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Title: Playing for Keeps
Author: Nicole
Rating: NC-17
Summary: If reality in Roswell were distorted.
Category: M/L (mainly), M/M, and A/I
Note: Um, I almost have the story completely done, go me! Enjoy...


Roswell is a fairly small town. Practically everybody knows everybody else. But, surprisingly enough, the high school halls are filled.

The hierarchy of West Roswell High goes as follows: At the very bottom are the geeks. The nerdy kids in Chess Club. On top of them are the semi-cool kids, followed by the popular kids. These were the jocks, their girlfriends, or anyone else between the geeks and the unattainables.

The unattainables. The untouchables. The most ultimately cool kids you could possible imagine.

There were four of them. Haughty, indifferent, and uninvolved. The girls were bitches and the boys were players. But every guy wanted to jump the girls' bones and every girl was willing to be played.

Part One:

Max and Isabel Evans, Tess Harding, and Michael Guerin sat at a table in the middle of the quad, ignoring the slight stares and drools of the other students.

He listened to Izzy and Michael laugh over their latest conquests as Tess ran her hand along the inside of his thigh. They had been together last night as the others were doing Tommy Hoag and Pam Troy.

They were together a lot lately. He sighed inwardly. The West Roswell girls just weren't fun anymore. Tess, on the other hand, was always fun. Max wondered if he'd have to broaden his horizons.

Liz listened to the principal and her mother talk. She looked over her schedule again and then all the books on the desk.

"I think I'm going to find my locker and put my books in it so that I'm prepared for tomorrow." The adults looked at her. Principal Forrester nodded and Mrs. Parker smiled at her daughter.

"Okay sweetie."

She slowly wandered the halls of her new school. Posters hung everywhere, ones with alien heads and 'GO COMETS' in blue and gold lettering. God, she'd been dropped in UFO central. She hoped the kids weren't freaks or anything.

He put his Bio book back in his locker and looked at the hall clock. Four o'clock. Great, it had taken an hour for that stupid extra credit lab. How was he failing Biology?

For some strange reason he was super smart. The others didn't understand why he liked school, or why he put so much effort into it when they could just wave their hands and have all the information locked in their brains. To tell the truth, neither did he, but whatever.

Still, Biology eluded him. He blew out a breath in frustration and slammed his locker shut. Hefting his backpack over his shoulder, he turned to go, saw her, and froze.

She kept glancing from side to side, trying to find her locker number. Where was the stupid thing? Something shifted...

"No!" she wailed, as her books slipped out of her arms and onto the floor. She closed her eyes, fighting back tears as she knelt down. Why had they moved to this God forsaken place? Why did she have to leave Sarra and Shelly in Boston? Why...A soft chuckle came out of nowhere.

She looked up, surprised, and felt her heart speed up. Suddenly she was glad she wasn't in Boston anymore.

He was standing above her, hands in his pockets, totally at ease. Outwardly, at least. Inwardly, not so much. His heart was going 100 mph and he felt like he was going to explode.

"Need help?" Max offered, sounding amused, even to himself. He supposed it couldn't be helped. Books scattered, a comical expression of despair on her face...

She blushed up at him. "Um...Yeah, sure. I guess." He smiled, bent down to pick up the books, and then stood up again. The girl brushed a strand of dark brown hair away, tucking it behind her ear, as she also stood.

"Locker?" he inquired.

"Oh, um...156?"

He nodded, "This way." She followed him back down the hall to the locker right across from his.

She took the books from him one by one, putting them on the top shelf. "Thanks," she said as she shut her new locker.

"No problem." He was leaning casually on the locker next to hers. Liz studied him quietly. She took in the well-muscled body, strong arms, black hair, perfect smile, and soulful eyes he seemed to have.

It was a few seconds before she realized he was waiting for her to speak.

"I'm new." He raised an eyebrow, and his eyes started to sparkle. She felt heat rise up in her face. "That's probably obvious."

"Yeah," he agreed.

"Liz!" She stuck out her hand. "Liz Parker."

"Max Evans," he said, reaching out.

A small jolt went through him at the touch of her hand. He frowned slightly, then noticed an identical frown on her face. She had felt it too.

"Liz," came a voice. They both turned around. An older woman stood at the end of the hallway. "Time to go."

"I'll be right there Mom." She turned back to him. "My mom."

"Really?" he joked. She blushed again at his teasing.

"Yeah. Well, I'll see you tomorrow."

"I'll be right there if you need anything," he told her, pointing at his locker.

"'Kay. Bye, Max. Oh, and thanks."

"Anytime," he called as she walked away. He cocked his head to the side, enjoying the view.

"Anytime," he repeated softly to himself.


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Part Two:

Liz walked down the steps to the cafe below. Her dad had bought the Crashdown on a whim. 'It'd be fun,' he had said. Liz sighed as she looked down at herself. The turquoise and silver uniform was kinda retro-cool, but the apron and antenna just put this place into obsessive-ville.

"Hey, babe! Ready for your first day of work?" She turned to look at the bouncy blond who was addressing her. A smile lit her face.

Maria DeLuca was like a mixture of Sarra and Shelly. She was just totally cool, and had seemed to adopt Liz after meeting her yesterday.

"I think so," Liz offered.

"Good. The masses are demanding greasy, alien-themed food, and by golly, we're gonna give it to them!" She laughed and followed her new friend into the main restaurant.

This is kinda easy, she thought as she got into it. It was also kinda fun, too. Maria gave a running commentary on everyone who walked in and had introduced her to Alex, who also had the possibility of best friend material.

She sighed and stretched as she lounged against the counter. There was a lull in business, and she was getting tired. Just then the bells chimed to signal that someone had just entered. She turned and gasped.

"The unattainables."


Maria nodded toward the four. "The unattainables. Max, Isabel, Michael, and Tess," she paused, "I guess I phrased that wrong. They are attainable, for like a night, but after that, you're not even a blip on their radars."

Liz was confused. What was Maria implying?

"Okay, babe, I'm gonna walk you through it. That's Max Evans in the brown leather jacket. The other one, in black, is Michael Guerin, Max's best friend. The tall blond is Isabel, Max's sister, and the short one, hanging all over Max, that's Tess Harding. They run our school. They take who they want, when they want, and nobody says no."

She tried to digest this, then looked at Maria suspiciously. She held up her hands in protest. "Never, babe, I was never approached. Of course," she mused, "If Michael...Never mind. I was just warning you. Don't let 'em get to you."

Liz nodded and walked toward the booth, unable to take her eyes off Max.

"May I take your order?" asked a breathy voice.

Max looked up into her doe eyes. They were a deep, velvety brown, and they were staring right into him.

He suddenly became aware of Tess' hand in his. He loosened his grip and reached for a menu, trying to act inconspicuous. He knew the others were wondering about him as they gave their orders.

"Max?" Liz asked.

"Um...I think I'll just have a Will Smith, Saturn Rings, and a cherry Coke."

"Okay. I'll be right back with your drinks." He gave her a slight smile and turned back to his incredulous friends.

"How did she know your name?" Tess asked.

"Who was she?" Izzy inquired.

"Who gets her first?" Michael demanded.

Max sighed. "That was Liz Parker, she's new to Roswell. I met her on my way home, and Michael..." He paused as the spiky-haired boy looked up at him. "You WILL stay away from her."

Michael nodded, and Tess seemed about to say something, when Liz returned.

"Okay, I've got a diet Coke, a water, an orange, and a cherry coke." She handed the drinks over one-by-one, blushing when Max's hand brushed against hers. The small blond, Tess, narrowed her blue eyes.

Was she Max's girlfriend? It certainly seemed that way, but Maria had said they didn't get "involved", even with each other.

"Your food will be ready in a few minutes," she muttered, and then fled to the back room.

"We figured it out."

"What?" She turned to Maria and Alex.

"Max has claimed you."

"What?" she repeated.

"You're new. New equals fresh meat, equals every guy is going to be on your tail. Now, at West Roswell, the hierarchy makes it so no guy will DARE approach you until either Max or Michael gets some. That's ONLY if they show interest, mind you, otherwise...Well, nothing'll hold the guys back. Fortunately, or unfortunately, depending on how you look at it, you have been chosen. By Max. So, you don't need to worry about the other boys. WARNING: Do not fall for the sweet and innocent act. Once he gets you in bed, you're done. He'll be gone by morning and won't register your presence afterward. I've heard it all a million times."

"Yeah," Alex agreed, "Watch your back." Then, as an afterthought, "Literally."

"Just don't give in, okay babe? He's not worth losing your innocence."

"Okay. Thanks you guys." They smiled and left. Liz peeked out the window of the door, sighed, and brought them their food.

"Thanks, Liz," Max said. He smiled and her knees felt weak. He just wants to use you, she reminded herself, remember what Maria said.

"Welcome," she responded, "Let me know if you want anything else."

"I'm sure he will," Michael said slyly, his brown eyes laughing at her. She blushed furiously and slowly backed away.


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Part Three:

The halls of West Roswell were buzzing with the news.

A new girl.

Everyone waited breathlessly for the verdict as they slowly went about their morning routines. Books came out, were put back, and then taken out again. Eyes switched back from the double doors at the end of the hallway to the group of four clustered around their lockers. Just waiting.

And then the door opened.

The silence was deafening. Liz felt nervousness start welling up in the pit of her stomach. She made her way to her locker, ignoring the stares, especially Max's. She could feel those golden-brown eyes on her as she opened locker 156.

She had memorized her schedule, so she knew which books she'd need for each class. Unfortunately, she had no idea where any of her classes were.

She shut her locker and turned around, studying her schedule and trying to figure out where to go. Liz looked up helplessly...And her eyes locked onto his.

He drew in a breath as he felt himself start to drown in those limitless eyes. He shook himself out of it and started forward, still lost in the sight of her.

For once he didn't notice the rest of the student body's eyes on him. He just saw her, and only her.

"Need help?" he asked softly. She opened those perfect lips to answer...when they were interrupted.

"But, Max," Maria exclaimed, breaking the trance, "your class is on the other side of the school."

"It's okay," he interjected quickly, "If she needs help-"

"Don't worry about it, buddy," Alex stated from behind him. He spun and narrowed his eyes at Whitman's lanky frame. "We'll take good care of her," he reassured Max, smirking.

"Um..." Liz said. He looked at her. "Thank you," she told him sweetly, smiling, "But Maria's in my first hour, and I don't want you to be late." He nodded slightly, basking in the glow from her smile.

"Come on, chica!" Maria ordered, and grabbed her arm, pulling her away from him.

"Bye, Max," she whispered as she passed him.

"See ya," Alex called, walking after his girls.

"It's up to $150," Maria stated happily.

"What is?" she asked, tearing her eyes off Max.

"The bet," Alex said simply, as if that explained all. He took a bite of his sandwich and chased it down with a drink of his Jones.

"What bet?"

"The bet on how long it takes Max to get in your pants."

"What!" Liz screeched.

"Yeah, keep playing hard to get and it may go up to $300."

"Why would he..." she trailed off, close to tears.

"Oh, babe, Max doesn't know about it." She looked up.

"Yeah," Alex chimed in, munching on a chip, "Michael started it, he always starts it, and Max never knows." He paused, "You know, for some reason I think Max would get angry if he ever found out. He's like the only one of them who doesn't brag."

Liz wished they wouldn't talk about this as if it was an everyday occurrence, which it actually was around here. She looked back over at Max.

Was that sweet, shy boy really just an act? Was he really like Michael, betting on how long it took the new girl to lose her virginity? She shook her head.

She refused to believe Max would ever be like that.

Max stared at her from across the quad, she was staring right back, a pretty little smile on her kissable lips. He saw Maria walk up to her with Alex and sit down. Liz tore her eyes away from his to listen to them talk.

He felt like standing up, marching over there, and demanding they leave her alone. How was he supposed to moon over her perfection if they were in the way?

Her expression darkened and she looked stricken. What were they saying to her? If...Max suddenly became aware of a hand...

"Want to go to the Eraser Room?" Tess asked.

"Tess!" he exclaimed. He grabbed her arm and placed it on the table, away from his pants. She pouted.

"Come on, Max. I missed you last night." He glared at her.

"So then you are?" Isabel inquired.

"Are what?" he snapped.

"Going after the new girl." She jerked her head toward Liz.

"Yeah. So?"

"Maybe it's not such a good idea," Tess suggested, "I mean, you've been acting kinda weird since she came."

"What do you mean?" he asked guardedly.

"She may be right, Maxwell," Michael joined in, "I mean, she's already playing hard to get...And she looks tight. You could be waiting awhile for that one, and it may not be worth it." Max blinked at him, taking it all in.

"Hey," he protested, "I want her, and I always get what I want. Remember? Besides, I don't think she's really that frigid. She'll melt soon enough."

He sounded cocky and way to full of himself. It was the way he usually was, but now...He felt like a jerk.

Maybe they're right, he thought. He looked back over at Liz. She was sitting quietly now, picking at her lunch. She looked sad. Max suddenly had an urge to go over and make her smile.

He wanted to make her happy.

God! he screamed at himself, What the hell is wrong with you? You're acting like you're in love with her or something!

He gulped, suddenly losing his appetite. Maybe I should stay away from her. Max looked at Liz again, his heart started beating crazily.

This was going to be impossible.


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Part Four:

Indeed it was proving difficult. She was in all his classes except first period. And in Biology...

Ms. Hardy assigned him to be her lab partner, so he took his stuff off he and Tess' lab station and joined her in the back, ignoring the blond's death stare at the petite brunette.

"Hey," he whispered.

"Hey," she smiled and said back. The exchange was, of course, witnessed by the entire class. Rumors would be flying by ninth he was sure.

Before, Max didn't know what had caused him to flunk Bio. Now, he had a valid reason. She was very distracting, and she wasn't even doing anything!

She was just sitting there, occasionally glancing at him, blushing, and looking down. It was driving him crazy. Her silky brown hair hung like a curtain, blocking her face. He loved her hair, he really did, but he wanted to see her face.

Max reached over, gently tucking it behind her ear. His hand brushed against skin as well as hair. She was soft all over. Liz was looking at him now, eyes surprised, full lips parted, as he cupped her head against his palm.

She drew in a breath at the touch of his hand, at the look in his eyes...Could anyone fake a look like that?

She didn't think he could. Liz was quite confident that the real Max Evans was looking out of those eyes, and the real Max was everything she dreamed of. Sweet, kind, passionate, wondering, gentle, tender, loving, and perfect all at the same time.

She stared back at him, willing him to see her as she saw him.

She closed her eyes suddenly as his thumb traced her cheekbone. She shivered beneath his fingers. He smiled, delighted that he could effect her like that. Her eyes opened again, long lashes fluttering. Max felt heat underneath his fingertips. Liz blushed furiously and turned away, concentrating on the lab report in front of her.

What? He tried to work his muddled brain around the cloud of euphoria in his head. Then he became aware of the intense scrutiny they were under. He felt his own cheeks flush in embarrassment. Why didn't people mind their own business?

God, what was she doing to him? He looked at her through the corner of his eye, memorizing her profile. He never got embarrassed, he never cared how mushy he acted to get the girl he wanted, never cared who watched, or who snickered.

So why was it happening now? What did he want to share these moments with her in private? Why did he care?

Why did he suddenly feel like he wasn't acting anymore?

"So...Did you hear about the bet?"

"What bet?" Max asked, looking confused. Liz sighed, he really didn't know.

"Never mind then."

She turned back to the lab station. Ms. Hardy had asked her to tutor Max in Biology after school. Apparently he was failing, and Liz's transcripts indicated a strong preference for the subject, so perfect match.

"No, what bet?"

"It's not important." He poked her in the side and she let out an involuntary squeal. She glared at him as he grinned angelically.

"Tell me."


He wagged his finger warningly. "Tell me."

"No," she giggled.

"Yes." And then he attacked. She shrieked and retaliated. A tickle fight ensued. "Tell me. Tell me, tell me, tell me," he chanted.


He stopped tickling her. "Good."

She lay on the floor, spent, and stared up at him. His eyes were sparkling with mirth, his hair was mussed, and he was smiling his perfect smile down at her.

Liz took a deep breath and wondered whether he used this much charisma on every girl. It would make sense. Any girl would melt under that playful-yet-shy, little boy act.

"Well?" he prompted.

"Help me up." He extended his hand and Liz took it, relishing the little spark that passed through her.

Max's breath caught in his throat at the shock. He looked down at her, not releasing her hand. Her eyes were dark and bottomless, her tongue flicked out, wetting her bottom lip...He swallowed hard, leaning down slightly, he couldn't help himself...

She tore away from him, wiping her hand on her jeans and pushing her hair back behind her ear. It was a nervous habit he had picked up on. He though it was adorable.

"So...the bet," she started.

What? "Right! Right, the bet," he repeated, bringing himself back down to earth. "What's it about?" She wasn't looking at him anymore, she was looking at her hands and wringing them. "Liz?"

"Maria told me about it at lunch. She said it was up to one hundred and fifty dollars. Alex said Michael started it, that he always starts it." She looked up at his confused face.

"Started what? What's the bet?"

Oh God, she thought, Could this be anymore embarassing? Liz closed her eyes. "Michael started a bet on how long it would take you to havesexwithme," she blurted out, the last part a jumble.

She peered up at him through her lashes. He was completely still, trying to catch up with the actual content of her words.

"He what?" Max asked in a strangled voice.

"Look, Max," she said gently, "I don't know if it's true. Maria and Alex just told me...I didn't mean to bring it up, okay, just forget about it. Forget I said anything." She turned back to the lab and started cleaning up.

Max slowly calmed the rage inside of him. What had Michael been thinking? He looked over at Liz, contemplating what she had told him. His brain seemed stuck on the words "you", "sex", and "me".

Okay, so he did want to sleep with her, he'd admit that, but it wasn't in the way he usually did. He didn't want just sex.

Liz was different, and he could wait. For once in his life, he could wait.

"Hey." He nudged her. She looked at him, cheeks flushed. "It's not..." he trailed off, trying to figure out how to say what he wanted to say. He didn't want this to screw things up, not before he had a chance to discover what it could potentially become, so he had to find the right words.

"I like you, Liz, a lot. And whatever Michael, or Isabel, or Tess, or even Maria and Alex say, it's probably not true." Her eyes widened slightly. "If sex...You know, if that was all I wanted, I'd just go to Tess. But...Jeez, why is this so hard? You...are just...You're different Liz. You make me feel different. You're special."

"Really?" Thank God, he hadn't messed everything up. He took her small, dainty hands in his, twining their fingers together. Max bent forward slightly, so that their foreheads touched.

"Yes really," he teased, "but the whole feeling different thing kinda scares me. It's like the person I've been my entire life isn't who I am, and I'm kind of lost on who the real me is...You understand?" She nodded, not taking her eyes of him. "So, can we take things slow?"

"Maybe," she purred. Max felt a slight smile cross his lips as he leaned down further.

Liz shivered at the touch of his lips, so soft and gentle. He deepened it, just a little, and she felt lightheaded. "Max," she breathed. He pulled back, resting his forehead against hers again. She giggled, he looked as dazed a she felt.

"Wow," he stated. He looked down at her, eyes huge, "WOW."

Liz felt herself blush. She found herself doing that a lot lately, more so than usual. "That was my first kiss," she said shyly.

"Really?" he asked, echoing her earlier sentiment. She nodded. "Wow," he repeated again.

Liz suddenly felt really shy. "I should go," she said, "My shift starts soon."

"Need a ride?"

"Um, sure."

He grinned, "Great."

He dropped Liz off at the Crashdown, kissing her lightly and saying he'd be in for dinner.

Michael, Max thought grimly. No. I will not lose control, he told himself as the indignation rose up again.

Max pulled up outside of the apartment building and walked in, trying to quell his anger. He did a pretty decent job until he got to the apartment door.

"What the hell were you thinking?" he exploded as soon as he slammed the door shut.

"What are you talking about, Maxwell?"

"The bet, Michael," he reminded him icily.

"Oh." He visibly paled. "How did you find out?"

"It doesn't matter how I found out. What on earth possessed you to do something like that?!"

"Chill, Max, it was just for fun."

"Fun? Michael, fun?! I don't believe you. You are...impossible."

Max, I don't see what the problem is."

"The problem, Michael, is how incredibly vulgar you are. Do you know how degrading it is to be betted on? You can't just...You can't do stuff like that Michael."

"Fine. You know what? I'll call it off."


"She's got to you." Michael shook his head, looking disappointed.


"Look at yourself, man. The Max I know would never get this worked up over a girl."

"Well maybe you don't know me as well as you think."


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Part Five:

Liz hung up the phone after her three-way conversation with Sarra and Shelly. They had demanded the whole scoop on the town, the school, and the boys. Luckily, due to Maria, she had been able to answer all their questions.

She didn't say anything about Max though. That was too new. She didn't want to share it yet.

"Oh, miss?" She turned, plastering on her waitresses smile...which turned into a real smile.

"Yes, sir?"

"Could I possibly get a Blue Moon burger and a Mercury milkshake, please?"

"Coming right up." She made the milkshake and placed it in front of where he was sitting at the counter. "Your order will be done in a minute."

"I'm in no rush," he said, grinning at her.

She giggled and walked away to take the orders of the customers who had just walked in. One Alex Whitman and one Maria DeLuca, who wasn't working today. Maria raised an eyebrow at her, staring at the guy at the counter. Alex chuckled and pulled the blond into a booth.

Twenty minutes and ten customers later, she paused in front of him. "Can I get you anything else?"

"You," Max teased, pulling her flush up against him. She slapped him playfully.

"I meant along the lines of dessert." He looked her over, making her blush.

"You look tasty enough to me."


"Okay, okay. Um...a piece of Men in Blackberry pie?"

"Excellent choice."

"Thanks. I pride myself on my culinary know-how." He nodded in a smug, self-satisfied way, arrogance belied by the twinkle in his amber eyes.

He watched her laugh, the way she threw her head back, exposing her neck...He groaned inwardly, fighting the desire to drag her into the back room. He probably should have stayed away from the subject of dessert, cause now he was wondering if the rest of her tasted as strawberry sweet as her lips.

This was way too weird.

He had wanted girls before, but he had never needed them. And that's what he was feeling now, an intense need to possess her. To make her his.

But at the same time he knew he'd have to give her all of himself to do that. And that scared him, because he had no idea who he was. His human and alien sides were always at odds, and he didn't know if she could handle him being different.

If she couldn't, he'd want to die.

"Cancel that, okay?"

"What?" she asked, confused.

"I gotta get home." He gave her a quick kiss and took off.

Liz stared after him as he left, feeling lost. What had just happened? One minute he was all flirty, and the next...freaked.

"Liz?" She spun, coming face to face with Maria and Alex.

"Hi, guys!" She made a weak attempt at nonchalance.


Max sat at the kitchen table, trying to concentrate on his Biology homework. But Biology reminded him of Liz, and Liz reminded him of that kiss...

Her first kiss. He had been her first kiss.

Max smiled to himself, then shook himself out of it. Biology. Think Biology. I hate Biology! He frowned.

"Is something wrong, Maxie?"

"No, Mom."

"Are you sure?" He looked at her.



"There's this girl. That I like. A lot. And I've never really felt this way before...I don't know what to do!"

"But Max, you've had plenty of girlfriends. A new one every week, come to think of it..."

"I know, but Mom...This is...different." She looked at him.

"Well, honey...Nice girls like flowers, candy, especially chocolate. They like compliments, an notes, and being treated with respect. It's the little things that define a relationship."

Max nodded, mulling over her words. Than he smiled. "Thanks Mom."

Interlude One:

The weeks wore on, turning into months. The whole school was in a state of confusion over Max and Liz. His group and her group were just as much in the dark.

Max had never put this much effort into a girl. He was buying flowers and candies and jewelry for her, and, didn't appear to be getting any.

He never would have stuck around for half a year before, whether or not he had jumped her. Plus, his whole I'm-better-than-you face had worn away, leaving instead a nice, polite young man.

He was even passing Biology.


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Part Six:

Max frowned, concentrating on his Bio book, and then realized what he had been forgetting. He smiled and wrote the new answer in his review packet. He was actually having fun just being him, and everyone else seemed to enjoy it, too. His teachers were praising him like mad, and Ms. Hardy was about to fall down on her knees to worship Liz for bringing about this miraculous change in the school’s number one player.

Of course, it would only be deserved. He raised his head from the problems of inter-species breeding to watch his girlfriend. His smile began to widen.

