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Accepting II

Rating: NC 17
Disclaimer: I don’t own anything
Category: Slash L/Ma/Mar/Mi
Summary: One month after Comforting. Liz, Maria, and Michael are enjoying their new relationship.

Part 1:

“Liz sweetie, are you done yet?” Maria asked.

Liz looked up from where she was wiping the counter down. “Not quite but go ahead and go. I only have a couple of things left to do.”

Liz and Maria were the only ones left closing the Crashdown. Michael had left already to run home to get some clothes. Liz’s parents left that morning to go out of town for the weekend. Liz was thrilled. It meant that Maria and Michael could sleep over and not have to worry about being interrupted. Over the last month the threesome’s relationship had grown but they didn’t think that either of the girls’ parents should be aware of them yet.

They had talked over everything the morning after their first night together. They would only do what everyone was comfortable with. Everyone knew that Maria and Michael were together so they didn’t have to do anything different. Liz and Maria had always been very affectionate with each other so they didn’t have to worry about what people would think if they saw them touch but they were careful not to kiss out in public. Liz could be as affectionate with Michael as she was with Maria. After all as far as everyone else knew, they were friends. Liz arranged it so that the three of them worked the same shifts as much as possible. There had been a couple of rough patches but they had smoothed them out. They acted like any normal dating couple except that there were three of them. They went out to the movies together or hung out at Michael’s apartment. Most of the time it was the three of them but sometimes only two. None of them minded. Their parents were used to Maria and Liz being together all the time and just decided Michael had just taken Alex’s place in their friendship.

Except for a couple close calls their sex life was unknown to everyone, which was surprising considering the nymphos they had become. Liz’s dad had almost caught her and Michael kissing once when he came into the kitchen unexpectedly. But that wasn’t as bad as when Amy Deluca had almost caught Maria and Liz together. It was a good thing that she had knocked before entering Maria’s room or she would have walked in to the sight of Liz’s mouth busy in between her daughter’s spread legs.

Their friends had mixed reactions to the threesome. Max of course was not happy. He acted nice to Maria and Liz but ignored Michael most of the time. Kyle and Isabel were stunned when they were told. Isabel had been mad at first because of Max being hurt. But after a couple of weeks she accepted them because she loved Michael like a brother. Kyle had no problem with them aside for saying that Michael didn’t deserve to have two girls in his bed. Michael and Kyle had actually become friends. Kyle and Isabel were dating and went with them often to the movies.

Maria walked around the counter and watched her girlfriend bend over to put something on a low shelf. The angle gave Maria the perfect view of Liz’s breasts. Maria licked her lips as she thought of how they tasted. “I agree with Michael about the benefits of us wearing these uniforms.”

“Yeah, they’re short and come unbuttoned easy which allows easy access. Not to mention the whole teasing factor.” Liz smiled as she stood up.

“Michael told me about what happened to the couch last night.” Maria teased. “I got a spring up my butt earlier when I sat on it.”

Liz blushed slightly at the memory.

Liz and Michael had been alone in the kitchen after closing. As Liz walked back and forth to put things up in the refrigerator, she kept deliberately brushing up against Michael teasingly. On her last trip she bent down far enough that her uniform rode up high enough to expose the material of her thong. When she had closed the door she was turned and surprised by Michael as he pinned her with his body against it. His mouth crashed onto hers as he grabbed her legs and pulled them up to wrap around his waist.

“Michael.” Liz managed to gasp as he moved his lips down her neck. Her body heated up from his touch and she started rocking her hips against his erection. Michael’s mouthed to the front of Liz’s uniform and he tugged it open with his teeth. Once it was open he began sucking at the exposed flesh marking it as his.

When he was done, he pulled away and let Liz slide down so that her feet were on the ground. She let out a small whimper as he moved away and said, “You’ve been driving me crazy and you know it. I just thought you might need some payback.”

Liz stared in shock as he walked away from her and into the breakroom. She had only been innocently teasing. He had gotten her so hot that she could feel the wetness between her legs. She wasn’t going to let him get away with it and went after him. When she reached the break room he was in the middle of changing his clothes by the lockers. The sight of his nude chest made her temperature spike. She had always thought that Max’s chest was nice but once she saw Michael’s, she thought his was equally sexy.

“Did you want something Liz?” Michael asked with a smirk on his face. He knew he hadn’t gotten to her in the other room. He looked at her and saw how ravished she looked. Her hair was mused and the front of her uniform was still open wide.

