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Hi!!!!!!!!!! This is brand new and be gentle. This is a fluff peice about M/L, how they met, and what happened afterward.

Feedback: Please! I'm just going by whim here so I'd like to know if you guys like it.
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Rating: PG right now but will be NC-17

Thanx Devilish(Shes my sister) for the awesome title, and help you gave me with this fic, here we go.*bounce* .

P.S~ These * * indicate a thought.

I'm Maxwell Evans and when I left home and came to Las Vegas when I was 17, I'm now 19, if you would've told me the things that've happened here would occur, I woulda said you were outta your mind.

A year earlier

I approached the main house slowly, what had I done now? Mr. Valenti wanted to see me and with the winter coming on I could only think that it was time I found another job.

The house was beautiful and spotless, as usual, but now it was for his brat kids wedding the next month. I could only imagine what his dad had done to actually persuade someone to marry him. He was possibly the most obnoxious person on Earth.

I stepped through the veranda door onto the pure white carpet and instantly recoiled. I was filthy, landscaping was a dirty job but it paid enough for a decent place and I never actually thought I'd be invited inside. Being the hired help and all.

"Don't worry about it," a male voice said and I swiveled my head toward it's direction. Mr. Valenti was a tall older man. Not particularly old or shriveled, but not exactly young either. He was rich though, that made up for whatever you lacked in town like Vegas.

"We still have time to get it cleaned before the wedding. Come with me into my office, we have things to dicuss."
*SHIT* "yes sir," I followed him slowly drinking in my surroundings knowing this would probably be the first and last time I'd ever see the inside of such a grand and elite house.

I stepped into his office and jumped when he closed the door behind us, *What the Hell! When did he get back there?* I was actually starting to hope I was getting fired.

It was if he knew because a covert smile crossed his face and I averted my eyes, this was getting weird. "Sit down son." I took the seat in front of his desk as he took the one behind and began to stare at me. *What is he looking at?* I was becoming very uncomfortable and was about to quit before he could fire me or do anything else when he spoke up.

"I love my son, I love him very much." *That was outta left feild* "excuse me sir," what the hell was he talking about? "My son, Ilove. You know he's getting married?" Well I guess you do, everyone does." *Whoa! I thought before was weird, this takes the Academy Award* I didn't say anything.

I guess he was expecting me to though and we sat in another awkward silence. "Lets cut to the point," he said suddenly, " I can see you're that kinda man and I admire that, no dancing around just come out and say it."

*OH MY GOD!!!! "I think my sons fiancee is with him for his money." I had been ready for him to ask me out but this was totally unexpected and somehow, much worse. I again didn't know how to respond and wanted to try to salvage my job so kept my mouth shut.

There a gain was along silence. "Kyle is a good boy, he doesn't understand that some women only do things for money." *Ha!! Ask him what that girl he brought over on your last trip wanted when she left a hour later* I said nothing. "You know some women are like that right son?"

*I don't have any money for them to want you prick* "Of course sir." He smiled softly and made me feel guilty for my earlier thought about him, "I knew you'd understand." "Maybe they won't wnat you for your money *you think?* but for your youth, your looks," he stopped and took a deep breath, "your body."

*Please God help me* Our Father thou art in Heaven.....* " If you haven't noticed, your a very handsome young guy and girls are just like boy's now a days. It's all about the looks." I said nothing but hoped HE was hearing my silent prayer.

"Look alright, I'm gonna cut to the chase. I will pay you a million dollars to try to seduce my sons girl." My prayer stopped midway through. "Excuse me?" "It doesn't matter the outcome, you will be paid and given a job at another house."

"Are you serious," I asked in a awe struck voice. *rich people! Who knew? "Very," he answered. Then he leaned in toward me as I retreated back farther into my seat, "the only question is whether you will accept the challenge or not?"


Gotta reply if you wanna read more.*big*

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I'm glad people like it.*happy* Okay heres the second part. And half this chapter will be in Liz's point of veiw, you'll know whitch parts. Same thing goes for the thoughts.

P.S: Don't own em.

I took it. Of course I took it, One million just to see if some girl would sleep with me. I would be an idiot if I had passed it up.

