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This is the part where everything explains itself.And,um,I’m really sorry for my mistakes.

*Five Years later,Roswell.NM*

-Liz,wake up!We’re here,and this time forever!-my mom yells at me as she stops infront of a small house.Yeah,like I care.We could be moving to the President house and I could care less.She seems to be excited by this,thought.I think that if you were meeting her for the first time she would seem like a good mom.The second time you would run away.

I enter the small house with hands full of bags,and look around.On my left there’s a small kitchen,in front of me are too doors and on my right is the dining room.Good enaugh.I drop my moms stuff in the kitchen,and walk to my new room.One wall is full in glass,the bed and the wardrobe is big,I have a nice big desk and I have a bathroom all to myself.If it wasn’t for that mental injection I did to myself years ago I guess I would be thrilled to have such a beautiful room.I start unpacking,and my mind starts playing the past events infront of my eyes.

That night in the hospital I’ve put my defense mechanism on,after that night nothing was the same again.If someone was dissin’ on me,taking behind my back or insulting me in any kind of way,I wouldn’t go mad ,no I would just stare at them coldly with a perfect emotionless face,I wouldn’t show them that they get to me,ever.When I came home my mom would do the same,so I just put my mask back on.Indifference was on my face all the time.It was like poison.Soon it got under my skin,slowly it captured every other emotion and turned it into notcareness,till I was infected with it fully.Hope,anger,fear,worry,pain,love,all gone.I became an thing.Walking around pointlessly,not carring,not needing,not hopeing,just ain’t life.When I realize it I decided to wait for my medicine till tweny-five.

Easyer saying that doing.I think I would gave up a long time ago if it wasn’t for my dream.From that night in the hospital I dreamed every time the same dream.Light is all around me and the only thing that I can see is a figure infront of me.The first time I aknowleged it,it was a mile away,with every sleep it takes a few more steps towards me and now five years later is a litlle less than half a mile away.I starts to get a shape now.While it’s takeing those few steps,in my chest there’s a storm of emotions.Pain,anger,joy,love,fear,worry,hope....with every single emotion my heart jumps and passess a beat.I feel alive again in those dreams.I live for them. Patethic,right?

I came back to the present and change into a big t-shirt.I deffinately need sleep.School starts in a few days so I must get a job before that.My last year in school.It’s going to be fun!!You can hear the sarcasm in my voice,right?And with that thought I’m gone in my dream.

-Finally!-I asclaim when I see that some funny place named Crashdown needs an employee.I’ve been walking around town all morning but no one seems to need an extra hand.May be I’ll be lucky this time.Yeag,right.Me?Lucky?No way.I push the door open an enter the restaurant.Litlle green aliens are everywhere.What’ up with this town and aliens?If it’s a trick to interest some tourists,then it deffinetly ain’t working cause I haven’t see anything that looks like a tourist all morning.

-Hey!-a voice interrupts my thoughts as a petite blonde stands in front of me.-My name is Maria and I’ll be your waitress today.What can I....-she continues but I interrupt her.What?It’s not like I’ll see the girl again.-I saw you needed an employee so here I am.-Her face becomes a huge grin.-Really?-she asks me in a very hopefull voice.I nod.Suddenly she’s jumping up and down claping her hands.

-You’re serious!!!!I can’t belive it!Oh,my God!!!This is soooooo great!!!!!!!!-I just stand there looking at her when all of the sudden she puls me in a bear hug.In a hug! –Thank you,thank you.,thank you!!!!!!!!!!Thanks soooooooo much.-She hugs me tigher and tigher.Ok.One word.Odd.

-You saved me a hell of a year,girl!!!I owe you baby.We’ve been looking for an employee like forever.-She continues babbling.-I’m going to tell my mom,she owns this place.She’ll go balistic!!Oh girl thank you!-and with that she finaly relises me from her hug.-I don’t even know your name!Your new here right?Listen why don’t you came over at wait I’ll go to a party Saturday.No,I know!You come at seven so we can arrange your shift and than we go to the party together!-She says in an enthusiastic tone.I really think she seriously didn’t realize that I didn’t say one word all the time.Ok,I think she’s wating for me to answer.Sure,why not I’ll be interesting to see how people,in this case teens,have fun.I can proudly say that I didn’t have fun eleven years.Hey,may be it’s a record.I must check out.Ok,back to the topic.

-Liz Parker and it’s a deal.-I say in my usuall cold voice,but she seems not to notice that.-Great!Girlfriend,we’ll have the time of our life!See ya at Saturday then!Bye Lizzy!-and she dissapears in the back.Well in two days,I’ve got a job,I allready have a girlfriend and I’m going to a party.I guess I would be jumping of joy if I had emotions.But lets not get the imagination run wild.I just turn around at head back home.I’m free the next two days so I can start having fun!Nah,I’ll just be sleeping till Saturday.


The next part would be the party where Liz meets everyone,I mean only if you want me to continue,offcourse.