Getting an idea on how to get him back, Liz answered nonchalantly, “No, just coming in to change like you.” As she said it she kicked off her shoes before reaching down and pulling her uniform off. She stood there in her bra and panties as Michael mouth opened in shock. She walked over to her locker and acted like she needed to get something out. Michael just continued to stare at her.

As Liz turned from her locker and began to head upstairs she felt Michael’s large hands grab her and pull her down with him onto the sofa. They ended up going at it right there.

“Well knowing him, I get more payback tonight.” Liz said slyly.

“I’m leaving. Can you think of anything else we need?” Liz shook her head. Maria was running to the store to get some snacks for the three of them. Maria and Michael had already picked up some movies from the video store earlier and they were planning to veg.

Maria walked over to the front door with Liz following to lock up. Maria grabbed Liz and kissed her gently. “I’ll be back shortly. Michael should be here at anytime.”

Liz leaned forward and gave Maria a quick peck on the mouth. “I’ll be waiting. If you hurry, maybe you can join me in the shower.”

Maria’s breath caught at the thought of a naked wet Liz. “I’m gone.” Maria pulled away from Liz and practically ran out the door.

Liz laughed lightly as she watched Maria hurry to her car. Once she pulled away Liz turned around to finish the cleanup. With Maria gone it was quiet so she walked up to the counter and turned up the radio. She moved to the music as she finished wiping down the last of the tables. She barely heard the bell over the door and turned expecting to see Michael but instead saw Max.

Part 2:

“Max, what are you doing here?”

Max shrugged and said, “I haven’t gotten much of a chance to talk to you alone lately. Michael and Maria are always around.” The last statement came out harsher than the rest.

Liz rolled her eyes. “Well when you’re involved with someone you spend a lot of time with them.” She walked farther into the back of the café to the waitress station and tried to appear busy so he would leave. “What did you want to talk to me about?”

Max moved closer to her and said, “Just talk. We’re friends right? Friends talk.”

“Yes, we’re friends. Although if you keep treating Michael the way you do I don’t know for how much longer we will be.”

“I know. I’m sorry.”

“Well I’m not the one you should be apologizing to.”

“I know and I will. But I do need to apologize for my actions that night. I don’t know why you got that flash. I can only think that it was because things were heating up and I wasn’t trying to control them. I’m very sorry. I’m also sorry for the way I acted that night at Michael’s apartment. I didn’t mean what I said. I can’t believe I called you that. I was upset.”

Liz looked up at him and saw that the apology was genuine. “I forgive you. I know it must have surprised you. I can’t imagine what I would have done or say if I’d walked in on you in a similar situation.” Liz thought about walking in on Max with Michael and Maria. Surprising the thought made her feel very aroused.


Liz shook her head to clear the image. Max was looking at her curiously. “Yeah?”

Max had seen that she had been out of it for a minute. “I just asked what you were doing tonight?”

“Oh, Maria and Michael rented a movie and we’re going to veg out. My parents are gone for the weekend.”

“Sounds like fun.” Max said. They continued talking for a little while and Max helped Liz finish cleaning. Liz was laughing at something Max said about a customer at the UFO Center when Michael walked in the door with two pizzas. He took in the situation and looked at Liz with concern.

“Is everything okay, here?” He asked Liz. He set the pizzas on the counter next to Liz and wrapped a protective arm around her shoulders.

Liz smiled at his protectiveness. “Yeah, we’re fine. Just talking.” She leaned up and kissed him to reassure her statement.

Michael pulled her close to lengthen the kiss. When he did he got a flash. He saw an image of he, Max, and Maria in an intimidate moment. He pulled away with a confused look on his face. What had he just seen? Was that a fantasy from Liz?

Liz looked up at him, “What?”

“Nothing. What were you guys talking about?” Michael asked.

“Nothing really. What kind of pizza did you get?” Liz asked. She was hungry.

“Mushrooms and sausage on one. Pineapple, peppers, and pepperoni on the other.” He was eyeing Max suspiciously. He looked a little uncomfortable with him being affectionate with Liz.

“I know you guys want to get your evening started so I hurry up and get out of here. Can I talk to you Michael?” Max asked. Michael nodded.

“I’ll just take these upstairs and take a shower. Maria should be back any minute.” Liz threw a warning look warning both guys to behave before heading up the stairs.

Both men watched as she left, her hips swaying seductively in her short uniform. Michael turned his attention back to Max, “What’s up Maxwell? I warn you I don’t feel like fighting with you.”