"Watch where your going ass," a angry female voice shouted when he bumped into her.She dropped her bags,*must be the help.* "are you going to help me with this," she asked in a tone that was wondering why she had to ask in the first place. "Sorry, I would but I'm running late."

She gasped and I kept walking, *whatever, she can pick up her own damn bags, I'm on a mission*, nothing's bringing down my high today. I've got a smile on my face, a hop in my step and a check for 500,000 dollars in my pocket.

Things couldn't get better, all I have to do now is get to the Casino before 1 A.M and "accidently" bump into her. Before the nights over she'll be in my lap and I'll have the other 10,000, cause I get a bonus if I actually get her to sleep with me.

=sigh=, I leaned against a tree in the front yard and stared up at the sky, *she won't be able to resist me and who would blame her, I am hot.* I took a deep breath and smiled, this was going to be easy as my first girlfreind.


I ran onto the stage and began throwing my clothes off,
*DUMBASS, I wouldn't have been late if it weren't for him.* "What's up with you," my best freind Maria DeLuca asked, I was never late. "Some jackass threw over the groceries I was bringing to Kyles and didn't help me pick them up."

"You could tell he thought he was God's gift or somthing. I'm so....." "Liz, sorry to stop you mid tirade but Tess if slithering over here." I threw on my head peice and tried to calm myself down. Tess was the lead dancer and she could get me into alot of trouble if she decided to tell the owner I'd been late.

"Late huh?" she asked as if she didn't know, BITCH!
"Sorry, I had a problem with.....," That's funny," she said interrupting me, "I don't remember asking for your excuses." She turned to walk away but stopped, "your topless tonight."

I had never had to go topless before but I knew it was part of the job description. You wore a diamond thong, fake eyelashes, tons of make-up, spiked stilletto heels, and somtimes you had to go topless if you wanted to be a Vegas ShowGirl. She must of seen the hesitation on my face and spoke up.

"Don't sweat it," she said almost kindly and I felt myself beginning to think maybe, just maybe, she was a human. "You're very small chested, they probably won't even notice you don't have a top on. It's hard on girls like me, you know, ones with breasts, you always get noticed."

*Not just bitch. FAKE, PLASTIC, WHORE, BITCH!!She smiled sweetly and left. "Stupid bitch, Maria said under her breath, *my girl!*. "I mean you're not...." she turned toward me "that small chested. *Gee thanx a million!* She grabbed my hand and pulled me toward the curtain.

"Ready to put on your fake smile and shine?" I'm always ready to put on my fake smile and shine." With that I pulled the shirt over my head, pulled on my heels, and went on to the best preformance of my life. Elizabeth Parker, former Science nerd, now topless ShowGirl extrordinaire,. Won't my dad be proud.


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Thanx for the replies and TD DreamerBehr, I would love to update tonight but I just did my other story and I don't feel like it*wink*(lazy, I know). I'll try to do it tomorrow though.*angel*
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Yeah I know. Three parts in three days, including my other stories Violently Happy and Identical Opposites, both updated yesterday. Enjoy while it lasts.

Disclaimer: they aren't mine.

P.S: Some parts may be a little confusing but it will all explain it's self in the end. *happy*

Chapter 3

I looked at myself in the mirror. God, money could do lots of things. "Mr. Evans," the ecstatic saleswoman asked happily, "would you like the tye too?"*Sure the thing was 2,000 dollars and had the nerve to be ugly but what the hell. I'm rich now.*

"Sure," I made sure I said it in *that* voice. I wasn't sure what *that* voice was but one of my ex's told me *that* voice was the reason she'd spoke to me, it had the desired effect. She began stumbling all over herself, and blushing furiously, "I'll just go, I'll ring it she said," raising the tye and then practically falling over trying to look back at me.

*Still got it*, not that I'd ever really known I'd had it had it until recently, but none the less, it was still there. I took my bag and stepped through the door of Giorgio Armanis' Vegas store with my 6,000 dollar suit, $3,000 shirt, and the ugly ass $2,000 tye.

*Life is good.*happy**


*Life sucks!*sad**

First that asshole made me late for work, then the fucking dress I was going to wear when I met Kyle for our date tonight was ruined. "What happened to it," Maria asked disbeleivedly, the dress was totally ruined.