She was absolutely gorgeous. There really was no other way to describe her. She was a goddess, and anybody not willing to humble themselves before her should be punished. Her hair was a rich, luxurious chestnut, her eyes deep and dark, her body petite, fitting perfectly against his body, and the way she kissed…

Even that hideous waitress uniform couldn’t diminish her vibrancy. It tried its best mind you, but the only problem he had was with the alien head apron. He still didn’t get the obsession humans had with aliens. It’s not like they were out to take over the world or anything. They had just crashed here, there was nothing they could do.

But anyway, that was off the beaten path. Back to the uniform. It was…It just, for some odd reason looked good on Liz. He’d never give another of the waitresses a second glance, but Liz, well, he just couldn’t STOP looking at her.

The cute way those antennae bobbed on top of her head, the short skirt,-if Kyle Valenti ever dropped something on purpose again, he’d give him worse than a rash…-and, the most important of all, easy frontal access. Those snaps…Ooh.

He was pulled from his thoughts as she disappeared into the back room. He sat for a second, contemplating his next move, then, with a grin, he quietly left the booth.

Maria groaned in disgust as she walked away from the table of football players. She tried as hard as possible to still the swaying of her hips and to ignore their catcalls. One of them was already wearing a pitcher of ice water that she had “accidentally” spilled when her grabbed her ass.

The only guy she ever let do that was Michael Guerin, and even HE didn’t escape a tongue-lashing. Of course, she’d really like to give him a different type of tongue-lashing, but-

“Hey! Maria, where’s our ketchup? I asked for it what, like ten minutes ago?”

She turned. “Chill, Kyle, my chica’s in the back getting it.” She rolled her eyes at him and then wondered abruptly what was taking Liz so long. She walked into the back.

“Liz,” she called, “Ketchup doesn’t take that long to get. You just grab another bottle from the shelf and go.” She looked around, there was no Liz in sight. Darn the girl! Where was she? “Liz?” She gave another cursory glance and spied something on the ground. It was Liz’s order book. “What?”

Then she spotted Liz’s apron, antennae, and scrunchie also on the floor. Then she heard a soft cry coming from the storage room. Her eyes narrowed suspiciously and she sneaked over, bypassing Liz’s belongings. She peeked in and froze in surprise.

Liz was sitting on top of a deep fryer. Her uniform was hiked up, almost to her waist, her legs spread out, and snaps unsnapped…But that wasn’t the strange part in Maria’s eyes.

The strange part was the fact that Max Evans was between those legs, and that they were kissing. A lot. Maria ducked out.

“I didn’t see that,” she told herself firmly.

Max deepened the kiss, pulling Liz’s soft body even closer to him. But it wasn’t close enough, it would only ever be enough when he had finally buried himself within her. He groaned at the thought of it, at the thought of making love to Liz.

It would be perfect. She was always so perfect, she always made him feel so amazing.

His hands slipped beneath the fabric of her uniform, his cool hands a sharp contrast to her feverish skin. She hissed into his ear, nipping lightly, and he smiled. Lowering his head further, he ran his mouth over her collarbone, flicking his tongue into the hollow at the base of her neck.

Moving his hands over her silky skin, he traced the bottom of her bra until his fingers were playing teasingly with the clasp in front. He wanted to rip it off of her, he wanted to reveal the smoothness she possessed, wanted to…He cupped her.

She threw her head back, her body instinctively arching into him, setting fire burning in his veins. He wanted to bare her to him, he wanted to feel every inch of her…He wanted to make love to her NOW.

Her lower body ground into his, eliciting more of a response than he had believed possible, and she whispered his name urgently. He came out of the haze he was swimming and broke away from her.

He couldn’t believe he had actually thought about taking her on a deep fryer! She deserved so much more…

She let out an involuntary cry when he pulled away, but he didn’t let go of her completely. He just held her as they both tried to calm down.

She didn’t know how it had happened. She had come back here, and then he had come back here, then his hand had touched her hair, and she had looked into his eyes, and then they had smiled at one another…And it had seemed like forever since the last time they had kissed, so…

“Liz,” he whispered.


“Stay here, I’ll be right back.” He did pull away from her then, and Liz stared confused as he left the room. When he returned she was still sitting on the deep fryer, waiting.

She smiled as Max held up his hands, her accessories in each one. She had forgotten about them. He came back, resuming his position between her thighs, just in a less sexual way. She was wet anyway though. Max’s proximity never ceased to arouse her. It had been disconcerting at first, but now she loved it, loved her body’s natural reaction to his…

He set her stuff beside her, then slowly began snapping up her uniform. She flushed, realizing she must be looking ravished right about now. He smiled and ran his hands through her hair, she closed her eyes at his gentle touch, and he put it up in a loose ponytail. She opened her eyes again and he smiled sweetly, placing the silver antennae back in her hair. Then he kissed her nose and she wanted to cry at his tenderness.

Lifting her up, he set her carefully back down on the floor and turned her around. He snatched up the apron and his hands came around, looped it around her waist, and tied it for her. Then he moved up, his front solid muscle against her back. She could feel his reaction to her presence and she smiled at the power all females had over there counterparts.

His hand came forward, holding an order book, which he slid into the front pocket of her apron, letting his hand linger at the joint of her thigh. Heat coursed through her body again and she shivered with delight. Max certainly had his own share of power.

Turning around she tilted her chin upward, looking him square in the eyes. “Well, do I pass inspection, sir?” she inquired teasingly.

“You do indeed, Private Parker,” he teased back, voice husky, and his eyes roamed over her again, warming her head to toe, “You do indeed.”

“Well, you don’t.” She giggled at his stunned expression.

“Beg pardon?”

“You have lipstick smeared all over you.” She took a napkin out of her apron and wet it, then reached up to clean his face. “Now you’ll pass.” He stopped her when she was done and took the napkin from her hand.

“I suppose I should return the favor?” he asked, sounding aggrieved.

“I thought you said I passed inspection.”

“Oh you did, on my terms, but on your terms…” He shook his head, wiping gently around her lips, then he sighed. “I personally enjoyed seeing you looking ravaged.” He smirked, eyes twinkling with fun.

Liz threw her hands up in mock frustration. “What am I supposed to do with you?”

“Well…You could always…”

“Always what?” she asked, moving closer.

“Always…” He leaned his head down toward her lips, knowing he shouldn’t start this again, but she was just so tempting…

“LIZ!” Maria’s impatient voice came from outside. They looked up to see her leaning against the doorway, tapping her foot. “Those football jerks are driving me insane and Kyle keeps complaining about his ketchup.”

“Oh, yeah.” She bent down and grabbed the bottle off the floor, glad the glass hadn’t shattered. “Here it is.” She smiled innocently.

“Good. Now come along with me and let lover-boy over there finish cleaning himself up.” She turned on her heel and Liz started after her.

“Hey!” Max burst out, “You said…” He broke off as she shot him a look over her shoulder, smiling cheekily and winking. He stared after her for a few seconds then shook his head and headed toward the bathroom to see what else had missed Liz’s “inspection.”


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Part Seven:

Michael strode into the Cafe as if he owned the place, gave the interior a quick once-over and turned to his companion. "I thought you said he'd be here."

"He is." Isabell rolled her eyes and walked past him toward a booth in the back. "See, his stuff is right here." She slid into the booth. He looked down at the textbook and shook his head in disgust. Max was turning into such a goody-two-shoes.

And it was all that Parker girl's fault.

Izzy let her eyes roam around the diner, noting each and every patron, analyzing them and then dismissing them. Her eyes then caught sight of the object of her brother's affections.

She inspected Little Lizzie Parker meticulously, wrinkling her nose at that thing they called a uniform. She didn't understand what her brother found so fascinating about the human girl. She really wasn't
that beautiful.

Not as beautiful as Max made her out to be. Of course, he went about panting after her like a puppy all day, so she really couldn't hold his opinion in high regard.

Max was making her sick these days with all those lovey dovey looks he was sending her. And the girl was human As in not even the same species.

No human was worth making a fool of herself. Except, maybe...

Her brown eyes straying further, she watched the dark-haired young man flipping burgers on the grill. There was just something about him that drew her. Maybe it was his smile, or his blue eyes, or his friendly attitude, hell, it could even be his lean, but yummy, body...

She wasn't sure. All she knew was that she was infinitely more attracted to him than she was to Michael. But Alex Whitman was beneath her in the society's eyes, so even stopping for a brief tumble was a no-no.

She sighed, wondering why her current lifestyle was starting to seem less satisfying than usual.

Michael was getting really impatient. Where the hell was Maxwell? Not that he actually wanted to see him. Max would start some spiel about proper public behavior and then he would say some sarcastic, but witty, retort, and then they'd get into yet another big fight.

Tell the truth, the whole thing was getting old.

He wanted everything to go back to the way it was before. When Max slept around as much as he did and was only loyal to his group. Now it was always 'Liz this' and 'Liz that'. It was enough to make a grown man cry.

"What can I do for you?" He looked up, surprised at the sudden voice, and found himself staring into spark-filled emerald eyes.

Maria DeLuca.

The girl was on his 'to do' list. Most definitely. He'd always graviated toward her. She was a regular firecracker, sure to be great in the sack. Probably a screamer, too, he mused.

"Michael? Hello? Mr. Space Cadet, you gonna order?" He hid a grin. Ah, the famous DeLuca tongue. She was the only female alive who stood a chance of giving him whiplash from verbal abuse. He loved it.

"I'll just have a cherry coke and a plate of Saturn Rings."

She wrote it down. "Eating light tonight, are we? Got some strenuous plans?" She grinned at him winningly.

"Well, you know. I'm on a diet, trying to watch my manly figure." He smiled back up at her.

Her eyes raked him from head to toe, and he felt a sudden hardening as her gaze lingered hotly on his crotch. "A diet, really?" She leaned in conspiratorily. "I wasn't going to say anything, but just between you and me, I'd watch out for those crullers you like so much. They go straight to your butt."

He was stunned speechless for a moment and then decided the best way to win this game was to play it her way. He smiled coolly, "How'd you know crullers were my favorite?"

She blinked repeatedly then straightened completely, blushing and not looking him in the eye. "I...I, well..."

"You know," he said, "I was thinking about exercising tonight. You want to swing by and help out?" He raised his eye brows suggestively.

She stared at him, obviously trying to figure out if he was serious or not. When she realized he was completely and totally, actually inviting her over for a little rendevous, she regained her composure.

"I might just have to take you up on that offer. I've been looking for a little incentive to start working out, and I've heard you've got a fabulous machine. The girls all say it does wonders for their bodies." She gave him a saucy wink and walked away, her ass wiggling invitingly.

He contemplated grabbing it, but then she'd yell at him, and even though she was as sexy as hell when she was angry, he didn't want to ruin what he just accomplished.

Yup, a quick dip with Maria would do wonders.

"You are so kinky," Isabel pointed out, then went back to sipping Max's cherry coke.

He ignored her. "Where is Max? He better not be fucking Parker right now, or I swear..."

"Michael, chill. Liz is at the register. Besides," she sent him a piercing glare, "I thought you wanted him to get it over with."

"I do, but not right at this moment," he grumbled. "I just want him to realize she's not worth the trouble he's going through, he hasn't gotten any for like five months Izzy. That kind of abstinence could kill a man," he told her solemnly.

She just laughed.

Max walked down the steps from Liz's apartment. He had taken longer than necessary cleaning up. Spending the majority of the time going through Liz's stuff. Okay, okay, he knew it was wrong, but he couldn't help it.

He really should have though. That little black lace concoction in her underwear drawer had sent him back into the bathroom. In fact, her whole room had just...gotten to him.

Her scent all over everything, her laughing prescence haunting every corner. He had finally managed to leave, if only to preserve his sanity. He had to be able to be around her and not want to drag her up stairs and make wild, passionate sex to her.

He sighed heavily. "Hey." Arms slipped around his waist, and a soft body pressed against his while a sweet jasmine and vanilla scent wafted up, causing his head to spin with desire.

"Hey," he repeated. She moved to stand in front of him, and her smile turned into a small frown.

"What's wrong?" she asked, concerned.

He looked at her, surprised. "Nothing." Then he smiled. "I was just thinking about how it's getting harder and harder to stay away from you."

"So don't." She smiled prettily, and stood on her tiptoes to grant him a quick peck on the cheek. His smile increased. "My parents are away at a convention this weekend."

He looked at her sharply, expression guarded, but she wasn't looking at him. Her gaze was fixed on the floor. He could just imagine the flushed, hopeful look on her face, her tongue flicking out nervously. "Really?"

"Yeah, um..." She finally looked up at him, tucking her gorgeous dark hair behind her ear. "I was thinking, since you're going to be over everyday to study, you might as well just stay the whole weekend. Maximize our time and everything..."

"Liz, I don't know if that's..."

"Please, Max, I don't...I don't want to stay here alone." She looked so helpless and earnest, he really couldn't say no.

He really didn't want to say no.

"I guess it would okay. If I slept on the couch..."

"Oh, thank you!" She jumped into his arms, kissing him all over. Okay, maybe this wasn't such a good idea, he thought as he tugged her upward, deepening the kiss.

She was dangerously irresistible.

"There you are!" He suddenly found himself face-to-face with Michael.

"What?" He started gathering his things. He had to go home and pack before he came back.

"Iz and I wanted to know if you wanted to go see a movie tonight."

"Oh, I can't."

"You can't?"

"Yeah," he said, not looking at Michael, "Liz and I have to study for the Biology finals on Tuesday."

"Study tomorrow, or Sunday."

"We are." He looked at his sister. "Iz, will you cover for me at home? Tell them I went camping or something?"

"Yeah, sure," she said, waving him away. He smiled at her.

"Thanks, Isabel." Then he left.

Michael stared after him. "That is screwed up."

"Here's your bill." Maria dropped the paper on the table. "I get off at nine. Be there."

Now he stared after her. At least his evening wasn't totally shot.

Liz hummed happily, not even flinching when Max's sister and best friend glared at her when they paid. Nothing was going to ruin her mood.

She had been more than ready to consummate her relationship with Max for months. She was just trying to find a subtle way to let him know. This weekend would be perfect.

This weekend she was going to make Max Evans lose control.


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Part Eight:

She blew on her nails, trying to dry them, then she remembered-DUH!-alien powers. She swiped a hand over the other one and then repeated the process the opposite way. Smiling happily, she held up her hand to the light, enjoying the way the sparkles glittered. “This is fun!”

Isabel sent her one of those ‘you’re-so-stupid’ looks she was known to give to every drooling dog at their school.

“I mean it Izzy, we haven’t had a girl’s night since, like, seventh grade.”

“That’s because whenever you come over now, it’s to fuck Max.” The taller blond went back to her magazine.

“Speaking of which, where is he?” She had managed a quick peek into his room earlier to discover it empty. She was missing him. True, she had other guys to keep her busy, but none of them had Max’s prowess in the bedroom.

“He’s at Liz’s, Tess, you know, his girlfriend,” Izzy said and rolled her eyes.

Tess felt like cold water had been dropped on her. Max spent way too much time with that Parker girl. He was supposed to be hers. He was supposed to shower her with attention and gifts. She tried to maintain a calm façade. “Hasn’t he fucked her yet?”

“He probably will this weekend,” her friend replied absently, her scrutiny of the model’s outfit in the magazine was more important than Tess’ love problems.

“Well then, I expect he’ll be visiting me soon,” she thought aloud, happy. Max always came to her after boinking another human girl. He claimed she was the best, and after the bumbling attempts made by the inferior species, he needed a good fuck. She was always happy to oblige.

“I wouldn’t bet on it.”

Her head shot up from another critical examination of her nails, were they too sparkly? “What do you mean?” she asked, alarmed.

Isabel shrugged. “You said it yourself. He’s been acting weird since she came. I mean, God, have you seen the way he follows her around, and the money he’s spent on her? And, ack, the gooey way they stare at each other? It’s so disgustingly sweet I want to hurl. No. Mark my words Tess, Max won’t be playing Liz. This time it’s different. She…she like, changed him or something.”

Tess sat in frustrated silence. Izzy was right, Max had changed. But there was NO way she was letting him choose a mousy little human over her, his destiny. There was only one way to end this. She’d have to get Isabel and Michael on her side, get them to understand that Liz was dangerous.

“Isabel, has anyone ever considered the possibility that Liz isn’t what she seems?”

“What do you mean, Tess?”

“I mean, don’t you think it’s a little strange that she just showed up and all of a sudden Max is all head-over-heels in love?”

“What are you saying?”

“Maybe, maybe she’s FBI, or even one of our enemies.” Isabel was looking at her with wide eyes now.

“And what if she’s just a normal human being?”

“Then she’s human, but she’d still be dangerous.”


“Well, assuming Max is as ensnared as you believe, wouldn’t it stand to reason that he’d be blind enough to tell her our secret and trust her to keep it? And if he does that it’d only be a matter of days until she sold us out, right?”

“Oh. My. God.” Isabel had never looked so stricken. “You’re right, Tess, he’s got in way over his head, he could…he could betray us all without knowing…” Tess smirked, she had gotten through, implanted a little mind warp and Isabel was now totally ready to back her up. Now, to get Michael, and then Max, and then get rid of the human.

“Don’t worry, Izzy, I have a plan.”

She locked up and turned, then let out a little shriek. “What’re you doing here?! Did you WANT to give me a heart attack?”

He looked unperturbed. “You said nine, right?” She gaped at him. He had actually been serious about her coming over. He wanted her.

Well I’ll be a monkey’s uncle, she thought. “Yeah, nine,” was all she said, “So lets get going.” She walked past him, heading to her Jetta. He followed.

“Yes, lets.”

The car ride was silent, the walk up to his apartment was silent, and the opening of his door was silent. They walked in, and all hell broke loose.

“Don’t you clean?”

“Beg your pardon?”

“You should.” She gestured around at the cluttered apartment and unwashed dishes. “This place is a mess! You can’t expect to do anything in
here !"

“No one else has complained,” he retorted snappishly. She glared at him, green eyes flashing.

“Well, I guess tonight will be a ton of firsts for you, now won’t it? You had three hours to get this place in order. Three HOURS! Where have you been? Or did it not occur to you that I liked things in order. God, you could catch a disease in this room.”

Not likely sweetheart, he thought, and what does she mean ‘firsts’? “The bedroom is clean. Wanna check it out?” She stopped mid-rant and gave him a mischievous smile.

“I’ll do that.” She walked forward picking her way over the piles of clothes littering the floor and sent a disgusted look at the half-eaten box of pizza on the coffee table. She reached out carefully and opened the door to his room. She flinched back, as if expected something to fly out of it. He suppressed a chuckle, she was too funny.

When nothing happened she made a cautious step forward, followed by another and another until she was completely in the room. It was , and it smelled nice too, like leather and eucalyptus and something that was all Michael. She heard the door slam shut behind her and whirled around to come face to face with Michael.

He placed both of his hands on her shoulders, then leaned down and took her lips with his. It was deep, passionate, their tongues fighting for dominance. She refused to submit like a lamb, and gave back as good as she got.

Finally, they both needed air, and parted. His hands slipped under the thin straps of her blue tank top, running lightly over her skin. He started walking forward, driving her toward the bed.

“I believe something was said about exercising?”

How had this happened? They had been studying, and then BAM! They were making out on her couch.

His hands moved under her shirt, caressing each portion of sensitive skin beneath his fingertips. God, she was so soft, and she felt so…Perfect. Without thinking, he stripped off the baby-tee she was wearing, eyes feasting on the flesh revealed.

He went down, his mouth latching on to any part of her sweet, strawberry skin. “Max,” she moaned, her nimble fingers working at the buttons of his shirt. She curved up into him, placing light, ghost kisses along his neck.

He felt his shirt ripped off his shoulders, but he was in too deep to care. Her body was intoxicating. He wanted more of her. He wanted all of her. His hand strayed downward to the button on her jean shorts, undoing it and the zipper quickly. Max let his hand slip inside, between fabric and flesh, until he felt her essence on his fingers.

She gave a little gasp and wiggled against his fingers, aching for more. The fire was consuming her. She wanted him in her, satisfying her. “Max,” she pleaded, moving against him again.

“Oh, God, Liz,” he gasped. All of a sudden she felt the loss of his fingers, the loss of his body on top of hers.

She sat up, confused. “Max?” she asked.

He stared at her. Taking in her shirtless state, her bra strap falling down one shoulder, her shorts hanging on her hips, her hair mussed from his questing hands, her puffy, puffy lips, the way her tongue kept flicking out, and the hungry, questioning way her brown eyes stared up at him. “Liz…”

“I’m ready, Max,” she told him earnestly, leaning forward, eager for his touch.

“I know, sweet, and you don’t know how much I want to make you mine-“

“So do it,” she interrupted. He watched her, speechless at her wantonness, as she crawled into his lap, laying her head on his chest. “I know you want me Max, and I want you, too. I want you to love me. Why won’t you?”

She was looking up at him, head tilted back, chin resting on his skin. And he knew that this was it. He had to tell her the truth. He had never been more sure of anything in his life. He had to his girlfriend what he really was.

He wasn’t thinking about the consequences. He wasn’t thinking about how Isabel, Michael, and Tess would react. He was just scared to death that she wasn’t going to accept him and he’d lose her. But if he didn’t tell her why, he might lose her anyway. He didn’t have any choice.

Plus, as much as he was afraid, he wanted to tell her.

“Liz, I need to tell you something.”


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Part Nine:

Michael suddenly found himself on his back, with the blond spitfire straddled over him. He didn’t bother asking anything, because her hands were quickly becoming a distraction. They managed to somehow divest him of his pants within seconds, leaving only a pair of gold boxers.

“Oh,” she teased, running hands over his bulging erection, making him moan. The girl knew how to use her hands. “Sparkly,” she purred, “I like.”

“Good to know, but I think I’d prefer them off,” he groaned, thrusting into her palm. She giggled.

“Somebody’s impatient,” she sing-songed, but hurriedly removed that obstacle, too. She gasped at the sight of him fully revealed. Sure, she’d fantasized, but nothing had ever…

She reached out cautiously, tracing his hot shaft with one finger. He twitched slightly, and she almost pulled away, but he was tugging her urgently upward, plundering her mouth with his.

“Maria,” he moaned, his voice throaty and needing. It almost made her lose sight of her original goal:

She wasn’t going to let him play her.

Isabel lay down on her bed, Tess was already asleep. She wondered why the other girl hadn’t wanted to go straight to the Parker's and rescue Max, but Tess had said he wouldn’t tell her anything THIS weekend. He would wait until he got some before trusting her. Tess said he’d probably use the promise of information to lure her into bed.

Isabel thought Tess didn’t know Max that well.

But for some reason Izzy was no longer so concerned with Max trusting Liz. She may not be fond of the girl, but she could tolerate her, and Liz did have a good effect on her brother…

He was more…real with her. More himself. And that was great for Max, it really was, but it wasn’t for her.


She considered calling Michael, but then she remembered the Maria factor, and decided now wouldn’t be a good time. So she did what she always did to calm herself down. She reached onto her nightstand for her yearbook.

Flipping the pages quickly, she stopped, and smiled. Placing one finger on the smiling picture and concentrating. She felt the small hum that indicated a successful dream walk run through her, and she opened her eyes.

Just in time to see Alex Whitman sprinting past.

He felt the heat cascading over him, following her tongue. His Metallica shirt was ripped in two, baring his chest to her, and he didn’t even have time to mourn the loss of his favorite T-shirt before she descending on him again.

Oh, baby! She was so hot! Why hadn’t he screwed her before now? He clutched at her thighs as she made her slow, tantalizing way down his body. He thought for a moment that it wasn’t fair for her to be totally dressed, and him completely naked.

Okay, not totally. “You’re…you’re not wearing any underwear!” he panted. He slipped his fingers further beneath her black miniskirt.

“Michael,” she hissed, biting down on him slightly.

“’Ria…” She tore away, and before he could yell in protest, she was sucking him again. Only this time it was farther down. “Ma…Maria…”

She grinned, taking him in her mouth again, her tongue swirling around his head. She had no idea what she was doing. Sure, she wasn’t a virgin. There was Doug Sahn in the eighth grade, and then Neal just this year, but she’d never given a blowjob before.

She figured she was doing it right though, when he began to thrust his hips upward slightly, his hands in her hair. She licked him up and down, blowing on the wet spots before swallowing him again. She felt him harden even more within her hot mouth…She felt the tightening of his balls…

And then she slowly released him, jumping off the bed and straightening her skirt. She stared down at his bewildered, pain-filled face for a moment before leaning down.

