Title: Trigger Happy
Rating: Max and Liz PG13 1/1
Summary: A chance encounter beckons when Liz needs to let of steam
Disclaimer: Roswell characters, not mine.
Note: Feeling low because of the show so this is just for fun. Please let me know what you reckon


The rain beat down in sheets, soaking Liz Parker to the bone, plastering her hair to her scalp, and mingling with her tears. She raised the revolver, took careful aim, and rapidly pulled the trigger six times. All six shots slammed into the man's face. A satisfied smile twisted her mouth as she reached into her pocket for more bullets. Dang, that felt good! I think I'll do it again, she thought.

"What in the hell are you doing?" The gas station attendant ran toward her, then stopped abruptly when she turned the gun on him.

"What does it look like I'm doing?" she snapped.

"Destroying private property is what!" he answered, but didn't come any closer.

"Private?" Liz pushed a bullet into each chamber, dropping one on the wet pavement. "It looks more like public property to me."

"That makes it even worse!" He blinked rain water from his eyes.

Liz swung the gun around and shot off six more rounds. The Marlboro man's face was blasted beyond recognition.

"Would you stop that!"

"Why? I only wish I had a grenade launcher, then I could blow it to hell and back!"
The gas station attendant lunged toward her.

Before Liz could react, he had her by the arm, and the gun out of her hand.
"Let go of me, and give me my gun back!"

"No. I think you've done enough damage. What did that sign ever do to you, anyway?" He had a firm but gentle grip on her arm.

Liz opened her mouth to explain, but couldn't think of the words to say. His hand felt warm on her rain-cold skin. For the first time she really noticed him, especially his eyes. They were the colour of deepest amber. Her heart gave an unnatural thump before resuming its regular rhythm.

The attendant sighed. "Let's get in out of the rain, anyway." He dropped her arm, and walked back toward the store, obviously expecting her to follow.
She hesitated for a few seconds, then her feet, as if they had a will of their own, started in his direction.
What is wrong with you? she berated herself. Blowing away property like that? She shook her head at what could only be her lapse in sanity.

When she pushed open the door, a bell jangled above her head. The attendant handed her a towel, and she buried her face in the fluffy softness, drinking in the scent of April Fresh Downy fabric softener.
"You can come back here and sit with me for a while, until you dry off a little bit." He placed the gun under the counter. "By the way, my name is Max Evans."

Liz walked around the counter. Her eyes fell on the rack of Marlboro cigarettes above the counter. Liz Parker." She eased down on a stool, never taking her eyes off the cigarettes.

Max slid the gun further back under the counter. "Didn't your daddy ever teach you not to play with guns?"

"My daddy gave me my first gun on my tenth birthday. He taught me how to use it. He taught me to respect it."

"And did he also teach you to use public cigarette signs for target practice?"
Liz felt a blush work its way up her neck and flood her face with colour. If her father had seen that childish display of gun usage, he would have been very disappointed in her.
"Do you want to tell me what you have against the Marlboro Man?" He seated himself on a stool across from her.

Liz swung her gaze his way, and once again felt a curious little jolt in her chest. It felt like his amber eyes were smiling at her, inviting her to come in and make herself at home. And the funny thing was, she felt like she could do just that with this man. She broke the spell that was spinning between the two of them, and looked down at her fingers.

For a few seconds, she picked at a hang-nail on her pinky finger. Then sighed and looked back up at Max.
"I used to date a man who smoked Marlboros," she said.
To her surprise he laughed.

"It makes it awfully dang hard to get over someone when there's something there to remind you of him every time you turn around." She was irritated at him for laughing, but even more irritated at herself for wanting to laugh with him.

"What were you gonna do? Blow every Marlboro sign you could find to smithereens ?" He laughed his way over to a microwave in the corner. He emptied hot chocolate packages into two mugs, and poured water over them. When he placed them in the microwave and punched in the time, he turned back to her. "Well?"

"No. That ..." she gestured toward the sign in the parking lot ... "was just a spur of the moment thing. I was feeling blue, and this cruddy weather wasn't helping my mood, so when I saw the sign I went ballistic." She shrugged. "Sorry about the sign. I hope it doesn't get you into any trouble."

The microwave beeped. Max took out the cocoa and stirred it, then handed her one of the cups. "Don't worry about it. I'll tell the boss it was a drive-by shooting." He winked.

Liz smiled above the rim of her cup. She was beginning to like this guy ... a lot.
The bell jangled above the door, and a man walked in, bringing with him the sound of the rain splattering on the pavement outside. He wore an ankle-length duster, and a brown cowboy hat. His handsome face was deeply tanned, like he'd spent many days out in the hot sun, roping horses. Nonchalantly, he sauntered toward the check-out counter.

