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Kismet is a sequel to Luminary Aspirations, an AU piece. I suggest you read it before you begin this.

Hope you enjoy!!



Liz closed her eyes tightly, balling her hands into fists. Stars whizzed past her and shades of gold, purple and green danced in front of her face. She exhaled slowly, opening her eyes to see Maria. “Whew. That was a rough one,” Maria said, a goofy grin plastered across her face.

“You’re telling me,” Liz heard Alex say behind her and he magically appeared at her left side, rubbing his hand. Somewhere in her brain was a snappy come-back, but all she could feel at this moment was her life rushing out of her through her uterus.

“Any idea how much longer this will last,” Liz asked after Alex dabbed her forehead with a cool cloth. Glancing at the clock on Maria’s wall, she was surprised to see that the numbers were blurry. She blinked and sighed loudly.

“How should I know,” Maria chirped. “You’re the scientist.”

“Maria -” Liz began only to feel another contraction rip through her abdomen and lower back. Alex returned to his post as hand holder and Maria resumed her watch underneath the sheet. She felt a guttural scream form in the pit of her stomach and opened her mouth in preparation for its emergence out of her mouth. After several seconds in which she imagined exactly what this
scream would look like, she unleashed it for Maria’s and Alex’s ears. The scream was loud and horrific, like a dying animal, but when it was over, Liz smiled widely, her body relaxing instantly.

“Remind me never to have kids,” Maria said, raising her head from underneath the sheet covering Liz’s lower body.

“Remind me never to have sex again,” Alex responded as he wiggled his fingers in his ears. “How far apart are they?”

“You’ve got the stopwatch,” Maria said, her words dripping with irritation.

“No, no, no. The stopwatch was your job, not mine.”

“Oh no,” Maria continued, waving her finger in Alex’s face. “My job was to get her here.”

“Guys,” Liz said meekly, the feeling of another contraction threatening to split her in half.

“Just a minute,” Maria snapped, ignoring the pained looked flashing across Liz’s face and turning her attention to Alex. “I distinctly remember you saying you had a stopwatch. That you would get the stopwatch.”


“In a minute, Liz, geez.” Maria heavily rolled her eyes, stepping closer to Alex. “That’s what you said, Alex.”

Before Alex could respond to Maria’s accusation, Liz grabbed them and yanked them down to her level. “For your information, I’m in fucking labor here.” She shoved them away with the force of an army, causing Maria and Alex to fly across the room and smash into the wall. Liz
grabbed the arms of the chair with her hands, bracing herself for the earth-shattering impact she felt welling up inside her. Maria and Alex collected themselves quickly and stood slowly as Maria’s house began to shake. Alex stepped forward, intent on protecting Liz from harm, when Maria stopped him. Her only response was to point at Liz and when Alex followed the direction
of her finger, his jaw dropped to the floor.

A shimmering purple light crackling with electricity surrounded Liz. They watched as her mouth opened and closed in agony yet they heard no sound. Maria clung to Alex, her eyes filling with tears as she watched her best friend in the world go through the entire gamut of emotions.

Inside the protective shell, Liz felt like her entire body was being dissected, one organ at a time. Her skin felt clammy yet she knew she was on fire. Running a hand through her hair, she saw Zan’s mark on her wrist give off a faint glow and she smiled slightly before pain rippled through the entire length of her body. Tremors rocked her body and she screamed at the top of her lungs.

Maria and Alex watched Liz’s head fall backwards. They rushed as close to the shield as they could get without being shocked by the electric charge it generated. Liz’s body writhed from left to right and Maria dug her nails into Alex’s arm. Neither seemed to notice because their full attention was on Liz and the struggle she was going through. The shield pulsated twice then flashed brightly, knocking Maria and Alex to the ground just before it vanished.

Maria was the first to recover her senses and rushed to Liz’s side. She frantically searched for a pulse on Liz’s seemingly lifeless body and cried aloud in joy when she finally found a faint one. Alex stumbled toward them as Liz jolted awake. She quickly rested her hands on her now flat stomach. “It was all just a dream,” she cried, burying her head between Maria’s and Alex’s comforting hugs. “Oh God. It seemed so real.” She clutched at her maternity shirt, remembering the hours she’d spent in Zan’s wonderful embrace and cursing them now for being only dreams.

Just as Alex opened his mouth to comment on how they all must have had one trippy dream, they heard three tiny cries. Liz sat upright in the chair, frantically glancing around for the origin of the cries. She stood quickly and her eyes fell to the bright green ooze between her feet. Maria and Alex stood slowly, hovering over Liz’s shoulders as she bent down to the ground. Liz bit her lip and, as if by magic, three tiny babies appeared in place of the ooze. She reached for them, the mark on her wrist glowing brightly for several seconds then fading into oblivion. Maria stooped
beside her, tears streaming down her face and she grabbed Liz’s hand. “My God, Lizzie. You’re
a mom. You’re really a mom.”

“That means I’m a dad,” Alex shrieked. Liz and Maria turned just in time to watch Alex’s body go limp as he fainted onto the floor.

“Men could never have babies,” Maria snorted, turning her attention back to the three babies lying in the middle of her living room.

“Alex has been fainting quite a bit lately,” Liz replied, gently reaching down to pick up one of the babies.

“It’s the pot,” Maria said with a shrug as she too reached for one of the babies. “‘I the stud,’ my
ass. That boy faints if you look at him cross-eyed.” She and Liz locked eyes and both women began to laugh as Alex regained consciousness.

“What’s so funny?”

“There’s one for each of us,” Maria replied, holding a baby in her arms while helping Liz stand as she held the other two. “Cool, huh?” Alex’s eyes rested on the three children in Maria’s and Liz’s arms. He blinked rapidly and his knees buckled, sending him crashing to the floor once
again in a dead faint. “We just won’t let him hold the babies,” Maria said to Liz. Liz glanced from Alex to Maria, the Parker lop-sided grin materializing on her face.

