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Title: Unintended

Disclaimer: I own absolutely nothing. The characters belong to Melinda Metz and…. Yeah. And the title came from my favorite Serial Joe song.

Summary: Let’s just say it’s a challenge by Eerie.

Distribution: If you ask me I won’t refuse, promise. Rozzi_carter⊕

Couple: M/L

Rating: Will work it's way up to NC-17

Author's Note: 10/02 Page Forty One
Chapter Eleven: 8/06 Page Thirty Seven
Chapter Ten: 7/15 Page Thirty Two
Chapter Nine: 6/16 Page Twenty Eight
Author's note: 5/6 Page Twenty-Four
Chapter Eight: 4/18 Page Nineteen
Author's Note: 4/17 Page Nineteen
Chapter Seven: 3/26 Page Fifteen
Chapter Six: 3/20 Page Thirteen
Chapter Five: 3/11 Page Eleven
Chapter Four: 2/18 Page Eight
Chapter Three: 2/13 Page Five
Chapter Two: 2/12 Page Three

Chapter One

“Yes, sir. I know exactly how to deal with the situation.”

“Maxwell, you better not disappoint me here. We need that money. Now if you’re thinking of going Ocean’s 11 here on me I can assure you that is not the way to go. Robbing three casino’s simultaneously even you can’t pull off. It won’t get you anywhere but in jail.”

“I have no intention of robbing anything.”

“Robbing, stealing, it’s all the same.”


“Now you’ve got my attention.”

“Unfortunately I’ll have to lose your attention for now. I’m about to get my plan under way.”

“How about leaving me with a name?”

“You’ll see.”

Max hangs up the phone and gets out of the worn in black jeep. With all the confidence in the world along with a bright smile he strides up to a petite brunette and says hello.

The girl turns around and gives him a grin.


“What’s your name?”

She was in shock. The man didn’t know her name. It has been so long since she’s had a clean slate with anyone. Ever since her father became Mayor of New York her life has been on display for all the world, especially with all the horrible current events.


“Andrew.” He holds out his hand and she takes it.

“That’s funny. You don’t strike me as an Andy.”

“That’s because I’m not. I’m strictly Andrew.”

“Okay, Andrew. You’re not from around here are you?”

“No, why? Am I dressed all wrong?”

She looks at his black leather jacket, and jeans. Unlike most guys, his pants weren’t hanging down past his ass.

“What? No! It’s just you don’t kn- Never mind.”

“Can I buy you a drink?”

“I’m not ol- yeah. That would be nice. The nearest bar is a couple blocks down.”

“Well, since I really don’t wanna walk all that way in the cold would you like a ride?”

Liz’s Point of View

What the hell am I thinking? I’m only seventeen, I’ve never had any alcohol, I’ve never been alone in the city, I’ve never even had a boyfriend. Now I’m agreeing to accept drinks from a stranger, and I disobeyed my father, who probably knows I’m gone and is sitting by the door awaiting my return in disappointment. Oh well, might as well go out with a bang. There should prove to be a nice little article on this by the morning.

“Sounds great.”

Andrew opens my door for me, and flashes me a smile. Oh yeah.

I watch as he walks around to the driver’s side. Oh lord what a nice ass he has.

“If you take a left out of the parking lot we’ll be there in a minute or two depending on the lights.”

He nods so I continue.

“So, Andy, how old are you?”

“It’s Andrew. Nineteen.”

The Crash bar whizzes by the car and I look confusedly at Andrew. He looks at me, then at his hand. His hand is covering something black and seems to be pointed at me.


“Keep quiet, and don’t go making any major movements.”


“You’re worth the money that I need.”

That makes me laugh. There is no way my father is going to pay out the money that this guy probably wants.

“I’m not exactly priceless in my father’s eyes.”

“Maybe not to your father, but how about your mother and grandmother?”

“Are you seriously going to hit up an eighty year old woman?”

I cannot believe any person would ever do this to Grandma Claudia. It’s my fault. I snuck out and I was dumb enough to get myself into this situation.

“Like I said, I need the money.”

“How co-“

“Shut your mouth. I’ve had enough of your questioning of my morals or lack thereof.”

I should have known he was too good to be true. Hot as hell, nice, and not knowing who I was. Now he’s annoying, rude, kidnapping me, and holding a gun pointed at me. Men are assholes.

“Are you really going to shoot the person you’re holding for ransom?”

“The thought has definitely crossed my mind.”

“What’s to stop me from jumping out of the car? You won’t shoot me because then I’ll be no good.”

“Will you just shut up? I’ll shoot you, I just won’t aim to kill.”

“You will no-“ My sentence is cut off by a bullet whizzing by my head and out the window. Maybe he will.

“So, this is me, shutting up and slouching back into the seat. How do you know I wasn’t about to lean forward? What then? Then I would have been dead!”

I watch as he reaches behind the seat and pulls out a bottle of water.

“Drink this.”

“You’re nuts if you think I am going to drink-“

The gun is once again pointed directly at me. It’s amazing what that can provoke you to do. I take a small sip and hand it back.

“Take another.”


He takes his gaze off the road to look at me. It’s amazing how the warmest shade of amber can look so cold.

I take another sip.

Minutes later I start feeling a little drowsy.

“What was in the drink?”

“Something to make you go to sleep.”

“Damn you.”


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Chapter Two
Max’s Point of View

Ever since Liz fell asleep I’ve been driving in silence. Sort of. The only noise is her quiet snores and my breathing. Why in the world would I listen to her snore? It’s simple. Every time I tried to turn up the volume on the radio she’d get louder. She wouldn’t wake up, no the drug made sure of that, but it’s almost as if she knew. Unfortunately I’m getting tired and my legs are cramping. I can’t really afford to stop and pay for a room just yet. There’s not enough distance. So I pull into the nearest gas station. After I pump, I check one more time to see if she’s still asleep. Still out. I go in and pay for the gas along with drinks and snacks.

When I get back to the jeep Liz is giving me an evil glare as I get in.

“When did you handcuff me?”

“When I was contemplating just leaving you in the middle of the desert. Besides I like my women submissive.”

“I am not your woman.”

“Don’t I know it. I’d prefer a mute to you.”

“If I wasn’t handcuffed and slightly dazed from the drug I’d be kicking your ass.”

“Keep thinking those thoughts.”


“Keep your voice down.”

“Can you loosen these?”

“Ummm… no.”

“I’ve got to go to the bathroom.”

“Hold it.”

“I said I have to go to the bathroom.”

“I heard you and I really don’t care.”

“Are you se-“


I look over at her. Her legs are crossed, and her shirt is pulled down pretty far. I don’t think it’s supposed to be like that, otherwise I doubt she would have worn a bra with flowers on it. Not like she’s really in a situation to be able to fix it. She’s definitely cute. In an innocent kind of way. Too pure for me.

I get out and let her out.

Liz’s Point of View

As soon as I step foot on the ground my knees give. My legs are still jelly like from the drug, and I fall forward. Andy catches me and quickly I regain my composure slapping his hands away. “Don’t ever touch me.”

“Behave.” He turns me around and leads me towards the side of the building, sticking the gun into the small of my back like he’s holding me.

As soon as I feel it slip away from me I turn and start hitting his chest.

“Asshole! You drugged me! What if I never woke up? What if I died? What if I were allergic? You self-centered prick!” He easily grabs both of my wrists and I resort to kicking.

“Liz. Liz! Knock it off.”

“You have no right what-so-ever to call me by my name.”

His hand goes back to his gun in his waistband, “I have every right to call you whatever I damn well please. Now get your ass into the bathroom, since you had to piss so badly.”

I step into the dingy closet that they call a bathroom. Toilet paper is everywhere, the water is dripping, and the mirror is cracked, and you can see water spots. I shudder then turn to shut the door only to find Max blocking it with his hand. I peek my head outside and say, “There is no way you are keeping this door open. It’s freezing.”

“Fine.” Andrew walks into the bathroom.

“Just what the hell do you think you’re doing?”

“I figure this way I can keep an eye on you so you don’t try to lock me out.”

“How do you expect me to go with you watching?”

“Squat and piss. Here, I’ll even turn around.”

“Thank you oh-gracious one.”

He does as he says and turns around. I just stand there. I can’t have an audience.

“Nevermind. I can’t do it, I don’t have to go that badly.”

“Suit yourself.” As soon as he goes to look and make sure there’s no one around I push him out the door and slam it shut.

“If you try to do anything I’ll be right out here waiting.”

“Calm down! I just gotta pee.”

This is so much better. After I go, I wash my hands. Attempt to wash my hands I should say. There is no soap, and I have nothing to dry them with. I grip the edge of the sink and look at my reflection in the mirror.

My hair looks like hell and the make up is all smudged and clumped.


I can’t believe I am going to do this. I squeeze my eyes shut and hold my breath as I gather water in my hand and work on getting all the make-up off. I’m surprised the water isn’t actually ice.

When my face is cleared to my satisfaction, I leave.

Before I get completely out the door Andy’s arm goes around me and pushes me back in.

“I can walk you know. Why am-“

“It took you so long to go I have to go now.”

“Uh-uh. I don’t wanna listen to you pee.”

“Tough. Plug your ears. Hum one of those girly boy band songs for all I care.”

If I wasn’t in the room with him I ‘d think he was spraying a hose. Well, no. Liz, leave that thought alone.

My god will he ever stop?

Thankfully I hear him zip up his pants and I turn around to see him rinse his hands and wipe them off on his pants.

“Come on.”

He leads me out to the car and starts pulling out the handcuffs.

“No, please?”

“Too bad.”

He grabs me hand and I keep turning it and pulling it away with the aid of my other hand.

“Please! I won’t try and jump out.”

“Oh, I know you aren’t dumb enough to jump out of a car, but I can’t risk you hitting me r drawing too much attention to us.”

“How? There is absolutely no one on this road, not to mention it’s dark and ill lit, no one will be able to see anything above your head beams.”

“This is your only chance, if you do anything to make me lose concentration I’m putting them on you.”


I was willing to do pretty much anything to have him not put those handcuffs on me.

Max’s Point of View

I have to admit she’s been alright. She hasn’t said a word until a minute ago when she asked me what my real name was.

“I already told you. Andrew.”

“That’s not it and we both know it.”

“What makes you so sure?”

“There’s a silver M on your cell phone plate.”


“Max what?”

“That, I am not going to tell you.”

She falls into silence again until she starts sniffing.

“Please don’t tell me you’re crying.”

“I’m not. Do you smell something?”


She lifts her arm and sniffs loudly at her armpit.

“I reek!.”

“Huh, imagine that.”

“You don’t happen to have deodorant, do you? I’ll resort to wearing men’s deodorant.”

She’s sounds like she’s finally calming down. Getting to be that outgoing teenager we’ve all seen on television.

“I bought you some when I was in the store. I didn’t feel like standing in the aisle smelling a bunch so I grabbed the kind that my sister wore.”

“Thanks.” I listen as she moves the plastic bag around trying to find it. “You don’t happen to have picked me up any clothes? That would have been nice. You know, you could have broken into my house first and gotten me some, then kidnapped me. Should’ve made for a nice little record.”

“Be quiet.”

I keep her in my peripheral vision as she zips up her jacket and pulls her arms inside. I hear the top of the deodorant come off, and then she starts twisting and turning inside the jacket. Next thing I know a tiny shirt is being flung at me.

“What the hell?”

“What? It smelled. Don’t worry I have another shirt that was over it. I’m still fully covered.” While she turns the shirt a little the jacket rides up, revealing a portion of the tan waist beneath the clothes. She’s definitely easy on the eyes. I can’t have that, though.

I pull the car over and she looks at me puzzled.

“What? You can’t be mad that I threw the shirt at you.”

