Title: Sierra
Author: DiamondLove
Characters: Sierra- Liz’s Dupe
Zan- Max’s Dupe
Gunnal- Alex’s Dupe
Lonnie- Isabelle’s Dupe
Rath- Michael
Jodie-Kay- Maria’s Dupe
Jonathon- Kyle’s Dupe
Ava- Tess’s Dupe
Rating: PG- 14
Disclaimer- I don’t own anything at all. I’m just writing things when I feel bored.

CHAPTER 1A (T0 be continued)
Sierra walked into the club, already feeling the heat. She was wearing a simple white tank with her blue jeans. Her hair was braided in a zig- zag formation going back. She had 3 earrings in each side of her ear. She had a tiny, very tiny, little diamond pierced through her nose. Her tongue was also pierced, as her belly button. She had 1 tattoo which resting above her butt. The tattoo was big, and long, but it caught attention. She made her way through the crowd to the bar table where Jodie-Kay was at. “T, C, and HA” whispered Sierra as she walked past Jodie-Kay to get to the punch in. She punched in the card and heard Jodie-Kay yelling. “T (time)- 11:40p.m, C (crowd) about 150 peeps, and HA (Hottie Alert) there’s 1 in that left corner, asking for you, and a whole bunch in the middle, dancing with some Jane Doe girls, but not for long.”
“Aight” shouted Sierra as she served her first customer for the day.
“ I want a bloody Mary with a twist,” said the man in a long tacky wool coat. Sierra could tell that he was from a big time college, who came to the club to let loose.
“Aight 1 minute tops.” Replied Sierra as she went under the counter to mix the drink.
“Here comes your mister HA, hottie alert” said Jodie- Kay as she pushed Sierra over with her butt.

”Hey Jonathon” said Sierra as she met his eyes.
Jonathon was a not so short, not so tall kind of guy. He was wearing some baggy jeans as usual, and a black T-shirt. He had piercing and tattoos, which made his arm look more muscular. About 4 weeks ago he had went to California to stay with his brother. Now he came back with a grin on his tanned face.
“Wassup, aint seen you in a while” he said, as he rested his right arm on the counter.
“I been around” Sierra said as she got the next customer’s drink.
“Been around with who, it sure aint me” he said as he took her by the arm.
“Cool it okay, I’m working,” said Sierra as she brushed his arms away.
“Whaeva, look I missed you a lot,” said Jonathon as he followed Sierra over to the next customer by the bar.
“Yea well I didn’t miss you” Sierra could hear the tiny laugh that came from Jodie-Kay’s mouth when she said that comment.
“Yo, you better watch who you talking to okay”
“I see exactly who I’m talking to, I’m talking to dump, piece of s***, who can’t understand when a girl says it’s over” Sierra said to Jonathon as she took the customer’s money.
Before Jonathon could say anything else the D.J had shouted out.
“Everyone get ready, the floor is gonna be pumping” shouted the D.J
“It’s 12.00” said Jodie- Kay.
In an instant foam started flying out of a big machine from the ceiling, it was wetting up everyone. Jodie- Kay and Sierra got on top of the bar table and danced their way, on top of the table. They were also getting wet grooving to the music from, ‘No Doubt’.

“What a night, what a night” mumbled Jodie- Kay as she entered the apartment. It was now 3:00 in morning. Sierra and Jonathon were following right behind her.
“Yo, S how bout we do something, something” said Jonathan as he wrapped his arms around her waste.
“Yo, J how bout we do nothing, nothing” said Sierra as she broke free of his arms.
“I told you that we are through, what word can’t you understand, WE, or Are, or Through” continued Sierra as walked to the bathroom bumping into Zan in the process.
“Watch were use goings man,” said a groggy Zan.
“F you” replied Sierra as she waked into the bathroom.
“Wassup, J, aint seen you in a long time, hows ur brotha” said Zan as he went over to Jonathon and gave him a pat on the back.
“He’s fine, I’m just glads to bes homes, against” replied Jonathon.
“Every d*** time when ya’ll come from the club ya’ll gots to wake ups every one.” Said Lonnie as walked into the living room.
“Shut your trap,” replied Jodie- Kay as she flopped down on the couch.
“You, you piece of..” said Lonnie, but before she could continue she was disturbed.
“Hey, I’m trying to get my beauty sleep,” said a half awake Ava.
“Please you donts gots no beauty” said Lonnie.
“Actually, she needs a whole lots of sleep if she’s gonna gets beauty, but even sleep can’t helps her gerbil face.” Said Sierra as she walked back into the living room.
She was now wearing an oversized T-shirt with a short shorts underneath.
“You no whats all of yall’s is hatin on me, I’m going backs to beds” said Ava, as she took Zan’s hand and led him into the bedroom.
“Yo Zan you didn’t clean up the kitchen yet.” Shouted Rath as he opened his bedroom door.
“D*** man why you had to start the argument” said Gunnal as he opened his bedroom door too.
“Hold up, what is up with the kitchen.” Said Sierra as she walked to the kitchen.
“Here we go again,” replied everyone.

The argument didn’t stop until 5:00 in the morning, Zan and Sierra was at it again.
“What the f-ing is up with you, you can never keep the crib clean.” Shouted Sierra.
“Calm down okay, I can do’s what ever I wants to do” replied Zan.
“NO, you F****** listen, you need to clean the d*** kitchen now, mother******” shouted Sierra again.
“How could such a little girl carry such a big mouth?” said Zan calmly to Sierra.
They kept on arguing until Gunnal came into the kitchen and started singing.
“I used to think that I had the answer to everything, but now I no that life doesn’t always, go my way.” Sang Gunnal very loudly.
“OH gosh”
“Shut up”
Sierra and Zan left the kitchen in disgust, and went to their rooms and slammed the door.
“Thank you very much Gunnal for singing Britney Spears,” said Lonnie as she came into the kitchen clapping.
“Thank you, thank you, you’ve been a lovely crowds,” cheered Gunnal as he walked out the kitchen with a smirk on his face, Lonnie walked right behind him, out of the kitchen, past Rath and Jonathon’s door, to Gunnal’s room, after a few minutes giggles could be heard.




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