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Whirlwind Galaxy, on the Planet Antar

Vilandra stepped from the ship onto the landing deck, her eyes searching the crowd for her mother. Jarqo had insisted that she wait until the area was secure, fearing for the safety of the three Royals in his care, but Vilandra did not wish to listen to his warning. She had dreamt of her home and her mother on the six month journey from Earth and as the scent of her homeland filled her nostrils, tears pooled in her eyes. She had never imagined she’d miss her home this much.

She ran her fingers across her royal garb, smoothing the tiny creases with her small digits. Suddenly, sadness filled her heart. She loved her home and rejoiced at the prospect of being reunited with her mother and friends, but for a moment, she wished she could have maintained her Earthen body. The form she now inhabited, her natural state, was somehow lacking after spending almost one Earth year trapped in a body she had not originally understood. Her head lowered and she felt the heat from Rath’s presence radiate against her skin. Glancing over her shoulder at him, she smiled faintly and continued scanning the crowd for signs of her mother’s

While Rath and Vilandra exited the ship quickly, Zan remained inside, reclining on the chair he had collapsed in after disappearing from Liz in the desert. His large tanned Earth hands were now replaced by his natural digits; small boney fragments of the hands he had used to caress and hold Liz. His broad muscular chest now a tiny, shapeless mass. But the change that hurt him the most was the transformation of his heart: once, he imagined his human heart to be a large organ bursting at its seams with love for Liz; now, it was a puny, worthless shape holding contempt and anger for the place he was supposed to govern.

He stood slowly, his eyes quickly avoiding the reflective decals scattered throughout the south end of the ship. His mind flashed back to the moment he stepped off this same ship onto Earth and how in such a relatively short period of time, Liz Parker had changed his entire being. He trudged onto the landing deck, his eyes immediately drawn to Vilandra and Rath standing next to the being who was his wife. Little did she know that the wife of his heart remained in Roswell, New Mexico on the planet Earth.

Rath motioned for him to come to them and Zan quickly scanned the crowd for his mother and her attendants. He returned his gaze to Rath as Vilandra nuzzled against him, her cries echoing in his ears. Ava moved into his line of sight and he saw at once what Vilandra was crying about. Ava, the wife he did not want, was wearing the crown, the same crown his mother had worn
when they left home.

He stumbled slightly as he began to run toward them, his legs unable to move as fast as his brain commanded. He stumbled again, almost falling flat onto the landing path had it not been for the quickness of a member of the Royal Guard. Nodding his thanks, he walked briskly to Rath’s side. Ava’s cheeks flushed as she saw him approach. She stepped away from Vilandra, her maids
adjusting the train of her gown. “M’shethra, m’perto,” she called, gliding effortlessly to where he stood. My husband, my love. As soon as she had uttered the words in their native tongue, his mind once again flashed back to Liz that early morning in the desert.

“Good-bye, my husband, my love.”

How could Ava have known the impact of those words on his heart? And how could he continue this miserable lie of an existence when everything that he loved and desired lay in wait in another galaxy? He stopped in mid-stride, willing his emotions to remain hidden. The puny worthless shape he now considered his heart beat wildly with the force of ten thousand Royal Chargers.

Swallowing carefully, he raised his head meeting the joy-filled eyes of his lawful wife. “Where is my mother,” he asked, surprised at how quickly his native language filled his mouth and how odd the words sounded. He felt Rath and Vilandra convene at his side and glanced at them quickly.

“Oh, my king,” Ava exclaimed, bowing slightly to kiss his hand. “I have missed you.”

“Where is my mother,” he again requested, this time his tone so demanding that Ava’s maids stepped away from their king and cowered behind their queen.

“She is dead, my king. The palace was stormed in the dead of night. I barely managed to escape myself. I sent word to you. Did you not know?”

With a wave of his hand, Zan stormed past her toward the palace, leaving Ava to watch in confusion. Rath, Vilandra and Ava watched as the crowd parted, each side bowing slightly as Zan passed in front of them. “L’oreir,” they called as he stomped through the sea of Royal Guards, high-breds and commoners. Regent. His eyes remained downcast until he reached the palace threshold where he turned back toward the spot his sister, friend and wife stood. Vilandra covered her mouth with her hands as a gasp escaped from her throat. Ava turned toward her in
amazement at the sound erupting from her lips and Rath pulled her against him.

“What happened to him on Earth,” Ava questioned as Zan disappeared into the palace.

“He lost himself,” Rath answered calmly, grasping Vilandra’s hand in his and leading her away from Ava as the crowd returned to the normalcy of their existence.

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This is kinda short - sorry - but I hope you all will like it regardless.




Liz, Maria and Alex sat in a semi-circle in Maria’s living room floor around Liz’s three tiny babies. Liz had inspected the three children with a fine-tooth comb, making sure everything about them was as normal as could be. After two hours worth of inspections, she joined her best friends as they surrounded the children, simply watching the three little miracles as the seconds ticked away.

“What are you going to name them,” Maria asked, leaning her head against Liz. Liz jerked away from her slightly. “You have thought of names, right? You had, what, six months to get used to the idea of three babies.”

“I know, Maria, I just can’t believe they’re real. doesn’t seem right without -” Liz’s hand automatically rubbed her marked wrist and a luminous sheen flashed across her skin. Maria wrapped her arms around Liz’s shoulders, pulling her best friend into a hug.

“Look on the bright side, chica. If Zan were here, we’d never get to see Alex in action as a dad.”

