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Katie (Sugarplum7)
Rating: PG-13 to R
Disclaimer: I don’t own them. I am just borrowing them, and I promise to return them when I am done.
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Distribution: If you really like it, please email me first for permission.

Summary: This is a post “Heart of Mine” fic. My wonderful HBS sent me this idea and I just had to take a stab at it. I don’t know if I will be successful, but I thought I would give it a try. I am going to try to make sense of what I can and try to make right what was wronged in that episode. I am sure I was not the only one watching this wondering what happened.

Someone has been watching our dysfunctional group of friends for a while now. He or she has spent their time skulking around them unnoticed, watching, waiting. Something was uncovered, sending shockwaves and tremors through the group, making this person step out into the open. This is the telling of what happened, how it happened and the reconstruction that took place in the wake of the revelation, through the eyes of our mystery character.

Some of you might be wondering about the “later” in category, and that is because there are issues that will need to get worked through, and I don’t think they will be getting together right away.

Feedback: Yes! Yes! Yes! PLEASE leave me something. I don’t know if I could continue without it. I am not exactly the most confident writer. I am also writing in first person, and I could use any pointers that you would like to tell. Please just keep kindness in mind. I am hurt very easily. I also love to hear other’s thoughts on things.

Dedication: This is dedicated to my one and only HBS. Thank you so much for all your help and encouragement. I don’t know if I could have gotten this done without you. You guided me and helped me whenever I needed it. You are soooo amazing sweetie. Thanks for everything, Lizzybell. I just hope that I can do this justice.

And also to Jenn, thank you hunny for encouraging me.


Some of the strongest things that we have ever experienced are unseen. We don’t see it. What we do see is the effect that it holds. Emotions. Can you see emotions without a person to act them out? Do you see pain, love, fear, anger, hate, sadness, or passion? No. You simply see the way the person looks when they go through an emotion. You see the person in love, in hate, in sadness. The emotion itself is unseen, much like I have been for a long time.

I watched them. I watched them all, but I paid more attention to three. They were the reason I was here. But, by looking, seeing, observing, I saw this group of friends drift apart, from one cohesive unit they broke into their smaller links. Links that could easily be destroyed at will. I was there to see them make their plans of action when she returned. Everything was visible from my place on the side. They didn’t know I was there, they didn’t even know who I was, who I am. No one did.

I am still surprised to this day that they didn’t notice me. They didn’t feel my presence either, and that was something we were worried about. If they did, the whole plan would be over. I guess that they were too busy to notice. Maybe they didn’t feel me because they weren’t paying attention to what was going on around them. I know that after all that time they did not pay attention to what was happening among the others. I knew that people were egocentric, but I never thought they would be to this degree. They were all so involved with their own problems that they didn’t see anything happening. If they bothered to notice anything abnormal then maybe they would have seen him struggling to stay afloat, or maybe see her trying to find herself. They might have seen him coming. They might have seen her plan being realized, and maybe they would have avoided this.

They didn’t though. They didn’t see it, and then everything fell apart. That is when I had to reveal myself. I knew it was coming close when they went to prom. Yes, I was there, and I saw everything, from her feeling alone to when she stumbled in on them. She bumped into me you know. They both did actually. She was nice, apologizing for her clumsiness. The other however was less polite. She snidely said “sorry” with a cold grin playing on her lips. The same cold expression she showed to everyone, even him. I know he would have seen it if he could, but he was blinded—twice.

I was trained for this. This life. This solitude. But the hardest thing is to be so far from home. There were days when I just wanted to go home, to turn around and leave. But then I remembered what Mom told me, and I was able to decide against it. Sometimes I think that memories are the only things that get me through this. It has been so long since I have seen them, my family. We didn’t have much, but we did have each other. This place is just too different from my home. Everything here is just so beautiful. I can’t even imagine if my home ever looked this beautiful. If it did, it was destroyed before I came along. I think I would trade all this, the way nature is so alive and the warmth of the sun just to go back home, even if the trees are struggling to stay alive and the ground is cold. Nothing can compare to them. I think now more than ever, after this long period of solitude, I realize how much I miss Mom and Dad—especially Mom.

Well, this is how it all began. This is how I revealed myself to them, and how I helped them see what happened, as well as how I changed the result of their choices.

No one saw through her, but I did. Some came close, but no one saw everything. There were some days you could see her, the real her, but there were other days when she was covered, hiding, unseen.

Stick around. Tell me if you saw her. Did you? Could you? Or were you fooled. Did you rip away the cover she hid under, or did you allow her to be unseen, like many things in this world?

TBC . . . maybe. . .

Please tell me what you thought. I don’t know if I want to continue this, or if I will continue this. Maybe you can help me decide on whether I keep this going.

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Hi Everyone!

WOW! I wasn’t expecting this many replies at all! So I guess you want me to continue? I just wanted to let you know how much your kind words of encouragement mean to me. They are just soooo important. I can’t stress that enough.

I am working on a chapter one, so it will be coming. I just hope that it is as well received as the prologue was.

Thanks again for everything. You are all the best people in the world.


PS. I hope you all had a great Valentine’s Day.

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Hi Everyone!

I can’t thank you all enough for everything that you have said. I am currently working on Chapter two in my spare time, and I plan on getting some of it done this weekend. I decided that I would post Chapter One as a huge thank you to you all.

I am thinking that a lot will be revealed in Chapter Three. Please tell me all your thoughts on the narrator’s identity. I love to hear what you think. I am even excited to hear what gender you think the narrator is. I would like to know all theories. Please, email me if you don’t want to post it.

Lucy~ That is weird. I that our stories turn out very different. That way they will be unique.

Here is the first chapter, and again, thank you fo all the kind words of encouragement. Please keep them coming.


Chapter One

One of the hardest things that I had to do was choose. People are always saying that choices are good, but I just don’t understand it. Why would someone want to choose? I am sure that choices are good, but when it involves life and death decisions they aren’t. I was here when they had to make those important choices, when she had to choose. I was here when he had to choose, when he didn’t have a choice.

They tried to see the decision from every angle, but why couldn’t they see her from a different angle? How many times was she the one? It may have been good or bad, but she was always the one. It was never the others. Just her. Of course there always was an excuse for it. They always explained why they chose her. It was her they took on the night of the party. It was her that was stranded and not killed. It was her that killed them with ease, when in fact she didn’t kill them all. Wasn’t that convenient?

He showed up in New York, didn’t he? He was not killed like they thought. Yes. I chose to go to New York, to follow those two. This was a choice that I had spent hours thinking about. To this day I still wonder whether or not I chose the right path. Would I know more if I stayed to watch her? I don’t think I will ever find out. I can’t learn anything other than what they told me. I guess when I was across the country they discovered her change, and because of that, I have seen once again her true colors. One has given everything to save her friends and perfect strangers, and the other has taken everything and given nothing. If only someone else was there to help me. Maybe they would have told me what happened here.

In New York she could have easily stopped them from taking her, but she didn’t. She let them take her. She pretended to be weak when he found her. She told him that she used her powers to save herself. Why did she do that? She could have done something to save him, and yet she didn’t. All of her abductions and her successes were ploys for their trust, and they fell for it, all but one. She didn’t defeat the skins. She just made them think she did. I have already lost count of the tricks she had pulled. One person was smart about their trust.

It didn’t matter how many times those tricks were pulled. She was always wary of her and never gave her the trust the others did. You would think that they would at least trust the instinct that she had. She would trust just about everyone, but not her. She was never one to be trusted. I don’t blame them for not knowing. It wasn’t their fault. It was hers. The truth never came from her lips. They didn’t know all the facts then, and some of them still don’t, but I did.

You can never imagine the confusion I felt when they were together, and the other was nowhere to be seen. They trusted her. They trusted HER! That was the biggest hint that it had started already. If only they knew everything then that she did now. Maybe if I hadn’t listened to my orders and arrived earlier, maybe then this would have all been avoided. But then the difference would be that everything that needed to happen wouldn’t. That is something about time that is funny. Some things are meant to happen. There is no way you can avoid it, but what you can do is influence the result. The large events would have happened regardless of my presence, but the outcome would have changed because of me. The large causes are what must happen. They will always happen. You see. There is nothing that can be determined. The future is always going to change. Every choice that we must make changes everything. Imagine how different this would all be if she didn’t run away. If she knew of her power and the important role she played would she have stood her ground? These small bits of information would have changed the reality that we are now in.

This was all hard on her. I know that for sure. Maybe the others couldn’t see her falling apart, but I could. I could see how everything happening to the others was tearing at her, ripping her apart. I could see that even the happiness that her friends were experiencing was hurting her. They were finding love, and she was still coping with the life she thought she gave up. Yes you heard me right. She never gave it up. She never gave it up because there wasn’t anything there to lose.

They didn’t see how convenient this was for her. She was just giving him up, stepping away once again for her, just so she could stick her talons into him, hurting him more than helping him. They never really knew her power. She was ahead of them, more advanced in her power. They never knew exactly how far ahead. She was always using vague terms, pretending to be less experienced than she really was. She knew more about her powers and their own than even they knew. They were capable of so much, yet she never told them that they could get farther. She only let them know what they needed to know. Information was one of her weapons. A weapon that none of them could ever stop.

I suppose that was the background. I am sure that you want to know the real story and not the background information. I just hope that this is set up enough for you. I also have a feeling you are wondering who I am, but that will come in time. There are some things that should be kept a secret for a little while, but there are things that will reveal my identity. I can’t help it. Don’t make their mistakes. Listen to each other. Maybe if you work together you can figure out this mystery before I reveal it. After I tell you the conversation I had with her your time is up. She was the one. She was the one who finally saw me. Maybe that was because she was unseen too. No one really saw her—even when they tried.

I finally decided to come out and be seen, partially. I finally walked out and showed myself to him. This was a while ago, and I thought she would have sensed me when I presented myself to him, but she didn’t. It is possible that she thought nothing of me, but I can never be sure. I came to him when he was alone one night. I needed to try and warn him about everything that was happening then. He never saw me coming. To say that I blindsided him was an understatement. He was surprised, but he quickly masked it with a cool exterior he had used before. My appearance shocked him, as we all knew it would. He could have been afraid at the same time, but I never saw it. I can only speculate. I thought that I would tell him first because he was the one in the most danger.

He never once believed me. I tried to rationalize, but he wouldn’t allow me to. He would stop me before I even started. I wasn’t surprised, but for once I was hoping that I was wrong. I was hoping that he would believe me. I hoped that he would trust me even though he had no need to. I hoped that the link would work with him too. I thought that maybe . . . with time . . . he would have believed me. But that was a problem. Time was precious then, much as it is now.


“You have to believe me. I’m telling the truth.”

“I have no reason to believe you. I don’t know you. I know nothing about you. I don’t even know your name. Who are you?” He said as he stood from his seat, already threatening to walk away. I knew it would take a while to get over my appearance. We all knew that it would be strange.

“When did you turn into the caterpillar in Alice in Wonderland? Does my name really hold that much weight? Just by learning my name you will believe me?” I stop talking for a second to see if he would actually answer it. “Just like I thought. There is nothing that will change. There is no chance that you will believe me just by my name. Besides, some things must be kept secret.” I looked at him with conviction in my eyes. There was no time for me to act weak. I have stood strong against opposition before and now wasn’t the time to flake.

“You are asking me to trust you, to believe in you when I have no reason to. You are telling me to believe what you say as true. I need a reason to trust you. Have you seen yourself? Why should I just trust you?” If only he was like this with her. I know this isn’t his fault. He lost the ability to be wary a long time ago.

“I gave you proof of her treachery and still you doubt me. You want a reason to believe. Look at the evidence. It is right there. All you have to do is open your eyes. My name will not give you something to believe in. It has to already be there. It has to be within you or my name won’t mean a thing. Maybe later, someday, I can tell you who I am, and why . . . why this,” I say gesturing to myself. I take a break from speaking and so does he. We are silent for about a minute before he decided to sit back down.

“I have done nothing to gain your trust. I admit that, but I haven’t done anything to misplace it either. I am asking you to believe me. Please. You’re in danger. All of you are, but especially you. Please trust me . . . believe me.” I tried to reason with him and that didn’t work so I had to resort to pleading. I usually could get to people doing that, but this time it was harder. I stood tall, like Mom did. I stood proud while I asked for his trust. I had no reason not to. I was right. I had the proof. But still, He was hesitant to believe.

I looked into his eyes, showing him that I was not just going to back away. This was too important for me to just walk away. I needed to get this done. I needed him to believe me. I could see the thoughts whirling through his head. I could see the emotions play across his eyes as they caused them to brighten and dance, and become serious and dark while he pondered the path that he would take. I could tell that she had gotten to him. She had some control over him, but the fact that he meditated on the decision itself was proof that she hadn’t fully gotten to him yet. He still had some control over himself.

“I’m sorry,” he said, his voice deep and truly full of emotion. He really was sorry. He continued to make his way out of the park and where to I have no idea.

“Be careful. Don’t let her gain full control,” I said quietly as I slowly retreated back into the shadows. I couldn’t help but fear what would happen now, now that he had turned away from me and what I knew. What would happen now? Where do I go from here? Sometimes I wish I had some help. I wish I had someone to turn to and guide me. They thought I was ready for this. I never had to go alone before. I always had Dad there, and Mom was there before. . . .

They were wrong. I was wrong. There is no way I am ready for this. No one will even believe me when I am telling the truth! I have to go to her. She is the one. She will believe me. She has to believe me. But I can’t. Not yet. She has to see it. That is the last thing that has to happen.


That is one thing that happened. I knew she had gotten to him, as well as all the others. I never really thought he wouldn’t believe me. I couldn’t lose him. Not then, and not now.

TBC. . .

Please let me know of any confusion you have and I can try to alleviate it. Ask as many questions as you want and I will answer what I can. Please hang in there. All you have to do is wait till around chapter three for some peace of mind.

I think the pronouns are causing the confusion. Am I right?

What did you think? Bad? Should I bother to write chapter two?

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Hi Everyone!

Yes, I am here. I am working on chapter two. I will be working on it most of my free time after class. I finally have a day off of work.

I am really sorry that I haven't finished it yet, but I just wanted to well, I wanted to bump this, pathetic I know, but I also wanted to let you know that Chapter Two is coming.

Thank you all for the feedback that you left me. I really can't believe that everything you all said was meant for me. That is something that makes my happy. It is what got me motivated to actually start writing Ch. Two.

Thanks and have a fabulous Friday!


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Hi Everyone,

Firstly I want to say that I am sorry about my MIA status where this fic is concerned. I do have chapter two, but something about it is just rubbing me the wrong way. I don't know what it is, but I don't like something in it.

I did test it on someone, and they said that they liked it, but I still don't know. Maybe my standards are too high. Eh, I don't know.

Thanks to Lucky Star and Lucy for the bumps. That is just something soooo new to me. I have never been bumped when it came to a story that I wrote on my own. Mia, my muse, is slightly MIA once again. She is coming and going, but when she is here they are bad moments, like during lectures.

