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Title: Our Affair
Author: Nikki
E-mail: nikki_m⊕
Rating: PG - NC-17
Couple: Max and Liz
Disclaimer: Nothing is mine...
Summary: AU. Max comes to live with the Parker's at a very early age. As they grow, their feelings grow with them.
Author's Note: This is just a teaser and it's NC-17 sort of, but then it switches to when they were younger and you'll be taken through their story.

“Harder Max.” Liz moaned as her nails dug into his back.

“God, Liz.” Max moaned as he thrust faster and harder inside her.

“Max…” Liz moaned. Her body started to convulse spasmodically. Her back arched, her nails clawed, a low guttural moan was released and her inner muscles clenched around Max’s throbbing erection as her orgasm ripped through her body.

“ Liz.” Max whispered as he followed in orgasm. His body stiffened and he moaned. Max collapsed on top of Liz. They breathed heavily and once Max found the strength, he rolled off her and layed next to her smoothing her wet hair away from her face.

“I love you.” Max whispered flattening his hand on her stomach.

“I love you.” Liz said turning her head towards Max with a smile on her face.

Max returned the smile as he subconsciously rubbed her stomach softly with his hand.

“I can’t believe whoever’s in there was made by us.” Liz said looking down at Max’s hand and covering it with her own hand.

Max looked down at their joined hands and smiled again.

They had come a long way since their affair had begun.


I only wrote a little bit just to see if anyone would like me to continue... if not, that's ok. *happy*

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Title: Our Affair
Author: Nikki
E-mail: nikki_m⊕
Category: Max and Liz
Rating: PG - NC-17
Summary:(Check the first page cause I can't remember)
Authors Note: Now, I have NEVER gotten so much feedback with just like a third of a page of writing. So, I've compiled the list of people that have left feedback and I'm sure that if I ask nicely, at least half of you will leave feedback after each part right? right? pretty please...see below for your lucky name:
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Author's Note 2: Just a quickie... no incest at all intended!

Previously on 'Our Affair': <--I've always wanted to say that!

“Harder Max.” Liz moaned as her nails dug into his back.

“God, Liz.” Max moaned as he thrust faster and harder inside her.

“Max…” Liz moaned. Her body started to convulse spasmodically. Her back arched, her nails clawed, a low guttural moan was released and her inner muscles clenched around Max’s throbbing erection as her orgasm ripped through her body.

“ Liz.” Max whispered as he followed in orgasm. His body stiffened and he moaned. Max collapsed on top of Liz. They breathed heavily and once Max found the strength, he rolled off her and layed next to her smoothing her wet hair away from her face.

“I love you.” Max whispered flattening his hand on her stomach.

“I love you.” Liz said turning her head towards Max with a smile on her face.

Max returned the smile as he subconsciously rubbed her stomach softly with his hand.

“I can’t believe whoever’s in there was made by us.” Liz said looking down at Max’s hand and covering it with her own hand.

Max looked down at their joined hands and smiled again.

They had come a long way since their affair had begun.


Part One:

“Lizzie. We have something to tell you.” Jeff Parker said to his only daughter who was sitting on the large couch in front of him and his wife. They had finished dinner and had told Liz that they needed to talk to her before she went off to play before bed.

“What daddy?” Lizzie Parker asked in her soft, innocent five-year-old voice. Her legs dangled over the side of the couch as her eyes were focused on the frills of the cushion in her lap.

“Liz honey, you remember Max?” Nancy Parker asked willing her daughter to remember.

“Um… he’s the boy that never talked wight?” Liz asked looking up from the cushion she was playing with to meet her mother’s loving gaze.

“Yeah honey. Um, he’s going to be staying with us for a while.” Jeff said placing his warm hand over one of her knees. Liz’s gaze switched to her father’s direction finding his big hand resting on her knee comfortingly.

“Oh. Why?” Liz asked curious, her head tilting to the side, her long brown hair moving about her shoulders.

“Well honey, his parents, they - uh - had to go away and they couldn’t take Max with them. So Max is going to stay with us.” Nancy tried to explain to her daughter. It was a difficult situation and for a five-year-old, it was hard to understand.

“Oh ok. So will he be staying forever?” Liz asked looking at her parents with excitement. She’d always wanted someone else to play with. She’d wanted a brother since she could remember because they didn’t hog the dolls like other girls. Jeff and Nancy shared a secret glance. Liz didn’t notice as her attention was back onto the frills of the cushion. “Cause that would be really cool. I’ve always wanted a brother.” Liz continued softly bouncing on the couch her legs moving in front of her and her hair bouncing around.

“That’s great sweetie because Max is going to be staying with us for a while ok?” Nancy said smiling down at her daughter again. She was eager for this arrangement to work. Jeff and her were always talking about another child but Nancy had always had a hard time conceiving. They had even considered adoption but it seemed that it would cost them more money than they could afford. Then an opportunity arose with Max and they jumped at the chance of being able to have a son. Although he wouldn't rightfully be theirs, they would always treat him like their own son. Nancy’s thoughts were soon interrupted by her daughter’s excitement.

“Great! Where is he going to sleep? Can he stay in my room?” Liz asked getting overly excited.

“Well Lizzie, that’s something else that we have to talk about. Because we don’t have another room in here, we’re going to be moving house. Is that ok?” Jeff asked. He didn’t think it would be too much trouble for Liz to adjust to a new home. He knew that asking her opinion would make her feel that she was important to them.

Liz looked down into the depths of her father’s eyes and knew that they had to move and that he thought that it would be better for all of them.

“Ok. If you say so daddy. Do I get a bigger woom though?” Liz asked, hope shimmering in her eyes.

“Yeah, you do.” Jeff said not being able to deny his only daughter anything she wanted. He always turned into a fool every time she looked at him with that pouting lip and watery eyes.

“When does Max get here? Does he get a big room too?” Liz was just bubbling with questions. Nancy and Jeff warmed at the inclusion of Max and their new home.

“He comes tomorrow morning actually and for a few weeks while we get the house packed up, he’ll be staying in your room. We’ll set up another bed in there and he’ll get to stay with you.” Nancy explained to Liz smiling.

Liz smiled brightly up at her mother. “I’m gonna go and clean my woom. I can’t wait for Max to come stay!” Liz said jumping off the couch and heading for the stairs and attempting to run up them fast in her haste to get to her room.

As Liz disappeared up the stairs Nancy and Jeff looked at eachother. “We’re going to be ok aren’t we?” Nancy asked her husband.

“We’re going to be than ok Nance.” Jeff said placing his warm hand on her knee.


I know it's short but I couldn't break up the next bit and I didn't want it to be too long cause then it might take me longer to get the next parts out!

P.S. If you are reading Bonding Eight, then I am currently in the middle of writing part 16, having a little trouble with it so behr with me! *happy*


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Hi guys,

Just wanted to leave another part... but first...


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BTW, Shannon, I was waiting to see how long it would take for you to find this! *happy* I know, I'm evil!

One with the story:


Part Two:

Later that night after Liz had cleaned her room with her mum to make room for Max’s things, Liz lay in bed sleeping peacefully while Jeff and Nancy were downstairs filling their lounge room with boxes to put all their possessions in. They had started to wrap their little ornaments from the mantle peice, when a loud knocking on the front door was heard. Nancy glanced at the stairs to see if the knocking had woken their daughter.

“Wait here. I’ll check it out.” Jeff said before standing up and heading to the front door. He tentatively opened it and once he saw Sarah, the social worker standing on his doorstep holding a sleeping Max, he opened the door wider in invitation.

“I’m so sorry Jeff, but I thought that he would be able to handle another night at the foster home. The Maddison’s called about an hour ago telling me that he was screaming and throwing things. I rushed over and picked him up. On the drive over here, he fell asleep.” Sarah whispered in apology.

“Sarah, it’s ok. Here, let me take him and you go inside. Nancy will make you a cup of coffee. I’m sure you’re freezing out there.” Jeff said slowly pulling Max out of Sarah’s arms. He turned and headed down the hallway stopping in the lounge to tell Nancy that Max was arriving early and that Sarah was at the front door. He saw Nancy rush to the front to usher Sarah inside the warm house and into the kitchen for a cup of coffee.

Jeff turned and headed for the staircase. He slowly walked up the stairs trying in vein not to jar Max in any way that would wake him up. He finally reached the top of the stairs and continued down the hallway passing photos of the family that hang on the walls.

He walked to Liz’s door and pushed it open softly so not to wake her. He quietly crept inside the room and walked over to the bed that held his daughter comfortably. She was lying on her right side facing him, her left hand in a fist holding her favourite toy 'Spotty'. He smiled down at her and then made his way holding Max to the other side of the bed. He held Max’s small frame to his chest with one arm as his other hand reached out and pulled the covers down.

He gently layed Max down next to Liz, sharing the pillow and proceeded to take his jacket and shoes and socks off of him. Jeff placed them on the bedside table out of the way so that Max could find them if he wanted them tomorrow morning. Jeff knelt down next to Max and pulled the sheets up to his chin tucking him in. His hand reached up and brushed aside his hair that had fallen across forehead almost covering his beautiful eyes.

Jeff remembered the first time he had met this young boy. His eyes held so much sadness and so little hope. He had barely said a word when he had come to visit that one time. He just couldn’t believe that the foster home Max was staying in kept telling Sarah that he was always screaming and throwing things around the place. When he looked into the eyes of this young boy he knew that it couldn’t be true. When Max had spent that first day with the Parker’s he’d been exceptionally quiet and had stuck by Lizzie’s side. He didn’t know what it was about his daughter but he knew that Liz was going to bring out the best in Max.

Jeff leaned down and kissed Max’s forehead. “Night Max.” Jeff whispered before he got up and walked around to do the same to Liz. He bent over and kissed her temple. “Night Lizzie.” He whispered. He ran his fingers through her soft hair and then moved towards the door. As he was about to exit the room he heard shuffling coming from the bed. He turned around to see his daughter roll over, let go of her bunny and place her hand on Max’s chest. Max turned his head to face Liz.

Jeff smiled softly and then left the room.


He made his way down the stairs and into the kitchen where he found Nancy and Sarah talking softly over the top of their mugs of coffee.

“They’re ok. I just put Max in bed with Liz. They curled up together.” Jeff said pulling out the chair and sitting down next to Nancy.

“I don’t know what it is. He’s always quiet when he comes here. Whenever we take him to a foster home, they always ring at all hours of the night complaining that they can’t handle him anymore.” Sarah said shaking her head.

“Are you sure it’s Max and not the families that he stays with?” Jeff asked leaning forward on the table.

“I don’t think its Max. But I know that they aren’t lying. I’ve heard him in the background on the phone before and when I’ve turned up he’s screaming and kicking things and throwing them. But as soon as he sees me, he quiets down and walks over to me grabbing my hand knowing he’s going to be leaving. Just like tonight.” Sarah finished shaking her head.

“Maybe we should take him to someone that he can talk to.” Nancy suggested looking at Jeff and then Sarah.

“We tried that when we first brought him in. He started to get very erratic and he started to bang his head against the wall. I had to go in there to calm him down. You could try but I don’t know if it’s going to work.” Sarah admitted while looking down at her coffee.

“We’ll give it a few days and we’ll see how he is here and if he settles in. Maybe we can call you or something in a few days and you can visit with Max and see how he is doing?” Nancy suggested again sitting up straighter glancing at her husband then back to Sarah.

"Ok, we'll try that." Sarah said nodding her slowly.


Yes, Yes, this is extremely short...especially for me! But the next part is longer... so just hang in there. I will try to make them longer... I'm sure I can, except, I can't make them as long as the parts in Bonding Eight because then the posts become fewer and far between.

Anyway, stay tuned for more...

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Hi again... now I didn't think that I would post another part...but I just had guys left so much feedback! *happy* THANKS FOR ALL THE FEEDBACK AGAIN!!!

Oh and there are some new people to add to my list... Tobasco Liz, Angelprincess, Roswell Rocks, Tazno, marteloise... thanks for all the feedback... there were some individuals that I wanted to reply to...but in a hurry to get to school! UGH! So I'll reply when I get home!


Part Three:

Liz woke up early, her fist came up and rubbed her eyes. Her mouth opened in a yawn and she turned her head and opened her eyes, she was met with the sleeping face of one Max Evans. She sat up in bed and both fists flew to her eyes rubbing them furiously not believing what she was seeing in front of her.

She gasped when she realised that Max was really there. Her new ‘brother’ had arrived early! “Wow.” She breathed out. She watched as he slept, waiting for him to wake up. She waited a few second and when he didn’t wake up she got bored. She scooted up close to Max’s head and started playing with his hair. Her small little fingers brushing his hair down in front of his eyes. She giggles softly when Max’s nose twitched.

She then parted some of the hair making spikes going down his forehead. She held a tiny hand over her mouth as she giggled again. Suddenly his eyes fluttered and finally opened. One of his fists came up and rubbed at his eyes. Liz waited with baited breath. She was scared that he wasn’t going to want to live with them. What if he didn’t like her? She was getting worried.

Max let his eyes adjust to light in the room. He was staring up at the ceiling not recognising it. He tried to remember back to the night before. He remembered the Maddison’s trying to calm him down, then he heard Angela Maddison on the phone calling Sarah. Sarah picked him up and drove away with him. He didn’t remember anything after that. He turned his head and found a semi-familiar face staring down at him. His brow knotted in confusion. Why was she here? Where was here?

“Hi. ‘Member me?” Liz asked softly.

That voice. It was the voice that he had been dreaming about every night. It was her voice. He couldn’t believe it. He vaguely remembered the little girl. When his memory was fuzzy, he figured the family had put those pills in his food in the morning of that day he was trying to remember cause they had all done that to him.

He nodded his head in acknowledgment. And the girl in front of him smiled. Max smiled back. He thought her smile looked good on her.

“Come on. Let’s go wake up mum and dad! They love it whend I jump on their bed in the morning.” Liz said bouncing on her bed with excitement. Max just stared at her with wonder. Didn’t she think he was a freak? Every other family he had been with had thought he was a freak.

Liz getting bored with the staring jumped off the bed and reached over grabbing Max’s sleeve dragging him out of the room and down the hall. She stopped at a corner and turned around placing her finger over her lips as a sign to be quiet.

She tiptoed down the hallway until they reached a door. She lifted her hand a quietly turned the knob letting the door swing open.

“We have to be vewy vewy quiet.” Liz whispered. Max nodded. They tiptoed in the room and there on the double bed were Nancy and Jeff Parker sleeping peacefully. Liz let a little giggle escape her lips as she let go of Max’s sleeve and ran over to the bed pulling on the sheets to help her climb up onto the bed. Max just stood frozen in the middle of the room. He didn’t feel like it was right to be over there where the girl was standing on the bed.

She started jumping up and down on the bed screaming. “Mummy! Daddy! Shine and Wise! It’s mornin!” She yelled excitedly. A pair of hands reached up and grabbed hold of Liz throwing her up in the air as she squealed with delight. Her small form landed on the bed with a small thud and then she bounced up again. The same arms that had thrown her up in the air were now running up and down her sides, fingers running over her ticklish spots. The arms were attached to a man that was laughing right along with the little girl with the voice.

Another sound of laughter joined in. This voice was a motherly voice. Max had heard it a few times when he was other people’s homes. It was never directed to him though. Suddenly the girls giggling stopped and she turned her head towards Max.

“Come on Max! It’s lots a fun! Come jump!” Liz said holding her arms out in invitation.

“Morning Max.” The man said from the bed with a warm smile.

“Hi Max. Do you want to hop up here with us? It’s very comfy.” The lady said smiling brightly at him. Max took a tentative step towards the bed.

“Huwwy Max. Mummy’s going to go and make bweakfast soon.” Liz said smiling as she sat down on the end of the bed.

Max took another slow step towards the bed. He could do it. He just had to take a few more steps and he could sit up there with the little girl and her voice and the man and lady with the nice smiles.

Did they really want him? Were they going to keep him? Were they going to give him back to Sarah to take to another family? He couldn’t do it anymore. He stopped himself before he took another step. He looked at their smiling faces and turned and ran out of the room.

Jeff, Nancy and Liz heard footsteps through the house, they finally heard Liz’s door slam closed. Liz looked at her parent’s worried faces. “Did I do somefing wong?” Liz asked her bottom lip trembling.

“No honey. Max isn’t ready yet. Don’t worry. He’ll be ok. Just give him a little time. He’ll come around.” Nancy tried to calm down her daughter.

“Will he go away again?” Liz asked her eyes watering.

“Hopefully not honey.” Jeff said holding Liz to his chest as he ran his hand soothingly up and down her back.


Part four is much longer and it will hopefully make up for a few of these shorts parts!..

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Hi guys... I'll be getting back to your feedback in a minute or two...

here's the next part...

Part Four:

“Max. You wanna play wiv me?” Liz asked as she held up a toy in explanation.

Max looked over at Liz. He learned her name was Liz this morning and he liked the name. It suited her. He slowly got up form his seat on the floor and walked over to her. He sat down but didn’t make an attempt to pick up a toy and play with it.

“Here. You can play with Spotty.” Liz said handing a white bunny over to Max.

Max smiled shyly as he ran his hand experimentally over the fake fur. His smile brightened when he felt how soft it was. His head jerked up to meet Liz’s eyes.

“You wike him? He’s my favouwite toy. I never let anyone pway wiv him. But you can cause you’re part of the family.” Liz said trying to articulate her words precisely.

“Thanks.” Max whispered. He hoped she had heard and he hoped she hadn’t heard. Most people didn’t know if he could talk or not. That's why the other kids would call him a freak. When the families found out what he was like at night, they would make him take these pills that would calm him down. Or try to anyway. He wanted it to be different in this new house. He had someone who was his age and could be his friend. He liked this family a lot and he hadn't seen the pills yet.

“Your welcome.” Liz whispered back after leaning in close to his ear.

Max’s head shot up from the bunny when he heard her whisper in his ear. Now that she had heard him talk did that mean that she expected him to talk all the time?

Liz saw the worry in his eyes and she hurried to calm him down. “Don’t worry I wont tell anyone that you spoke. Pinky Swear.” Liz whispered again.

Max stared at her for several seconds as he contemplated his next move. “Ok.” He held out his pinky waiting for Liz’s to connect with him. She smiled brightly as she lifted her pinky and clasped it on to his. They smiled at eachother before they pulled their fingers apart.

Nancy had watched the whole exchange between her daughter and Max. She was smiling. They were going to get on fine. She knew it in her heart. She didn’t dare interrupt the seriousness of the slight conversation they were having. She waited till they were playing again before she came in wiping her hands on a dish towel.

“Well kids. Guess what we’re doing today?” Nancy asked as she stepped into the room waiting for them to notice her there.

“What mummy?” Liz asked jumping up from the floor and running over to her mum and grabbing onto her skirt.

“Max, do you like the beach? I know Lizzie does. How about you?” Nancy asked knowing she wouldn't be getting an answer but there wasn’t much she could do about it. If he didn’t want to go then he could stay here if he wanted. She hoped that he would come, then Liz and he could play in the sand and she could take photos of her new ‘son’.

Max didn’t know what the beach was. But he was ready to find out. He would go if Liz was going.

“We’ll have so much fun Max. The water is so cool and the sand gets into all sorts of places but we can build castles and other stuff.” Liz said excitedly turning to Max who still sat on the ground a few feet away.

Liz took his silence as confirmation that he was going to go as well. “Good, your coming. We’ll have so much fun. When are we going mummy?” Liz asked stepping away from her mother’s legs about to get ready to run up the stairs to get her swimming costume on.

“In about 10 minutes. So you better hurry up those stairs and get ready so we can leave soon.” Nancy said smiling down at her daughter.

“Come on Max. Let’s go upstairs and get ready.” Liz said excitedly as she ran over and grabbed Max’s hand before pulling him and rushing to the foot of the stairs. Just as they were about to head upstairs, Nancy stopped them with the sound of her voice.

“Max, we got you something to wear at the beach, we hope it fits you.” Nancy said pulling out a plastic bag from the couch seat behind her. She walked over to the two and handed him the small bag.

Max reached out and took the bag tentatively. He looked over at Liz who smiled at him. He smiled back and then looked up at Nancy and smiled. Nancy was shocked, to say the least. This boy had the most amazing smile. He was so adorable and his dimples in his cheek made him that much cuter. She could tell that he was still a bit apprehensive of her and Jeff, but she knew that in time he would see that they loved him very much and that they hoped he would stay and live with them.

“Thanks mum.” Liz said before she started to pull Max up the stairs to her room. Nancy followed slowly behind. She knew that they would need help getting changed.


Nancy sat on a beach towel with a hat and sunglasses on holding her camera. They were just the most adorable site. Liz’s hair was in pig tails brushed away from her face and wearing her one piece electric blue Speedo’s costume while Max sat beside her wearing his own black pair of Speedo’s. They were digging up the sand and throwing it into the water.

Nancy could have sworn that Max had never been to a beach before. She was glad that it was his first time in a way. They were making memories for him. She liked that idea. She snapped another shot of Max holding out a handful of sand to Liz as he smiled at her and she reached out to take the sand out of his hand.

She decided she was going to stick that on their new mantle piece when they moved house. She smiled at her daughter playing with Max. They were so adorable. He may not have been their son by birth, by they were going to definitely treat him like their own. A noise from behind distracted her. Nancy turned her head around and spotted a family sitting behind them. The mother and father putting all the towels out and basket of food with plates and cups and drinks. The two teenagers were arguing over who was going to use the body board first.

“I’m going first. I’m the oldest.” The boy said snatching the board off his little sister.

“No! That’s not fair. You got to have it first last time! I want it first! Plus, I’m prettier than you.” The girl said snatching the board off her brother.

“MUM!” They both shouted at the same time. They then proceeded to get into an argument over who was repeating what the other was saying.

“Stop copying me!” The girl said.

“You stop copying me!” The boy said.

“Kids!” The father said sitting on his towel reading the newspaper. Both teenagers shut their mouths and sat down without a fuss.

Nancy smiled and laughed softly. She hoped that Max and Liz weren’t going to turn out like that. ‘God forbid, Jeff would see Liz’s lip tremble and he’d cave in!’ Nancy thought to herself as she turned her head back to watch Max and Liz playing when she found them in front of her naked with smiles on their faces.

“Oh kids.” Nancy said chuckling while she shook her head from side to side. “What happened to your swimming costumes?” Nancy asked smiling.

“We took them off.” Liz stated simply. She turned her head to look at Max who didn’t say anything. Liz turned her head back to face her mother with a curious look on her face.

“Mummy? Why does Max have a ding-a-ling and I don’t?” Liz asked her hands on her hips.

“A ding-a-ling?” Nancy asked trying to fight off her laughter. She had purposefully avoided the question as to why Max had a ‘ding-a-ling’ until Jeff was around but she couldn’t help asking about the name the two had given it.

“Yeah. Dat’s what Max calls it. He said that the people at his last house said it was called a ding-a-ling. Is that not the wight name?” Liz asked her arms crossed over her naked chest.

“No that’s not the name but honey, you don’t want a ‘ding-a-ling’ like Max. What you have makes you special and what Max has makes him special. You’re just different down there.” Nancy tried to explain.

“But we wanna be the same. Wight Max?” Liz asked looking over at Max. He just simply nodded.

“See?” Liz said emphasising her point with a nod.

“I understand honey. But when you’re older, you won't want to be the same as Max.” Nancy said smiling. She hated Jeff right now for not being there to help her get through the explanation.

“Fine.” Liz said sitting down on the end of her mother’s towel. Max looked down at Liz and then over to their swimming costumes which lay forgotten on their sand castle. He ran over to them and picked them up carrying them back to Nancy. He stood there and dropped them down on the towel in front of them.

“Thanks Max.” Nancy said with a bright smile as she rung out the costumes and put them in a plastic bag before she pulled out their clothes to help them get dressed.

Max watched as Nancy looked through the bag she carried with her for their clothes. He leaned over to Liz and whispered in her ear. “Can you tell her she’s welcome?”

Liz smiled. “Mum, Max says you are welcome.” She said proudly.

Nancy was startled by her daughter’s voice. She knew he could talk but he had obviously told her daughter so softly to tell her that because she hadn’t even heard whispers come out of him. She looked from her daughter to Max who had turned beet red with embarrassment. She just smiled down at him.


“So, you won’t believe the day I had.” Nancy said taking her earings out and placing them on the dresser in front of her.

“What happened?” Jeff asked as he leant out of their bathroom as he brushed his teeth.

“I took the kids to the beach today. You know, I don’t think Max has ever seen the beach before. He was very excited about it I think. I took a lot of photos and I can’t wait to get them developed.” Nancy said excitedly as she walked over to the bathroom door and crossed her arms over her chest much like Liz had at the beach. She then leaned her body against the frame of the door.

“Really? Wow. I didn’t think he had been that underprivileged. We should do more things with him. How about Liz? Is she doing alright?” Jeff asked wiping his hands before starting to head out of the bathroom while turning off the light switch as he passed by Nancy and towards the bed.

“Yeah I think we should but that’s not what I was going to tell you about.” Nancy said following Jeff to the bed moving around to the other side where she pulled off the top pillow and then pulled back the covers.

“Oh?” Jeff said as he hopped in the bed fixing up his pillows and turning on the bedside lamp.

“Yeah. Liz and Max decided that they would compare lower anatomies at the beach.” Nancy said while getting comfy in the bed.

“Oh no.” Jeff said on the verge of laughing.

“Oh yes. Liz wants to know why she doesn’t have a ‘ding-a-ling’ like Max.” Nancy said nodding her head.

Jeff couldn’t hold it in anymore. His laughter came rumbling out. “What did you tell them?” Jeff said between laughs.

“I didn’t tell them anything really. I just told Liz that when she grows up, she’ll rather have what she has instead of what Max has.” Nancy said following her husband in laughter.

“Glad I wasn’t there.” Jeff said wiping tears from his eyes.

“Oh, I told them to ask you about what Max’s ‘ding-a-ling’ does when he's older and why Liz should be happy with what she’s got.” Nancy said snuggling down in under the covers. “Night hun.”

Jeff just sat there in the bed, his mouth agape, shock written all over his face.


P.S. the next part is also a sort of long bit...


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Just a aquck author's note...

I can't write answer your questions right now...but I wanted to say that I watched the highlights of the Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City last night... cause I live in Australia they only show a few things for two or three hours...anyway, I just want to say that I thought the judging was rigged on ther Couples Free Program for the Ice Skating... Jamie Sale and David Pelletier SHOULD HAVE BLOODY WON! I know I'm an aussie but what can I say? I like those two on the ice.

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Hey guys...

I have the next two parts done...but I need to ask a question....

In part six, I jump almost eight years. Did you want me to put in aa part for like, their first day at school and maybe some other part later on in like, year five or something?


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Anwyay, here is the next part...(thanks for answering my question...I have made my desicion and soon enough you will see what it is.)


Part Five:

“Liz!” Max whispered from his bed on the other side of the room.

“Max!” Liz whispered back from her bed while quickly sitting up.

“You asleep?” Max asked in a whisper as he sat up on his bed.

“No. You?” Liz asked back keeping her voice low.

“No.” Max whispered back. He climbed out from under the covers and moved to the end of his bed and sat with his legs dangling off the end.

“Oh.” Liz said as she watched Max move to the end of his bed. They were silent for a few seconds both deep in childish thoughts. Liz was indecisive of whether she should move to the end of her bed like Max so they didn’t make to much noise talking or if she should stay where she was. The idea of sitting closer to Max won out so she shuffled to the end of her bed also dangling her legs over the edge.

“Your parents are nice.” Max whispered blushing as he lowered his head and his eyelashes fluttered.

“I know. That’s why they want to be yours too.” Liz whispered smiling as she tilted her head to the side to see if she could catch Max’s gaze.

“They can’t be my parents.” Max said softly now lifting his eyes to meet hers.

“Why? They’re real good and they buy you neat stuff and they love you lots.” Liz said smiling again while slightly bouncing on the bed.

“Cause I have parents and wouldn’t be right to forget bout them.” Max admitted. He hadn't spoken so much in the last couple of minutes than he had in the last six months.

“Oh. I gotcha. No worries.” Liz said as she sat facing Max thinking. She suddenly remembered about the brother-sister issue. “Does that mean you won’t be my brother?” Liz asked softly. She had never been rejected by anyone before. Her lower lip almost started to tremble.

“I won’t be your brother, but I’ll be your bestest friend.” Max said proudly with a smile while straightening his back.

“What’s that mean?” Liz asked her sorrow forgotten now replaced with intrigue.

“Dunno. Heard it at the last house.” Max said shrugging his shoulders.

“Oh. Well don’t matter. So, bestest friend, can I sleep in your bed tonight wiv you?” Liz asked smiling brightly as her articulation slipped.