“Well, that’s just the beginning.”

“What else could I have possibly done in the matter of a minute that would piss you off?”

“Just don’t complain.”

I hook the handcuffs around her wrists again through her fighting, and she goes back to complaining.

“Ma-ax. Come on!”

Ignoring her I keep driving.

I turn on the radio and turn it to the first station that comes in.

“This is crap.”

“I like this crap.”

“How could-“

“Shut up or I’ll gag you.”

“With what?”

“With that shirt you threw at me. Now stop.”

“Where are we going?”

“The middle of nowhere.”

“When are we stopping to sleep?”

“When I fall asleep at the wheel. Keep talking and it won’t be that much longer.”

“I think th-“

“I really don’t care what you’re thinking. If I did care what you say, would I have kidnapped you? No. Now stop talking.”

I don’t know what I said but it worked. Thank god for small favors.

Geez, Max just can't get her to be quiet huh? Anyway, thanks for the great feedback! I was kind of iffy on the story just because I'm used to writing the fluff, but wow! You guys are awesome. I hope you liked the part and hopefully I'll get a new part out within the next couple of days. I mean, Max has to sleep sometimes right? *wink*
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Wowwee! Once again I'm amazed at the feedback, you guys are the greatest! The next part is a third of the way done. I'll either have the next part out tonight or tomorrow. I have a huge Law essay due.*sad* But, maybe I'll be able to pull it off.*wink*
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Chapter Three
Max’s Point of View

I caved. I’ve been listening to her punk rock wannabe music for over an hour. Liz is sitting beside me bobbing her head and lip-synching to whatever song this is. They all sound the same to me. What am I doing? Grinding my teeth and practically falling asleep. I need a break, I’ve been driving for almost twenty four hours.

“I’m going to find a small motel and get us a room. You, you are going to behave yourself while I shower and sleep.”

“Do I get a shower?”

“Yeah. I guess you kind of need one. Depending on the layout of the room I may even be so gracious as to let you take one without my being in the room.”

“Aren’t you so nice? I couldn’t have asked for a better kidnapper.”

“I won’t even dignify that with a comment. But I did make sure to bring clothes for you. Maria was nice enough to buy some.”

“Two questions, who’s Maria? And how do you know what size I wear?”

“It’s amazing the information you can find out with enough persuasion. And Maria is my best friend.”

“Oh. Well, how do you- never mind.”

She slips back into the rhythm of the song and leaves her question incomplete.



“Can you unzip me?”

My head jerks quickly to look over at her. Then I realize she still has her jacket on. I turn down the heat and unzip her jacket. When the sides of her jacket fall to their sides it reveals a black button up shirt that has a gap where it was buttoned wrong. It reveals the metallic red of her bra contrasted against a small portion of her left breast. I am not buttoning that for her. I am not getting that close. Sighing, I turn the heat down even more and roll my window down a crack. Fresh air.

Liz’s Point of View

This whole thing is kind of like a field trip. A very long and uncomfortable field trip. My hair is greasy, I need a shower, I’m tired, I’m handcuffed, and I’m partially revealing myself to this man.

I should be kicking, biting, and screaming to be released. I’m just not in any rush to get home. I’m not looking forward to going home and having my father yelling at me saying how dumb I am to have even gotten myself into this situation.

We pull into a dark parking lot belong to a Comfort Inn, when he turns the car off we’re left in almost pitch dark. Max unlocks the handcuffs and reaches into the backseat.

I rub my wrists as if by doing that it will relieve the red lines. I pull my hair up in a clip and sit back to see what Max is planning next.

“When we get in there you’re my girlfriend. You don’t have to touch me, there’s no hanging all over me, that’s not what I’m saying. Just smile sweetly like you do for the cameras and reveal nothing. You won’t walk in front of me, but beside me so that I can see everything you do.”

“Yes drill sergeant. You really don’t have to worry, getting shot isn’t exactly at the top of my priority list.”

He pulls two black duffel bags into the front seat and tosses one onto my lap, and tells me to carry it.

As he pays for the room I can’t help but take advantage of my view. The broad muscular shoulders, the all too perfect round ass defined perfectly in his blue Levi’s. You’d almost swear on your life that a guy that looks like he does wouldn’t need to resort to kidnapping.

Atleast my kidnapper is fun to look at.

The room is disgusting. It reeks of cigarette smoke and there are water spots decorating the ceiling that I am assuming was once a nice shade of white.

“Be happy there are no bugs.”

“Ugh. Don’t even get me started on bugs Max.”

Let’s see, dusty television, overflowing ashtray, drawers, nightstand, flickering lights, brick red sofa, bed- wait a second.

“Now I know you could afford more that one bed.”

“You’re my girlfriend remember? Kinda would have defeated the purpose.”

“We could have atleast went to a cleaner hotel.”

“Oh yeah, and draw attention. What are the odds of anyone here remembering you were with me? That’s what I thought.”

“You don’t have to be all prickish about it. Do we atleast have a cot?”

“Don’t get your panties in a bunch, I’ll be sleeping on the couch.”

He does have some manners.

“After all I need something to handcuff you to.”


“Look, as I’ve told you before, you’re not at home, you don’t have a say. So, in no uncertain terms I am saying what I say goes.”

He walks over to the bathroom and peeks in.

“Alright. If you want a shower or bath get your ass in gear and get in there.”

“Blah, blah, blah.”

His jaw clenches and he throws a bottle of soap at me.



“I’m not sharing my shampoo with you. They have some in the bathroom. Use that.”


“God damn it! Why the hell do you have to be such a pain in the ass?”

“If you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything at all.”

Seconds later a bottle of shampoo is thrown at me followed by conditioner.

“Thank you.”

“Get a move on it, before I decide to try and stuff you in this mini refrigerator.”

“Jerk.” I mumble as I close the bathroom door.

Max’s Point of View

Once I can hear her get into the shower I pick up the phone. Michael picks up on the third ring.


“It’s me.”

“Huh, how’s the plan going?”

“Good. She’s definitely a handful. It wouldn’t be so hard if I had help.”

“Sorry man. I did the last one, which by the way, Maria is still ranting on and on about.”

“Yeah, I know.”

“So, Liz turned out to be a fighter?”

“No, actually she’s taking it all too well. She just doesn’t shut up. She keeps asking questions and complains about everything. Why couldn’t she have been scared speechless?”

“You should know that the quiet ones always have the most spunk.”


“Have you talked to the boss yet?”

“Not yet. I don’t plan on calling him until we get to Roswell. You can tell him everything is going as I planned. We’re just stopping at a hotel for the night.”

“I knew you’d bang her.”

“There will be no banging. She’s not my type.”

“If you say so.”


What the hell? Can’t she even take a shower on her own?

“She knows your name? I thought you were going to-“

“I’ll talk to you later.”

I hang up the phone and move next to the bathroom door.

Liz’s Point of View

Okay, I really don’t want him to come anywhere near me while I’m clad only in a towel, but this is really an emergency.

“What do you want Liz?”

“I am not wearing this for bed.”

I searched through the black bag and the two pairs of pajamas are nothing more that scraps of cloth.

“Wearing what?”

Opening the door just a little I slide my hand out the door and wave around the clothing. He takes it from me and curses Maria.

“Well, just wear one of the regular outfits.”

“I can’t sleep in jeans.”

Really, I can’t. The material is just to constrictive to comfortably find a position to sleep in.

“Deal with it.”

“Come on. You kidnap me and then I can’t even wear anything comfy to bed? A bed that I am going to be handcuffed to?”

“Fine. Just quit talking.” Moments later he’s throwing an over sized t-shirt into the bathroom.

I quickly put on a pair of panties and throw the shirt on over it. The shirt is a soft, blue material that goes down to just above my knees. It smells like Max when I first met him. Or met “Andrew” I should say.

Lifting the collar of the shirt up to my nose I inhale the scent a bit more.

“Come on.”

Reluctantly I pack everything back into the bag and go back into the room. Max is sitting on the end of the bed watching some game show. When he looks up at me, for the first time his eyes aren’t cold. He isn’t holding a gun, he’s not snapping at me. Right now he doesn’t seem all that bad. Under any other circumstances I may have liked him.

Max’s Point of View

Michael always said that seeing a girl in your clothes was one of the sexiest things. He wasn’t all that wrong. I’m sure the girl would be much sexier if she were mine. I just don’t think I could deal with a motor mouth like her.

“Get comfortable on the bed.”


“Sit up near the headboard. I want to go take a shower and I need to hurry up and cuff you. Be happy I’m not going to gag you.”

The smile slips from her face as she slowly walks over to sit on the bed. She adjusts the shirt to cover her a bit more and finally leans her head back.

“Get on with it.”

I cuff her and go take my shower a few degrees colder than normal.

By the time I get out and get back to the main room Liz is already asleep. I feel bad that she’s leaning forward as she’s sleeping. I feel bad for me that is. Because I know that I’m going to have to listen to her gripe about a sore neck in the morning.

I undo the cuffs and lay her down. Unfortunately the movement causes her shirt to ride up, revealing more of her creamy thighs. I can feel my lower anatomy being affected by the sight and quickly pull the shirt back down.

Taking her wrists back in my hands I pull them above her head and lock them in place around a pole at the headboard. The action caused the shirt to go right back up. I just can’t win. Pulling the blanket out from under her I cover her shapely legs and tiny frame. Oh god. Stop thinking like that.

Groaning, I turn of the lights, grab an extra blanket and stretch out on the sofa. Just as I begin to nod off, Liz’s small snores break the silence.

I just couldn't wait to get the part out. I started typing up my Law essay, and I didn't even realize it but half way through I started writing dialogue.*tongue* What can I say, they just wanted to be shared. So? Did you like? I'm still awed by the amount of feedback I'm getting. What can I say, it inspired me to get the parts out sooner. Haha. I agree Rapunzel I like the word spiffy too. It's just fun to say.*big*
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Chapter Four
Liz’s Point of View

I feel myself come to, and brace myself for the neck ache that is sure to come after a night of sleeping sitting up. But when I open my eyes I see the disgusting ceiling and both of my arms are asleep. So, Max isn’t as rough as he makes himself out to be. He even covered me up.

The door from the bathroom opens and Max walks out to the large mirror and sink. If I thought he looked good yesterday when he was in the leather jacket, now he’s bare-chested and I can see the full extent of his broad bronzed shoulders. Oh boy. Unholy thoughts.

I forget the discomfort I’m in as I watch Max brush his teeth and hair, I don’t know, I’m crazy.

I open my mouth to call to Max and have him uncuff me, but the words get lodged in my throat as he gets on the floor and proceeds to do push-ups. If that’s what he’ll look like above me, he can keep me cuffed forever. His biceps flex and the tan skin dances over his shoulder blades.

The natural reaction of warmth beginning to pool between my thighs is betraying my will. I don’t want to be attracted to a man that will do this to anyone. But for the love of I god, I can’t bring myself to stop watching.

“Max?” Despite the drool hanging from my mouth my mouth is remarkably dry.

“What?” He does one more set and then stands up.

“Can you let me out of these cuffs now?”

“Hold on.”

He grabs a nearby towel and wipes the layer of sweat from his face.

His defined muscles ripple as he walks over towards the bed.

I clamp my thighs together and forget to breathe as he leans over me to unlock the cuffs. His pecs are right above my face. If I were to lean upward just a bit I would be able to taste the tiny beads of salty sweat that’s threatening to fall.

“Max?” I barely register the release of the handcuffs, but my whole body feels the effects of him when his knuckles brush the underside of my forearms.


“I-I don’t have a toothbrush.”

He pulls back and there’s another layer of sweat covering his face.

“Got it covered.”