I think I am feeling kinda bad about the end of chapter two. That is what I am going to be working on. I am really sorry that I have been taking so long, but I am just in a bad character mood. I am not happy with show Liz, and because of that I am having a hard time with this. Liz is important to my story, and I need to view her in a specific light, and when I can't everything just comes out really bad.

Thanks again for your patience, and I hope that asking for an extension isn't too much to ask for.

So I am asking you, all of you, can you forgive me? Can you give me some more time?

Thanks again for all the kind words. You all really know how to make a girl feel bad about not updating. To make myself feel better I think I will give you a hint about who the narrator is in Chapter Two. Would you like that? I can only think of one, and it is pretty big.


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Hi everyone!

Thanks for all the understanding. You are all the best. This part is dedicated to my friend Ria. She is pretty much the reason why I am posting this tonight. I was going to sit on it and edit it some more, but I couldn't. It just kept looking like really bad to me.

Sorry if this is really bad, but I just had to get this out of my hands or else I would never move forward.

True Blue Healer~ Thanks for reading my little story. I am glad that you enjoyed it and are sticking around. I also like your sig.

Without further ado here is Chapter Two. Let the unveiling of secrets begin. (Please excuse the type-os and errors.)


Chapter Two

I have never experienced heartbreak before, but I can imagine it feels something like this. I don’t remember the good, good times back home. Those all happened before I could really say that I had memory. I didn’t see the bad things because my good times were nothing like their good times. I guess that doesn’t make sense, but it makes perfect sense when you think about it. If all you ever knew were someone else’s bad times then they were the norm for you. So my norm was their bad. The bad times weren’t really bad for me. But what happened that night felt like something new. I have never felt like that before . . . ever. And for him to do it to me was just a low. I guess our fears that he would recognize me were wrong.

I guess you could say that I have, I had a sheltered life. Even though some things were not the best at home I never felt that way. I had my family. That doesn’t mean that I never wondered about how it all was then. I just never thought that they were serious about this plan. Now that I am here I can say that they were serious. They didn’t lie at all.

I never knew that such evil was there before. I am not saying that I have never seen or experienced evil before. She is just another type. To have the want and desire to control someone’s free will is something dark. I would hope that she lacks a soul because it just seems morally wrong to do that to a person. To control their actions, thoughts, feelings, desires, and emotions is just unbelievable for me, and to comprehend doing those actions is just . . . unimaginable. And that is true because I could attempt to do that. Don’t worry about a thing though. I am entirely different from her. I could never do that to anyone, especially them.

If you haven’t guessed things will begin happening now. That encounter with him was just the beginning of the events to come. She was losing control over one of them. He was beginning to remember what happened. I must say that his role was not overly exaggerated. It takes a strength that most do not possess in order to stop her. He was able to see through what she imprinted on his mind, something that the others weren’t able to do as easily. The thing that scared me was the ease at which she took them away. She just went through them, taking away the essence that is just undeniably them. She ripped away their memories and experiences, not bothering to care about the long-term damages that lay in wait. That is if they weren’t corrected. No one knew that the damages existed, and they didn’t even know how to heal them. But I am here now. I know what to do, and I know how to do it. I just need her.

I bet you want me to get to the point of all this, and to tell the truth, I want to get there too. That is when everything gets exciting. Well, for me that is. I don’t think I have ever wanted anything to happen like that before. I was just in such a rush for everything to happen I almost missed it. Part of that had to be the dismissal. I guess I was thinking he would be like him, and when I was wrong it threw me off kilter. Everyone here is just different. Well, they are different from the way I remember them, but it has been a while since. . .

I just can’t seem to get over the fact that they are so different. I mean . . . it is just . . . for me . . . it’s not like him. At first I was taken aback by the coldness in his voice when he addressed me. It was icier than I thought he could be. And at the end I finally thought that the real him was shining through. The sincerity lacing his features told me that he was still in there. We just have to find a way to free him, luckily I was told just how to do that.

We were fortunate that day. He would have been lost if she wasn’t passing by when she . . . that monster . . . attacked. It was late in the evening when he needed help; however, no one was there to give him the assistance that he desired. There were things being remembered that couldn’t be explained. He didn’t know why these events were part of a memory that he didn’t have a day ago. So what happened you ask? He just went to see the person that was behind it all.

Yes. I took a break from watching the three of them. I couldn’t bear to see that mistake happening any longer. I decided to go on and watch him. It is a good thing too. If I wasn’t there something would have happened . . . something bad. The ironic thing is that if it weren’t for that . . . I can’t even think it right now. I think you know what I mean. If it wasn’t for that sickening act at prom, I can safely say that I wouldn’t have decided to watch him. I just wish I could have helped him too . . . before. I just wish I could have prevented this from happening.

~*~ ~*~ ~*~

I decided to have a change of pace and watch him. After looking at what happened that night at the prom, I just couldn’t bear looking at any of them. Can you blame me? I guess I just needed to get away from her manipulations. It is selfish of me, but watching him massage her feet is not entertaining. It is rather high on my scale of revolting acts.

I made sure to stay as far back as I could. I needed to let this all play out normally for as long as I could. Maybe this is what I needed to happen? It was apparent that he was falling apart. He must have just cracked because of all the tension inside his mind.

I don’t know why I am still here. It would hurt to not be able to help him if something were to happen. I could try to stop her, but I have never done that before. I’ve never been able to do anything with her before. I was told of her strength, but we never tested me on anyone as powerful as her.

“You did this to me! You sent me to Las Cruces.” I hear him shout at her. That is when I notice that I am not the only one watching all of this from the outside. I can see her making her way to the window, trying to get there to help him. After everything that happened, friends still hold a stronghold in her heart. I can’t just let her run in there on her own. I have to do something. Anything.

“Okay Alex. Alex, let me fix your mind. You’re not thinking straight.” She extends her hands, trying to get him under control, but he won’t let her. That is good. The more he resists the less control she has on him, making it slightly easier for me. Everything is fine as long as she doesn’t mindwarp him once more.

“You mindwarped me for two months while I decoded that silly book for you, and now there’s nothing left for you to mindwarp. You destroyed my mind!” He screams at her. I just hope no one is hearing this. I don’t know if I could reveal myself to anyone else. “How could you do this to me?” he asks questioning her with a sob in his tone. That is something I would like answered too.

That is when another comes into the room, making me more apprehensive about approaching them. Wait. I’ve seen him before. I’ve seen him and his father with them, but I don’t remember them. If they trust him I suppose that I can too. It isn’t just my secret, but theirs in a way as well.

“Kyle, get out,” she says, barely above a whisper.

“What’s going on?” He questions them. I can see how confused he is about all of this. I would be too if I didn’t know about her.

“Kyle, go!” She yells more forcefully. That is when I take another look at him. He is breaking apart, falling to pieces, and not one seems to notice. Not one person noticed how quietly he was falling to pieces.

“I might as well be dead.” No! This is not going well at all. I have to get over there.

“Hey, just calm down.”

“He’s right okay. Calm down! Just calm down!”

“No! You can’t mindwarp me!”

The two of them stood in the middle of the room. He was struggling, trying to resist the invasion of her power. That is when I knew I couldn’t just stand here. I had to go out once again, and this time with the hope of better results. He was trying so hard to fight her even though he didn’t really have a chance.

I broke into a run covering the short amount of ground between them and me. I have to make it. I can’t fail him.

“NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!” I hear him wail as she finally gets into his mind.

“What??!!!” I hear someone say as I stand in clear view. It only takes a second for me to start on my offensive. I just hope that I didn’t wait too long before reacting. And, faster than she was able to invade his mind, I invade hers. I send a large jolt of psychic energy, just enough to sever the mindwarp and render her unconscious.

“Alex! Alex! Oh my God, Alex!” I hear her say from where she stands in the room. She dives over to his body from where it lies on the floor.

No. Please, no. Please don’t tell me I am too late. Not after everything I did. That can’t happen again. I have to try. I can’t just give up.

“Put your hands on his temples. Concentrate and relax.” I place my hands over hers, concentrating on healing and removing all the damage that she wrought on his mind. I knew that they would come, revealing who I am to both of them, but I had to try. I couldn’t just let him die. Not when he holds such an important part in the cause.

Soon the healing is finished, but I was tapped out. It had been such a long time since I expended an amount of power that massive. I knew that there would be questions about the flashes that resulted from the connection, but I don’t know if I even have the energy to explain it.

I release my hands from hers and break that connection. I scoot back and struggle to gain a center of balance. I look down to the floor where she is sitting with his head in her lap. He was still unconscious, but still alive. That has to be one of the strongest small words—alive.

She looks up at me. I can clearly see the questions that lie in them. The one at the front of her mind had to either be, “Who are you?” or “What are you?” I myself was leaning toward the first question.

Her gaze was pinned on me. That is when she finally spoke. “Who are you?”

The sound that escaped her lips was muddled. I couldn’t quite make out anything I saw either. Everything became blurred and slightly fuzzy. Objects and colors blended to become nothing but a haze as I gave in and fell to the ground.


“No! Dad, I’m not going! Not now. Not with everything that is going on here. You need me here, not there. That last hit must have confused you because I am not leaving you here to fight against Tess, Kivar, Alvaya, and Rheni.” I walked into my room and stood in his room. He was collecting all the weapons that he had stored in his room. I knew he was getting ready for anything that we might encounter on our way back to the granolith.

He looked at me, staring straight into my eyes, letting me know that there was no room to challenge him on this matter. I could tell what he was saying with that one look. Of course I had experienced it many times before and not just from him. He held it longer than usual. Uh oh. That is never good. That is when he breaks out the full name. I am sure you know what I mean. The full name means that you are really in trouble if you hold any questions.

He is wrong if he thinks that I am going to give up like that. I am not going to just leave. I am not leaving him here alone. Not when they are all here, waiting for us—or are they just waiting for him—for me? This time is just too dangerous to leave him alone. He walks out of his room and heads down the hall to mine.

I run after him, trying to stop him from getting in to get what was stored in my room. “No! Daddy, I am not leaving!” I stand in the doorway, trying to prevent him from entering the, trying to keep him from getting any farther.

“Maribelle Michaela.” Well, at least he didn’t say the whole name. That is something good, right? “There is no use arguing.” He softly pushed me aside to get the items stored in my nightstand. “You have to go, sweetie. I am not going to let you stay here and possibly fight and die. I am not ready to watch them take away my baby.”

“I’m not your—“

“You’ll always be my baby.” He continued to move around the objects in there, retrieving the key. “They are not getting you. I won’t let them.” He got up from his crouched position by my bed and pulled me into his embrace. “You’re just like your Mom, you know that?” He combed his fingers through my hair. “I am not going to let you stay with me in case they capture us. I am not going to let them torture you, kill you, or even lay a hand on you. I am going to keep you safe, and if that means moving up the date for the mission then I will. Besides, if you don’t go now then we might lose the chance to get it done.”

I knew he was right. Like always, Daddy was right. I was at more risk than he was, as odd as that may sound. We knew for a long time that they had more to gain from his life than his death, but me. I am the one they want. The one that they need . . . dead. I was the threat. A threat that was best eliminated.

He pulled back and placed his hands on my cheeks, and then moving them to smooth out my hair. “You have to be safe. I am not going to let you be in danger, not when I can save you from it.”

“But . . . but what if I mess up? What if I can’t get . . . what if I can’t get back home?”

He looked at me with a slightly skeptical look in his eye. I could tell that he was seeing how I was grasping at anything I could. I knew that I would do fine. They all had every confidence in my capabilities, but it is the not getting home part that was really worrying me. I didn’t want to get stuck there when he needed me here. It felt like a form of desertion, even though I knew he wouldn’t see it that way, but I felt that way. I knew the trip there was safe. Mom would never mislead us. She made sure that I would be fine, and I would be. “I know. Mom said that it would be safe, so there is no doubting the safety. But that doesn’t mean that I will be able to get back. You can’t say that I will be able to. It is dependant on another time and place, things that you or mom or anyone could possibly know.


“She’s getting up. Liz!”

“Calm down, Kyle. She isn’t going to kill you.”

“How do you know that?”

“She saved Alex.”

“No, together the two of you saved Alex. How do we know she isn’t trying to trick us? She might be like, like Tess and start mindwarping us.”

“I doubt that.”

“How do you know? She did something to Tess, something that knocked her out. She might still be unconscious for all we know.”

“I don’t think we should trust her. We have been Czechoslovakian central this past year, and now there is a new member on the fast growing list. Liz, I don’t think it was a good idea to bring her here.”

“Maria, you didn’t see what I did. You didn’t see the flash I got from her. She is . . . I just don’t think that she is a danger to us.”

“Liz, come on. First there was Congresswoman Whitaker and the rest of the skins, including Courtney. Then there was the whole thing with the Larek—Brody possession. Not to mention the Gandarium and the Dupes. How many of those turned out to be friends. Like none of them. I am not saying don’t trust her. Just don’t trust her yet.”

“Maria’s right. Look at her. She looks just like you Liz.”

“Oh my God! She could be a shape shifter or a skin! She could be a dupe!”

“Calm down, Maria. I can’t have a dupe. I’m not one of the ‘royal four’. How’s Alex?”

“He’s good. He woke up earlier for a second. He was all there.”

“Opposed to the psychotic episode he had earlier?”

“At least now we know what is going on with everyone. Tess must be mindwarping them the same that she was with Alex.”

I could hear their conversation. I knew that they were waiting for me to get up, but I didn’t know what to do. I was only expecting to explain things to her and not the rest of them, but it is clear that they all have questions. I started to get up. There is no use in delaying this any longer than I absolutely have to. I could see that they all stopped whatever they were doing, standing stiff in their postures.

“I guess you have some questions.” I have questions myself, but I don’t think they matter much. I don’t even think that they will answer them if I do ask.

“Yeah. I have a few questions.”

“Maria,” she says trying to get her to stop, trying to keep her from jumping to any conclusions. “I have a few questions, too” I look at her, telling her with a look to continue. If I know her, and I think I do, she will pull out the list. The list of questions she needs answered—a list of questions in order of importance.

She pulled out a paper, which was folded in eighths that she slipped into the pocket of her jeans.

“What’s your name?”

The two who were in the room turned their gaze from her to me awaiting my reply to the question that they felt was of importance. It is they were spectators at a tennis match and the words we spoke were the ball.

“Maribelle Michaela Alexandria . . .” I paused before I said my last name. I knew this would be a shock. “Evans.” I looked at their expressions that found both humor and confusion and surprise in my statement. Ping, the ball is now in your court.

“Okay,” she said. Her eyes were slightly wide, and I could see her trying to stay alert. She was shifting her balance from one foot to another. Her mouth must have been dry because I saw her straining to swallow.

“My turn. Why do you,” the jumpy blonde said pointing her finger at me, “look like my best friend Liz over there?” I guess that this just turned into a one-on-two match. I wish Dad was here. He was always best at the discussions.

“I’m . . . well, the truth of the matter is . . .” This is going to be so hard. What am I going to do? She is going to get blown away with this. I turn my attention from the blonde to the wide-eyed brunette, who is still shifting her weight from her left foot to her right foot. Looking into her deep brown with my honey ones I say, “You’re my Mom.”


What do you think? Should I continue? Would you mind the waits between parts?