“I still don’t understand why I get roped into being the dad of these kids,” Alex whined. “If you think about it, no one is going to believe that we slept together, Liz. We’ve been friends for too long.”

“My mother believes it, Alex.”

“What,” Alex screeched, causing all three of the babies to match his wail in volume and pitch. Liz leaned toward them, intent on picking each of them up to comfort them when their cries immediately stopped. She, Maria and Alex exchanged frantic looks as the babies fell back to
sleep, seemingly unaware of the display they had just given. “Alien babies are damn weird.”

“Alex! We can’t go around talking about my children like they’re aliens. This is Roswell.”

“But they are aliens, Liz,” Maria replied. “We don’t know what’s going to happen to them, or to you for that matter.”

“What do you mean?”

“You might be changed now too, Liz.”

Liz smiled slightly and glanced down at her babies. “So we were talking names, right? What do you two think?” Maria and Alex sighed and Maria waved her hand in the air, indicating that Liz could continue as Alex rolled onto his stomach.

“One of the boys has to be named Alex,” Alex replied. “Alex or Alexander. I may not have had the pleasure of boinking your mom,” he said in a sing-song, leaning over the closest baby boy, “but I damn sure am going to name one of my children.” The tiny, dark-haired boy smiled and kicked wildly, his amber eyes dancing as Alex hovered over him.

“I guess he’s Alex,” Maria mused as Liz watched in amazement as her baby came to life. He was acting like a six-month old child, not as a newborn. She leaned against Alex and the two friends watched as the baby Alex kicked and shook his hands vigorously.

“What about Rex,” Liz asked after the three had watched the baby for several seconds. “Alexander Rex.”

“Why Rex,” Alex asked while Maria moved opposite from them. “I’m thinking you just don’t like the name Alex and I’m about to be pissed off at you.”

“Alex is a great name, but something about him says
‘Rex’ to me.”

“What does Rex mean cause, you know, Alex means
‘man’s defender.’”

“Rex means ‘king,’” Maria responded quietly as Alexander Rex grabbed hold of her index finger and plunged it into his mouth. Liz raised her eyes to meet Maria and a slow smile spread across her face.

“King sounds good, I guess,” Alex responded with a shrug and Alexander Rex swiftly kicked Alex in the knee cap, causing Maria and Liz to break into a fit of laughter. As Alex rubbed his knee, he could have sworn Rex was laughing at him too.

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-Liz, Maria and Alex are older - early to mid 20s
-Yes, Alex smokes pot (and there are a few other choice words the three friends bat around too)
-This fic is basically what happened if the original Podsters met the Roswellian humans. I would suggest you read Luminary Aspirations first and then come back to could ask MorningDreamgirl - she's been around since the beginning of this fic and I'm thankful for that. She busts my chops every now and then.

Part 4 should be up next week. Cross your fingers.

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I'm sorry you all. This part just isn't flowing as well as I would hope. I'm going to try and tweak it some more and hopefully will have Part 4 out to you on Monday. It's about Zan and I just don't want it to go wrong, which is exactly where it is right now.

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Whirlwind Galaxy, Planet Antar, King Zan’s Palace

Zan sat in his private chamber, having dismissed his advisors only moments earlier. Rage consumed his heart after hearing the things Ava had proclaimed into law since the death of his mother and in his absence. He had been so angry, in fact, he had almost stormed into Ava’s personal chambers to force her into admitting her mistakes by any means necessary. That, however, was exactly what Ava wanted from him: love, by any means necessary. If she made him angry enough to come to her chambers and then allowed him to force himself on her, she would once again have the upper hand.

He paced at the foot of his bed, willing his mind to concentrate on the matters at hand and not to think about how Liz had looked in the throws of passion, how Liz had loved and caressed every inch of his human body, how Liz had given her whole soul to him, and how he was now certain Liz had given birth to his child, his heir.

Spying a trinket Ava had given him in the early stages of their courtship, he picked up the fragile bobble and hurled it against the wall. It shattered on impact, leaving thousands of shards of glass- like material scattered on the floor. He raised his hand to run it through his hair as he had done in times of frustration on Earth then remembered that he was not on Earth any longer. He was at home, in the body he had maintained the majority of his adult life, a body he now despised. If he were convinced Ava’s spies were not lurking outside his chamber door, he would have spewed a stream of curses to the heavens. How could he concentrate on saving his people when all he wanted to do was to return to Liz? His tiny heart constricted and he was forced to sit on his bed. Would the birth have killed Liz? Would she have even survived the first night without him? Would she even want to see him if he did return?

Throwing himself backward onto the bed, he felt his entire being tense. Liz’s image consumed his dreams. In them, they were happy and together in Roswell. She had given birth safely and they rejoiced in the miracle that was their child. How he longed just to caress a strand of her hair.

A shallow knock echoed through the room and Zan knew at once it was Ava. He stood from the bed and straightened his clothes. He sighed loudly, expecting to hear the sound he had often made in his human body, and felt his rage return when no sound came from his mouth. “Come,” he commanded in his regent’s voice and turned his back to Ava as she entered the room.

“Zan,” she meekly began. “May I be frank with you?”

“Quickly as I am quite involved at the moment.”

“Involved in what,” she asked, and he felt her drawing nearer to him. His being tensed again and he willed himself to be calm, knowing exactly how intrusive Ava could be.

“That is none of your concern,” he spat, turning at once to face the queen he despised. He smirked slightly as her face paled by his accusation.

“What happened to you, Zan? You never held such contempt for me before.”

“What do you want,” he asked, hoping he sounded less angry.

“I have some news for you, regarding the war against Earth.”

“War? What war? I authorized no war against Earth.”

“According to your father’s wishes, Zan, we were to be married and to rule Earth. In order to rule this planet, we have to first conquer it and forcibly drive Earth’s inhabitants to submit to our rule. That is why you journeyed there.”