She trailed one manicured fingernail over his manhood, making him shudder. She licked her lips, watching him as his gaze became riveted on her mouth. “This was fun,” she murmured.

Then she strolled leisurely to the door and paused at his strangled cry. She turned and winked. “We should do it again sometime.” Then she blew him a kiss and left.

Leaving a confused and very unsatisfied Michael Guerin in her wake.

He couldn’t move, his erection was rock hard and throbbing. He groaned, wanting her mouth on him again. She wasn’t going to get away with this. He’d have Maria DeLuca if it was the last thing he did.

And considering how easily she had manipulated him, it probably would be. But he couldn’t just let her get away with it.

Nobody played HIM.

Maria was laughing giddily as she drove home. That had been WAY too much fun. Giving Michael a taste of his own medicine…

Of course, he wasn’t going to let it go. He’d come after her, and eventually she’d give in, but not for a while. Not until he realized he wanted her more then anybody, that he needed her the way she’d needed him for years.

Until she tamed him.

Maria couldn’t wait to tell Liz. Her home-girl could learn a few things to deal with Max when he got too pushy. Not that he had been, but that hot little scene in the freezer room…

Not to mention the fact that Max had returned to the Crashdown with a duffel bag and Liz was grinning like a light bulb. Tonight probably wasn’t a good night. In fact, the whole weekend would more than likely be off limits.

Something was going down this weekend with Liz and Max.

For some reason, she suspected it would be Liz’s virginity.

She waited patiently, he looked very serious. She was trying to figure out if this was going to be a good conversation or a bad one, but she knew it was important.

It was something that could change everything.

He sat her up, looking deeply into her innocent eyes. She looked slightly scared, and he desperately hoped that look wouldn’t deepen into hate and disgust when he finally told her the truth.

She looked ravaged, her expression dazed and desiring, something he was infinitely proud of. Making him want her. He wanted to put off telling her until he had loved her properly, and she had loved him in return. He just wanted a little part of her if she did decide to turn away from him.

But he didn’t think that idea would go down well. She might think he had used her, betrayed her. And he didn’t want that.

If she was going to love him, it would be ALL of him, non-human and all…

He took a deep breath. “Liz, I’m an alien.”


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Part Ten:

He waited with bated breath for her reaction. At first she just looked at him, confused. He realized she didn’t understand what he was saying, and he started to talk again, when she got up.

“Liz?” She spun to face him, arms wrapped around herself. To his relief, she didn’t look afraid or disgusted, but the relief was short-lived. Her eyes were shiny with unshed tears, and she looked at little mad.

“Well, I don’t know what you want me to say,” she said, voice shaking with emotion, “I th…thought you wanted to be with me, but even if you didn’t, you could have at least came up with a better excuse, Max.”

She didn’t believe him. Max had never even considered the possibility that she wouldn’t believe him. “Liz…” He jumped off the couch and grabbed her, spinning her around to face him. “Liz I’m serious. I am an alien.”

She shook her head, not comprehending why he was trying to lie to her, but she met his gaze forthrightly, letting her anger show through. An anger that slowly tapered off when she realized he WAS being serious. He actually believed he was an alien.

“Max, it was a weather balloon, and it crashed, like, fifty years ago.”

“There were incubation pods on board, for the four of us.”

“Four of…” He sighed, leading her back to the couch. Sitting, he settled her comfortably on his lap, afraid she might take off running when he finished talking.

“Michael, Isabel, and…Tess are also…”

“Oh.” She was silent for a while, not moving, and he didn’t want to break the slight calm by saying something. “But…But why are you here now? I mean,” she looked even more confused, “Why did you come to Earth?”

“There was a civil war, or something, on our planet, and the four of us died. Apparently we were royalty and they placed our essences in these pods and combined them with human DNA and this is how we came out. So now we have to find these “enemies” that are supposedly on Earth and wipe them out before we can go home, and to do THAT, we have to figure out how to work the Granolith.” She opened her mouth to ask... “We don’t know what specifically it is, or what it does, but we know it’s our way home.”

She nodded against his chest, not looking at him. He started to worry again. “Liz, are you…okay? With all this, I mean.”

“It’s a little strange,” she said, finally lifting her head. “Okay, it’s a lot strange,” she conceded, laughing at his raised eyebrow. “But I think I understand.” She frowned suddenly. “Is that why you four are so…closed off?”

“Basically. It’s easier to hide, especially when you’re so different, and I guess we’ve been pretending for so long it just took us over.”

“No,” Liz said, “You’re not a player anymore, Max, and I can see behind Michael and Isabel’s masks too, but Tess…”

“Tess is Tess, Liz, she’s always been that shallow and, well, stupid.” Liz giggled and he finally smiled, but he didn’t let her out of his hold, she still might leave. Where to, he didn’t know, considering this was her apartment, but the fear was still there, irrational or no.

“But you still sleep with her,” she pointed out, sounding hurt.

“No,” he rushed to reassure her, “Maybe once, but not now, not ever again.”

“Why did you in the first place?” This whole thing was just confusing her. Her boyfriend was an alien. Way weird.

Great, the one thing he didn’t want to tell her about, his destiny. But he could tell she wasn’t going to let him off the hook, and she deserved to know everything. She did, it was only fair. He just hoped she’d still love him.

“This is really hard to talk about-“

“It’s really hard to hear,” she interrupted, “But continue anyway.”

He nodded, “There’s this thing Tess calls destiny…”

Isabel sighed happily and rested her head on his shoulder, letting him lead to the soft music playing in the gym. She had managed to convince him that he wasn’t late for Mr. O’Brien’s calculus exam, but he had an appointment with a certain lady for a dance in the gym.

So now here they were, she had used her powers to alter the dream, decorating the room, adding music, giving Alex a tuxedo and her a hot red dress. She felt really…content.


“Hmm?” She lifted her head, staring dreamily into his blue eyes.

“How come you’re not usually like this?”

“Like what?”

“Like you are inside. No offense, but you’re normally a bitch, you don’t let people see who you really are.”

“And you see who I am, Alex?”

“Yes,” he told her, nodding.

“What do I look like?”

“You’re beautiful. You’re afraid of exposing yourself Isabel, but you’re perfect. You’re sweet and caring, and, and…just absolutely the most wonderful girl in the world.”

“Alex…” She smiled, really smiled. He was so adorable. “Thank you.” She leaned forward and kissed his cheek gently. He gave her one of those grins that made her insides quiver and twirled her around, making her laugh.

“Isabel...” he murmured, eyes serious as he leaned down. She tilted her chin upward to meet his kiss…


She shot up in bed to see Tess staring at her. “What?” she demanded angrily.

“You were laughing.”

“And THAT was a reason to wake me up!”

She shrugged. “It woke me up,” she said simply. Isabel gave her a look of disbelief and then growled, burying underneath her covers. Tess was just…Grr.

Alex woke up with a shock. He lay in his bed for a while, attempting to get his bearings. That dream…Had it been a dream? It had felt so real.

But of course it was. After all, Isabel Evans would never allow her true self to show through, especially to him. He was chessboy, computer geek, freak, and fry cook Alex Whitman. He’d never get a chance to get close to Isabel, let alone gain her trust.

He groaned. He’d never be able to get back to sleep now.

“There was this hologram of my mother, mine and Isabel’s, she said I was the “beloved leader” of our planet and that Tess was my “young bride” and Michael and Isabel were betrothed. We pretty much just accepted it and went on with our lives. There was no reason NOT to be together, it wasn’t like we actually CARED about anybody. So we screwed each other and whatever other people came along and we were okay with it.”

“And then I came.”

“Yeah, you changed everything Liz. You changed the way I looked at the world. You made me CARE, Liz, about you, about my actions…about life. You made me FEEL.”

“But what if I can’t…please you,” she whispered, mortified, “and you go back to Tess?”

He snorted and she looked up, surprised. “That’s not going to happen, Liz, just SEEING you gives me more pleasure than being with Tess.”


“I’ll show you Liz.”

“How?” He grasped her chin, forcing her to look him in the eye. She looked scared, but not of him, it was as if she were afraid she wasn’t GOOD enough. The thought made him want to laugh. He was the unworthy one, unworthy of her trust, her love.

“Liz…” He leaned down, his breath mingling with hers. “Close your eyes and try and let your mind blank out.” She did as he said, and when he was sure she was ready, he kissed her, and the flashes came.


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Part Eleven:

Liz wasn’t quite sure what was happening. Max had just kissed her out of the blue, in the middle of a serious discussion. She almost pulled away. Didn’t he KNOW this wasn’t the time to make out?!

Then pictures began to form on the inside of her eyelids. Pictures accompanied by emotions that weren’t hers.

They were Max's.

She could see him breaking out of a green pod, feeling confusion at his surroundings. She watched as he saw another small boy and a blond girl whom he felt an immediate kinship to. The little girl reached out her hand to him, silently asking him to follow. He took one look around and spotted an unopened pod, a curly-haired girl floating inside. He went to it, staring at her, feeling detached. Then he turned to the other girl. Isabel, she thought.

He was outside now, cold, but safe. The girl was still with him though the boy had run. They had seen him awhile ago, standing on a rock, but he hadn’t come to them. Now they were alone, but not really. Crunching on gravel sounding and he turned. Light washed over the two naked bodies and the big thing stopped. He was scared now, but he didn’t move. His sister trusted these two people and he stayed with her.

He waited quietly with his sister in a plastic chair, swinging his feet back and forth. He still felt uncomfortable in these clothes and with this language. It was unfamiliar, but then again everything was unfamiliar in this place. They called him “Max” here, and his sister was “Isabel”.

“Max, Izzy.” He looked instinctively to where the caring voice was coming from. It was the lady who had found them. Isabel ran to her and he followed more slowly, still wary. He was enfolded in warm arms immediately, head burrowed into the bright yellow sweater, the smell of lemons enveloped him. “Don’t worry babies, I’m your mother now. You’re safe.” He began to relax.

Tears soaked the pillow from where he had buried his head in the navy cotton. He didn’t understand this feeling of incompleteness, of being lost. This was his home now, with Diane and Phillip and Isabel. There wasn’t any other place. Not one he could remember.
She moved forward, then realized she wasn’t real. This was a memory, and she couldn’t provide the comfort she was aching to give to this small, lonely, little boy.

The door opened and his mother walked in cautiously. “Maxie?” He turned his head, wiping away any sign that he’d been crying. ‘Boys don’t cry’ his dad had said. “Sweetie, please tell me what’s wrong.”

“Nothing’s wrong Mom.”

“Honey…” She approached the bed and sat down beside his prone form, rubbing his back lightly she continued. “I know this has been hard, adjusting and all. But we love you and Isabel so much, and we want you to be happy here, with us. Now I realize you don’t remember your…real parents-“

“Mom-“ he protested, sitting to face her. He didn’t want her to think she was an inadequate mother. She was the best…

“No, honey, I understand. But we don’t know anything about where you’re from, all we know is that you’re ours now. And we hope you consider us your family and this your home.”

“I do, Mom. I love you and Dad and the house.”

“But you’re still crying every night, Max.”

“I know.” He rubbed his head in frustration. “I don’t know why though, I just don’t know…why I feel so lost all the time.” Tears began to burn his eyes again.

She nodded and reached for the package she had placed on his dresser when she had first sat. She handed it to him. “Open it.”

He looked at her, and then concentrated on the gift. He unwrapped it methodically, careful not to tear the paper. When finally he was finished, he held a porcelain house in his hands. “Mom?”

“It’s a magic house sweetie. If you close your eyes and hold on to it, it’ll take you home.” She smiled down at him and kissed his forehead. “I’ll leave now. You better get some sleep mister.” Now he smiled and stared at his mother as she left.

“Mom,” he called. She paused in the doorway. “Thank you.” Her smile grew wider, happier.

“Good night, sweetie.”

“Night Mom.” He waited until she turned off the light and closed the door, then he placed the toy house on his nightstand, smiling wistfully. He really wished it could actually take him home, but he didn’t know where home was.

Liz nearly broke down right there. She felt so sad, he had been so alone…

Max deepened the kiss. He didn’t want this to end, all her memories, her emotions…

He had seen her the first time she met her two best friends, Sarra and Shelly. Saw all the escapades the three of them had gone on, the pranks they’d pulled, and the trouble they caused. He saw her at her awards ceremonies, her happiness at making her parents proud.

He could feel her horror when she had been informed of the move. He could feel it increase as she entered the smallest of all small towns. When she enrolled in the school and found the overpoweringly lame alien theme over EVERYTHING.

Max could feel her awe the first time she saw him. His ego swelled to enormous proportions at the emotions she was throwing at him, her happy thrill at the spark between them, at the fact that he was interested in HER of all people.

She was confused when her new friends warned her to stay away from him. When they told her he was a player. The shock of Michael’s bet and the inner struggle inside her of who to believe. She was caught up in a war between society’s views of him and the demands her heart was making.

He knew, with a joyous leap of his heart, that she had seen through his exterior mask easily, piercing him to the very core of his being. She had seen a lost, lonely boy in need of love that she was more than willing to give.

A small jolt of awareness seeped into him from the connection. It was Liz, reaching out for him, delving deeper, wanting more. His tongue clashed with hers and he gave his consciousness up, taking hers in return.

She was discovering every crevice of his life, every nook and cranny of his mind, every tiny detail of his soul. She was learning him inside and out and letting him do the same with her. This was what she had always dreamed a relationship would be, in a less odd fashion, but the complete sharing…

She knew when he had found out he and Isabel were different, when he had healed a pigeon, when they drew strange symbols they recognized but didn’t know in the sand, when they met Michael, and…Tess.

NO! Oh God, no! She didn’t want to see this, she didn’t want to see them together. It would rip her apart. She tried to pull away from Max, but he was too deeply entrenched in her soul to feel it.

She watched as he first met Tess, felt the slight flare of a connection that disappeared quickly. When he first met Ed Harding, who told them what they were, what they had been engineered for. Their past still remained a blur, but they had a future. A destiny.

They started to pull away from their human sides as they concentrated on their powers and fulfilling their destiny. They became aloof, and suddenly the other kids were seeing them as superior, as beings to be worshipped. Ed said this was how it should be. They ruled the high school the minute they stepped into the building their freshman year.

Max was so unhappy.

Make it stop, she pleaded as she saw Tess slip her hand into Max’s, taking him with her to a room, blue eyes hypnotizing, voice saying she was his destiny. His wife. She felt the awkwardness of his first time. She felt his brief feeling of completeness only to have it gone within a second.

That’s when he started playing. But none of the girls gave him the briefest amount of the feeling he craved. So he returned to Tess again and again, just for that one, lightning instant of home. But he felt nothing towards her as a person, she was just there, the only thing he had left of a place long forgotten. He began to distance himself from emotion.

Then she had come. She had swept through him like a whirlwind, leaving behind a disoriented young man with a pounding heart and sweaty palms. A nervous, stammering boy who thought she was the most beautiful creature in the universe. Liz felt giddy all of a sudden as she felt what he felt for her.

She saw all the times she had been embarrassed by something stupid she had said and he had thought that she was adorable. That tucking her hair behind her ear was cute, her blushing sweet, her plain old brown eyes were sparkling and alluring, and her pouting mouth sexy.

She began to warm all over, Max’s hands on her back burning her flesh. She wiggled closer to him.

He felt her body press more tightly against his and he let his hands wander down further. She felt so good.

Like home.

The flashes were still coming, but now all he saw was himself. Himself in her eyes. She loved him. He still found that an unconceivable notion. That she could love someone like him. But she did. He could feel it

He could feel it when he first kissed her. Even then, that long ago. That first time…He could feel it every time she looked at him or touched him or kissed him. It permeated into every fiber of his being.

Max could read her readiness to further their relationship. Her hunger for him to complete her the way she knew only he could. The way he knew only he could. His possessiveness of her would allow no other man to have her. Ever.

He could feel her unease that she might not be as…experienced…as he was used to. She knew he went back to Tess after every girl. Now, after every human. What if she was the same? What if she wasn’t alien enough for him? Her worry was more of that than the knowledge of him being not of this earth.

He wanted to laugh. Liz was a trillion billion times more...everything, than Tess. She was his dreamgirl, he supposed. A dream turned reality that would never fade. She was the one.

The only one.

He suddenly wondered what she was getting from his head, would she understand these thoughts?

He was excited about being her first kiss. He wanted to be her first everything. The thought sent trills of pleasure down her spine. He did want her! He did!

But she had known that, because he had known that, she just needed it confirmed.

She knew because she confused him. He had wanted to stay away and couldn’t. He wanted to be different, to be worthy of her attention. She listened to his conversation with his mother about how to treat a lady, his lectures to himself to take everything slow, his anger at Isabel and Michael for not understanding his need to be with her, his annoyance at Tess for clinging, and his absolute, shining bliss whenever he was near her.

He wanted to wait to make it special for her. He wanted to wait until she knew she was his forever, his only one. He wanted to wait until he worked up enough courage to tell her the truth about himself. He wanted her to know he loved her. He wanted her to accept all that he was.

He wanted her to know that she was his home.

They opened their eyes at the same instant, amber staring into velvety depths. Understanding and mutual love flowed calmly between them as they rested from the emotional high in each other’s arms.



The staring contest continued, broken only by soft sighs and small, fleeting kisses. Small, secret smiles were etched on their faces, they had no need to speak.

This was the afterglow of their first lovemaking.

Their souls were now one.

The kiss started gentle and tender, then began to take on the attributes of their earlier passion. Sighs intermingled, hands tangled, and the kisses grew deeper.

Liz broke away suddenly, standing before him. She was still ravished and she looked like an angel. Max stared up at her. She shyly extended her hand to him and he took it, her small paw lost in his larger one. He got to his feet. They stood for a moment, eyes locked, making a decision.

She led him toward her bedroom and he followed wordlessly.


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Part Twelve:

“Where the hell have you been?”

Maria paused at the sound of her mother’s voice. She turned around and immediately lost her bouncy, giggling self. Mom was definitely not a happy camper.

“What?” she asked, trying to play innocent. That’s right, ‘Ria, she told herself, keep them big green eyes of yours wide open, remember to look innocent.

“It’s eleven THIRTY, Maria, your curfew is eleven. ELEVEN! Not eleven THIRTY!”

“Mom, chill,” she said alarmed at her mother’s attitude. Then she took full stock of her appearance. Her hair was mussed, her robe hanging loosely, and she looked like a cross between frantically worried and mad as hell, and that was not a good thing. In fact a mad Amy DeLuca was a very bad thing.

“Chill? You want me to CHILL?!” She tried to say something, but her mom wouldn’t hear of it. “No, Maria, no excuses.” Amy took a deep breath. “Just tell me. Is it drugs?”

“No, Mom!”

“Oh thank God.” She smiled at her daughter and pulled her into a hug. Maria breathed a sigh of relief.

“I’m going to bed, okay? I have to work at seven tomorrow. Mr. Parker is a slave driver!” She kissed her mom’s cheek and headed down the hall to her neatly cluttered room.

“Maria.” Again she stopped and turned. Her mother was eyeing her miniskirt suspiciously. She nervously tugged it down a little further. “Is it a boy, Maria? Are you having sex?” the last bit was said in a dreaded whisper.

Maria said nothing.

Amy’s expression became horrified. “Maria!”

“No, Mom. I’m not having sex. I’m not, I swear.” She held up her hand in the Girl Scout promise. Innocent eyes, innocent eyes, innocent eyes…It was technically true. She hadn’t had sex since the beginning of the year, and what she had done to Michael couldn’t officially be termed sex.

Her mom kept up the staring contest and Maria kept up the innocent eyes. Finally Amy relented. “All right, Maria, I know you wouldn’t do that. I just get scared sometimes. You’re my baby girl, I don’t want you to make the same mistakes I did. I don’t want you to wind up pregnant and alone by eighteen.”

“I won’t, Mom.”

“I know sweetie, I know you wouldn’t do that to me.” She wrapped an arm around her beautiful daughter. “I trust you. I want you to know that, Maria. And I don’t want you to think I pressuring you to abstain from boys, just wait. Until you’re about thirty, okay?”

Maria laughed and hugged her mother again. “I promise.” She paused and then turned back suddenly for another embrace. “I love you, Mommy,” she whispered, then ran down the hall to her room.

Alex shoved his hands in his pocket, his guitar strapped to his back. He was walking. Not sure where to yet, but he was walking.

That dream had done him in. He hated dreaming about Isabel Evans, he could never get back to sleep again. So the nighttime walks had become routine. He wandered aimlessly around Roswell and tried to forget feeling Isabel’s body, or the sound of her voice, or the fact that dream-Isabel was the real Isabel he saw inside the Ice Princess.

He sighed and stopped, looking around. Roswell Elementary it was. He started for the playground.

Isabel Evans was NOT in a good mood. She jammed the pillow more firmly over her head, trying to drown out the sounds of Tess snoring. No wonder Max always left in the middle of the night. She sounded like a fucking foghorn.

“Stupid bitch,” she muttered and got out of her bed. She grabbed a sweatshirt and put it over her jammie top and then, not bothering to be quiet, even though it appeared Tess could sleep through this but not giggling, and opened the window. Making sure her drawstrings were secure, she slid out and shot Tess one more disgusted look before walking away from her house.

She shivered and hunched further into herself, it was chilly. Of course, Max wasn’t here…She looked left, then right, then behind and touched one hand to her nose. In a second she was warm and toasty. Thank you supernatural powers.

She smiled now and continued on with a bounce in her step. She was just passing the old elementary school, where even then she had reigned supreme, when the soft sound of music reached her ears.

Isabel paused, staring through the chain link fence at the darkened playground. She wasn’t imagining things, someone was in there. Someone who could make beautiful music. Almost in a trance, she wandered over to the gate and slipped through the gap in the two halves. She headed over to the merry-go-round, where the sound was coming from.

She stopped dead in her tracks and hid suddenly behind a tree, her heart beating unnaturally loud. She peered back out at the merry-go-round, at the dark head that was bent over a guitar, lightly strumming. What was Alex Whitman doing here???

Oh well, it didn’t matter, she was leaving. Isabel turned to leave, but the throaty sound of his voice stopped her. He was singing the song from their dream. Oh God…She swung back around.

“I’ve been watching you and all you do, for quite sometime…”

“Knowing all the ins and outs of you, I should of known what was on your mind…” Oh God! What had made her do that?

Alex stood up abruptly, surprised when the feminine voice had joined his, and found himself staring straight at Isabel Evans. The Isabel Evans, the one he had been dreaming about, the one that had sent him out here in the middle of the night. Miss Ice Princess herself, and…

She looked embarrassed.

That, of course, was obviously a devious trick his mind had played on him to cover up for his embarrassment, because Isabel Evans never got embarrassed.

“Uh, Isabel, hi,” he said lamely.

“Hi Alex.” She knew his name! Wow. Isabel Evans knew his name. This had to be another dream. “You look confused,” she told him, walking over to where he still stood.

“Oh,” he snapped out of his trance, smiling at her nervously, “Um, no?” Great Whitman, real suave, he thought sarcastically. She moved past him, sitting on the spot he had just vacated.

“’Let Me In’?” she asked, patting the area next to her.

“Uh, yea,” he sat eagerly, “Save Ferris is awesome.”

She nodded in agreement, smiling at him, and he felt his stomach drop to his feet. “It’s one of my favorite songs.”

“Mine too,” he was nodding stupidly and grinning, totally aware that he was making an ass out of himself, but not caring. Isabel Evans was talking to him! Voluntarily! “So, uh, what are you doing out here?”

“What are you doing out here?” she countered.

“Oh, um…” He silently cursed himself and hoped she couldn’t see him blushing. “Couldn’t sleep.”

“Bad dream?”

“No actually, a really good dream.” He glanced at her through the corner of his eye, surprised to see her smiling, almost reminiscently.

“What was it about?” He wasn’t sure, but he thought he detected a note of teasing in her voice. Did she know…No, she couldn’t, but he wasn’t going to be the one to tell her he was absolutely infatuated with her.

“Oh no, no diversions. What are you, Miss Isabel Evans, doing at an elementary school at,” he checked his watch, “midnight?”

“Tess,” she said simply.

“Tess? That’s not helping, I’m gonna need a few more clues.” She laughed, again surprising him, and he looked at her amazed. She was so different in private than she was in public, but he had known that.

“I was asleep and then SHE woke me up. She said I had been LAUGHING, as if it was some big crime or something. She’s so exasperating, but anyway, she went back to sleep and I started to, but then she started snoring! SNORING! How the hell am I supposed to sleep with a lumberjack in my room?” she explained, “So I took off for a walk and wound up here.” She looked at him. “Satisfied?”