“Ok other bestest friend.” Max said as he watched Liz jump off her bed and climb up onto his. They crawled back up to the pillow and layed there, facing eachother. Once they had drifted into a peaceful sleep they were both on their sides facing eachother, their faces centimetres away from the other.


The days wore on as the Parker’s tried to make Max feel as welcome as they could. He had started to talk to them. Usually only one word answers but they knew that in time, Max would speak more often. Jeff and Nancy had noticed how close Liz and Max had gotten. A few mornings back Liz had made an announcement that her and Max were bestest friends and that he would never be her brother but that it was ok. She then proceeded to ask her parents what a bestest friend was.

Around lunchtime, Max and Liz were playing in the backyard when Nancy came outside to tell them that they had a visitor and that they were to come inside. Max slowly stood up and then helped Liz up as he held out his hand for her.

Together they walked inside and into the lounge room where their visitor was sitting on the couch with their back to them. The visitor turned their head to look at Max and Liz. When Max saw the visitor’s face, he went white and bolted for the stairs. He made it upstairs and into Liz’s bedroom, slamming the door behind him. He climbed onto Liz’s bed and held her pillow tight to his chest as he rocked himself back and forth.

He heard the bedroom door open and heard the pad of feet walking across the carpet nearing him. He didn’t want to turn around. He knew who it was and he didn’t want to see them.

“Max. Are you ok?” Sarah asked as she sat on the edge of the bed. She had a look around the room and noticed the toys around the room still needing to be packed. There were girls and boys toys everywhere. She smiled when she realised that the Parker’s had bought the toys for Max. “Max?” She tried again.

“Why you here?” Max asked in a timid voice.

“I just wanted to check on how you were doing.” Sarah answered softly, realisation dawning on her.

“You’re not going to take me away again?” Max asked softly still not turning his head.

Sarah’s hand reached up and she ran it down Max’s arm. “Do you want me to take you to another house?” She asked. She needed for Max to admit that he wanted to belong. She’d realised that he hadn’t, in all of his months in foster homes, ever asked if she was going to take him away. He just expected it everytime that she came to the house. This time was different, she knew.

“No. Liz is my bestest friend and Nancy and Jeff are really nice. They bought me some toys. I think they like me.” Max admitted to Sarah. She let out a sigh of relief.

“Max, I’m so glad you’ve found another family. You’re perfect and nothing can change that. Always remember that ok?” Sarah said as her hand moved to his hair to smooth it down.

“They’re my family?” Max asked still not turning his head.

“Yep. Maybe not by blood, but they’re your family. Nancy and Jeff are great people and Liz is - ” Sarah was soon cut off.

“ – the bestest friend I could have.” Max said proudly as he slowly turned to face Sarah.

“Well, there you go. The bestest friend that you could have. I’m so happy for you Max.” Sarah said as she leaned over and hugged Max to her chest.

“Come on. Let’s go downstairs. I think everyone’s a bit worried about you.” Sarah said as she helped Max off the bed and held his hand as they walked down the stairs engaged in conversation.

Liz had wanted to go after Max. She didn’t know what had upset him. He was perfectly fine before they walked inside and as soon as he had stepped in the house he had run for the stairs. She thought he might have been feeling sick. She wanted to help him but her mother had held her back and had let the lady sitting on the couch go after him.

As soon as she had heard Max talking to the lady and saw them walking down the stairs together she had ran over to them.

“Max, Max. You ok?” Liz said stopping in front of him.

“Yep.” Max said giving her a grin as wide as Antartica.

“I thought you were sick.” Liz said her head tilting to her side.

“Nup.” Max said shaking his head while keeping the grin on his face.

“Good. Now let’s go play again.” Liz said before quickly grabbing his hand and pulling him to the back door. Jeff just shook his head and smiled.


Around four o’clock, Sarah left. She said her goodbye’s and told Max that she would be stopping by in a month to see how he was doing. Max just smiled and nodded.

At dinner that night, it was established that Max would continue to live with them.

“Max. You’ll be staying with us then?” Nancy asked smiling at Max.

“If its not too much trouble.” Max said timidly.

Nancy and Jeff just smiled at Max. In only a few short days, Max had arrived as a scared, shy little boy that never spoke. Since then, he had been rather lively at times and he had started to talk more often as well. “It’s no trouble at all.” Jeff answered as he patted Max on the head softly. Max grinned.

“You remember Lizzie how we told you that we would be moving house. Well, we have to start packing everything in the house up so that we can move to the new house in two weeks. You will both be getting your own rooms.” Nancy said with a hint of excitement.

“Oh.” Liz and Max both said at the same time. Their faces were downcast and their forks had ceased to move.

“What’s wrong?” Jeff asked worried.

“Nothing. We’re fine.” Liz said putting on a fake smile for the benefit of her parents.

“We’re ok.” Max said backing up Liz’s lie. They both knew why they were upset. They weren’t going to be sharing a room anymore. They wouldn’t be able to sneak into eachother’s beds at night to fall asleep together like bestest friends do. They were going to be alone in their big rooms without the breathing of the other to help them fall asleep.

“You want to share a room don’t you?” Nancy asked looking form Liz to Max. She had guessed it right away. A couple of mornings ago, they had found the two of them in Max’s bed asleep holding eachother close. It was the most adorable sight they had seen and they had taken a picture of it to bring out on their 21st birthdays. Nancy had noticed how close they had gotten.

Max and Liz looked at eachother and then back at Nancy before nodding their heads at the same time.

“I thought that might be the problem. How about this. In the new house, your rooms are joined together by a bathroom. Also, when you get older, you’ll be glad that you have your own rooms. You’ll see.” Nancy said smiling before her finger reached out and ran over the bridge of Liz’s nose in a sign of affection.

“Ok.” Liz and Max said at the same time. It wasn’t the same but at least they could sneak into eachother’s rooms at night without Nancy or Jeff knowing.



P.S. thought I should tell you that there aren't any aliens in this fic.
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Hey guys... sorry about the delay in the part... school has just been pissing me off... then I got sick because of all the stress and I've been really tired and stuff anyway, the house I live in was sold and so now I have the added stress of finding a new place, thank god my mum will be doing all the looking... (I know, I'm mean)... anyway, Shannon, I know about the gold-medal....but, I didn't get to see the ceremony which really ticked me off. So I'm not in a good mood but anyway... also Gaby7tvm, great idea... I'll think about it ok?! *happy*

Here's the new part guys...


Part Six:

“Max! Liz! Breakfast!” Nancy yelled from their new kitchen. She hurried around getting their lunches ready and placing them in the brown paper bags.

The scurrying of feet running through the house could be heard. Doors were opening and closing, and squeals could be heard from Liz everytime she realised that she had forgotten something important in her room.

They both hurried into the kitchen and sat at the table digging into their scrambled eggs with toast and a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice on the side.

“I’ve almost finished packing your lunch and I’m sure you have packed your bags right?” Nancy asked bringing the two brown paper bags over to Max and Liz. They stopped eating, just long enough to nod their heads in answer to her question.

“Good. You finish your breakfast and I’ll just go and get myself ready.” Nancy said as she headed out of the kitchen. She walked over to Jeff’s office where she found him leaning over his desk looking through the bills and taking care of everything. She knocked on the doorframe to get his attention.

“Honey. I’m going to take Max and Liz to school in a few minutes.” Nancy said softly.

“Ok. Send them in here before you leave. I just want to have a quick word with them.” Jeff said putting his pen down and turning around to look at his wife and smile.

“Sure.” Nancy said smiling before she turned and headed upstairs to find the backpacks the kids were taking to school to check if they had everything that they needed. She walked into Liz’s room and saw her backpack sitting on her bed. She went over to it and opened it up looking inside for a jumper, hat, sun cream and Spotty. She found each item and smiled. She zipped up the backpack and carried it into Max’s room. His backpack was sitting on his bed as well. She opened it and checked inside for a jumper, hat, sun cream and his favourite toy. She found each item and picking up the bag she zipped it and headed down the stairs and into the kitchen to find Liz and Max putting their plates in the sink and trying to reach up and turn the tap on to rinse the dishes before putting them in the dishwasher.

“You all ready?” Nancy asked as she set the two backpacks on the counter.

“Yep.” They answered at the same time.

“Well dad wants to talk to you both before you leave for school. He’s in his office.” Nancy said walking over to the sink and wetting a cloth before walking over to the table and wiping it down. Max and Liz ran out of the kitchen and down the hall heading for Jeff’s office.

“Daddy! Daddy!” Liz said running into the office.

“Nancy said you wanted to speak to us.” Max said following Liz into the office.

Jeff turned in his office chair and smiled at the site of the two of them. They had only moved in a few weeks ago and now they were starting school and they were growing up. Max had started to call them by their first names as he didn’t want to call them mum and dad claiming it wasn’t fair on anyone because he wouldn’t really be their son by blood and they wouldn’t really be his parents by blood. Nancy and Jeff thought about it and because they couldn’t very well object to the notion, they agreed with Max that he could call them Jeff and Nancy. When Liz had asked if she could call them by their first names too they had to stop and draw the line.

“You all ready this morning?” Jeff asked as he reached down and picked up Liz and set her on one of his knees and then motioned for Max to hop up on his other knee.

“Yes.” They had both answered at the same time.

“You know, you’ve probably scared the other kids with the both of you always saying the same thing at the same time.” Jeff joked.

“We don’t mean to.” The both said at the same time.

Jeff laughed hard. They were so adorable. He wouldn’t trade either of them for anything that the world could give him.

“Oh well, I think your mum’s waiting for you both so you better hurry up ok?” Jeff said looking at each of them before setting them down on the floor again.

“But remember, be good.” Jeff said smiling down at them. Liz grabbed onto Jeff’s shirt and pulled him down to her height. She got up on her toes and kissed him on the cheek before running out of the room. Jeff smiled as he watched her run out. His gaze then fell on Max who was holding his hand out to Jeff, to shake. Jeff was amazed at Max’s politeness. He ignored the hand and pulled Max into a big hug. “Take care of her.” Jeff whispered in Max’s ear.

When they pulled away Max looked up to Jeff and nodded. He headed for the door but before he left he turned to face Jeff. “Have a good day Jeff.” Max said before grinning and running down the hall and out the front door heading for the car.


Max and Liz held hands as they walked into the classroom. The classroom was enormous, there were cots stacked up in one corner, there were desks on the other side, near the door were bag hooks, there was a bathroom to the left and the kitchen to the right.

They looked over to the carpeted area in the middle of the room and saw all the other kids sitting down ready to hear what they were going to do that day. Max and Liz dropped their bags at Nancy’s feet and ran over to the carpet to sit down.

“Hey Max. Hey Liz.” The lady sitting in the chair in front of the kids said smiling.

“Hi Jackie!” They chorused together.

“Lizzie! Lizzie! Look, I got the bunny ears.” A little girl with curly blonde hair ran over. She plopped herself down on the other side of Liz, yapping away oblivious to the fact that Max had grabbed Liz’s hand as soon as she had sat down next to Liz.

“Show me show me.” Liz pleaded as she squeezed Max’s hand.

“Max. What are you doing sitting with the girls?” A spiky-haired boy asked as he walked towards them.

“I’m sitting with Liz.” Max stated simply as if that was good enough explanation for this spiky-haired boy.

“Yeah. He’s sitting with me.” Liz said sticking up for Max. She held onto his hand tighter as she gave the spiky-haired boy an evil glare.

“Michael Geurin, what did we do to deserve your face this early in the morning?” The blonde girl said with a look of disgust on her face.

“Hurricane, all you did was talk.” Michael said with a smirk. “Come on Max, girl’s aren’t good to play with. They have germs anyway.” Michael said looking down at Max.

“Nah. I’ll stay with Liz.” Max said his decision already made for him.

“You hear that snot-face. You’re not wanted!” Maria said as she folded her arms across her chest and huffed.

“Why don’t you get up and say that to my face DeLuca.” Michael said standing above her.

“Why don’t you turn around and I’ll say it to your face.” A voice came from behind Michael.

Michael froze and slowly turned around. A scared expression washed over his face and he tried to find the right words to get him out of the mess he was in. “We were just playing around, right Maria?” Michael asked turning his eyes on her pleading to let it go.

“Bull-poop we were playing around.” She started sarcastically. “Go get him Kyle.” Maria said standing up. Max and Liz just looked at eachother before slowly sliding away into a corner to sit with eachother and talk.

Meanwhile, Nancy had been hanging their backpacks on the bag hooks so she hadn’t noticed that Jackie had gotten up and left the kids with one of the other teachers.

“Mrs Parker?” Jackie asked sweetly as she approached Nancy.

Nancy was startled as she turned around to face her children’s teacher. “Hi. Please call me Nancy.” She said.

“Nancy. Max and Liz are extremely close aren’t they?” Jackie asked. Her hand came up and brushed her curly brown hair away from her face.

“Yeah, they are. Is there a problem?” Nancy asked getting worried. She had never heard of there being a problem before. Everytime she picked them up they were always happy and alive with joy.

“No, no problem. I was just wandering, what’s Max’s situation?” Jackie asked placing her hands on her hips.

“Oh. Why? Is he causing trouble or something?” Nancy asked getting worried.

“No. It’s just that, he and Liz are extremely close and I know that he is just your foster child and I’m worried with the age they’re at and their getting close that when his parents come back, they’ll be torn apart.” Jackie tried to explain.

“Well, I don’t think you’ll have to be worried about that. Max’s parents won’t be coming back to get him. They abandoned him in their house for over a week with close to nothing to eat so they could run off together and skip the country after committing a murder. I seriously don’t think they’ll be coming back to rip Liz and him apart.” Nancy said with venom in her voice before she turned on her heal and walked out of the classroom almost in tears.

Jackie stood shocked for a few minutes before she was brought out of her thoughts by one of the other teachers. “Jackie. You ready to start?” A young-woman asked stepping into Jackie’s view.

“Yeah. You start with them, and I’ll be back in a minute.” Jackie said before she ran out of the classroom following the retreating Nancy.

The lady looked confused for a second before she shrugged her shoulders and turned back to the kids scattered around the classroom.

“Ok everyone, time to sit on the carpet. Now today is Tuesday. And because it’s Tuesday, you all know what that means!” Sarah said excitedly as she sat down on the carpet with all the kids.

“Pancake Tuesday!” They all shouted.

“That’s right, so we’re going to learn all about pancakes today. And for lunch, you’ll get to have pancakes. Won’t that be yum?” Sarah said with a smile as she clapped her hands together and licked her lips.

“YES!” They chorused together.


“Ok everyone, it’s 1:00pm, you all know what that means.” Jackie said from the stairs leading outside to the playground.

“Nap time?” A small voice from beside her asked. Jackie looked down and saw a little boy with jet-black hair looking up at her.

“That’s right Alex. You wanna be a big boy and go and tell Sarah to get everyone ready?” Jackie asked as she knelt down to Alex’s level.

“Big boy, big boy.” Alex chanted in excitement.

“Yep.” Jackie said smiling as she watched him hold onto the wall as he took one step at a time. He finally made it to the bottom of the stairs and ran into the playground looking for Sarah. Her gaze moved over the playground looking at all of the kids. Her gaze landed on Max and Liz sitting in the corner talking softly. She put her head down in remembrance of her ‘foot-in-mouth’ syndrome that kicked in that morning. After she had ran out of the classroom, she went looking for Nancy, hoping to catch her before she drove off but it was too late. She would make sure that she spoke to her soon though. She needed to apologise for sticking her nose in where it wasn’t wanted and for being disrespectful.

After all the cots were set out and all the kids were lying down, Jackie was able to have some quiet time. She watched over all of them huddled under their thin blankets sleeping. She looked over at the corner and there she found the same sight that she had seen almost everyday since they had started kindergarten. Max and Liz lying together on one of the cots. Jackie just shook her head. Her eyes scanned over the room until she found Michael and Maria sleeping in cots next to eachother. Maria’s bottom was up in the air and her head was facing Michael. Michael was lying on his stomach, his arms and legs hanging off the sides of the cot, his head facing Maria. She smiled at them. Her eyes started to scan again and they found the little boy from earlier. Alex. He was so innocent with his thumb in his mouth and the thin blanket covering his body right up to his neck. She was brought out of her thoughts by a rustling coming form behind her. She slowly turned around and saw Kyle covered from head to toe under his blanket. She could see him moving around under it and her brow crinkled in curiosity. She soundlessly bent down, grabbed the sheet and threw it off of him. There he was a big grin on his face and a chocolate candybar in his hands.

“Kyle.” Jackie said disapprovingly. She stuck her hand out waiting for Kyle to put the candy in her hand.

“But Jackie. Please?” He begged softly.

“No. Maybe later after you go home, but not here when the other kids are around. It isn’t fair and you know it.” Jackie said still holding her hand out.

“Fine.” Kyle said placing the candybar into her hand and rolling on his side, his back facing her.

“That’s better. Now go to sleep.” Jackie said before turning back to look at the other children.


It was nearing time for the kids to go home and Jackie was waiting around impatiently for Nancy to come and pick up Max and Liz. Instead, she saw Jeff coming up the pathway.

“Daddy!” Jackie heard Liz scream.

“Jeff! Jeff! Look what we made!” Max said excitedly.

“Wow! It looks fantastic. We’ll have to stick it up in the new house somewhere everyone will be sure to see it. I promise.” Jeff said as he squatted down in front of Max and Liz.

“Um, Jeff. I was wandering if we could have a minute.” Jackie asked as she approached the three of them.

“Sure. You two go play for a minute, I’ll be right back and then we can go home and show mummy what you’ve made.” Jeff said as he ran his hand down Liz’s hair and patted Max on the head. Jeff and Jackie watched as the two ran off over to the sandpit to play.

“Jeff, I just wanted to talk to you about something to do with Nancy.” Jackie started.

“Did she say something? I mean, when she arrived home after dropping the kids off she was extremely upset and she wouldn’t tell me what was wrong.” Jeff asked with sheer concern.

“Oh, it wasn’t what she said, it was more like what I said to her.” Jackie tried to explain. Jeff just stared at her with a blank expression. “Well, this morning I asked about Max’s parents and well, she told me about them and I feel terrible. It wasn’t my place to say anything and I just wanted to make sure that she knew that. I would tell her myself, in fact I was going to talk to her this afternoon when she was going to pick up Liz and Max but you came instead, so… well, what I’m trying to say is, I’m sorry.” Jackie got out in one breath.

“Oh. I see.” Jeff said nodding his thinking over what Jackie had told him. “I’m going to tell you something that Nancy doesn’t really want anyone to know so you mustn’t tell Liz, Max or anyone about what I’m going to tell you.” Jeff started his voice low.

“I promise I wont tell anyone.” Jackie gave Jeff her word.

“Good. A few years ago, just after Liz was born, Nancy got pregnant and a couple of months into the pregnancy, there were some complications and we lost the baby. Nancy tears herself up about it all the time. This morning, she was probably on an emotional high because of the mention of Max’s parents coming back to take him away for her. Us. I wouldn’t take it personally but I will pass on your message.” Jeff said as his gaze fell on his children.

“I’m so sorry Jeff.” Jackie said as she put a hand over her mouth.

“No don’t worry. You didn’t know. Anyway, I better be going. I’ll see you some other day. Bye Jackie.” Jeff said with a final wave as he walked over to Max and Liz and picked them up around their waists and tickling them. Giggles could be heard all the way to the car.


Leve lots and lots of feedback and I'll try to hurry with the new part!

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Hey guys... I didn't think that I would be back today to give you another instalment but I am and I just should give you notice that tomorrow I have four friends sleeping over so no update then but I hope this part id long enough to satisfy you until I am able to get you another part out...


Here is the next part:


Part Seven:

“Ok, I want you all to sit in the order that I say.” Mrs Jepson said from her standing position at the front of the class. Her white curly short hair was pinned back with bobby-pins and her glasses hanging off the end of her nose as she held a piece of clean white paper in front of her. “Now, today, before you all take your seats in those crummy little chairs, we have two new cretins to add to this class of rodents. Meet Isabel Evans and Theresa Harding.” She said with a wave of her hand as two girls stepped through the doorway.

Max and Liz had turned their heads towards eachother abruptly as they heard what one of the girls’ last name was. “Do you think she’s related to you?” Liz whispered with worry in her voice. If he had relatives, that meant they would take him away.

“I don’t know. I don’t want to find out though.” Max whispered back.

“Mr Evans. Shut that hole in your face. And Elizabeth Parker, you’re just as bad as he is.” Mrs Jepson snapped.

The new girl, Isabel, snapped her head in the direction of the boy the mean teacher was calling upon. Max looked over to her and their eyes connected but there was no recognition.

“Now, sit down. I don’t care where because I’ll be changing you soon anyway.” Mrs Jepson said with a wave of her hand as she walked over to the blackboard. The scared fifth-graders slowly took their seats quietly trying to make as less noise as possible.

“Welcome, to the fifth grade. I don’t care what you used to do last year, what you think you’re going to do next year because in this classroom, it doesn’t count. I don’t like coloured pencils, I don’t like crayons or any of that baby crap.” A loud gasp was heard from the 25 fifth-graders. “What? Never heard a bad word before? Anyway, get our your stupid little books out and write this down.” Mrs Jepson ordered as she paced the front of the room waving a whip and slapping it on her hand every few sentences.

“I have a felling this is going to be hell.” Michael muttered to Max who nodded in agreement.


“You don’t know what she’s like. She hates little kids. I bet that she kidnaps kids and keeps them in her basement and tortures them for pleasure.” Max said as he paced in the kitchen that night.

“Max. Don’t you think you're over-exaggerating?” Nancy asked as she took a sip of her coffee and watched as he paced. Liz sat in the chair across from her and saw out of the corner of her eye that Liz was shaking her head at her suggestion.

“I’m serious Nancy. She told me to shut the hole in my face!” Max exclaimed as he threw his hands up in the air.

“Now I don’t believe that.” Nancy said with a smile on her face. They had some imagination.

“It’s true. She then said that I was as bad as him and then she said the ‘C’ word.” Liz said nodding her head in emphasis.

“The ‘C’ word?” Nancy asked her brow furrowed. The only ‘C’ word that she could come up with was something that rhymed with mock. And that definitely wasn’t a good thing.

“Crap.” Max and Liz said at the same time.

“Oh I see.” Nancy said shaking her head. She would talk to Jeff when he got home from the restaurant and see what he thought they should do.

“I’ll talk to dad when he gets home. Come on, it’s time for bed.” Nancy said as she got up and walked over to the sink. She placed her mug in the sink and followed the two up the stairs.

“Well, you both need a bath, so who’s going first?” Nancy asked as they stopped at the top of the stairs.

“We can go together. Right Max?” Liz said smiling over at Max. Max’s face went white. He couldn’t let Liz see what was down there. They may only be 11 but he didn’t want her to see what he was growing underneath his pants.

“Nah. It’s ok Liz. You go first. I have something I need to finish before I have my bath and go to bed.” Max said trying to cover up. He smiled softly and then turned and left, heading for his bedroom.

Once the door was closed, Liz looked up at her mum with sad eyes. “Mummy? What’s wrong with Max?” Liz asked softly.

“Don’t worry about it. Max is just growing and even if Max had wanted to have a bath with you. I wouldn’t have let you two. You’re both getting much too old for bathing together.” Nancy said as she placed her hand on Liz’s back leading her towards the bathroom.

Max sat on his bed in his room. He looked down at his lap and cursed. He didn’t like what was happening down there and he wanted it to stop. He was scared to ask anyone about it because he knew they would laugh at him if he said that there were little hairs growing down there.

A knock startled Max out of his thoughts. “Come in.” Max said softly as he waited for whoever was at the door to enter.

“Max?” Jeff’s voice came from the doorway. Max’s head snapped up. It was as if someone was giving him a sign that he should talk to Jeff.

“Yeah?” Max asked.

“I wanted to talk to you for a minute." Jeff paused. "Nancy told me that you didn’t want to have a bath with Liz. I was just wandering if you could tell me why? I don’t want to sound like I want you and Liz to bathe together because I think you are both old enough to have showers alone but, I was thinking that there may have been another reason?” Jeff tried to explain without trying to bombard Max with all these questions.

Max looked up at Jeff as he sat down on the bed next to him. “Well, I didn’t want Liz to see something.” Max said honestly as he looked down at his hands that lay in his lap.

“What didn’t you want Liz to see?” Jeff asked softly. He had an idea of what it might be, but he wanted Max to be the one to initiate the talk.

“Well, there’s something growing down… there and I don’t want her to see it.” Max admitted as his fingers fumbled with eachother.

“Oh I see. Do you mean there’s hair… that’s growing?” Jeff asked softly looking down at Max.

“How did you know?” Max asked as his eyes met Jeff’s.

“Don’t worry about it Max. It’s supposed to happen to everyone. All the boy’s you know will be going through it and even the girls. Even Liz.” Jeff said softly. He didn’t want to believe it himself but his little girl and his ‘son’ were growing up fast right before his eyes.

“Oh. So it’s ok?” Max asked softly his gaze being drawn to his own lap again.

“Yep. Don’t worry so much Max. You’ll get premature wrinkles. Plus, I think it’s time for your bath and bed.” Jeff said pushing himself up off the bed and moving towards the door.

“Thanks Jeff.” Max smiled greatfully.

“No problem Max. Just remember that you can come to me anytime when you want to know something.” Jeff said with a wink. Max grinned.

“Jeff? Does that mean you’ll be telling Liz and I why it’s good that we are different down there?” Max asked cheekily.

“Max…” Jeff drawled out his name as he held a twinkle in his eye. Max just laughed and Jeff shook his head.

“Night Max.” Jeff said before closing the door.


Max lay awake in bed after his bath. He couldn’t seem to forget about what Jeff had told him earlier. Liz was growing hair down there too? That didn’t seem right. He remembered what it looked like down there on her from when they were little but he couldn’t imagine hair down there too. Maybe Jeff had it wrong and Liz wasn't growing anything down there.

“Jeff’s wrong… right?” Max thought allowed.

“Wrong about what?” The voice coming from the bathroom door that connected his and Liz’s rooms startled Max.

“Jeez Louise.” Max said as he tried to calm his rapidly beating heart.

“Sorry. You mad?” Liz asked timidly as she slowly approached his bed.

“Mad? Why?” Max asked confused as he sat up in his bed shuffling over to make room for Liz.

“Well, you wouldn’t have a bath with me. So I thought I had done something wrong.” Liz said softly as she tucked a loose strand of hair behind her ear.

“You could never do anything that would make me mad Liz. You really really really want to know why I didn’t want to have a bath with you?” Max said as he looked down into his lap again.

“Yeah?” Liz said hopeful. She sat down on his bed close to Max picking up his hand and placing both of hers around it.

“Well, it wasn’t because I didn’t want to, it was just that, well… my body, it’s um doing these really strange things and well things are growing and I was scared that it wasn’t normal and I didn’t want you to see and yeah. Are you mad?” Max asked risking a glance her way.

“No Max. Of course not. So… what’s changing with your body, cause mine is too and well at first I didn’t think it was normal but mum told me it was so it’s all good.” Liz said smiling as she snuggled up to Max’s side.

“Just got some hair growing in a place that I don’t really want it to grow.” Max tried to explain.

“Know what you mean.” Liz said as she yawned.

“You wanna sleep with me tonight?” Max asked. Just as he finished the sentence she nodded her head and snuggled in closer and he knew she was asleep. His index finger came up and lightly brushed over the bridge of her nose. The slight show of affection had generated from Nancy who had began doing that to Liz from an early age. Max had picked up on it in the many years that he had been living with them. He had found that Liz loved the sensation and that it helped her sleep when she had a bad dream. Max shuffled carefully down the bed till he was lying next to her and he gently closed his eyes and fell asleep.

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Here you go people!:


Part Eight:

Whispers were heard from every mouth in the classroom when their new teacher walked in. A small hand raised in the air.

“Yes?” The young woman said sweetly.

“I was wandering, is Mrs Jepson dead?” Tess asked. Kyle had dared her to ask and no-one in their group of friends ever turned down a dare.

“No she’s not sweetie. Would you be upset if she was dead?” The sweet lady asked.

“NO! She was horrible.” Maria said next.

“Oh! Well, then I guess you’ll be glad to hear that Mrs Jepson, won’t be coming back.” She said.

“Ever?” Liz asked.

“Ever.” The teacher stated.

The classroom was silent for a few seconds and then as if planned, all the kids spoke at the same time. “Thank God!” They all said.

The teacher just laughed. “Come on class, I need to learn your names so we’re going to play a game. You say your name and then you tell me a little about yourselves. I’ll start. I’m Mrs Barkell. I’m married, I live a few streets away and I’m a teacher. Now, you go.” Mrs Barkell said pointing at the first person in the front row.

