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Title: Alien Outlaws
Author: Jenn *tongue*
Category: M/L
Rating: Pretty much PG-13, could go higher, but I don’t know.
Disclaimer: I don’t own anything and if you believe that I do, I think you need some serious help. The only thing that belongs to me is the story plot.
Summary: Read on to find out, if I say anything it will give away too much. But as the title suggests it’s about outlaws. I got inspired while watching American Outlaws. Some of this will sound similar but not too much because I’m changing most of it. I kept some parts like the movie so if you’ve seen it I don’t own any of that either. *happy* The first three parts and some of four are sort of similar to the movie…but after part three I’m going off on a completely different tangent.

Part 1: (Western Frontier 1870)

Max Evans rode into town along with his brother Alex and his cousins Michael and Kyle. They had been away to war for many a long year and were extremely happy to finally be coming home. Max couldn’t wait to see his mother again and finally settle down and farm.

All he and Alex had talked about during the war was coming home to their farm and hopefully one day settling down with a wife and having some kids. They were done with killing and fighting, it was time to rest and live their lives.

“It’s great to be home isn’t it boys?” Kyle asked laughing.

“Yeah, it’s about damn time. I never thought that stupid war was going to end,” Alex agreed taking off his hat and wiping his brow.

Max looked at his brother and cousin smiling. Everyone was glad that the war was over and they could go home. It had been too long since they saw Hyperion Missouri and it was definitely a sight for sore eyes. Max looked around taking in all the stores and the saloon just happy to be home.

There were people milling all around the streets going about their business. This is what Max missed more then anything, just people living their lives not having to worry about an army coming after them or whether or not they were going to live to see tomorrow. These people just went about their business not thinking about these things.

Of course even though he, his brother, and his cousins had seen war they had one more thing to worry about that most people don’t and this secret scares him more then anything else in the world. Max knows that the United States government doesn’t really have the technology to hold any of them if they did manage to find out their secret but that didn’t mean that they weren’t scared for their lives.

Then again if the government happened to find out where their ship was hidden they could probably figure out the technology and use it against him and his relatives. That would cause a whole different set of problems. The only people who knew about this peculiar family were the Evans because the ship just happened to crash right in their back yard. The Evans who were new to the area made it look like two of the boys were theirs and Mrs. Evans asked her sister to take in the other two boys. Neither family ever told anyone about the ship that landed in their yard and the boys managed to hide their craft in a cave not to far from where they lived.

“Michael, I want to go home and check on ma, and the girls,” Kyle said.

“Yeah, do that and stop by our spread and tell our ma we’re all right. We’re going to see Doc Parker,” Alex said.

“Right. See you later cousins,” Michael said as they rode their separate ways.

Max and Alex rode off towards the doctor’s house. They had to tell him that his son, Paul died during one of the last fights. This kind of business was never easy and the fact that they new Paul and practically grew up with him didn’t help the matter.

They stopped their horses in front of the Doc’s house and tied them up to the fence walking through the gate. Max noticed a young boy painting the columns of the porch.

“Excuse me, we’re here to see Doc Parker,” Max said to the boy.

Liz Parker smiled at the sound of his voice. She’d recognize that voice anywhere it belonged to the young man she’d been in love with her whole life. Max Evans. He was home from the war. She took off her hat letting her chocolate tresses fall from underneath and turned around.

“Liz Parker? Little Liz Parker,” Max exclaimed taking off his hat.

“Well you weren’t so big yourself when you went off to war Max Evans,” she teased hitting him square in the chest with her hat.

“Wow, you grew up,” Max said blushing. He never could say anything right when it came to Liz Parker. His brother always made fun of him when they were younger because Max would turn into a bumbling idiot whenever Liz came around.

“Max! Alex!” Jeff Parker exclaimed rushing out of the house.

“Doc,” they replied.

“Where’s Paul?” he asked.

“Well, that’s what we’re here to tell you about Doc. Can we come in?” Alex asked.

“Yes of course come on in,” Jeff told the boys.

They followed the Doc and Liz into the house sitting in the chairs offered when they reached the parlor. Max hated having to tell them that Paul died but there was no way around it.

“Doc, Liz, well you see Paul he was killed a few weeks ago,” Max said sadly.

“H-he died?” Liz cried.

“How?” Jeff asked.