“Quite, but if you don’t like Tess so much…Why invite her over?” Her response was a sigh.

“I didn’t. She decided we needed a “girl’s night”, but it was just an excuse to see Max, even though she knew he wasn’t going to be home.”

A slight feeling of panic came over him. “And where is Max?” he asked guardedly.

“He’s spending the night at Liz’s,” she told him dismissing the matter. Full blown panic ensued. “I think they’re
finally going for it. Tess is thrilled.”

“And why would Tess be thrilled?” his was voice tight.

She looked at him curiously. “She thinks Max will come crawling back to her now.” Her tone indicated she didn’t have the same belief system as Tess. He relaxed a bit, but he had to make sure Liz would be safe. If Max Evans broke her heart, so help him, he’d break something of Max’s!

“And you don’t?” She was playing with her hands now, not looking at him.

“I know my brother,” she answered cryptically.

“And just what is that supposed to mean?!” he exploded. Now she looked surprised.

“Why do you care?” Her eyes narrowed suspiciously. “Have you got a crush on Parker?” For a split instant he thought she looked jealous, and then hurt, but he brushed his overactive imagination aside.

“No.” A brief flash of hope in brown eyes. Down brain, he ordered, don’t jump to conclusions. He’d been friends with girls for too long, he was starting to think like them , analyzing every little detail. His mind was like a hamster in an exercise wheel. “She’s one of my best friends and I don’t want her getting played.”

“I know my brother,” she repeated, “and I know he wouldn’t do that to Liz.”

“How do you know?” he demanded. She grinned.

“I like you all dominant,” she said and he felt like melting into a puddle of mush, but he had to be steel against her regard. For Liz. “I know because I’ve seen them together, Alex. I’ve seen the way he acts around her, the way he talks about her…She’s it for him, Alex. The way he looks at her…” she trailed off wistfully and then gave a self-deprecating laugh, “Every girl dreams of somebody looking at her that way.”

They stared at each other.

He started kissing his way down her neck, sucking on her strawberry skin. She tasted so good! He pulled her closer and her hands ran through his hair, her body clinging to his. These clothes need to go, he thought, but he made no move to remove them. He was too busy memorizing the skin beneath her shirt and the taste of her.

They were going to have to lay down soon, not soon enough, by his standards, but he had to make sure Liz was ready. She was so innocent, he wanted to go slow to make sure she experienced everything.

He finally slid her tank top off. He cupped her breasts through her bra and felt her harden. Oh God…He dipped his head down again, tongue trailing over the new skin revealed, his hands trying to go everywhere all at once. He couldn’t stop kissing her. Couldn’t stop touching her. She was just…Everything.

“Max,” she gasped as he continued his exploration, “I’ve never done this before…Of course I haven’t, if my first kiss…Oh God…I mean…” she trailed off in her mutterings, clasping him closer to her body.

But he finally stopped his assault, wanting anything to further implement it, but the hesitance in her voice scared him. He could feel her readiness in her body’s response and through their connection, but when he looked at her…Her eyes were so unsure.

“Liz…” His hands now cradled her head, wondering what he had done wrong. Had he gone too fast? Was her reaction frightening her? Was he frightening her?

She bit her lip. “Max…I don’t know how!” she wailed.

He felt all the air rush out of his body in relief, his anxieties disappearing. She was still worried about her inexperience. He chuckled softly and then kissed her deeply, halting all embarrassment as her tongue again collided with his.

“I’ll show you, Liz,” he whispered as he lay her on the bed, her dark hair fanning out over her pillow, “I’ll show you.”


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Part Thirteen:

He stared down at her as she lay on the bed, trusting him to teach her the ways of a man and a woman, to teach her how to make love.

The hesitance, together with the shy excitement in her brown eyes, gave her the aura of a young girl venturing into a strange new world called womanhood. The whole effect left Max feeling both very protective and extremely possessive.

Liz was his.

She was giving herself to him the way she had never given herself to another. It was an act he would treasure forever, just as he treasured the knowledge that he, of all people, held her love. Held her heart and soul.

Max reached a trembling hand into his back pocket, pulling out the condom he had placed inside as a precaution, and placed it on the nightstand beside her bed. She watched each move he made curiously, not knowing what to expect, but waiting for him to show her.

He sat down cautiously on her bed, almost afraid it would break beneath him, and slowly began to take off his gray T-shirt. He felt her helping him, tugging at the cotton fabric until it was on the floor. He looked at her, surprised by her eagerness, but her attention was elsewhere.

Small hands caressed his now bare chest, chocolate eyes trained on each muscle the patches of moonlight revealed. She leaned forward, placing soft kisses on his skin. He groaned, maybe she didn’t need to be shown so much.

Liz glanced up at him, encouraged by his moan that she was doing all right, so she renewed her efforts. Skimming fingertips lightly over his broad back, sucking at his throat and shoulders, trying desperately to bank the fires touching him had caused in her body.

“Liz…” She was suddenly crushed beneath him, her lips taken in his own. He demanded entrance to her mouth, demands which she yielded to immediately. She could never hold back anything from him, and she let the passion that was threatening her take over.

It would be okay tonight. It would be okay to give him everything. He wanted her, he loved her…

And she had been waiting so long for this night. For him to finally give in to the need they both felt for each other.

One of his large hands deftly unclasped the small, unsexy, red polka-dotted white cotton bra. She felt a pang of jealously with the knowledge that he had become so adept at the task by loving other girls.

“I love you,” he gasped, “Only you, Liz.”

She kissed him fiercely in response to his assurance, still amazed at the connection that was flowing between them. Amazed at the trail of glowing fire his touch left on her body. Having an alien as a lover definitely had its advantages.

She felt the slight rumblings of laughter in his chest as he read her thought, and answered it with a breathy giggle of her, before need tore at her again and she arched into his skilled hands as they kneaded her breasts.

“Max…” she pleaded, wanting more.

“I know, love, just be patient.”

He replaced his hands with his mouth, tasting every portion of skin he could get his tongue on. She was so sweet.

He could read her need through the connection as easily as he could read his own. They both needed more. He eased his hands down her slim body, slipping them between silky fabric and trim, shapely hips. In one motion he had effectively removed all clothing that had been hampering his exploration of her glorious body.

She was unaware of her sudden nakedness, still concentrating on the feelings his mouth was producing. This was all new. The furthest they had gotten was second base, due mostly to Max’s reluctance, not for her lack of trying, but he had been firm. Now she knew why.

Because he loved her.

He was stroking her gently, attempting to bring her to the edge before he began his penetration of her heat. She had been wet for him already, and the essence of her was flowing thickly, leaving him with a manly sense of exultation at the knowledge of what he could bring her to.

“Max!” she gasped. She became aware of her vulnerable state with a shock.

“No, Liz,” he told her, staying her knees as they instinctively came together to hide herself from his view. He gazed down at her, smiling gently at her mortification. “I need you to relax, sweet, I need you open for me.”

He coaxed her legs back into their original, welcoming position. He planted kisses along the inside of her smooth thighs, inhaling her intoxicating scent.

“Max,” she whispered, still embarrassed. He slid between her thighs and kissed his way back up her body until he was again feasting on her mouth. The slight stain of pink was everywhere, and he gently slid one finger into her. “Max!”

Her brown eyes were suddenly opened wide, staring at him in surprise. “Max, what are you doing?”

“I’m getting you ready for me, love.” He slid another finger in her, gently stroking, bringing on more of her honey.

“R…ready? OH, Max!” She trembled slightly, her legs clenching around his still jean-clad body. They were getting uncomfortably tight, Liz’s response to him was intensely gratifying. He took his fingers from her, smiling at the slight sigh of disappointment from the girl beneath him. “Max?”

“One second, Liz, I just need to get these damn clothes off.”

She sat up, reaching for his zipper. “Let me help,” she ordered urgently. She wanted him in her again, producing those amazing sensations that had almost made her come undone into a million pieces. She wanted him to make her reach that shining place that she had been denied.

Groaning in frustration, she realized he was wearing boxers underneath his jeans and pulled those down too. “Hurry,” she begged. He kissed her deeply and she sensed his equally powerful desire for her. She sighed and lay back down, content to wait, knowing he would give her what she craved, because he craved the exact same thing:


Max finally managed to wriggle out of his pants and boxers and reached for the strategically placed condom. The need for the thing annoyed him, he wanted to be able to feel Liz. All of her, all around him…

But he couldn’t take the risk of her getting pregnant. Maybe in the future, but not now. They were too young to worry about kids.

“Max…” Her sweet voice caused him to harden even more and he groaned, wondering at how she made him lose control so easily. He settled back between her legs and tangled his hands in her silky brown hair. He gazed down at her, poised to enter. He could feel her want for him, but he needed her to say it.

“Are you sure?” He gulped away sudden nervousness and waited.

Her bottomless eyes were a charming mixture of trusting, childlike innocence and womanly passion. She wrapped her arms around his back, her body melting against his, and she smiled at him.


One word. One tiny, three letter word that held all hope for a happy future. One small, seemingly insignificant word that brought him to the brink of insanity. Yes.

But he couldn’t give in to that out of control desire to plunge into her. He needed to go slow, to make it good. She needed to experience true lovemaking.

He pushed gently in her soft, silken body. Slowly, slowly, he warned himself. He didn’t want to hurt her and he didn’t want to scare her. This had to be perfect. Absolutely perfect.

Just like her.

His fingers felt different when they were in her, but this was proving equally enjoyable. Liz had been afraid in the beginning that he would be too large to fit in her, but she found that her body was accommodating him nicely.

“Max…” she moaned, clinging to him as he began to thrust more deeply into her tight body.

Pleasure rippled through him, and he knew he was fast on his way to falling apart, but he couldn’t give in yet, she needed to experience EVERYTHING, and he wasn’t about to give in to oblivion until she had had her release. Even if it killed him.

Max suddenly met with resistance, and he paused in his steady penetration. “Max?” she queried in a love-hazed voice, “Why did you stop?”

“Liz…Love this is going to hurt for a moment.” Alarm swept through her.

“What’s going to-” He cut her off with one of those drugging kisses and quickly broke the barrier.

She cried out in pain against his lips, tears stinging her eyes. He stilled within her, and lifted his own wet eyes to meet hers. “Sorry,” he apologized hoarsely, “I’m so sorry, Liz. Do you want me to stop?”

She stared up at him as the pain that had jolted through her body suddenly became lost in a sea of other, more intriguing emotions. “No,” she told him, tugging his head back down, “No, don’t stop, Max.” She kissed him deeply and thrust her hips up as his crashed downward once more. “Don’t ever stop,” she murmured against his lips.

Max renewed his efforts vigorously, still at a steady pace, but faster, designed to bring her to the edge quicker. Her touch was burning into him and their bodies were both taking on a silvery glow, whether due to alien powers or moonlight, he wasn’t sure, but he had a hunch it was his other worldliness.

She was getting closer. She could feel it with each stroke of him, she was coming closer and closer to the precipice she had wanted to reach before. The one that had almost shattered her with sensations. “Oh, God…MAX!” she screamed, tumbling over into an endless pit of pleasure.

Her delicate body shivered beneath his, his name ringing in his ears. He felt utter joy as she came apart in his arms. The knowledge that HE had produced such a remarkable response in her, that it was HE she had given herself to. No other man would possess her like this, no other man would see her in the throes of ecstasy. She was his.


It was the last coherent thought he had before plunging one last time into her depths. His release was upon him immediately and he tensed, her name torn from his lips, until the overwhelming sense of belonging enshrouded him and he collapsed in her arms.

He woke two hours later, not completely sure as to his surroundings. He raised his head and took in the still dark exterior of the world and the digital clock that read 4:00 in annoyingly bold, red numbers.

Who the hell got up that early in the morning?

Max grumbled further about the ungodly hour and pulled the covers tighter around himself. The earlier events of the night were still catching up with him and he sleepily closed his eyes, burying his head back into Liz’s hair and bringing her sweet, naked body flush with his.

He never remembered the fact that he had timed his internal clock to wake him up at a specific hour after sex, leaving him adequate time for a visit to Tess’s and to get home for a shower before school.

He didn’t remember because he hadn’t used it for months and would likely never use it again. After all, his playing days were over.


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Part Fourteen:

She woke up slowly, deliciously aware of Max’s naked body pressed tightly against hers. He was still here.

She heard him groan softly and turn over, taking her with him so that she was lying on his chest, her long dark hair caressing his skin. He opened his eyes sleepily and gave her a lazy, loving smile.

“Hey,” he whispered, kissing her gently.

“Hey,” she whispered back, feeling uncontrollably giddy. She bounced up slightly, peppering his face with kisses, unable to stop smiling. He laughed at her and looked at her curiously.

“Why are you so happy?”

“You’re still here.”

His eyes turned serious, but he kept a smile on his face and a teasing note in his voice. “Where else would I be?”

Her hand snaked out, coming to rest above his heart. She looked at him when he covered it with his own, and she said nothing, only smiled.

Their connection had faded, but it was still humming lightly in the back of their minds, and any and all doubts were erased.

Liz felt the need to break the soft silence surrounding them, she was filled with this rush of energy to do something. Anything. “How would you feel about a shower and some breakfast?”

He plopped himself down in a booth, smiling happily. He just couldn’t seem to wipe the grin off his face, no matter how doofus-like it may look, it wouldn’t go away. Of course, it didn’t have any reason to.

After all, he, Alex Charles Whitman, was meeting Isabel Evans, the Isabel Evans, for breakfast.

Oh, yeah, I’m the king of the world.

“Hey! What’re you doing here, you have the lunch rush and the dinner shift, not breakfast.”

He looked up at the green-eyed pixie he called best friend and gave her one of his goofiest grins.

“I’m meeting someone for breakfast, that is, if she shows up.” Which she might not, he considered, she had probably realized by now what a stain on her reputation meeting a geek would be and decided to bail. She-

She was probably walking through the door right now.

“The Ice Queen cometh,” Maria murmured, watching Isabel suspiciously. Alex didn’t notice, all he saw was the disdaining frown on Isabel’s face dissolving into a brilliant smile as soon as she saw him.

“And she melteth away, now leave Maria.” He ignored her surprised expression and backed off.

“Whatever you say, dude.”

He rose with a smile to greet Isabel and then they both sat down. “So…” he started, “What would you like to eat? It’s my treat, so don’t worry about paying or anything.”

“That’s really sweet, but I’ll just have whatever you’re having.”

“Oh, okay.” He gestured Maria over, but she just gave him a dirty look and sent Agnes. The old lady made her way over to them at a snail’s pace and offhandedly took their order, then she decided to go on a cigarette break. Alex and Isabel just stared after her as she sat at the counter and then looked at each other and shook their heads. “I’ll just go tell Jose.”

She nodded, smiling up at him, and he felt on top of the world for the second time that day.

So Alex and Isabel? She hadn’t seen that one coming, no way, no how, but…They did look kind of cute together. She wondered how it had happened and decided it really didn’t matter, just to see that smile on her best friend’s face…

She peered out the little window at their booth. Alex was just returning from handing in their order, considering Agnes was so not dependable. She felt a little guilty at doing that to him, but he had had no right to speak to her the way he had.

It was rude and mean. Maria sniffled to herself, what made Isabel so much specialer than her? Alex wanted her, the whole male population of Roswell wanted her, excepting her dad and Max, of course, ‘cause that was eww, even Michael…


She felt guilty about leaving him hanging like that, she’d have to call him today to straighten everything out. But he had to know that she wasn’t going to let him use her like he did every other girl in this town.

She was just about to go back into the dining room when a crash of thunder sounded outside and rain started pouring, and then the front door chimed open, revealing a very wet, very angry Michael Guerin.


Max got out of the shower, water dripping off of his well-muscled body, and grabbed the towel Liz had left out for him. He dried himself off and stared into the mirror over the sink.

He briefly touched a hickey on his neck and another on his chest. He could make them disappear if he wanted, but he felt no compulsion to. They seemed perfectly natural, a part of him, even, something that was always there.

He figured that was because Liz had made them and she was a part of him, it was just visible proof of their bond.

He groaned, wanting to be touching her again, holding her again, inside her again. But he had to deny himself that pleasure. He didn’t have any protection on him.

That had been the one thing stopping him from inviting her into the shower with him. He knew if she was in with him that he’d take her again. His need of her was an ever-present ache…

She felt like home.

So he had suggested she scrounge up breakfast and eat while he showered and then they’d switch places. It was safer that way. Much safer.

He wandered out of the bathroom and back into the bedroom, startled to find Liz stretched out on her bed.

“Guess what?”


“We have no food.” She gave him a sheepish smile, one that started his blood boiling.

“I’ll go down and order us something from the Crashdown while you take your shower, ‘kay?”

“Mm-hmm.” Her eyes were hooded, sweeping over his body with uninhibited desire. Her tiny pink tongue darted out enticingly, wetting her soft lips as she watched him dress. “Tell Maria it’s on the house.”

“Ow! Let go of me you neanderthal!” she screeched, pounding on his hand.

“Hey! That hurts! Stop it!” He cowered away from her until he was backed up into the lockers, still under her onslaught.

“You jerk! You have no right to just come in here and maul me! This room is for ‘EMPLOYEES ONLY’, or can’t you read the sign!”

“I wanted to talk to you!”

“Oh.” She paused for a moment from beating his ass. Michael lowered the hand that was protecting his head, hoping the attack had stopped. But then she began anew. “Why didn’t you try doing it the way normal human beings do it?!” she demanded.

That hurt. It hurt more than he’d care to admit, and he wanted to inform her that he wasn't a normal human, but she wouldn’t comprehend the implication. Golden-haired pixies had no right trying to pry into his life…

So he didn’t bother answering her question.

“What the fuck was that last night?”

“Well,” she smirked, “fuck it wasn’t.” She gave a small giggle, making him even more impatient.


“Michael,” she responded sweetly, batting her eyelashes at him as she pressed him up against the lockers.

“Um…” She was too close, he couldn’t think, he needed space and some time away from those piercing emerald eyes, but…He really, really wanted her, and after last night, she basically had him begging for more.

The fact that he was at the mercy of a girl , a human girl at that, totally slipped his mind.

“I think we should try again,” he said.

“Last night?”

“Yeah. I think another attempt would be a good idea.”

“You do?”


“So,” she said slyly, “You want to be with me?”

“Well…Yeah.” What was she driving at?

“Too bad.” She pulled away from him.

“Excuse me?”

“Michael, if you want me, you have to earn me.”

He snorted. “This isn’t a Boy Scout merit badge.”

“No,” she retorted, “It’s a relationship.”

Stop. Rewind. Relationship???? Michael Guerin did not get into “relationships”. He had a reputation to think about. A reputation for being a player. Getting involved with just one girl could ruin it. He could end up a sap like Maxwell.


“Fine.” She smiled up at him, wiping away his uneasiness about jumping into something over his head.

“Great!” she exclaimed, kissing him deeply, “Now you have to meet my mom.”

“Your mom?” he repeated dumbly.

“Uh-huh, she’s going to want to meet my boyfriend.” BOYFRIEND?! He was a boyfriend? He tried to concentrate on the ramblings of his…gulp…girlfriend. “And then she’ll invite you to dinner, and then she’ll give you the lecture on treating her baby girl with respect and NEVER hurting her, and how you’re not allowed to touch me in a sexual manner, or she’ll kill you and bury you where the authorities will never find your body, and-”

This was getting to be too much, he had to shut her up…

“It’s quiet,” Isabel stated, “too quiet.” They were staring at the door to the back room with fear in their eyes. Michael had torn back there after Maria had let out a squeak, that had been twenty minutes ago. Now, an eerie silence had descended over the two occupants in the back booth. “Do you think she killed him?”

“I’ve learned not to put anything past Maria when she’s in Hurricane DeLuca mode,” Alex said knowledgeable, wisely nodding his head. With glasses, he’d look like a owl. She found this a funny thought and began giggling.

Alex looked at her, a gleam of humor in his blue eyes and he told her seriously, “The death of your friend is not a laughing matter.”

This only served to make her laugh harder.

Max descended the steps to the café in a bit of a daze. He was imagining Liz in the shower. Wet, naked, slippery, and oh so tempting...

He stopped short at the sight of Michael and Maria, making out against the row of employee’s lockers. He raised one eyebrow and cleared his throat loudly. They broke apart and looked at him, Maria with surprise and Michael with…Well, he was glad their powers didn’t include death rays shooting out of their eyes, or he’d have been fried.

He turned his attention back to the blond, who was regarding him with curiosity, as if he were some strange oddity or a new type of fungus.

“You’re still here?”

That was the second time this morning he’d heard that phrase, but for some reason he found hearing it from Liz's sweet lips and husky, awed tones, better than Maria’s annoying ones.

“Obviously,” he replied, irritated.

“What do you want?”

“Breakfast. For two, whatever Liz likes, and she said to tell you it’s on the house.”

“Of course she would,” Maria murmured, “Fine. Follow me.” He followed until she stopped abruptly and pointed a finger at Michael. “You stay here, I’m not through with you yet.” Then she sashayed through the swinging door. To Max’s amazement, Michael did as told.

Max went through the door himself, a little frightened by Michael’s acquiescence, only to be confronted by the sight of a laughing Isabel.

Must be something in the water, he decided.

“Here you go.” Maria was back, filling his arms with take-out bags.


“No problem. By the way, Max…” He looked at her. “I’m thinking big tip.”


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Part Fifteen:

“Yum. Pancakes.” Liz smiled at her boyfriend as she dug into the meal. She was absolutely famished.

Max poured an excess amount of Tabasco on his breakfast before starting to eat. Liz looked at him curiously, she’d noticed before that he practically smothered all his food with hot sauce. Before she had thought it an odd dietary quirk. Now, she wondered if it had something to do with his being an alien.

Max caught her glance and smirked. “Sweet and spicy.” She looked at him politely. “We all like things extremely sweet mixed with extremely spicy. Now Tabasco,” he picked up the bottle and waved it around, “is the perfect compliment to most meals. Michael and I prefer it. Izzy and Tess put it on some things, but they lean more towards sugar.”

“Must be a girl thing,” Liz said, nodding at him. It was obvious he didn’t find sugar a proper substitute. “You know, ‘sugar and spice and everything nice’?”

He looked at her blankly. “Never into Mother Goose and nursery rhymes, huh?” she stated.

“We were too old for that stuff by the time we could read. Mom used to sing lullabyes and stuff but…” he trailed off as he stuffed his face.

Liz shook her head. Guys were guys no matter what planet they came from.

“Oh. Tess. What are you doing here?”

Tess looked up from the fritatta she had just reheated for her breakfast and saw Mrs. Evans staring at her confused. The older woman had a blue robe on and she was looking at her unexpected houseguest questioningly.

“I spent the night with Isabel, but she was gone when I woke up,” she shrugged, “So I came down to eat.” She gave Mrs. Evans a sunny smile, which was returned forcedly. “You know how you always say make yourself at home.”

“Um…Yes, I do.” She rubbed her neck. “But normally my children are home when you make yourself comfortable.”

“Oh, well…” Should she squeal? “Max is camping and Isabel’s…” She didn’t know where Isabel was.

“Izzy’s at the Crashdown. She left a message on the answering machine.”

“Great!” Tess stood up, wiping her mouth, “Then I guess I’ll go meet her there.” Maybe catch Max on his way out…

Diane watched the small blond walk out of the room without a backward glance and then looked at the dirty dishes she left on the table. She sighed. At least someone liked her fritattas.

Isabel shifted in her seat. As empty as the Crashdown was this morning, the few families that had come in all had at least one teenager with them. One popular teenager. Lower than her on the social scale, of course, but still critical to her reign as Ice Queen.

And those one teenagers were all staring at her.

Her and Alex.

All wondering what Isabel Evans was doing with Alex Whitman, the computer geek, the chess nerd, the boy so obviously beneath her.

She was suffocating under their stares.

“Isabel? Are you okay?”

She looked up at Alex. Sweet, caring Alex, and she tried to steady herself against the public ruin that would befall her. He was worth it.


“No. I’m really not. How about we get out of here?” She gave him a big, seductive smile, “Maybe somewhere more private?”

His just stared at her, then his eyes widened. “Oh,” he breathed, then blushed, “Oh, um…okay.” He rose from the booth just as the door chimed open again. Isabel ignored it, concentrating on Alex.

She couldn’t let his adorable eyes and heart-melting smile get to her. She had to do this. Just love ‘em and leave ‘em, Izzy, don’t forget your motto.