He tosses a purple toothbrush my way and tells me I have twenty minutes before we leave.

Max’s Point of View

I turn on the television and flip through channels that barely come in until I find the news.

Hate crime.

President scandal. What else is new?

Celebrity boy band member gets a zit. Oh my god the world is going to end.

“Coming up later in the hour in the news: Seventeen year old Elizabeth Parker, only child of the mayor of New York, has runaway yet again.”

Again? God damn it. This is going to make everything so much harder.

Picking up my cell phone, I dial Michael’s hotel room back in the big apple.


“Michael, I need a favor.”

“Yah, no kidding. You picked a former runaway, it’s the only thing on the local news here. So, what do you need me to do?”

“Ransom note, hot tip, whatever. Just get them thinking.”

“Ransom note? Don’t you normally let them sweat it a little?”

“I don’t think I can handle her much longer.”

“I’ll get Kyle to throw a clue to her parents, but as for you not being able to handle this job alone, well I’ve never heard those words come out of your mouth.”

“There’s a first time for everything.”

“Still. Say the word and I’ll be down Roswell waiting for you two to show up.”

“Nah, I don’t think I can handle another Maria bitchfest.”

“Try living with her.”

“No thank you. She’s all yours man.”

“Gee thanks.”

“No prob. Just make sure you do something soon.”

“Yeah, yeah. Talk to ya later.”


I hang up the phone and turn to see Liz standing in front of the mirror pulling her hair up into a ponytail.

“So, my father is trying to keep it low key? Even though he’d be less than willing to pay a large sum of money for me, he’d still have my face plastered on the news.”

“No, actually they’ve ruled you as a runaway.”



“It’s amazing some of the things you can’t find out from over the internet.”

Liz flashes me a smile and turns around to face me. The low rise jeans leave a gap about two inches before her shirt starts covering skin. The red v-neck is well, sexy. Maria definitely had it in for me.

“So, breakfast.”

“What about it?”

“When and where are we eating?”

“When I get hungry I’ll find another convenient store.”

“I’m already hungry and I don’t think I can handle anymore of that pre-packaged crap you got last time. I need actual food.”

“If you swear to behave maybe we can find a Burger King or something with a drive thru.”

“Cross my heart.”

“Fine. Get your ass in the car.”

Liz’s Point of View

“You could start treating me like a real person you know. Anytime would be a nice time to start.” I say with a mouth full of food.

“Nah. No can do.”

I really want to ask why it would be such a bad thing but I decide to keep my mouth shut.

“Putting away that gun doesn’t sound like too bad of an idea either.”

“Sure, why don’t I just do that, you know, give you a chance to run? Give it up. I’m not brain dead. Hurry up and finish so that I can get you cuffed again.” He says as he throws his wrapper into the back seat.



“Have you ever done something like this before?”

“Done what?”

“What the hell do you mean done what? Kidnapped someone.”

“Once before.”

“Why do you do it?”

“Why do you keep talking?”

“I need to.”

“Same here.”

Oh. Does that mean he’s blackmailed into doing this? Or that it’s his job? Maybe it’s revenge against someone in my family. It’s not like the Mayor has too many real friends when he’s hoarding the money.

He let’s the conversation end there.

We’re back on the road and it’s practically bare. There are sporadic rushes of cars but other than that there’s nothing.

Max turns the music on and scans the stations. Nelly and N Sync? What the hell has this world come to?

Max reaches and turns off the radio.

“Don’t you have any tapes?”


“What kind of person are you?”

“Alive. That’s all that matters.”

“I bet.”

“Do you have a girlfriend?”

“Don’t you think that’s a little personal to be talking about with a person holding you for ransom?”

“I’ll take that as a no. I don’t know how anyone could put up with you. You seem perfectly fine, and then you’re completely cold. Wouldn’t be surprised if you’re still-“

“Still what?”

“Nothing. Just speaking before thinking.”

“Are you really-“

“I’ve never lied to you. I just pick and choose what to say.”

“That still doesn’t answer the question I was about to ask.”


He leans back and drives with one hand on the steering wheel, the other resting on the gun in the waistband of his pants.

“You do realize how much-“

“I don’t wanna hear it.”

“That would hurt if the gun went off.” He’s not going to keep me from talking just because he feels like being a prick.”

“Can we atleast get a better hotel room this time?”

“No. The last one fit it’s purpose.”

“Says you.”

“That’s all that matters.”

“Well, I’m sure you could get a cot this time.”

“Told you. To everyone that isn’t us we’re together. What would it look like if I needed a separate bed?”

“Like you were a gentleman.”

“Well I’m not. There’s no way a teenage guy would refuse to sleep in the same bed as a girl like you. You have too much faith in people.”

“I’ve never had a reason not to until now.” What did he mean by that? Was that an actual compliment? Couldn’t have been.

What can I say? I couldn't wait to post the part. I hope you liked the part and thanks for baring with me. I know I promised a new part a couple days ago, but well things feel through. What do you say? Should Max and Liz get a little taste of each other in the next part?*wink*
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Chapter Five
Liz’s Point of View

“This,” I say as I look around the hotel room, “now this is better.”

There is a scent of cheap flowers in the air, white ceiling, clean carpet that was recently vacuumed, and the bathroom is heavenly compared to the last. Once again though, there is only one bed. No sofa either. Hope he’s willing to sleep on the floor.

“Are you paying me back for it?”

“Like you aren’t going to get more than enough later on?”

“Haha, I’m sure I will.”

“We get to go down to the pool, right?”

Yes, I made sure there was something else to do but sit in a little hotel. There’s a little heated pool in a glass building between the two buildings of rooms. I’m bored and I’ve been sitting on my ass for the past forty eight hours with only a couple stops, with my hands handcuffed behind my back. Not exactly a refreshing get-away from the life back at home.


“I need the exercise, otherwise this,” I say as I lift my shirt to proudly show my toned tummy, “will all turn to fat.”

He looks at me indifferently.

“Picture the stretch marks. The flab.”

He shakes his head and turns the other way.

“Fine, just keep your clothes on.”

“In the pool?”


“Can we-“

“I need a bathing suit.”

“Wear a T-shirt.”

“But that’s-“

“That’s what you’ll do if you want to go swimming.”

“Will you ever let me get a full sentence o-“


I hate taking orders.

“I really don’t want to wear a t-“

“You’re going to, or you won’t swim at all.”

Yes father.

“Fine. Give me a shirt.”

“Nuh-uh. Wear your own.”

“That would be highly idiotic of me. It would be like wandering around naked.”

“Have fun.”

Angrily, I stomp into the bathroom and pull off my clothes, and replace them with plain black panties, and a black tank. At least this Maria person put one pair of panties that wasn’t a thong in the bag.

I smile, and when I exit the room I’m about to flaunt to Max, but looking around I find him resting on the bed with his hands above his head. Is he finally easing up?

The grin widening a little more on my face, I quietly pad across the floor towards Max. I get to the bed and without hesitating I jump on top of Max and hold his hands above his head. Calmly he opens his eyes.

“How do you like the roles being reversed tough guy?”

Max’s Point of View

How do I like it? Shift downward a little and you’ll feel it. I’ve got this spunky girl on me in just panties and a tank top. Her thighs surrounding my upper torso, and her arms are holding mine above me giving me a perfect view of those perky tits. Hmmm. Let’s see what I should be feeling?

“Put some clothes on.”

“I don’t understand you.”

She moves down my body bringing her lower body dangerously close to my erection.

“You told me to wear one of my shirts. What’s wrong with this one?”

What’s brought on this rebellion!?! I’m not attracted to her. Nope. Not at all. It would only spell trouble. I can’t return used goods. They’ll know. I can’t let Michael win.

“You do realize I can move you if I so choose?”

“Go ahead and try.”

I smirk and go to lift my arms, and to my surprise, I can’t. Liz releases her hold on my arms and sits back on my lap. The look on her face tells me she knows exactly what state I’m in. Her eyes widen a little bit more and slightly moves against it.

“Rule number one in kidnapping. Never leave handcuffs on the nightstand.”

She runs a finger along the outline of my dick through my pants and crosses over to the door. “I’ll be back for you later. Try saying the pledge of allegiance, maybe it will help you out.”

When the door closes I lay back and breathe in and out.

Liz’s Point of View

I was a smart little girl. I grabbed his wallet. Can’t you see the grin? Before I left I grabbed a pair of jeans so here I am at Spin, a local clothing store with some pretty cool bathing suits.

I opt for a cheaper tan two piece. The shorts and halter has a nude color beneath black lace. Hey, looks good to me. I pay and walk the rest of the way back to the hotel and quickly change in a changing room next to the swimming pool.

You don’t understand how excited I am. I finally have freedom. Do I feel bad locking Max upstairs? Hell no. Do I feel bad leaving him in the state of arousal he was in? Ummm…… no?

I walk up to the edge of the pool and dip my toes in. Nice and warm. The smell of chlorine is so strong.

Some song that I heard in the car is on. I look to my left and there’s a red haired, freckled teenager lounging in a creaky chair resting his head next to his radio. I walk up to him and clear my throat. The almost pre-pubescent boy looks me up and down and nods.

“Do you mind if I turn it up a bit while I swim?” I smile sweetly, hell I even go so far as to clasp my hands behind my back, bend a knee, and bat my lashes.

He makes some sort of grunt sound and turns up the volume. The upbeat song hangs heavily in the air as I dive off the diving board. I do laps in the pool that I have all to myself, and occasionally I just hang beneath the water, letting myself float where ever my body goes.

After the next few songs I begin to get rather bored. I flip upside down and decide to give the boy a show. I walk the length of the shallow end on my arms. I reach the opposite end and I hear a splash. I open my eyes and turn. The chlorine burns a little but I know who jumped in. I let out a startled cry and start gagging on the water I accidentally let in my mouth. I stand up right and continue my coughing fit.

“Where’s my wallet?”

“In my pants pocket. How the hell did you get out the cuffs?”

“I keep a spare.”

Of course. It’s probably on the key ring with his jeep keys.

“How much did you spend?”

“Not much.”

He scowls at me, but I’m not really concentrating on that. The beads of water are falling across his face as it drips from his hair. His chest is intimidating in a very masculine way, and those muscles…. this pool water is suddenly too warm. He moves closer to me and I walk back into a corner. Smo-oth Liz. He grabs my wrists and tells me it’s time to go. I glance over at the kid by the radio to find him attempting to look as if he’s not peaking over that large nose of his.

I pull my hands back with a force that causes me to lose my balance and slip backwards. Max catches me and suddenly whoo! Too close.

“Do you love me?
Or am I just another trip
in this strange relationship?
You push and pull me
I’m about to lose my mind
Cause it’s just a waste of time
Keep acting like you own me
I keep running
Watch me walkin’ out the door
With you behind me

Give me that strange relationship
Never felt pleasure in pain like this
Something so right
But it feels so terribly wrong
I keep holding on.”

Max moves in a bit closer and once again I feel his arousal. It’s poking into my tummy. I’m in trouble.

“Give me this strange relationship
One of us has got to let go of this
I keep pushing and you keep holding on
I’m already gone.”
Max’s Point of View

I let go of her wrists only to grab back on to her waist. I tried to hold off, but this girl has something wicked.

“Do you love me?
We wake up we’re back together
And I swore to myself never
Oh how you do me
Get through this on my own
I don’t ever think I’m gonna

Break free of these mind games
All I’m trying to do is
Modify my plan
Cause I can’t contain you.”

My hands run down to her thighs and I lift her up to wrap her legs around me. Her face is level with mine and I lean in closer and hungrily plunder her mouth. She tastes so good. Her arms go around my neck as she presses closer and the feel of her firm breasts against my chest is overwhelming. There is just something about her.