“Well the Yankees cut us off at a pass and started firing on us. Paul, well he held off as many as he could. He saved a lot of lives that day Doc. He managed to take out the cannon all by himself before one of the Yanks shot him,” Max replied.

“He died fighting,” Jeff said solemnly.

“Paul died a hero Doc. None of us could ‘a come home if it wern’t for Paul,” Alex told them.

“Doc is there anything we can do for you? You know we want to help,” Max started.

“I know you do boys. You’ve always been good boys helping most of the town out when you could. No, I’ll be all right. You two just get on home now and see your ma. She’ll be wanting to see you I’m sure,” Jeff said getting up and walking out of the room in a daze.

Max felt awful. He hated to see people in pain and he knew that this kind of pain he could never heal. Losing someone close to you was something that you had to work out yourself. He learned that when his pa died. He tried to heal the pain for Alex and himself but it wouldn’t work. Matters of the heart had to heal themselves and no amount of powers could change that.

“Liz,” Max and Alex said getting up.

“Thank you. Especially for that story you told my father. It made him happy to think Paul died a hero,” she said.

“Liz,” Max started.

“No. I’m going to go inside and make my peace with Paul now. You two just get on home,” she said walking in the door.

“Little Lizzie Parker turned out to be a mighty perty woman huh?” Alex said.

“Yeah she sure did,” Max replied.

“I see you still can’t find your tongue when she’s in your presence,” Alex teased.

“You can shut up now Alex,” Max said annoyed.

They walked to their horses and headed on home. Once their farm was in sight Max spurred his horse faster. He wanted to get home as quickly as possible. Alex was hard put to keep up with him, but he managed and they jumped off their horses as soon as their ma came running out the door.

“MA!” they yelled rushing into her open arms. Four years, four long years since they saw their ma last, it was too long.

“My boys! Home at last. Come on in and clean up for dinner,” she said rushing back into the house.

“Hey fella’s,” Alex said walking in. Sitting at the table were Michael and Kyle.

“You told us to come and tell your ma you’d all be home and she wouldn’t let us leave without eating,” Michael said rubbing his stomach.

“Yeah we’ve been here two hours already just eating,” Kyle said.

“And I see you’re plates aren’t empty yet!” Diane said.

“Aunt Diane! We’ve had three platefuls already,” Michael protested. “Besides if we don’t get home soon our ma is going to wonder what happened to us.”

“She knows you came here, and she knows how much I fuss so she won’t be too worried,” Diane said laughing.

Max and Alex sat down at the table to have some dinner. “Ma sit down and eat,” Max said after she served everyone another helping.

“Oh all right. I guess you boys can serve yourselves if you want anymore,” Diane reluctantly said sitting at the table.

Everyone ate and talked into the wee hours of the morning. Diane was so relieved and happy to have her boys back that she was beside herself. Michael and Kyle finally left around midnight to head home. Diane told them to stay the night but they said they wanted to spend time with their ma and sisters so they wanted to go home and sleep so they could spend the day tomorrow with them. She agreed and sent them off with some biscuits for their ma.

Max and Alex washed up and headed to their old rooms to go to sleep. Max didn’t know which was better, being home or actually being able to sleep in a bed. The ground was a very uncomfortable bedmate, and having to sleep on it for four years being able to sleep on a bed again was a wish come true.


Should I continue? Leave me feedback and let me know what you thought! *happy*

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AN: Just a little reminder in case you forgot...this up and all the parts up till some of part 4 are very much like the movie. No infringement intended. Thanks. Jenn *tongue*

Part 2:

The following day dawned bright and sunny. Max rolled over as the sunlight hit his face. He sat up rubbing his eyes momentarily forgetting where he was. The smell of bacon filled his nostrils and he quickly pulled on some pants and rushed down the stairs.

Alex was already sitting at the table drinking a cup of coffee. “Hey little brother. Coffee is on the stove,” Alex said smiling.

Max never knew why Alex always insisted on calling him little brother when they were twins but he didn’t mind. In some respects it was nice to think of Alex as an older brother, it gave him someone to go to for advice when he needed it.

“So what are my boys going to do today?” Diane asked.

“Well momma, I think Max and I are going to get some stuff that needs fixin’ fixed,” Alex said kissing his ma cheek as she placed some bacon and eggs on his plate. “Thanks ma.”

“You’re welcome,” she replied. “Max Evans, sit your skinny behind down and eat some breakfast,” she yelled.

“I’m coming momma,” he said sitting next to Alex.