“I am aware of my father’s wishes, Ava. You do not need to remind me. But I ordered no strike on Earth. Why did someone go against my orders?” He swallowed hard as he turned away from her again, his thoughts once again consumed by Liz.

“I ordered the attack on Earth.” Zan spun toward her, his shock written across the details of his face. “This planet is a prison. It is...useless. All the mines and fields are barren and we need a place of our own...for our child. Let Rath and Vilandra rule this wretched outpost.”

“Our...child? Have you fallen and hit you head? We have not been intimate, Ava. We have never been intimate. I do not love you.”

“Nor I you, Zan, but as far as the world will know, the child I carry is Zan’s heir. And your heir and I will live and rule Earth.”

“You are mad, you stupid beast, if you think -”

Ava’s face contorted and an evil smile crept across her lips. Zan steeled himself, waiting for a taste of her venom or the overwhelming mind control power she was reported to possess. His fists clenched, and he wished, for just one second, Liz was at his side. She would help him defeat the traitor in his path. “I know about her, Zan. Your concubine in Roswell.” Over her shoulder,
he noticed several armed Royal Chargers filter into his chamber. “Roswell will be the first target once my general, Mal, reaches Earth. I dispatched him after Vilandra first reported to your mother of your infatuation with her.” She splayed her hand lovingly across her womb and Zan realized at once that several traitors had lurked through the palace in his absence.

Ava stepped toward him, causing Zan to jerk backwards. “No, my husband, I do not love you,”
she whispered while she placed her hand on his shoulder. His mind was assailed by images of Roswell and Liz and knew that Ava was using her mind control power on him. She was targeting Roswell, which meant Liz and their child would be in danger, and he had no way to warn her. “I love the power that comes with your title, and when Mal attacks and seizes control of Earth, we will rule. Know this, my L’oreir,” she said as she motioned for the Chargers to advance. “When
the time comes, I will deal with your concubine myself. And I shall be victorious.”

Zan lunged for her, but the Chargers managed to grab his arms and shackle them behind his back before he could reach Ava. “Take him to the dungeons,” she ordered. “Make him ready for his trial and execution.”

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Liz, Maria and Alex carefully loaded the babies into the back seat of Maria’s Jetta. Liz had used the small fortune that was her savings to buy all the necessary items for her three children when it was confirmed that she would be having them. Maria had been more than willing to help Liz spend her money and they had taken Alex along to carry their purchases.

Once Rex, Eli and Skye were securely buckled into their car seats, Liz, Maria and Alex squeezed into the front seat and drove to Liz’s home to deliver the news to the unhappy grandparents. The children cooed in response to the rev of the engine and Maria sped away from her house toward downtown Roswell.

Liz settled into Alex’s lap, the seat belt fastened tightly around both their bodies. Her breathing shallowed and, like her three tiny children, Liz was lulled to sleep by the moving vehicle. Alex and Maria exchanged glances and silently agreed to let Liz sleep, neither knowing Liz would not have a peaceful night’s rest for many years.

Maria turned the corner of Main and Citrus, the Crashdown Cafe’s blinking spaceship guiding her to Liz’s home. Rex began to cry, quickly joined by both Eli and Skye, all of which woke Liz from her too short nap. She leaned toward the back seat, tenderly cooing to her children when an atomic boom shook the car and broke the windows. Liz threw her hands across her children, a
purple shield-like bubble instantly forming over their heads. Her eyes widened and she pulled back slightly, the shield over her children remaining intact.

“Holy hell,” Alex shouted as Maria slammed on the brakes, stopping the Jetta in the middle of the street. Alex turned quickly once he realized the babies were not crying and was amazed to see a bubble similar to the one surrounding Liz when she gave birth surrounding Liz’s children. He held on to the dashboard, unable to see anything in front of the car due to smoke.

When the smoke cleared, Maria made a strangled cry and covered her mouth with her hands. Alex sighed loudly, unable to think of anything to say. Liz whipped her head around quickly, following Maria and Alex’s line of sight. Once she recognized what she was staring at, she too expelled a noise similar to the one Maria had just released. The buildings lining Main Street were either on fire or demolished and on the opposite end of the street, sat a large unidentified flying object. Focusing her attention elsewhere, she saw there was indeed chaos on the street. People and whatever cars remained driveable zoomed past their parked car and Liz noticed that her childhood home, the place her children were conceived, was in shambles.


Liz shook her head slightly, pushing back tears to the farthest corner of her mind, knowing beyond a shadow of a doubt whomever had caused this destruction was looking for her or her children. “Just drive, Maria. Get us out of Roswell.”

* * *

They convened in the desert in silence, each of them holding on of the babies carefully against their bodies. Alex cradled Skye against his chest, gently cooing to her. Maria clung desperately to Eli, her own body still shaking from what she had seen. Liz held Rex against her, her eldest son enraptured by her hair. “They are after me,” she quietly said, squinting against the sunlight
reflecting off the desert sand.

“Liz -”

“It’s true, Alex. Zan was a...king, for God’s sake. A king with a queen waiting for him at home.”

“But he loved you,” Maria offered, slinging her shaky arm across her friend’s shoulders. “He loved you and marked you, Liz. Who gives a damn about what happened on a distant planet in some distant universe?”

“I do, Maria,” Liz squeaked, unable to hide her fears from her friends or control her tears as her eyes glanced toward her children. “There is no denying that aliens have now landed in Roswell and they are after me! They had weapons. Didn’t you see that? They are after me...and my children.”

“Our world is falling apart, Liz. What are we going to do?”

“We have to hide,” she replied softly, her hands wrapping tightly around Rex’s small body. “We can’t let them win.”