As the game wore on until recess, Mrs Barkell had learnt a lot about the kids. She’d learnt that Michael and Maria really didn’t like eachother, Max and Liz lived together, Max and Isabel shared the same last name, Liz liked stars, Alex was fascinated by computers, Tess was an only child, Kyle and Maria also lived together but shared different last names because Maria’s mother had married Kyle’s dad, Jimmy liked to pick his nose and Paulie was a bully that liked breaking things. She’d learnt about the other kids as well but the most important thing that she had learned was that these were some very sweet kids and that their parents should be proud of the kids that they had.


At recess Max, Liz, Kyle, Michael, Alex, Tess, Maria and Isabel all sat together under the big tree in the playground.

“She’s nice.” Kyle said biting into a cracker.

“I know. She’ll probably call us by our first names too.” Alex said excitedly.

“Maybe she won't give us as much homework as the witch used to.” Maria said lying back on the grass in the shade.

“Maybe she won't give any at all.” Michael said grinning.

“Yes she will. They all have to give us homework when we get older.” Liz said lying down as well. She layed down with her head on Max’s thigh as his fingers ran through her hair.

Mrs Barkell watched the group from the classroom doorway. She watched how Max ran his fingers through Liz’s hair. Who would have thought that two children that weren’t even related could be so bonded together at such a young age? She was going to keep an eye out on those two through-out the remainder of the year.

“We should get her a present for being so nice.” Tess suggested as they all got up and headed for the classroom again.

“Yeah. What should we get her?” Liz asked as her hand found Max’s and they held on tight as they walked towards the classroom.

“Flowers?” Maria suggested.

“A toy car.” Kyle said smiling.

“Kyle. We’re not shopping for you.” Isabel said as she shoved him side-ways.

“Chocolates?” Alex suggested as he slipped in between Isabel and Kyle.

“Let’s talk about it at lunch instead. She’ll hear us if we walk in there talking about it. Then it won’t be a surprise.” Liz said as they reached the classroom. They were all quiet when they walked in and took their seats. For some strange reason Mrs Jepson had sat the eight of them together. She was constantly telling them off for blinking an eye but she had sat them together anyway.

“Ok everyone, I’m assuming that you all know all of your times tables?” Mrs Barkell asked sitting on her desk facing the class. There were a few nods from some of the students. “Hmm, maybe I should see if you know, eight times eight?”

About ten hands went up. “Jessica?” Mrs Barkell called upon the little girl sitting in the back corner with red hair and freckles on her nose.

“Sixty-four?” She asked shyly.

“Good. How about, twelve times twelve?” She asked. Only about five hands were raised. “Zoe?” Mrs Barkell asked the little girl sitting behind Michael. She had blond hair in a bob and blue eyes.

“One hundred and forty-four?” She asked.

“Yep. Very good. For those of you who don’t know all your times tables, don’t worry, we’ll keep doing work on them and one day you’ll be able to do multiplications like, the square root of fifty-four times six thousand, seven hundred and ninety-two.” Mrs Barkell said with a smile. Two hands shot up eager to say the answer. Without being called upon they both said the answer at the same time.

“Six hundred and five point six one three seven three eight three.” Max and Liz said with smiles on their faces.

“Pardon?” Mrs Barkell asked with wonderment.

“The answer to the square root of fifty-four times six thousand, seven hundred and ninety-two is six hundred and five point six one three seven three eight three.” Max and Liz said at the same time.

“Hold on.” Mrs Barkell said as she walked around her desk and opened up the top drawer and pulled out her calculator. She typed in the appropriate signs and numbers and she got the same answer.

Michael, Kyle, Tess, Isabel, Maria and Alex all rolled their eyes at the teacher. They knew that Max and Liz would get the answer straight away without having to write anything down.

“Um, Max and Liz, can you two stay back at the beginning of lunch? I just wanted to talk to you for a few minutes.” Mrs Barkell said as she put her calculator away and moved to stand in front of her desk again. “Class, get out your English comprehension books and start from page thirteen and do up to page twenty. I’ll be back in a few minutes. I hope that when I come back, you won't be making any noise.” Mrs Barkell said as she headed for the door. She stopped at the doorway and saw Liz and Max working hard. They were working at the same pace and had just about finished page 13 and were about to turn over to page 14.

Mrs Barkell walked down the hallway trying to remember where Principal Verny’s Office was. She finally found it and walked through the secretary’s office smiling at Janet, the secretary, before approaching Principal Verny’s open door. She knocked lightly on the door so as not to startle him.

Principal Verny looked up from the paper’s he was reading over infront of him. “Ah, Annie. How is it going? You sick of them already?” Principal Verny asked jokingly.

“No actually. Two of my students, they’re incredibly intelligent.” Annie said sitting in the chair on the other side of Principal Verny’s desk.

“Let me guess which two. Maxwell Evans and Elizabeth Parker?” Principal Verny said smiling, his eyebrow raised.

“Yes. How did you know?” Annie asked leaning forward in her chair.

“Their previous teachers have said some things before.” Principal Verny said leaning back in the chair.

“I’m not sure how intelligent you think they are but you should see them. I was talking to the class about times tables and multiplication and I used the square root of fifty-four times six thousand, seven hundred and ninety-two as an example and they answered it at the same time with the same answer of six hundred and five point six one three seven three eight three. I had to check on my calculator to see if it was right. They aren’t even twins and they are in total sync with eachother. They really shouldn’t be in the fifth grade.” Annie said desperately trying to plead her case. Max and Liz were two very special students and the fifth grade was holding them back in many ways.

“Interesting. I’ll call in Mr and Mrs Parker and have them meet with you at lunch. Maybe they haven’t realised how intelligent their children are.” Principal Verny said, his thumb and index finger rubbing his chin.


Back in the classroom all the other students were still hard at work trying to get to the next page. Max and Liz sat silently, their hands folded on top of the desk. They had already finished up to page twenty and had decided to keep going until page thirty. There weren’t many pages left of the book so they had decided just to leave it there and wait for Mrs Barkell to return before continuing.

“Show offs.” Maria grinned from behind Liz.

“We don’t mean to.” They whispered back at the same time.

“How do you two do that?” Michael asked from his seat next to Maria behind Max.

“Do what?” They answered at the same time.

“That!” Alex said from next to Max.

“We don’t know.” They both said with their heads down, embarrassed.

“Stop picking on them. They’re smart. Leave it at that.” Tess said from behind Alex.

“Hey Max. What’s the answer to question five on page sixteen?” Kyle asked from his seat next to Tess.

“Adjective.” Max answered without looking at the book to see what the question was.

“Their freaks.” Pam Troy said from behind Tess.

“No they’re not. You’re just jealous cause you're a dumb wannabe blonde.” Isabel said defending her friends from next to Alex.

“You want to say that to my face princess?” Pam threatened. Everyone had stopped writing and had turned to look at Isabel and Pam.

“I just did or are you deaf too?” Isabel said with a smirk.

Pam was red. Smoke was practically coming out of her ears and people were starting to shift their desks away from her.

“Has everyone finished yet?” Mrs Barkell asked as she walked back into the classroom. She looked over at Max and Liz who had their books closed and then at everyone else who were still scribbling hard in their books.

Once they had heard Mrs Barkell’s voice come from the doorway everyone had shifted their seats back into place and were hard at their work again.



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Ok guys, here are som new comers... welcome and thankyou all for your feedback... and just a little reminder, there are in fact NO aliens in this fic. I couldn't be bothered to deal with all that roswellian stuff. *happy*

Eraser Room
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Thankyou all for your feedback and here is the new part... I hope you like. Btw, you guys left like six pages of feedback, I couldn't believe it! Keep up the great feedback! It is much appreciated!

Part Nine:

Nancy Parker walked the halls as classroom after classroom passed by her. She was looking for Year Five Blue Classroom. The principal had called her at the restaurant earlier and unfortunately they were low on staff so Jeff was unable to join her in this meeting she was having with Max and Liz’s fifth grade teacher.

She finally found the classroom that she was looking for, but the door was closed. She knocked lightly on the door and opened it. A young woman answered the door. She had blonde hair and green eyes. She looked to be about 29. Nancy wondered where Mrs Jepson was. Parents never found out about teacher’s leaving or anything like that. They would have to ask their children about those matters.

“Hi. Can I help you?” The young woman said.

“Oh, I’m looking for Mrs Jepson’s room. They called me and told me to come down to the school today.” Nancy answered, as she looked back at the nametag that was above the door to check if it was the right room.

“Yes this is the classroom you’re looking for and Mrs Jepson was actually fired. I’m the new fifth grade teacher. Mrs Barkell, but you can just call me Annie.” Annie said as she stuck out her hand to shake Nancy’s.

Nancy shook her hand and stepped into the classroom. The desks were all put to the side of the room and the chairs were stacked in the corner. All along the floor of the classroom were the fifth graders. She spied around the room looking for Max and Liz. She found them lying in the middle of the room. Liz had her head on Max’s chest and her arm slung over his chest. Max’s right hand was running through Liz’s hair. Nancy smiled at the site of them.

“How come they’re all lying on the ground?” Nancy asked curiously.

“Oh. It’s time for relaxation. Usually I’d make them lie down after lunch but they were really happy and jumpy today. I think they’re excited their last teacher isn’t here anymore.” Annie said as she led Nancy over to her desk. There was a chair behind the desk and a chair next to the desk. Annie led Nancy to the chair next to the desk as she herself sat in the chair behind the desk.

“Oh right. Is um, something wrong? I mean with Max and Liz?” Nancy asked as she fiddled with the strap of her handbag.

“No. No problem. I just wanted to ask something. Max and Liz, they’re close right?” Annie asked in a whisper as she saw Alex roll over.

“Yes. Look, if this has to do with Max’s parents I’ll assure you that Max and Liz won’t be pulled apart in the near future, or possibly ever.” Nancy said as she started to gather her things up. She was sick of teachers telling her that Max’s parents were going to come and take him away from all of them.

Nancy’s movements were stopped by Annie’s hand on her arm. “I don’t want to talk to you about their bond and how it might be broken. I wanted to talk to you about the fact that your children, they’re very intelligent. I’m not sure if you or your husband has realised this or not but they’re extremely in tune with eachother. It’s like they have this connection.” Annie tried to find the right words to express the bond between Max and Liz.

“I know that. They’re not even born on the same day but they act like their twins, but at the same time, they don’t act like brother and sister.” Nancy said with relief as her gaze drifted to the pair lying on the floor.

“Mrs Parker – ” Annie started but was interrupted.

“Nancy.” Nancy said before Annie would continue to call her Mrs Parker.

“Nancy, today I asked a mathematical question in class as an example. This type of mathematical question would only be used by tenth graders using a calculator.” Annie started.

“Ok.” Nancy answered her in confusion.

“The thing is, they answered it at the same time and they answered the same answer. I had to check to see if the answer was correct using a calculator. They had every digit correct. Nancy,” Annie paused, “Your children are geniuses. I left the room earlier for a few minutes, at least five, maybe less, and I had assigned the class to do seven pages of English comprehension in their books. By the time I came back, Max and Liz had done seventeen pages. They only have about twenty-five pages left in the book and I’m certain that they could do that in less than half-an-hour.” Annie finished.

Nancy was silent for a few minutes. She looked behind her again at her children. She watched as their chests rose and fell with each breath they took. Her children were geniuses? Nancy looked back at Annie. “I don’t mean to sound rude, but then if my children are geniuses, why did you call me down here?” Nancy asked.

“Nancy, Principal Verny and I were considering them moving up a grade or two.” Annie answered.

“To seventh grade? But they’re eleven. They’ll be social outcasts. Isn’t there anything else we can do?” Nancy asked as she turned her head once more and kept her eyes on her kids.

“I guess we could give them extra advanced work that they can do. That should keep them entertained, I hope.” Annie said as her eyes followed Nancy’s to Max and Liz.

“Look, I have to talk this over with them and my husband. They’re just eleven. I don’t want to put them through anything that they don’t want to be put through.” Nancy said as she gathered up her things and held her hand out to Annie to shake.

Annie stood up and shook Nancy’s hand. “I hope that you and your husband realise the potential your children have. Whatever you decide, we will try to accommodate their needs as much as we can.” Annie said with a smile.

“Thanks.” Nancy turned and looked at Max and Liz. “Can I just say goodbye to them?” Nancy asked.

“I’ll just go wake them up.” Annie said as she tiptoed over children’s bodies. She made it to Max and Liz’s side before whispering their names. She watched as their eyes fluttered open and they rubbed at their eyes briefly.

“Your mum is here, she’s about to leave, she wants to say goodbye.” Annie whispered.

“Nancy’s here?” Max asked sleepily.

“Yep.” Annie whispered with a smile.

Max and Liz got up and walked over the others to say goodbye to Nancy.


Jeff and Nancy spoke in whispers at the sink in the kitchen while Max and Liz did their homework on the kitchen table.

“Guys, do you find the homework easy?” Jeff asked as he leaned his lower back against the bench.

“It doesn’t take long to finish if that’s what you mean.” Max said writing down another answer.

“What about you Liz?” Jeff asked looking at his daughter his arms folded over his chest.

“It’s pretty easy.” Liz said without looking up.

“Hmm. What would the two of you think about getting harder work, you know, so its more challenging?” Jeff asked.

“Um, why?” Liz asked.

“Well, are you getting bored with the work you both are getting?” Nancy asked finally turning around to face them.

“A little.” They answered at the same time.

“You see, your new teacher and your principal were thinking that maybe you wanted to move up a grade or maybe move up two grades so that you would be in grade seven?” Nancy said placing her hands on the bench behind her.

“Oh.” They answered.

“You can think about it if you like. You don’t have to give us your decision just yet. But you have three options. One, you can move up two grades, or stay in grade five and do extra work that will keep you entertained or your last option is to stay and do grade five but stay with the same work.” Jeff explained to Max and Liz.

“We’ll think about it.” Max answered for both of them.

“Ok. Anyway, dinner will be in about ten minutes so how about you finish up and pack up your things, wash your hands and dinner should be on the table by the time you get back ok?” Nancy said with a smile.

“Ok.” Liz said smiling. Their heads bent down again. They wrote for a few seconds and then they were finished. They packed up their things and headed for the stairs to lead them up to their bathroom.

“You’ll sleep in my bed tonight?” Liz asked as they both walked into the bathroom.

“If you want me to.” Max answered.

They walked over to the two sinks and started to wash their hands.

“Dammit.” Max said as he set the soap aside and rinsed his hands.

“What?” Liz asked as she finished up.

“I need to go to the toilet now.” Max said as he turned off the tap and picked up a towel.

“Number one or number two?” Liz asked with a twinkle in her eye.

“Number one.” Max answered as he finished drying his hand.

“Go on then.” Liz said nodding over towards the toilet. She continued to wash off the non-existant soap as she waited for Max to go to the toilet.

“But you’re still in here.” Max said as he crossed his legs over trying to hold it in.

“So? Just go. I don’t care, I’ve seen your ding-a-ling before Max and even though it has a few hairs on it doesn’t mean it’s any different.” Liz said rolling her eyes.

“The hairs aren’t on my ding-a-ling, they’re around the base of it.” Max mumbled.

“Oh well that just makes all the difference Max.” She said sarcastically while still washing her hands under the water.

“Fine. I’ll go then.” Max said as he walked over to the toilet and pulled up the seat. Liz turned off the tap and picked up the towel next to her. She proceeded to dry her hands on it as she watched Max go to the toilet.

He unzipped his pants and reached inside his underwear and pulled out his ding-a-ling and held it in his hands as he went to the toilet. Liz’s head tilted to the side as she examined the length of him.

“You’ve definitely grown since the last time I saw you.” Liz said out loud. Max’s head snapped up to look at her and noticed that her head was tilted to the side and he could tell she was examining him very closely.

“Well, I can’t say the same about you.” Max teased.

“You might have if you hadn’t turned down the bath with me.” Liz teased back. Neither had realised they were actually flirting.

“Oh well, maybe another time.” Max said as he finished up. He put the toilet seat and the lid down and flushed the toilet. He washed his hands again and they walked back down the stairs and into the kitchen to find dinner on the table.


“So what do you think about what mum and dad told us?” Liz asked as she got comfy under the sheets.

“I don’t want to change years. I hate to admit it, but I like having Michael, Alex, Kyle, Isabel, Maria and Tess around.” Max admitted as he got comfy under Liz’s sheets next to her. Liz’s head found Max’s chest automatically. Max’s fingers started to play with her hair again as his index finger from his other hand came up to brush softly and slowly over the bridge of her nose repeatedly.

“I know what you mean. But I get bored with the work we do. It’s too easy.” Liz admitted.

“Yeah. Maybe we should stay in the same grade but do harder work.” Max suggested.

“Ok. Just as long as we’re together I’ll be fine.” Liz said as she yawned.

“Same.” Max said as he yawned.

“Max?” Liz said.

“Yeah?” Max answered.

“…night.” Liz hesitated. She was going to say something but had decided against it.

“Night.” Max said. He had heard her hesitation but knew not to push it. She would eventually tell him what she had wanted to say.

Liz soon fell asleep and Max soon followed, his hand still running through her hair.


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Hey Mitra!

Welcome to my fic... I'm glad you like it enough to leave feedback! I'm very grateful!

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Hey guys... I just have a few things to say befoire you read the new part... I'm not very happy with it because it was kind of written in a rush this afternoon and I'm dead beat tired and I have an Italian test that I really want to pass tomorrow so this part isn't very long I don't think... so I apologise for that.

Also, there are some new feedbackers but unfortunately, I can't get all of your names right now but as soon as I can, I will post them up so you all know that you have been added to the lovely long list of wonderful people who have left me feedback.

Also, Sarah Whitman, this part's for you because you were the only person that told me about the nurse thing... I had that too in year five and six and it was quite funny actually, she stuck a tampon in a glass of water and it was friggin hilarious cause it just sort of absorbed all the water and was as big as the glass... we were in hysterics of course! <--- Oh to be immature and young again. *happy*

Enough ramblings from me... here's the new part:

Also, dictionary meanings are from the Australian Schoolmate Dictionary (Oxford).


Part Ten:

Max and Liz walked into the classroom at about 12:15pm. They had just come back from their extra lesson of the day. Every day, they would leave the classroom at 11:15 and go to the Special Ed room where this other teacher, Mrs McKay, would supervise them and teach them new things. They would receive more homework and after the hour was up, they’d return back to the classroom and continue on with the rest of the day.

When they walked in today though, things were a little different. There was a projector set up and the big screen was at the front of the classroom. They found their seats just as everyone was quieting down.

“You two are just in time to learn about puberty, which is what you’ll all be going through soon.” Mrs Barkell said as she walked to the back of the room to turn on the projector. “Now, stay quiet through this movie and pay attention. After it’s finished we’re going to talk about the video.” She said.

The movie started to play and a cartoon of a little girl and a little boy popped up onto the big screen.

“Hi there boys and girls. My name’s Sally and this is Sam. We’re going to help you learn about puberty.” Said the cartoon girl.

“Have you noticed changes in your body? Extra hair? Voice deepening? Well if you have and even if you haven’t you’ll find out all about it right here today.” The boy said.

The movie played on. ‘Yuck’s’ and ‘Ewww’s’ were heard almost throughout each new topic from an erect penis to a girl’s first period. Once the movie finished, Mrs Barkell switched off the projector and turned the lights back on.

“Ok. Ready to talk about the movie yet?” She said with a smile on her face as she leaned against her desk facing the class. Everyone was silent. “Well, I have here a box. At lunch time or before lunch, you can write on a piece of paper a question you might have but are too embarrassed to ask. After lunch we’ll go through them and I’ll answer them for you as best I can.” She said as she picked up the box that was sitting on her desk. She showed it to the class and then placed it on the chair next to her desk so anyone could place a question in there if they were curious.

Just as Mrs Barkell finished speaking the lunch bell went and everyone ran out as fast as they could. They had learnt too much for one day and they needed to get out of there as soon as they could.


“Max? Has your ding-a-ling, ever done what that boys ding-a-ling did?” Liz asked as her and Max sat by themselves in the playground behind a big tree.

“No. At least, I don’t think so.” Max answered honestly.

“Hmmm… do you want that to happen?” Liz asked as she rested her chin on the palms of her hands.

“I don’t know. It kinda looked like it hurt.” Max said as he wiggled around on the grass.

“I wander why it does that though.” Liz asked as her brow furrowed in thought.

“I don’t know.” Max said as he crossed his legs. “Anyway, what about you. Have you bled like that girl did. I mean, from down… there?” Max asked as he nodded his head towards her thighs.

“Nope. Which I am very happy about. Can you imagine having to bleed from there every month. It’ll be so exhausting.” Liz said as she lied down, her head resting on Max’s thigh.

“Mmm.” Max agreed as he looked down Liz’s face and down to her chest wandering what she looked like under her top and whether she had grown at all under there.


After lunch each of them walked into the classroom grugingly. They quietly took their seats and proceeded to send death glares at the box that sat on the chair next to Mrs Barkell’s desk.

Mrs Barkell walked over to the box and picked it up. She took the lid off and found about a dozen folded piece’s of paper inside. She smiled as she emptied the box onto her desk and sat down reading each one. She pulled out the ones she could answer and stood up. She moved around to lean against her desk in front of the class.

“Ok, well some of you left some good questions in the box. Now the first one is, ‘what does the pee-pee do when its up?’” She read out. She tried to hide a smile as she thought of what they would all be using ‘pee-pees’ for in the future.

All the kids turned and looked around the room trying to find out who wrote the question.

“Well class, the penis becomes erect so that it can be inserted into the vagina.” Mrs Barkell answered simply. She kept the answer short and sweet. Right to the point. Max and Liz turned to eachother and raised their eyebrows. Maria looked down at Michael’s lap and then at her own. She shivered at the thought.

“Next question. ‘When the penis is up like the video, does it hurt?’” She read out.

Students looked around the room again. Liz and Max looked at eachother. ‘Did you ask that?’ Liz mouthed. Max shook his head vigorously.

“Boys, it hurts in a way, because you need release. I don’t mean it hurts in the way when you fall over though. When it happens to you, you’ll understand what I mean.” Mrs Barkell said smiling.

“There you go.” Liz whispered to Max. He just smiled and she rolled her eyes.

“Ok next one.” Mrs Barkell started. They went through the rest of the questions but none of the kids had a thing to say about each one. They kept quiet and still for the rest of day doing all their work and not complaining. Mrs Barkell was in a good mood.


Max and Liz walked home in silence. They weren’t really sure what to talk about. It was ok at lunch to talk about it because they had just seen the video and everything but now both were scared to look at eachother. Questions were racing through their minds and they wanted answers but they didn’t want to ask.

There was one part of the 'question time' that Max couldn’t get out of his head. Someone had written that they had walked in on their older sister touching herself down there and she was moaning. The kid who wrote the question asked what their sister was doing. Mrs Barkell had answered that what their sister was doing was called masturbation.

During their library period before the end of school Max had taken it upon himself to go and look up more information about masturbation in some of the books. He had found out that the dictionary said masturbate was to ‘stimulate the genitals manually.’ Max then looked up genitals.

'External sex organs.’ It said. Max then looked up sex.

‘Sexual feelings or impulses or intercourse.’ It said. Max looked up intercourse.

‘Copulation.’ Max then looked that up.

‘Come together sexually as in mating.’ Max then proceeded to put the puzzle together.

Masturbaation was manually stimulating the external sex organs. Sex was feelings, impulses or intercourse which resulted in copulation which meant coming together sexually.

“I got it.” Max whispered with a smile. His smile soon disappeared when he realised what he had figured out. Masturbation meant touching yourself down there.

Now Max had come up with two questions. What resulted from touching one’s self down there? And, had Liz ever done that? The second question was what intrigued him more. And that’s what he was doing now, walking down the streets of Roswell thinking about whether or not Liz touches herself.

For Liz, she had decided to do a little research of her own and found a book that was stashed behind lots of old books in the back corner of the library where no one usually went. Inside the book were pictures of naked men and women and they were in all sorts of positions. Liz had had to turn the book around a couple of times just to see how some of the positions had worked.

Liz found herself blushing. Would she ever be doing any of those complicated positions when she got older? The thought intrigued her and kept her quiet the whole way home.

Tell me what you kind. *happy*


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Hi guys...

didn't think that I would be back tonight... well, my tonight anyway. My italian test was ok. I think I passed which is great! I got A- on a ZBiology report so I'm pretty happy about that!

Anyway, I'm in a hurry again cause I'm tired again and I will get the feedback names asap... but for now


Must tell you all, that I didn't realise that it would bring memories for everyone. Oh well, glad you all enjoyed the part though. I remeber that we didn't have a video. We just had this nurse come in and talk to us for the whole day and stuff. Then she gave us these books and stuff on periods and a pad and other stuff. But cause my school is only an all-girls school, we just had girls, (well duh!) and so we didn't get split up. But it was just as bad cause everyone was thinking, I wonder if she has her period. and stuff like that... still a traumatizing time but it's ok... oh and I also saw that pregnancy video, but in the ninth grade. Very unpleasant visuals. They had the camera right at the cervix and stuff. It wouldn't have been so bad if it wasn't so graphical. They even showed the lady before she got pregnant and she was in the shower and it was like pornography pretty much... oh well... the good ol' days!

Without further ado, here is the next part... as you can see by the subject it is part 11 A, that means that there is a part followiong this one but I had to break it up. I will post 11 B as soon as I can. Just hang in there! *happy*

Here you go...


Part Eleven A:

It was the night before the sixth grade Valentine’s Day Dance and Max and Liz were running around upstairs getting their clothes ready for the following night. The Dance. Those two words meant the world to all the twelve-year-old girls in both grade six classes.

“MUM!” Liz yelled out as she ran from her room and down the stairs.

“Yes honey?” Nancy said as she stood at the bottom of the staircase wiping her hands on her jeans.

“I can’t find my red sparkle top that has the criss-crosses at the back.” Liz said as she described the desired top to her mother.

“I washed it last week and put it away in your closet. Have you checked there?” Nancy asked as she started to walk up the stairs with Liz beside her.

“No. You can find it while I got to the toilet ok?” Liz said as she started to run up the stairs.

“You’re going to the toilet again? Honey, are you still not feeling well?” Nancy asked as she felt her daughter’s forehead as she reached her at the top of the stairs.

“My stomach hurts a little but nothing like when I haven’t eaten or when I’m sick.” Liz said as she looked up at her mum.

Nancy thought for a minute about what it could be. Then it hit her. Nah! Liz was too young. Nah! Nancy shook her head but the thought still never left her mind. “Ok, you go to the bathroom and I’ll look for the top.”

“K.” Liz said excitedly as she ran up the stairs and slammed the bathroom door closed.

Nancy smiled and slightly shook her head as she headed into Liz’s room and over to her closet. As she was going through the skirts and dresses Liz had, she heard Liz scream in the bathroom. Nancy dropped what she was doing and ran over to the bathroom door to find it locked. She pounded on the door in a frenzy. Something was wrong. Something had to have been wrong.

“Liz! Liz! What’s wrong. Honey, open the door. Come on Liz sweetie. Are you ok?” Nancy was asking through the door. She heard some commotion in the bathroom.

Max had been in his room trying on the jacket of the tux that Nancy and Jeff had hired for him to wear at the dance. He heard Liz go into the bathroom and soon he had heard her scream, without thinking, he ran into the bathroom where he found Liz sitting on the toilet looking down.

Liz heard Max’s door open and her head snapped up. “MAX! Get out. Get out! Max!” Liz screamed at him. Max quickly slammed the door closed but he was still in the bathroom.

“MAX! Get out!” Liz screamed again.

Max realised he was still in the bathroom and quickly fumbled with the handle on the door before he finally got it to turn in the direction he wanted it to turn. He slammed the door closed behind him now finding himself in his room. He wiped the back of his hand over his forehead where tiny beads of sweat had started to form.

Nancy was getting worried until she heard Liz scream at Max and then heard the door slam closed twice. She ran from Liz’s room around to Max’s and saw him wiping his forehead and breathing out a sigh of relief.

“She’s in there.” Max said as he pointed his thumb at the door behind him. He pushed himself off it and walked over to the jacket of the tux that he had carelessly thrown on the floor.

Nancy walked up to the bathroom door and knocked softly as she slightly opened the door. “Lizzie? Honey? Can I come in?” Nancy asked as she started to slowly open the door.

“Yes.” Liz’s small and vulnerable voice said from inside the bathroom.

Nancy walked in and she knew straight away what was wrong with Liz. “Liz? Are you feeling ok?” Nancy asked.

“My stomach still hurts a bit.” Liz said as she rubbed it softly.

“Honey, do you know why your stomach is hurting?” Nancy asked gently as she knelt in front of her daughter.

“I’ve got my period don’t I?” Liz asked as she put her chin in her hands.

