title: Two Weeks
rating: PG13 to NC17 Max and Liz AU
summary: Our dreamers have two precious weeks to spend together when Max finally comes home
disclaimer: I own nothing Roswell.
note: Just something I felt like doing after seeing last week's show but it's how it made me feel. It's very, very, sad but please read if you have the time.

Max Evans pulled into the garage and was disappointed to see that Liz's car was not there as it should be. His heart skipped a beat at the knowledge that she wasn’t there as he was just arriving home after a three months at medical college and was praying that she’d be home when he got back already looking forward to having the next few weeks off. With her.

His long-time girlfriend Liz Parker had planned to take those few weeks off with him as well which made him just the happiest guy on earth when she had told him over the phone. They weren't sure what they were going to do yet. They discussed going on a vacation together, but Liz was concerned about Max and thought it was best they just stay close to home for the two weeks.

She actually suggested going home to visit his mother in Roswell for a couple days. Max liked the sound of spending some time with the two women he loved most. He promised himself he would phone his mother in the morning and tell her the good news. Max recalled his telephone conversation with Liz the night before, when she told him she would be delayed at work that night, but hoped to be home before 8 or 9 p.m. He looked at the display in his 4Runner and it read 8:45 p.m. He hoped she wasn't delayed much longer.

Because of her schedule at work, she was not able to visit him at the university so it had been three months since they had seen each other.

Max breathed in the sight of home, he’d missed it so much but Medical school was his life, his hope, his dream; behind my Liz of course. Wearily he got out of the car and unlocked the garage door, dropping two bags on the floor and ensured that the garage door was closed.. He walked through the laundry room and sighed as he looked around his spacious house.

Liz hadn't moved in with Max yet, but her presence could be felt as he looked around the house. Liz had helped him decorate the new house that he brought less than a year ago. Max had asked Liz to move in, but she didn't want to be alone in the big house.

So she opted to stay in her apartment, which was conveniently located five minutes from work. They agreed that if Max was going to be spending any significant time at home that she would seriously consider moving in with him at that time.

Max walked into his office and checked the answering machine. He tried his best to check his messages while me was away, but he rarely had the time to return the calls. He went through all the messages and made notes. He decided that returning the calls could wait until the following morning.

Max leaned back in his black leather chair and stretched his head from one side to another, trying to release some of the tension. He decided to bring his bags up to his room and take a long hot shower. As Max made his way back into the Laundry room to grab his bags and smiled as he saw Liz walk through the door. He watched as Liz's face lit up and she quickly ran into Max's arms. "Hey Baby." Max said as he held her tightly.

"Oh man, you're a sight for sore eyes let me tell you." Liz said as she looked up into Max's mesmerizing amber eyes.

"You're looking good Liz." Max said as he held her at arms length and admired her petite frame.
"I swear you get better looking every time you go away. Working flat out, all hours of the day and night was good to you. Or is there something your not telling me, wild parties maybe. God I hate you though, you've got a great tan!" Liz said, as she let her hands trace his chiselled features.

"For once I'm more tanned than you are." Max said.

"So what does it take to get a kiss?" Liz kidded as she looked up into Max's eyes.

A smile spread across Max's face as he slowly lowered his lips to meet Liz's. The saying ‘Absence makes the heart grow fonder’ was certainly true in their case. Whenever Max went away for any significant amount of time, and returned to Liz's arms, it was like that first touch all over again. He never tired of kissing and making love to her. They rarely ever had time alone, so the few moments they did have together, they both cherished. They never took their time together for granted, and they certainly made the most of it.

Max continued to kiss Liz as he carefully scooped her up into his arms. Liz broke the kiss and concentrated on Max's neck as they ascended up the stairs. "You don't know how badly I want you Liz." Max said as he reached the top of the stairs.

"Oh but I think I do have pretty much some idea." Liz said as she lightly nipped at Max's ear.

"I really need to find a university that keeps me closer to home. Being apart from you all the time really is driving me insane." Max said as he gently placed Liz in the middle of the mattress.

Max quickly removed his black jeans and grey T-shirt, almost ripping them from clean off his body and watched in awe as Liz remove her blue jeans and body-hugging white tank top.