“Give me that strange relationship
Never felt pleasure in pain like this
Something so right
But it feels so terribly wrong
I keep holding on

Give me this strange relationship
One of us has got to let go of this
I keep pushing and you keep holding on
I’m already gone

You keep acting like you own me
You can’t control me
You say you never really wanted me back
Maybe that’s a fact
May I suggest a brand new plan of attack

When it feels like your heart’s about to crack
I’m way off track
I want you back
I want you gone
Maybe I’ll sit at home alone

Do you love me?
Or am I just another trick in this strange relationship

Give me that strange relationship
Never felt pleasure in pain like this
Something so right
But it feels so terribly wrong
I keep holding on

Give me this strange relationship
One of us has got to let go of this
I keep pushing and you keep holding on
I’m already gone”

Some punk clears his throat and Liz hides her face in my neck. I look up to see a professional looking man looking down at us. Apparently he has a problem with groping.

“Sorry. We’re gonna go.”

Liz unwraps her legs from me and lightly nips my ear before saying, “Hurry.”

The only time I’ll willingly take orders.

Sorry about the long wait. Real life and all. I should be updating again soon because I'll be doing absolutely nothing Wed. night through tuesday, since I'm getting my teeth pulled. Ick. Anyway, thanks for all the bumps and awesome feedback! I hope you liked the part, and the song used was "Strange Relationship" off of Darren Hayes'(lead singer from the former group Savage Garden) debut solo album Spin going on sale the 18th. It's awesome so go get it! Oh, what have I come to? Plugging for an artist? Oh well. He's worth it. By the way, does someone know how to post pictures? I met a couple of my favorite people(not from Roswell:( ) and I want to show them off. So if you could just bmail me or email me? Thanks!*shy*
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Chapter Six
Liz’s Point of View

Max and I make our way back to our room despite the best attempts of a needy elderly couple, and slam the door.

As soon as I look at the bed I stop. The handcuffs are still looped around the bedpost. Will he make me wear them after we do this? I clutch the towel tightly around my body and just stare. How am I supposed to feel about this whole situation anyway? Will anything change? Will he let me go? Or will he go on like this is just a way to get his rocks off. I hear the door lock and feel Max walk up behind me. He slides his hands beneath the towel and he rubs the expanse of my tummy. I lean back into Max and release my breath.

I have no idea what to do with my hands so I continue to hold the towel in place. One of his thumbs finds its way beneath my top, and brushes the underside of my left breast. His other hand is playing just below the band of the bottoms. My hair clings to his body when I attempt to lift my head from his shoulder. Attempt being the operative word.

“Are you sure you want to do this?”

What? Does he really think that I’m in a position to answer in the negative?

His hand roams further up and completely cups my breast. So, my answer to him? It can’t be classified as anything more than a moan.

He takes it as a yes, and brings a hand down to cup my heat. Of course he’s careful not to touch me where I need him most.

Max removes both his hands which reduces me to a whimper. I drop my hold on the towel in an attempt to grab his hands. Instead he grips my wrists, and lifts my arm so that the encircle his neck.

He unties my halter, letting it fall to the floor. He runs the palms of his hands down the length of my arms to rest over my breasts.

He knows exactly what he’s doing as he kneads them with just enough pressure to make my legs weak. The liquid pooling between my thighs is scorching, and I rub them together trying to relieve myself of some of the aching in my body.


He lifts one hand to brush my hair to one side. Beads of water are stilling dripping from the ends, forming trails as they slide down my midriff.

He nibbles on my ear for a second before and then he asks me, “What?”


“More what, Liz?”

He dips his head and firmly attaches his lips to the sensitive patch of skin on my neck hidden behind my ear. I release a hand from his neck to one of his hands. I curl my hand around his and guide it down over my body, to rest between my legs.

Max’s Point of View

With both of our hands settled between her firm thighs, I can’t help but wonder just how far she’ll let us go.

I detach my hand from hers, and pull her bathing suit down over her shapely legs. She’s absolutely irresistible.

She makes a meek attempt at covering herself, but when I quickly swat her hands away she stops.

I turn her around and lift her onto the dresser.

“Max! It’s cold!”

I kiss her luscious lips and lightly run my slim waist. She breaks away mumbling something along the lines of people watching through the window. She turns her head and covers herself with her hands.

What the hell changed? Why is she all of a sudden concerned about the window? We’re on the third floor, who the hell can possibly see? I look at the open window and it clicks. Two buildings, right. The window on the other building looks empty.

I try to remove her arms, but she’s stubborn and keeps her arms in place.

I walk to the window and close the drapes. There.

“They can blow open.”

“Why are you so shy now? Before you were facing it and just as naked.”


I shut the window, and turn back to face Liz, only to find that she’s not there.

I turn a bit more and there she is on the bed. Her flushed body is just beckoning to me.

“You know what?”

“What Liz?”

“I’ve been thinking.”


She opens her mouth to say something but quickly shuts it. And a blush overtakes her features.

“I’ll tell you later.”

“You do that.”

I crawl onto the bed in front of Liz and pull her towards me. Her body is flush with mine and I know she can feel just how much I want her.

Liz lets out a small laugh, not quite what you could categorize as a giggle. It was too breathy.


“You’re cold. Cold and wet.”

“We can remedy that.”

I want this girl so much. I quickly yank off my shorts, which of course stick to me due to the drying water.

“Now that, that is taken care of.” Slowly I drag a finger from her lip down over the peak of her hardened nipple, across the expanse of soft skin of her stomach, straight to her dripping core. “How do we fix the fact that you’re still very wet?”

Her eyes close, and her arms go around my shoulders as I slide a single finger into her slick passage. I slide it back out and she leans her head on my shoulder. Her tongue traces the rim of my ear, and presses herself closer.


Gently I let a second finger glide another finger in. Her legs go around my waist and it brings her all too ready pussy close to my pulsing erection.

I curl my fingers inside of her and she starts grinding herself into the palm of my hand. I adjust my hand a bit and let my thumb press against her clit. Her silken inner walls begin to close in around my fingers and I quickly remove them.

She moans and presses her lips to mine. I grip her waist and lay her down on the bed. I break the lock of our lips to lean down and take a rosy tip in my mouth. Tracing rings around her nipples, Liz’s hands entwine in my hair and lightly tugs my head back up to hers.


Like I said, at times like these I’m not above taking orders.

I slide my erection into her hot passage and still myself.

A virgin? She was a virgin?

I look down into her eyes and see a small tear forming in the corner of her eye.

“Liz? Why didn’t you say anything?” I’m sorry, but I never even though she may have been a virgin when we started this. She was so, wanton.

She brings a hand up, and brushes the wetness from her face. “It wasn’t significant. It wouldn’t have changed anything.” She smiles and moves her hips upward.

“Are you positive?”

“You’re not going to leave me in this state are you? Now get your ass moving.”

Her hands tangle in my hair and pull my head back down. I take her mouth in a soft kiss. I slowly slide out of her, and her legs wrap around my waist and pushes me back in.

Liz’s Point Of View

I probably should have mentioned that I was a virgin. If he knew, would he not be doing this?

He takes my bottom lip in his mouth and lightly sucks on it. He feels so good moving inside of me. It’s-. I can’t help but wonder if it’s always like this. Feeling his muscles in his shoulders move in a rhythm beneath my fingertips causes me hold on tighter. The feelings begin to become unbearable when I feel my walls clamp down on his shaft. I can hear myself moaning, but it’s nothing compared to Max’s heavy breathing. His body goes rigid and I’m about to ask if I’ve done something wrong, but he plunges in once more and I can feel the added warmth as he cums inside me.

The sweat between our bodies is starting to dry before he moves off of me. A chill makes its way through my body. Max’s arm pulls me towards him so that my head rests on his chest. His hand tracing steady circles on the small of my back.

I’m glad that he’s not asking questions.

Max’s Point of View

When I wake up Liz isn’t in the room. But you know what my first thought is? She’s probably out getting ice. Not that she ran off to the police, or that she just plain ran away. I take a shower, and when I finish Liz is in the room on the bed.

“What are you watching?” I ask as I move to sit behind her on the bed. She looks absolutely sexy in her dark blue jeans and light pink top. It leaves her shoulders bare, along with quite a bit of cleavage. I take a hold of her shoulders and try to lean her back against me but she refuses to lean back. So, I move forward and lightly place a kiss on her neck. Liz shrugs her shoulders and stands up to play with something in her duffel bag.

“They say that the police in New York got an anonymous tip.”

“Really?” So, Michael came through.

“Yeah, seems that someone saw an older blonde man, lure me into his blue corvette.”

Is that the pitiful thing Michael came up with? He knows better than to give details. I swear if he made Kyle drop a bad tip I’ll-… I have to have a talk with him later.

“So, what’s up with you?”

“What do you think? When did you make the call? When I was in the shower at the last hotel? How much money are you putting me up for ransom for? They wouldn’t say a numerical amount on the station.”

“You knew what I was planning to do. Why is it any different now?”

“Hmmm… I don’t know.” If you can’t feel the sarcasm oozing from that.

“Fine, you know what? Get your shoes on. It’s obvious you already took a shower, we’re going to stop for breakfast and then head out. We’ve only got another day, tops, left on the road.”



I wince at the look that crosses her face, but keep my jaw set and try to seem indifferent.


I grab my bag and watch as she fights with her sneakers too get them on, mumbling the whole time.

I hand our room key in, and we’re back on the road. It’s been three hours and Liz hasn’t spoken a word to me. Not even to argue when I changed the station on her.

“Look, I’m sorry about what I’ve sai-“

“Save it. Just don’t say anything.”

I realize that I really should never had made that comment. She just knows how to push my buttons. Doesn’t help that I rarely have any patience.

“You must be hungry by now.”

“Sure, you’ve got to feed the victim. Can’t sell me back for full price if I’m not in perfect condition.”

“You’re right, I can’t send back used goods either.”

Shit. She turns her head the other way and doesn’t turn her head until a half an hour later. When her face comes into view I can see the slight puffiness around her eyes. Then I hear a low growl, and I can’t tell if it came from my stomach or hers. I wait for the nearest restaurant to come into view and then pull into the parking lot.

I turn off the car and step out of the car. I wait in front of the car for a minute waiting for Liz to do the same but she stays put. I open her door and tell her to get out.

“I’m not hungry.”

“Bullshit. Now get your ass out of my car.”

She turns and kicks me in the leg. I back up and she gets out. I’m clenching my hands into fists and counting in my head. Anything to keep from saying something.

We get settled in a booth and take a look at the menu.

“Are you ready to order?”

She doesn’t even look at me. She merely lifts one finger. Guess which.

I grab her hand, and before I get to say anything the waitress comes to take our order. She looks about thirty, with red hair, and a few wrinkles around the eyes. Looks like she takes a lot of late shifts.

“My name is Tina, and I’ll be your waitress this afternoon. Is there anything I can get you?” For the first time she looks up from her chipped nails. “Oh, now this is always sweet to see. How long you two kids been together?”

Liz looks confused then looks down at our hands, where I still have a pretty good grip on her hands. “Oh, we’re-“

I squeeze her hand a little tighter and she stops.

I paste a smile on my face and look up at the waitress. She seems a little weary. “We’re actually newlywed. This is just a stop on our way to the honeymoon destination.”

“Oh.” Tina smiles and she perks up a bit when taking our orders.

“It’s on the house by the way.” I smile again and she leaves.

“Married? What the hell were you thinking? I don’t even have a ring! Besides, what happened to just going out?”

I let go of her hand and shrug my shoulders. “It fit.”

We eat and the bell above the door dings for the first time since we’ve been here. I look up and two police officers come in. One walk up to the counter to order something, and the other stops to talk to our waitress. They talk for a minute before she nods her head our way. The cop’s head turns and looks at us.