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Whirlwind Galaxy, on the Planet Antar

Zan stood on the raised platform, his arm and legs bound by shackles. He knew he could easily break the shackles if he wanted to. Ava had done nothing special to them but he remained quiet and somber as the council met to discuss his fate as a traitor. Never mind that the stupid beast proudly wearing his mother’s crown and lovingly rubbing her protruding womb filled with another’s bastard was the real traitor. She had taken everything from him: his life, his freedom, his choice. Yes, Ava was cunning but as he glared at her from his position, he made a vow to himself that he would not let her win.

She must have known he was looking at her because she turned her chin upwards slightly, looking down her broad nose at him. If he so desired, he knew he could break these shackles easily from his arms and legs and storm her throne. He would then demand to know what she had done to Liz before he broke her scrawny neck, killing her and the bastard child that she was trying to
convince the council members belonged to him. Zan had no idea how she had been able to convince the council to hold a public trial for him. The people adored him; Zan knew for a fact they would destroy Ava themselves if any harm came to him. But with all his power, he was
powerless to help the one person he so desperately wanted to save: Liz.

He glanced to his left, his eyes instantly locking with those of his sister Vilandra. Even from this distance, he could tell she was upset; she had always worn her emotions plainly on her skin. Rath sat beside her, in full battle regalia, and Zan laughed to himself, knowing Rath would like nothing better than to pull Ava from her self-imposed pedestal. Shortly after Zan had been taken to the dungeon, Ava had stripped Rath of any real command of the Royal Charges and Legionnaires and
had given all power to Kron, the latest commander to share her chamber. Yes, Zan thought, there were several traitors in his midst as he scanned the council for Kron.

The being he hated more than Ava sat directly underneath the portrait of Zan’s father, Dregor. Because Zan, Vilandra and Rath had been on Earth during the battle that had taken his father’s life and his mother was now dead, Zan had begun to form his own theories about Ava’s involvement in his father’s death, in addition to the death of his mother. He thought back briefly
to the moment he had first met Ava. She had seemed so sweet, so docile. Granted, he had never loved her, never desired to be loved by her, but he had accepted his destiny with the grace and regency that was expected of him. His own parents’ union had been forged out of destiny, and they had seemed to be completely happy in their marriage. Zan knew that his beloved mother, a keen strategist in her own right, would have supported her husband to her death. He knew she could have never become like the power-hungry whore that now held the throne.

His jaw unvoluntarily clenched as he watched Ava. Kron had moved to her throne, bowing before her. Zan suddenly felt ill. Did the people not realize what kind of monster was now occupying the throne? How could they be so blind to her true venomous nature? His thoughts wandered quickly and his mind flashed backward in time to the last moments he had spent in Liz’s arms. Her smooth skin embracing his human body, his alien nature, loving him for all that he was. He suddenly felt his heart leap and his body jerked in response for fear he would die in that moment. He could not die; it was simply unacceptable. Liz had to be saved. He needed to return to Liz. He no longer cared about the throne, having abdicated it the moment he first gazed into Liz Parker’s brown eyes. What he wanted more than anything, after avenging the deaths of his father and mother, and seeing Ava receive all that was justly hers, was to return to Liz. To hold her in his arms and make love to her with his human body. To hold their children in his arms. To create more children with her. He would be happy on Earth. He would forget Antar and the Five Planets ever existed and would drown himself in Liz’s love. This capture was a momentary set-
back, a snag from which he could easily escape.

He heard a cheer echo through the arena and turned toward his people, his loyal subjects. He smiled widely, seeking out once again Vilandra’s face, knowing she would wear the same happiness. He found her easily, her face covered by her hands and her body heaving as the Royal Charges began to converge on him again. He willed Rath to look at him with his mind but as he
recognized the cries from the crowd, he slowly bowed his head. Ava had won, she had finally defeated him and now, Antar would be hers. As the Chargers grabbed him and pulled him back toward the dungeon, he tried to block out the shouts of his once-loyal followers. M’lara. M’lara. Guilty. Guilty. He sought out Ava’s face one last time and saw the triumph filtering through her features. Glancing away from her, he stored his hatred for her deep into his heart, steeling himself for his lifetime imprisonment. His last thought before he was thrown into the bleak darkness of his new cell was not of his parents, nor the way the Antarian moons shown
brightly against the water, nor the feel of his home land’s soil underneath his feet. His last thought was the realization that his greatest fear was indeed coming true - he would never see Liz again.

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Liz gently rocked Skye against her chest, softly humming the song that always reminded Liz of Zan. Her eyes focused on the corner of the tiny shack she, Maria, Alex and her three children inhabited on the outskirts of Roswell. Their home town was a distant memory of the place it had once been; a by-product of an alien war. Brushing the hair out of her youngest child’s eyes, Liz
placed a firm kiss on her forehead. In the distance, she heard the booms and sonic charges that were now the daily melody of their lives. Thus far, they had been very lucky. In the two years since the initial invasion which killed her parents, the alien faction had surveyed every home in Roswell, searching for Liz and her children. She didn’t really understand how she knew she and her children were the target of such mass destruction; it was just something she could sense to the very core of her soul.

“I wub you, Momma,” Skye whispered sweetly, placing both her hands against Liz’s cheeks.

“Oh,” Liz said, nuzzling her nose against her daughter’s neck. “I love you too, Felicity Skye, and so do Maria and Alex.”

“And Daddy too?”

Liz sighed slowly, pursing her lips in thought while she pondered her daughter’s statement. Did Zan even know his precious children existed? Or had he forgotten about her the moment he touched his home soil? She swallowed, not wanting to drudge up memories that were better left buried deep within her heart. If she thought about Zan, especially as the father of Ava’s children, she knew she would go insane. “I’m sure he does, baby.”