If you liked it feedback would be great. I am still unsure about my writing. Ria knows how deep my insecurities run. I can use all the comfort and support I can get, and feedback gives me that in a big way. Thanks for your time, and I can’t wait to hear from all of you, hopefully.

Note: Some of the dialogue from the flashback was from the episode “The Departure”. I just added and changed a few things to fit my needs. I don’t own it, and they belong to the respective people who wrote them.

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Hi everyone!

Wow! I was not expecting this many replies. Thanks you guys. I see that there has been a little confusion. I don't want to keep you all "a lot" confused. "A little" confused is good. I am going to clarify a few things. and leave my own messages of thanks to you.

Kittens~ Hey there sweetie. Sorry about the deletion of your post. That is something to go GRRRR over. I can only tell you a few things here, but email me if you are still confused and I can explain in more depth, hopefully. (My email addy is in the first post, and it is also in my profile.) The "dream/flashback" that Belle had after she and Liz saved Alex did happen. It was part of her past, and that Dad was Max. The whole thing with her saying that it wasn't like him was because this Max is nothing like the Max who is her caring father. She knew that they were different, but she still wanted them to be alike.

Yes, the flashback that happened in Chapter One was between Belle and Max.

I am hoping to reveal almost everything in Chapter Three. That way I can stop with the pretense that the pronouns bring. I hope this helps a little. Again, email me if you need more information. A little spoiling is okay by me if it helps you understand.

Annie~ Hey babe! How are you doing? When I told you it was complex I mean it is complex. I confused Ria when I explained it to her. What you have to do, when the time comes, is to forget what we were lead to believe is true. It is definitely different.

Lucky Star~ You soooo cracked me up! OMG! I saw your message of feedback and I like wow! Thanks for your enthusiasm. I will be sure to try and make all the parts as entertaining as I can.

Katrina~ Well thanks for letting me know that you like my writing. I am glad that you enjoy reading this, and I am blushing that you think I don't disappoint.

My Chicas~ You know who you are. You are the best. You always give me that boost of confidence when I need it most.

My HBS~ Lizzy! I'm still waiting. LOL! And I'll keep waiting patiently. You know how much you are to me?! I can't wait to hear what your theories are hon! I did see Johnny Mosely (sp?) on SNL! OMG! Totally YUMMY! I have added another one to my list of Olympic hunnies, heehee. You want to know who? Well, you have to ask. Kisses sweetie.

"Drive-byers"~ (LOL! Annie I love that saying.) I am just glad that you read it, maybe one day you will be courageous enough to step out from behind your tree. I hope to see you then.

To all that have left me kind words~ I don't know if I can ever express how much they mean to me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


PS. The emailing goes for all of you that are confused. I am more than happy to alleviate any confusion that is unneccessary.

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Hi Lucky Star, everyone!

:waves: It's been a while since I posted. Sorry about that. I am working on Chapter Three currently. I am thinking about posting it later today. What do you think? Later today sound good to you?

I guess I'll see you then. Hopefully by then I'll feel more confident or happy about the part.

Katie (who should be getting to bed soon)

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Hi Everyone!

I’m back, finally. And I have brought a new part with me. Aren’t you proud of me I am here and posting Chapter Three. Do I get a treat?

I am not sure why I am posting it. I personally think it is just terrible. It is long and boring. I am sorry, but Belle just wouldn’t shut up. I usually get some feedback on my rough cut, but I didn’t hear back from her on what she thought.

I would like to know what you think. Was it boring or is it just me? I really need feedback, especially for this particular part.

Here is Chapter Three. I think all, if not most answers are ahead. I hope this is enjoyable for you all. And again, please excuse any type-os and errors.


Chapter Three

“She’s your mother.” Maria said calmly. Wait for it. Three. Two. One. “She’s your WHAT?!!!” And we have lift off. I was always telling them that you could set your watch by her outbursts.

I decided that it was better if I don’t call them what I would call them back home. These people are not the same. They do resemble my family, but they are not the same people. They have not overcome the same problems and situations that my family did. Those experiences helped to make them the people they were. These people were just identical forms of who they were, these were alternate versions of their past selves. I needed to keep thinking like this or else I would scare them or push them away.

“This is unreal!” Maria shouts as she begins pacing the room. “Isn’t this great? Liz has a daughter that is as old as us, making Liz and Maribelle look like sisters. Where did she come from? How did she do . . . whatever she did? What just happened in there? How did she get here? That’s it! I got it! This isn’t real. We are all part of this large group mindwarp of Tess’ because we all agree that this is too not real to be real. That is the only way she can be here. I still think that she might be a skin if she isn’t a dupe. Why am I the only one asking these questions?”

“Maria! Calm down, and breathe,” Liz said, trying to keep her best friend from getting an embolism. “We all have questions. You are the only one that was capable of speaking at the time.” She looks to me, and smiles. It is just like her to calm everyone in the room down with a smile. “This isn’t a warp, but I think I know how she got here. Remember? The granolith.”

“Now I am really lost,” Kyle said from his seat at the desk, raising his hand to get our attention. “What’s a granolith? It is a what, right? I mean it isn’t some weird alien name for a person. Is it a who?”

“The granolith is a thing. We don’t know what it does, what it is meant to do, or why we have it. All we know is that it is some sort of vessel that carries an immense amount of power,” Liz explains.

“Yeah. Everyone seems to want one and we are the only ones that have it. Isn’t that nice. We have to keep some sort of alien power thingy that is desired after a secret, but we don’t even know what it is for,” Maria says, continuing to rant on the issue. It seems that we all know better than interrupting her when she gets like this.

“Let me get this straight. Your name is Maribelle Michaela Alexandria Evans and you are Max and Liz’s daughter. We are assuming that you are from the future and came here by using the granolith?” Kyle asks. As a response Liz and Maria nod in confirmation.

“But why are you here?” Liz questions me. I knew that I would have to tell them about this. I just didn’t want to tell all of them just yet. I heard a sound from the doorway. I look over and see that Alex is standing there, confusion washing over his features.

“Liz? When did you get pregnant and have a kid? Was I out that long?” Alex stood at the doorway. He was clearly confused that I was just revealed as the daughter of his best friend. I don’t blame him. He went through quite an ordeal after what Tess did to him and the healing that Liz and I did on his mind.

“ALEX!” Maria said, squealing from her spot and leaping and bounding over to the doorway where Alex stood. “You’re all better!”

“And at least Liz named her after you, Alex. Hey, Liz, why didn’t my name make the cut?”

“I don’t know, Kyle. I’ve never met her before. How would I know my reasons for not naming my daughter after you?”

“Maybe Liz doesn’t like your name,” Maria said in a joking tone.

“Hey, I heard that!” Kyle exclaimed before he sent a glare towards Maria.

I couldn’t help the small giggle that escaped my lips. Liz’s last statement wouldn’t make any sense if someone just walked into the room. And the group’s dynamic was an enjoyable wavering between serious discussions and joking comments.

“I’m just glad you’re alright, Alex.” Liz walked over to Alex and hugged him. You would have to be deaf not to hear the small sob she was trying to hide. I am glad that they are taking this so hard. I would be frightened if they weren’t. I don’t know what I would have done if they didn’t care. That would mean that she had total control over them.

“Yeah. Liz you do nice work.” He said as soon as they parted. I could tell that he was thinking about something. I have a feeling that this something has to do with me.

“It wasn’t me,” she said in reply to his last statement. Just as modest as always. “I didn’t do anything. It was all Maribelle.”

“Would you mind calling me Belle? You all did that before. Sorry, um . . . The other forms of you called me that . . . back home. Well, almost everyone. There was another nickname that I did get called, but that will take me on a tangent.” I look down at my hands. I didn’t really want to face all their looks at once. It is kinda weird, feeling nervous around them. I have never felt nervous around people, but they make me nervous. I have this tickle in my stomach and I feel like my face is all red.

“Sitting down might be something you would want to do. This might take awhile, or it might just be completely confusing.” I watch them all as they walk around the room, finding a place to sit. I could tell that they were still wary of me because no one decided to sit by me on the bed. I don’t blame them. They are still trying to decide whether I am really a honest friend or a sly enemy, trying to pull one over on them.

“We’re all ears,” Maria said, her voice holding a cynical tone. Maria? A cynic?

I close my eyes and take a deep breath. “I am from an alternate reality. I used the granolith to travel from my home, my time. There is a lot that I can’t tell you, but I will tell you what I can. I am here to help. I know that sounds like something out of a Superman movie or something, but it is true. I am here to help.

“Tess is mindwarping people into submission. She has her own agenda that she is working on, but we don’t know what is on it exactly. All I know is that in my home she is siding with the enemy. She has already put her plans into motion.

“Before I go on you need to know something, something very important. I know that the two of you,” I gesture towards Liz and Maria, “have an idea about how time travel works with the granolith, but you are wrong. What you think as truth is nothing but a fallacy. Tess saw that you and Max were getting closer. She knew that she stood no chance when it came to his attention if you were competition. She had to do something fast. She needed to do something to create a distance between you two that would grow into an act that would separate the group.

“So she created something that she could use. She knew that you couldn’t say no when it came to saving innocent lives or the lives of your friends. She knew that you would go willingly and do what she said if you needed to prevent . . .”

“The end of the world,” The two girls said together, continuing the sentence I started. Both of their ashen, expressionless, and shocked faces looked out into the room, not focusing on anyone or anything.

“Tess mindwarped you, Liz, into thinking that you needed to give up everything, hand everything that you desired over to her. I know that it must have seemed real to you, but it was a mindwarp. Think about what you said Future Max used to prove his story. He said that he was going to start serenading you with a Mariachi band. This was just used as evidence to prove his story, make his identity as Future Max legitimate. He started to explain the reasons for the odd behavior, but it didn’t make it Max. The serenade was nothing close to the behavior you know as Max’s behavior. Think about it. You know Max. You know how he thinks, what he thinks, and how he feels. You know him. You also know that serenading is something Max would never do.” I look into Liz’s eyes and hope that she sees that I am telling the truth. “That whole experience never happened. She used you to bring her and Max together. Because Kyle and Max were used in that warps she had to warp them as well.

“But what about Vegas?” she asks. I am assuming she means that flash that Max got when he was about to leave.

“Vegas?” I ask. I need her to elaborate so I know that I am thinking what she is asking. I don’t want to answer the wrong question.

“Yeah. When Max was about to leave, he said that he had a vision of us, like we were just married in Vegas. He said it felt real.”

“I was guessing that you were talking about that. The truth was that I wanted to keep Tess’ control of him at bay. I had to try and do something to release Tess’ hold on him. She was gaining too much control. I thought if he had something to believe in, something of you to hold on to, a moment of happiness, it would have been enough to break her hold on him. I thought that he might take it as a sign that you belonged together. I . . . I had to do what I could. I knew that you would believe this as something . . . and maybe you would have given in to wants . . . or seen it as a sign . . . something.

“There were also multiple ploys used by her to get you to trust her and doubt her alliance with your enemies. That day, Isabel’s birthday, she was getting flashes of Tess. Tess was the one that they took and harmed. She was the one you were made to feel sorry for. She used that to get you to see that she was just like you, just as susceptible to harm as you all were.

“She even used that same trick in New York. When Lonnie and Rath tried to kill Max she was there. She could have done something to keep them from taking her, mindwarp them, using her powers, something. She could have done something to save Max. She could have, but she didn’t. And then, when he found her deserted underground she said that she used her powers and she didn’t know where they went. Am I the only one to see that as a very unreliable answer? She used her powers to save herself, but not when she could have done it to save Max or herself. They pretended to harm and attack her. They needed to cover their tracks to show that she is not in league with them. She was the victim to cover her and their tracks. She was and still in league with all your enemies: Rath, Lonnie, Kivar, Nicholas, and all the skins. And these tricks are not the only things that she has done to Max.

“Max, Michael, and Isabel were also warped by her. It wasn’t just you four. She had to do it because that is the only way she could gain their trust. The whole situation with the skins at the high school was a warp. She made them think that she single handedly defeated the skins. She was able to gain their trust with that single event. They thought that she warped the skins into oblivion by making them feel the illusion of fire, making it feel real, she it destroyed them. Explaining how it happened was simple: mind over matter. The truth of what she did was different. Max, Isabel, and Michael were mindwarped. She made the see her warping the skins in an outburst of power they felt she was incapable of doing. The funny thing is, they thought her power was incredibly strong then. She is much stronger than that. What she did that day was just the tip of the iceberg that is her power. I have seen the destruction she has caused and disintegrating a town full of skins doesn’t compare. It doesn’t even come close.” I couldn’t help the tears that slipped from my eyes. This monster has taken more from me than they will ever know. She caused more pain in my life than I care to think about. No one should have to live through what she caused.

“You are telling us that Tess has been using us all as pawns in some kind of galactic game of chess?” Kyle asked. The shock of the news was clearly visible on his face. I don’t know how I would react if I had to deal with seeing someone as a sister to knowing that they are evil incarnate.

I nod, affirming his question. Now did not look like a time to talk. I needed to give them all a few minutes to allow things to sink in. I also needed to piece myself together. I can’t believe that I lost control of my emotions.

It didn’t matter how hard I tried or what I tried. I couldn’t stop the tears from falling from my eyes and sliding down my cheeks. I wipe them off my cheeks and look up at them. They are all looking at me, trying to figure out why I am crying.

“I’m sorry. I don’t know what has come over me,” I say between sobs. They can’t know the reason. I am not going to tell them. There is no way that I am going to weigh them down with my problems. I will just tell them what they need to know. There is no need for them to know my secrets, my past. I gain composure over myself once again and continue the explanation.

“Are we all on the same page?” I say lightly. A fake smile plays on my lips as I try to make them see that I am fine.

“Tess is evil, and she mind warped the hell out of everyone. Everything that we know to be true might be false,” Kyle said.

“That about sums up what I was thinking,” Alex said.

“Do you have any idea what her plans are?” Maria asked, clearly frightened that someone they thought to be an ally, if not a friend, was able to do so much damage to their minds and their lives.

“I wish I did. I really do. I haven’t seen her receive any information at all. I can guess and form theories, but none of them are concrete. They are just theories and ideas. I wish that I could give you more, but I can’t. I do think that she has control over the plans. I don’t who is forming the plans or how they are giving her the information. All I can think of is that there is someone that she talks to, someone that is like a double agent or undercover or something. Someone out there is giving her the information and I don’t know who it could be. She doesn’t talk to anyone outside of you all. It could also be through the mail. Maybe they are sending it in the form of letters?” I stop and look at them, my eyes saddened by my failure to get the information.

It is quiet for a few moments. I don’t know what they are thinking of. They learned a lot of new things today. I don’t know if they are thinking about who I am, why I am here, Tess’ true identity, the fact that she has mindwarped them all one time or another. There was just so much that I had to tell, and I don’t know if they are retaining any or the information. I can only hope that they are, and hope that they don’t see me as the enemy.

The silence is broken when Alex begins speaking. All the things we were contemplating end when we listen to him.

“That tells us what Tess is up to and why she mindwarped me . . . and the rest of us, but that doesn’t explain why you are here, Belle.”