They said grace and began to eat breakfast when the door burst open and Liz Parker came rushing in.

“You boys need to come. Something happened over at the Valenti place,” she said. “Kyle came over to our house with a gash in his forehead talking some sort of nonsense. All daddy and I could make out was get Max and Alex.”

“Come on!” Max exclaimed jumping up from the table. Alex wasn’t far behind him. They rode hard and got to the Parker place in about twenty minutes. Max just hoped they weren’t too late.

“Daddy! I brung them,” Liz called running into the house.

“Up here second room on the left,” he called out.

“Kyle! What happened?” Alex asked as he and Max rushed into the room.

“He was hit on the head with something but I’m not sure exactly what because I can’t understand what he’s saying,” Jeff said looking at the two boys. “The only thing that made sense was Max, and Alex so I had Lizzie go and get you.”

“You did the right thing Doc. Let me get a look at Kyle,” Max said walking towards the bed. Alex reached out and grabbed a hold of his arm.

“What the hell are you doin? You can’t just go and do what I think you’re goin ta do,” Alex hissed.

“What the hell am I supposed to do Alex? Let him suffer!” Max bit out. “I have to help him. He’d do it for one of us if he could.”

“But he can’t only you can!” Alex said. “If you do this they’ll know.”

“It’s a risk I’m willing to take,” Max told his brother seriously. “We need to know what happened here.”

Max walked up to the bed and sat down on the edge facing Kyle. Liz watched on in fascination wondering what Max was doing.

“Kyle, you need to look at me. Come on cousin open your eyes,” Max said placing a hand on Kyle’s forehead over his cut.

“What’s he doing?” Jeff asked.

“He’s helping Kyle,” was all Alex would say. Maybe if he took a step up he could block the view from them, but they’d realize what happened anyway when the laceration was gone.

Kyle opened his eyes a little but it was all Max needed. His hand began to glow and Liz gasped at the sight. Max heard her but he had to ignore it and concentrate on Kyle. The flashes began, mostly of them when they were kids playing together, and a few from the war.

The pain was spreading all over Max’s body. This was the only thing he hated about his power, the pain. He could feel the pain that the person he was helping felt, that was how he helped them. For some reason his powers took away their pain and brought it back upon himself. He was sweating and shaking but he knew he was almost finished. He was visualizing the wound closing and the nerves reconnecting. He pulled his hand away spent and almost collapsed to the floor but both Alex and Liz caught him.

Kyle’s head was completely healed and the pain was gone. He watched as Alex and Liz laid Max on the bed next to him and turned to his cousin.

“Thank you,” he said.

“We-welcome,” Max stammered breathing heavily. He needed to rest and allow his body and powers to recoup.

Doc Parker was looking on in amazement. He had never seen anything like that in all his born days. “He is a healer?” Jeff asked.

“In a manner of speaking,” was Alex’s vague reply.

“How?” Jeff wanted to know.

“I can’t tell you that, and please Doc Parker, you’ve got to keep this a secret,” Alex pleaded.

“I won’t tell a soul I swear,” Jeff vowed.

“Liz?” Alex asked.

“I promise to keep quiet Alex,” she said bringing a cool washcloth to Max’s forehead wiping away the sweat.

“Thank you,” he whispered still shaking.

“You’re welcome,” she replied wrapping him in a blanket.

“Now Kyle, tell us what happened,” Alex said getting right to the point.

Max struggled to sit up and Liz tried to get him to lie down but he refused. He managed to sit up but had to lean against the headboard. Kyle jumped out of bed and began pacing.

“It was awful. Some men come to our farm and they started harassing our ma. She tried to get them to go away but they wouldn’t get, and well Michael lost his temper when one of um tired to hit ma,” Kyle said.

“Great,” Alex replied.

“Well, he didn’t lose his temper too bad,” Kyle said. “I mean he’s lost it worse then this.”

“How many Kyle? How many were killed, and just who where they?” Max asked.

“Well he killed three, and I don’t right know who they were, but he didn’t use his guns. He didn’t have time to get them, he used his, well you know,” Kyle said.

“Oh just great. Leave it to Michael to blow our cover,” Alex grumbled.

“Alex, we don’t have time for you to gripe. We’ve got to come up with a plan on getting Michael out of this,” Max said.

“You’re right. What are we going to do?” Alex asked.

Max didn’t say anything he just smiled.

