Title: In Too Deep
Authour: itsalovething
Rating: Max and Liz NC17
Summary: Max and Liz need each other in a way like never before and this is their story.
Disclaimer: Roswell characters not mine.
Author note: This is just a teaser, to see what you think, that starts at the end but then takes you back to how it all began, when they were handed the assignment.



When Liz woke up, lying on her side facing the bathroom, she didn't open her eyes right away.

She wanted to; she wanted to look at the radio clock next to the bed and she wanted to turn her body enough to reach with her hand and, if he was there, touch him.

As long as she didn't open her eyes or move he was still there. She could take her time, creep up on him and they'd make love again and she would hear his name coming out of her in the dark.

So she lay there with the stale taste of whisky in her mouth. All that was left.

Until she said, Oh, for christ sake, grow up.
And opened her eyes.

It was ten- fifteen. The bathroom door was open, the light off. She rolled to her back and turned her head. His side of the bed was empty; the room silent, the window's dark.

She remembered looking at herself in the bathroom mirror from before and coming out to say things that were so stupid now, hearing herself, her tone, and remembering him saying,
'Why are you mad?' And later saying, ' If you get serious on me, it's over.'

And that's what she did, become emotional and blew it because she was thinking too much, wanting to know it would end.
She thought, well, now you know. And got out of bed.

Liz walked out of the sitting room with a sense of expectation. Max was gone, but maybe he'd left her a note. She looked around, at the desk, the coffee table.

The newspaper photo he'd laid there was gone. But something shiny was lying by the half- empty bottle and the ice bucket. She picked it up, already knowing that it was and that they time together was done. His wedding ring.

I just posted this to see if anybody wanted me to continue on. If you do then I will, but if you don't then that's OK too.

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