“In my world, my home, everything is very different. We didn’t have to worry about the Special Unit, and Tess didn’t enter the picture until I was a baby. Life was just . . . normal . . . human. You all finished high school and went off to college, keeping close to each other and eventually you all got married. Tess finally made her way to us, and after a lot of trying and a few . . . issues she left.” I know that they would like me to go into all the “issues” that Tess caused between us. I know that if they would want to know that Tess caused Mom to walk away from dad when I was still an infant.

How much do they need to know about my past? Do they need to know who died when? “Tess was the cause of most of the destruction in my world. I know what she is capable of and that is one of the reasons why I am here. I am here to help you. To help you fight your upcoming battle. At least that is what Dad told me when he forced me to go. I personally think this is his way to keep me out of danger. I think he was just trying in his own way to keep me safe. When I left we were running from all four of them. Kivar and Alvaya finally made their way to Earth and were destroying everything in their path even though the world was in ruins after Tess’ and Rheni’s attacks.” Leave it to Dad to send me to another reality in order to keep me from getting hurt or killed.

“I think I know what is going on, but there is still something bugging me,” Liz said as she chanced a look up at me. I think that was the first time either of us looked up at each other since the revelation that I was her daughter.

“Okay,” I say as I nod my head in the affirmative.

“If I was mindwarped, and my ideas about time travel is wrong then what happened? How much different is everything?”

“Pretty different. I am just wondering, but didn’t what you thought time travel was, seem like it came right out of “Back to the Future”? Well, to start off I am not going to disappear since time has altered, if you haven’t already figured that out. There are many timelines and realities that exist all at once. Each reality, each timeline, is dependent on no others. Each reality stands on its own so anything that you do here will have no effect on me, nor will it have any effect on my reality, and vice versa.

“The timelines are created by the decisions that we don’t make. I am sure that you have made decisions where you wondered how things would have turned out if you made another choice, the other choice that you could have made. You see you are the main timeline. Your reality is the main reality. Liz, do you remember when Max started talking to you when you came back from Florida? That day you were waiting for Congresswoman Whitaker for your interview?” I stop my questioning and explaining to look up at her to see if she remembers. She shakes her head in the affirmative and I continue. “Were you wondering how different everything would have been if you just did something different? Skipped your interview?”

“Yeah,” she says quietly.

“There is probably a reality out there where you did that. If you are confused you can think of it as a tree. The trunk and the main part of the tree is your reality, and all the other realities that are based on the not chosen choices are the branches and twigs. There is no need to worry about me disappearing because of changing the fate of this world, this timeline, is only this timeline. With every decision that each of you make creates another timeline. Besides, we changed something rather large when we saved Alex. We changed the timeline into something else with that one act. I am sure that there is a reality occurring right now. A reality where he wasn’t saved.”

“I have a question,” Alex said as he stood from his seat. I looked to him and acknowledged his question. “How did Liz heal me?”

“Yeah, how did Liz heal him?” Maria said as she looked at me, waiting for my answer to that question.

“That is not as complicated as the last question. It is quite simple actually. I am guessing that when Ava was here she told you that when Max healed you, Liz, that he changed you. That is true. Do you know what you can do, Liz?” I was pretty sure that she had no clue as to her powers, her true power.

“Uhm, not in so many words. All that she really told me was that when Max healed me, he changed me. I don’t know what I did when he was in New York.”

“What you did was enhance Isabel’s power. You are like this energy. You boost the other’s abilities and bring them to the next level. In the case of what you did in New York, Isabel was trying to dreamwalk Max, but he was alert and conscious. She had never done that before, and being truthful, I don’t think she could have without you . . . even now. Instead of dreamwalking him in a drugged or unconscious state, you allowed her to dream-walk him when he was conscious. I guess it could be called a consciousnesswalk.

“What we did to Alex was something like that. I don’t know if you haven’t noticed, but the main power females tend to get are the more passive powers: dreamwalking, mind warping. We all possess the molecular reconfiguration and telekinetic powers, but Michael is . . . was . . . the strongest with it. Because of who . . . Mom was my powers are stronger. I guess you could say that I am at a higher level. My strong power is telepathy and telekinesis. I also have healing abilities, but nothing like Max. My healing powers are a little stronger than what Michael and Isabel possess, but nothing like Max’s.

“I stopped the mindwarp by using a psychic blast. It severed the connection between her and Alex and ended the mindwarp, but the damage was already done. His brain was . . .” I looked at them and knew that this wasn’t a time to get into very scientific terms. “To put it in very simple terms, when the mind resists the mindwarp and is able to break them, but the warps continue to be implanted, the brain can’t stand the stress and turns to mush.

“What I did with Liz and Alex was use her power with mine. I boosted my strength with her and I focused it on Alex. Together we were able to repair the damage and restore his mind.” I sit there quietly. I hope I gave them enough information.

“You unmushed his mind,” Maria said. Her mouth was wide in surprise. She turned to Liz and said, “You unmushed his mind!”

“So that is Liz’s power? She is like a current of electricity or something?” Kyle asked. His forehead scrunched up when he asked. I could barely stifle the laugh that I felt bubbling up. He looked so confused about everything happening. It has been a long time since I talked about this with someone who wasn’t used to the otherworldly aspect of life.

“Yeah, something like that?” I said with a smile and slight laugh.

Liz was quiet during that part of the explanation. I knew that she was taking everything in, and there was a lot of information that contradicted her beliefs in science. It must have been hard for her to accept that time travel was even possible when it was first introduced to her must have been difficult, and now, after she finally accepted it someone else comes along and tells her that what she thought was fact was merely fiction. I brought with me new facts that needed to be understood and dealt with.

“Since your world is independent, I am guessing that you can go back. You can, can’t you? You can go back to your home?” Liz asked. She seemed to have digested the information. I don’t know whether it was because she was in shock or if she was really beginning to understand everything that is happening.

“To tell the truth, this is the only time that we did this. This whole thing on travel is untested. That is one reason why I think Dad sent me here to get away from everything that was happening at home. We believed that I could, but that was all in theory.”

“So you might not be able to get home,” Kyle said.

“You might not see your family again.” I think the gravity of my predicament hit Maria like a ton of bricks. “You gave all of that up. You gave up your life, everything that made you feel . . . like you were home. You may have lost it all forever to help us.”

“Yeah, I guess you could say that,” I replied. I gave a nervous chuckle to try and get them to not pity me. I knew what I was getting into before I get here. I knew about all of this when I tried to talk Dad out of sending me.

“I don’t know if I could do that. I don’t know if I could say good-bye to my Mom, especially if I might not see her . . . ever again.” After I heard Maria say that I chanced a look up at all their faces. I was surprised when I saw the understanding on their features.

“Yeah,” I say quietly. “There were times when I would just wish that I was home. Times when I wished that I was home and Mom were still there.” I pulled my legs to my chest and hugged them. I knew this would be hard. I knew that it was going to be the most difficult thing, seeing . . . She was just so much like Mom, but she wasn’t. She wasn’t my Mom. She doesn’t know my past. To have someone this close to being her after all these years with being without her is almost too much. I know that this might sound selfish, but there are times when I would give up just about everything to spend one more day with her.

TBC. . .

Well, it’s over. What did you think?

Please, pretty please leave me feedback on this. You have no idea what your words mean to me. Feedback is crucial right now. The survival of this fic depends on feedback right now because it is still in the beginning.

Here is a special thank you to Lucky Star for the bumps. You sooooo rock girlie!


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Hi everyone!

How are you all doing? I am just here to say thanks for everything. I am working on Chapter Four. I have most of it done, but there is just something that I am not liking about it. Hopefully I can figure out what it is. I just wanted to keep you all posted on what going on on the writing front.

You are all sooo sweet.

Violet~ I am glad that you like Belle.

Mon and Liz~ I'm glad that you like Kyle. He has just been such a sweetie this season and last.

Ooooooo Matt Damon. Sorry. The TV is a major distraction. BTW, that movie looks good, The Bourne Identity. I don't know if it is the Matt Damon factor or the actual storyline. I can't help it. I like the boys. Heehee.


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CRAZY 4 MAX, I know what you mean about the board. I think, I hope, that is why some people who normally leave something haven’t yet.

Everyone, feel free to email or bmail me. I won’t bite, I promise. I would love to hear from you and let you know whether I updated it or not, or when I plan to have an update up. I love to get email from people and I am pretty good at replying.


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Hi Everyone!

Okay, I still don't like Chapter Four, but I am just getting sick of looking at it. Besides, I can't have Mon going into withdrawal. I need my Lucky Star!

Hi Dia! Glad to see you here! I can't wait to see what you think of the next chapter.

I am thinking sometime in the next twenty-four hours you should expect an update.

Until the next time, sweeties.


PS. Sorry about the long interim between parts. I am trying. I'll try a little harder for next time, okay.

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I know that this part might not please people, but just stay with me. Liz’s actions will be explained in Chapter Five. I promise. Pinky swear.

Stay tuned after the part for an
important author’s question.

And as usual ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ = a flashback

Chapter Four

Well, there you go. That is the story about how I got here, who I am, and why I am here. How many of you were thinking that? How many of you were even thinking that I was a girl? Tell me the truth. Did you all think I was a guy? Was there one of you out there that saw me? Was there one of you out there that didn’t allow me to be unseen?

To this day I wonder about something. How much would everything change if I told them more about my past? How much would have changed from then to here if I told them about some of the details from my life? Would things turn out better? Worse? Not different at all? How different would things be if I didn’t tell them anything at all?

At the time I was too close to everything. I was inside the situation opposed to outside. Everything that happened to me then was just so very fresh. I know that it was months ago, but it felt like no time had passed. It wasn’t because their alternate reality selves were there. It was just retelling everything that happened brought it all back to me. What happened to me . . . to them . . . was too fresh. You can’t make objective decisions when you are the problem, at least I can’t. I know that things might have turned out better if I could have gotten over my problems and just told them. I guess I will never know what happened in the reality created with that decision.

Moving on after what we all went through at home was something that was supposed to happen, but after . . . that . . . happened everything started speeding up. We never had the time to get over it and move on. Everything was faster paced. I don’t know how I have even gotten this far. I mean it. It was only a few days after . . . that I was sent here. I just couldn’t expose that part of myself to them. That whole ordeal was still vivid in my mind: every word that was said, every look that was exchanged, each tear that fell, never faded.

You might have wanted me to tell her what happened then. You may have been hoping that I would crack and start telling them all about my experiences back home. I have a feeling that you are parted into two groups where this was concerned. Some of you want me to tell them so you can gain more information, but I have a feeling that there are a kind few out there that wanted me to tell them so we could gain a level of closeness and form a bond that can only be gained by bringing down your walls. I understand. Believe me, I understand. I just needed to get to know them more. They are different people here than they were at home. I needed to feel more comfortable around them before I disclose everything about my past and myself. You don’t meet someone and start going into your life story right away. It takes time.

This entire situation I was in was just . . . weird. It was hard to be talking to someone who was so much like my mother. There was never going to be another person that would be so much like my Mom, and still they were almost exact opposites. There were things that Liz did that just reminded me of Mom, making this that much harder.
There was a lot of shouting and pacing that night. Not to mention the dazed expressions. I didn’t know how they felt about everything. They learned of her treachery, her use of friendship to throw them off her trail and get close to them. They learned that she was a power that they could not face up against, not alone anyways. She was not just an enemy like Nicholas. She was worse. She was a villain. Evil.

I was going to stay there and let them talk it all out with me. I would have been able to answer any questions that they had, but things turned out a lot different than that. It was better that I just left and gave them time to talk this all out with each other. It is the truth when I tell you that I didn’t see them for about a week after that night. And even then, it wasn’t all of them. I only saw Liz.

~*~ ~*~ ~*~

I grew tired of watching them. They knew who I was and why I was here. I was tired of keeping up with the pretense of the whole thing. I enrolled in school and altered my schedule so I would be able to watch them without being noticed. It is amazing how easily a person can be invisible in high school. This whole experience of being invisible makes me wonder if there was anyone like that when I was in school. I know that I didn’t like being ignored. To go and do the same thing everyday without anyone noticing you is a form of torture. I hated going to school, going outside, going to the Crashdown, having people bump into me, step on my feet, push me around, is just . . .

I decided to take a walk in the park. It was late in the afternoon, so I didn’t have to worry about kids running around and their mothers chasing after them. It was just quiet. The world seemed to be at peace. I remember when there were nights like this back home. These were the times when I would just sit out in back and do nothing.

I continued to walk over to the swing set, sitting down on it and began a slow pace of swinging. I remember how much fun I had on the swings when I was little. The park was my most favorite place. I loved the swings. It was here that I felt that I could fly. Daddy would push me up so high that I would almost flip over. I always got the butterflies that tickled my stomach when I swung backwards after reaching the sky. I remembered Mom teaching me how to pump my legs to get higher. I must have looked ridiculous trying to get it done when I was doing it backwards.

Everyday I would go to the swings. First it was with Mom and Dad, but later I would go with Miranda and Brendan. We would ride our bikes over and just swing all day long. We talked about silly things that happened at school. I didn’t like that we were all in different classes in kindergarten and first grade, but in second we finally were grouped together.

I would spend all my time with them. We would go to the park and do our homework on the tables, and when we finished we would go on the swings. We would stay there until we had to get home for dinner. It was the same thing everyday, but I didn’t care. I guess there are some things that you can never get tired of. This was one of those things. I never got tired of going to the park, swinging on the swings, sitting on the grass, just talking.

We would do that together until sophomore year of high school. That is when things changed. That is when I met Terry. He changed everything.

I remember how great everything was. That was until the attacks started up again. The attacks seemed to be in some unknown method. We still don’t know what that method was. The common theory that we subscribed to was that it had to do with Mom, but then the attacks didn’t stop. They kept going. If you haven’t guessed Dad thought that it had to do with me. The attacks started when I was a baby, but then they stopped when I was around three. That was when the . . . uhm . . . that is when the accident happened. Then they started up again when I was sixteen. We don’t know what they were doing in the interim. They could have been studying us, or training. Most of what happened then is a mystery.

It was our hope that things here would be similar. If they were similar then their plans and motives were the same, it was our hope that the information could have been used to defeat them at home.

So far things looked good. She wanted him, and that is what happened at home. Then they found out about Mom and . . . and they dealt with that problem. But even after that they attacked, making us think that it was something about me that they wanted. It was thought that after what they did with Mom they would do the same for me.

The day was warm today and people were taking advantage of it. It wasn’t cold so people were taking their time, enjoying the weather when they were outside. I watched how they all went about their business, and how they tried to get home for dinner with their families. I wished I could have lived like that now. I know what happens out there. I know that there are monsters out there. They may not live under the beds of little kids, but they are out there nonetheless. I wish I could be them right now, going about their day like nothing was wrong in the world. I know life wouldn’t be simple. Life is never simple, but it would be easier, simpler than what my life is like now. If they knew what I had to deal with they would be cowering in a corner. People just aren’t ready to know that there are aliens in the world, aliens that live among them, aliens that wish to coexist, and aliens that have an insatiable hunger for power.