I turn back to Liz, and tell her not to try anything. When we go to pay, the cop pulls me aside. I hand the money to Liz for her to pay.

“Congratulations boy. Tina here told me the good news.”


“She also said you were on your way out. If you’re heading onto 82, there’s a pile up. Some act of road rage. Have fun.” He claps me on the shoulder and pushes me back towards Liz and the waitress.

“Remember? I said it was on the house. Now you two get going. Best wishes.”

Liz says a polite thank you and so do I. As we open the door Tina yells out, “Hey hon, he’s quite the keeper. He’s got a great smile.”

I flash her a grin and pull Liz close to me and kiss the crown of her head.

As soon as we get back to the car Liz punches me in the arm.

“Don’t ever touch me again.”

“Don’t ever tell me what to do.”

She scoffs and blares the music as we exit the parking lot, sitting as far away from me as possible.

Thanks for all the feedback, again. The end to this part was originally happy, but a fight with my ex changed that. I revised it, and I think it fit their personalities more. That and it's fun. Anyway, tell me, did you like?
BTW Savage Garden was the best, but Darren solo is almost as good. Hehe. Had to get that out.*tongue*
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Chapter Seven
Max’s Point of View

Ever since we left, Liz has gone back to ignoring me. Not that I can blame her. I have no idea how to react to this. She was supposed to be scared silent! Unfortunately it turns out I have a thing for stubborn, big mouthed, girls. If she had just kept her mouth shut we wouldn’t be in this predicament. Maybe I just should have gagged her from the beginning.

The same song that I heard not more than a half an hour ago comes on again and I shut off the radio. I look over at Liz and her head is still facing the other way.

“You can’t ignore me forever. You’ll find the need to talk to me at some point or another.”

Still no answer.


I lean forward and take a look at her face. She’s sleeping but she doesn’t look at peace. Her mouth is closed tightly, I’m almost afraid to listen and see if she’s grinding her teeth. God how I hate that. Her eyebrows are pulled close together like she’s worried about something.

I lean back and stare at the cars ahead of me. She’s even ignoring me in her sleep. She’s gone so far as to not even snore. I guess I should be happy about that. Should.


Two hours later I pull into a gas station to fill the tank, and I nudge Liz awake. When she wakes up she graces me with a smile, which is probably before she remembers what happened, and then scowls at me like I ruined her sixth birthday party.

“I said not to touch me.”

“Look, Liz. You can’t be pissed at me forever. Tell me, how am I supposed to act?”


“If you have to go to the bathroom, go. I’m going to get gas, and we’re heading out. I don’t feel like sleeping in a hotel, so we’re probably just going to drive straight through.”

“Are you crazy? There is no way you can stay awake that long.”

“Don’t underestimate me.”

“You’re fucking crazy.”

With that she jumps out of the jeep and stretches. She reaches upwards and slightly bends back. Her top rides up and shows a small portion of skin, causing a certain part of me to remember what it felt like to…. Nah, we’ll leave that there.

We finish at the station and head back out.



“Can you at least tell me why you’re acting this way?”

I look at her and she’s looking intently at her clasped hands.

“I don’t know how else to act. Not that I need a reason.”

“See! Why do you do that? You’ll say something that can almost be interpreted as all right, but then you go and screw it up and act all prickish.”

“Look, it’s just the way I am. Deal with it.”

Liz’s Point of View

“I will not just deal with it. Eventually you will have to learn to be considerate of others! Otherwise you’re going to end up a very old and bitter man.”

It irks me that I still a hard time being completely mad at him. I can see the times when he actually has the potential of being sweet or kind, but it’s taken over by that ego of his.

“Well, maybe that’s what will happen. Besides, if I remember correctly it is your fault that I began acting like this. I was content this morning until you brushed me off.”

“What do you want me to do? Sure I’m attracted to you. God help me. But how would you feel if you were me? Being held against your will, knowing that this person is doing it to scrounge money from an elderly woman?”

“I admit it doesn’t sound ideal.”

“Damn right it doesn’t.”

“I’d say I’m sorry, but I have to keep my priorities straight.”

“Why? People can change their minds.”

“Believe me, I would, but it doesn’t just involve me.”

“You owe people money?”

“Something like that.”

“I still don’t understand.”

“You know what Liz? I’m a complicated guy. All right, maybe I’m not complicated, but the things I get into are. Don’t even attempt to understand me.”

“Unfortunately I can’t help it.”

I sit back and roll down the window.

“Liz, I’m sorry. Actually you know what? I’m not. Because you’re the same way, but I can’t let myself get into this again.”

“What the hell are you talking about?”

“An ex. She started this way of life for me. I know what’s going on inside that head of yours, but don’t even ask.”

“Fine. I won’t. For now.”

“That will do.”

The road turns and causes the sun to fall directly on me. I reach up and pull down the visor. Some sort of wrapper is stuck beneath the lid of the mirror, and I start to pull it open. As soon as the letters become apparent to me I quickly close it.

Trojan. At least he uses name brands.


We didn’t use anything when we- oh god.

I have an urge to ask Max, but what the hell is he going to say? I’ll keep you for nine months, then I’ll keep your first born, and send you back home to mommy and daddy?

Liz, get a grip on it! You’re probably not pregnant. I’ve been on the pill for almost two months. Not that I have them here with me to take. This really sucks.

“What’s the matter? Scared of your reflection?”

“Yeah. That’s it.”

“Yeah, see I wasn’t serious. What’s got you jittery?”


He reaches a hand out and lets it rest on my leg, stopping its rapid movement.

“Oh. Nothing. I just, well, I’ll deal with it.”

“Some girl thing? Never mind, don’t tell me.”

“Don’t worry I won’t.”

Max’s Point of View

I don’t get it. Women are truly screwed up. They’ll march right into your life, and despite what you may want, they’ll take it over.

This one next to me is, I don’t know. I can’t quite peg her for any stereotype. I don’t know what I’ve done in the past five minutes but once again her mood has completely changed. She’s talking to me now, but it’s distant. Like she’s afraid to ask me about something. When has she ever been afraid to speak her mind? Sure as hell not when she had a gun pointed at her.


We argue about music, movies, cars, and actors for the next hour and a half.

“Where are we going exactly?”


“Roswell? Well, I guess that’s one way to disappear.”

“It’s small. I’ve found a place out towards the desert that we can stay t for a little while, until it’s time to send you back.”


If I didn’t know any better I’d swear she isn’t too keen on going home.

“What? You didn’t think I was going to keep you, were you?”

“No! I want to hurry up and go home, just as much as you want me gone.”

That’s just it, I’m not sure I want to give her back. Finder’s keeper’s right?

“Of course.”

“Dammit Max!”

What? What the hell did I do now?

“You have got to be the most frustrating person I’ve had to deal with in a long time.”


I can literally feel a knot forming behind my neck. Whether it be from stress, or sitting in this damn jeep for hours on end I have no clue.

“Would it really be that hard for you to say your sorry?”

“Yes. Besides, what would it change? You’d still complain about everything all the same.”

Say sorry for what? For taking her against her will? For taking her virginity and then blaming her saying that she’s a whore? Maybe I should just curse her. Curse her for giving me the best sex I’ve ever had? For making me want something more from myself? For making me regret my decisions for the first time since Adrienne? I’ve got it, how about just making me so confused that I want to… pray to Buddha? Damn you Kyle.

“I’m not asking you to apologize for kidnapping me, because that would do me no good. How about just saying you’re sorry for things you have said?”

“Fine. I’m sorry for anything I may have said to offend you.” Even to me it doesn’t sound too sincere, more like something to get her to shut up.

Lucky for me she accepts my apology and turns on the music.

Liz’s Point of View

I hate this. I have no idea what to say now. I have nothing to complain about. He did as I asked, he’s not being entirely egotistical, he’s not even paying attention to me.

Stop! Oh god, what am I doing? Am I actually being so petty as to looking for something o complain about? Calm down, Liz. Look at your surroundings. Road. Road. Road. Road kill. Ick. Okay, maybe we won’t look out the window. Visor? Nope! Remember, condom. Don’t go there. Max? No! My eyes drift down to the gear shift and watch as Max’s hand grips it tightly as he switches gears. I feel that familiar burning begin between my thighs again. What? There’s something undeniably sexy about a guy switching gears. Oh, the things he does with those hands.

No! Stop! Cut it out. Concentrate.

But Liz you are concentrating. You’re concentrating of thinking those nasty little things about him Max.


“Huh?” I say as I quickly look up at Max.

“Are you all right? I mean you really spaced out. What? Did you never learn how to drive a stick shift?”

“Umm… no.” I say quietly, turning my head away.

“Tell you what, I’ll teach you.”

“I’m sure you’ll show me how to ride a stick.” Realizing what I said I look over at him to see him smirking. “Drive a stick shift.”

He continues to smile and pulls off to the side.

Max’s Point of View

I swear she was lying when she said she even knew how to drive. There’s absolutely no way she could have passed a test. She can’t keep a steady speed, and she doesn’t understand the whole clutch concept.

After fifteen minutes she gets frustrated and pulls over to the side. Actually I guess I should say she just hits the brakes and tells me she gives up. There is a god! One word. Whiplash.

I slide into the middle and pull her onto my lap, only to place her on the seat next to me.

“Liz, I think we should stop somewhere for the night. I’m feeling the effects of a restless sleep last night. What do you say we find a hotel, and just get room service?”

Liz’s Point of View

I really don’t want to spend the night in the same room as him again. I don’t trust myself. I find it hard to believe that I’d be able to say no to Max if he makes any advances.

“Liz, just to prove that I actually am sorry for the things I have said I’ll even get two beds.”

“How so very noble of you.”

“Work with me here.”

“I’m trying Max, I really am.”

Max pulls the jeep back onto the highway and once again I find myself watching him shift. The things that turn me on.

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Chapter Eight
Max’s Point of View

“Hey, Michael?”


“I think it’s time to actually get this thing going.”

“What? Are you crazy? Let them sweat it out a little.”

“I can’t.”

“Why? You got cops on your tail? I didn’t hear anything about it on the news.”

“No, it’s not that. I’m just beginning to think this assignment wasn’t my best idea.”

“Well, that’s your fault. You didn’t have to go with ransom again.”

Can’t I get a break? I didn’t realize what this would do. This girl, she’s… making me doubt myself. God damn it.

“Maxwell? We’re coming down. Maria and I will be on the first flight we can catch. You’re obviously stretching yourself too thin. Who’d have thought that the mousy girl on television had spunk? Huh. You’re in New Mexico right?”

“Not yet. We’ve stopped for the night, should be there by noon tomorrow.”

“Damn. I knew you’d stop to bang her.”

“I-“ Michael hangs up the phone and I’m still denying it. I don’t know why I’d even bother lying to Michael. Normally I’d be bragging about the different girls I’m with, while he’s stuck with Maria. Now, I just don’t want him to know. Which doesn’t really make sense. I’ve had the best sex of my life, and I’m refusing to tell my best friend. Maybe I just don’t want him to be right. Oh hell.

I lay back on the bed and listen to the shower running in the room next door. There’s giggling and then no noise. I kick off my shoes and walk over to the bathroom door.



“You almost done in there?”

“It’s only been about five minutes. Hold your horses.”

I go back and sit on the bed. I really am not in the mood to get into this. I grab the remote and flip through the stations. Hel-lo. Free porn. Of course it’s probably rude to watch it while Liz is in the shower, but at least she won’t know. My attention goes to the t.v., but these blondes just aren’t doing it for me. Damn that is one ugly chick. I flip up another channel and..