“I’m not here to fight either. I wanted to say sorry for the way I acted that night and since. I’ve been a self-absorbed asshole. I was jealous of you being with Liz.”

Before Michael could say anything the chimes over the door rang yet again. This time it was Maria, carrying bags of snacks. She glared at Max as she kissed Michael hello. “You two are playing nice, I hope.”

Michael smirked at her but Max just said, “I was just giving an apology to Michael. I owe you one as well. I’m sorry Maria. For everything.”

Maria saw that he was serious. “Did you already apologize to Liz yet?”

Max nodded, “Yes, she accepted it.”

“Well then I do too. Come here.” She pulled him into a hug. She hated being mad at Max. They had gotten to be close during all the times him and Liz had been on the outs. “Well I’m going to head upstairs. Liz said something about taking a shower before I left earlier.” She smiled at Michael and he saw the twinkle in her eye. He caught the hidden meaning in her statement.

“Leave the bags. I’ll take them up with me.” Michael offered. Maria thanked him and hurried upstairs.

“Well those two accepted my apology, what about you?” Max asked.

Part 3:

Michael scratched his eyebrow as he thought about what Max was asking. “Well if Liz and Maria can forgive you I guess I can too. But I have a question for you.”


“Earlier you said you were jealous about me being with Liz but nothing about Maria being with her. She’s as much with her as I am.”

Max blushed as a smile crept across his face. “What can I say? I’m a guy. The thought of the two girls together just didn’t bug me.”

Michael laughed at his friend’s remark. It wasn’t often that Max acted like a typical eighteen-year-old male. “You sound like Kyle. He said something similar when we first told him.”

“So we’re alright?” Max asked.

“Yeah, we’re cool. Now I better get upstairs before they get antsy and I hear about it all night.” He reached down and grabbed Maria’s bags.

Michael saw Max’s shoulders slump slightly. “I should probably head for home. See you later.”

Michael felt bad. Max was trying to be friends again. “Hey if you want to there should be plenty of pizza and other junk to eat. We were just going to watch a movie and lay around. We have to be up early in the morning to open. If you want to come up, I can ask the girls if it’s okay?”

Max was surprises by Michael’s compassion for him. The two girls must have been rubbing off on him. “Sure. If they say it’s okay.”

“Come on.” Michael handed him a bag and the guys made their way up to Liz’s apartment. They walked in and headed to the kitchen to put the stuff up. Michael could see that Liz had put the pizzas in the oven to keep them warm. Michael saw the door to Liz’s bedroom was half open and could hear the shower going so Michael knew that they were both in the shower still.

“Let’s go in the living room and wait.”

Max and Michael had just sat down when they heard a loud moan coming from the bathroom. Michael smirked at the look on Max’s face. The look of shock and curiosity grew when they heard Maria shout, “Oh God Liz!”

Max’s face turned bright red. Michael grabbed the remote and turned on the TV so that it would drown out the sound of the two girls. He got up and said, “I’ll go tell them you’re here and see if it’s okay if you stay.” All Max could do was nod. Michael chuckled to himself as he made his way into where his two girlfriends were showering.

:::::::::: Meanwhile in the shower:::::::::::::::

When Maria reached Liz’s room she had practically torn off her uniform and undergarments and hurried to the bathroom. She could hear the shower going and hoped she was in time. She walked quietly into the bathroom and pulled back the shower curtain. The sight in front of her made her almost cum on the spot. There stood a naked Liz standing under the shower stream. She was washing her hair and her back arched thrusting her perking breasts forward. Maria stepped in and closed the shower curtain. Liz’s eyes opened startled.

“Maria, you scared me.” She gasped.

“Sorry.” Maria leaned in and captured Liz’s mouth and sucked on her bottom lip. As she did this, her hands came up and teased her nipples until they became hardened peaks. She started kissing her way down Liz’s throat and farther until her mouth came into contact with her pert nipples. She rolled it around on tongue before sucking it into her mouth. Her hand played with the other one as she did this before switching her mouth to it. She could hear Liz’s erratic breathing and smiled against her breast. She got back on her knees and kissed Liz’s stomach. Her tongue traced circles around her navel before she moved lower. “Lean back against the wall.” Liz leaned back against the wall and Maria raised one of Liz’s legs so it rested on her shoulder. This gave Maria full access to the center of Liz’s spread legs and she took full advantage of it.

