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Title: Last Stop (Someone already had New In Town, didn't want to confuse)
Disclaimer: I don’t own them, don’t sue me please. I mean, unless you want some pocket lint and a dime, because that’s about all I got.
Summary: Max, Michael and Isabel Evans move to Roswell, NM from Maine. That’s about all I can say.
Authors Note: I made this name because I want to try my hand at NC-17. If I did it on my regular posting name, I would just be so embarrassed and way too shy, so I made up this alter ego. It’s not NC-17 yet, but eventually it will be, that is ofcourse unless I chicken out. I have to work up my courage first.

Part One

Max Evans ran a shaky hand through his short dark hair as he blew out a heavy breath. He knew it was stupid to be so nervous, he should’ve been used to being the new kid, but he absolutely hated the first day at a new school. He hated walking into that first class and causing everyone to look up from their work to stare. He hated being on the spot like that. He hated the idea of people judging him by what he looked like, sizing him up and deciding what he was all about before they even really knew him. It was always the same. The second he walked through the door he was labeled and he found it difficult to pull the sticker off later on.

Taking a deep breath into his lungs he reached out for the door knob and turned it, causing 29 heads to turn in his direction. As he entered, about 10 of the heads dismissed him completely as they turned back to their work. The rest stayed with him and he could feel his ears getting hot. He mentally cursed whoever it was that he inherited his ears from. With the wrong kind of lighting, and the right shade of red that accompanied the right amount of embarrassment, they looked huge and ridiculous.

“May I help you?” The woman sitting at the large wooden desk in the front of the room asked.

“Uh, yeah. I’m Max Evans.” He told her, as he readjusted the strap of his back pack on his shoulder. “I’m new.”

“Oh yes that’s right.” The woman said as she pushed her thin rimmed glasses up a little higher on her small nose. “I’m Ms. Topolsky, your history teacher obviously.”

“Hey.” He told her, in a form of greeting as he tipped his head back slightly. She looked mildly amused by the gesture as she reached for her clipboard. Scanning the seating chart quickly as she began chewing on her bottom lip.

“Hmm, I think I’ll seat you next to...Harding.” She said as she put the clipboard back in its original place. “She’s located in the back row. Raise your hand Tess.”

Max spotted a hand from the back row, but not before spotting a doe-eyed brunette off to the side. He couldn’t take his eyes off of her.

“This school is horribly underfunded.” Ms. Topolsky said from her desk as he sat down, tearing his attention away from the beauty in the fourth row. “So for now you’ll just have to share with someone close to you.”

He nodded his head as he looked around at the people near him. Tess Harding, the girl Ms. Topolsky sat him next to was scooting her desk right up next to his and smiling at him. “Hey. We can share for today.”

“Thanks.” He whispered. “What pages are we reading?”

“We’re reading chapter fourteen and answering the questions at the end.” She whispered back to him.


The rest of his morning classes passed by quickly for Max, which he was tremendously thankful for, although he was disappointed that he had yet see the beauty in the fourth row again.

“Hey.” Isabel said as she confidently walked up to him, Michael in tow. “How’s the first day going?”

“How it always goes.” He told his sister as he led them to an empty table in the middle of the quad. “You guys?”

Michael shrugged his shoulders as if he didn’t care. “It’s alright I guess. Wish we would’ve stayed back in Maine though.”

“God any place is better than that place!” Isabel said, disgusted with her brother for even saying that. “I still can’t get the smell of fish out of some of my clothes.”

“You think we’ll stay here long enough to graduate?” Michael asked as he opened up his brown paper bag and pulled out a ham sandwich.

Max shrugged as he did the same, pulling out a bologna sandwich instead. “I hope so. I’d kind of like stay here for a while. Make a few friends, maybe get myself a girlfriend.”

“Seen any candidates for that position little brother?” Isabel asked as she sent a smirk in her brother’s direction and squeezed some ranch dressing onto her chicken salad.

He casually shrugged his shoulders before stuffing his sandwich into his mouth and answering her question with a lie, deliberately over emphasizing the word with his mouth to show off the chewed up sandwich. An attempt to gross her out. “No.”