“Isabel,” a screeching voice called, and both Alex and she looked up to see a drenched Tess coming toward her. She was shaking rain out of her bleached blond hair, getting Alex’s shirt wet in the progress. A bitching out was in order.


“Hi! How come you didn’t wake me up to come to breakfast with you? You were just gone when I woke up, I was worried.”

Yeah right.

“Well, you were just sleeping so soundly and you looked so peaceful…I just couldn’t bear to wake you up.” She tried for an innocent smile. Tess, being Tess, just plopped down in Alex’s seat as he gaped at her. “Besides, I ran into Alex on my way and he kept me company.” She gave him a real smile.

“Oh.” Tess finally looked at the young man. “Hi Al. I didn’t notice you.”

“It’s Alex," He said, irritated.

“Whatever.” She waved a hand wildly, obviously dismissing him, and turned her attention back to Isabel. “So, what are we eating for breakfast?”

“Actually Alex and I just ate and we were about to leave.”

“Oh. Well, I’ll just tag along. You don’t mind do you Al?”

“It’s Alex."

“See, he doesn’t mind, Izzy.” She just stared at her, aware yet again of how stupid her “best friend” really was. “We can go to a movie!”

“You know what?” Alex said, “You two go. Lunch is gonna start in two hours and I’m on duty, so a movie’s out.”

“We don’t have to see-”

“Isabel if he doesn’t want to go, then he doesn’t have to go. I’ll meet you in your car. Bye, Al.” Then she got up and left.

“It’s Alex," he repeated for the third time. He looked down at Isabel. “I see what you mean.”

“Yeah. We could ditch her?”

“Nah. She’d probably just hunt us down.”


“I’ll see you at school?”



She stood up. “Well, bye, Alex.”

“Bye, Isabel.”

“I had fun,” she told him, not wanting their time together to end. She knew that once they were back at school, she wouldn’t give him the time of day. It was obvious he knew it too. Their faces were twin expressions of regret, but his was mixed with determination.

“Me, too. And we will again.”

“Yeah,” she said, though the agreement was half-hearted. Social standings sucked.

“Bye again, Isabel.” He held out his hand. She ignored it, leaning forward impulsively, not heeding interested stares, and kissed him on the cheek.

“Good-bye.” Their was a slight tremor in her voice, and a unexplainable tear in her eye as she turned away. She walked slowly, stately, to the door, looking neither left nor right, nor behind. Only ahead.

The door shut behind her. And unconsciously she looked back through the glass, dripping door, meeting Alex’s eyes. He gave her a goofy grin and a thumb’s up and she rolled her eyes at him, but she was smiling.

The rain continued to come down in sheets as she made her way to her car. She had parked it next to Max’s Jeep, which, by some lucky fate, had it’s top up, thus saving the interior.

Tess started talking before she was fully in her seat. “I can’t believe Max is still over here.”

“Yeah.” What a surprise. She started the car, heading to the theaters, not able to completely drown out the other girl’s whines.

“And Alex Whitman?” Isabel stiffened. “Can we say loser, puppy dog? I can’t believe you actually spoke to him! That is an all-time low.”

She said nothing in defense, for herself or Alex.

Slipping back into Miss Teen Princess was an easy adjustment, after all, she’d lost little Izzy Evans back in fourth grade.

Max swept the dishes away from the table before Liz had a chance to blink. “Where do they go?” he asked.

“You have to wash them first,” she said from her seat, amused. He turned a plate toward her, a completely clean plate. Her jaw dropped.

“Done, now where do they go?”

“Cabinet,” she told him, pointing, “Those powers must come in really handy on chore day.”

“Oh, they do.” He sat back down across from her and took her hand.

“So,” she asked languidly, “What do you want to do now?”

Max gulped, reading the desire in her voice and wished for the billion-kajillionth time, that he hadn’t decided to be a gentleman this visit.

He had originally planned on bringing no condoms. But his faith in personal restraint as well as Liz’s hadn’t been very…high. So he allowed himself to bring one, just one, just in case. He had no idea he would become this addicted to her.

Then when he had spied Michael, he had thought to ask if he had one on him, at risk of ridicule, but then Maria had waltzed back in and avoiding embarrassment was top priority.

Again, he cursed himself an idiot.

“How about we study?”

“Study?” she repeated dumbly, raising an eyebrow.

“Well, that was what we planned for this weekend, right?”

“Yeah,” she agreed, looking hurt, “Studying for Biology.”

“Exactly.” At least it’s not anatomy, he thought.

“All right. I left my book in my room, I’ll just go get it.” She got up and started walking to her bedroom. The one with her bed. Her soft bed. With satin sheets…

Max stifled a groan and watched her as she walked. Then suddenly he frowned. Was she limping? “Liz?” he called.

She stopped and turned to face him. “Huh?”

He got up, approaching her slowly. “Are you okay? You looked like you were limping.”

“Oh!” She blushed and started gazing at the floor. “I’m just…a little…sore.”

Shit. He had forgot Liz had been a virgin. Okay, so he hadn’t forgot about LIZ being a virgin, he was well aware of that fact, he had just forgot about the after effect of a virgin’s first time.

“Oh, Liz,” he felt so guilty, “I’m so sorry, I didn’t think about…”

She looked up alarmed, “I thought it was normal! A book-”

“No, no, it’s normal.” She seemed to relax. “It’s just that I didn’t even remember…If I had, I would’ve healed you right away.”


Max reached down, his fingers slipping between skin and fabric, his hand was cupping her heat, fingertips skimming silky thighs. Liz widened her legs, letting out a small moan, clinging to his shoulders as she swayed.

He opened their connection and reached for her hurt with his powers, soothing over the ache. Then he removed his hand, gripping her firmly around her waist as she steadied herself against him.

“How’s that?” he asked anxiously.

“Better,” she said, voice muffled in his T-shirt. She lifted her head, fathomless brown eyes begging for him, for his touch… “Max.”

For one weak instant he was going to cave. To give into the promise of unimaginable pleasure and damn the consequences, but he regained control. He couldn’t submit Liz to that type of commitment without her knowledge.

Stupid, Max, he told himself, only bring one condom…Moron!

“So…Biology?” he suggested.


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Part Sixteen:

“Mom? Hey…”

“Maria, honey, aren’t you supposed to be working?”

“I’m on break right now, so anyway, I have the most amazing news to tell you…” she paused, to add dramatic effect, but a low rumble from the other end of the phone put her good news on hold. “Mother, is there a man with you?” she demanded.

“Oh, no, Maria.” Her mom gave a high-pitched, so obviously fake laugh, “What would make you say that?”

“I don’t know, maybe the fact that I heard a man’s laugh through the phone…”

“Oh, no, sweetie, it’s just Jim. You know Jim.”

“No, I don’t.”

“Of course you do, honey, he’s Kyle’s dad.”

SHERIFF VALENTI!!!!” she screeched, “You’re going out with the SHERIFF?! Are you insane, Mother?!” She started hyperventilating.

“Maria…Maria, sweetie…MARIA! Calm down! Breathe…That’s it, deep breaths…”

She closed her eyes and pulled out the small amber vial in her apron pocket. Uncorking it, she took a sniff and imagined herself in a forest, a large cedar forest…the calming scent flowed through her system and she felt up to relaying her concerns to her mother.

“Mom, listen to me, okay? You cannot date the Sheriff, I don’t know how much I can stress that fact. You can’t do that, Mom, you can’t do that to me. Do you realize what will happen if word of this leaks out? Do you?! I could be facing social ruin! I could end up lower than Barnaby Shamus! And he has braces and thick glasses and pimples and he never washes his hair and he drools and smells and…and…Mom, please…pretty, pretty please, don’t make me go through that…”

“Maria, stop. You make it sound like the plague-”

“IT ISSSSS!" she wailed.

She heard her mother sigh. “We’ll discuss this later, Maria, at home. Now what did you want to tell me?”


“What did you call me for?”

“Oh! Oh, right. I wanted to know if I could bring Michael home for dinner.”

“Michael who?”

“Michael Guerin, Mom.”

“Oh, isn’t that the boy you’ve had a crush on since you knew what crushes were?”

“Yes, Mom.” Let the teasing begin, she thought as Amy started squealing.

“When did this happen?”

“Just today…I cornered him and made him admit he liked me and then conned him into agreeing he’d be my boyfriend.”

“That’s my girl!”

“So…Can I?”

“Bring him to dinner tonight? No-”


“I’m sorry honey, but I told Jim we’d have dinner at his house, Michael can eat over tomorrow.”

“I can’t eat at HIS house…”

“Maria,” her mom’s voice held a touch of warning.

“Fine,” she said shortly.

“Fabulous! Be home by six. I love you, sweetie.”

“Love you, too, Mom. Bye.” Static from the storm was prompting a faster end to their conversation.

“Bye, Maria, and honey…”

“What, Mom?”

“No sex.”

The click of a phone being placed back in its cradle echoed through the line as Maria yelled, “MOM!” She harrumphed and shut her cell, very much annoyed with her mother, and walked back out into the main dining room. Every face was turned to her, curious and nosy. She scowled at them all and stepped over to Michael at the counter.

“Interesting talk with your mom?” he inquired, smirking.

“Shut up,” she told him, giving him a light smack on the shoulder. “By the way, you’re coming to dinner tomorrow, six-thirty, and you better not be late!” she threatened.

Alex watched Maria flirt with Michael from his place at the stove. He’d have to keep an eye on Mikey as well as Max, it seemed. He sighed, big brother types had a lot of work cut out for them. He hoped Maria and Liz appreciated all he suffered through for them.

Like sitting on a merry-go-round in the middle of the night talking to the most beautiful girl in school, just to get information on Max so he could protect Liz.

His smile faded just slight as he thought about Isabel. He knew she thought they’d never have another night like last night. He had seen it in her eyes.

But Alex Whitman was determined that he and Isabel Evans would be together, hierarchy or no…And when a Whitman man decided to do something, he stuck to it!

Isabel was gonna be his girlfriend by the end of the semester.

Now, all he had to do was figure out a way to accomplish this goal. He thought about the way she smiled at him, the way she laughed…He thought about his dream of her, dancing away in his arms…Her eyes when he had told her she was perfect and that she didn’t have to hide around him…

He grinned suddenly, a broad, full-out smile that would have blinded even perky little Maria had she been confronted by it. He reached over and grabbed a napkin and a pen from the order up counter and scribbled furiously.

He had just found the one way to melt the Ice Queen’s heart.

His stomach grumbled hungrily and he glanced over to the little clock on her nightstand…It was obscured by a stack of school books. He sighed and looked down the bed.

Liz was sprawled across the end of it, her black baby-tee had ridden up, exposing the smooth skin of her stomach. His eyes roamed over it greedily, and he suppressed a groan, aching for the feel of her again.

They had been studying for a while and he was retaining little to no information on the subject at all. His attention was fixated on his sweet girlfriend. On every move she made, every breath she took, every little sigh she made…

“What time is it?” he asked abruptly.

She glanced at him sideways, smiled slyly, and turned over…her book sliding forgotten to the floor. Slowly she crept her way up the bed like a tigeress approaching it’s prey. Max gulped, feeling very aroused with no way to stop it or defend himself. If she attacked now, he’d submit without a fight.

Without warning the book was snatched from his grip and thrown haphazardly to the ground.

“Hey, I wasn’t done-”

She cut him off with a demanding kiss. “It’s time to stop studying.”

“Liz-” Again, he was unable to say anything. Her soft mouth was on his, pleading for a response and he responded eagerly. His hands moved of their own violation, slipping under clothes, his mouth traveled downward, feasting on the intoxicating taste of her…

“Max,” she moaned.

What little control he had had snapped, and his mind’s protests were lost in the sea of desire and need than coursed through his body in never-ending waves. “Liz,” he growled, rolling her beneath, hands frantically tearing at her jeans…wanting them off of her…

The movie ended and Isabel got up, preparing to leave by herself, but Tess bounced right up behind her, chattering incessantly.

“So, what do you want to do now, Izzy?”

Isabel made a annoyed noise in the back of her throat. “Don’t you ever go home?” she muttered.

“What was that?”

“I’m going home.”

“I’ll come with.”

“That’s okay, Tess, you don’t have to.”

“But I want to. Besides, Nasedo left on one of his little “trips”, and my house is too creepy to stay in at night.”

“Nasedo left?”

“Uh-huh.” They were at the car and Tess climbed in after Isabel had unlocked it.

“He didn’t tell Max he was leaving.” She waved a hand over her front, drying off instantly.

“Oh, well, he said it wouldn’t take long. He probably just didn’t want to concern Max with it, it was so unimportant.”

“Probably,” Isabel agreed hesitantly, but she still didn’t like the implications. Nasedo had made it no secret over the years that he didn’t like Max’s pacifist views on their situation, and that he wanted to rebel against the “no killing” decree his Majesty had set upon him, but he had never just skipped out without informing his charges…

But they’d deal with that later, right now, she had bigger things to worry about. Like how to get rid of the gerbil…

They had gotten naked very, very fast…Max’s brain suddenly reconnected to his raging body and he stopped, pulling away from Liz as though she had leprosy. “Max?”

“We can’t do this,” he stated.

“Why?” her lower lip trembled, “I thought it was…good…last time. I thought I was good…”

She thought he didn’t want her anymore! The knowledge hit Max like a low blow. She was still afraid of him playing her…Of course, he reasoned, he hadn’t exactly been very encouraging to her hints.

“No...No Liz, that wasn’t what I meant love.” He took her in his arms, willing himself to calm down. “Last time was amazing, you know that, you felt that.” He looked down into her shiny chocolate eyes. “It’s just…I don’t have anymore protection. I told myself that I wasn’t going to make love to you this weekend…and we can see how well that turned out…but I still brought one. And we used it,” she blushed and he grinned, “We can’t make love without…something."

“Why not?” She was in scientist mode now, he could tell.

“Because you’re not on birth control…” he raised and eyebrow and she nodded.

“I couldn’t make an appointment…I was afraid my mother would-”

Max nodded. “I understand. It’s another alien thing…Sex with no protection ends up in pregnancy. It just takes the one time…”

“How do you know?”

“Michael and Isabel…Their first time was together. They’d been having these dreams and went for it, it was before Nasedo explained about our people’s reproduction cycle…Isabel got pregnant…she was only fourteen…and they were so scared. She started having these seizures and the baby aborted itself within the month of incubation time…”

“Oh my God…That must have been so horrible for her.”

“It was. She was trying so hard, but she just shut everyone out…As much as she didn’t want to be pregnant…she still wanted that baby. They had a connection, she was so devastated…She started being an Ice Queen to Michael and I then, wouldn’t let Michael touch her again, even though he was hurting too.”


“Family means so much to both of them. As much as Isabel tries to hide it, she’s one of the most nurturing people I’ve ever seen, and Michael, he just wanted to prove he could be a real father, not like Hank. He wanted a tie to something real…”


“Oh, they got past it, healed it up, they don’t speak about it anymore. I don’t think Michael remembers, Isabel either…”

“How could they forget?”

“Tess is good at mind manipulation, she can make you see things that aren’t there, improvise your memory, I think Nasedo got her to do it. He gets fed up if we show too much emotion.”

“Why did…the baby die like that?” He looked at her. She was frightened of the concept, but needed to know more.

“Alien gestation is a one-month process. But the baby can’t survive in Earth’s atmosphere, and it ends up dying without a chance to live. If an alien mated with a human, it would be different. The gestation would be longer, and the child could survive.”

“So you think you’d get me pregnant.”

“No, I know I’d get you pregnant. I can’t risk that Liz. When we have a baby, it’s going to be when we can support it and give it anything and everything it needs. When we have a baby, it’s going to be after a huge wedding and a very quiet bonding ceremony, where I make you my life mate…”

“Max…” He drew his eyes away from her wall, where he’d been envisioning their future, and back down at her. She was crying. Alarm ran through him.


“You want to be with me forever, Max? You want to marry me?”

“Yes,” he breathed, “You’re my home Liz, for eternity, and I’ll be with you for twice as long.” He smiled, trailing a finger across her cheek. “Think you can stand me for that long?”

She giggled and kissed him passionately, pulling him to an abyss of pleasure that he’d never be free of…Nor did he want to be, but right now…

“Liz,” he warned.

“So,” she asked, staring him in the eye, “Lack of protection is all that is keeping you from making love to me right this very second?”


Surprisingly, she smiled. She twisted in his arms and reached down into the small drawer in the night stand, pulled something out, and put it into his hands. He stared, dumbfounded, at the box of condoms his innocent girlfriend had just given him.

“Liz!” he choked out, even as he ripped open the package and placed one of the latex condoms on his quivering member. He leaned down, settling in between her thighs, and raised one eyebrow. “May I ask what, you, the adorably naïve Liz Parker, is doing with a box of condoms in her drawer?”

She shrugged, looping her arms around his neck and pulled his lips down to hers. “My boyfriend’s a player, what did you expect?” He released her lips and looked down at her.

“I’m not playing anymore,” he said seriously.

“I know,” she whispered, then gave him a very naughty smile…

She was on fire…everywhere his hands touched glowed silver and gold. She thrashed below him, aching for completion, her hands grappled against his back, she thrust her hips upward…wanting him buried deep within her…

“Max…” she moaned urgently.

“I know, love…I know…” The storm raging outside was nothing compared to the one in the small bedroom. The rain pounded against the small window in time to Max’s thrusts, and the thunder clapped with Liz’s pleas….

She looked up into Max’s eyes, which had turned molten gold from the electricity streaking between, and uttered a final cry of exultation, one that blended harmoniously with his…

Thunder crashed again, fierce and frightening and the lightening lit the sky, turning the world white, and the power failed. Lights flickered off suddenly, leaving her room pitch black except for the glow of their bodies and the flash of lightening outside.

“Did we do that?” Liz murmured.

“I think so…”

Downstairs, the entire dining room had gone silent. People sat frozen in their seats, unable to see a thing, even though it was the middle of the afternoon, the dark gray clouds had long since blotted out the sun, and now the lights had gone out.

“Power outage!” Maria called from her position behind the counter, “Nobody panic.” She looked over to where she had last seen Michael. “Hey,” she said cheerfully, “Maybe now I don’t have to go to dinner with my mom and the Sheriff!”

The sound of a match being lit echoed around in the silence following Maria’s last comment. Alex had found some candles in metal holders that had once decorated the tables. He lit them one by one, the candlelight reflecting eerily on his face. He passed the sources of light to Maria, who bustled around and put them on the tables and booths.

Alex grinned at Michael, who was sitting illuminated at the counter. “Hope you like your burgers raw, Guerin.”


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Interlude Two:

The power came back on around five o’clock, the Café was reopened, and, will wonders never cease:

Max and Liz actually got some studying done.

Tess has decided to spend the night at the Evans’ again, much to Isabel and Diane’s dismay. Mr. Evans is in Clovis, so he thankfully doesn’t have to deal with the gerbil’s unwanted presence.

Alex is working, finalizing his plan to gain his beloved Ice Queen’s heart, and worrying about the after-effects of Max’s weekend and Michael’s sudden change of heart.

Maria is also working, bopping around in her usual hyperactive manner and trying to come up with a way to get out of dinner with her mother and the Sheriff all the while wondering if Michael will let her pick out his clothes for tomorrow.

Michael is strategizing on how to get out of the trap that Maria-girl put him in. Boyfriend…Hah! Michael Guerin didn’t do the boyfriend thing. He was a stone wall, a rebel, a loner… Maybe he should wear something clean, he didn’t want Maria angry at him.

Or maybe he did…

Part Seventeen:

“One pound ground beef, fourth a cup chopped onion, half a teaspoon of salt, one-fourth teaspoon garlic powder, half a cup catsup, a fourth cup of sour cream, and a 10 ounce can of Hungry Jack biscuits.” Liz lay all the necessary ingredients for Sloppy Joe Turnovers on the counter and then turned to Max. “Heat the oven to 375 degrees.”

“Yes, ma’am!” He grinned at her and did as she bid. “I still don’t see why you just don’t let me do it.”

“Because, I am making you dinner, not the other way around. But you can help if there’s no hocus-pocus involved. Deal?”


“Good.” She nodded in satisfaction and placed at pan on top of the stove. “Now then, we need to brown the meat and onion in here and then drain it when it’s done.”

“I can do that,” Max offered, trying to be helpful.

“All right, then I’ll start on the dough.” She went into a cabinet and pulled out a jar of flour as Max turned the burner on and began browning the ground beef and onions. She looked around, and, not seeing enough room on the counter, dumped a good-sized portion of the white powder on the empty kitchen table.

“Um, Liz?” Max inquired, “It doesn’t say anything about flour on the recipe card,” he pointed out, holding up the pink index card her mother had so lovingly printed the recipe on.

She made an annoyed sound in the back of her throat and slammed the biscuit container on the table. Max jumped. "The biscuit dough will stick if there’s no flour,” she informed him as she began to separate the dough into individual pieces and place them onto the flour. Then she grabbed a rolling pin and started flattening the dough into 4x4 squares that looked more like ovals. "Don't even think about it Mister!"

Max froze, sheepishly taking his hand away from the top of the pan. “It’d be so much quicker…” He trailed of at the foreboding expression on her face, but couldn’t help but be turned on by her flashing brown eyes and flushed cheeks. “Fine.”

She smiled at him and blew him a floury kiss. He stirred the meat around a bit, but didn’t take his eyes off her. The way she coated the rolling pin with flour, the way she kneaded the dough, the way her body moved as she rolled it flat…His jeans suddenly seemed too tight and he was forced back to his duty as the meat began to sizzle.


“Um, the meat’s done Liz.”

“Really? That fast? Max…did you?”

“No!” At least, not on purpose…

“Okaaay, I believe you.” She walked over to him and planted a sweet kiss on his cheek. “Now drain it and mix in the rest of the ingredients in that bowl.”

He sighed heavily as she turned away again and walked back to the table, her cute little ass swaying back and forth seductively…He suppressed a groan and put the meat and onions into the indicated bowl and combined it with the salt, garlic powder, catsup, and sour cream. Then he mixed it all together.

“I’m done!”

“Me, too,” Liz echoed. She smiled at him again and his heart started beating double-time.

“So…Now what?”

“Now, you take that cookie sheet and bring it over here along with the meat mix.” He set everything down next to her. “And I put a couple spoonfuls of meat on the dough, fold over the corners into a triangle and seal the edges with this fork.” She did the same thing until she ran out of dough and mixture and placed all the turnovers on the cookie sheet, cutting three slits in the top of each one.

The oven buzzed. “Perfect timing.” Liz moved the sheet over to the oven and opened it, placing their dinner inside, and setting the timer for 20 minutes. “There. Now we wait.” She turned back to Max, who had an innocent expression on his face, and noticed how flour-free the table was and how well stacked the dishes on the counter were. “Max!” she exclaimed.

He gave her a “What did I do?” shrug and grinned at her sexily. She felt her knees begin to wobble.

“Max,” she said again, but this time softer. He recognized the change in her eyes and his grin widened. She walked toward him with an almost predatory intent and she slid up against him, pressing her small hands against his black T-shirt. “It’s awful hot in here, isn’t it?” she murmured, wiping a hand over her forehead and leaving a little streak of flour.

“Awful hot,” he agreed, his arms moving around her waist and gripping the hem of her shirt, “maybe we shouldn’t be so bundled up.” She lifted her arms and he slid the baby-tee off, leaving her in her skimpy black bra and low-slung jeans. “Liz…” he breathed, kissing her neck lightly. She gave a little moan and then grappled with his own shirt, discarding it on the floor.

“Max…” She leaned into his mouth, into his caress, and let her hands trail over his spine…down to his pants, where she played with his waistband before undoing the button in front and sliding down the zipper. He hadn’t put on a pair of boxers after their explosive encounter afternoon, and his erect shaft sprung free.

Max gave a heartfelt groan as he felt her hands on him and lifted his lips from her skin to stare into her brilliant brown eyes. She kissed him deeply, her tongue sliding over his, drugging him...And then she descended downward, leaving a wet trail down his chest and pulling his jeans along as she knelt before him.

Liz was slightly hesitant as she looked up at him, his amber eyes questioning as he took in her new position. She leaned forward and kissed him gently. Max jumped slightly, as if a shock had run through him. “Liz!” he gasped, “What are you doing?”

“I’m not sure yet.” She leaned in again, touching the tip of her tongue to him and then finally taking him wholly in her mouth. He tasted…spicy, all of him, and she had a feeling she’d never get enough of the taste of him.