She leaned forward and explored the outer area of Liz’s center before running her tongue in circles around her clit. The closer she got the faster Liz was breathing. She teased her a little longer before finally moved her tongue against the tiny bundles of nerves. Liz’s hips bucked up trying to get closer to Maria’s mouth. She could feel Liz’s hands in her hair trying to push her closer. Maria sucked the nub into her mouth and increased the pressure, which triggered Liz’s orgasm. She moaned incoherently. Maria continued to her torture until she felt Liz calm down.

As Liz came down, she looked down at the beautiful blonde kneeling before her. She moved her leg off her shoulder and yanked her up so they were face to face. She pulled her into a passionate kiss and tasted a small amount of herself. Wanting Maria to feel as good as she did her hand moved in between her legs and she plunged a finger into Maria’s entrance. Maria moaned into her mouth as Liz began moving her fingers just the way she knew Maria liked it. She quickly added a second finger and increased her pace, which made Maria moan loudly. It didn’t take long before she felt Maria’s walls clamp down around her fingers and Maria yelled, “Oh God Liz!”

Liz held Maria until the tremors stopped. “This was a good incentive to make me hurry.” Maria joked. Liz laughed with her as she started washing Maria’s body.

“Having fun?” They heard Michael ask from the other side of the curtain.

Maria threw open the curtain and said, “Lots. Why don’t you come join in the fun?”

Michael looked at his two wet naked girlfriends and almost gave in to the temptation. “As welcoming an offer that is, I just came in to tell you Max came up with me. I told him that I’d have to check with you two first but I invited him to eat and watch the movie with us.”

Both girls looked surprised that Michael had invited Max but they took it as a good sign that things were getting better. “It’ll cut down some of our playing during the movie but it sounds like fun.” Liz answered.

“Yeah, it does. We can just play later although I don’t think Max would mind some of it.” She joked.

Michael stared at her for minute. First he got that flash from Liz, now Maria was joking about Max joining them or at least watching them. He shook the thoughts out of his head and said, “Well you two get dressed and I’ll get the food ready.” He left the two girls to head back to Max.

Part 4:

Michael came back out into the living room and told Max that it was okay with Maria and Liz. They went into the kitchen and got the pizzas out of the oven. They grabbed everything they needed and it was all laid out by the time the girls came out. They were dressed in similar tank tops and boxers.

“What did you guys rent?” Liz asked as she dumped the food on her plate.

“Gladiator. It’s a good movie with a good looking guys plus it appeals to Michael’s bloodlust fetish he has for movies.” Maria answered while she put the movie in.

“Hey. I’m a guy. I like violence.” Michael said defensively. He handed Max the bottle of Tabasco sauce and looked for some help. Max just shrugged.

“We are very aware that you are a guy.” Maria said huskily. Maria kissed him fully on the lips before moving back to sit with Liz on the couch.

They all sat around eating and watching the movie. They caught up with Max and they seemed to have forged a new friendship. It was a little uncomfortable when Maria or Michael would give Liz affection but by the end of the movie Max seemed okay with it.

When the movie was over, Liz stood up to turn it off. “Well I don’t know about you guys but I don’t feel like going to bed yet.” The others agreed with her. “Well what do we want to do?”

“How about we play cards? Poker?” Maria asked.

“Strip?” Michael teased.

Maria slapped him on the arm. “No.”

Liz grabbed a deck of cards and handed them to the guys. “You guys deal. I need something to drink.”

“I’ll go with you.” Maria offered. She got something out of her bag and followed Liz. Liz poured two cokes for the girls and turned to leave but Maria stopped her.

“Liz, I brought something with me to loosen things up.” Maria pulled a small bottle of vodka out of her boxers. Liz’s eyes widen.


“I just thought it might help us unwind after the busy week. Come on. Just a little.” Liz thought about it. They weren’t going anywhere and no parents were around. “Okay.”

Maria poured a little of the coke out of the glasses and filled them up with the alcohol. Before she capped it she took a big swig. “UGGH. That’s strong.” She handed the bottle to Liz who did the same thing. They grabbed the glasses and headed out to the living room where Michael had set up the cards on the table and started playing. An hour later, after several games and several more drinks the girls were feeling really good and were giggling.

“What is up with you two?” Max asked.

“Oh nothing.” Maria said in a singsong voice.

“We’re just happy.” Liz said in the same tone.

“Now I know something’s up.” Michael said as he stared at his two girlfriends.

Max grabbed Liz’s drink that was sitting next to her and sniffed it. “You two are drunk!” He stated. “I can’t believe you two have been drinking.”

“Calm down, Maxwell. It’s not that big of a deal.” Michael said.

“Yeah, Maxwell. It’s not that big of a dealio.” Liz mimicked.