"Wow, I love watching you undress." Max said in a deep husky voice as he stood before Liz.
Max watched wide eyed as Liz reached behind and undid the clasp on her white lacy bra.

With eyes never leaving she then lay back on the bed and lifted her bottom so she could easily remove her white panties. Max felt his knees weaken and had to lean against the bed for support. Liz then slowly got up on her knees and kneeled in front of Max on the bed. She placed her hands on his chest, splaying them out as she slowly let her hands travel down his body.
As her hands travelled down his body, she put them around his body and eventually grabbed his firm buttocks and in the process moved him closer to herself. As she let her hands move up and down his back, she paid special attention to his now erect nipples.

"Ok, Ok, enough foreplay for one night." Max said with fire in his eyes and a wicked smileon his face as he gently pressed her back and rested his body beside her.

"It's so unlike you to be impatient Max." Liz said with a smirk as she ran her hand up and down the length of his arousal, which was straining against his black boxer-briefs.

"I think I've been patient enough. Knowing I have a beautiful sexy girlfriend at home isn't easy. I've been waiting three months to make love to you, so let's not waste any more time." Max said as he quickly removed his boxer-briefs and threw them on the floor.

Max arranged his many pillows just the way Liz liked it. She liked to have her upper body slightly elevated when she was making love. She told Max it heightened the whole experience for her because of the different angle he entered her at.

Max shifted and placed himself between Liz's legs. Before entering her, he dipped his finger into her most intimate spot and was satisfied with her state of arousal. He felt her body tremble just from the brief contact he made with her sensitive mound. He placed feathery kisses on her face and neck as he lined up his aroused member with her opening and slowly entered her.

He could feel how tight Liz had become after their three months apart. He moved in and out of her slowly at first to give her time to adjust to his size. As soon as he heard Liz moan, he took that as his cue and quickened his pace.

Max lowered his head and took one of Liz's erect nipples in his mouth. He rolled it around gently between his teeth and quickly flicked it with his tongue. He knew the instant that Liz threw her head back and moaned his name that she was close to her release. Max could feel his release drawing near as well, but concentrated on bringing Liz over the edge first.
As soon as he felt her muscles tighten around his member and he felt the effects of her orgasm move through her body, he thrust a few final times and groaned as he deposited his seed deep inside Liz.

Max collapsed on Liz's body and rested his head on her sweat-covered chest. "Oh god, I've missed you Max." Said in between gasps for air.
"Why is it making love always gets better with you? You make me cum harder and faster every time." Liz said, as she let her fingers get lost in his thick hair.

"Liz, honey I'm not up for analysing why it's so great between us. Let's just accept it and enjoy it." Max said as he planted small kisses on Liz's stomach.

"Oh trust me Max, I have no problem enjoying it." Liz said breathlessly.

"What do you say you join me in the shower?" Max said as he sat up on the edge of the bed.

"Hmmm… You know I can't resist the shower. I will never forget our last shower encounter." Liz said as she sat up and lightly massaged Max's shoulders and back.

"I don't think it could get any better than that." Max said, blushing at the remembrance of it as he stood and held out his hand to Liz. “But give it time.”

She giggled and he warmed to her more, god he loved her so much that it physically hurt.
"I'll warn you though, I don't think I have enough energy for a repeat performance like that." Liz said as they entered the spacious bathroom and closed the door.

"Don't worry, we have two weeks to try for a repeat performance." His tone huskily as he turned the shower on and stepped into the large shower, holding out his hand to Liz.

"I'll join you in just a sec." Liz said as she sat down on the counter top, just watching him. The view was breathtaking.

Max moved his body under the soothing spray and tilted his head back to wet his hair. He heard the click of the shower door closing and then felt Liz's body against his own. They both reached for the soap, but Liz was on the ball and got to it first. She lathered the soap on Max's body, paying special attention to his semi-erect member. By the time she was finished washing Max, he was fully aroused again.

Max followed suit and took his time washing Liz. Once she had rinsed all the soap away, he brought his hand down to her most private area, and slowly massaged her sensitive mound. Liz leaned against the wall of the shower for support and clung to Max's body as another strong orgasm rocked through her body.