Skye giggled and drew her hands to her mouth, suddenly acting bashful with her mother. “He does,” she whispered and cupped her hands outward from her chin and Liz watched as she closed her eyes, squinting them tightly. Within seconds, a light crested upward from Skye’s hands and a distorted image of Zan appeared.
“See, Momma? Daddy wubs us too.” Skye turned toward her mother, a wide smile sinking all the way into her two-year-old cheeks. Wiping tears from her
eyes, Liz quickly shook her head, agreeing with her youngest child.

* * *

“Rex,” Maria began as she stood from the small kitchen table, chastising Liz’s other children. “You and Eli stop doing...whatever it is you’re doing.” She sighed loudly and returned her focus back to Alex as they continued to eat their soup when Liz burst into the kitchen, Skye trailing behind her. “Liz? What happened?”

“I...I saw Zan.”

“What are you talking about,” Alex asked, pulling Skye onto his lap. She blew air on Alex’s cheek, making a loud wet buzzing noise against his face. She pulled her hands to her mouth again, trying to stifle her giggles. She turned toward her brothers and they two were doing the same thing, the three of the laughing at Skye’s noise on Alex’s face.

“Skye asked me if Zan loved them. Then, she put out her hands and I...I saw him. Don’t you see how wonderful this is?”

“Liz, we don’t know if Skye was taking a picture from your mind or if she really has a connection to Zan. He’s thousand of light years away, you know.”

“I know,” Liz replied, rolling her eyes at Maria. “But I saw him, Maria, and if Skye can do that -”

“Maybe Rex and Eli can too,” Alex offered as he stood and led Skye to the center of the room beside Rex and Eli. “What do we do?”

“I...I don’t know,” Liz whispered excitedly, joining Alex and the children on the floor. “Maybe if they hold hands.” She turned to Alex and Alex shrugged. Liz sighed and looked at Skye. “Skye, remember when you showed me Daddy?”

“Yep,” Skye nodded with a smile. “I finked about em,” she whispered to Rex and Eli, pointing to her head. She then cupped her hands together in the same manner as she’d done earlier, and Liz was surprised to see Rex and Eli follow her lead.

The room darkened and Liz felt her eyes mist with tears as she saw three images of Zan fill the room. It had been so long since she’d actually seen him or felt him touch her. She hesitantly reached out for one of the images and brushed her hand carefully along Zan’s shoulder. The image rippled, and Liz retracted her hand quickly, unwilling to lose this contact with the husband
of her heart. She watched as the image turned and she noticed for the first time Zan’s hands and feet were bound.

He stood slowly to his feet and Liz felt her tears stream down her face, knowing that he was in prison. “Zan,” she whispered as the images slowly faded from view and the room returned to its normal hue. What she did not notice was Zan’s seal glowing brightly on her wrist.

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Whirlwind Galaxy, on the Planet Antar

Zan banged his head against the cell wall, immediately worsening his headache. He continued to bang it backwards, the hollow thump reverberating through the empty cell. His mind had wondered to Liz only moments earlier and his eyes had at once flooded with tears. That was when his headache began. He had thought that if he continued to beat himself, he would be able
to forget the woman he’d never have the pleasure of seeing again. His mind flashed back to their last night together, the night they’d created a child. He had not been prepared for the onslaught of emotions that resonated through his mind. He could almost feel Liz’s hand brush against his shoulder, causing a ripple of pain to hit him straight through the heart. He stood awkwardly, his once agile legs now wobbly and frail, and used the cell wall to support himself. Then he felt it; the
tiniest connection flaring through his mind. And he felt them, all of them. Rex. Eli. Skye. Liz. His children and his wife. As soon as his brain registered the connection, it was gone. He moaned loudly, almost crying out as their presence left him, and he banged his head against the cell wall once more.

He heard voices outside his door and struggled slowly toward it, hoping it would be someone other than Ava’s servants. He almost leapt as he heard Vilandra’s voice echoing through the bleak hallways and into his compact cell.

“You will allow me entrance, Captain.”

“I cannot. My queen -”

“Your queen has bewitched you. Now I command you to let me into the King’s room this moment.”

“I must again say -”

“She does not care one d’mala you have to say, Rigor,” Zan heard Rath boom. “You will allow Vilandra entrance into the King’s chamber.”

“Yes, my lady. But I will not be held responsible for the prisoner’s actions. He is mad.” Zan stepped toward the door as quickly as he could with his feet bound by Ava’s shackles. He leaned his shoulder against the cell wall, his chest heaving. Vilandra and Rath would help him, he
knew with the upmost certainty. He heard Rigor’s key ring jingle as the series of locks were opened, much too slowly in Zan’s opinion.

“He is still your King,” Vilandra spat. “No matter what the c’sora tells you. Move aside.” Vilandra brushed past Rigor, Rath following her, as she rushed to Zan’s side. “The binds are not necessary. Remove them.” She turned swiftly to Rigor, her black eyes narrowed.

“But my queen -”

“Remove them,” Rath ordered, his powerful voice once again booming through the room. “Now, Rigor. Zan is no threat to us.”

Rigor crossed to Zan’s side quickly and removed Zan’s arm and leg restraints as he was told. Dropping them onto the floor beside Zan’s feet, he sulked away from them just as quickly. Vilandra watched as he left and Zan noticed her startled expression as Rigor bolted the locks.

“I’m glad you’re here,” Zan said, rubbing his wrists as he smiled slightly at his sister and her husband. “Thank you.”

“I’m sorry we could not have come sooner. Ava watches us continually. There are Royal Chargers stationed outside my door around the day. You must get out of here, Zan. Our people need you.”

“So do Liz and my children.”