I didn’t have to be home for a family dinner like them. I didn’t have a family to go home to here. So I just enjoyed myself outside, cherishing my time on the swing. I love it when the air passes over you. Your hair is blown away from your face, and you feel weightless. This is one of the reasons I loved to work on my telekinetic abilities the most. Ever since I noticed that I could move things with my mind I was working toward a goal—flying. To soar through the air like Superman, or Supergirl, with the wind blowing through my hair, feeling weightless. That was the best feeling in the world.

I finally reached the speed and height that I needed to jump. I remember how we would all jump out of swings and compete to see who could jump the farthest without falling down. I always won, but they were always saying that I cheated by using my powers. It wasn’t true though. I can levitate now, but I don’t have enough strength to sustain it enough for actual flight. And then, when we were little, I couldn’t levitate myself at all, so cheating was not possible.

I counted to three before jumped out of the swing into the sand that surrounded the swing set. A lot of the girls were always scared to make the jumps, but not us. Miranda and I were always the first ones to get to the swings and we always saved one for Brendan.

I continued to walk to the grass. It became a ritual for me since I got here. I would go to the swings and then just lie on the grass, staring up at the sky as the colors of the sky from different colors fade into each other, eventually they stick to an inky bluish back with small lights of silvery white that look like small diamonds which twinkled in their brilliance. I would stay there forever just enjoying the silence. There was no shaking of the ground from attacks. There was no smell of smoke in the air. There were crickets chirping. I don’t know if I have ever heard a cricket’s chirp until I came here.

A car’s horn screamed from Main Street, grabbing my attention because of the loud sound, which was out of the ordinary. I sat up from my reclined position and proceeded to walk over to it. That is when I saw her. She was running away from something. The odd thing was that she was crying. Something happened that upset her. Whatever it was upset her enough to push her to recklessness. Where was she running? Was she running to me? I doubt it. I don’t think that she has ever seen me here before. How would she know that I was here?

“Liz,” I say as she comes closer to me. “Liz, what are you doing? Where are you going? What happened?” I try to get her to look at me because I could see she was distressed. Something happened that got her to feel . . . sadness.

“Later,” she says as she gets a leash on her emotions. She looked into my eyes and then just fell back into the sobs that she must have been trying to suppress. I pulled her into a hug and sank into the ground as I tried to console her. Why did she come to me? Why not Maria? Was she on her way to Maria?

“It’s okay.” I continue to try and stop her tears, but I don’t know what to do. I have never done this before with her. I don’t know what to do. Everyone needs something different and I don’t know what she needs. Does she want ice cream and quiet? Does she want to talk? She finally calms down and I chance a conversation. “Liz?”

I wait for her to answer, just listening to the silence. “You want to go somewhere?” she asks as she looks at me and begins to get up. Her voice is still gruff from pent up sobs.

“Sure.” I say getting up from my spot as well. “Where did you want to go?”

“Anywhere, just somewhere away from here. I am tired of here.” She said. I could tell that she was trying her best to not look hurt, but with her voice full of torment, it was apparent that something or someone hurt her deeply. Something must have happened, but what. I just wish that she would tell me what happened sometime soon.

When she said ‘I am tired of here,’ did she mean here, as in this spot here? Did she mean Roswell? Did she want to get out of the entire state of New Mexico? What did she mean? If she wants to get out of the state something big had to have happened. If she even wanted to get out of Roswell something big must have occurred.

“Anywhere? You want . . . to get out of Roswell?”

“Yes.” She said. There was a strict tone in her voice. It was one of those ‘I know what I want to do’ tones. I heard them a lot from Mom, and having Liz say them just made me see how serious she really was. How much alike are they?

“You want me to take you out of Roswell. You don’t have a plan on where you want to go? You don’t know where you want to go?” This is something we are going to talk over. Why is she running away? I know that sometimes retreat is necessary, but now? Dad told me that you should never run unless you are in a life-threatening situation. And even then I hated doing it. I wanted to stand my ground. I didn’t want them to see any weaknesses.

“Pretty much. So, lets get moving.”

I walk over to the car and get to the door. She follows me and gets into the passenger seat. I get behind the wheel and look over to her before I start the car. This is something I never thought I would be doing with her, going on a road trip to an unknown area.

“Liz, why the sudden change? Why do you want to go?”

“It’s a needed change. I have to go, and I have to go now. I need to say good-bye to this part of my life, and that means saying good-bye to the people in it as well. I can’t tell you why I made this decision. Not yet anyway. I just can’t tell you why. Maybe later. Someday. I just needed to change my life and that means leaving this one.” Oh yeah, we are running.

She looks at me. Her expressive face was a mystery. It neither held a sad expression, nor a happy one. Her face was indifferent to what was happening. Did she want to do this? Was she forced into it? Is this something she did to run away from problems? Will I ever get answers to these questions?

I turn the key and start the car, bringing the engine to life. I pull into the nonexistent traffic in the street as I continue to drive out of the small town, which was the home to Liz Parker for her entire life. She was saying good-bye for what she thought to be forever. The wind blew our hair away from our faces and spinning it around our heads. “There is a scrunchie on the emergency brake,” I say. I don’t know how they did it in movies with convertibles. The girls always had their hair down, blowing in the wind. It hurts when the car is going sixty-five and higher down highway roads and your hair is whipping around. I love having the wind in my hair, but there comes a time when it hurts too much. She takes it and pulls her hair into a ponytail and smiles at me.

We cross town limits, leaving Roswell behind us. That’s it. We’re out. The rest of the trip lies in mists of mystery. Where do I go from here, you ask? I don’t know. What I do know is that it isn’t Roswell.

“GOOD-BYE ROSWELL!” She exclaims. I have a feeling that I am dealing with a whole new Liz.

“When did you want to come back?” I ask. All she said was that she wanted to go. She never said when she wanted to come back.

I am thinking a few days. After she gets thing settled and straightened out she’ll want to come back. Nothing could have prepared me when she said, “Never.”

She looked out into the desert, watching the scenery pass by. She turned and looked at me, her facial expression could not be mistaken. She never wanted to come back to Roswell. And I could tell that she meant never.

We are running from something, something that is in this life. Was it Max? Tess? Maybe it was parental issues? Whatever the cause was created a change in the Liz Parker we all knew. I think she was completely serious. We are leaving behind who we were in Roswell. Now we are creating new forms of ourselves. I just wish I knew how different everything will be, how different she will be.

Will I change? Will I be different because of this? Will she change me?

TBC ? ? ?

Please, please, please leave me feedback. It is something I have an addiction to. My three faults: Victoria’s Secret, music, and feedback.


Hi everyone!

Okay. I have this idea. I wanted to get your input first.

- Would you like to know more about Belle’s background?
- Would you read parts about things that happened in her world? Where her world branched off of this one?
- Would you like to read about the events that she skimmed over in her explanation? As in, what happened between Tess and Max to make Liz walk away when Belle was a baby?
- Would you like to know about Terry? Did he cause problems? Who was the pursuer, Belle or Terry? Was he a good guy? Bad guy?

So, what do you say? You want to know?

I have wanted to write about Belle’s home, but I didn’t know if it was of any interest to you. One of my friends said that a prequel would be a good idea, but I don’t think I have enough interesting events to make readable. Like Belle said, they had a normal human life for a very long time. I might be able to work on it and make a prequel.

I was thinking about making a partner fic to this one made out of a collection of short stories, one parters. The shorts would be stories about the particular events that occurred in her world. They would be longer than the flashback in Chapter Three

Should I post it on this thread or open a new one? Prequel or collection of shorts? Please let me know. Please.

FYI, I don’t think they will be written in the first person. I think they will be in the third person. I don’t think I can pull a Max or Liz perspective if I write about what Tess did to cause that rift between Max and Liz, or things pre-Belle. If you enjoy things from Belle’s POV I can try to see what I can do.

This is slightly off topic, but do you like my first person writing? I don’t think I am successful, but I have a stricter view of my writing.

I hope to hear from you all soon about this.


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Hi everyone!

This is just a note to stop any confusion that you guys might have. After looking at everything that you posted I am going to go ahead with the giving of the Belle info. Since it seems that a lot of you want it to be revealed directly to Liz it will be. I think I have a thought on how to do it.

Dia~ Well, Belle didn’t live on Antar. She lived on Earth, albeit another reality than the one that we follow in the show. If you have any confusion let me know and I will be sure to clear that bit up.

Angie~ Hi sweetie! I am emailing you to figure out what questions you have. Just reply and I will be happy to help answer your questions.

Jenn~ Well, Liz didn’t leave Belle with Max. She took her with her. Sorry about that little confusion.

What is Liz running from?
OH! That is going to be answered in Chapter Five. I better shut up before I spill everything out. So just stay tuned, Katalina.

Thanks for the “WOW” Jennifer! You have no idea what that means to me.

Mon! Heehee! You always know how to bring a smile to my face! I am so happy that you want to know! And it is nice to see my bump fairy again. Hugs to you!

Veronica~ I hope you like what I come up with. I think it is okay, but I am afraid that it might fizzle with all the so-called hype it is getting.

Annie! Babe! You have no idea how much your liking my first person means. I think that yours totally rocked and rocks! Hopefully you won’t have to beg, but I am telling you that it helps. LOL! Kisses to you hunny!

Ohhhhh! Lizzybell! HBS! I sooo have to tell you something. I need you to clear up something for me. It is BtVS related. I think I might be on my way to thinking up something, but I don’t know yet. I noticed something when I was watching some of the old s3 eps. I need to talk to you about “Amends”. Is that okay. Just letting you know that there will be an email on the way. It has to do with your color concept. Kisses!

Okay, everyone. I am going to go now, but I will be back to check on any questions that might crop up between now and the next chapter. Please don’t hesitate to post, or if you want to have a more one on one or private Q and A session or I am only an email and bmail away.

Spring break was a great time to catch up and work on parts. If you all keep asking nicely maybe I’ll push up that date I was thinking about posting.

Now I am off to eat my lunch and then work. Wish me luck! I am going to be observed or something. I am so nervous!

Hugs sweeties,

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Hi Everyone,

This is going to sound pathetic, but I am bumping my own fic so I can find it either tonight or tomorrow when I post the next chapter. I told you it was pathetic.


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Hi Everyone!

Well, here is Chapter Five. Again, as always, I am unsure about this part. I will explain it all later at the end of the chapter.

Angie~ Hi sweetie! I haven’t heard from you? Are you still confused about anything? Anything at all? Any confusion? If so please tell me. I don’t want to have any confusion on your mind.

I was asked a few questions about things, and I thought that I would explain them here so there aren’t any other people with the same questions:

What did Tess do back in Belle’s dimension that caused Liz to leave Max?
That question has yet to be answered. Don’t worry though. That answer is going to be told next. I am still not sure how I am going to work it in, but I do know that is going to be answered.

Who is Terry? What did he do to change everything?
Terry was a character introduced in the last part. I don’t know how many of you were intrigued by his mention, but he is going to be explained later. He is/was an important person to Belle. The change that she mentioned was more personal and internal opposed to external. That is what I was thinking, but after someone mentioned the external, the wheels in my head have been turning. We shall see what happened with Terry and Belle in time.

I think those were the big questions. If there are any more let me know. I am more than happy to answer them.

And now on with the part..

Chapter Five

Okay. I know that patience is a virtue, but the person that said that was not in this car. I know that she is sitting no less than four feet from me, but it might as well be a continent. She has been quiet the last half hour and I feel like the more time I let pass the farther she gets. I don’t know whether I should try to start a conversation or drop any hope of talking on this drive. Talk. Silence. Talk. Silence. Those look to be my only choices.

I don’t think I have ever been this confused in my life before. I found her running to me in a panic. Then she broke down into tears. She told me that she wanted to leave Roswell and now she plans on never coming back. She went into this happy, fun mode for about thirty seconds and then went into this quiet, subdued stupor. Something happened to her and I don’t think I can wait for her to bring it up!

What do I do? Should I be direct? Should I just start talking about it? Should I lead into it? Should I gain her trust by getting closer and talking about anything? Should we have some quality girl talk time? Geez! How did I get into this minefield? There are more conversational landmines in this car than were used throughout World War Two! If I say the wrong thing she could bite my head off. That won’t get me anywhere. If I don’t say anything, nothing will happen, and that isn’t good at all. We are going to be together for a while and I need to know what in the world in going on with her.

I don’t know what the right choice is, but the most logical one seems to be gaining her trust. Trust is always a good place to start, and that is the only way that she will let me in.

Well, now that I have chosen a path, what should I talk about? I know she likes science, but in order to have a conversation I need to say something, and there isn’t much that I know of on that front. I don’t know about things in that field. I guess part of the reason is that I never had the time and no one was there to help me. Most of my time was spent on training missions. Not a normal childhood or adolescence, I know, but it was what had to be done in order to “save the world.”

I don’t know much about road trips, but I do know that silence for the entire ride isn’t normal. Besides, it is quite possible that I will go insane if I don’t talk. I would play the radio and sing along, but I am too afraid that something will come up that upsets her even more. I don’t know if this is alien or parental related. Is it school? Could it be rejection from early acceptance into college? The possibilities have to be endless.

Well, here goes nothing. Lets just hope I don’t blow my leg off or something.

“So, uhm, Liz, do you know where you wanted to go? I don’t know much about road trips or anything actually.” I look away from the road for a second to look at her. She was still in the same position she was in for the last hour. Her arm was resting on the car door, as she stared out to the road. I could tell that she was avoiding her reflection in the mirror. Well, that is a huge hint. Whatever this choice was it wasn’t all hers. She did it, and now she doesn’t have enough respect in herself to look at herself in the mirror. “I don’t know if I am going to be the best company on this excursion, but I am willing to learn,” I say a little more shy than I wanted. I know that I shouldn’t be afraid like I sounded, but I wasn’t afraid of her. When I started talking I didn’t get any kind of reaction from her and I have to say that I am afraid, like everyone is, of rejection. I am so afraid that she will shy away from me.

I don’t know if she wants a new friend, and a way for me to find out is within these next few seconds. She already has friends that she can trust, but I don’t. I have no one here, and it is quite possible that I don’t have anyone there as well. Being unseen is one thing, but loneliness, loneliness is something that I don’t think I can deal with. To have no one care, to have no one who can comfort you. That sounds like something worse than an eternity of torture because it is.

I hear her shift her position. That is a good sign right?

“I haven’t done a lot of things that regular girls my age have done.”

“Well, I bet you have done a lot of things a normal teenage girl hasn’t done. I know I have.”

She spoke! That is a relief. At least I know that she isn’t totally gone. On the plus side her voice held an inviting tone, something I think she has lacked for a while now.

“Yeah, that’s probably true,” I say laughing. “That is unless the normal girl has spent the last months of her life defending a planet that would most likely turn someone like me over to the government to be poked and prodded like a guinea pig or lab rat.”

“Well, I doubt that any other girls out there are some form of energy conductor either.”

“Yeah, but there were still a lot of things that you did that were completely normal. I haven’t had that. Most of the time I spent was honing skills that would be needed for offense or defense. I remember one time Auntie Ria made a surprise appearance at one of my sessions. She surprised Uncle Michael and he ended up making a crater in the desert. I couldn’t stop laughing when he tried to explain it all to Dad. If we had popcorn it would have been better than a movie.