I look up and there’s Liz sitting on her bed trying not to laugh.


“Why-“ She can’t even finish the sentence she’s laughing so hard.

I mute the television and turn back to her. I’m not going to change the channel just because she’s here. She’s only money to me.

“Can you answer something for me?”


“Why… why do guys watch porn so much. I mean, you’ll get these married guys who’ll sit around and watch porn, and jerk off. When they have wives who are more than willing to help them out. It’s almost like they prefer their own hand.”

“I don’t know. It’s habit.”

“Yeah, maybe. But-“

“Look, Liz. I don’t know what to tell you, nor do I really care about all these questions you have. Just go away and let me watch my porn in peace.”

“I’ll stay.”

“No, just… wait? Did you just say you’ll stay?”

“Yeah, I’m curious as to what’s so great about it. Besides, that guy isn’t looking all that bad.”

What? I look at the screen and back to Liz. She looks like she’s in a trance. He’s not that great… is he? He’s pierced almost every place imaginable. And that’s what she likes?

All the sudden there are loud moans coming from next door, along with some fairly loud thudding of a bed. Liz throws her head back and laughs.

“Turn up the volume.”


“Max, just do it.”


“Fine.” She scoots to the head board of the bed and starts moaning and rocking the bed into the wall.

This is almost the funniest thing in the world. But at the same time, those noises that are coming from Liz are turning me on more than the porn. I turn off the t.v. and listen to Liz as her voice keeps getting louder, competing with the couple next door. I don’t know, I think she may be winning. I don’t know if it’s dawned on Liz yet, but it sounds like it’s more than one girl in the other room.

Well, if she didn’t, she definitely does now. The people next door start saying named like Jess, and Emily. Haha. Liz’s face turns bright red, and she mutters something about talking a walk before leaving the room.

Grabbing the room key off the table I head out the door to go after Liz. I just shut the door when the girls from next door come tumbling out of the room. The redhead isn’t too bad. Tall, leggy, definitely doable.

“Hey, were you the guy next door?”

“Yes.” I lean my back against the door and look down at them, leather mini skirts and all. The brunette leans in close and looks up at me through her lashes.

“You mind giving us a whirl?” She winks and slides her body up against mine.

Yes! Yes! Yes!

“If you’re sure you can handle me.”

“Oh, I’d say we could handle you quite well.” Her hand runs along the zipper of my jeans.

“Well, then. Ladies? My room or yours?”

“How about neither, darling?” My head shoots up to find Liz standing with her hands on her hips. What the hell does she think she’s doing? Darling?

“Who are you?”

Liz walks over to me and puts her arms around my waist, and turns to the brunette that’s about her height. “I’m sorry, my husband tends to forget he’s not still a bachelor. I keep telling him that his bald spot is beginning to show his incompetence.” She smiles sweetly, takes the room key and opens the door.

“Where the hell were you?”

“What are you talking about? I was just outside the door, getting ready to get it on with two girls.”

Liz’s Point of View

“Get it on? You kidnap me, make me miserable, and you have the audacity to tell me you were going to get it on with two girls?”

“What the hell do you want me to say? I was politely turning down not one, but two, two, girls? Like hell? I’m not going to apologize because I feel like having sex.”

“For once I mentioned nothing about apologizing, that was all you. Maybe it’s your conscience rearing it’s pretty little head.”

“Keep dreaming.”

I let myself fall backwards onto my bed and look up at the ceiling.

“Were you always this… this, annoying?”

“Me? You’re the one with a million questions. And the answer is no.”

“Why are you now?”

I prop myself up on one arm and watch as he sits at the edge of his bed. He rubs his eyes, and looks back at me.

“Are you seriously asking me to explain my faults?”

“Yeah. Curiosity is one of my flaws.”

“You don’t say!”

“All right, back to my question.”

“What makes you think I want to talk about it?”

“Fine, if you don’t want to answer that one, how about why you got into this ‘line of business’?”

His gaze lingers on his wallet sitting on the night stand. I don’t know what he’s thinking, but the look in his eyes is different than any look I’ve ever seen from him before. Quickly I grab his wallet, and open it up.

“Liz, leave it alone.”

“What are you? Crazy? I have a chance to figure you out, I’m not giving that up.”

I flip to the pictures before he rips it out of my grasp.

“Who was the brunette?”

“No one.”

“Didn’t seem like no one.” The picture was of himself and a cute brunette. His arms were around her, and she was looking up at him. Her trust in him was evident in her expression. “Max?”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about Liz. You’re seeing things.”

“I’m not seeing things Max. It was obvious you two were close. Is she your girlfriend?”

“Something like that.”

I stand up and clench my fists in frustration.

“No Max, not something like that! What the hell is going on?”

“Nothing. It’s none of your business.”

“Yeah, well, my life was none of your business. That didn’t stop you from kidnapping me did it?”

“Stop yelling.”

“No! Don’t you get it Max? I don’t care! Either way I have to go home! I have to go home and deal with these problems that you’ve created for me! Because in some way he will turn it around to it being my fault. So humor me, let me at least know the reason why I’m stuck doing that?”

“I don’t have to do anything.”

“Damn it! Is she the reason why you’re doing this?”

“Fine, yes.”

“She is? What? Is her family in the mob or something?”


“No? Well, you mind helping me out here?”

“Actually I do.”

I cry out in frustration. This is getting me nowhere. All I know is that the girl is why I’m stuck here.

“Keep your voice down Liz.”

“I’m not doing anything you want until you answer me that one question! What the hell is up with that girl, so that you’d resort to kidnapping?”

“I’m keeping her alive.”

Oh. Wait, huh?

“Keeping her alive?”

“Her last boyfriend is very spiteful. He was ready to kill her just because she left him. This is the last one I have to do, so you get the picture.”

“So, is she waiting for you back at home?”

“No, I don’t know what she’s up to, I call her parents every once in a while to see that she’s okay.”

“So, you haven’t seen her since you made that agreement? How could she let you do this though? I mean, get into a life of crime and then blow you off?”

“No, I left her. She doesn’t even know that I do this. It was an exchange, I do a few illegal money making jobs, I pay him to leave her alone.”

I don’t get it. Who’d have thought he had a heart? I get up and walk over to his bed.

“How do you know that he won’t go after her when you stop the jobs?”

“I don’t.” I sit next to him and he stays put. Doesn’t even sway the least as the bed slightly dips with my weight. “He’s already off with his next favorite flavor, so I’d assume he’d leave her alone. You’re paying for yet another vacation, possibly another home. He hasn’t told me how much he wants.”

“Are you ever going to tell… what’s her name?”


“Are you ever going to tell Kember, just what you have done for her?”

“What would be the point? I’m sure she’s moved on and has no major complications in her life. What would I do? Be with her and possibly put her in danger again? Then these last three years would have been for shit.”

He gets up and goes over to the television. Which I’m guessing is a signal for me to cease talking about that subject. After he’s decided on a station he sits back down next to me. I lean in close to him and give him a peck on the cheek and stand up.

“She’s a lucky girl.” I turn back and smile at him. “I mean she got the sweet, caring Max. Me? I got the “I’ll kidnap you, so I can pay off a debt that I can’t tell you about” Max. I think she definitely got the better end of the deal.”

“I don’t know about that.”

Well if that hasn’t piqued my interest.

“How so?”

“She never got to enjoy the best part of me.”

Is this guy for real? He raises his eyebrows, and grins.

“What makes you think I enjoyed it?” I keep my back turned to him when he presses up against my back .

His lips brush against my ear as he starts moaning his own name in a higher, breathier voice. My face flushes and I start moving away, but his arm goes around my waist.

“Don’t be embarrassed. For what it’s worth I loved every second of it.”

“Of course you did. It made your ego swell.”

“I don’t know, it’s not the only thing those words made swell.”

I open my mouth to make some sort of comment and get cut off by Max’s demanding mouth. His tongue licks over my lips.

Who would I be to deny that? I comply and he backs me up against the wall. He has one hand cupping my face, the other running beneath my shirt. I tug insistently at the hem of his shirt until he lifts his arms and stops kissing me long enough for me to pull his shirt over his head. I use my lack of height to take this opportunity and flick my tongue over his nipples.

“You ever think about getting these pierced?”

“Only if you consider getting tongue pierced.”

I look up at him and grin, “I’m up for negotiations.”

He takes my shirt off and grabs my ass, pulling me up against the wall so that I’m his height. I wriggle my hips trying to reduce some of the ache. Damn jeans. I groan and he lets me back down. We both hurry to take off our pants. It takes him longer than it takes me, and as he attempts to take off the last pant leg he loses his balance and puts his face within close proximity of my heat. I take in a gulp of air as he lifts one of my thighs and drapes it over a shoulder. He slides his tongue over my clit and looks up at me. He keeps his eyes locked on mine as he continues his ministrations, which is quickly driving me to the brink.

As soon as I start feeling like I’m about to cum he stops, lifts me up against the wall, and plunges deep inside of me. The coolness of the wall is welcome change in temperature. There is nothing gentle in anything between us at the moment. The kisses are heated and urgent, his thrusts are deep, and fast. One of his hands is tangled in my hair and the other slides between us and toys with my sensitive nubs. He places hot open mouthed kisses along my jaw and lightly bites down over the pulse in my neck sending me into my orgasm. I even make sure to scream his name extra loud for the girls next door. His mouth connects with mine just as he spills his seed into me. The kisses become lazy and he carries me over to the bed.

As soon as I can control my own breathing I start to laugh.

“What?” He pulls me next to him and holds me close. The sweat on us causing our bodies to cling to each other.

“So, would you say I'm better than those two girls.”

"I'll have to test that theory, then I'll think about it."


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Dedicated to Wench on a leash! I hope it helps with your cravings!

Chapter Nine
Max’s Point of View

Knock, knock!

What the-? I try to sit up, but am stopped by a sleeping Liz. She looks so-


“Open up!” I lightly shake Liz, only causing her to hold on tighter.

“We’ll leave a little later.” Huh?

“Liz, get on the floor.”

That gets her attention. “What? Why?” I make a gesture towards the door and I can see the exact moment when she realizes what’s going on.

I jump out of bed and pull on a pair of boxers. I look back to Liz who is literally rolling off the bed and onto the floor. Once she’s out of my line of view I grab my gun and make my way to the door.

Before I say anything there’s a clicking sound and the door swings open to reveal Michael with a credit card in his hand. Seconds later Maria peeks her head around the corner, all the while holding her hand out to Michael.

“Credit card Michael.”

“I knew the Victoria’s Secret card had to be good for something. Seeing as I never see anything from there.”

She slaps him upside the head, “Maybe if you weren’t so romantically challenged you’d get some.”

They bicker some more until I finally shut the door. Liz peers over the edge of the bed making sure there was no one else here, before slowly getting up onto her feet. She grabs for the sheet but not before I get a glimpse of her perfect breasts. I start walking towards her, I know I’m grinning. What’s not to smile about? Reality comes crashing back down as the bantering comes to a halt outside and the couple makes themselves known again.

“Maxwell, what the hell did you do that for?”

I roll my eyes and drop down onto the bed furthest from the door.

Liz’s point of View

I run a hand through my hair while I hold the sheet around my body with the other.

Michael, you can tell he’s trying to look harmful,. Intimidating. Only one problem. He basically looks like a push over. Why? He’s holding, who I am assuming to be, Maria’s hand.

“I knew you’d bang her.” Ugh men.

Michael receives a swat at his arm, and rightfully so.

“Could you possible be any more crude? With our bad luck he probably deflowered her.”

“You think?” their conversation continues as I sit next to Max.

You’d think the completely forgot why they were here. Although it’s rather degrading to it here and listen to complete strangers discuss my virginity, or lack there of.

