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Title: Keeping What He’s Found (Sequel to What He’s Looking For) which can be found at



Category: UC/CC

Rating: R

Disclaimers: Nope I don’t own them but I wish I did.

Note: Thanks to Caryl for beta reading for me. Thanks for all the feedback on What He’s Looking For.

Part 1

Maria's POV:

I guess most girls would like to be in my position but I tell you it's complete hell. I'm normally an independent type girl. As much as I like being around people, I love being alone as well. But ever since my near death experience I haven't had a moment to myself. Michael's always watching me at work, Max is watching me at school, and Zan sneaks into my room at night and watches me then.

We've explained the whole alien situation with mom. She knew she was abducted but she didn't know about my friends and family being alien royalty. She took it pretty well. I told her Ava was my sister and she said that it was okay for her to stay with us for as long as she wanted. When I told her that Max and Zan were recreations of an old lover she banded both of them from the house.

Okay so that was a mistake on my part. I thought she was totally unfair but she said she was too young to be a grandma and didn't want any prince's or princesses running around. I was going to tell her that just because she banded them from the house didn't mean we couldn't or wouldn't have sex. Plus they're aliens and Zan's proven to be sneaky. Michael warned him about my mom and the newspaper. But anyway it doesn't matter because we
aren't having sex now anyway.

Tess and I are getting along better. She's not after Max any more and is head over heels for Kyle. The Sheriff isn't too thrilled about their new found love, since she's living with them. Tess and Kyle kind of remind me of Michael and me. I just hope they last longer.

Michael has turned out to be my best friend. For a few weeks after Rath tried to kill me he stayed away from me. I know that he blames himself but I don't. Michael and Rath are totally different. I remember Rath from the past and he is so not like Michael. Michael has so much more compassion than Rath ever did.

One day after I finally got annoyed with him playing Mr. Hermit I went to his place to tell him straight out how I felt. I told him that I love him and would always love him even if it weren't romantically anymore. I also told him what I remember about Rath and how different he is from Rath.

Then I explained to him how I still needed him in my life. He told me that he needed me too and was so scared that he was going to be the cause of my death yet again. I explained to him that he's not responsible for Rath's actions plus I know that his powers had improved. After a long talk we finally sorted out everything out and made a pact to always be there for each other no matter what. So now Michael's playing Mr. Bodyguard because he said that Rath was still out there and I needed protection.

Michael's over protectiveness is the least of my worries. Max and Zan are what has me worried the most. One problem is that they hate each other. Zan is so jealous of my relationship with Max. He doesn't even like the idea that we're friends. It doesn't help that Max has, over the past several weeks, started to remember his life on Antar. I think the connection we formed from him healing me triggered his memories. Max seems to form a connection with everyone that he heals. Zan says it's part of the healing process because you have to get inside the person's mind to find out what's wrong.

Don't get me wrong, Max is a very attractive guy, but I see him as Liz's very attractive guy. Max is still Liz's even though they aren't together anymore. Liz told me she just couldn't handle the whole dating an alien King stuff. She said that she felt there was more for her out in the world and that if she were with Max she wouldn't get a chance to experience it. She still dreams of going to Harvard and being a Bio whatchamacallit. Well at least she has a choice. Since I'm kind of an alien myself there is no way I can avoid the
alien stuff.

Now there's Ava, I love her to death. Her and me are a lot alike, actually, Tess and me are a lot alike too. But with Ava I feel closer, maybe its because there's no history between us. Ava no longer has pink hair she went back to her normal color. She wants to look like she's from around here. She works with my mom at the shop. I think she likes having a mother type figure in her life.

Since the rescue Isabel and Alex are like joined to the hip. Well, lips more like it And they think Michael and me were bad. Max even caught them making out on her bed. Needless to say, he'll never go in her room again without knocking.

I'm currently at Michael's place, we're having our weekly meeting of the minds. It's a useless meeting in my opinion. Normally we have it out in the desert but if the weathers bad or if it's just too damn cold then we have it at Michael's. Tonight it's raining cats and dogs.

"We have to take control of the current situation," Michael says, as he looks Max right in the face.

"What do you think we should do Michael? I have no idea where the guy is. Zan doesn't know. Ava doesn't know," Max growls.

"He probably went back to New York," Zan says softly. I know he feels responsible for Rath.

"Maybe, but that doesn't help us any," Isabel says. Her hand is settled on her hip. I can tell she's tired. We all are, it's getting late. Alex starts to rub the back of her neck with one of his hands as he tries to get her to relax.

"Maybe Isabel can dream walk him," I suggest. I wasn't particularly eager to meet the guy again. I was afraid he would blame Michael and Max for Lonnie's death. But part of me felt sorry for the guy. He had no one left.

Isabel gave me a ‘you're kidding’ look. “That's one guy whose head I don't want to go into."

"Well, if we find Rath we are more than likely going to find Nicholas, and he'll be our link to Khivar," Zan takes control and Max doesn't look happy. Zan is more familiar with Nicholas and Khivar than Max is which gives him a little advantage in the leadership department.

"If Isabel doesn't want to dream walk Rath she doesn't have too,"
Max disputes.

Zan walks up to Max and says," I didn't say she had too. I just said that
finding Rath would lead us to our greater enemy."

"Look you two we don't need to have a testosterone battle now," Tess says as she stands up and pulls Max and Zan away from each other. God bless that girl. I for one am not in the mood to be in the middle of those two and their power struggle. Last time I did I made Zan back off from Max and he started to go off on a tangent about how I should be on his side.

"Can we just go? I mean it's late, I have practice in the morning, and most of us are tired and irritable," Kyle whines. We definitely need to go home before anymore people get pissed off or whine. I take this as a cue and get up to leave.

"Where are you going?" Max, Zan, and Michael ask at the same time.

"Oh, a little place I like to call home,” I tell them and walk out the door before they can even respond. As I get halfway down the hall I remember Ava and start to turn around but she's already coming up behind me.

"Don't worry, I mind warped them. We have a good five minutes," Ava says. I high five her and we head to the car. I just want to go home, take a hot bath and relax. I wonder if Ava can alien proof my window?


Don't worry Liz won't be alone I just haven't figured out couples yet so who knows she may even end up with Max again or if it does go Max/Maria it may be Zan/Liz I just haven't decided. As for Michael I already thinking that him and Ava would make a good match.