“Oh great, he’s smiling. This means we’ll probably almost get killed,” Kyle complained.

“I take it smiling is a bad thing?” Liz asked.

“Yes and no. You see, Max comes up with some brilliant ideas while he’s smiling, and they always work, but someone always narrowly escapes death,” Alex said.

“Oh, I see,” Liz replied.

“Well what’s this plan of yours cousin?” Kyle asked.


Feedback please. Was it all right? Did you like it? Should I continue? Just drop me a note and let me know please? Thanks. *happy*
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Hi everyone. Well, I totally forgot that I have some of the next part written, I'm not sure if I've got all of it written, I might. I will check over the weekend, while I'm home and post a new part by Sunday. Sorry for the LONG wait.

Jenn *tongue*
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It's Sunday, and as promised here's the next part. Enjoy!!!

Jenn *tongue*

Part 3:

“We can’t discuss this here Kyle. I’ll tell both you and Alex when we get back to our spread,” Max said to them.

“Why?” Kyle asked not wanting to waste any time in finding out what they were going to do for his brother.

“Kyle, think! I don’t want Doc Parker or Liz to be involved in this. If we wait and discuss this when we get to our spread then they won’t know what’s going to happen tomorrow and they can swear on a bible that they don’t,” Max told him leaving no further room for argument.

“Max, you’re going to need a lot of help and if I can be of some service then I want to help,” Jeff told the young man.

“No Doc. I can’t risk anyone finding out that you know about what’s going to go down tomorrow. You’ve got to think of Lizzie,” Max said looking at Liz.

“Well you’re going to need my help anyway so you might as well just spill the plan Max Evans!” Liz exclaimed. “I was there when others were hung by these ‘people’. No one ever really knows who they are but they use the army to hang these men and the army uses the same technique every time. You’ll need to know how they are going to walk up and how long it takes them to actually get to the hanging. If you mess up saving your best friend and cousin because you won’t let us help you then damn you straight to hell.”

“Whew she’s a feisty one ain’t she?” Kyle asked.

“Yeah, feisty all right, and plumb crazy if you ask me but she’s right. We are going to need to know all that stuff. We’ve been away to war for too long and we don’t know anything about the way things are being run anymore,” Max said dejectedly. “Fine, I’ll let everyone in on my plan.”

“That’a boy!” Kyle laughed.

Max rolled his eyes. His cousin Kyle never took anything seriously and sometimes it was damn infuriating.

“Kyle can’t you just be serious for one minute?” Alex asked annoyed. “Damn, oh pardon.”

Liz just smiled. “Please Paul used to say things that were ten times worse and he was only fifteen,” she replied.

“Ok here’s the plan. We’ve got to do this all normal like, and I mean NORMAL,” Max stressed.

“But Max…” Kyle started.

“Kyle no buts, we are already in a heap load of trouble because Michael couldn’t keep some things to himself, if we start blazing into town acting all sorts of ‘Odd’ then we’ll be in even more trouble,” Max told him. “Now here’s what we’re going to do…”

****Next day in the center of town****

The whole town showed up for Michael’s hanging and many people were saddened by the fact that it was poor Michael Valenti that was getting hung. The townsfolk liked the Valenti’s and the Evans’ because they always went out of their way to help anyone.

“ ‘s a shame that poor Michael’s gotten mixed up in this mess,” one man said.

“I know he’s such a fine young man. I’ll admit he’s got a bit of a temper, like his father, but he’s a good lad non the less,” a woman replied.

Three soldiers walked out with Michael whose hands were tied together. He had to keep his fists clenched in order to keep himself from blasting everyone in sight. He knew that using his powers would be dangerous especially against the Army but it would make him a free man, but also a hunted man and it was bad enough having to hide who he really was. If everyone found out that he was not like the others then he’d really have to hide, and he would be putting Kyle, Max, and Alex in danger as well.

Thinking of Max, Kyle, and Alex was painful for Michael because he knew he’d most likely never see his kin again. He wondered if they were out there watching this. He knew they wouldn’t be because why would they want to see him hanged? It would probably make them sick, and besides they needed to comfort his ma and Aunt Diane.

The soldiers stopped him on the gallows and the captain put the rope around his neck. Michael just stood there wishing for a miracle, wishing that somehow he managed to get out of this, but he knew that couldn’t happen unless his cousins and his brother did something but they wouldn’t risk it and he wouldn’t want them to.