“Liz,” Max breathed again raggedly, as he tangled his hands in her silky hair and brought her mouth up to his. If he had let her continue her ministrations he would have been gone in a matter of mere seconds, and he wasn’t quite ready to give in yet. He reached around her trim waist and slid a hand into her back pocket, pulling out the second condom from the pack of three Liz had had in her drawer, a fact he was still having trouble comprehending.

He spun her around suddenly, reveling in her small shriek of surprise. He then proceeded to feast on the sweet skin of her neck, trailing open-mouthed kisses along her shoulder blade. She moaned softly and reached back, spearing his jet-black hair with her slender fingers.

He drew tiny circles with his hands on her stomach, pressing the condom into her free hand before undoing the ties on her jeans and pushing them off of her and onto the floor. Apparently he wasn’t the only one who had found underwear an encumbrance after their hour in bed.

Reaching down, he slowly inserted a finger into her wet heat, producing another needy moan from her. “Maaaax," she hissed, "I need you." He nodded into her neck, allowing her to turn around again and face him. Their lips never left each other’s as she fit the condom over his erection.

She abruptly found herself on a hard wooden surface, her boyfriend climbing on top of her, his desire thick in his eyes. Liz reached upward, drawing him closer and she felt him began to thrust into her.

Her head fell over the edge of the small, four-person table, and she saw that they had only four minutes until their dinner was ready. “Max, hurry, we don’t-” But she was cut off as his thrusts started coming faster, becoming more urgent and frenzied.

“Liz, I can’t wait-” He broke off with a triumphant grunt and went rigid against her trembling form. His final thrust had triggered something deep within her, causing the orgasm that had been pending since he first touched her.

He moved, his elbows on either side of her head, and he stared down at her lovestruck, starry expression with satisfaction. He had been worried that he wouldn’t be able to pleasure her this time, he had been too far gone the minute he had entered her to go slow and steady.

She felt his hand touch her cheek and then move to her hair, twirling a strand around his finger. She smiled up at him lazily, all thought of dinner banished from her mind. “It’s a good thing my grandfather made sturdy tables,” she drawled. He looked astonished for a second, but then grinned, causing her to giggle.

“Very good,” he agreed and gave her a soft kiss.


They both looked over at the oven. “Dinner’s ready!”

“This is a fabulous lasanga, Jim, isn’t it Maria?” Amy looked at her daughter, eyes hopeful for some kind of encouraging response.

“Fabulous,” Maria echoed dully. She was so not going to contribute to this conversation, in fact sabotaging the whole thing would make her night.

The Sheriff smiled awkwardly. “Old family recipe, it’s about the only thing I can cook without burning. Kyle and I have been living off t.v. dinners and drive-through since…”

Maria’s mom smiled sympathetically. “I know what you mean Jim, but you and Kyle will always have a place at our table if you like.”

Jim blushed. “Well, thank you, Amy. If coconut cream pie’s included we may just have to take you up on that offer.” He gave her a slow smile, making Amy blush and giggle like a sixteen year old.

“Oh, Jim, you’re so funny!”

Maria mocked her mother to her plate and rolled her eyes. This was so sickening, she needed to hurl. A foot brushed up against hers suddenly and she looked up, startled, into the twinkling blue eyes of Kyle Valenti. Stupid jock! she thought.

She glared at Kyle and kicked him under the table. He winced. Hah! That’d teach him to try and play footsie with her! Michael would mutilate him. The thought brought the first smile to her face since the power came back on.

Kyle grinned at her from across the table, thinking he had scored with his latest attempt. Obviously more pain would be needed to get it through that thick football-filled head of his that she was so NOT interested. She glanced at her mom and the Sheriff who were oblivious to their children and then smiled sweetly at the boy.

Moving slightly and unobtrusively, she extended her long leg across the bottom of the table, rubbing it against Kyle’s ankle and up his jean leg a bit. Then, still smiling seductively, she ran her foot the rest of the way up his leg and near his crotch. His own smile grew blissful as she gave him a little rub, trying hard not to show her disgust. His breath started coming in pants and then she moved in for the kill.


She swiftly moved her leg back to her and away from his vicinity. “Kyle?” the Sheriff asked, “Are you alright, son?” Maria put a curious expression on her face, so that her mother’s concerned one didn’t become suspicious, and dared Kyle with her eyes.

“S’okay,” he squeaked, “I’m fine.”

“Are you sure, dear?”

“Positive, Ms. DeLuca.” Her mom still looked uncertain.

“Oh, come on Mom, do you think he’d admit it if he weren’t okay?” She gave Kyle a scornful little glance.

“Maria!” Amy scolded disapprovingly.


“You know what?” Kyle asked, voice still unnaturally high, “I think I’m going to go to my room.” He stood up, wincing, and started hobbling to the hallway.

“Maria, why don’t you help Kyle?” Ms. DeLuca suggested.

“But Mom-”

“Now, young lady.”

She shoved her chair back and stalked after muscle brain, muttering under her breath. “Horndogs.”

“What was that, Maria?”

“Nothing Mom!” she called back.

She wrinkled her nose. “This is your room?” Michael’s room was so much cooler. This was just like…ugh.

“Hey, I haven’t had any complaints yet. But you’ll never had the chance to find out, not with that stunt you just pulled.”

“Oh, I’m just devastated, believe me.” She gave the room a brief once over and then spotted something peeking out from under his bed. She swooped down and snatched them before Kyle had a chance to register her intent.

“HEY! Those are mine!”

A Beginner’s Guide to Buddhism and Busty Biker Babes?" “So,” he said defensively, grabbing the magazines out of her hands as she stared at him in disbelief.

“I think you’re a bit confused, dude.”

“Look whose talking Ms. Smell-this-it’ll-make-you-feel-so-much-better. I’ll have you know that Buddhism is very cleansing. Buddha was one smart holy man. Knew some applicable stuff…But again, you’ll never know.”

“Are you trying to make me hurl?”

“Oh, come off it, Blondie. Everyone knows Guerin got some, I just want a share of the wealth.”


“It’d be fun. You’d have a good time, I promise.” He smiled at her beguilingly.

“Are you actually coming on to me?"she demanded.

“Are you really that much of an airhead that you don’t know an offer when you hear one?”

“I don’t believe this. Michael will kill you.”

“Michael? As in Michael Guerin?”

“Yes, Michael Guerin. As in my boyfriend Michael Guerin!”

“Oh that’s a good one DeLuca. Guerin a boyfriend, I don’t think I’ll live to see the day.”

“No, you won’t live past the day! I’m outta here Buddha boy, have fun with yourself!”

She practically ran out of the room, fuming. And rushed past her mom, who was flirting with Jim, and to the door.

“Maria! Where are you going?”

“Away!” she shouted, slamming the door behind her.

Michael grumbled quietly to himself when the knock came at his door. He ignored it and concentrated on the hockey game. And yet, the knock persisted.

“Michael! I know you’re in there!” came the muffled cry.

His ears perked up at the sound of Maria’s voice, but he quickly shoved aside his eagerness for a scowl and got up. “This better be good, Cheesehead,” he told her as he opened the door, “The game’s just getting-”

Angry green eyes stared up at him and the only thing he could think was; What did I do?

“I HATE Kyle Valenti!” And then she stormed into the room.

“What?” What was she blabbing about?

“Kyle Valenti. Mr. Football-for-brains actually had the nerve to try and feel me up…”

Valenti had touched her.

That’s about the only thing he heard during her insane babble and it made him see red. Jock Boy had the nerve to touch the girl Michael wanted. And there was no way in hell he was going to get away with it unscathed.

“…and then he didn’t believe me when I told him you were my boyfriend! Can you believe him?!” She stared at him as if expecting him to march out of the apartment immediately and put Valenti to rights.

“I’ll take care of Kyle, Maria.”

After all, wasn’t it a boyfriend’s duty to protect his girlfriend’s honor?

Yum. Vanilla. She smiled happily as she began to scoop the still slightly melted ice cream into two bowls. Max was rummaging around in the cabinets looking for who knew what.


“Ah-hah! What?” she asked turning to look at him. He held up two bottles.

“Ah-hah, I found the chocolate syrup and strawberry sauce!”

He brought them over, coming up behind her so that her bottom was rubbing against his front and reached on either side of her to place the condiments on the counter. She giggled at him and leaned back, making his need for her flare up yet again.

She was wearing his flour covered T-shirt, which hung just a bit above mid-thigh, her bra, and nothing else. That overwhelming sense of possession came over him again as he wrapped his arms around her waist and kissed the top of her head.

“Oh! Max! Look what you made me do!” she cried, startled by his sudden embrace. She tilted her head back and glared at him, holding up her chocolate covered hand. He stared at it silently for a second then gave a devilish grin and brought it to his lips.

Liz turned with it and watched, mesmerized as he proceeded to lick her fingers clean. “Maaax,” she sighed and he grinned again.

“Looks fine to me,” he said. She seemed to break out of her trance and frowned at him.

“Does it?”

“Uh-huh.” He wasn’t paying attention to the conversation anymore, just to the movement of her lips, which definitely had his complete attentiveness. He really wanted to kiss her.

A coolness on his skin made him look down. A splattering of strawberry sauce dripping down his bare chest. He blinked up at her and she smiled innocently. Her tiny little hand reached out and she smeared the sauce around some more adding a dollop of chocolate syrup for good measure.

“My turn,” she said pleasantly and inched closer to him, sucking on his chest. Her tongue ran over him, driving him insane until he finally snapped and picked her up. Placing her gently on the counter, he removed his shirt from her body and stared down at her. She peered back up at him, blushing a rosy pink.

He smiled and grabbed the bottles, pouring a large amount onto his hands and then caressing her legs, moving slowly toward her inner thighs and her heat. This would be good, he knew, she was already wet for him. She was still looking at him cautiously, as if not sure what he was about. When he finally eased one saucy finger into her tight passage she straightened up as if she’d been shot.


“Ssh,” he scolded, placing one hand on her abdomen and pushing her back into a relaxed position, leaving a strawberry and chocolate handprint behind. Then he knelt before her and kissed her folds.

Oh…GOD!! What was he doing to her? She could feel his tongue in her, his hands massaging her legs…She was coming undone, she was going to explode…She couldn’t believe he was doing this…

Her legs involuntarily came around to circle his neck and her hands, under no order from her sane brain, ran through his hair, pulling him even closer to her. “Max,” she pleaded.

He hit her sweet spot, sucking gently, and she screamed softly, wordlessly, and slumped back against the cabinets with a small thump. He stood, her limp legs falling to either side of him and looked at her anxiously. He’d never done that to a girl before, never even had the notion, but he wanted to know absolutely every detail of Liz’s body intimately.

She gazed up at him, blinking rapidly, and then reached out blindly and he stepped into her arms. She rested her forehead against his and blushed embarrassedly, “I can’t believe you did that.”


“Well, Maria told me guys didn’t do stuff like that. She said they think it’s gross.”

He gave her a rueful grin. “Well, I have nothing to compare it to, but you taste like heaven Liz.”

“And you taste like the stars.”

“And how do you know what the stars taste like?” he asked, amused, and he swiftly kissed her.

“How do you know what heaven tastes like?” she countered, deepening the kiss.

“Fair enough.” They kissed some more, the combination of chocolate and strawberry perfect.

“We made a mess,” Liz informed him as the kiss ended. Max looked behind him, surprised to see the amount of ice cream and sauce that covered the linoleum floor.

“Don’t worry about it.” He picked her up again, her legs around his waist this time, and walked toward her bedroom, waving a hand over the floor as he went and picking up their clothes.

“Where are you taking me?”

Max paused mid-stride. Where was he taking her? His previous shower fantasy returned to him and he smiled. “To clean up our mess.”

“But you just did that.”

“Really? ‘Cause we seem like a sticky mess to me.” Liz blinked at him, trying to pick up on his train of thought.


Her back arched uncontrollably when it came in contact with the cold wall of her bathroom. She gave a little moan as he used her shift to plunge deeper into her, she clung to him as he pounded into her, the warm water and steam making it all seem surreal.

They had climbed into the old-fashioned tub together, drawing the curtain around them after the water was just right. They had then proceeded to lather each other up until the sexual tension was too high.

She could feel his hands on her naked body again, gently making sure each part of her received equal amount of attention, until she had finally turned and returned the favor. He had snapped with another one of those primalistic grunts that made her feel like a cherished possession that he’d risk his life to keep, and lifted her up, supporting her with his body.

“Condom,” she managed to say over the roar of water and the rapid beat of her heart. He reached one hand out of the curtain and made a face as if he were concentrating really hard, then a satisfied grin as the foil wrapper suddenly flew into his grip. In an instant he had it on and surged into her, the force slamming her backward. She’d be bruised up later, but it was so worth it.

She felt herself expand with every thrust, shaping herself to his length and size. It had happened the three times before, but she always seemed to shrink in on herself when he slid out of her, and she no longer felt full and whole. She wanted to keep him in her always and she knew he wanted the same thing.

She’d go on birth control as soon as she could, she decided, as he moved within her, sliding against her walls and creating a pleasant friction. But she really wanted to feel him explode in her, feel his absolute abandonment…

She muttered wordlessly as she shuddered suddenly, reaching that shining height for a brief instant.

He braced himself against the wall, Liz’s form heavy with release against his. It was all he could do to remain standing. His knees were weak and all he could think about was wrapping her safely in warm sheets and sleeping.

Very carefully he turned the shower off and stepped from the tub, clutching his small, delicate angel close to him. The towels were too far away, he decided and headed straight toward the bed, stopping now and then to balance.

They tumbled gracelessly onto their little bed, bodies automatically curling into each other as Max dragged a comforter over their exhausted forms. He nuzzled her gently, one hand cradling her head, as fell asleep.

Mine forever...


Okay, how was it? Too kinky? Too corny? Sorry about making Kyle the "bad" boy, but he was there and needed to be used. P.S. That is the actual recipe for sloppy joe turnovers, and they are way delish!

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Note: Yes, izzy, I am a RE fan, and I wish Em and Kara would come back, I'm dying to find out why Lizzie's afraid of ponies just as much as Max is. Okay, what else? This will be part 18, there are only twenty parts, so we're kinda getting to the denouement. Hopefully no one will be too disappointed.

Part Eighteen:

Liz stretched and turned over, cuddling closer to Max. She watched him as he slept, her eyes taking in every detail of his face. From the dark bangs curling on his forehead, his long lashes brushing his cheeks, to his parted lips. She let her eyes travel further down appreciatively over his chest and six-pack, and then pouted when the sheet prevented her from looking further.

Mischievously she reached down, pulling the cloth away from the most tantalizing portion of his anatomy, inch by inch. Max moaned quietly in his sleep and she glanced up at his face. “Liz,” he mumbled, and she suddenly felt her heart swell. He was dreaming about her.

Abandoning her quest to ravish his lower extremities, she planted a soft kiss to his lips. Then another and another, making the deeper each time, until he responded in his sleep and she slowly brought him to wakefulness.

“I could get used to waking up like that,” he whispered, tangling his hands in her hair and bringing her back down to his mouth. The kiss rose in it’s intensity and soon she was lying on her back, Max’s hard member entering her, their hands were everywhere as he penetrated deeper and deeper into her body.

Some small part of her mind screamed out that they didn’t have any protection and that she was too young to get pregnant, but the rest of her, the parts that couldn’t even dream of giving up the sensation of him inside her…Just him, no separation between his skin and hers…Those parts just drown out the voice of reason and demanded more pleasure.

He was growling incoherently, his thrusts wild, deep, and long, reaching up into her womb. He needed her like this always, free to give and take, no barriers between them…nothing but pure love making…

“LIZ! Honey we’re home!”

They froze, breaths shallow and ragged. They looked at each other with wide eyes. Her parents were home! Panic began to set in. “They aren’t supposed to be here until tomorrow!” she whispered frantically, “Max!”

“Ssh,” he warned, and very slowly slid out of her. Getting up, he tiptoed over to her door and put an ear against it. He listened outside, hearing the Parker’s voices.

“Lizzie?” Mr. Parker called. He heard footsteps and closed his eyes and prayed.

“Jeff!” Mrs. Parker screamed/whispered, “She may be asleep, leave her alone!” The footsteps receded and he let out a sigh of relief. He turned to the girl on the bed and stared at her, naked and needy on the bed and he swallowed, aware of what would have happened if Jeff Parker had caught his little girl having sex. Max would be dead.

He grabbed his clothes from the ground and handed Liz pajamas he had found in her drawer, indicating she needed to be as quiet as possible. They dressed silently and then Max headed to the window that led out to the fire escape. Liz followed him, she seemed nervous.

“What’s wrong?” he asked in hushed tones.

“It smells like sex in here,” she told him. He waved one hand over the room, concentrating on the atoms in the air, changing them to something sweeter, fresher, and then looked to her for approval. She nodded and smiled at him gratefully.

“I’ll see you tomorrow, okay?”

“’Kay. Love you,” she murmured shyly.

He smiled happily and kissed her. “I love you, too. Bye.”

“Bye,” she echoed and watched him as he went over the edge of the balcony. His head popped back up a second later and he blew her another kiss before descending the ladder finally.

Liz sighed wistfully and then tugged her pajamas, making them more rumpled. Like she had slept in them instead of nude. Then she took a deep breath and opened her door. She rubbed her eyes sleepily and said, “Mom, Daddy? What are you doing back so early?”

Max couldn’t believe what had almost happened. Looking back it was probably a good thing Liz’s parents had come home when they did, otherwise…

He shook his head, he could not believe he had let himself lose control like that. They could've wound up pregnant. But her body….It had just called to him, ambrosial and appealing…begging for his touch…his kisses…

Max shook his head and pulled into his driveway. He tried to sneak in quietly, but a snort let him know his attempts had been futile. He spun, and came face to face with Isabel. He glanced around quickly.

“Dad stayed in Clovis and Mom is grocery shopping. You’re safe, just stick to the camping story.”

“Thank you.”

“What are you doing back?”

“Liz’s parents came home unexpectedly, I’m lucky to still be living. I’m lucky they trust Liz and I remembered to park the Jeep in the alley, too, but…it was a close one, Izzy.”

She looked at him. “I’m guessing it was worth the risk?” she asked softly. He felt one of those idiotic grins cross his face.

“I’d spend an eternity in Hell for just one night with her, Izzy…It was so-”

“Okay! Okay, I get the picture, I don’t need all the lurid details. Now go take a shower, you smell like sweat. What is that? Flour?”

He looked down at his shirt and saw Liz’s tiny handprints white against the black. “Yeah,” he said, grinning again, “She made me dinner.”

“And dessert too, by the look of you.” A sudden flash of Liz’s chocolate and strawberry smeared body flashed into his head and he felt himself beginning to respond.

“You know, a shower might not be a bad idea.”

Tess listened to the running water and smiled. Max had come home about the time when she was leaving so she had snuck back in his window and was waiting on his bed. Naked. She figured she’d save him the trouble of coming to her when he was done washing away the Parker girl’s stench.

She reclined against the navy blue pillows, and contemplated which position to wait for him in. She finally decided to prop herself up on one elbow, facing the bathroom door, and leave herself open for his inspection.

Hearing the shower turn off she sat up straighter, checked to make sure the door was closed, and then quickly tweaked her nipples, making them harden into points. She smiled, satisfied, and waited for Max.

She was humming lightly under her breath as she helped her parents bring in their luggage and unpack. Her mother had said she was exhausted and had gone to lay down, so Liz decided to be the “good” daughter and do laundry. She was just throwing in the whites load when she heard her father calling to her.

“Yeah, Dad?”

“Isn’t this Max’s?” he asked, holding up a black backpack.

“Yeah, he must of left it here yesterday.” She walked over and took it from him. “We were studying for exams and then Isabel called and he rushed off. I’ll drive it over there in case he needs anything.”


“I’ll be quick, Daddy. Could you finish laundry for Mom? Thanks.” She gave him a peck on the cheek and left without waiting for a reply. She snatched the keys off the hook by the door and started over to the Evans’ house.

Faith Hill’s “Breathe” was blasting as she pulled into the driveway behind the Jeep, and she sat for a few minutes listening, thinking about the way Max touched her until he was the only thing in her world. She shuddered with delight as she imagined his kisses.

Hopping out of the car she quickly made her way up the walk to the front door, Max’s bag in tow.

Max walked out of the bathroom with nothing but a small towel around his waist and a smile. Tess sucked in her breath at the sight of his rippling body and felt herself grow wet. She smiled welcomingly and straightened up more, making her breasts stick out.

He didn’t notice.

She pouted suddenly, realizing Max wasn’t aware of her presence. Oh well, she’d just enjoy the view for a while. She watched him as he walked over to his dresser and opened the top drawer. His sock and underwear drawer. He rummaged around in it for a moment until he pulled something out.

Tess tried to get a good look at whatever it was he was holding, but got diverted by the large tent forming in the front of his towel. She licked her lips, waiting no longer an option.

“Maaaxx,” she purred, and he whirled around, dropping what looked like a picture. His expression was one of surprise. She smirked slightly and knelt, running her hands along her body, inviting him over.

His expression went from shock to disapproving, and he frowned at her. “Tess,” he stated, “What are you doing here? And why aren’t you wearing any clothes?”

“Max,” she said unbelievingly, “Why do you think I’m over? You just finished with little Lizzie, I thought you’d need a pick-me-up. And I don’t need clothes for what we’re going to do.” She slithered off the bed, walking towards him seductively.

He frowned and sidestepped her. “Tess, I thought you understood when I told you it was over. But obviously I was wrong.” He strode over to the door and opened it partly, as if just remembering she was naked. “Please put on your clothes and leave.”

She stared at him, his face was set, the only emotion a slight sadness. “You’re not serious?”

“I am.”

“But you want me, I can see the regret in your eyes at not taking me here and now.”

“No, Tess, I regret the fact that you can’t accept that I love Liz and that you’re willing to sacrifice a friendship because of that.”

She stalked over to him, a smirk twisting her lips and pressed against him. “Friendship?” she asked, “We were never friends Max. We were lovers, we were man and wife, but we were never just friends.”

“Tess,” he protested, putting his hands on her shoulders and exerting pressure. She didn’t back down, merely pressed closer.

“I’m your destiny, Max, not Liz. Me. And I’ll do what ever I have to, to prove that to you.”

“There is nothing to-” She kissed him, wrapping her arms around him and invading his mind, so that he remembered every time he had fucked her, and she pulled him ruthlessly to the bed, pushing his struggling form down beneath her. She was determined to win this battle.

Liz rang the doorbell, quick smoothed down her shirt and tucked her hair back. She heard the tumblers turning and straightened up, a smile unconsciously spreading across her face.

“Hello?” Isabel said coolly, staring at Liz expectantly. Her smile dimmed, but only for an instant.

“Hi, Isabel! Max left his book bag at my house and I figured he’d need it, you know, if he was going to do anymore studying…”

“I’ll bet,” the blonde stated, and looked Liz up and down. She fidgeted uncomfortably under the scrutiny. “I’ll give it to him,” she finally said, sticking out her hand. Liz clutched the bag to her chest.

“I’d really like to give it to him myself,” she whispered, blushing slightly.

“Whatever.” Isabel shrugged and moved away from the door, heading to where Liz knew was the kitchen. Shutting the door behind her, Liz made her way to the hallway by the stairs. Max’s room was at the far end and she noticed his door was open.

Her heart was thudding in anticipation of seeing him again and she tiptoed over to the door, peeking in.

And suddenly, she felt the urge to vomit. She stared for a moment at the mass of tangled, naked limbs on the bed, and then ran, the bag dropping from her numb fingers in the hallway.

“Liz?” Isabel called, after seeing the other girl run past as if her shoes were made of hot iron. She picked up Max’s backpack and placed it by the coat tree then shut the door. What was that about? she wondered.

Turning back to the kitchen, she mentally prepared herself for another round of Humanities, but was brought up short when her brother came tearing down the hall, tugging on a T-shirt. “Max?”

“Not now, Izzy,” he said shortly, grabbing his leather jacket and storming out. She stared at the wooden door for another minute. What is going on? Shrugging, she told herself to forget about it, to remember that she had a 2-hour essay exam to tie in all twelve books they had read over the course of the year. But again, she was delayed.

“Tess?” The smaller blonde girl was walking stiffly toward her, blue eyes watery. “I thought you went home?” Tess just shook her head and mumbled something under her breath before leaving.

And yet again, Isabel had the feeling she had just missed something major.