"You're certainly making up for wasted time." Liz said as she leaned against the wall, spent from the two strong orgasms.

"As I’ve said Liz, we have two weeks to make up for three months." Max said as he cut off the flow of water and stepped out of the shower.

He quickly wrapped a towel around his lower body and then took Liz's hand and supported her weak body as she stepped onto the cold tiled floor. Max then wrapped her in a large fluffy white towel and made sure she was properly dried off.

Liz lifted her small frame onto the bathroom counter and watched as Max dried his own self off. She couldn't resist reaching out and pinching his taunt bottom.
"You're asking for it again." Max said as he turned to face her.
He closed his eyes as he felt her warm hands suddenly encircle his still aroused member. Max still had no control and quickly pushed Liz's bottom to the edge of the counter and fiercely entered her once again.

"Just hang on and come for me." Max said as he started to thrust in and out quickly. He felt another mini orgasm go through Liz's body and he reached his own climax soon after.
Liz clung to Max's body as they both stood their trying to catch their breath.

She finally said, "I hope you have enough energy to carry me to bed, because I'm afraid I can't make it there on my own."

Max responded by lifting Liz into his arms and carrying her back into the bedroom. "Do you have enough energy to stand for just one second?" Max asked as he stopped in front of the bed.

"Barely, you beast." Liz said with a sassy smile as her feet touched the floor.

Max turned down the sheets and pulled back a corner to allow them both to crawl into the large bed. Liz got into the bed first and Max followed closely behind her. It took them a few minutes to get comfortable, but in the end, Liz lay on her side with her head resting on Max's chest and one leg splayed across his.

After a few minutes of silence, Liz said, "Welcome home Max."

"I could live with welcome's like that every time I come home." Max said.

"I have to admit having you home a little more often would be nice though." Liz said honestly.

"Let's just concentrate on the two weeks that we have together now." Max said as he lightly kissed Liz on the top of the head.


Max sat there in front of the head stone, with his head resting softly in his hands. The funeral was now over and everyone had left. Michael was reluctant to leave Max alone, but Max was insistent. He just wanted to be alone and say good-bye. It all came back to him as he was sitting there.

~Liz came to Max in the middle of the night, exactly one week ago. She was called back into work so vacation and valued time together screwed but they were desperate and she was….well Liz!

"Liz, what are you doing here. It's 3 o'clock in the morning? " Max asked as he sat up in bed.

Liz threw her arms around Max and just started to cry. He held her in his arms for several minutes until she said, "He's come back to get me."

"What are you talking about?" Max asked, not understanding why he needed to she could only mean one guy but he was sleepy.

"Sean, he showed up at work. I was coming out of work and there he was. Plain as day. Oh god Max…” Liz said while shaking uncontrollably in Max's arms.
Sean was the guy who had always been infatuated with Liz since kinder-garden, in so many ways. Completely obsessed with her but thankfully his family had to move away a few years back.

"It’s okay baby, your safe now. Let's just get some sleep, we'll do something about it first thing in the morning." Max said with his insides ragging as he tried to calm Liz down.
She rested her head on his chest and let herself fall asleep. She felt safe in his arms. She always and, she always would.

The next morning, Max just lay there for a few minutes watching Liz sleep. He was concerned about her, but he really wondered if she was in as much danger as she let on. But he was going to make her stay at his place for a few days anyways. Forever as medical didn’t seem important anymore. She was his life, nothing else mattered. He knew that for sure now.

Liz walked into the kitchen an hour later while Max was making breakfast.
"Hey beautiful. You finally decided to get up." Max said as he kissed Liz long and tender on the forehead. "So how are you feeling this morning?" he followed up.

"I'm not sure." Liz said as she sat down at the table and started eating a piece of buttered toast.

"Don't worry Liz, your staying here, with me. I won’t let him hurt you- Ever!" his look telling her that what he was saying was true. She gently smiled at him as he placed some bacon and eggs on the table. "Dig in sweetie." He returned the smile, instantly changing the mood as he sat down and filled his plate.

"Max, what are you doing today? I think we really need to talk." Liz asked.

"I know, I was going to say the same thing to you.”

Her smile grew as he took her hand “Great minds.” she giggled.