Max leans over the side of his bed, and sits back up with his shirt.

“Here.” He says as he tosses it onto my lap. I quickly put it on, then go on a search for my panties.

Max’s Point of View

What is Michael doing here? I look over at Liz, and chuckle as she pulls on my pants, knotting my belt so that they’ll stay. Just looking at her like that will make me want to…

My train of thought is interrupted by Liz slamming the door to the bathroom.

“Maxwell! You let her just run off like that?”

“Let me run things the way I see fit. It hasn’t failed me yet.”

“Is there a window in there?” He questions as he slowly makes his way towards the bathroom door.

“She won’t go.”

“How do you know?”

“I know. Now tell me what the hell you are doing here?”

Michael locks the front door and tells Maria to go get Liz. Maria lightly knocks on the door before entering the bathroom.

Michael turns back to me and harshly starts whispering to me, “You’re losing it Maxwell. We’re just back-up for this operation.” Operation? “We want you out of this just as much as you do. We want this to have to be your last job.”

“And I don’t?”

“The way you’re acting I’d think not. I know you better than this. You can’t let your emotions take over. Turn them off for another week and you’re home free.”

“How? You don’t get it Michael, there’s something about her-“

“Yes, and there was something with Kember. Look where that got you.”

“That’s different. THIS is different.”

“Fight it.” How does he make it sound so easy?

“Don’t you think I’ve tried?”

“Damn it Maxwell. Once you get your head straightened out, come inside and talk to me.”

He walks into the hotel room with a big flourish and I am left to think.

Liz’s Point of View

I look up from the couch as Michael rushes in the room slamming the door behind him. Maria automatically jumps up and starts whispering something in his ear.

Maria seems pretty cool, she’s determined, knows exactly what she wants, and doesn’t put up with someone’s shit. It’s refreshing, from all those pushover ‘friends’ I have back at home. Home. Ha! If that’s what I want to call it. I watch as Michael and Maria embrace. It’s amazing how one person can change another in a matter of seconds. They are completely different when you take them apart. As their words of affection become loud enough for me to hear I make my way outside, despite the evil glares I get from Michael.

“Max?” I say as I spot a male form sitting atop the washing machine in the ill lit walkway next to the hotel room. His head looks up and he motions for me to come and stand in front of him. When I am within reach he holds his hands out. It’s such a foreign gesture from what I been shown. The only time we normally touch is in heated passion, but this, this is endearment? Affection? Tentatively I let my hands slide into his and he pulls me closer, so that I am standing between his legs.

“Did Michael give you a hard time when he went inside?” I shake my head in the negative and I can visibly see him relax. We stay in silence for awhile, just being in each others arms. I don’t understand why I can’t hate him. Maybe because I know deep down that it’s not exactly what he wants either. “I did try.”

Try what? I look up into his eyes with a questioning glance of my own. “What are you talking about Max?”

“I tried to not feel this.”

“What exactly are you feeling?” I bite my lip, I know what I want to hear him say. But it’s impractical to hope for. He is doing this for another girl after all.

“This.” His hand slides up my arm and cups the back of my head, and he leans his head down to mine. The moment his lips touch mine, both my arms go around his neck bringing him closer. The kiss isn’t deep, it isn’t rushed or long. It’s everything a first kiss should have been. He slides off the machine, closing the distance between our bodies. He finally pulls back. “This attraction to you, I can’t help it. It’s impossible for me to fight it.” His forehead rests against mine and we just stare into each other’s eyes.

“I know what you mean.”

“But you have to understand Liz, this won’t change anything. I-I can’t just let you go, I’ve already gone too far.”

“I guess it’s one of those ‘it’s too late to turn back now’ moments.”

My response elicits a small chuckle from him and I can’t help but smile. Max leans in for another kiss but we’re stopped by a frantic Maria.

“You guys gotta get back to the room, Kyle’s on the phone. Something about the cops.”

Michael’s Point of View

“What the hell do you mean they’re looking down in this area? You were supposed to lead them out to the eastern coast. What the hell are they doing looking near the deserts?”

“Look, I don’t know. Maybe they got an actual lead.” I shake my head and sigh.

“Kyle, you’ve got to straighten things out. Get Alex to put a couple false leads into their data base system, don’t change the physical appearance it-“


“Don’t even say it Kyle. They know what he looks like?”

“Just minor details. Six foot, dark hair. The basics should fit most of the population out there. By the time they get it figured out you guys should be done. The deal sealed, right?”

“If Max can get his head out of his ass, yeah we should be fine.”

“I’d say I can handle it.” I look up to see Max pissed as all hell and Liz grasping his hand. Huh, imagine that one.

I quirk one eyebrow up at Maria who’s out of breath and shrugging her shoulders.

I know it's short and that's it has been way too long since my last post, and I am very sorry. Unfortunately I've been working any time I can get in to keep up with my half of the car payments, and all I have is my permit! I'd rather still be a toys r us kid! I hope you liked the part, and there will definitely be another part soon, the story is starting to near it's end. This will be the first story I have ever finished! The way I leave it there will be a few issues that can be dealt with in a sequel, maybe. We'll see how it goes. Thanks for all the feedback and bumps it's greatly appreciated. And thank you for the nom's on this story! My ego inflated!
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Chapter Ten
Max’s Point of View

“Just how serious is this?”

“Serious enough for you to start getting your ass in gear.”

“That’s not the answer I wanted. What do the cops know?”

Michael looks at Liz and keeps his mouth closed. I squeeze her hand and she moves closer to me.

“Michael, stop being such a dick and just answer him for christ’s sake.” He shoots Maria a warning glare and she does the same. Honestly? I’m more scared of her. She is one person you do not want to be around when they’re on the war path.

“They’ve got a general area that they’re covering, and it just happens to be around Roswell, New Mexico. Kyle said he sent in phony tips that supposedly fit together and were going to lead them elsewhere. Obviously it hasn’t worked.”

“Who the hell knew anything? It was just us.”

Liz moves to stand in front of me. “It could be that someone actually saw something, Max.”

“Or maybe your little flavor of the week made a cry for help at one point.” I look over at Michael waiting to see a look of amusement on his face, but it’s not there. He is serious. I look down at Liz and she’s shaking her head.

“No. Let’s just get moving. We’ll still stay where I originally planned. We’ll just have to push it up a little.” I nudge Liz and she starts getting her stuff together. I toss Maria the car keys and Michael and her go get the car ready.

“Max?” I look up from stuffing my clothes back in my duffle bag to find Liz standing next to me.


“Is there a specific time limit you have on giving the head honcho guy the money?”

“I’ve got the rest of this year, why?”

“Just wondering when you definitely have to give me back.”

Does she understand that I don’t want to?

“Oh. I’ll try to make this quick. It’s best for the both of us. You know?”


Good. It is good right?

“No, Max. Stop.” Her hands are on my back. Slowly I stand up and look down into her large doe eyes. “There’s something between us, and we can’t just write it off. Sure it may have come at the wrong time, and it could have been under much better circumstances, but it’s there.”


“No, let me talk. I don’t know what is going to happen. Nobody does yet. Can’t we just- just let this be? Until I have to go home. These feelings I have for you, I don’t know. I shouldn’t be feeling them for someone who kidnapped me, they weren’t supposed to happen until I was ready. And you can’t tell me you don’t feel the same for me. I felt it when we were alone just a little bit ago. I know-“

“Liz, if I let anything else happen I won’t be able to let you go home. Don’t you understand that? I didn’t want this! I didn’t want to fa-.” What the hell was I about to say? Fall in love with her? Nuh-uh. Nope. Did that once and look where it got me. “And if I don’t let you go home, they are going to find me, and then I’ll be charged with kidnapping and god knows what else. I don’t want that. I need to be free of all this. I don’t want to hide from the cops forever.”

“And I don’t want you to.” Her arms go around my waist and she crushes her body to mine. Why does she have to make this so hard. I’m pulling all these reasons not to let this go any further, from out of thin air. I must sound so selfish, but it’s the only things I can think of. My hands hold her in place as we just stand in the room in silence.

Michael pops his head in the door and rolls his eyes, “Aww. How touching Maxwell. Now get your ass out to the jeep.”

Liz’s Point of View

Is it really possible for someone to be as big a pain in the ass as Michael? Max and I hopped in the back seat of the jeep and allowed Michael and Maria to drive. It’s just a bit safer, if someone catches a glimpse of anyone in the car it’s most likely to be one of them. Of course first thing dipshit did was throw a bag in between Max and I in an attempt to keep us farther apart. We quickly remove the obstacle and scoot closer. He puts his arm around me and Michael guns the engine pulling out of the parking lot. He really knows how to be low profile.

Max tells Michael where to turn, and says we should be at the cabin in about a half an hour. Mean while as with the sky still pitch black, Maria turns up the radio as we listen to some risqué talk show. Men and women call up this station putting their two cents in about different aspects of the opposite sex and sex itself. It’s amazing how many people have foot fetishes. I don’t know, it kinda creeps me out. I mean, feet are probably the ugliest features of a person’s body, and some of these people treat them like temples.

I watch the Roswell town line pass by and sit up away from Max. His hand stays on my thigh. We turn onto a road surrounded by trees, and a couple of streets later we’re pulling into the drive way of a house that is as deserted as possible, the only thing that gives it away is the perfect paintjob on the house. I sigh and jump out of the jeep after Max. Michael and Maria dig through the back of the jeep and Max takes my hand leading me into the house. The place smells of household cleaners. He shows me where everything is, the bathroom, the kitchen, the huge living room, and the two smaller bedrooms.

“This one is yours.” My room? I get my own? I look up at him but his face gives nothing away. Well, I don’t know about him but I’m feeling dejected. Sighing, I look around the room. Solid light blue bedspread with matching decorative wall paper. He drops my bag on the floor and says his room is right down the hall if I need him and that Maria and Michael have the pull-out couch. Then he’s just gone. I take my time unpacking since I figure I’ll be spending plenty of time here to get comfy.

Even after the hour it takes me to nobody is awake. They’re still resting from the drive. I change into some comfortable pajama pants and a tank top and curl up onto the bed. Not being able to sleep I stretch out and kick off the blankets. I close my eyes and concentrate on not opening them in hopes of boring myself to sleep. After what seems like forever I look over at the clock. 3:05. Six minutes after I first closed my eyes. It’s one of those moments where you get so frustrated you want to cry. Pushing my pride to the back of my mind I slowly creep out of my room and down the hall. Without knocking I enter the only room Max didn’t show me, the one I’m assuming to be his. I get close to the bed and I can see his sleeping form. The only good thing is that it looks like he was pretty restless.


“Mmm… no.” He grumbles as his hand lazily flops towards me.


This time he doesn’t even acknowledge me. He merely turns his head away. In his sleep or not it still hurts.

“Max? Please?”

I lean over him and watch as his eyes flutter open.


“Can I sleep with you?” A grin creeps over his face and I feel myself start to blush profusely. “I mean just sleep.”

He doesn’t answer me, he just rolls over onto his back so he’s on the opposite side of the bed. I quickly get beneath the covers and snuggle up to him. I inhale his scent and sigh as I feel my eyelids start to get heavy.

“I was thinking on the way here, Max. And I remembered that if you would just wait a matter of three months you don’t have to get the money from my family. I’ll be eighteen and I’ll have access to my-“ I cut my sentence short when I realize he’s not even listening. His hand resting heavily on my back with just his thumb beneath my shirt, his breaths are now deep and relaxed. He’s asleep. That’s just great. I figure out a way to get him out of this and he goes to sleep. Men’s priorities make absolutely no sense.


I wake up to find Max doing those push-ups that had me going the first morning. I smile and climb off the bed and onto his back. He stops and laughs. “Morning.”

