry” Liz fumed, angry at herself for still wanting to be with Max, angry with Max because, he kept lying to her, using her.
“Liz, im sorry, im so sorry. Look let me explain” Max said in a soft calm voice, gently stroking Liz’ hair
“Let you explain, what so you can tell me more lies?!?!?!?” Liz shouted, jumping up, & climbing back thru Max’ window


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Final part comeing up later today. look out for it*happy*

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~Liz’ Room~
Liz Parker sat at her desk it had been two days since she found out Max didn’t need to hop out of the closet. In those two days her answering machine had, had 57…….wait what correction 58 messages. Liz Parker thought as she her Max over her machine. You had to give the guy credit for his tenacity. Shame you couldn’t for his trust.

~Max’ Room~
Max Evans lay on his bed with one thought on his mind, Liz Parker! He had just left her another massage, & nothing! He made up his mind his was going over there to talk to Liz.

~Liz’ Room~
Liz looked up from her bio book, most specifically the one line she had been trying to read for an hour, when she heard a tapping on her window. Outside kneeled down was none other than Max Evans homosexual-impersonator himself.
“What do you want?” Liz barked at him
“My friend back” Max replied shyly
“Piss-off Max!” Liz growled focusing on her bio book again
“No!” Max said forcefully, sliding thru Liz’ window, walking up to her.
“Max im busy.”
“Your bio book’s up-side-down” Max says smirk on his face. *Dam I never noticed!* Liz thought to herself
“Max im really not in the mood”
“Then listen” Max pleaded
“Fine! Humpf!”
“I know I did a lot of wrong things. The truth is I like you Liz I really like you, I always have really liked you.” Max said starting to pace
“So when you asked me about setting me up on a date I don’t know. It just kinda came out, & I told one lie, then I had to tell another one to back it up, then another, & I knew the more I lied the worse it would be. I sorry. But when we kissed it was amazing & wow! It was everything I dreamed it would be like & more. It was like, I can’t even describe it. Im soooooo sorry for lying. But in my defence it was for a good reason. I just hope you can forgive me” Max said. Receiving no answer turned to leave.
“Maybe we can try again” Came a whisper from behind Max. The next thing Liz knew, Max had spun round & was on top of her, on her bed kissing her face
“Max” Liz sighed as he found a sensitive spot on her neck
“So you forgive me, Liz Parker?”
“Yes. Max um, I have a confession. I like you too” Liz whispered in max’ ear
“Cool” Max said casually, sliding off of Liz.
“Max, please don’t stop” Liz said, trying to pull Max back
“Um, Liz I don’t think that I’d be able to um stop easily” Max told truthfully
“You mean, like go all the way?” Liz enquired
“Well why do you I would object?” Liz asked pressing her front into Max’ back
“You mean, you’d be, you’d want me, to um?” Max stuttered
“Uh-huh” Liz replied coolly slipping Max’ jacket off
“We’re talking about the same thing right?” Max asked turning round to see Liz sitting in her underwear.

I decided to split this into two parts. I will only continue if I get atleast 10fb's today ;) im evil I know *happy*

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im writing the fic now But I wont post it if I dont get another 5feedbacks *happy*


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Bumps dont count Gracie, BTW im posting ⊕ the dimension anyway *happy*

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ok, this is what I've writen so far, if you want more then you have to post fb *happy*

~Liz’ Room~
“Your, your, na-nak-nake-naked?!?!?!?!” Max exclaimed
“Not naked, im my underwear” Liz corrected smiling
“W-why?” Max asked, his pants tight
“Max, havent you ever found commando is more comfortable?” Liz asked
“Yeah, but your not commando” Max said
“I will be in a sec” Liz replied confidently
“So im just gona turn away” Max said shakily
“Why? Oh, its ‘coz im not pretty isnt it?” Liz asked looking down
“No! God Liz how can you say that you’re beautiful” Max said quickly trying to convince Liz she wasn’t unattractive
“Ok, so you don’t mind seeing me naked, ok” Liz replied a grin spreading over her face as she un-hocked her bra. Max’ eyes about bulged out of their sockets
“Now your naked” Max said staring at Liz’ face
“Half-naked” Liz corrected again
“Liz please, I, I” Max stuttered
“You what?” Liz asked
“You don’t want me…doing things” Max said, taking interest in Liz’ lamp, beside her bed
“I just want you Max” Liz said truthfully standing-up slipping her panties off
“Naked now” Max said slamming his eyes shut
“Max please, just open your eyes” Liz pleaded
“Liz no!” Max said forcefully. Then silence, no noise, no movement. Then he felt it, a small hand working it’s way into his pants, his boxers! Max snapped his eyes open & came face-to-face with Liz a sly smile on her lips
“Liz” Max choked out
“Yes Max?” Liz asked un-doing his jeans, slipping them down to his ankles
“Um” was all max could say
“Are you gona take your shirt off?” Liz asked making him stare directly into her eyes
“Uh-huh” Max replied being hypnotised by her eyes
As soon as Max snapped back to reality he was sitting on Liz’ bed, in his boxers, Liz kneeing behind him, her arms wrapped round his waist
“Liz?” Max asked
“Yes, Mr. Evans?”
“What do you want me to do?” Max asked feeling Liz’ lips on his neck
“Hmmmmmmmmmmm, what do you want to do?” Liz asked her hands resting in Max’ lap
“I want to make you happy” Max replied truthfully
“Do want comes naturally” Liz said lying down on her bed
“Wow Liz, your beautiful” Max said in awe, lightly kissing Liz’ neck, his lips working down to her breasts.