Nancy nodded her head with a slight smile. “Yeah Liz, you do. Do you know what this means?” Nancy asked. She had to inform Liz that getting her period wasn’t a bad thing, that in fact it was a good thing even if at the time it didn’t seem so.

“What? That I can bleed once a month and be in a lot of pain?” Liz said sarcastically.

“Liz. It means that one day you can have babies.” Nancy said placing her hands on each of Liz’s knees.

“Oh, fun.” Liz said sarcastically again.

“Liz.” Nancy said firmly.

“Sorry.” Liz said with a smile.

“C’mon, you have a shower and get washed up and I’ll help you out ok?” Nancy said as she helped Liz get up. Nancy left the bathroom through Max’s room.

“Is she ok?” Max asked frantically.

“Yes Max. She’s just growing up that’s all.” Nancy said smiling while patting Max on the head as she left his room.


“She said your were growing up. What did she mean?” Max asked as they layed comfortably on Liz’s bed.

“Just that I can have babies now. Nothing big.” Liz said with a shrug of her shoulders.

“Oh, ok.” Max said as he nodded his head.

“Come on. We’ve got to get to sleep so that we’re not too tired for the dance.” Liz said as she rolled to lay half on top of Max.

“Night.” Max said as his finger traced down the bridge of her nose.

“Night.” Liz yawned.


“Ok. So tonight is the dance and I know you all can’t wait.” Their sixth grade teacher said as he leaned against his desk. Groans from all the boys were heard as a few slaps on arms and heads rang through the air.

“Anyway, as I was saying, it’s time to pick out your Valentine’s Day Partner for tonight.” Mr McDonough said as he turned around and picked up a container containing all of the girls’ names in it. He stood up properly and headed to the front row. “Now, each boy will take one name out of the container and that girl will be your date this evening.” He held the container out to Paulie. He moved down the rows and came to Max.

Liz looked over at Max and smiled. They had decided that whoever Max got, it didn’t matter, they would still dance together. Max put his hand in and pulled out a piece of paper. He opened it up and kept his face expressionless. Liz’s leg bounced up and down in frustration, she wanted to know who Max got. She needed to know who Max got.

“Max.” Liz whispered.

Max turned his head to look at Liz.

“Yeah?” Max asked. There was a mischievous twinkle in his eye.

“Who’d you get?” Liz asked leaning over, her hair falling over her arm.

“I’ll give you three guesses.” Max said smiling. He switched his gaze to the seat behind her trying to misguide Liz.

Liz caught where his gaze went and saw Pam Troy sitting behind her. “You got her?” Liz asked disappointed.

“Yes.” Was all Max answered as he shook his head no.

“Maria?” Liz asked.

“Yes.” Max said as he shook his head no.

“Tess.” Liz said devastated. She envied Tess. Tess was her friend and Liz loved her like a friend and trusted her but Tess was beautiful. She had blonde curls and sparkling blue eyes and a chest that every boy in the sixth grade had noticed. Including Max.

“Yes.” Max said shaking his head no again.

“Then who?” Liz asked.

“Guess again. Here’s a clue, I’ve lived with them most of my life.” Max said tilting his head to the side, a grin plastered to his face.

“Really?” Liz asked not believing him.

“No.” Max said nodding his head yes.

“Oh my god. You’re serious? YES!” Liz said excitedly. She sat back in her chair with a very wide smile on her face.

“Excuse me Mr McDonough. Can we PLEASE change partners. I really don’t want to take Hurricane!” Michael groaned as he proceeded to bang his head on the desk in front of him.

“What’s wrong with my sister Geurin?” Kyle asked from the other side of the room.

“Nothing. Nothing at all.” Michael cowered in his chair.

“That’s what I thought.” Kyle said nodding his head and settling back in his chair.


That night Maria, Tess and Isabel had all ended up at Liz’s house. Nancy was helping them all get ready for the dance in Liz’s room as Jeff helped the boys in Max’s room. As luck would have it, Michael and Maria were paired, Isabel and Alex, and Kyle and Tess. Kyle had gotten a slap on the back from his other ‘friends’ before he left school that afternoon. They had all gone home to their respective houses, collected their things for that night and the next day and were dropped off on the front steps of the Parker residence. The eight of them were going to be having a sleep-over in the play room at the back of the house.

“Come on girls. Let’s get a photo of you all before you are finished.” Nancy said as she held up her camera.

They all groaned. They were sick of taking photos. That’s all Nancy had been doing since she had decided to help them get ready.

“Mum!” Liz whined as she turned around to look at her mum with annoyance.

“What? I just want memories in visuals.” Nancy said as she held up the camera and took a quick snap of Liz looking annoyed. “I think I’ll label that one, ‘Liz annoyed.’” Nancy joked. Isabel, Tess and Maria giggled.

“Mum. I think we can handle it from here.” Liz said as she gently pushed her mother out of the room. Nancy laughed as she exited Liz’s room. Liz closed the door behind her and went back to getting ready.

“Liz? Mind if I use your bathroom? I really need to pee.” Tess said holding her hands in front of her lap.

“Yeah sure. It’s just there.” Liz said as she pointed to the door leading to the bathroom she shared with Max.

“Thanks.” Tess said opening the door and rushing in locking the door behind her. She hadn’t noticed that someone had already been occupying the toilet when she came so when she heard a squeak and then the sound of a zipper, she turned around and squealed. There was Kyle, his zipper half done and his hands trying to cover himself up.

“Tess. Please. Get out.” Kyle pleaded.

“Oh man.” Tess said as she turned and quickly unlocked the door and went back into Liz’s room her face all flushed.

“That was quick.” Maria said changing into her pink knee-length dress.

“Liz. You never said that your bathroom was connected to Max’s room.” Tess said crossed her legs as she held on.

“Oh, sorry. Why? Max was in there?” Liz asked as she headed for the bathroom door.

“No. Um, Kyle is actually in there.” Tess admitted as she turned three shades of red in embarrassment.

“Oh my god! Did you see it? Did you? What does it look like? Did you touch it?” Isabel was asking. She towered over the little blonde girl bombarding her with questions. Tess was finding it hard to keep up.

“No, no, I don’t know and OF COURSE NOT!” Tess said screaming the last part.

“What’s the big deal? I’ve seen Max’s dick plenty of times.” Liz said as she folded up the clothes she had previously been wearing and using the word that she had heard some of the girls in the other class use.

“'Scuse me?” Maria asked her hands stopping in mid air as she was putting on a necklace.

“Yeah. I haven’t touched it, but yeah I’ve seen it.” Liz said as if it were a natural thing.

“Wow.” Isabel said.

There was a knock on the bathroom door that Tess was leaning against. She squeaked and jumped away as she was startled by the knock. The door slowly creaked open and Kyle’s blushing face popped out from the other side.

“All yours.” He quickly said before closing the door and running across the bathroom tiles and into Max’s room.

“You wouldn’t believe what just happened to me!” Kyle said as he stormed into Max’s room.

All three boys stopped what they were doing and turned to look at Kyle who was blushing slightly. Jeff had left the room after Nancy came in to get him to help getting some drinks for the kids.

“What?” Michael and Alex asked.

“And Max,” Kyle continued as if he hadn’t heard the other two. “How come you never told us that you shared your bathroom with Liz and that, if I heard correctly from the other side of Liz’s door, that she’s seen your…your… well, you know.” Kyle said pointing at Max’s lap.

“What?” Michael and Alex said at the same time turning towards Max.

“Oh that.” Max said chuckling slightly.

“Yeah. That.” Kyle said hands on hips.

Max just smiled sheepishly.


Now you all have to get syched up cause you know that you're going to find out what happened at the dance!


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Hey Guys...

I am so sorry that it has taken me so long to get out this really crappy and short part... I don't know how I did on my Italian test, I'm in the middle of a dilemma... I want to drop Chemistry but not sure if I should and I have a maths assessment on trinomials tomorrow.

Anwyay, wiush me luck!

Here's the new part... it isn't really good so I apologise and I haven't proof read it so if it doesn't make sense then tell me and I will re-write it so you can understand it. Also, dacked means to pull someone's pants down. *happy*

Happy reading!

Part Eleven B

The eight of them walked slowly through the double doors of the gym. It was decorated with big red love hearts and red and white balloons. There was a huge sign hanging above the stage that said, ‘Valentine’s Day Dance’. The boys walked in with their heads down. Their heads shot up as soon as they heard the four squealing girls next to them.

Michael groaned.

Kyle rolled his eyes.

Alex watched Isabel getting excited.

Max smiled at Liz who smiled back. She grabbed his hand and pulled him towards the dance floor. “Come on valentine. You know you wanna.” Liz said jokingly as she dragged him. Max just laughed as he started to jog to keep up with her.

“Michael?” Maria drawled out his name.

Michael grunted in response.

“Let’s dance.” Maria said rolling her words together as she proceeded to drag Michael onto the dance floor. Michael turned around looking for help but instead was met with Kyle’s glare. Michael gulped.

“Isabel? Would you, um, maybe like to dance with me?” Alex stuttered.

Isabel smiled sweetly. “Of course Alex. Come on.”

Alex reached down and grabbed onto Isabel’s hand. They headed for Max and Liz who were laughing at Maria’s attempt at getting Michael to dance.

“Kyle?” Tess said his name softly without turning to look at him. Instead she looked down at her hands fiddling with the hem of her sleeveless top.

“Yeah?” Kyle answered shuffling his feet while putting his hands in his pockets.

“Can we talk somewhere private for a minute?” Tess asked finally looking up at him.

“Um. Ok.” Kyle said as he grabbed her arm and pulled her out into the darkened hallway. He walked them over towards the lounge area down the right of the corridor. Music from the gym could still be heard.

They sat down next to eachother, neither wanting to be the first to break the silence.

Kyle took it upon himself to be the one to break it. “What did you want to talk about?” He asked.

“Um, well, back at Liz and Max’s. I’m sorry I walked in on you in the bathroom. Liz didn’t tell me that her and Max’s rooms were connected through the bathroom. If I had have known you were in there I would have gone to use Mr and Mrs Parker’s bathroom.” Tess startled to ramble but Kyle soon cut her off.

“Don’t worry. Max didn’t tell me either.” Kyle said smiling.

“We should really get back at them for that huh?” Tess asked smiling.

“We should. Tonight, after we all get home, we will get back at them.” Kyle said laughing. Tess soon joined in.

Tess soon sobered up when she remembered what she really wanted to tell Kyle. “Um, Kyle, I just wanted to let you know that, I uh – didn’t see anything if you were worried that I had.” She said looking down at her fiddling fingers again.

“That’s good, cause then it would be extremely weird right now.” Kyle said nodding his head.

Tess just smiled. Kyle looked over at here with a look on his face. It was as if he had just seen her for the first time. Her blonde curls were falling down over her blushed cheeks and her bright blue eyes held joy. Kyle found himself leaning towards her. Before either of them even realised, their lips were touching. It was a quick peck but it was the single, most supreme moment that they would ever have in their lives. Their first kiss.


Inside the gym Paulie was running around lifting up all the girls skirts. He was running towards Maria’s skirt when he ran into a hard chest. He looked up into the angry eyes of one spiky-haired Michael.

“Guerin.” Paulie said with a smirk.

“Paulie.” Michael said using the same tone.

“What’s happening? You having fun?” Paulie asked crossing his arms over his chest.

“Not as much as I’ve noticed you’ve been having.” Michael said in monotone.

“DeLuca was next.” Paulie said as he nodded his head towards the person talking behind Michael.

“Let me.” Michael said with a smirk. Paulie held a sly grin on his face as he conjured up his own plan.

Michael walked slowly over towards Maria and Liz who were talking animatedly about only God knows what. Liz hadn’t even noticed what was happening as Maria’s skirt was lifted up. Maria squealed and pulled down her skirt. She went to turn around to punch whoever had embarrassed her when she saw Michael pulling up his pants. She was instantly in hysterics.

Paulie had been watching Michael closely he waited just for the right second to put his plan into action. He walked up behind Michael who was bending down to grab onto the hem of Maria’s skirt. Paulie waited till Michael had stood up before pulling Michael’s pants down. The plan worked better than he had expected because down went Michael’s pants, along with his fire truck underwear.

The majority of the six grade had turned around and were laughing and pointing. Max was trying to hold his laughter in. If Michael found out that he was laughing, he was going to get it bad.

Maria was rolling on the floor laughing her head off. Michael went bright red and quickly picked up his pants and ran full pelt out into the hallway.


The laughter could be heard out in the hall where Kyle and Tess sat smiling at eachother.

“What was that?” Tess asked her brow crinkling as she turned around and looked towards the door where Michael stumbled through trying to fix his pants.

“Michael… What happened?” Kyle asked getting up off the couch and running over to Michael.

“Paulie is going to get it. He dacked me in front of everyone. I bet Mrs Hinderfield even saw. This is the most embarrassing night of my life. That’s it, I’m gonna pound him.” Michael rambled on. He turned around and opened the door that led to the gym, a roar of laughter floated through the hallway. Michael slammed the door closed.

“In an hour.” Michael said as he walked over and sat on the couch.

“Well you can stay here cause Tess and I are going to dance.” Kyle said walking over to Tess and grabbing her hand in his while walking towards the door.

“Since when have you two been…” Michael let the sentence hang in the air.

“Michael, shut up.” Tess said smiling as she walked through the door behind Kyle.


I apologise yet again! Any problems spelling errors things like that... just tell me.

Also, I have some sad news... I am getting extremely busy with my real life getting in the way and I can only promise you that I can update once a week. :( Now, you all have to keep my story close to the front cause it gets harder to find.

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P.S. Sorry for the crap part again!
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Hey special people!

I'm back early. I dropped Chemistry so now I only have 12 units, which means I have 18 free periods in two weeks! You guys have no idea how I feel right now... I have so much more free time that I can basically finish the homework at school do some of the assignments and assessments at school and you know what? I'll have more time for you guys!

Anyway, this part isn't very long but I liked this part better than the last. Hope you guys like it too.

here you go...


Part Eleven C

After the Michael fiasco the sixth graders forgot about it and kept on with the dance. Max and Liz were dancing together away from the others. Pink’s ‘Get The Party Started’ was coming to an end and Vertical Horizon’s ‘Grey Sky Morning’ was just beginning. Liz and Max both stopped moving and looked over at some of their classmates who had stepped closer together and were holding eachother. Liz blushed as she looked up at Max asking with her eyes what he wanted to do.

“Come on.” Max said as he stepped towards Liz. He placed his hands on either side of her waist. Liz hesitated but soon placed her hands around Max’s neck. They both started swaying on their feet to the music. Liz let her head rest on Max’s shoulder.

“You know, I saw Michael’s, you know. Your’s is bigger.” Liz said off-handedly.

Max stopped swaying when Liz’s words reached his ears. All that kept running through his mind was that Liz had seen Michael’s dick. How did that make him feel? Max felt like he wanted to walk over to Michael and punch his lights out. How dare he let Liz show her his dick. She was only supposed to see his!

“Max?” Liz said his name with a hint of worry. She had felt him tense and noticed that he had stopped swaying. “You ok?” Liz asked as she looked up into her eyes to try and see what he was thinking.

“Yeah. Nothing to worry about.” Max said as he squeezed her waist and pulled her closer to him before swaying to the music again. They were silent for a few minutes before Max started to think over again what Liz had said.

“So, I’m bigger than Michael?” Max asked smiling.

Liz laughed when she heard Max’s question. “Yeah, you are. Of course I only saw a glimpse but I’m sure that you’re bigger.” Liz smiled.

“Good.” Max said before they both started laughing again.


“What do you think of those two?” Ms Vaughan asked the teacher standing beside her.

“I think they’re cute.” Miss Gibson said smiling.

“You would. They’re twelve years old and they’re already all over eachother. By the time their sixteen, she’ll be pregnant and he’ll be in jail.” Ms Vaughan said with bitterness.

“You’re just bitter because there’s no one special in your life.” Miss Gibson said crossing her arms over her chest as she walked away shaking her head.


Whispers were passing through the children. A boy would whisper to a girl, that girl would whisper to another girl, then a boy and then a girl and then a boy and then a boy and so on.

Max and Liz had been minding their own business when Maree Hack tapped Liz on the shoulder. Liz turned to look at Maree and a smile lit up her face. Maree lent in and whispered in her ear. The shocked expression frozen on Liz’s face peaked Max’s curiosity.

Maree ran off before Max could ask her what she had told Liz. Max turned and looked at Liz. “What did she say?” Max asked as he let his hands drop to his side.

“You won’t believe this. Apparently, Kyle and Tess are a couple. They’re boyfriend and girlfriend.” Liz said her hands on her hips.

“Really?” Max asked as he started looking around over the tops of the other student’s heads searching for the two.

“Yep. I can’t believe Tess didn’t tell us earlier in my room.” Liz said her brow crinkled in confusion.

“Maybe it only happened tonight?” Max suggested still searching the other kids.

“We can find out later anyway. Come on, let’s go find Isabel and Alex.” Liz said dragging Max by the hand to look for Alex and Isabel.


“You like Paulie? How could you? He was the one that was going to pull up your skirt in the first place!” Michael argued.

“Hey! He turned around and dacked you. I think I have grounds for liking him.” Maria said holding her head high in the air and crossing her arms over her chest in annoyance.

“Those are stupid grounds.” Michael said angrily.

“Look. You pulled up my skirt. He pulled down your pants. It makes perfect sense to me!” Maria said before storming off.

“Girls.” Michael muttered shaking his head.

“Why do you care about who she likes anyway?” A voice came from behind him. Michael slowly turned around.


Alex and Isabel had slowly approached Michael and Maria who were obviously in the middle of an argument. They overheard most of the argument and when they saw Maria storm off they decided to make their presence known.

“Why do you care about who she likes?” Alex asked. He watched as Michael slowly turned to face him.

“Just worried about her. I mean, Paulie, he’s a big lug and a bully to be exact.” Michael tried to explain.

“You’re not scared of Paulie are you?” Isabel asked smiling.

“NO! Never!” Michael defended himself.

“Right. So why were you warning Maria again?” Alex asked trying to catch Michael out.

“Just cause. She’ll get hurt.” Michael admitted aggressively.

“Alright. So why didn’t you say that in the first place?” Isabel said smiling brighter. They had caught him out. He liked Maria, if not liked, cared about her and that wasn’t a Michael thing to do.

“Hey guys. Did you hear about Kyle and Tess?” Liz asked as she ran over to Alex, Isabel and Michael.

“No what?” Michael asked trying desperately to change the subject.

“They’re together now. Can you believe that?” Liz said smiling.

“You serious? Oh my god.” Maria said rushing over. She had only walked a couple of metres away pretending to talk to someone else as she tried to listen in on the conversation that was going on behind her.

“Man, you have good hearing.” Max said shaking his head.

“I know. Now tell me more about this couple in our group.” Maria said excitedly.

“Well, Max and I only just found out but apparently, they kissed or something.” Liz said nodding her head.

“That’s old news. I was with them just before they returned to the gym. They were holding hands. I asked them about it and they told me to shut up.” Michael explained.

“Michael. You didn’t tell us because?” Isabel asked.

“It wasn’t important.” Michael said shrugging his shoulders.

“Michael. Shutup.” Maria said hitting him upside the head.

“Ow.” Michael said rubbing his head.

“So anyway, we have to find out more. We’re their best friends and we’re the last to know. It’s isn’t right.” Alex said.

“True. Very true.” Liz said agreeing with Alex.

“Tonight. We’ll find out later tonight.” Isabel said with a nod.

Michael rolled his eyes and Maria hit him upside the head again.

“OW!” Michael exclaimed rubbing his head again.


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Hey Guys, I'm back and I have a new part.. I haven't been able to re-read but I will do it soon and make and changes...hope you like it.


Part Twelve

Nancy and Jeff turned up at exactly 9:00pm to pick up the eight of them. They piled into the two cars and drove back to the Parker’s. The kids piled out of the cars and trudged through the back of the house to the back room where their bags and things had been moved.

“Ok guys, the girls can go to the bathroom and get ready for bed and then you boys can go after them.” Nancy said as she started to walk out of the room and into the kitchen, a few doors away.

“Come on, if we go first at least the bathroom won’t smell.” Maria said grabbing Liz by the hand and dragging her up out of the room. Isabel and Tess quickly followed grabbing the things they needed and heading upstairs.

Once the girl’s were gone the boys decided to let Kyle have it.

“Nice one Kyle. Now you have the girls wanting to get a boyfriend.” Michael started.

“What are you talking about?” Kyle asked trying to sound as if he had no idea what the boys were on about.

“You know what we are talking about.” Alex said walking behind Kyle.

“Oh. You uh mean Tess and I?” Kyle said as he dipped his finger into his collar.

“No. You and Pam Troy! Who do you think that we are talking about?” Max said sarcastically as he walked over to the right of Kyle. Michael took a step forward in front of Kyle. The three boys were now standing in an intimidating circle around Kyle who could feel beads of sweat forming on his forehead.

“Look guys, I’m sorry. I just kissed her and that’s all. I didn’t think you guys would care.” Kyle said in his defence.

“Right. Well next time you decide to smack those lips on anyone in the group. Warn us before hand so we can leave the country.” Alex said, his hands firmly on his hips.

“They weren’t that bad were they?” Kyle asked worriedly.

Max looked over at Alex who looked over at Michael. They had a silent conversation and Michael was elected to tell Kyle the lie.

“Yes. Yes they were.” Michael said his eyes blazing.

“Sorry?” Kyle tried.

The other three boys just shook their heads and looked down to the ground still not letting the truth slip out.


Upstairs in the bathroom and Liz’s room the girls were getting changed.

“So what was the kiss like?” Isabel eagerly asked sitting on Liz’s bed.

“It was… in a word… gross.” Tess said as she looked into Liz’s mirror inspecting her reflection.

“Gross?” Maria said in shock as her mouth hang open.

“Yeah. But it was sweet. I liked it.” Tess said applying lip-gloss to her lips.

“Hold on. The kiss was gross but you still liked it?” Liz asked as she sat down next to Isabel on her bed.

“Yup.” Tess said smiling softly.

“Wow. Must really mean something to you then.” Liz said amazed.

“Yeah. He’s so sweet. He held my hand and everything.” Tess said excitedly as she turned around to tell her friends more about what she and Kyle had gotten up to.

“Wow.” Maria said sitting down on the other side of Isabel. The three girls on the bed just looked up at Tess in awe. She was the first girl in the group to have a boyfriend.

“Ok. Well I have to go to the bathroom now so…” Liz said getting up off her bed and heading over to the top drawer of her bedside table and taking out a pad. The other three girls watched with their mouths hanging open. Liz hadn’t notice that she had made a spectacle of herself so when she turn to walk go to the bathroom she suddenly stopped at the look on the other girls’ faces.

“What?” Liz asked shyly as she held her hands behind her back.

“Liz?” Maria said her name softly.

“Yeah?” Liz answered timidly. Her right hand came up and brushed some loose strands of hair behind her ear. The other girls knew and recognised it as a sign of nervousness.

“You go your period?” Isabel asked straight out.

“TACT, Isabel. It’s called TACT.” Maria emphasised as she got annoyed with Isabel.

“Well, there really is only one way to ask a girl if she has it or not.” Isabel defended her actions.

“Liz? Are you ok?” Tess finally asked. She suddenly felt great respect for her little brown-haired friend.

“Yeah. Fine.” Liz answered as she tried to walk past her friends and towards the bathroom. Maria blocked her path.

“Liz. You get your period and you didn’t tell us?” Maria asked placing her hands on Liz’s shoulders.

“Yeah. Is there a reason you didn’t tell us, or aren’t we important enough?” Isabel asked folding her arms over her chest.

“Guys, leave her alone. So she didn’t tell us that she had her period. It’s not the end of the world. What we should be asking her if she’s ok and about whether it hurts and stuff.” Tess said trying to make her two friends realise the error of their ways.

Maria realised that she wasn’t being the friend she should be and let go of Liz’s shoulders and stepped out of her way. Isabel let her arms fall by her side and mumbled an apology. The other’s knew that that was all they would get out of Isabel but they didn’t mind one bit.

“I’m just going to go…” Liz said as she pointed with her hand toward the bathroom door.

Maria watched Liz go into the bathroom and lock the door behind her. Mari let her head fall forward. She felt horrible. How could she bombard her best friend like that. There was probably a logical explanation as to why Liz hadn’t told them about the new development in her life.

“I feel awful.” Maria said as she sat on the end of Liz’s bed.

“I’m sure Liz won’t be mad with you. Anyway, I want to ask her a few questions about it.” Tess said excitedly.

“Well, just don’t get her upset. It wouldn’t be fair.” Isabel said in defence of Liz.

“I won’t. I’m just curious.” Tess explained as she sat down in front of Liz’s desk.

“Anyway, I heard Ms Vaughan talking to Ms Gibson at the dance and she said that Liz’ll probaably be pregnant by the age of sixteen and that Max will be in jail.” Isabel said changing the subject.

“Oh my god. What an old hag.” Maria said shock written over her face.

“Yeah and then Miss Gibson turned around and told her off. Alex and I couldn’t stop laughing afterwards and that was before we found Michael.” Isabel finished the story with a nod of her head.

“Ms Gibson’s nice. Have you seen the way Mr McDonough looks at her when she comes into the classroom sometimes. His eyes start to blink real fast and his cheeks go red and he stumbles over his words. I bet his palms get sweaty and that’s why he wipes them on his jeans when she’s near him.” Tess said joining in on the conversation.

“I wonder if Mr McDonough’s you know what does what that boy’s you know what did in that video last year.” Isabel thought out loud.

“You mean when Miss Gibson’s around?” Maria asked as her brow furrowed in thought.

“Yeah.” Isabel answered nodding her head.

“EWWW…” Tess said as she visibly shuddered. “That’s disgusting. I did NOT need that mental picture Iz.”

“Sorry.” Isabel apologised off-handedly.

Liz slowly re-appeared through the doorway. She closed the door behind her and continued to go about getting her favourite pillow off her bed.

All four girls were silent as they stood or sat around waiting for someone to break the silence. The boys did it for them. Max poked his head in with his hand covering his eyes as he spoke.

“If you girls are done then you can go downstairs because we’re going to get ready in my room.” Max said quickly before closing the door again. Liz smiled. He usually wouldn’t cover his eyes with his hand. She thought it was cute that he would do that when the others were in her room.

“Come on. Let’s go downstairs and get the sleeping bags ready. We’ll make some popcorn too.” Liz said hugging her pillow to her chest as she walked towards the door.

“Yeah, let’s hope the guys haven’t done anything to our stuff.” Maria said walking out behind Liz.

“You know, I truly and honestly would believe that they would do that to our stuff.” Tess said shaking her head.

“I wouldn’t put it past them either.” Isabel said as the descended the stairs. They walked into the kitchen and found Nancy putting chips into a bowl and a tray of empty glasses next to her. She looked up and smiled when she saw the girls walk in.

“Hi girls. All ready?” Nancy asked as she folded the empty chip packet and threw it in the bin.

“Yep. You want any help Mrs Parker?” Maria asked as she grabbed a few chips and plopped them in her mouth smiling as she savoured the taste.

“Please, all of you call me Nancy. You make me sound too old when you say Mrs Parker.” Nancy smiled.

“Alright Nancy.” Liz said with a cheeky smile on her face.

“I meant Isabel, Maria and Tess.” Nancy said with a pointed look.

“I was just joking. Anyway, we were wandering about popcorn?” Liz asked hopeful.

“Sure thing. If you can take this glasses in and take some drinks in then I’ll start on the popcorn.” Nancy said as she picked up the tray of empty glasses and handed them over to Liz who carefully carried them out of the room. Isabel and Tess went over to the fridge and started to take out the lemonade, pepsi and cherry cola. They carried in the drinks as Maria grabbed the bowl of chips that she had been eating from.

Nancy smiled as she watched them walk out. She hurriedly worked on making the popcorn.

The girls all piled into the back room and to them it looked like nothing had even been touched.

“Careful. Kyle has rubber spiders and snakes in his room.” Maria said as she walked over to her sleeping bag and slowly picked it up and threw it on the ground. She then started to stamp on it grunting as she beat it up. She finally stopped and with both hands brushed her brown/blonde curls out of her face. “There. All safe.” She stated before pulling the sleeping bag out of the protection bag. She rolled it out and grabbed her pillow.

Isabel, Liz and Tess all shook their heads and laughed at Maria’s antics. They set up their sleeping bags as a semi circle so the boys would complete it with their sleeping bags. Liz lay next to Maria who lay next to Isabel who lay next to Tess. Liz was saving the spot next to her for Max and Tess was saving the spot next to her for Kyle.

“Liz? Can I ask you a question about, well, you know…” Tess asked embarrassed.

“I guess.” Liz said cautiously as she reached for a handful of chips.

“Does it hurt at all?” Tess asked her nose scrunching up.