"If he asks for Marlboro cigarettes, I'm gonna shoot him," Liz whispered out of the corner of her mouth.

"A pack of Marlboros, please," the man drawled.

Liz lunged from her seat, but was caught short by Max's strong arm snaking around her waist, and yanking her back against him. She shook with suppressed laughter. A tingling sensation worked its way through her body at his touch.

Max cleared his throat. "The lady would appreciate it if you'd buy another brand."
"Oh, God, not Dirty Harry." At Max's imitation of Clint Eastwood, she let out the laughter she'd been holding in.

The man leaned over the counter. "And what if I refuse?"

Max whipped out a green plastic water gun. "Then I'll have to pump you full of" ... he turned the barrel of the toy toward him .... "Liz, could you put me some water in this thing."

Liz took the gun from him, still laughing, and went to the sink.
Max got the Marlboros down and rung them up for the man. The man left, smiling and shaking his head.

She handed him the water pistol. "Dirty Harry would never be caught without a loaded gun."

"Yeah, well, Harry could drive a car while hanging out the window, going around curves, shooting and dodging bullets all at once." He brought the gun up and squirted Liz in the face.

Liz's mouth dropped opened. "I can't believe you did that."

He squirted her again.

Liz ran out from behind the counter shrieking, as Max drowned her with the water pistol. She covered her head and ducked behind a candy display. Her eyes fell on a bag of jelly beans.

"Oh, Max," she sing-songed, and stepped out from behind the candy rack.
Max was at the sink reloading. He looked her way when she called his name, instantly likning the way it sounded coming from her lips.

Liz wiggled the bag of jelly beans with one hand.
"What, exactly, are you gonna do with those?" he asked.

"Ammunition!" She sent a green jelly bean flying his way.
He ducked, and the jelly bean bounced off the wall behind him.
"Whoa! There might be a little Harry in you after all." She sent two more in rapid succession his way.

"You, think so?" He brought up a huge super-soaker water gun. "Do you feel lucky?" He pumped it up and pointed it at her.

"Max, no! Don't you dare!"
He pulled the trigger and a stream of water flew across the room and soaked the front of her almost-dry clothes. Liz shrieked again, and let the jelly beans fly.

Max steadily walked toward her, dodging jelly beans, shooting water until his gun went dry. Then he dropped his weapon and lunged for her, grabbing her around the waist before she could hammer him with any more jelly beans.

Liz laughed and half-heartedly struggled to escape him. It had been a long time since she'd had so much fun. Especially with another man. That thought sobered her, and she twisted in his arms to look him in the face.
He smiled at her, and she suddenly felt shy. Her heart did triple time against her ribs, and she licked her dry lips.
"What happened between you and this Marlboro man anyway?" he asked.

Liz took a deep breath. "He decided he no longer loved me." She let out a nervous little laugh. "Can you imagine that?"

Max pushed a strand of wet hair behind her ear. "No," he answered.

The bell jangled above the door again, and they sprang apart like two kids caught with their hands in the cookie jar, or in this case the jelly bean bag.
"Max, you've been at it again." The older woman who had entered put her hands on her hips. She raised her eyebrow at Liz. "And it's a woman this time, not one of your unruly friends." She chuckled to herself as she walked behind the counter, shaking the water from her umbrella out as she went.

"I'll clean it up before I leave, Amy." Max grinned and headed for the back.

"You bet your hinny you will," Amy yelled after him, but there was affection in her voice.

Max came back with a broom and a mop. He handed the broom to Liz. "You didn't think I was gonna do it all by myself, did you?"
Liz smiled and began sweeping up the jelly beans.

After they finished cleaning up, Max followed Liz outside. The sun broke through the clouds even as the rain still poured down. A rainbow spread its way across the grey sky.
"That is so pretty," Liz said.

"I have the day off tomorrow, would you like to go hiking with me up there?" He pointed toward the mountains the rainbow was spread across.

Liz hesitated, and looked toward the sign she'd obliterated a couple of hours ago. She realized that most of the time she'd been with Max, the Marlboro man hadn't even crossed her mind. She smiled, feeling a strange kind of warmth spread throughout her body.
"I'd love too," she said. "Who knows, we might find the end of the rainbow up there."

"Or the beginning," Max said.
Liz smiled again. She liked this guy more and more. The Marlboro signs would always be there, but she'd not see them anymore. Not as long as she had Max to fill up her eyes.

The End~

and thanks for reading.

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