Liz swiped tears out of her eyes and tried to concentrate on driving, but she couldn’t shake the mental picture of Max with Tess. She couldn’t believe Max would do something like that to her. He had told her he detested Tess Harding and she had believed him, unwittingly falling right into his arms.

She couldn’t believe he had played her. She wouldn't believe it. He had told her the truth about his origins, he had let her see his soul…

He had loved her.

No, Max wouldn’t ever do that to her. It had to have been Tess, one of her little mind games. Well, Liz wasn’t going to let her manipulate her that easily. Furious now, she whipped out her cell phone and racked her brain for Tess’ phone number.

“Hello?” came the chillingly polite voice of Mr. Edward Harding. Or Nasedo…this alien thing was confusing.

“Mr. Harding? Hi, this is Liz Parker, I was just calling to talk to Tess, is she available?’

“I’m afraid not. Tessy spent the weekend at the Evans’.” Liz felt her herself go numb.


“Would you like her to call you back?”

“No! That’s okay, I’ll just talk to her tomorrow, it really wasn’t that important. Um..."

“Alright then, good-bye.” And the other end of the line clicked as the receiver was replaced.

“Bye,” Liz whispered, shutting her phone. She sat for a minute or two at the stop sign, unfeeling. And then suddenly it hit her and she was crying her eyes out again. It was true. What she had seen…Oh, God…He had lied to her, used her, played her…And she had gone willingly, trustingly…

She looked at herself in the rearview mirror. She looked awful. Her mascara was running, her eyes were red and puffy, and her face was all bunched up trying to stop sobbing. She couldn’t go home like this, but she needed to talk to somebody. Slowly she let out a deep breath and put her right blinker on. She’d go see Maria. Maria would cheer her up.

Max let out another growl of rage. Just what the hell had Tess been trying to pull back there?! It was bad enough she hadn’t stopped propositioning him, but then she just threw herself on him…

His face twisted in disgust. What he needed was Liz, and maybe another shower. Maybe even Liz in a shower…Best of both worlds. He smiled at the image in his head… Yeah, he’d go see Liz at the Crashdown, she’d make everything better.

He pulled up outside the back entrance and jumped out of the Jeep. The Crashdown was closed that day, so the door was locked, but alien powers often came in handy for that sort of thing. He glanced around the back room, and, not seeing Liz or any of her family, he headed to the stairs.

A bleary-eyed Mrs. Parker opened the door. “Oh, hello Max,” she greeted sleepily.

“Hey, Mrs. Parker. Is Liz home?”

She shook her auburn head and gave him an apologetic smile. “She went out awhile ago, I’m not sure where.”

“Oh. Well could you tell her I stopped by?”

“Of course, Max.”


“Um-hmm. Bye now.”

“Bye.” He slumped back down the steps, the door closing behind him. Okay, options one and three are out, let’s try for number two. A nice, scalding hot shower to wash away the germs. Maybe he should burn those sheets too, just for good measure…

Tess slammed the SUV door, then opened it and slammed it again. Fuming, she stamped her way into the large house she shared with Nasedo and slammed that door too.

“Is something the matter, Tess?” She spun in the direction of the icy voice. Her “father” was sitting at the piano.


“Really?” he inquired silkily, “Then why are you so upset?” She remained silent. He rose from the piano and walked toward her, doing nothing alarming, but radiating menace. “What is our beloved pacifist king up to now?”


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Note: You guys are such drama queens! I love it. Thanks for all the feedback, here's part 19.

Part Nineteen:

“I’m sick of this place,” she burst out, “And I’m sick of Max Evans! I didn’t ask to be his mate, and I am tired of sitting around waiting for him to realize his destiny!”

Okay, so she was partly lying, she wasn’t sick of Max, she wanted him, and while she hadn’t asked to be his mate, she still loved the job, and it’s perks…but, she was tired of waiting for him to come to terms with her as his destined Queen. It had all been fine, Max had been hers, but then that Parker girl came around and he suddenly wasn’t happy with her anymore. And she really was sick of Roswell, it was too small for her tastes, and kinda creepy, all those green alien dolls with their big, blank, black eyes staring at her…

“Does this have something to do with the Parker chit?”

“I don’t know what he sees in her! I mean, she’s human! And not even a pretty one at that, but he tails after her like a puppy in heat, it’s disgusting, and I’m sick of it!” She was pacing now, back and forth in front of Nasedo, who was watching her impassively. Suddenly, she just couldn’t take in anymore, her mind replaying these past months like a horror movie. She broke down, weeping onto the floor.

She felt, with surprise, Nasedo kneel down beside her and put his arms around her. “It’s not fair,” she whispered, sniffling, “I did everything I was supposed to do, I was everything he wanted, why wasn’t it enough?”

“He wasn’t enough Tessy, but everything will be all right, you’ll see, I’ve got everything worked out.” He was in his “Ed” phase, she realized, the one where he actually was the loving, doting father he pretended to be.

“What are you saying?” she asked, looking up into his ice blue eyes.

“I’m saying we’re moving, so go pack.”

“Moving? What about exams?”

“Forget them, they don’t matter. Just go and start gathering your things, we’re leaving as soon as we’re able.”

She moved, standing and walking toward the staircase, running through her mind a list of things she’d need. They’d gone through this several times when she was younger, moving around a lot, but then they’d been in Roswell for so long…She hated the place, but it was the closest thing she’d had to home in a long time. Pausing, her hand on the railing, she turned back to him. “Where are we going?”

He looked at her and smiled, making her shiver. “New York.”

“What’s in New York?” she inquired curiously.

Again, that slightly evil twist of his lips appeared on his worn face. “A King worthy of you, my Queen.”

Liz knocked on the front door, still sniffling silently. The door was suddenly flung wide open. “Michael, you’re here early…Liz! What’s the matter, what happened?” Maria pulled her insistently through the door.

“I’m sorry,” Liz said, looking at the pretty green dress Maria was wearing, “I didn’t know you were expecting company…I’ll just go…”

“Don’t even think about it!” Maria exclaimed, she disappeared into the kitchen for a moment and when she came back out she had a tub of ice cream. “One sec. MOM! LIZ AND I ARE GOING TO BE IN MY ROOM, OKAY?”

“OKAY!” was Mrs. DeLuca’s shout from the dining room, “HI LIZ!”

“HI MRS. DELUCA!” she shouted back.

“IT’S AMY, DEAR!” was the reply. Liz turned to Maria, who shrugged and tugged her down the hall to her room.

Maria’s room was a disaster zone, and Liz meant that in a good way. Posters were spread all over the room at haphazard angles, bulletin boards crammed with pictures, her dresser was cluttered with all the essential oils and magazines, he closet was packed full of funky clothes, and discarded outfits lay on the floor. They lay down on the bed, the only clear space in the room, and stared up at the glow-in-the-dark stars pasted on the ceiling.

Liz felt her breath catch in her throat. Stars…Max had shown her the stars, they explored them together, touched them until the light and warmth filed them…She unwillingly began to cry again, the reminder of what he had done slowly destroying her.

“Oh, Lizzie, babe, what’s the matter?” Maria wrapped her arms around her and rocked her gently. “What happened, chica?” Liz looked at her, and she gulped back more sobs. She steeled herself, telling herself she had come over to Maria’s to talk, to think it through, to get a second opinion on what a lying jerk her Max was.

“You know Max spent the weekend, right?” She took a spoon from Maria and dug in, needed the cold comfort.

“Yeah,” Maria said wryly, “That’s why I didn’t inform you right away of the big news.” She waited like a second, “Michael’s my BOYFRIEND!” she shrieked.

Liz smiled, genuinely happy for her, “That’s great.” Maybe Michael would be human enough to stay loyal. Maria calmed down and studied her.

“But that’s not what you’re here to talk about. So, spill, how was it? Is he as good as everyone says he is?”

Liz blushed. “Better,” she whispered.

“Oh, I see stars in your eyes! What happened?”

“Well, the first time…” she blushed again.

“First time? You did it more than once? Wow.” The spoon was hanging from Maria’s mouth, almost ready to drop, Liz raised her eyebrow and tapped the end with her own spoon, until Maria came back down to her plane of existence.

“Anyway, after, you know, he was really sweet. But then, I wanted to do it again-”

“Honey, you should have waited, people are normally sore afterwards,” Maria interrupted.

“I was, a little, but… Anyway, he kept ignoring my hints, so finally I figured he didn’t want me, but then something happened, and, I realized he did, but something was holding him back.” She stopped.

“And?” Maria demanded.

“He only brought one condom,” she whispered embarrassed.

"No way," Maria exclaimed, “There is no way someone with Max’s reputation only had one condom. He must have been trying for sainthood to only carry one..."

Liz giggled at the thought of a “Saint Max”. “So anyway, I whipped out that box you got me for my birthday, and his eyes got so big…”

“And,” Maria prompted again.

“And we used the whole box,” Liz said simply, taking another spoonful. Maria was staring at her expectantly. “What?”

“Details, babe, I need details. Where? How long?”

“Oh, um…first time was on the bed, second also, then the kitchen table, and the shower, all like an hour or two.” She nodded, not looking at Maria.

“Wow, you christened three rooms, and the kitchen…kinky. But, I wasn’t referring to the time length, I was referring to Max.”

Liz looked at her blankly, then, “Oh. OH! Maria!"

“Come on, I mean, Michael’s pretty big-”

Liz gasped, “You and Michael did it?”

“No. Almost, but no, I have way too much self-control to let it get that far. Especially with my Mikey G. If I want to keep him, I gotta make him wait. But don’t get off the subject.” She pointed her spoon at Liz, “Talk.”

“He’s, um, really, really big,” she admitted, remembering how afraid she’d been that he wouldn’t fit her.

Maria squealed, “I knew it!” At Liz’s look she paused, “Continue, please.”

“So this morning, my parents showed up early-”

“Ohmigod, were you caught? Is that what’s wrong? Did they forbid you to see each other?”

“No, Maria, Max got out. But he left his backpack, and I told my parents he had been over studying. So I brought the bag to his house, and when I got there…” she trailed off and took another scoop of ice cream, hoping the brain freeze would distract her tear ducts.

“Liz?” Maria’s voice was cautious, “Liz, what happened?”

“He was with Tess. Naked, on his bed,” she said softly, the tears not stopping.

“Oh my God.” Maria looked at her, eyes wide, “You’re kidding, right?” Liz shook her head. “You’re not kidding. Oh my God.”

“So, what do you think?”

“I don’t know. I cannot believe this. What a jerk!”

“I know. It's like everything I see with my eyes tells me that he's cheating on me. But everything I feel with my heart tells me that he's not, that I’m just missing something. I mean, we have this connection, Maria, and everything in me, heart and soul, believes that he loves me and wouldn’t hurt me, but I saw them…”

Maria sighed and looked at her. “I don't know if Max is cheating or what, Liz, I just... I know that you usually go with your heart, so...”

“I don’t know if I can talk to him, Maria. I mean, what if what I saw was true, what if he tells me that we’re nothing…that we’re over? I don’t know if I could handle that, not after this weekend…”

“You have to figure this out, you have to talk to him. I mean, if you and Max, who have that whole...look-into-my-eyes soulmate thing, can’t make it, what chance is there for me and Michael?”

“No, Maria, do not think like that, you and Michael will be fine.” She looked anxiously at her friend, distressed that she had caused Maria to question her new romance. “Speaking of Michael,” she insinuated, “Were you expecting him tonight?”

The blonde suddenly snapped to life. “Oh shit!” She looked at the clock, 5:56. “Oh no, he’s coming over in four minutes for dinner, shit, shit, shit!”

“Maria, Maria, calm down, I should go anyway.”

“Yeah, okay, alright…” She slowly seemed to stop hyperventilating. Liz slid of the bed and took the tub from Maria and headed to the kitchen, Maria trailing behind. She placed the ice cream back in the freezer and the spoons in the dishwasher, then she turned to Maria.

“I’m going to go home now, thank you…you know, for listening.”

“Oh, babe, c’mere.” And then Maria was hugging her. “It’s gonna work out in the end, you’ll see.” Liz was going to reply, but a knock at the door caused Maria to spas out. “Ohmigod! He’s here! I can’t do this! How do I look? Ohmigod!! Liz HELP me!”

“Maria, calm down, just answer the door, okay.”

She took a deep breath, “Okay, I can do that.” But she made no move toward the door. Liz sighed and reached over, revealing Michael.

“Hi,” Michael said.

“Hi,” she replied, “I was just leaving.” She looked again at Maria, who only had eyes for Michael. “Bye, Maria.”

“Uh-huh, bye, Lizzie,” she responded absently.

Liz stepped outside, coming abreast of the alien. She stopped and resolutely went on her tiptoes. “If you hurt her, I will dissect you worse than you ever dreamed the government could,” she whispered in his ear, and then she left, not caring about his reaction.

Michael froze, staring after her retreating form disbelievingly. Max wouldn’t have told her… no, he decided, Max would never endanger them like that, it must just be that was the best threat a science nerd like Liz Parker could come up with. He turned back to step into the DeLuca kitchen, and was suddenly confronted by hundreds of alien head knick-knacks.

He raised his eyebrows, “Do kooks like you actually make this stuff, or do you buy it all the freak shows?”

“Nothing personal, but those freak shows keep my kooky daughter and myself off the streets.” He winced and turned around, coming face-to-face with Maria’s mom.

“Mom, Michael. Michael, mom,” Maria said.

“Nice to meet you.” And then she turned and walked back through the door into the other room.

“That was some guffaw,” his spitfire said, sounding hurt.

“Guffaw?” he asked, trying not to touch on her emotional state.

“Yeah, my mother. Great first impression.”

“Why would I want to make an impression?” He wanted to take that back as soon as he said it, but it was too late, and he watched her expression crumble.

“Because you’re my boyfriend,” she whispered, not looking at him.

“Maria…” He scrubbed his face, no knowing what to say. It was just what Liz had said, and then to be confronted with those gross exaggerations of a species…He shouldn’t have taken it out on her, and he couldn’t explain to her the problem. “I’m sorry,” he said finally, “I just…I’m nervous, that’s all.”

“Really?” she asked, finally looking at him, her eyes shining. He sucked in a breath, the green of her dress really brought out her emerald eyes, and suddenly he knew he could further remedy his mistake.

“And as you’re boyfriend,” he said, taking her in his arms, “I would like to say you look beautiful.”

“Really?” she murmured against his lips.

“Um-hmm, absolutely edible…” He kissed her softly, deepening it until she moaned, and than slacked off, teasing.

“Michael,” she scolded softly, whapping him on the shoulder, and he laughed down at her softly.

“Maria, Michael, dinner is on the table and getting cold,” Mrs. DeLuca called from the dining room.

“Coming,Mom!” <><><><>

Maria watched, horrified, at Michael’s table manners. She exchanged a glance with her mom over the lobster, and Amy shrugged. “Do something,” she mouthed. Amy rolled her eyes.

“So, Michael?”

He looked up, brown eyes frantic, like a deer caught in a pair of headlights. “Yes, Mrs. DeLuca?” Well, at least he swallowed before talking.

“Did your parents ever teach you how to behave when you’re over at someone’s house for dinner?”

“MOM!” she shrieked.

“I never had any parents.” She looked at him startled, then remembered he had been a foster kid.

“What do you mean?”

“Mom,” Maria said again, her voice warning her mother not to push it.

He shrugged and moved some of the food around on his plate. “I had Hank, and the only time he cared I was around was when he needed something to hit.” He grinned at her reassuringly when she gasped. “When I got emancipated, I never worried about it.”

“Oh,” her mom said, “So, what do you do for fun?”

“I work security detail most nights.”

“No, I meant for actual fun, Michael.” Amy was speaking gently now, as if she had suddenly realized that this wasn’t just some boy from the wrong side of the tracks trying to get into her daughter’s pants.

He thought for a minute, sending Maria a secret suggestive glance and she blushed, making sure her mom hadn’t caught it. “I like to paint,” he admitted.

“Paint?” she perked up, interested. She hadn’t known about this side of Michael.

“Mostly abstract, but I do some landscapes too…” <><><><>

She walked him out to his moped later that night, standing on the curb while he straddled the seat. He looked at her and then at the front window of her house, waving to her mother, who was watching them.

“You’re mom’s cool.”

“Yeah.” She smiled faintly and then was quiet. “Thank you for coming tonight, Michael, it meant a lot to me.”

“Come here, ‘Ria,” he tugged her until she was sitting on the bike in front of him, wrapped in his arms. “Tell me what’s wrong.”

“I want to wait.”


“Yeah, you know, before we have sex.” He started, but she continued. “I just mean that there’s so much we don’t know about each other, and I want to wait, until I know you. Until you know me. I want to be sure you’re as serious about our relationship as I am, you know, I don’t want to jump in the sack with you and wake up the next morning alone. But I also need to know that you won’t cheat on me, I’ve seen what that does to girls, and I don’t want to be the one going to Liz and crying my eyes out about what a jerk you are.”


But she interrupted his interruption. “And my mom…She, I don’t want her to go through what my grandma went through. I don’t want her worried about whether or not I’m coming home at five in the morning, or if I’m having unprotected sex. She wound up with a baby at sixteen. Sixteen, Michael, with no one to turn to, she was all alone, and I don’t think I could handle that kind of responsibility right now, I don’t-”

He broke the kiss abruptly as he started it. “That was to calm you down.”


He stared down at her, her green catlike eyes watching him steadily. Tugging on a strand of her honey blonde hair, he finally smiled. She was the only human he’d ever let into his heart, and he was pretty sure she’d fight to stay there. Heck, he was pretty sure he wanted her to stay there. “Okay.”

“Okay?” she echoed.

“Yeah, okay. We wait, it’s okay.”


“Yes, really!”

“Oh, thank you, Michael!” She bounced up and down slightly.

“Ok, Maria off the bike now, you’re gonna ruin the shocks.” She hopped up and did a little happy dance, before pecking him on the cheek.

“Bye!” she exclaimed and took off, running to the house, where Amy had just turned on the porch light.

He shook his head, her antics proved she was going to be high maintenance. He’d have his work cut out for him trying to protect her. First on his list was Valenti. Jock-boy was going down. <><><><>

“Shit!” Max shouted, tearing apart his room, frantically looking for his backpack.

“What’s the matter?” Isabel asked, coming to the door. She raised her eyebrows contemptuously as she surveyed the disaster room.

“I can’t find my book bag, and I need to return my books the day of the exam. If I don’t have them… They’re like, fifty bucks a piece Iz, I gotta find-”

“Chill, it’s by the front door, Liz brought it by earlier.”

“She did? Why didn’t she come see me?”

Izzy shrugged, “Like I know what goes on with your geeky little girlfriend.”

“She is not a geek, and look who’s talking. Alex Whitman, Izzy?”

“Shut up!” she screamed, turning red. Then she whirled and glided runway style back to her room. Max stared after her, pleased with his victory, and then went to get his bag. Why hadn’t Liz stayed? <><><><>

Interlude Three:

Max was worried. It was Wednesday, and he and Liz hadn’t spoken since he had gone home on Sunday, and he was starting to think she was ignoring him on purpose. He just didn’t know why. Maybe her parents had found out about the weekend and she was grounded? No, she would have found a way to tell him, or the Parker’s would have called his parents. Every time he saw her it was during an exam, and either she or the teacher shushed him. Something was definitely going on.

Liz was feeling horrible. She was avoiding Max at all costs. She wasted time before class and during break so that she made it to class at the last second, if she saw him in the hall, she ran the other way. Maria was scolding her, but she just couldn’t walk up to him and tell her what she’d seen, just so he could break up with her. She’d rather pretend it was a nightmare.

Michael was angry. Valenti seemed to be evading him at every turn, ever since the shocked rumor that Maria and he were going steady swept through the school. One time he had almost caught him, he had yelled “Kyle” and the bastard jock strap had froze, but when he saw it was Michael he had ran like a sissy boy. Michael, of course, pursued, but Kyle had escaped into the men’s room and he had been caught by Mr. Seligman, who had assigned him detention. The last week of school, exam week, half-day week! Valenti was a dead man walking.

Maria was happy. She had Michael and the whole school knew it. The only thing marring her days was the Liz and Max sitch and the exams.

Alex was determined. Isabel had done as he expected and snubbed him this week. So far, he told himself. When he approached her with conversation she cut him down to his face, even though he could see she was sorry. But that just made up his mind, tonight he put his plan into action.

Isabel was frustrated. Couldn’t Alex see that communication between them was faux paux? Didn’t he understand their social rift? Wasn’t he aware of the damage he could cause to her reputation? Why was he doing this to her? Why was he trying to destroy her? But, it was cute the way he wouldn’t give up. And it was sweet that he didn’t mention their rendezvous at the park and for breakfast in front of her “friends”. And he looked so good in his blue button down shirt, it brought out his electrifying eyes. Now, if only he’d unbutton the top button…

The school was speculating. Max Evans and Liz Parker seemed to be on the outs, but whose decision it was seemed to be up for debate. Michael Guerin was actually dating the strange Maria DeLuca. And Alex Whitman seem to think he could dare to contact the Isabel Evans.

No one noticed Tess Harding’s absence.


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Note: The song was written by me, for Alex, for Isabel. It's called "The Real Girl Inside", please don't flame it. That said...Enjoy!

Part Twenty:

It was Wednesday night, well…technically it was Thursday morning, and he was seriously considering committing himself into an insane asylum. But no, he was doing this. He had to do this. The part of him that wouldn’t let his irrational hope die was egging him on.

So here he was, outside in the chilly before-dawn hours, in Isabel Evans’ backyard. Screwing up his courage he slung his guitar strap over his head and knock loudly on her window.

After a few moments a light clicked on, nearly making him pee his pants. Shit, Whitman, this was a stupid idea, she’s gonna think you’re an even bigger dork now! A shadowy figure was coming closer to the window and Alex shut his eyes, praying that if he kept them shut she wouldn’t be able to see him either. The lock was being opened…


His eyes burst open in shock, and he found himself staring in ridiculously beautiful amber eyes. It was just plain wrong for a guy to have eyes that girly. “Evans.”

Max Evans stared at him quietly, just waiting. “You’re probably wondering what I’m doing here, at this hour, knocking at your window. I have a perfectly logical explanation for it. Just a big mix up, really…”

“I was, yes,” he answered, talking over Alex’s babble, “It’s not every night a guy gets woken up to find another guy at his window with a guitar. I’m assuming you’re not here to serenade me."

“You would assume correctly. That’s my logical explanation, I was actually looking for Isabel’s window. Could you possibly direct me to the right one? Please?”

“Why should I?” Max asked, sounding amused, “I don’t know if Izzy wants a guy with stalkerish tendencies knocking on her window late at night."

“Because-” he started, “Hey! I am not a stalker!”

“Then what are you?”

“I’m a Whitman.” Max was not looking impressed. “Okay, I just… The other night we ran into each other at the elementary playground, and we talked, like really talked. Then we met up for breakfast and we had fun. She was the girl I knew she could be. She wasn’t acting like the world’s biggest bitch. She was just being Isabel. And I liked that Isabel, and I liked that I was the one who could make her laugh. I want her to keep being that Isabel, and this was the only way I could think of to do it. Music’s the only thing I’m good at, besides computers and chess…”

A sigh ended his monologue. “It’s that one,” Max told him, pointing to a window on the next story, diagonal from his. Alex looked at him suspiciously, skeptical of his easy acquiescence.

“You’re sure?”

“I think I know where my own sister’s bedroom is,” he said, sounding annoyed.

“I wasn’t implying you didn’t, I just want to make sure you weren’t tricking me and I go a’knockin’ and it’s your parents room.”

“I wouldn’t do that to you.”

“Why not?”

“Number one, you’re Liz’s friend. Number two, I want the real Izzy to come back, too.” They stared at each other for a beat, understanding flowing between them. Alex nodded at him and Max shut his window, went to bed, and shut off his light. Alex moved on the Isabel’s window.

He paused, confounded for a moment. He couldn’t very well climb the tree two stories, knock, and then play up there. He sighed heavily, feeling discouraged, maybe this was a sign to give up. He kicked the ground, feeling irritated now, and he hit his tow on a rock. “OW!” he shouted, then clapped a hand over his mouth. “Ow,” he repeated more quietly, “Stupid rock.” He glared at it and then inspiration hit.

Isabel woke to the strangest noise. It sounded like something was hitting her window. There it was again! She sat up in bed, listening intently. Another barrage of sprinkles and she was up out of bed, moving swiftly to her window. She perked her ears for an intruder, and thought she heard a faint “Isabel!”