“Um, it did at first. Just my stomach I mean. They were cramps but they sort of go away. But, apparently it’s different for everyone.” Liz said munching.

“When did you get it?” Maria asked curiously.

“Yesterday. Last night actually.” Liz said shyly.

“Does Max know?” Isabel asked. Liz went bright red.

“Does he?” Tess asked anxious to hear her answer although by the colour of Liz’s face she could have guessed the answer and she was probably right.

“Oh good, you set up your sleeping bags.” Max said as the boys returned back to the room. Max was wearing boxer shorts with planets on them and nothing else. He walked over towards Liz and pulled out his sleeping bag settling down on top of it next to her. Michael was the next to walk in wearing a t-shirt and black boxer shorts. Alex walked in wearing drawstring pyjama pants that hung low on his hips. Isabel had to take a double take of Alex. He wasn’t wearing a shirt and she noticed that his clothes didn’t do justice for was he looked like without a shirt. Kyle was the last in and he was just wearing a pair of purple boxers.

The other three boys pulled out their sleeping bags laying down completing the circle. Max and Liz had scooted closer together and were now sharing Liz’s pillow.

“So what were you girls talking about before we came in?” Kyle asked.

The four girls looked at eachother and decided that they weren’t going to say antyhing. “Girl stuff.” Maria answered. “What were guys talking about before you came in?” Maria asked.

“Boy stuff.” Michael answered with a smirk.

“Boys.” Maria huffed.

“Girls.” Michael complained.

“Hey!” The other six occupants of the room exclaimed at the same time.

“Sorry.” Michael and Maria mumbled at the same time.

There was silence for a few seconds before Nancy came in holding two bowls of popcorn. “Here you go kids.” Nancy said setting the two bowls down in the middle of the circle that had been created.

“Thanks mum.” Liz said smiling.

“Thanks Nancy.” Max said with a grin.

“That’s ok kids.” Nancy said as she wiped her hands on her pant legs and walked out leaving the door wide open.

“You call her Nancy?” Maria asked curiously.

“Yeah.” Max said as if it were no big deal.

“Why don’t you call her mum or something?” Tess asked confused.

“Cause she’s not my mum.” Max defended. Liz grabbed his hand and squeezed it in support. Max looked over at Liz and saw a reassuring smile on her lips. He smiled back and her grip on his hand lessened.

“Oh.” Tess said.

“Can we play a game or something?” Kyle asked with a smile.

“What are we gonna play?” Michael groaned.

“Truth Or Dare.” Kyle answered, his smile growing by the second.

“That’s a chick’s game. Let’s play something manly.” Michael groaned.

“No. I want to play Truth Or Dare. I think it could be fun.” Kyle said still smiling.

“Yeah. Let’s play it.” Tess joined in, a smile also on her face.

“What the hell. I’m in.” Alex said sitting up and reaching for some chips.

“I’m in.” Isabel answered before taking a sip of her pepsi.

“We’re in.” Liz answered for both her and Max.

“I’ll play.” Maria said excitedly.

“Why? Why God, do you do this to me?” Michael asked while his eyes were drawn up to the ceiling.

“You in or what Geurin?” Maria asked getting frustrated.

“Fine.” Michael groaned his agreement.

“I’ll go first.” Kyle announced. “Isabel. Truth Or Dare?” Kyle asked.

Isabel looked up startled. “Truth.” She answered hesitantly.

“Ok, have you ever thought of anyone in this room as more than a friend?” Kyle asked cheekily.

Isabel went slightly pink in the cheeks. She had sort of though of Alex as cute but she wasn’t ready to admit it and that technically wasn’t thinking of him as more than a friend. “No.” She answered.

“Your go.” Maria said.

“Um. Max, Truth Or Dare?” Isabel asked.

“Dare.” Max answered.

Isabel thought for a few seconds. “I dare you to stand up and act like a chicken.”

Liz giggled. Max looked sideways at her before getting up and flapping his elbows and clucking like a chicken. After he finished, he sat down next to Liz placing his hand on her lower back.

Max looked around at the others. “Michael. Truth Or Dare?” Max asked.

“Oh brother. Truth.” Michael grumbled.

“Do you like Maria more than a friend?” Max asked. As soon as the words left Max’s mouth, Michael was up on his feet.

“NO! How could you suggest a thing like that Maxwell? I thought we were friends. Did I ever say to you that I liked DeLuca more than a friend? No, I don’t think so. You have it all wrong Max.” Michael said before plopping down on his sleeping bag folding his arms over his chest.

The others were giggling and Maria was fuming but she held it in.

“You turn.” Isabel said.

Michael looked around at the group. “Liz. Truth Or Dare?” Michael asked. ‘Pick dare, pick dare, pick dare.’ Michael was thinking.

“Um, dare?” Liz said unsure.

‘Yes!’ Michael thought. “Ok, I dare you to stand up and show everyone what underpants you have on.” Michael smirked. Max stiffened. Liz took the challenge. She slowly stood up and pulled her shorts down a little so that everyone could see the design on her underwear.

“My turn.” Liz stated as she sat back down. Max placed his hand dangerously high on her thigh but it was as if Liz hadn’t really noticed.

“Alex. Truth Or Dare?” Liz asked.

“Truth.” Alex decided. He didn’t want any dare that was like Max or Liz’s.

“Are you wearing anything underneath those pyjama pants?” She asked. Isabel’s ears perked up as she heard Liz’s question.

Alex was five shades of red as he tried to find the right answer. “No.” She quietly admitted.

“Huh?” Maria said loudly.

“He said no.” Michael said loudly. Isabel was secretly smiling.

“Ok, moving on. Tess. Truth Or Dare?” Alex asked trying to take the focus off him.

“Truth.” Tess picked.

“What was the kiss between Kyle and you like?” Alex asked with a smile.

“Um.” Tess started but couldn’t find the right words to express the way the kiss felt. She looked over at Maria, Isabel and Tess who had worried looks on their faces. They knew how she felt about the kiss but would it shatter Kyle if he knew how she really felt about it? “It was ok.” She answered looking down.

“What do you mean ok?” Kyle burst out. Maria came to Tess’s aid.

“Hey. That’s two questions.” Maria pointed out.

“Whatever.” Kyle grumbled.

Tess looked around at all the faces staring back at her. She decided to pick on Isabel. “Iz, Truth Or Dare?” Tess asked.

“Truth.” Isabel answered.

“What bra size are you?” Tess asked.

A snicker was heard from Maria but when Isabel glared at her she quickly shut up.

“Who says I wear a bra?” Isabel asked.

“Fine. Do you wear a bra?” Tess asked changing the question.

“Yes.” Isabel answered.

The night wore on and the questions and dare got more interesting. It was Kyle’s go to ask Truth Or Dare.

“Max. Truth Or Dare?” Kyle asked.

“Dare.” Max answered.

“I dare you to kiss Liz on the lips.” Everyone was silent.

Max turned his head to the right and watched as Liz’s breathing increased. Her cheeks were a pink colour and her eyes were downcast. What would it be like kissing her? Were her lips as soft as her skin was? Did she want him to kiss her? Would she enjoy it? Max had so many insecurities running through his head. He tapped her on the shoulder to grab her attention. She slowly looked up at him and he stared back at her.

“Can I?” Max finally whispered.

Liz paused for a second before slowly nodding her head.

Max licked his lips as he started to lean forward. Liz licked her lips in anticipation. They were leaning in towards eachother when Jeff who walked through the doorway talking interrupted them. “Ok kids, time to go to sleep.” Jeff said. Max and Liz jumped apart at the sound of Jeff’s voice. Apparently he didn’t realise what he had interrupted which was a good ting because no doubt they would have been told off for what they had almost let happen.

The others groaned as the almost kiss was interrupted.

They all climbed into their sleeping bags. Max held Liz to his body as she lay half on top of him. Jeff turned out the light before he left the room.

“Night Liz.” Max whispered into Liz’s ear.

“Night Max.” Liz whispered back.

Max’s index finger ran down the bridge of Liz’s nose and soon enough she was asleep.



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Here's the new part people...


Part Thirteen:

It was Max’s 13th birthday and they were having a party for him in the backyard. Max had invited all of his friends from school and they were currently playing a game of football. Girls against boys.

“MARIA DELUCA! Stop hogging the ball!” An irritated Michael Geurin yelled from the other end of the backyard.

“KEEP YOUR PANTS ON GEURIN!” She yelled back. She saw an opening were Tess had run into and she threw the ball. The ball went whizzing past her brother’s head and sailed right into the hands of Tess. She turned around and started running for the invisible line. Maria had quickly set up her station near Michael and was waiting for the signal from Tess. She saw Tess’s ribbon fly out of her hand and the signal was made. Maria ran over to Michael and planted a big one right on Michael’s cheek right as Tess ran over the line and put the ball on the ground.

Maria had been watching out of the corner of her eye as her lips remained on Michael’s flesh, her hands keeping Michael’s cheek in place. She saw Tess score the point and she pushed Michael over and the girls all started cheering. A buzzer went off and the screams got louder. The boys all dropped on the ground and moaned. The girls had won and they had lost.

Max walked over to a happy and contended Liz. “Congratulations.” Max said pulling Liz into a hug.

“Thanks… Loser.” Liz said jokingly as she hugged him back.

Max let go of Liz and grinned at her. “You’re birthday’s coming up in a few months, then we’ll see who’s the loser.” Max challenged.

“Oh is that right?” Liz asked folding her arms over her chest smiling.

“Yep.” Max said with certainty.

“You’re on. At my birthday party, we’ll see who is the loser and who is the winner.” Liz said poking Max in the chest. He just rolled his eyes in response. Liz was about to let Max have it when they heard Nancy from the back door.

“CAKE TIME!” She yelled as she opened the door wider for Jeff to come out holding a cake with lit candles on it. All the kids gathered around the table eying the cake. The cake was in the shape of the solar system with all the planets on its paths and the bright sun in the middle. Max’s smile widened when he saw it. Nancy and Jeff had kept it a surprise. He was really glad they had kept it a surprise, it meant a lot to him that it was in the shape of his favourite thing. Planets and stars.

Max was standing in front of the cake, kids all around him, Liz by his side and parents gathered behind the kids. Nancy had grabbed the camera again and started snapping shots of Max with the cake and Max with the cake and his friends.

“Ready? And - ” Jeff yelled holding up his fingers as a conductor does.


“Blow out the candles Max and make a wish.” Someone yelled.

Max closed his eyes and wished. ‘I wish that Liz and I will be together forever.’ He opened his eyes and glanced down at the cake. His hand found Liz’s as he bent slightly forward and blew out all the candles. Everyone cheered. Jeff came up behind Max and handed him a sharp knife.

“Here you go son. Now be careful.” Jeff said as he took a small step away from Max.

“If the knife comes out dirty, you have to kiss a girl.” Kyle said with a mischievous glint in his eye.

“Oh quit it Kyle. You’re just a nuisance.” Maria said slapping his arm.

Everyone started laughing and then Max thought over what Kyle said. Kiss a girl. Who would he kiss? He knew the knife would come out dirty. Liz. That’s whom he’d kiss. She’d let him wouldn’t she? He was her best friend anyway. It would only be a friendly kiss as well.

Max mentally shrugged his shoulders and sliced into the cake. He slowly pulled the knife out and it was dirty. His heart started to beat a little faster.

“Kiss a girl! You have to kiss a girl Max!” Alex said from Liz’s right. Max looked over at Alex and saw the grin on his face. His gaze slowly shifted to Liz’s face. She looked to be a little nervous. He decided just to go for it.

Liz had been so nervous but she couldn’t understand why. There was this feeling in her stomach that she was getting from the knowledge that Max might kiss her. She didn’t understand the feeling but she welcomed it.

Max leaned in and placed his lips on Liz’s cheek. Their hearts were beating in sync and they both blushed.

“OOOOOhhh.” Paulie squealed in a girly voice.

The other kids just started laughing as the cake was served around.


That night when everyone had gone home, Nancy, Jeff, Max and Liz were in the kitchen talking about the day’s events.

“And then Maria planted a big wet sloppy one on Michael’s cheek and we won. It was awesome!” Liz said relaying the winning points of the football game.

“I bet Michael wasn’t happy after that one.” Jeff said as he wiped a plate dry and stacked it in the cupboard.

“No. He wouldn’t be quiet about it all afternoon.” Max said smiling.

“Maria was washing her mouth out every five minutes. She said she could still taste the uglyness in her mouth.” Liz said laughing. Nancy joined the laughter with her own.

“So Max, you still haven’t opened our present yet.” Jeff said turning around to look at Max.

“Or mine.” Liz said with excitement.

“I wanted to wait till everyone left first.” Max said as he hopped up out of the chair he was previously sitting in and left the room. A few seconds later he walked back in with two presents in his hands. He placed them on the table and stared at them for a few seconds.

“MAX! The suspense is killing me. Open them.” Liz said bouncing in her chair.

“Ok ok.” Max said as he reached for the bigger box. It was from Nancy and Jeff. He opened the card and read it to himself. ‘Dear Max, Happy 13th Birthday. Thank your for being the son we never had and for always being there for Lizzie. We love you lots. Jeff and Nancy.’ Max smiled. He looked up at Jeff and Nancy and smiled wide in thanks. He closed the card and reached for the box. He carefully took off the wrapping paper making sure he didn’t rip it. As the paper peeled away from the box, it revealed what the present was. It was a solar system set. He couldn’t believe his eyes. It was the one that he had admired in the Science Fiction shop over in the mall. He’d stand there for what seemed like hours looking at it. He looked up at Nancy and Jeff again and smiled. “Thanks so much! I can’t believe you got that for me. I absolutely love it. It’s the best present ever!” Max cried before he leapt up from his chair and hugged Jeff and then hugged Nancy.

“You haven’t opened mine yet.” Liz said smiling.

“You’re right.” Max said as he returned to the table with a smile. He picked up the small box and opened the card. ‘Max, Happy Birthday! Thanks for being the best bestest friend anyone could ask for. I love you. Liz.” Max read to himself. There was one line that kept running through his head. It just jumped out at him as if saying ‘LOOK AT ME! LOOK AT ME!’. I love you. It couldn’t have been any clearer. He was brought out of his wandering thoughts by the voice that had kept him sane for so many nights, for so many years ago.

“Hurry Max!” Liz whined. She was still bouncing in her seat with anticipation. She hoped he liked the present and if he didn’t, then she had a back-up plan.

“Don’t get your knickers in a twist!” Max joked with a grin.

“Hey!” Liz said her mood changing.

“Ok ok.” Max said raising his hands as a sign of surrender. He slowly pulled the wrapping paper off and looked at the white box that gave away no clues as to what the present was. He slowly pulled the lid off and just stared at what was inside.

“Well? Do you like it? I made the frame with help from Mum, but do you like it?” Liz asked hopeful. She was so nervous. She was scared that he wouldn’t like it. That he might think it was a stupid present.

Max couldn’t find his voice to express what he was feeling at that point in time. He just stared at the present in his hands. He put the lid down on the tabletop and his finger moved over the frame. There were little yellow stars that stuck out and around the stars as the background were blue glitter. It was beautiful. His eyes then focused on the photo in the frame. It was of him and Liz. It was taken at summer camp the year before. Nancy and Jeff had insisted that they go and have some fun on the camp. On the last day when the parents came to pick their kids up, there was a presentation in the morning of what everyone had done during the week. Nancy and Jeff had arrived early and had wanted to take a quick photo of them before they were to go and present what they had done during the week.

In the photo, Max and Liz had one arm over eachother’s shoulders as their heads were tilted towards eachother’s. They were both smiling brightly and Max couldn’t help the smile that formed on his lips. His finger followed the contours of Liz’s face. There was a sparkle in her eyes and her smile just showed how much fun she had had and how happy she was. Her hair was up in a small ponytail and a few strands of her hair had fallen over her shoulder. She looked so pretty. It was like Max was seeing her for the first time.

Liz had just watched him silently. She didn’t like the fact that he hadn’t said anything. She had started to get worried. She sank back into her chair, her eyes moving down to her hands that were now in her lap and she missed the smile that swept over Max’s face. Tears started to collect in her eyes and she didn’t want Max to see them.

“You don’t like it.” She said softly before she jumped up out of her chair and ran up the stairs and into her room throwing herself on the bed. She curled up on her side and held ‘Spotty’ to her chest. Tears rolled down her cheeks as her body shook with tremors.

Jeff and Nancy had been watching the whole exchange. They had watched the two of them grow up together as best friends and knew that Max would love the present that Liz had given him. Jeff had smiled as he watched his ‘son’ lightly touch the stars and then trace around one of the faces as a smile lit up his face. He turned to look at his daughter expecting to see her face lit up with joy at seeing him appreciating the present so much but what he saw devastated him. Liz looked upset and ready to take off. She had obviously missed the look on Max’s face.

He heard her mumble something and then watched as she ran out of the room and up the stairs tears shimmering in her eyes. He went to go after her but felt Nancy’s hand on his arm. She had witnessed the whole thing. Hey watched as Max bolted out of his seat, the present clutched in his hand following Liz up the stairs.

Max reached her room and knocked on the door. He could hear her almost silent sobs. “Go away.” He heard her reply. She was crying. It tore at Max’s heart knowing that she was on the other side of the door. He quietly turned the knob and slipped into the room. He felt horrible when he saw her there lying on her side crying. He walked over to the bed and gently sat down on it behind her.

“Go away Max. You don’t like the present, I know.” Liz said sounding nasal.

“You’ve got it wrong.” Max said softly and gently.

“Right. Now you’re just trying to be nice. You shouldn’t waste your breath.” Liz said with hurt in her voice. Max pretended not to take any notice of it.

“I love the present you gave me. It’s perfect.” Max said looking down at the photo again.

“No you don’t.” Liz said. She opened up her bedside drawer and pulled out a book. She threw it behind her not caring where it landed. “There. I got you another present in case you didn’t like my attempt at being artistic.”

Max reached over and picked up the book. He turned it over and looked at the title. ‘All You Want To Know About Our Solar System’. She knew that he wanted this even if he hadn’t voiced it. He had glanced at it once and she just knew that he had wanted it.

“Liz. I love your first present so much. I didn’t say anything downstairs cause I didn’t know what to say. It’s the best present I’ve ever gotten. It already means so much to me and I’ve only had it for a few minutes. It’s beautiful, you’re beautiful.” Oops! Max let the last line slip.

Liz stopped breathing. “You, you think I’m beautiful?” Liz asked fresh tears brimming.

Max swallowed. His palms became sweaty his heart rate quickened. “Yeah. I do.”

Liz sat up and wiped at her eyes. She smiled softly. “So you really like my present?”

“Yeah. I do. I love it!” Max said with a smile. He looked down at the photo and traced her face again. A smile lit up his face again. Liz watched him trace her face. She smiled. Max turned to look at Liz and his hand reached up and he ran his index finger down the bridge of her nose.

“Stay with me tonight?” Liz asked softly. Max nodded. They layed down facing eachother. Their hands clasped together and their noses were only millimetres apart, just like every time they fell asleep together.

“Night Liz.” Max whispered.

“Night Max. Happy Birthday.” Liz whispered back before she drifted off to sleep. Max soon followed.

The hours wore on as they slept and neither noticed as Max had his first wet dream while Liz Parker slept in his arms.


What do you think?

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Hi guys,

I have some good news and some bad news.... I'll start with the bad ok?

Well, I'm sorry that I haven't been able to update this story... and you guys have been so nice and have been bumping it so I'll see it so I can update. Now here is the problem. My family and I are moving hous and we have to be out by April 2. If someone does the calculations then that's how long that we have until we have to move... 'That's not a big problem' some of you might say BUT, it turns into a big problem when you actually don't have anywhere to move to yet. So, my mother and my sister have been lookin at houses left right and centre while I've trying to keep up with my schoolwork and pack up my room. HARD VERY HARD! So I actually havenb't had the time to update.

Anwyay, the good news.

I have to go out this morning, for a little while, I'm hoping that I am back bvefore midday and if I am, then I can write a new part for you guys! *Jumps up an down rejoicing* *happy* Also, more good news...finally got my marks back for my italian assessment, 93% YAY!!!!!!! And last week, I had three assessments, in-class english essay, english oral and IPT presentation + oral! (oral = a speech) anyway, one of the english teachers told my mum that my oral was really good, not the first but one of the YAYAYAYAYAYAYAY!

Ok, that's enough from me cause now I have to go and quickly get changed before my friend comes to pick me up so we can go and start our biology assessment! ugh!

Love you guys heaps...keep bumping

Have a great weekend.

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Hey Guys,

Long time eh?

Well, I finally got part fourteen finished... sorry it took so long. Life REALLY got in the way BIG time...

Where shall I start first... oh alright... My school assessments and stuff... well I had about one assessment for each subject, I had tests and homework coming out of my arse, so to speak. We had an Easter Break which was fantastic, but I'm back at school again...only for five days I might add. Anyway, school life got in the way... but moving on,

I think we just found the house that we are going to move into. It took us forever to find it and we found it today! YAY! So today is officially a fantastic day! We only had eight days left to find a house and move into it... So on the fourteenth we have to be out of here and into the new house, so unfortunately for you guys that means that it may take me a little longer to get a new part up again... Of course on the 12th of this month I am on holidays for a couple of weeks and I probably wont have any assessments over that time so I will have time for you guys!

Anwyay, I think I rambled on enough and taken up your valuable time and I hope that you like the new part...


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Disclaimer: The websites I mention, I am in no way affiliated with, the information taken from both website's is their's and not mine.
Anyway on with the story huh?

Part Fourteen:

Max’s fist curled up and rubbed his right eye. He yawned and sighed before his eyes started to flutter open. Across from him lay Liz still sleeping silently. He smiled softly as he watched. Her eyelids started to flutter as if she knew that someone was watching her. Once her vision cleared she spotted Max smiling at her.

“Morning.” Max said softly.

“Morning. How does it feel to be thirteen then?” Liz asked just before she yawned.

“The same.” Max answered.

Liz nodded before she started to slowly close her eyes but before they fully shut, her eyes landed on a large stain on Max’s pants. “Uh, Max. What’s that?” Liz cautiously asked.

Max’s eyes looked down at his pants. ‘Oh Crap.’ Max thought to himself. “I don’t really know. I’m –uh – gonna just go to the bathroom and I’ll be right back after I have a shower.” Max said as he hurriedly jumped off the bed and ran through Liz’s bathroom door and locked it behind him.

Liz giggled. She waited and listened to Max rummage and shuffle around in the bathroom. She turned on her side facing away from her bedroom door towards the window. She stared at the sunlight streaming through the lace curtains as she thought about what had happened last night. He thought she was beautiful and he liked BOTH her presents. She couldn’t wait until her 13th birthday to find out what he was going to do for her.

“Oh man.” Liz heard Max groan from inside the bathroom. She giggled as she turned to look at the bathroom door.

Meanwhile Max was in the bathroom quickly undressing after he retrieved some clothes from his room. He turned the taps in the shower and waited till the water reached his desired temperature. He stepped in and shut the glass door behind him. He started thinking over what could have happened to make his body do what it did.

He was already embarrassed enough as it was because it was Liz that had spotted it first without giving him time to notice and cover it up quickly. The water cascaded over his hair and down his face following the contours of his body right down to his toes where it ran into the drain.

His mind was on Liz at that moment thinking about how he heard her giggle and how last night they had made up. He absolutely loved the photo that she had given him. She looked so beautiful in the photo. He had had this raging urge to, to, kiss her last night.

Max suddenly felt this kind of indescribable feeling that was deep inside him. He looked down and there stood his penis, fully erect.

“Oh God.” Max moaned as he realised what the stain was from the night before. Max reached down and tried to push it down. It didn’t budge. He reached for the hot tap and turned it all the way off. The cold water sprayed at his body.

“Oh God! Oh God! Oh God!” Max started to whisper as the cold water cooled his skin. He looked down and found that his member was going down. “Thankyou.” Max said as he watched it settle back down between his thighs.

Michael, Kyle and Alex arrived around lunchtime that day. They all went up to Max’s room to play with his new playstation that Max’s ‘grandma’ had sent to him.

“Guys. Something happened to me last night.” Max said as he played with the corner of one of his pillows, not being able to meet any of the guy’s eyes.

“What happened?” Kyle asked as his hands moved to the right with the control pad and his tongue snuck out from between his lips in concentration.

“Um, I think I had a um…” Max mumbled the last word.

“A what?” Michael asked as his gaze shifted from the TV screen to Max.

“A – uh – wet dream.” Max said finally looking up.

A crash and burning sound was heard from the TV as three heads turned sharply to look at Max.

“Wow.” Alex said sitting next to Max on his bed and reaching over to touch him.

Max looked over at Alex with confusion. “What are you doing?” He asked slightly moving away from Alex’s slowly moving hand.

“My brother said that if I touch a boy that’s just had his first wet dream, I’ll be next.” Alex said as his hand finally fell on Max’s shoulder.

“That’s crap!” Michael said rushing over to touch Max.

“Then why are you touching him?” Kyle asked arms crossed in front of his chest.

Michael’s mouth fell open. He was speechless.

“Anyway, did it happen again?” Alex asked removing his hand.

“Yeah.” Max said looking down. “This morning in the shower.” He admitted.

“What were you thinking about?” Kyle asked turning back to the game he was playing.

“I was thinking about Liz.” Max said shrugging his shoulders.

The room went silent.

“What?” Max asked looking around. “What?”

“You were thinking about Liz?” Michael asked.

“Yeah. Why?” Max asked confused.

“My brother told me that when you think about something or someone and you get… that… it means that you like them.” Alex said nodding his head.

“No way. Max isn’t a wuss.” Michael said slapping Max on the back.

“Yeah he is. He gets all mushie and stuff. You’re a wuss Max.” Kyle said smiling brightly.

“Jeez thanks guys.” Max said with a monotone voice.


Later on that afternoon when Liz had gone out shopping for clothes with Maria and her mother, Max went and asked Jeff if he could use his computer.

“Jeff?” Max asked as he walked into the lounge room where he found Jeff watching a football game.

“Mmm?” Jeff answered before jumping off the couch yelling at the TV screen.

“I was just wandering if I could use your computer for a little while. I just wanted to look something up on the Internet.” Max explained.

“Sure go ahead. You know the password.” Jeff said waving a hand in the direction of his office.

“Thanks.” Max said as he scurried into Jeff’s office.

He closed the door behind him and headed toward the computer. He turned it on and got comfy in the chair. He waited patiently as the computer loaded up. He clicked on the connection icon and typed the password in. max4liz. That was the password. Jeff had come up with it. He waited as he was connected to the Internet. He opened up Internet Explorer and typed in In the search engine he typed in ‘Wet Dream’. The only way he was going to find out anything useful was looking it up on the Internet. He stumbled across the web site entitled: ‘Ask the Experts: What's a wet dream?’ He searched the website till he found what he was looking for. What is a wet dream?

A wet dream is an erotic dream that gives a guy an erection so that he ejaculates during his sleep. Very often boys don't remember the dream. If they don't know what's going on they may think they've "wet the bed." Some boys never have wet dreams, but most do. Dreams or no dreams — both are normal.

Max sat back and read over the definition again.

“Wow.” He breathed out. His gaze fell down to his pants as he contemplated what he had just read.

He continued to search around the site when he saw something that caught his eye.

‘What does jacking off mean?’

‘Might as well find out as much as I can right?’ Max though as he moved the mouse over the link and clicked.

"Jacking off" is one of the hundreds of slang terms for masturbation by a guy. Touching our sex organs for pleasure — masturbation — is a normal, healthy part of life for girls and boys, women and men of all ages. Masturbation has no harmful physical or emotional effects — none! Most people masturbate because it feels good. Many people feel guilty about it, however, mostly because some people, and some religions, still consider masturbation a taboo — something forbidden. But it's perfectly normal and healthy.

Max sat in front of the computer screen soaking in as much information that he could. About an hour and a half later, Liz arrived home form her shopping so Max quickly close the window and logged off the computer.

He found Jeff still sitting on the couch watching a football game.

“Max! You have to seethe clothes I bought. I’ll model them for you ok?” Liz said running up the stairs and into her room.

Max was silent as he followed her up the stairs at his own pace. He was suddenly seeing her in a new light.

He made it to her room just in time to see her naked back. He suddenly felt a tightening in his pants. He looked down and saw that he was semi-hard. He suppressed a frustrated moan.

“Oh Max.” Liz said as she quickly tossed a top over her head and slipped her arms through. She straightened the front before turning around to show him her new outfit.

“So, what do you think?” Liz asked as she stood awkwardly in front of him.

“You look good.” Max replied as he tried to walk normally over towards Liz’s bed and sat down.

“Really?” Liz asked as she looked down at herself and then back up at Max.