But I guess that there were things that you had to give up because you were in the ‘I know an alien’ club. If you could have gone through your life without the other worldly stuff, would you?”

Oh please say no. I don’t think I could do this if she wanted to live a different life, if she wanted a life where she didn’t have to deal with things related to who I am. I don’t know if she can tell, but I am holding my breath. I don’t think I have ever feared an answer more before in my life. Will she say yes? I think that will just about crush my heart and all the hope that I have.

How long will she let this silence drag on? How long has it been? Ages? Okay. I know I am exaggerating a bit . . . okay, a lot, but if you were in this situation you would be thinking the same thing I am. It feels like the rise and fall of the Roman Empire has passed and she still isn’t answering. I could ask it again, but that seems a bit pushy don’t you think?

The hum of the engine was the only sound that could be heard. For once I wouldn’t mind the babbling of Maria. She can chatter on about anything, sometimes at inopportune moments, but there aren’t any awkward pauses like this.

“No,” she says confidently. I slowly exhale. That is a relief. At least she isn’t willing to leave what she knows in order to become . . . normal. “I wouldn’t give up a second. Sure there are times that aren’t nice, but I wouldn’t want to give up all the other times that I had. I don’t think I would have ever given any of this up. If it meant that I would have never gotten to know Max, then no.” After she said that she grew quiet, but it wasn’t the awkward silence it was a moment ago. This time it was more comfortable. Maybe it was just because I wasn’t waiting to hear bad news. I can only guess at what she is thinking, but it must be some of the good times that she had with Max. That is the logical guess. What else could it be when she has that goofy, dreamy grin and expression wiped all over her face.

“Liz?” I say, trying to bring her out of her reverie. I know it wasn’t the nicest thing to do, but I want to know what it was that brought her to that other planet that she was just on. Was it something that happened before Tess came? Was it their first date? Was it the first kiss? Was it the first time they said, ‘I love you’?

She shook her head as she returned back to the car. “Oh, sorry.” She started blushing. I guess that they were good thoughts. I doubt that she would start blushing over not good ones, right? Hmmm. This is getting interesting. We are getting into some of the more juicy things.

“Where were you just then? I know that you weren’t here. That I am sure of.” She didn’t answer. She just simply looked down in her hands. “Come on, Liz. You don’t get to just leave and go off on another planet and not tell me where you were. Were you on planet Max?” I ask, teasing her lightly. There is no way that she couldn’t know that it wasn’t a tease. They way I said it was unmistakable. It wasn’t a challenge, and I wasn’t forcing her to tell me.

She grins and turns to look out the window. Oh yeah. We are definitely talking Planet Max. “I knew it.” I say as I smile myself and continue driving down the road.

“Well, Miss Maribelle. If you know so much then what was I thinking?” As soon as she said that a shocked expression plastered her features. Her eyes bugged out, becoming as large as an extra large pizza pan!


“You know! Don’t you? You know what I was thinking!”

Where did that come from? I better get this straightened out before I blow all communications.

“I don’t know anything, Liz. I swear I don’t have any idea what you were thinking.” I look away from the road to look in her eyes. She has to know that I am telling the truth. I don’t even know where she got the idea that I could tell what she was thinking.

“But, your powers?” she questions.

Oh! So that is what this is about. She thinks that I can like read minds with my powers. That would definitely be cool, but that is something that I am still not advanced enough for. It would definitely make things a lot easier if I knew what someone else was thinking. I could find out who is in league with Tess, what her plans are, where Kivar is, what the next step in her plan is. I could find all of that out. I think a price that I would have to pay if I ever get that power is the constant stream of thoughts. Learning how to use that would be agonizing.

“I can’t read minds, Liz. I can’t. I can read feelings, emotions, and that is only when I want to. I can send images, flashes, and sometimes thoughts, but I can’t get into a person’s mind. I can only read what they send. And I have enough control over that to turn it down. I don’t want to invade privacy, but emotions tend to radiate around a person and they are hard to push away when they are strong. I got the telepathic abilities from my Mom, you in that other world. That is one of the things that I didn’t know if you wanted the others to learn. When things get . . . intense you have the ability to read a person, either what they feel or what they are, when you have physical contact. It was the other thing that happened when Max healed you. Every person has a ‘sixth sense’ about people. That gut feeling that everyone has about something. Yours is just stronger, more honed than other peoples, yet it is also primal in a way because of the physical contact that is required.”

I could see her looking at me out of the corner of my eye. Note to self. Try not to have any big, intense discussions when driving. It is hard to talk to someone when you can’t really look at him or her. I am missing out on a lot of non-verbal things because I am too busy concentrating on the road.

“So you didn’t know what I was thinking?”

“No,” I say with a smile. “I just guessed that it had to do with Max because of your emotions that were radiating around you. And that dreamy look you had was a dead giveaway.”

She calmed considerably after that. Another disaster averted. I should get a medal of honor or something after I figure out why we left Roswell. That town was her home for her whole life. For her to just pick up and leave without even packing things is almost unbelievable.

“You were right. I was thinking about Max.”

“Really? What were you remembering?” I don’t know why, but I wanted all the details. I guess that it was a way to get a glimpse of things that I might have gotten to experience if things were different. Maybe in another life somewhere out there I could have done something like that?

“I was remembering the night I was set-up on this blind date. I didn’t even enter the contest that it was the prize for. Maria entered and when she did she put one in for me without my knowledge. I will never forget that night. It was full of my happiest moments as well as some of the more painful ones. I was thinking about how drunk Max was that night.”

“No!” I say. This has got to be good. I remember the time we found out the affect that alcohol has on the alien part of us.

“Yeah. Kyle convinced Max to try something and Max had no inhibitions whatsoever after one sip! He even used his powers to paint a heart on the wall of my balcony. I had M.E. + L.P. written inside it. He was using all sorts of his powers that night. He used them everywhere, even in total view of the public, if anyone was there to witness it, luckily they weren’t. I guess losing his inhibitions allowed him to use his powers whenever and wherever he wanted. It made the night even more magical and doubly memorable.” Her facial expression flickered from her happy, wistful expression to one of sadness for a quick second, but it quickly returned to he happy expression.

“That night sounds amazing.” I let the silence begin again while I think about everything that she said. I could picture how fun things must have been for them at the time. A time when they were in the dark about their history and the reason for being here so they didn’t have to worry about alien invasions. It must have felt great to have a quasi-normal existence opposed to one where you honed alien skills for fear of some kind of takeover by afternoon and night, and hid anything not completely human by day. “You guys really had great times together, huh?” I ask her.

“Yeah, but didn’t you know that? I mean, I know that you are . . . who you are, but didn’t you know about that night already? Didn’t they tell you anything about that?” She asks.

I shake my head in the negative, telling her that I hadn’t heard about that.

“You never heard about that night before?”

Again I shake my head. I brush the wisps of hair that were blowing by my eyes.

“Never? Is it possible that they never had that night? I mean . . .” I could tell that she was taking this hard. I guess that she figured Mom would have told me since it appeared to be one of her favorite memories, if not one of her favorites it was one of the more memorable memories that she has ever experienced with Max.

“I have never heard about that night, so I guess it is possible that they never had that night,” I answer simply.

“When, I mean where . . . where did your world branch off from mine? Do you know?”

“A lot is different here than it was from what I heard of back home. That night. It never happened for them. The part where my reality branched off from yours is still iffy, but we think we know where it occurred.” I stopped talking for a second. I needed this time to get some idea about what I was about to say. “Remember that day when you and Max got into that car accident on the old highway? That is why you brought Alex into all of this. Well, that never happened in my world. Instead of going with Max you had him go somewhere with you. You just went to the park and talked. From what Daddy told me they talked for hours. That was when they got really close. Because there was no accident there wasn’t anything abnormal, and as a bonus Topolsky left them alone, and eventually she left Roswell when there was nothing to report. Everything for them was normal for the longest time. They were regular normal teenagers there was no threat from the FBI, and Tess didn’t come into the picture until much later.”

I looked over to her to see what she thought about all of this. Her expression was a mix of amazement and astonishment. She looked entertained by all of this, and it made some sense. I guess that it is slightly scientific where the reality jumping is concerned. The results must be interesting to think about for her.

“But then what about Alex? How did he find out about everything? If they didn’t bring him into everything because they didn’t need his blood then when did he find out?”

“Oh, that. That story is pretty interesting to tell, but Auntie Iz tells it better than anyone. I guess it could be the fact that she was there and saw everything. She was getting ready to go out. She was using her power to do all the little things: accessorize, match colors, choose a lipstick shade, make her hair absolutely perfect, all those things. Uncle Alex got it into his head that he would surprise her and finally I guess confess to her his feelings. He never told us who told him to do that, but it is a common belief that it was Auntie Ria. Well, he came up to her window and was about to knock on it when he saw all her hocus-pocus and started to freak.”

“That sounds like something that Maria would talk someone into doing. I would have to subscribe to that too.”

You have both swapped stories and it looks like she is in a nice mood. It looks like a good time to ask her what this is all about.

“Liz?” I ask quietly.

“Yeah,” she says as she looks at me.

“I was just wondering if maybe you felt like talking about what this is all about. I don’t know you very well, but I do know that just leaving is not something that you would do. You didn’t even pack for this. I doubt that you even have a plan for where you want to go.”

She grew quiet and so did her mood. I didn’t know if she was ignoring the question or thinking about how to answer it. Maybe it was too soon. Maybe I shouldn’t have brought this up. It is too early isn’t it? God, I am so stupid! Why did I think that she would tell me what caused this? I bet she is thinking that I am the last person she wants to be with. She is probably thinking about getting out and calling Maria so they can go off and do whatever is scheduled for this trip. Why did I ask?! Nice going Maribelle! End a friendship before it even started by probing their inner thoughts prematurely. This is just wonderful!

“You’re right.”

What! She answered me!

“This wasn’t planned, and I never thought I would just leave Roswell like this, but I had to.” The tone of her voice was sad, and almost regretful. Does she regret this?

“Liz, I still don’t think I am following. If this isn’t something that you would do, and it isn’t something that you planned on doing, then why are you doing it?”

She exhaled what sounded to me like an exasperated breath. “Tess came to me. Now, before you start to fly off the handle just let me explain. Tess came to me and somehow she was remembering bits and pieces of that night. None of it was making sense to her, and I was able to get her to think it was a dream or hallucinations. I was surprised that it would work because for her to really believe it she would have to believe that she would have been psychotic at one point or another. It didn’t matter that it was a dream or hallucination or a delusion though.

“She still didn’t trust me with Max, and she didn’t like the idea that I might get close to Max. She still felt that I was a threat and she wanted me gone. Of course I didn’t just leave. I didn’t plan on doing what she said until she threatened me. She didn’t threaten my life. She threatened me with Max’s. She said that she would kill him if I didn’t go, and I believe her. At first I thought it was just a scare tactic, but then I remembered that she would have killed Alex if it wasn’t for you.”

She stopped talking, but I could tell that she wasn’t done yet. She still had a few things to say and I wasn’t about to break her concentration by saying something.

“I could tell that she was serious. She would kill Max if I stayed, and that is something I couldn’t do. I can take a lot of things, but having Max’s death on my hands is unbearable.” She paused again before she continued. I could only guess that she was trying to center her thoughts or form her ideas about what she was going to say next. I remember that Mom hated not having a sure plan when she was talking over something important. I think that was why she made lists when things got intense. At least some things seemed to stay constant in people no matter what they went through in their life. “I love him, and I would do anything for him. One of those things is giving him up so he can live.”

I was right. She is running away from Roswell, but not for the reasons I thought.

“I can’t stay there and see him everyday. I am too afraid that if I even talk to him it will be seen wrong by Tess. So I left. She can’t see anything and misinterpret it as something else. If I left with anyone there she might think that I was starting some kind of resistance against her, so Alex, Maria, and Kyle were people that I couldn’t take with me. You are the only one that she doesn’t know about, and if I am going to go somewhere I thought that I would have fun with you. I thought that it wouldn’t feel like such a chore with you.”

At this point I understood her, and in a way I even agreed with what she did. I don’t know if I would have done the same thing because I can never know. The only way to figure out that question would be if I was put in that situation. I don’t want that to happen, so I am going to accept Liz’s decision. There isn’t much that we can do anyway. What’s done is done. All I can do is to try to get things beneficial for everyone.

“I understand. But you have to know that with me being gone things are going to be dangerous in Roswell for the rest of them. I don’t know what Tess wants with Max or the others. You have to at least tell them what happened. We don’t need to tell them where we are, but I need to know that they will be safe somehow. We can tell Maria, Kyle, and Alex to watch out for Tess and spend time with Max without making it obvious that they are keeping her away from him.”

“Thanks for understanding.”

Once again the car was covered in a blanket of silence. I wonder if she is remembering something or thinking about something. What are we going to do? Where are we going to go? One thing is for sure: we don’t have any plans to return to Roswell. I pulled into a small town for a coffee break. If I was going to drive a while longer, I am going to need the caffeine.

“Uh, Liz,” I say ending the silence, after I pulled into a stall and turning off the car. “I don’t know if you would like to talk, but I am willing to. I don’t know if this is too soon, but I trust you. This is going to be a long trip and I would like us to . . . never mind. It’s silly.”

“No, don’t say that. I am willing to start if you are?” Amazing! How did she know that I was thinking that? How did she know what I was going to say?

“Well, since you told me something that happened to you I am willing to tell you something about me. What would you like to know?”

“What did Tess do to you, in your world?”

Oh boy. This might take a while. “One of the worst things that she did is something I can never really get over. She tore my family apart. From what I heard, it all started when . . .”

TBC . . .

So? What did you think? Please leave me feedback. It is one of the joys in my life. Nothing compares to what you all leave me.

The iffyness on the part is because I made a sudden surprise change in ending. I would have posted it sooner, but I suddenly thought that I would switch things around so my plan of parts is all in the air right now. Like six became seven and seven became eight and eight totally disappeared. Yeah, crazy! That is why I am hoping that you like it. I totally switched this all around.

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This part is heavy on the flashbacks. This is a reminder that Belle is telling us what has past, and she is flashing back to when it happened, that is the narrative that we are getting, both present and past.

What she tells Liz is what happened back in her world, what she was told, but it too is a flash into the world itself, that is why it is told in the third person. Belle wasn’t old enough to really know what happened.

If there is any confusion let me know. I tried to keep it as clear as I could. It starts off in the present, and flashes to the past (the narration the story usually has been in). The third person narrative are the events that happened in the alternate reality, (color coded in violet).

Enjoy part A of Chapter Six.

Chapter Six~ Part A

I didn’t know what would happen after I told her about anything that Tess did to Mom and Dad. And in a way I guess I didn’t really care. I know that may sound selfish of me, but I needed to tell someone about this, especially since everything that the Tess in this world was doing. She was mind warping everyone who would have been her friend if she were just nice, not vindictive or hurtful. I guess that some things might never change. I have been to two different worlds and in each she was the same.

I was barely thinking about anything when I was telling this to her. I think I was just going on this entire stream of consciousness thing. I remember talking, but I don’t really think I was thinking about what I was saying before it left my lips.