“What?” she whispered to herself, and then CRACK! She squealed and threw aside her blinds to be confronted with a very large crack in the glass. Furiously, she opened the window, and got ready to ream out Michael, only to be confronted with a red-faced Alex Whitman standing on the lawn.

“Sorry!” he called up to her, “I’ll pay for that.”

“Don’t worry about it,” she said back, smiling, it was nothing a little alien ingenuity couldn’t handle, “What are you doing here?” They were both yelling in a whisper, afraid to wake the parentals.

“I, um, well, you know what happened this weekend? And then at school?” She nodded, ashamed. “Yeah, well, I just wanted to say I don’t accept that Isabel.”


“NO,” he interrupted, “No, listen to me, please.” She nodded again, biting her lip. “I like you Isabel, and I think you like me, and I just want to say…Screw being popular! You’re better than that Isabel, you’re like this beautiful person, inside and out, and I… I wrote this for you, to try and get you to see that, so… Here goes.”

He strummed the guitar he had brought and then looked up at her, honest in the moonlight, and she felt tears prick her eyes as he began to sing.

They call her a dream,
The untouchable, unattainable supreme…
She’s their beauty queen,
But she’s not all that she seems.

She’s got red pouting lips
With arresting brown eyes
And a body that kills,
But I can see behind the lies…

I see the real girl inside,
Not the beauty queen,
Not the captain of the cheerleading team
Or the head of the popular scene…
But the real girl inside.

Sure, she’s beautiful
But if it’s just the same,
I’d rather see her at a playground
In the middle of the rain…

Instead of up on that stage
In another homecoming crown,
Being made into the Princess again,
But that’s all she’s getting from this town.

I see the real girl inside,
Not the beauty queen,
Not the captain of the cheerleading team
Or the head of the popular scene…
But the real girl inside.

She’s made of passion and fire, not ice
Mixed with laughter and intelligence…
One of those old, loving souls…
And the smile of an angel I haven’t seen since…

That night all alone,
I got lost in her eyes,
And the look on her face
After the final goodbyes…

That’s when I saw the real girl inside,
Not the beauty queen,
Not the captain of the cheerleading team
Or the head of the popular scene…
But the real girl inside.

I see her inner perfection.
I see the sun in my sky.
I see my one ray of light,
There’s no need to hide…

I see the real girl inside.

Max listened from his bed as Whitman serenaded his sister. He knew Izzy would give in, she was so tired of pretending all the time, he just never thought it would be Alex Whitman to be the one to melt the ice. Of, course, he never though Maria would be able to tear down Michael’s stone walls, or for Liz to be the one who brought him back to life.


He needed to find out why she was shunning him. He didn’t know what he’d done, but he couldn’t last another day without touching her…kissing her…holding her…breathing her…

Maybe he should take a page out of Whitman’s book and pay a little late night visit…

But first he’d see how today went.

Liz had managed to prolong completing her sixth hour exam, so that Max had no chance to talk to her, but seventh block was her free period, as well as his and Maria’s.

Luckily she had convinced Maria to go to lunch with her, just the girls. Her friend had seen through the diversionary tactic, told her she was being a baby, and then agreed. So now, she was at her locker, getting her stuff ready to go.



“Max.” Her response was hesitant, slightly nervous.

“Can we go to lunch?”

“Sorry.” She shut her locker and gave him a little, apologetic glance. “Maria and I are going out.”

“Well, can I join you?”

“It’s just supposed to be the two of us. You know, girl talk.”

“I can handle it.”

“No. Please Max, just drop it.”

He was stunned at her tone. He reached out to touch her and she pulled back, his hand falling uselessly to his side. “Liz?” She looked up at him, finally meeting his eyes. “What’s going on?”

Her brown eyes grew sad, hurt, and he was alarmed to see tears forming. “Why don’t you tell me Max?” she whispered, and then turned and ran for the double doors leading to the parking lot.

He just stared after her, helpless, not knowing what to do.

“God, Liz, just walk up to him and say, ‘What the hell did you think you were doing!’” Maria advised her friend.

“I can’t, Maria.”

“Want me to do it for you?” she offered, taking a bite of her burrito. They had decided to eat at the taco place just outside town. Michael had suggested it.

“No. I’ll do it. I just have to figure out the right time. Atmosphere wise and such…”

“Sure Lizzie, just try and have the “atmosphere” right before this Saturday.”


She stared at the small brunette she had adopted. “Liz, honey, Saturday is the beginning of summer break, and for those of us of lesser intelligence, that means fun!"

“I know what summer break means, Maria.”

“Yes, well, I have this summer planned out, and it involves a lot of double dates, so chop-chop. We have a schedule to keep.” Liz seemed disbelieving. “Please, Lizzie, do it tonight.”

“I have to work tonight.”

“Then before school.” Their eyes locked and Maria’s green gaze dominated Liz’s chocolate one, causing the other girl to sigh.

“Fine,” she said dejectedly, and Maria smiled, happy with her victory.

“Good, and here.” Liz looked down at what Maria had placed in her hand and Maria endeavored to keep a straight face.

“MARIA!” she yelped.

“What?” At Liz’s glare she tried her patented “innocent eyes”. Then frowned, because it wasn’t working as well on her best friend as it did on her mom. “It’s just in case “Saint Max” decides to put in another appearance. I’m just looking out for your well-being, chica, you know that.”

She was going to continue justifying her gift, but then she realized Liz wasn’t really offended. They looked at each other again and then burst into a giggle fit, Liz slipping the condom in her back pocket.

Liz brushed her newly dried hair and looked at her reflection in the mirror. “You can do it,” she told herself, “Just like Maria said, walk right up to him and ask what he was doing with Tess. It’s simple, straightforward. It’s like an experiment in Biology, and you kick ass at Biology. You can do it! You’re talking to yourself, Parker. Not a good sign…”

Then she smacked her forehead, the pep talk not gearing her up for a heartrending talk with her boyfriend. If he still is my boyfriend, she thought mournfully. A soft knocking took her from her self-pitying internal war.

She glanced at the door and wondered who it was. Her parents went out for dinner, and she had locked all the doors. Maybe it was Max, he didn’t have to worry about locks… Maybe he had been fed up and was just going to break up with her now… Maybe…

The knock again, and she realized it wasn’t coming from her door. Wide-eyed, she turned to her balcony window and eeped. Max was crouched outside, staring at her with those soulful eyes of his. She rose, making sure her butterfly robe was securely fastened, then moved toward the window.

“What are you doing here?” she asked fearfully, stepping back as he climbed through the tiny window.

“We need to talk,” he said simply, brushing himself off.

“I know.” Sitting down on the bed, she steeled herself for the inevitable. She stiffened when Max sat beside her.

“Liz, talk to me,” he whispered, reaching for her hand.

She seemed so tense, and when his fingertips brushed her hand she sat even straighter up. She was acting as if she were afraid of him, of what he was. But she could handle it, he had seen it in her mind.

What he really wanted now, was to be able to deepen that humming in the back of his brain and be able to feel her feeling and read her thoughts again, but he suspected she wasn’t in a willing mood to make love.

She wasn’t responding, so he tried again. “Are you afraid of me?”

“What?” She looked at him, surprised, and he breathed a sigh of relief. “Of course I’m not afraid of you, whatever gave you that idea?” she demanded.

“Look at yourself, Liz, you’ve been acting as if I carry the plague or something. Every time I get near you you’ve suddenly got someplace else to be, and I didn’t know what was going on. I figured it was some delayed reaction to me being not of this earth-”

“That’s not it,” she interrupted his tirade.

“Then what Liz? Just tell me what’s wrong and I’ll fix it, I promise,” he pleaded, taking up both her hands and turning her body to face his. She still wouldn’t meet his eyes. “Liz,” he urged softly, using one hand to tilt her chin, “Tell me.”

Tears welled up and she looked away. “You were kissing her.”

“What?” he asked, completely lost.

“Tess!” she wailed, jumping up and pacing in front of him, “I went to return your backpack and I got to your room and their she was and there you were… Naked, the both of you, on your bed, kissing… Hands… I-I-I couldn’t handle it. I was afraid maybe you realized I wasn’t the one you wanted, and I was hurt and-and angry and I just couldn’t… I couldn’t…”

“Liz.” He was up at once and had her enfolded in his embrace, not letting her go when she struggled. “Hush, love,” he told her, and he loosened his hold to wipe away her tears. “Nothing happened between me and Tess.”

“It really happened though, what I saw? Because I called the Harding’s house and her father said she was at your house.”

He chuckled, pleased with her quick thinking. She had suspected Tess’ mindwarp first… “Yes, Tess was at my house, and yes, she did come on to me, but I pushed her away. I told her that if she couldn’t accept the fact that I was with you for good then she needed to leave and we weren’t even going to be friends. So she left.”

She was staring up at him adoringly and he grinned down at her. “And you’re not mad at me?”

“No,” he assured her, “A little hurt, but I probably would have done the same thing if I had seen you naked in another guy’s arms.”


“No, I would’ve blasted him into a pile of dust, but it’s basically the same thing.” She giggled and snuggled into his body. He gave the top of her head a kiss. “Where are your parents?”

“Out,” she whispered, pressing a kiss to his neck. He groaned.

“Liz… I didn’t bring-” She cut him off with a kiss.

“Don’t worry,” she whispered, and pressed a small package into his hand, “I have the situation under control.”

He smiled as he gave her a possessive kiss, “Why Liz Parker, you bad girl, you…”

“Shut up, Saint Max, and make love to me!”

“Whatever you say, love.” He picked her up gently deposited her on the bed, her robe parting to reveal smooth legs. She watched him intently as he took of his shirt and pants, leaving him in a pair of red boxers.

“Ooh,” she teased, sitting up on her knees, “Are those new?”

“Isabel bought them for me for Christmas,” he told her, “She bought Michael a pair of sparkly gold ones. I think should reconsider her perfect gift ideas.” Liz laughed, running her hands over his chest, kissing his neck. He shivered and kissed her back, hands going straight for the tie of the belt and pushing it off of her.

“I like them,” she informed him, tracing the top of the boxers, “You look good in red.”

“You look good naked,” he told her back, tracing the dip of her spine. She gave a breathy little gasp and he felt her nipples harden against his chest.


He laughed at her and slid off his boxers, bearing her down onto the bed. “When are your parents coming back?”

“They said they were going to catch a movie at eight, so probably not until ten,” she gasped as hid tongue dropping into the depression at her collarbone.

“We don’t have that much time.” His hands trailed down her body, combing through her curls and slipping into her heat as she clung to him. He was truly amazed at how quickly she responded to him, and at how quickly he became hard at the mere thought of her. Of being lost in her tight, hot, welcoming body.

“Hurry then!”

Again, he chuckled at her urgency. Locker room talk always said make-up sex was the best, but he had never had a chance to find out. And chances are, with Liz, he wouldn’t have very many opportunities.

He slowly began slipping the latex condom on and Liz gave a frustrated moan beneath him. She batted his hands away and finished the job for him, tugging him toward her. “Liz,” he warned her sternly, anxious that her eager little hands would end it all too quickly and the condom would go to waste.

“Max, stop being such a prude,” she ordered him and then turned over, so that she was straddled on top of him. He was surprised at this side of his innocent Liz, but very, very content with it.

He surveyed her with an air of ownership as she slid up and down on top of him, her hands braced against his chest as her hips gyrated. He gazed up at her as she took her pleasure, her eyes closed tight her breath coming in short, uneven gasps, until his own gratification began to rise up.

The pleasant friction between their bodies began to heat up to and overwhelming inferno and Max went up on his elbows, meeting her lower body as it came down. “Liz,” he begged, wanting her to open his eyes.

They opened suddenly as she came down once more and he was rapidly lost in their depths. His breath caught in his throat as their souls joined together again, and his control vanished. He met her, orgasm for orgasm, until they both collapsed down onto her bed.

“Max,” she whispered into his chest as she moved her head to look at him. “We’ve really got to do this more often.” He laughed appreciatively and ran his fingers through her silky hair and then down her slender arm, relishing in her tiny tremble of awareness.

“Definitely,” he agreed, “But maybe we should try my house next time, otherwise you may need a new bed.”

“Um-hmm.” She snuggled closer to him and he listened as her breathing started to even out, she was falling asleep.

“I’ll pick you up tomorrow,” he offered.

“No,” her voice was sleepy, “Maria’s picking me up.”

“Fine,” he grumbled, “I’ll see you at school then.” But she didn’t reply, too deep asleep to be concerned with his tone of voice. He smiled and kissed the top of her head. He’d have to leave soon, but right now, he just wanted to lay there, wrapped up in the girl he loved.

Maria picked her up at 6:30, in order to give her at least twenty minutes to clear things up with Max. She had tried to interrupt the blonde’s “empowering” speech, but Maria wouldn’t be distracted.

“You have to get in there, Lizzie. Don’t take any crap, tell it to him straight and if he won’t answer you dump him. Simple as that, just do it. Oh! And if-“

“Maria STOP!”


“Max came over last night, and everything is okay, it was all a big misunderstanding. Tess was being her usual bitchy self and Max finally put his foot down and told her to leave.”

“Oh, well, good.” She was quiet for approximately ten seconds. “Then what the hell am I doing up this early in the morning?!!”

Liz blushed, “I didn’t have time to call you last night, and you wouldn’t let me get a word in this morning.”

“No time? What happened? Ohmigod, did you…” she trailed off, wiggling her eyebrows suggestively.

“Yes, and thank you for the present, it came in handy.”

“He forgot again?” Liz just nodded, smiling reminiscently. “My God, I gotta have a talk with that boy.”

“Maria no!"

The three of them had come to school and meet in the abandoned AV room to discuss the current state of affairs. Isabel tapped her foot impatiently. “So you were right Max. I stopped by the house and there’s a “for sale” sign.”

Her brother just nodded, not answering. Michael kicked his desk. “Something you wanna share with the class, Maxwell?” Isabel rolled her eyes at their childishness, they were so unlike Alex.

“Sorry, I didn’t get much sleep last night. Um…Izzy said Tess mentioned Nasedo had took an unscheduled trip, but she didn’t know where. Now they’re gone. We’re going to assume that either Nasedo came back and took Tess away with him, or the Skins got them.”

“Either way,” Michael added, “They’re out of our hair, and I, for one, am thrilled with that.”

“Really?” Isabel asked, “Weren’t you the one who wanted to find out about our origins? The one who wanted to go home?” He shifted uncomfortably.

“Yeah, well, things change.”

“Michael!” Suddenly Maria bounced in, annoyingly perky. “There you are, Lizzie and I got here early, and the Eraser Room is free, c’mon!” Michael was up in an instant, and then it was he who was tugging Maria out the door. Isabel rolled her eyes when Maria resisted and fixed Max with her bottle green eyes. “And you, Saint Max, get your act together.” She tossed Max a box from her purse and winked. “Buh-bye!”

She looked at him, and noticed he was strawberry red. “What is it?”

“Nothing,” he said quickly, stuffing it in his bag, “So we agree not to speculate about Tess and Nasedo?”

“Yeah, they’re gone, that’s all that counts. Now let’s go, I’m meeting Alex in the quad.”

“You’re really gonna do it?”

She tossed her blonde hair and gave him her most princess-like glare, “If you and Michael can take the plunge, so can I. Besides, I’m tired of pretending I’m a bitch, I just wanna have a normal life as a normal girl.”

“But we’re not normal, Isabel.”

“Alex doesn’t need to know that,” she told him, walking out the door.
“Yes, he does,” drifted out to her, but she ignored it, heading toward the quad. She opened the double doors and scanned the area. Kids were studying, Alex among them. Smiling, she started to make her way over to him, but was stopped half-way there by the Fashion Club.

“Isabel! That is such a cute outfit!” Stacey squealed, “We have to go shopping together-”

“Maybe later,” Isabel replied, “I have to go catch up with my boyfriend.”

Boyfriend? Izzy, hon, who?” was the demand.

“Alex Whitman.” And she walked through them, aware of their speechlessness, and walked over to Alex. That felt good, she thought.

Sitting down next to him after a hello kiss, a stunned chorus of “WHAT?!” caused the whole quad to look up at the crazy group near the doors, surprised to see it was the Bitch Patrol, but then go back to studying.

She and Alex smiled at each other.

It was break time between eighth and ninth period exams and Liz was clearing out her locker so that she and Max could take off right after class. She hummed under her breath and stared at a picture of them that they had gotten from one of those picture booths at the movies. There were many more of those experiences to come, she thought happily, and put the strip of pictures in her bag.

The locker shut when she was bent down, and she straightened, wondering who had closed it. She came face to face with Kyle Valenti. “Hey, Liz.”

“Um, hi, Kyle. Thanks for, um, shutting my locker.” She started to walk away, but an arm shot out, blocking her. “Kyle…” She turned back to him, and was distressed to find herself trapped against her locker. “What do you want, Kyle?”

“I think that would be obvious, Lizzie. Evans is through playing with you, and it’s time for us regular guys to have a little lovin’. We’re all really curious what it was that kept him around so long, and I got first dibs.” He moved a hand, trailing his fingertips down her arm. She jerked away, reminded of Max’s touch just a few hours before.

“I’m sorry, Kyle, I think you’ve been misinformed on a few points. Number one, I am not a slut, so you can just forget about it, and number two…” she trailed off, focused on a enraged face bearing down on them through the crowd that had gathered.

“What’s number two, Lizzie-” But he was cut off as he was slammed against the locker.

“Keep your filthy hands off my girlfriend, Valenti,” he hissed into the other boy’s ear,

“That’s number two, Kyle,” Liz said, stepping behind him.

“Evans!” Valenti, mumbled against the metal, “Hi! How’s it going?”

“Better for me, than for you,” he replied, letting him go.

“Oh, really?”

“Yeah, Valenti, really.” And Michael had him by the shoulders, Valenti went pale.

“Funny thing,” Max said, “I ran into Michael, and it turns out he’s been looking for you. Have fun.” And Michael dragged the football star away. Max turned to Liz, “You okay?”

She nodded and wrapped her arms around his waist, “Peachy.” Max smiled and gave her a soft kiss.

“I heard what he said,” Max told her, “I just couldn’t get through the crowd that fast.” He raised an eyebrow at the now dispersing students, who were frantically trying to make it to class.

“You made it just in time,” she fluttered her eyelashes at him, “My hero.”

“Liz,” he said seriously, “I am through with playing.”

“No, you’re not,” she said, just as seriously. He was going to protest, but she put a finger to his lips. “It’s just for keeps now.”


Yes, that's right, there will be an epilogue. That should clear up any loose ends or whatever. Sorry, the Michael/Kyle confrotation will not be aired, unless I'm feeling creative an make an insert...Well, we'll see. Please leave me feeback.
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Roswell is just a little bit smaller now. People have graduated, gone off to college, moved, etc. The unattainables aren’t so out of reach, and the nerdy kids aren’t such total geeks.

Amy DeLuca and Jim Valenti eventually got married, but can depend only on Maria for grandchildren. Michael messed Kyle up pretty bad…tee-hee…

Alex Whitman was offered a record contract right out of high school. For a while he traveled with his band, the Whits, with Maria sometimes acting as lead singer. They were famous. Now, he’s married to an international supermodel, has two kids, and is settled down with a formidable solo career in L.A.

Isabel Evans got picked up in a model search during college, she moved to Paris where Isabella Evangelis became her runway name. Five years later she was doing a shoot in Japan, where she got backstage passes to the Whits concert. Isabel Whitman is currently living in L.A. with her husband and two kids. She works part-time as a kindergarten teacher and the rest as homemaker.

Maria DeLuca went to UNM after touring with the Whits, and got a doctorate in psychology. She told her live-in boyfriend this way she could mess with lots of people’s heads instead of just his.

Michael Guerin also went to UNM to study art, then he got an offer from a gallery in Chicago and moved. Maria accepted his invitation to join him there and switched colleges for graduate work. Oh, and they stopped waiting.

Liz Parker went to Harvard and Max Evans came with. Dr. Liz Evans works for the University in the forensics lab and Dr. Max Evans at a hospital a few miles away. They’re still getting used to the cold Boston atmosphere, but they love it there. They’re expecting their first child in December.

Everybody eventually told their significant other about their alien status. Alex took it in stride, a little mad that Isabel had lied to him for years, but he got over it when he saw his daughter the first time. Maria freaked out on Michael and told him he was just projecting his feeling of abandonment, until he used his powers. Then she got really quiet and told him she needed to talk a walk. She came back from her mother’s a week later and everything was okay.

Bet you’re all wondering about what happened to Tess and Nasedo. Let’s just say that Zan wasn’t very welcoming, and they’re not a problem anymore.

The Dupes managed to make it to Antar. Kivar and Nicholas were destroyed and the rebellion disbanded. Lonnie was executed after attempting to assassinate her brother, Rath is happy as Commander of the Armed Forces, and Zan and Ava married amiably and ruled together wisely. Turns out the Granolith wasn’t really needed, the people just wanted their King back.

The End.

Okay people, decision time. As most of you should know, Distorted Realities is an arc for my AU fics based on the pod squad, and their significant others, during high school. Playing for Keeps was only the first. Now, the other six have different plots and such, and I'm giving you the choice. I can...

(a) Continue just writing Kalila and Like Father, Like Son, and not have a third fic, or

(b) You can choose one of the following stories to take Playing's place.

Choices are as follows...

*ReGeneration*- When Liz is killed, Max will do anything to get her back. Enlisting the help of Kivar, Liz and Max are genetically recreated. Now, Mia and Jacent are suddenly attracted to each other and want to know why, maybe Uncle Max has the answers.

*DR 2: Fading to Black*- Second in Distorted Realities Arc. Max Evans just moved to Roswell, and he has his eye on the pretty Liz Parker. She’s had a hard life, introverted, mute, he wants to draw her out of her shell.

*Liz in the City*- AU. Liz runs away from the whorehouse when the boss starts demanding favors, luckily she runs into Zan, who is determined to keep this tiny girl safe.

*DR 3: Being Just Friends*- Max and Liz have been friends since forever, what happens when an unexpected kiss changes everything?

*Back to Life*- Parker Evans dreams about his mother, for his sixteenth birthday he wishes her back to life and for the courage to ask out Michele Valenti. What happens when his alien powers make his wishes come true?

*DR 4: Acting the Part*- AU, book version. Liz Ortecho got sucked into the wormhole and went back in time. To save Max from the hardships of the future, she takes matters into her own hands and plays the bitch.

*“You’re My Destiny”*- Written before MTD. Matt Hunter’s new to Roswell, he’s cute, smart, funny, and he’s got a thing for Liz. Why? He’s part of the second set, and Liz is his destined mate. Unfortunately, Max isn’t willing to let her go.

*DR 5: Living Among the Invaded*- The aliens have invaded Earth looking for their long lost Royals, but the Four won’t step up, and the Antarians have instated a breeding program. CC couples are paired up.

*Primitive*- The time of cavemen and primal instincts. Max is different, more evolved, what happens when an escapee from the woman’s village makes her way into his life, showing him he’s not the only different one.

*Pimping*- Max is a pimp to protect his sister and best friend. Liz is desperate and runs into Maria, who works for Max. She begs for work, but Max doesn’t like virgins.

*DR 6: Seeing the Deception*- Liz was raped at 14, turning her into a teasing bitch. When she moves and somebody’s hands manage to steal her breath away, will she be able to resist?

*DR 7: Righting the Wrong*- The shooting never happened, but Liz is drawn to Max. Tess comes, one day Max gets drunk and tells Liz everything. Making out (and more) ensues.

*Divorces & Children*- Max and Tess were engaged. He meets up with Liz, she gets pregnant, Ryan is born and she gives him to Max to take care of, Tess is 5 months preggers, with the twins, Raelena and Cristina. As they get older, M and T have a fight, M meets up with L again and R and R and M move in with her.

*Fourteen Years*- The Pod Squad returns to earth just in time to catch Maria and Alex's wedding. Max falls in love with Liz all over again.

*After the Carnival*- Alternate ending to “Max to the Max”. Some platonic Mi/L (I'm a complete dreamer and truckstopper), kinda angsty.

*Wipe Out (my way)*- The balance is off, and it’s up to Max and Liz to restore it.

OKay, so obviously DR means Distorted Realities, and those are marked, just let me know what your final desicions are and I'll abide by them.

Thanks everyone for being so great!


P.S. Sorry about the summaries, I know they suck, but I don't want to give anything big away.

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NOTE: DR 2 is already started, Um...Being Just Friends won by one there ya go.

Thanks everybody for their feedback and encouragement! You guys are totally ab fab.

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