“Yeah I do.” Max said smiling and nodding his head. He took another look at her again. She was wearing a very short blue skirt with a white tank top without a bra. He could see the outline of her nipples and when this registered in his brain, he felt himself swell more.

‘Crap.’ Max thought to himself.

“Liz?” Max said.

“Yeah?” Liz answered as she sat down next to him on her bed.

Max covered himself with his hands trying to not make it a big deal. “Ever heard of the game doctor?” He asked.

Liz’s cheeks flushed. She had heard of the game ‘Doctor’ before. Maria had told her about it. Maria had heard it from someone else and had told her how the game was played.

“Yeah I have. Why?” Liz asked as she started to fiddle with her hands.

“I was –uh- just wandering.” Max said looking down as well.

“Oh. I thought you wanted to play it or something.” Liz said. She had to admit to herself that ever since she had heard what happens in the game, that it got her a little excited.

“Do you?” Max asked looking up at her. He read about it on the website that he had been on before and as he tried to imagine playing it with someone, the first person that popped into his mind was Liz.

“Do you?” Liz asked back. She could feel her cheeks burning up with embarrassment.

“Well, if you do then I do.” Max said honestly. He wouldn’t do anything that she didn’t want to do.

“Oh. Well, I wanna play if you do too.” Liz replied.

“Well I wouldn’t mind trying it out.” Max said as he blushed.

“Ok.” Liz said. She didn’t really know what else to say.

“There is something that I should tell you though.” Max said looking down at his lap where he was still semi-hard.

“What? Is it about that wet patch on your pants this morning?” Liz asked. She had a feeling she knew what it was from but she didn’t want to embarrass Max.

“Yeah.” Max said. “I found out that I had a wet dream.” Max admitted.

“That’s what I thought.” Liz said smiling.

“What?” Max asked looking up at Liz’s smiling face.

“I didn’t want to embarrass you so I didn’t say anything.” Liz said as she slapped Max on the back laughing.

“Thanks.” Max said shaking his head while smiling.

“Oh well. Anyway, you wanna go get something to eat?” Liz said trying to change the subject.

“I’m not really that hungry. I was uh wandering if maybe we could play.” Max asked feeling embarrassed.

Liz was silent for a few minutes. She was thinking. She really wanted to play with Max. Her dad was too engrossed in the football game to notice they weren’t around and her mum was out grocery shopping which meant she wouldn’t be home for another three hours, give or take an hour. She noticed Max’s hesitation. She leaned in towards his ear.

“I’ll be patient.” Liz whispered in his ear.

Max’s breath hitched in his throat. He turned his face towards her and watched her carefully. When he was certain she was for real he got up of her bed and headed towards her bedroom door. He closed it and locked it. He walked through the bathroom and over to his bathroom door and locked it so that Nancy or Jeff could go into his room but they would not be able to get past his bathroom door, through the bathroom and into Liz’s room where they would be playing.

Liz had watched Max lock her door and head towards the second bathroom door. She took her shoes off and shuffled up the bed laying her head on her pillow waiting for Max to come back. He closed Liz’s bathroom door and headed over towards her.

He stood by her torso looking down at her.

“I don’t know - ” Max started to say but was cut off by Liz grabbing his hand and placing it under her top just beneath her breasts.

“Max. You’re the doctor. You can do whatever you like.” Liz said with confidence.

Max took his cue from Liz. “So, as my patient, you have to do as I say?” He asked.

Liz nodded.

“Then, take your top off.” Max said he moved his hand from her skin.

Liz sat up and reached her hands to the hem of her shirt. She lifted the shirt up and over head and placed it beside her as she layed down on the bed again.

Max reached his hand up and touched one of her breasts tentatively. He heard her gasp as his fingertip brushed over her nipple.

“Does it hurt?” Max asked as he ran his finger over her other nipple.

Liz shook her head as she gasped again and her eyes closed with new-found arousal.

“Why are you gasping then?” Max asked as his finger then traced an imaginary line under her breast.

“Because it tingles.” Liz said softly as she enjoyed the innocent assault on her breasts.

“You haven’t got your period do you?” Max asked as his fingers started to trail down her stomach away from her breasts.

“No.” Liz said shaking her head slightly.

“Then can I touch you down there?” Max asked as his finger lay on the button and zipper at the front of her skirt.

Liz nodded as she watched his fingers undo the button and pull down the zipper. He slipped her skirt off her legs and placed it beside her. His hands reached up and started to pull down her panties as well. He slid them off her feet and placed them on top of her skirt. He placed his hands on her thighs and gently pushed them apart opening her up to him.

Liz was feeling extremely aroused. She liked the feelings that Max was making her feel.

Max moved on top of the bed and layed down in between Liz’s legs, his face close to her centre. Liz could feel his breath on her skin and she felt a rush of wetness slip from inside her.

Max gasped as he saw a sticky looking liquid trickle out of Liz’s opening. His finger reached up and touched it.

“Oh God.” Liz gasped. She had never felt anything like this before. She had started to feel herself up at night sometimes, just to know what was down there but it had never felt like this.

“Did I hurt you?” Max quickly asked as he moved his finger away as quickly as he could.

“No.” Liz replied.

“Oh.” Max said as his finger tentatively reached out again to touch her.

A knock sounded at the door interrupting them. Max quickly jumped off the bed and grabbed Liz’s clothes to help her to quickly get dressed.

“Liz, honey? Can I see the new outfits you got?” Nancy’s voice floated across the doorway. Max turned to look at Liz who was just fixing up her top. He noticed that her hair was a little out of place so he ran his fingers through it to fix it up before he placed a quick kiss on her cheek and ran off into his bedroom before she opened the door and Nancy was going to ask questions.

Liz smiled as she watched Max run off into his room. Next time, he would be patient.


P.S. I wasn't very happy with this part so I am sorry about it but I hope you guys enjoyed just a little anyway.

Lots of feedback please...*happy*


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Hey guys,

I'm back... I bet you are glad about that... So the move was ok. We have a few broken pieces though, which mum was really upset about because we now have a house that we live in that pretty much resembles an antique store minus the electrical appliances so the things that broke, had sentimental value.

Anyway, this part, I better explain it to you first, it is sort of like a catch up with time sort of thing where we learn a little more about our favourite characters and what they have been up to and what they have been doing in school. Hopefully I'll be able to find some time this week to get anopther part out to you guys. I'm really trying here guys....*happy*

Here is the new part...

Part Fifteen:

Unfortunately, the pair never got around to playing ‘Doctor’ again for a few years. They had decided that after Nancy had almost caught them had it not been for the door locked that it was bad omen, that if they were to continue then something bad was going to happen to them.

Grade eight soon rolled around. It was their final year before they entered high school. Kyle and Tess were together. There was no doubt about it. Max Michael and Kyle had grown into their bodies. Muscles had started to slowly develop but Alex just grew taller. Isabel had confessed to Liz that she had like the fact that Alex had remained tall and lanky. Liz had teased her mercilessly for a week after that. Isabel had promised herself that she would never tell Liz something personal again.

Michael and Maria kept at eachother’s throats each calling eachother the worst possible names that they could think of and as their vocabulary expanded, so did their name-calling. School had become more entertaining at recess and lunch. The other kids would sit in small groups around theirs just waiting for either Maria or Michael to blow. And they never seemed to fail.

Max and Liz had started to slowly drift apart. It wasn’t intentional it just had started to happen. Liz had been a late bloomer in the chest department. By this time she had just started and the other boys had started to notice her a little more. Max wasn’t completely comfortable with every boy in the eight grade trying to cop a feel of his best friend so he had started to distance himself from her so that he wouldn’t be able to see what was happening around him.

Liz had also been at fault for their drifting apart. She hadn’t noticed anyone noticing her, she had although, noticed other girls noticing Max and she hadn’t liked it one bit. She couldn’t completely understand why she felt that way but she had started to blame herself for it so she started to stay away feeling ashamed of herself that she couldn’t’ be happy for Max because he was getting attention.

The others in the group had noticed the distance growing between the two. No one had questioned anything, they were too scared to admit that Liz and Max had been drifting apart. No one outside the group had really noticed though. The eighth grade class had been split up into three classes because the grade was so big. The eight of them were in the same class. They had an inkling that it had to do with Alex’s genius older brother who happening to be a whiz on cracking system codes.

Their teacher was Miss Banas who was young and beautiful. She had long brown straight hair that ended at her shoulder blades, she was slim and wore clothes that showed the school that she knew how to dress. All the girls envied her and all the boys drooled over her.

“So as your new teacher, I need to know where all of you are at in the sense of knowledge. As you all know, they changed the curriculum and the way classes were supposed to be. So only next year will you all be moving from class to class with different teachers. As of today, I’m going to learn about you.” She paused. “Now, I don’t want to discriminate against any of you because I think you are all special in your own kind of way, but some of you may be gifted then others or in other areas so, today we are going to learn about eachother’s strengths and weaknesses.” Miss Banas said smiling as she leaned against the front of her desk.

“To start off, I want to know if anyone knows the meaning of ‘juxtapose’.” Miss Banas asked as she walked over to the board and wrote the word up. She turned around and was surprised to see two hands up in the air.

“Miss Parker. Would you care to explain to the class what juxtapose means?” Miss Bans asked. She knew that Elizabeth and Maxwell were living in the same household and that they were very smart, she just wasn’t sure to what extent they were intelligent.

“Well isn’t it where things are put side by side?” She asked shyly. She hated to admit it but she didn’t like being so smart. Everyone also expected her to be someone she wasn’t She didn’t like it that much.

“You’re right. Is that what you were going to say Mr Evans?” She asked Max.

“Um, I was just going to say that.” Max said shyly. He didn’t like knowing the answer to the questions asked in class. He knew that the other kids teased him and Liz because they were so smart, but they had never meant to be. Their brains just absorbed faster and more than the other kids brains. At least that’s what Max had put it down to.

The class wore on and the students learnt more about eachother that they hadn’t known before, like that Michael was extremely artistic, that Maria could sing, Isabel was good with fashion and colours, that Kyle was athletic, that Alex played guitar and was double-jointed, tat Liz loved to right and loved science and that Max loved astronomy. They hadn’t learnt much about Tess though. She didn’t have a quality that stood out among the rest of the class. Miss Banas had assured her that she would find it soon.

As the weeks wore on and turned into months and as they worn on, they did find one thing that Tess was good at. She was good at memorising large pieces of text in a second. Miss Banas had labelled it photographic memory.

At the end of the year, they had their own talents all figured out and were advised to follow those talents and their dreams to wherever they led them.

It was the best advice they had ever been given and it was the first advice that they were to ever follow.


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Hey my faithful readers and feebackers...

so there are a few things that I need to get out before you read... actually you don't really need to read this but you can if you want...

Ok for the most fantastic news ever...just a secret between you and me... My 16th Birthday is on the 22nd of this month! You guys have to wish me a happy birthday on that day ok... not early though ok? Cause then it wont seem so special... I will keep reminding you though so you wont all forget... plus, on top of that... I got onto the Principal's Honour List... I got a distinction... its this whole points thing and to get a distinction at least three teachers have to vote for you and apparently a few more than three voted for me... YAY!!!! I couldn't belive it when I saw my name up there. Anyway, the move wqas fantastic... my room is fantastic... the house is is well school but year 11 is keeping me extremely busy. I have a photography test next Tuesday and then I go on this retreat on Wednesday for three days. So I wont be able to post but I hope that I can get you out another part before then so that you wont miss me too much and get angry at me.

Alos, my final note before part sixteen... I have been feeling that my parts have been lacking in a lot of areas. I promise you that when I get the spare time, I will improve on my parts as I keep on with the story. I just personally feel and know that they aren't my best so I will make this promise now to all you that I will try to make thembetter and a little longer... as someo f you that read Bonding Eight will know, these parts compare tothem are like paragraphs.... oh and for those who do read Bongding Eight... I am glad to tell you that thepart that I am working on will have a lot of bonding... I hpe to finish it this weekend so you guys will have something to read while I'm away.

Anyway, enough from me... here you go... sorry it's so short....

Part Sixteen:

“Did you girls see the notice for the cheerleading squad on the sports notice board?” Tess asked excitedly as she ran up to the group at lunch.

Liz and Maria shook their heads while Isabel nodded her head in excitement.

“We so have to try-out. It’ll be so much fun and I have the best idea for a routine. It’ll be so good and the guys can watch us before we try out.” Tess said as she dropped her pile of books on the grass and pulled open her lunch bag while settling down on the grass next to Isabel and her pile of books. The guys just looked at eachother with a raised eyebrow.

“Oh my god. Liz, Maria, you two so have to do it with us. What do you say?” Isabel asked turning her head to look at them.

Liz looked at Maria who was pulling a face. Liz giggled as she nodded her head. Yeah they were going to try out. They really couldn’t see why it was a bad idea.

“YES!” Tess and Isabel exclaimed as they saw Liz nod her head.

Kyle leaned over and kissed Tess on the cheek while Alex blew his nose on a tissue, Michael grunted and Max smirked at Liz who wasn’t watching.

The lunch period went on with the same chatter about the girl’s routine while the guys spoke of sports, each of them keeping an eye on the girls.

That afternoon Maria, Isabel and Tess decided to go over to Max and Liz’s because they knew that out of the three of them, it was Liz wit ht he biggest backyard to practice in. They all got changed into tracksuit pants and an exercise top that they had all brought with them to Liz’s. The took Liz’s portable stereo from her room and took it downstairs and out into the backyard. After an hour of arguing which song they would dance to, Maria wanted Christina Aguleira, Liz wanted Backstreet Boys and Tess and Isabel wanted Britney spears. Britney won out.

They were still trying to work out some moves when the four boys were caught staring at them from Max’s window on the second floor that looked out into the backyard.

“Ok, so they guys are watching us.” Maria stated as she put her hand on her hip and turned towards Isabel and Tess who were negotiating over a move.

“So give them something to look at.” Isabel answered as she watched Tess do the move before she started to fix it.

“Give them something to look at eh? Sounds like a plan.” Maria said softly as she grabbed Liz by the arm and walked towards the house so that the guys couldn’t see that they were talking.

“Maria? What are you doing? I was twirling really well!” Liz complained as she stretched one of her arms.

“So the guys were watching us and Isabel told me that we should give them something to look at.” Maria said with a smile.

“What do you mean that we should give them something to look at?” Liz asked wearily.

“Oh, I just want to have a little fun wit hthem. What do ya say?” Maria asked as she turned her hopeful eyes on Liz.

“Before I agree to this, what is it that you have in mind?” Liz asked placing her heands on her hips speaking in whispers.

Maria leaned closer to whisper her plan into Liz’s ear.

Liz leaned back after hearing the plan and thought about it. “Maria. We’re fourteen, you actually think that they’ll enjoy that? I mean, how do we know that’s it’s going to have the desired effect?” Liz asked thinking about all consequences.

“Hey, all I want to do, is give them something to look at. I never said anything about where your mind is going, but then I guess I never should have expected anything less from you. You’ve got a one track mind, and that last comment just proved it to me.” Maria said smiling.

“Jerk.” Liz said smiling back at Maria while hitting her on the arm playfully.

“So is that a yes?” Maria asked slightly jumping up and down on the spot.

“Fine.” Liz said as she walked back over to the other two,

Upstairs the guys had been having their own little discussion.

“If they get in, do you realise how horny we’re going to be for like, eternity?” Kyle asked as he turned away from the window.

“I’m already horny everytime I see her.” Max mumbled.

“We’ll come back to what you just mumbled but firstly, what do you mean?” Alex asked as he turned his head to look at Kyle briefly.

“Don’t tell me you guys haven’t seen the cheerleading uniform.” Kyle asked in shock as he stood up and crossed his arms over his chest.

“Of course we have, but what has that got to do with anything?” Michael said, his eyes never leaving the window.

“Wow. I only thought the jocks had three brain cells. Looks like you three just proved me wrong.” Kyle said as he shook his head disapprovingly.

“What?” Alex asked frustrated.

“Hello? The skimpy skirts, the tight tops. Do you have any idea how hot our girls will look walking down the school hallways wearing that?” Kyle asked sitting down on Max’s bed.

“Our girls? Since when did they become our girls?” Max asked looking at Kyle.

“Come on, you know that Liz is totally into you. I don’t understand how you two haven’t gotten together yet. And for the two of you. Jesus, I swear I’m the only bright one here.” Kyle said exasperated as he flopped back onto Max’s bed.

There was a long pause as everyone was deep in thought. Michael placed his hands in his jeans and looked outside again. “Hey! Maria just dragged Liz off somewhere where we can’t see them.” He announced.

Without a second thought the three guys rushed to the window to have a closer look.

“What do you think they’re doing?” Kyle asked.

“Talking, duh!” Alex said rolling his eyes at Kyle.

“Now who’s smart?” Max said elbowing Kyle in the chest while smirking.

“Shut up, they’re coming back.” Michael said hitting Alex in the chest.

“Ow.” Alex said rubbing his chest.

They four pairs of eyes watched as Liz went up to Isabel and Tess and told them of their plan. Maria had gone and grabbed the garden hose from the side of the house. At that moment the boys couldn’t see Maria and the next thing they could see was water drenching Isabel, Tess and Liz. The three girls squealed when the ice water hit their hot bodies. They stopped and turned towards Maria who was looking extremely sorry.

“THAT, was NOT according to the plan!” Liz said as she ran over to Maria and dragged her over to Isabel and Tess when all three of them got a sort of gleam in their eyes and they started to rub their bodies all over Maria’s trying to soak her wet.

The four guy were definitely given something to look at. All four of them turned on as the next.

“I really need to use your bathroom Max.” Michael said as he pushed the others out of the way and ran for the bathroom.

The other three just kept watching.

After they were satisfied that Maria was wet enough, they fell into a fit of laughter on the grass. They ended up on their backs looking up at the afternoon sky with smiles on their faces.

“It worked.” Maria whispered.

Liz’s gaze moved from Maria up to Max’s window and saw Max staring at her with an intense gaze that she had only recognised once before. When they played ‘Doctor’ that one time. She gasped at the realisation.

“What?” Isabel asked as she looked over at Liz.

“Nothing.” Liz mumbled as she continued to watch Max watch her before he turned away from the window and walked away from it and out of her view.

Keep an eye out for a new B8 part and Shannon, you always seem to point out the non-kissage of Max and Liz don't you?*big*

Cya guys...

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Hey Guys, I am back...

Here is part Seventeen A... I would have given you the full part but I'm really tired and I don't have time to write the rest.


P.S. Thanks for the feedback and the bumping... I cam on a few hours ago and there this thread was on the first page... I was so happy cause then I didn't have to go looking for it. *happy*

Part Seventeen:

“So I think that taught them a lesson on staring.” Maria said smiling while still lying on her back on the grass.

“Maria. I think that just taught them that they should watch more often, not less.” Liz said flatly as she turned her head towards Maria breaking off her staring match with the space where Max had just been standing.

“And the problem is?” Tess asked giggling.

“Thankyou.” Maria said laughing.

“Come on guys. It’s a Friday afternoon. What are we going to do tonight? Let’s go to the movies or something.” Isabel suggested trying to change the subject off the guys. Liz had noticed that every time the guys came up, Isabel always found some way to change the topic.

“Yeah that sounds like a good idea. What are we going to see?” Maria asked.

“We can have a look in the paper if we go inside. Come on, the sooner we find out, the sooner we can get ready. You guys should sleep over. It’ll be fun.” Liz suggested.

“Oh man, I really need a girl’s night.” Tess said sitting up.

“You have no idea what it is like to live with Kyle and Jim. I swear after living with them, you’ll know what wanting and needing a girl’s night is.” Maria said jumping up off the grass and helping Liz get up.

“I wouldn’t mind living there.” Tess said with a shy smile.

“Oh… I wander why…” Maria said in a singsong voice as it trailed off.

“Come on… Let’s just get inside already.” Isabel said as she brushed the grass blades off her trackpants and walking towards the back door.

The four girls walked into the kitchen looking for the newspaper. Maria went to the cupboard to get a glass and walked over to the fridge to get some water. Isabel went and sat on one of the stools that were around the island. Tess decided to sit on top of the island instead. Liz went looking for the newspaper. When she found it, she walked back to the kitchen and opened it up to the ‘Entertainment’ section and skimmed the list of movies that were showing.

“Ok, do we want to see something scary or something funny or something romantic?” Liz asked.

“Um…dunno…” Tess replied pulling the front of her exercise top away from her body.

“Something scary.” Isabel said.

“Something scary…hmmm…yeah ok, I don’t mind.” Said Tess as she started to slip her wet top over her head.

“Tess!” Maria exclaimed after she spat her mouthful of water into the sink.

“What?” Tess asked as she held her top up against her bare chest.

“What do you mean what? Hello! You are naked under that and you just take your top off? I mean it would be ok if we were the only girls in the house but there are guys here too that may get that strange sensation of hunger or thirst.” Maria tried to explain sarcastically.

“Well I just wont let them see anything if they come down.” Tess said securely holding her top against her chest.

“Don’t say that I didn’t warn you though.” Maria said shaking her head before she had another sip of her water.

“Maria. What movie?” Liz asked as she skimmed the movie listing again before looking up in the direction that Maria was standing.

“Oh, Um, whatever. I don’t mind.” Maria said after swallowing and wiping a little dribble of water off her chin.

“Ok, looks like it’s a scary movie.” Liz announced. “Now which scary movie. Either Disturbing Behaviour or Scream. What’ll it be girls?” Liz asked.

“Wait, let me decide.” Tess said before looking into space and mouthing the words, ‘Eanie meanie minie moe’.

“Disturbing Behaviour.” Isabel said already making up her mind.

“That’ll be fine with me.” Maria said as she walked past Tess giving her a weird look before heading towards Isabel and Liz.

“Ok, well then that’s what we’ll see.” Liz said closing the paper and smiling at Isabel and Maria.

“DISTURBING BEHAVIOUR!” Tess screamed out as if she were on a game show.

The other three looked at eachother and tried to hold in their laughter. Tess focused on the space in front of her and realised no one was there so she turned her head and saw Liz, Isabel and Maria holding in their giggles. “I’ve decided that we should see Disturbing Behaviour.” Tess said with a smile.

“Thanks for that but the news has come a little late cause we already decided that that’s what we’d be seeing.” Liz said laughing.

“Oh, Oh well.” Tess said shrugging her shoulders.

“Can we go and get changed now? I’m freezing.” Isabel said getting off the stool and rubbing her cold arms with her hands to warm up.

“Sure some on.” Liz said smiling softly and heading towards the staircase at the front of the house.

Meanwhile upstairs, the boys hadn’t budged from Max’s room. Unless you counted Michael’s trip to the bathroom as budging.

“So Max, you’re horny every time you’re near Liz?” Alex asked as he placed his arm over Max’s shoulders.

“See Alex, I said everytime I see her.” Max said emphasising the word ‘see’.

“Right. Near, See, what’s the difference, you’re still horny.” Alex said smiling.

“I really don’t want to talk about it.” Max admitted.

“Yeah Alex, let the poor man wallow in his horniness after seeing Liz rubbing her body all over Maria.” Kyle said pronouncing every word clearly about Liz rubbing her body.

“Thanks Kyle.” Michael groaned as he headed for the bathroom.

“Jeez, how many times can a guy…?” Alex asked as he let his sentence trail off.

“Obviously many times.” Max said smirking.

“Yes and you would know a lot about that topic wouldn’t you Evans?” Kyle said pulling Max’s desk chair up to sit opposite Max on his bed.

“I’m going to get you guys back for this.” Max groaned as he flopped back on the bed.

“Don’t get your boxers in a twist.” Alex grinned.

“I think by the looks of things, they already are.” Kyle said cracking up while pointing to Max’s crotch, where in fact, Max was semi-hard, and it was obvious.

Max groaned as he rolled over.

“Ooh, poor Max.” Alex said as he patted Max on the head.

Kyle just started laughing. “Come on guys, what are we doing tonight?” He asked changing the subject for Max’s benefit.

“I’m up for anything.” Max said.

“Well it certainly looks that way.” Kyle couldn’t but get in.

Alex was cracking up. “You asked for that one!” He exclaimed.

“Ok, ok, so I’m horny everytime I’m near or see Liz. Now, can we please move on from this embarrassing moment of my life and plan the next?” Max asked as he got up off the bed and walked towards his stereo to put some music into it.

“Sure, whatever man. We’ll go to the movies or something ok?” Kyle said finally changing the subject.

“Yeah, we’ll go see something scary and stupid and make fun of the actors.” Alex added.

“Ok. Sounds like a plan.” Max said as he placed a cd in the CD player and pressed play. The first few bars of Take That’s Everything Changes floated through the speakers.

Michael came through the bathroom in time to hear the opening bars. “Oh God, not this pansy crap!” He groaned.

Alex and Kyle laughed as Max glared.

In Liz’s room, the girls were getting ready to have a joint shower. They had to have one before when they were younger and it was with the whole saving water thing, but now they were stretching time, so they decided that they’d have a joint shower and that they promised that they wouldn’t tell anyone what any of them looked like naked or the fact that at fourteen they had a joint shower.

“Ready?” Liz asked as she picked up her towel and waited to see if the girls were ready.

She received a nod from her friends and she headed for the bathroom. They all stepped in and because it was such a large bathroom the girls had loads of space to put their stuff down. Liz placed her stuff next to one of the basins. She walked over to the other door and knocked on it before opening it up. She stuck her head through so that she didn’t let the guys have a peep show of what was happening in the bathroom.

Max looked up from glaring at Michael to Liz’s smiling face and he could feel his pants getting tighter. Alex and Kyle were trying to hold their laughter in.

“Max. The girls and I are just going to have a shower ok? So this time I’m going to lock the door. Cya in a few.” She said with a smile as she closed and locked the door.

There was silence in Max’s room. Alex and Kyle’s laughter had ceased to exist.

“Did she just say that the girls and her were just about to get in the shower?” Alex asked looking from the door to Max with shock written all over his face.

All Max could do was nod his head.

“And did she just say that she was going to lock the door, this time?” Kyle asked in even more shock.

Max just nodded his head again. His voice had left him.

Michael had the wall keeping him standing up. He was breathing deeply trying to control his hormones. For some unknown reason, well, unknown to Michael, they were really playing up today.

“Michael? You ok?” Max finally found his voice.

Michael nodded his head as continued to breathe deeper and faster.

“What are you doing?” Kyle asked curious.

“I hate hormones.” Michael got out through gritted teeth before he started to breath deeply again.

Kyle, Alex and Max just stared at him before they started laughing.

After the girls had finished their shower, they were still in the bathroom getting ready. Isabel and Tess were putting make-up on and Liz was rolling her eyes as Maria watched them work their magic.

“We should invite the boys shouldn’t we?” Maria asked as she watched closely as Isabel put her lipstick on.

“We should… but we aren’t gonna.” Liz replied smiling.

“Come on Liz, this could be like, your first date with Max.” Tess teased.

Liz just rolled her eyes. “Max and I are friends and we’ll always be friends. I don’t think it’ll ever go further than that especially if my father found out. Max would definitely not be having offspring in this lifetime.” Liz said smiling and joking although inside she couldn’t help but think about that intense stare that Max had had earlier outside.

“Keep telling yourself that girlie. One day, you two will be like, doing ‘it’ everywhere.” Isabel said stopping what she was doing to look at Liz.

“Five bucks say that they both do it by the time they’re sixteen.” Maria said walking over to the bench top and sitting on it.

“Ten says they do it on Liz’s 16th Birthday.” Tess replied.

“Ha ha.” Liz said sarcastically.


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Now, speaking of problems... my computer is crashing constantly... you have no idea (unless you really do) how frustrating and upsetting this is. I have to defragment Drive C and the problem is that it is taking forever and then that stuffs up and I am about a hair away from pullling my hair out.

I haven't been able to start the new part either... I am so sorry about that guys... I will try as soon as I can and I will get it out as soon as I can. If anyone needs a repost of that part cause they still can't get onto that page, just post your prob and I'll see what I can do...

Glad you guys liked it as well... A little author's secret.................................I really liked that part a lot better than I did with some of the past parts cause I wrote it better... feel free to admit that as a reader you though that the last few parts were crapily (is that a word?) written.

Hopefully I will be back soon and thanks for bumping and leaving feedback guys.

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Hey guys...

