Title: Playing 'the' Matchmaker
Author: Justine aka aZNroSweLl anglgrl
Disclaimer: Own nothing so far.
Rated: PG-13
Category: M/L with everyone
Summary: Just read. No aliens. AU. in Maria POV so far. Don't know if its gonna change.
Author's note: Feedback wanted.


Maria POV

One thing about me is that I love playing matchmaker. I really love doing that. And

I'm good. Oh yeah I need to introduce myself. My Name is Maria Evan. I'm 15 1/2.

Not 15 but 15 1/2. Got that straight. Brother Max Evan and boyfriend Michael. Yep I

have a boyfriend. Best friend Liz Parker. Alex Whitman is with Isabel. Boyfriends sis.

And who I fix up. I'm good. Oh yeah there's my cousin Sean Deluca. And there is

Tess Harding and Kyle Valenti. Who I also fix up. See told you I was good. You got

all that right? Well here's the easier way. Me and Max bro and sis. Cousin Sean.

Michael and Isabel bro and sis. Liz. Kyle. Alex. Tess. And the couples are Me and

Spaceboy, Alex and Isabel, Kyle and Tess. Singles are Liz and Max. And I think

Sean too. Maybe I don't know. Who cares. All of us are friends we hang

together except my cuz Sean cause he's in college and think he is too cool to hang

with high school kids. Who cares not like we like him anyway. Loser.

O. k so I'm here to tell you a story of how I try to find Liz a boyfriend and Max a

girlfriend. And all those stuff I went through. And of coarse I'll give you update on

everyone else so stay with me here. Uh I mean...uh...how do I explain it? I'm not sure

yet but you know what I mean right? I'm babbling right now. I should stop. O.k

stopping. I'll get back to you on that. Oh and we're all Sophomore. High School.


Author's Note: Question. Do you want it to be all Maria POV or with Everybodys POV? or both? I was thinking of just using Maria POV. I think it would be easier. But I don't know so what do you all think? Please tell me! if you want the next part.