“Good morning. Continue.”

He starts doing his push-ups again and I find myself becoming aroused rather quickly. I let my index finger trail from his neck along his broad shoulders down to his ribs. He starts going faster and as soon as I let my finger travel any lower he loses his grip and falls to the floor laughing.

I start laughing right with him. “A little ticklish are we?”

”You tell anyone and I will lock you in my closet.” He turns over between my thighs so that he’s looking right up at me.

Leaning down I take his mouth with mine. His hands go up to my face and hold me there so I can’t pull away. Despite what he may say or do I can feel that he feels something towards me, just as I feel something for him too. I lower my upper body so that when I brush against his cock my breasts lightly graze over his bare chest. He groans and his large hands slide down my body until he slides them inside my panties grabbing my ass and pulling me closer to his rapidly growing erection. His mouth latches onto my neck and I can barely hold myself up, and I can faintly hear yelling outside the door.

I continue grinding against him as he nudges me to sit up, while he works at getting my top over my head. I throw my head back as he leans in to suckle my nipple.

The voices outside continue getting louder. “Max?”

“Hmmm?” When he mumbles it sends vibrations through me and I let out a moan, momentarily forgetting what I was going to say.

“We have to stop.” God, could I sound any less convincing?

“No we don’t. Michael knows better than to just walk in and-“

Max’s Point of View

Just as soon as Liz leans back in, the door to my room flings open to reveal a very pissed off Michael. Although I’m pretty sure that he’s not nearly as pissed as I am. Liz, mortified, buries her face in my neck and pulls herself closer in an attempt to hide. Unfortunately for me the brush against my groin it takes for her to do so nearly sends me over the edge and I’m forced to let out a moan into her shoulder.

“Michael, get you ass out of here!”

“Fine, but you have ten minutes before I send Maria down here.” He says as he slams the door.

“Sorry about that.” I place a kiss on her shoulder and pull her back from me. Her face is bright red and she looks like she’s about to laugh. She kisses me on the lips before pulling her tank top on and telling me we can finish it some other time. What if I don’t want to finish it some other time? I want her now!

“I’m hungry, but I’ll go shower first. See you later.” She winks and moves towards the door. Quickly I make my way up behind her and pull her ass up against my groin.

She lets out a gasp and puts her hands up against the door. I slide my hand into her panties and run my fingers the length of her slit. The heat is scorching and the second my finger touches her clit she moans and tilts her head back to my shoulder. With my other hand I move her hair to one side of her neck and I begin to gently suck on the opposite. As I continue to flick my finger across her sensitive nub her breaths become heavier and faster. “Max!” Liz starts to grind against my hand and I smoothly slip one finger and then another. Her nails scratch at the door, and I start thrusting my fingers deeper and harder into her hot, tight pussy. Her slick walls begin to tighten around my fingers and I moan along with her. After leaving my mark on her neck I capture her lips in a dueling kiss. One last rub of my thumb over her swollen clit is all it takes before she comes, quietly moaning my name. The rhythmic pulsing of her walls is enough to send me over the edge right behind her.

The kiss becomes wet and lazy as we start to pull apart. We both go our separate ways, both to take showers. I want nothing more to join her but I eventually have to get around to going to a store today and I know that’s not going to be happening if I stay with her.

Ummm.... what did ya think? Good? Bad? More? I know it was shorter than usual but I wanted to get this out so I can put out a new chapter to Make Yourself or I'll Never Say.

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Chapter Eleven
Max’s Point of View


I look up at Liz from where I’m sitting on the couch holding a phone to my ear. I hold a finger up at her asking her to hold on a minute. The boss is on the phone. Joy.

“I want the money soon.”

“I understand that, but as it is we’ve already got police combing through the cities near us, we’ve got to lay low. You’ll get your money as soon as I can get it.”

“I’ve got better things to do with my time than sit here trying to get through into that head of yours when I want the money. You know when I want it, and you know what I’ll do to get it.” With that the phone goes dial tone and I sigh as I turn off the phone.



“Is he gonna let you wait until my birthday?”

“He’s rushing it, but I’m calling his bluff, I think that as long as he gets his damn money within the original time limit he set we’ll be fine.”

I pull her down onto my lap and she makes herself comfortable burying her head in my neck.

“I hope you’re right Max.”

I love the feeling of her body curled up next to mine. Not that I should get too used to it. I find it hard to imagine that I won’t be able to kiss her full lips, or just have her rest her head on my chest at night when we go to sleep. These past few weeks have been as peaceful as can be under the circumstances. Liz and I manage to ignore Michael and Maria the majority of the time.

Two weeks ago Kyle called and notified us that the police know what I look like, more or less anyway. So I’ve taken to staying cooped up into the house with Liz while we send the other two out on the errands. I can tell Liz is getting antsy and wants to leave the house, but she insists she’s fine. Then she said she knows that WE will be fine. Then it was like BOOM! My full conscience came back and suddenly I’ve been completely rethinking my past actions.

If I hadn’t given in to the blind date that Maria set me up on, I never would have fallen for Kember. I never would have pissed off this Darren guy with all his high and mighty connections, and I never would have met Liz. And because of that one point I don’t know whether to curse him or bow down to him. I hate it. I can honestly say that I love her, not the same way I felt for Kember, but I love her. Kember I gave up when I knew it was better for her, Liz? She’s still here isn’t she? Three months is completely unacceptable to keep her. I could have had the half a million dollars by now if I had just allowed myself to keep things with Liz the way it should be when you kidnap someone.

Liz’s Point of View

Max tightens his arms around my waist. He’s been silent for almost five minutes now, and I have no idea what to do. I’ve seen what happens when someone disturbs him, hell I’ve even been on the receiving end a couple of times. I look up at him and can’t help but let my mind wander to these past few weeks.

I told him about my trust fund, and how I’ll have access in exactly one month now. That way everyone is fine. He won’t be stealing the money, Kember will be safe, well supposedly anyway. He was reluctant, saying it wasn’t fair, why should I have to give up my money. But why should my grandmother? Then he brought up the fact that no matter what after the money is transferred to Darren’s account that I won’t be able to have any contact with him. When I told him that I couldn’t do that, that I love him. He gave me this small smile and left the room. Since then we’ve both acted like I never blurted out those three words. When the door shut behind him I let the tears fall. I know he heard me crying but he left. I screamed, I shouted, I pleaded with him to just come back so that we could talk about it. But damn him, he just slid down the wall and listened. I don’t know what he was thinking, what he was wishing, or what goes through his mind as we watch the television report on my status. I know just as much as to what is going through his mind now as I did then. It frustrates me. I know he feels something for me, I can feel it when he touches me. When we make love.

Max slides me off of his lap, and kisses my forehead before going into the kitchen. Sure the house is peaceful. Only because ignorance is bliss. If we don’t address certain subjects, they just don’t exist. I gave up a couple of weeks ago in trying to get through to Max, he already has his mind made up, as soon as the money is where it needs to be, I’m gone.

I’m just completely confused. Does he want me gone? Am I just temporary? I don’t know, but I’ve got a month to find out. Because I’ll be old enough to make my own decisions, legally anyway.

“Max?” I ask as I step onto the cool tile floor in the kitchen. He’s sitting at the table with a soda can in his hand staring out the window. Still green leaves, hmmmm. I can definitely see what’s so very interesting.


“Whatcha thinking about?”


“Stuff, well it certainly is a complex enough topic to turn your brain to mush. Maybe I need to be more specific what kinda “stuff” are you thinking about?”

He hasn’t so much as given me a glance up until now. The smile is unhappy. Not that mine probably looks any better.

“The complex kind.”

“Well, that must mean I’m a part of them.”

“You play a factor.”

“Will you miss me?” What? I really didn’t mean to blurt that out. I’m not too sure if I want to hear the answer. Ignorance is bliss. Ignorance is bliss.


“You don’t have to answer that, Max. I really didn’t even mean to say it.” Max looks at me then sighs as he stands up.

“Liz, I have never lied to you.”

“You haven’t exactly told me what you’re feeling either, therefore there was nothing for me to think you lied about.”

“Please don’t complicate this.”

“I’m a woman, it’s my duty to make sure everything is complicated.” I say as I close the distance between us. I look up at him and I can’t stand it. I can’t the fact the fact that I can’t see what’s going on behind his eyes. I hop up onto the counter and pull him along to stand in front of me. “Max, look at me. Will you miss me?”

“I don’t know, you’re not gone yet.”

Ouch. Prick.

“Max, stop that. I know you feel something, and I’m tired of repeating this to you. I’m the last person that needs to tell you how you feel. But just don’t lie to me.”

“Dammit Liz, don’t you understand it doesn’t matter? Because no matter how I feel I am still going to have to get the money to give to Darren. I am still going to have to let you go. And after I let you go I will still never be able to see you again. So what the hell do you want Liz? Do you want me to say I love you? Because I do. Do you want me to say that I never want to let you go? Because I don’t. Do you want me to say that I’ll be miserable without you? That I’ll always have this unbelievable itch to find you and take you away and never give you back? Because I will. I admit it. But it won’t change my mind. Because I know it’s what is best.”

He loves me?

Sure, I heard everything else he’s said but it doesn’t matter. That was all I needed to hear.

“I love you too.”

“NO! Liz, god.” He says as he pushes himself away to the other side of the room. “Listen to me. Don’t let yourself.”

“What you can say it, but I can’t?”

“Yes! No. Liz, just leave it alone. This is just one big mistake.”


“Yes. This never would have happened if I could have just kept my hands to myself.”

“So, this is only about the sex?”

“Is that what it will take?”

He’s being impossible. He’s trying so hard to do this. Even though I know he’s not telling the truth, it still hurts. Whatever happened to going with the flow? Seeing where this leads us? He just made the decision to make me go away.

“Max. Stop wasting my time with that shit.”

The front door opens causing me to look away from Max.

“Michael, could you stop being such an asshole for a minute?” Maria shrieks as she rushes into the kitchen dropping two shopping bags onto the floor before noticing Max and I sitting on the floor on opposite sides of the room. “Ummm….”

Michael walks into the room and raises and eyebrow. “Trouble in paradise?”

“Fuck off.” Michael turns his gaze to me and it’s not looking too nice.

“Michael leave her the hell alone.”

“Oh my noble hero!” Max looks at me and frowns. What the hell did he want? Forgive me if I’m not in the most pleasant mood.

Sighing he stands up and leaves the room. Next thing I hear is the jeep leaving the drive way, right before I start crying. Go figure the guy who kidnaps me is the only person to break my heart.

Max’s Point of View

I know I shouldn’t have left like that. Hell I probably shouldn’t have said any of that. But when she sat up on that counter I just wanted to lift her off and tell her I love her. But when I saw the vulnerability in her eyes, and the hope for the future I let everything flow out. I told her I love her. Truth be told it wasn’t in the most idyllic of ways, I still said it. I told her how I felt about her and with every word that passed through my mouth the light in her eyes got that much brighter. She just doesn’t seem to understand that I can’t be with her after this is done. We’ve talked about it before, and she’s always said we’d just see how things went. I figured we’d have a while anyway so why push it?

A little bit ago we were on the same subject and she blurted out that she loved me. It was hard enough walking away from her that time but when I actually saw her say it his time, when she said it to my face it made me feel horrible. The last time I sat outside her door as I listened to her cry. I couldn’t get myself to leave her alone, so I went back in and we acted like she never said anything.

But this time I wanted to take her in my arms and never let go. I do want to be with her, but it would either be us living in fear that someone would find out and then I’d go to jail and that would be the end of that, or she can go home and find someone new. I pushing her towards option two. Even if it kills me inside that’s what I’ll do.
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happy ending guaranteed
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