“Michael Valenti has been found guilty of treason against the United States of America and has been sentenced to hang,” the Captain said walking up to Michael with a black mask.

Michael looked at the mask and then at the captain before spitting in the man’s face. He didn’t want to be covered up for this. He wanted to see everything that was going to happen. The captain punched Michael in the face and walked away with a smirk.

Yeah keep smirking asshole, Michael thought. You’re just lucky I have some morals and won’t blast you through and through.

All of a sudden the ground began to shake with a considerable force, almost as if there was an earthquake and Michael wondered what was going on. He looked up and saw a huge heard of cattle rushing towards the gallows. In the midst of the cattle was a rider on horseback and Michael wondered who it was. He couldn’t quite tell because of the hat but he had a sinking feeling that it was Max. The crazy sonuvabitch was trying to rescue his sorry ass.

“Pull the lever! Pull the Lever!” the captain yelled to the soldier standing next to him.

The man rushed over and attempted to pull the lever but he was shot in the hands. The man fell to the ground screaming and the Captain pulled him up and thrust him at the other soldiers running near the gallows. “Get him medical attention!”

Max stopped his horse in front of the gallows and started to ride up the stairs startling the captain enough that the man fell off the platform. Max cut the rope around Michael’s neck and tossed the knife into the wood. Michael removed the rope from his neck and cut his hands free.

He smiled as Kyle came crashing through the saloon windows with two horses. He rode past the platform and Michael jumped onto his horse and he, Kyle, and Max rode out of the town. One of the Eastern looking men stepped out in front of them and fired a shot hitting Max in the shoulder. He doubled over and knocked the man to the ground fighting to stay on the horse.

Kyle jumped from his horse onto Max’s and rode behind him to Doc Parker’s place.

“Michael, you’ve got to hide up in the woods for a while, at least until those men leave,” Max choked out.

“Don’t talk right now Max, you’re too weak. I’ll go into hiding just as soon as we get you to Doc Parker’s,” Michael assured him.

Kyle stopped the horse in front of the Doc’s house and he and Michael carried Max inside. He was losing color and blood very quickly. “DOC!” Michael yelled opening the door.

Jeff and Liz came running down the stairs and Liz screamed when she saw Max bleeding.

“What happened?” she demanded.

“One of those men, those Easterners took a shot and it hit Max,” Michael said.

“Well one of you can heal him right? I mean he healed Kyle yesterday, and one of you can make him better can’t you?” Liz cried.

“I’m afraid not. Only Max has a healing touch,” Kyle said earning him a jab in the ribs from Michael. “Ouch! Hey they already know about his healing touch so it don’t matter none. Now get! You’ve gotta go and hide!”

“Fine. Let’s just get him to a room and I’ll leave but this isn’t over Kyle Valenti. As soon as Max is better the two of you are getting an ear full from me,” Michael said.

“Just put him in the first room on your right. I’ve got to get my things,” Jeff said rushing into his study to get his medical supplies.

Michael and Kyle carried Max up the stairs and placed him on the bed. Liz was moments behind them holding a hand to her mouth. She had never seen Max look so frail and helpless before and it scared her.

“Look you both better go. I mean the army will be coming to look for you Michael and if they see Kyle here they’re going to suspect something and we can’t have that,” Liz said. “We’ll look after Max and make sure no one finds him.”

“How?” Kyle asked.

“Don’t you worry about that. Just get on home, you’re ma will want to know what’s happened, and it would look better if you was at your place and not here. Alex will be able to come up with a story to tell the army men if they go looking at the Evans’ spread.”

“All right, but Alex and I will be by later to check up on Max,” Kyle said walking out the door dragging Michael behind him.

“How do you know we can trust her?” Michael asked.

“She helped us spring you. She told us how everything works with the army because they’ve hung others since they’ve been here and well we just know she and Doc Parker won’t tell no one. Now go and get into them woods!” Kyle yelled.

“All right, all right, but you better come and visit me once in a while, and bring some food!” Michael said mounting his horse.

“I will. Now get. Ma will be happy to know you’re all right.” Kyle told him.

“Give my love to ma and the girls,” Michael said. “Tell them I’ll be home soon enough.”

“Sure thing brother. Take care of yourself and stay out of sight,” Kyle warned him.

“I will,” Michael told him riding off towards the woods. Kyle watched him ride off until he was out of sight before heading back to his own spread.

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