“We just want to relax.” Maria said pouting.

“But” Max started but Michael interrupted, “They’ll be fine. I’ll be here all night so I’ll make sure they’re alright.”

“You’re just mad because even though I’m drunk I’m still beating the pants off of you.” Liz argued. With that statement the image of Max without pants sprung to her mind. Her throat was suddenly dry and she jumped up. “I need another drink. Anyone want anything?”

“Can you grab two cans of cherry coke for Max and I?” Michael asked. He didn’t mind the girls drinking; he knew they needed to cut loose sometimes.

“Sure.” Liz answered. Maria got up as well, “I’ll help.” The two girls went into the kitchen and started gathering the drinks. Maria poured them each another vodka and coke. When she did, she came up with an idea, “Hey Liz, I just thought of a way to loosen Max up.”

“How?” Liz said giggly.

“Watch.” Maria opened one of the cherry cokes and poured a little out in the sink. She replaced the missing coke with vodka. “There. You said it only took a small amount last time.”

“But Maria…”

“We won’t let him leave until we know he’s sober.”

“Okay. But wait.” She did the same thing to Michael’s can. “There now we can all have a fun night.”

The two girls walked back into the living room. Maria handed Max his drink and Liz handed Michael’s his plus a kiss. Both guys thanked them and gulped the cans down. When they set the cans down the girls looked at them to see if there was any reaction.

“Now that is the besssstt cherry coke I’ve ever had.” Michael slurred.

“Yeapers, it is.” Max replied. Both guys then busted out laughing. Maria and Liz looked at each other and knew that the alcohol had taken affect. It was going to be an interesting evening.


I am trying to write some nookie chapters with Max in them but it's really hard. (NO Pun intended.)

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Part 5:

The card game didn’t last much longer. Michael and Max kept using their powers to cheat so they all gave up and just laid around. Maria sat on the floor with her back against the couch; Michael stretched out above her and kissed her heatedly. Michael then pulled Liz on top of him on the couch and began making out with her. Maria looked on amused remembering the shower earlier while Max just stared. The two of them plus the noises he’d heard coming from the shower earlier had him becoming aroused. He shifted around trying to make his suddenly tight pants more comfortable. Maria saw Max shift around and said, “Hey you two. I think Max is feeling left out.”

Liz and Michael broke away from each other and Michael whispered something in her ear. Liz smiled wickedly and got off of Michael. She moved over to the chair Max was sitting in and plopped down on his lap straddling him. “Is that so Max? Are you feeling left out? Do you want to join in on our fun?” She asked huskily as she leaned in and brushed up against his hard body.

Max just looked at her for a minute. Even in his drunken state, he knew that Liz wasn’t his anymore but he couldn’t help himself. His hands came up to the back of her head and pulled her in for a kiss. She opened her mouth allowing him entrance and he deepened the kiss. Both participants felt their bodies heating up more and Liz rocked her hips lightly against Max. She could he was hard and had been enjoying watching them. Max was so into the kiss that he jumped when he felt soft lips on his neck. Maria had came up behind him and was kissing her way up and down his neck. Her hands made their way from his shoulders down his chest then moved to cup Liz’s breasts. Liz let out a small moan as she pulled out of Max’s kiss and leaned back.

Max heard Maria’s hot breath in his ear. “She loves it when you play with them.”

“Especially when you play with other things.” Michael said. He was kneeling behind Liz and he latched his lips onto the curve of her neck as he started to suck gently. He kissed his way up to her mouth and took Max’s place on her lips. His hands came around to her stomach and drifted lower into her shorts. Liz wasn’t wearing underwear so he had full access to her. As his fingers began rubbing her clit, Liz grinded herself into Max more.

Max’s breathing increased under Liz’s assault. Plus seeing Maria and Michael’s hands pleasing Liz while Maria continued to kiss along his neck was making lose control. Liz leaned up to yank on the hem of his T-shirt and pulled it off. Maria did the same thing to Liz and they were both shirtless. She then came around Max and planted a fiery kiss on his lips. She pulled away from him and said, “I’ll take one you take the other.” She leaned forward and started sucking on Liz’s left breast as Max took the right one.

Liz couldn’t think of anything. Having the three of them either kissing or touching her was sending her into sensory overload. She felt the tingling starting in her toes and a moment later she came hard. Michael continued his ministrations until her breathing became normal again. “Oh God. That was wonderful.” She sighed.

Maria smiled at her. “I think Max needs some relief right now.”

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