So I'm sixteen today! YAY! Honestly, doesn't feel really different except for the fact that I can smoke cigarette's (not that I am going to cause I suffer from asthma and I'd have an asthma attack and personally, I don't really like cigarette's) and that I am legal age to have sex with someone who is between the ages of 16 and 18... YAY! (Only joking...*happy*)

Anwyay, as the topic thingy says, VERY IMPORTANT Author's Note... ok here it is:

I am very thankful and grateful to all of you who have been keeping up with my story(ies) and for all the feedback. When I first started writing this I thought to myself, no one is really going to like this... but you guys made me see different. Thanks. I had an unfortunate accident today when I made a rude joke to my friend about not being able to handle balls very well... yes I was implying balls of the male kind, though that wasn't what we were talking about and anyway, she went to kick me cause she does martial arts and I went to block her cause I did karate, and her foot came inot contact with my thumb... It's bruised now, so it hurts if I pick things up... It will delay my new part by a few days. I would have it done by now, but I had a horrible week and weekend last week and I'm so tired from it and I just haven't been able to escape it all so I just want to ask for patience to bear with me at least until the weekend. I am trying desperately hard to finish the new part and I wish I could promise you the new part, but I don't when I will get it finished.

Thanks in advance for your willing patience.


P.S. Thanks BelevnDreamsToo for that Birthday wish! I almost started crying when I saw it cause I wasn't sure if anyone was going to remember. *happy*
P.P.S. For the Aussie who asked, I live in Sydney. I'm going for my L's on Monday and if I get them, I'm driving down to Melbourne with my sister in the July Holidays after the Roswell Convention... actually the next day to be exact... I can't wait! *happy*
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Hey guys, I have heaps to say but I'm too tired to say it right now, but here is the new part. I got it out faster than I first thought. You guys are lucky...

R-Rated WARNING! You'll see what I mean...

Plus, sorry if not all the sentence's sound right.. I will fix them tomorrow when I can proof read it... I wouldn't post it til I had proof read it but I really wanted you guys to have this new part...

Part Seventeen B:

The girls had bought their tickets and gone into the movie theatre to claim the best seats. Liz and Maria left and went to buy popcorn and some drinks, but not before they went to the toilet. They went back and then Isabel and Tess left to get their desired food and to stop at the toilets as well. When they got back to Liz and Maria they started up a conversation as they sat there waiting for the previews to start. They were laughing so much that they hadn’t noticed four boys enter the movie theatre and sit two rows behind them.

Michael had been looking around the movie theatre as he waited impatiently for the previews to begin. He wasn’t listening to the whispered conversation that was going on next to him so when he heard a very familiar laugh, his attention was immediately focused on where the sound had come from. He was looking in front of him in the darkness trying to figure out who it was when he saw a girl toss her head back and laugh from two seats in front of him. He knew who it was straight away and he felt his pants start to feel slightly tighter.

“Damn hormones.” Michael muttered under his breath as he watched Maria lick one of her fingers. Michael had thought the guys had been in deep conversation and that they hadn’t heard him but, they had.

“The girls are here.” Max said looking from Michael’s lap over to Alex and Kyle.

“How do you know?” Kyle whispered from where he sat next to Alex.

“Michael’s pants are tenting.” Max said with a smirk.

“Like your’s aren’t?” Michael asked gruffly as he shuffled in his seat.

Kyle and Alex tried to hold in their laughter. It didn’t work. Their laughter came barrelling out of their mouths and into the cinema. The very few people that were seated in the movie theatre looked over to see two teenage boys in fits of laughter.

Isabel had heard the outburst and had known immediately who was laughing. “Alex is here.” She stated without even looking.

Liz looked at her trying to see through Izzy. “How do you know?” She questioned softly.

Isabel looked down at Liz and before she could hold her tongue, she let it slip. “I know his laugh really well.” ‘Shit! Why did I just say that?’ Isabel thought to herself just after she finished her sentence.

Liz just nodded knowing that Isabel obviously didn’t want her to know about what was going on inside her head. Liz started to really think about what Isabel had just said. If Alex was here, then at least another of the guys were here because Alex’s only guy friends were, well, the same ones as hers and if he was laughing with someone else, as she had heard two laughing voices, then there was no doubt that either Kyle or Michael were with him. She knew what Max’s laugh sounded like and hadn’t recognised it yet and because Michael hardly ever laughed, she had to suspect that it was Kyle laughing. This then led to having Max and Michael here as well. The four of them never did anything without the other. ‘Fantastic. Just when I wanted to get away from Max and his eyes.’ Liz thought to herself tiredly.

Meanwhile as the four girls were coming to terms with what was going on, they hadn’t noticed that Pam Troy and her ‘friends’ came in looking for a place to sit. They spotted Max, Michael, Kyle and Alex and headed that way.

Tess had always had a sixth sense about people that she didn’t trust. She knew when they were near and when they were closing in on someone she cared about. She was experiencing that feeling at that moment. She turned her head slightly but not too fast to get noticed but slowly so that she could get a good look at who was approaching. Her mouth fell open with shock when she saw what that tramp, slut was doing to HER boyfriend.

“That’s it!” Tess ground out before she hurriedly stood up and walked up the aisle a little and started to walk towards one unsuspecting bitch.

Maria, Liz and Isabel hadn’t had time to react when they saw Tess get up so they had turned around to watch the scene unfold.

Just as Maria, Liz and Isabel hadn’t noticed Tess, Max, Michael and Alex did and they got up and walked out of the aisle in the other direction and headed for the girls and where they were sitting. They all turned to watch.

Tess was fuming and Kyle could tell. He didn’t really know what to do. He sat frozen in his chair as he felt Pam Troy’s hand running up and down his jean-clad thigh. Pam’s friends had all sat down on the other side of the theatre as they had wanted to see Pam make a fool of herself.

Tess’ hand shot out and grabbed onto Pam’s shirt and yanked her back to sprawl her on the ground. Tess still holding firmly onto Pam’s shirt held her on the ground as Tess climbed on top of her and bent down so that her mouth was near Pam’s ear.

“If you EVER, EVER touch MY boyfriend, Max, Michael or Alex again, I will see to it that you won’t ever have to worry about keeping your hands to yourself because you won’t have any.” Tess said before pushing heavily down on Pam and standing up and grabbing Kyle by the shirt and walking down the row in the opposite direction dragging him along behind her.

About a half-hour later, the movie was starting and Pam and her clan had left the movies in a huff. The arrangement of seats changed. Tess wanted to make sure that Kyle was sandwiched in between herself and Isabel because Isabel was the only other girl who was going to stand up for her if there were going to be any other tramps following Pam’s mistake. Next to Isabel, Alex had greedily taken the seat from Maria who was now sitting next to Michael and Liz. Michael was between Alex and Maria because he refused to sit in between Maria and Liz claiming ‘he wanted to keep his testosterone.’ Max, Kyle and Alex snickered at this. The girls just rose an eyebrow each. Liz was stuck sitting next to Max. She didn’t entirely hate the situation. In fact, she really liked that they were sitting next to eachother, the only problem is, that she wasn’t sure about her feelings for Max, she knew that she liked him more than just a friend but was she really ready to admit that? To herself AND to him? No she wasn’t.

As the movie wore on Max hadn’t really been paying attention because his attention was on Liz. He felt like every one of his senses were on overload as he could feel everything ten times more. Every breath she breathed out he could hear louder, he could almost hear her heartbeat and everytime she moved a little he could hear the material of her clothes rub together. He couldn’t help his gaze as it moved to her legs. He suddenly had the image of when they had played ‘Doctor’ that one time. He was so close to touching her in this ‘forbidden’ place. He had seen it, he could smell her slight arousal and it was turning him on as he sat there looking at her legs. Max’s gaze switched to her perky breasts that were covered by her tight t-shirt. He studied her closer and noticed that wasn’t wearing a bra and he almost fell out of his seat when he saw her nipples harden.

Liz hadn’t been paying much attention to the movie either. She had been paying attention to Max and where she could feel his eyes. When she felt his gaze on her legs, she couldn’t help but fidget a little. She had felt a rush of heat start up inside her and she remembered the last time she had felt it. When they had played ‘Doctor’. Liz was slightly distracted from that train of thought when she felt Max’s gaze on her small chest. She knew that he was going to notice that she wasn’t wearing a bra and the thought of what that might do to him turned her on even more. That was when she couldn’t control her body’s reaction to that thought and her nipples hardened under the soft cotton of her top. She knew instantly the affect that that had on him because she not only saw but also heard him almost fall out of his seat.

When Max finally sat properly on the chair he tried to control his breathing. He needed to talk to Liz, and it had to be now. After he was satisfied with his breathing he leaned over, his lips gently brushing against her ear lobe. He heard her gasp and he smiled. “We need to talk. Now.” Max whispered.

Liz involuntarily shivered with excitement. She had heard a tone in Max’s unbroken voice that she hadn’t heard before. She registered what he said and nodded slowly.

Max had recognised her nod and quickly grabbed her hand and hauled her up and dragged her out of the cinema.

Maria shot her a look and Liz just shrugged her shoulders.

“Ok, pay up. Ten bucks from each of you.” Alex whispered as he leant forward and held out his hand.

“Damn it. Couldn’t they have waited for like three minutes. I would have won.” Tess said annoyed as she pulled out ten dollars from her bra. Kyle just raised an eyebrow at her desired place to keep her money.

“What?” Tess had asked as if she didn’t really care.

Meanwhile, Max led Liz over by the toilets where it was quiet. He looked around to see if anyone was there that they knew and noticed that Pam and her clan hadn’t actually left, they were sitting around bitching. He didn’t want to be seen or heard by any of them so he dragged Liz into the vacant disabled bathroom.

Once inside he locked the door and turned to face Liz. Now that he was actually alone with her, he didn’t know what to say.

“So… you wanted to talk?” Liz said nervously as she walked over to the toilet and sat down on the closed lid.

Max watched her fidget and knew that he might never get an opportunity like this ever again. “Liz? Do you trust me?” Max asked apparently ignoring Liz’s question.

Liz looked up at him abruptly. “Max. What sort of a question is that Max?” She asked her brow furrowed in confusion.

“Well do you?” Max asked not leaving the place that he was standing.

“Of course I do but – “ Liz had started to say but was soon cut off by Max.

“Good. Then just stay right where you are ok?” Max said before quickly memorising the path towards her. He didn’t let her answer his request before he turned the light off. He stood still for a few seconds.

“Max? What are you doing?” She asked nervously. He could hear the slight tremor in her voice. He slowly made his way over to her without making a sound. He knew he had reached her because he could smell her scent. He squatted down soundlessly so that his mouth was near her ear again.

“Do you know what has been running through my brain ever since this afternoon Liz when I watched you practice?” Max asked huskily. Liz slightly jumped not realising that Max had been so close.

“No.” She finally answered softly.

“Do you remember when we played ‘Doctor’ that one time?” Max asked. He felt a soft, slight breeze come from the direction she was in from the nod of her head.

“Do you remember where I was just before Nancy knocked on the door?” He whispered into her ear.

Liz couldn’t move. She knew exactly where Max had been just before her mother so rudely interrupted them.

Max knew that from her lack of response that she knew and remembered well. Max lifted his hand and placed it on her knee softly. She didn’t jump at his touch which Max felt giddy about.

“You know, all I can think about is what would have happened if Nancy hadn’t have knocked.” He whispered as his thumb gently stroked the soft skin of her thigh. Liz had worn a skirt, which left Max plenty of room to explore her thighs. Liz wasn’t complaining though. “My face was so close to you, all I had to do was poke my tongue and I would have been able to taste you.” Max said as his hand gently and slowly drifted up her inner thigh. He was going so slowly because if she didn’t want this then all she had to do was say the word and he’d stop right then and there.

Liz had just about stopped breathing she was so turned on. She knew why Max was going so slowly, it was the same reason he went so slowly when they were playing ‘Doctor’ that time. He wanted to make sure she wanted this. Liz made up her mind. She definitely wanted this.

“Do you know what’s it’s like to have this one thing that you want and all you have to do is reach out and grab it, but you waited so long that that opportunity passed? I could smell your arousal Liz I could hear your pants, your skin was so warm and everywhere I touched you, goosebumps would pop up on your skin.” Max’s hand was now at Liz’s pantie line. His index finger was tracing the edge of her panties waiting for her to make the next move.

Liz let all the emotions he was creating in her roll over her body. She was completely aroused and all she had to do was give him a sign that would end up with her reaching emotional bliss and him one step closer in winning her over. She let him have her. She spread her legs wider as her body slid a little down the toilet cover so that she could rest her head on the back of the toilet.

That was all the encouragement that he needed. Max’s fingers moved aside Liz’s panties and parted her wet folds. She gasped at the softness of his touch on her most private part. He felt her curls and the wetness that was on them. A strong scent filled his nostrils and he smiled. He knew that smell well. He focused on his hand again. His thumb and third finger held her folds open as his index finger lightly touched the tip of Liz’s clit which elicited a moan from her lips. He applied a little more pressure on it and started to rub her clit eliciting more moans and gasps from her.

Liz was getting swept up in the emotions and her hips started to move in time with his strokes on her clit. His thumb was now massaging the little nub that was causing her experience such heights of emotions.

She was getting closer and closer to the edge. She’d never experienced anything like this before. She was so uncertain in what had to do to fall over that edge.

Max knew that Liz was getting close to climaxing. Her breathing was rapid her hips were moving faster and her body was twitching slightly. He whispered three words that made her fly right over the edge.

“Just. Let. Go.” He had whispered. It had worked. She had fallen apart in his arms and he liked it. After her body stopped shuddering, he wrapped his arms around her and pulled her off the toilet seat and into his lap on the cold tile floor where he allowed her to get her bearings back.



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Hey guys, I'm back for the third time.. Can you believe it. You guys have been so great. Thanks heaps for your well wishes. There is still some things that I really want to say, but I don't have the time right now and I have to refer to some people and their questions and stuff, but I can do that later. I'm in a hurry cause we're going out for dinner for my Birthday... YAY!

But, one thing I have to say is to Shannon (ChrissyP47)... I sent you a b-mail, but, THANKYOU SO MUCH!!!!!! I'm going to use it right now!

This is thanks to Chrissyp47 who gave me the best present of all cause she knows me too well! *happy*


Part Seventeen C:

The two sat on the cold floor for longer than they should have. After Liz hah recovered from her earth-shattering orgasm, she had started to cry in Max’s arms. No words had been spoken yet and she was still yet to stop crying.

A sudden pounding on the door startled them both and they scrambled around in the dark to get themselves off the ground. They had completely forgotten that they were in a public toilet. Max grabbed onto Liz’s hand and pulled her close his side as he turned the light on and let their eyes adjust to the sudden burst of light before he opened the door. He wasn’t really worried about what the person on the other side of the door might think because Liz had tear streaks down her soft cheeks and she was holding onto his hand so tightly that no one would be the wiser.

As the door opened, on the other side stood a boy about the age of 17 staring at them with anger flashing in his eyes.

“And what were YOU two doing in there?” He demanded to know.

“Sorry,” Max paused to look at his nametag, “Trainee.” Max grinned. “She was just a little upset and I’m her, her, brother.” Max stuttered.

Liz’s head had shot up when he had said that he was her brother. She had never ever thought of him like that, well not since she was very young. Max quickly led them back to the movie theatre and told her to wait just inside the door.

Max left her at the door as he briskly walked down the isle towards his friends to let them know that Liz and he were going to go back home but they could still sleep over. But just to come straight back after the movie, or get one of his parents to come and pick them up. They all agreed to do so and Max left with Liz.

They walked home in almost complete silence. Max was waiting for Liz to talk and Liz was waiting for Max to talk. The reached their street half-an-hour later and in no time they were upstairs and in Max’s room. Liz crawled up onto Max’s bed a laid down facing the door. Her head rested on his pillow and her hand came up and drifted underneath Max’s pillow. Her hand brushed against something and she pulled it out slowly.

Max had been sitting in his desk chair facing in the opposite direction Liz. In fact, he wasn’t able to see her at all. He didn’t want her to regret what he had done to her in that bathroom. He never had expected for himself to do that to her. He was just going to kiss her and see how things would go from there but he had taken it further than a kiss. Much further in fact that he was starting to regret it.

Liz didn’t know what to think. THAT was an orgasm. She honestly had to admit that she had never experienced one before and knew though that her friends all had, at least, they all said that they had. She pulled the thing from underneath Max’s pillow out to study it. It was a photo she realised but she couldn’t quite see the faces properly because Max hadn’t turned any of the lights on. His curtains were open allowing the moon to shine through his window though. Liz'’ hand reached up to his bedside lamp and switched it on. She looked down at the photo and gasped.

Max turned his head when he heard her turn his bedside lamp on. He hard her gasp and that’s when he noticed what was in her hand. She found it.


Back at the movies the gang were all walking out and heading towards the bathrooms so they could relieve themselves before the long walk home.

In the girls bathroom, Maria, Isabel and Tess were fixing themselves up in front of the mirror. “I told you that he wouldn’t be able to handle it.” Maria said applying lip gloss.

“Yeah but you were way off on that timing. Alex is good at estimating. Can’t believe he made fifty bucks in like three minutes. That really sucks.” Tess said fixing her hair.

“Well, we shouldn’t have made that bet in the first place. We should have raised the stakes a little higher. We should bet on when they are going to kiss, because if I am mistaken, I did notice that Max’s lips were definitely not swollen when he came to tell us he and Liz were leaving.” Isabel said fixing up her eye make-up.

“Tonight. I reckon that right now, they are heavily making-out.” Maria said smiling.

“Ten bucks says that they are not making out but they are in…hmmmmm… Max’s room.” Tess said thinking hard.

“Fine. You’re on. Iz? You in on this too?” Maria asked as she shook hands with Tess to seal their deal.

“Nah. I think I have lost enough money on those two already.” Isabel said laughing.

“Come on, the guys are probably waiting for us.” Tess said smiling.

“Yeah let’s go.” Maria said as she lead the way out of the bathroom. What they had failed to notice was that one of the bathroom stalls had been locked with someone inside. That someone was smiling a wicked, evil smile. She unlocked her door and stepped out of the cubicle as she looked at her smiling self in the mirror. ‘What can mousy Lizzie Parker offer Max Evans, when I can offer him a good ride?’ She thought to herself.


The six of them were making their way down the Parker’s street. “You do realise that we wont know for sure if they have kissed right.” Alex said allowed.

“Yes we will. But we can’t mention anything about it ok?” Maria said pointing at Michael as she slightly turned around while walking.

“I wasn’t going to mention anything. But the guys and I have our own little bet running.” He smirked then bent over in pain as he felt an elbow make contact with his stomach.

“KYLE!” Tess screamed at her boyfriend before hitting him upside the head.

“Ow! What was that for?” Kyle said rubbing his head.

“Why did you elbow Michael in the ribs?” Tess asked as she had stopped walking and turned to face Kyle with fury in her eyes.

“I don’t know?” Kyle tried as he took a slight step back.

“Nice try buddy. No making out for a week.” Tess said as she hurried to Michael’s side to find out if he was ok.

“I don’t believe it.” Kyle said as he motioned to the three girls moving around Michael trying to help him.

“Well you kind of asked for it.” Alex said stating the obvious.

“Thanks.” Kyle said sarcastically.

A few seconds went by before Michael was standing up again and taking deep even breaths. He glared at Kyle who just shrugged his shoulders.

“So now that that is over. What’s your bet?” Maria asked.

“Whether Max has a hard-on or not.” Michael said flippantly as he resumed walking down the pathway.


“Max? How? Why? Why do you have this?” Liz asked as she looked down at the photo again. She didn’t even remember him or anybody else for that matter taking it. The photo was of her. But it wasn’t just any ordinary photo though. She was naked in it. Naked, and in bed. Asleep. She looked down at the photo and then back up at Max waiting for his answer.

“Well, um, well, you, were, um, well, you, and then, asleep, and I , then I saw it, and yeah.” Max stuttered as he paced around his room with his right hand scratching the back of his head.

“Ok. Now in English?” Liz asked seriously as she saty up on his bed, her feet and legs dangling over the side of his bed.

“Oh, um, well, you, you were sick, remember? With a uh, really high fever, and um, Nancy, made you go to bed, you know, naked. And I, well I hadn’t realised, that you well, were not wearing anything, and I kind of, well I took a photo of you like that.” Max finally got out as he sunk down into his chair.

Liz’s mouth hang open, her voice strangled in her voice. She looked down at the photo again and really looked at it. Just by the way the photo was taken, you could tell that he hadn’t meant to take it in a perverted sort of way, but more of an artistic way. In the photo, she was lying on her stomach, her hair lying across her pillow and one of her arms down her side and the other above her head but underneath her pillow. She followed her spine down to where the sheet covered the rest of the photo. It was only of her back in actual fact.

“But, Max? Why?” Liz asked softly as her eyes moved away from the photo to look into his.

Silence permeated through the room. It was as if the world had stopped and no sound could be heard. Max opened his mouth and the words that fell from his mouth were barely audible, but in the stillness of the room, she could still hear him.

“Because you’re beautiful.” He said.

And Liz stopped breathing.


I hope everyone extends a thanks to Chrissy for the banner thing for my story. I absolutely love it and it is just what I wanted and SO unexpected. Thanks.


P.S. Be back later to post my author's note.
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Here you go guys...

Had a bad day but thought I'd treat you to something good.

Oh! Shannon (Chrissy) THIS ONE IS FOR YOU!!! You know why! *happy*


Part Seventeen D:

Max waited patiently for Liz to respond. Actually he wasn’t being very patient. He was nervous as hell and was eager to hear anything that she was going to say. At this point, self-doubt and insecurities started to come forth in his mind. ‘What if she doesn’t actually like me? What if she likes someone else? What if she thinks that I stepped over the line? Twice, tonight?’ Max kept thinking to himself. He ran a hand down his face rubbing his eyes. He took a deep breath and let it out slowly.

Liz sat stunned to say the least. She had heard him say that she was beautiful last year but it didn’t really hit home, it still hadn’t entirely. Maybe when she turned fifty or something, it would actually go in through one ear and stay there. She never really thought of herself as beautiful. She couldn’t understand why, but she tried hard not to think about it everyday because she knew that if she did, she would go into a depressed state that wouldn’t be pleasant for those around her.

They both sat in silence until there was a knock on the door. Liz quickly stuffed the photo underneath Max’s pillow and Max sat up straight so as to look like they weren’t actually having a serious conversation.

The door tentatively opened and there stood Alex smiling sheepishly. “Sorry guys. We thought we’d let you know that we’re moving the sleepover to Kyle and Maria’s ok? We thought that you guys might some time alone or something seeing as you left the movies so fast.” Alex explained softly. Liz gave him a reassuring smile.

“Thanks Alex.” Max said as he let his head drop forward.

“That’s ok man. Oh and to the both of you, good luck.” Alex said while holding both his thumbs up before backing out of the doorway and closing the door softly behind him.

The silence rang on for a few more minutes before it was broken. Liz had finally been able to get over the initial shock that Max still thought that she was beautiful. She reached under Max’s pillow again and pulled the photo out. She fingered the edges of the photo as she stared intently at her body.

“Max?” Liz asked softly, her eyes not leaving the photo.

“Yeah?” Max asked just as softly. He swivelled the chair around a little to face Liz. He didn’t get up and move towards her, although that’s what he really wanted to do. He stayed on the other side of the room because he felt that they needed some space between them so that they could have this conversation and Max knew that Liz needed the space and the time to think.

“In that bathroom, at the movies… did you… is that… what you were intending on doing?” Liz asked shyly as her cheeks turned a rosy colour, but still she did not look at him.

Max was quiet for a few seconds thinking over how he was going to answer that question. He knew that that wasn’t what he had meant to do. He had just wanted to talk to her and try and sort his feelings out, but at the same time, he didn’t regret what he had done. “Liz? Honestly, I wasn’t actually going to do anything to you. I’m sorry if I over-stepped our boundary. I honestly didn’t mean to. When I dragged you into that bathroom, my intention was to try and sort out my feelings for you, with you.” He explained slowly and softly hoping that she understood what he was saying.

Liz just nodded her head as she thought over what he had said. She had another question. “Did you… do you regret what you, I mean we, did in there?” She asked figuring out how to word her question aloud.

He didn’t have to think about his answer this time. “God no! Anything and everything that I will do and have done with, I know that I will never regret because we did it together, wether as bestest friends or as, well, more.” Max said smiling as he used their childhood term for best friend.

Liz chuckled softly as she heard to him refer to them as bestest friends. Liz was thinking over what he had said. ‘More.’ Was he implying that he wanted more? Did he want more? If he wanted more, when would he want this ‘more’? Liz was thinking over these questions. Then she asked herself a crucial question. Did she want more? ‘Yes.’ She thought straight away. She knew she wanted more, she just had to admit it to herself and think about it. She had been in denial over what she wanted for a while and now that she had really thought it over, she knew what she wanted and she wanted Max.

“Max? Do you want more?” Liz asked finally looking up and over to him. She needed to look into his eyes when he answered. They needed to be honest with eachother and the only way that was going to happen was if they were at least looking into eachother’s eyes.

Max locked eyes with Liz’s and answered her with one simple word. “Yes.”

Silence rocked the room again.

Max broke it with his own question. “Liz? Do you want more?”

Liz looked away from Max’s face to think again. She knew she wanted more, but was she willing to admit it to Max? Yes. She turned to look at Max again. “Max… what I want is more, but what I need is time. I know that I want more and I know that you want more. But if we do… this… whatever this is, then I just want to take it slowly. I’m scared Max. I’m scared that Mum and Dad will find out and that they’ll take you away from me, and I’m scared because I have all these feelings for my best friend and I’m scared because I’m only fourteen and I’m too young to have these feelings… aren’t I?” Liz admitted all of her feelings to Max. She hadn’t even realised all of what she had been feeling.

Max stood up and quickly made his way over to where Liz was sitting on his bed. He stood in front of her and motioned to the space next to her. “May I?” Max asked making sure that he wasn’t invading her personal space. Liz nodded and felt the bed shift with his weight.

“Liz, I understand everything that you are saying. I’m willing to wait for as long as you want until you are ready and you know what you want from me. I know that we’re really young but maybe we don’t have to be seniors in college before we realise we have these feelings for eachother.” Max said as he watched Liz’s profile.

She chuckled softly. “I guess.” She whispered.

Max paused for a second. “So does that mean we’re going to take it slow?” Max asked with hope in his voice.

Liz sat there and then slowly nodded as she looked up at him and smiled.

“So, we’re, we’re like, going out?” Max asked smiling.

Liz nodded.

“So as your boyfriend, can I kiss you?” Max asked as his breaths started to come out faster.

Liz blushed but then smiled and nodded.

Max smiled back and started to lean in. Liz leaned in towards Max. Their eyes drifted closed as their lips came into contact with eachother’s. It was a soft kiss, one that promised a lifetime of more. After they broke apart Liz giggled and blushed as she looked over at Max.

Max blushed as well before he reached over to Liz’s lap and held onto her hand.

“Thanks.” Liz said looking down at their hands.

“Thank you.” Max replied. Liz looked up and met his gaze. They both smiled knowing what they were thanking the other for.

After an hour of staring at eachother, they silently decided on laying down on Max’s bed and going to sleep. They faced eachother as they slept and kept one of their hands clasped to the other’s. Max ran his index finger down the bridge of her nose before he fell asleep.


Early the next morning, Liz woke up and was thinking about what was going on between Max and her. She didn’t want the others in the group to know about them though. She didn’t want it to be like they were hiding their relationship but she didn’t want her parents to find out and she knew that if anyone of them in the group knew, Max and Liz would be over in less time then it would take to say ‘forever’. As she lay there thinking these things through, she watched Max as he slept. She remembered when they were five and he had first come to live with her and the first morning, she woke up and he was there sleeping beside her.

He gently woke up feeling eyes on him. He gently rubbed his eyes with his free fist. He opened his eyes and looked up at Liz who was smiling down on him.

“How long have you been up?” Max asked as he yawned.

“Just a few minutes.” Liz said softly.

“Oh. You should have woken me.” Max said starting to sit up.

“Nah. You looked too cute.” Liz said smiling. When Max finally sat up she laid her head down on his chest and listened to his heart beat under his chest.

“Max? Can we not tell the others about us?” She asked after a few minutes of silence.

“Ok.” Max paused. “But, can I ask why?” Max said.

“I just know that if we tell them, my parents are going to find out and I can’t just tell one of them and not all of them. Do you know how much trouble we’ll be in with them when they would all find out? I don’t think I could bare losing them all.” Liz answered truthfully as she played with them hem of Max’s t-shirt.

Liz felt Max nod in acceptance and she released the breath that she hadn’t realised that she was holding.

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So I know that you are all pretty shitty with me because it has been almost a whole month since I have updated and I am truly and deeply sorry for this. There were so many things that were going on and are still going on that have made me put my writing on the backburner.

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I'll start with the bad news first and then make you happy with the good news....