“Always.” he whispered as her took her lips into a deepening kiss.
When they reluctantly broke apart Liz looked down at the floor as he got up and took her in his arms. "I'll keep you safe. Promise." Max whispered in her ear.


Max held Liz for quite some time until he suggested something that made her eyes immediately lit up and sparkle at him. Ice skating.
He was still beaming as he watched her getting dressed now putting her hair up in a ponytail as he knew at that moment that he was going to marry that girl someday. Soon.


They spent the rest of the afternoon just skating and talking, just doing normal things at two people in love do and it was like magic. It was just the best day and they’d never been happier. She fell over again as Max came to help her up off the floor. "What do you say we go pick some things up at your place before we go back to my place tonight." Max asked.

Twenty minutes later, they pulled into the parking lot at Max's apartment building. Max took Liz's hand and they both headed up to her apartment. Max surveyed the place before he let go of Liz's hand remembering the time that he’d cornered her at school with a knife. The day that he was late out of class. Nothing happened but that was no excuse, he should have been there for her. That’s part of the reason why he had gone to university, because she made him go saying that Sean was gone and that she’d be fine. She was right and now everything looked normal.

Liz spent the next half hour packing some clothes and personal belongings while went downstairs to the car to put one of Liz's suit cases in the trunk, when all of a sudden he heard Liz's scream. He dropped the suit case and ran up to her apartment.

When he opened the door, he saw Sean standing over Liz with a knife in his hand. Max lunged forward as he yelled Liz's name, but before he was able to reach her, he felt a sharp pain in his stomach and everything went black.~


The next thing Max remembered was waking up to see Michael looking down at him. "Hey Max, how ya feeling?" He asked with a shaking tone and a falsed smile.

Max tried to talk, but his stomach hurt too much, so he just looked at him.
Finally he closed his eyes and went back to sleep.


A few hours later, Max was startled in his sleep and woke up suddenly. He looked around and saw Michael sleeping in a chair.
"Michael" was all that Max was able to get out as Michael stirred a little and then looked at Max.

"Hey buddy, calm down. You have to take it easy for a few days."

Tears formed in Max's eyes as he managed to say "Liz....god How's Liz? Where is she?"

Michael looked away because he could not take the pain he saw in Max's eyes. "I'm so sorry Maxwell, s- she didn't make it." Michael said quietly.

Max began to tremble, closed his eyes and screamed. Doctors and nurses came running from everywhere. His doctor looked him over quickly and decided that he needed more sleep, so he gave him a sedative to help calm him down and let him rest comfortably.


The next morning, Max woke up and felt a little bit better until he remembered what Michael had told him the night before. He brought his hands up to his face and just started crying.
A few minutes later Michael and Maria came in and she couldn’t help but throw her arms around him as Michael’s then surrounded them both. They knew how much Max loved Liz. They all did.


5 days later, Max was well enough to be released from the hospital.
The wake and the funeral had been planned for when Max got out of the hospital and the next day was hell on him…and the day after…and the day after till the day of the wake he arrived.

He was at the funeral home a little early. He wanted to say his good-bye's before anyone else was there. It took him several minutes to gather up enough courage to enter the room, but when he did, he was frozen.
There she was laying in the casket looking so peaceful. He slowly made his way up to the casket and took her hand in his. "I am so sorry I did not keep you safe." Max said as he collapsed in front of the casket and just cried.
A few minutes later, Maria entered the room and ran to Max's side who just sat back and looked at her. "I failed, I did not keep her safe." He then collapsed in her arms

"This is not your fault. You are not the one that killed her, HE was. You even got stabbed yourself trying to save her, so don't you ever think this is your fault." Maria whispered, tears were now running down her cheeks.

The rest of the day was not any better. Max tried to remain strong while he received condolences from friends and family, but it was very difficult.

Now, here Max was sitting in front of Liz's finally resting place. He ran his hands over the writing on the head stone, which read, "May you now be safe in another life"

"God I miss you so much, how am I supposed to live without you?..." and just let the tears fall " I can't Liz, I just can't do this alone. Wait for me..." he couldn't breathe as he then whispered, "I will always love you Liz."
the end

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