“Children,” Rath questioned. “How do you know that?”

“I felt them, just before you came. There are three.”

“Three,” Vilandra asked, her eyes brimming with tears as she embraced her brother. “You need to return to Earth, Zan.”

“What is wrong? Why are you looking at me like that?”

“Ava has become more powerful in the two cycles you’ve been imprisoned,” Rath began. “The child she carried, Mal’s child, was...did not survive. She named it Dregor, after your father.” Vilandra moved into Rath’s arms and Zan wondered how often Vilandra had cried about this news. “The people love her, and proclaim her as sole regent.”


“They think you dead,” Vilandra softly responded. “After the child died, Ava said that grief had killed you as well.”

“The witch,” Zan began when he was quickly interrupted by Rath.

“She communicates with Mal on a daily basis. He is on Earth, you know.” He and Vilandra exchanged cautious glances.

“What? Rath? Vilandra? Tell me,” Zan pleaded. “What news of Earth and Liz?”

“Mal has not found Liz but her home is destroyed. He continues to search the area for her and he is certain she hides in the desert. Ava has ordered him to execute Liz when he finds her, as well as your children.”

Zan turned away from them, his mind feverishly working on a plan to escape so that he could save Liz and their children. “I cannot let her win.”

“That is why we are here, Zan,” Vilandra said, placing her hand gently on Zan’s shoulder. “We are here to help you. Antar is dead, and the three of us will escape to Earth and help you save Liz and your children.”

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Liz ran as fast as she could through the series of valleys created by the rock formations. Eli, in a homemade carrier fashioned from an old backpack she’d found in someone’s garbage, held tightly onto her neck, his tiny body bouncing up and down with each step she took. She paused momentarily, turning to look over her shoulder at her pursuers, when the doorway inside the rock opened and she fled inside quickly.

Maria, Alex, Rex and Skye sat huddled together in the corner of the cavernous chamber. The candles and torches flickered as the desert air hit them and Liz pulled Eli out of his carrier and into her arms. She dropped him to the ground after placing several kisses all over his face, which caused him to giggle. “Momma’s fast,” Eli squealed as he ran into Maria’s open arms.

“Are you okay,” Alex asked, Skye tucked cautiously in between his legs as he stood and stepped toward Liz.

“I...I’m fine,” Liz sighed, wiping the sweat from her brow. “I’ll be fine.” She dropped to her knees and playfully pinched Skye’s exposed tummy. “Hey, baby girl.”

“Momma,” Skye squealed, throwing her tiny arms around her mother’s neck.

“Oh, baby,” Liz pulled her youngest child against her chest, her daughter’s heartbeat reverberating against her. She felt the tears pool in her eyes, blinding her momentarily until she felt Rex’s tiny hand on her cheek.

“I lub you, Momma.”

“I lub you too, Momma,” Skye whispered, placing a kiss on her mother’s dry lips.

“Me too,” Eli squealed as he ran toward Liz and his brother and sister, falling against Skye’s back, almost knocking the four of them off balance.

“I would join in,” Alex quipped as he slung his arm around Maria’s shoulders. “But I’m afraid I’d crush them all.”

“Ai-wex,” Skye sputtered, playfully slapping Alex’s knee with her tiny hand. Alex immediately grabbed in leg in mock pain, prompting the siblings to gang up on him until he was rolling in the floor underneath their fingers, laughing loudly while they tickled him.

“Are you really okay,” Maria asked, stepping past Alex and the triplets, enveloping Liz in her arms. “We were worried about you.”

“There are...aliens everywhere, Maria. I...I know they’re looking for me, for us,” Liz motioned to her children, still wrestling with Alex on the dirt floor of the chamber.

“Why do you think that?”

“’s just a feeling. I don’t know,” Liz sighed with a shrug. “Don’t you get those feelings sometimes?”

“Can’t say I do,” Maria replied, a semi-smile dancing in the right corner of her mouth. “But if this is how they make you feel, then I’m glad I don’t get these feelings.”

“Thank you,” Liz said, sweeping Maria into a fierce hug. “I love you, Maria.” Liz clung to Maria’s body, holding onto her best friend in the entire world as if she’d never see her again.

“I love you too, Lizzie,” Maria responded, patting Liz’s back several times. “Why are you acting like this?” Maria squirmed her way out of Liz’s grasp and stared at her friend.

“I have to protect my babies, Maria,” Liz replied, side-stepping Maria and turning her attention to her children who were watching avidly as Alex made shadow puppets on the cave walls. “They love you.”

“And I love them. I know Alex loves them too. What are you doing, Liz? You’re acting weird. You’re scaring me.”

“I want you and Alex to take the babies and hide,” Liz replied softly, turning back to face Maria.

“I...I’m not taking your babies, Liz.” Maria stumbled backward toward the chamber opening, in almost the same spot Liz had been only moments earlier. Her eyes widened and she felt herself go weak while her mind reeled with the possibilities of what Liz was thinking.

“You have to. I know they’ll be safe with you. I can’t do what I have to do if I’m worried about my children.”

“What are you going to do,” Maria whispered, the candlelight illuminating the worried expression creasing across her face.

“I’m giving myself up,” Liz answered, turning her attention to her three young children and her back to Maria.

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“That didn’t really happen, did it, Momma,” the semi-sleepy six year old asked, as Skye turned off the nightlight on the table beside her daughter’s bed. “They all lived happily ever after, right?”

“What do you think, Beth,” Skye asked, brushing the light blonde hair off her daughter’s face and placing a kiss on her forehead as the child yawned.

“I think I can stay awake until you finish the story,” Beth said, the room magically illuminated as Beth pulled the covers underneath her chin. Skye glared at her daughter, her lips pursed in a fashion eerily reminiscent of her mother and she cocked her head to the side, observing her daughter’s slight giggles.