It had been a burgundy red with sequens on the bodice and the train, it was now a big rag. *How did this happen? It was hung up when I went on stage.* I hadn't realized I thought out loud until Maria pulled me into a hug, "I don't know, but It's Okay, everything will be okay."

*Yeah right*. "I'll wait at the bar to tell this Kyle that you'll be right down, I'll finally get to meet him." I looked at her apollogetic face and and agreed.
*Beside, what could happen?*


I was running late and jogged into the Orpheus' bar, she should be here by now. I scanned the the room and my eyes found her. *Yowza!!!!!* This girl was beautiful. She was sorta tall but not to much, had the most beautiful hair and eyes I've ever seen, she seemed slightly familiar.

*This' gonna to be fun*

I strutted, *yeah you read right, strutted*, over to the bar and quietly sat next to her. I'll let her make the first move.


*This guy is cute, do I know him from somwhere* I thought, *he seems familiar*. Yeah I had a boyfreind but what hurt would flirting do, he does it all the time and so any guilt that may have shown up dissipated and I leaned into him, "buy a girl a drink?"

*What the hell, I'm rich now!*, "sure." I made sure to use *that* voice and it worked. She began running her index finger along the edge of the drink she already had and blushed as she looked up at me through her eyelshes, *this is going perfectly.*

"Excuse me?" a feminine voice asked from our side, I was hard pressed to look away from those big green eyes but turned toward the voice. *eggghhhhhhh!, It was the mousy girl from earlier in the day. *What the hell is she doing here?*


*Sweet Jesus, it's The Incredible Ears!*, I stil giggled at the nick name I'd given him. He looked at me like I was insane, and I felt the laughter leave my throat as he surveyed what I was wearing and his face broke into a wide smirk. "What is that your wearing exactly?"

I felt like a clown, *bastard*. I'd looked around the costume room after 'Ria had left and found nothing but an old bright gold cleopatra costume and a Tiara. I thought what the hell, and kept on my Stillettos and put on the crown and the dress.

Maria finally looked at me and burst out laughing,
*guess the crown was a little overboard.*


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****************Authors Note********************

Tomorrow will be the last day I update this, I'll try to next Friday though. The reason is that Mardi Gras Holiday will be over and I will be forced to return to hell on Earth (A.K.A.=School). I'll be updateing this and my two other stories tomorrow, I'll try to make the chapters long to tide you over till I get time to update.

*******Most of this chapter is in Maria's P.O.V.********

Chapter 4

*Guess the crown was a little overboard*, I thought as I watched Max and Maria fall over eachother with laughter. *Do I really look that bad?* Before I knew what was happening I had picked up Maria's drink and threw it in The Incredible Ears face, time stopped.

*Did she just throw a drink in my face? I didn't even stop to think before I grabbed the man next to me's drink and returned the favor. The stunned look on her face was enough to last me the next decade. *Hah!, bet Mousey hadn't expected that.*


By now the entire resturant was watching them and I'm sure they hadn't even noticed, they were in a showdown. The guy had gotten up from his seat and they were now standing toe to toe, nose to nose, are as close to possible seeing as though she was so much shorter than him.

"You threw a drink in my face," She said and only a good freind would've been able to hear the underlying tone of wonder. It seemed though that this Max had heard it as well.

"Only did that couse you threw a drink in mine." "Well you're a cad," she practically screamed, the resturant sounded like a deserted town. "Well excuse me Princess," he said moving right back closer to her and moving her wet hair from her face.


I hadn't expected the pull I'd feel doing that, the intimacy of the simple act of pushing the hair from her face. She must of felt it too but the confused look on her face was there them gone. "but," he continued on,"I never said I was a gentleman."


I went off the deep end at that, that's the only way I can explain what I did next. I wind milled at him. He looked shocked then amused, then angry. "Oh you wanna wind mill at me," he asked jumping around on the balls of his feet. "I can wind mill too."


This was the funniest thing I've seen in a long time, a grown man in a suit that had to've cost around $10,000 and a woman in a tiara with a old costime dress, soaking wet wind milling at eachother in the middle of a classy Casino Resturant. It was hilarious, until I saw security coming.

"Stop you guys," I tried to warn but they were to far gone. "Excuse me," the guard asked in a polite voice trying to hide his humor. I didn't blame him, how often did he see somthing like this? "We're in the middle of somthing," the guy said dismissing the guard.