Let's see, well the first week, I have no excuse for not writing except writer's block but then the second week I got really sick...and I mean REALLY sick. Anyway, I had a chest and throat infection and I was on antibiotics that weren't wroking and we had a long weekend because of the Queen's birthday which was fantastic and I got well enoughto go to a movie marathon which was good cause I went with dsome of my friends... anyway, besides being sick, I was also doing the course for Eucharistic Ministor. (For those of you who don't know that's the person that gives out the bread and wine at mass) anyway, I got through that withj the sniffles but recovered over the long weekend. On Tuseday I didn't have school cause I had this all day Biology excursion... that would have been fun if I hadn't gotten sick from that. You see, we had to walk around all day in wet soggy shoes and I had only finished my medication the day before. I got sick again and had to go to the doctor again and get a new antibiotic. You see, I probably would have been feeling better ages ago if I had of been able to take a day off school. I couldn't take a day off because I have so many assessments in these last two weeks that I've started to stress out heaps. Anyway I had nine to do over two weeks and I've gotten rid of 3 and a half... but next week, which is my last week of school for three weeks, I have five and a hald assessments. I've been so tired lately that I haven't had much time to myself. Thanks though to all of you for bumpoing HEAPS!You guys are just the best...

Anyway one last peice of bad news, I can't update next week.

The good news...

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Anyway, this new part is rather's longer than all the other parts so I hope you like...

Read the next post for the new part...

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Part Eighteen:

Over the next week Max and Liz were doing pretty well hiding their relationship. In fact, the all too inquisitive Maria wasn’t even sure what to believe. She was so certain that the other night they had gotten together. The only problem was that neither of them was letting anything slip. She interrogated Liz every morning before school at her locker and then at lunch before the guys arrived and then after school before they walked home. But Liz refused to distribute any other information than that they were not together and that was that. Maria of course made it her own personal goal in life to find out the truth. Roping a groaning Michael into the scheme as well. She had come up with a plan and she was sure it was going to work.

She strode through the front doors of the school and headed straight for Liz’s locker. She was a girl on a mission. If Liz wouldn’t answer her questions, then she wasn’t going to waste her breath on asking them. She leaned against the locker beside Liz’s as she watched her friend put her books in her locker and take two out and placing them in her book bag.

“Maria.” Liz said without turning her head.

“Liz.” Maria replied still watching Liz.

“Well?” Liz asked closing her locker and finally turning to look at her best friend.

“Well what?” Maria said pushing off the locker and started to move away. Liz started to follow after spinning the dial on her locker.

“No Spanish inquisition this morning then?” Liz asked raising an eyebrow.

“And why would you think that I was the Spanish inquisition Liz?” Maria asked as they strolled down the crowded hallway dodging people left and right.

“Oh, I don’t know… maybe it’s because for the last four morning’s you have asked me the same string of questions, usually starting off with, ‘What really happened that night?’ to ‘Are you sure you’re not getting your information wrong?’ Maria, I know that you want Max and I together but it ain’t gonna happen ok?” Liz said starting with a sarcastic tone and ending with an authoritarian tone.

“Who said anything about Max?” Maria asked raising an eyebrow as she quickly jumped out of the way of a flying pencil case.

“Maria.” Liz said in a whiny tone.

“Liz.” Maria replied in the same tone.

“Fine, I’ll answer the question’s for you and then we can start off our day.” Liz stopped in the middle of the hallway and looked at her friend. “ Nothing, No, No, No, Yes, No, Would you get off my back already, Yes.” Liz said and then turned towards the door of the classroom.

“OH COME ON!” Maria screamed as she followed Liz. “I do not ask the same questions in the same order every day,” Maria said flopping down in the chair next to Liz’s.

“Maria. Trust me, you do.” Liz said pulling out her books and opening to the last page that was done and pulling out a pen getting ready for the class. Other students started to file in.

“Fine. But watch it Liz Parker, I know that you can’t hide it that well.” Maria said as she turned towards the front as their teacher walked in and stood at the front of the class getting his books ready.

First period droned on and on. History was becoming a boring subject. Mr Matthews didn’t really know how to keep a class entertained. He droned on in his monotone voice, pointing occasionally to an over heard and then at the end of the lesson, he would assign them a three page essay for the next day.

Maria was bored out of her mind and just sat in her seat trying to think up another plan. The first one hadn’t worked. Reverse Psychology.

The first period bell rung and the ninth graders piled out of the classroom more tried than they had been when they walked into the classroom fifty minutes earlier.

Maria and Liz parted ways and headed off into different directions. As Liz walked down the hallway, she walked past room 108 just as Max and Isabel were walking out. They had had Commerce and were talking animatedly about the current topic. The three headed down the hallway together just laughing and talking until they reached the science labs. Max and Liz headed into Advanced Science and Isabel headed down two labs and headed for the Standard Science lab.

Max and Liz both headed for the back of the room and to their own table. Only idle chitchat about nonsense passed between the two. They didn’t want anyone, and they meant, ANYONE, to notice a change between them. Everyone settled down as their teacher Mr Seligmen stood at the front of the class.

About five minutes into the class and Mr Seligmen was droning on about cells, Liz wrote a note to Max.

‘Maria was at it again this morning. I think she was trying a new tactic but it kinda backfired.’ Liz wrote. She folded the piece of paper once and then slid the message over to Max. Max placed his hand on hers briefly before sliding the paper closer to him. He opened the folded note and read it. He picked up his pen and glanced up at the teacher to make sure that he couldn’t see what he was doing. He quickly wrote a message back.

‘Are you ok? Same questions?’ Max passed the note back.

‘Yeah, I’m fine. I answered them before she could ask them.’ Liz sent back.

‘Ah. So I guess we’re ok for another day then?’ Max asked.

‘I hope so. This is so hard Max.’ She sent back.

‘I know. But whenever you want to tell them, let me know and I will back you all the way.’ Max sent his reply.

‘Thanks. Just give me a little time. Oh! You know that our cheerleading tryouts are this afternoon? You coming to watch?’ She asked.

‘Of course I’m coming! *happy*’ Max smirked as he wrote his reply.

Liz opened the note and her mouth opened in shock and then formed a small smile. Max then felt an elbow in his ribs. He tried to suppress the groan of slight pain that Liz had caused.

‘I’m sure you will be, but you’ll be coming at the power of your own hand!’ She replied smiling.

‘You can help!’ Max sent back.

‘Wouldn’t you just love that! I could, but I’ve got to take care of myself now don’t I?’ Liz replied back.

‘Can I watch?’ Max slid the note over.

‘I’ll think about it. *happy*’ Liz replied.

‘Let me know when you decide.’ Max said.

‘Will do.’ Liz replied.

All the while they sent notes back and forth flirting with eachother while indiscreetly turning eachother on. Well, for Liz no one else would know but for Max, that was a whole OTHER story. Across the room one girl sat at her desk watching the two ‘friends’. She had over heard the conversation in the bathroom on the weekend and had been trying to find a way to get Max Evans.

As lunch rolled around the gang assembled at what had become their usual table in the quad. The very central table. It seemed their popularity had expanded and were now the very popular freshmen. The eight hadn’t even realised.

Max and Liz were sitting directly opposite eachother trying to show the others that there was nothing going on with them. Maria sat on one side of Liz and Michael sat next to Maria. Alex, was sitting next to Liz opposite Isabel who was sitting next to Max who was sitting next to Kyle then Tess. They were all enjoying their lunch and joking around, especially two members of the group.

Liz had extended her legs and lifted them so that her feet were resting on the other bench in between Max’s legs. Of course no one had noticed because it was Liz’s toes that were resting on the bench in between Max’s legs.

Max’s hand reached under the table and ran up and underneath her calf softly. He heard her pause in the conversation she was having. She started talking again with the excuse that she thought she heard someone call her name. Max’s finger reached up to the crease behind her knee and ran along it. She shivered involuntarily but continued talking.

She had to get Max back for this. She put her other leg down and managed to slip her shoe off her foot. She put her leg back where it was and shuffled forward as much as she could without slipping underneath the table. She kept up her conversation though so as not attracting any attention. Her foot slid up Max’s thigh and then pushed against the bulge in his pants she knew was there from their second period earlier this morning.

Max knew she was going to do something to counter back but wasn’t quite sure what yet. He soon enough felt her shoeless foot rub the inside of his thigh. God she was turning him on. He had just taken a bite into his sandwich when he started to choke on it. He had felt her foot push against his cock and he felt like he was going to explode at any moment. Of course, as soon as he choked she moved her feet quickly away from Max and put her shoe back on. Kyle was slapping him on the back as Max tried to get the food go down the right pipe. Liz tilted her head to the side, an innocent expression adorning her flawless face as she asked, “Are you alright?”

Max gave her a look that said, ‘I’ll get you back for that at home.’ She just smiled softly in reply.

As the day ended Max, Alex, Kyle and Michael found themselves sitting in the gymnasium surrounded by at least another hundred pubescent boys. All drooling over the girls warming up. After about 20 minutes of try outs, it was Liz, Maria, Isabel and Tess’s turn. They looked so hot all sweaty and wearing tight tanktops and Adidas pants. Max watched Liz wipe her forehead as she walked towards the area in which they were going to use. He watched the way her body moved and was loving the way she looked so sexy with her hair tied up in a high pony tail.

The girls were nervous as hell but performed their routine without one glitch. The guys all around them were cheering and whistling and Max, Alex, Kyle and Michael all started to glare at them, their possessive sides coming out and flaring up.

The girls had gyrated their bodies, done flips and turns and had definitely left an impression on the head cheerleader.

About a half hour after the girls routine, the Head cheerleader, Sandie Martlet told everyone that the new cheerleaders would be posted up on the sports notice board the following Monday. The four guys made their way down the bleachers towards their girls. They were so excited that they had done a flawless routine and they were damn well pleased with themselves.

“Congratulations ladies, you were fantastic if I do say so myself.” Alex said putting his hands in his pockets and smiling brightly.

“Thankyou Alex. That’s very sweet of you.” Isabel said her cheeks flushing a little. The other three girls seemed to notice the change of colour although slight, and exchanged a sideways glance.

“Well, I’m sure that we’d all like to go home, but for that, us girls need to smell at least half decent.” Maria said as she grabbed Isabel by the arm and started to drag her off towards the locker room. Tess started to follow slowly after she gave Kyle a very long and tongue tied kiss.

Michael just shook his head and grabbed Alex by the arm pulling him away as he shouted out, “We’ll meet you girls outside.”

Kyle and Tess quickly pulled apart and headed in opposite directions. Liz and Max had still yet to leave.

“You were awesome Liz.” Max said smiling while his hands remained in his pockets although they were itching to break free from their confines.

“Thanks Max. But I think you might be a bit biased there.” Liz said smiling and she slapped him softly on the arm.

“So, I’m sure that I don’t hear anyone else complaining. Plus, you sure looked damn sexy out there all hot and sweaty. Man I can’t wait till we get home.” Max said with a low growl.

“Now Evans, keep it in your pants… and remember, you’ll only be coming by the power of your hand.” Liz said smiling as she started to back away and then turned and jogged towards the locker room.

“That’s because you’ll be taking care of yourself!” Max yelled out just as she disappeared through the door. He watched as the door clicked shut and just as he was about to leave the door opened again and Liz stuck her head out. “Oh by the way, you can watch.” Liz said before quickly disappearing again but not before she glimpsed the look of utter disbelief wash over his face.

Max turned and headed outside towards the guys. He tilted his head up towards the sky and whispered ‘Thank you Lord.’ With a smile gracing his lips as he joined the others.

Forty-five minutes later and in the safety of their own parent-free home for a while Liz and Max made their way up the stairs. Liz headed for her bedroom claiming that she had to have a shower. Max just followed her to her room.

She’d closed her door but hadn’t locked it. They didn’t lock their doors unless they were doing something inside the room that they knew they would get in trouble for.

Max opened the door and stepped inside the room locking the door behind him. Liz turned around to look at him and raised an eyebrow.

“And what do you think you’re doing in here?” She asked, her hand on her hip.

“Helping you get undressed?” Max said lamely.

“Wrong. Try again…” Liz said shaking her head slightly.

“Watching you undress and revealing you’re oh so sexy body to me, your loving boyfriend?” Max tried again as he started to step closer.

“Interesting answer, not the one I was looking for.” Liz said with a cheeky smile.

“Oh come on Liz. Help me out here. Do you have any idea how horny I am right now? You wanna know my day? Ok, Well, there was you in second period, nice flirting by the way, then there was the little ‘accident’ at lunch, although I wouldn’t call it an accident seeing as it was intentional and then I sat and watched you rub your hands on your sweaty body. My hormones are going crazy.” Max pleaded as he moved a few paces forward.

“Plus, its not like I haven’t seen you naked anyway.” Max tried one last time.

“Max, we were like eleven or something.” Liz said sitting on her bed and bending over to untie her shoelaces. Max had a nice view of her cleavage so he didn’t move a muscle.

“You’re point being? Come on, I was so close to you, God, all I had to do was reach out and my skin would have been touching you in a very - ” Max was soon cut off.

“I advise you to not finish that sentence.” Liz said as she finished untying her other shoe and slipping them both off.

“Anyway, what do you say?” Max asked putting the puppy dog eyes on.

Liz looked at him and decided to have a little fun with him. “Max, I understand that you’re horny as hell, but I think every fifteen year old boy is horny as hell.” Liz said as she turned around, her back facing Max. She then grabbed the hem of her shirt and started to pull it up and over her head. She was now standing naked from the waist up with an extremely horny Max in the room.

Max didn’t make a sound as he slowly made his way towards her. She only knew of his presence behind her when she felt his thumb brush her naked back. She let a gasp slip past her lips as her eyes closed of their own accord.

“I promise not to touch if I can watch.” Max whispered huskily into her ear.

“Just watch?” Liz breathed out her question.

“I’ll let you watch if you let me watch?” He compromised with a smile. His fingers lightly running up and down her spine slowly.

“Max?” Liz whispered his name.

“Hmm?” Max said as he watched the movement of his hand.

“Promise no touching eachother? Cause I know where that will lead to and I don’t want that right now.” Liz said a little stronger than before.

“That’s all I want and I would never do anything that you didn’t want me to do.” Max whispered. She nodded in acceptance.

“Just go and take your clothes off and sit at the end of the bed as I get ready as well.” Liz said taking the situation into her own hands.

“Ok.” Max agreed as he slowly moved away from her and towards the end of her bed where he started to take his clothes off. He turned his head to look at Liz and could see the side of her naked breast. She was so beautiful.

Max was down to his boxers when he started to feel nervous. He looked up at Liz who was sitting at the head of the bed; her knees pulled up to her chest covering up her nakedness. She was watching Max as he slowly reached for his boxer shorts. He slowly pulled them down as he bent to push them down his legs and stepped out of them.

He straightened back up and looked towards Liz who was currently sitting on the bed crossed legged instead. He had full view of her small but beautiful breasts and could see the top of the dark patch of curls at the juncture of her legs. Max hardened. Liz gasped.

“Sorry.” Max said as he looked down and closed his eyes in shame of his body’s reaction to a naked Liz.

“Max? Does it do that everytime?” Liz asked softly, extremely fascinated by the organ that made them so different.

“Well, everytime I’m around you, well, yeah it does.” Max answered finally meeting her eyes again.

“Oh. Is that a good thing?” Liz asked her brow furrowed in confusion.

“Well, it depends on how you look at it.” Max said with a half smile.

“Why? Oh, don’t worry, you don’t have to answer that, I already know the answer.” Liz said as she blushed.

Silence passed over the room.

“Liz? You look beautiful.” Max said as he sat on the edge of the end of her bed.

“Really?” Liz asked hopeful.

“Absolutely breathtakingly gorgeous.” Max answered with a smile.

“Ooh, getting in those SAT words early huh Max?” Liz joked.

“Just being honest. Now, what about me? Gorgeously handsome?” Max answered his own question.

“Hmmm, I don’t know. Maybe. Could look extremely sexy if you… nah forget it.” Liz said as she waved a hand as if to dismiss what she was going to say.

“No tell me.” Max persisted as he sat properly on the bed. All nakedness forgotten.

“Oh, nothing, I was just going to say that you would probably look sexy as hell if you’d show me the power that your hand possesses.” Liz said with a shrug of her shoulders as if her words weren’t going to have an effect on him.

A moan escaped Max’s lips as her words registered in his brain. “Liz, please don’t say things like that. You probably have no idea what those words are doing to me right now.” Max said rubbing his hand over his eyes as the sexual tension in his hormonal body increased.

“Max, unless you haven’t noticed, you’re naked. I can definitely see what my words are doing to you.” Liz said with a smile on her face.

Max was just about to comment but the doorbell rang. “Shit!” Max swore as he jumped up and grabbed at his clothes on the floor pulling them on. Liz quickly hurried to do the same. Liz shivered with disgust as she slipped her sweaty top back on.

“What time were they coming home?” Max asked tying his shoelaces.

“Max. I don’t think that’s them. Parents don’t exactly ring the doorbell when they get home.” Liz said as she unlocked the door and headed downstairs to open the front door.

Max quickly followed behind. Max was just going down the stairs when Liz had reached the door and was opening it.

“Oh.” Liz said as she saw who was on the doorstep. She shivered with disgust for the second time in less than two minutes.

“Oh MAX! How are you!? I haven’t seen you in like, three hours. Isn’t it a coincidence that we bumped into eachother?” The intruder said in an airhead voice while ignoring Liz and walking straight into the Parker house.

“Um, Pam. You’re in my house.” Max stated making his point as to why it was such a ‘coincidence’ that they bumped into eachother.

“Whatever. Anyway, now that I’m here do you wanna show me your room? I’ve been having all these problems with Bio and I really wanted to get your help. You don’t mind do you? Of course not.” Pam said as she headed up the stairs and grabbed Max’s arm as she walked past.

Max didn’t even know what to say. He had been horny as hell one second and the next, ‘Little Max’ was down and there wasn’t going to be a re-run for a while.

Liz couldn’t believe the nerve of the girl. First she tries coming on to Kyle and now she’s trying Max… and in their own home. It was just plain sick and perverted. Liz slammed the door closed and followed them up the stairs. She reached the top of the stairs just in time to see Pam head through Max’s doorway dragging Max behind her.

Liz had just about reached the door when it was slammed in her face.

“Bitch!” Liz exclaimed with her hands on her hips.

She went into her room and then into the bathroom and then made her way to Max’s door. She opened the door slightly and watched as Pam sat on the edge of Max’s bed and bent over using the excuse that her bookbag was on the floor. Max was standing in front of his bed cringing at what Pam was trying to show him. ‘They should definitely be illegal in all states for indecent exposure.’ Max thought to himself. He looked over to the bathroom door trying to figure out the physics behind how long it would take him to get to the bathroom door and to his escape. He noticed Liz at the door and nodded his head towards Pam. Liz just shrugged her shoulders.

“Pam, I’m just going to the bathroom.” Max said lamely as he quickly headed for the door.

He made it into the bathroom unscathed. He closed and locked the door behind him and grabbed Liz’s arm and led her into her room. Once there he let go of her.

“What the hell am I supposed to do? That, creature is in there with my stuff, as in my stuff and there is nothing that I can think of that will get her out of there. Help me!” Max said in panic mode. He wasn’t used to girl’s coming on to him. Only Liz.

“Max, I don’t know what to say… we have to think of a way to get her out of here.” Liz said pacing the length of her room.

“Liz, please stop, you’re going to give me a headache and if I go in there with a headache, God knows what she’s going to do to relieve me of the pain.” Max said as he rubbed his sweaty hands on his thighs.

“You’re cute when you panic.” Liz said as she watched him move nervously.

“Liz.” Max said in a tone that she knew as the ‘don’t mess with me’ tone.

“Sorry. Look, maybe if you can put up with her until Mum and Dad get home, we’ll be able to persuade Mum to kick her out.” Liz said running her hand up and down his arm soothingly.

“You better hope that she does. I honestly don’t know how much of that I’m going to be able to handle.” Max said referring to Pam.

“Don’t worry we can make out tonight. Will that make you feel better?” Liz said as she wrapped her arms around his neck pulling herself up and placing her lips on his jaw.

“I think it might be a start.” Max said putting his hands on her waist.

“Good. Now just survive until I come up with something.” Liz said as she gave him a haste kiss and pushed him towards the bathroom.


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Hi guys...

I was planning on telling you al lthe reasons why I didn't write until now, but it is a long story and very sad and I'm sure you want to read the new part huh?

Anyway, let me tell you that this next part is definantly not my best work and it is probably the shortest thing that I have written in my entire life and I really apologise for that but I wanted to get over this obstacle first before I started getting the longer parts out. Oh and for those who read Bonding Eight, I will try and get back to that story as well... I'm actually in the middle of exams and only NOW do I have the motivation to write. It sucks for me but more so for you guys as you don't get regular parts... I am extremely sorry and I am going to try and keep up with the parts and probably have them done in advance now. Actually you guys probably wont get another update for over a week. My finals finish on Friday so wish me luck and I'll see what I can do with getting another part out!

Here you go:


Part Eighteen B:

Max and Liz stood at the open front door trying in vain to withhold their laughter. There was Pam walking down their front pathway dripping cream cheese, orange juice, tomato sauce, mustard, whipped cream, chocolate and all sorts of food products behind her.

“That was classic.” Max said clutching his stomach.

“DON’T WORRY PAM! I’M SURE YOU WONT HAVE ANY PROBLEMS WALKING HOME!” Liz yelled out the door before her laughter took over her.

Just as they were going to close their door, Pam stopped and turned around slowly. An expression of pure hatred covered her face. Well, at least that’s what it looked like. It was hard to tell when so much food was combined on someone’s face.

“You’ll pay for this Parker.” The words dripped with venom as they escaped her mustard-covered lips.

“We’ll see about that.” Liz laughed as she slammed the door closed.

Liz turned to Max with a bright smile on her face. Max was grinning like crazy. “You are a genius.” He stated as he lazily placed his hands on his hips.

Liz smiled and leant against the front door. “I know. Now shut up and kiss me.”

Max chuckled but moved towards Liz and placed his hands on her hips as Liz’s arms wrapped around Max’s neck. Their lips met in a heated kiss. Their lips fused together, tongue gliding over tongue, the air increasing in temperature around them.

5 Minutes Earlier

Max was standing around awkwardly in his room while Pam was now lying on his bed on her back with one knee bent.

Liz was downstairs in the kitchen pulling all sorts of foods out of the fridge and pantry. She placed all of her items on a tray and carefully balanced the tray with one hand as she walked out of the kitchen door and heading up the stairs towards Max’s room. She was really looking forward to what she was about to do but she was slightly angry with Max because he couldn’t fight his own battles. ‘Wimp.’ Liz thought as she continued slowly up the stairs.

Inside Max’s room Max finally stopped pacing when Pam spoke. “Max.” She said his name in a fake, whiny, high-pitched voice that reminded Max of nails on a blackboard.

Max stopped near his desk and looked over at Pam who had now decided to spread her legs a little to allow for prying eyes to have an eyeful. Max’s stomach twisted and a feeling of utter disgust as he swallowed hard to keep the bile down.

“Max. I’ve been thinking about a lot of things lately. And one of them is you.” Pam started as if she hadn’t noticed the way visibly shuddered at the sound of her voice.

“I want to lose my virginity to you.” She suddenly announced right before the door burst open revealing Liz holding a tray full of food.

Liz had made it up the stairs without letting anything fall off the tray. She walked slowly towards Max’s door where she could faintly here Pam’s whiny voice filter through the door. Liz did however hear the last of Pam’s comment and without knocking, she barged right in to be faced with Max standing by his desk as far away from where Pam lay with her legs a little spread and one knee bent. Liz scrunched up her face in disgust. She couldn’t believe Pam could even have the guts to try and seduce Max. That was her job.

“Well, looks like you two have started the party without me. I just thought that you two would like some refreshments, you know strawberries and whipped cream and maybe some melted chocolate. Or maybe you wanted some peanut butter and honey sandwiches, so I brought up everything that I could think of.” Liz started as she headed towards Max and his desk. She placed the tray on his desk and whispered so that only Max could hear.

“Follow my lead.” With that whisper she picked up the bottle of whipped cream and walked over towards Pam trying not to make it seem like she was going to cream her.

Pam sat up as she spotted Liz heading towards her with the can of whipped cream. “What are you doing?” Pam asked as she struggled to move up the bed but was met with the cold wall on her back.

“Oh, I thought you wanted some food or something.” Liz said innocently with a smile on her face as she stopped next to the bed just out of Pam’s reach. Liz looked down at the can in her hand and then back at Pam’s scared face and false innocence. “Oh, you thought that I was going to put this on you?” Liz asked as she started to laugh as if to the absurd thought.

Pam slowly nodded her head and Liz waited for Pam’s stance to relax before she made her move.

“Well, you thought right.” And with that said Liz aimed the can towards Pam and pressed down the nozzle allowing the whipped cream to come spurting out onto Pam’s face and designer clothes.

Max watched mouth opened in astonishment before he jumped into action and grabbed the mustard that was on the tray. He hurried over to the other side of his bed and started squirting the thick yellow substance all over Pam’s squealing face and thrashing body.

Liz started to move towards Max’s desk in order to retrieve some more food. She maintained her squirting of the whipped cream and even managed to get it in between Pam’s thighs which elicited a scream but was cut short by ketchup being squirted in her mouth. Jam and cream cheese were next and after a few more minutes of torture they escorted a fuming Pam out the front door.


P.S. I apologise...

posted on 11-Sep-2002 7:46:49 PM by Nikki
Hey my loyal feedbackers...I am in a suprisingly good mood today and I think that has something to do with the fact that I am currently at school and the filter is down so I was able to access *happy*

Anyway, I thought that I should tell you that I have started part 19 and I am hoping that it will be a long one, or at least have a lot of M/L parts in it.

I haven't been getting any homework lately so I'll see if I can get more of the new part done, thought this weekend I'm really busy with Netball Semi-finals (wish us luck *happy* ) and then I have a party and then on Sunday I have to go in to work...

Oh! I finished my exams and my results were pretty ok... YAY!

Anyway, hopefully I'll be back later.

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Hi guys....

Ok, so I know that you all deserve an explanation. I have one but first, I am really sorry that I haven't updated. I've had the most stressful three months of my life and unfortunately it aint going to get any better. I will say this though, I am going to try and write a few more fast in the next two months so that I can post them for you.

Now, to all of you writer's out there... ever had life throw curve ball after curve ball? That's what happened to me. I was working all last holidays and then this term, I started my final year. Yes, the big YEAR 12! more stressful than I thought. I had four assessments last week and I only just finished the last one yesterday. On top of school work load, I have been helping to teach a Lifesaving course at the beach... anyway, I know it's not a good excuse, but I assure you.... I have not stop writting for this. I will try and get some stuff out soon.


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ok... so I know that probably 100% of you are really upset and angry with me for leaving you all in the lurch... and then on top of that, I didn't really leave any progress reports either. Unfortunately, I realised too late that I was being a hypocrite because I despise authors that do that. So I am now on bended knee as I type the to ask for your forgiveness.

I'm also apologising for my laziness in trying to update this fic, because I'm sure that I have had a lot of opportunity to sit downm on my fat ass and type something but I was just so lazy that I didn't.

Currently, I am on my christmas holidays and have been for several weeks... I was actually schelduled to work for almost all of them but unfortunately, the company that I was working for no longer exists. Although I no longer had a job and had much more free time, life still got in the way a little. It took me almost a whole week to entirely clean out my room, and it isn't even that big and then I had Lifesaving a few times and then the next thing I know, I'm spending hours making decorations for Christmas dinner (we had 29 people for Chrstmas Eve)...New Years Eve rolls around and of course I got roped into going to this party with these girls that aren't really me friends... but it was ok anyway. Before I forget... how was ll of your Chirstmas' (or other religious holidays around this time) New Years? Anwyay, as it is a new year, one of my many resolutions is to try and keep this and Bonding Eight up and running.

I've had to make some very hard decidsions but I have finally decided that I'm going to go back to the beginning of this story and fix it up entirely.... Don't worry though, most of it won't be changed I just mean grammar and spelling and fixing up a few loose ends. I may though, have to add paragraphs and dialogue into some of the parts. Now, the problem that I am faced with, if I do add those is whether I should edit the posts that they are already in and tell you on what pages you can find them etc. or just repost the story altogether.

When the time comes though, which will hopefully be soon, then I will let you all know.

But, I should inform you all now that from the 23rd of January to the 27th of January (my date) I will be away on a very short but expensive holiday. and two days later, I officially start my final year at school which is kind of an extremely big deal to me, so I will most likely be dropping down again in updates... bad news is that it might only be one post every two weeks... which I know, sucks... but that is probably the most I could give you.... but I will try to post more often then that if I can concentrate for longer than half-an-hour.

Anyway, this is already long enough but I just want to make it clear that I am in NO WAY giving up on this, you'll just have to give me a little more time and then I can get back to it... I don't want to promise anything though only because there is the possibility that I may break that promise...

Ok that's enough rambling from me.

Thanks reading? *happy*

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oh carp...sorry double post.