“How many times have you heard this story, Beth,” Skye asked, settling herself beside her daughter and against the headboard. Beth clapped giddily and rested her head on her mother’s stomach. “I don’t have to say ‘once upon a time,’ do I?”

“No,” Beth groaned, rolling her eyes in the exaggerated fashion she had learned from her cousin, Lindsay. “Just tell what happened when Zan came to Earth.”

“Okay,” Skye sighed and she cleared her throat dramatically, causing Beth to playfully punch her thigh. “Ouch. Vilandra and Rath risked their lives to help Zan escape Antar. They had discovered when Ava would be leaving and did everything in their power to make certain Zan was on that ship.”

“And he was.”

“Right. Zan was. He remained hidden on the ship for the entire six months of its journey to Earth, listening to all the evil plans Ava had for Liz and his three children. That’s where he learned that Liz had given herself up but that Mal, Ava’s general, had not been able to find the children.”

“Because of Maria and Alex, right?”

“Who is actually telling this story,” Skye questioned, pressing her mouth to Beth’s cheek and blowing air hard onto her daughter’s face. This had been their game for many years. Skye would blow on any portion of Beth’s exposed skin and it was always Beth’s job to tickle her mother until green sparks shot from her fingertips. Tonight, however, Beth did not tickle her mother; she merely cuddled closer to her, her tiny mind imagining the scenes as her mother described them. “That’s right. Maria and Alex and Rath and Vilandra helped Liz and Zan in every way they could.”

“But Maria and Alex had Charlie, right, Momma?”

“What are my two favorite girls doing up so late,” Beth’s father asked as he entered the rose- tinted room of his only child. “I think it’s way past your bedtime, Maria Elizabeth.”

“Momma was telling me a story,” Beth whispered. “She was just talking about Charlie.”

“Oh, well,” Charlie mused, kissing Skye on her forehead as he stretched out against his wife and daughter on Beth’s tiny twin bed. “The Charlie part is my favorite part.” Charlie winked at Skye and Skye felt a blush creep into her cheeks. “Please, my dear, continue.”

“As I was saying,” Skye said through mock irritation, she turned her attention back to their daughter, absently sweeping her fingers through Beth’s blonde hair. Out of the corner of her eye, she could see Charlie’s blue eyes were bright with anticipation, his lanky form the undeniable trait of a Whitman. “Maria and Alex had a baby, Charles Alexander Whitman, and Liz’s three children were raised just like Charlie, like they were one big family.” She paused when she felt Charlie’s hand gently squeeze her leg. She smiled at her husband, her mind filled with the memories of their childhood in the desert caves outside of Roswell.

“When do Rath and Vilandra come to Earth?”

“You’re jumping ahead of the story, tadpole,” Charlie said, wrapping both his hands around Beth’s covered legs and shaking them, resulting in a high-pitched squeal from his daughter. “You can’t forget that Charlie is a very important part of the story.”

“That’s right,” Skye said. “Someone has got to play the annoying friend in every story.”

“Oh no,” Charlie amended with a laugh. “Someone has got to save the aliens and that someone was Charles Alexander Whitman. Charlie was a brave, brave boy. He fought with the heir to the Antar throne, helping his fine-tune his abilities.”

“Rex,” Beth shouted excitedly.

“Right. And he mentally sparred with the counselor.”

“Eli,” Beth shouted again.

“Right,” Charlie said, staring directly at Skye. “And someone had to love the most beautiful girl in the world.” Skye caught his stare only for a moment, but in that moment, Charlie was presented with the most beautiful lop-sided Parker grin he had ever seen. “But then Rath and Vilandra come and the shit hit the fan.”

“Charlie,” Skye exclaimed, covering Beth’s ears as quickly as she could to prevent their child hearing any more of Charlie’s curses. “This is supposed to be a bedtime story, not Beth’s introduction to foul language.”

“And I apologize, Felicity Skye,” Charlie said with a grand hand flourish as Skye removed her hands from Beth’s ears. “And I apologize especially to you, my little princess Maria Elizabeth, but we’re forgetting the war.”

“The Astral Clash,” Beth sighed and Charlie and Beth turned their attention to Skye once again.

“That’s right. The great Astral Clash. Mal and Ava were ill-suited to combat on Earth. You see, Ava and Mal had no idea the depth of Zan’s love for Liz, or of Rath and Vilandra’s love for Zan, or of Maria and Alex’s love for Liz and her children. Nothing can defeat love, sweetie,” Skye whispered, glancing at Charlie, her amber eyes filling with tears. “Nothing can defeat love, no matter how much of a pain in the ass it really is.”

“Skye,” Charlie gasp, feigning shock. “I...I’m speechless. Your use of vulgarity has scarred me probably more than the events of our wedding night.” He arched his eyebrows fast several times and Skye couldn’t help but laugh. “Your mother has the worst potty mouth, doesn’t she, Beth?”

Beth rolled her eyes, dropping her arms in disgust on her bed. “I know all of those bad words, Momma. Uncle Rex says them all the time. I just want to hear the end of the story.”

“Zan rescued Liz from Mal’s prison. Together, they defeated Ava and Mal. Rath and Vilandra came to Earth, abandoning Antar for the new life Earth could give them. Vilandra and Alex had a baby named Lola and Lola married Rex. Rath and Maria had a daughter named Astra and Astra married Eli.

“And Skye married Charlie and had a daughter named Beth,” Beth replied mid-yawn.

Skye and Charlie exchanged glances and both leaned as close to their daughter as they could possible get. “And that’s the beauty of the story, Beth,” Skye whispered in her child’s ear. “Everyone lived happily ever after, but the story never really ends.”