Looking back on it all I see that I was just telling her everything that I was told. You have no idea how much I wish I could remember something from then, but it doesn’t matter how much I try. I can’t seem to get anything. Even though I have no memories from this time I am sure that this was one of the bigger moments of our life. How often is your family ripped apart by a turncoat, blonde alien?

~*~ ~*~ ~*~

“I guess it all began when Tess first showed up. Just her presence was enough to set everything off center. Before she was there everything was perfect. Life was normal, human. They all suppressed their powers in the hope that they could give their new children a life where they didn’t have to be afraid that their alien side would be discovered. I still think it is funny that we were all born within months of each other.

“To Tess, it didn’t matter that I was just born a couple months back. Everyone was in a celebrating mood since the family was growing. Everything changed as soon as she entered the picture. She wrought her damage on our group, our family, ripping them apart, and doing it without remorse. She was like this volatile chemical that entered the chemistry of the group. Slowly but surely she deteriorated it until it was practically nothing. It was like she was this acid that slowly ate away everything they held sacred.

“This slow deterioration was what almost tore everyone apart. It almost allowed Kivar to win . . .”

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Liz didn’t know what was happening to her life. Just a few days ago everything was normal. She was a wife, a mother. She was a sister and aunt. But then something happened that changed it all. Things were normal that day. She was still on maternity leave with her new daughter, Maribelle Michaela Alexandria Evans. She had a home with her wonderful husband, and now everything was up in the air.

That blond alien came out of nowhere. Liz didn’t know how it happened or when, nor did she know why. She did know that she had to get out. The walls of her life were closing in on her faster than she would have liked. She had never had a claustrophobic experience in her life, but when he was looking at her as she clutched her sleeping baby close to her chest earlier that day she had trouble breathing. The small pink bundle wrapped warm and safe as Tess stood in the corner never relenting her claim or tale. Liz had to leave.

“You are my husband, my King.”

“We are meant for each other.”

“It is destiny.”

“It’s time you leave this life and join me in your birthright.”

“Together we will rule on Antar.”

Those sentences echoed through Liz’s mind as she sat on the bed in the hotel room, remembering what happened. Tears streaked her cheeks as sobs shook her body. Everything that she believed in, everything that she loved was getting ripped away from her—everything but one. She would be damned if she allowed that blond monster to lay one finger on her child. Liz knew what she had to do. If Max was going to stay with the newly discovered hybrid and her fantastical claims then there was nothing she could do, but there was no way in hell that she was going to let him leave to go off to some alien planet with her baby.

Just then the small cry came from the tightly bound bundle that was held preciously in her arms. It was as if the small, helpless Maribelle knew of her mother’s torment. It was almost as if she could feel everything her mother was going through.

“Oh, it’s okay. Shhhhh. Don’t cry.” Liz said as she soothed her daughter. Softly, she hummed a lullaby as she looked down into the small face. She never knew that she could feel a love as great or as deep as the love she felt for this baby girl she held in her arms. She thought that the love between her and Max was the greatest there ever was. She was wrong. She knew that the bond that she shared with Belle was the greatest. It was then, at that very moment she vowed: “I will never let anything happen to you. I promise.”


Max was torn between his own choices at the very same time that Liz was choosing her path. What should he do? Who should be believed? There was a planet out there that needed him. It was being torn apart by a war. The feuds between the highest houses on the planets created a civil war among the people, bringing chaos to the streets. The rivers were red with blood and the once green planet was becoming lifeless. To stop the disputes the rightful King needed to claim the throne in order to stop the feuding families.

He needed to return to bring peace once again to the planets, but he did not like the other part of what he had to do. There was another problem that he needed to factor. He loved Liz. There was no debating that fact. He wanted to stay on Earth with his family and friends. He became a Daddy. He dreamed about, planned everything he was going to do with her. He was going to chase away the monsters that lived in her closet, under her bed. He was going to dry her tears when she scraped her knee and when she came crying to him after getting teased in school. He was going to teach her how to ride her bike and how to control her powers. He was going to play with her in the sand box and spin her until she was dizzy on the tire swing. He was even going to teach her how to play basketball, even if she protested.

He dreamed all of that while Liz was pregnant. He would tell Liz of all his plans for their child. He knew that she was going to be amazing. He always felt distant from his parents because of that one big secret. He didn’t want that to happen with his baby. She would grow up closer to him and Liz than he was to his mother and father. There would be no secrets.

But now everything changed. Everything was different. Now that Tess was here he didn’t know what to do. Should he leave to stop the war plaguing a planet he knew nothing of? Should he give up his hopes and dreams?

His heart broke when he looked at Liz, her eyes filled with tears not yet shed as she looked at him. She had already packed a bag for her and their daughter, each draped over her shoulder as she held the small baby close to her heart.

She needed to sort out information just as he did. He could tell that she didn’t trust Tess. She never hid her thoughts from him, not then and not now. She told him that she didn’t trust Tess. She didn’t know how, but she felt that trouble would be ahead on that path. He knew it too, but he didn’t know she was thinking of another trouble. He thought she was talking about the trouble of resolving a war that had been going on for years.

A small coo came from Belle as she awakened from her nap. She blinked her large eyes and looked at her father. Amber-brown eyes gazed into amber-brown as he gently took her from Liz’s arms. He gently pressed his nose into her small dab of a nose. She smiled at him, revealing her toothless pink gums. He never got over how small she was, or that he had a part in creating something so amazingly perfect. He held her close, holding back the tears and cries that threatened to slip. He didn’t want Liz to leave with her, but he knew that she needed time alone to make up her own mind: would she come with him, would she go to another planet where she would not be accepted. It didn’t matter how much he would try to have the law see her as his wife, his queen; they would not.

Belle giggled as Max lightly tickled her stomach. She grabbed tightly to a finger that was in her grasp and then rooted at the finger that lightly stroked her cheek.

Even though Liz tried to keep her composure it slipped. She couldn’t stay angry when she looked at the scene that played before her. Max was such a nervous father even though it came so naturally to him. She remembered the scared expression on his face when he first held the newly born Belle in his arms.

“What if I break her? Her head is smaller than my hand!”

“You won’t break her Max. I bet you will be her champion. Never letting anyone get close enough to hurt her. She’ll be Daddy’s little girl.” He hesitantly took her from Liz. She could see how tense and nervous he was to hold the small baby, his daughter. And here she was thinking that he was nervous during labor.

But as soon as she was placed in his arms all the fears seemed to have flown away. Liz didn’t know why he thought he would break her, especially with the gentle touch he was using.

“Daddy’s little girl?” He said, his voice in such a thick, questioning tone. Then after it dawned on him his lips upturned in a grin as he looked into the little angel in his arms. His eyes twinkling with stars as he looked at his daughter and then to Liz, returning to his daughter. “Daddy’s little girl.” This time those words were a statement. No longer a question.

But as soon as she was placed in his arms all the fears that seemed to weigh down his soul lost their weight and floated away. Liz didn’t know why he thought he would break her, especially with the gentle touch he was using.

“Liz,” he said with emotion weighing heavily on his voice. “She’s so beautiful.” He walked over to the bed where Liz was propped up on pillows.

Liz took her from him and held their baby girl. He draped his arm over her shoulders and kept her close while he gazed into their daughter’s sleeping face.

“She’s,” Liz began, but together they finished the statement: “perfect.”

“What are we going to name her?” Liz queried.

“I don’t know.”

“Well we better pick a name. I am not about to let her be baby girl Evans!” Liz said joking.

“How about we name her after you?” he whispered in her ear as he kissed her temple.

Just then there was a knock on the door. It opened a crack to reveal Maria standing in the doorway with Isabel, Michael, and Alex standing behind her.

“We think we have a name that you two would like.” Isabel said as she walked into the room. Liz, Maria, and Isabel had been spending the last few days discussing names and looking them up. There were a lot of beautiful names, but none were settled. “We did some digging and discovered that a medieval Spanish version of Elizabeth is Isabel.”

“And because you wished for her for such a long time, Maria will work. So we got to thinking and came up with a contraction of the two: Maribelle”

“And since we didn’t think it fair that the girls get their names put in we wanted to be part of this,” Alex said while Michael nodded.



“Maribelle Michaela Alexandria Evans,” Liz whispered. She smiled as she looked at the small baby in her arms.

“Maribelle Michaela Alexandria Evans,” Max echoed.

“I like that.”

“So do I. It is a mouthful, but it’s . . .”

“Beautiful. Just like her.” Liz looked up into Max’s face. They kissed lightly, shortly, for their friends interrupted them with the squeals and cheers for the naming of the newest edition to their family. They knew things would be interesting with the other new editions still waiting to be born. Little did they know that the fight of their lives still awaited them all in the near future. Having Michael as one of Belles namesakes would come as a shock when they would discover how true it was. She was named after him, but also for the archangel. She would battle. She would fight. And she would lead.

“Where are you going?” Max asked as Belle still sucked on his finger.

“We’re going to a hotel,” Liz said as she chanced a look in his eyes, making her falter. “I, uh, I was thinking about staying there for a couple days. After that . . .” She stopped talking as she gestured that she didn’t know what she would be doing after that.

“I, uh, I see,” Max said with a saddened, defeated tone in his voice. He didn’t want Liz to leave. He didn’t know what he would do tonight. It will be so quiet and empty without her and Belle.

After taking one last look at Belle he returned her to Liz’s arms.

Liz struggled with the bags and Belle. The baby bag slipped from her shoulder, but Max was there to catch it. “Liz, let me help you.” He said as he took the bags from her. Together they walked down the walkway to the driveway where her car was parked. Together they placed the bags in the trunk and strapped Belle in her car seat in the back.

Max was torn between two decisions, just as he was trapped between two worlds. He wanted to stay with the family he knew, not run off to another planet filled with inhabitants be never even thought existed before this night. He would be risking his life for something he never imagined was out there. His mind told him that the right thing to do was to go and save the lives of those innocent people getting slaughtered by the war plaguing Antar, but his heart . . . his heart yearned for Liz, ached for Liz.

His shaking hand reached for the door, slowly opening it to allow Liz into the car. Before the door even opened enough to allow her to enter, he closed it quickly. “Don’t go,” he said, vocalizing the two words that were spinning in his head this entire time. “Please, Liz, don’t go.”

He looked down to try to look in her face, but she kept looking at their feet placed firmly on the ground. How she wished that it were true. Ever since Max saved her life all those years ago they were thousands of miles above ground, floating through the air; now, however, she felt as if she was falling back to ground with such great force.

After a few moments of silence Max spoke up again, “Please Liz. Please, just come inside with Belle. We can work this out.”

Liz was avoiding his eyes. She was trying her best to fight what she felt was a losing battle. She knew that as soon as she looked into his eyes she might lose all the nerve that she was able to sustain throughout the evening. It never crossed her mind that he didn’t love her. He did. He never failed to tell her or prove this fact to her. He would give and do anything he could for her. Max always did the right thing, and as much as she hated it, the right thing was to leave and help the innocent people getting killed because of a war they had no control over. She wished that she could go with him. She wanted to stay with him always, but as this situation would prove, it was something that was rarely possible. If she were to go with Max to Antar, the environment would not be beneficial to her or Belle. Their lives would be in danger, and that is something Liz would not do. Throughout all of this she feared for the safety of Belle. She did fear for Max, but Liz knew that he wasn’t as helpless and dependent as her daughter. Liz was willing to risk her life, but she refused to put the life of her daughter on the line. She would give her life for Max, but one thing she would not do was take her daughter with her.

Liz didn’t know why, but she didn’t trust the petite blonde. She felt that there was more to her story than she was telling. It wasn’t anything apparent, but there was something off. Something just didn’t seem to click with Liz and that was the basis of her wanting to keep Tess away from Belle at all costs.

Tess watched the touching scene that was playing out in front of the house from the front window, making sure that she didn’t miss a thing.

“What is happening?” a deep voice bellowed in her mind.

“It’s Zan. Things are more complicated than we expected them to be.”

“Complicated how?”

“He has a wife . . . and a daughter.” Tess continued to watch as Max cradled Liz’s cheek in a gentle caress.

“I see. Have you convinced him?”

“Yes,” Tess replied as she shot daggers at Liz through the glass of the window.

“Good. Then it wouldn’t be any trouble for you to get him to bring Vilandra with him. It is of urgent importance that she come with him.”

“And what of Rath?”

“He is not my concern. The others, however, are of interest and importance to me. Rath is certainly expendable.”

“And what shall I do with Zan’s wife and daughter?”

“Kill them,” his voice was cold as he stated the order simply in her mind.

“I thought you didn’t believe in the—“

“I don’t, but it never hurts to be cautious. One can’t be too careful when dealing with intergalactic takeover.”

“You don’t think that this child is the one mentioned in the Calvayan Prophecies?”


“But, sir, if she is we can use her. From what was foretold her power might be unattainable for others. Even you. Her alignment with the sides was never foretold. If we had her then nothing would stand in your path.”

“I told you before. The Calvayan Prophecies are inconsequential—meaningless. She made many prophecies, and some still have not come to pass, and I believe that they never will. Her prophecies hold no weight with me. This conversation is over. Your orders are clear. Slay the wife and child. What you do with Rath does not matter to me. Most importantly, make sure that Zan and Vilandra are with you when you leave for Antar. If you return without them your life will be worthless to me.”

“Yes, sir.”

Tess knew the true reason for his want to get rid of the child. Even if he didn’t verbalize his fears they were rather apparent. He did value the Calvayan Prophecies. He valued them and he feared them. It scared him that there would be someone with the power to end his reign and his life. He feared the child of power and if this was the child, he wanted her eliminated before she would be any challenge. Even if she joined their side she would still usher his downfall, for after being raised by him she would challenge him for the power. There is no way he could compete. If Calvaya was right, the child of power would end the reign of the ages.

“Are they suspicious of your true agenda?”

“They don’t know of it or my true alliance. Liz, his wife, is wary, though.”

“Gain their trust, then before you depart deal with her and the child. I shall begin small attacks in order for you to show your want to help them. This way you can prove your worth and alliance to them.”

“I will.”

“I shall contact you later,” he said, ending the telepathic mind link.

“Max Evans will never know what hit him and his world. The time for battle is approaching and they are as weak as children. I have a feeling they don’t even have all their abilities yet,” Tess said aloud as she continued to watch from her spot by the window. She almost vomited at the sight before her. There they continued to stand and exchange final touches and kisses.

With one final kiss Liz slipped into the car. It roared to life and with a final look she pulled the sedan into the street and drove away. Slowly she and Belle headed west into the sunset, disappearing into the horizon.

TBC . . .

Tune in next week for the continuation: same Unseen time, same Unseen channel. (Sorry. I was watching some old Batman episodes with my Dad recently. Heehee!)

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Chapter 6B

“Liz, you have to come with us.”

“Maria, how many times do I have to tell you? I can’t.” Liz walked to the couch where Maria was sitting. Liz knew what was going on. How could she not when Maria, Michael, Alex and Isabel asked her to come over to Maria and Michael’s house without a real reason? She sat down and put the small baby monitor on the end table. The sounds of Belle’s small, intermittent coos could be heard emitting from the small device.