"Yeah excuse us please," Liz said trying to take the guys distraction with the guard and get the upper hand. It didn't work but they were pulled apart by a swarm of guards that appeared from nowhere, *aw shit.*

"I tried to get you to leave peacfully but since that wasn't happening....." He let his sentence trail toward the two guards holding them apart. "Take em out boy's."

They began to drag Liz and the Guy out kicking and screaming, I drowned the rest of my drink and ran after them. They might need a ride home.


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O.K thanx for the replies, you all make me feel good about this Fic. I was thinking of quitting it but now I don't think I will.

Chapter 5

They threw me and Mousey down on the curb and walked back inside, bastards. "Thanx for getting us kicked out she said angrilly as she picked herself up from the curb and turned toward me, hands on hips.

"I'm pretty sure it was your outfit that got us kicked out," I retorted and felt slightly bad when her face fell.
*that was pretty mean*. "Look I'm sorry," I said. "Whatever," she responded and I remembered why I didn't like her in the first place.

"Come on kids," Beautiful said as she pulled her keys from her purse and slid into her Jetta. "Need a ride?" I had walked to the Casino and didn't feel like hiking the 12 blocks to my little apartment. "Sure."

I was walking toward the front seat when Mousey intercepted me. "Where do you think your going?"


"I think I'm going to get into the car," he answered then tried to go around me, "not in the front your not."

"Look, I'm tired and I'm too tall to sit comfortably in the back." "To bad," I countered and was about to take the seat when he grabbed my arm. "We'll do rank."


"What the hell is rank," she asked incredulously and pulled her arm from my grasp. "Whoever's older gets the front seat. I'm 19." I already knew I had won. How old was she, 17,18?

The answer threw me off guard, "21, I win." With that she jumped in the front seat and pushed it back as far as she could while smiling visciously at me. This was going to be a long ride.


I had listened to them fuss for four blocks about Liz being a liar and how she really was 21 and how his legs hurt because the seat was so far back, I went insane.

"GET OUT!!!"

They quieted down, "sheesh," the guy in the back said as I brought the car to the curb. "We'll be quiet." "To late, get the fuck outta my car right now.'

I watched them hastily exit the vehicle. Liz stuck her head back in then, "Your kidding right?"

My tires squeling as I hauled ass down the street was my answer.


"I watched her drive down the street, my mouth agape, she'd really left me.

"Where do you live," Ears asked after about 10 minutes of silence. *Why is he asking me that?* Why are you asking me that I asked , a suspicious note in my voice as I turned toward him.

"You could be a Serial Killer or a rapist for all I know." "True' he said softly, "but this should comfort you somewhat. He moved until his face was impossibly close to mine and for one insane moment I thought he was going to kiss me.

The insane thing was, I think I wanted him to. "If I was arapist I wouldn't wanna rape you." He put pressure in the you then turned back around, I remembered why I didn't like him.

"Now where do you live," he asked more than a little annoyed. "In Norhern Heights about 12 blocks from here." He looked shocked for a moment, "You live in Northern Heights?" "Yeah, so what ," I asked defencively.

"Oh, it's just that I live there too." "Your lieing," I couldn't beleive I lived in the same building with this jackass and had never met him, he must've just moved in.

"You just moved in," I asked. "No, I've been living there for 2 or 3 years now on the 6th floor." I couldn't beleive it, "I've been there 5 years on the 7th."

"You serious," he asked with a smile on his face. "Yeah."
"We've lived practically with eachother for 2 or 3 years and never met, isn't that weird?" He asked with a little worry in his voice."Yeah, it is weird.'

We stood there in silence then he began to walk toward Neibolt street, "Come on," he yelled "I'll walk with you."
"O.K," I yelled back,"buts lets go through the park, it's a shortcut."

"No it's not," "Yes it is," "No it's not," Yes it is." By now we were standing toe to toe, nose to nose again. "Fine," he said angrilly, you'll probably find that rapist you were talking about earlier inthat park."

"Fine," I said angrilly."Fine," he countered back and with that we seaperated.


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To all the readers of this fic, so sorry I haven't updated in ten years. This story is going on hiatus though. I just have no time for it. It will be repposted over at the repost board and I will pick it back up when I can. Thank you so much.