“Hmmmmm, Max” Liz moaned as his lips came into contact with her nipple. His tongue worked its way round her left nipple ever-so slowly. His hand gently pinching her right nipple
“Ohh, God Max, don’t stop, oh, God please” Liz continued to moan
Max changed breasts & started sucking on her right nipple, his thumb rubbing over her left nipple. As soon as he felt Liz’ hands gripping at his head pushing him into her chest, he gently bit down on her nipple, giving her, her first orgasm.
As soon as Max removed his head from between Liz’ breasts his mouth was over her’s drinking the taste of strawberries, from her mouth
“Wow” Liz gasped
“Im not finished yet” Max said smiling. Moving his body down so he was at eye level with Liz’ womanhood. He gently inserted one finger into her. Receiving a moan from Liz he started moving his finger in & out. Looking up Max saw Liz with her eyes closed, fists griping at her sheets.
Max slowly withdrew his finger & replaced it with his tongue.
“Maaaax!” Liz moaned feeling Max’ tongue enter her

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Max began lapping-up Liz’ juices, his tongue making love to her, drinking her essence.
“M-M-M-Max! Oh god, please, im so close, oh god, please, Max” Liz didn’t stop moaning. Max moved ever-so slightly, so he could push his tongue over her clitoris, gently nibbling.
“MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAXXXXXXXXXX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Liz shouted out as another orgasm hit her. Max kept his head between her legs, lapping up Liz’ cum.

“My turn” Liz said getting her breath back, pushing Max down on her bed
Liz ran her tongue over Max’ perfect chest, carefully tracing his peck’s & abs. Liz reached Max’ boxers & without thought pushed them down, revealing his manhood standing out proud.
“Wow! That’s um, big” Liz said, her eyes wide at the sight of Max.
“Liz you don’t have to, oh god!” Max said Liz’ little hands coming into contact with his erection, gently stroking it.
“How fast?” Liz asked, still staring at what was in her hands. Max’ hand covered hers & started pumping himself with Liz’ hands
“Ok” Was all Liz said before removing Max’ hand & pumping his rock hard member.
“L-L-Li-Liz” Max moaned, his orgasm nearing. Liz continued her ministrations, staring in awe at was happening in her hands
“LIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Max cried out as his orgasm ran thru him.
“Max, um, this isnt easy to say, um, can I, um, blow you?” Liz asked in a small voice

more to come *happy*

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“Sure” Max replied breathlessly, his heart pounding
Liz looked back down to discover Max was aroused again. Liz’ tongue flicked over the head of Max’ penis. She then started licking max from base to tip.
“Oh god, oh god, oh god Liz, oh god” Max moaned, moving his hips. Liz took Max completely into her mouth. Moving her head, Max started to fuck her mouth, Liz gently pulled her teeth over his erection as he moved in & out of her mouth. As she did this, Liz played with his balls, bringing his orgasm hard & fast. “L-LIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIZZZZ!!!!!!!!!!!!” Max shouted out as he came & went limp in her mouth.

Liz collapsed next to Max on her bed, & started kissing him, their tongue’s duelling. By the end of the kiss both were gasping for air.
“I want to make love to you Liz Parker” Max said sitting up, retreving a condom from his jean pocket.
“Well I want you to make love to me Max Evans” Liz said stretching out.
Max leaned over Liz, “Are you sure?” He asked.
“Please” was her reply. Max gently entered her stopping at her virginity.

more to come

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“Please” was her reply. Max gently entered her stopping at her virginity.
“Kiss me” Liz said. Max complied, feeling her hands slip down to his ass, then thrust him into her, she let out a cry of pain in his mouth.
“Do you want me to stop?” Max asked frozen
“NO, just give me a minute” Liz replied, then started moving.
“Liz I love you” Max said licking up her tear
“Do you want me to cry again? I love you to Max” Liz replied, feeling Max move inside her.
“Hmm, Max” Liz moaned, Max thrust, Liz moaned, Max thrust.
“Max, ha-harder, please, god, Max” Liz moaned. Max then thrust harder, sensing his orgasm nearing. He drew one of Liz’ nipples into his mouth & started sucking.
“Oh, god Max, god, MAAAAAAAAXX!!!!!!!!!” Liz screamed out as her orgasm hit. Liz’ orgasm pushed Max over, her walls milking him.
“LIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIZZZZZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Max collapsed on top of Liz as soon as his orgasm as over.
“Wow” Liz said gasping for air. Max rolled off Liz & pulled her into his embrace, wrapping the covers over them. All he said before nodding off was “Wow, I love you, sweet dreams Liz”


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