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Another part! I'm sorta unhappy with it though. Thank you for the feedback everyone! I hope I don't chicken out and disappoint everyone. Shorty828 thanks for the suggestions. I think I'm gonna use Last Stop if that's ok with you.

Part Two:

“Max!” They heard a high-pitched voice call from behind him. As he twisted at the waist, he saw Tess rushing toward their table.

“And so it begins.” Isabel said in disgust as she rolled her eyes and turned toward Michael. “Why can’t it be you with the fan club for once?”

Michael laughed as he watched the girl pick up her pace. It always amused him when a girl became infatuated with his brother and this girl coming at them didn’t seem to be any different from the rest.

“Max I’ve been looking for you!” She said breathlessly as she sat down next to him.

“I’m sure you have.” Isabel muttered under her breath as she once again rolled her eyes and violently stabbed the lettuce in her bowl.

“Hi I’m Tess Harding.” She said as she extended her hand in Isabel’s direction, causing her to blink and cock her head to the side as she looked curiously looked from Tess’s hand to Michael and then to Max. It usually didn’t happen that way. A girl obsessed with Max would try everything to get him, and then resort to trying to get closer to either Isabel or Michael in order to get to Max.

“Isabel Evans.” She said as she shook herself out of the confusion and shook Tess’s hand.

Tess offered her hand to Michael but pulled it back when he gave it a look of extreme disgust telling her, “I don’t do the hand shaking thing.”

“So how do you guys like West Roswell so far?” She asked, trying to start a little conversation.

“We’ve been in better schools.” Michael told her gruffly.

“We like it so far.” Isabel said as she shot her brother a warning glance before looking at Tess. “So Tess, you look like you’re in the know about how things work around here. Care to clue us in on who’s who?”

Tess smiled at Isabel before scanning the Quad and the tables that surrounded them, her face lighting up when she had found what she was looking for.

“Do you see that big group of jocks and pretty girls?” Tess asked as she pointed toward the people she was referring to. “Well, those are all the popular people in school, as well as my friends. Honestly, some of them can be really fake, but for the most part they’re alright.”

“Oh and see the really cute guy in the brown jacket?” She asked, pointing out whom she was talking about. “That’s my boyfriend Kyle. He’s a good guy. Dresses like a complete dork sometimes, but I love him.” She sighed happily.

The statement surprised everyone and caused Isabel to once again cock her head to the side and look at Tess curiously, as if she’d grown another head. She had just assumed, like her brothers had, that Tess was interested in Max. But obviously they’d been wrong, because it appeared that Tess was only interested in him, in a friendly sort of way.


“Liz, did you even look up from your history book for like two seconds to behold the beauty that was Max Evans?” Maria asked as she twisted off the cap to her water bottle and raised it to her mouth.

Cracking a smile, Liz looked up from her English homework that she had forgot to do. “Yes Maria, I did.”

“You know his sister isn’t too bad to look at. And his brother, he-”

“Wait a minute. His brother?” Maria asked, turning toward Alex. “Why were you even checking his brother out?” She asked teasingly.

“I was going to say, before I was so rudely interrupted that his brother is in my art class.” Alex clarified for her. “And that I had noticed quite a few of the ladies checking him out.”

Maria tapped a bright blue polished nail against the table. “Really?”

“Yeah, he’s got this whole James Dean, antisocial, rebel look going on.” He said as he picked up a grape out of Liz’s plastic bag and popped it in his mouth.

Liz sighed as she returned her eyes back to her homework. “I’ve already seen all three of them and yes they’re all blessed with good looks. They have very good genes.”

Splaying her hands out on the table, Maria leaned forward and gave her a weird look. “Good genes?” She repeated. “Liz, you’re a dork.”

Tipping her head forward, Liz let out a soft chuckle.

“I hope the sister is in at least one of my classes.” Alex said as he crossed his forearms on top of the table and looked up at the sky thoughtfully. “It would make working the old Whitman charm on her so much easier.”

“And would this be the same Whitman charm that you’ve tried to use on just about every girl that has ever crossed your path?” Maria asked lightly.

A big toothy grin spread across Alex’s face as he sat up a little straighter. “You know it.”

“Alex, my dear. I’d switch tactics if I were you. Try something new ya know? Something that say, I don’t know, actually works.” Maria told him, causing Liz’s throaty chuckle to become louder.