“Liz, you have to come back. You don’t know how bad he’s gotten. It is just terrible.” Isabel got out of her seat and placed her empty cup on the table.

“Isabel, there isn’t anything that I can do. We know what the right decision is, and I can’t be part of it. It is something he has to do alone. We knew that, and we decided that it would be safer for Belle too.

“Sweetie, we know that things would be safer for Maribelle if she didn’t go, and for you to stay with her, but you two are wrong. I know. I know. You two are like never wrong, but think about what is going on.”

“I know that this must sound crazy, but Maria is right. Max is falling apart without you two.”

“Alex is telling the truth. I am barely able to get Max to talk to me, and when I am able to see him, it is clear that he isn’t sleeping.” It pained Isabel to see her brother so far gone. Somehow she knew that things would be different if they weren’t separated.

Liz didn’t know how much effort this took to get them all to her. Things were disintegrating around them, and as a result the bonds they had with one another were unraveling. To an outside observer they could see that Tess’s introduction to the group was their undoing. No one knows how fragile their relationships are until they are put to the test, and Tess’s presence was no doubt the greatest relationship stress test that they would go against.

“He’s not—“

Michael’s statement was cut short as the walls started to shake. The paintings, which were hung on the bare walls, fell to the floor, their glass frames shattered to pieces. The small shake turned violent in seconds. The vase that held the flowers on the dinning room table tipped and rolled onto the floor, spilling the blue tinted water into the white carpet. Chairs fell over and the monitor fell to the floor, Belle’s cries and screams could be heard.

Liz stumbled from room to room, not caring about her safety. She had one goal at the time and that was to get to her small helpless child, which was crying for her. The persistent wails grew louder as Liz drew closer. When Liz got to the room the crib had already tipped onto its side in the shaking. Blankets were in a heap next to the fallen crib.

“Oh my God,” she said in a quick whisper. At that second the most wonderful sound were Belle’s cries. She grabbed her child and hugged her close to her chest. It was as if Belle knew she was safe in her mother’s care. The loud cries quieted as Belle felt the normal feel of her mother’s arms wrapped around her. She continued to stumble back towards the doorway. Once the shaking ebbed Liz sank to the floor. She moved the blankets that covered her child’s face. After a quick examination of Belle, revealing no scrapes, bruises, or broken bones, Liz smiled.



Her friends continued to scream for her as they climbed the steps. They all released a sigh of relief when they saw that both mother and daughter were safe.

“What the hell was that?” Maria said, helping Liz up from her sitting position.

“Earthquake?” Alex replied as he tightened his hold on Isabel’s hand.

“We don’t have earthquakes.”

“Then what . . .”

A sinister laugh came from the hallway from the other side of the doorway. “That was fun, wasn’t it?” A tall brunette said with a smile plastered on her face. “Oh, come on. You can’t tell me that wasn’t fun.” Her red lips were in a pout when they continued to stare at her.

“Who do you think you are?” Michael demanded, taking an assertive step forward.

“I ask the questions here, Rath.” She commanded as she stepped forward. “Now, which one of you is Vilandra?” Her eyes scanned over the three women, but stopped when they reached Isabel. It was apparent that this was the princess reborn. Her eyes moved back to Liz who was clutching Belle. “And you must be Zan’s wife and child.”

“What?” Maria said. She didn’t know who this was, but what she was saying made absolutely no sense.

“Silence!” she commanded and with a flick of her wrist she tossed Maria and Alex against a wall. “Oh, did that hurt? I didn’t mean to bring them to unconsciousness. Actually, I meant to kill them.”

Michael started to run at her, but was stopped when he lost control of his own body. It was like a wave of paralysis went through him, leaving him much like a quadriplegic.

“You guys are no fun. I thought you’d be more of a challenge,” she said as she made a faux yawn, bringing her well-manicured fingers to her mouth.

Liz and Isabel were stunned, frozen in place as she looked at the humans and hybrid that were easily defeated. They didn’t know what to do. This sort of situation had never happened to them before. The unnamed brunette continued to walk towards them, each step well calculated.

“So this is the child Calvaya foresaw. This turned out to be easier than I thought.” Before she got close enough to get a clear look at Belle, Liz stood up and took a few steps back.

“Who, who are you?” Liz said, her voice quivering. As much as she hated to admit it, she was afraid. Not just for her, but more for her daughter.

“I suppose it is okay to tell you now. You might as well know the name of the person who is going to kill you. My name is Alvaya. And you two lovely ladies will be coming with me. There are many people who would pay dearly for your ransom.”

“Tsk, tsk, tsk. Alvaya, you always were one to act on your own plans.” All three women turned to the doorway where the curly haired blonde appeared.


“What do you want, Milava?” Alvaya said as she glared at the blonde alien that had been a thorn in her side for her entire existence.

“Simple. I want you dead.”

“Well that isn’t going to happen. You weren’t able to do it on Rhylak, and you won’t be able to do that here.”

“Give me time, and I will defeat you. Until then this will have to do.”

There was a blinding flash before Liz, Isabel, and Alvaya sank to the floor in unconsciousness. Tess was definitely glad that she had learned how to do that trick. It was a lot easier than going head to head against Alvaya. That woman was more trouble than Tess could afford at this critical time. She just wished that she knew what this bounty huntress was up to.


“She’s gone, Max!” Liz shouted.

“I told you that there was something wrong! I told you and you didn’t listen to me and now look at what happened! Belle is gone! My baby is missing because, because Tess or Milava or whatever her name is decided to become a kidnapper and take her! She took my baby!”

Max was stunned, and it was clear at the way that he stood immobile. Michael was still unconscious, Alex and Maria were still in the hospital with minor head wounds, and his sister was doing her best to try to help find Belle. She knew it would be near impossible to dreamwalk an infant, let alone get any information, but it was all she could think of. The tension was too high in the next room for her to relax anyway.

Liz wasn’t thinking about anything she was saying. The pain in her heart was still too great. All she could do was let that emotion rule. The result was words and accusations that stung like barbs.

“I trusted you! We trusted you! You were supposed to keep us safe, and now look at what happened. I misplaced my trust in you, but I guess it is contagious because you misplaced your trust in that monster.”

When Max didn’t respond, Liz’s anger turned into a refined rage. “Aren’t you going to do something?! Aren’t you in the least bit of pain?”

“What!” he shouted. “What can I do? Of course I’m in pain! Liz, she was my daughter too. Just because I am not shouting insults doesn’t mean I’m not hurt. Don’t you think I am dying inside? A person I placed trust in took my daughter!”

“We have to find her Max. We have to. She is out there somewhere. I don’t know if she’s scared or sick. She might even be—“

“No,” he said in a commanding tone.

“You’re right.” Liz wiped the tears that slipped from her eyes as she sank to the floor, clutching a stuffed bear to her heart, which was in pieces at the moment.

Max hated seeing her like this. She was in so much pain, and there wasn’t anything that he could do for her. He sank down next to her and pulled her into his embrace. She tensed in his embrace and removed herself from it. “Let go of me,” she said calmly and icily, making Max’s heart break once more.

He suffered in silence as he watched Liz hold one of Belle’s stuffed animals. A rather old bear who had spent many years comforting Liz, and who was recently employed to be their daughter’s confidant when she got older.

“I believe I have something of interest to you both,” a voice echoed. Max, Liz, and Isabel each heard it. A picture of a crying and squirming Belle flashed in their minds. “If you want to see her again I suggest that you hurry and meet me here.” Another flash revealed a map and location. “I am growing tired of the incessant noise this child keeps making. I might just silence her unless you get here soon enough.”

Isabel rushed into the room and headed out the front door to the car. No one said a word as they quickly made their way to the car. Seconds were ticking down, and so was the window of time they had to get Belle back . . . alive.

The frantic drive was tense. It seemed to drag on forever. The foremost thought at all their minds was the small infant that was held in the clutches of an unknown enemy. They didn’t know what they were getting into, or what they were going to do when they got there. All they knew is that they had to try. The time for planning passed. They no longer had the luxury of knowing what they were up against.

They were racing a clock, and racing to an unknown fate. They didn’t know what was happening, or why Belle was so important. Even more puzzling were the new players in the game. Who was the man speaking to them moments ago? Who is Tess, Tess or Milava? Who and what is Alvaya up to? They continued to fly down the highway, hoping to get to her before the last second ticked.

Both Max and Liz prayed that their baby was safe. They prayed that they would see her again.

Liz didn’t know who she was angrier at: Max for bringing this into their home by trusting Tess, or herself for not being strong enough to keep her daughter from harm. She blamed Max because it was safer. If she allowed herself to believe the truth that Belle’s peril was because of her faults then she wouldn’t be able to look at herself. If she allowed herself to see that she was partly to blame then she would see that she failed Belle and herself. She promised to keep Belle from harm, but what happened? She wasn’t able to.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

“So, what happened?”

“It turned out that a weird alliance happened. Alvaya showed up. You guys don’t know about it all yet, but there are many different sides to everything. There are people that oppose Kivar, but they also oppose not just Max, but all of the reborn royals.”

“And Alvaya is one of them?”

“Yeah. She is part of this faction that believes in some sort of prophecy this lady made eons ago. It was one of the strange alliances that occur because of “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” thing.” I look out the windshield and then look at her. “I am explaining this really bad, aren’t I?” How could I not think that when she has this look of disbelief or utter confusion on her face?

“No!” she said strongly. “You are doing great. So, what happened? How did Alvaya join forces with you? Who was that guy that sent the telepathic message?”

“That was one of Kivar’s men, Rheni,” I said. “After Kivar discovered that Alvaya was on Earth he had Rheni come to aide Tess. This whole mission was too important to have failed. He needed ‘Zan’. He wanted ‘Vilandra’. He wanted Mom, ‘Rath’, and me . . . dead.”

Retelling all of this to Liz just reminded me of everything that I did after Mom was gone. One thing that I loved was the strength that she had. There was always this quiet inner strength about her. Whenever something was wrong, or when you needed someone, she was always there. Losing her was the hardest thing I had to go through. In one bad move I lost my best friend. The person I emulated. I tried so hard to be like her.

For so long I tried to do things like she would, down to the way she set the table. I would wish every night on a star that I would be more like her. I tried. I tried so hard to be like her. I remembered how most girls’ fears were turning into their mother, but that wasn’t me.

Sometimes I just wanted to get away because it hurt so much. I wanted her to come back and take me away, thinking that things would be better. I thought that if things were like they were when she was here I wouldn’t feel like she was really gone. I would feel like . . . like she was here, giving me a chance to escape to someplace better.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Small cries could be heard from the small bundle suspended over the ground. Liz took a sharp intake of breath as she brought her hands to cover her mouth, the color quickly draining from her face as she continued to gaze at her daughter suspended in the air. Isabel’s eyes grew wide as she stumbled to a halt. Max’s anger grew at the sight. Who could be so cruel, so heartless, to kill an innocent baby? He clenched his hands into tight fists, his nails digging into the flesh of his palms, almost drawing blood. One look at Liz’s ashen face only worked to fuel the fires of his anger.

“Well, it looks like my audience has arrived. My list is practically complete: a king, his concubine, the witless princess, and an incessantly crying baby. Doesn’t she ever SHUT UP!” Rheni yelled at Belle, hoping that would get her to quiet her cries.

“What do you want?” Liz shouted. She was fighting the tears that were threatening to spill from her eyes.

“I’ll answer that question,” he said, letting them know that he did not need to answer any of their questions. “I want you all dead, but someone higher has other uses for some of you. As for the child . . . she and you will be slain.”

“Rheni!” the brunette that Liz and Isabel encountered earlier appeared. She continued to walk over the hard ground to where he stood, the soles of her boots crunching over the hard rocks. “I have orders, and they require the child alive and breathing.”

“Well, I guess you won’t be successful in this mission.”

“I won’t allow you to kill that child!” She said with force.

“Really? Then stop me.” At that last statement Max sprinted towards the spot beneath Belle, but as fast as he was, he just wasn’t quick enough. Belle began her downward decent.

Everyone was focused on Belle. They didn’t see Alvaya’s outstretched hand. A pale blue bubble surrounded Belle as her decent slowed. Soon she was floating down into Max’s arms. Alvaya knew getting the baby from them might be just as hard as getting her from Rheni, but she could at least trust that they would keep her alive. “Give me some credit, Rheni. That was almost too easy.”

Rheni was blinded by the anger brewing in him. Sure Kivar gave him this mission. Sure he was given the chance to prove his importance to their cause, but he was not the leader. He hated pretending, he wanted to takeover and lead. He wanted to rule Antar and lead the Whirlwind Galaxy. All he needed was a little more time. That is was his mantra, continuously playing through his mind. Oh, the things he could do. He knew Kivar would kill him for having such thoughts. Hiding was one of the things Rheni was becoming an expert at. He hid his true objectives, plans and beliefs from all, blinding them to his true self.

“Well done, Alvaya. But how do you know what my true objectives were? Could this be the outcome I was looking for?”

“Drop the riddles, Rheni. They bore me.”

The conversation continued as Max slowly backed away. Little did the two enemies know that there was a smaller, quieter conversation occurring at that moment.

“Iz, get to the car. We need to get out of here while they are distracted.”

“But Max, what if they are paying attention. They might seem distracted, but they might not be. If they see us leave they might resort to killing those left!” Isabel was in a panic. Everything seemed to be blowing up in their faces. All these years they spent repressing their alien heritage. They spent all this time and energy to avoid that unknown part of them. Only to now have everything explode in their faces.

“Max, she’s right. If they see that she left they might kill us.” Liz was thinking several steps ahead, much like she always did.

“Don’t worry. They want Iz alive, apparently she is this Vilandra they are after. They only want you and Belle killed. Iz will take Belle with her, and then we will follow.” He looked into Belle’s delicate features, lightly tracing the gentle curves of her face before handing her to Isabel.

“Promise to keep her safe.” Liz said to Isabel, deeply looking into the woman’s eyes. She became a sister to her over the years

“I’ll protect her with my life,” Isabel said as she accepted the small bundle from her brother. With one look Isabel saw that Liz didn’t want to hold Belle. She could tell that if Liz held her daughter she wouldn’t want to let go.

Slowly Isabel faded into the blackness of night. Darkness covered her path, keeping them out of view from the alien enemies. With heavy hearts Max and Liz watched as their only child was swallowed by the shadows of the night.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~* ~ * ~ * ~

“And that is how we were all split apart. Well, that took a lot longer than I thought it would. Mochas?”

She smiled, covering the true emotions she was feeling at the time. I wish that she would show me or tell me what she was feeling, but I guess it is too soon. I can wait. She needs time and I am not about to rush her. One of the reasons she left could have been because everything was falling apart. Her world was crumbling and she needed to get out before her world destroyed her.

“Yeah, lets get those mochas.”

~*~ ~*~ ~*~

Little did I know that the calm that was happening at the time was really the calm before the storm. Things were about to heat up and speed up in a matter of days. If Liz didn’t start trusting me then it would be too late. I don’t know how they found us or if they were even looking for us, but they did. They found us and from that point on we were running. Running back, running away, we were running for our lives and the lives of our friends and family.

TBC . . .